Mindless Behavior & Roc Royal

Mindless Behavior is an American boy band, best known for the singles My Girl and Mrs. Right , produced by Walter Millsap. Mindless Behavior is an American boy band, best known for the singles My Girl and Mrs. Right , produced by Walter Millsap. 5.0/5

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Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior sentenced 2 years in jail:/ wow
Yo Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior got arrested... That's crazy man.
'Mindless Behavior' star Roc Royal was sentenced to two years in prison
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior grew UP yall lmfao...
Merch Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior a thuggy *** now he out here stealing cars and beating up drug addicts
Bruh, Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is fine af now 😳😫😻
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior has the cutest little boy aw😍😍
I used to be a huge *** mindless behavior fan that was until Roc Royal and Prodigy left. Yall cant have Mindless Behavior wi…
yo Roc Royal left Mindless Behavior now too and now they got somebody named Mike 💀💀
I used to be crazy over Mindless Behavior.😂😂 But Roc Royal was baby tho.😍
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is doing bitss😅😍
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is 🔥🔥🔥 not even gonna lie
My 7y/o sis Nunu had a fit that Prodigy&Roc Royal wasnt in Mindless Behavior anymore she was mad She said Princeton&Ray Ray better not leave
LOL just found out that Roc Royal left Mindless Behavior too.
omg Mindless Behavior dont have Prodigy or Roc Royal anymore 😓😓😓
Mindless Behavior got ride of Roc Royal so therefore they are trash
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior releases new song
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior got a CHILD and broke up the group to work in Virgin Atlantic.
since when did Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior have a CHILD ***
I did not know Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior got a whole son.. Ain't Roc like 16?
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior. He posts pics of his son and then deletes it.
Mindless Behavior | Roc Royal drops preview of new song! via
My guy doublerbandz (formerly Roc Royal of Mindless Behavior) came through to support and enjoy the…
So Zayn got fired like Roc Royal got fired from Mindless Behavior?
I still❤Mindless Behavior i want to dance like ROC Royal and BTW.. I ❤Mindless Behavior and nothing ever going to change that.
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior. ""Quote this and I'll tell you what celebrity you look like.""
So is Roc back in MB or...? Because he introduced himself as "Roc Royal from the group Mindless Behavior"
Q: "who do u like most out of Mindless Behavior?". A: Princeton( for Lea), Roc Royal(for Jay), Ray Ray( for Justice), and Prodigy( for Maiya)
“used to have the biggest crush on Princeton from Mindless Behavior 😭” 😂😂it used to be roc royal 😩😍
I use to be in ❤ with Mindless Behavior. . Now they all act *** except Roc Royal.
So Prodigy left, came back and then Roc Royal left. . What happened to Mindless Behavior?
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Roc Royal was always my favorite in Mindless Behavior . 😍 TOO FINE
Why i just found out Roc Royal lil *** from Mindless Behavior gotta baby Im od shocked 😨😨😨
I can't believe Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior has a baby now.
I found a video on IG of Roc and it's recent. He was giving a fan a birthday shout out and he said "Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior" 😳
"I ship Dinah with many guys. I ship her with: Zayn, Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior, Ronnie Banks, Siope, Nela, Calum, and Liam!"
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior got a baby ._. Ain't him and his girlfriend only 16.. :/
What's the deal with Mindless Behavior? Why Prodigy return and Roc Royal left? 😒
WAIT Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior has a baby YIKES !
"Mahn this dude A least ROC Royal is from Mindless Behavior
I don't understand what's going on with Mindless Behavior. What happened to Roc Royal?
Did Roc Royal get kicked out of Mindless Behavior?
Roc Royal better not be kicked out of Mindless Behavior just because Prodigy is "supposedly" back!!
I love Mindless Behavior so much i want MB come New York one day i love prodigy ray ray roc royal Princeton so much went 4 boy see mom on stage make 2 boy cry and make me sad make me cry I like movies music pictures video so much i feel sad just wish see mindless behavior one day i feel sad
roc royal you look hot in pictures i love you so much just wish see Mindless Behavior one day i feel sad I like you
lrt that's Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior and his son and girlfriend/baby momma 😍😍
“'Mindless Behavior' singer -- Wanted for questioning in car theft Join the conversation lmfao
I just knew Roc Royal would be the 1st to have a baby from Mindless Behavior. 😭
If only Princeton, Roc Royal, & Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior were older.
I remember when girls used to argue about which Mindless Behavior member used to be there crush 😂 Prodigy , Ray Ray , Princeton & Roc Royal
"Mindless Behavior" singer wanted for questioning in car theft
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior grew up to be so fine. 😍
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior was something serious when I was younger ?
A video of Mindless Behavior singer Roc Royal allegedly beating up a drug addict hit the internet Wednesday and has left many in a state of confusion.
MediaTakeOut.com broke the news a few months back that Roc Royal from the group MINDLESS BEHAVIOR had a son - by a pretty 15 year old girl named Desiree. Well it looks like …
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is a father. A dead beat one. Smh.
Mindless Behavior "Just Dance" Battle: via roc royal lee sid he had sex with your mom love tell prineton
I use to be a die-hard fan of Mindless Behavior back in 09 😂 I would literally take a bullet for Princeton or roc royal 😭
Lol watching Mindless Behavior and my hubby Roc Royal 🙌👫💕💍
Idc , I'm still in love with Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior . Homeboy is still fine ?
Ray Ray, Princeton, Prodigy and Roc Royal aka Mindless Behavior. I don't know what the future holds� ://t.co/jIMlft1hI3
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remember in like 6th grade we used to love Mindless Behavior and you liked Roc Royal 😂 I liked Princeton 😂😂😂
I never realized how cute Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is until now. He's my new future ex bf.
That *** behind Ariana and Big Sean look like Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior.
Lil Fizz remind me so much of Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior like the life they living and everything
Ch..why is Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior fighting a crack head over $10?
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior has a kid and I've never been more upset in my life.
Wait. So Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior has a baby!? He's like 16. What the *** is going on!?😩
Mindless Behavior roc royal killin his body roll: via
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior had a baby
Mindless Behavior is done lol Ray Ray leaking pictures. Prodigy leaving, Roc Royal beating up old people. They're basically d…
I know this is a 5sos account, but today I have to wish my love Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior a happy cake day! Happy Birthday Roc♥
So one of the kids (Roc Royal) from Mindless Behavior now has a child? 👀👓☕️
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior has a baby? Lmao
August Alsina , Chris Brown & Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior those are my top 3 .. Loving the show love you Keke
is Mindless Behavior coming back to 106.??
ROC royal from Mindless Behavior a coldie 😻 .
I'm on wattpad reading this roc royal love story I'm Mindless Behavior number 1 Fan luv u
me and Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior just became friends I am so excited to have him as my friend and I hope that this will be the best friendship ever.
