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Milo Hamilton

Leland Milo Hamilton (born September 2, 1927 in Fairfield, Iowa) is an American sportscaster, best known for calling play-by-play for seven different Major League Baseball teams since 1953. He received the Ford Frick Award from the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992.

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What is it with the right and their ridiculous cosplay? This "High School Production of Gone With The Wind" aesthet…
Mary Hamilton refused to answer a judge who would not address her with the same honorific as a white woman in 1963. Her defi…
David Justice gave me his bat before a game in 1990. -OR- I got Milo Hamilton’s autograph at a Magnovox promotion in 1973.
A3: Button was so excited to meet the stars of and - Hamilton, R…
A3 Yes I was last Spring at PugsTakeChicago! I got to meet so many of you famous pugs! Like Hamilton &Rufus and Vio…
Somewhere up in heaven right now Milo Hamilton is saying Holy Toledo and loving this parade!
Dont forget about Milo Hamilton and for that Matter Harry Kalas and Bob Prince!!!
9/23/1986: Audio: Jim Deshaies fires a 2-hitter to drop the magic number to 2. Milo Hamilton has the call:…
We lost a friend and cherished member of the family today. Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton has passed away at th…
Awesome. I fell in love with the Astros watching Jeff Bagwell and listening to Milo Hamilton. I could d…
Look at this cutie I met at Woofstock!! His name is Milo and he is the cutest…
.Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones - will Grab You by the Pu**y 😹😹😹
milo, 20, i cant pick just one, GOT/Parks n Rec/Community, my ultimate recs would be Les mis and hamilton, gavin_fo…
Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson before Skip and Pete arrived.
We're you in China or did you call it the old fashioned Milo Hamilton way via ticker-tape?
BEN, Alexander Hamilton, Richie Sambora, and Milo share everything they gathered before running.
Now if Verne could only remember the names of the players. Ole Milo Hamilton sounding Verne
10/7/2001: Jeff Bagwell adds to the lead against the Cardinals. Milo Hamilton has the call:…
10/7/2001: Audio: Milo Hamilton is at the mic as Richard Hidalgo homers in final reg. season game at STL…
Milo Hamilton's ghost is in that building tonight!
10/5/1986: Audio: Milo Hamilton has the call as Dave Smith locks up the 96th win of the season:…
Fairfield Iowa among other things is the hometown of one of the great announcers, Milo Hamilton.
Harry Carey was known more for STL than CHI. Cubs should have kept Milo Hamilton instead of that clown.
Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. Alex Hamilton.
Every time the have win I hear Milo Hamilton in my head screaming "ASTROS WIN ASTROS WIN ASTROS WIN" ❤️
8/22/1984: Audio: Bill Doran drives in two that put the Astros up on Chicago. Milo Hamilton mans the mic:
8/22/1984: Audio: Milo Hamilton has the call as José Cruz caps uprising with grand slam into Wrigley seats:
I hope Correa picks up some Roberto Clemente vibes for this series. Milo Hamilton as well. One of the best MLB parks.
Shades of Mid 70s growing up there... WSB with Milo Hamilton, Ernie Johnson and Pete Van Weiren
The Original Broadway Cast Recording has officially been Platinum certified.
As a native Houstonian I was saddened to hear of the great Milo Hamilton's passing today.
Best radio guy ChiSox ever had was Milo Hamilton -- for not long enough, back in the '60s.
I believe Milo Hamilton did pbp in more parks that any other.
Enjoy your broadcasts..Went to first game in 1953. Listened to Bob Elston and Milo Hamilton
Reminds me of sneaking a radio to bed so I could hear Milo Hamilton call Astros games after bed time.
As a kid listened to Harry Caray,Jack Buck,Milo Hamilton...all legendary...-all not as good as Scully: the GOAT
dedicate press box at Minute Maid Park to the late Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton
Chilling, as always. Scully's call, Milo Hamilton's and Curt Gowdy's on NBC ... all wonderful in their own way.
Yogi Berra, Monte Irvin, Milo Hamilton, Dave Henderson, Joaquin Andujar, Frank Malzone... the next In Memoriam video will be tough
Diamondbacks played a montage in memory of those who had died this year had ended it with Milo Hamilton. Nice touch.
Nice shot of Hall of Famers Nolan Ryan and Craig Biggio chatting with the late Milo Hamilton's son, Mark.
Astros President Reid Ryan and HOF Craig Biggio share memories of the late Milo Hamilton.
8/2/92 Astros announcer Milo Hamilton receives the Ford C. Frick Award at the Baseball HOF induction ceremony.
“Baseball is a radio game. Radio is an imagination game. I love radio and I love painting a picture.” - Milo Hamilton
Former and announcer Milo Hamilton, famous for his call of Hank Aaron's 715th Home Run died yesterday at 88.
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Frick Award winner Milo Hamilton:
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Milo Hamilton, he of the "there's a new home run champion of all-time" call has died at 88. RIP Milo.
