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Mike Wallace

Myron Leon Mike Wallace (May 9, 1918 – April 7, 2012) was an American journalist, game show host, actor and media personality.

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Mike Wallace is still the top dawg of sveltes. 4.28 at 199 lbs. w/a 40" vert., silly speed score.
Mike Wallace had crazy explosive 10-9 broad and 40 vert at 199 lbs! Also had a 10 yard split of 1.43 (wow)
Paul is basically the height of Mike Wallace but the weight of Desean Jackson...all three were 4.33 to 4.35 speed
It sure helped Mike Wallace when he played for us on the same field..speed is speed
Mike Wallace. Brian Hartline. Brandon Gibson. Richard Mathews. Jarvis Landry. Which WR will make the catch over the middle?
Miami is looking to trade Mike Wallace for the right price I heard.
great idea: send all of the rest of our draft picks to Miami for mike Wallace, hey now we can win games again!
“I determined that if I was to carve out a piece of reportorial territory for myself it would be [doing] the hard interview, irreverent if necessary, the façade-piercing interview.” Mike Wallace
An Dri Archer runs a 4.29 in the 40yd. Who is mike wallace again?
this guy, whoever he is, in this angle reminds me of Mike Wallace (RIP)..
I think Mike Wallace must return to be Mike Wallace of Steelers. They gave him way too much money to be a bust.
Only one that may be on the market that I can think of is Mike Wallace
with Donte Moncrief off the board, who am I supposed to fantasy draft as the next mike wallace?
oh wow. So he would be kind of like Mike Wallace.
Reggie Wayne at the and Hakeem Nicks at the 2; T.Y. Hilton at the slot with Rogers and Brazill both very nice young backups, Griff Whalen a floating option for 6 deep, and question marks all over the secondary, led by Laron Landry who's well past his prime, in a draft deep with defensive talent, solid db's available, the Colts draft the 3rd or 4th best WR in ole miss history; behind notable "stars" like Chris Collins and Mike Wallace and Shay Hodge... Really indy? At least one of those 3 made in the nfl, so maybe a 33% chance Donte will be a success, 100% chance he wasn't what the team needed, 99% chance he wasn't worth a 3rd Rd. Pick. Smdh. I sure hope there is a trade deal in the makings...
he can fly he exactly what the steelers want mike Wallace 2.0 I remember he flew past Shazier from a stand still
Dri Archer IS A STEELER! Mark my word, he will be better than Mike Wallace! Get me a number 1 jersey!
Rainey isn't as special as Dri. I think Pitt is going turn him into a slot WR. He's gonna be the replacement for Mike Wallace.
So the Steelers got a 3rd round pick for Mike Wallace leaving. We drafted Dri Archer the fastest guy in the draft with the pick. Finally, something to be happy about!
The WR the Steelers just drafted is 5'8 & ran a 4.15 40 yard dash at the combine.hopefully he'll make Mike Wallace look slow.
So, got that pick for Mike Wallace, drafted a guy faster than Wallace.
Dri Archer the new mike Wallace for Pitt ?
Poetic justice that the pick the Steelers get for losing Mike Wallace is used on the fastest receiver in the draft.
take Dri Archer - little speedster out of Kent State with their compensatory pick from Mike Wallace
No WR picked by the Browns.Mike Wallace trade?
No WR picked by the Brown...Mike Wallace trade?
Moncrief and Mike Wallace both WRs out of OM taken in the 3rd round and 90th overall. Exact same pick just diff teams
NOOO! Moncrief was supposed to go to the freaking steelers in the 2nd round!! *** you Steelers, why wouldn't you take him? He's basically Mike Wallace Jr. but bigger and just as fast and you desperately need wide recievers. Preferably a slot reciever. After the first round he was one of the top 10 highest rated players left. After the second round he was the highest rated player left and then he doesn't go until the end of the third almost! I hate the draft
John Brown from Pittsburg St. has a chance to be a real sleeper. Reminds me a bit of Mike Wallace
I would gladly take another WR with Mike Wallace's production to be honest
rofl. You can become a fan if you would like. You won't get Mike Wallace money to make the move, though.
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anyone over Bryant. I don't want another Mike Wallace.
Just looked who we draft. I like that receiver Jarvis Landry out of Lsu! Nice! Mike Wallace Jarvis Landry Brian hart line Brandon Gibson
Not worried about a receiver. Mike Wallace in the 3rd, Antonio Brown in the 6th Emanuel Sanders late. One position we can surely evaluate
Last time the steelers drafted a 3rd round wr from Ole Miss it turned out to be mike wallace. If Moncrief is still there we have to take him
...losing wide receiver Mike Wallace to the Miami Dolphins via free agency."
Congrats to Jarvis Landry, going to the Dolphins. He'll be a teammate with New Orleanian Mike Wallace.
Steelers gonna draft Martavis Bryant or Donte Moncrief just watch. Gonna be like Mike Wallace in terms of steal value.
we need to get rid of Mike Wallace idc idc idc
Jarvis Landry and Mike Wallace bout tone cutting up I'm playing with the dolphins on louisiana stand up
Stevie played for Buffalo? Lol and the Dolphins have Mike Wallace and Brent Hartline so Jarvis will probably play the slot.
I love the fit of & Mike Wallace in Miami. Perfect compliment to each other. Just like drew i…
Wow to the dolphins with mike Wallace
Mike Wallace you a Master of making my head spin with breaks!
On this day in 1869, A "Golden Spike" was driven into the railroad tracks at Promontory Summt, Utah, connecting the tracks of the Union Pacific and Cenral Pacific railroads, creating the first Transcontinental railroad. On this day in 1886, The syrup for Coca Cola is invented by Atlanta Pharmacist John Styth Permerton. On this day in 1899, The lawnmower is patented. On this day in 1926, Americans Richard Boyd and Floyd Bennett become the first to fly over the North Pole. National Holidays Lost Sock Memorial Day Military Spouses Day the Friday before Mother's Day Famous Birthday May 9, 1800- John Brown, abolitionist, led attack on Harpers Ferry May 9, 1860- Sir James M. Barrie, novelist, children's author May 9, 1914- Hank Snow, country singer May 9, 1918- Mike Wallace, TV journalist May 9, 1936- Albert Finney, actor May 9, 1946- Candice Bergen, actress (Beverly Hills, CA) May 9, 1949- Billy Joel, singer, songwriter
Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson, Rishard Matthews...hopefully we can keep all four of them and resign Dustin Keller to go along with Charles Clay. On top of that Knowshown Moreno to compliment Lamar Miller. Whew, and we just picked up mini beat Jarvis Landry from LSU. Offense looks stacked on paper, variable being OLine and QB play. Picked up alot of bodies for the line in free agency and the James kid from Tennessee. It's on Tannehill, handing you the keys to the car. 3rd year in the league. It's on you buddy.
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In memory of James Barrie, Howard Carter, and Mike Wallace. Past May 9s: 1671: Captain Thomas Blood attempts to steal the crown jewels dressed as a clergyman. (Though caught and sentenced to die, he convinces Charles II that his death would spark revolution and he is granted a pardon.) 1914: President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaims the first Mother’s Day as a national holiday to be held on the second Sunday of May. 1933: Nelson Rockefeller pays Diego Rivera the balance owed for mural at Rockefeller Center and orders work to cease. Shortly afterwards, the mural is boarded up. (The fight began when Rivera included Lenin in the work.) 1960: FDA approves first oral contraceptive pill in the U.S. 1995: The CDC in Atlanta identifies a new strain of filovirus in blood samples taken from 14 disease victims in Kikwit, Zaire. Designated “Ebola,” this new pathogen proves to be so tremendously virulent that the government of Zaire is forced to place the entire city of Kinshasa under quarantine in order to ...
Now Tannehill is going to have Mike Wallace on one side, Brian Hartline on the other, and now Jarvis Landry out of LSU in the middle? This should be interesting.
