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Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby is a 2004 sports drama film directed, co-produced, and scored by Clint Eastwood and starring Eastwood, Hilary Swank, and Morgan Freeman.

Clint Eastwood Hilary Swank Morgan Freeman Hillary Swank Gran Torino American Sniper Cinderella Man Million Dollar Arm Mystic River Academy Award Academy Awards Best Picture Dirty Harry Best Director Raging Bull Jay Baruchel

That's the million dollar question baby.
Five favourite boxing movies . Rocky . Million Dollar Baby. Raging Bull. Play it to the Bone . Cinderella Man
So you're telling me "Million Dollar Baby" is a movie about boxing and not about the history of In Vitro Fertilization?
saw a bloke bleeding from head, I don't know its kinda violent.. "Million dollar baby" from Hillary Swank has petrified me. 😔
Who became the oldest director to win an in 2005 for Best Director for the Million Dollar Baby? T&C a…
Alan Hubbard: Nicola Adams now set to become Britain's Million Dollar Baby
Melania Trump instead of Hillary Swank in Million Dollar Baby. (appropriate title perhaps, but very opposite women)
Shawshank Redemption is my Million dollar baby and Gran Torino pretty close.
Happy birthday to my *** Million Dollar Baby sosagucciprada God…
any other boxing film will be better, Raging Bull (of course), The Fighter, Cinderella Man, Million Dollar Baby all way better.
Actually had tears in my eyes watching Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino. Clint Eastwood >>>>>>>
A million dollar worth of cars I feel like Baby ***
Million dollar baby knocks down the billion dollar babies
After watching million dollar baby Pawan Negi playing one can guess Delhites are poor in business as well
Million Dollar baby Pawan Negi's form in this so far Investing in Mutual Funds are better.
Working on getting this 20 million dollar residential deal baby 😍🙌🙏
Get your iPhone insurance today!
It's worth more than the Million Dollar Baby too xD
Congratulationss babe, time for you to add million dollar baby in your name officially ;)
that ring looks like Mariah's 10 million dollar baby.
I want to become Maggie from Million Dollar Baby
Baby I've never seen a woman with a million dollar smile like yours
37. Million Dollar Baby - STG this is the movie version of how Rhonda Rousey career went minus the ending of course ht…
Can I just say I hugely enjoyed watching Clint Eastwood's movie featuring Hillary Swank, Million Dollar Baby? Clint also composed the music!
.Edward James Olmos in Clint Eastwood role, and Michelle Rodriguez in Hillary Swank role: Million Dollar Baby.
You mean like when Jamie Foxx won for Ray? Or Morgan Freeman in Million Dollar Baby? Whitaker/Last King Of Scotland?
When going with a Haggis film, Million Dollar Baby > Crash all day. Primal Fear, one of best endings I can remember, solid.
Haven't seen Creed yet but Southpaw was real good though. So was Million Dollar Baby
Too much on tele tonight. Million Dollar Baby into Django Unchained in to Wedding singer while flicking thru the
The biggest or first one I remember is when Morgan Freeman knocked out Anthony Mackie in Million Dollar Baby
Here is a genre piece in the vein of Rocky, Million Dollar Baby and The Fighter but directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. So the film
I remember when Lil' Wayne dissed Wendy Williams on "Million Dollar Baby" 😂
Why does Jay Baruchel's performance in Million Dollar Baby bother me so much?
Look forward to watching it. is superb. Million Dollar Baby and Crash - simply fantastic story telling.
Had the pleasure to listen to Joel Cox, editor of American Sniper, Million Dollar Baby, among others
Southpaw is Rocky IV minus Russians plus Million Dollar Baby with a shade of 8 Mile and Forest Whitaker ' blue eye.
Million dollar baby I'm so million wavy, I can't wait to make a million goin million dollar crazy
Million Dollar Baby ending was a tear jerker too
Love myself enough to know my worth... And baby you do not look like a 8 Million dollar check.
the million dollar question I've been asking about my baby daddy this entire time
4 Incredible Motivational Moments From Million Dollar Baby - Million Dollar Baby, the movie that stole our hearts ... h…
Jesse: Hey Hilary Swank from Million Dollar Baby. Beca: Hey, you could just say 'Hey Million Dollar Baby" you don't have to reference
Gawd, what a tear jerker. I hate you Eastwood. — watching Million Dollar Baby
go back to mexico.$500 million dollar law suit so your upset. Poor baby
Million Dollar Baby: Stories from the Corner by FX Toole is one
"Girly Tough Aint Enough" (Million Dollar Baby) one of my favs .this post is not about you Richard LOL
2002: Couple finds out that they are having a baby boy. Life is a miracle! . 2015: Boy falls into a 1.5 million dollar painting. :-/
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Million dollar baby is such a classic 😻😻
Would've loved to hear the mother of the boy who punched a million dollar painting give out crap to him
Only just watched million dollar baby, I appreciate good films, despite being about boxing it just wasnt as great as the reviews I read.
when they made Cinderella Man, The Hurricane, Million dollar baby and Southpaw. the actors trained with
The next four years: Selfies with the 5 million dollar baby boy and hour long muzzle kiss sessions.…
It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you. ~ Million Dollar Baby | rt
What does it actually cost to raise a child? You might be surprised.