Milo Hamilton had one of the greatest calls ever: "it's gone, it's 715. There's a new home run champion of all time, and …
When was catcher, I heard Milo Hamilton at night way up here in South Dakota on 1200 AM WOAI San Antonio. !
Pregame moment of silence in memory of broadcaster Milo Hamilton at Globe Life Park in Arlington.
Former Pirates broadcaster Milo Hamilton dies at 88 via
RIP to former broadcaster Milo Hamilton--on my my Mt. Rushmore of sports broadcasters with Myron Cope, Bob Prince & Bill Hillgrove
LOL leading off the show with a recap of South Park and a tribute to the late grate Milo Hamilton.
“Milo and I were friends for many years," Hall of Famer Hank Aaron said of Milo Hamilton.
Former Pirates broadcaster Milo Hamilton dies at 88 -
longtime and Hall of Fame radio announcer Milo Hamilton passes away
Milo Hamilton, while broadcasting for the Braves, made the call on Hank Aaron's historic 715th homer at Fulton County Stadium.
Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton, who called MLB games for 60 years, dies at 88.
I grew up across the South listening to Milo Hamilton calling Braves games at night. He was a member of the family.
Astros' Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton died this morning. (Probably from watching this Rangers series) R.I.P.
Former Pirates announcer Milo Hamilton, a Hall of Famer but a man who was wrong to replace Bob Prince, died today.
Former Pirates broadcaster Milo Hamilton has passed away. He also worked for the Astros, Cubs and Braves.
have been fortunate to have Frick Award winners Gene Elston, Milo Hamilton & Harry Kalas call their games.
There's a big birthday card for Milo Hamilton circulating around the Astros clubhouse. His birthday is Sept. 2
Biggio ends speech by wishing retiring athletic trainer Rex Jones well, and mentions a call he received from Milo Hamilton's son, Mark.
Milo Hamilton didn't saw that's a "thing" with alot of us Astro Fanatics.. Hot as *** We're used to it!
I thought Milo Hamilton said "Howboutcha!" That's some Houston twang in there. I've been there and it is hot as ***
Milo Hamilton sitting somewhere wondering how he could make this night all about him if he was still broadcasting.
and he gave his last Holy Toledo at an ASTROS game... Holy Toledo!!! WE still Love you MILO HAMILTON! God bless you
Concur sir.. We've parlez about this before sorry spoke of this before... But Milo Hamilton was the Voice of the ASTROS for 28 YEARS
LOL I already told you Milo Hamilton is Still ALive and Well. God bless him we just miss him DEARLY ... Holy Toledo!
Product Owners never argue with Milo Hamilton after he demonstrates the DropKick feature.
I want to do with my life. Ever since I met Milo Hamilton when I was 12. Help make my dream become a reality! Anything you
He's not dead. He retired. MILO Hamilton is alive and well.
Yes this too is a Fact but how did Milo Hamilton end his career? 28 as the Voice 4 the Holy Toledo & we Miss Him dearly!
Milo Hamilton was a White Sox announcer a long time ago!
Milo Hamilton used "OFF" when relating the story. Could be like kleenex which could mean any brand.
Kevin Siegrist just made Billy Hamilton look like Milo Hamilton at the plate.
Lunch in Houston with hall of fame baseball broadcaster Milo Hamilton.
They're always doing something cool at John Eagle Honda of Houston. Milo Hamilton is such a great guy, he...
You know you're a baseball fan when whenever the time is 7:15, you think of Milo Hamilton's Hank Aaron home run call.
Faces in the crowd at Biggio press conference: Larry Dierker, Jimmy Wynn, Milo Hamilton, Bill Brown, Jeff Luhnow, A.J. Hinch
Tal Smith is here at Biggio press conference. Milo Hamilton, AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow, too.
"He IS a game wrecker, as Coach Pagano would say." -Pep Hamilton on . VIDEO:
I'm buying a Milo Hamilton book and bobblehead.
Milo Hamilton threw peanuts out to the seats from his radio booth. I caught them multiple times.
Today on the AskMiloBlueCat Blog - Free Coloring Page: Milo & Hamilton Celebrate Halloween 2014 -
after the Harold Reynolds fiasco anything would do, even old Milo Hamilton
10/7/2001: Milo Hamilton has the call as the Billy Wagner gets the last out to clinch the NL Central:
1974- 715 Homerun of Henry Aaron Call by Milo Hamilton. "I knew that I wanted the home run to make call, not me."
Milo Hamilton and Harry Carey doing the Cubs, Skip Carey, Ernie Johnson and Pete Van Wieren doing the Braves...
The radio broadcast of the game when Hank Aaron broke Ruth's HR record - w/ Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson -
I ain't gonna lie I couldn't stand Jim Deshaies when he was the Asstros pbp guy, he was such a homer. Milo Hamilton was a *** too
Martin Hamilton-Smith the first to jump the sinking ship. More to come.
same here. Harry, Vin, Whitey, Harwell, Jack Buck and Milo Hamilton are the greatest.
My life is being dismantled. This one guy thinks that Milo Hamilton wasn't good. And another guy said radio broadcasting was a petty topic.
