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Miles Austin

Miles Jonathon Austin III (born June 30, 1984) is an American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

Riley Cooper Jordan Matthews Laurent Robinson Nelson Agholor Chip Kelly Nick Cannon Josh Huff Kris Humphries Jason Avant Demarco Murray Sam Hurd Rasheed Bailey Cody Parkey Frank Gore Zach Ertz Nick Lachey Walter Thurmond Ryan Mathews

Unfortunately they do, I totally forgot Kim dated Miles Austin for a minute
Our Mighty Eagles attended Senator Borris Miles' Inauguration & witnessed the kickoff of the 85th Legislative Session,…
Spent a decent chunk of time cleaning and doing some general maintenance to my bike. Coming up on two years and 7,0…
miles Austin comment 😂😂😂😂 just cause they blew him doesn't mean they're fans hahha
No Denzel? & since when have kardashians been cowboys fans? Anyone check their bandwagon application? And dating mi…
Hi there, I offer private housing less than 2 miles from the convention center in Austin during SXSW. If your company needs space!
80 MPH speed limit 4 miles from the airport - I must be in TX!
ok lets not do a miles Austin one good year doesn't =big payday
Miles Austin trying to get in the way to ruin it
Unless you want an old one. Like Miles Austin old
I wonder what Alex Henery, Billy Davis, Riley Cooper, and Miles AUstin are doing for work now
See our latest TX and click to apply: Class A CDL Truck Driver - Better Pay, Home Time, and... -…
I only drive 4 miles to school and it either takes me 10 minutes or an hour. Love Lexington traffic.
4th row, right side, aisle. My view for thousands of miles across this continent.
I thought I remembered Austin miles having a huge drop over the middle that could have went the distance.
Austin is 70 miles north, but I'll take it! keep it rockin' for the home team
yes, thats the analogy. Texas is huge. Houston is not Dallas is not Austin; wrt distance. SF->LA is 400 miles
Austin and I will duet in Cantonese sometime, just wait x
. Me:The band 5k is basically marching the parade. Austin: But the parade isn't 5 miles it's like 3.5. Me: THATS WHAT A 5k IS
Thank you so much for the follow Miles Austin! Check out LinkedIn and FB for more info.
I'm guessing you liked Miles Austin but idk 😭
Lord when I die I wanna live on the outskirts of heaven.. where there's dirt roads for miles hay in the fields and fish in…
I am sorry to miss you up North. We live about 100 miles from Boyne. Seen you in Austin and Winfield lots. Keep warm!
This Kim K Miles Austin phase was short lived
Incredible that it takes 50 minutes to go 10 miles in Austin. Who built this *** city, I wanna fight
Austin got so tired of talking 2 me that he srsly just said "Ok well I'm turning into my garage in 5 miles & wont have service so gotta go"
Radiology Technician (ARRT CERTIFIED XRAY) 30 hours per week (Bastrop Area 30 miles to the east of Austin) …
NEW YORK: Cleared: Incident on WB at 0.41 miles before Exit 25A (AUSTIN RD)
Texas has been on a 100-year road trip. We start to follow it. Live @
Austin is great city, lots of good music there. I live about 100 miles north of there :-)
Hi Miles Austin thank you so much for the follow!
Cockatoos, wallabies and possums culled at Hamilton Island Resort
This CD is good stuff. Seriously. If you are within 100 miles of Austin Texas on February 4, head on down and...
Ya that's me right now. 6 more miles to go on this *** treadmill
The contiguous U.S. cold spot this morning was -24F at Lone Rock, WI & 3 miles northwest of Austin, WI.
I drove about 750 miles this weekend... Austin to Dallas to Houston to Austin... Yet I still want to go for a drive...
Miles Austin's dad just sent me a request to follow my LinkedIn profile. If you know me, you know.
Orlando scandrick and miles Austin used to be bae back in 2012 the on my collage wall in my room 💀😂😂
Coming to Austin I drove in part of a cool car gang for 30 miles. They had some cute cars
DOES NOT see the field well. Hasn't thrown to Miles Austin ALL YEAR LONG
game with the wife for her Xmas gift... Random jerseys spotted: Nguyen, TO, Miles Austin, Roy Williams (DB). Also a Tebow.
