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Mikey Garcia

Miguel Ángel García Cortez (born December 15, 1987 in Ventura, California) is an undefeated Mexican-American boxer in the Featherweight division.

Robert Garcia Leo Santa Cruz Bob Arum Adrian Broner Jorge Linares Brandon Rios Adrien Broner Orlando Salido Juan Manuel Marquez Top Rank Chavez Jr

Can't watch Adrien Broner v Mikey Garcia?. Follow the fight live here! NOW!!!.
Live on in July; 16th from 5am Chris Eubank Jnr v Arthur Abraham 506. 30th from 11am Mikey Garcia v Adrien Broner 505.
Adrian Broner is going to beat Mikey Garcia, Mikey isn't as strong as maidana no matter how hard he punches what u…
Great gritty fight props to both Great year for boxing excited to see Mikey Garcia vs Adrian Broner and Canelo vs GGG!
Mikey Garcia v Adrian Broner i believe this is going to b a great fight.Both have much to lose & both gonna bring it
Can't wait to see a great boxing match July 29. Mikey Garcia and Adrian Broner
It's official..two of boxing's biggest stars will meet on July 29. Adrien Broner v. Mikey Garcia, live on Showtime! h…
America doesn't need a top HW boxer, Spence, Thurman, Ward, Mikey Garcia, Crawford, Gervonta Davis.. They still got the big guns
Jorge Linares is quality but I would still back Mikey Garcia to take his belt... would be a war.
Jorge Linares outclasses Anthony Crolla in rematch, sets up bout with Mikey Garcia
I asked Jorge Linares last week who'd he like to face(should he beat Crolla):"Mikey Garcia or Lomachenko."
Hank Lundy & Mickey Bey were both TKO'd by John Molina, imagine what kind of damage Mikey Garcia will do if he faced either or.
Shawn Porter reacts to Mikey Garcia's KO over Zlaticanin OOHHH MY GOD WATCH at:
Southland's Leo Santa Cruz, Mikey Garcia poised to lead new era in boxing
Vargas/Miura 2 is a must, Frampton/Santa Cruz 3 must & not sure who I'd favor over Mikey Garcia right now, what a weekend
Mikey Garcia is a Perfected version of Juan Manuel Marquez!!!
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it's a great fight but not a top fight. I think Mikey Garcia is better than Linares personally
AND STILL!. Amanda Nunes finishes Ronda Rousey, winning by 1st-round TKO to retain the bantamweight title. https:…
Dejan Zlatičanin: "Mikey Garcia will have to run around the ring to save himself"
Those who know Jabril Peppers say this "is not a McCaffrey or Fournette situation, he wanted to and planned on playing."…
Having dinner with the champ Mikey Garcia - EsNews Boxing via
Mikey Garcia is camp eating salads - EsNews Boxing via
What Mikey Garcia wants from his fans - EsNews Boxing via
Mikey Garcia on Christmas presents he bought - EsNews Boxing via
Trainer of the year is Robert Garcia. Mares dub, Mikey comeback, Got rid of Rios' retarded *** & sold off Neno to el Floy 4 mad *** loot
has convinced over 200 KKK members to leave the hate group
and Mikey Garcia or Linares! He is human he can't keep going up forever
Let me (hat tip to ), both Danny and Mikey Garcia lose in 2017.
Mikey Garcia sending in his 30 day weight. Mikey Garcia recently said he is willing to fight…
Mikey GARCIA at his first ever lakers game - esnews boxing
are the Dolphins gonna beat the Patriots?
who is your favorite Marlins player?
The best women's tennis player ever*
Ok, I saw an interview where a guy from The Fight guys, said that Mikey Garcia likes to mix it up.. Really?
This is the guy criticizing the hair styles of Chris Archer and Marcus Strohman. THIS GUY.
Mikey Garcia in camp for Zlaticanin - EsNews Boxing via
Mikey Garcia talks to his hilarious cook - EsNews Boxing via
Mikey Garcia's cook in camp is funny - EsNews Boxing via
Mikey Garcia vs Lomachenko at 135... Crawford-PAC at 140. GGG-Canelo at 160 and of course the Ward-Kovalev rematch
fight Mikey Garcia if you want to get stopped en dos round I tells ya
Me defending Mikey garcia from any slandering
they have to fight Zlaticanan Mikey Garcia winner first. Terry should target Easter unification
I surprised Mayweather Promotions hasn't seen the opportunity in signing a huge potential star in Mikey Garcia. Thi…
Mikey Garcia and Robert on trainer of the year – EsNews Boxing
Mikey Garcia and Robert on Snow Queen’s birthday – EsNews Boxing
Mikey Garcia gives back to his community; wants bout with WBO champion Terry Flanagan: Mikey Garcia gives bac...
