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Miles Kane

Miles Kane (born 17 March 1986) is an English musician originally from Meols on the Wirral, best known as the co-frontman of The Last Shadow Puppets and former frontman of The Rascals.

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I came to do essay work at Costa and Miles Kane came and sat on the table next to me and now I can't concentrate on anythi…
The last handful of miles takes another good 1-2 weeks bc of Sydney alone. *smh*
*** but Sydney takes a stupid long time to clear stuff. It only takes 4-5 business days to travel…
if you do more TLSP songs I will definitely volunteer as Miles Kane
The old "look down at the pitch & repair it bcos I've ballooned the penalty miles over" one. We've all been there.
Harry Kane slipped and skied the penalty miles over the bar ARGH
😳 Shocking miss!. Kane blasts the ball MILES over the bar from the spot!.
OOF! Kane smashes his penalty miles over!
Kane blazes the penalty miles over the bar - a real shocker.
Rontez Miles and Calvin's Pryor awareness should be at a 15 on Madden 😂
The best you've never heard Miles Kane - First Of My Kind
“When I love, I love for miles and miles. A love so big it should either be outlawed or it should have a capital and its ow…
Inhaler - Miles Kane - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
Here's 4 seconds of Alex Turner and Miles Kane loving a bit of Tame Impala.
Miles Kane's cover of 'I've never met a girl like you before', by Edwyn Collins, will forever be a personal favourite
Alex Turner, Miles Kane and Johnny Marr sharing the same stage and playing a song by The Smiths? Never dreamt of it. http…
yeah and the strypes the same day! Also The Black Keys, Miles Kane, Metallica, Bastille, Kings Of Leon...
Watch Alex Turner and Miles Kane dancing side stage to Tame Impala at Glastonbury
Miles Kane and Alex Turner are grade A musicians
Miles Kane and Alex Turner know how to sesh
Big fan of Alex Turner and Miles Kane living their entire lives like it’s 6am and they’re still on the sesh in someone’s kitchen
I could listen to Alex Turner sing anything. Even if he's singing about sniffing lines off Miles Kane's *** Absolute beaut
Alex Turner & Miles Kane are two of the coolest men ever. How can you not love them???
Dunno why everyone's so worried about Alex Turner n Miles Kane??
Matt Helders has a baby. Jamie Cook has a baby. Nick O'Malley has a baby. Alex Turner has a Miles Kane.
Miles Kane's old mod style made him look so much like Paul McCartney
Lana was at Alex Turner and Miles Kane's set at Coachella!
Alex Turner & Miles Kane dancing to The Strokes @ Hyde Park is the best thing ever!!
Alex Turner and Miles Kane popped up on French TV to play three songs this week
Ouch, my head. Worth it though, last nights The Last Shadow Puppets gig was sublime! Alex Turner & Miles Kane knocked it out the park.
Absolutely love this week's shoot with Alex Turner and Miles Kane. You can read it here
I think this whole 'knobhead phase' Alex Turner's going through is just an inside joke to see the lengths Miles Kane will go…
Two years since Miles Kane at 53, he's turned into a proper bellend since then
on the Kane v Studge thing it's all about DS injuries if he stays fit he's a miles better player than Kane without question
Credited as fashion assistant for Alex Turner and Miles Kane's cover story for Shortlist's MODE.
It was you and me and Miles Kane, and some kid I went to school with...
Tonight has only cemented the fact I would turn *** for miles kane x
on the show this week. Ariana Grande, Chris Hemsworth, Kirsten Dunst, Will I Am, Miles Kane & Alex Turner
NME of a day like today in 2008: Alex Turner & Miles Kane AKA The Last Shadow Puppets. htt…
would you really want to meet Miles Kane?
Controversial opinion but imo miles kane is a lot stronger vocally than AT on the songs from Everything You've Come To Expect so far
"It was You and Me and Miles Kane. And some kid I went to school with" OMFG
The new record is pure gold. Alex Turner can do no wrong musically, and Miles Kane is the perfect partner in crime.
Alex Turner and miles Kane were amazing, I met royal blood and me and Megan found £20 on the floor so all in all the best night 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Alex Turners a right moody git btw, miles Kane is a geezer however
I've seen more of miles Kane in a day than I've seen of my parents in a week
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Genuinely think miles Kane's following me and Liam, we've bumped into him 3 times now
Miles Kane and Alex Turner are the biggest geezers of the 21st century, arguably.
