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Miles Edgeworth

Ace Attorney is a series of adventure/visual novel games created by Shu Takumi. Players assume the role of a defense attorney in a fictional courtroom setting.

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miles edgeworth loves Britney Spears' songs sorry I don't make the rules
Phoenix Wright is so *** that he thought about Miles Edgeworth for 15 years
I liked a video Miles Edgeworth is a Fraud
I added a video to a playlist Miles Edgeworth is a Fraud
I want Miles Edgeworth in MvC and I want him to update the *** autopsy report
The worst part for me is the dude's Sprite looks like Miles Edgeworth and it's…
i guess i should put both Miles Edgeworth games on my R4 so this way i have the entire series on one system
[LIVE] and finally, the continuation of Turnabout Goodbyes! Miles Edgeworth is on trial for murder! 😱…
Miles Edgeworth: umm.. me: I would die for you I would kill for you I will protect you with my life and soul
For example, I tried for the longest of times to not imagine Sae Niijima as Miles Edgeworth. I failed quite epically.
Me realizing that Javert's soliloquy is an exact reflection of Miles Edgeworth choosing death
Been playing ACNL again and I've donned the Swag Link outfit. Also featuring Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright as…
Phoenix Wright is a truly amazing game series, and Miles Edgeworth is the best.
I'm sure the appearance would be fine as is, but they didn't localize the second Miles Edgeworth game f…
Thrilled and then when I clicked on the one I had renamed Ace Attorney extras and realized it was the…
LOOK, I'm like in love with Miles Edgeworth so when I found out there were Ace Attorney games specific…
taem's suit look reminds me of the miles edgeworth PI suit
A main Ace Attorney game that features Miles Edgeworth Investigations 1&2 characters cameos like Shields and Debeste
Currently struggling to remember where I put the charger to my 3DS so I can finish the Miles Edgeworth Investigations. Sigh.
why marry chrom when theres MILES EDGEWORTH
Miles Edgeworth would be the hero of fire emblem lbr
I love Miles even more. Mkay gonna leave now and stop posting how much I love Edgeworth.
nice stuff to think about when u about to sleep but u can't. - Miles Edgeworth's mental health. - Miles was raised by a psycho…
// Wonderful games, all of them. My favourite is Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations
Will you kick miles edgeworth knee for 5 bucks
It's from the end of episode 2 in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
this building i pass on the way home from uni by the train is named after Miles Edgeworth Too
I'm gonna punch miles edgeworth and his dumb hime bangs
Combed my bangs up and now I have a Miles Edgeworth going on lol
There is a cafe in Japan with Miles Edgeworth cut outs??? WHY AM I NOT THERE YET?
Phoenix Wright and miles edgeworth are in love
I don't know how I just made the connection that your name is miles edgeworth, though I've known you and his Japanese name.
Miles Edgeworth case will be 4 episodes
Last night i dreamt that i owned purple, crushed velvet vans with Miles Edgeworth embroidered on the side. They were beautiful.
I love the chief prosecutor Miles Edgeworth so much
He could have gone the Miles Edgeworth route and gained a debilitating fear of earthquakes
If Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth were real people, I wouldn't know who to choose cos they're both so hot TBH
If you're an Ace Attorney fan, but you have thought "I'm not missing much from those Miles Edgeworth games," that's where you'd be wrong.
“Miles Edgeworth. Where do you keep your lubricant?”
Miles Edgeworth is autistic and has ptsd and that is basically canon
god I freakin love Apollo his snark outdoes Phoenix and Edgeworth by miles
3/5ths of Miles Edgeworth, courtesy of Ash Joltick
End of Miles Edgeworth Timeline. Time to enjoy the real thing at a location nearest you.
Just wrapped my timeline in 6ft of Miles Edgeworth!
📷 klaviersapollo: Miles Edgeworth and Larry Butz from the Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright:...
hey bud! Enjoy it! I have finished the first four AA games. Still have Miles Edgeworth and Ace Attorney 5. Wish they localized ME2!
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remember when i thought forever that that guy from Zero Escape was au fanart of young Miles Edgeworth
I made Franziska and Miles Edgeworth in Soul Calibur 5 today
allright Ace Attorney anime next thing i want to know is Rie Kugimiya voices Miles Edgeworth
I will finally see my husband, Miles Edgeworth, animated and fully voiced
Miles Edgeworth is going to be ANIMATED
Col. I want to see miles edgeworth and pheonix wright saying take that
I like Christie because he's essentially an American style Miles Edgeworth. And we all know I loves me my Edgeworth.