It needs to be documented that just said that Milo Hamilton was not a good broadcaster.
Similar for me when I watch Hank Aaron's 715th home run and Milo Hamilton is calling it.
when Homer gains weight to go on disability. Or the Gummie de Milo episode.
My Good Friend Milo Hamilton invited me to Join him at leukemia Man of the year Gala. Please help get him nominated
Milo, Hamilton and all the other cartoon characters I've created love you too. Is there anything we can do to help you?
Baseball: Milo Hamilton was a legend behind the microphone - Hamilton's most famous call was Henry Aaron's 715th...
Milo Hamilton, 1975: "This is a major league city???", in reference to the dozens of fans in Fulton County Stadium.
Jose Veras and Darwin Barney for Milo Hamilton's next BM, who hangs up first?
The Houston Astros have rebranded. New faces, new colors, new everything. One of the changes included famous Houston Astros radio play-by-play voice, Milo Hamilton, ending his run of decades on the radio. It was 40 years ago yesterday that he, at the time with the Atlanta Braves radio team, made the...
MILO HAMILTON discusses his call of Aaron's 715th on our show at 7p EDT Thursday on iTunes and Yes, it coincides with the Mets-Braves game but the way the Braves are hitting, maybe it's better NOT to watch.
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that Milo Hamilton call was awesome. Thank you
Houston Astros’ fans are lucky to have Milo Hamilton. Yes he is now in retirement from calling games on the radio, but the 86-year old still makes appearances on behalf of the Astros and is an important part of the organization. [ 273 more words. ]
It was 40 years ago today that Hank Aaron (legitimately) became baseball's all-time home run king. A great feat, accompanied by a great call from Milo Hamilton...
Milo tied to Aaron through iconic homer call
Vin Scully calling Hank Aaron's historic 715th at -
40 Years Ago TODAY. Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's Homerun Record hitting 715. One of the Greatest Sports calls of ALL TIME was made by my friend Milo Hamilton. ~ Rod
just watched 715 with the great Milo Hamilton calling the at bat. Nothing like history
I'm listening to a Milo Hamilton flashback in my mind.
Forty years ago tonight! "There's a hew Home Run Champion of all time, and it's Henry Aaron" - Milo Hamilton
Two of the classiest people in baseball. Henry Aaron's 715th home run as called by Vin Scully.
Remembering watch Hanks homer. It will give you chills.
"There's a new Home Run Champion of All Time and his name is Henry Aaron!!" Thank you Milo Hamilton for one of most iconic calls
Never get tired of hearing Milo Hamilton's call of Hank Aaron's 715th.
Ever wanted to hear Vin Scully call Hank Aaron’s 715th home run? You’re in luck:
I remember where I was 40 years ago tonight. I was a 12 year old boy listening to Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson call Hank Aaron's shot over the left field fence. That home run was that broke Babe Ruth's record. Kevin Hogencamp and myself relived that moment many times in our backyards. It was written, "throwing a fastball by Hank Aaron was like sneaking the sun by a rooster." A class act is Hammering Hank Aaron!
I can't help but smile every time I hear Milo Hamilton's call of Go Braves!
I stand corrected Hank hit 715 on this date. Keep me on track sports fans and family!?? Do u remover the call by Milo Hamilton
"Move over Babe, we have a new home run king, and his name is Henry Aaron" as spoken by Milo Hamilton that April night many years ago. Congrats to Mr. Aaron for the memories and class he exhibited during the home run record chase.
They're a study in contrasts, but both masterpieces in their own right. The radio broadcast calls of Hank Aaron's 715th home run by the Braves Milo Hamilton (short and sweet) and the Dodgers Vin Scully (eloquent and elegant). On the 40th anniversary of that Monday night, enjoy:
As Hank Aaron's record-breaking 715th home run sailed over the wall at Atlanta- Fulton County Stadium 40 years ago today, veteran broadcaster Milo Hamilton made a call for the ages and forever became linked to the man that would become known as baseball's Home Run King.
Today is the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron's 715th home run, which broke the record of Babe Ruth set over 50 years prior. Aaron received scores of death threats and hate mail as he neared Ruth's record. Throughout the chase, Aaron maintained a calmness and grace that belied the worry and anxiety he was feeling. Aaron persevered and finally hit 715 on April 8, 1974, at Fulton County Stadium, on a 1-0 fastball from Dodgers' pitcher Al Downing. Attached is the audio from the three broadcasters at the game: Curt Gowdy with NBC, Milo Hamilton with the Braves, and Vin Scully with the Dodgers. Pay close attention to Hamilton's and Scully's calls.
As Astros broadcaster Milo Hamilton calls his last game, a look at five his memorable calls.
40th anniversary of Hank Aaron's 715th home run. I can still hear in my imagination Milo Hamilton's call. Three men have reached 714 HRs(and beyond) and two were wearing a braves uniform at the time
The three Hank Aaron 715 calls: Vin Scully, Curt Gowdy, and Milo Hamilton. Would not have guessed Hamilton's ends up most famous.