ICYMI: Schaefer 'very bullish' on Mikey Garcia. My blog:
Mikey Garcia back in action for the first time in 917 days.
I think i'm putting my Money on Leo Santa Cruz for the W by UD and I got Mikey Garcia for W aswell.
. Mikey Garcia v Crawford would be a good fight or Algieri v Crawford
WHICKER: Moreno Valley's Mikey Garcia back after two years: LOS ANGELES – Orlando Salido is the Tony Bennett ...
Waiting is done, Mikey Garcia is now set for a comeback:
Mikey Garcia has been boycotting Wal-Mart's war on high prices. It's worth giving up his prime for.
Mikey Garcia should sign with TMT, he'll be the best fighter on that whole promotion.Floyd will take care of him.
Once Mikey Garcia get a few tune up frights to knock off the rust He'll beat anybody at 140
I liked a video from funny story on don king and the klitschko brothers - mikey garcia
Amusing that the Mikey Garcia case which they were going to lose over Ali Act issues received little coverage in comparison.
he is but so is Crawford. Those dudes r the future. Along with mikey Garcia & Leo Santa Cruz and a lot of other young bloods
Robert Garcia gave us some scoop on Brandon Rios & Mikey Garcia. Stuff that we didn't read/hear anywhere else. Play
RIP dat boi. 2016-2016. Murdered by Mikey Garcia. Origins unknown. You will be missed. But never forgotten.
Robert Garcia gave us some interesting updates on Mikey Garcia. Stuff that I have not read anywhere. Press play >> featured in NBC s Science of Love
Mikey Garcia Sparring as FLOYD MAYWEATHER in the house to WATCH
floyd mayweather watching mikey garcia sparring backs Canel... |
floyd mayweather watching mikey garcia sparring backs Canelo-in-GGG fight EsNews Boxing
Hes really gonna sign Mikey Garcia. Thats dope
I liked a video from floyd mayweather watching mikey garcia sparring talks canelo EsNews
If mikey Garcia comes back to the ring with TMT then they are shutting it down 🤘🏽
(Floyd Mayweather paid Mikey Garcia a visit at the RGBA today by Elie Seckbach Thanks…
Westbrook has had one good quarter this series but he's better than Steph right?
One player on the Thunder showed up tonight to be real
"Mikey is not gonna go back to another 7-10 year contract. He will most likely promote himself. He got his own license." -Robert Garcia
"Mikey was smart enough to save his money and buy properties. He did not starve." -Robert Garcia Listen live:
It'd be cool if Russ started scoring
Mikey Garcia vs Jhonny Gonzalez. Mexican pride. I love it. If it doesn't happen, it won't be from a lack of effort on my…
Mikey Garcia: Victor Ortiz tried to make it seem like he didn't quit, he's never had it
Former two division world champion Mikey Garcia has been released from Top Rank and he is now a free agent, Bob Arum confirmed
We just had Bob Arum confirm on our show that Top Rank released Mikey Garcia.
This dude fighting Juan Diaz looks like Mikey Garcia.
Medical tests today revealed that Grizzlies center Marc Gasol has a broken right foot and is out indefinitely.
Former softball player sues Kent State, alleges she was raped by coach's son
Cam out here teaching all the lessons. God bless him!
The Browns really messed up lying about a concussion, terrible organization
yes, when is Mikey Garcia back..he's missing out on good fights..
Kobe just went from terribly cold to briefly hot, shot LA into lead at Indy, then cooled, lost by 2. Finished 6 for 25…
incredible I watched it twice contemplating a third go
Snoop Dogg narrating Planet Earth is one of the most iconic things of 2016 thus far.
