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Miles Jupp

Miles Jupp (born 1979) is an English actor and comedian, probably best known as Archie in the children's television series Balamory.

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Best description of those battle buses from Miles Jupp on the radio4 News Quiz:. 'Bellend Trojan horse'
Sandi Toksvig was a hard act to follow hosting the but I actually think Miles Jupp is even funnier!
Miles Jupp is snide nasty piece of work & all over like rash prob because he's Tory & that's oblig…
Miles Jupp on Diane Abbott's lack of discretion: "She's a bit 'send all'..."
Radio 4 on in the background. News Quiz on now, so I'm switching off. Who listens now that tory boy Miles Jupp took over? BBC Comedy? Do one
I love host Miles Jupp, he's great live too!.
Miles Jupp looks forward to having his Thursday night free as will record its results special…
Hi copied you in on a couple of emails. Miles Jupp and Ted. Have a good weekend, hope to be at the ground on Tuesday.
Archie the Inventor from Balamory AKA Miles Jupp's dad was the vicar at my wedding
Given your constantly changing name, I was wondering if you were a fan of the Miles Jupp era of the News Quiz?
Hi Rhianna, this weeks guests will be Miles Jupp and Stanley Johnson
Monmouth - thanks for having me. And lovely to see the ever charming Miles Jupp for a drink or 2. 6 more gigs -
Literally in love with Miles Jupp. He's like Hugh Grant for the radio.🤗😍🤗
Miles Jupp is always my fave on mock the week
"Uniting Labours different memberships is like having a dinner party for…
HIGNFY. Tired,Jaded, No longer funny or Quiz Radio 4 Witty amusing up to date such a contrast, Miles Jupp great
Tbh I'd have put you in my "Top 10 R4 performers who sound nothing like Miles Jupp".
Has someone really muddled Miles Jupp and Mitch Benn? How is that even possible?
I always get you mixed up with Miles's you posh, plummy voice
To be fair you are the spitting image of Miles Jupp. So easy mistake to make.
Not what you are on to confuse him with Miles Jupp.
Can't blame them for the confusion, you're almost identical to Miles Jupp :P
Easy mistake to make, you and Miles Jupp voice twins. Like Danny Dyer and
You say that, but has anyone ever seen you and Miles Jupp in the same room?. Have they?!?
I love Miles Jupp. Keep trying (failing) to get free tickets for the recording of
I keep trying, but I just can't warm to Miles Jupp as presenter of
Is Miles Jupp writing his own script now or have they changed the writers since he took over do you…
Miles Jupp just said Andy Burnham looks like a picture that a child would draw of a man. 😂
Dear Radio 4, please sign Miles Jupp up to the for life. Ta x
.who wrote Miles Jupp's jokes in News Quiz tonight? He's on fire!
Anecdotally, Miles Jupp sounds like he had a bit of a breakdown whilst recording yesterday.
Tonight at 6:30pm on Miles Jupp quizzes and about the news...
Phil Jupitus, Romesh Ranganathan, Miles Jupp and Rob Beckett among comedians announced for Manwatching…
A fun recording last night with and of course Miles Jupp. 6.30 tonight
2 busy days Popped up to yesterday to meet today into the fair city of to meet…
Hi saving a space on one of the for you, Miles Jupp says "hello" by the way...!…
23:00 News Quiz Extra: Jeremy Hardy and Susan Calman are amongst Miles Jupp's guests for the extended version.
Louis CK. Miles Jupp. Doug Stanhope. Simon Evans. Jim Gaffigan. Rhod Gilbert. If you know no more t…
rediscovering after a hiatus... genuinely brilliant at times, Hugh Dennis and Miles Jupp have me in tears.
I'm sure Miles Jupp was really funny but the sound was so bad couldn't really get the humour - real shame as we are Jupp fans 😕
As much as i love Miles Jupp, I will only ever see him as Archie from Balarmory!! :P
I'm not even sorry for how excited I am about working the Miles Jupp show on Saturday.