Not just Life Insurance for children. This is the Million Dollar Baby!
Dads in Spain as asked me million dollar question.. So I want a Madrid or barca top for the baby! This will play on my mind for ages now 😐
look @ the million dollar smile my little baby boy I'm so proud
Million dollar baby for Hurricanes . could've been us but you insist on sending games to the naki
Million dollar baby for Hurricanes after second sell out
Is it, like, she's always up against Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren (or Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby)😏 or is it a snub thing or?? 😔
It looks like the Hurricanes are winning off and on the pitch this season.
Million dollar baby for Hurricanes after second Super Rugby sell out
"wuts gd ladies Lookin right 4 this 1 baby. This da 1 right here this that sexy love 4 da ladies. 08 Million Dollar Baby 2. Owww"
Just got Atticus' first medical bill.. He is definitely gonna be a million dollar baby in the end & worth every penny!
"I'm the million dollar baby I'm the diamond in the dirt"
It's what Million Dollar Baby is to boxing movies for the brat pack.
That actually came up in one of my cataloging classes (with Million Dollar Baby as a specific example).
yeah but at the same time I usually wear my Million Dollar Baby cologne so now it's gonna mix in my car. 😭
I want to see that movie southpaw it look like it's gonna be good kind of like million dollar baby
Yo public service announcement!!! I gotta wish a happy birthday to my woe, my million dollar baby,…
To the 84yo woman that won the $591 million dollar PowerBall, sup baby ;)
LOVE me Defender love me true: 2 Million dollar baby to be auctioned in december
I was about to go all Hilary Swank on his *** like in Million Dollar Baby 👊💢
I’m sure it’s a good departure for JG. Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby raised the bar for me. She was fantastic.
The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) and Million Dollar Baby (2004) are on TV at the same time. Clint Eastwood at age 46 and age 74.
Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, Invictus, J. Edgar, Letters from Iwo Jima, and American Sniper. Clint Eastwood is one of the greatest.
But it's like every movie HAS to have soul crushing heartbreak in it. I'll give him Million Dollar Baby, but Gran Torino
New 538 model claims Million Dollar Baby was one of the biggest Best Picture Oscar upsets. That's not my recollection
it's just that I wanted Moore to win with her "Million Dollar Baby" performance. A magnum opus
So I finally got to watch that Clint Eastwood movie everyone was raving about. Excellent movie. The plot twist at the end was so sad ... I can see why it (Million Dollar Baby) won all those Academy Awards. What? You thought I was talking about the recent one? Ha! I might get around to seeing that in 2030 or so ...
it's a Clint Eastwood kind of day...Gran Torino... Million Dollar Baby... Unforgiven
I guess a lot is being said about Clint Eastwood's well done film "American Sniper" which went over the $200 million mark for the 10-days it has been in wide release. It is, in fact, the biggest film with which Clint Eastwood has ever been affiliated. Good for him! I am truly glad Clint finally got a blockbuster under his belt. As an actor he gave us no-nonsense characters like his Man With No Name in his early westerns, Dirty Harry, and even Walt Kowalski from "Gran Torino". As a director his Academy Award winning film "Million Dollar Baby" was about a no-nonsense tough *** gal boxer starring Hilary Swank. His Academy Award winning film "Unforgiven" was about a no-nonsense assassin in the old west trying to earn money to raise his two young kids. His Cannes Palme d'Or nominated film "White Hunter. Black Heart" was a thinly disguised docudrama about film legend John Huston's lust to hunt elephants while he was on location filming "The African Queen". Those are Eastwood's typical protagonists: hard edged, ...
his last good one is Mystic River. Maybe Million Dollar Baby too. Before that, Unforgiven.
A reformed killer in Unforgiven. A dedicated female boxer in Million Dollar Baby. A korean war vet surronded by gang violence in Gran Torino
I unashamedly admit I'm a fan of Clint Eastwood. I enjoyed Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby but American Sniper was nowhere near as good
You can fall in love at the age of 85, And can get married at the age of 65, And can reproduce at the age of 45, But your true passions have to be nurtured everyday - and its never too late or too early to start - but every moment counts. It's easy to be ordinary and to live a practical life - which grows on its own like inflation or like poverty. Stop being a mere mammal: eating, excreting, reproducing, rearing the young and surviving until you die. Remember the final 30 minutes of the movie "Million Dollar Baby" and those intense dialogs between Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood. What would you think when you're breathing your last? That I lived but never had a shot or that I lived but did everything that no one else could do - not my best but the best. In the Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, I read a statement about human evolution: human beings are different from all living beings because they can consciously create and consciously destroy... not instinctively. It took billions of years ...