Jarvis Landry and mike wallace Great Combo let get it
Missing my moma like crazy ,and like my brother from another mother Mike Wallace said please excuse me if I'm not over excited about Mothers Day and don't take it personal.
So is it mean to tell the new guy who cut himself that since you dont have any superglue to close the little cut use PVC glue. What do you think Mike Wallace
I have never savored life with such gusto as I do now.-Candice Bergen (Born 1946) American actress. Life is a long lesson in humility.-James M. Barrie (1860-1937) English playwright. Hatred is a feeling which leads to the extinction of values.-Jose Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) Spanish philosopher. It soon became obvious that we were but on the threshold of the discovery-Howard Carter (1874-1939) English archaeologist/Egyptologist, discovered tomb of King Tut. If there is anything that is important to a reporter, it is integrity. It is credibility.-Mike Wallace (1918-2012) American TV journalist, (60 Minutes) All born this date, May 9..
Cosmic Corner Recap! With Numerology By Kelly today we talked about May 9th Birthdays, Billy Joel, Candace Bergen, Mike Wallace, and (Jonna's opinon)"Girly Man" John Corbett. Kelly thinks John Corbett is hot. Now, as we took callers, we did "Hot or Not"... Eventually we had a caller from Lexington KY, bringing up the subject that Jonna is an expert on, William Shatner... He lives near Lexington. Jonna says, Shatner is "HOT/OLD MAN HOT". Kelly wanted to throw up. Again, playing Hot or Not with callers. Shatner won! Of course. Jonna brought up "Long Boobs For Long Beards" her desire to raise money for breast cancer by flashing the Amish men in Amish communities. Kelly was opposed to the idea. So, HOT OR NOT? Team Shatner or Team Corbett? Would you flash the Amish with Jonna for her 50th Birthday? Long Boobs for Long Beards, Girls Night Out?
Mike Wallace might drop some passes but at least he isn't a moron like most of these pre Madonna drug failing losers! Fins up who's joining the dolphins tonight!!!
On This Day: May 9 By The Associated Press 1994 South Africa's newly elected parliament chose Nelson Mandela to be the country's first black president. 1974 The House Judiciary Committee opened hearings on whether to recommend the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. 1502 Christopher Columbus left Cadiz, Spain, on his fourth and final trip to the Western Hemisphere. 1874 Howard Carter, the British archaeologist who discovered the Egyptian tomb of King Tutankhamen, was born. 1918 "60 Minutes" newsman Mike Wallace was born Myron Wallace in Brookline, Mass. 1926 Americans Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett made what they claimed was the first airplane flight over the North Pole. (Evidence suggests they may have missed their target by 150 miles.) 1936 Italy annexed Ethiopia. 1961 Federal Communications Commission chairman Newton N. Minow condemned TV programming as a "vast wasteland" in a speech to the National Association of Broadcasters. 1974 A concert in Cambridge, Mass., prompted rock critic Jon Landau ...
At the age of 87, Mike Wallace is a legendary figure in broadcast journalism. Now, after 60 years of reporting on important events around the world, he shares his personal stories about the incredible range of celebrities, newsmakers, criminals, and world leaders who have subjected themselves to his…
Is today your birthday? If it is, you share it with singer Billy Joel! Today is also the birthday of Mike Wallace, 60 Minutes investigative reporter for over 35 years. Candice Bergen, who played TV's Murphy BRown and Brittish actor Albert Finney are also celebrating today. Happy birthday!
Breaking News: We have booked world renowned Mentalist Marc Salem to perform at our Scholarship auction on June 1. Marc Salem has sold out on Broadway, amazed Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes", and is considered one of the greatest entertainers today. Our auction site goes live next week, in the meantime reserve your seats today as there is limited space available. Click the link to reserve and watch an amazing clip of Salem.
CBS News legend Mike Wallace passed away Saturday night at the age of 93. Take a look back at some of his most memorable interviews, including the very first episode of 60 Minutes.
Well i am really stuck so not sure what to do now :( , but on the other hand I have the most amazing kids and partner been a long time coming for us Mike Wallace truly has made out family complete being the best dad ever to my 3 kids and the best partner to me love them all so much x
May 9, 1860 L Ron Hubbard publishes dianetics. Scientology. Speaking your pain and sins to an "auditor" will make 'em go away. The only Auditor that can do that is Jesus of Nazareth. May 9, 1671 Capt Blood attempts to steal the crown jewels. He was caught. King Charles was so impressed he give hibm his land and stuff back thwy had took from hmand Blood was a hero. Crime don't pay. Unless the King is impressed. May 9, 1887 Wild Bill's Wild West show opens. It was, how you say.wild. May 9, 1964 Louie Armstrong finally knocks the Beatles of the nr 1 slot(after a record 3.5 months) with "Hello Dolly". Bornt May 9th Minamoto no Yoritomo(1147 some Shogun guy) John Brown (1800 famous Abolitionist) Howard Carter(1873 Archeologist found King Tutankhamuus: [King Tut] How'd you git so funky? [King Tut] Did ya do the Monkey? Born in Arizona Moved to Babylonia[King Tut]) But I digress. Mike Wallace(1918) And Billy Joel(1947 the piano man) Bornt nekked. Go forth and multiply. Oh wait. You already did. Well ...
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Man once again my Dolphins fumbled the ball with their first pick. They really think Mike Wallace is the answer at receiver. Disappointed! Kelvin Benjamin would have been a great pick the next Randy Moss.
Happy birthday to: Hank Snow 1914. 1918 Mike Wallace. 1946 Candace Bergen. 1949 Billy Joel. 1899 the lawnmower was patented. Finally...what animal should you never play cards with? A cheetah. Groan. Have a wonderful weekend!!
KUDOS to our City Street crew! Thanks for keeping our streets safe. (Let the meltdown begin - 'meltdown' in a good way.) In 1926, Americans Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett became the first men to fly an airplane over the North Pole. In 1958, Richard Burton made his network television debut in the presentation of "Wuthering Heights" on CBS-TV. Birthday: Mike Wallace, b. 1918 - Broadcast journalist ("60 Minutes") Have a great weekend!
Hope rebels reciever Donte Mongreif goes to good team they were calling him next mike Wallace!
Happy Birthday, MIKE WALLACE: “My parents came from Russia and suddenly they wound up in Brookline, Massachusetts and they felt the sun rose and set on Franklin Delano Roosevelt's backside, because he meant so much to them. This was freedom. This was something totally different from the Russia they had left.” “When I came to CBS it was the mother church. Everybody wanted to go to work for CBS News.” “In September of 1968, '60 Minutes' made its debut and I began the best, the most fulfilling job a reporter could imagine.” “I always had such excellent producers and assistants, I could show up to interview a world leader or a criminal and they would have things so well prepared anyone could have done it.” “Even a liberal reporter is a patriot, wants the best for this country. Your fair and balanced friends at Fox don't fully understand that.”
Dobson's Improbable History for May 9 — Byrd and Bennett claim to fly over the North Pole, the Royal Navy (played by the US Navy in the movie version) capture U-110 and an Enigma machine, FDA approves the first oral contraceptive pill, Newton Minow calls TV a "vast wasteland," and the House opens impeachment proceedings against Nixon. It's the birthday of John Brown, J. M. Barrie, Hank Snow, Mike Wallace, Daniel Berrigan, Pancho Gonzales, Albert Finney, Glenda Jackson, Tommy Roe, Candice Bergen, Billy Joel, Tony Gwynn, Ghostface Killah, and Rosario Dawson. C. W. Post, Ezio Pinza, Walter Reuther, Tenzing Norgay, Chuck Daly, and Vidal Sassoon died. Happy Lemuria and have a great Schuman Day, everybody!
