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Million Man March

The Million Man March was a gathering of social activists, en masse, held on and around the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

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Don't crush too long. Truth is that there will always be a million man/ woman march... too many fish in the sea...
.It’s time for the 10 million man march on Washington. I don’t have to explain why it’s needed.
To all the people cheering on going in to Syria. There will be no redemption . No million man march for you to hide behind this time
I will ask another celebrity: worth Millions: lip service. How about spending your…
Million Man March Oct 2015 . in conjunction with . Uncommonrealist & DocsCastleMedia
Trap jumpin like a Mfn million man March
I remember when farrakhan said something akin to that at the million man march , thats when ppl started leaving
I know mate ! We would have the million man march on our streets
I would admit it. We didn't own any tho, my dad walked in the million man march with MLK and stood…
So it is up to the American people to take our country back armed 5 million man march on Washington
Kendall Jenner's next soda ad should be her speaking at the Million Man March. "I have a creme.soda"
I show up everybody is in black and I'm like is the next chapter to the million man march or what.
If,ladies from the womens march banded with the million man march. If we all stopped. Here. Now. If we stood up. Sa…
You finna lead the million man march?
P3. To the City of Flint. Let Us come from all Corners of This Country the way we con…
I think if vote fails, South Africans should organize a 1 million man march in 3 cities. JHB, DBN, CTN.
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My dad (holding newspaper) at the million man march 25 years ago. dad in the bottom right.
Maya Angelou Her Million Man March poem. via Poet of the day. Born on April 4th. Rode w Malcolm & Martin!
Lmao why y'all hatin on our million man march 🙄
"After a hard day of civil rights protests, nothing sounds more refreshing than a cool ! Feels like a millio…
Min. has his copy of The Million Man March - The Untold Story documentary DVD!! Visit
I'm shocked Pepsi didn't go a step further and CGI Kendall in the million man march standing beside Martin Luther King Jr.
*** yeah... like the Million Man March, if you catch my drift. 😏💦
Area father I believe a 1 million man march is in and his 96…
This was the million man march in 1995.
Several powerful women such as Dr. Betty Shabbazz spoke at the Million Man March.
regrann from - Sister Angela Director of the Million Man March The Untold…
Revisiting my first major project. Million Man March. 2015.
6.2 million Americans must march on Washington 4 a peaceful candlelight vigil 4 peace ,because this man is insane,…
I added a video to a playlist Million Man March By Umar Mohammed
A million man march on the mall does nothing against Russia. Don't understand this comment
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When are the American people going to shout: "Enough is enough"? We need another Million Man March on Washington DC.
This is genius! Can we draw a million people to it (remember the 'million man' march?).
Million man march to affirm alliance
Haaha oh man payback is going be nice March 21st wait on it 😐🤔 lol but thank you I love you to the moon and back a…
A Million Man march in the East Coast, another one in Chicago, and another in the West Coast, same day and hour.
Sometimes I think about the million man march.I'm so glad I went
Gotta quit playing wit 🔥😍 when it comes to these flights I got stuck in Atl last year going to the million man march
When will the black man rise ? Not For A Million Man March But Everyday In Our Lives
God's people showed up to the million man march. A million people coming together got him killed. They always blamed the white supremacist.
150 Million man march to every home in america like jehovahs witnesses handing out pamphlets wouldnt even end crime. Yall stupid.
When do we get a million man march on DC for single payer healthcare?
the quota system was brought in by Junker because Germany couldn't handle Merkels million man migrant March.
It is time for another million man March this time with Mac 10's. We must police ourselves.
like a million man March in Wash we d ppl the. March could b against House n Senate. For being scardy cats n wimps n
There is a documentary on BLM..actually several. Dr. MLK's life, the Million Man March.
We will never see a Million Muslim man March to denounce ISLAMIC SAVAGERY. It will never happen.
my issue is they could've passed out a small pamphlet of black owned businesses at the million man march. But nope
Washington Post. Did you count all the marchers? Ha ha. Have you ever seen a million marchers?