Clint Eastwood returns to form with “American Sniper,” his Best Directorial effort since his one-two shot hits “Mystic River” (2003) and “Million Dollar Baby.” (2004)
I went to school with Christina Hendricks. Hilary Swank's trainer for Million Dollar Baby was named Grant Roberts.
on female boxers.. More than a decade before Maureen “Moe” Shea was Hilary Swank’s sparring partner in Million Dollar Baby, she was struggling just to get a jab in. “There were gyms that closed the door in my face,” says the now 33-year-old featherweight champion. “One person said, ‘Boxing is for people who’ve been in jail. You should be at home baking pies.’” When Shea, at 19, finally found a gym that would take her, she still hid her new hobby from her parents to avoid the inevitable questions: “Why are you doing this? Why do you want to get punched in the face?” These days, she’s more concerned with winning, and her laser focus means getting up every day at 4:30 a.m. for punishing days of training. Shea’s story follows a familiar arc: Fighting, at least at the beginning, was her way out. She initally entered into the world of boxing gyms seeking a way to lose weight, but the power she found in the ring gave her the strength and confidence she needed to leave her abusive boyf ...
I've never seen Million Dollar Baby, cause of the way the trailer man says 'Million Dollar Baby'.
I was also tagged by Anthony Frank Tan and Lynn Sherman for this so here goes my 15 Films I'm stuck with: 1) Sound of Music 2) Oliver! - based on Oliver Twist a Charles Dickens novel 3) Romeo and Juliet - by William Shakespeare acted by Leonard Whiting & Olivia Hussey directed by Franco Zeffirelli 4) E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial - Phone home! 5) AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Robbin Williams & Haley Joel Osment 6) Ghostbusters - Who you gonna call?!? 7) Monsters, Inc. 3D 8) Slum Dog Millionaire 9) Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind - directed by Steven Spielberg 10) Love Story - Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw directed by Arthur Hiller 11) Happy Feet animation 12) The Incredibles 13) Avatar 14) Million Dollar Baby - directed by Clint Eastwood And so far, my most FAVORITE OF ALL is: 15) The Life of Pi - directed by Ang Lee based on Yann Matel's novel ^_^ (Y) ^_^ So now I have to tag friends who asked me to do this and 15 others to do the same daw..Anna Ylagan, Ann M-c, Ana Ma. Victoria Perez, Sab Kintanar, Teddy ...
so far this week I've been called Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, & The Boxer of Lea County 😂😂
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I got Million Dollar Baby yesterday, so as a Mystic River fan I'm pretty excited.
Bhansali compares with Million Dollar Baby tar & said only Priyanka could pull of the title role in 'Mary Kom'.
Should I watch Million Dollar Baby again what's Hilary Swank doing today
saw the trailer of Mary Kom... Looks like u hv tried to do a Hillary Swank ..Million Dollar Baby! Will be too disappointed!
Million Dollar Baby. Can't help but see the resemblance between Clint Eastwood with Hilary Swank and Wayne Bennett with Alex McKinnon
Millie and Dempsey. They are Boxers. Millie = Million Dollar Baby. Dempsey = Jack Dempsey. (I had Laila & George too)
Should not have included Million Dollar Baby, that is a long film, but also v good and Jay Baruchel is v v good obviously
I chose "Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby (2004)" in the Movie
Clinton "Clint" Eastwood, Jr. (born May 31, 1930) is an American actor, film director, producer and composer. He rose to international fame with his role as the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy of spaghetti Westerns during the 1960s, and as Harry Callahan in the five Dirty Harry films throughout the 1970s and 1980s. These roles, among others, have made him an enduring cultural icon of masculinity.[1][2] For his work in the films Unforgiven (1992) and Million Dollar Baby (2004), Eastwood won Academy Awards for Best Director and Producer of the Best Picture, as well as receiving nominations for Best Actor. His greatest commercial successes have been Every Which Way But Loose (1978) and its sequel, Any Which Way You Can (1980), after adjustment for inflation.[3] Other popular films include Hang 'Em High (1968), Play Misty for Me (1971), Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974), The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976), Escape from Alcatraz (1979), Firefox (1982), Tightrope (1984), Pale Rider (1985), Heartbrea ...
Million Dollar Baby (2004) - Morgan Freeman is Dr Tannon, an IVF doctor on a quest to create the perfect human. Also feat: Zack Braff.
