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Millie Bobby Brown

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Every time I see Stranger Things, I wonder how tf you name your child Millie Bobby Brown
If I was young, Millie Bobby Brown would be mine.
I love Millie Bobby Brown. The song is nice, too.
Someone come collect Millie Bobby Brown from the IKEA ball pit, she's done playing 🗣
First Day Feels - Converse x Millie Bobby Brown via this is my fav i love it so much
Here's our cat Mia, spending the day enjoying the November issue with Millie Bobby Brown on the cover.
If this was a man saying he wants to have sex with Millie Bobby Brown there'd be a riot. This woman is a predator. End of…
Millie Bobby Brown photographed by Anthony Maule for InStyle. part 1/2
Millie Bobby Brown channeled her inner Brooke Shields and recreated this iconic Calvin Klein commercial from 1980…
Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown deserved emmy's for Stranger Things. Fight me.
📸 | Paris with Brooke Shields and Millie Bobby Brown attend the Calvin Klein Collection fashion show during the . 4/…
I realized I want Patty Jenkins to do a young Leia starring Millie Bobby Brown, and I kind of can't…
I loved (LOVED!!) the Millie Bobby Brown (Flipper / Wassup Guys) agent bit today! Giggled live and listened again OnDemand.
I'm gonna name my dog Millie Bobby Brown.
i'm in love with Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown looking like a princess in Calvin Klein 👑
can we just say Millie Brown instead of Millie Bobby Brown?
Millie Bobby Brown in: 22 things that are stranger than Stranger Things.
Everyone in that category deserved it more than Millie Bobby Brown. If she had won that would've bee…
Millie Bobby Brown was barely asked about fashion more about the show.
daenerys-stormborn:. Millie Bobby Brown at the 69th Annual...
Millie Bobby Brown looking beautiful at the 2017
Fav part of the Emmys opening number is Colbert dancing w/ Millie Bobby Brown while the Demogorgon claps along w/ its jaw-flaps behind them
Do you think Millie Bobby Brown should have won an Emmy for the show Stranger Things?
Here's a better look at my portrait of Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven from Stranger Things.
How have I just seen this!?! . Millie Bobby Brown and Raf Simons after the Calvin Klein SS18 show. - I
Glass Mask needs a new live action, and Millie Bobby Brown needs to star in it.
Its defo an instant classic. Winona Ryder is so good on the show same with Millie Bobby Brown. Also the trailer was amazing
anyone else see a little Elizabeth Perkins in Millie Bobby Brown
The one thing that Millie Bobby Brown and Maisie Williams are fed up of people saying to them:
Street Style of the Week: Millie Bobby Brown, Rachel Lindsay, & Alessandra Ambrosio by
Millie Bobby Brown tells us why Steve Harrington would be a strong supporter of renaming the Redskins
Millie Bobby Brown is the new Hayley Mills, right?
@ movie studios, you have not yet given me my family drama featuring Jessica Raine and Millie Bobby Brown playing mother/daughter. why not
If you don't think Millie Bobby Brown looks like young Natalie Portman then you're blind.
Stephen is reluctant to let the earth blow up, chats about being 13, & htt…
We need to protect Millie bobby brown at all costs. Millie, sweetie, I'm so sorry
Millie Bobby Brown on the late show was amazing, also if someone could buy me her outfit that would be great thanks
Millie Bobby Brown's family hasn't seen 'Stranger Things,' and neither has she! qua
Congrats, Millie Bobby Brown on your Best Supporting Actress Emmy nomination for
I feel like Millie Bobby Brown is the equivalent to Emma Watson of the new generation.
Millie Bobby Brown and Paris Jackson came out in the The xx's new music video :'-)
Millie Bobby Brown gets her heart broken in The xx’s new video
The xx just keep killing it with these music videos. Millie Bobby Brown is the next great actress of our era.
Happy Birthtime to thing strangling MILLIE BOBBY BROWN! 11 today! Happy Birthtime Brownie! Eggnog!
Millie Bobby Brown is low key annoying
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"I started auditioning when I was 8 years old and I'm now 13." on her career:
The xx share new video ft. Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things -
The xx enlist Millie Bobby Brown and more in their new vid for ‘I Dare You’
Guys I'm Millie Bobby Brown in the new xx music video 😂 single af and always 5th wheeling hard AF 👫💃🏻👫
.talks and what she's wearing to the Emmys:
Paris Jackson, Millie Bobby Brown wear Calvin Klein for the xx's new music video
Millie Bobby Brown dazzles fans with Beyonce and Katy Perry renditions
Millie Bobby Brown mocks her MTV Movie & breakdown in ador
"I want me, Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart to create a new squad." -Millie Bobby Brown. YAAASSS PLEASE
Really late to the party on Stranger Things but this kid Millie Bobby Brown is unbelievable. Carrying the show for me.