Arabs look down on black folks everyday but today it's "us minorities against the white devils" nah have your own million man march
Liberals can organize a million man march...but they can't run a government.
Man child is trying to distract us from his sons engaging on selling access to him at a million $ a pop...kleptocra…
wearing my million man march shopping so they know I'm this a scam
Like when we went to the *** Million Man March and he had an Indian, Hispanic, and Asian all up there demanding things
It'll be like the Million Man March for these Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustables.. I'd be at the Podium like MLK Preachin.. lol
All Road lead to Enugu!!! Let it be at least 10 million man March! Let's prove to the world who we are. God bless
Always said thus is the million man march when they try to push us too far
Im talking a six million armed man march. And taking the White House. And give the power back to the people. One million of each race
Million man/woman march is OK, but can we get a Million Shoes Off for the Inaugural Parade?
..When you allow this man to take over your movement, you've got a problem >
I had a dream she was chasing me at the million man march and found me smh
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If there is going 2b a million-man march on trump's inauguration date, those that march should turn their backs
My aunt came from Pakistan on a Fulbright in the 60s. She took a bus to D.C. & went to the Million Man March by herself.
*** I haven't heard from you since the million man march. Stfu
we need some one to lead a million man armed march on Washington.
Another night to watch Hillary lose again and see what's next for the left.They should do the 1 million man March over a cliff
When brothers speak truth it's amazing how Caucasian men call us racist. 😂 Just imagine how they felt about da million…
A Million plus Man/Woman Protest March to the adjacent grounds to the Inauguration-complete with bullhorns to chant "NotMyPres"
I witnessed a KKK march in AL in 1977. I watched the million man march in DC in 1994. Big difference in rhetoric &…
A Glimpse of Heaven: Nearly 2 million Black men came to Washington, D.C. on Oct. 16, 1995 for The Million Man March.
The Million Man March didn't just happen!! We don't believe in no mystery God! [THMLF] was working in the Stop The Killings…
I hope this march is better than the million man march because *** that was disappointing and such an embarrassment.
Million Man March, that moment just seemed euphoric
What did you call the million man march 100 years ago? . An auction
Pharmaceuticals poured 780 million painkillers into West Virginia - that's 433 pills for every man, woman and child. https:/…
In 1995 the historic 'Million Man March' took place in Washington. Michael Jackson donated $100k towards the event.
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In March 2009, the great man of God spent $30 million on a Gulfstream jet amidst widespread criticism. HEY
(The enemy's plan was to slaughter us) The Million Man March stayed the hand of the enemy ~
We had a wonderful Day of Atonement, 21st Anniversary of the Million Man March (in Atlanta).
EVEN if they didn't know about the Million Woman March... were they just gonna co-opt the Million Man March like that'…
Hear from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in Atlanta, GA on Sunday 10-16-2016 for the 21st Million Man March.
He planned the Million Man March, and played a vital role in CRM, yet was scrutinized for his sexuality
Warning to GOPe - you take this election from us the Million Man March will look like a town hall meeting in comparison to what you will see
Million man march out here these are the retail prices I'm charging for my time in this line
we need a MILLION man March on Washington D.C. sponsored by the NRA! That will get the establishments eye!
Me & my African friends were there & the million man march anniversary ect. but where y'all *** was @ during marches?
. Because of n , Hillary has already won. I told ya. Glenn's million man march was a total fraud.
I'm starting to think now is the time to have a million man march on DC for
apparently trump was at the million man march LOL
Pay-to-Pray Scam: Christian Prayer Center Must Refund Almost $8 Million: Seattle man used deceptive methods to...
is there a difference between Omojuwa & Daniel Kanu of d 2 million man march fame?
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Recording Artist is needed to accomplish this. Million man and women march for recording artist is needed. Please reach out..
A million man March on Congress may make them see we the people mean business. our votes mean nothing really?
Chief Ernie Longwalker on Red/Black Unity at 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March. (2015)
October 16th is the day in 1995 that the Million Man March occurs in Washington, D.C.