.reports on the sale of the Million Dollar Baby (aka Son of Frankel) at Kensington Palace tonight
"And now a preview of Million Dollar Baby: The Musical, staring Latoya Jackson and Eugene Levy"
is celebrating Morgan Freeman's birthday today by Driving Miss Daisy through The Dark Knight to meet the Million Dollar Baby, Brubaker who was Born to be Wild. Later a trip to Las Vegas to Eyewitness The Shawshank Redemption that has Conan the Barbarian Clean and Sober for the first time in Se7en years. Finally Olympus Has Fallen after the Deep Impact of the March of the Penguins, but Along Came a Spider and Unleashed an Edison Force that caused a Chain Reaction that restored power by the Electric Company.
Morgan Freeman (06/01/1937 – ) is an American actor, film director, and narrator. Freeman has received Academy Award nominations for his performances in Street Smart, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption and Invictus, and won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby. When he was nine years old, he played the lead role in a school play. He turned down a drama scholarship at Jason State University to work as a radar mechanic in the U.S. Air Force in 1955. He has spoken in opposition to Black History Month, saying that black history is American history. He was married to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw from 1967 to 1979. He married his second wife, Myrna Colley-Lee in 1984. The couple separated in 2010. Freeman Quote: "I knew at an early age I wanted to act. Acting was always easy for me. I don't believe in predestination, but I do believe that once you get where ever it is you are going, that is where you were going to be. Was I always going to be here? No I was not. I was going to ...
Just finished watching "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." It was so amazing. It really pains me, now that I think about it, because I realized that movies like it: "American Beauty" "What Maisie Knew" "Million Dollar Baby" "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" "Rent" Are never made anymore. Movies that show us real life situations that could actually happen, slice of life situations, how much that life can go downhill, very sensitive topics that prefer by society to be ignored, tragedy that can happen to regular, everyday people, and showing basic human behaviors and how they respond to such tragedy. Also, how people can overcome sadness and find joy in their current situation. Only superhero garbage and cliche action movies are made these days. WHY? :(
I was not alone for Million Dollar Arm. Some people brought a crawling up and down the aisle baby. Sample dialogue, "Control your child!"
Going to see Million Dollar Arm with my baby. 😍
Report: Disney wanted to make 'Million Dollar Baby Arm' but could not get PG rating
Million Dollar Baby is one of the best movies ever
Couldn't bring myself to ask at the box office for 2 tickets to Million Dollar Baby Arm.
Looking for Million Dollar baby Ashbury 4 in one convertible crib in white. In EUC below retail price. Not interested in any other crib besides this one. Thanks in advance!
Million Dollar necklace in a Million Dollar baby
Ari on my header looking like a million dollar baby 😘😍😛
Pawpaw use to call me million dollar baby
Can someone just Million Dollar Baby me, like right now please
Only took me 10yrs but finally watched Million Dollar Baby. Eastwood delivers every time! Even the credits were beautiful
I saw Million Dollar Baby and cried... :'( Loved the movie! I still have to watch Black Swan, though... Is it nice?
"Winners are simply willing to do what loser won't." - MILLION DOLLAR BABY -
"Mo Cuishle means... My Darling, My Blood.". This is my favorite quote from Clint Eastwood when he played in "Million Dollar Baby."
Awesome, film it and if you accidentally million dollar baby it, it's guaranteed over night YouTube sensation
Finally have one of the best movies out there. Million Dollar Baby. 😄
Son : Mom...can I have that 1 million dollar car.. Mom : anything for my Baby..
Wish me luck lotto ticket 21 million dollar baby :)
If you are sad in any way whatsoever, don't watch million dollar baby. It's not the uplifting tale you would think.
Sister is sitting down now and my baby Lana is singing million dollar man. She sounds angelic
million dollar baby, god I missed that pic
I can't wait to see Million Dollar Baby-arm!
Yes I just crawled out from under a rock after all these years. I finally watched Million Dollar Baby! Amazing! And I cried!
It's the best I got but hey it will do! . Million Dollar Arm baby!!!
I remember watching "Million Dollar Baby" but now I'm trying to figure out if "Million Dollar Arm" is a sequel or a prequel.
Hollywood, you can't take Million Dollar Baby, replace "Baby" with "Arm" and expect me to spend money.
Margo Martindale, Actress: Million Dollar Baby. Margot Martindale was born July 18, 1951 in Jacksonville, Texas to William Everett and Margaret Martindale. The youngest of three children, and the only daughter. She attended Lon Marris College, and later transferred to University of Michigan at Ann A…
I guess anybody can b a rapper Lmao let me record my baby heart beat and call it a million dollar hit
Saw million dollar baby for the first time. not gonna lie... I cried...
Million dollar baby is one emotional movie
All purpose parts banner
Was Million Dollar Baby so successful that they decided to make sequels describing the Baby's body parts? . Million Dollar Arm. !?!?!
You might have a million dollar baby But you have a foodstamp face!
