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Milky Way

The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains the Earth.

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I mean, seriously. (X-Ray image of the center of Milky Way from ESA/XMM-Newton space telescope):
Taylor & I made Milky Way chocolate chip cookies last night and they were bomb 😋🍪
BoA sang a lot of old hit numbers today. Milky Way, Atlantis Princess, and even Shine We Are. And many other songs from her 1…
Gorgeous This is what the central region of our Milky Way looks like!
Great timelapse of an Airstream under the star trails and the Milky Way in Mercey Hot Springs in California.
[1508.04446] Unveiling the Milky Way: A New Technique for Determining the Optical Color and Luminosity of our Galaxy
There are approximately 400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy alone
Dark energy survey finds eight more dwarf galaxy neighbours for the Milky Way
Milky Way in perspective: The blue dot shows how far the earliest human radio broadcasts have reached into the galaxy …
Scary to think this will happen w/Milky Way and Andromeda in a few billion years.
3 hour time lapse in Bryce Canyon National Park. Sunset, lightning, rise of the Milky Way and thr Perseid meteor...
“Aurora with the Milky Way from the Brooks Range of Alaska...
I saw over 30 meteors last night, 5+ tonight, a perfect view of the Big Dipper, and the Milky Way band... How was your night?
areas to focus on-look towards the south,following the Milky Way and then look north,near the tail of the Big Dipper-those area
Touring the biggest knife store, late night picnic by the river, stargazing on the Milky Way, tonight was the 💥.
Milky Way over Spencer Bay, Moosehead Lake, Maine by Aaron Priest on 500px
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Andromeda is the nearest major galaxy to our Milky Way, 2.5 million light-years away
One day the Milky Way will collide with Andromeda, the next closest galaxy. It will create, quite possibly, the most beautiful scene in life
all Mass Effect 3 Weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda, so will Missions in Milky Way before get to Andromeda Galaxy?
Why, when we talk about where the aliens are, is the edge of the galaxy often treated as a hard limit? d( us,Andromeda ) ~ 25R( Milky Way )
s/o to the malibu creek state park ranger who let us in after hours to take pictures of the Milky Way
Andromeda is a galaxy far far away that will collide with our Milky Way in the future but till then Know thyself
I love the Milky Way picture at Acadia National Park...It is so awesome! !
Milky Way makes a dramatic appearance in an unlikely set of circumstances at Acadia National Park. Flanked by...
Stars in Milky Way have moved: Researchers are part of a team of scientists with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey ...
Photo: corvidae-and-crossroads: just–space: I shot the Milky Way over Rocky Mountain National Park js
We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men. ~John Muir @ Lost Lake, Oregon
A solar eclipse and the Milky Way seen from the International Space Station
Last one of the Milky Way in the night sky over Bear Lake near Garden City, Utah
NASA has some big news to announce about other Earth-like planets in the Milky Way. News conf. 9 a.m. PST on Thursday
Vertigo. photo by: piriya. source: More info: A lone tree from Olmsted Point with Milky Way
The old Bannack School House and Masonic Lodge, under Milky Way, Montana. Bannack was the capital of Montana...
In Roman times, the road to Santiago was a trade route nicknamed 'Via Lactea' or 'Milky Way - the route under the stars.
Did some contract work at the M&M Mars plant 15 yrs ago. We got one ultra fresh Milky Way a day from the cafeteria. Heaven.
. Zane: The Planet Coruscant is the center of Galactic society, and the Galactic Republic's capital in the Milky Way Galaxy.
Arches National Park in & the Milky Way Galaxy. Available at as fine ht…
Enjoyed the Dark Skies at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. It was nice to see the Milky Way again.