Yes on that we do agree 👍 to disagree that is especially on the impacts of million man March 😒 😒
Yes. Million man Mach. The wins from that March were not on from pages. But very evident in the arts
By hosting 2017 Million Man March in Atlanta ga. The home state of the most honorable Elijah Muhammad
It's tantamount to saying June 16 was a waste of time. Tiananmen Square. Million man march. Selma bus strike
Of 2017 Million Man March. At this particular time Allah revealed a divine solution to finish resurrecting his people
If has most delegates & don't get GOP nomination the Million Man March of '95 will look like a Sunday picnic in comparison.
gotta get something ready- need to get trumpster ready for a 5 MILLION man March- and we'll see which,protesters mess with us.
We went to the Million Man March. Always remember what color you are…
Remember thr million man march? When that happened all the politicians went home lol but nothing happened.
Will how many current black child sex slaves of could you have purchased their freedom with $?
BET lost my support after they didn't show the million man march   10% Off
I'd hope that being a white face at the million man march would help you understand why saying "whites too" is derailing.
I remember wen a *** broke in our house and stole my Nintendo 64 my buz nem had dat *** front yard lookin like da million man march 😂😂😂
Fucc a million man march. We need a million man hustlers or shooters...
If we would look scientifically at the latest Million Man March, we would see clearly this was a mobilized event not an organized one.
Voice of the voiceless we need you to cover our million man march
I stand with you. As does Did you know he was a part of the million man march? He stood with Dr. MLK!
More like a MILLION mile march! But one worth making my friend. For the Man on my left and right.. De Oppresso Liber
that would get over like a Klan member at the million man march
Obama said his favourite song of 2015 is a Kendrick song. He got awarded by Californian politicians. His music is used at million man march
you ain't from DC but you had the million man march up inside of you.
my dad's photos from the 1995 Million Man March , he told me " it was lit son "
They didn't show the Million Man March, but let something happen in Baltimore and it will be all over the media
Notice how they didn't televise the million man march and dc was packed, but since it's something positive media didn't…
Crazy how the media immediately posted the Steve Harvey story but it took a couple of days for any coverage of the Million Man March
Mega protest 1 million man March defend yourself if need be
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In 2015 I went to Jamaica , The Million Man March in Washington DC , got my own apartment . I guess you can say it's be…
"You ain't from D.C., but u had the million man march up inside of u"
:'(( man never in a million years would I have thought I would meet him that fast lmfai I was talking bout it in march and
Wrong!! Proof is that billions indeed paid attention during the 10/10/15 Million Man March. And many do indeed pay
We had the Million Man March anniversary this year and I wonder about it's impact
Real ones was lost, goals were gained.. Went to the million man march
Yes LRT ! I'm glad I got to be apart of the Million Man March
Malik, what dis mean lol. if I could do I would participate in the million man march the first one
I've seen faster Steve Harvey & Patti Pie promo than the sharing of the million man march info , small "black"...
lol I remember the million man march and I pointed out the minorities and because I didn't point out white people I was a racist .
And they incorporated other races in the million man march smh
The million man march was the most lit event of the year by far. I thank Allah for everyone that came
Phaedra really got touched by the million man march, I see
CNN wouldn't cover a Oklahoma cop raping 13 black women or the Million Man March. but they are hanging out in Baltimo…
Done had the whole million man march up inside of her 😷
Swag surf the biggest black Unity movement since the million man march
"Say bro they said is the official million man march after party"
Thanks to TRAITOR, Paul Ryan! . 10-million man march on DC is a MUST for us to survive this!!
Look, if no one at the million man march engaged with me why would I bother with angry atheists? They're to be pitied. *shrugs*
So BET didn't air the 2015 Million Man March to avoid offending white viewers. BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION did this.
I liked a video from WGO: Million Man March & Raven-Simone
Bet refused to air the Million Man March because they didn't want to offend white viewers...what happened to Black entertainment television?
