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Miles Plumlee

Miles Plumlee (born September 1, 1988) is a forward/center for the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team.

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Players are shooting 36.3% against Miles Plumlee so far this season.
Reggie needs to be quiet with Capella winning Most Improved. Giannis, KP, Myles Turner, even Mase Plumlee are miles ahead for that award.
I don't know, would rather have Miles Plumlee for 95% of that contract.
Miles Plumlee signed a 4-year, $50 million extension with the Bucks this August. Four months later, he only plays garbage time.
Seeing the $50 million dollar man Miles Plumlee ride the bench for all but two minutes a game is painful though
Guess Miles Plumlee plays for the Blazers now 😂
KAT's 47 points on 22 shots is crazy but I'm still more amazed The Knicks are actually letting Miles Plumlee get minutes
Great hustle from Miles Plumlee tonight. Gotta be happy for the dude.
KAT banging miles plumlee upside the head sheesh
Oh god this just reminded me that I met Miles Plumlee at mid-blackout once ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I dunno about you but I love playing Miles Plumlee in cash!
Milwaukee's Miles Plumlee recorded his first trillion of the season, with a last night.
Almost like he's much better than Miles Plumlee!
how I feel whenever Miles Plumlee is on the floor 😑😑
Miles Plumlee: Playing time plummeting in last two games -
Miles Plumlee sighting, entering at the same time as Steve Novak.
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Man, I am just loving the Bucks when Miles Plumlee has nothing to do with them.
Forgot about the 3 Plumlee's!!! I would too but I'm a bucks fan and I get to watch miles play 10 min/game for 12 mil smh
Greek Freak dishes to Miles Plumlee for the and-1!
How are Joffrey Lauvergne and Miles Plumlee not the same exact person?
That Miles Plumlee contract is looking more atrocious by the day.
Which Center is the odd man out for the Plumlee, Greg Monroe, or John Henson? ~
Is there any statistical justification based on this season for the Bucks starting Miles Plumlee or John Henson over Greg Monroe?
Bucks' Miles Plumlee: Returns to bench role Sunday via
John Henson will return to the starting lineup for Sunday's game against the Magic, sending Miles Plumlee back to the bench.
Miles Plumlee: Returns to bench role Sunday -
In what has been big man musical chairs lately John Henson will start over Miles Plumlee for the Bucks.
Status Update: John Henson will start at center tonight ahead of Miles Plumlee
Lineup note: John Henson will start ahead of Miles Plumlee on Sunday.
Band of brothers: Mason, Miles and Marshall Plumlee make NBA history - -
C-PF Miles Plumlee started Friday's game at C, PF John Henson to bench, DNP-CD. C-PF Greg Monroe was 1st man off bench, played 19 min
Miles Plumlee returns to the starting lineup via
Miles Plumlee signed a 4-year deal with the league cap flattening out in 2 offseasons (projected)
Matthew Dellavedova the lob to Miles Plumlee for the reverse jam.
Any contract given to Miles Plumlee is undeserving
Not entirely sure what Miles Plumlee is doing
Not sure how being able to set screens and catch lobs ever made Miles Plumlee worth $50 million
Is Miles Plumlee better at defense than Monroe and/or Henson?
Coach Kidd: Miles Plumlee will return to the starting lineup tonight with John Henson available off the bench http…
Miles Plumlee returns to the MegaBucks starting lineup tonight!!
how would Miles Plumlee fit in OKC? Young athletic center, runs the floor, takes high % shots, good defender, and solid passer.
I know I am not the first to make this comp, but is Miles Plumlee potentially the next Dan Gadzuric? Scared of some of the I've seen
Manage to get his teammates better: CJ McCollum, Miles Plumlee, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Meyers Leonard
Miles Plumlee said he would like to re-sign with the Bucks this summer.
The Milwaukee Bucks want to re-sign Miles Plumlee, who will become a restricted free agent this summer. (Via...
Somebody check is miles Plumlee is still alive 😭
So Blake Griffin has dunked on Miles Plumlee about 3 times this game lol...
Blake Griffen has dunked on miles plumlee 3 times since I started watching this game 😂
Miles plumlee has been dunked on 3 times in game 1
the NBA is now tracking hustle stats. Your boy Miles Plumlee is about to destroy the Stat sheets!!
No Plumlee should ever post up. I spent a year of those being the opening possession with PHX and Miles.
Does he do the same thing for Miles? Does he know Mason is the good Plumlee? I've got questions.
Everyone just gonna act like Blake Griffen didn't just posterize Miles Plumlee...?
Im a huge Blake Griffin and Miles Plumlee fan tonight. Could take down 20k if I can get a good showing from both
but your favorite player Miles Plumlee 🤔 foh lol
The Bucks are (obviously) hoping to sign Giannis to an extension this offseason and are also interested in re-signing C Miles Plumlee
like an identical twin of Miles Plumlee
Casually saw Miles Plumlee at Harris Teeter in cameron village at 1:30 in the morning
He has to go. His style of play can't fit with Giannis at the point. Miles Plumlee actually fits well but he's a RFA now...
