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Milwaukee Buck

The Milwaukee Bucks are a professional basketball team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

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Family story is she convinced my Grandpa Buck Herzog to relocate our family fr…
ICYMI: Hawks adviser Wes Wilcox is a finalist for the Milwaukee Buck GM opening and will be interviewing for it soon
😂😂😂 real shid... that *** got more buck shots than antetokounmpo "Milwaukee Bucks player"
If you're looking for real traditional style Chicago blues, come to hear us with Willie Buck, Milwaukee Slim and a…
A female inmate in Milwaukee was given extra gum and a phone call by a guard. She claimed he raped her, and is now blamin…
Sounds like he'd fit perfectly as a Milwaukee Buck
Youssopha Fall. 7-4 from Senegal. Guaranteed Milwaukee Buck. I mean, doesn't that just seem like one or their own t…
The Greek community shared the emotion and joy as NBA All-Star Milwaukee Buck Giannis Antetokounmpo, his brother,...
Common was thinking of Michael Redd... the former Milwaukee Buck and Buckeye.
Common was thinking of Michael Redd. Former Buckeye and Milwaukee Buck.
We all remember when Kareem Abdul Jabbar was a Milwaukee Buck?
In Milwaukee cause you know the buck stops here
Yell at chick Milwaukee cause I need my buck
As a matter of fact, yes! Huge Milwaukee Buck fan in the 90s
Does Brandon Jennings think he's still a Milwaukee Buck? It's like he forgets he's the worst backup point guard in the league.
Sometimes I can't believe Mirza Teletovic is a Milwaukee Buck. An inexplicable experience so far
Hey just so you know a Milwaukee Buck, Giannis Antetokounmpo, will be STARTING in the NBA All-Star game tonight!…
shout out to Don for putting me on this Milwaukee buck >
Wonder if the NEW Milwaukee Bucks leadership...hedge fund guys...get this??? If not Buck are DEAD
former supersonic,laker,Milwaukee buck, Celtic and Miami Heat Gary Dwayne Payton has one petty ring.
The Buck leaves here: Milwaukee's team gets phished out of players' W2 info
When we said Pass the Buck, this isn't what we had in mind...
yeah they got him in a trade centered around former Milwaukee Buck Carmelo Anthony
Wow, Milwaukee is to not have some hack columnist as bad as this Souhan guy. Just awful, awful takes here.
enBusiness_news: Milwaukee Bucks' tax information released by employee who fell for email scam: The Milwaukee Buck…
I'm Milwaukee bound in July. Shout out to my brother e-Buck.
The Orlando Magic are going to be hyped next season like the Milwaukee Buck were this past season. Although how can I hate this hire?
WILL releses report, “Bang for the Buck,” analyzing which public schools in Milwaukee produce best outcomes per tax dollars spent
Model Elissia Selena likes this photo of Michael Carter Williams NBA Player for the Milwaukee Buck team.
Where can you get the most bang for your buck in Wisconsin?
big benji face gurbs or a Milwaukee buck
did Earv call that old former Milwaukee Buck Vince Baker?
Deyonta seem like a perfect Milwaukee buck: tall and full of potential
We gotta come together and support a travel from Cleveland to Milwaukee to as I go from||A Boy To A Buck||...
Today's Bucks Daily arrives with Jamie Dinan's thoughts on where the Bucks need to be before moving to the new arena. ht…
I guarantee the Milwaukee Buck will win 1 or 2 NBA championships in the next decade.
Kenyon Martin (aka Uncle Buck) speaks out on his short time as a Buck. This and more in today's Daily Bucks!.
Bucks: Milwaukee will have 10th-best odds in 2016 NBA Draft Lottery: The Milwaukee Buck...
lime green and blue Atlanta Hawks is almost as fresh as bad *** Milwaukee buck
I assume your ex-Milwaukee Buck hubby is in it to win it for Badgers tonight?
I didn't go to the last game, but did see late that season the Big O as a Milwaukee Buck plays his last game there.
Never entertained the thought of Lebron being a Milwaukee buck. Seem impossible
Larry sanders the disgraced Milwaukee buck?
Cant wait to git Buck cheering for Milwaukee in Cleveland
It's amazing what one can find on the Internet! Hollywood fight scene with former Milwaukee Buck legend Kareem...
What's your favorite memory as a Milwaukee Buck?
"You never want to go to the manager's office at 6:30" - Buck Martinez on being DFA'd by Milwaukee in '81
Getting the Most Bang for your BUCK at a Milwaukee Bucks Game
Live scoring, stats: Detroit Pistons vs. Milwaukee Bucks (chat): Live updates and scoring for the Pistons-Buck...