Worst photos but met hugged and kissed Alex Turner and miles Kane xxx
Is Miracle Alinger about a bj experience Miles Kane and Alex Turner shared?
Speechless. Miles Kane and Alex Turner killed it! .was off the hook!
my whole feed on Instagram right now is pictures of Alex Turner and miles kane & it's beautiful
Alex Turners bum is the best thing I've ever seen and Miles Kane dances like a chicken
soon be the weekend - fret not! And although I miss out in your cake I get to see the mighty Alex Turner & Miles Kane!!!
Miles Kane may be one of the most unremarkable looking men I've seen. So unremarkable that I've had to remark about it, so is it really?
Miles Kane is the Jonathan Wilkes of indie
Miles Kane explains how Paul Weller inspired him to 'shag' more in his thirties
Matt Helders touring with Iggy Pop and Josh Homme. Better than Miles Kane.
If you've got to shazam Miles Kane when you're in lennons, pick up your coat and go home pal
This is the best now playing Miles Kane - First Of My Kind on
'' It’s like John Lennon meets… Paul McCartney ''. — Alex Turner on what it’s like to work with Miles Kane again
Wish Alex and Miles Kane would stop wanking eachother off and making weird tunes
Why have the Last Shadow Puppets, Miles Kane and Alex Turner decided to pay homage to Jimmy Savile to promote tour?
When Alex Turner and Miles Kane were dancing to The Strokes.
nah Alex Turner and Miles Kane have one coming out so doubt it unfortunately fellow Tom
Miles Kane looks like Paddy Considine but sounds like Chico.
Alex Turner, Jared Leto, Lana Del Rey and Miles Kane are ruining my life. 😩😭
It's official. The Last Shadow Puppets (Alex Turner and Miles Kane) will be back on spring 2016.
remember when Miles Kane brought Alex Turner out for Standing Next Me at Glasto? Actually you weren't there, doesn't matter 😎
are you Miles Kane and Alex Turner secret son?
Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner and Miles Kane have finished a new Last Shadow Puppets album:
Their first album was brilliant. Don't think we can expect anything nearly as subtle; Miles Kane is even sleazier than Alex now.
Really appreciate Liam Fray and Miles Kane singing "there is a light that never goes out" together, it's so special❤️
Miles Kane is the only person who can pull off anything that Miles Kane wears
We're here with Miles Kane next month :
The fact that loves Miles Kane makes my heart happy.
My dad is currently playing the Last Shadow Puppets & miles kane next on the radio
rearrange by miles Kane is the most uplifting wee tune out, yer maw and da split up? Yer dogs deed? Just play rearrange that's u sorted
I can't be the only one still hoping for another collaboration between Alex Turner and miles Kane. The age of the understand was so good
Lord I'm 500 miles from my home. Not a shirt on my back, not a penny to my name... Sad very sad. Peter, Paul and Mary
How have i not listened to Miles Kane in so long?
I love miles Kane idk if all of you know that but He is my literal waifu my name on here for like a year was (mi)les k(a)ne
severe TSTM warning til 9:15 for Kane Kendall Grundy. If it holds is next in line.
I miss miles Kane so much where you @
Miles Kane is genuinely so good man
Anyone else think that Miles Kane looks just like a young Paul McCartney?
I feel you, I went from listening to yelawolf to metalica to miles kane to yiruma
Huge trip down memory lane listening to miles Kane
Spartan Nation, welcome Miles Bridges, Joshua Langford, Nick Ward and Cassius Winston to the family.
Will vouch for me when I say Rearrange by Miles Kane is one of the greatest songs ever?
📷 frail-and-bedazzled: Me and Miles Kane at Hollywood Forever Cemetery the other night. 😍😍
All purpose parts banner
it was Rock City, Nottingham when you guys were touring with Miles Kane 😃
Miles Kane - Darkness in our Hearts Live at sarm studio.
Miles kane's bio is so annoying, the album isn't "new", it came out two years ago fam
Miles Kane disappeared for 6 months and came back obsessed with wrestling, I can't wait for his album of wwe entrance music covers
honestly this is the best album, every song hits me, sung by Alex Turner!! & Miles Kane!!