Filling in for Kelly Marlowe on Town Talk (7:30-9:00 am) tomorrow (Tuesday) on a special day. We'll celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron's 715th homerun, surpassing Babe Ruth. Call in and let us know where you were at 8:10 pm (Central) on April 8, 1974. Looking forward to playing Milo Hamilton and Vin Scully's calls of that historic moment.
please no more Jon Miller- more Ken Korach, Vin Skully, Lon Simmons--if possible, Harry Carey & Milo Hamilton--anybody better
Astros President Reid Ryan, Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton and former National League strikeout king J.R. Richard headlined the Houston Astros Caravan Luncheon, sponsored by the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and ClearChannel Media + Entertainment, at the Solomon P. Ortiz Center Friday afternoo...
Had dinner at sat next to Milo Hamilton and talked to him a little bit! will appreciate this!
So just glanced at the TV and asked why was doing a TV game with Milo Hamilton. (It was the Rose Bowl
On This Day ( December 15) 1893- Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No 9 in E minor, Op 95," From the New World", was rehearsed before the public at New York's Carnegie Hall.( The Official world premiere was held the next day.) 1979-Milo Hamilton was chosen as the Pirates's play by play radio announcer, replacing Bob Prince. 2001- The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Italy was re-opened to the public after a $ 27 million realignment that had dragged on for over a decade.
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From Bob Gibson via Bill Mozer... December 15th... "Captain Midnight," which enjoyed an 11-year run on radio, mostly on Mutual, aired its last episode on this date in 1949. The TV version of the program, starring Richard Webb, debuted in September of '54 on CBS and ran until January of '56. The syndicated version launched in 1958. Talk about the king-sized success of a folk hero...and in this case everybody knew the theme song for Davy Crockett which premiered on ABC's Disneyland on this date in 1954. It was a five-part miniseries starring Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen that ran until December of the following year, and suddenly coonskin caps became the rage! For all the true-blue fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates it was a bolt out of the blue when Bob Prince, who'd been calling Bucs games for 28 seasons was fired with his partner Nellie King on this date in 1975. Prince was succeeded by Milo Hamilton who had previously been the voice of the Atlanta Braves and during their home opener in 1974 was at the mic fo ...
I’m old enough to remember Milo Hamilton. But, yeah, the Braves had some great radio talent…
The Milo Hamilton bobble head doll in my office confirms this is indeed too nice of a day to be inside.
Milo & Hamilton send meows and trunks up in support of today's ivory crush. Thank you
way to rub it in our faces Milo Hamilton lol we can't watch the game and no signal at night on 790
These two hope you are having fun being kind to everyone who passes you by today.
SABR Milo’s Memories: When the Braves Came to Atlanta By Milo Hamilton, as told to Dan Schlossberg This article was published in the 2010 The National Pastime. COLLABORATOR’S NOTE: Between his big-league broadcasting debut with the 1953 St. Louis Browns and his current work as the radio voice of the Houston Astros, Milo Hamilton worked for the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and Pittsburgh Pirates. He came to Atlanta with the Braves in 1966 and stayed for ten seasons. What follows are his memories of that first year in Dixie. I will never forget the response the Braves received when they moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta. It was great. Before the Opening Day parade, the team had a caravan that went through Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Alabama. I went along as the new broadcaster and remember the unbelievable welcome. It wasn’t that the folks didn’t know baseball; the Atlanta *** had a very rich heritage for many years under Earl Mann. And the Birmingham Barons weren’t f ...
From the archives: Milo Hamilton shares his memories of arrival in Atlanta in 1966: via
hosting awesome event at MMP all day. Milo Hamilton emceed special ceremony this morning.
As a very proud native Houstonian, I want to express my utter disappointment in the citizens of Harris County and their failure to save the Astrodome. My father help build that incredible structure. I sat in the Gold-Level seats to cheer on my beloved Astros; watched many rodeos, attended concerts and interviewed Yogi Berra in the Dome. I met my idols Milo Hamilton and Gene Elston within those hallowed walls. Now, it's fate is all but sealed. Some things are worth saving folks - this was one of them!
Milo Hamilton was on the radio this morning. His voice brings back a flood of memories from my child hood. Listening to the Astros with my dad... GO STROS!
For those of u joining us for the 2013 Houston Buddy Walk get ready for a morning of fun! Here are some tips to help you get through that day: Parking: You can park for free at MMP’s lots A, B, C & D. Sometimes on the street too. Remember that we have some streets closed and there is also construction around that area. Also bring cash in case you end up parking in a private lot. Entrance: make sure you enter the Diamond Lot through the Right Field so you can get the “Welcome Experience”. Restrooms: these are located inside the Minute Maid Park—just go through the right field, past the playground. We will also have some portables in the corner of Texas and Milo Hamilton. What to do before the walk: visit our vendors, get some samples and information from them. Have the kids go on the rides and you can also bring your lawn chair and get a great seat in front of the stage. Visit the basket drawing area, the ITP Tent the gift shop and buy some delicious food! Although some of our vendors accept credit ...