Someone said "f^*king" on Radio 4 before 3pm. Is that cool these days? Think it was Miles Jupp. Anyway, lovely listening to John Hurt.
Very excited to see my dear chum play 🤗 Feb 25th Hope you've booked your tickets too?
you're very kind, but that bouffant is pure Miles Jupp...
Good show this evening at Theatre Severn, Miles Jupp
Just got back from Miles Jupp "Songs Of Freedom" Off to Leicester in the morning to see a bunch of shows
Listening to Miles Jupp: "wonky-wheeled shopping trolley full of flaming skulls that is the administration"
where is the balamory voice tonight? We need Miles Jupp.
Will the despairing Miles Jupp ever find the song of freedom he craves?
"Just because you've paid for it, doesn't mean to worked" Miles Jupp on private education, this speaks to me 😂
Must be nice to be Miles Jupp. Any programme he's on he's always having a really nice time. does countdown.
THIS WEEKEND! Miles Jupp brings his Songs of Freedom stand-up show to Royal Spa Centre Sat 18 Feb >…
Make sure to catch Miles Jupp this March! 21 March. Not to be…
Tonight we welcome comedian MILES JUPP for his sold out show SONGS OF FREEDOM
I can just hear Miles Jupp on the News Quiz saying "and now a cutting from..."
Miles Jupp was wonderfully entertaining... and his audience was the best behaved I've ever seem at a comedy gig.
I see Miles Jupp missed headshot day at the studio.
Off to see Miles Jupp at the Old Vic - no idea what to expect...
I liked her when she ran This Miles Jupp is just ... meh. Sometimes he's ok.
Why isnow just an excuse for smutty schoolboy humour instead of political satire Miles Jupp? Oh yes. I see.
Counting down to a night of romance with the SO and at the 🌹
Miles Jupp tonight was awesome , easily one of my favourite comedians
Thanks to & we're loving Miles Jupp in his freshly ironed shirt and robust trousers!.
Thanks to Miles Jupp I bought some Duchy Originals biscuits and they are delicious!
Did someone say MILES JUPP? No, nobody did, but he's performing at my improv night in exactly two weeks.
How have I only just noticed Miles Jupp has a cameo in Johnny English reborn 😂😂😂
Would love a DVD of Miles Jupp's 'Songs of Freedom'. Is there likely to be one?
Watching Josh for the 1st time. It's incredible - loved as a fairground attendant & Miles Jupp as "Giles"
How did Miles Jupp put it; all the composure of a pigeon trapped in a bottle bank.
Laugh out loud funny ❤ Lee MacK, David Mitchell and Miles Jupp 😁😁
Miles Jupp, Ed Byrne, Lee MacK and David Mitchell on So, so funny. 😂
Tune in to ep 5 to hear the wonderfully tuneless as he and Miles Jupp join Barry and Tim for ep 5!
Do you mean Roger Allam? I don't think Miles Jupp was in Cabin Pressure?
Miles Jupp is the best thing to happen to in living memory. That is all.
Jennifer Saunders returns in the 2nd series of Josh, w Emma Bunton, Michael Ball, Miles Jupp & Mike Wozniak:
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I liked a video "This is my.." Feat. Mike, Barry Cryer, Lee MacK and Miles Jupp - Would I Lie to You?
Miles Jupp and Angela Barnes need to be on every week. Haven't laughed this loud for a while 😂
At last, an episode of "In and Out of the Kitchen" with 4 pictures of Miles Jupp, not the usual stingy 3:
this government are most certainly twits (and that is putting it politely). Miles Jupp has done benefit gigs to support
Finished Miles Jupp's witty Fibber In The Heat. Some of his press pack stuff is great. Some of it he doesn't get. Some punches pulled? ***
Miles Jupp’s News Quiz trailers are very annoying.
Hoping the new series of the News Quiz is funnier than the Miles Jupp trailers. Unlikely though - Jupp is a hopeless Chair.
