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Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Anthony Ventimiglia (born July 8, 1977) is an American actor best known for his role as Peter Petrelli on the NBC television series Heroes.

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'This Is Us': Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore say it's 'not fun' Playing Jack and Rebecca's 'worst scenario'
mostly just Milo Ventimiglia is goals in general.
Milo Ventimiglia has a message for Gilmore Girls fans who want yet another season
when will you be releasing Milo Ventimiglia's interview?
I want to have hair like Milo Ventimiglia
We had to see Dennis Franz's butt on NYPD Blue in order to get to Milo Ventimiglia's butt on This is Is and the journey was worth it.
Don't get me wrong, I love looking at Milo Ventimiglia, but the show is called Gilmore Girls not Mariano Men
Gilmore Girls' Milo Ventimiglia: Audiences Shouldn’t Get So Greedy. Oh yes. We are greedy & we want more!
Milo Ventimiglia. Formerly Jess on Gilmore Girls, currently on This is Us.
Milo Ventimiglia just ruined your dreams of another revival
Milo Ventimiglia's crooked smile makes me believe in miracles
Nicholas Reilly. . What you'd get if Brandon Routh and Milo Ventimiglia made a baby.
How Does Milo V feel about Rory's baby? More importantly, does he model his beard after Commander Riker? One of...
Laughing at the guy getting his hair cut next to me telling his stylist Milo Ventimiglia was on Gilmore Girls bc his wife schooled him.
i just want to touch Milo Ventimiglia. Just like one time
Milo Ventimiglia on more 'Audiences shouldn’t get so greedy'
Little Giant Ladders
So I started and wow how friggin hot is Milo Ventimiglia?
Are you watching each week? Finally see the . Mandy Moore Previews Wedding to Milo Ventimiglia
If you're hooked on This Is Us..don't miss the wedding! ->
Wedding bells are ringing on Get a first look at Jack & Rebecca's big day
Milo Ventimiglia reveals why there SHOULDN'T be more episodes
Wedding Bells Are Ringing on This Is Us! Get a First Look at Jack and Rebecca’s Big Day
Milo Ventimiglia, Ryan Gosling, Joel Edgerton and Rami Malek 😍😍 so much yes for those guys
Mandy Moore learned about her This Is Us Golden Globe nod from Milo Ventimiglia & it's the cutest thing ever:
You know yr a true Gilmore Girls fan if you've been able to spell Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki & Matt Czuchry w/o googling…
Milo Ventimiglia interrupted Jared Padalecki's interview with a kiss—and it was adorable! 😍 🙌…
I've cried as much during Gilmore Girls as my husband does during This is Us. Maybe we just share a weakness for Milo Ventimiglia.
I've started watching Gilmore Girls again. whenever Milo Ventimiglia appears I want to strangle a puppy
“they [rory and jess] loved each other, they totally loved each other.”- Milo Ventimiglia.
on how Jess and Luke's dynamic has changed via
.and discuss how Jess and Luke's dynamic has changed on
Milo ventimiglia is the hottest white man hands Down
How Jess and Luke's relationship has changed in the revival
Or maybe I just need a shirt that says: Looking for a Milo Ventimiglia.
I love Milo Ventimiglia, but it's messed up to feature a dude who was only in a couple seasons instead of the TWO FEMALE LEADS
I never liked Milo Ventimiglia when he was on GG or Heroes, but I'm loving him on This Is Us. Jack is such a flawed, but decent, man.
The dad with all the right responses. LOVE Milo Ventimiglia!
Stills of Milo Ventimiglia as 'Jack Pearson' in 1x09 "The Trip"
Milo Ventimiglia on Mandy Moore's instagram: ".there's no one i'd rather be stuck with in a car without air-con…
I just voted for Milo Ventimiglia to win Favorite Actor in a New TV Series Cast your vote:
where can I watch it? This the one with Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia?
"Rory and Jess saw each other for what they were." cast, creator on Jess' s6 return
Let me bless your day with Milo Ventimiglia
can we just talk about the fact that you remind me so much of young Milo Ventimiglia ??
Between This Is Us and Gilmore Girls, this is a great week to be a Milo Ventimiglia fan.