Phoenix Wright: becomes an attorney just meet his boyf Miles Edgeworth
Wait a minute...maybe Miles Edgeworth would be better.
what ridiculous OOC nonsense. If Miles Edgeworth is heterosexual, then the pope is Baptist.
miles edgeworth investigations, u can play it whenever.. 1st The trilogy(u almost finished 2/3). Then you can play this or Apollo
I would let miles edgeworth do things
I've played, and beaten all the Ace Attorney games. Except for both the Miles Edgeworth Investigations.
Joke time. What's pink and spits?. The answer is miles edgeworth in a frying pan
miles Edgeworth is secretly a massive lady gaga fan phoenix comes home and finds him singing poker face at the top of his lungs
Bought Dual Destinies, this and Miles Edgeworth investigation 2 are the only games in the Phoenix Wright series Ive yet to play.
Oh and Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 1 was officially released in the west... but Investigations 2 wasn't ;w;
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth music that has been extended to play for half an hour. Developer(s): Capcom Publisher(s): Capcom Purchase this g...
About the scene itself, I see it as an attempt to suggest "Edgeworth" after typing "Miles Edg".
Im watching an episode of psych w my family and one of the suspects' name is MILES AND I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT EDGEWORTH HELP
A-Ah I see... I suppose I had better give you your gift as well, Miles Edgeworth! *points at him*
they will put on my grave "Kir Surname: Wouldn't shut up about Miles Edgeworth being an INTJ"
reason # I forgot why Miles Edgeworth is not an S
"Logic" is a game mechanic in the Miles Edgeworth Investigations games, leading to exchanges like this one.
you're currently speaking to him...Miles Edgeworth, chief prosecutor, at your service
I want miles edgeworth to prosecute me
It's nearly midnight in Japan. Happy Anniversary of Miles Edgeworth and Larry Butz being *** everyone!
Also I always want to say Miles "Tails" Edgeworth, who is responsible for this
No time for capitalism now though, gotta Miles Edgeworth ace prosecute.
[P5] This game needs a character as cool as Miles Edgeworth
The Miles Edgeworth games have better music that Phoenix Wright's but phoenix is still the main Bae
as someone who IDs very strongly with Miles Edgeworth: same tbh
but i'm still stuck with Miles Edgeworth so yeah
miles edgeworth, prosecutor, gentleman, and Brony
That's Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth finished. 20+ hours of thrilling visual novel. Most accessible entry in the series too.
//Miles Edgeworth was my biggest childhood crush bye
Never played that one. I finished the first three, didn't finish the first Miles Edgeworth one.
characters I'm relatively confident in my grasp of: Matou Sakura, Miles Edgeworth
Objection!. If so, where is this purple man now!?. Franziska: he is here, as a witness, Miles Edgeworth...
when we move in together layla's gonna have to deal with the Phoenix Wright nad Miles Edgeworth posters that are gonna be over the bed
Que hace Miles Edgeworth en Wake up, girls!
You’re such a weakling, Miles Edgeworth.
I liked a video Logic ~ The Way to the Truth - Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Music
Miles Edgeworth... you uncouth sea slug!
Miles Edgeworth in MBTI: no he's an INTJ. Yes he has a lot of S in him but he's still N dominant. I will fight your a** on this
Miles Edgeworth in TrueColors: green-gold-blue-orange for sure
first pic of miles edgeworth I've ever drawn and he is going through his scene phase
Well, I guess I can call up Miles Edgeworth since you are asking to be sued...
prosecutor miles edgeworth chooses death*. *the next flight to germany (DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE Phoenix Wright)
hildafendi-trash: People who I love with my whole heart and soul: Alfendi Layton Miles Edgeworth People who...
This just in: Miles Edgeworth seeks bang bang
The beautiful remake of the Miles Edgeworth art for Ace Attorney 123 HD. I'm amazed.
You now realize that Big the Cat and Miles Edgeworth from the 'Ace Attorney' series have the same voice actor.
Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth. The only characters I know.
ah yes my favorite drinks "Phoenix Wright", "Miles Edgeworth", "Shinji Ikari" and "Kaworu Nagisa" I have a very refined taste when it comes to wine
Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. Couple of badass lawyers.