I'm definetley a looser when I'm sitting here crying to million dollar baby on a Friday night
"i'm just gettin high thinkin bout the Carter 5" Weezy on 'Million Dollar Baby' in 2009
we talking about million dollar baby.. Mallon we can't believe you turned it off.. We shall discuss on next night out LOL!😂😂
Robert Mathis kissing 605k goodbye to have a kid? Million dollar baby is buggin
Million dollar baby arm. That's what I call my ***
Million Dollar Arm, Million Dollar Baby.. Oh man, I can't afford any of these movies.
Million Dollar Baby. Requiem for a dream. Movies ticked off.
Unbeatable the more real life version of million dollar baby
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis bought a $10 million house in Beverly Hills! See where they'll be raising their baby:
"Million Dollar Arm isn't cool, you know what's cool?! Million Dollar BABY." - moviegoers
End of d day.. .. somehow Congress successed to save its brand. I. e. Rahul gandhi. Nw atleast congress is happy for its million dollar baby (Rahul gandhi or pappu). . hw sad too bad.. ... namo, namo.. .. islamabad chahiye hme.. ...
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Friday Matinee @ Hitachi Consulting, watching Million Dollar Baby with snacks n tea.
Samantha Burns Looks like I have Million Dollar Baby, just got to see if it works. By the way, it's Hilary Swank not Margaret Thatcher that stars in it ;)
BJP is striking the seats of all parties just as the million dollar baby- GLENN MAXWELL in this IPL !!!
Without any doubt, RUSH is the best sport related movie in recent years! Following by Warrior, Green Street Hooligans, Remember the titans, Seabiscuit.Somehow i haven't watch Million dollar baby & Cinderella Man. "A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends"
Who would win in a fight Million Dollar Arm or Million Dollar Baby?
Can't wait to see that new Jon Hamm movie 'Million Dollar Baby's Arm Holding An Apple'
Finally watched a *** good movie last night. Million Dollar Baby-Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. If you havent watched it yet, i highly recomend that you see it.
Checking out gyms for boxing classes today. Because I'm Hilary Swank living in a Million Dollar Baby world.
Moviefone has a list up of the top 101 sports movies of all time, but here is his top 25. Do you agree with them and the order? 25. " White Men Can't Jump" (1992). Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes show real teamwork as playground basketball hustlers in Ron Shelton's comedy. 24. "The Pride of the Yankees" (1942). We dare you not to cry when Yankee stalwart Lou Gehrig (Gary Cooper), felled by his namesake disease, delivers his retirement speech. 23. "Seabiscuit" (2003). Jeff Bridges, Tobey Maguire, Chris Cooper, and that magical horse complement each other brilliantly in this true-life drama about the Depression-era racehorse that captured the imagination of even working-class Joes. 22. " Jerry Maguire" (1996). Beyond the romance, the Cameron Crowe catchphrases ("Show me the money!"), and Tom Cruise's pained grin, there's a trenchant look at the harsh realities of the industry of professional sports. 21. " Million Dollar Baby" (2004). Oscars went to Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, and filmmaker/star Clint Ea ...
Dude. Hillary Swank in Million Dollar Baby. But the worst...Tim Robbins at the end of Mystic River. My heart sank into my sack.
Look at my grandbaby looking like a million dollar baby!!granny love you...
Doc sends Big Baby to the locker room…million dollar talent, 2 cent head
To all you ladies.You know that when you're late it means that you're prego, right? Well, what does it mean when you get fixed and you're late? I'm fixed and late. It could be one of two things.1. Stress. and 2. I'm prego. I freaking hope that it's 1. I have had a lot of stress in the last 3 wks. and the stress isn't over yet. So let's all hope that it's stress. Otherwise.We have a MILLION DOLLAR BABY!
Baby, I got million dollar dreams, with my mind on cream $
You're my million dollar baby. My pretty sexy lady
I was NOT prepared for the emotional roller coaster that the last half of "Million Dollar Baby" would cause. Omg.   10% Off
My top ten movies based on a particular letter! I was given “M" by Lyndia Ives Zarra. These are definitely movies that if I was just passing through the living room, I’d sit down and watch if it was on. Like this post and I'll bestow a letter upon you too! In no particular order... 1. Mighty Joe Young 2. Mad Max 3. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein 4. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 5. The Matrix 6. Men in Black 7. The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc 8. Million Dollar Baby 9. The Miracle Worker (1962) 10. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Million Dollar Baby reminds me why I can't be a boxer. Everything's backwards and you have to know your left from right...too confusing
Flipping heck. Million Dollar Baby. I have chills. So intense. Completely lost for words.
"Baby If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you I would be a million air"🎧
I found this cool video Funny million dollar baby 5 seconds movie on AppTrailers!
Sulli had a lot of nickname : Ssul, Giant Baby, One Million Dollar Smile, Sulli is the truth, Sullovely, Sulliver
I was just at a baby shower in a 35 million dollar apartment in New York. Hmm...