I am too. It happened in 2011 at Home vs them. That was the Miles Austin lost the ball in the lights game.
My bestfriend got accepted into st. Ed's and she's moving to Austin next year, I'm so sad😭 why do I wanna hug her and she's 1000 miles away
Not sure how many flight miles you will earn? Try Miles Calculator.
This *** zell can't stand Miles Austin lmaoo. . Guaranteed *** off
You can absolutely have the "what was the MOST 2009 band"-style discussion with fantasy football (for 2009, it's Miles Austin).
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I had to walk 2 miles to find a Steelers bar in Austin and THIS is the performance you're treating me to?
look im not saying its a good idea, but he made Ogletree, Miles Austin and Laurent Robinson into real receivers. he could do worse
Giants are starting to remind me of 2011. Every damm break. Like Miles Austin loosing the ball in the lights.
He's got Miles Austin syndrome, but he's not washed to
who cares. The people want Miles Austin back
Hey Miles Austin thanks for the follow!
I know Austin is my soulmate bc he just ordered me Chinese food from 668 miles away😭💕
I wonder how many flies have been trapped in a car, then traveled hundreds of miles, got out and thought “The f
You know the cowboys are having a good season when you see miles Austin jerseys around town
That time drove 1131 miles to see Taylor in Austin... We are always ready fo…
I added a video to a playlist PRYDE, Noyz, Tremayne, Derin Falana (Prod. by Evan Miles) | TBP
Just found out there is a Fat Sal's & Voodoo Doughnuts within 2 miles of my hotel in Austin, literally the dream.
A street free agent? Miles Austin ... or Riley Cooper ... or Rueben Randle ... or Chris Givens ... or .…
WR:. Jordan Matthews. Riley Cooper. Nelson Agholor. Josh Huff. Miles Austin. This is a pretty good core of receivers.
Doug pederson . Chip Kelly . Miles Austin . WRs . Mychal Kendricks. Zach Ertz . CBs. All catching this heat in this rant later on
Cowboys get comeback win, bad news regarding Felix Jones (shoulder) and Miles Austin (hamstring). Romo finished game w…
Join & Miles Austin, live from the for the Dallas Cowboys Legends Show tonight at 7pm CT. https:/…
He'll join Miles Austin on PUP. Cowboys hoping Ben Gardner makes it to the PS.
In-between "in" and "below"... not sure how to judge these guys yet. Miles Austin. Paul Hubbard. Tyrone Calico. Mike Williams. Donte Moncrief
I feel like he wont be as good as he was before & Im not just saying that because Im a Dallas fan. Look at Miles Austin
FaceTime with bae because he's 1,300 miles away😢💕
I don't wear socks with my Converse. On the way to Austin. Just took them off in the car. 150 more miles to go. 🙃
OH MY! Just found out that will be recording his album in Austin! 30 miles from my town and where I go to work every day!
Sad story- accused from Texarkana, 30 miles from me... Texarkana teen arrested for murder of UT Austin freshman via
& I look like I most def had a rough night & Austin's like come on we're gonna walk like 3 miles to go get the car...😒🖕🏼
Anywhere on the Riverwalk downtown. Take a scenic ride on a water Taxi while your there. Great city. Austin 80 miles
Chicago, Austin and New Orleans are places New Yorkers and Angelenos go to say they've been >20 miles from the ocean
Crime is so bad in Texarkana it spread 350 miles to Austin.
John Austin, Doug Wilde and Chris Annunziata represented Miles as a sponsor of GDLA/GTLA's Happy Hour
Leaving gasoline behind us, off to 3B miles!
"Are you sharing content for a lead, or to build your personal brand?" - CC:
every time i come back to it makes me realize that moving 1500 miles to austin texas was the best decision of my LIFE
Ted SCruz Family Values... SCruz took a job in Austin as Texas' solicitor general, moving 1,500 miles from Heidi while she stayed in D.C.
It took me 50 min. Just to drive 5 FREAKING miles. Its true what they say. That Austin has worst traffic than NY.