You say it's miles plumlee instead of Mason Plumlee in paragraph 5
Miles Plumlee isn't on the team so I don't think he could guard him...
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The all pick the Clippers AND called Mason Plumlee "Miles."
All those stiffs with good fundamentals destroy HW for whatever reason - Lopez bros, Al, Miles Plumlee
you're right. We'd have to throw in a useless seven footer. We'll need to get Miles Plumlee back first.
John Hammond saying the Bucks want to bring Miles Plumlee back next year.
(1a: Mason and Miles Plumlee have nearly identical jump ball win %)
If the Durant thing don't work out sign Batum, and Jamal Crawford and Miles Plumlee in FA. Resign Sessions, Hickson, and Eddie
Tyler Ennis MIL and Miles Plumlee start the second half for Middleton and Monroe Wednesday vs IND
Miles Plumlee celebrating with a Kobe turnaround to kick off the Bucks' second quarter.
lmao Miles Plumlee is eternal trash
Miles Plumlee will hold the record for best FG % at .606. That's ahead of Kareem at .577 in 1971
StaTuesday: Miles Plumlee earns spot in Milwaukee Bucks... via
StaTuesday: Plumlee earns spot in record books
StaTuesday: Plumlee earns spot in Bucks record books
Miles Plumlee posts up on spins to bucket for dunk.
talked with about Miles Plumlee, per
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Skin comparing Miles Plumlee's look to every Deep Ellum bartender is probably my fave broadcast moment of the season.
"Aren't there like 20 bartenders in Deep Ellum who look exactly like Miles Plumlee?" 😂
Pretty cool - Mason & Miles Plumlee played for Duke now in NBA - Bro Marshall currently playing at Duke - Sister a Duke lady hoops commit
Coach Kidd says Miles Plumlee will get the start tonight at Center with Moose out and John Henson will come off the bench.
Miles Plumlee for Kelly Oubre who says no?!?!
Notaries have certified that only decorations in my apt. are larger-than-life wall stickers of Miles Plumlee & Tyler Ennis Go Buckz
Lillard got Mo Harkless, Miles Plumlee, Meyers Leonard & Gerald Henderson around him. He gotta take 35 shots just to be competitive
Miles Plumlee at Seton Hall yesterday, now Mason Plumlee today 🏀🏀🏀
Also, Miles Plumlee is in the video and I seriously think we made a mistake getting rid of him. Just sayin...
Lmao demarcus deandre and ant davis alone and he said he expects miles plumlee lmao
Same dude ravaged pensions for teachers, cops and firefighters. But he can afford to keep Miles Plumlee in MKE!
nah like good players like jerryd bayless, PJ tucker, mason and miles plumlee and the morris brothers and more aha
Miles Plumlee offers Milwaukee Bucks some insurance at center -
Miles Plumlee! MIL has a 4 mil TPE from the Dudley trade so Jamal for Plumlee would work straight up
hoping they'll trade Jamal and Wilcox for Adams, or Pat Patterson or Miles Plumlee or Drew Gooden and Blair or JOEL EMBIID!
Trade Jamal!! Prolly for Miles Plumlee or Steven Adams or Jason Thompson or JOEL EMBIID!!
Draymond Green, Khris Middleton and Miles Plumlee were drafted after Austin Rivers .
Jabari Parker gets the hands from Miles Plumlee
Milwaukee Bucks deal Brandon knight and get back Michael Carter-williams, Miles Plumlee and Tyler Ennis in deal, sources t…
Bucks just made it official. Michael Carter-Williams joins MIL from PHI. Miles Plumlee and Tyler Ennis come in from PHX. B. Knight to Suns.
TRADE COMPLETE: The Bucks have acquired Michael Carter-Williams, Tyler Ennis and Miles Plumlee in three-team deal »
Bucks send Brandon Knight to Phoenix. Michael Carter-Williams (from PHI), Miles Plumlee, Tyler Ennis to Milwaukee. (via E…
RUMOR: Lakers have shown interest in Miles Plumlee from Suns.
how about Ed Davis Jeremy Lin Wayne Ellington and a protected 1st round pick for Goran Dragic and Miles Plumlee
Gordon Hayward puts Miles Plumlee on a poster
We should trade Norris Cole for Miles Plumlee and then drop Justin Hamilton and sign Nate Robinson 🔥
Gorgui Dieng just pulled a Dream shake on Miles Plumlee
Dieng Rejects Plumlee Gorgui Dieng protects the paint and sends Miles Plumlee's shot attempt out of bounds.
I liked 'Miles Plumlee Smashes Home the...' in the Sneakers App
The Suns are counting on a big year from Alex Len. What did he and the Suns have to say about his progress?
ICYMI - A brand new Going Deep. We discuss the and Also, interviews with Miles Plumlee and PJ Tucker.