Just been watching Million Dollar Baby, such a wonderful movie. It portrays sadness with a honesty that you seldom see in movies today.
Crying at Million Dollar Baby; those *** took advantage poor danger when he's clearly got learning difficulties. People can be cruel!
Million dollar baby is one of the best films I've ever seen
I love you my three million Dollar baby Love mommy
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Finally worked up the courage and watched Million Dollar Baby. Brilliant film. I recommend it to everyone, but bring your tissues!
My book spoils the ending of Million Dollar Baby, which I actually find helpful because who wants to see Million Dollar Baby?
You dont have a half a million dollar car, you keep it real baby thats all that i know. Cause you come from the ghetto🎶
I've never cried in a movie harder than Million Dollar Baby
Million dollar baby is such a good movie!
Just watched Million Dollar Baby & have cried so hard I've given myself a headache. That's one way to spend your Saturday night.
Forgot how good Million Dollar Baby is, classic! 👍
Just watched million dollar baby, never seen it until now! Awesome film feeling really emotional now, feel sorry for Maggie
Happy birthday to the The only million dollar baby I know. Cheers to 21 years! See you tomorrow 💜
Million dollar baby makes me cry every time!
Watched million dollar baby again. Feel sad again.
WOW!! First time watching million dollar baby. What a film. Very sad though. Brought a tear to my eye once or twice I must admit. Brilliant.
Million Dollar baby is so amazing I was nearly in tears
Million dollar baby, one of the best films ever!
Just watched Million Dollar Baby? Wow what an amazing film, wish I would stop crying now though...
Can't believe iv only just watched 'million dollar baby' what a film..if I wasn't such a man I would have cried at the end 😢
Watching million dollar baby. I thought this was a feel good film. Boy, was I wrong. 🙈
That sign is a million dollar endorsement baby
Really wasn't the best idea to watch Million Dollar Baby!
million dollar baby is a GOOD movie…
Million Dollar Baby. "That was a negative and right now I need two positives"
Can't believe million dollar baby was 10 years go ... it always gets me :(
Its the million dollar baby lotto ticket.
'Million dollar baby' is emotional.
Million Dollar baby is so emotional 😫
Watching Million Dollar Baby. Haven't seen it in YEARS! Such a sad but awesome film
Maggie Fitzgerald the million dollar baby you can't beat it
Why have I never watched million dollar baby before?!
Million Dollar Baby is this film so much
Am I ready for the end of million dollar baby? I don't know if I am
Chilling with a bottle of Carmen m n watching Million Dollar Baby with Aisling Fitzgerald. ;) must make the gym tomorrow ;( might get some inspiration from this ;))
God, I'm sorry, I mean it All I want to do is walk with you but My priorities wrong, I talk about you more than I talk with you Uhh One of my mentors taught me Whenever things get foggy If you wanna grow in God It's not complicated It just costy Gotta spend that time, currency Uhh, overtime gets to learn to be Uhh, strong enough to admit I'm weak To meet with God I'll need his needs Yeah, 2014 bout' to be different I think my favorite word will be no Opportunities come and they go, but None of them is worth my soul That's somethin' that you can't afford, and Got me thinking what's most important Uhh, I get kicks watching grown men in line for some Jordans Nowadays, time is fortune, but chasing fortune is all consuming I feel like God is calling dudes They just wanna play Call of Duty This that Peter Pan At the dinner table out in Never Land Eating, can't nobody see it but me and my boys That's the way I wanna keep it Huh Aye, I lost a couple friends to this new season Jealousy and hate for a few reasons U ...
Million Dollar Baby's a fine example of the kind of movie I'll only watch just a few minut- hey, where'd those two hours go?
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Million Dollar Baby an a bottle of tonic.
Million dollar baby is a great film
Million dollar baby. Adore this film.
Million dollar baby what an absolute top class film
Dresser by million dollar baby. Needs some work. 25.00 located in Anderson must pick up.
First time I've ever watched million dollar baby, very good motion picture
Million dollar baby is about to start! Great watch!
That million dollar smile , my baby girl
Million dollar baby is on sky tonight as well
interview with Maureen Shea | the Woman behind Million Dollar Baby: by TEAMLEFTJAB .
There ain't many better films than million dollar baby. Bloody love it
So I watched Million Dollar Baby last night...Hillary Swank is outstanding. I had tears in my eyes...