I dub this... Keisuke Mamoru (white ver. R35-V) VS Miles Edgeworth (NA2 NSX-R) Drift Spirits for the iOS. Produced by NBGI (Namco Bandai Games) Available for iPhone4S standard OS and up.
She's still an ugly *** *** that wants to get knocked up by Miles Edgeworth. I hate prostitutes.
Olmos as the judge, C Hall as a delayed Miles Edgeworth. Katee Sackhoff as Lotta Hart. Eliza Dushku (who I hate) as Ini Miney (who I hate).
I'm sorry I interfered in the middle of something so important. I'm Miles Edgeworth, Chief Prosecutor of Los Angeles' Prosecutor's office..?
AU where Australia's koala is Miles Edgeworth and New Zealand's sheep is Phoenix Wright
After playing and beating the Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney game... I now crave to find and buy all the others and beat them again... It's a brain builder, and I love logic, deduction, and investigation puzzles... And Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth screaming, "OBJECTION!!" Is just plain awesome and amusing.
in any crime i will not rule out reddit until they are explicitly exonerated -Miles Edgeworth
I might wear a Miles Edgeworth suit to the prom *** it's so tempting.
all of the games are great. Im in the middle of the miles edgeworth game right now.
What’s the one book you think everyone should be required to read?... — Why magenta is not pink; by Miles Edgeworth
It's either that or writing an extensive essay on the development of Miles Edgeworth
"OBJECTION!" Miles edgeworth screamed as he slowly transformed into an artichoke.
That's as creepy as Wendy Oldbag x Miles Edgeworth.
"Hey, this is my prosecutor's badge." "Yes, it is. Do you want me to take it from you, Miles Edgeworth?"
Unless Capcom decide they want to officially release Miles Edgeworth 2 in English. Then it becomes an issue.
What about the Miles Edgeworth spinoff(s)?
(( Miles Edgeworth reminded me to the von Karma's epic wall slam XD ))
>Jin Yugami tem as mesmas poses do Miles Edgeworth
Actually, I was gonna draw her as Miles Edgeworth, but everyone insisted.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
999 and Miles Edgeworth finally got here
Phoenix Wright and miles edgeworth, i had a crush on both of you 8D
Hm? *he smirks* Well, you certainly have a keen eye for observation. I am Miles Edgeworth, high prosecutor. Who might you be?
Am I the only one that thinks that Miles Edgeworth and Virion look the same?
"Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. The legendary duo who had never failed revealing the truth within the courtroom."
I see... A pleasure to meet you, Miss Izayoi. *he smiles and bows in return* I am Miles Edgeworth, prosecuting attorney.
There are fan projects going, going for a while actually
Casey Novak, Miles Edgeworth, and Franziska von Karma are the greatest prosecutors of all time. I love them all.
Not at all, actually. The last real Ace Attorney game was released in 2008 :/ Miles Edgeworth: Investigations was in '10
wait... why does Rivaille now remind me of Miles Edgeworth
Shoot, I don't know. I'll name a bunch: Rayman, Dimentio, Pennington the penguin, Miles Edgeworth, Sue from Cave Story, uhhh
This is indeed Miles Edgeworth. //This is actually a roleplaying account.
Heh, of course. Oh, I never introduce myself... *he shows his badge* I am Miles Edgeworth, High Prosecutor. Who are you, Miss?
Went to an interview dressed as Miles Edgeworth
Hurry up and bring it west capcom...still waiting on Miles Edgeworth 2 for America as well.
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Yeah I guess we've got Apollo, that's nice, now give me my Miles Edgeworth or I swear to god I AM GOING TO
I really hope that it gets a release here. Still ragin' at Capcom for not giving us Miles Edgeworth 2.
*he flashes his Prosecutor's Badge at Edgeworth, prosecuting attorney at law. Do you require my assistance?
There is also Apollo Justice (4th game in the series), and Miles Edgeworth investigations. Both which are only for the DS
As long as Mr. Miles Edgeworth is in charge of my case... I will escape just like the last time... *smirk*
*he answers* Hello, you have reached Miles Edgeworth. Miles speaking.
You're a fool, Miles Edgeworth... And yet I can't argue with that.
I always refer to your brother as Miles. I don't believe I know you well enugh for a first-name basis, Edgeworth.
A pleasure to meet you, Lelouch. As you're aware, I am Miles Edgeworth. With regards to marriage, I was merely pondering.