Ooh, Miles Jupp is coming to again. Can't wait!
About to see :-) so excited. Never got the chance to see Sandi but really love Miles Jupp too! :-) :-)
Don't miss old and festival patron Miles Jupp with the News Quiz tomorrow at 6.30pm
That's what I know it from (and Miles Jupp as Archie the Inventor!) when my kids were young. I still know the theme tune :D
...and Miles Jupp "You know I've totally forgotten when England won the world cup." Gonna use that one ;-)
'An invention which reduces literature to an exact science' Miles Jupp investigates Plotto, Master Book of All Plots
This man is Miles Jupp and he's coming back to Margate soon. Don't say we never tell you anything.
The News Quiz returns on Friday! Here's some smut to keep you going until then:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Just put up Big Day Out, a great event in July. Comedy by Miles Jupp, food by & more.
Want to know a little more about our host Miles Jupp?
Would I Lie To You? Series 8 Ep 4 Miles Jupp, Heston Blumenthal, Emilia Fox and Ed Byrne: Rob Brydon is back in the host's chair alon...
Miles Jupp and the Plot Device Miles Jupp investigates the plot device that spawned a million pu...
"The honourable gentleman is crying like Jimmy Carr when Sean Lock said he wouldn't spit on Miles Jupp during sex"? Tough context
The joys of Miles Jupp and Alistair McGowan just perfect in Boswell's Life of Bennett.
In case you were wondering the actual quote I used in my dissertation was you saying "you patronising *** to Miles Jupp
If they ever make a movie about I think Miles Jupp is the man.
Tonight, I shall mostly be in bed with 'Fibber in the Heat' by Miles Jupp on my
I reckon Miles Jupp still cringes at Balamory.
Did you enjoy Miles Jupp on The Plot Device and on Radio 4? This might be just the book for you!
Ross Noble and Miles Jupp clash (5th Oct). Any chance of asking Miles to change dates.?
"If you get the chance to see the choir in action, don’t hesitate!". A fab review of our Miles Jupp & Friends gig:.
Good actors too handsome for their own good: An occasional series. Michael Gove/Miles Jupp (not sure).
16:00 It's Not What You Know: Chaired by Miles Jupp, with Dave Gorman, Anneka Rice and stand-up Joe Lycett.
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As a Glasgow Girl I love Kevin Bridges and but I also like Andy Parsons, Ed Byrne and Miles Jupp.
Boswell’s Life of Marx: Julian Rhind-Tutt stars as Karl Marx and Miles Jupp as James Boswell, Dr Johnson's tim...
I feel very old when I moan about too much shouting on R4. Miles Jupp wouldn't have it.
is no longer comedy or even satire. It's now a smugfest for Miles Jupp and his Telegraph columnist chums.
My niece gets to dress up and is meeting Miles Jupp at school today. I am properly jealous
Great evening at tonight! Thanks Miles Jupp for the top notch presenting!
Miles Jupp read to pupils at Rotherhithe Primary today at event
I'm watching Live at the Apollo 10x06 "Danny Bhoy, Miles Jupp and Lee Nelson"
Our ambassador Miles Jupp will be visiting Rotherhithe Primary today to see programme in action
Is that Miles Jupp in the background?
brought best out of other two as well. Miles Jupp's ability to retell horrendous stories so well is ace.
have only seen one, and have to disagree. Bob Mortimer and miles jupp were amazing!
Miles Jupp as Captain Fanshaw in Gary Tank Commander is still one of my favourite characters 😂😂
Thank goodness Miles Jupp took over on the News Quiz. The posh white tory he represents is so under-represented.
. A hint of Miles Jupp in the voice, though. Classic Local Radio, I must say!
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Top cuttings compilation Miles Jupp and company:
Enjoy the legendary comedy show with behind-the-scenes tour and meet Miles Jupp. Bid here
The News Quiz covers the Maternity Review. Miles Jupp explaining 'his' home-births made me laugh out loud in the...
Do the washing up for comedian Miles Jupp.