I liked a video Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia Rap the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song | Glamour
.and talk Jess' season 6 return on ☕️
This Is Us was in the (Neue)House tonight. Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K Brown and Mandy Moore.…
// I can't wait... Justin Hartley, and Milo Ventimiglia.. it looks -so- good!
this would be cool. I would love Richard Madden (Robb Stark). There's a rumour that Milo Ventimiglia was approached for a role.
"Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia dated IRL, even after their on-screen characters broke up." - EVEN AFTER? Whaat?
'This Is Us' creator jokes viewers will see more of Milo Ventimiglia's butt
Oh my GOD milo ventimiglia is SOO HOT
📢 Remember to take part to these two projects for Mandy Moore & Milo Ventimiglia - panel at https…
I've forgotten how much I liked Milo Ventimiglia 😮 ... until Heroes came out, that is.
Milo Ventimiglia is going to be FORTY next year.
I love that I only have to type the letter "t" into my browser search bar to get to the Milo Ventimiglia tag on tumblr.
milo ventimiglia is listed as a guest star I'm emotional
Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia had to bare all for their upcoming NBC drama “This Is Us.”
Also, Milo Ventimiglia gets instant onscreen picture credit. Jared didn't even get that!
I just try not to subscribe to the ways of celebrity. I'm not a celebrity, I'm a working a
Meeting Milo Ventimiglia now becomes one of my life goals
cursed is such an underrated werewolf film of the 2000s i rate it 11/10 cuz Milo Ventimiglia
Also weird coincidence from what I've seen Milo Ventimiglia & Matt Czuchry seem alright people but Jared Padalecki seems awful
Milo Ventimiglia is proud of his manhood, and we're really happy for him.
Milo Ventimiglia on that nude scene in the 'This Is Us' trailer:
Just a post about Milo Ventimiglia talking about his nether region.
.star Milo Ventimiglia says fans will be "very satisfied" with
Heroes season 2 opens with shirtless Milo Ventimiglia. This is okay.
I'm falling in love with Milo Ventimiglia all over again 😭💗
2002 milo ventimiglia is so GD hot that it is a crime against nature
or Milo Ventimiglia... either one is fine by me
OMG! Milo Ventimiglia and now Seth from the OC?!?!?!
Milo Ventimiglia Shows Off His Butt in "This Is Us" | E! Live from the R... via
Miguel Angel Silvestre and Milo Ventimiglia. I'd say Jared Padalecki too but the man's married lmao
Remember that trailer? was as surprise as us to see his butt! Read about it here:
Get 6 Free VitaTops
What if these NBC stars auditioned for ‘The Voice’? – Zap2It see more
Milo Ventimiglia - I'm tough on the outside and...: via
I can't tell if Milo Ventimiglia is going to be at the SJ event, but I'd go just to say I've seen him with my own two eyeballs
Sometimes I wonder if anything can be sexier than Milo Ventimiglia's crooked grin. 😏
Milo Ventimiglia in the second season of Heroes 😍
What song would Milo Ventimiglia Mandy Moore & Jesse Spencer sing for
Spare a thought for Milo Ventimiglia, my cousin Milo, and the protagonist of The Phantom Tollbooth, who are all perfectly decent Milos.
Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia dated for 3 1/2 YEARS!That's just perf
Hear what has to say about Jess in the reboot:
We've got some good news and bad news about Jess in the Gilmore Girls revival:
It doesn’t sound like Milo Ventimiglia has good “Gilmore Girls” news for team Jess fans
Warning to all those fans on Team Jess: Milo Ventimiglia dropped some scoop https…
Milo Ventimiglia teases return and shares some news about Rory and Jess:
Milo Ventimiglia teases his return. Is there hope for Jess and Rory?
Looks like has overtaken his Google arch nemesis milo ventimiglia as Googles Milo.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Is Jess still the badboy in Stars Hollow??
Milo Ventimiglia dropped some new details about Gilmore Girls' return:
Milo Ventimiglia teases his return and it's not looking good for Rory & Jess:
Jess is back! Milo Ventimiglia set to appear in Gilmore Girls revival as Rory's bad boy ex:
Jess and Rory forever! Milo Ventimiglia is on board for the Gilmore Girls reunion
Today I saw Greg Grunberg in TFA and Milo Ventimiglia in Gotham. Heroes cast, y u do?
Another tick in the Milo Ventimiglia 'random roles no one knew about' category. 'Kiss of the Damned', vampire film.