Mortensen Construction to manage build of new Milwaukee Bucks arena: MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Buck...
Thinking about checking out a Milwaukee Bucks game this season? Here are some awesome tips on how to get the most...
Elgin Cook of Oregon is the son of former Milwaukee Buck Alvin Robertson
Jared Cunningham hits a pair of free throws for his first points as a Buck. Milwaukee trails Utah by 10 early in the fourth.
Jared Cunningham makes a pair of FTs for his first points and a Buck. Milwaukee down 73-63 with 11:02 left.
That puddle guy from Utah screams future Milwaukee buck
It's great she gets free time from solely commenting on my amazing career as a Milwaukee Buck.
Seriously tho if buddy becomes a buck I'm getting his jersey! Please draft him Milwaukee
Why these Milwaukee buck news pages keep following me 😭
Young Bucks have a big night, except not the ones you’d expect: Buck - bucksketball
my man Marcus Johnson on the call! 2nd best Milwaukee buck of all time!
Looks like Matt Barnes got to Milwaukee and got... Buck
"I didn't PLAY for the Milwaukee I AM a Milwaukee Buck. I can still say that today.". -Jon McGlocklin
NBA package my *** now I can't watch X's game his first game. Milwaukee Buck
Renderings of the Milwaukee Buck's new $500 million arena : via
Buck Me! A sneak peek at Milwaukee arena designs
Milwaukee Buck's new home? Ahead of design submission to city, Bucks release new arena renderings:
Kicking off the Milwaukee Heart Walk Executive Breakfast with a few words from 2016 Chair, Kathy Buck, President of
Wrote about Jabari Parker, who is lately looking a whole lot like the player the Bucks thought he'd be:
Definitely looking forward to next season...
The Greek Freak isn't the only Buck flashing superstar potential
True or false: . If Jerryd Bayless wasn't represented by Jeff Schwartz, he would not be a Milwaukee Buck.
Rank the following as to who was the worst Milwaukee Buck: Caron Butler, Stephen Jackson, Gary Neal, and Larry Sanders.
Parades, festivities and grateful crowds mark Fourth of July: Bango, the Milwaukee Buck...
how many feelings are the Milwaukee Buck going to hurt next season?
Milwaukee will miss you. Thank you for everything this past year and you will always be a buck to me! We know it's a biz
Greg Monroe believes he has a better chance to win as a Milwaukee Buck than going to the Lakers or Knicks. That's very telling.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Man I wish was still a Milwaukee Buck I thought he was a great fit in the bucks line up. Best of luck to you!
Loved you as a Buck. Milwaukee will miss you. Best of luck in DC!
The Milwaukee Buck are gonna nice next year...
gonna miss having you in Milwaukee! Thanks for everything you brought to the Buck's culture and nurturing our young bucks.
as a Milwaukee Buck$ fan a JKid fan I appreciate you. U changed the free agent game
Duds will be missed in Milwaukee. He helped teach the young players, and enjoyed being a Buck. Awesome guy.
NEW BUCK!. Greg Monroe has agreed to sign a maximum contract with the Milwaukee Bucks worth $50 mill…
how did ray Allen become a Milwaukee Buck the same year he was traded by the Timberwolves.. What did the trade entail
And now Monroe's a Buck. How about that pickup for J-Kidd & Milwaukee?
Greg Monroe Signs Max Deal with Milwaukee Bucks - The Knicks lost another free agent target, this time to the Buck...
Jason Kidd is gonna be a problem for awhile, Greg Monroe said Milwaukee is it, watch all the Buck's fans show up😒
Dwade was a Marquette golden eagle it's a possibly to end up a Milwaukee buck
Milwaukee, you look beautiful today.
you're telling me that the NY & LAL are so bad now that someone would rather play in Milwaukee lol? At least the Buck have a potential
You are right man. After all the suffering, all the bad luck (TJ Ford,Bogut, Redd) HOPE IS BACK IN MILWAUKEE!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Never having lived in Milwaukee before now, I couldn't say much about the Buck's history, but they're darn sure trying to win now.
Yahoo Sources: Free agent Greg Monroe agrees to three-year, $50M deal with the Milwaukee Bucks.
LOL Greg Monroe is going to Milwaukee. The Moose becomes a Buck
Not a great look for the Lakers or Knicks that Greg Monroe chose the Bucks over both. Milwaukee over LA and NYC?! The Fonz is…
Wow, Greg Monroe is a Milwaukee Buck. Pried away from the Knicks. This is clearly the end of NYC as a free agent destination.