Up bright and early for the Austin screening of Now just have to fly 2,000 miles to get there.
well🤔 I'm 500 miles away in Waco. But buy all means feel free to meet me in SA or Austin😂
We rode 8 miles along the riverbank in downtown Austin, Texas today. Although we didn't find an…
I try to walk as much as I can. I walk between 5-7 miles a day in and it helps me to learn my city better.
Watching an old episode of KUWTK when Kim was dating Miles Austin 😩😩😩
Kim should have stayed with Miles Austin
episodes of KUWTK with miles austin in it 😂😂😂😂
I didn't know Kim dated miles Austin
Driving 1750 miles from San Francisco to Austin!! here we come!
Thespians at Travis are cool, but at Austin. Sheesh
Miles Austin had a sick game that day
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Really really really like this signing, but it could be like Miles Austin or like Pierre Garcon (from IND to WAS).
My *** Gillie looking like Miles Austin out chea 😭😭😭😭 jihaD
Howie: Alright Sam you win, we'll pay you what you want plus Miles Austin & Riley Cooper are outta here. Sam:
"He doesn't have good numbers." Hi, I'd like to introduce you to Austin Pettis, Chris Givens, Miles Austin, Jared Cook, Riley Cooper etc etc
Nick Cannon and maybe Miles Austin. That's like 5 men other than Kanye in her whole 35yrs of life. She only ever dated famous.
This lady just drove 4 miles on rim.
Rob Kardashian drove more than 1,300 miles to pick up Blac Chyna after her jail release:
"When your girl finally pops the question." by Austin Miles Geter. If you liked...
Check out the Miles Ahead trailer featuring Don Cheadle as Miles Davis.
Still getting some miles in along the Colorado River in Austin.…
If Miles had left there would be no way that would have a record 21 top 300 players committed to Baton Rouge
So happy to see my beloved Austin in intros but then Farrah starts and ruins it. At least she's 30 miles outside of Austin.
Don't miss the 5th Annual Austin 10/20 on 4/3/16. 10 Miles, 20 Course Bands. Sign up at
EXPOSED! See the 10 Men Ruined by The Kardashian Clan [Guy will shock you]: Miles Austin Before As a w...
if that girl can get jake t austin to date her SURELY i can get miles luna to date me
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Walked over 5 miles today in Austin 👌🏼
Ready to further depreciate my vehicle with another Austin round-trip tomorrow.
New Event Intermediate-Level Ride -- Barton Creek (15-ish miles) - Austin, TX For full details, including the address, and to RSVP see:. …
"Austin Thomas has done everything to keep this class together especially with the rumors surrounding Les Miles"
well im 70 miles away from Austin. Which is where they are based.
Bro you didn't just compare steph curry to miles Austin. Lmfao I'm dead I'm done
I feel he gon end up like Miles Austin. Remember when that *** got amazing outta nowhere ?
Incident on WB at 0.50 miles before Exit 25A (AUSTIN RD)
TMZ report: Rob Kardashian drove 1,400 miles from LA to Austin to pick up Blac Chyna after she was arrested Friday.
On the ramp at Austin .. Flying a few thousand miles this month 😎
1 month. 16 flights. 25,000 miles. 2.5 days of flight time. I would like to actually live in Austin now, please.
as long as Sanchez and Miles Austin don't resurface I'm positive
Hard to imagine a team without Will Tye and Miles Austin coming back from a 21 point deficit against Carolina.
that's what's wrong with you young clowns Miles Austin right
two names sum of chips ability to evaluate talent: Miles Austin, Riley Cooper
NFL wide receivers currently available:. Miles Austin, Reggie Wayne, others Are they not better than Keyshawn Martin?.
Frank Gore's time in Philly still more memorable than Miles Austin's
Frank Gore and Miles Austin will always be Eagles in my eyes.
Next year moves for the Dallas Cowboys. They will welcome Miles Austin back and Make Johnny Manziel a Cowboy!
Forgive me ! but if Miles Austin married Austin Davis he could become Miles Davis !. If you're under 25 google him..
The Eagles have finally benched struggling (to put it politely) receiver Miles Austin. has today's inactives: https…
fellas, we just benched Miles Austin... We still got a chance, lol. JihaD
Miles Austin & Demarco Murray are eagles.Why not go sign Terrance newman & marion barber & felix jones while you at it.