Maybe I'm only watching this movie because Milo Ventimiglia and Josh Jackson are in it. (cc:
vv sad hottie Milo Ventimiglia turned out to be a serial killer on Gotham.
No, YOU'RE checking every hour to see whether Jared Padalecki and/or Milo Ventimiglia have signed onto the Gilmore Girls reboot...
is it truly a Gilmore Girls marathon if you purposely skip all the episodes without Milo Ventimiglia
they left out how goddang hot Milo Ventimiglia was in Mob City tho. otherwise, dead on
This Scott Adkins person looks like a morph of Milo Ventimiglia and Ben Affleck
the day adds Milo Ventimiglia as demon Velial is the day when I'll believe in some higher power
Helpful to this theory: Milo Ventimiglia - not that busy right now!
Milo Ventimiglia is over here being a creepy serial killer in Gotham, and I'm like, This is the role he was born to play.
If Milo Ventimiglia shows up on the Gilmore Girls revival, but not the Heroes one...I'm gonna be very upset
Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia better be in the upcoming revival of Gilmore Girls 😭😭😭😭
Can we please, please have a happy ending for Rory? And w that i mean Milo Ventimiglia as Jess.
No, ~you're stalking Milo Ventimiglia's IMDB page hoping to see Gilmore Girls pop up on his upcoming projects page.
i can add more to my thesis about milo ventimiglia being the Bad Boy in early 00's show... while also apparently always getting the girl?!?
[smooching my cardboard cutout Milo Ventimiglia] sorry what now
If Milo Ventimiglia is not involved with the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, I will be inconsolable
But I know how Milo Ventimiglia feels about these recurring characters. :(
There is no flaw to Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie. Empowering + good crying song + tattooed Milo Ventimiglia. Nothing can top it.
*prays that Milo Ventimiglia is too busy for the Gilmore Girls revival show*
Everything Milo Ventimiglia has ever done is coming back.
Of course I was watching "Gilmore Girls" when I read Netflix is reviving it! Something to ask Milo Ventimiglia about Sunday at
Imagine if milo ventimiglia signs on and literati is endgame.
Please please let Milo Ventimiglia return as Jess. :)
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Alright who's gonna help me find and kidnap Milo Ventimiglia
Ok as long as I get Milo Ventimiglia's brow sweat
I'm only watching if they get Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia to come back for some sort of oiled wrestling match.
Ah. Milo Ventimiglia definitely needed work, right? I haven't seen him in anything since Heroes.
Apparently there's no season 2 of so Milo Ventimiglia is free. Just saying.
Speaking of Gilmore Girls, remember when Milo Ventimiglia was in Fergie's video??
but are Melissa McCarthy and Milo Ventimiglia returning
'Considering Jared Padalecki, Matt Czuchry & Milo Ventimiglia are all busy with other gigs we may not get to see any of Rory's former beaus'
"negotiations with the cast are only now beginning" GET. MILO. VENTIMIGLIA. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.
Better have Milo Ventimiglia or I'm not interested.
important question that still needs to be answered: where is Milo Ventimiglia in all of this?
Milo Ventimiglia, I lust for you in the sweetest of ways
ok so according to milo ventimiglia is dorian-ish in gg . HOPE SO
Any last minute questions for Michael Rooker, Milo Ventimiglia and Sean Patrick Flannery send them my way. I'm...
How was Peter in the end? As a new Gilmore Girls fan, I have a vested interest in seeing Milo Ventimiglia do well.
Will Burt Young and/or Milo Ventimiglia going to be on Creed?
Amy Sherman-Palladino just thought Milo Ventimiglia was "adorable" & signed him to the show before coming up with the role…
and Milo Ventimiglia team up for new movie Devil's Gate htt…
Yo, but Milo Ventimiglia on Gotham though... Hoo boy.
Awkwardly attracted to Milo Ventimiglia in right now
*** you Milo Ventimiglia for turning me on and making me feel so shameful for it.
so Gotham has made me realize how handsome Milo Ventimiglia is
Will do! (Also our latest villain is serial killer Milo Ventimiglia...not too shabby ;)
Take a sneak peek at tonight's Gotham. It will help you arm yourself.
omg milo ventimiglia is in this episode of Gotham 😧😍😍 HES SO SEXY
So next week is the start of The Ogre saga played by Milo Ventimiglia hope I spelled his name right!!!