They thick out! Wing Fest 2015 Million Man March right freakin…
This Civil War The NAACP this Shalka Zulu,Million Man March ,Man Power and The Black Panther he's one unfortunate
You know the Black Caucus has told us that we have to boycott the awards because BET didn't show Million Man March...Ha!
1995 Henry Louis Gates: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man: The OJ Simpson verdict and the Million Man March
Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barry's former pastor, thought it was a good idea to speak at the Million Man March in Washington on Saturday.
Million Man March, 20 Years On Lets not forget the blood of Malcolm X will forever be on his hands...
J. Cole, Common & Dave Chappelle at the Million Man March in D.C. yesterday
My Nephew is part of this group I am not only proud that he is a Morehouse man but to be at the Million Man March...
I think every Alpha in the world was at the Million Man March yesterday. . I mean i aint mad though...👀
News: Thousands gather in Washington on anniversary of Million Man March
Got to meet my brother Cornell West today at the Million Man March
Nobody from Alpha Achievers was trying to take me to the Million Man March
Penn State’s Alpha Phi Alpha ready to participate in Million Man March in Washington D.C.
Million Man March was historic. I enjoyed DC, but I enjoyed the bonding with my Morehouse brothers
PHOTO: Crowd gathers on National Mall to mark 20th anniversary of Million Man March:
Black men return to National Mall to celebrate 20th anniversary of the Million Man March and call for changes
I'm pretty sure the Million Man March just turned into juneteenth and a swap meet
We were in the studio last night and the brodie, Doug said he was flying out to DC for the Million Man March.. Mann, I wanted to go .
Came from ATL to DC for the Anniversary of the Million Man March & found out that my FAV artist is here. I NEED to meet Uncle Cole😭
Snoop, Common, Jay Electronica, Dave Chapelle, Doug E Fresh, Chuck D all here in my section at the Million Man March. Im hungry tho
J. Cole at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Million Man March in D.C.
Will Smith, New Edition and others at the Million Man March, 1995.
20 years after the Million Man March, a fresh call for justice on the Mall:
All purpose parts banner
On my way down to the Million Man March meet, me down there!!
I was at the original Million Man March. I was a Chicago Bulls fan in the 90s. I still look the same…
Snapchat gives live updates on every type of event..Right now they even have the Texas State Fair on our feed but NOT the Million Man March.
Men of are off to the Million Man March
Group marching through Riviera Beach protesting violence in the community. Part of Million Man March in DC
LIVE on Men of Morehouse are at the Million Man March!
speaks on Minister Farrakhan and the Million Man March @ Shrine of The…
A short reflection on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.
Stay in the loop with . Million Man March . coverage courtesy . Explore updates via
The MES brothers will be attending the Million Man March. We will stand with pride and dignity for we a the Kings of our Nation.
Million Man March to the USA. The U.N. said that more than 70% of these Muslim "refugees" are men -- not women and chi…
Wo(men) are also encouraged to attend the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March. Its not just about men. Its for the e…
Phi Beta Sigma to serve as HQ for 20th anniversary of Million Man March
.to serve as mobilization headquarters for Million Man March.
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity to serve again as the National Mobilization Headquarters: 20th anniversary of Million Man March:…
Sister Souljah's day for killing white people; Public Enemy/Professor Griff/Farrakhan/Million Man March tempest
Farrakhan stresses importance of black press for Million Man March anniversary
Black fathers organization celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the upcoming Million Man March by focusing on the...
What was missing 20 yrs ago @ the Million Man March that will magically b there this year? Do we really need another massive church service?
*** Now you can help defray the operational cost of the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March "JUSTICE OR... http:/…
Muslim professionals organize artists for Million Man March by
I told jasmin we out to the million man March she said I'm barely off that month...
ohhh bih, good. I need a place to stay for the million man march lol
Me and my fellow Brothers at the Million Man March Oct, 1995. Wow! That was 20 years ago?
I just signed up to attend the million man march this year in dc I can't wait to experience a million blac men...