The next "The Last Shadow Puppets" album and what Miles Kane is up to
Why it's the perfect time for Alex Turner and Miles Kane to revive the Last Shadow Puppets
Weller joined by Martin Freeman, Nolan Porter and Miles Kane on stage in LA, image from Weller News
Anyone know if Miles Kane and Jake Bugg have joined Isis or something???
actresses or blondes not rock chicks and skanketts as is in Mr Turner's case. Ohh Miles can do it, as in Mr Kane in short
My heeds at it, I've found a Don Henley song that sounds like Miles Kane.
Miles Kane is the man and will always be the man
Just found that video of Alex Turner and Miles Kane groovin' at The Stokes' gig and now my knees are positively WEAK
OTT should trade for Patrick Kane. Build him a condo at CTC, in the middle of nowhere, miles from any decent entertainment. He'll behave.
Mind a set a flare off at miles kane come closer in london and burnt a mancunians kway. Too funny.
I shall come as Miles Kane but draped in a German flag.
Alex Turner dancing with Miles kane last night @ the strokes cute
5th Sep. Harry Kane comes on as a sub w/ Eng 6 goals up v San Marino. Ruptures his cruciate ligament. Mushroom cloud over N17 seen for miles
I'm just sat watching Miles Kane music videos bc he's my fave
just said that to my dad Gona cost abit kane tho?
Miles Kane colour of the trap an out of control are my fave night time listens atm
Bombshells by Miles Kane is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester.
Harry Kane is miles better than Diego Costa.
Miles Kane's website has been closed... Not a good sign :(
Miles kane - inhaler, just reminds me of 6th year in that common room every free period same three CDs for a year straight.
I added a video to a playlist Miles Kane - Inhaler
somehow ada terbaca before Alex, Alexa used to date Miles Kane.. Dunno where i read that.
sweet. Geezer reminds me of Miles Kane
I forget how good Miles Kane's first album is
Need a striker, you've sold a lot and bought no one in! Relying on Kane far too much!
Anyone know if miles kane is still alive or not?
Miles Kane is just far too good man
Miles Kane - Colour of the Trap; the perfect chill out Bank Holiday morning album 👌🙌
why not just pay whatever Tottenham want for Kane seems crazy look at city's signings miles them in terms of quality
Gracias por Colour of the trap Miles Kane :')
More music needs to be like The Enemy, Arctic Monkeys, The Twang, Miles Kane, Foals, Kasabian & The Wombats.
Miles Kane's voice is so beautiful jfc
The Killers had Miles Kane and the Courteeners mate
~Alex Turner and Miles Kane~. "I want to work for T&K Recordings but with Miles as my boss. Alexander gets cranky.
The day Alex Turner and Miles Kane will get married will be the happiest day of my life.
Working late on a Friday and then on a Saturday should be illegal. Listening to Miles Kane getting me through it at the moment
Jeff Wootton, Miles Kane and Alex Turner on the same pic. I wasn't ready at all !
the video ae Alex Turner nd Miles Kane dancing at The Strokes gig will never get auld❤️
The video of Alex Turner and Miles Kane dancing in the crowd at The Strokes is an instant mood lifter
Alex Turner and Miles Kane dancing to The Strokes' "Barely Legal" via
Little Giant Ladders
Alex Turner and Miles Kane dance with fans in the crowd to The Strokes at London gig – watch
Alex Turner, Kelly Jones, Miles Kane, Julian Casablancas, Albert Hammond & Beck we're all within yards of me last night, bet they had a few
Alex Turner and Miles Kane 'Dancing' at The Strokes gig yesterday.😮
Alex Turner dancing with Miles Kane at The Strokes is some sort of indie wet dream
Keith Allen hosts charity gala tonight in aid of with Jools Holland and Miles Kane performing & Chrissi…
Kendal Calling lineup imminent. After last year's trolling with Tom O'Dell, Miles Kane, Jonny Borrell & Frank Turner, it can only be better
'We are the Mods' no you're a 17 year old Miles Kane fan with a bowl cut and Fred Perry coat you got for Christmas
“Why do David Bowie and Lindsay Lohan make smoking look cool?” And John Lennon and Alex Turner and Miles Kane 😩😩😩
British press says Alex Turner, James Ford and Miles Kane are already preparing the new LP by The Last Shadow Puppets htt…
Whatever became of that entity formerly known as Miles Kane?
Alex Turner and Miles Kane such as the both side of coin, they are similar… ♫ Sequels by The Last Shadow Puppets
I'd love for Miles Kane and Richard Hawley to record something together now that would be special! x
Turns out me and Miles Kane have the same tailor ! :)
Miles Kane and I have completely shut out the world. Just the two of us and a whole lot of feet.