Greg Monroe is a Buck!!! Signed a three year max deal. So happy right now!!!
. and right now Greg Monroe is a Milwaukee Buck
change your bio to Milwaukee Bucks moose turns to buck
Seems like is the new Milwaukee Buck. Wow.
WELCOME TO MILWAUKEE Welcome to the future. Can we give our newest Buck a welcome to Milwaukee Bucks fam?
"The Moose" is reportedly a Milwaukee Buck now.
Greg Monroe will sign a max contract with the Milwaukee Bucks. He is now a Buck!
I would be ecstatic if by the end of the day Greg Monroe is a Milwaukee Buck.
So when is Milwaukee gonna start a WNBA team called the Buck-ettes?
When I wake up tomorrow morning, Greg Monroe better be a Milwaukee Buck.
Behind the scenes of the Bradley Center: MILWAUKEE -- No matter how many Milwaukee Buck...
May 3, 2013 Dear Mr. Lillard We don't know what to say, except "thank you, thank you, thank you". You concluded an epic game and an epic series against the Rockets. Deep down, none of us, and I am sure none of you on the team, wanted to go to Houston to try to win a Game 7. Because of you, no longer do we have the longest playoff series victory drought in the NBA. Face it: It was embarrassing for all of us to know that the Charlotte Bobcats, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Minnesota Timberwolves had a shorter playoff victory drought than our proud team. Now we can sit back and watch the Mavs and Spurs beat each other up in Game 7, watch the Spurs win, and ultimately our quickness and youth can send the old, tired Spurs back home for the season where 2/3 of their players can begin planning their retirement. Thank you again, Mr. Lillard for an epic night last night. Sincerely, Blazer Fans
Milwaukee Bucks Forward Giannis Antetokounmpo took a break from basketball and showed off his soccer skills as his family took in their FIRST Milwaukee ...
Join us for a nice Italian Dinner, Bake Sale, and Silent Auction on Sunday, May 4, 2014. The Bake Sale and Silent Auction will start on Sunday morning after worship. Dinner will be served from 5 pm to 7 pm with the Silent Auction closing at 7:15 pm. A free will offering will be accepted for dinner. All proceeds will support the 2014 High School Mission Trip to MN. This event takes place at First Lutheran Church 1005 Oxford Avenue We have Milwaukee Brewers tickets, Milwaukee Bucks tickets, motel stay, massages and many more items for everyone!! Come out and enjoy a nice evening!!
"So where are you from, you have an accent?" "Umm Milwaukee it may be my speech impediment" Going to ***
dose Milwaukee Bucks have any good players
The Milwaukee Bucks better have an outstanding team next year for giving up Ellis
A tidbit. I just got a sandwich and I got it without something. I don't like mayo; mayonnaise. There's something else that I don't like that the winning team won't be needing in 4 days. Trojans - rubbers. - O. J. Mayo Basketball player Ovinton J'Anthony "O. J." Mayo is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. He attended college at University of Southern California (USC) and played one season of college basketball for the USC Trojans while earning first-team All-Pac-10 honors. Born: November 5, 1987 (age 26), Huntington, Wets *** Weight: 209 lbs (95 kg) Current team: Milwaukee Bucks (/ Shooting guard) Salary: 5.633 million USD (2012) Siblings: Todd Mayo, Tanner Mayo, Corey Mayo, Jeremiah Mayo Education: Huntington High School, University of Southern California Mayo was considered by several media outlets to be the best high school basketball player in the United States. He attended college at University of Southe ...
We'd like to thank the Milwaukee Bucks for the donation of two tickets to a 2014-2015 game (based upon availability) for our Silent Auction.
The sale of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team will provide a high-profile taxing and leadership test for Gov. Scott Walker.
The Interview: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an NBA legend who played center for the L.A. Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks and holds the title of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. In 2000, he coached the Cl
I just read something interesting about Donald Sterling who was born Donald Steinz but like many Jews in the public eye he changed his last name perhaps to hide the fact that he was a Jew. He also helped Jerry Buss purchase the Los Angeles Lakers by loaning him millions. Jerry was also Jewish and two years later encouraged Donald to buy the San Diego Clippers (Blacks need to learn how to lift each other up into wealth). Well the Clippers struggled for many years in San Diego and talked to his Jewish friend to let him move his Clippers team into the stadium of the Lakers!!! let that just sink in for a *** minute. You have the biggest and best NBA team allowing a competitor to move into your home arena! *** Sterling never got approval for moving the team from San Diego so the NBA fined him and he easily paid that fine. But more shocking to me in my research was to discover that the Jews own so many NBA teams and likely many other sports franchises. I don't want to give the impression that I am an an ...