Good Friday morning .. weekend time. A nice, warm one out there, but their air is getting "juiced" (muggy) and that means storms on on their way. Let's see what happened May 9th ... 1754, the first cartoon appeared in print, with "Join Free or Die" .. 1868, the city of Reno was established .. 1914, "Mother's Day" became an official holiday .. 1937, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy made their radio debut .. 1950, L. Ron Hubbard published "Dianetics" .. 1962, the Beatles signed their first recording contract, with EMI/Parlophone .. 1964, "Hello Dolly" by Louis Armstrong knocked the Beatles out of the spot in Billboard .. 1968, the FDA approved "the Pill" .. 1992, the last "Golden Girls" episode aired .. and in 1994, Nelson Mandela was chosen President of South Africa. Born May 9th were Hank Snow in '14 .. Mike Wallace in '18 .. bassist Nokie Edwards of the Ventures in '35 .. Sonny Curtis of the Crickets, and Dave Prater of Sam & Dave in '37 .. drummer Pete Birrell of Freddy & the Dreamers in '41 .. Tom ...
Friday is here... Mother's Day is near! Weekends are made for Wayne's. The picnic tables are all set up... just in time for the REAL spring weather. Quote of the Day 05/09: "If at first you don't succeed, blame your parents"... Marcelene Cox On this day in History: 1984 - Chicago White Sox beat Milwaukee Brewers, 7-6, IN 25 INNINGS (game started on 05/08) Today's Birthdays: (A VERY musical day) 1918 - Mike Wallace, Newscaster (60 Minutes) 1941 - Pete Birrell, Bassist (Freddie & The Dreamers) 1942 - Tommy Roe, Singer/Songwriter (Sheila/Dizzy) 1944 - Richard Furay, Vocalist (Buffalo Springfield, Poco) 1945 - Steve Katz, Guitarist/Vocalist (Blood, Sweat & Tears) 1949 - Billy Joel, Musician 1950 - Tom Petersson, Bassist (Cheap Trick)
Good Morning! Today is Friday May 9, 2014. There are 236 days remaining in the year! In 1800, American activist John Brown was born. In 1914, singer Hank Snow was born. In 1918, Orville Freeman, governor of Minnesota was born. In 1918, newsman Mike Wallace was born. In 1942, John Ashcroft, Attorney General was born. In 1972, Edwin W. Edwards was sworn in as Governor of Louisiana for the first term, successor to John McKeithen. Edwards received his oath in both French and English. In 1974, House Judiciary Hearings began on the impeachment of Richard M. Nixon. In 2003, Former La. Senator Russell B. Long died. Remember: Two days until Mother's Day!
Happy May 9th birthday wishes go out to: Albert Finney, James L. Brooks, Candice Bergen, John Corbett, Rosario Dawson, Chris Diamantopoulos, Billy Joel, Gary Daniels and to the late Kevin Peter Hall (PREDATOR; Misfits of Science) and Mike Wallace. 837 Names listed; out of the top 100.
CHILE Don't get caught short ! Many sites indicate no visa is necessary to enter Chile. But if $117 US por favor at the pre-immigration counter is not a visa well.Mike Wallace
Following the death of journalist and reporter Mike Wallace, an interview he conducted with Planned Parenthood founder and eugenicist Margaret Sanger made the r
BD Quotes 5/9 If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time. Billy Joel I never was the story. The story was the story. Period. Mike Wallace
Yesss we got the equivalent of a Mike wallace 4.33 speed what what high scoring all day!
Larry Chang I just remembered we signed mike wallace. What are we gonna do with four great wrs? Ej has no excuses now
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BREAKING NEWS- tannehill traded along with coach philben and mike Wallace to the colts for Andrew luck
Interesting story to be sure. Wasnt Logan sexually assaulted in Cairo during a riot? CBS tossed Mike Wallace for Bush enlist
Roddy white, Antonio Brown, Randall Cobb, Torrey smith, Mike Wallace all shorter than Watkins
The NBC Tour & Best Seat At CBS...The Desk Of William S. Paley Yesterday I finally saw ALL of to bottom. It was an incredible six hour stroll through history that ended at The Paley Center For Media which is where the photos below were taken. This is the desk of CBS founder William S. Paley; a leather topped card table with numbers that marked the place of each player. Paley sat at the position (seen below left), Frank Stanton sat at the position. It's likely that Fred Friendly of CBS News spent a lot of time at the position. Who else sat at this table? You name them...Jackie Gleason was probably lured from Dumont at this table. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Edward R. Murrow, Don Hewitt, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Douglas Edwards, Mike Wallace, Red Skelton, Ed Sullivan and most of the names that are synonymous with CBS have probably sat here at one time or another. This is the true "catbird seat". We were able to end our day here because television history's true protector and conservator was w ...
Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald mentions that “several” players on the Dolphins have wondered why the team has shown so much interest in some of the top receivers in this year’s NFL draft. According to Jackson, the’ players’ “suspicion is that the Dolphins want to replace Mike Wallace in a year or so.” Jackson adds that “several” players believe the coaching staff “aren’t big fans of Wallace.“ Miami has already used some of their 30 pre-draft visits on a few of the top receivers in this year’s draft class. Odell Beckham (LSU), Marqise Lee (USC), Donte Moncrief (Ole Miss), Brandin Cooks (Oregon State), Martavis Bryant (Clemson) and Kelvin Benjamin (Florida State) are some of the receivers who have met with the Dolphins up to this point. It’s worth mentioning that Dolphins new GM Dennis Hickey didn’t sign Wallace to his five-year, $60 million contract, and could be open to parting ways with him in 2015 when they would receive a positive cap impact. Wallace will make $15 milli ...
Mike Wallace of Brown Flynn speaking May 1st on Sustainability
Keenan Allen, Mike Wallace, and Eric Decker will all be stranded on Revis Island during the fantasy playoffs (Weeks 14-16).
Dolphins WR Mike Wallace excited for new, big-play offense - Bill Lazor has replaced Mike Sherman as the Dolphins'...
Mike Wallace said Tannehill has texted him eight or nine times because he's excited about Bill Lazor's offense.
the former General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, television journalist Mike Wallace, John F. Kennedy, Jr.,
Morgan Freeman, during an interview with Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes", surprised the interviewer with his negative opinion on Black History Month. The 76-year-old actor has shown his distaste for racially motivated conversations many times over the years.
I am sitting here thinking of old friends and the life I used to have. Of new friends and this new life and where it will lead. I am not sure where it will lead or how it will end. I can obly dream that parts of the old lufe can merge with this new one. New friends like Ralph Edwards Sr., Ralph Edwards, Amber Marie Dollar, Charity Orr, Frances Haynes, Charlotte Rhodes, Bill Lassiter, Chris Stone, Jeremy Horn, Crystal Schutz, Jeremy Goober, Christopher Wallace, Mike Wallace, the Endzone bartenders Samantha and Shaky, and others. So many I cant name them all. Family members Lee McEntire along with Misty Michelle with my grandbabies, Shane McEntire along with Ashley Coleman with my grandbabies, Becky Skinner along with Bo and of course Steve. So many here to I cant mention.
Here are some nominations for the Bigots Hall of Fame, brought to you by I Hate the Media: “You’d find these potentates from down in Africa, you know, rather than eating each other, they’d just come up and get a good square meal in Geneva.” – Senator Fritz Hollings Blacks and Hispanics are “too busy eating watermelons and tacos” to learn how to read and write.” – Mike Wallace “In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and [there] were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master … exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. Colin Powell’s committed to come into the house of the master. When Colin Powell dares to suggest something other than what the master wants to hear, he will be turned back out to pasture.” – Harry Belafonte “A handkerchief-head, chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom.” – Spike Lee referring to Clarence Thomas “Rather I should die a thousand ...
Henry Kissinger, associate director of the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, talked to Mike Wallace about the United States' foreign and military policies, the concept of limited war, how to prevent a nuclear war, the Soviet Union, Algeria, the Middle East, and Republicans, inc...
