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Mike Tannenbaum

Mike Tannenbaum (born February 14, 1969 in New York City, New York) is a professional American football executive, currently serving as the general manager for the New York Jets of the National Football League.

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I swear mike Tannenbaum has something against linebackers. Since he's been in Miami, that position has always been an issue
I like how we @ the Dolphins with roster cuts, like Mike Tannenbaum is checking the mentions
While talking to CBS' pregame show Mike Tannenbaum said Julius Thomas & Anthony Fasano bring intangibles that can't always be seen on field.
Mike Tannenbaum said three weeks ago the league was handling the Landry investigation. It makes sense NFL would request any/all evidence.
Join us in London for Saints-Dolphins, walking tour of English legal history, and a conversation with Mike Tannenba…
How far will Dolphins go in 2017? Perhaps as far as their 2016 draft class takes them: Mike Tannenbaum is fond of……
This is what happens when u give mike tannenbaum the keys to the kingdom
Mike Tannenbaum alluded to this week being active in "player for player" trading at bottom of roster due to new NFL…
Fire mike tannenbaum before he does more damage in miami
Trade landry to the giants for DRC and a 2nd round pick that mike tannenbaum will abuse anyway
I think the old Dolphins regime would make a trade with the Patriots but have my doubts about Mike Tannenbaum.
Landry will comeback to haunt the Dolphins forever. Horribly run franchise that wont sniff another superbowl under mike tannenbaum.
I knew stuff like this would happen when mike tannenbaum was rewarded the keys to the franchise
Dolphins are a horribly run franchise that will never win a superbowl with mike tannenbaum as the GM
The two best players on the field for the tonight were drafted by John Idzik (Richardson) and Mike Tannenbaum (Powell)
When Exec VP recognizes u for camps & preseason efforts u doing something right. Keep it up kid 💪🏾.
The dolphins are gonna let Jarvis Landry walk. Giving mike tannenbaum the keys to this franchise was the worst decision ever.
How does the incompetent Mike Tannenbaum not get mentioned?
Mike Tannenbaum just told the announcers you will see player for player trades going into next weekend. . I'm li…
VP Mike Tannenbaum on possibility of extensions (Jarvis Landry) wouldn't comment, besides saying they are focused on this season.
Only Les Snead or Mike Tannenbaum would have a strong safety
With Mike Pouncey on IR and Tannenbaum calling the shots, there's 0 chance Mangold doesn't end up in South Beach.
The Jets traded the selection this year for the selection last year. But I thought Mike Tannenbaum had left the building
Knowing mike tannenbaum like i do, he will let stills walk and give branch $9 million, it'll happen
Report: Dolphins GM Mike Tannenbaum knows Eagles are 'in play' to land WR Kenny Stills in free agency
If you think the are done making trades you don't know Mike Tannenbaum.
Mike Tannenbaum said you're going to sign be fined and retired everybody got a good laugh once again c…
All the technology used everyday has drastically changed how we work, but orgs have not yet evolved their dynamics
Mike Tannenbaum, at Marino signing: "We're not sure who has the worst knees for our quarterbacks, you or Tannehill."
Dan Marino, the five other Dolphins legends who are signing contracts today actually retired as free agents, per Mike Tannenbaum.
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I don't know who that Mike Tannenbaum is but you have the wrong guy. And I don't like him stealing my identity either. 😜
other I was not a fan of Terry Bradway and Mike Tannenbaum
Steve Ross loves free agency. He's like "put me in coach" to Mike Tannenbaum.
Being a fan I've seen my fair share of bad GMs, I like to go on record and say that Mike Tannenbaum is not on that list.
Never a dull offseason with mike tannenbaum
yeah, because Mike Tannenbaum doesn't have a history of destroying a teams salary cap. Look up his time with the Jets, smart guy.
Mike Tannenbaum must have really blown it with Jordan Phillips if the Phins are looking for a defensive tackle already. Smdh...
The Dolphins are such a first class organization that Mike Tannenbaum follows me around and waits on me hand & foot. http:…
Traditional ways of leading & operating organizations are out. New ways are in. What's the difference? My thoughts:
I have also thought this. Never, ever, underestimate the recklessness of Mike Tannenbaum.
Sounds like the only remaining hurdle for this Julius Thomas-Branden Albert swap is JT's contract. Mike Tannenbaum won't let that kill deal.
$TE for a serviceable LT? Mike Tannenbaum, collector of bad QBs, strikes again.. smh
It's not building a team, it's collecting talent. I'm now completely convinced that is Mike Tannenbaum.