DC is one of the states I never been to can't wait till the million man march in October!
The million man march is the same weekend as homecoming. Sorry, PSU
are you going to the 20th year Million Man March.. These words are fitting!
Doing this plus the project in Buffalo with the South Africa trip and the million man march in October. And me???
Will be invited to speak at the Million Man March in October? Minister Farrakhan goes in!
domain names
It would be dope af if & some other rappers actually spoke at the million man march this…
Been had my tickets for the Million man march
Whom's sliding to DC with me to support the Million Man March 20 yr? Or y'all only active online?
This million man March will be a great life experience. Really glad that I will be attending.
says more info to come in regards to the fraternity's role w/ 20th Anniversary of Million Man March
'Justice or Else - Million Man March 2015': A local organizing committee is taking part in an event on October 10th…
I was going to do million man march but I didn't know I had to pay I thought showing up was enough.
I better see all you mfs that talk about police brutality & etc at the million man march! Ijs
bout to unite us for real.. And I haven't been to a Million Man March yet.. I think it's time
I feel like the million man march is gonna be life changing for me .. I need some motivation asap
Louis Farrakhan is having a Million Man March in October. I HAVEEE to be there
Will be attending the million man March October 10th.
I really wish I could go to the Million Man March 😔😔😔
Planning meeting last night for the Justice Or Else 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March at the…
Women of BLM are upset at Farrakhan over the lack of involvement in the Million Man March? I'm living in the twilight zone bruh
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I'm going to the Million Man March in October.
Focused on rocking with Minister Farrakhan in October at the Million Man March. To be apart of history is better...
10-10-15 Million Man March on Washington.. Justice or else! Is the topic.
.Said the Million Man March would NEVER have happened had it not been 4 the late Dorothy Height & then Mayor Marion Berry
It would never have happen (Million Man March) if it were not for the Mayor of this city Marion Berry -
Now in Washington, DC, is speaking at Metropolitan A.M.E. Church announcing the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March
20th anniversary of the Million Man March this year. in DC today to detail October event.
According to the article I just posted the deceased Rec Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church bankrolled the Million Man March.
Thank you to Cliff Kelley for having me on his show to discuss the 20th Anniv. of the Million Man March and more.
Listening to the widow of Marion Barry tell the story about his efforts to support the original Million Man March.
Cora Masters Barry speaking on how her late husband Marion Barry supported the Million Man March! http…
Without him (Marion Barry) there would not have been a Million Man March~
Calling 4 a million bikers to join me. Riding from LA to DC in Oct for the Million Man March. Hit me back if u wit it …
today with Leon Ford giving him the Million Man March: The Untold Story Documantery. htt…
Read THIS!! Editor's note: The following article is an excerpt from an address commemorating the Holy Day of Atonement and the Ninth Anniversary of the Million Man March by Minister Farrakhan delivered on October 17, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois. To purchase this lecture in its entirety on audio, CD, DVD and video, call (866) 602-1230, ext. 200. In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. When you pick up the newspaper and you read about Muslims, you say, “My Lord, these are some terrible people.” But the Muslims in the Nation of Islam have been in America now for 74 years and we have no record of terrorism. Even though the government does not like us, we are acting a lot better than many of the Muslims that they are dealing with overseas, so maybe they'll open the door a crack because we have something of value to offer America and the Islamic world, as well. The old world is going out with a big noise. The old world won't accept the new, therefore, it is written that the old world will be destr ...
. no more black youths killed ... so much black economic prosperity and economical and moralistic education for black children ... so much " blackness " ... I'll take courage and character ... . over charm, commercials, charades, and comedy ... in a "Real Black Man" ...Each and Every Day ... "...thank god ... for our black president .. who has delivered our people ... "Rodney King, Jr. " " Jr" ... can't we all just get along . Where Is Martin Luther King ... even though I'm a Christian... a "Million Man March"... oh so sad ..." a brand new funky president " ... throw out some crumbs and comedy to "appease the crowd" ...