My Girl (Remix) (feat. Tyga, Lil Twist & Ciara) [Tyga:] Why you Love Me, really, so, so much? I'm just kiddin'! You know I feel the same, she giggles When she kisses me Like, I love it when she with me! Make them other girls jelly, Jealous cause they ain't with me Then we pull off in Bentley Flyer than a blimp-b Two-seater sexy, my girl would text me But, she right next to me (next to me) Then I drop her off, get some time alone And, then she call my phone like, [Mindless Behavior:] When I say hey, then you say what's up? And I'll be like baby, do you miss me? When you say yes, then I'll say ditto. Then you hit me back, with the less than symbol number three. [Hook:] I got a clue how you feel for me. 1-4-3 a smiley with a wink. That's how you feel baby that's what's up. A hundred forty characters, is more than enough. [Chorus:] [Mindless Behavior:] Hey, my girl, my girl, she loves me. I know I'm on her mind even when we don't speak. [Ciara:] Say, my boy, my boy, he loves me. He hit me all the time my phon ...
Am I a creep for loving Mindless Behavior? Low key i was gone get at Roc Royal until he told me he was only 17. He was flirting with me too😱
Teenage Dream Chapter 1. The whole school (the girls actually) were excited. I heard gossip that the boys from Mindless Behavior is coming to our school today. They're gonna start the year of today. You were a bit happy because you liked that boy Roc Royal but you didn't want to show it. *Your thoughts* That cute boy Roc Royal he's coming here? He's so cute. OMG. But I don't wanna show that I like him cause my bff Jessie. She talks most of my secrets but that's my best friend. She keeps some of them the most important things and the less important things she talks. *Thoughts Over* A limo pulled up in front of the school and the driver opened the door. I knew it was the boys from Mindless Behavior. Y|N: Hey Jessie aren't they the boys from MB? Jessie: YEAH that boy Princeton so fine. Don't you think so? Y|N: Uh sure. Jessie: you were supposed to say no! That's mine! I'll bite you if you even think about him touch him you can talk to him but don't talk about him. Y|N: No he's not fine. Jessie:Yes he is!! .. ...
Good night Mindless Behavior i love you Roc royal and good night everybody
Mindless Behavior @ Ustream.TV: Princeton, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and EJ. Follow us on instagram R&B/Soul
Why you no checkin Roc Royal?? You'd would be 👌 couple👏🔥 Roc royal from Mindless Behavior btw
This is her & Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior yesterday. She forgot to mention it to him
Photo: Mindless Behavior announced that  EJ [far left] will join Princeton, Ray Ray,and Roc Royal as the...
Im sorry but I can't and won't call ✊"Mindless Behavior" cause the MB I knew was Prodigy, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, & Princeton.😔
Boy band Mindless Behavior has exciting news for fans. The group is adding a new member. Joining Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal is 16-year-old EJ, according to Just Jared Jr. The teen performer has been a friend of the band ...
Mindless Behavior and OMG Girlz - Shout Out Tour April 19, 2014 7:00 PM | Saturday TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!!! $47.50 - All Seating Areas $33 for Meet & Greet Pass (must have show ticket to purchase Meet & Greet Pass) MINDLESS BEHAVIOR male teen quartet (Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton) stir up a frenzy on their "Shout Out Tour" with R&B grooves, pop hooks, and Hip Hop swag to screaming fans. The new teenage girl group OMG (Officially Miss Guided) GIRLZ, made up of the talented and gorgeous high school students, Miss Star (Zonnique Pullins), Miss Beauty (Bahja Rodriguez) and Miss Baby Doll (Breaunna Womack), are proving they have one-of-a-kind sass, swag, intelligence, showmanship and talent as they spread their message of female empowerment. Special Guest HI-RIZ girl band with Bobi (Lakilah B. Thomas), Hip Hop (Victorya Langford), Ivana (Monique Ivana Colson), and Sedne (Sedne Leilani-Marnai) blend pop, rock, Hip Hop and soul music as the new girl group of Generation Next. Hosted by PERFECT LAU ...
i don't think Mindless Behavior is gonna last any longer without a lead singer, Prodigy is what made the group. Roc Royal & Ray Ray were the rappers (though they didn't have many parts) and Princeton was just the spokesperson for the group.
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Catching up with Mindless Behavior lol♥ lol Roc Royal is still Bae!
~The One ~Part One - ~Shakira's Pov See I thought that I, Shakira Perry, was 'The One' for Chresanto August. Also known as Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior, but I was young and naive then. "Hey, Shakira. You're staring again." I just realised that I was staring at him, but luckily he didn't realise. "How long have you been crushing on him now? 2 years or more?" "Nevaeh, shut the fudge up. I'm not crushing on him. He's famous, he already gets all the female attention. Look." I point over to see Niccola Hor-ison (Harrison) all over him. "It's just sad to see someone that desperate." I just laugh when I see Nevaeh bend her face in disgust. If you known Nevaeh as long as I have, from the age of birth to be precise, you would know how much she cannot stand *** s or *** s. Every time she she see's Niccola, she starts to itch like she's a rash. It's pretty funny. Just as Niccola walked past our table in the cafeteria, it was like it was on cue, Nevaeh started to itch. "I think Niccola's realised what you do eve ...
All The Goods On Desiree... Is Desire pregnant? Rumour has it that Desiree, Roc Royal's girlfriend is having a baby. We don't know how true this is guys. You know how people make stuff up. It could be true but there again i may not be. Is there about to be a Chresanto junior? If Desiree is having a baby do you think its Roc's baby? I mean...maybe she hasn't been faithful. Maybe she just wants the child. Support money. Lets be real here. Desire is 18 years old while roc is just 16. It's only a 3 years difference but when your under twenty and theirs gaps like that in age... She's nearly an adult. If this is true its gonna be in the headlines. This is gonna be a HUGE thing. It's gonna be in magazines, newspapers, online and even in more places and things. Mindless Behavior is gonna go down hill. They gon have bad reputations and a whole lot more. Desire and Roc broken up for good? Rumor has it that Roc and Desiree has finally broke up once again. After the rumours of her being pregnant which we still don't ...
Keep Em' On The Low Prologue Crystal Pov "This is the story of a lifetime and it aint what it seems when the light shines and I can only be myself no one else one life take a breathe and except that you can't do everything you see you TV I know these people tend to think that life is easy and as bad as I wanna succeed no I cant no I cant be who they want be to be... -3xl I listened as the music played from the speakers ,I began to move my body to the beat hitting every move perfectly .This was my chance, I was auditioning to be the backup dancer for Mindless Behavior...this was big every girl wanted this there were only three spots left but I wasn't worried cause after I was finished the other didn't stand a chance. I did one last turn and I stopped when I faced the door way...I couldn't believe my eyes it was Roc Royal. I couldn't help but to stare but I was snapped out of my thoughts by my name being called " Miss Munroe" I turned back towards the judging table looking as Red as a tomato "Yes..." I said ...
Wanna be my cover phone (; first add Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior (:
I LOVE Neymar nd Mindless Behavior they are my dream guys especially ROC ROYAL
Biggest party turning up with Mindless Behavior,OMG Girls and more. Roc Royal Princeton many more
Its_tahtee Royal3R No he's not ctfu thats Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior a.k.a my future husband. lowkey ,girl bye
In Part 2 of Mindless Behavior's visit to the Young Hollywood Studio, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, Prodigy, and Princeton profess their love for their uber-talented t...