From Damon Thomas to Ray J to Nick Lachey to Nick Cannon to Reggie Bush to Miles Austin to Gabriel Aubry to Kris Humphries to …
True. But i don't trust McFadden. Romo made Miles Austin and Laurent Robinson look good, so we can pick up a wr later.
Allen Robinson catching balls in quadruple coverage & Miles Austin can't even get his feet in bounds
Now that I think about Miles Austin , Jordan Matthews, and Josh Huff out of all of them NONE OF THESE *** DRAG THEIR FEET TO KEEP IN BOUNDS
Miles Austin is absolute garbage. I miss Jason Avant, at least his old *** caught the ball.
Guess he didn't notice how talked about Laurent Robinson & Miles Austin were while wearing the star. Not talked about now.
Absolutely helps. At the very least, means that Miles Austin's Jason-Avant-wannabe *** never sees the field.
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I would cut Miles Austin right now. I'd also play Eric Rowe much more.
I'll take Brad Smith and Jason Avant over Miles Austin & Riley Cooper
Eric Rowe would be a better receiver than Miles Austin. He's never on the field at corner so why not?
Wow really.Miles Austin is worse than Williams in your eyes?
Williams gotta go bruh. I'm sick of this *** He remind me of Miles Austin, overrated af.
3d game in a row have been without Nelson Agholor. Receivers will be Jordan Matthews, Riley Cooper, Josh Huff, Miles Austin.
I know I have to go through my Reggie Bush, Miles Austin & Chris Humphries 2 get my Kanye West. So I won't trip over a love that won't last.
In 3 years, we go from Jeremy Maclin & DeSean Jackson to Miles Austin, Riley Cooper & Jordan Matthews. 🤔
All the money we spent on playmakers and in crunch time, the best option was Miles Austin? Really?
Still feels weird getting excited about Miles Austin
Loved your podcast ft. Miles Austin. Found some great pointers.
Sean Rodriguez is going to drive 90 miles to the Gatorade cooler's house
NBA Player Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to beat up Knicks coach Derrick Fisher
Russia is firing missiles at Syria from warships nearly 1,000 miles away
First Miles Austin leaves the Cowboys and now Desmond is leaving the Nats?!? Why do the loves of my life leave me like this
While you all are in Belize, I'm driving 600 miles to Austin to file a drill permit. Finally.
Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to confront Derek Fisher about his estranged wife. See what happens when gas is cheap?
Lmao he finna drive 95 miles listening to fantasy sports talk radio with tears in corners of his eyes.stone cold criminal lmao
Matt drove 95 miles just to shoot the fair one with Derek Fisher.
In March of 1912, as Charles Austin Miles was in his darkroom waiting for some film to develop, he read the story...
Road Side DiStrAcTioNs! This sweet Junk Shop is in Paige, Hwy 290 E, about 40 miles out of Austin.…
not as dumb as Miles Austin pro bowl dumb
one of these is Sammy Watkins, one of these is Miles Austin, makes u think
Move to Austin (not "the ATX") if you like driving at an average of 12 miles per hour during your work commutes.
Coach Miles: We are sympathetic and recognize this is a difficult time. We want to support South Carolina in what they want t…
coach Les Miles: They put all the distractions behind them and moved forward. That was a special team (2005)
coach Les Miles: As long as they tell us where it’s at and when to play it, we’ll set up a quality itinerary, and w…
It would sure be swell if they upgraded 360 in Austin to interstate standards. 3 miles in 20 minutes...
Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered, by Austin Kleon at TripleClicks.
we just gave up 2 explosive plays to Miles Austin and Riley Cooper lol
yea but Willie Snead and miles Austin were. Perfectly normal right freeman has saved u. He'll come back down.
Cleared: Incident on WB at 0.25 miles before Exit 25A (AUSTIN RD)
they don't really have any... Who you think Miles Austin x Riley Cooper 👎🏾. They're just ok
The Vikings cut ties with scat-back Theo Riddick and agreed to terns with the savvy veteran WR Miles Austin
Just pick another number other than 19 man. Miles Austin would pull hammy's all the time.
During the 2015 season Miles Austin ranks 54th in receiving TDs with 0 avg TDs per game.