My hats off to the Portland 12. *** Proud of you.more than I can say. PRESS RELEASE DISCIPLINE OF UNION MEMBERS FOR HOLDING A PHONE BANK VIOLATED THEIR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH Union activists Pete Savage, Mike Wallace, and Cliff Puckett won a major victory in federal court on Tuesday, April 1st. Judge Marco Hernandez of the U.S. District Court of Oregon ruled that the Pacific NW Regional Council of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters violated their right to free speech in a union election when it disciplined them for holding a phone bank in November 2011. The discipline included removal from elected office, suspension of membership privileges for six years, and a fine of $1,000 each. The ruling means that none of these penalties can stand. The Judge went on to rule that there is still an open question as to whether Doug Tweedy, EST/CEO of the Regional Council, orchestrated the discipline specifically to stifle opposition in an upcoming election. The Judge wrote, “Based on the record, including Tweedy’s ...
I can see that. I have a roster with Crabtree, Harvin, Fitzgerald, Colston, Mike Wallace and Stevie Johnson. Can't move him
This just (pardon the pun,) *** My man, Tony Stewart is on the starting grid, front row..and it is raining in TX.. I put on a roast all ready to watch NASCAR and it's raining down there! Drives a person to fix a Crown Royal, and watch Mike Wallace try to entertain!
NASCAR is littered with great names and great characters such as Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson but most of them are American and it appears that you don’t have to be a youngster in peak physical condition to drive these brutes. Mark Martin and Mike Wallace are 54 years old and Morgan Shepherd 71. Scott Speed failed in F1 and Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve both retired from F1 many years ago. It goes to prove that any F1 driver could make a career in NASCAR but the reverse is highly unlikely.
Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline are the only receivers on the roster that can make an impact. Team must find a good one via draft
PITTSBURGH -- The signing of Darrius Heyward-Bey, once the fastest wide receiver in a draft class that included Mike Wallace, does not make the position any less of a priority for the Steelers in this year’s draft. Heyward-Bey The Steelers will still take a wide receiver with one of their first three picks as the addition of Heyward-Bey should be taken as what it is at face value: a flier on a player who should provide depth at wide receiver in 2014 but is probably not part of the team’s long-term plans. Maybe Heyward-Bey will prove to be otherwise. Maybe his blend of size and speed will prove to be more than the fool’s gold the Raiders concluded it was when they cut the seventh overall pick of the 2009 draft after just four seasons. But five years into a career in which he has only once come close to a 1,000-yard season, it is not realistic to think that Heyward-Bey will suddenly put everything together for the Steelers, who are now his third team by the age of 27. And that’s fine considering the ...
So according to Barry Jackson, Tannehill has been throwing to WRs for 2 weeks but Mike Wallace is out of town.
Report: Dolphins not interested in trading WR Mike Wallace: Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald...
The Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have "vehemently denied" that Mike Wallace is on the trading block.
He does. So does Brandon Marshall, Mike Wallace, Dez Bryant. They don't get cut.
NFL trade rumors suggest a Mike Wallace trade by the Miami Dolphins to the Philadelphia Eagles could take place. NFL trade rumors about Mike Wallace are nothing new, but it seems that the Dolphins really are pushing hard to deal him before the 2014 draft takes place. According to a report from CBS Sports on Wednesday (March 26), a problem with any deal has been the "hefty" contract that he has. The Dolphins definitely paid him a lot to come over from the Pittsburgh Steelers, but now action is being taken to end that relationship
Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, AJ Green, Julio, Mike Wallace etc, I can name more if I think about it.
[Sports Illustrated: Audibles] - Conflicting reports arise on whether Mike Wallace is on trade ma..
Breaking News: Gardens Miami Dolphins deny Mike Wallace is on trade block
Mike Wallace to the Saints for Jimmy Graham...(Love playing fake GM)
how about Mike Wallace and Philip Wheeler to the jags for Justin Blackmon and a 2nd round pick then we take Mosely in the 1r
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I'm sure the Dolphins would love to trade Mike Wallace. Just as I'm sure teams would love to sign Jimmy Graham.
"Dolphins are reportedly attempting to trade WR Mike Wallace"
Ryan Reed now into 2nd round in P18, kicks Mike Wallace out. Jeffrey Earnhardt on the bubble
Ryan Reed out of top-24, in is Matt DiBenedetto, Mike Wallace, J.J. Yeley, Josh Wise
Morgan Freeman is a wise man. And yes it's true I looked it up. WALLACE: Black History Month, you find ... FREEMAN: Ridiculous. WALLACE: Why? FREEMAN: You're going to relegate my history to a month? WALLACE: Come on. FREEMAN: What do you do with yours? Which month is White History Month? Come on, tell me. WALLACE: I'm Jewish. FREEMAN: OK. Which month is Jewish History Month? WALLACE: There isn't one. FREEMAN: Why not? Do you want one? WALLACE: No, no. FREEMAN: I don't either. I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history. WALLACE: How are we going to get rid of racism until ...? FREEMAN: Stop talking about it. I'm going to stop calling you a white man. And I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You're not going to say, "I know this white guy named Mike Wallace." Hear what I'm saying?
It was a chilling crime that stunned the nation: Jeffrey MacDonald, a Green Beret doctor, convicted of murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters in 1970. Mike Wallace interviews MacDonald in prison, along with Joe McGinnis, the author of a new book on the case.
Sure would like to see Steve Smith along side Mike Wallace...With Hartline as third Rec.
FIRST we got rid if Mike Wallace now Emmanuel Sanders ?
In the last 2 years Roethlisberger will have lost Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders & likely Jericho Cotchery. *** they never help him.
Half of Mike Wallace's touchdowns have been 38+ yarders -- but 4 players had half their rec TDs came from 40+ yards
Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown and Wes Saunders? You telling me this didn't turn out to be a long term receiving corp?
Well he doesn't have Hines Ward & Mike Wallace in front of him. So allowed numbers to improve.
yessir. Then the next break I got a Mike Wallace jersey relic and Aaron Dobson auto
all receivers do. i.e. Mike Wallace. I dunno I just like bigger wideouts
Dream Lover by Patrick o’Neill The clock radio was playing a gentle tune, and I woke up to another day of infinite wonder and promise. “Morning, sweetie,” I said, my head still snuggled in my pillow. “Who’s Angela?” my wife asked me in the tone Mike Wallace uses when cameras are chasing some poor jerk down a sidewalk in Newark, New Jersey. Thousands of years of evolving and adapting have given married men a kind of sixth sense that tells them when to be absolutely truthful, answering all questions fully and without reservation. “I don’t know any Angela,” I said. “Oh, I know you don’t,” Kathleen said, sitting up and slamming her hand on the alarm button. “This is so ridiculous. It’s just that I had this dream last night, and in it you left me and the kids and ran off with some Angela woman. I’ve been awake for three hours getting madder and madder.” “Silly girl,” I said, snuggling deeper into the blankets. “I promise I didn’t run off with anybody. Not last night or a ...
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with Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace, and now Albert, please come to Miami. is open.
don't forget about Mike Wallace, possibly Emanuel Sanders (visiting right now) and Doug Martin coming back.
Revis will face the following receivers this up coming season: Megatron,A.J Green,Brandon Marshal/Alshon Jeffrey,Mike Wallace,Erick Decker
this years Mike Wallace for fantasy...
Philly once spent big in free agency, the "Dream Team" acquired star DT Cullen Jenkins, premier pass rusher Jason Babin, shut down corner DRC and the best shut down corner of the decade in Nnamdi Asomugha, they did not improve. Miami spent big last year, acquiring elite deep threat Mike Wallace, shutdown corner Brent Grimes, a solid pass catching TE in Dustin Keller and Super Bowl champion MLB Dannell Ellerbee. They improved by 1 game. With Peyton Manning having at most 2 good seasons left in him, I see why Elway did what he just did, signing injury prone stars with character and worth ethic issues (Ware and Talib) and a thumping yet not so great of a cover safety in TJ Ward, but history has shown us that you just jinxed Denver. They will not improve (which would be 14 wins), they will not win the Super Bowl and I will put money on that.
Serious question right now. Jacoby Jones or Mike Wallace?