Milky Way over the lone Jeffrey pine tree up on Sentinel Dome. This tree was made famous by Ansel Adams but fell se…
"Is There Anybody Out There?" This is the Cape May lighthouse shining bright with the Milky Way right…
Next spring the Event Horizon Telescope will produce images of the Black Hole at centre of the Milky Way
The church of the Good Shepherd sits under the Milky Way in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
CoupdeGraceee: I was able to see millions of stars and the Milky Way band up in lake George so clearly and I immed…
Just back from Milky Way shooting and Lake Superior canoeing.
Aurora Borealis lower left corner, Airglow right, and the Milky Way over it all. Priest Lake; Idaho, United States http:…
“How tG2 survived its sweep near Black Hole at our Milky Way's heart:
Wayward Globular or the Milky Way's Own? by via
Milky Way o'er Man o' War Bay - first time shooting the Milky Way here
Milky Way as seen from Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.
NGC 2100 is an open cluster in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small of the Milky Way.
Milky Way perfectly aligned over Arch Rock in Joshua Tree, thanks to http:…
According to the Drake Equation, there may be over 1,500 intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy alone.
Imagine if each pale white dot on that black canvas represents a galaxy other than Milky Way,…
How do you weigh the Milky Way Galaxy?
Sign my petition to remove Earth from the Milky Way Galaxy.
Milky Way is 210 BILLION times the weight of the sun, new study claims
The Earth is in a galaxy named the "Milky Way". Funny, but I thought that was the one with nuts.
The Andromeda Galaxy, the closest galaxy to our own Milky Way, gets the star treatment in this dazzling photo by...
Wherever you are, all the stars in the sky belong to our galaxy, the Milky Way. Pic: Jurvetson
A still more glorious dawn awaits. Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns. The rising of the Milky Way.
Mapping the Milky Way from Earth, situated ~2/3rds from the galaxy's center, is difficult:
Milky Way over a lone tree by Yan L
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NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image presents the Arches Cluster, the densest known star cluster in the Milky Way.
Hubble Peers into the Most Crowded Place in the Milky Way: This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image presents...
If we shrunk the sun down to the size of a white blood cell, the Milky Way would be the size of the continental United States.
I'm listening to 'Under the Milky Way' by 'Nicole Atkins' on Digs Other People's Songs - EP
Coming of Age in the Milky Way by Ferris, Timothy
Milky Way viewed from Mauna Kea in Hawaii, dynamic earth in foreground of spectacular galactic display:
Neutron star (magnetar) close to supermassive Black Hole at centre of our Milky Way Galaxy - full of surprises
The magnetar near the supermassive Black Hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy delivers surprises. A new...
Earth, along with the Solar System, is situated in the Milky Way Galaxy and orbits about 28,000 light years from the center of the galaxy.
Simeis 147, also known as the is a supernova remnant in the Milky Way.
Kilauea glows as the Milky Way moves across the sky - from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park [OC] [1333 x 2000] via Pa…
Milky Way sparkles over Second Beach in the Olympic Wilderness, Washington. By Joe LeFevre . js http…
Coming of Age in the Milky Way by Timothy Ferris (1989, Paperback)
A portion of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a small nearby galaxy orbiting our galaxy, the Milky Way.
Beautiful View of the Milky Way and Northern Lights over Crater Lake. pic Sankar Salvady via
Milky Way to Jonathan!: $160K is middle class in another galaxy. Time to leave your glass tower and smell reality!
. My book:"I wondered, did I want a Snickers or a Milky Way?" . As read by Morgan Freeman:"This is stupid, I'm not reading this."
TAT SAT card! Human Ku, ancient Mayan Deity at the center of the Milky Way
had Space Invader playing in my car for over a week. Love it all especially Past the Milky Way & Reckless. You nailed it!
cats like space bcause its name is called the Milky Way and cats like milk
Milky way today by panagiotis laoudikos |
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Had a blast last night shooting the Milky Way again. Definitely found my new favorite spot!…
My parents just found my old copy of Bart and Priscilla Bok's "The Milky Way" with a personal letter to me and my family.
I caught a shooting star crossing in front of the Milky Way... Shooting star travel what 22,000mph and my 30" shutter caught it...