They should have Mark Jackson do it too
Broke his teammates eye socket causes him to never play football again
what is a bigger disgrace to football you using steroids and HGH cam Newton not wanting answer post game questions
Whatever you only apologized for the backlash you were a cheater 💉, dirty player, and a racist
yup but he can surpass Ben soon I think
There are maybe 3 quarterbacks in the league better than Cam Newton so hate all you want
Why was this filmed and put on national television
Jeter played for one team his entire career.nevertheless quite accurate
Congratulations to Peyton you deserved it 18 incredible career and without a doubt one of the greatest to ever step on the field
Can Newton is 26 and he gets back his best offensive player next year don't you dare think he's not coming back hungrier next year
So you guys see how bad Cam's supporting cast on offense is now
.this game is so bad it made Marshawn Lynch quit football
I've been saying this the Panthers receivers aren't that good
Happy 42nd birthday to one of the great PGs to ever play the game,
if you have better hands than Cotchery
I think Cam will win his first Super Bowl but I wouldn't mind seeing Peyton ride off into the sunset with another ring
Wade and Bosh are really struggling today :/
mikey garcia working out in is GREAT shape - EsNews Boxing -
Beyond KD, Russ, and Serge the Thunder are not very talented
Rihanna look like she taste like paid days off and an affordable tuition.
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mikey garcia explosive on the mitts - EsNews Boxing -
I liked a video from even floyd maywetaher asking MIKEY GARCIA when is he coming back -
I meant more guys like Mikey Garcia who hasn't fought in 2 years and other boxers who just take years off and complain
why no one is breaking into mikey garcia home - EsNews Boxing -
Does anyone know why there are a million cops driving down Flamingo
Babe, the 🐐! Here are the Top 10 most ridiculous Ruth statistics:
Hassan Whiteside is the only player to record multiple triple-doubles with blocks, off the bench (via
LYNX WIN! Minnesota captures its 3rd title in 5 seasons, defeating the Fever, 69-52, in Game 5 of the WNBA Finals. http:/…
Check out that PRE TRADE DEADLINE Toronto crowd on this highlight FS1 just showed
According to multiple news sites, including the NY Post, Lamar Odom had 'virtually every drug imaginable in his system'.
The Cubs have now glued home run ball to the top of the scoreboard, making it a part of Wrigley forever
I have so much respect for Beltre he's playing with half a back and like 7 fingers
Cubs are 1st team in major league history to have 6 different players, age 26 or younger, homer in single postseason. htt…
Happy birthday to the realest man on ESPN
Ya'll still gonna win the division lol
Little Giant Ladders
Just think about where those two careers have gone since then( Golovkin and Mikey Garcia). One stayed a fighter, the other...
Writing this story, and it reminded me, for Golovkin's MSG debut in Jan of 2013, Mikey Garcia was the nights main event.
Garcia for Grichuk is probably the 2nd most moment of this season. Way to hang tough Mikey
On this day in 2001, one of Derek Jeter's most iconic plays occurred, a shovel toss in Game 3 of the ALDS. The flip. http:…
The first headline came in at 1:39 in the afternoon, and it did not stop. What a day in the sports world.
The best boxing headline is "Mikey Garcia looks to resolve his problems with Top Rank very soon" 😂
Carlos Correa is the youngest Puerto Rican native in baseball history to hit a HR.
Judge, Mateo highlight list of the top 5 sluggers in 2015: (via
Not anymore we may lose he is what helped us stop the run so well. Darn you injury
Rickey Henderson stole 56 of 78 bases in 1981, at age 22. Rickey Henderson stole 66 of 79 bases…
*smelling silver after his bath. Me:he smells really good, good job guys. Mikey:he ought to, he got 2 baths with your shampoo.
St. Louis is by no means a below average offense.
7 less than they average Tavon can make big plays but that's it and Gurley ran on everyone
I still think minnesota has the best defense in that division
and the packers is something like 24th. Doesn't mean they're bad just means they don't throw a lot.
well the rams put 31 on sea, but no kam but still a good D besides not looking so hot lately. They put 24 on
if they run the ball 40 times a game like today I don't think there will be many pass attempts they would do more w/ more att
Foles above average that's a joke Tavon and Cook both have 15 catches this year below average
GB does look a lot better on defense but I don't see them as top 10 at all
Foles is above average, Tavon is explosive, Jared Cook is also one of the best TEs. Definitely pretty good.
wow one rookie, their QB still *** and all their receivers are below average
SF has been bad all season. Cept when they played minnesota
Do you think the defense played so well because they played a below average offense
Was it dirty? Should the Mets retaliate? MLB rule change coming? 65 current and former players weigh in...for http:/…
Wow he had one good game he's still not worth anything close to his contract
The Ravens are so overrated by all the analysts
source confirms Matt Reynolds replacing Ruben Tejada on NLDS roster. Reynolds would be 2nd player in modern era to debu…
Mikey Garcia does your Star Wars beta have a weird lag ?