Do the washing up for that posh bloke Miles Jupp.
What are you thinking Miles Jupp? Get back to The News Quiz, will you.
Whoa, so Miles Jupp has FIVE children! Who knew?
FriComedy: The News Quiz 26 Feb 15: Series 89 of the satirical quiz. Miles Jupp is back in the chair, trying ...
Surprised there wasn't an announcement after for men recovering from birthing pool trauma to contact Miles Jupp for support.
I would totally join the Miles Jupp street dance academy
Miles Jupp on the Reader, I love him.
When I thought that the couldn't get any better. Miles Jupp happened. Just brilliant.
18:30 The News Quiz: A satirical review of the week's news, chaired by Miles Jupp.
I'm on Newsquiz at 6.30 with Miles Jupp and So excited here in Tunbridge Wells I…
Can't wait to see Miles Jupp and on the News Quiz tonight
Forget our Miles Jupp & Friends comedy gig is the hot ticket in town!
Simon Russell Beale perfect, like a serious Miles Jupp. Book of the Week: The Other Paris
DEATH OF A GENTLEMAN wins Best Documentary award. See it at the Savoy on March 7th with Q&A hosted by Miles Jupp.
Go behind-the-scenes of and meet comedian Miles Jupp. Bid on this exciting auction prize: https…
Monmouth and surrounding areas, get ready to DOAG – plus q&a with Miles Jupp and co-director Sam Collins. Monday...
DOAG in Monmouth on Monday 7 March, with Miles Jupp and me.
Miles Jupp is doing a brilliant job on Steady hand, some new/personalised elements. Bloody lovely stuff.
I understood. I lived for The Noow Show. I must say, I'm enjoying Miles Jupp on the NQ.
no longer does - handed over to Miles Jupp. is taking over QI from
Oh you! Hey can you ask your followers what they think of Miles Jupp as new host of :)
Did Miles Jupp pronounce your name correctly?I don't hear a 'Nathan' when I read it in my head.
FriComedy: The News Quiz 6 Nov 2015: A satirical review of the week's news. Joining Miles Jupp in this, the f...
"Theresa May listens to everything but consensus." Miles Jupp on fire as usual.
It's seemed a bit tired to me for some weeks. I quite like Miles Jupp though
The panel will be hosted by the Miles Jupp of
BBC Arts, Miles Jupp interviews Samuel West on protest and the arts
Miles Jupp's description of George Osborne, "Adolescent haircutted butler to Satan"
I absolutely adore Miles Jupp. He instantly improves whatever room he happens to be on in.
purlease, I will accept "chaps" or "smashing bunch of lads" because I'm a bit in love with Miles Jupp
I like Miles Jupp, I really do. But the News Quiz just isn't the same without Sandi :~(
No work tomorrow, so will call on Miles Jupp and the lads for a game of strip-Cluedo.
I imagined I'd like Miles Jupp more than I do. He's remarkably charmless.
the News Quiz podcast off Friday night comedy with Miles Jupp. Had me in stitches the other day :D
The News Quiz is BRILLIANT at the moment. I'm a Sandi fan but loving Miles Jupp so much on it.
Finally caught up with I do miss Sandi, but hats off to Miles Jupp. He is Quite Excellent.
in my dream, she was very complimentary of Miles Jupp's chairmanship of the News Quiz too
That was a Miles Jupp reference. Sorry if it went above your head
Neil Tennant in the interview with Miles Jupp in London, UK 18 October 2015
Miles Jupp's In & Out of the Kitchen from is simply wonderful. I haven't laughed so much in ages. The literary festival - genius.
I think Miles Jupp might just be Ellen Degeneres wearing glasses.
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Been looking forward to all week since didn't disappoint. Also enjoying Miles Jupp as the new host!
Really enjoying Miles Jupp's start as host of Especially calling the cuttings submissions for what they are...
New BBC charter will insist 83% of Radio 4 output must feature member of Mitchell-Coren family, Miles Jupp or Susan Calman.