Brand new tonight. We talk and Interviews with Miles Plumlee, PJ Tucker and more. 7 pm
Oh, and the Suns also have Miles Plumlee. He has about 12 brothers that are all 7 foot tall. I'm sure the Suns will sign them too
.was out at today. We will play his interviews with Miles Plumlee and PJ Tucker tonight on Going Deep.
Legit going to freak out when I see Miles Plumlee. I know it.
Nets can have a team of brothers too, just trade for Robin Lopez & Miles Plumlee
whoever fifth in that lineup doesn't really matter, unless they're playing e Nets and can put miles plumlee up against mason
"I think you're confusing me with my brother. But *my* summer was good. Put in some hard work. Next question." –Miles Plumlee
they need to trade for Miles Plumlee of the Nets and they are set
The Suns need to trade with the Nets so they can get Mason Plumlee to go with Miles so he won't feel left out.
Big key for Phoenix this year is going to be Miles Plumlee on defense. If his rotations are crisp and on point, this team can take next step
Goran Dragic. Zoran Dragic. Markieff Morris. Marcus Morris. Miles Plumlee. come get Mason Plumlee too, Jeff lol
Man can't wait for the NBA to start now! Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, Gerald Green, Miles Plumlee, Morris Twins, Isaiah Thomas and TJ Warren!
miles plumlee, Alex len, Morris brothers...they're good on bigs. They're keeping those 3 guards
how did I end up googling miles plumlee's salary
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Interesting that ranked Miles Plumlee 78 and Mason Plumlee 77 in this year's game.
Miles Plumlee is NOT equally talented as Valanciunas nor Larry Sanders to Tyson Chandler. Cmon 2k
Here are five things you probably don't know about . SEE >>
Summer Workout: Miles Plumlee can become defensive ace
Two time All-Star. All-Defense team. But you'd rather have Miles Plumlee? Cool story.
- Jonas Valanciunas and Miles Plumlee should be rated a couple points lower?
Victor Oladipo, Marcus Smart, Tobias Harris, Doug McDermott, Mason and Miles Plumlee have all been invited to Team USA …
The Pacers should trade Roy Hibbert,George Hill,CJ Watson to the suns for Miles Plumlee,Eric Bledsoe and Gerald Green
Pat Riley is going down swinging. Houston won't match for Parsons. Miles Plumlee abused Jabari Parker.
Miles Plumlee welcomed Jabari Parker to the NBA with this HUGE block at
Block party! Miles Plumlee welcomes Jabari Parker to the NBA with this MONSTER two-handed swat. »
Jabari Parker tried to dunk on Miles Plumlee. It didn't go so well (via
Gerald Green, Eric Bledsoe, Channing Frye. Phoenix has some real class acts. But lets not forget about those scrappers Goran Dragic and Miles Plumlee.
but you got Anthony Davis and a few more. I have Eric Bledsoe ,Gerald Green, and Miles Plumlee.
Post Up: DC Risen Hawks 85 – Pacers 101 (Series tied 1-1) Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel told reporters pregame, “It’s not who we play, it’s how we play.” The East’s No. 1 seed stormed out the gates of Game 2 to a 7-0 lead and briefly looked like the nearly unbeatable team we saw in 2013. But Atlanta weathered the storm and tied the game at 11 before taking a 26-21 lead after the first frame. The Hawks, looking to build off their momentum from their Game 1 upset, were chucking threes left and right in the opening period, shooting 8 of their 19 attempts from beyond the arc and making 4 of them. The Hawks maintained control in the second quarter, swapping Lou Williams into Jeff Teague’s penetrate-and-dish role off the bench. Williams and Mike Scott both scored 11 points in the game off the pine while keying Atlanta’s second-period attack. On the other end, Luis Scola kept Indy in the game after scoring just 2 points in Game 1. Scola, who Larry Bird traded Miles Plumlee, Gerald Green a ...
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Miles Plumlee will be the first Duke player to be better in the NBA than he was in college
The Wolves are making Miles Plumlee look like Dikembe Mutumbo.
Fun fact: Syracuse vs Duke in Basketball game ... Marshall Plumlee playing for Duke, and Rakeem Christmas playing for Syracuse. Marshall's brother is Miles Plumlee and Rakeem's brother is Dionte Christmas. Miles & Dionte both play for the Suns. I'm thinking the two older brothers are both watching the game, maybe even in the same room.
Miles Plumlee poses with his Team Hill teammates. Check him out at 7 p.m. on TNT in the Rising Stars…
Question I'm going to get eaten alive for: What does Joakim Noah do that Miles Plumlee can't also do?
Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs handles the ball against Miles Plumlee of the Phoenix Suns during the NBA game at US Airways Center on December 18, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Spurs defeated the Suns 108-101. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and...