Like what? Writing a letter to Congress? Being quiet never helped. Million Man March did. Protesting was/is a game changer.
The Rev. Louis Farrakhan credited Marion Barry with the success of the Million Man March.
Photoset: youngriem: Long live the spirit of the Million Man March
Let us remember one of our great pioneers of the struggle, Marion Barry. He was a champion of the Black struggle for decades, and he was highly instrumental in making the Million Man March a success. May he Rest In Power!
seriously?! Montgomery bus boycott, Million Man March was an illegal assembly and going against Jim Crow Laws
On this Throwback Thursday, does any Syracuse University Alumnus have pictures from the Million Man March in...
King marched, Ghandi marched, a Million Men marched. From a analytical perspective has India or America TRULY changed for the better? How many of those N8Vs in NYC right now are proficiently trained in firearms let alone own one let alone willing to use one. Thinking generationally i'm scared to death that my great grandchildren will truly believe that their grievances will be addressed through protesting and voting and appealing to the conscience of an oppressor who doesn't have one. We have been duped into thinking we have TIME. Climate change (The Ozone layer hole) has occurred in the short 42 years i call life. They just admitted to using HAARP to manipulate weather and chemtrails flow daily while the poles melt. Protests are for irrational minds in a state of denial of what is truly happening in our world on a daily basis. What i mean by utilizing King or Ghandi or the Million Man March is NOT to diminish their legacies or effectiveness. What i wish to state is that these were DYNAMIC movements with ...
Things change for the better when u take a stand for yourself. *Revolutionary War, Million Man March, *** rights movement, Boston Tea Party*
It's time to do a Million Man March Telling Obama to Step Down!
We need a million man march, only a million can stop
Any boy can love a million girls, but it takes a man to love one girl a million ways.
It would be like a million man march, only because there's less of us we could call it the Seven Shinji Swagger.
Rockstar Vasilika anti-political commentator: via Tribute to -million man march and the politics of dancing!
Halo dropping in November got me more excited than Michael Sam at the Million Man March last year. **Family Guy flashback**
Sorry million man march leader as u ill say a lie mi a tell when i&i say is arab muslim in north africa is till in slaving my africa
Chad Henne has been going down today more than at the Million Man March
to stage his million man march and do Jamaica a favour by bringing millions of dollars in the process.
Mathematically Challenged Individual (MCI): When you declare million man march as 2000 people on live TV.
so i walk the million man march but solo dolo did, by CPR i hope i make it to the mother land
never seen a crowd I couldn't count. That million man march thing... Probably only about 789,536 there.
😭 GOODBYE. *** got more miles than a 96 Honda civic. Got more bodies than the million man march.”
The million man march all rocking various du rags.
Walk in the gas station everybody I. Their church clothes playing they numbers looking like the million man march in this jawn
Follow me like the million man march
The resemblance between activities and the million man march is
TAN rally remains me of Abacha's one million man march.
On of speaking with on on man march in
What is the purpose of the Million Man March to take place in Kingston on Sunday Oct 19? A fundraiser for the Nation of Islam? What?
I never heard of the "Kingston Metropolitan Region Resort Board" before? And why are we having a Million Man March here in October?
Farrakhan coming and Kingston could earn $150m from ‘Million Man March’ - News via
Jon was brutally beaten up after he went to the Million Man March wearing a shirt that says "If You Ain't White, You Ain't Right".
had the Million Man March Financially Audited , this is a man we can trust !
Sounds like a million man march going on in the apartment above me
Million Man March movie? I hope to *** not 😩😄. Video was the same too. There's so much I don't know about DC & I'm ok w/that.
This 2 million man march u can't do as MARTIN LUTHER KING bc he never tell women 2 stay home. Black white women was beside MARTIN
I will even be as bold to say it was a spoke in the wheel to lead up to million man march
The 19th Anniversary of the Million Man March Celebration comes to Jamaica and the Caribbean
Million man March November 5! “and yes it doze have many effects on sum people in soo many ways
Kingston could earn $150m from ‘Million Man March’!. PROJECTIONS are that millions of dollars will be filtered...