I will be miles kane soon lad getting a polka for shirt ✌️
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Miles Kane has been confirmed as support on the January 2012 Australian tour - tickets on sale now -
Just want something from Miles Kane where you been
Miles kane to kick off the day. Soon be friday.
So glad has the same music taste as me. Don't know what I'd do with myself if she hated Miles Kane and loved Nickelback
My fitbit for 12/08/2014: 4,002 steps and 1.9 miles traveled.
Miles Kane, top geezer, knows his music and sharp as! Hope for us all in UK guit
Miles Kane's cover of Le Responsable by Jacques Dutronc is quality
Football legend Pele 'to leave hospital on Tuesday'
Miles Kane Castle, promised father he can have scran before trebles. you utter *** womble of Wimbledon't
I basically spend my life trying to be Miles Kane. What the feck is happening?
Ma love fir miles Kane is fading cause he's like no where to be seen so wits happenin
arcade fire and miles Kane would bang
"Royal Blood's Mike Kerr says the idea that rock music is the most authentic genre is rubbish". Obviously hasn't list…
Guess I'll just follow about Miles Kane again
Miles Kane - Don't forget who you are. Nyantai, classic!
it was like an oven in there proper dingy room. We see miles Kane and Peter crouch. Abbey clancey was there phwoarr
4 years ago got to se Courteeners and Miles Kane for a fiver at the Academy, quality gig :)
My fitbit for 12/07/2014: 9,240 steps and 5.4 miles traveled.
Alex with Miles Kane, , Zackery Micheal at Soho House - West Hollywood recently
Miles Kane's cover of 'girl like you' is the one.
I've only just noticed how hot Miles Kane's drummer is
With Clem... Zulu Winter, Dylan, Hendrix, Two Door Cinema Club, Ravenscode, Miles Kane and a whole more. hope you can make 7pm
This is good. Liam Fray and Miles Kane - There is a Light That Never Goes Out: via
Diaporama : Miles Kane, Jamie Hince, and Jeff Wootton attend a party hosted by David Beckham and Alister...
My fashion inspirations include Alex Turner and Miles Kane.
Tunes from Liam tonight. Top stuff. Beatles Lennon medley Ian Skelly - You've got it all Johnny Marr - Easy Money Darrell Banks - Open the door to your heart Don Thomas - Come on Train Carl Hall - Mean it Baby MVPs - Turning my heartbeat up Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready Jerry Williams - If you ask me Ike & Tina Turner - Somebody Needs You Dean Parrish - I'm on my way Miles Kane - Looking through my window Rodriquez - Hate Street Dialogue George Harrison - What is Life? Nina Simone - Revolution Paul Weller - Out of the Sinking (Live)
TBT to when Jake Bugg and Miles Kane were some of my top ten artists but then they gradually got replaced by Mac Demarco and Lana Del Rey.
Dissapointed in Miles Kane's taste of women if he is seeing Rosie from made in chelsea
3-year-old violently dancing to Miles Kane
literally can't wait for The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Neon Trees, Paolo Nutini, Miles Kane n Bastille this weekend
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I wish that The Killers, Blondie, Miles Kane and The Stranglers were at Reading fest next week rather than at V this week
Miles Kane and Paolo Nutini are literally the only people I'd go and watch at V lol
Miles Kane at V Fest, can't go wrong seeing that guy
My fitbit for 8/14/2014: 12,025 steps and 7 miles traveled.
Miles Kane ... Come Closer... Bang it on now!!!. One of the greatest tracks ever my opinion!. Your a million miles a million miles away
Miles Kane. . How could i forget and Weller.
Miles Kane will be awesome!! The album is brilliant isn't it. Have fun honey! :-) x
Alex can't leave me but if he did, he'd have to leave me for Miles Kane.
I'll just listen to Miles Kane until I'm better.
I just used to sing along to Don't Forget Who You Are by Miles Kane
share your coke with Miles Kane. maybe get him a Coca-Cola too
Bought some music on Amazon today. 6 CDs. All British acts. 4 with either Alex Turner or Miles Kane on them.
That moment when you see Alex Turner and Miles Kane in the movie Grease
A girl has requested Miles Kane and Courteeners. In love.
