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Mila Jovovich

Milla Jovovich (born Milica Jovović, Serbian Cyrillic: Милица Јововић, ;

Resident Evil Fifth Element Kate Beckinsale Bruce Willis Angelina Jolie Meryl Streep Cameron Diaz Ali Larter Three Musketeers Famke Janssen Orlando Bloom Mila Kunis John Travolta Heidi Klum Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Scarlett Johansson

I know right! I'd buy anything Mila Jovovich fronts.
Mila Jovovich was just on tv telling us to check out the "boto boto zombies".
Congratulations for your birthday Mila Jovovich. Be happy!!!
This is young Mila Jovovich singing in Ukrainian. Unfortunately she has lost Ukrainian.
i forgot dat hocchan likes gore n horror movies xD. mila jovovich definitely one of her favs ^^
You're right. I'm on board with Mila Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale
Mila Jovovich mi primer crush. Osea... does it need explaining?
Bae!! 😍😍😍 but what happened to Mila Jovovich??
I was watching Ultraviolet with Mila Jovovich and the idea of mood color clothes is so cool to me. I'd buy a mood color leather jacket
Can someone tell me what Mila Jovovich is doing in a tiny red dress the entire bit of this movie?
Lithen. I would let Angelina Jolie and Mila Jovovich run a train on me and choke me to death. Whew, I love those white women
In case you didn't know Mila Jovovich Resident Evil movies go really good with Smartfoods popcorn, orange soda and weed.
I love my icon sm young mila jovovich is freakin stunning
in personal, I would say Mila Jovovich as Alice, Li Bingbing as Ada Wong.
Resident Evil! The first film! Mila Jovovich, that girl from Fast & Furious & that guy from James Bond 007...
The scene in The 5th Element when Mila Jovovich fights aliens while a blue alien sings groovy opera is as cool as you can get.
Honestly I probably did. Is this the Mila Jovovich one or not?
I typed Mila Jovovich when I meant to say Scarlet Johansson...
Why couldn't Hollywood hire the REAL Motoko seen here? Instead of Mila Jovovich ;-;
Bra Boobs Where you think that chick has a great rack but its just her bra giving her a shapely chest. i.e. mila jovovich
There is 6 people in the world I'd like to meet, 1 Tim Skold, 2 Corey Taylor, 3 Mila Jovovich, 4 Hideo Kojima, 5 Johnny Depp&6 Andreas Bergh
Lady Gaga looks more like Mila Jovovich than David Bowie
because the fake character that Mila Jovovich plays is the only one they care about.
Well it's one of my fave movies and Mila Jovovich is my number 1 waifu so I'm ok w it
You are so great in Momentum that it seems like your country girl Mila Jovovich a star kicking *** congrats precious.
Mila Jovovich and Olga Kurylenko, i like them so much i can spell their names without any assistance.
Yulia Lukin as Mila Jovovich's photodouble on set with her!!
Mila Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale. Two actresses who devoted a large part of their careers to trash *** action movies. Hope they got that💰💰💰
Where is Mila Jovovich when we need her, Alice?
In 2015: Mila Jovovich welcomed her second child:
Mila Jovovich's voice doesn't sound like her voice because I've mostly seen her in The Fifth Element.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
If you've got a bad action movie and need a star Mila Jovovich or Jason Statham will sign the contract without hesitation
Was gonna go to bed but The Fifth Element j started playing on tv n I worship Mila Jovovich so yea guess I'm staying up tn
Mila Jovovich's eyes are so beautiful!!!
Indeed, but these are on a different category to say, Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson or even Mila Jovovich
Here's a photo of Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil. Strictly to provide context...
Mila Jovovich strutting her stuff h…
The love between Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element is truly the greatest love of all.
Vinca Jarrett worked as legal counsel to develop the film The Fourth Kind which starred Mila Jovovich from script...
Mila is young in this pic. She is so pretty no matter what age. Milla Jovovich by Peter Duke
Um hello, didn't realize I was doing makeup on Mila Jovovich today.
Nothing hotter than Mila jovovich waving katanas around. And that skin tight black outfit...
Definitely one of my favorite Mila Jovovich 😍😍
Just saw a photoset of Mila Jovovich as Joan of Arc, and while I've never seen the movie that's from, I am *there for it*.