50 cute sayings for Teacher Appreciation. “You are out of this world” tag attached to a Milky Way or Mars candy...
The Milky Way rising over the Colorado River. I really need to work on my image processing skills.
IC 418, also known as Spirograph Nebula, is a planetary in the Milky Way
When I'm in the stillness between my thoughts, I FEEL my heart transmitting itself through the Milky Way 2 touch all with Love
The Milky Way flys thru the universe with no destination in sight. Some say we slow down after awhile while others say we're speeding up
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Even with all the answers the world twirls around the sun but at least we now know that even the sun twirls around the milky way
This Milky Way map shows the tiny fraction of planets we've discovered so far
The Milky Way overhead on 2015-04-19, with the center of our galaxy in the middle (Lagoon Nebula) featuring...
whoops I forgot about that Milky Way in the freezer 😳
🎶but tell me, did you sail across the sun, did you make it to the Milky Way to see the lights all faded & that Heaven is overrated🎶
How incredible is the pic of the Milky Way over the Ocotillo wind farm in the Anza Borrego desert, simply...
Milky Way at position 88, rolls 3 moving to 91.
This highly distorted supernova remnant may contain the most recent Black Hole formed in the Milky Way Galaxy!
This milky way panorama by Karl Strand would make a cool cover photo. Get it at 500px Prime:
Milky way gracefully curves in August 2014. Another deep sky pic from Dunedin NZ.
The Galactic Center of the Milky Way over Kalispell, MT . js
Milky way. Desert near the oasis city of Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia
"All I wanted in Ranger school was a Milky Way. And then I wanted a loaf of French bread with peanut butter and chocolate on it" - Dad
the whirlpool galaxy is 25 million light years away from the Milky Way. 🌀
Our Sun came late to the Milky Way's star-birth party
What would the sky look like from a planet in a young Milky Way-like galaxy?
You chided Crichton for dismissing Drake equation. Drake eq suggests well over 2 alien civs in Milky Way.
Here’s what the sky might have looked like when the Milky Way was alive with star birth
Carl Sagan explains the Drake Equation - How Many Civilizations Are there in our little Milky Way?
"Let the light in," Mt St Helens and the Milky Way's galactic center converge.
Milky Way over a rock formation in Joshua Tree National Park. It was a full moon night and I had to…
Milky Way and starry sky above grove of aspen trees lit by flashlight in Utah's Fishlake National Forest.
Milky Way last night over the Great Australian Bight while flying the redeye from Perth to Sydney.…
Milky Way captured on Easter Island. Image credit to M.Soria.
International Space Station over the Sahara, bathed in glow of the Milky Way.
Lunch with the Stars! Glimpse of the Violent Past of Milky Way's Giant Black Hole:
Let's confine ourselves to just the Milky Way says Professor Brian Cox!
Measuring magnetism in the Milky Way with the Square Kilometre Array (
Photo: matt-molloy: A timelapse of the Milky Way and a sky filled with stars over Varty Lake, Ontario,...
The centre of the Milky Way via European Southern Observatory. ….
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Is it a coincidence that the Milky Way Galaxy formed on March 15th, the day directly after Pi day? I think not. 3.1415 nerd squad out
At least no one has done this using a KISS mask in lieu of a Milky Way with Gene Simmons' tongue.
Nine new dwarf galaxies full of dark matter found just chilling around the Milky Way
Milky Way over the Southern Ocean, Australia, by John White. This photo was taken on July 16, 2012
At it's most successful,Tom Selleck's moustache weighed as much as the Milky Way.
“Popular on : Thailand Milky way by bird_beckham77 via
“Popular on : Thailand Milky way by bird_beckham77
I'm trying to go from a milk chocolate Hershey bar tone to a dark Milky Way bar complextion 😎
I'm on a diet can go to the milky way instead?
New Milky Way map: insight on first stars, Dark Energy, cosmic structure.