I'm buzzing for the courteeners on Tuesday and the killers and oor miles Kane
miles Kane is a singer whom Alex did a side project with
Going see Miles Kane again is a must
I'm only looking forward to miles Kane, Arctic Monkeys and a few others tbh
aye the killers are just an added bonus much prefer miles Kane and the courteeners
nah, it's only the courteeners & Miles Kane who are supporting unless you want to see one them??
A see The Killers, Miles Kane and the Courteeners in 4 days...
I saw Miles last week live... ace gig !
Life would be so much easier if I was Miles Kane
Mates got a spare ticket to the killers and miles kane. Dm me if interested
no hetero but I would blow miles kane
"Miles Kane has revealed that the 60s inspired superhero movie he is penning with Alex Turner is "more or less done.""
Why do people think V Fest is so bad? Whats so bad about Kaiser Chiefs, Killers, Kodaline, Miles kane... etc? Get from up your own ***
Speaking of Miles Kane, I really need to buy his albums. And definitely The Last Shadow Puppets. Miles Kane & Alex Turner together? Amazing.
We got to the barrier for Suede, De La Soul, Augustines, Clean Bandit, Tom Odell, Miles Kane and Example ahhh
Miles Kane starting a chant of milf at some woman in his crowd is why he is a legend
My fitbit for 7/21/2014: 9,701 steps and 4.6 miles traveled.
Quicksand by Miles Kane is a summers tune
Can't beat listening to Royal Blood and Miles Kane when sunbathing! 😁
Miles Kane is unreal, really want to go to this concert!
Come Close by Miles Kane is in Empire Music Hall, Belfast. Download it now at
Sorry not sorry but Miles Kane is better than you
Alex Turner and miles kane should be writing another album together not a film ffs
The prodigy, queens of the stone age, madness, ska-p, Miles Kane, the bloody beetroots, Kavinsky, girls in Hawaii...
Dreamt I went to a Miles Kane and Alex Turner concert omfg
2 x Tickets for the Killers the Courteeners & Miles Kane for sale £90. Tuesday 19th Aug Bellahouston Park
Seeing Miles Kane in less than 2 weeks while I saw him 2 weeks ago.
My fitbit for 7/21/2014: 13,972 steps and 8.5 miles traveled.
Miles kane rompiendo mi alma con Colour of the trap
Like 60 songs on my spotify playlist and I used my 6 skips looking for Miles Kane. . I failed, now listening to Jake Bugg. Fgs spotify
Listening to a lot of Miles Kane today and he's awesome. That's all tbh
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Journey is best measured in friends rather than miles
If Miles Kane dies I think a part of me will die with him and the same with Tom Hanks
Can someone do me a favour and check whether miles Kane credits John Lennon in the COTT covet book for cold turkey on better left invisible?
Is Alex Turner and Miles Kane actual making an x-men movie, or am I high? Or are they high?
bassline I didn't mean to ignore you at Miles Kane, soz.. Haven't spoke for ages but you're a lovely boy
Miles Kane in 40 years lol jk it's Paul McCartney
No listened to Jake Bugg in a while, guys got some talent and hopefully will be around for years, still prefer miles kane though
Nice. Got to run 6 miles today. I feel good but scared how I might feel tomorrow.
Jinksccfc My Welshie. You ignored at Miles Kane, you *** but you're lovely really when you're not hitting on me :):):)
less than a month until I see the killers and miles kane in one night I'm totally buzing
I once had miles Kane on snapchat but then he changed his name :( I snapchat'd him tho it was swell
Don't think either of Miles Kane's albums would even come close to my top 30
Alex Turner watching Miles Kane perform. (This is true love, folks.)
I love the way Miles Kane plays his guitar 😍
John Petrucci can play any scale known to man - unknown in the mainstream. Miles Kane can play 3 chords - girls want his children. God why
Hey guys! Trapezium are a fairly new band in the area with influences such as Pink Floyd, Miles Kane and The Black Keys. We are working on an EP with a few songs finished! If you wouldn't mind giving our page a like it would be much appreciated: Thanks!
If anyone ever gets a spare Arctic Monkeys/miles Kane ticket for anywhere near me tell me and I'll buy it for £373927
You are listening now:. Rearrange, of Miles Kane. Listen this in
My fitbit for 7/13/2014: 7,466 steps and 3.5 miles traveled.
that picture of Miles Kane and Alex Turner *is* grimly fascinating though. I mean: what the *** is going on?