While watching a Milla Jovovich movie on tv, a commercial with Mila Kunis came on
Always tempting to watch Mila Jovovich, I mean when she, I mean it's on.
help me make these dolls look like Mila Jovovich. -_-
I like to think of myself as a trans femme John Darnielle crossed with a bowl of really nice vegan pasta, but I look like Mila Jovovich
lee joon gi and mila jovovich in the same picture my heArt
Mila Jovovich is so beautiful. I love her
This terrible alien abduction movie is starting with Mila Jovovich disclaiming that "ooo spooky and based on true spooky" in the lamest way
Mila Jovovich is the reason I became how I am today dead *** .I'll never tell the reason 😊
is Dummy still there? It's got Adrian Brody and Mila Jovovich (in a Klesmer band). Much quirkier than 13-to-30 tho
I'll make her watch it soon. Mila Jovovich>
Loved that instead of partying w/ Mila Jovovich ' s friends (he was at a party at her house 1 night), he sexted me (:
Has literally just occurred to me that Milla Jovovich and Mila Kunis are unlikely to be the same person. . Anyone want to confirm?
Young Mila Jovovich will make your heart race
: I'm surprised that Mila Jovovich has not been Tarantino's muse
Also like mila jovovich is like 16 in this movie...
is the new that now owns should we have Mila Jovovich on standby?
Soon, Ms. Jepsen's career reaches new heights and she will venture into acting. First film with Mila Jovovich in. Carly Rae Sident Evil.
Wish my boyfriend . was as cool as Mila Jovovich's husband! Could've been the star . of a movie franchise while he . directed. 😫
ABSOLUTELY!? My favorite bad *** chick!? Michelle Yeoh frfr but Mila Jovovich is BAE!!
who cares, it's Mila Jovovich 😁 She plays a person infected with a virus but fights to protect a kid who is the cure for humanity
And *** is Corbyn? I keep thinking of the 5th Element and Mila Jovovich ...
If God is a woman, I'm sure she looks like Mila Jovovich.
Desktop can't accommodate Mila Kunis, Milla Jovovich, Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde, and Kristen Stewart all together.
I liked the top down gta1, was fun back in the 90s. Also, a gta movie staring Mila Jovovich 😂😂
is Mila Jovovich rappelling down the side?
Mila Jovovich is awesome. Awesome in Survivor, but just awesome.
wait, I thought Mila Jovovich was the Fifth Element
now I want to watch a Double feature of "Ladyhawke" & "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" (Mila Jovovich)- ! Darn you!
Out today with Pierce Brosnan & Mila Jovovich. Go see it cause I'm in it a little bit being all American
In fact, the movie "The 3 musketeers" played by Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz, Mila Jovovich and Logan Millan. I'm so exciting for this!
SBS2 - Ultraviolet starring Mila Jovovich. Easily the worst movie I deen in decades and yet I'm drawn to the show. She's worth it.
Mila Jovovich just rode a motorcycle up a building while a helicopter chased her. THIS IS GREAT.
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Lmao so Luc Besson met Mila Jovovich while filming the Fifth Element and then left his wife (who was also in the film) for her
Well missed a perfect opportunity to call the new device a Multipass and have Mila Jovovich to rep it...
Mila Jovovich and Ali Larter will not let a zombie apocalypse get in the way of doing their make up.
possibly still the best compliment I've ever received was being told I looked like Mila Jovovich as Alice in the RE movies
Watching the 5th Element. Mila Jovovich you hot mess.
The better we get at 3D printing, the closer we get to creating Mila Jovovich from the Fifth Element
You know Mila Jovovich Musketeers is remarkable. There's been three fight scenes and the Musketeers haven't drawn a sword once.
Can someone explain what's going on with the shapes in Kanyes fade... Looks like he may be the new Fifth Element move over Mila Jovovich😂
Mila Jovovich is the most perfect thing in The Fifth Element. with that orange hair babygirl yes💕
Still the best movie ever made. Big bada boom. Mila Jovovich. :) — watching The Fifth Element
Absolutely agreed. Mila Jovovich is amazing in it! Absolutely owns the role and the language she speaks in it.
Things that are awesome: Mila Jovovich's costume in Fifth Element
Come get yourself some Mila Jovovich at tomorrow night's screening, The Fifth Element.
Goodnight to all my love 1's & love 2's , 3's. Time to find a late night movie. I'm thinking a Mila Jovovich movie that's not Resident Evil.