Wow, so, Millie Bobby Brown is really gonna be something else some day. I hope she doesn't end up like Lindsay Lohan and that lot.
Millie Bobby Brown deserves the world and more
The photo of Millie Bobby Brown, Emma Watson, and Hugh Jackson is so adorable I'm so jealous
Millie Bobby Brown and Dafne Keen are the cutest 💕
And your choice for Best Actor In A Show goes to Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown!
Emma Watson and Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown pick up first gender-neutral actor awards
When you realize 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown won an award while you're still in your pjs
I LOVE YOU!. Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown on the red carpet.
Millie Bobby Brown broke down while accepting her Best Actor In A Show award & there wasn't a dry eye in the room:
Millie Bobby Brown, Daniel Kaluuya, Emma Watson and more of tonight's winners:
See the photo of Eleven meeting Belle with Wolverine at the MTV Movie & TV Awards
Millie Bobby Brown at the red carpet in MTV Awards. PRINCESS!
Millie Bobby Brown meeting Emma Watson at the may be the most cutest thing we saw today! 😭❤️
Millie Bobby Brown from just won Best TV Actor at and no, YOU"RE crying😭
Emma Watson and Millie Bobby Brown make history with gender-neutral wins at the MTV Movie & TV Awards
ICYMI -- won Best Actor in a TV Show at the
Me watching Millie Bobby Brown crying at the RN :
the imbalancing act comes out today, millie bobby brown won an MTV award for best actor in a show, today is going to be a…
The Stranger Things cast is all of us after Millie Bobby Brown's acceptance speech. 👏👏👏
Millie Bobby Brown wins Best Actor in a Show for "Stranger Things"
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Millie Bobby Brown texts Cara Delevingne for fashion advice.
MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: Millie Bobby Brown is Now on a Text Basis with Cara Delevingne…
Emma Watson and Millie Bobby Brown met at the and it was adorable:
Millie Bobby Brown sounds like a complete adult while I can barely function enough to string three words together
Famous Liverpool fans I know of: Millie Bobby Brown (of Stranger Things), Daniel Craig, John Oliver, Sa…
'This girls got pipes': Paris Jackson on Millie Bobby Brown
Paris Jackson flashes abs as she bonds with Millie Bobby Brown
Paris Jackson bonds with Millie Bobby Brown on LA set - Daily Mail
Loved meeting Millie Bobby Brown today. Such a talented young actress with her feet on the ground. Bright future ahead.…
how about some Buffy TVS and Stranger Things guests this year? Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Millie Bobby Brown, etc.
📸 Millie Bobby Brown in the portrait studio at Variety Studio: Actors on Actors (April 02, 2017)
Take a break you deserve and get well, ❤ love you sweetie 😚
Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown pulls out of fan event 'to rest'.
I have to rest - Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown posts video message explaining…
Stranger Things star cancels fan event 'to rest'
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Millie Bobby Brown is taking a break from the spotlight to rest for a bit:
'I’ve worked too hard' Millie Bobby Brown, 13, PULLS OUT of convention appearance…
Millie Bobby Brown cancels appearance to rest
Millie Bobby Brown opened up about her exhaustion in the most mature way
Aren't there rules to protect minors against this??
Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown are new generation JLaw. Firebacks to Jimmy Fallon and Ellen but still playing cool. Love all 5 of them
Day 8: Kristen should direct a movie starring Millie Bobby Brown or Ellen Page
Millie Bobby Brown from really wants to play Leia -
Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things speaks at the Emerald...
Made it to the Millie Bobby Brown autograph line, the longest line at the Emerald City Comic Con. .
Though my one sadness is that I won't get to see Millie Bobby Brown or Tom Felton. Maybe they'll go back next year.
Eleven | Millie Bobby Brown. - waffles. - girl power. - she is our friend and she is crazy.
Try not to let your world turn upside-down, but Millie Bobby Brown is basically a clone of Marcia Clark:
maybe it's the maternal part of me, since I could easily be her mom @ 31. But, I want to shield Millie Bobby Brown from creepy men forever.
I share a birthday with Millie Bobby Brown, aka Eleven. So who's the real winner here?
Millie Bobby Brown attend the Calvin Klein show at New York fashion week.
A$AP Rocky & Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things hanging out at the Calvin Klein fashion show.
Millie Bobby Brown and Gwyneth Paltrow join the front row at New York Fashion Week.
can't believe Sarah Paulson and Millie Bobby Brown invented acting
'Krampus' director Michael Dougherty will lead the actress' first film role
star Millie Bobby Brown set to be part of sequel
Awesome!!. ⚡ Millie Bobby Brown will battle a new monster: Godzilla.