Chino Maidana sparring Mikey Garcia for his bout against Mayweather Jr. via source
yes but Mikey Garcia actually hasn't fought. Ward has.
I need a new hairstyle.. I'm bored of mine now - Mikey
Right!! He used to throw at Posada's head !!!
A bit, yes, but he has to solidify his standing. Mikey Garcia left those rankings because of inactivity.
Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes went to high school together and once battled in their school cafeteria. DMX and Biggie also went…
These Ward *** mention Mikey Garcia more so than Officer Mikey own family does. Like if there is some double standards play here.
funny how you don't mention Dawson fight. Contract disputes happen. Why no hate for Mikey Garcia?
Y'all kill Ward for his inactivity but he will have like three fights before Mikey Garcia gets one lol
Rangers take the lead! Hanser Alberto brings in Rougned Odor for the go-ahead run, 5-4.
Go give The Documentary 2 a listen if you haven't yet it's amazing, thank you
Said trainer Garcia: "I'm not sure. Haven't talked to Cameron in a couple weeks so I don't know. I've been very busy training MIKEY...
what u think about TR keeping Mikey Garcia out of the ring
Tonight sees two of the best pitchers in baseball go head-to-head.
US Olympic Committee selects Los Angeles as replacement candidate for 2024 games.
If you want to work in sports journalism I suggest finding an extremely skilled Cuban player and then naming everything yo…
Remember when Mikey Garcia existed? More than 19 months without a fight.
Any one hear about Mikey Garcia ? At this point he has a masters in the winky school of boxing
How did Shoeless Joe throw this series
wait OMG Did you get into Luke & Mikey's meetup? I cant wait! Im also excited to go to their panels & see …
Good point, also realize that Robert Garcia's fighters Jccjr, Mikey, Rios, Maidana have no fights scheduled
I liked a video from Mikey Garcia Boxing training - staying in shape for March/April
Please please please let Shoeless into the Hall
The RG3 era is over. Jay Gruden about the Redskins quarterback situation, "It's Kirk's team". Robert Griffin III won't be s…
Robert Garcia in 2018, "I know something's coming soon for Mikey we should know something this week."
ICYMI: Robert Garcia on Mikey Garcia: "People want to see him fight and so do I.I know something's coming soon."
Don't you know him when you see him, he grew up in your backyard. Come back to us Mikey Garcia, Hare Krishna Beauregard.
Mikey's face when Nicki went in is so priceless.
boxing superstar Mikey Garcia RUSHED by fans says no need for judges in ggg vs lemieux fight
it never would have happened but Russell against Mikey Garcia would have been a fascinating fight.
CORRECTION: Such a cool moment, we just couldn't wait to share! Griffeys became 1st father-son duo to play on same team o…
I have a mythical match up for you 2, Mikey Garcia vs LSC at 126 who wins?
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Mikey Garcia predicts winner of Santa Cruz vs Mares
Not sure if thats mikey garcia at the fight ot one of many L.A. kids that look alike
Mikey Garcia watching the fight when he getting back in the ring
Mikey Garcia on the 3rd row for Mares Vs Santa Cruz. Closest he's been to a ring for a good while.
Mikey Garcia spotted in the crowd at the fight
the selbys sat just behind Mikey Garcia and Chavez.the life of a champ 🏆
Luis Severino:2nd Yankees P 21 or younger to throw 6 scoreless IP in start since 1970. Other: Phil Hughes, 2007 (left no…
Depending on Randall Cobb injury, and offensive line injuries, we're going to find out just how great Aaron Rodgers re…
What a play by to record the final out of the 7th!
Prayers to whoever fell at the Braves game hope she/he is ok
Let's just get out of this inning Sevy
First, Jordy Nelson tears his ACL, now Randall Cobb likely broken collarbone. The curse of is legitimate.
Joey BadAss >>> ... Saddens me when I dont hear ppl give him his props in conversations about who is "Hot" in ny. Number…
The Lincoln assassination just recently became funny. I need to see this play like I need a hole in the head.