Milky Way spread may be the best thing I've ever bought...
Even my sister listens 2 Milky Chance so I figured I'd give them a shot. WAY better than their name insinuates
Just when you thought our National Parks couldn't get any prettier...
milky way with somethin` stupid hoping I don`t get crucified for using the music...
My Cherie amour, distant as the Milky Way
Of course. We can ship to anyone and anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, including Fighting Irish fans.
See, I like flowers but I'm perfectly happy with like a Milky Way or something. Cheap date, me.
Midnight in the Milky Way by perrypotter via Great Functional & Prices Potter!
I'm one of the few people with paczki left
1. Why would you name your joint account that? 2. It makes me want to eat a Milky Way bar tbh
Evidence for dark matter in the inner Milky Way
Milky Way rising over Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona ... -
Striking view of the milky way at Desert Lodge – thanks Matthew Hodgson for sharing!
That’s a very naughty version of the milky way you’re making, space lion.
New Guide! How to Photograph an Awesome Shot of the >>
Tiny bit of Milky Way with light pollution from this past summer.
Another one of our most popular shakes is Milky Way! . Two of these bad boys in every shake, you can't go wrong! ✌️
If you eat Milky Way bars you're corny
Some people can't handle someone rockin the milky way to school.
“Panoramic view of the Milky Way over Horseshoe Bend . Credit: C. Jones ¡Buenas …
Zach lavine looks like the center of a Milky Way bibby, tayshaun prince, all of em got tht Colin Powell thingy goin on
"You keep worrying. you're taking up too much space. I wish you’d let yourself. be the Milky Way.". - Andrea Gibson
Astronomy pic of the day 26 Jan 2015...Milky Way over the Seven Strong Men Rock Formations, Northern Urals, Russia
am going to get the galaxy or Milky Way spread to 😜
Maybe. Maybe if it'd been dark and he'd been the only bloke left in the milky way.
I don't mean to be rude, internet, but my poos are currently white. Well, more like milky way yellow.
if anyone wants an easy way to watch the new Milky photoshoot making-of
Dark force could keep Milky Way's neighbours away: Dark energy is thought to work on the scale of the entire u...
Thought of the day. They should make a giant (sharing) bar of milky way. Imagine it. A big milky way bar. Mmmm.
How to Photograph the Milky Way in Places with Light Pollution
How about this The Solar System out to Neptune 2.8 billion miles shrink that to a coin (25mm), Milky Way would be about the size of the U.S.
it was Cadbury's version of Milky Way
About to polish off an entire box of Milky Way crispy rolls by myself. I'm 23
Simulated collision between the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy
The Milky Way is 1 of 50 billion galaxies. Do you really suppose there's no other life forms out there? Earth is 1 planet in 1 solar system.
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Astronomers Reveal Spectacular Milky Way Supernova May be Visible from Earth in 50 Years! - http:…
I added a video to a playlist Tutorial: Motion Timelapse of the Milky Way with Dynamic Perception
From the Department of Interior:Amazing photo of the Milky Way...
He inquired, “Is everyone ready?. The night is uncommonly cold. We’ll start on our journey as children,. but…
And the award for the best way to avoid an embarrassing moment goes to
Lone tree under the Milky Way in Wanaka, New Zealand [larger:
This Milky Way that Stevenson juss fed me teased me. 😩
There are 200 billion Earth-like worlds in the Milky Way, study claims via
Sometimes the job isn't pleasant - The Americans 'Baggage' But sometimes you get a delicious Milky Way
.Thank you! Lots of star, storm, Milky Way and monsoon photos on the way in coming months! Have a GREAT night…
VISTA stares right through the Milky Way, sees Trifid Nebula in a new light
Milky Way over Fayette SP with a bit of aurora and airglow
Most stars in Milky Way have at least two Earth-like planets in habitable zone via
Middle schoolers really skipped the Milky Way and premium too phase straight to Brazilian. That's not fair 😭
"Source of powerful cosmic ray signals found beyond Milky Way" ...members of the "blue flame club" like
Deep in a forest the Milky way is your only light. Still processing old data, waiting for comet-weather!