I'll say "D. Other" ... ill take the just to be different. They re-signed Pro Bowl CB Brent Grimes. Added arguably the best OL on the market, Branden Albert, and signed a very talented and underrated safety, Louis Delmas. Delmas could be huge this coming season. They also added another good OL whos name I cant remember. If they can talk a team into trading for Mike Wallace or Dion Jordan, they will be set up nicely to have a really good draft as well. As for the three teams mentioned by NFL Network, no doubt in my mind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made out the best with all things considered. Theyve made two great signings of high impact players with little to no risk and left themselves enough cap room to make a big impact in the draft. I also agree with the decision to dump Revis, that helps them a lot immediately and in the long run.
Vincent Jackson, Mario Williams, Greg Jennings, Mike Wallace, just to name a few.
By "no Mike Wallace" do you mean no guy who's gonna get overpaid by like $9M per?
Mike Bliss, Ryan Sieg, Landon Cassill and Mike Wallace all with top-20 runs.
Obama should watch this 1958 Mike Wallace interview w/ Henry Kissinger in light of Putin sending troops into Ukraine.
They should've shown that Busch race where Jason Leffler walled Dale Jr and Michael Waltrip at the end and Mike Wallace won
Feb202014Three small attainable goals for the Miami Dolphins this off seasonBy Seth FisherFebruary 20, 2014 10:50 am EST 1 views no comments Last off-season, Stephen Ross opened up his cheque book and, with the help of Jeff Ireland, paid out a lot of money for high priced free agents. Mike Wallace,…
In 1957 Mickey Cohen shocked the nation when he appeared on the Mike Wallace show to revamp his image. In his live interview he speaks about killing men who ...
Harrison Rhodes in the No. 24 car, Mike Wallace in the No. 28 car, Danica Patrick No. 30 car, Ryan Sieg in his family-owned No. 39
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Most of us think of chess as a thoughtful, contemplative game, but here at 60 Minutes, we've learned that among grandmasters, chess is a blood sport. On 60 Minutes, the world's number one chess player, Norway's Magnus Carlsen, tells Bob Simon that winning a chess match is more than just defeating your opponent; it's destroying him. "I enjoy it when I see my opponent...really suffering," Carlsen said with a wicked grin. "If I lose just one game...I just really want to get revenge." It's not the first time we've heard this kind of talk. In 1972, Mike Wallace profiled the infamous Bobby Fischer, who was then only 29 years old and training for his famous Cold War showdown against Russia's Boris Spassky. Here's an excerpt from that profile: WALLACE: Winning for winning's sake is important, but do you like to beat another man? FISCHER: Yes, I like to beat another man. WALLACE: You smile about it. Do you like to crush another man's ego? FISCHER: Uh-huh, so when they go home that night, they can't kid themselves ...
look at the contracts over the past couple years. Garçon, Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings etc.
Syndicated columnist Drew Pearson talked to Mike Wallace on the sixteenth anniversary of Pearl Harbor about Sputnik, the space race, and the danger of a third world war. Other topics included President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, and the public relations campaign being run for Senator John Ken...
"General, Mike Wallace is here to talk to you about the F-35." According to Foreign Policy magazine's daily e-mail update, 60 Minutes will be investigating my favorite Pentagon procurement project on Sunday. I know I'll certainly be watching. Peeking: 60 Minutes this Sunday goes deep on the $400 billion Joint Strike Fighter, the plane that's $163 billion over budget and seven years behind schedule. Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, the man in charge of the JSF for the Pentagon, tells 60 Minutes: "Long gone is the time when we will continue to pay for mistake after mistake after mistake." From the press release, out this morning, on the 60 Minutes piece, done by the longtime duo of CBS' David Martin and producer Mary Walsh: "In the rush to stay ahead of China and Russia, the Pentagon started buying the F-35 before testing it, breaking the traditional 'fly-before-you-buy' rule of weapons acquisition. Now taxpayers are paying the price for mistakes that weren't caught before production began. A Pentagon document obta . ...
Shockingly enough, he actually said it. During a 2005 interview with Mike Wallace for television's 60 Minutes news magazine program, Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman did say he found the concept of Black History Month to be "ridiculous" and maintained the way to get rid of racism was to "stop talking about it." Read more at
I have had more than adequate time the last couple of days to contemplate life and remember my younger days. Youth came rushing back after learrning of Shirley Temple and Sid Ceasar. I remember watching both stars as a child and I even got to meet Shirley Temple when both of us were adults. She was at the 76 Republican Convention in Kansas City and I was lucky to be at that event. Actually I met many celebrities.Cary Grant even kissed me on the cheek and Mike Wallace, Gerald Ford and Walter Cronkite left me wanting to be a better and more informed American. NOt sure I have acheived those lofty political aspirations but I appreciate those early lessons even more today and celebrate those who help to shape our country.
Fifty years ago today: The Beatles play their first concert in the United States at the Washington Coliseum. What is the connection with JFK, you ask? Good question. On December 10, 1963, nineteen days after the assassination, Walter Cronkite decided that a depressed country needed a break from the constant barrage of assassination-related reports, and on his evening news program he ran a feel-good story about a new musical group from England called the Beatles. Fellow CBS journalist Mike Wallace had run a five-minute morning segment on the Beatles’ rising popularity on the day their new album was released (November 22), and it had been scheduled to rerun that evening, before Kennedy’s murder canceled all scheduled items. But Cronkite had seen Wallace’s piece and liked it. Cronkite’s judgment was proven correct, and Americans welcomed the opportunity to focus on a foreign diversion. This was the televised start of the phenomenon called Beatlemania that swept the United States in early 1964. The de ...
I began making the media circuit with anybody who was anybody. Previously, I mentioned names like Harry Smith, Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson, Joan Lunden, Dr. Ron Davis, Ted Koppel, Mike Wallace, and many others. There would be many, many more who were media…
Margaret Sanger, the leader of the birth control movement in America, talked to Mike Wallace about why she became an advocate for birth control.Topics included over-population, the Catholic Church, religion, divorce, and morality.This is a... read more
Paula Thornton, of WAND-TV, our local NBC affiliate, just left my office with her cameraman. Thankfully it wasn't Mike Wallace with the 60 Minutes crew, especially because he's deceased. I did a brief interview discussing eyestrain related to digital device and computer use. Supposed to air today at 4:00 PM and online later, if I didn't break the camera and my James Earl Jones-ish TV voice registered on the microphone.
Birthday girl Vanessa Redgrave holding her own with Mike Wallace. via
SOME NEWS: - Eric McClure will drive the Hefty Ford in the Daytona 500 for Front Row Motorsports. He will NOT race the full Nationwide season, instead he will share it with Jeff Green. Also, Eric McClure will be retiring from racing after this year. - Ryan Blaney will make his Sprint Cup debut with Penske Racing at Kansas in May - Mike Wallace will drive for JGL Racing.
Mitt Romney: Fact is Romney sold out America in the second debate tell the truth Romney NALC and Mike Wallace + a couple thousand vets know!
Is this how it goes down? Mike Wallace, Dexter McCluster, Donte Moncrief , Laquon Treadwell,
Race, riots, & divisions in the civil rights movement: talks with Mike Wallace, 1966:
If you dream of becoming the next ornery Mike Wallace, nitpicky David Carr or overachieving Linda Greenhouse? Now's your chance! District has positions open for a new student life, illustrations, and managing editor, as well as the social media director slot. THESE POSITIONS ARE PAID. Interested in applying? Send your letter of intent and resume to Shannon Craig at editorby January 22 for the opportunity of a lifetime. Or at least your college career.
Mike Wallace ($12M-avg) is the realistic target for young WRs (Green, Dez, Julio, Demaryius).
.. Without updating the FA rankings. Mike Wallace is still in Pitt??