I wonder why the Kurds are yet to stage a million man march for any particular cause.
That shouldn't be the story “Million Man March by The Nation of Islam in a "Christian Country" to generate millions ;/”
Who's follower are you? Louis Farrakhan Muhammad or Ali Muhammad Baghdadi? I know the Minister don't slander and call out of their names black leaders even when they're wrong. He would go to his brother out of the publics sight to make peace with his brother. There in lies the problem! You don't consider Blacks leader to be your brothers Mr Baghdadi. Min Farrakhan didn't attack you and called you names when you turned on him and now we see you in Mosque Maryam last Sunday. You should be guided by his way, action and reasoning in how he dealt with you. Are you saying that Minister Farrakhan granted the Uncal Toms to share the stage of the Million Man March with him-(Rev Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson) in 1995. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is my example, Prophet Muhammads (PBUH) and the Holy Quran is my standard. Bro Baghdadi you are miss guided in your attack on Black leaders, a Muslim wants for his brother what he want for himself. You should treat these Black leaders as you was treate ...
Let me say this: Because one group of Workers - e.g. we the NOI - are NOT bussing people to Ferguson like we did the Million Man March or are not en masse walking with our hands up in Ferguson chanting "Please Don't Shoot" does NOT mean that we are unconcerned with what is going on there nor that we fear going there. Some of you *** be trippin. It means that WE have a very DIFFERENT strategy and evaluate the tactics currently employed in Ferguson very DIFFERENTLY than you do. We must, must, must STOP imposing OUR strategic views on everyone else as the ONLY strategy that justifies our Work as Workers. Those who are inspired to make a change by holding up "Don't Shoot Me" signs, power to them. Those who choose instead to advocate for more Black police officers on the Ferguson PD, power to them. Those who choose to clandestinely set up Black Courts of Justice, power to them! And those who choose to Work on us Black Men DIRECTLY across this nation - teaching and TRAINING them so we are NOT such easy pre ...
Dr. Jeffries is speaking on his experiences at the Million Man March. He is speaking on meeting John Singleton at the march.
Thousands of Christian men participated in the 1995 "Million Man March" but it was called by a Nation of Islam leader http:…
Year 4: Led KKDA's coverage of Million Man March and anchored our OJ Simpson coverage. I was 26 & news director at 1,000 watt radio station
NIGHT THOUGHTS It is past 10 PM in Kinshasa, and I am getting onto the KQ flight which will take me back home to Nairobi. It has been an exhausting week. I have learned more about the Congo and its epidemics than is good for a congenital optimist. I am amazed at the fortitude of the Congolese medical officers, who soldier on against a sea of troubles with resources which are tiny in relation to the magnitude of the diseases they are fighting. These sober thoughts lead me to three of the departed. Maya Angelou died this week. To observe her passing, the BBC World Service reran a 2005 interview she had with Harriet Gilbert, from ‘The World Book Club.’ Angelou, a great raconteur, told a story about the Million Man March, to which Minister Farrakhan invited her. She came, and she even composed a poem for the occasion. Several prominent African-American women criticized her for accepting an invitation from Louis Farrakhan. She replied as follows: ‘My father was an African-American. My brother was an Afr ...
Interesting how so many well intentioned people quote Maya Angelou, blindly, as if in an attempt to "canonize" her. While she may have been a good woman, she also praised publicly murderous communist thug, Fidel Castro, and spoke alongside the likes of anti-Zionist, Louis Farrakhan. The bottom line in my opinion, is this: Even in an attempt to appeal to "all", sometimes you have to "take sides" when right is right. For example, Angelou perhaps saw Farrakhan's Million Man March as an opportunity to spread "goodwill" to the masses. But the conduit (in this case, a racist, rabidly anti-Jewish Muslim), or racist platform, should have been refused by a reasonable person. It's not smart to decry racism while standing next to, and in apparent solidarity with, an infamous racist. This brings into question, at the very least, such a person's judgment, and at most, casts a shadow of doubt on their motives. I think it is shortsighted and sets a dangerous precedent when so many people pay public tribute to a pe ...