Fantasy: Can Terrence Jones keep it up? January, 21, 2014 By Joe Kaiser | CAN TERRENCE JONES CONTINUE TO PLAY THIS WELL? While many candidates are in the running for the NBA's Most Improved Player award, from Miles Plumlee in Phoenix to Jeremy Lamb in Oklahoma City, none have been a bigger breakout fantasy performer this season than Jones. In the five games before Monday's win over Portland, which Jones missed because of a thigh injury, the second-year power forward out of Kentucky averaged 21.6 points, 12.2 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 3.0 blocks and 1.2 steals per game. Those are truly stunning numbers from a player who began the season much like he ended his rookie campaign: on the bench. So how has Jones done it? Well, for one, he seems to have focused on taking higher-percentage shots closer to the basket, trimming his 3-point attempts down to 1.0 per game in January. That might not seem like a plus for his fantasy value -- he's less of a contributor in a key category -- but it certainly has helpe ...
Phoenix Suns @ Minnesota Timberwolves . . . . . . The Suns stun the Timberwolves with a Gerald Green baseline jumper to take the 104-103 win. Goran Dragic had 26 points and nine assists, Channing Frye with 22 and Green with 14. Miles Plumlee added 11 points and nine boards and Marcus Morris had 10. Kevin Martin had 20 for the hosts, Nikola Pekovic had 17 points, 12 boards and two blocks whilst Kevin Love (12r) and Corey Brewer had 15 apiece.
Nikola Pekovic is completely destroying Miles Plumlee in the post someone get hrs baby out of there
Not many people can make Miles Plumlee look not big, but Nikola Pekovic does. Dude's a TANK.
"Not many big men can match Nikola Pekovic's athleticism, but somehow Miles Plumlee is doing that right now"
Miles Plumlee averages a point less than Joakim Noah a game. Miles Plumlee. The guy who was in d league last year.
Low key miles plumlee future all star
miles plumlee listed as a PF, when in reality he has anchored the suns at the 5
Miles Plumlee is my baby daddy and you will deal
win 117-100 over the Bucks. Miles Plumlee sits down with on Sports Sunday, tomorrow night at 10:35.
I swear I did not scratch Miles Plumlee on his neck hehe
I love watching Miles Plumlee block shots! Beat the Bucks!
Miles Plumlee has had Larry Sanders on back-to-back post moves with the first move, but then forced it middle. Going at him at least.
Someone buy me a Miles Plumlee jersey and I'll love them forever. 💜🏀😍
Miles Plumlee has done work this year
Really nice pass from Goran there through a forest of Bucks to feed a Miles Plumlee dunk. And-1. Nice.
So many missed shots at the rim for both teams. Miles Plumlee and PJ Tucker about to check in.
Miles Plumlee is nasty, people better start watching the suns
He won't -- because he got a late start -- but Miles Plumlee may end up being the most deserving player for the ROY award.
Miles Plumlee or Chandler Parsons on a silver platter would be GREAT! Right ? Lololol
playing at DK tonight, where I like Miles Plumlee and Andray Blatche (back tonight, risky but huge upside play) for the price.
Rolling Miles Plumlee/Batum instead of Sanders/Matthews. Idk if I'm about to regret this.
Tobias or Miles Plumlee on FD. Little worried about Lebron on Tobias. Thoughts?
What are the chances Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe or Miles Plumlee makes the All-Star team?
low-key Miles Plumlee might be making a run at Most Improved player.
I still think the need a good big man to complete the roster. Miles Plumlee can't do it all
Dang it Michell is getting wet on my pic of Miles Plumlee!
I liked 'Miles Plumlee Thunders Home th...' in the Sneakers App
Miles Plumlee makes the athletic move to convert the alley-oop reverse from Goran Dragic. Visit for more highlights. About the NBA: The NBA is .
Did Indiana really get the best of the Scola trade when both Miles Plumlee and Gerald Green are killing it in Phoenix?
Miles Plumlee is getting pretty good
Another white man who can jump: Miles Plumlee
Love it when guys get a second chance and make the most of it. Same with Miles Plumlee this year
Did y'all not see Miles Plumlee reverse alley play lastnight??? 😳😳
Does Miles Plumlee deserve the most improved NBA player award? — I don't know I gotta look around
Has good defense, good rebounder, explosive & he is athletic "thoughts on Miles Plumlee"
If you saw miles plumlee doesn't have bounce you're lying
Miles Plumlee catches the alley-oop and throws down the dunk in reverse.
heard a good nickname for Plumlee on the Top 10. . "Frequent Flyer" Miles
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Miles Plumlee got bounce outta no where
Miles Plumlee Throws Down Reverse Alley-Oop: Miles Plumlee with an acrobatic stuff
Who would have ever thought that Miles and Mason Plumlee would actually be above-average NBA players. Mason, maybe. But Miles?
This week in the NBA both Miles and Mason Plumlee had monster weeks, each setting career-bests in the process.
Miles Plumlee with impressive reverse alley-oop finish (VIDEO)
Phoenix Suns forward, Miles Plumlee may be this years most improved player and this athletic dunk may get him more votes!
By Kurt Helin Miles Plumlee has been one of the best surprises of the NBA season — which makes it fitting he is on the Suns, who are quite the surprise this season themselves. Plumlee was his same solid self in the middle Thursday, with eight points, 12 rebounds and three blocks. Oh, and case...