Id trade Mike Wallace for Keenan Allen right now lmao
Mike Wallace would be the leading WR in the NFL this year if Dan was playing
2. THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW WAS NOT THE BEATLES' AMERICAN TV DEBUT - 9 things you don't know about The Beatles…. For that matter, CBS can't really claim bragging rights, NBC can. Yes, it's true: NBC scooped CBS, as The Beatles made their American television debut on NBC's evening news show, The Huntley-Brinkley Report, not The Ed Sullivan Show, nor Walter Cronkite's evening news. Although virtually unknown in America at the time, the band was causing mass hysteria in England and all three U.S. television networks sent camera crews to film their November 16, 1963, concert in Bournemouth. NBC used the footage in a four-minute segment on November 18th, but CBS waited until November 22nd to air the story during its morning newscast with Mike Wallace. The network planned to air the story on its evening newscast as well, but just hours after the Beatles story was broadcast, Walter Cronkite broke the news that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. On December 10th, Cronkite aired the Beatles segment during .. ...
I saw this report and was amazed by its omissions and questionable conclusions, I'm happy to see this rebuttal. Also amazing is how far 60 Minutes has fallen. I think they lost editorial integrity after Mike Wallace and Morley Safer left.
I know. Sad. Mike Wallace & Morley Safer were 2 of my influences.
tell Jamie Dukes that u didn't get $60 million production out of Mike Wallace because his QB can't throw an accurate deep ball
there are your Calvin Johnson's and Larry Fitz's in the league... then there are your Mike Wallace's and Desean Jackson's.. like TO and Ocho
So happy that Mike Wallace didn't get any further than the Steelers, and James Harrison only played one more week. Should have stayed!!
Mike Wallace won the Good Guy award for 2013. "I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing."
REPORT: Ball dropping experts Wes Welker, Mike Wallace, and Davone Bess will be in Times Square tonight to make sure t…
Tannehill’s already better than Flacco. He’ll be fine. Losing Dustin Keller was huge. Chemistry w/ Mike Wallace never happened
So we finished .500 and in 2nd place. Let's list some of the positives going into next year. I actually don't think it takes much to make as a 10-11 win team next year. In no particular order: 1. Consistency - Rex and Marty stick together. 2. Demario Davis and David Harris are a great LB duo 3. Sheldon Richardson and Mo Wilk are going to be beasts. If Coples steps up we are scary good. 4. Dee Milliner looked awful all year but showed tremendous growth against Josh Gordon and Mike Wallace. FA upgrade at Corner may be needed but maybe Cro is a little better after the off season to recover from that hip injury. Kyle Wilson is a little underrated in my opinion. 5. For all the complaining I did about Geno he too showed a lot of progress the last couple of weeks. Kerley and Holmes being back helped a great deal. 6. Ivory and Powell are fine duo, perhaps a late round RB pick is all we need there. 7. TE Winslow is fine by me, but an upgrade here isn't much to ask. 8. WR is clearly the big need. We need b ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
FINal thoughts on 2013: Ryan Tannehill made progress. Needs a big target at WR. Needs a Left and right tackle. Mike Wallace has no fight when the ball is in the air, not his forte. Lamar Miller needs more touches than an average of 10 a game as well does Daniel Thomas for that matter. You can't win with RB's only getting 14 touches. Charles Clay and Dustin Keller would've been nice, we will see in the future. Brent Grimes, Danelle Ellerbee, were nice additions to a solid "D". Wheeler makes too many mistakes. Mike Sherman is old, and the game has passed him. 8-8 is disappointing after a 3-0 start. BULLYGATE is for losers, and Philbin did his best. Let the heads roll where they may, but I had fun this year. GO DOLPHINS!
I'd love to see a 100 meter race with Chris Johnson, Mike Wallace, Jacoby Ford, Chris Rainey, Desean Jackson and DeMarcus Van *** Oooo.
Vintage Geno Smith keeping Miami alive in this game, but without Hartline this offense is nothing but hoping Mike Wallace can actually get up in the air and get the ball, which he hasn't been doing all season.
mike Wallace , Crabtree or James Jones in my flex for the championship standard league ?
I'm in the ship tomorrow! Who do I start as my FLEX...Giants RB, Andre Brown, or Dolphins WR, Mike Wallace?
"Hi can I look like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike?"
I need a win this week to win my league, do I go with Calvin or Mike Wallace? Also Gore or fjax?
Minister Farrakhan blasts Mike Wallace on 60 min via
Lmfao mike Wallace with a 99 yard touchdown. Why am I not surprised
so start Mike Wallace or TY Hilton over him?
"Who takes a girl to Afghanistan?" "That's Andy for you, he took two girls to Mike Wallace's funeral"
Mike Wallace is sharing free White Fence and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
I think it's time n know how much the fans want Stone Wallace on his next tour!
What's better then watching Magic Mike on a Saturday night? nothing. 😍
If Calvin Johnson sits tomorrow I can't decide between Crabtree, Mike Wallace, or Gio for the flex..
It was a foot race between Mike Wallace and some dude from the browns and I got caught and I had full stamina . *** .
[Miami Herald] - Dolphins' Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace aim 'to be great'..
Dolphins' Brian Hartline amd Mike Wallace aim 'to be great': Nobody needs to remind Jets cornerback Antonio Cr...
“Mike Wallace won the Good Guy award? For?”->Not fighting for the ball vs. defensive backs?
So won MVP and made Pro Bowl. How's that Miami contract working out Miami and Mike Wallace?
I just added Mike Wallace to the Madden NFL 25 Auction House! You know you need him.
So who had a crazy time yesterday at the & concert with the rest of my team
Mike Wallace has been targeted on 34 deep passes with only 8 of them deemed "catchable." Caught 6, dropped 2
Be sure to watch 60 Minutes' hard-hitting journalism tomorrow night when muppet Charlie Rose interrogates FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg on whether breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Morley Safer gives us an update on Mike Wallace's condition. And Oprah's best friend Gail replaces Laura Logan on the team of investigative journalists. Let's hope the football game doesn't go into extra innings.
I am willing to go to the Apple Store in Maryland and confront him, Mike Wallace style.
I think you are a little obsessed with and 😂
Driving two hours to see and is so worth it 💕💎
Mike Wallace gain some yards for the Miami Dolphins
"Lets get it tomorrow Can you please not get torched by bum *** Mike Wallace. Thanks
Jordan's *** he was too scared to ask mike Wallace for a picture
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Heads Up - HPSCI Chairman Mike Rogers and with join Chris Wallace on to discuss the NSA h…
Gotta give a huge shout out to mike wallace and patrick bruns and the mwr crew tonight...wallace crashed in practice early today.they hauled all the way from fort wayne indiana to joliet illinois to fix the car for tomorrows show...they are currently on their way back and will make it to fort wayne about 4am to wake up at 8am...this never give up attuide is what racing is all about...sanity be damned
Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace could both eclipse 1,000 yards receiving this season on Sunday with Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie standing in their way.
Breaking news from fort wayne: mike wallace and the mwr crew are bring the damaged car back to the joliet shop...they will try to repair the car and bring it back to fort wayne some time tonight.this team will not give up
Mike Wallace interviews Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, in 1974 and '76.
Paar was somewhat amused and bewildered by what was happening in England, but he thought it was of interest, so he showed it. Before that there was the old and staid CBS News with an idiotic and contempt-filled but informative report by their London correspondent, Alexander Kendrick. Walter Cronkite ran the Kendrick piece on 11/21/63, the day before the JFK murder in Dallas. Mike Wallace ran it on the morning of 11/22/63. To his credit, Cronkite reran the piece on 12/10/63, correctly thinking that events had overshadowed the report and that Americans could use a bit of lighter news.
Wide receiver Mike Wallace accepted The Good Guy Award from the Miami chapter of the Professional Football Writers Association Thursday. The award goes to the player who most consistently cooperated with that chapter’s media members.
Mike Wallace wins the Dolphins Good Guy Award, given by the South Florida media for his cooperation. Others who deserve mention include Brent Grimes, Cameron Wake, Tyson Clabo and Jared Odrick.