Guns at 45 just 4 u Tim Hamilton and Nicole Wiggins
.& Minute Maid team up to hand out scholarhips. Jimmy Wynn, Milo Hamilton & involved:
Maybe Milo Hamilton could help in recruiting Dwight?
Milo Hamilton was on 790 And said that Dwight's people were in houston Friday looking at homes Bc he knows exactly what house he was looking
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Stros didnt get the win but I met Reid Ryan and Milo Hamilton today! So thankful for the GSFYB family
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Furman SID Jordan Caskey takes in a Braves Game. What is your favorite Braves or baseball memory?
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Operation meet Reid Ryan and Milo Hamilton is a go!
On way to London drove 2hrs happy to let Trish Leddy take a turn lasted 10min for cops to pull her over for speeding ye 3 points and fine bumpy
thank you for the milo Hamilton segment, without it I wouldn't have time for a restroom/water break...
Milo laying down in a shopping cart
Vin Scully is simply the best in the business.
Dropped pop-up jeopardizes the game and broadcaster's health, but fans will remember it
Milo Hamilton,who broadcasted Hank Aaron's 715th homer on April 8th,1974,was the lead announcer for the Braves and the Astros.He broadcasted Cardinal baseball for one year,with Harry Caray in 1953,before the arrival of Jack Buck.He and Harry were reunited in the WGN booth in the 1980s,as they did Cubs' baseball.The two were not friends.In fact,they were pretty damned close to being enemies.Hamilton derisively referred to Harry as "the Canary" in his book,and often said,"Harry felt that he was bigger than the game."Milo made nasty,inappropriate comments after Harry's death.That,naturally,drew the ire of son Skip and grandson Chip.
I love the Braves! I have a large HD tv in my office/man cave, but sitting outside looking at the pond and listening on the radio of the braves game is the best! Reminds me of the good old days of 750am and the Braves!
Thanks so much for the donations of cups and soup mix that were donated or given to help Vance and I give the people less fortunate out on the cold streets each night something warm. We are back out there tonight if you would like to donate milo, cups, milk powder, soup mix, thermo flasks or anything you can think of please PM us - you may ask what can I do, I don;t have much, but if everyone gave something small it would add up to something GREAT have a fab day Jas :)
Thanks to Jill Johnston, gene Johnston and Nicholas for a fun morning, meeting Jose Altuve and Milo Hamilton. Thanks again!
Bermuda mom's...who does ear piercing here?? Kennedy wants to get hers done...eek!
So my son-in law started his new job and said this old man walked by him in the hall and said: How you doing young man? At which time he realized it was Milo Hamilton, Yeah he works at Union Station for the Houston Astros.Pretty Cool!
Thank you to my amazing Bridal Party and best friends, for the most crazy and memorable stag party ever. Heres to a weekend of great memories and good laughs!
Outside listening to the Pirates on the radio. That's how I remember it. Outside, under a shade tree with my dad and a transistor radio . With the "Gunner" Bob Prince and Nellie King announcing on KDKA, way before all the games were on TV.
Ohh yeahhh. It was a quiet stadium. A lot of oohs n ahs when ElToro smacked one, Marte gunned one, Cutch bombed one, and Gabby clanked one!!! It was classic!!
Nice come back win for the Astros!!! In the voice of HOF Milo Hamilton "Stros win! Astros win! Holy Toledo what a way to finish!
..."old man" softball update...23-10 win!! old man---5 hits in 5 ABs...hotter than a "depot stove" according to one Milo Hamilton! Young man--3 hits in 4 ABs including another HR! Gotta love playin' ball with my kid!!!
We want to give our last round of thank yous to everyone that donated! Thank you Michael Maslak, David Venghaus, Cheryl Edenfield, Amanda Williams, Christine Gross, Josef Hamilton, Mar D. Orr, Thomas Thompson, Bryce Young, Justin Gardner, Matt Connolly (as Mean Spirited on the Indiegogo page. Oops.), David J Fletcher, Milo Daub and our three anonymous donors! Woo-hoo! We went over our goal! :D
Hall of Fame announcer Milo Hamilton does his final broadcast from Gallery Furniture (VIDEO): -
Just realized Milo Hamilton calls a play on TV in A Few Good Men. Even weirder he actually gives the score of the game.
Hamilton and Amy? An athletic, buff guy and a book nerd? A Holt and a Cahill? Oh, wait. They are all Cahills.
(milo hamilton voice) take me out to the ball game... Take me out to the crowd... By me some peanuts and crackerjacks...
Milo Hamilton wasn't receiving Social Security payments the last time UH won an NCAA tournament game.
4) Charles Hamilton - Motivational Speaker was my first job of choice 5) Milo - concerning the dream tigers i have seen (for borges)
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we did cover the Astros caravan. Ran comments with Milo Hamilton & starting pitcher Bud Norris last Friday. Sorry U missed it.