Mikey Garcia, Miguel Diaz, Jhonny Gonzalez, and Fernando Guerrero have picked Leo Santa Cruz to beat Abner Mares.
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How about you start taking care of your real fighters. Brandon Rios still hasn't got a fight. Mikey Garcia is still on a shelf.
Now that Sergio has retired, time for Carl Froch, Juan Manuel Marquez, Mikey Garcia, and David Haye to follow suit.
Mikey Garcia, Andre Ward, Chavez Jr. Any guy that breaks with their promoter is labelled a trouble maker by media types like Steve Kim
what's next for Brandon Rios and Mikey Garcia?
Breaking News: Valley Local Boxing Notebook: Mikey Garcia close to returning to ring
Almost as bad as Raydell's bracket...
VIDEO: DeMarcus Cousins crossed up Nene & laid in a finger roll, then hit him with a mean mug ht…
any idea on when Mikey Garcia will return to the ring
"And then he banged like a hundred chicks and invented a salad.. True story"
The shaved their heads today to raise money to support children with cancer.
he got hot, there's no doubt about it. Dude was in his prime
I'll give u that but games 3 thru 5 🔥🔥🔥
shooting 90 freethrows in a 6 game series. Mavs were not fouling that much
I met Mikey Murphy one year ago today. We were both awkward and out of place back then :). And here we are today... Awkward a…
3 hours for We need a win over Barcelona in order to recover first place in La Liga!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Mikey & Cal rockin' some Pikachu hats back in Japan... What's your favourite videogame?.
That moment when you realize you've made a terrible decision...
A polaroid of Mikey holding a polaroid of Mikey holding a polaroid of...
With Nash retiring, Kobe Bryant is the only active player from the 1996 class.
Steve Nash eliminated Kobe in the 1st round of his best season. Then stole checks from the Lakers to end his career. My…
Steve Nash just announced his retirement from the NBA.
Looks like I'm doing a giveaway for Mikey! 🌺
Mikey Garcia's return date to be switched to mid July.
You can take 30 bullets to the head at work by police and CNN gone investigate and bring up how you skipped school in the 10th…
SMU definitely got robbed. Ref who called goal tend from wing had bad angle and wrong perspective.
0.1 percent of the 11.6 million brackets filled out in ESPN's Tournament Challenge are still perfect.
not everyone is popular like you Ricky
If you still have a perfect bracket I hate you
Only 3.4% of 11.5M brackets are perfect THROUGH TWO GAMES!
Athletes say what do you know, you didn't play. Wake up! Many team builders in NBA, NFL, MLB did not play.
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Here's the updated Saturday Night Boxing pound-for-pound list. Time to say goodbye to Mikey Garcia.
to be real I wanna see them both go up and see if LeBron can straight poster him or not
Baseball is like church. Many attend few understand.
Jordan Brand and Warner Bros. to relaunch Hare Jordan campaign.
Beyond unfortunate that few in JRW Little League deemed winning at all costs outweighed fair play. Kids caught in middl…
have i mentioned lately HOW MUCH I LOVE THE LAKERS (this is not from the onion i promise)
Rewarding politicians more than owners. “why reward MIA ownership? Nats are getting shafted”
The all star game looking like it's gonna be a little wack this year
Saban suspends player for "conduct not to the standard of Alabama football,". And signs player with pending felony domesti…
there's gonna be *** everywhere cuz I'm only pullin 3's 🏀
A-Rod: "I'm sorry for taking all those drugs that made me awesome. Per your wishes, I will no longer do that."
Signed handwraps from the champ Mikey Garcia courtesy of Elie Seckbach.
Nice work from Mikey Garcia. Fast and strong combination. Good KO
“Dwyane Wade will not play in this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game.”
Goodell should suspend Greg Hardy AT LEAST 8 more games (another half a season), this time without pay.
"Was the Cold War cold because it was in Russia" ~Mikey Garcia
"He’s the new LeBron. He can do it all. " – on Anthony Davis
Carmelo Anthony says he’s getting closer to shutting it down for the season: 'I’m restricted'
Jimmy was REALLY excited about Derek Jeter's last game...
How could you treat another human being so cruelly just because there skin is a different color
I thought Trey got on plane but we can't find him.
"End of the 1stQ - HEAT 23, Knicks 32. Deng leading Miami with 8pts & 3rebs. Chalmers 5pts." Really to the Knicks 😭😭😭
The Splash Bros figured they'd spice things up a bit since they're playing the Sixers...