Dunk of the Night: Thursday, January 2 - The Phoenix Suns like running the floor, throwing down dunks and signing twins. When the Morris twins aren't dunking, the responsibility falls to Dunk of the Night winner and NBA twin Miles Plumlee.  Plumlee throws down the alley-oop in style, two-handed. Your move, Mason.Read more NBA news on
Miles Plumlee thunders home the acrobatic reverse oop
Phoenix Suns center Miles Plumlee had a career night against Philadelphia, putting up 22 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks. Here are his two best dunks of the.
My Phoenix Suns finally getting their recognition as a contender in the West :,). I'd like to point out though, If you watched the Suns game last night, the Suns owned the Clippers with blocked shots and 17 STEALS in the game! Last night the NBA highlights of the game only showed that the Clippers shot bad...when in reality Miles Plumlee swatted Chris Paul and Blake Griffin's dunk last night and the rest of the Suns played terrific defense overall. We had them at 59 points by the end of the 3rd quarter and left our bench players in for the 4th Don't sleep on the Phoenix!
Find a complete bio, stats and videos about Miles Plumlee, Center-Forward for the Phoenix Suns. Stay up to date on all Miles Plumlee news from the official NBA site.
I've got Phoenix Suns fever! We beat the seeded team in the west last night. We're only one game behind the Clippers. We won 105 to 88! Miles Plumlee is officially the future ex Mr. Andrea. LOL! Not only are the Suns one of the best teams this year, they're definitely the best LOOKING team! Go Suns!
Ya'll ninjas don't know about my Phoenix Suns just a half a game behind the clips for 1st place in the Pacific! Just put a whoopin on the clips in LA by 18 and were up by 30 benched all the starters in the 4th. Dragic, Bledsoe, Tucker, Frye, the Morris brothers and out of no where Miles Plumlee killing it! Not like we have championship dreams but such a good feeling to compete from last place last year!
This week was all about Miles Plumlee, who set two different career highs in two categories in two different games. Can Miles keep it up?
Who is this Miles Plumlee cat and why is he boomin on everybody nowadays
Phoenix Suns coach: Miles Plumlee improves every day - Suns Stories at
WMMA *** Updates Top Sports Stories (Dec 29, 2013) - Plumlee's career-high 22 lead Suns past 76ers PHOENIX — If Phoenix is the NBA's surprise team, Miles Plumlee is the most surprising Sun of all. The 6-foot-11 center played a grand total of 55 minutes in 14 games as a rookie for Indiana last season, then came to Phoenix almost as a throw-in in the []
Sure Lance Stephenson is going to win MIP of the year and might even be an allstar this season.which he totally deserves, but A guy by the name of Miles Plumlee should be a close second. The dude literally came from being the water boy on the Pacers team last year to a starting stat sheet stuffing center on the suns. Honestly I believe he is the true reason that the suns are so great this season. Miles Plumlee is the type of player Blake Griffin should have become after his rookie season. Yes I wrote that
I fail to believe Miles Plumlee was on Indiana last season
PHOENIX -- When center Miles Plumlee put up 18 points and 15 rebounds in a season-opening win for the Phoenix Suns, guard Goran Dragic knew his team had an added weapon he hadn't counted on. And now, Dragic and the Suns are learning the best ways to utilize that weapon. Five days after grabbing a ca...
The Phoenix Suns fun to watch Bledsoe a rising star and miles plumlee what a suprise shocked me when he was drafted in the first round but he plays hard
Look at Phoenix Suns player Miles Plumlee posterizing the opposition in last night's Suns victory!
For all of my fair weather fan friends i'm posting this because the Suns rebuilding project has been pushed ahead of schedule so pay attention! Most fans like myself thought that trading Gortat was a clear indication that the tank was on for next seasons loaded draft; especially since last years draft pick Len clearly wasnt ready to be an NBA starting center yet and had project written all over him. Then a couple things happened... Our guard tandem of Dragic and Bledsoe are destroying other teams but that was somewhat expected. What I didn't expect was that we would end up signing Jeff Hornacek as our head coach and he would have guys like the Morris twins and Gerald Green playing great. Even more amazing has been the emergence of Miles Plumlee who was basically givin up on by Indiana (who drafted him last year) and then traded him to us in the offseason for next to nothing. He is a legit 7 footer with amazing footwork, touch and hustle who could end up being a huge steal for us.
Haters going to hate but I don't care! If you don't believe miles plumlee is a complete baller and a legitmate big man for the suns you are on drugs! Suns nation y'all! Where are those so called laker fans now
Miles Plumlee, Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe each broke the 20-point barrier Saturday, sending the Phoenix Suns over Philadelphia 115-101.
Suns 115, 76ers 101 Miles Plumlee had 22 points, 13 rebounds, and an assist Goran Dragic had 21 points, 3 rebounds, and 5 assists Eric Bledsoe had 20 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists Marcus Morris had 18 points and 3 rebounds Thaddeus Young had 30 points and 10 rebounds Michael Carter-Williams had 27 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists Tony Wroten had 22 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists off the bench - J_H4rry
Miles Plumlee for most improved this year?