I have a thing for women who are total badasses! Tatiana Maslany as Sarah, Mila Jovovich as Alice, Michelle Rodriguez who is always a badass
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is packing her bags for her 13th year at the Cannes Film Festival and this time, she'll have husband Abhishek for company on the French Riviera. The couple will also attend the Cinema Against AIDS event hosted by amfAR, for which Ash is an ambassador. The other celebrities joining the Bachchans will include Sharon Stone, Mila Jovovich, Heidi Klum, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and John Travolta.
Thrilled to have Emmanuel St. Juste as our "in house" Director of Communications, Media & Publicity for the launch of our wholesale women's accessory collection. TBA. Formerly THE 'jax' in-house Advertiser/Creative Director, a 12 yr role that solidified the brand as a front runner via visually astounding campaigns (featuring the likes of Famke Janssen & Mila Jovovich) and savvy marketing incentives. His roster of Canadian fashion show productions for Chanel and 15 yrs thus far as Advertising Instructor for Design & Merchandising at Blanche Macdonald Centre is testament to his incredible talent. Oh the possibilities!!!
Hey, remember those rumors of a "female EXPENDABLES" featuring all the great female action stars like Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Yeoh? Yeah, well... Millennium Films Avi Lerner told the Bulgarian press he's ready to make the film and even threw out some names... names like Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep, and Mila Jovovich! Seriously?!?! Meryl Streep?!?! *** !?!
KRISTEN STEWART might be doing 'Expendabelles' along with Meryl Streep, Mila Jovovich and Cameron Diaz.
Hollywood is making a female version of the Expendables calling it the Expendabelles lol so far they got Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz, and Mila Jovovich
Now if I could ever work with or just meet Claudia Black, Mila Jovovich, Karen Gillan, and Patricia sci fi bucket list would be completely checked off
I'd love to see Mila Jovovich in a remake of something serious, like the shawshank redemption but with zombie vampires that are also aliens.
Scott also tried to dress up as Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element but accidentally became Mary Queen Of Shops
I ended up getting some beautiful black shoes last night for a gift. They are just lovely and remind me of Mila Jovovich's Fifth Element wear in the movie. Instead of white.they are favorite color. : ) They took great care of me last night and this morning. (Had a Bottle of Riesling and a bottle of champagne.with sum yummy fruit, all things that make me happy.) I'm ready for another great night!
I want to watch Run Lola Run again, however I keep picturing Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element. Franka Potente is still amazing in it.
So Jackie Chan, Mila Jovovich, Wesley Snipes and Nick Cage will be in Expendables 3. Sounds fun
Mila Jovovich would make a great Mara Jade for
Mila Jovovich is my favorite actress since a "The Fifth Element".
Sarmarra Burks Repost .not mine: Dark Seducer says: November 16, 2012 at 3:39 am Genetically Modifed Food is population control disguised as food. A condensed version of a short story by me. It had been over a year since I had seen a real human, most everyone had succumb to Agent Orange that was built right into their genetically modified food, turning them into something right out of Mila Jovovich horror movie. I started to notice the change about ten years ago and tried to warn people then but no one wanted to listen, they were too far gone already, hypnotized by the constant stream of propaganda being spewed from their TV’s and radios. In 1991 George H.W. Bush allowed Monsanto to release the first of it’s Frankenfood into the food supply. By 2012 GMO corn, soy, wheat, and sugar beets had taken over the planet. Spreading like a plague, the GMO crops wiped out all the competing strains. Green deserts were what the fields of GMO vegetation were called, green for as far as the eye can see but not bite ...
I don't know if I'm more in love with Mila Jovovich playing Alice in Resident Evil, or Angelina Jolie playing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.
if i did d list for Characters Who Shud B Killed Off Sooner In A Movie, i'd put Mila Jovovich's in Resident Evil at No1
Mila Jovovich, Mila Kunis, I swear Russia/Ukraine got the business.
All these models are starting to look like Mila Jovovich to me.
Wow.. I guess Raquel Zimmerman can be a surrogate for Mila Jovovich acts
In spite of my huge affection for Scarlett Johansson, Mila Jovovich would be a better "Black Widow".
I kinda want to name my kid Alice so when she introduces herself, she can say "My name is Alice" like Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil.
I will wake up next to Mila Jovovich in the morning.