AppSec risk (M10 Lack of Binary Protections) - Milky Way slithers down the snake to 56... winners never quit.
Milky Way at position 95, rolls 2 and goes to 97.
The aurora might have been a little uncooperative last night (sat 25/1), but the Milky Way was friendly.
Scientists assert that our very own Milky Way could be home to a giant tunnel in spacetime.
off to a rocky start, swept in the Fastest Skater competition. In related news, team is off to a …
Going to shoot pics of the stars and hopefully catch the milky way tomorrow night 🌌⭐️
Based on the latest evidence and theories our galaxy could be a huge wormhole and, if that were true, it could be "stable and navigable." Astrophysicists combined the equations of general relativity with an extremely detailed map of the distribution of dark matter in the Milky Way when proposing thi…
As many of you know, I've never sold a print, not because people haven't asked, but because I hadn't taken time to figure out the printing process for large prints or different media. I went to the local print shop today and worked on an image and printed out a largish print (30"x24" or 75cm by 60cm) on metallic paper as a test. It looks good! So I'm going to start selling prints soon, but I still want to control the process by going through the local shop and actually looking at the images before I ship them out. Right now the only images I'm ready to print are the Comet Lovejoy over Brokeoff picture and the Milky Way over Mt Shasta from Orr Lake. If you're interested in either of these pictures email me at corypooleand we can start working something out. Please understand that it won't be a quick process because I'll be taking a spot in a line of works to be printed and that line is over a week long. For those that want other images feel free to email me or message me with what image you want an ...
I found a milky way and I'm so happy omg
Nice to hear Under the milky Way on this week's episode of Scorpion.
bought my mom a milky way and she said i'm her favorite daughter B)
When you look up at the Milky Way on a clear, dark night, you’ll see a band of bright stars arching overhead. This is the plane of our flat spiral galaxy, within which our solar system lies. The zoomable panorama from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, taken a few months ago in 2014, shows us our […]
Galaxies that are not spiral or elliptical such as the Milky Way or Andromeda are called irregular galaxies.
internal exams. People go on the Milky Way either by smoking or snorting stuff. But good that you're doing it the literal sense
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Milky Way over Grand Teton National Park //I wish I could see this every night I know it's up there
Milky Way Bow over the road in the .
A wormhole to another universe could exist in the Milky Way
Putting things in perspective: Our Milky Way compared to the largest galaxy in the known universe!
What Happened to the Milky Way? A video about light pollution featuring my boss. via
Foto: kdipietro97: Give or take 4 billion years… Our galaxy, the Milky Way, will collide with our neighbor,...
Giant bubbles of gas that erupted from the core of the Milky Way Galaxy millions of years ago are expanding out into space at 2 million mph, according to Hubble Space Telescope observations, which also revealed the composition and mass of the bubbles.
In theory, the Milky Way could be a 'galactic transport system' via
Simply stunning nightsky photo - The Milky Way rising over Lake Tahoe in Nevada
saw this new Hubble image of edge-on NGC4217 and initially mistook it for our own Milky Way. It may not be ours, but on a planet somewhere in that galaxy 60 million lightyears away, I'm sure it would look a bit like this:
Failed first.Then success at hand molded chocolate covered strawberry, caramel, and Milky Way roses
why are you non-compliant rebel *** . why do you cling on to mothers *** milk ... were your true sustenance . and nutrition ... is among st the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond and so forth i say lay down your weapons and conform to the greater good of the universal union. - Hive tyrant Joshua Aaron sumner - for Authority - chinese dragon
By "earth" I think we can interpret it as Jesus saying "the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond."