Miles Plumlee had 22 points and 13 rebounds against the Sixers on Saturday night. Miles Plumlee!
Sixers making Miles Plumlee look like an All Star center
Miles plumlee playing like a beast.. Come on suns let's get that win
After logging just 55 minutes in his entire rookie season with the Indiana Pacers, Miles Plumlee is having a breakout season. for the Phoenix Suns. On offens...
My top 10 centers in the nba right now: 1.Dwight Howard No matter how much of a traitor he is to his teams, you can't deny that he's a freak of nature athletically and he's dominating right now. 2.Roy Hibbert Best defensive center in the nba. 3.Demarcus Cousins 4.Anthony Davis 5.Andre Drummond 6.Marc Gasol 7.Brook Lopez 8.Al Horford 9.Al Jefferson 10.Joakim Noah There are so many good centers, which makes this probably the hardest position it rank. Some people who just missed my list are: Spencer Hawks, Nik Vucevic, Nik Pekovic, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan, Deandre Jordan, Miles Plumlee, Andray Blatche, Deandre Jordan, Jonas Valanciunas
At halftime, the Suns are still down to the Warriors, 59-40. The Suns are not rotating the ball at all and are taking ill advised shots. They're also getting beat badly in the paint. Top Performers: Miles Plumlee - 9 points, 7 rebounds PJ Tucker - 3 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals Also, Steph Curry almost has a triple double in the first half with 14 points, 9 rebounds and assists. -C
More from The Blue Zone today... —Reports from USA Today indicate that Chick-fil-A Bowl officials looked into moving the Dec. 31 Duke-Elon basketball game to Phillips Arena in Atlanta: the NBA, former Blue Devil Kyrie Irving stayed hot with a 40-point performance and Miles Plumlee turned in a 17-point, 20-rebound night of his own: Liston earns women's basketball player of the week honors for her 28 points in a road victory against No. 5 Kentucky:
Let's talk about this year's Phoenix Suns team for a second. Coming off of a 2012-13 season where they went 25-57 (4th worst record in the NBA), the Suns are now sitting at a cool record of 17-10, good for 6th place in the West. The biggest difference has been the addition of Eric Bledsoe, who is having one *** of a year in his first year as a starter, averaging a team-highs in points per game (18.9), assists per game (6.3) & steals per game (1.5). The addition of Bledsoe only compliments the game of the Suns' already rock-solid franchise player, Goran Dragic, who's averaging a steady 18.4 points per game, 6 assists per game & 1.1 steals per game. Another key factor in the teams total turnaround includes the emergence of Miles Plumlee, who's been an absolute ROCK down low, averaging 9.7 points per game as well as he leads the teams in rebounds (9.1 per game) & blocked shots (1.8 per game). Emeka Okafor (9.7ppg-8.8rpg-1blk), Gerald Green (13.3ppg), Changing Frye (11.1ppg-5.4rbg) & the combination of broth ...
1) Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe have both been amazing. 2) Miles Plumlee has turned into a good rim-protecting C.
Following his career night against the Lakers, Miles Plumlee is looking more and more like the Phoenix Suns' center of the future.
Miles Plumlee of the NBA's Phoenix Suns reaches back and connects for the vicious alley-oop finish.
Miles Plumlee came into my work yesterday...he's a pretty cool guy
Miles Plumlee is a beast! I can see that guy improving and making Phoenix Suns a better team overall.
ESPN - Suns C Miles Plumlee with a career-high 20 rebounds and 17 pts in a 117-90 rout of Lakers
Yes, this is the best highlight from tonight’s Lakers-Suns game.During the blowout, Pau Gasol banged heads with Miles Plumlee – who scored 17 points and grabbed 20 rebounds, by the way – which caused his right eye to bleed profusely.Gasol left the game and wouldn’t return, though he said during his…
Floyd and our youngest son, Michael Duvall, went to see the Phoenix Suns play the Los Angeles Lakers last night while Mary Duvall, Jordan Schliebe and I went to see "Saving Mr. Banks" at the theater. Was told I missed seeing some of our UK Wildcats. Eric Bledsoe and Archie Goodwin now play for the Phoenix Suns and Jodie Meeks plays for the Lakers. It was an awesome game. Oh, Miles Plumlee from our arch rival, Duke, is also on the Suns. Fun was had by all!
Miles Plumlee is playing pretty good avg 10pts 9reb and 2 blk per game last night he had 17 and 20
Pau Gasol's eye bleeds badly after banging heads with Miles Plumlee
Miles plumlee made sportscenter top 10. Lol. Do it blue devil
I want Pau Gasol traded immediately for letting miles plumlee dominate him and his lack of effort anywhere on the floor Kobe was right about him
Lakers forward Pau Gasol had a bloody eye after colliding with Suns forward Miles Plumlee.