Mila Kunis, Anoushka Sharma and Milla Jovovich compete in a triple threat match for the ultimate prize: ME :D
Mila Jovovich is so hot in Resident Evil
It's good to see that Mila Jovovich has been banned from films forever though.
Danny says which one!? I always fall asleep through it but Danny loves resi evil. Maybe just for mila jovovich though x
If I was a zombie the only place I'd eat Mila jovovich is her ***
Watching Resident Evil purely because of Mila Jovovich. Mm
Watching the latest Resident Evil film and I don't think they're even trying anymore. Mila Jovovich is still hot though.
Fox, Jolie, Hathaway are beautiful womans. But im still like Mila Jovovich!
U haven't checked out Faces in the Crowd? (W/Mila Jovovich) That should surpass in any movie in ur queue!! LoL
it's got to be something else then; it's to create the thing that l don't think is going to look like Mila Jovovich.
“That was so cool,” he said. “Mila Jovovich sat right behind me!” He may be a major advocate now but he's still a teen too :)
You're not a Mila if you're not a Kunis. End of story. Ok fine you can be a Jovovich too ...
I can't think of a movie where Mila Jovovich doesn't play an awesome super human. Hey I'm not complaint at all. Love her.
I wonder why, Mila Jovovich's movies are all actions?
Mila Jovovich is my favorite actress hands down 🙌
No, it's called Return to the Blue Lagoon, with Mila Jovovich and Brian Krause ;)
OMG... i love Mila Jovovich. she really has girl power in all her movies
Mila Jovovich taking a pic of the Queen!
Look who is famous and Ukrainian... Mila Kunis, Jovovich etc.
Is this place built atop Raccoon City? ;) Half expecting Mila Jovovich to pop up, guns blazing. :D
Let's get into an Internet brawl about the correct spelling of Mila Jovovich's character in the 1997 film The Fifth Element LILU
I had the same emotional response to "eCigarette" as Mila Jovovich did in The Fifth Element when she typed in "war"
Wow was that Mila Jovovich in the Loreal mascara commercial?!
How about some of Mila Jovovich? She had a few pretty hot pics out there..
I want Mila Jovovich's body! bones bones and more bones. Oh and long lean legs, no hips, and did I mention bones?
Hubs has a huge crush on Mila Jovovich so watching 5th Element for the millionth time. Bonus for me: Bruce Willis ;)
that was a screenshot of Mila Jovovich from The 5th Element, no?
Hm. Is it me or is Mila Jovovich really hot? Is it the outfits or the bad *** attitude?
Dita von Teese on Sky Arts 1 - What a woman. Defo in my top 5. Along with Mila Jovovich & Zoe Jakes.
Lily Collins, Mila Jovovich, and Jennifer Lawrence, are my female actress crushes :-)
Although I would kill for a sequel to Ultraviolet. Not the Mila Jovovich thing, The one with Jack Davenport
Mila Jovovich is good looking, but Ali Larter with red hair
Movie couples I like: Mila Jovovich and Bruce Willis (the Fifth Element). Supreme hotness.
The world needs more Mila Jovovich action films.
Dont know what year this is though, Mila Jovovich was awesome. XD
Name three actors/actresses you have a crush on? — i'll give you 6 Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Milla Jovovich, Cam...
I am totally rocking my maternity support belt. I fancy I look like a bit like Mila jovovich in 5th element
Mila Jovovich at 13 years old. via Gorgeous!
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Some of the women I idolize: Mila Jovovich, Tara Strong, and I'd like to say Katy Perry...but really I feel like she's my spirit animal.
and anyways, Mila Jovovich in Fifth Element trumps them ALL
The real question is what can't Mila Jovovich do
Mila Jovovich is hot. Dont question this.
All I wanna do is star in a Mila Jovovich type action flick and do flips in the air and shoot people and look really really bad ***
Only Mila Jovovich can fight with a large dress, handle a sword, and still look badass.
I'm not gonna lie, the first ten minutes of the latest "Three Musketeers" movie have been freaking awesome. And Mila Jovovich is HOT.
mila jovovich is perfect in every way I swear
Resident Evil Retribution: Bleh meaningless fireworks! Can just stare at Mila Jovovich shoot.
Mila Jovovich has the most adorable voice ever.
(es) are Charlize Theron, Milla Jovovich, Mila Kunis (all Russian chicks?), and fictional Maggie Greene from The Walking Dead.
Mila Jovovich, why you so look like ???!!!