While Miles Jupp is a great replacement, it is going to take some getting used to without Sandi Toksvig as host.
"...because if you *don't* save the Queen and she unexpectedly shuts down then you've lost all your work" Miles Jupp,
jolly good show old chap. How is life in Wales treating you??
Agree. Same goes for Miles Jupp. In fact I'd never heard of him. please come back.
Lunchtime News Quiz listening involving explanations of to 11yo & then being infected by Miles Jupp's chuckle, which is marvellous.
Joy..when you discover another episode to listen to ..It's Not What You Know.. Miles Jupp..BBC iPlayer...
Samira Ahmed, Jeremy Hardy, Lucy Porter and Hugo Rifkind join Miles Jupp to find the funny in the week's news:
It sounds to me as though Miles Jupp's voice has just the same tone and inflection as Sandi Toksvig's when he says "Two points to Jeremy."
It didn't, miles jupp is overrated.
Im very pleased that Miles Jupp is the new host of the News Quiz. A great choice imo
Find out if anything funny happened this week with Miles Jupp and co, in The News Quiz:
Loving Miles Jupp on ain't bad either...
I'm a big fan of Miles Jupp as compere of The News Quiz, but then I am of the parent generation who knows him best as Archie in Balamory.
Miles Jupp should be carried at shoulder height through the Radio 4 heartlands. He's ace on the News Quiz.
Miles Jupp is a great choice for The News Quiz
BBC a delight without ghastly Toksvig. Miles Jupp may be a dwarf *** Danish but he hasn't felt the need to tell us 17 times.
News Quiz has improved immeasurably since Miles Jupp took over as chairman. Suave & educated, he is a great wit
Miss glorious laugh but loving Miles Jupp on
Finding bit too joke-focused. I like Miles Jupp. Just too many gags (not re Cameron btw!)
Miles Jupp has David Mitchells's laugh- for a whie I was wondering why DM wasn't saying anything.
Miles Jupp doing a fantastic job filling shoes on News Quiz. I was worried, but now reassured!
much improved with Miles Jupp at the helm.
Miles Jupp on on VW emissions: "So how big a scandal is this, on a scale of 1 to putting your willie in a pig's mouth?"
I'm enjoying Miles Jupp doing more than I've ever enjoyed him before. Just like Sandi really.
Braving Miles Jupp to hear the News Quiz on pigs and politics...
Second edition of with Miles Jupp in five minutes. The story so far...
Odd realisation: Miles Jupp & Ainsley Herriot have exactly the same voice
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What kind of music does Miles Jupp love? Handel, Burgon, Verdi, Bizet, Chopin, Elgar...
News Quiz PREVIEW: Miles Jupp questions Jeremy Hardy about the 'sport' of bridge:
One hour until Miles Jupp's first News Quiz as host! Have a sneaky preview now:
I think Miles Jupp did a fantastic job and I am looking forward to episode 2
Miles Jupp is fantastic as the new host of .
I don't* mean to be critical but was a laugh free zone yesterday. Is that typical? Thank god for Miles Jupp tonight. *do
Catch up with Miles Jupp's first News Quiz here:
Rev star and comic Miles Jupp says he does not envisage a return of the popular TV comedy Rev, in which he starred with To…
Listening to an old It's Not What You Know. Also an amazing show. Also hosted by Miles Jupp. Hmmm.
They should do a comedians special, Miles Jupp, Sandi Toksvig, Barry Cryer, the works. Preferably on radio wd be funnier
Written by regular Archers writer Jo Toye, and directed by Sean O'Connor. Also stars Jon Culshaw, Pam Ferris and Miles Jupp.
18:30 The Unbelievable Truth: David Mitchell is joined by Lloyd Langford, Henning Wehn, Sara Pascoe and Miles Jupp.
.reveal the new presenter of is Miles Jupp
Miles Jupp is solely responsible for any interest I still have in R4 comedy. The rest. Oh god.