*.Which movie has won the best motion picture of the year award at Oscars, 2005-Million Dollar Baby *.Which political party has won the maximum number of seats in the recently held assembly elections in Bihar-Janta Dal United *.Jamie fox has won the Best Actor award in the Oscars, 2005. For which movie, He has been awarded? Ray *.77thOscars, 2005 has awarded Best actress award in a leading Role To? Hilary Swank *.President of Afghanistan was on a visit to India during February? March, 2005. His name is-Mr. Hamid Karzai *.Who is the richest Indian as per ‘Forbes’ list? Lakshmi Niwas Mittal *.Which film has won the 51stNational Film Awards, 2005 in the category of Best Feature film on National Integration also called ‘Nargis Dutt Award’ Pinjar (Hindi) *.Who has won Dada Saheb Falke Award, 2003 declared in the National Film Award ceremony, 2005-Ashok Kumar (Posthumously) *.Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the President of India is the author of the book? The Wings of Fire and Ignited Minds *.Nanavathi Commission ...
I'm just trying to make sense of a world where Hilary Swank has 2 Oscars, one of which was for Million Dollar Baby, and DiCaprio has 0.
- 2005 - "Million Dollar Baby" (Clint Eastwood / Hilary Swank). Many people expected "Ray" (Jamie Foxx) to win, but I agree with this result. - 2006 - "Crash" (ensemble cast). A really good movie that always makes me sad when I watch it, with it's unrelenting racism on all fronts. I also like "Munich" (Eric Bana). - 2007 - "The Departed" (Leonardo DiCaprio / Jack Nicholson). Great movie! - 2008 - "No Country for Old Men" (Josh Brolin / Tommy Lee Jones / Javier Bardem). One of my all-time favourite movies. Bardem's 'Anton Chiguhr' is one of my all-time favourite characters. - 2009 - "Slumdog Millionaire". As good a choice as any among the nominees, I suppose. My favourite movie "The Wrestler" (Mickey Rourke) didn't even get nominated. Rourke at least got a Best Male Actor nomination, but didn't win.
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Raging Bull, Breaking Away, Chariots of Fire, Million Dollar Baby, Field of Dream, and Moneyball thats half
22 games of Bingo, two 50/50s, numerous sets of door prizes and a Chinese Auction and I won...wait for very own copy of the movie "Million Dollar Baby"on DVD.
Current to watch list: All is Lost, Deer Hunter, Million Dollar Baby, Children of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien.
I now present my strange response to watching Million Dollar Baby for the first time a few weeks ago:
Loved tonight.. Finally forced, won and got my boys to agree to watch Annie with me ( Carol Burnett as Miss Hanagan one of course )and they liked it 😉 .. even were really into it even though they would probably never admit it.. then Corey went to bed and Justin and I watched Million Dollar Baby together to rebalance the masculinity in the house.. Had such a great night .. Nothing special but great quality time with the two little boys who make up my whole world. ❤
Ten years ago, Million Dollar Baby won the Academy Award for Best Picture. I'm pretty sure that it should have won the award for saddest movie ever made also.
hall of fame is the theme song to new Disney movie Million Dollar Arm and its the theme to the Winter…
to my hubby i will never forget u love u baby . ♫ Million Dollar Bill - Freemasons Club Mix – Whitney Houston
Is Corey Anderson the next million dollar baby of the ? A Report on which team will suit him the most:
"If she died today you know what her last thought would be? I think I did alright." -Million Dollar Baby
Our million dollar baby(wanted to spend it all on granboy but hubby thought he had to go pay the land taxes lol)
Are you grooming your kids for financial success or will they be following in your footsteps? Watch the Million Dollar Baby video at the end of this post... are on a mission to bring up a wise and financially responsible and prosperous generation! The younger you teach your kids about wise money matters and the younger you set them up for financial success, the more they benefit. Here's a way for you to get them started on their financial freedom path... This video will BLOW your mind... The Million Dollar Baby
You got a million dollar smile baby!:**
Getting ready to watch the story of maggy and her coach boss/Clint Eastwood dollar baby...
Watching million dollar baby. Lol hilarious movie in a serious way lol. - I been thinking on it and how did you get the ice through this little hole. Lmfao.
okay I shall give you some that I like yes? Forrest Gump, fight club, never let me go, the game, million dollar baby
Cinderella Man, the Rocky series, Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby and more. Is there any other sport that has had as many good movies.
and bit me tongue clean in half a feel like Hilary Swank in million dollar baby 👅
You were the million dollar baby in IPL 6 ...Which team are you wanting to play for in IPL 7 ?
Million dollar baby will always be my go-to-sleep film. Sorry, Wes Anderson. You have four films in the running.
The sickest man you owned that. One million dollar baby, G Dragon.
“Best movie of all time ?”million dollar baby if it's a serious one..or Malcolm X.or training Day...anything with Denzel 😂😂
But you got a million dollar body trust me baby I know.
Million dollar baby is seriously the saddest movie of all time 😭😭
that scene I just couldn't stop laughing!!! Also the Million Dollar Baby reference! Best grief council ever!
You probably watch million dollar baby and root for the stool
Went on a Starbucks run with two French braids and I get that I look like Hilary Swank from "Million Dollar Baby" lol
It's safe to say Million Dollar Baby just breached my Top 5 always makes me shed a tear. The movie really captures what boxing is all about.