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior looks just like . Bol
Roc Royal of Mindless Behavior is my new lil celebrity crush. Lol
Icses and Princeton Imagine It's a typical day at school!! Icses gets picked on at school by Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior!! Princeton tries to stop him, but can't, because he don't want him to see that she was his best friend, while he was growing up. Anyways, on with the story!! Icses gets up from her bed and walks to the bathroom, and sees bruise after bruise!! She's afraid to tell her mom, so she tell someone else; Princeton. Princeton lives right across from where Icses lives!! So she puts on her shoes, since she's already dressed, and scurried down the stairs, walking out the door!! Roc Royal's POV Man, I think I'm in love with Icses!! She's the reason why I get up in the mornings!! My bright and shining star!! That smile, that smile!! I know what you thinking about; If you in love with her, than why you bully her? I don't know!! But, I will stop because I don't want to hurt her anymore!! Icses POV As I walked to Princeton house, tears were streaming down my face, my eyes was stinging!! I quickly ...
Robb Bank$ look like Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior's mugshot.
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is the modern day Lil Fizz from B2K lol
Mindless Camp CHAPTER THREE Left off at: You follow the gaurds into a room that looks like a janitors room door but when you go in it's a huge room. Jocey is laid on a bed and the body gaurd goes somewhere. She wakes up and only you and her is in sight. You: rise and shine sleepy head do you know what just happened? Jocey: OMG I MUST OF PASSED OUT!! Did i miss the concert? You: Yeah but Mindless Behavior is going back on stage in 3 hours. Jocey: okay Jocey sighs Jocey: Oh I heard a all boys camp is coming hereee for the first time so watch for cute boyss!! You: You probably have a better chance at getting a bf than me. Jocey: Nuh Uh! So not true i got plain black eyes but you have beautiful big *** bright eyes. You have a wayy better chance at getting a bf than mee! You: well the beautys in the eye of the.. _: Beholder.. You turn around wondering who just read your mind. When you turn around you see Roc Royal staring right at you. You: Oh My god I don't know what to say. Roc: Well let me introduce my sel ...
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Hey fb bored somebody inbox me but umm I have so good news for the Ciara and future fans . Their engage . Bad news is for the Mindless Behavior fans. The news is that prodigy left the group. So when I go meet them.on the 30th I'll only see princeton, roc royal nd ray ray with Jacob Latimore too. : (
Preachers daughters but a MB Lovers This is about the characters in my book. Now this is my first book I hope y'all like it. Briunna Maria Kane is a sweet girl on the outside but bad in the inside but she can't show it because her dad is a preacher. She have long black hair with blonde tips. Has a one dimple that's on her chin (A/N: its really cute I have one lol). She is actually tall bout 5'8. She 15 years old and have a boyfriend whos a bad boy. Her dad don't know about him yet. Her sister Symone DaSha Zane is her bestfriend even though they are famliy. She love Mindless Behavior. Her favorite is Ray Ray. Symone DaSha Zane is the ghetto one who show it even if she's around her dad. She don't care if he's a preacher. If he *** her off the she gone tell him off. She 16 years old and with long light brown hair with blach highlights. She the short one she's about 5'5. She loves Mindless Behavior she go cry cray everytime they are mention. Crazy ritee. Her favorite is Roc Royal. Dustin Malcolm Jones is dat ...
::Will Our Love Last?:: Hello, My name is Dejah. I have Two children named Giselle (4) and Dominic (1). I also have a baby on the way! I'm naming him Xavien! Xavien and Dominic's dad is Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior! We've been together for three years! .. On the other hand I'm sad and disappointed Giselle's dad is in Prison, the good thing is that RayRay treats her like she's one of his own! .. I also have a bestfriend named Kyia She's my everything, My kids god mommy! We've known and been bestfriends since Kindergarten! I love her! Supp?? My name is Kyia! I have no kids at the moment, but I'm expecting TRIPLETS! Two boys and one girl! I'm not sure on names yet, but me and Roc Royal are deciding on names! .. My bestfriend is Dejah .. We've been bestfriends since Kindergarten! Her children are my God Kids.. I love them! .. I also am dating Roc Royal we've been together for four years and finally we are having kids! I can't wait till they're born! (( This story is going to be about Lies, Cheating, ,Marr . ...
*Mindless ‘Behavior’ at Liguanea Club In Jamaica* - LARGE crowd of star-struck teens showed up at the Liguanea Club in New Kingston Saturday to see American boy group Mindless Behavior. Ray Ray, Princeton and Roc Royal had their fans thoroughly engrossed throughout their 90-minute performance. Following strong sets by reggae/dancehall acts QQ, Deneque, Jah Bouks and Tifa, the frantic crowd surged to the stage, bending or breaking metal barriers as their heroes appeared. Though lead singer Prodigy was a no-show, the screams were deafening as Mindless Behavior mimed the lyrics to Number One Girl, Future, Mrs Right, All Around The World, and Missing You. Whilst attempting to interact with his audience, Roc Royal went too close to the stage and was almost dragged off by a group of exuberant girls. The excitement continued following their set. Barriers were broken as most of the patrons in the VIP area dashed backstage, hoping to meet the show’s stars. Security personnel were no match for the screaming t ...
On friday september 27 2013 us The omg girlz will be at Party turn up 2013 in Chicago,IL,Us. With Jacob Latimore,Coco Jones,Roc Royal from mindless behavior
I got Roc royal on "Who will you be All Around the World with in Mindless Behavior"
Yolo Mindless Behavior Im a Fan of y'all especially for Roc Royal because he is such a hotti
So obsessed with Mindless Behavior 👌 Roc Royal's my fave 😍😍
Omg!!! Mindless Behavior concert in 4 dayss Cant wait:))) lolz roc royal makes me have butterflies so im nervous
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior getting pulled off stage and Princeton ...: via
Saying u dont like roc royal from Mindless Behavior but cause u still sayin dat u wanna touch his 6 pack
Tellin people dat u dont love roc royal from Mindless Behavior and u still talk about him
Roc Royal of Mindless Behavior talks Tour, "All Around the World", Next album, and More ARTISTdirect via artistdirect
"Who is your celebrity crush? "Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior. fogxuoyh !!! & Nelly :3
What do you think of Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior... — I think hes a bit too young dude...or girl...or whate...
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Mindless Behavior- Roc Royal roll (this was it I remember her YouTube name lmao)
Mindless Behavior doesn't excite me...maybe Roc Royal but that's all lol.
Mindless Behavior- Roc Royal roll: via i remember watching this 24/7!!!
I love roc royal from Mindless Behavior
What yur baby name? — Lol that Roc Royal boy from that Mindless Behavior group.
I love roc royal from Mindless Behavior.
Yall can not tell me that Prince & Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior don't look like girls!
Yes!! Roc Royal's birthday is about to be CRAZY!!! TURN UP Mindless Behavior's own is turning 16!!
I Love Me some Roc Royal aye Mindless Behavior!!!
My wish is for Mindless Behavior to make history!. :)Roc Royal
just saw Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior. he said hes gonna take me on stage x
Mindless Behavior is so grown up. Roc Royal is the hottest though :)
WHY is Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior serving FAILED fish teas in my mentions?? 😅😅😅😅
If I was younger I would go to a Mindless Behavior concert and pick up Roc Royal and ride away in the sun lmfao
I got Under the stair case with mr. Roc Royal on "Haunted House with Mindless Behavior"
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I fell in love with Mindless Behavior and I liked Roc Royal at first.  but liking him didnt last long!