Mila Jovovich is so cool in The Three Musketeers!!!
Aahhss mila jovovich, don't u know I lope lope for yuu
Mila Jovovich did an Alice on Three Musketeers :| Amusing and irritating at the same time :))
Mila Jovovich ... cut open a cow leg and spread the bone marrow all over bread when she was pregnant. She's bad...
Mila Jovovich in the first Resident Evil >
When there is a zombie Apocalypse, I'm gonna be like Mila Jovovich from Resident Evil
So, if at any point Mila Jovovich ISN'T shooting a Resident Evil movie does Earth's atmopshere violently combust?
Huh. I forgot you could make a Mila Jovovich with a computer.
Mila jovovich in the Fifth Element 😍*whipes drool off face* lol
Whoaaa.. Resident Evil 5 was cool. Michelle rodriguez and mila jovovich were awesome
When Mila Jovovich is 50, her voice is gonna be so hoarse.
Besok pinjem DVD ultraviolet.. Mila Jovovich.. you are so cool!!
wait do you mean alice from ( Mila Jovovich ) Resident Evil or alice from Alice in wonderland
UltraViolet on transtv ---» Mila Jovovich is the great actress, and ILoveHer:)
Mila jovovich is was unbeatable women (--,) cool
I’m for real going to be just like Mila Jovovich in “Resident Evil” when I grow up!
I can kinda see why they picked Mila Jovovich to play a perfect being.
Maggie > Mila Jovovich's Alice. Unless they redo The R.E. movies with the help of Capcom Claire Redfield would be the best
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Megan Fox starring in her first movie role A Holiday in the Sun with Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen (2001)
The Brawny Man does it all for the ladies.
So i woke up early couldn't find nothin on tv, so i went to showtime on demand and decided to watch Three Musketeers with Orlando Bloom and Mila Jovovich...WOW !!! Such a kick *** movie ! If u aint see it u gotta check it out !
Truthfully I just want Bruce Willis' sick apartment, a Chinese guy that visits and cooks for me, to drive a cab, and date Mila Jovovich
Mila Jovovich (at least in the "Resident Evil" movies) sounds just like a female Christopher Lambert.
Let's see... 1) I'm not insane, I've been tested (a bit on the compulsive side, but definitely sane). 2) I'll not be able to vote, it's just not logistically going to be possible. This angers me, but I have faith that my peeps will prevail. 3) My Dream Film is taking shape. My cast, thus far: Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, Simon Pegg, Norman Reedus, Mila Jovovich, Emma Stone, Zoe Bell, Mila Kunis, Christina Hendricks, with more TBD. There will be explosions, and fast futuristic vehicles. 4) Proctologists should only have three knuckles.
DO NOT WATCH the movie "Stone" w/Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton & Mila Jovovich... IT IS TERRIBLE and slow lol.just a heads up (:
Milla Jovovich and Mila Kunis are 2 different lovely ladies :p x
Mila Jovovich hass a perff as body !
Google Mila Jovovich & Jacobandco. You'll know. We haven't photoshopped any. Just open website through ur laptop to know all.
really.. Well you've photo-shopped mila jovovich. So that's kinda not cool.
Just finished watching the second RE CG movie. These are so much better than the Mila Jovovich ones.
Photo: apoll0ishot: “I think he, [Logan Lerman] is the best actor of his generation.” -Mila Jovovich
This party has someone dressed as Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil 3 AND a cate beckinsale in underworld BEST COSTUME PARTY EVAR
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I wonder if the halloween store has a mila jovovich costume (:
People always talk about how cool/empowering Mila Jovovich's Leelu in the 5th Element was but wasn't she held captive for most of the movie?
Looks like Mila Jovovich in the 5th Element, isn't she?
Heath ledger as eragon and mila jovovich as arya svitkona...
well I'll be watching Mila jovovich on the Fifth Element while I finish forreal the house hold
"The way you dress is really a statement of who you are" Mila Jovovich for (via
The Fifth Element premise: Mila Jovovich saves the entire universe for sex with Bruce Willis, and yet I still loved it. Bravo Hollywood.
that episode of Married with Children with Mila Jovovich...
you are way prettier than mila jovovich. No point of comparing the unmatched & unleashed beauty.
Pokemon Mila Jovovich is brand ambassador for my company in nyc. Check out!
"opening night in Moscow on October 18th amazing cheek bones Mila Jovovich
Mila Jovovich was singing at chanel party! She is so so amazing!