Others in group include Jeff Fisher, Mike Mularkey, and Mike Tannenbaum. Now I want to cast this whole movie.
Dolphins EVP Mike Tannenbaum reminisces about Bill Belichick era in
GM Mike Tannenbaum said Laremy Tunsil video is 2 years old, not 5.
Just talked to Mike Tannenbaum in Miami.. They are completely comfortable with Tunsil, believe they're getting a *** of a play…
Yeah because they have no track record of moving up and Mike Tannenbaum isn't aggressive...SMH
I received a call from Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum and head coach ...
Ferguson was Pick 1 of the Tannenbaum/Mangini regime. Mike T decided to take a LT (and not a QB) in '06, b/c Jason Taylor killed NYJ in '05.
Fun fact: Mike tannenbaum drafted both Ferguson and Mangold in the first round of the 2006 draft. What a draft. Ten years of solid lineplay
It just dawned on me that Colangelo just did to Hinkie what Mike Tannenbaum did to Dennis Hickey.
well..mike Tannenbaum is and whoever the GM reject Jets got afterwards..Rex doesn't pick the players
To be fair, we are at the mercy of crapbag Mike Tannenbaum, whose managerial track record is questionable at best.
You gotta feel bad for the fans. Stephen Ross and Mike Tannenbaum are franchise destroyers.
Mike Tannenbaum's draft history. Horrendous. How did he finagle his way in with Stephen Ross?
We re-signed Daniel Thomas??? For real??? Mike Tannenbaum may turn out to be a fatter Ireland.
VP of football operation Mike Tannenbaum is optimistic about reconstituted Dolphins
Mike Tannenbaum feels optimistic for the Dolphins
I never understood my grandfather's reaction to Larry Barnett's mere presence on his TV until Mike Tannenbaum was invented.
Exactly what I was thinking no one out there wants to deal with Ryan tannikill! And that rat *** Mike Tannenbaum
Had no clue Mike Tannenbaum used to be Hue Jackson's agent, this just gave me a bit of hope in the coaching search.
did you know: Mike Tannenbaum actually served as Hue Jackson's agent before being brought on full-time in Miami
with Mike Tannenbaum leading the way it'll scare off all big name coaches.
The Dolphins are a mess right now, but at least they have Mike Tannenbaum to right the ship. Oh.
Nobody creates positive media coverage in the face of abject failure (in 2 cities!) like Mike Tannenbaum
Mike Tannenbaum and Dennis Hickie get them bums the fock outta here!
So then keep everyone else out of the room.RT Mike Tannenbaum’s hires have actually been pretty good
Mike Tannenbaum's hires have actually been pretty good
So you think mike Tannenbaum would of gotten us Jarvis Landry? I think not. It's time to let Hickey make some decisions. That Baum gotta go.
Only Mike Tannenbaum can make & fans agree , I'm so thankful he'll be making our Division that much easier for years to come
Dolphins getting everything they deserve with Mike Tannenbaum. Top heavy roster moving in a rudderless direction.
Mike Tannenbaum keeping his eyes on the ball, per usual
there's Dawn Aponte, Mike Tannenbaum & Dennis Hickey all w/ similar duties. Where does the buck stop?
Mike Tannenbaum, the tiny needle *** underachiever that started Spygate, at it again.
Chip Kelly's crappy team lost to Stephen Ross & Mike Tannenbaum's crappier team. I'll pass.
Chip Kelly and mike tannenbaum might work
lol if mike tannenbaum is the one calling him, he will hit ignore.. But he does have the balls to try a challenge in MIA
If you think Mike Tannenbaum is letting Chip Kelly into the building...
I like Mike Tannenbaum. I really do. I believe in the salesy approach right or wrong. Much better than Petersen.
Report: Exec VP of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum to lead charge in HC search
as a Dolphin fan it makes me so sad that Mike Tannenbaum is calling the shots. No matter who the coach is this wont end well
Looks like there is some good news for the per Mike Tannenbaum heading up coaching search.
If you think Tom Garfinkel, Mike Tannenbaum and Dawn Aponte are the reasons why this franchise is a mess, I've got a bridge to sell you.
It's crazy how sold on Mike Tannenbaum some of you are.
Report: Mike Tannenbaum to lead the charge in finding a new HC
Nearly 80% of people feel uncomfortable discussing salary. Here's how to get what you want:
Bleacher Report is saying that Mike Tannenbaum will be "point man" in Dolphins head coaching search.