I'd say Bradford showing he can throw down field, Miles Austin showing he still has a pulse, and can't think anything else
05: Miles Austin, the “Web Tools Guy,” talks about the apps and hacks that transform sales -
yeah it's weird, cuz. Miles Austin is getting snaps for us in 2015.
it just took me an hour and a half to drive 16 miles.sometimes I hate Austin.
Not sure how Miles Austin gets behind your defense at this point, but hey, it happened:
If I wasn't 700 miles away I would punch Austin so hard right now (-:
I went from Miles Austin to Dez Bryant all in one summer. I need to be as light skint as Chico Debarge by next summer.
Austin Miles Geter - When someone gets roasted and it actually hurts their feelings and you feel bad. -
Spent the day riding 10 miles on a bike along the Colorado River... Hey, Austin, you're pretty cool.… featured in NBC s Science of Love
I was 16 years old the last time Miles Austin was relevant (2009).
During Week 1 Miles Austin went for 66.7 yds on 2 Rec, resulting in 11 Yds/Rec and 0 TDs vs the
Miles & I will be at the PAC tonight. Hopefully Austin & the rest of our group can make it tonight. Thank you for all your support💕
Miles Austin looks autistic when he smiles
Benjamin Watson and Miles Austin are two names I heard today. Can't believe they're still in the league.
Hardly. Matthews has had several bad drops. So has Ryan Mathews and Miles Austin.
Bradford to Miles Austin and the have the lead!
Three-and-out with Eagles receiver Miles Austin - Press of Atlantic City
Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor and Miles Austin explained what makes Darrelle Revis so good, and how to beat him:
Stop throwing to Miles Austin and Josh Huff start throwing to Jordan Matthews
Are you planning to join me, Miles Austin, Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter, Mike Weinberg, & John Spence in D.C. on 11/13?
so the eagles kept 52 players, have one spot available, and couldn't keep Rasheed Bailey? meanwhile Miles Austin, and Cooper are still here.
I think they have vet leadership in Miles Austin, and are pretty well set at WR.
UWG WINS! 44-13. See you at University Stadium next week! September 12th at 7:00pm vs. Miles.
Can't believe the eagles cut Jeff maehl and kept Miles Austin
I think Miles Austin washed up like crazy tho
Y'all taking Hakeem Nicks over Miles Austin or nah? Don't think it's a downgrade or much of an upgrade either
Ehhh I take that back I still rather have Bailey over Miles Austin, but I understand that Bailey will most likely make PS anyways
muhawks alumni in attends the Season Opene for muhawksfb vs Holy Cross. The second…
Omg Miles Austin is at my brothers game! 😦😦😦😦
Chip Kelly said Marcus Smith will be on the active roster, will not get IR to return. Also said Cody Parkey, Miles Austin are fine.
TBH, it was either Miles Austin or RG3. So it wasn't going well
Was chillin with Miles Austin for a good 30 minutes. Cool from both an MU& Eagles fan standpoint 😁🏈
This AFTER cutting Mathis, Herremans, Cole, and your oldest WR is Miles Austin.
Miles Austin a post draft nobody is mentioning fantasy sleeper. Could see him when healthy being relevant.
you kept Miles Austin but let go of Bailey?
This incredible timewarp Austin Metro has covered just over 700 miles – and it could be yours. h…
Oh and by the way, Miles Austin made the team, but guaranteed money didn't dictate that? LOL
Both Parkey and Miles Austin are fine. Zach Ertz is coming along
Just realized Miles Austin made the team
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Miles Austin in the house today at Monmouth, currently hanging out on the Hawks sideline near the end zone.
Coach Kelly: Cody Parkey is okay. Miles Austin will practice this week as well. Zach Ertz is coming along. We'll see where he is.
Chip: Cody Parkey and Miles Austin are fine. Austin will be practicing.
Rasheed Bailey and Freddie martino are better than miles Austin and ajirotutu Miles Austin still on the team?
... I'm a huge Miles Austin fan but child please! Lol some ppl say things without thinking Dez is at Megatron level
If the Eagles kept Tebow, I would have bet that they would've gone to and won the superbowl (having Tebow, Miles Austin, and Murray).