Thanks I wanna do those stunts like Mila Jovovich and Ali Larter in Resident Evil! ! 😁
Jesus I forgot how sexy Mila Jovovich is in The Fifth Element
Maybe Kate Beckinsale and mila jovovich should do a film together where they collectively kick a lot of ***
Su that's probably James Bond who did the trick or perhaps Mila Jovovich or something from the Resident Evil thing!
I cannot breathe watching Resident Evil 1 & 2. Fangirling still over Mila Jovovich and her killing style.
Mila Jovovich is suchhh a piece of *** hands down beats Lara Croft.
I know where I saw this haircut. And it in placed Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovich.
That's really pretty, you look a lot like Mila Jovovich there. Just consider what's comfy, and what'll make you feel sexy!
You look like a Mila Jovovich clone there, so I say go for it.
She looks like what would happen if someone stuck Mila Jovovich into a closet and deprived her of sunlight and food for three weeks.
A girl in my class looks like Mila Jovovich and all I can think about is her killing stuff.
I also loved that movie. Any movie with Mila Jovovich can't go wrong.
Resident Evil was awesome. Mila Jovovich is so hot.
great job Lauren,loved the first episode.step aside Mila Jovovich,you are the new zombie killer queen of the screen.
Ugh Mila Jovovich is so hot in Resident Evil.
I've fancied Mila Jovovich since I was like 10
Christina Ricci (when she's in weird phase) mainly Mila Jovovich. I would steal everything in her wardrobe XOXO
I love how Mila Jovovich is such a bad *** in all Resident Evil movies
I like that list! Few missing though I think - Emilia Clarke, Mila Jovovich and maybe Kate Beckinsale in Underworld :-)
Mila Jovovich is "irresistable" according to Rex Reed in the NY Observer! Bringing Up Bobby will be on DVD Nov 20:
Stuck in Rwanda missing family on birthday, but had a lovely birthday cake from the boys im working with and meal then blew loads at casino watched LOTR Extended version then Resident Evil with lovely Mila Jovovich back home soon cant wait, today taken day off to do a bit of swimming and then steak and chips with a few beers
Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil is like going to see Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. Hot women in skin tight clothes in not so hot films.
Kate Beckinsale and Mila Jovovich need to make a movie together Resident Underworld??
Who DIDNT think Mila Jovovich was fxn awesome in the Fifth Element...
Mila Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale are the best actresses in black latex suits
So the possible Doctor Who movie might be a "reboot" and directed by David Yates(he made the last 4 Harry Potter movies). Why would you wanna discontinue almost 50 years of entertainment, dumb it down, and "Hollywood" it up for the typical, dumb American audience? $10 says they'll probably replace David Yates with Paul W.S. Anderson(Mortal Kombat and the Resident Evil movies), cast Robert Pattinson as The Doctor but then instead of having The Doctor as the main hero, gets his wife Mila Jovovich casted as some random chick guessed it, Alice!
In this behind the scenes featurette for "Resident Evil: Retribution" Mila Jovovich gives us a look at the fights and stunts in the movie. Alice fights along...
Why is Mila Jovovich channeling Kate Beckinsale on the new Resident Evil movie poster? She's better off finding her own look.
Mila Jovovich is perfect in The Fifth Element!
Oh yes, talking about this made me remember I'm still waiting to watch Resident Evil 5 just because c'mon Mila Jovovich.
So excited for the new Resident Evil movie! Mila Jovovich is kickass!
Yeah, so I am stuck on Asian movies for now, especially Asian movies with strong female protagonists. There have been times when I watched only French movies, or German, or Italian. Pretty much watch all of them now with more emphasis on the Asian product, East Asian. Bollywood and I are still far apart. Even movies made in the USA have been more pandering to female characters--often from extra-country sources--eg. The Eye, The Ring movies, Bangkock Dangerous, even Hunger Games I feel is a rip off of 'Battle Royale'. Yeah, I know, book first then movie. Of Late we have been cascaded with many strong female characters as played by Keira Knightly, Camaeron Diaz, and especially Kate Blankensale and Mila Jovovich.
Mila Jovovich is the queen of Resident Evil franchise! No one can ever replace her character in the movie. 👑 ahhhyeah!