'Stranger Things' star Millie Bobby Brown has been cast in the 'Godzilla' sequel
Godzilla: King of the Monsters eats up Stranger Things&Millie Bobby Brown
Eleven is making her way in the world...
Bobbie Brown from is tapped to star in Gozilla vs Kong... 2 more films in pre production -...
BREAKING: has been cast in Legendary's Godzilla: King of Monsters!
COOL NEWS: Stranger Things sensation Millie Bobby Brown to star in GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. Yes, that's the sequel…
Millie Bobby Brown is set to appear in the Godzilla sequel!
Millie Bobby Brown could become a winner on Sunday. But Thandie Newton is hard to beat: h…
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I'm so excited I'm about to pop!! THE BEST casting news for a franchise in ages!!! Congrats! htt…
breakout star Millie Bobby Brown has joined the cast of "Godzilla: King of the Monsters," coming out March…
breakout Millie Bobby Brown set to star in 'Godzilla' sequel (exclusive)
Millie Bobby Brown, Abbey Lee dress up for Raf Simons' first move at
Millie Bobby Brown, a breakout star from will appear at Wizard World Comic Con in
Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, and Millie Bobby Brown at the 74th annual Golden Globe A…
Today on Jessica Biel plus Millie Bobby Brown from Watch now only on News 3!…
star Millie Bobby Brown compares the red carpet to the Emmys
Millie Bobby Brown is so cute with her cute short hair and her cute sparkly dress and her cute accent so cute
Also excited to see Millie Bobby Brown in her silver dress - could be a star making night for this young star
Make it happen!!! Millie Bobby Brown could totally be Princess Leia in the teen years of her life on Alderaan. Carrie would'v…
Stranger Things” Millie Bobby Brown is coming to Wizard World Philly this year
Watching Big. Elizabeth Perkins is Millie Bobby Brown's grown up doppelganger.
Give me a Star Wars Story about Princess Leia with a young version of her played by Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown just earned a nomination for Best Actress Drama!
W/Millie Bobby Brown & Finn Wolfhard from 1 of my fave shows, !
Millie Brown is my hero right now! how about inviting for an appearance at the Wembley show?…
Millie Bobby Brown in vibrant new Sigma video "Find Me".
Reminder for me to watch Millie Bobby Brown rap Monster
NME Person Of The Year – For dominating 2016 telly and making it cool to be different
I only enjoyed that citi bank as because Millie Bobby Brown was in it. :)
I just voted for Millie Bobby Brown to win Favorite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy TV Actress at PCA 2017! Cast your vote:
Check out the cast of Stranger Things with our Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Mural in the Lower East Side!
Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown can expect to earn 'in excess of £3m per film'
Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven). was experimental guinea pig at Hawkins Lab. psychokinetic. real name is Jane Ives. friend…
I seriously just want to be HALF as cool as Millie Bobby Brown
Never have I wanted so badly to be a 12 year old. Millie Bobby Brown on chats with Winona and channelling ET
Millie Bobby Brown has thrown her own hat into the ring to play a young Princess/General Leia in a Star Wars movie. https:/…
Millie Bobby Brown gave Aurora a huge hug and asked our friend to take this photo!
Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things (rapping Nicki's part from Monster on Jimmy Fallon. Wow.
Stranger Things 2 &Millie Bobby Brown will lapse as Eleven&
She'll be back! Millie Bobby Brown is set to return in Season Two of hit Netflix show Stranger …
Millie Bobby Brown is returning to for Season 2!
Now that we know Eleven is returning for Season 2, where do we think she is? https:/…
Millie Bobby Brown will be back for season two of Stranger Things:
Don't worry, fans -- it looks like Eleven will be back for eggo waffles in Season 2
The creature on "Stranger Things" is played by a guy named Mark, who Millie Bobby Brown describes as "really tall" and "real…
Millie Bobby Brown looks totally badass on her first ever magazine cover
Millie Bobby Brown lands her first American magazine cover & gets interviewed by Maddie Ziegler.
Conspiracy theory: Winona Ryder is indeed the mother of Millie Bobby Brown.
Just realized Millie Bobby Brown reminds me of a tiny Julie Andrews. (
I met Millie Bobby Brown, Tori Spelling and Ian Ziering today...twas lit
I love Millie Bobby Brown as much as I love Lisa Simpson.
📷 Lauren Dukoff shot Millie Bobby Brown, A.K.A. 11 of Netflix’s Stranger Things, for the cover of So It...
📷 johnbogeyas: Millie Bobby Brown by Lauren Dukoff for So it Goes Magazine Issue 8 (2016)
Matthew Lewis, Millie Bobby Brown, Scott Wilson and Ian Ziering. But I've only kept track of who I want to meet
i see Tommy as the older boy version of Millie Bobby Brown who played eleven in Stranger Things.