DAVIE - Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace was voted the 2013 winner of the Pro Football Writers of America Good Guy Award, which is annually given to the NFL player on each team who best exemplifies professionalism to the media.
Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace , the Miami Dolphins ' starting receivers, could be joining elite company Sunday if the Dolphins lean heavily on their passing game.
RIP Brandon Daniels, Pubi Alexander, and Mike Wallace, and all our lost loved ones, we miss you all.
Happy bday my big son MIKE WALLACE love and miss u heapz:(
Looking forward to some Estelle and Mike Wallace time today. Happy holidays to all our family and friends!!!
Carol Channing fought very public battle with marionette lines. Way more brave than Mike Wallace's crappy clinical depression.
Happy bday 2 my big son MIKE WALLACE 4 tomorrow love and miss u
Wide Receiver Mike Wallace meets with the media to discuss the lack of offensive production during the Dolphins 19-0 loss in Buffalo.
"It'd be a cheap trick to roll Mike Wallace back from grave but of course NSA. wouldn't have let him near the place."
I need to thank Garçon, Alfred, Rashad, Keenan Allen, Witten, Chiefs D, Hauschka, and even Ray Rice and Mike Wallace, but especially PEYTON!
AK: Aaron's State of the Dolphins Address Just when you started to believe that this team had turned a corner. Just when it looked like maybe, just maybe this team wasn't the overrated mess of mediocrity that their stats suggested they were, the Dolphins did what they have done repeatedly over the past 30 years...broke your heart. There is no sequence that more epitomizes the last 3 decades of Dolphins football than what transpired the last two weeks. After getting a huge home win (maybe the franchise's biggest in 5 years) over the division leading Patriots to gain control over their own destiny, the Dolphins followed it up with their worst showing of the season, a 19-0 embarrassment to the 6-9 Buffalo Bills. Aside from the obvious disappointment of getting dominated by an inferior team with the season on the line, this game underscored several of the reasons why the Dolphins are the mediocre team that they are. First, and foremost, this game was decided by one matchup...the Bills' defensive line vs. the ...
The Steelers let Mike Wallace go and signed Antonio Brown to a long term contract. Wallace had the speed and Antonio had the work ethic and determination. Antonio just set a record for most yards in a single season and Wallace is about 500 yards behind with one game remaining. Seems he coaches know something.
Steelers receiver Mike Wallace has become one of the great young wideouts in the NFL. But Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb thinks there’s even a greater receiver. On the same team. “Every time somebody asks me [a question], they’re always talking about Mike Wallace. But they have a guy No. 84 in An...
I hate Mike Wallace more than I hated/still hate Ted Ginn Jr. I hate this team. They all suck. Tannehill is Jay Fiedler. I hate this team.
Foolish me for believing in mike wallace once again!!
Anyone have Greg Jennings or Mike Wallace week 15 fantasy for 360???
All Mike Wallace had to do was reach out and dive for that long ball. He is NOT an elite receiver. Just very fast. The Dolphins have come back down to Earth. Playin like garbage, are they gonna go to the Playoffs just to lay eggs?
Ryan Tannehill is making Mike Wallace useless on my fantasy team. He can't throw the deep ball accurately.
Tannehill seriously pissing me off underthrowing mike wallace on the deep ball as usual
I don't know who's worse Mike Wallace or Miami's offense of line
Tannehill pass is incomplete, intended for Mike Wallace..3rd and 8
Vincent Jackson or Mike Wallace? It's not like it's for a super bowl championship or anything!
Mike Wallace or Keenan Allen at the flex position?
Making some hard fantasy football choices today , hmmm Greg Jennings , Mike Wallace , and Shane Vereen. Need two of the three. thoughts.
Mike Wallace or Andre Caldwell, keeping in mind I'm up against Peyton Manning.
Fantasy championship and $200 on the line...starting Mike Wallace over Torrey Smith at WR, so do I go Smith or Shane Vereen at Flex? Starting AP and Moreno at RB...
Mike Wallace or Andre Caldwell in PPR scoring. I am in the championship game!!
Ok this has playoff implications. Mike Wallace or Golden Tate?
Need help today in my ff championship. Take a flyer on Andre Caldwell or stick with Mike Wallace/ C Patterson?
Fantasy owners should I start mike Wallace or Pierre Thomas as a flex? Playing for championship
in standard scoring Mike Wallace, Edelman, Garçon, and Demarius Thomas pick three
After JFK’s assassination, Clint Hill was a tormented man. Hill was the Secret Service agent who climbed onto the presidential limousine to try to protect the Kennedys. In 1975, Hill told Mike Wallace he felt overwhelming guilt for failing to save the president’s life. Nearly 50 years after the assassination, Hill tells 60 Minutes Overtime that he continues to relive that memory every day: “It’s something that will never go away.” MORE:
finals are here and I need flex help. Mike Wallace who came up big last week, Greg Jennings or Caldwell (Den) standard league
Putting Jordy on the bench for Mike Wallace... Thoughts? It's the championship people.
need your advice...flex ppr - keep in mind, he has Payton- Andre Caldwell, Mike Wallace, or Anquan Boldin? Appreciate it!
Better fantasy play. Jordan todman or Mike Wallace?
championship game ... Who is the best flex play ?? Mike Wallace , Andre Caldwell, or frank gore ???
RotoExperts Pat Mayo (places a Fantasy spin on new Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace and how it impacts both Brian Hartline & Ryan Tannehill.
DUCK DYNASTY: This interview has been blown out of proportion by the *** community and the media especially GLAAD...Yes, what he said was offensive and gross but I'm sure my thoughts about him are equally as offensive. So, we both deserve the same protection for freedom of speech. Now, A&E as his employer, has the right to fire him if he is contractually forbidden to speak such discriminatory words. BUT I'm curious...Where was the outrage from the *** community and media this year when the famous people listed below combined did more damage to the *** community than what a backwards thinking man says in an interview??? Hip-Hop artists Eminem & Tyler the Creator, Actor Damian Lewis,NFL players Mike Wallace,Chris Clemons, Chris Culliver, and TNA wrestler Bully Ray. I hear crickets.
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace (11) walks off the field after the Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots 24-20 in an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec.
Even when Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace was struggling to put up the numbers that warranted an offseason mega-deal, coaches insisted that his presence was opening up the field and making the Dolphins a better team.
Fantasy championship game week!!! Same questions as before TY Hilton or Mike Wallace? Julius Thomas or Vernon Davis?
Carl Edwards, Mike Wallace, Brad Coleman and fans interviewed by Angella Sharpe during the track walk before the NASCAR Nationwide race at Gateway ...
Get a first person view around the race track with Mike Wallace! Like and share with everyone!
Mike Wallace. Poor Tigger, this is why he hates you!!! ;-)
Foot Race who would win Desean Jackson vs. Mike Wallace
Other things I want in 2014 include a return to investigative/critical journalism by [i.e. Ed Bradley & Mike Wallace style] ...
As much as Mike Wallace has God given speed and it sucked seeing him leave Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown Is where its at
Great cover of Skeeter Davis's "End of The World", by the Swedish pop group Mike Wallace & The Caretakers, from the Swedish town of Jönköping. Released in au...
Mike Wallace tied Paul Warfield (1971) Duriel Harris (1979), Mark Duper (1984), Chris Chambers (2004) and Brandon Marshall (2010) with four 100-yard receiving games in a season, 7th best in team history. Duper (1986) holds the team record with eight 100-yard receiving games in a season.
Aqib Talib returns to dominance.The Patriots cornerback had a much better game in Week 15 than he did against the Browns in the previous week. Talib had his worst game of the season against Cleveland, allowing five catches on seven targets for 141 yards and a touchdown. He was also called for holding.Against the Dolphins, Talib allowed just two catches on four targets for 22 yards. Talib was all over the field, lining up across from wide receivers Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline and tight ends Charles Clay and Michael Egnew at times. Talib’s been dealing with an injured hip since getting hurt in Week 6 when he held Jimmy Graham catchless.The rest of the Patriots’ cornerbacks were not as successful. Alfonzo Dennard still appears to be bothered by his injured knee. He missed two tackles and allowed 70 yards. Kyle Arrington allowed a long reception to Wallace but also made one nice pass breakup and forced Wallace to the sideline on a deep target from quarterback Ryan Tannehill. When Arrington reaggravate ...