Mike Tannenbaum is connected and a salesman. All I got for you
Mike Tannenbaum is supposed to be an NFL expert. He destroyed the Jets & took Phins to a new low in '15. Trust him?
this franchise is doomed. Mike Tannenbaum can destroy a franchise like nobody else can.
hate to say it Phins fans but as long as Mike Tannenbaum is leading HC search this team is FINISHED
I trust Tom Garfinkel more than Mike Tannenbaum to make a good HC hire for And Marino should be involved.
Dolphins HC search will be done by Stephen Ross, Matt Higgins, Mike Tannenbaum, Dawn Aponte, Tom Garfinkel» Doomed to fail
Mike Tannenbaum, who will be the point man on the coach search, may have surprises. He's confident in ability to ID little known talent.
Would LOVE the hire. There will be a ton of competition for him. Remember Mike Tannenbaum was his agent.
What will Mike Tannenbaum bring to the Miami Dolphins? Let's look at his past. Shall we?
...are players Mike Tannenbaum picked/signed. 7 of those are on defense.
yep. That's is what we like to call another Stephen Ross/Mike Tannenbaum mistake. Season was lost when Philbin came back
I'm a better GM than Mike Tannenbaum call me (804) 9089998
a "non terrible" pick to quote Mike Tannenbaum... unfortunately he said that about John Conner
if Mike Tannenbaum was still with the Jets, he'd given Ryan Fitzpatrick a contract extension today.
Im all about hiring Mike Shula as the Head Coach of the but with Mike Tannenbaum running the show I doubt it happens.
Good news: Dolphins loss helps them get a high pick. Bad news: Mike Tannenbaum will likely be making that pick.
What do Mark Sanchez and Ryan Tannehill each have in common? Dolphins GM Mike Tannenbaum signed each of them to huge contract extensions..
And I also have ZERO confidence in Mike Tannenbaum running this organization.
Can the Dolphins be successful with Mike Tannenbaum around?
Mike Tannenbaum is gonna be trusted to build the Dolphins moving forward.
Which is why he hired Mike Tannenbaum. Now he needs to let him do his job.
Mike Tannenbaum has the perfect built-in excuse too... Hickey calls the shots on the roster, "on paper" anyways.
are so 4 any identity that they embraced Rex Ryan/Mike Tannenbaum class
Mike Tannenbaum scares me so much. I fear he'll have to hire Mangini.
"Dolphins vice president Mike Tannenbaum, who was hired in January, is just about the only person who is completely safe.". Oh my god
Know Mike Tannenbaum loves his tremch guys, but man, Miami's back-7 badly needs an infusal of talent/athleticism
Frankly it doesn't matter what the Dolphins do in regards with their next head coach. With Stephen Ross and Mike Tannenbaum making
Maybe Dan Henning or Mike Sherman will take the gig working with Tannenbaum
Tannenbaum rips the mike from Campbell. And asks in serious tone."Who gave you the authority to fire Bill Lazor?"
How much blame for this season is Mike Tannenbaum?
and firing him will be Mike Tannenbaum's decision
Campbell on decision to fire Lazor: This is 100% my decision. Talked to Stephen Ross & Mike Tannenbaum
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Dan Campbell said the decision to fire Bill Lazor "was 100% my decision" but added he talked to Steve Ross and Mike Tannenbaum,too.
Campbell: I talked to Mr.Ross, I talked to Mike Tannenbaum and this is it decision."
This season is a total loss. Tannenbaum knew it when he took the job. This year is on Ross. Going fwd, its on Mike T.
Steve Ross, Mike Tannenbaum and Matt Higgins on the war path down in Miami.
Mike Tannenbaum need to be fired too
This was a Mike Tannenbaum move. Stephen Ross not happy, needed scapegoat.
I trust Sean Payton to potentially build a winner here a lot more than Mike Tannenbaum
With Mike Tannenbaum running the show, I completely expect Miami to go after another big name free agent again.
Mike Tannenbaum has already mis-evaluated this team, as he felt it was smart to spend so much on one player with all the roster issues.
When Mike Tannenbaum said that this team is full of talent, was he setting up Philbin and his staff to fail?
How much faith do you have in Mike Tannenbaum to get the OL solidified?
if you people had a clue this would not be happening, congratulations on hiring Mike Tannenbaum!
Mike Tannenbaum is the type to trade the top-10 pick to for Peyton Manning.
To think Mike Tannenbaum is tasked with fixing this abomination. We're definitely living in the Dolphins Dark Ages.
Someone needs to take the checkbook away from Mike Tannenbaum, Last place in the AFC East costs more than it used to.
Hey Mike Tannenbaum- we need corners yet or are you satisfied this off season too?
Mike Tannenbaum is going to ruin the Dolphins like he ruined the Jets.