I had a guy tell me a few years ago Miles Austin is was way better then Dez, ctfu
I heard but I'd take him over miles Austin
I'm going to try and get miles Austin 😎
Austin and I ran a stroller distance PR of 14 miles today! Woohoo! He slept for 12.5, a new PR for…
The craziness lives on across the miles. From ATX to MNL. 🇺🇸🇵🇭. @ Austin, Texas
my friends at in Sanaa published an article on & my wedding :-)
why is the prospect of being alone in Austin 100x more terrifying than being alone in another state 1500 miles away
Miles Austin bringing veteran savvy to Eagles receivers: (USA Today Images) It's been a long time sin...
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and out of Monmouth, the alma mater of Miles Austin and current college of bats away Savage's pass Bronx hold
Latest from Chip Kelly on Miles Austin status with the Eagles:
Bold prediction: Miles Austin has a better season than Riley Cooper.
bro not to mention Miles Austin and Chris Humphries too!
All our stars are gone, Dwayne Harris, Miles Austin, Demarco Murray...what do we have left? Beasley, Escobar,...
Miles Austin, Demarco Murray, Ryan Mathews & Nelson Agholor.. Tim Tebow in the background..
they have a 2nd year slot only guy, and a rookie who was a better kick returner, a racist and miles Austin lol
I remember one time I was letting Austin drive and we almost got pulled over bc he was driving 10 miles an hour😂
Successfully escaped the police at high speeds and then got pulled over a few miles ahead and got out of it. Acting lev…
I literally spent about everyday with Miles, Mel, Tj, Austin and Kivan and they were always great days 🙏🏻
How do you all think will have more catches this season? Riley Cooper or Miles Austin
Miles Austin fell off😢 he was the love of my life when he played for the Cowboys
Even though I'm 700 miles away I still lit a candle for you tonight.. I love you Austin.. Rest easy my sweet boy ❤
Austin asking Steve how many miles they're ran in the comp like he's a TI-84 or something
Cowboys/Skins long time ago.. He was talking about Miles Austin
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Round Rock, one of Austin's satellite cities about 15 miles to the north, is pretty safe and decently priced.
Warms my heart to think of him cutting in front of Miles Austin on that Sunday night in Dallas.
30 miles from Waco, headed to Austin, Tx ...
12 miles cycling in the summer heat. Counts for some miles, right?
When acantha died, I was in austin. I was miles away from my baby who died and who I had to bury the day I came back
Today lil matt was ear to ear with smiles he got Demarco Murray, Miles Austin, Donnie Long Ball,…
Oh when you said straight from the horses mouth, I thought you meant Miles Austin.
yup hard to shake once you've had a few ask Miles Austin
Jeff Maehl has had a great last two days. Better camp than Miles Austin so far.
who was Justin Forsett before last year? oh ok...Miles Austin before his break out season?...Victor Cruz?...
it'll be the miles austin 3 TD game
Even though you'll be spending the fall 5,401 miles away from Austin {me} and I'll miss you like…
Ran 10 miles down by Lake Austin. Beautiful trails and scenery.
"Do you know that Jesus loves you?" Austin Miles Geter, Brian Moreno no *** ese. eww
Defensively we were miles better than last year, Mbemba winning a lot of key tackles and headers
If you live within 100 miles of Austin and aren't there you're not a real fan
I liked a video from Scared to order black coffee. W/ Derrick Lewis - Austin Miles
Search for Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen has covered 27,000 square miles.
Having an anxiety attack cause i found the real *** ... His name wasnt Miles , his name Austin and he not a sweet puerto rican dude
1983 Austin Metro, with just 741 miles on the clock, up for
does the name Miles Austin ring any bells for you? Chronic
DeSean, Maclin, JMatt, and Sproles all YAC leaders from last season. Over 2006–2014 period, Miles Austin, Brent…
What are yall seeing Miles Austin do assuming he makes the roster?
Texans fan here. I was wondering: when Miles Austin lost that pass in the lights (vs. the Giants in…
Froyo 40 miles from Austin, just like last time
Want to run 1, 3, 5, 8, 12, or 15 miles tomorrow with me and join us at Ritchie
Just a reminder that the Cowboys are paying Miles Austin $5.1 million in 2015. ...nearly what Cox, Kendricks and Alons…
Romo made Miles Austin and had Laurent Robinson get 11 touchdowns in 2011.
he helped make a star out of Miles Austin. Did the same thing with Laurent Robinson. That's what good QB's do.