From Broadway to the Milky Way that's a lot of territory indeed
WHALE THAT WAS A FUN DAY. On another note, all I've eaten today is a Milky Way & a cookie.. & I bowled 14 games. Idk how I even have a pulse
Widefield Winter Milky Way and Orion - test of Pentax 645Z for astrophotography. 1 min at ISO 12,800 on an Astrotrac
Ontario. The Milky Way reflected in the lake... Jupiter can be seen, it is the bright object on the left. `
Gamma radiation is not good for you. If it does hit us it will destroy our Ozone layer (as if we weren't gonna do...
He said I was his Milky Way, his perfect constellation, but then why the *** did he fall into that Black Hole?. SMH!
Source of powerful cosmic ray signals found beyond our Milky Way
This is my first picture of the Galactic Core. (The center of the Milky Way). In about a month is when…
I did well on our quiz on my first day so my teacher gave me a Milky Way Chocolate and it's one of my favs
Here, in one image from the European Southern Observatory’s Wide Field Imager at La Silla Observatory, Chile, are two star-formation regions in the Milky Way, both discovered by John Herschel in 1834. Herschel was based near Cape Town, South Africa, on a three-year expedition to survey the southern skies. He observed the cluster on the left on 14 March 1834, describing it as a remarkable object. Now known as NGC 3603, this bright star cluster 20,000 light-years away has the highest concentration of massive stars in the Milky Way, with a Wolf-Rayet multiple-star system at its centre. These massive, evolved stars develop intense stellar winds, which are providing the illumination for the massive cloud of hydrogen gas around NGC 3603, an area of intense star formation. Star formation is also a feature of the nebula on the right, NGC 3576, which is much closer to Earth at 9000 ly away. The prominent curved filaments like the horns of a goat are 100 ly long and arise from winds from hot young stars in the he ...
Illusion of Lights introduces you to the concept of movement and time that visually explores our night skies. Beginning with the dazzling chaos of urban light pollution, the film takes you on a magnificent trip across pristine wilderness areas and shares with you the wonders of our night skies. We encourage you to raise your eyes towards the night sky. Explore. Realize you are a part of the illusion and the universe is a part of you. When was the last time you experienced a clear view of the Milky Way? Tell us about it in the comments!
I want to be alive when andromeda and the milky way collide
What if perhaps our solar system or Milky Way was controlled by some space warlord, and we don't even know it. v...
Does the Milky Way have a skeleton at its core? Scientists are uncovering cosmic "bones" that could help them uncover the larger structure of the galaxy.
Professor Brian Cox shared Human Universe time again on in Australia. Are we alone in the Milky Way?
"In theory, the Milky Way could be a galactic transport system." Very interesting story:
Milky Way and star trails over Mt.Kobau. Credit: Preserved Light Phot
Wormhole to another galaxy may exist in Milky Way | via
Supermassive Black Hole in the middle of the Milky Way releases record-breaking flare
Life is too short to be mad at people. You go your way, I'll go mine. End of story 👌😌.
I wannabe your light . I’ll light your way across the milky way,,!.
Download the Giles County, TN getaway guide. C the Milky Way Farm-historic estate of candy legend, Frank Mars.
if there is that many stars in the Andromeda Galaxy I wonder why they won't show pics from our own Milky Way
Milky Way, The Moon, and Earth in One Photo (Wow - Thank you ShellyGirl for sharing this pin with me
* Life on this planet has been evolving for 4 billion years. The planet itself is 24000 miles round and rotates at 900 miles per hour with YOU and I on it. It revolves round the sun at 90 miles per second and that sun is one of merely Billions of stars which make up one arm of a galaxy which we call the milky way. At our position in that arm it is 3000 light years thick. The whole Galaxy is turning at 40,000 miles per hour covering one million miles per day and our solar system is being flung of at 12 million miles per minute. The whole Galaxy is 100,00 light years accross. a light year is travelling at the speed of light for one year.Our universe is made up of countless billions of these galaxies. How was your day? * a quote from - Master Wolf Attiig - Abbott of the Tao Wu Shin Monastery Australia.