Dear L.A. Laker owners (Buss family) why do you embarrass your organization by saying "you want to make a splash." Colleges make splashes. Coach K to Wisconsin would be a splash. Phil Jackson coach the Milwaukee Bucks is a splash. Just go after who you want and get them. In case you forgot I'll remind you. You are the L.A. Lakers!
Charles Barkley says if Donald Sterling own the Clippers next year, NO basketball will be played in the NBA. The last in the league Milwaukee Bucks said *** we weren’t really playing this year!”
Applying to a job working for the Milwaukee Bucks.
I don't think Donald Sterling's punishment went far enough. He should be forced to buy the Milwaukee Bucks.
The Miami HEAT swept their first-round playoff series with the Charlotte Bobcats Monday night, making them the only team to do so this postseason. It was Miami’s second first-round sweep in a row after doing so against the Milwaukee Bucks in last year’s playoffs..
After suffering through the worst season in franchise history, the Milwaukee Bucks have plenty of issues that need to be addressed during the offseason...
buck. I got tix for lacuna coil in Milwaukee too ;)
What's it like being a Laker?!?!?!?!? No one ever says 'I hate the Milwaukee Bucks!'. Gotta win to be envied!
J.J. redick maybe a suitable replacement for Ray when he retires.But Bradley Beal is more like a "young" Ray (Milwaukee Bucks)
While the Philadelphia 76ers got all of the press this year with their record-tying 26-game losing streak, the Milwaukee Bucks quietly ended up blowing out the competition for worst team in the NBA finishing 15-67, fully 4 games worse than the hapless 76ers.
So many ex Milwaukee buck players in the playoffs. Talk about deer in headlights
With the 1st pick in the 2014 nba draft, the Milwaukee Bucks select.Johny Basketball(pg/texas A&M)
She's not just a milwaukee girl tryna make a buck she's going to school for esthetics. Dm me if u or anyone else wants details
The NBA is dead y'all just seeing rigormortis.So Herb Kohl (Milwaukee Bucks) sells his team less than a month, then this cry for another wealthy man to sell his team. Nobody sells things that appreciate in value when money is not a personal issue. How many tickets have your local charity been having to give out? What I am saying is that the people who support the NBA are either really rich or super poor. The average working person does not follow the NBA or support it financially. So all the imaginary money the NBA has is in decline ex. traditional boxing. All these overtime games and staged hype is all coincidence.yeah OK .come let me sell you a bridge to nowhere
NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rips BOTH SIDES in Donald Sterling ‘Scandal’ by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports The NBA players, media, and grievance mongers such as Al Sharpton are up in arms over vile L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks. But NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar today said a pox on both your houses – calling out the hypocrisy behind the whole affair and presenting by far the most rounded – and surprisingly libertarian — view thus far. Abdul-Jabbar, in an op-ed piece in TIME attacked the collective outrage emanating from America’s media over Sterling’s aremarks to his girlfriend, calling the publication of a private conversation “sleazy” and wondering why earlier, more public manifestations of racism failed to shock those such as Al Sharpton, and the NAACP. Abdul-Jabbar explains that we’re witnessing a veritable “finger-wagging Olympics . . . all over the latest in a long line of rich white celebrities to come out of the racist closet.” “Ye ...
we think you're very reliable in Milwaukee. Want to be a buck?
you look like hella Milwaukee Buck games together look like hella Thabo Sefolosha jump shots
Caron butler had a legendary career as a Milwaukee buck
“Lol u still is fam” nonsense I'm a boon koon Milwaukee Buck
got the trap going nuts keep tellin me it's just us.. Imobmg
The basketball scenes are still more watchable than a Milwaukee Buck's game.
Milwaukee Brewers Carlos Gomez is a top man and has now got a fan for life this Brewers fan might never be the same
35 years ago Oscar Robertson became the FIRST Milwaukee Buck to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame
Mo Williams: Cold blooded since his days as a Milwaukee Buck
The former Milwaukee Buck is coming up big in the clutch!
Milwaukee buck fans stink like cheap beer n stale hotdogs. Not to me to the whole state of Wisconsin ***
I'd take the stairs before I wait on the elevator any day
Steph Curry was almost a Milwaukee Buck a couple years back
I find it hilarious that the day the Milwaukee Buck are finally sold, the old owner Herb Kohl donates $100 million towards a new Arena and the new owners promise another $100 million ($200 million) towards a new arena there is no coverage of it..To have the ownership offer 50% of the cost of building it is amazing. The sad thing about it is that they could spend a billion on a new arena and no good ball players will want to come to Milwaukee. Unfortunate.