Goose Gossage, Milo Hamilton and Tony La Russa at Pitch & Hit Club banquet. Plus Pro Bowl cheerleaders and more:
Here is another idea... Engage with the Astros — Baseball fans will love attending Astros FanFest Saturday, January 26, 11 am – 4 pm. Adults will enjoy the Talkin’ Baseball Sessions while kids play in the Interactive Kids Zone. Storytime with Milo Hamilton kicks off at 11:15 am. Check out the autograph session schedule online, too. FanFest is completely free, but you must print a voucher for admittance. Autograph sessions require an extra fee ($10 per session) as well as ballpark tours. FanFest is located at Minute Maid Park, 501 Crawford St
ESPN 1440 is having lunch with Milo Hamilton, Larry Dierker, Astros players Bud Norris, Jordan Lyles and Justin Maxwell.
I read that in Milo Hamilton's voice though :L
Dan LeBatard has a HOF vote? How is he more qualified than Vin Scully, Bob Uecker, or Milo Hamilton? Somethings gotta change.
Who is your favorite announcer in MLB? Mine is the White Sox guys (don't really know their names. CSN/WGN)-Justin
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In case you ever question my baseball loyalty... My Milo Hamilton talking Astros bottle opener
67th Annual Banquet Pitch&Hit Club of Chicago Sportcaster of the Year Milo Hamilton
10/25/05 Milo Hamilton tosses peanuts and *** jacks from the radio booth in the 7th inning stretch.
Lewis Hamilton style 300mls round trip to Nottingham, what for...two cats. Worth it...yeah...Milo and Smokey are absolutely gorgeous
Tim McCarver reminds me of a drunk Milo Hamilton
I'd like to hear Milo Hamilton. We used to carry the Stros on am1420
Will Alan Ashby be back next year? I had heard he was a candidate to replace Milo Hamilton in Houston. I'd hate to lose him.
One of your old ones became a fiend over here, Milo Hamilton... At least he was first and foremost radio guy...
“All you need to know about Dan Dierdorf. Still thinks gift certificates are a thing. Dan Dierdorf=Milo Hamilton
Milo Hamilton, a baseball lifer after 28 seasons makes us proud to be from via
Milo Hamilton and Hank Aaron will be linked forever thanks to the Hall of Fame announcer's call on the slugger's record-breaking 715th home run.
In 1997, my family and I were on a East Coast trip. My hubby asked me to check our route to see if there were some sights that I thought we should put on our list to see. I saw Cooperstown (Baseball Hall of Fame), and having three sons playing baseball and me being a huge follower of the game - this was a must see. One of the highlights on that excursion to Cooperstown was going to the area that had the announcers that had been inducted. There with all the greats was Milo Hamilton - and the audio from when he announced Hank Aaron's 715th record-breaking homerun. This was a thrill for me to hear, and I will miss his voice on the radio for Astro's games. Happy retirement, Milo.
Tonight we celebrate and honor Milo Hamilton at the at Minute Maid Park. Here he is making his entrance
no matter what you had a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the hall of famer the great Milo Hamilton. Best of luck
Leaving Hamilton Island in a few. Sad to go. Said one last goodbye to the koalas (including Milo, the baby) and the wombat, Hippo.
It was a honor to attend a special luncheon today for Milo Hamilton. What an awesome person.
Tune into the SportsTalk show on at 5p to see Milo Hamilton talking about career and giving info on the Blue Star Gala on 10/16
It galls me to no end that Milo Hamilton is in the Hall of Fame and Skip, Pete and Ernie aren’t.
I have to say I don't care for chris berman from espn at all. But he'll probably stick around as long as the useless milo hamilton. 100 yrs.
Fond memories of listening to Milo Hamilton and the Braves
Coming up at a special 8am to 11amET it's with Ed Randall and Rico Petrocelli! Hear from Phil Niekro and Milo Hamilton today!
Milo Hamilton finally chimes in on decision to dismiss former broadcast mates Dolan, Raymond
With Milo Hamilton retiring, Houston Astros advertising for all-new radio broadcast team for 2013:
Milo Hamilton showed up at Minute Maid Park about four hours prior to the first pitch Wednesday night, eager to go through his pre-game preparations as if it were just another game. Hamilton didn't need many reminders that Wednesday night was going to be anything but ordinary.
Iowa native & Univ of Iowa graduate Milo Hamilton called his final game for the Houston Astros last nite.
Milo Hamilton, one of the great broadcasters in baseball, called his last game for the Houston Astros last night, culminating a 67-year career in baseball.
Thanks go out to everyone that has put up and supported me this week!! It was a fun experience being here in Texas. I've been here competing for a highly publicised position with the Houston Astros. It's a long shot to get this job considering the competition, but I'm leaving this city on the positive no matter what the result. After all, I had the opportunity to perform in the last National League game in Houston. I stood up and honored Milo Hamilton, the legendary broadcaster, as he made his final call in professional baseball. I got to walk next door to see BBVA Compass Stadium, the new home of the Houston Dynamo. It made me excited about what's to come at our new stadium in the Bay I watched my former teammates from the Lancaster JetHawks, Brandon Barnes, Jason Castro, and Jose Altuve play including an Altuve home run and declaration of Jose Altuve Day by the City of Houston. I also got to see the current Lancaster JetHawks presented with their Minor League Championship. I, very respectfully, had th ...