"... I can also clear Miles doesn't have a dolphin fetish." And that means the Edgeworth in the picture. IS NICOLAS!!
What is this talk about Mr. Miles Edgeworth and dolphins...
Actually, the Edgeworth in that picture isn't wearing clothes. Who knows if it's Miles or Nic.
Ah, yes. *he flashes his badge* Miles Edgeworth, High Prosecutor to be precise.
Yo I ain't mean no harm I didn't realize y'all was Miles Edgeworth! I seen you on tv!
...And the spinoff, AA Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. The movie's based on the first game.
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Is really liking this Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney game.. Gets on my nerves a lot
Kickstarter to bring Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2 to America! (cc:
Edgeworth running? I wonder what his top MILES per hour is!
Ooo, excited! Want the Layton mash-up too, and the second Miles Edgeworth! xD
Miles Edgeworth at 20 years old... so baby-faced omg :(
Oh. Is Miles Edgeworth trying to be like the actor of this movie I've watched called "The Shining"..?
Nobody even understands how much I love Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice/Miles Edgeworth ugh
I want to take him out to lunch or dinner.. I want to know this man Miles Edgeworth..
Miles Edgeworth. Likewise, and what a fine lady you are. *bows graciously*
“Miles Edgeworth is the definition of sexy~ *^*” Oh, why thank you.
I just know miles Edgeworth and those shoulders
Phoenix Wright I can't breathe and miles Edgeworth TAKE ME INTO YOUR OFFICE
or maybe I'll just play miles edgeworth my husband
Time to pretend I'm super smart with Miles Edgeworth.
*nods* Understood, Phoebe. I haven't introduced myself properly either. My name is Miles Edgeworth, but you already know that.
What are your thoughts on the Apollo Justice spinoff and the Miles Edgeworth game? Miles Edgeworth 2 is in translation limbo.
My Princess Peach shirt arrived in the mail today! Next paycheck, I'll buy the Believe in Miles Edgeworth shirt~♪
Few cosplays to be done in total and in order of priority for May and Alcon. Not sure who will be used and who won't be, depends on what groups are happening/if groups are happening amongst friends. Sten - Dragon Age (Armour yet to be decided) Haytham (Modern AU) - Assassin's Creed 3 Ethan Mars - Heavy Rain (alternatively Norman if stuff happens) N - Pokemon Black/White 2 Harry Flynn - Uncharted 2 Jack Krauser - Resident Evil 4/Darkside Chronicles (I need to do both, let's be honest) Miles Edgeworth - Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright, Ghost Trick, Miles Edgeworth, Trauma Center, or TMGS3? what should I continue first? =w=a
So now I'm about to go and blow my cash on a game, but I'm not sure if I want to buy Silent Hill or Fatal Frame.Or Xenosaga II. .or Miles Edgeworth *** attorney game... Or another twewy...
I have a feeling Miles Edgeworth and the Ace Attorney's creepy music will be haunting my dreams tonight...
Anyway my OTP from game world is Miles Edgeworth x Franziska von Karma from Ace Attorney series. This pairing is just so cute. :3
Q: Maya, Edgeworth. How would you react If Phoenix HAVE to adopt a girl who's around Pearl's age under unusual circumstances? A: Maya's busy at the moment so my answer shall have to suffice, if Wright were to adopt anyone I truly believe that it would be little Pearl Fey. In fact, I believe the reason Pearl wants Wright and Maya to be together so that that they may be her parents. Now if this girl wasn't Pearl I believe it'd be a bold move on Wright's part, but a noble one. I also believe that Maya would be there to serve as the girl's mother figure every step of the way. After all her and Wright are practically Pearl's parents, so what's one more addition going to do? -Miles Edgeworth
C: Phoenix, Well i dont know if this is a question or a comment, but Guys, i owe my life to You, Edgeworth and Maya. I was at a low point of life, about ready to take my life, until i stumbled upon a copy one of your cases...your first case. It intrested me so much i went on to read about the Redd White case, the steel samuria, and even the Gant case. But the Edgeworth one is what got me. Your feelings when you felt alone and helpless, I could relate to, i teared up and ended up ruining the report. What im trying to say is, its thanks to your guys im here and persuing law in the future. Thank you A: Wright's currently with Maya at the train station saying their goodbyes, so I suppose I'll be replying to your comment. Stay strong, despite feelings of insecurity and loneliness there will always be people there for you trying to reach out to you in your darkest hours. Sometimes we're too blind (or arrogant) to see that. Despite what you tell yourself, people care. Never forget that. -Miles Edgeworth