Warning this exclusive sneak peek From People magazine will really freak you out
Benjamin McKenzie and Milo Ventimiglia on my screen at the same time, my teenage self is thrilled.
Warning this exclusive sneak peek will really freak you out
Are you aware that Milo Ventimiglia will be in Minneapolis for Wizard World Comic Con May 1-3? You know what you need to do.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I added a video to a playlist Milo Ventimiglia & Alexis Bledel / Lovestory
I totally forgot Milo Ventimiglia was a person. I haven't seen him in anything in nine million years.
FIRST LOOK at MILO VENTIMIGLIA on the set of 'GOTHAM' as Jason Lennon, aka “the Ogre".
First look at Milo Ventimiglia on the set of
hmm...well I've got Chris Evans and Milo Ventimiglia in my top three as well so I'll consider handing him over
//: I ship Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia so hard.
Nicky Whelan and Milo Ventimiglia are very talented, don't misunderstand
Gotham: ecco Milo Ventimiglia sul set! - via
Milo Ventimiglia's squint smile is the most adorable thing ever
Gotham: ecco Milo Ventimiglia sul set! -
Milo Ventimiglia is in this movie you don't understand how happy I am even if he dies right away
But on the other hand, shirtless Milo Ventimiglia was always crowd pleasing. Now I've made things weird. :P
I need someone with a milo ventimiglia FC because;
Heroes would never be the same without Milo Ventimiglia
I hope Milo Ventimiglia will be in it. he's always nice to look at lol
if they bring Milo Ventimiglia back I'll watch it. I'm in still crushing on him from Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry video.
Masi Oka and Milo Ventimiglia should rlly return
it was SO good in the first season but gradually got worse but u should STILL watch it. WATCH FOR MILO VENTIMIGLIA
it was awful. I only watched because I had a huge crush on milo ventimiglia
yeah but it is that exciting if Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimiglia aren't in it?!?!
ye gods HEROES is coming back. does this mean milo ventimiglia is going to be on my tv?!
milo ventimiglia is so important I don't care what you say
I'm watching Kiss of the Damned purely for Milo Ventimiglia
Almost forget how handsome Milo Ventimiglia is until i watch
i am so obsessed with 2001 Milo Ventimiglia right now.
Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia at The JVAFF - Lifetime Achievement Award to Stan Lee
Milo Ventimiglia is bloody stunning. Not so much when crying but when he is shirtless and being bad, fans self.
I found out Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia dated IRL and my fangirl heart just about gave out
Kinda wish WILD CARD was in black&white to punctuate its neo-noir stylings. Statham is great and whoa did Milo Ventimiglia hulk up.
i'm so in love with young milo ventimiglia I understand why rory eventually lets him ruin her relationship and her life
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
how old /was/ milo ventimiglia when he was in Gilmore Girls (AGAIN asking for a friend totally yep mmhm)
Just discovered Milo Ventimiglia was in one of Fergie's videos...
What's up with Milo Ventimiglia's lip? Did he have a stroke? Birth thing?
Milo Ventimiglia Interview for his German release of
If there is a CRANK 3 I would want Milo Ventimiglia be the villain considering how over the top he is in WILD CARD.
Ventimiglia Saw the trailer of I'm not a violent person but that Danny DeMarco needs to be tied up and spanked!
Great, now I'm not gonna get any sleep because I'm going to google pictures of Milo Ventimiglia and see how hot he is now. 😑😑😑
Why didn't anyone tell me about Milo Ventimiglia? I literally have no friends. They didn't tell me how freaking hot he was in 2005 ***
Watching Milo Ventimiglia in anything is really hard cause I'm just like "oh my god" every time he does like.literally anything.
tasm, the maine, all time low, milo ventimiglia and. uh. CANADA yes canada
Hayden Panettiere & Jack Coleman at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Presents An Evening with "Heroes" -
Milo Ventimiglia is both a blessing and a curse.
I can stare at Milo Ventimiglia for dayzzz 😍
go to the cinema Cinema City Sopron Hungary Wild Card movie Milo Ventimiglia yes!!!
I can't help it. I'm in love with Teenage Milo Ventimiglia. I'm also not going to help it, so that's there.