Enough with the blubbering goodbyes to Milo Hamilton. The Astros' third worst personnel move (behind trading Joe Morgan and driving Nolan Ryan away, though I suspect that moving to the American League will prove to have trumped them all - probably by the end of the first homestand of 2013) was dumping Gene Elston in favor of Milo 'I sound like I'm doing a commercial pitch even if I'm just reading the alphabet' Hamilton. No love lost here. Good riddance. If Elston is up to it, bring him back.
The Houston Astros play their 2012 home finale against the St. Louis Cardinals, on a night where they honor retiring radio announcer, Milo Hamilton.
9/26/12: Milo Hamilton addresses the Astros' crowd as he broadcasts his final game before retiring from the broadcast booth
Congratulations broadcaster Milo Hamilton on a Hall of Fame baseball broadcasting career that began in the Quad Cities!
Some good news from the baseball world. The Houston Astros have just defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, 2-0. I'm glad to see my favorite team beat "The Dirty Birds", which is a nickname I gave them back in the not-so-long-ago when the Houston Astros were actually a good team. As I understand it, this was Houston's final home game of the season. Next year, Houston shall be in the American League. (Sigh!) :( Lastly, it was the final Houston Astros game broadcasted by Milo Hamilton. Even if Houston had done its usual and lost to the Dirty Birds again, that in itself would be worth mentioning because I CAN'T STAND MILO HAMILTON!!!
And now it's time to says thanks to Milo Hamilton. Maybe the second best baseball announcer, outside of Jack Buck of course :) one last time, "Holy Toledo!" what a career. Best of luck Milo.
Milo Hamilton is the Best baseball play by play guy EVER! Definitely a GIANT Blue star by his (cont)
Last day of work for a broadcasting legend, Milo Hamilton. famous for calling Hank Aaron's 715th homerun:
End of an era tonight for Astros, Milo Hamilton: Baseball Hall of Fame br...
The first time I met Milo Hamilton was at Astros spring training in 1988. I was given a practice ball by one of the field crew... (cont)
Houston Astros Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton will call the final game of...
*** Milo Hamilton has passed. Somewhere Richard Hidalgo is sad
We celebrated Milo Hamilton's 85th birthday today at Minute Maid Park.
It's a beautiful afternoon here at Minute Maid Park, luggage tags, Milo Hamilton birthday bobble heads, and time with my son
Did you see the prank Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow played on Milo Hamilton yesterday? *VIDEO*
kicker Chris Milo misses go-ahead field goal. SSK picks up rouge to make it 35-34, Hamilton. NOW, do we have a controversy?
Milo's kickoff into the endzone where Hamilton concedes a single point. Riders now lead 22-14.
Just received a scholarship presented by Milo Hamilton, Frankie Mandola and Jose Altuve 💙
I have to assume 790 is contractually obligated to have Milo Hamilton on as a guest. Complete waste of air time.
Oh, I caught it via the cool sounds of Milo Hamilton.
Could the Astros trade Milo Hamilton for two young minor league broadcasters?
Wow! I just received an autographed baseball from Hall of Fame Astros broadcaster Milo Hamilton!! Thanks to
What is trade market for Milo Hamilton?
drink plain milk? I just can't stand the taste :/ artificial chocolate.. Never even been able to have milo once
Astros GM Luhnow reveals Milo Hamilton traded to Seattle Marlins for $100 Starbucks gift card and and a latte to be named later.
So you've finally mastered your figures of speech. *milo clap*
Joining us this Thursday Night 7-8pm on Dennis & Andy's Q & A Session will be the legend Milo Hamilton, voice of the Houston Astros. Don't miss a chance to hear Milo unplugged on ESPN 1440 Keys. The only true sports station in the Coastal bend.
In 1980 Wood Design Group was just getting started. We moved out of our home basement on Cedar Heights Drive into a building at 1910 Main Street in Cedar Falls and rented space from a client Hamilton & Wassendorf, a futures trading advising company and publishers of Futures Portfolio Index, owned by Milo Hamilton and Russ Wassendorf. Yesterday Russ' world came tumbling down amidst allegations that his company, Peregrine Financial Group (PFGBest) was involved in a Ponzi scheme involving currency trading. Russ attempted suicide Monday morning and is in UIHC in critical condition. Really sad.
Braves fan since '66...10 yrs old...listened to Milo Hamilton on am radio in bed...1st Game...hooked 4 life.
Milo Hamilton - "F-Rod just does not get it done." Oh really? someone besides me finally notices?
That's how we did it when I was a kid. I remember Milo Hamilton calling the games!
Found my old Astros bottle opener that plays a Milo Hamilton home run call when you open a beer. Sti
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wonders if Milo Hamilton knows he is a broadcaster for a radio audience. I don't know if "Holy Toledo!" means home run, double play, strikeout or maybe there's a streaker on the field. We can't see the game, Milo. That's what we need you for.