Roc Royal and Ray, Ray of Mindless Behavior talking trash over Basketbal Game via
Lord why does Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior look grown ?? 😳
; I have the biggest crush like ever on Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior . Don't judge me .
I got Roc Royal on "Haunted House with Mindless Behavior -2"
"Breaking News: Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior left the group and started to work as a cashier
''Waaasuup I'm Ray-Ray, I'm Prodigy, hey guys I'm Roc Royal and I'm Princeton and we're Mindless Behavior'' Ains my fee…
Is it wierd that in my mind i hv a perfect realationship with Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior?? ;o
Mindless behavior — Uh, they're cool.. I like Roc Royal.
Roc Royal is my screen savor Prodigy is my screen lock I am a certified MINDLESS BEHAVIOR mama!
you like Mindless Behavior? if so, who's your favorite? — Roc Royal fine *** but then I really like Princeton to...
Taking the girls to see Mindless Behavior today! Teenagers! :-) :-(
If you could interview anyone, who would you pick? — Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior, I wanna get to know him...
Its official. Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is my crush ! Idc idc idc call me childish idgaf that mf is fine !
The only cute people in Mindless Behavior is Princeton and Roc Royal.
(Lilly and Roc Abusive Imagine) *AN: Lilly is abusing Roc* Roc made you mad so you decided to teach him a lesson. You punched him in his stomach and kneed him in his balls makin him fall to his knees. It was bad enough that he was tired from rehearsin all day but that just made it easier for you. Before he could get up you kicked him in his jaw. Then you stomped on his back causin him to fall on his face. You continued to punch and kick him as he curled up into a ball. Then you just stared at him. Roc had tears runnin down his bruised face and blood comin from his lip. Roc: Why Lilly? Why? You got down on your knees and lifted his chin up. Then you kissed his lips before slamming his head into the ground. 20 mins later he was found dead. Newspaper Headline: 21 year old Mindless Behavior rapper Roc Royal found beatin to death. No suspect found. The End. Hope ya liked it! BabyGirl
Mindless Behavior is starting to get on my nerves. Stop geting butthurt since yall didnt win an award frow BET. You guys just came out and yea your talented but not that talented. Sing about something other than how much your girls love you and ill be impressed. But until you can do that STOP GETTING BUTTHURT OVER NOTHING AND TRY HARDER. But not you Roc Royal and Prodigy. Keep bein cute you two and doing what you do.
I thought Mindless Behavior was gonna preform yesterday I'm mad that they didn't.
Teen r&b/hip-hop boy band 'Mindless Behavior' has been stirring up a frenzy wherever they go, singing and dancing their way into the hearts of millions as they travel across the US on their first major headlining tour. Coming from humble roots and rising to super stardom, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, Princet...
Im giving a award to Mindless Behavior for best R&B singers so i hope they accept it - Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray, and last but not least Roc Royal love yall
Mindless Behavior snap a pic backstage just before their performance at the 106 & Park Live during the 2013 BET ...
Trey Songz. French Montana. Ace Hood. Roc Royal - (from Mindless Behavior). Jacob Latimore. LiL Marcus . was all looking fine at the
Like a good neighbor State Farm is there with. Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior, Diggy,Trey Songz, and Taylor Lautner
I have came to the conclusion that Jacob Latimore should be the 5th member of Mindless Behavior... *Tae*
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is maturing very well!!! So sexy! :)
*Roc Royal Imagine* you were walking home on your way to school happy because your best friend just told you that Mindless Behavior was coming to your city and they were staying for a whole week. and on top of that you got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your report card. you were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you. guy: yo my bad shawty you: I an’t yo shawty. ughhh OMG look what you did. I just got this phone. you picked up your phone to examine it and make sure there was no cracks and that it still worked. you also picked up your purse but a piece of paper fell but you didn’t bother to pick it up. guy: look I’m really sorry you: whateva jerk you were in such a hurry to get home to talk to your best friend that you didn’t bother to look at the guy. who was Roc Royal. you just brushed yourself off and avoided eye contact with him and walked off. the rest of the boys then walked up. Prince: yo what was that all about Roc: I accidently bumped into her and I guess she was ...
I love Mindless Behavior ' They're the ones who makes me be myself , I stand up to be the person I am
I have a crush on Prodigy from Mindless Behavior ☺󾌭󾌬
Mindless Behavior new BET pick . Used To Be . Roc Royal is gorgeous .
*no copyright infringement intended* Mindless Behavior - Mrs.Right (Fast) I made the song faster and I put some new photos in enjoy.
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i love your header. is that Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior?
Roc Royal and Princeton are gonna Love Me !! Mindless behavior 😩❤💦
Princeton is really the only attractive member of Mindless Behavior tbh. Roc Royal is pretty cute too, i guess
add all these people : Carrie Marie Real Underwood :celeb Taylor Devereaux: working her way as a celeb beautiful singing James Rey May:my best friend :) Mia Mia Kaitlyn Talerico:best and cutest baby Jazzy Biebz: the real jazzy De Mi: real demi Sarah Dierks: she is loyal to people Jasmine Villegas: she is jazzy Roc Royal: mindless behavior Sełena Mariè Loveè: im pretty sure she is my bestyyy
Like these some these pages: So Mindless (im the only admin working on there but not manager) Mindless Miracles (awesome page but in need of supporters) Mindless Behavior fp (in need of more fans) Mindless Dolls (great story going on tht page ^-^) Roc Royal (one of the most popular mindless pages) Prodigy (also popular) -shannonluvsfood
Princeton & Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior are fine too. Give em a few more years. Oh yes.
Mindless Behavior so cute ! I am gonna date Roc Royal no if, ands, or buts
“I be slick jealous of the girls who be w/ Mindless Behavior ecspecially ray-ray!”>>>>> No Roc Royal! 😘😍😉
Mindless Behavior is now sexy. Dat Princeton and Roc Royal. Dat Roooccc Rooyaal .
Mindless Behavior tho...omg they are too grown!!!
" I love Mindless Behavior " Yeah , I love McDonalds but you don't see me making an account && pretending to be a chicken nugget do you ?
True__Friends [pt 2 ] Yn&&Aarielle; OMG are you serious right now! Prince; Yahh Aarielle; *Hugs yn, Princeton, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, and Prodigy si tight that they can breathe* Aaaah! Ray; Lets celebrate w/ Tacos ♥ ♥ ALL: agreed. 1hr later back at home. Yn: Mama we made it! Ym; What, What, What! Aarielle: Your looking at the new Mindless Behavior backround dancers! Ym: :') OMG I knew you guys were goin to be finally famous *cries* All: Hugs Hours past they all washed up in their bathrooms thats in their bathrooms. TBC 3+ Likes 1+ Comments Sidenote: Saawwy Its So short promise the next one will be long :* :* :* :* :* :*
If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would... — Kurt Cobain or Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior
Love Me:part1:Intros _ Jade:hello im Jade,21,and dating Criag aKa Prodigy from Mindless Behavior. Me&him are having problems. But i been feeling kinda sick but it ain't nothing. Probably stress with everything thats going on,lik skool i go to NYU as a English Major. I want to be a writer,i have finals coming. I live wit 3 of my best friends Alli,Kieera&Sasha Alli:wassup im Alli 21,and dating Jacob aKa Princeton from Mindless Behavior,i cheated with Prod 2wice but we were so wasted dat we didn't even remember wat had happened. Im under alot of stress cuz my im failing one of my classes,and my teacher sed that if i sleep wit him,he'll pass me wit a 97. And his class is the most important in the career i want. I go yo NYU and a Photography Major. I live with Kieera,Sasha,and Jade my 3 bestfriends Kieera:wat up im Kieera,21,and dating Chresanto aKa Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior. Im pregant but i ain't tell Roc yet,i think i want an abortion,but idk. I'm to young and not responsible enough to take care of a ...