Put up the volume all the way so you can hear what this guy says about Mikey Garcia lmao.
None of the hip hop awards were televised at The Grammys last night.
Best fight Mikey Garcia could get in would probably be Terence Crawford
Another good thing is that Mikey garcia is back at 140lb, Broner, Mattyshe, Provodnikov, Peterson 140lb is stacked with good fighters
who wins between Mikey Garcia and Danny Garcia?
Btw cooked spaghetti for MIKEY tonight, he ate it and didn't die... Big up
I want a friendship like Morgan and Garcia's from Criminal Minds 😍😩
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Iggy Azalea shut out at this year's
Listen to Wake Up by lowkeylos215 on
I legitimately don't know a single song by this guy
The fact the best country album is aired live, but the best rap album is not, tells you all you need to know about who …
I wonder if big bro mikey garcia will ever let me suck his ***
Bud I'd love to see him in with Mikey Garcia but mikey has to build up his wbo ranking but he's not far off. Think it can happen
1st Mikey Garcia's return was set for February now April , that lawsuit with old bobby will not end well. Cash out time ??? 👀
Mikey Garcia to return ‘no later than April’: Robert Garcia, brother and trainer of two weight world champion ...
Chavez Jr, Mikey Garcia, Cotto, & Floyd had contractual issues with Bob Arum.. why do ppl still believe what he says?
Bob Arum is the white Birdman. Chavez Jr & Mikey Garcia been out for a year.
I laugh at American Pacquiao fans, why dont you ask Oscar, Cotto, Mikey Garcia, or Dana White about Bob Arum. He is why fights dont happen
I would say Robert Garcia because of what he has done with Mikey Garcia, Maidana, Donaire, Gradovich, Vilora, etc. Great stable!
comparing Leo Santa Cruz to Mikey Garcia would be more accurate.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.
A$AP Yams posted this on Tumblr a while back then deleted. Please read
this day 2013 - Mikey Garcia scored an 8 rd technical decision over Orlando Salido to win a World Featherweight title.
Breaking: A league source tells me the NFL is investigating the possibility the Patriots deflated footballs Sunday night. Mor…
met you in NYC after the Mikey Garcia vs Orlando Salido fight back in 2013. cool cat.
For all those who hate on Ashton and Calum and say Mikey is ugly and Luke is fat:. R u nemo?. Cause you should get lost . *sh…
Same man that quit on the Steelers this season
1:19 left with all 3 timeouts. Time to see what Aaron Rodgers is made of
This game is like a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial
Wilson is one turnover away from completing the rarely-seen Full Delhomme.
Source: Max Scherzer is close to signing a seven-year deal. Between and one other club. First reported:
Last Rican champ was that self admitting *** Roman Martinez who got knocked out by Mikey Garcia
What's the real problem with Seattle's off right now: GB has single-covered their receivers. Guess they needed Golden Ta…
Russell Wilson really isn't that good
An upcoming prospect, big hype, on verge of big fights.Carl Frampton. A better example would be Mikey Garcia Jr Lightweight
And Russell Wilson is elite right lmao
Unreal: The defending champs are playing so shockingly poorly at home they're now in danger of getting blown out.
"The Dallas Cowboys should be playing in Seattle right now. That was A CATCH. You're still crying
Championship Sunday is a big day for the 12s!
I should be there for the UFC fight
Colts & Andrew Luck discussing deal that would make Luck highest-paid player in NFL history. (via » http:/…
. Maybe Mikey Garcia will fight again sometime soon.
The Mexican Russian Evgeny Gradovich with Mikey Garcia at Port Hueneme for solo…
Crawford nd rigendeoux are ggg and kovalev levs I have a funny feeling mikey garcia is gna dip so I ain't backing him fully
I can't wait for Mikey Garcia to come back.
This is almost as boring as a Mikey Garcia fight.
Miguel "Mikey" Garcia and Evgeny Gradovich are here ringside in Port Hueneme. Both taking pics with fight fans.
Amir Imam, Terrance Crawford, or Mikey Garcia Best at 140 at the end of the year?
I asked team Crawford what they felt about Mikey Garcia calling out Terrence. they said Mikey can get that work too.
yeah true . Maybe Crawford or Mikey Garcia both are moving too 140 ?
FIFA was fun until I played Super Mario Strikers...that's my kind of fútbol
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