Romo was good for 8 without both of them. *** remember Laurent Robinson. Terry Glenn. Miles Austin. Patrick Crayton
Chip Kelly likes how Miles Austin fits in Philadelphia Eagles ...:
Philadelphia Eagles' Chip Kelly: 'Miles Austin is an excellent role model'
Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff, Riley Cooper and Miles Austin thrown in for fun? I'll take it.
she also just gave Ye a taste of Reggie,Ray J,Kris Humphries, Nick Cannon,Bow Wow, Miles Austin and every black person with $$$
Stephen Jones says this group of undrafted Cowboys WRs reminds him of the 2006 class that had Miles Austin & Sam Hurd
consistant weapons like Josh Huff, Riley Cooper and Miles Austin! Hes a lock for the Pro Bowl
we were playing at the table next to him. Switched tables and it happened to be Demarco and Miles Austin at the table lol
also you don't know where your team will be in a few years Look at cowboys when they took Dez they had Miles Austin and Roy Williams
Sam Bradford, half of Miles Austin?? I guess there weren't enough injured White guys for the Chip KKKelly...
Eagles going with Miles Austin because Sam Hurd, Patrick Crayton and Laurent Robinson weren't available.
If the Eagles didn't sign Miles Austin and Walter Thurmond, they might have been awarded a late 2016 compensatory pick. Now... No chance.
The Pats got Brandon Gibson for the league minimum, the Eagles gave Miles Austin $1 million in guaranteed money,
The have signed WR Miles Austin to a deal »
Miles Austin. Sam Bradford. Kiko Alonso. Ryan Matthews. Walter Thurmond. Man the Eagles IR is going to be STACKED this yea…
Listening to this pod about fantasy from like 3 years ago "great receivers. Miles Austin, Kenny Britt and Stevie Johnson" welp
agree to terms with Miles Austin on 1-year, $2.3-million deal reports Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.
Pro Football Talk: Report: Miles Austin agrees to terms on deal with Eagles
Miles Austin visiting with a NFC East team (via
Cowboys will be paying a player on the Eagles roster if Miles Austin signs. Too freaking funny.
“The will sign WR Miles Austin when he visits this week, source said, assuming all goes well with the physical.”
Why should we care about Miles Austin? Cause we were not supposed to care about Mark Sanchez or even Michael Vick.
Whenever I think of Miles Austin, I automatically think of NFL bad lip-reading – If you buy a toaster, you'll probably use it. 😂
Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and his dodgy video, Tony Dorsett, Ken Norton (and his dad), Jason Witten..
All teams have misses, but the 7 yr/$54M deal Miles Austin got from the in ’10 still hurts. He counts $5.1M against t…
Demarco Murray sitting next to Miles Austin at Mavs & Cavs game.
Josh Gordon is one foot out. Possibly losing Cameron. Miles Austin is old. Other 3 main WR are under 6 feet. We need height.
Now all we need is Kris Humphries, Miles Austin, Nick Cannon, Ray J, Nick Lachey, John Mayer, that One Tree Hill *** Cr…
Off-season Breakdown Dawg Pound Designs Resign/cut- Browns will resign Tashaun Gipson (Restricted free agent), Buster Skrine, Jabaal Sheard, Craig Robertson, Johnson Bademosi & Miles Austin, & we will walk away from Jim Leonhard (announced retirement), Brian Hoyer, Jordan Cameron, Ahtyba Rubin, Marlon Moore, Ishmaa’lly Kitchen, & Sione Fua. I believe we will also drop Desmond Bryant, who, let’s be honest, has had much better days in Oakland. He is just taking up way to much cap, not like that matters much, but I don’t want a second string taking up seven million in cap each year. Especially when we have the worst run defense in the NFL. NT- Ndamukong Suh. Period. With having the worst run defense in the NFL last year, obviously the best defensive tackle would be a great fit. Although Suh played in a 4-3 defense in Detroit, it would be an easy switch to 3-4 with us in Cleveland. Bottom line, we have to pay big to get him. The projected Browns offer via Bleacher Report was “Four years, $68 million w ...
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