The entire Milky Way might be a huge wormhole that's stable and navigable:.
"Star seeds" (Milky Way) Colorful inspiration to add my personal quote onto my body (about the stars
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High as the stars in the Milky Way. Those summer days drifted away,. But she'll always float. Back…
“I have lots of things to teach you now, in case we ever meet, concerning the message that was transmitted to me under a pine tree in North Carolina on a cold winter moonlit night. It said that Nothing Ever Happened, so don’t worry. It’s all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking-minds. But in our true blissful essence of mind is known that everything is alright forever and forever and forever. Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, which was taught in immense milky way soft cloud innumerable worlds long ago and not even at all. It is all one vast awakened thing. I call it the golden eternity. It is perfect. We were never really born, we will never really die. It has nothing to do with the imaginary idea of a personal self, other selves, many selves everywhere: Self is only an idea, a mortal idea. That w ...
In our solar system, we have one star, called the sun. But the Milky Way may have 100-400 BILLION stars,& maybe that many planets too.
Our solar system is a part of the Galaxy called, The Milky Way. There are BILLIONS of galaxies in space.
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That's me mrs milky way, that was lame lol, i love you
This is what the future collision of The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will look like
I dreamt that YOU sat by my head, tenderly ruffling my hair with YOUR fingers, playing the melody of YOUR touch. I looked at YOUR face and struggled with my tears, till the agony of unspoken words burst my sleep like a bubble. I sat up and saw the glow of the Milky Way above my window is like YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE. like a world of silence on fire, and I wondered if at this moment YOU had a dream that rhymed with mine. I miss YOU so much because i love YOU so much,YOU are always in my mind,but i want YOU in my everyday life,i wanna talk with YOU again,i wanna get YOUR touch again and again,i wanna love YOU all day long,ANGEL all the best wishes and love for YOU.i know YOU are the best,please do the magic for me,i wish right now i could hold YOU close to my heart and never let YOU *** any where,not even for a moment...
I liked a video Supercomputer and the Milky Way - Computerphile
I Send You S T A R S ! These Stars , are The Stars , We See .and through the Dark Skies , among Stars and Planets and The Moon , in the Spectacular ' Above Us ' is The Magnificent , Misty Milky Way . ~ My Eyes .on The Sky at Night . m All its Earthly Ties . mmm Delight . Prances of Enhanced . Dance.Quite the moment of Notion ...Finding The Motion . The Groove , to just Move - hugs Kimmie
Some light reading before bed 😉 Fascinating! Wormhole in the Milky Way could link to another UNIVERSE via
Oh now Peck wants a bite of the Milky Way
I'd be pretty bummed if I don't get at least a bite of the Milky Way.
Photo: just—space: Milky way over Tre Cime Di Lavaredo by Luca Cruciani
A Neat Trick to Understand the Size of the Galaxy By Brian Ventrudo The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is some 25 trillion miles away. The Orion Nebula lies about 8,000 trillion miles away. And we are some 162,000 trillion miles from the centre of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. These are mind-numbi…
Watching with Brian Cox, he just explained why there could be 30 billion other habitable planets in the Milky Way.
"Silver River" "Via Lactea" "Milky Way" - the stripe of stars that reveals our home galaxy
The Hubble Deep Field (HDF) is an image of a small region in the constellation Ursa Major, constructed from a series of observations by the Hubble Space Telescope. It covers an area 2.5 arcminutes across, about one 24-millionth of the whole sky, which is equivalent in angular size to a 65 mm tennis ball at a distance of 100 metres. The image was assembled from 342 separate exposures taken with the Space Telescope's Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 over ten consecutive days between December 18 and December 28, 1995. The field is so small that only a few foreground stars in the Milky Way lie within it; thus, almost all of the 3,000 objects in the image are galaxies, some of which are among the youngest and most distant known. By revealing such large numbers of very young galaxies, the HDF has become a landmark image in the study of the early universe, with the associated scientific paper having received over 800 citations by the end of 2008. Three years after the HDF observations were taken, a region in th ...