Roc Royal, Princeton, Ray Ray, & Prodigy tell us the meaning behind Mindless Behavior.
Just saw the Used to Be - Mindless Behavior 😝☺! I loved the video, Roc was looking sexy with his shirt off 😍
Don't Forget to Subscribe! // HotNewHipHop went behind the scenes at Mindless Behavior's "Used to Be" shoot and gets t...
I can't even lie, Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior a shortie.
roc royal from MB (Mindless Behavior) i love him and them ha there new video is coming out mondaay on 106 & Park World prmeire cant wait
I cant wait too meet Mindless Behavior and win the contest my fav is Roc Royal I love him and I have their new album and their magazine
listening to Mindless Behavior .. only to see Roc Royal tho ! 😍❤
I Need U Into: Ariel's into: Yo What's up I'm Ariel I go to Music and Dance School a.k.a MDS I am 16 years old I'm the youngest out of my group of friends I Love to chill at Love Park in Philly and I LOVE this group called Mindless Behavior a.k.a MB mostly Roc Royal but my don't think so they think I'm a hater which is the whole point. People think I'm crazy cuz my mom was on drugs when she was pregnant with me and my dad is a drug lord in Philly and he hits me since my mom is dead. I know my life is sad. +3 likes and 2 comments for more intos -Yanna Love
Love&War Intro Hi my name is y/n!! I live in Miami Florida! I am 21 years old!! My fiancé is Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior!! We have our ups and downs but we love each other!! My BFF Ty, Lexxii and Mya are dating the other three members of Mb!! Roc's sis, Jaz, Ray's ex, Kelly, and prince niece, Kk hae us so much!! They lie on us and give us *** but trust and believe we will whoop *** ! We all go thru things!! But all is fair in Love&War!!! MindlessBish
MINDLESS BEHAVIOR TAKES FANS BEHIND THE SCENES - Mindless Behavior is giving fans a peek into the making of the new video for their single, Used to Be. The group (Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton) let fans in on exactly what it takes to make a hit. In the video, the guys also showed off the larger-than-life mansion where everything was [...]
Mindless Behavior takes you behind of the scenes of their latest music video "Used To Be." Part 2
So on keek, Kennedi was like "Im going thru this Mindless Behavior phase, like at first they were so annoying, but they're so cute." Then she was like "soo yeah Im diggin Ray Ray, Roc Royal & A Little Bit Of Princeton... and I dont really care for prodigy" I DIED. (": she sao mean
Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is my freaking boyfriend!
Wicked Games ' Part OO2 ' Recap - The show is about to start ! - Show Time ! Coco Jones performs then The Omg Girlz perform then its time for Mindless Behavior to come out ! Dj Big Deal ; Are yall ready for Mindless Behavior ?! Crowd ; *Screaming* Dj Big Deal ; Yall aren't loud enough for me ... I said .. ARE YOU READY FOR MINDLESS BEHAVIOR ! Crowd ; *Screaming Louder* Aria ; *Screaming Her Head Off* Dj Big Deal ; What you've been all waiting for ... MINDLESS BEHAVIOR ! All Around The World starts playing then the boys come out and start singing and dancing . Crowd ; *Screaming* Aria ; *Little Tears Fall* Justice ; *Dancing & Singing Along* Future comes on and Roc pulls Justice on stage and dances around her singing . Justice ; *Smiling & Blushing* Roc ; Justice I want you to be my future . Justice ; Already ; ) . Roc ; *Winks & Kisses Justices Cheek & Helps Her Off The Stage* Aria ; Oo Roc Royal kissed my mommwie ! Justice ; Girl . *Laughs* They perform 8 more songs then the show was over then Walter ask ...
in my mentions & your bio says "my baby: princeton,my husband: prodigy,my bro: Roc.Royal,my Misfit:Ray ray,My team: Mindless Behavior
They should make music TOGETHER ! They both can dance and they are both SEXY. Mindless Behavior:... on
We Found Love Roc Royal Love Story part 3 YN POV i went downstairs and saw Mindless Behavior . ohmigosh . i screamed was walkin and then i tripped . -__- me and my clumsy *** ! i got up and went over to my auntie. Me: umm Auntie why do you have Mindless Behavior in your living room ? AT: oh because this one right here *points to Ray Ray* is my nephew Me: *mouth drop* what ?! and you didnt tell me ? AT: no . you mightve tried and find them . you know you crazy RayRay: Aunt Tasha can we stay here for tonight ? AT: umm i guess so but you guys are gonna have to share beds Me: *laughs* that sounds *** AT: -_- . anyways yeah yall gonna have to share Ray: thanks Aunt . Prod: i'll go tell Keisha . AT: well before yall go ima introduce YN Me: well i can do that . im YN and if yall need me ima be in my room . Peace Roc POV oh ish . that girl live here. maybe its our destiny to be together. i cant wait to try and get with her. ima put the moves on her . oh yes . cant believe Ray got such a fine cousin. we walked ba ...
What Roc Royal off Mindless Behavior is like 13 or 14 and Look like he 18 or 19 and Look FINER THEN A MUTHADUCK ! Ohh dat boy fine
roc royal from Mindless Behavior is so god *** fine .
I don't like Mindless Behavior but my birthday twin, Roc Royal, just posted a pic & OMMG 😍😍
Errbody say hello to my imaginary boyfriend, Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior.
*SORRY* PAART UNO Responder: 911 whats your emergency? *Gunshots fire* *You Scream* Responder: Hello? *Phone Dies* Sirens wailing Officer: POLICE! WE'VE GOT THE PLACE SURROUNDED! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP. Roc: *Walks out covered in blood with you in his arms. He looks down at you and says.* I'm Sorry Everything goes black. then you see a bright light and all your memories seem to fade... Until you're at the begginning... where it all went wrong... _ You flash back to the moment you and Roc first met. It was at the Mann's Center in Philadelphia, PA while Mindless Behavior was on their GIRL TOUR... You were hyped up on Gatorade and hadn't slept in three days. You've been talking about today for the past week or so... Your most definetly NOT a groupie. You don't classify yourself as being a mindless... ANYTHING... You simply like a couple songs off the album... But of course your lying... You EVERY lyric to everyone of their songs and are in LOVE with Mindless Behavior but, didn't know who was who...You w ...