I do love the new NFL nicknames: Mike Wallace: Oceans Eleven!! Julian Edelman: MiniTron!! Both & Michael Hoomanawanui: Michael H.! Lol!!
Tonight, CBS put John Miller, an ex NSA exec on a double-fifteen minute approach to open the can of worms named NSA, and guess what, the worms had gone to Bermuda. My dog is not in this race, that is the one for NSA credibility, but I’ve always thought of 60 minutes in terms of Don Hewitt and Mike Wallace – folks who dig down to discover the truth despite any embarrassment those on the opposite end might experience. What bothers me about this thing, tonight, is not what NSA does, but the often smirky, white-washed bias they use in responding to inquiries. Gen Alexander, its head, is Mr. Roberts as he explains they only protect the neighborhood, and his boss, James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, has actually lied in front of an oversight Senate Committee with his statement that NSA does not collect data on American citizens. Of course when called on this, he said he’d “misspoke.” 60 minutes has done, in the past, genuine investigative reporting that occasionally changes things for th ...
Emanuel Sanders is a beast, now i know y we let Mike Wallace get away.
Antonio Brown is definitely earning Mike Wallace's money tonight. 2 TD and the 1st isn't even over. 21-0
I see why Antonio Brown got paid over Mike Wallace he's a workhorse
If I was Mike Wallace I would haunt the producers of 60 minutes for that fluff piece on the NSA
Dolphins WR Mike Wallace needs to catch 133 yards worth of passes to produce his third 1,000-yard receiving season. He has 2 games to get it.
Dolphins WR Mike Wallace breaks down win over the Patriots on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Hear more playmakers on SiriusXM NFL Radio's Sunday Drive every ...
Mike Wallace in his lambo. Great ending to a great day.
Joplin did an interview with Mike Wallace while debuting her new solo act (w/ 6-piece band) at the Fillmore East on February 11, 1969. Grateful Dead were als...
Miami Dolphins on a roll. Mike Wallace showed he can actually do something today, surprised but happy!
My name is mike Wallace. And I like to screw my fantasy owner EVERY WEEK. You see when she benches me I blow up but when I blow up she has new faith in me and starts me. But when she starts me I fizzle out. Every single week. I'm so unpredictable!
The week I take Mike Wallace out of my lineup in fantasy- he get 17.9 Pts wth?!?
Another under thrown deep pass to Mike Wallace. Tanny is playing good but at 1 point he's going to need to start throwing quicker on the deep pass.
Mike Wallace: the most underthrown wide receiver in history
12/21 Kid's Scavenger Hunt held at the Port of Kingston Mike Wallace Park
MIke Wallace has four catches for 83 yards and a touchdown, with one rush for 13 yards. Danny Amendola leads the Pats with four catches (on 5 targets) for 56 yards. Dolphins WR Brian Hartline and TE Charles Clay: Two targets, zero combined receptions. Pats have 13 rushes for 57 yards (4.4 YPC); Miami has 12 rushes for 47 yards (3.9 YPC).
Ryan Tannehill picks on Marquice Cole and fires a pass to Mike Wallace who breaks the tackles and scores the 39-yard touchdown. Dolphins just drove 80 yards to put points on the board before the half and cut into this Pats lead. Patriots 10-7
Every fricking time I put Mike Wallace on my bench he has a huge game. If I start him he only gets me like 7 points. Guess who has 19 points and then guess who didn't start him? 😐
Mike Wallace beats Morley Safer on the play. TD 10, 7 in 2nd quarter
Everything was telling me to play mike Wallace today over golden Tate in fantasy smh
HELP!!! STEVIE JOHNSON OR MIKE WALLACE? bills got the jags and dolphins got pats.
Fantsay ?: Should I start Mike Wallace, Jorday Nelson, or Riley Cooper today?? If I win I go to the championship!
Which 3 do I start? Mike Wallace, Roddy white, victor Cruz, Emanuel Sanders, and Jacoby Jones???
NFL on CBS Sunday December 15th CBS Sports Network 9am-1pm: TOPS: The Other Pregame Show Host: Adam Schein Analysts: Bart Scott, Amy Trask and Brandon Tierney Fantasy Football Analyst: Nathan Zegura Reporter: Allie LaForce CBS Sports Noon-1pm: NFL Today Host: James Brown Analysts: Bill Cowher, Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe Insider: Jason La Canfora Reporter: Lesley Visser This week THE NFL TODAY previews the New England Patriots-Miami Dolphins game as Marino sits down with members of the Miami Dolphins including quarterback Ryan Tannehill, head coach Joe Philbin, wide receiver Mike Wallace and defensive lineman Cameron Wake to discuss the team being in the middle of the playoff hunt and all the distractions that have surrounded the team this season. Charlie Bloom is the producer. In addition, Jim Rome appears live via satellite to give his unique opinion on the NFL as the playoff picture starts to come into focus. And, the 2013 Heisman Trophy Award winner is scheduled to appear live on the ...
Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer CC (born December 13, 1929) is a Canadian theatre, film and television actor. He made his film debut in 1958's Stage Struck, and notable film performances include The Night of the Generals, The Return of the Pink Panther, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, The Man Who Would Be King, and The Insider. In a career that spans seven decades and includes substantial roles in each of the dramatic arts, Plummer is probably best known to film audiences as the autocratic widower Captain Georg Johannes von Trapp in the hit 1965 musical film The Sound of Music alongside Julie Andrews.[1] Plummer has also ventured into various television projects, including the legendary miniseries The Thorn Birds. In the 21st century his film roles include The Insider as Mike Wallace, Inside Man with Denzel Washington, the Disney–Pixar 2009 film Up as Charles Muntz, the Shane Acker production 9 as '1', The Last Station as Leo Tolstoy, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as Doctor Parnassus, The ...
Desean Jackson, Mike Wallace, Cordarelle Patterson, and Danny Amendola. Pick 3. Gotta go three wide because Gore is my only serviceable back.
Started James Jones, Mike Wallace and Bengals D. Left Saints, Chris Ivory, and Emannuel Sanders on the bench. 31 point difference.
Two bright spots: Cortez Allen absolutely shutting out Mike Wallace. Was 1-on-1 all day (Ike on Hartline). Cam Heyward was a beast inside.
Big thanks to Alfred Morris, Ben Tate and Mike Wallace. Thanks for showing up this week.
Definitely a couple of nice plays by Cortez today on Mike Wallace.
Hamilton Collection
Cortez threw his left arm down on Mike Wallace before the pass got there. Didn't deter Mike or anything but still.
NICE play by Cortez!! Tips another deep ball away from Mike Wallace
Cortez Allen is making Mike Wallace his ugly step sister.
great defense on that play Cortez Allen! Go home Mike Wallace!!
Cortez Allen shut down Mike Wallace...that boy can play
Cortez Allen is having a day. Mike Wallace is not.
Cortez Allen gets Mike Wallace assignment today! He needs to play a little close!
CB Cortez Allen (who?) has been giving Mike Wallace five yard cushion.
Mike Wallace is a bum ever since he left. Just like Santonio Holmes, Joey Porter, and James Harrison. I say this every year.
You see everyone hugging and kissing Mike Wallace? Jack Lambert, Greg Lloyd and James Harrison wouldn't do that. Thats our problem.
Who should I Flex James Jones, Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe or Darren Sproles? Start at Kicker Bailey or Feely? Thanks
should I start James Jones against ATL or Mike Wallace @ Pitt
Which 2 out of Harry Douglas, Mike Wallace or James Jones should I start? All 3 in Bad Weather!!
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