Let's take a look back at Gary Neal's top 5 "best" moments as a Milwaukee Buck, in chronological order.
Charles Manson Carlos Delfino on the mend for banged-up Milwaukee Buck. Watch Hot Girls at
Next year at this time, Jabari Parker will be a Milwaukee Buck!
Am I wrong for hopin the Milwaukee Buck would lose all there games to better there chances to get Jabari Parker or Wiggins in the draft next year..smh
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Van Damme! Takes bto do that! Several sports b'days today, so it seems fitting that Sunday's final shout goes out to a man whom, when people ask who's my favorite non-Celtic, I drop his name. The only NBA player to ever average a triple-double for an entire season (try wrapping your brain around that), former Cincinnati Royal & Milwaukee Buck great, who won a title with a young Lew Alcindor... Oscar Robertson! Big 75th HBD to The Big O !
OJ Mayo is a Milwaukee Buck. A good sign for the Bucks? New coach, young talented players and Ersan the crazy Turk.
Ok ... To the Lebron Hateraid. I need to put this to rest and move onto football. I never compared Lebron to Jordan. The media did. Lets table that conversation until he retires. A ton could happen in the next 10 years. Remember Bo Jackson? To the "sports" fans who hate him because he flops... Come on. A ton of players do and some who say that are big soccer fans. Really... Enough said. To those who say he is whinny ... I will just mention Mr. Laguna Beach himself Jay Cutler. Enough said. You are judging him on his character. Kobe and Jordan if I recall had big off the court character issues. He is a unbelievable athlete. He is built like Karl Malone and he guards the other teams point guard. So hate him because he is great and not on your team and leave it at that because if he was a Milwaukee Buck or Chicago Bull you would love him like a son. Period!!!
A head coach twice in his career only after taking over for Scott Skiles a third of the way through two different seasons, Milwaukee Buck..
Kobe and Magic are the only Lakers who were Lakers their entire careers. Lou Alcindor aka Kareem Abdul Jabar was a Milwaukee Buck first
Marvet Britto Secures Sexual Services for Clients! Bodies 4 Bucks. PITCH BLAK Exclusive - Marvet Britto may rely on the world’s oldest profession to keep some of those whom she represents happy campers. According to our mole, the leading Hollywood publicist did just that for NBA point guard Brandon Jennings. We’re told just before Christmas 2011, Britto hired 20-escorts to service the 23-year-old Milwaukee Buck – and about half of his teammates. Britto’s retained prostitutes were in addition to the handbag of holiday gifts she offered up after the 2011 Milwaukee Bucks game against the New Jersey Nets. That’s why sources say Milwaukee Bucks power forward Drew Gooden believes Britto “is the best agent ever”. Here’s the drop: “Last year Marvet and Brandon Jennings had dinner in NYC after his game with the Nets. After dinner Brandon went to meet his teammates at a club’s parking lot on 7th Ave – on the west side. Marvet had escorts booked for half of the Milwaukee Bucks – when the gir ...
Going to my first Milwaukee Buck's Game tonight with Luke Kirsling :) Go Bucks Go!!!
I am a Milwaukee Buck fan from the Oscar Robinson/ Lew Alcindor days, only reason I don't mine them losing is to see Scott Skiles get FIRED!
/ An old school Milwaukee Buck in the wild
Ersan "insert difficult name to spell" up & coming player to remain a Milwaukee Buck. must be stoked.
Sorry to here of the passing of former Milwaukee Buck and NBA center Pat Cummings. Got to meet him when he briefly played for the Rapid City Thrillers of the old CBA when he was trying to make it back to the NBA. Nice guy...
where was Stephen Jackson when he was a Milwaukee Buck??
Just saw a great JDRF commercial featuring Celtics shooting guard and former Milwaukee Buck, Ray Allen...and his young son, Walker, who has type 1 diabetes...can happen to any child. I appreciate his support and dedication to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation...:)
Huge congratulations to Daniel Gadzuric on signing with the New York Knicks! It's great to see my favorite former Milwaukee Buck back in the NBA. Time to break out the old Gadzuric jersey shirt. Good luck to you Dan in the Playoffs!
Video: A look back at Andrew Bogut's highlights as a Milwaukee Buck | NBA Down Under
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Going to a Milwaukee Buck's game tonight :)
New Celtics experience 'Gino' for the first time: Closing in on a 31-point victory over the Milwaukee Buck...
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