( WARNING : this video may cause spazz attacks because of it's sexyness ] ROC ROYAL of Mindless Behavior ♥ Follow Me:
Roc & Pre-Yanna Imagine !, _ You & Your friends are at a mall in Cali' , Mindless Behavior has their day off & They decide to go shopping. _ Pre: *Drops your bags off on a bench for a break* , Wooh , I am worn out !, Jay: Girl , We're carrying your bags !, Pre: Lol Well Put them down !, Roc: *Reaches over &, Grabs the bags Jay has* Let me help you with that. Ray: Psh, Look at Roc trynna get that girls number !, Weirdo, Pre: Tha- Oh .. Hi , I'm Pre-Yanna . Roc: What's up Cutie, I'm- Pre: *Cuts him off* Roc Royal ^.^ _ you sit and talk for hours on in , You exchange numbers and you leave .. 2 Months later ,Roc asks you to be his Girl Friend, You say yes &, From then on , you became Roc's on love and One of the boys to Prince, Roc, And Prod. _ Sorry It's so whack !, I wasn't very prepared x'D ~Blexindian *** :3
The New Live 95.5 presents Mindless Behavior in the Bing Lounge! Presented by Popchips and Sundrop. Check out more Bing Lounge performances at www.live955.co...
Admin Form! Please fill in the following questions: 1. Name? 2. Birthday and how old? (Dont Lie about Age) 3. From? 4. Why do you want to admin this page? (Be DESCRIPTIVE) 5. Facts about you? 6. Whos your favorite member of Mindless Behavior and why?(Dont say because hes sexy) 7. If you were to admin this page, what will your signature be? 8. Are you a hacker? Dont Lie! -.- 9. Will you be active on this page? 10. Will you be mean or rude to the other admins, Manager(Owner), or fans of this page? 11. Are you good at making stories? 12. Do you do games or imagines? 12. Type a story about a random MB member.. *DrakesBooThang*
It's never a dull day when the boys of Mindless Behavior stop by the Young Hollywood Studio. Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton and Ray Ray took over the green ro...
Mindless mania is coming to a city near you this summer. Teen sensations Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal have announced dates for the “All Around the World” tour.
Teen boyband Mindless Behavior officially announced the tour dates for their 26 city U.S. Summer Tour. Mindless Behavior’s second headlining tour will feature new music from their sophomore album of the same name. The boys of Mindless Behavior (Prodigy, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, and Princeton) will also b...
Find out who in Mindless Behavior is single + what Ray Ray, Prodigy, Princeton & Roc Royal look for in a girl!
I'm a cougar, I love Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior!!
if you get to date your biggest crush or your favorite celebrity ... — Oh lawd, Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior! ♥
I got Roc Royal! on "7 Minutes in Heaven with Mindless Behavior"
I got Roc royal on "Which Memeber of Mindless Behavior is made for you?"
Comment a if you love a mindless behavior boy or all of them ♥ for RayRay ♥♥ for prodigy ♥♥♥ for Princeton ♥♥♥♥ Roc Royal :):):):):):) for all of them
why is tha boo last tho? "Mindless Behavior is Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton not the other way round"
Photo: Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior- exclusive photos ❤ liked on Polyvore
I liked a video from Mindless Behavior Fanmail with Roc Royal - Mindless Takeover Ep.
Mindless Behavior is one of the most finest groups, especially Roc Royal!!! Oh yea and Princeton lol ;) ♥ :)
Lóve, Siñging, Or Básketball ? Lala's P.O.V. I looked deep into Roc's milky brown eyes. I smiled, and spoke. Lala:Nothin, Roc Royal. Wanna watch some T.V? Roc:*smirks* Sure, Lala. We turned on the T.V, and saw a commercial. O.O It was Princeton's crew!? Their In A GROUP NOW!!? Lala:*gasp* Oh my gosh!! I quickly recorded the commercial, and texted Y'n. I turned off the T.V, and layed down, looking at the ceiling. Roc stared at me. Roc:What!? Who was that group? Lala:Princeton's crew. The crew that beat up Prodigy and Y'n. And tried to kill them, too. Roc:Forreals? Lala:Yesss!!! *gasps* We need to step it up in "Mindless Behavior". And I know excatly how!? Come on, Roc Royal!! Roc:Okay, but where!? *they leave* Y'n's P.O.V. Prodigy walked me home from the mall. I had on his red letterman jacket. I stared at him. He pulled me close, and kissed me. I kissed back, and he picked me up. He slipped his wet tongue into my mouth, and our tongues danced. The doorbell rang and I realized... It was a daydream. -Nay ...
Roc Royal is the cutest one from Mindless Behavior !
Roc Royal out of Mindless Behavior can get it! Lol
Mindless Behavior just released their new video for their new hit single “All Around The World”. Check it out below: Prodigy isn’t the only singer in the group, Check out Roc Royal, And RayRay [...]
Mindless Behavior All Around the World This morning, the boys of Mindless Behavior took to the internet to give us their latest in music videos, and we’re so happy they did! Ray Ray, Princeton, Roc Royal, and Prodigy have just dropped the video for the title track to their upcoming album.
Added a new video: "Mindless Behavior's Roc Royal gives my friends a shout out!!"
Who's your favorite Mindless Behavior member? Mine is Prodigy ♥ I 'Yanna?
Hamilton Collection
Admin Application! 1. Name 2. Age 3. Why do you want to be an admin? 4. Your favorite Mindless Behavior member? 5. Will you write stories/imagines, play games, etc.? 6. Will you get the page likes? 7. Will you share this page? 8. Email address. 9. Will you be active? Cause if not ima delete you. ~(Dee)
I just posted 'Mindless Behavior Short Stories Vol. 1 - Enmity ( Roc Royal )' on Wattpad!
Buy it Now! Target: iTunes: Music video by Mindless Behavior performing Keep Her On The Low. (C) 2013 Streaml...