So my beautiful wife thought I should watch million dollar baby for the first time. Gee that was fun, next I should watch Brians Song. Love hate sad sports movies.
Rocky 4, Cinderalla Man and Million Dollar Baby are the truth
Breast Cancer Awareness
Million Dollar baby chick is also in Buffy. Hilarious
then I guess Gran Torino, Trouble with the Curve, Million Dollar Baby, Silence of the Lambs, Crimson Tide
I watched million dollar baby today and if you haven't seen it you should.
Wait. George Jackson Sr just texted his baby girl The million dollar question of the day."HOW MUCH?". I love my father yo.
Kids a free spirit, million dollar baby MashaAllah, I think Donald Duck is a bad influence on him though lmao
That scene in Million Dollar Baby when Morgan Freeman beats the *** out of Anthony Mackie
MILLION DOLLAR BABY: A star in her own right, she was recently the cynosure of all eyes at the premiere of her...
I always ask my dad to teach me how to box right, but he won't cause he watched million dollar baby.
To the 84yr old woman that won the $591 million dollar PowerBall, wasup baby ;)
It's movie time... Million Dollar Baby followed by Star Wars Ep. II!
Hillary Swank is adorable in million dollar baby 💙.
The ending of million dollar baby is so sad 😢
Celine Dion's $73 million dollar mansion has a water park in the backyard! 😳😱 (Pic
My husband has never seen Million Dollar Baby?!?
"Mo Cuishle, means my darling, my blood." . Million Dollar Baby.
son he gonna "million dollar baby" that *** straight face shots... Game is gonna bully him OD
Million Dollar Baby has me choked up 😪
So I finally watched "Million Dollar Baby" which won the Academy Award ten years ago. Aggressively mediocre is a good way to describe it. If I had to rate it I'd give it a C-. Great job yet again academy. Here's 3 movies that would have been better choices. Sideways, The Aviator, Kill Bill Vol. 2
Fern is getting laser... My little Million Dollar Baby
Black million dollar baby brand crib. My daughter never would sleep in it. Mattress included. $80
I have never seen the movie million dollar baby until just now.. Omg so sad it seems like everything Clint Eastwood directs ends up being a great movie but you're crying your eyes out at the end.
Oh lord. Why. Why. Why am I watching million dollar baby. Why. Stop. Turn it off. Change the channel. Don't cry.
Million Dollar Baby (2004) photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
Million dollar baby...I dig this movie
Watching million dollar baby i haven't seen this movie in forever
Enjoyed 3miles at Lakeshore Trail with the Family Erma Richardson Banks and Eric D Belvedere then went to George Ward to do some boxing with Earl Campbell, Chandra Griffin, and Royveta Webster. Feeling like the Million Dollar Baby!
Because watching Million Dollar Baby and Jack back to back was a great idea...
Sitting here watching Million Dollar Baby. Crying. I had forgotten how good Clint Eastwood and Hillary Swank were in this.
Million Dollar Baby - what a great movie. I cry every time I watch it.
One of my favorite movies has got to be million dollar baby.
Million Dollar Baby is one of the saddest movies. :( Well, aside from PS I Love You and My Sisters Keeper.
It might be a little *** but million dollar baby is pretty much the only movie that can make me wana cry multiple times and it is such an awsome picture if i do say so myself
Watching million dollar baby mentally training Preparing for sustaining what a trillion ain't attaining ..maintaining this flesh as decay slaying staining My canvas ink sketched across skin entertaining Roaming pupils ..true peers waning Though the 1's woke still gaining More while the rest complaining We obtaining Cultivating authentic highs not duplicating The lies ..the passion of those mating Under the sun..the moon and stars contemplating
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Wow just watched million dollar baby... Never watched it right through before, I bawled like a little sissy girl.. And I never cry..😩 lol so sad.
Latest Film Watched: Million Dollar Baby (12). Starring acting royalty Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman... Million Dollar Baby will take your breath away. Boxing trainer Frankie Dunn (Eastwood) has been unwilling to let himself get close to anyone for a very long time because the pain of his own daughter not wanting anything to do with him has been to much to bare - Then Maggie Fitzgerald walks into his gym. She has had a very tough life, full of constant struggle. Maggie's got herself this far on raw talent and unbeatable determination. But what she really wants is someone to believe in her. The last thing Frankie needs is that kind of responsibility or that kind of risk. But he is won over by Maggie's incredible fighting spirit and he agrees to take her on and show her that "Tough aint Enough!". Fight after fight they begin to form a bond and inspire each other to move on from past experiences. In time they find a sense of family in each other that they lost long ago. Yet, they both will face a battle ...
One Million Dollar Baby and more, more more
Watching Million Dollar Baby makes me sob uncontrollably every time :(
Million Dollar Baby... The most heart breaking movie I have ever seen!
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