So we all know is just Milo Ventimiglia re-launching his career after NBC tried to have him killed in 2011, right?
Milo Ventimiglia is the only reason I watch Gilmore Girls
Watching Gilmore Girls again has brought back my crush on Milo Ventimiglia 😍
I don't know why I'm so attracted to Milo Ventimiglia but I'm not going to fight it
Milo Ventimiglia was dreamy when i was a kid and . o look at that ... still is now :-)
Milo Ventimiglia is such a beautiful mannn 😍
Milo Ventimiglia is one of my fav ppl
gosh, I would love to have that TV show with Milo Ventimiglia and Chris Evans on DVD.
I used to have the biggest crush on Milo Ventimiglia.
Milo Ventimiglia was invited by 13th Street for a fashion shoot for a German magazine.
I'm beyond excited of course. However, Zachary Quinto aka Sylar will not be returning and neither will Milo Ventimiglia ak…
Milo is out on a trial visit with a wonderful family. Pray all goes well for Milo Ventimiglia
Rory. Shut up. Jess Mariano is trying to kiss you. STOP TALKING THROUGH IT. (sorry, I have a Milo Ventimiglia problem)
What is Milo Ventimiglia up to? And is Dean just super tall or is Milo crazy short?
An amazon wishlist that's just coffee and Frye boots and Milo Ventimiglia circa 2003.
And then there was grown up Milo Ventimiglia on Heroes. 😍 I wonder what he's up to now.
Can we talk about young Milo Ventimiglia on Gilmore Girls for a sec? Like ***
"Milo Ventimiglia fix my phone!!" Still one of the funniest things came out with at LFCC. :P
At first I thought it was Milo Ventimiglia. Then I realized it was Wes Bentley as Edward Mordrake.
Every time we watch Jess aka Milo Ventimiglia we yell
Drooling over milo ventimiglia in Gilmore Girls
I think Milo Ventimiglia are long lost brothers
Holy balls, it's Jason Lee standing NEXT TO Milo Ventimiglia! I need this movie in my life!
I thought you were speaking of Milo Ventimiglia, my heart skipped several beats
scratch that. Milo Ventimiglia is perfection. Then and now
Milo ventimiglia is so hot but I think these pics are from 10 years ago
For my new dear crush Milo Ventimiglia I have started watching Gilmore Girls & Heroes. It is like learning Italian just because like Pizza.
She didn't even talk but yeah same, and it could've been a doppleganger but I swear I saw Milo Ventimiglia-
Milo Ventimiglia makes me want to cry
if I could kiss milo ventimiglia one time I would be happy for the rest of my life
I can't believe I forgot how devastatingly cute Milo Ventimiglia was holy crap
Milo Ventimiglia will forever be my
37 and Milo Ventimiglia is still a beaut
I can't believe I forgot how hot Milo Ventimiglia is. *swoon*
Am I the only one who thinks that Connor Walsh looks like Milo Ventimiglia ?
women can't resist Jess. He has this hold on them and can do no wrong. Oh, Milo Ventimiglia...
My mom said that since he has money the 17 year age difference between me and Milo Ventimiglia is totally fine.
Milo Ventimiglia is and will always be gorgeous. 😍
My new for this week is Milo Ventimiglia :D I am on cloud 9 :)
Can we just talk about how ridiculously gorgeous Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia are? Can you…
Milo Ventimiglia is still a hawty. Heroes has long ended? Who cares. A hawty is still a hawty.
Current anxiety: Why can't I get my hair to look like Milo Ventimiglia's?
Stars to watch vol1: Milo Ventimiglia hope you enjoy, take it easy on me I'm a virgin at this
Milo Ventimiglia is the same age as my mom...
Smile at me from only one corner of your mouth again Milo Ventimiglia oh my god
Buy Miche Bag Online!
And she gained Od points when she had milo ventimiglia in her video like HES FOREVER BAE
i cant decide whether Milo Ventimiglia is actually attractive or if just Jess is
Foto: berningers: milo ventimiglia, for hdle126. have a collage request? submit it here!
Chad Michael Murray, Jared Padalecki, Milo Ventimiglia and Matt that's impressive
i am now casually stalking Milo Ventimiglia... nbd.
Anyone named Milo shouldn't be higher than 2 feet & should walk on its hind legs. That's all. Unless he is Milo Ventimiglia.