I love miles kane and Liam Frays cover of there is a light that never goes out
Lol Miles Kane and Turner share clothes. Like that's whatever, but sharing your signature leather jacket is a little ***
I'm gonna dress like female Alex Turner and share clothes w/ u bc you're my Miles Kane
that was more a comment on him and Miles Kane than myself
We won't let our worries dictate who we are- Miles Kane✌️
Still a tiny bit gutted that Miles Kane didnt play 505 with Arctic Monkeys on saturday
I'm gonna guess that this X-Men Alex Turner + Miles Kane thing is a video for a new Last Shadow Puppets song. Just thr…
Jabari Parker tried to dunk on Miles Plumlee. It didn't go so well (via
.so far 2 reminds me a bit of Alex Turner's music w/ Arctic Monkeys & a little bit of Miles Kane (Last Shadow Puppets/the rascals)
im in love with this song . Miles Kane – Come Closer
Looking back at my drunk rant about miles Kane performing at Arctic Monkeys and I regret nothing
I also got to see Miles Kane this time
Miles Kane looks so much like Paul McCartney that it hurts
I look at Miles Kane and all I see is a young Paul McCartney
Miles Kane is the man now let's be fair
Miles Kane is such a good performer
Would kill for Miles Kane's shirt last night 👏
They're one of my favourites! Up there with Kasabian, Drenge and Miles Kane in my list... So buzzing I got barrier then!
wanna go see Miles Kane in Budapest?
I really enjoyed Miles Kane, but the crowd weren't the best for some of his songs I thought
A need to see Jake Bugg, arctic monkey, chase&status and miles kane live again, absolute must
Im still in shock over Miles Kane doing Sympathy For The Devil yesterday!
God how I wanna see Miles Kane live😍✊
Just one disappointment from Arctic Monkeys gig, Miles Kane didn't join them onstage for a couple of Last Shadow Puppet songs
That was thee best day of my life! Royal blood, Miles kane, Jake Bugg and Arctic Monkeys! They were all so *** good!.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
36 days til I see the killers, the courteeners and miles kane, canny honestly wait
Pretty sure the only way to recover from the amount of AM that they've been playing recently is to bring out Miles Kane.
it was so cool! Between that and Miles Kane's shirt, I was mesmerised! :L
Miles Kane and I have like the same shirt? Coincidence I think not what you robbing my clothes for
Nothing changes, the best songs are still the old ones, Alex Turner is still a tool and it's a shame Miles Kane didn't come on for 505.
Don't like Miles Kane, didn't think he was good at all last night.
Going to see the killers the courtneers miles Kane and the Arctic Monkeys all in one week in august
Literally everyone thinks Alex Turner is a *** I think Alex Turner and Miles Kane are the only people who still adore him.
its a Sheffield thing. Im Sheff born and Bred, as Miles Kane said, "DONT FORGET WHO YOU ARE"
Alex Turner may be cool but he's no Miles Kane...
Royal Bloody, Miles Kane and Jake Bugg were their special guests, but Jake Bugg is a massive tool!
Completely freaked out by the perpetually smiling, unflinching, Fly Emirates (?) women behind the award givers. Staring ten miles ahead.
worth watching? Or nowt special happening. They brought miles Kane on yet.
Acoustic version of A Certain Romance.. Class! Glad we got Miles Kane at Finsbury though 🙌
Turner playing this with Miles Kane n 2011 sweating his *** off whilst smoking a Regal lanky was much better than that.
If they don't get Miles Kane out to perform 505 with them then it seems like a let down. Even 1st night of Finsbury was!
Miles Kane and his band popped in for a couple of drinks again last nite ahead of their Marley park show 2day. He really luvs our wee joint!
Serge Pizzorno taking lead vocals and Miles Kane joining him on stage
I want to hang out with Alex Turner, and touch his chest a lot, and sleepover at Miles Kane's and we can all talk about classic rock and watch Quadrophenia until the wee hours of the morning and that's when we decide to go out to this underground club that's based off of the Marquee Club from the '60s and our transportation are scooters, can you see the real me?
Just me that thinks that Joachim Low looks like Miles Kane?
Last years show at the was a sell out! Dont miss out this year http:/…
Remember when you used to be a rascal? *palazo a Miles Kane*
I laughed so hard I went into a coughing fit and now I have to lie down Once Again miles kane causes me to have a near death experience
Miles Kane cantando Club Foot con Kasabian... what a time to be alive.
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