My sister: Most of MB's fans like Roc Royal. I do too, but now I like Prodigy cause barely nobody likes him. Roc aint even that cute anyways. Me: What are u talkin about? First of all, Prodigy has groupies! So obviously girls like him! I like him! And second, Roc is cute & most of MB's fans like him cause they think they'll have a chance with him cause he's 15. And you can't be switchin teams! When u like one member, u can't just switch to likin someone else! So you can just skip right on back over to Team Roc Royal cause Team Prodigy don't like fake people! That's why you only 12 & they'll never like you!! Her: I didn't ask for a speech, dang. Now I know not to tell you nothin about Mindless Behavior. And they don't like you either, what the heck?!! Lmfao!!! -LexiMoonWalker
So Intro 1 !!??!? --Cast Calls Below-- 1.) In Love With. Hey im Yn, im 16 years old... Im the captain of my schools cheerleading team and i took gymnastics for 12 years, youu can say im pretty flexible ;))... a year ago me and my 3 best friends got the chance to meet Mindless Behavior, Diggy, Jacob Latimore, The OMG Girlz, and kick it with them the whole summer. During Summer Break i got really Close to Roc and i fell in love with him. I thought he was Perfect for me until i spent One day with Princeton , he swept me off my feet and i realized Roc and i have nothing in common..I began falling for Prince. Im in Love with Roc no Prince.. I- Im in love with... Kayyy Cast Call Ray : Prod : Roc : Prince : Diggy : Jacob Latimore : Yn Best friends : GOOD LUCK !!! {Elanaee Tho'}
Love and Affection A Roc Royal and YourName Story Hi I'm yourname aka Niyah. I'm 16. I attend Hollywood Arts. Its a school for the rich and famous and tantled. My parents are Ti and Ciara. I have a younger sister name Chyna and a older sister name Dria. Chyna 5. Dria's 18. I'm in love with this group called Mindless Behavior. I meet them endless time. My favorite is Roc Royal. I live in Long Beach California but I'm from Brooklyn NewYork. Part 1 ? -Dria
Imagine Sherelle & Prodigy * * You are at the mall with your friends Aniyah, Jayda, & Za'niyah * Aniyah: There go " Payless ", let's go there. Jayda, Sherelle, & Za'niyah: PAYLESS!!! Aniyah: Yea! Sherelle: You must be crazy! Za'niyah: Forreal, who shops at " Payless "? Aniyah: What's wrong with " Payless "? Jayda: Everything is wrong with Payless. Sherelle: Their shoes have no swagg and their cheep. Aniyah: What's wrong with cheep stuff? Za'niyah: Um, let me see.EVERYTHING!!! Sherelle: Let's go to " FootLocker " Jayda: Oh yea! Za'niyah: Lets Go!!! * Ya'll go to FootLocker and ya'll see some cute Jordans or whatever shoes that's new and popping in town * Za'niyah: Now this is what i'm talking about. Sherelle: I like the pink ones. Jayda: Look at them blue ones. * Aniyah spot's MB * Aniyah: And look at " Mindless Behavior " Sherelle: Stop playing around and look at some real shoes for a change. Aniyah: No, I'm serious. Turn around. Jayda: Omg! Za'niyah: It's. Sherelle: Mindless Behavior Aniyah: What should ...
Mindless Love Part 1 After a MB concert Aaliyah: Omg!! That was an amazing concert! I cant believe this. Lets go follow them. Diamond: Girl you crazy. Aaliyah: (runs out and follows MB dodging the body guards) Diamond: (follows Aaliyah) Girl what are you doing? You gone get caught Aaliyah: No way! I'm meeting my husbands. Roc looking sexy! Diamond: No thats my man! Aaliyah: whatever. Ray Ray: Aye yall hear something? Roc Royal: No you hearing stuff. Diamond: Aaliyah, hide. Aaliyah & Diamond: ( hides behind a trash can.) Diamond: We almost got caught Aaliyah: Oh my goodness, look at Prodigy! Mindless Behavior: Get those 2 girls! MB body guard: Hey! What ya'll doing? TO BE CONTINUED... Did yall like it?
R.I.P Mindless Behavior; Ray Ray, Roc Royal, Prodigy, and Princeton all died today. 'Like' if you would go to their funeral Comment a ' ♥ ' if you'd miss them and never forget them. PS. their not really Dead ***Sizzles***
Imagine You were going 2 a Mindless Behavior concert and meet and greet. This woul be your first ever time meeting them and u couldn't wait 2 see Roc. -Meet And Greet- Keisha-Next You slowly walked 2 the tabel, u were shaking because u were so nervous, in the first seat sat Roc Royal. His smile, his eyes, the way he looked at u made u even more nervous. You-Hi Roc- Hey beautiful, what's your name ;) You- YN Roc- Well, hey YN thanks for coming (signs picture and slides it down 2 Prince) It was your chance 2 say something and u completly blew it u walked over 2 Prince's chair sadly. Roc's Pov She's beautiful, I hope she's coming 2 the concert.but just 2 make sure. Roc- Aye beautiful You- Me? Roc- I said beautiful didn't I? R u coming 2 the concert 2night? You-Yea Roc handed u a backstage pass Roc- How about u do the honor of coming on stage with me 2night? You smiled big Roc- I guess that's a yes :D Come early for me? You- Ummm ok :) Roc- Great ;) You finished your meet and greet and left 2 pick out the per ...
._. so im on youtube and i see mindless behavior talkin bout they age in the bts "Keep her on the low" RayRay 17, princeton turning 17 , Prodigy 16 O_O and Roc Royal is 15 ._.
This all her & her followers talk about is Mindless Behavior or Roc Royal or Kendrick (at times mostly mb or Roc)
Intro to you will always be loved a Roc story Y/n you are 22 You are 5ft You have hazel eyes btw your dating Roc Royal from mindless behavior You have slot of friends but you have 3 AWSOME BEST Friends Princeton,Ray,and Prodigy You go to Mindless academy (btw that's not actually a school but would love if it was) This is your life 5+likes to have part one Ms.MB143
so much goes on behind the scenes with Mindless Behavior and even though they are super talented there is no way these super stars can do it all by themselve...
Continued- You: well i met these boys who are actually are big out there and my new friends are going with them and they want me to go with them.. Daddy please let me go. YD: Boys? You: yes.. and girls. YD: idk what to say You: .. Ill be back in a month dad YD: *shakes his head* (y/n), let me talk to the manager. You: Thank you Daddy soo much *hugs him and kisses his cheeks* i love you. -Goes outside- Roc: what did he say You: he wanted to talk to Walter Roc: kay *goes through his phone* heres the number You: kay. -2 weeks later- You: i cant believe im about to perform in front of thousands of people Roc:*hugs you* dont be nervous. You: no kiss? Roc: fans.. see.. EVERYTHING You: *laughs* i get you - Prince: Hey, its yours truely Princeton Roc: Wassup Yall it Roc Royal Ray: Hey, it's your man Ray Ray Prod: Hey, its Prod MB: And we are .. Mindless Behavior (Crowd goes crazy) You and the girls start dancing your *** off. - Roc:*throws you and the girls water* you guys did great. Kery:Thanks, (y/n) can you ta ...
Mindless Behavior- Roc Royal burping: Thats double R for you
Mindless Behavior hangs out on their tour bus with DJ Big Deal. Ray Ray shows off his swag from his hat to his shoes, Prodigy negotiates a bigger tour bus wi...
Born To Love: Introducing The Ladies! Jade: Jade is an artist. She has had talent since she was born. Her past is awful; her mom did drugs and her dad abused her, so she let all her anger out in her art. She had 3 best friends, Jessica, Terin, and Tori. They all been best friends since they were 4 and loved each other. Her ex best friend Maria went out the Prince, evem when she told him she liked him first, but he didn’t really like her, but Jade and Prince never met. She has a little sister named Julia, she is abused by her boyfriend Peter. She loves Mindless Behavior, and mostly Prince. She hopes real love will come, and hopefully from him. Terin: Terin is the athletic one. She plays basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track. All together, she has 78 athletic metals and 16 trophies. Terin is also super bright and bubbly, she doesn’t see anything bad in most people, especially Prod from MB. She has his picture all over her room, she even named her dog Craig. The closest she ever been near Prod was wh ...