Watching and Millie Bobby Brown is giving me Natalie Portman teas and nancy is serving Emmy Rossum.
The strangest thing is that Millie Bobby Brown looks exactly like Elizabeth Perkins from t movie Big, exactly like her!
Millie Bobby Brown with Holly Willoughby on the Jonathan Ross Show today.
Joe Keery and Millie Bobby Brown at the Netflix after-party. (September 18, 2016)
Millie Bobby Brown has to be the cutest thing ever! She's only 12 and has the best style!
Millie Bobby Brown is back at the top of the STARmeter this week, followed by Alicia Vikander, and Margot Elise...
See star Millie Bobby Brown heat Stephen Colbert's burrito with her mind
Rahul-"I'd have sex with Millie Bobby brown". Everyone- *** . Rahul-"what man she's 12 already"
Millie Bobby Brown and Maddie Ziegler are forming a squad and invited this awesome lady to join: What do you think?
Millie Bobby Brown & Winona Ryder at today with Chloe Moretz & Emma Roberts.
I'm sure I'm not the first to think this but, Millie Bobby Brown '11' on looks identical to Alyssa Milano in the 80's.
Millie Bobby Brown, the most iconic 12 year old to exist.
I love her so much❤️— you could be the king but watch the queen conquer 💁🏻. PROTECT MILLIE BOBBY BROWN AT ALL COSTS
The fact that Millie Bobby Brown, a 12-year old, is more mature than a grown *** paparazzi though
Millie Bobby Brown loves vinyl, hates sharks, the dark, and bungalows
starting Stranger Things made me appreciate Lucy commenting this on Millie Bobby Brown's picture so much
Millie Bobby Brown posing with fans for charity work .
Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown are complete savages.
Honestly, Millie Bobby Brown is the most adorable human being!
I'm with Millie Bobby Brown on not being a big fan of The Bungalow. Or any hip nightspot really.
Millie Bobby Brown being afraid of bungalows makes me question my love of bungalows.
Millie Bobby Brown is being GREAT...I can't see her rn but I know she's doing GOOD AND PURE THINGS...
Millie Bobby Brown from on last night. . Truly adorable.
I don't think I'm breaking any new ground here but Millie Bobby Brown is adorable when she's not killing stuff with her mind
Can you believe Millie Bobby Brown invented being the queen of selfies
Millie Bobby Brown is off of the autograph schedule for Fri - is she not signing now or being rescheduled? Thanks!
Okay I'm very much convinced that Millie Bobby Brown is the cutest human being ever.
bout to start Stranger Things & like, ppl telling me its good didnt motivate me to this, Millie Bobby Brown being adorable in interviews did
LOVE that Aaron Paul passed on his "create" to the talented Millie Bobby Brown! ht…
Millie Bobby Brown is basically a young Emma Watson it's the best thing!!
Millie Bobby Brown and Maddie Ziegler being great friends is like one of my dreams came true.
Child actors get slack for being terrible but Millie Bobby Brown does an impeccable job at portraying Eleven in Stranger Things
I can't believe Millie Bobby Brown invented being the most adorable human to exist
In brazilian portuguese we don't say "Queen" we say "Millie Bobby Brown" and I think that's beautiful
People that say things like "I call dibs on Millie Bobby Brown when she's 18" are disgusting. . 1. You can't call dibs on a…
So it turns out that Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things is also a sick rapper. LOOK 🙌
Millie Bobby Brown wants to work with Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart via
The video of Millie Bobby Brown rapping to Monster just made my entire life. I need to adopt her.
Is this towards Millie Bobby Brown?. Cause not trying to be rude but she's 12 and English isn't her native language
Millie Bobby Brown is so precious and talented. ♡ I'm looking forward to more of her work and to see her grow.
'Add 'Dressing Really Cool' to the List of Things Millie Bobby Brown Doe...' via
It turns out Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things” is an amazing rapper
Millie bobby brown was only 12 when she became a queen
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They should give Millie Bobby Brown an Oscar. I know that's not how it works but I feel like they should make an exception in this case.
You know you've tried to learn the "Monster" rap at one time or another 😂
Millie Bobby Brown can rap, yas slay girl slay
star Millie Bobby Brown is an amazing rapper.
She really is a monster. Eleven from raps verse in 'Monster'
This interview did with Winona Ryder & Millie Bobby Brown from is just delightful
Shocker: Millie Bobby Brown tells aaronpaul_8 that Eggos are actually disgusting
Shocker: Millie Bobby Brown tells that Eggos are actually disgusting
I was one of 7peeps :D. It was so busy. People like Millie Bobby Brown, Michelle Gomez, and load of others.
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