Maya Angelou - commie lover and enabler: "In 1995 Angelou spoke at the Million Man March organized by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. That same year, she lent her support to the convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Indeed, Angelou joined such luminaries as Alec Baldwin, Derrick Bell, Noam Chomsky, Spike Lee, and Norman Mailer in signing a full-page New York Times ad advocating a new trial for Abu-Jamal."
"Though black women were largely excluded from Louis Farrakhan's "Million Man March" in 1995"
Brent Miller, this is what I sent to Mr. Steve Harvey.** Hello Mr. Harvey my name is Shedrick Roy I am a friend of Doug E. Fresh. I met you through him at Essence but many year ago at the Million Man March in D.C. Sir, I live in New Orleans & we are in need of your help Essence weekend in reference to your Mentoring program. The violence here in New Orleans is bad. Blacks are the new supremacists against one another thus creating a New K.K.K. here in 2014 Koloreds Killing Koloreds! Please Sir we could use your help maybe a segment for males at the convention center. I can be reached at 504 6 -. God Bless you & your Family. God Blesses No Matter What Life Stresses!
So Al Sharpton can be a racist bigot, but Donald Sterling is made out to be the devil? Really? Like really? He's being crucified bc of his OPINION, not because he drove his car into the Million Man March. America has turned into such a hypocritical society. Its like Cain Valesquez having "Brown pride," tatted across his chest and everything is copacetic; but if Chuck Liddell has "white pride," he's an evil, racist, white devil. Its okay to have pride in your race, as long as your race isnt Caucasian. NEWSFLASH: not everyone likes everyone. Fack. Its sad that the media narrative is that of a 3rd grade teacher.
From Sis. Tamorah Shareef Muhammad: Now I know some of you sitting back watching Soap Operas and what not The Minister said put something in your head besides a TV Drama and Soap Operas and Cheap Novels. I am saying this because there is a Documentary that is out of this world There is a Documentary called the Million Man March -The Untold Story that is POWERFUL have you ordered your copy ? If your answer is no then take your mouse and click on this link and Order your copy we need to take our minds off of scandal and and feed our minds with truth ..This Beautiful Documentary is 20.00 I love it I know you will too!
Many fraternities may have supported the Million Man March, but only Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. supported AND sponsored the March at its International Headquarters.
let Dennis Rodman travel to Million Man March for
Chris Rock famously remarked, in regard to Marion Barry being a speaker at the Million Man March, "Even in our finest hour, we had a crackhead on stage." And now, at Mandela's funeral, they had a schizophrenic, fake sign language interpreter on stage. As Redd Foxx once told an audience, "This is why black people can't get ahead: n*rs are holding us back."
I've seen a few posts regarding supposed "media blackouts" in regards to the "Million Mask March" that really need to put turnout in perspective. Two times as many people in Luton South turned out to vote for Esther Rantzen (who still only got 4.4% of the vote) than turned up to protest in our capital city. In the USA, total turnout was somewhere around 0.0006% of the population, meaning more people voting for the "Rent Is Too *** High Party" in NY alone than turning out nationally. Around two times as many people turned out to protest against the Fox Hunting Ban in London than turned out for the "Million Man March" globally. When you think about it like that, it's not such a hot news item is it?
I really like my line of *** I'm building. With not enough to make a circle but I got enough killas to fill the million man March .
Women will follow honourable men. Recall the African-American million-man march in US? It was an acknowledging this need to change.
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Onetime I walked with my friends to see a fight and someone said "He got a gun!" it turned into the million man march.
Anonymous million man march in Tampa on the fifth huh. Just need a car!!
I would love to take part in at 3 million man march into the capital no what I said into not to !!!
The Million-Man March was a great thing, but so many people rarely acknowledge that monumental event. Perhaps...
What lebron leadin the million man march now?
there hadn't been so many followers since Martin Luther king million man march
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