Catherine Tate tries to save her marriage in new comedy with Miles Jupp via
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Miles Jupp for is a superb call. Well played
Pleasure! RHLSTP varies, depending on the guests, but the Miles Jupp, Stewart Lee (first one) and Louis Theroux episodes are ace.
Loved watching this again. The Ladybird Books Story: The Bugs That Got Britain Reading. Narrated by Miles Jupp
Well yeah, for sure, English comedians are the effing best... Simon Evans, Nathan Caton, Miles Jupp and the others...dopee
do you have Fibber in the Heat by Miles Jupp? Need a copy for Fathers' Day
absolutely dreadful. I might even be able to listen to The News Quiz now Miles Jupp is taking over.
Miles Jupp at Hammersmith Apollo is the funniest posh routine I've seen yet 😂
I'm starting to wonder if miles jupp hasn't just stolen 's act.
Only just learned that Miles Jupp is going to be the next host of but it's news I'm happy to discover :D
Now listening to Unbelievable Truth. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Miles Jupp is wonderful.
In and Out of the Kitchen Sitcom starring Miles Jupp, charting the life of cookery writer Damien...
Catherine Tate to star with Miles Jupp in new one-off comedy.
> Miles Jupp to host The News Quiz on
This review of Miles Jupp & 'In And Out Of The Kitchen' is absolutely spot on .
thanks for calling me a rent boy last night. I mind you ripping on me when I was 12 in dalkieth library with miles jupp
It's Susan Calman again, she's on everything on who does she think she is, Miles Jupp or something?
Series 15 kicks off next Monday, with Lloyd Langford, and Miles Jupp on the panel.
More news from thing. Miles Jupp new host of News Quiz. Stephen Hawking for Reith Lectures. Nicholas Parsons wears a cravat.
Just watched recording of "It's not what you know" with Miles Jupp, Nathan Caton and Richard Osman. Top show!
Photos: First look: Stephen Mangan and Miles Jupp in National&Rules For Living
PLEASE vote for 'In and Out of the Kitchen' with Miles Jupp and Justin Edwards for best radio comedy ❤️
Autumn lunch at my desk. Miles Jupp's clever and heartwarming In and Out of the Kitchen on iplayer.
Check out our latest newsletter - feat. Xmas gigs, Josie Long, Miles Jupp and more
Miles Jupp is the thinking crumpet fan's crumpet.
Can still be done. Miles Jupp wrote a book about blagging his way onto the '06 India tour as the BBC Scotland correspondent
Comedy: Part 2 of 'Celebrity v Cricket' feature. Monty Python, Miles Jupp and Michael McIntyre are discussed.
All about Miles Jupp : height, biography, quotes - see at
Today's drawing is Miles Jupp & Neil Morrissey in Neville's Island
Is it just me or does Miles Jupp remind you of a young Hugh Bonneville?
Miles Jupp and on have I got a bit more news for you, Thank you BBC (and Dave for repeating it).
An very, very old radio show I did with Miles Jupp .
Just emailed to ask when the Pontormo room reopens. My inner monologue is beginning to sound more and more like Miles Jupp.
2/2 such as Miles Jupp, Ian De Montfort, and loads more. xx
Miles Jupp and Andrew McNaughton added to UKRIA 2015 line-up:
Really looking forward to Neville's Island tonight. With Ade Edmondson, Miles Jupp, Neil Morrissey & Robert Webb it should be funny!
Fabulous time with 4 great comedians at Neville's Island Duke of York Theatre. Ade Edmondson, Miles Jupp, Neil Morrissey.
Off too see with , , and Miles Jupp ... Very Excited!
Went to see Neville's Island last night at Duke of York Theatre. Terrific cast of Ade Edmondson, Miles Jupp, Robert Webb and Neil Morrissey.
London! Go and see Neville's Island! Great performance from all-star cast Miles Jupp and Neil Morrissey.
Just been to see with Nigel Planer and Miles Jupp. So funny!