Enough Of No Love Part 1 Alexis Pov My name is alexis..Im 17...I live in atlanta wit my mom Nicki..I have brother name Raquan aka Ray from dis Mindless Behavior..but he lives in LA wit dad Drake...I have 3 bestfriends name Zonnique,Bahja,and Breunna aka Star,Beauty,Babydoll fro, the Omg Girlz...Anywho Im going to this skool called "Hollywood Talent" wit my bro becuz i have talent i can sing and dance and so can the girls...but im going solo...My mom thinks its best for me and the girls cuz we stay getting into fights but we kelp our grades up. So she shipping me out der wit dad and ray...Anywho so im packing cuz im leaving todeii wit my mom and my friends are coming wit...So bye gtg Me-(gets all my stuff den takes it downstairs) Nicki-umm lex really u packing ur room Me-well i know but its not my fault u spoil me becuz ray is in LA Nicki-well yeah i am do u want me to stop Me-nahh keep spoiling me Nicki-mhm well i bought u a new car to barb !(gives her the keys) Me-aww mommy thank u(hugs her) *Doorbell Ri ...
Roc Royal Roc Royal sexxie dude who is a part of a group called Mindless Behavior with 3 other sexxie dudes. He have big lips and was born on July 23rd, 1997. The is the youngest out of the other 3 in his group. Roc Royal was born in South Central LA in Cali. He started dancing at the age of 3 years old. He always dreamed of being famous and his dream came true. He wears a hat on stage and when the hat is off his hair is an afro and its bigger than his other group memebers' named Princeton. He has a couple of pit bulls in his house and as you can tell he loves his dogs very much. He sweet, kind and has quite the charm on the ladies. fan 1: Roc Royal dance for me!! Roc: *dances* Fan 1: *faints* Fan 2: Roc can I have an autograph Roc:*signs, smiles and walks away looking back* Fan 2: *shaking and starstruck* I love you!! LMFAO ~Emma
im talking to Prodigy,Princeton,Roc Royal ,and Ray ray from Mindless behavior!OMG
WWYD: Ifff you got to spend the day with Mindless Behavior? Comments please - $piffy €sther
My convo with my mother in the car: Me: Ma i know who im marrying ! Her: Who ? Me: Craig Johnson Her: Who the *** is dat ?! Me: -__- Prodidy from Mindless Behavior Ma! Her: *** is a Mindless Behavior ?! Me: (/-\)..*le puts on Girls Talkin Bout music video* Her: Now which one ? Me: gr da one with the mohawk ! Her: Why not the one with the afro ? Me: Princeton !? Her: who's the other two ? Me: Ray Ray..and Roc Royal Her: What kinda names are those ! Me: I wish i could marry them all...*looks out da window like a boss* -Arieee♡
I got Roc Royal on "Which guy from Mindless Behavior is for you?"
Mindless Behavior- Roc Royal burping: via ew roc burp so loud and ghetto..loool
Alex and Mindless Behavior hang out at AwesomenessTV. Princeton, Roc Royal, and Ray Ray showed off their awesome Gangnam Style dance moves and their epic rap...
Wheres Is MRs.Right . I Gotta See Here Pt 2 A Knock At The Door And Naynay Screams The Clique: What Wrong Widd Nay . Hold Up Nay!!!1 Everyoner runs down stairs and naynay has her mouth covered while she at the door Theres mindless behavior and Trey Songz waiting outside. All The girls start to scream and then roc introduces him self basically looking nay if he is in love Roc: Hi Naynay you entered for a VIPs Party and Vacation for a Whole Month with Mindless Behavior and Trey Songz And You Won All The girls Screams And Naynay Still Frozen Roc: By Da Way Im Roc Royal/…... NayNay: Yeah We Know Who you are . So Don’t Just Satnd There Come In And Get The Bottles Popping …. Let Me Say Cola’s Cuzz my momma would slap me if she knew I had drinks in da house Everybody goes inside laughing and Plays music and start to get to know each other. Roc starts looking At Nay as she is singing and dancing and then calls here over Then lornjanae whispers Lornjanae: Get Em! Roc: Hey How Are You Nay: Fine Myself An .. ...
I got OMG! You got Roc Royal! (P.S. He's my favorite 1!) on "Which Mindless Behavior member is your Future Boyfriend"
omg ok yall know i am a big STALKER on mindless behavior so i ran across something and it is about Jacob Perez omg it is so funny i will post it in the moring ok i am going to keep stalking mindless behavior some more and my husband Roc Royal
Mindless Behavior AKA Princeton, Prodigy, Roc Royal and Ray Ray, dropped by KISS to give us an acapella version of 'Girls Talkin' Bout'. They also tell us why they love the UK, talk about their debut UK single and say they're fans of Wretch 32 and
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Ion like Mindless Behavior like det but Roc Royal is fine ! i love his haircut
Princeton, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, and Prodigy have some fun during their down time and race go karts with Jacob Latimore. how would you spend a day off with Mindless Behavior?! tell us in the comments below. check out Princeton talking about his ideal
Meh and Kiana are plainin a trip to go to kentucky so we can see Mindless behavior we have to go shoppin on the slick...im of course goin after my booskie to the end Roc Royal "Double R"omq and its on a fraday yah yhu know its qoin to be best mood lol i wonder is Kiana McCottry goin to do.
Okay for all my mindless behavior fans, correct me if Im wrong: In terms of most popular the order goes as shown 1.Princeton 2.Ray Ray 3.Roc Royal 4.Prodigy Am I right?
www.mindlessbehavior.com Mindless Behavior: Roc Royal Girl Tour DC Girl Tour I go by the name of.
It's ya boy Ray Ray. Hey wassup y'all its Prodigy. It's Roc Royal. It's yours truly Princeton and we are.. Mindless Behavior ♥
Photo of Roc for fans of Roc Royal (Mindless Behavior) submitted by Keyon14 32352134
Mindless Behavior goes live on the radio in Atlanta. Prodigy, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, and Princeton each describe their Number One Girl. leave a comment if you'r...
Have you heard of Mindless Behavior? If you have, Roc Royal is my cuzin
Prodigy is not as cute as some of yall say... He bout aint cute.da prder of Mindless Behavior in order and rate from 1-10 on side Prodigy:7.1 Princeton: Broke My Scale Ray Ray: 9.4 Roc Royal: 8.9
Prodigy is sexii,Roc Royal iz sexii,Ray-Ray is sexii and Princeton iz sexii They r all sexii and idc wat ppl say bout them but all I kno iz they sexii as idk wat so all of there haters can get they ugly self on and get a life cause they don't know wat they r missing! I LUV U GUYS! Mindless Behavior 24/7
Roc Royal describes himself in one word. describe yourself with one word in the comments. Back to Episode 30 - subscribe to see i...
Roc Royal from Mindless behavior supports OMG! Fashion! those are the spike face shades he has in his hand!
To my boys Mindless Behavior, Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and the one and only Princeton, Thanks so very much for contacting me and wishing me a happy birthday, you guys know how much I love you. We are back on the road again soon time to take a break don't forget to study and get that homework done boys. Love you all.
That boy Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is so handsome, how old is he ??
Mindless Behavior is touring the South. while in Baton Rouge, the guys decide to have a little fun backstage and play a prank on Roc Royal. watch Ray Ray answer your fan mail right here - to see if Mindless
Some girl thought that this was Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior...when it's not. It's me before I went to work. Ha..
So um, i guess team mindless is going crazy because Jacob Latimore back up dancer(ki'Loni) is dating Roc Royal ? ? ? ? well, if their dating their dating. Mindless behavior is 15 years old and their never going to be single. so get tf over it... And thats their business, not yours not ours. Ray&Star : They broke up ? o, well i dnt care.
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