Really really REALLY think Mike Tannenbaum came here to ruin this franchise even more
I'm not saying I'm a better GM than Mike Tannenbaum but if the whole world says you need an OL maybe start drafting higher than 4th round
Mike Tannenbaum had no interest in Mathis or even Lell Collins once he saw Jason Fox ready to fill in..great call!
who use to be employed by Mike Tannenbaum, Terry Bradway, and Quinton Coples
I can see it now Marino & Shula wanting Mike & Tannenbaum wanting Mangini. coaching search should be interesting.
Not sure Les Miles would want to work with Mike Tannenbaum, but I suspect Stephen Ross will want him coaching the
X's and Omar: Will Mike Tannenbaum be hindrance or help in finding next head coach?
Ex-Jets linebacker Quinton Coples claimed off waivers by Mike Tannenbaum's ...
One thing not to be thankful of? Mike Tannenbaum in charge of the franchise with absolutely NO qualifications (i.e. loser)
Rex Ryan was "upset" that Mike Tannenbaum swooped in and grabbed Quinton Coples before he could:
I am a big Mike Mayock fan but why do Browns hire TV guys all the time? I would prefer Mayock in Miami than loser Mike Tannenbaum
Rex Ryan on Quinton Coples: “I wanted him.” Says he was upset that Mike Tannenbaum claimed him.
Rex Ryan "a little upset" that Dolphins GM Mike Tannenbaum claimed Quinton Coples off waivers; wanted to sign him
Hamilton Collection
VP of football operations Mike Tannenbaum addressing the crowd.
Down to Miami where exec Mike Tannenbaum joins on
Team will flounder as long as Ross is owner. His trusted advisors are Mike Tannenbaum & Carl Peterson… dumbasses.
Mike Tannenbaum might call Mike Westhoff to coach the Dolphins b4 this gm is over. Me & won't let him out of his SNY contract.😂
If Dallas Thomas fails that's on Mike Tannenbaum. Jamil Douglas on Dennis Hickey, coaches, Tannenbaum.
Jeff's team is run by Mike Tannenbaum and coached by Joe Philbin so he should probably keep his head down.
The fascinating school of Jimmy Johnson - and why Belichick, Urban Meyer, R.C. Buford, Mike Tannenbaum visit. Column: h…
Jennings: Miami GM set me at ease: . Darren Woodson discusses why general manager Mike Tannenbaum was able to c...
Fact of the matter is Dennis Hickey and Mike Tannenbaum have a direct connection to Evan Mathis from his time with Bill Lazor
The just released Guard Evan Mathis! Where is... Dennis Hickey and Mike Tannenbaum? must sign this guy...Lets do this!
Had former agent Mike Tannenbaum not returned to NFL, to MIA, he would be representing both NBA Finals coaches, Steve Ker…
HC Joe Philbin, VP Mike Tannenbaum and GM Dennis Hickey are talking to HOF coach Don Shula before practice.
Mike Tannenbaum well known for trading up. Dennis Hickey well known for trading down. In the end, only one trade down in second round
Mike Tannenbaum: 'Want to publicly acknowledge fact that it’s been great working with Dennis (Hickey) and Joe (Philbin)..Great discussions.'
Dennis Hickey, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, Mike Tannenbaum and Parker are at the podium.
Mike Tannenbaum only drafted a skill player TWICE during his time as GM of the Jets. Mark Sanchez and Dustin Keller.
Mike Tannenbaum singled out Rishard Matthews as an example of a player on the roster who can take a major jump to improve.
EVERYONE needs to stay in their lane because nobody excels at what they are supposed to be doing but Mike Tannenbaum SO FAR.
Mike Tannenbaum handles the business. Dawn Aponte does the books. Dennis Hickey builds the team/runs scouts. Joe Philbin coaches.
with a joke owner who thinks spending every penny he has and listening to Mike Tannenbaum is going to bring a SB to Miami.
I wasn't sure about Mike Tannenbaum coming over from the Jets, but the man has attitude now I think we will
Mike Tannenbaum, Dennis Hickey knows that this draft is crucial. I wouldn't take any risks with the pick unless Cooper or White.
Dolphins: New VP Mike Tannenbaum has made it a \"priority\" to strengthen the middle of the team, writes James Walker (ESPN)
Ill say this... I am Very Impressed thus far.. with MIKE TANNENBAUM. His agressiveness this offseason, is best ive seen in years.
I had no idea the quote "talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling" is credited to Mike Tannenbaum. I have to dig into that.
Mike Tannenbaum is the gift that keeps on giving.