Gerald Green, Miles Plumlee lead way as Suns trample Lakers ESPN ... Green and Plumlee are key cogs in the Suns' surprising breakout season. Green hit six 3-pointers and scored 22 points, while Plumlee added 17 points and grabbed a career-high 20 rebounds Monday night in a 117-90 victory over the Lo...
Phoenix Suns were expected to be a doormat this year...and instead they are kicking down doors! In the off-season they traded Scola to the Pacers for a draft pick and a "throw in" named Miles Plumlee. Miles is playing out of his's insane. Gerald Green is also playing crazy.six threes last night. This team is plain fun to watch.
Pau Gasol bloodied vs. Suns A cut opens up on face of Lakers center Pau Gasol after collision with Miles Plumlee. --Sal ("Share Us")—Like Us !
Big game out of my buddy Miles Plumlee tonight.17 pts, 20 rebs as the Suns take it to the Lakers. Atta boy Miles!
Miles Plumlee and the Phoenix Suns are balling!
Eric Bledsoe put up 16 points and registered 11 rebounds and 7 assists in a complete effort to lead the Phoenix Suns to a blowout victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, 117-90. Phoenix (17-10) is now on a three-game winning streak. Other key performers for Phoenix were Miles Plumlee with 17 points and...
At halftime, the Suns are up 64-51 against the Lakers in Phoenix! The Suns are shooting the ball well from deep, going 8/18(44%) from beyond the arc. Frye is having another off game from deep, shooting 1-6 but Gerald Green has been able to make up for it with a great 14 point effort. Miles Plumlee is also on pace to have a career game. He had 9 rebounds in the first quarter, alone. The Suns are playing relatively well on defense. They need to stop the Lakers from shooting the outside shots. 22 of their points(43%) are in the paint and they've worked hard for those points. Force them inside and make them earn it. Top Performers: Miles Plumlee - 11 points, 11 rebounds, 1 block Gerald Green - 14 points, 4/8 from 3 point range Eric Bledsoe - 12 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block Goran Dragic - 8 points, 5 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal 2nd half coming up next!
At halftime, the Suns are down but not out against the Nuggets with a score of 48 - 62. Looks like that thin air is getting to the Suns because the Fast Break Points comparison is 14-1 in Denver's favor. Denver also lead the Suns in Points In The Paint 36-18. The Suns closed out the quarter well on defense and need to continue to play well on that side of the ball to create offense. Another note, Channing Frye is 0/3, going 0/2 from deep. We need him to start hitting his shot to space the floor for everyone else. Top Players: Markieff Morris - 14 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe each have - 7 points, 2 assists, 1 steal Miles Plumlee - 5 points, 8 rebounds(3 offensive) -C
At the end of the 1st half, the Suns and the Spurs are tied at 58. Top Performers: Channing Frye - 15 points, 6/7 from the field including 3/3 from deep Miles Plumlee - 8 points, 2 steals, 1 block and some big highlight plays Eric Bledsoe - 7 points, 5 assists, 2 rebounds Suns are shooting 57% from the field and are 5/7 from deep, good for 71%. -C
The order in which the players die in The Grey 2: Brooklend 1.Andray Blatche 2.Kevin Garnett – A shocker, but he was the only one to attack the wolves instead of running. Not stealthy. 3.Deron Williams – Got off to a slow start 4.Tyshawn Taylor, Tornike Shegelia, Shaun Livingston and Alan Anderson – No one even noticed they died. 5.Joe Johnson – Everyone though he had the talent to survive longer. 6.Paul Pierce – Went down scowling though. 7.Jason Terry – 3 years ago he could’ve outran the wolves. 8.Brook Lopez – Initially afraid of his size, it took a long time to for the wolves to realize he lacks any aggression whatsoever. 9.Miles Plumlee – Duke flops into playing dead to perfection. Commits to act. Dies of cold. 10.Paul Pierce – Not actually dead. Comes back in wheelchair to fight wolves. Actually dies. 11.Reggie Evans – Still alive. Living as an accepted member of the wolfpack.
Miles Plumlee denies Shane Battier on the defensive end, then he gets down to the other end of the floor to finish with the dunk.
Order Miche Bag Online!
I look at other teams like the Suns, Rockets, etc. How do players like Terrance Jones, Gerald Green, Miles Plumlee having such good years??
Sacramento Kings @ Phoenix Suns . . . . . . . 23 points in 8-13 shooting from Isaiah Thomas leads the Kings to the 113-106 win over the Suns, the final term being a shoot-out 44-39. He added four assists and two steals whilst DeMarcus Cousins struggled from the field with 4-14 shooting but had 11-15 from free throw for 19 points and 12 boards. Greivis Vasquez added 13 points and six assists whilst Luc Richard Mbah a Moute had 11 points, three assists and two blocks. Goran Dragic had 31 points and five assists, Gerald Green with 23 and Marcus Morris added 13 points for the Suns, who were again without Eric Bledsoe and his bruised shin. PJ Tucker and Miles Plumlee both added 12.