C: Edgeworth: you're all I wish I was in my professional life. You're calm and collected at every point in your investigations, and even when something truly shocks you, you quickly process everything and move on with your life. When I first saw you and Phoenix in court, I actually disliked you. But then DL-6 came up, and I mentally falcon-paunched myself for thinking such things about you. I truly feel bad about what happened to you, and yet you took the best out of your situation and adapted it for the best. And for that, Mr. Edgeworth, I give you my one and only, truly respectful bow. *Bows like a true gentleman* R: It'd be best if you didn't aspire to be me. I've done terrible things and only now am I making up for them. I'm not the man you should aspire to be (He wears blue.) If anything, aspire to NOT be me so that you may not make the mistakes that I have made. -Miles Edgeworth
(Did Maya just say what I think she said? I'm her... "date"... Oh dear... You can handle this Miles, just sit down with her at that booth while you eat your supper and ask her what exactly she meant by that.) -Miles Edgeworth
Q: Which dinosaurs based on real life and on Jurassic Park would describe you best? A: A dinosaur? ...Are there any dinosaurs that practice law? -Phoenix Nick's totally one of those with the spikey back! -Maya A t-rex. Happy? -Miles Edgeworth
Q: Does Edgeworth know the Pink Princess theme song? A: I fail to see how this is any of your concern... (.♫Pink Princesss, defender of Little Olde Tokyo. Sheee will fight for what is right! Go! Go! Pink Princess and save us al!♫...) -Miles Edgeworth
After beating Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 with She-Hulk, I can confirm that her ending is the best. (Spoilers: Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth are in it).
this is why you never except friend invites from Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth!
"I have no real interest in the perceived worth of other people. As for my own worth, that is something only I can determine for myself." - Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney: Investigations.
Second Ace Attorney remix in a row! Fantastic. Remix of Kay Faraday's theme from the game Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations for the DS. Great theme, great game, great remix (?). Download
Major Crimes is to The Closer what Miles Edgeworth is to Pheonix Wright :O
((You can either find me on Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Leon S. Kennedy, or Klavier Gavin))
Hiroki Narimiya (Nana 1 & 2) stars as the defense attorney Phoenix Wright; Mirei Kiritani is Maya Fey; and Takumi Saito (Robogeisha) is prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. source:
Q: "What's your ideal Friday night? A party with your friends? A date with a hot girl?" A: "Watching a Christopher Nolan movie that involves Freddie Mercury high-fiving Adam West while riding a unicorn and fighting off multi-colored zombie-walruses with Miles Edgeworth in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Morgan Freeman narrating, and Hans Zimmer doing the background music. Also, every walrus is voiced by Bruce Campbell." College has done wonderful things to my mind.
Michael Wignjoatmodjo, Amelia Pakarati, Akira Ruiz, Serra Gundogan, Yumi Luna Izumi, Rachel W., Kamil Atalla, Kira Yagami, Near Near Near, etc. If I was in the Assassin's Creed world, I would be an Assassin and totally against the Templars all the way no matter what the risks. That's how strong my ideals are and how much I hate people that abuse their power... even if it meant I had to kill those people. Even if that meant I had to be like Light Yagami from Death Note. Of course, I'd rather be more benevolent about these issues, but still... I'd never want to be those kind of hypocritical people you see in stories now, being a part of the law and yet their actually the complete opposite of how an upholder of the law should be. Like I said, I'm starting to become a Phoenix Wright fan now and I just finished watching the one with Miles Edgeworth about an hour ago. XD In that game, plenty of people were lawyers, prosecutors, and so on, and the main bad guy was even an ambassador and was said to not be able t ...
In a mood to play the one Phoenix Wright game I have yet to play. Miles Edgeworth!
Jewelry and art classics go missing in this new exciting volume of Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attourney 2!
High sales of iOS Phoenix Wright ports, and Ace Attorney 5, may bring untranslated Miles Edgeworth game to the West yes
Capcom. Darn you. Basically they said that they will only bring Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (that's the Miles Edgeworth series) to the US if the new Phoenix Wright 5 does well. Good thing PW5 will do just that. Hope so. I absolutely loved the first AAI.
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