I miss them horribly when I run out, but this is a clear favourite. Miles Jupp & Adam Buxton ace too.
I'll bet that Miles Jupp is all public school and blasé about it, and also that you're not. *doffs amateur psychologist's hat*
Rehearsal photos from feat: Neil Morrissey & Miles Jupp.
Oakham Festival Dumps the Rude & Crude and appoints Miles Jupp as it's new patron, they need your old pianos.
Tomorrow night we are back! We will be offering support to the likes of Miles Jupp, Nick Hancock and more! Join...
true:-) I do quite like Peppa Pig as well. I find it funny that Miles Jupp (comedian) is on Balamory.
I love - today I have discovered the comedy gem 'Homework' written by and starring the great and Miles Jupp.
Rehearsals looking great : & Neil Morrissey and Miles Jupp for - can't wait to see the rest!
Our sitcom is on at 13.32 BBC Radio Scotland TODAY!! Hope you can have a listen... & enjoy! Starring Miles Jupp
I have just realised that Miles Jupp was Archie in Balamory. Christ
I remember seeing Miles Jupp at an SSP benefit in 2003.
Miles Jupp is vaguely political, but never disclosed a party membership. Been on HIGNFY and stuff though.
Miles Jupp is on next week's WILTY. Looks like another good one.
going to see Miles Jupp interview Paul Merton, because it's basically stand up. But so much else has been instant NOPE.
If you're a fan of Miles Jupp, Sanjeev Kohli or you should read this.
That's it for this week. We'll be back next week at 20:30 with Miles Jupp, Heston Blumenthal, & See you then!
And he was followed by Neil Morrisey and Miles Jupp. What a few minutes!
Also, so love that Miles Jupp is in the film, regardless of the fact he only has one line.
Miles Jupp may never know that I was the mysterious stranger who remembered the film was called "Dom Hemingway"
Neville's Island starring Adrian Edmondson, Robert Webb, Neil Morrissey and Miles Jupp will transfer to the West End
Adrian Edmondson, Miles Jupp, Neil Morrissey and Robert Webb are to star in a West End production of Neville's...
On the subject of comedians, my friend's son is writing for David Baddiel, and I've been told he and Miles Jupp are lovely blokes. :-)
Gave Nicholas Parsons directions once. Been drinking with Miles Jupp a couple of times.
On Mon 23 June Miles Jupp is playing for 1 night only at the Lyric Theatre. Don't miss him!
Miles Jupp is one of the wittiest people ever, such a laugh
Referee husband volcanic in his fury at Brazil v Croatia penalty! Glad to have Miles Jupp download as distraction
I don't think that the audience for the Miles Jupp gig that I'm at could get any more middle aged or middle class
I'm so not in the mood for comedy tonight (6 of 7, Miles Jupp). I just want to be grumpy around the house and watch Mock the Week.
Does anybody want to come see Miles Jupp as part of Sun 29th June?
Lee MacK and Miles Jupp on the same team is such a contrast in accents.
Brilliant stuff from Miles Jupp at tonight, very funny.
That Miles Jupp is a busy man. met up with him for a much-needed cuppa
Fenbake trip out to see comedian Miles Jupp in Peterborough. Very good.
Is about to enjoy an evening in the company of Mr Miles Jupp.
Quick pint in Charters then off to to see Miles Jupp.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I literally can never get enough of the episode with and Miles Jupp. Funniest ever!
Just realised that I have a huge crush on Miles Jupp. Of course.
Miles Jupp's a busy chap, but not too busy to chat to me in this week's Time Out.
Looking forward to seeing Miles Jupp live tomorrow in Peterborough. I got the last ticket!
Taking in my daily dose of balamory when I realise Archie the inventor looks familiar, turns out its stand-up comedian miles jupp, some man!
simply loving Miles Jupp at Blackpool, hilarious! :-)
Miles jupp you are my type of comedian!
Very disappointed that Miles Jupp has cancelled a show due to work commitments. New date not ideal as plans already made
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