I captured the beautiful Milky Way deep in the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - just about…
4Real! Panorama shot by Dave Lane ofthe central band of Milky Way over Yellowstone National Park.
Sup Micheal Phelps ? Wanna race to the end of this here tub ? Don't worry bout the Milky Way bar. Swim around it. http:…
How do we know that the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy?
I wnna watch aurora in norway, i wanna visit niagara falls, and i would love to see the milky way one day.
Statistics Class:. "The mass of the moon is x, calculate the average and standard deviation of all the masses of the stars in the milky way"
The streams of particles that shoot out of Black Holes can be a thousand times brighter than the Milky Way
Mapping the Milky Way: What's where in our galaxy
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"In a Milky Way the size of Europe, our solar system would fit inside a single teacup somewhere in Belgium"
Seeing the Milky Way Galaxy is on my to do list.
Want to see our neighbouring Andromeda Galaxy is stunning detail? This 1.5 BILLION pixel image is absolutely amazing. Click through on the link below to see the zoomable version (actual image weighs in at 4.3Gb...). The Andromeda Galaxy is the largest in our local group of galaxies and is a spiral galaxy a fair bit larger than our own Milky Way. It sits 2.5 million light yrs from us, but is on an eventual collision course with our Galaxy (in 4 billion years' time!)
The Milky Way as seen from Kazakstan. Photo by Elmar Akhmetov.
Map of mysterious molecules in galaxy sheds new light on century-old puzzle
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Every star you've ever seen, from any place on earth, any night of the year, are all in our Milky Way Galaxy. There are hundreds of billions more galaxies.
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Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is one of 50 or 100 billion other galaxies in the universe. And with every step, every...
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by Shannon Hall A new study suggests that the number of habitable exoplanets within the Milky Way alone may reach 60 billion. Previous research performed by a team at Harvard University suggested t...
A detailed study of the motions of different stellar populations in the disk of the Andromeda Galaxy has found striking differences from our own Milky Way, suggesting a more violent history of mergers with smaller galaxies in Andromeda's recent past.
Like Mayan math... "Astronomers now think a spectacular spiral may encircle the Milky Way.
The Milky Way as seen from the middle of nowhere in Australia.
Cloud 3x Mass of Earth and Rare Neutron Star Found in Orbit Around Milky Way's Black Hole - http…
World of stars.. Milky Way, Sarchu, road trip to Ladakh
"Somewhere in another galaxy, an extraterrestrial might be using a photo of our Milky Way as their desktop wallpaper."
Cosmic embrace. Our galaxy might be encircled by spectacular spiralled arms. Gorgeous: by Ken Croswell
World of Stars Milky way, Sarchu, road trip to ladakh
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Study of Andromeda's stellar disk indicates more violent history than Milky Way
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World of stars.. Milky way, Sarchu, road trip to Ladakh..
What will be the size of Paradise which God is going to gift the believers ? In Quran GOD told that " No human can even imagine the wonderfulness of Paradise" With our small brain, following is the maximum we can think. - Milky Way Galaxy size is nearly 120,000 light years and contains nearly 400 billion stars - Milky Way Galaxy may not even occupy 0.001 percent of the universe - Billions and Billions of galaxies populated the universe - If paradise expanded to the size of Milky Way Galaxy, then assume how big it will be Subuhanallah !!! - If you really want to enter this much big paradise, very small effort you have put in this world That is : Don't give the place of GOD, to anyone or anything yourself from idol worship before your death and believe in God... If our wife, gives OUR place to anyone, how angry we will be ...God will be very much angry, if we place some idols or imaginary object in his place. For More details, Read Quran !!!
CosmosUp | January 7, 2015 Top As you might know, the Milky Way Galaxy, in which we are all floating, has a Black Hole with a mass 4.5 million times bigger than that of our sun at its very center.
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