"Plumdog" is a nickname that needs to be put down. Here are some alternatives for Miles Plumlee nicknames
The NBA is like bizarro world for former Duke players. Miles Plumlee is a solid pro, while Austin Rivers can't get on the floor.
Can't believe I'm watching Miles Plumlee play in the NBA for the same team that trade/released Kendall Marshall. Crazy
Get to your computer and GET MILES PLUMLEE!!! 16 pts 10 reb & 2 blkat halftime for the Suns! Looking like an absolute ste…
Don't forget to add a caption to this week's photo caption contest
Miles Plumlee did great in his first career start w/Phoenix. He had 18 pts and 15 rebounds in Phoenix's win last night.
Miles Plumlee already has a career high 16pts & 10rbs in the 1st half as hold a 50-46 lead over Lillard has 1…
Miles Plumlee had 13 pts, 22 rebs & 3 blks in 55 total mins ALL of last season. He has 16 pts, 10 rebs & 2 blks in 19 mi…
The Miles Plumlee talks about his PHX debut with at 3:15 PM on Listen live here
in the overreact world of daily ratings: dragic is an elite PG, Miles plumlee is a double-double machine, and Zbo avgs 2ppg.
I liked a video Miles Plumlee dominates first career start
miles plumlee didn't come from the Gortat trade lmbo
Also... Miles Plumlee... Indiana messed that one up like Milwaukee messed up with
Breast Cancer Awareness
If you were caught off-guard by Miles Plumlee's debut, don't worry. You aren't the only one.
You know you are bad we you start Miles Plumlee ().
I had Miles Plumlee on my fantasy team before everyone else knew who Miles Plumlee was last night.
Anthony Bennett dropped for Miles Plumlee in all fantasy leagues.
Miles Plumlee must pickup in fantasy? …
Miles Plumlee must pickup in fantasy
Miles Plumlee must pickup in fantasy?
Da Phenix Sun going to beat alot of team dis year with Miles Plumlee
I get that but this is Miles Plumlee, he shouldn't put up 18 and 15 on anyone bud. Yes my Suns are the worst, thus my point.
Miles Plumlee for rookie of the year
[VIDEO] Miles Plumlee Global Domination: This kid is for real! Miles Plumlee dominated in his first career sta...
.Ok my bad. So Miles Plumlee did it against the "defensive force" signed this summer. TROLOLOLOLOL
We need a nickname for Miles Plumlee
Miles plumlee killed it for the suns last night!
may not win much this season, but they were fun to watch last night. Miles Plumlee may be the steal of the draft.
Just like everyone planned before the season; Two pictures of Miles Plumlee on the homepage as he directs the conversation after a Suns win!
Newcomer Miles Plumlee had a great 1 st game in a win
do you suggest i keep Andrea Bargnani? I tried picking up Miles Plumlee but too late. Any other quality players?
You're far too kind, Daniel. MT Plumlee played great Wed. for One guy who isn't surprised?
Valley of the Suns >> Miles Plumlee makes a statement with smart play
Thanks miles Plumlee great game last night
Dropped Cody Zeller to pick up Miles Plumlee after a monster game. Good or bad move?
Miles Plumlee went for 18 pts, 15 rebs, 8-14 FG in 40 min in season debut. Got the start, Suns beat Portland.
is miles plumlee worth a look in a 10 team lg? I just dropped zeller for him. (cont)
I have no idea of Miles Plumlee will be good. He's never been good before yesterday. But I don't have a problem adding him on a whim.
with Brandon knight down and out do u think gray Neal a nice pick up?? And what u think about Miles Plumlee upside...
Tough loss to PHX last night despite 60 pts from Dame & LA. Oh, how did Miles Plumlee do? 18pts, 15rbs, 3blks. Geez.
I actually drafted Miles Plumlee late in a deep points league.. Paid of last night.
So Miles Plumlee has double-double in NBA game and C.J. Leslie, Lorenzo Brown and Kendall Marshall are all looking for work.…
Miles Plumlee had quite the game last night. Didn't look flukey, either. Question is will he keep getting those minutes?
LaMarcus Aldridge has 28 points and 2 boards. On the other hand, Miles Plumlee has 18 points and 12 boards, I'll take Pl…
Miles Plumlee is about to get some recognition, he's doin WORK in Phoenix with Eric Bledsoe
If last night taught us anything, it's that Miles Plumlee >>> Ben McLemore.
Miles Plumlee makes a statement with smart play
u like miles plumlee or was this a fluke? He is gonna get a ton of minutes right?
In other Duke guys who had issues in the post offensively, Miles Plumlee went 18/15 last night for the Suns. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ICYMI: center did something that hadn't been done since 1999 in last nights win >
The winner of the Miles Plumlee nickname contest will receive a signed copy of my new book and my jumpshot club video …
How Goran Dragic has enough help with the Suns (and more on Miles Plumlee's huge night (
Miles Plumlee makes a statement with smart play -
You know what went overlooked last night ? MILES PLUMLEE HAD 18 POINTS AND 15 REBOUNDS LAST NIGHT AGAINST PORTLAND. --
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