Tonight, I have enjoyed just staying home and eating french bread pizza, cereal , a few snacks, and actually watching a baseball game that did not include my Braves . I am old school. I would rather listen to my boys on the radio, and dvr the Braves on tv, and watch them whenever. I am still working on watching May's games, but no hurry. Man, I miss the old days, with Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson on the Braves radio, and then later on, Pete, Ernie, and Skip on the radio . I still have Skip Carey's last radio broadcast before he died. Do any of you old timers remember Milo and Ernie ? I remember Dale Murphy homering twice in a game back in the late 80's, and Ernie called them both on the radio. And, when I go to a game, I always take my radio, and always keep score. Old school !!! But, tonight, it's the Subway series, Yankees and Mets . Go Yankees !
Milo Hamilton and Tom Hamilton both calling the Indians' game on Newsradio WTAM 1100 right now! Have some of that!
I'm not looking forward to hearing Milo Hamilton's unfortunate nickname for Dallas Keuchel.
hm. I think that Milo might come close. How old is Jemima? Oh that is exciting! The t-shirts are pretty beaut. X
Maybe not but I've never met a cat that is, so.! Your T-shirt is ready to go by the way. Addressed to Olivia (& Milo) x
Hamilton but I'm saying like where are you originally from cause you know about KLIM and milo lol
Anthony Hamilton_Aint Nobody Worrying album as i drink my milo*
Milo Hamilton's voice warms my soul.
hey guys, do you think milo Hamilton reading 50 shades would work ? A steamy section would be hilarious.
I would rather listen to the audio of Milo Hamilton's colonosopy than listen to Hawk Harrelson call a baseball game.
Ralph Nader said in a letter to the Yankees that ads during broadcasts on WCBS-AM "disrupt" the games.
Picked up with Milo Hamilton for the big event...I feel special...!
“The best broadcaster in baseball today is _. Still Milo Hamilton one day a week
“The best broadcaster in baseball today is _. milo Hamilton!
Jason Castro and Brian Bogusevic talk with Milo Hamilton at the season ticket holder draft party.
I don't know how I'll ever be able to listen to the on the radio without Milo Hamilton making the call.
On the air with Dan Schlossberg and legendary broadcaster Milo Hamilton on Braves Banter on Milo made the infamous call of Hank Aaron's 715th homerun here in Atlanta.
Hey,I have a video of Milo Hamilton reading Casey at the bat(from a bit of a distance, but great sound if you're interested?)
Garner's one of the all-time best interviews. He should be great to hear. Did he credit Milo Hamilton for Scrap Iron nickname?
Man I miss Harry Carey and Steve Stone on the broadcast.. those were the best.. oh and Jack Brickhouse, Milo Hamilton..and yes I aged myself
for a minute there I thought you meant Milo Hamilton lol
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A folded paper, carefully filled with milo, then ironing the paper, to form "Milo biscuit"
Coolest thing about the 'stros run this morning was Milo Hamilton. His voice helped define the vast majority of my summers.
Milo Hamilton "Voice of the Astros" and our President & CEO kick off the Junction Jack Kids Fun Run! Run for the Pennant 5K/10K to follow. Join us at the post run party!
Milo Hamilton doing the announcements for the Astros 5K/10K this morning. Pretty cool.
In you are interviewed by Milo Hamilton.
nothing worse than someone hanging on too long. It's just pitiful. /s/ hulk hogan and Milo Hamilton
Now being followed by .Milo Freakin complete.
Me and the legendary Milo Hamilton. I dont get star struck often, but i did today for this HOF'er
Hey. Someone tell Milo Hamilton that he died 7 years ago please!
Finally, after almost 2 years of searching, I found a station on which I can hear the voice of Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton calling Astros baseball games! I was beginning to worry that I'd never get to hear him again, since he's retiring after this year. Go Milo! And Go Stros!
Milo Hamilton is like a mix of fergie and Jesus.
Freakin love your sho, now I hate the sound of Milo Hamilton's (lame duck) sho for cutting yours off.
Let's see what Milo Hamilton's reaction is to Mike Rizzo potentially being called up! Spoiler: "Who is that? Harry Caray was a *** "
Milo Hamilton is a true inspiration...
Do either of you guys happen to know how the whole Milo Hamilton "Blue Star" concept got started?
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When Fred Hutchinson kept Stan Musial on the bench,in hopes that Stan would deliver hit in St.Louis,Commissioner Ford Frick's office said nothing.When Henry Aaron was chasing Babe Ruth's home run record of 714,the Braves opened the 1974 season at Cincinnati,and Hammerin' Hank needed two to pass Ruth.Commissioner Bowie Kuhn told Henry in no uncertain terms that he had to play.Aaron greeted Jack Billingham with 714,but,hit 715 before the Atlanta faithful and a national television audience on April 4th.Milo Hamilton in the Braves' broadcast booth,Vin Scully calling the game for the Dodgers,and Curt Gowdy on NBC.
Top 5 people I would want to narrate my life: Josh Turner, Randy Travis, James Earl Jones, Mike Rowe, Milo Hamilton.
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