Jessica Alba, Hayden Panettiere, Nina Dobrev, Mila Kunis, Mila Jovovich, and Keke Palmer are fine as *** lol
I love Mila Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale. I want marry them both.
So, for Resident Evil and Mila Jovovich, I will walk 2 hours and 41 minutes in the earliest part of the morning. I do not have a problem with this :D
photo of the day: Resident Evil series director Paul W.S. Anderson married film's lead actress Mila Jovovich on 8/22/09...
Expendables 2 director Simon West revealed that he wants Diaz, 39, to be part of an all-female Expendables film. West says, aside from Diaz, he also hopes to have Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Mila Jovovich, Helen Mirren, and Jamie Lee Curtis to be part of the film.
Mila Jovovich movie about encountering the ghost of a famous motorcycle daredevil. "Resident Evel Knievel"
i would watch the *** out of a movie where Sigourney Weaver and Mila Jovovich approximate the strained Stallone/Statham EXPENDABLES rapport.
I think I liked the movie overall, but two things about The Dark Knight Rises bugged me. 1.Although Anne Hathaway wasn't horrible I would rather have seen Mila Jovovich or Charlize Theron in the role instead, 2. Since when is Bane a buff Sean Connery?
Mila Jovovich is *** sexy cant wait fir new Resident Evil movie Kathryn Tappen and Andrews are just the other two that are better tho
Linda Evangelista and Mila Jovovich were probably separated at birth.
Becky and I are watching this awful movie. It's the new Three Musketeers with Mila Jovovich and Orlando Bloom, and a bunch of nobodies. They're trying to break the world record with this move for using the most Cliches ever in a movie. SO glad we didn't waste money on this one. Netflix should remove this from their inventory.
Ok, so I finally saw "Colombiana" the other night (shout outs to the U-Verse!) I know people have been dogging that movie left & right. Honestly, it wasn't THAT bad! Sure, the story & the plot is kinda recycled, prolly done by another hot actress like Angelina Jolie or Mila Jovovich, but hey, what can I say. I love me some Zoe Saldana! :D
I like the Resident Evil movies but I blame that on Mila Jovovich and Ali Larter. [laughs]
wow stunning, look like the place in that movie - in hawaii with timothy olyphant and Mila Jovovich? can't remember the name of the movie though
A movie I was in Mila Jovovich and Spencer List. Directed by Famke Janssen.
All of these remakes coming out why is there NOT a new Mortal Kombat movie dammit!? We definetely have the right technology for the effects now. cast list: Liu Kang -- Rain (guy from Ninja Assassin.) Johnny Cage -- Ryan Reynolds Sonya Blade -- Mila Jovovich Rayden -- Jet Li Scoropion/Sub-Zero/Reptile -- Ray Park If only I had a spare multi-million dollars. *sigh*
Let's face it. If I had Mila Jovovich's body, I'd be running around dressed as Leeloo all the time too. But I don't! I have my body, so's I dress as me instead! Take that, super hot actress/model, and not the other way around, who I worship and adore!
If I was straight Famke Janssen and Mila Jovovich would totally do it for me. Oh and the Lady Manson from too.
Watching The Fifth Element. I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid. I'm pretty sure Mila Jovovich is the reason I hit puberty.
Can we order holograms yet? I want a Chuck Norris for my gym, a Kurt Cobain for my shed and a Mila Jovovich for my spa, k thanks.
So here is a random list of celebrities and how they are connected to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles within three degrees or less. Sylvester Stallone: Sly was in Rocky 4 with Dolf Lundgren, who was in "Showdown in Little Tokyo" with Asian actor Toshishiro (Toshiro) Obata, who played the character Tetsu in the first two live action TMNT movies. Mila Jovovich: Mila was in the movie "The Fourth Kind" with actor Elias Koteas who played Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 and 3. Tom Cruise: Tom was in "Top Gun" with actor Anthony Edwards who was in "Revenge of the Nerds" with Brian Tochi who was the voice of Leonardo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Florence Henderson: Yes even Florence Henderson of "The Brady Bunch" fame can be connected because Cousin Oliver, played by Robbie Rist went on to do all 3 of the original live action TMNT movies as the voice of Michaelangelo. Ben Affleck: Yeah he's a *** but even he is connected to the Ninja Turtles through the film "Armageddon" which feature .. ...
Does any one know any way for me to get in contact with either David Tennant, Mila Jovovich, Vin Diesel, or any other major action star?? If you do let me know
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