I've found my ultimate young Sirius black Fancast - Milo Ventimiglia
Looking at pics of Chad Michael Murray, Jensen Ackles, Milo Ventimiglia, and Jared Padalecki, and comparing who's aged better.
Milo Ventimiglia is as close to perfect as one could be.
Alexis Bledel & Milo Ventimiglia had fire chemistry it's almost like they were DATING IRL
yup! thanks for the info :) . have you seen Pathology na ba? i remember our convo last time re: Milo Ventimiglia :)
Forever crushing on milo ventimiglia.
sister and I asked for "Milo Ventimiglia in a bubble bath" for christmas so our parents made us this
Heads up guys I'm on the episode of Gilmore Girls where Milo Ventimiglia enters the picture. My body is ready. I'm about to get real thirsty
Omg dude on the mindy project looks so much like Milo Ventimiglia 😍
Milo Ventimiglia just showed up in the credits for the first time and I swoned.
God I don't wanna be demanding, but can my husband be a mix of Collin Egglesfield and Milo Ventimiglia
so jack falahee is italian and so is milo ventimiglia. NO WONDER THEY'RE BOTH HOT AS ***
My favourite part about Heroes is when Milo Ventimiglia's mouth goes crooked
In honor of the Netflix debut of Gilmore Girls, the one we all know Rory ended up with. (Milo Ventimiglia)
I can't contain how much I fancy Milo Ventimiglia 😍😅
MILO VENTIMIGLIA. I need to read this asap
Milo Ventimiglia is also in this movie 😍
Hayden Panettiere isn't having a baby with Milo Ventimiglia and this is why I don't believe in love.
First on my list is Milo Ventimiglia, then Sebastian Stan
I wish be like you, even impossible I want it Petrelli Ventimiglia
can I play X-Men: Destiny just because milo ventimiglia is a voice in it or is that just a little too excessive...?
can I get a milo ventimiglia too plz&thanks
Oh Milo Ventimiglia what I'd like to do with you..
Remember the happy times with Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia on Those were great times. -
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Don't worry, there will be a season 4, Milo Ventimiglia announced it :). And I started "Sequestered" but it's not that good !
Watching heroes again. I am in love with milo ventimiglia.
There's a guy in one of my classes that looks like Milo Ventimiglia with Jean from attack on titan's hair colouring. Yo.
and he'd look like Milo Ventimiglia bc reasons
Milo Ventimiglia's career has gone downhill
I'll take one Milo Ventimiglia to go.
Three words for you folks: Milo Anthony Ventimiglia
Im so in love with u Milo Anthony Ventimiglia,
Milo Ventimiglia by for the September Issue. Styled by wearing
Photo: tehnakki: alexstone: ed-pool: Milo Ventimiglia hints at playing the Punisher? I don’t hate this. I...
Milo Ventimiglia would be perfect to play your part in a Sly biopic (with a work-out ;) Think about it, really. Best,Didier
I'm having flashbacks to my Milo Ventimiglia obsession.
i think i'm starting to have a crush on Milo Ventimiglia help
.was that Milo Ventimiglia as a random football player and if so, how have I never notice him before
"her passion,talent n beauty( r inspiring,how culd i not fall in luv wid her"- Milo Ventimiglia
Also! In replacement. I would like to add Milo Ventimiglia. GOOGLE. NOW PLEASE.
Growing up sometimes means NOT following Milo Ventimiglia on instagram, when your hi5 password used to be related to him.
Still getting over that time I met Milo Ventimiglia
At a glance, Meredith's icon looks like Milo Ventimiglia, though I know it isn't.
I almost forgot how good looking Milo Ventimiglia is 😍
( "How could I not fall in love with Priyanka Chopra" - Milo Ventimiglia ) Aww... So sweet. ♥
Breaking at the Edge will be released on dvd on Oct. 7,14 . Can't wait!
I have high hopes of Alex Turner and Alexa Chung getting back together like Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere will do.
loved Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes so much 😍😍
.is Milo Ventimiglia. Do you remember Jess from His stare and voice are perfect!
That's why I had to fire Milo Ventimiglia to make room for Miles. What's your Fasby fav movie to fall in love with him?
Did everyone know Jamie Chung, Milo Ventimiglia, and Scott Porter voiced the heroes in X-Men Destiny? Why did I not know that?
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