Mike Tannenbaum destroying the cap situation with arguably the worst head coach in football makes this fan smile
It'll be interesting to see if Mike Tannenbaum and Dennis Hickey have the same kind of success rate adding Pro Bowlers to the Dolphins.
Mike Tannenbaum is a gambler. Hickey and Philbin are "on the ropes". I'm not saying it's right or wrong. But I could see it.
I love for them to trade up. Mike Tannenbaum is being aggressive. Love it!
Yea, and Mike T probably likes him as well. Tannenbaum wants stars. I wouldn't rule out Gordon either. I know they like him
Mike Tannenbaum trying to move into the top-10 of a draft in which he has just 6 picks. This movie always ends the same.
umm… have you met Mike Tannenbaum? He once traded for Tim Tebow and signed Mark Sanchez to a big contract
New VP Mike Tannenbaum: "It's a great time to be a Miami Dolphin."
Agent Rick Smith is handling coaches for Priority Sports now, did Dan Quinn’s contract in Atlanta (was Mike Tannenbaum, now in Miami)
One thing to keep in mind w/Dan Quinn- his former agent, Mike Tannenbaum, is running Miami. Some teams worried if they …
Talking Baseball Hall of Fame and no Piazza. NFL admits another blown call. Mike Tannenbaum to the Fins. Jets LB charg…
Mike Tannenbaum, the same man who traded 3 draft pks 4 the right to select Shonn Greene, is now the top front office exec.
Official MT We reached an agreement w Mike Tannenbaum to become Executive Vice President of Fball Ops
Maybe Stephen Ross can fire himself before letting Mike Tannenbaum destroy this team like a slow ticking bomb...
One of the best things about owning a business is that the owner can’t be fired. Sometimes, however, he should be. When it comes to the Jets, owner Woody Johnson deserves much of the blame for the mess that culminated in Monday’s house cleaning. By firing G.M. Mike Tannenbaum two years ago but ins…
The New York Jets fired coach Rex Ryan and general manager John Idzik on Monday after one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history. With the Jets (4-12) failing to make the postseason for the fourth straight season, Team owner Woody Johnson opted to start fresh with a new coach and GM. Ryan was 50-52, including 4-2 in the postseason in his six seasons with the Jets. His first few years were filled with guarantees, bold statements and two consecutive trips to the AFC title game. But in the end, there were not enough wins to back up all the big talk. Idzik lasted just two seasons after replacing the fired Mike Tannenbaum in 2013. He was heavily criticized this year for questionable decisions in the NFL draft and in free agency. Now, the Jets will be looking for a general manager and coach for the first time since Johnson promoted Tannenbaum and hired Eric Mangini in 2006. Former NFL GM and current NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly is expected to be brought in by Johnson as a consultant to h ...
Thank You Eric Mangini&Mike Tannenbaum for building a roster that went to 2 AFC Championships.Rex Ryan deserves no appreciation nothing won
Dan Marino, Mike Tannenbaum have the ear of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross
Ross met with Dan Marino, Mike Tannenbaum after loss
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Very interesting to see talk of Mike Tannenbaum, having clients in Hue Jackson, Dan Quinn, 2 names I brought up last night
He did say he left John Idzik a "full cupboard" in New York. MT The Dolphins have hired Mike Tannenbaum as a consultant.
Michael Vick to have Tebow-like role in Jets' offense?: Mike Tannenbaum expects a role for Michael ...
People can't stop asking former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum about Tim Tebow... TTNews
Excellent story by on Mike Tannenbaum's new life as an agent, including how Steve Kerr was hired by GSW:
Steve Kerr's agent is asked about Tim Tebow at every meeting. Why? He's Mike Tannenbaum
Interesting: former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum is Steve Kerr's agent and helped negotiate the Golden State deal.
Update on former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, who negotiated the deal for Steve Kerr to wind up in Golden State.
Former GM Mike Tannenbaum could play big role in coaching search as rep of Steve Kerr
Then you must not who Sheldon Richardson is. And you can also say Mike Tannenbaum was here longer then John Idzik
Ok I'm not saying I miss trader Mike Tannenbaum but I did love the crazy spending spree that brought me much joy only to give me hope and ruin our salary cap. I can't help but feeling like we missed out on Maclin or Pitta. Drafting is best policy long term. I know this I just have to change my mindset that I have had for many many years.
Jets' former GM Mike Tannenbaum admits the Tim Tebow trade was a mistake:
Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum says trading for Tim Tebow was a "mistake" but that he will play again.
A closer look at Tom Gamble, Scott Pioli, Mike Tannenbaum, possible candidates for the Dolphins' GM job. (subscriber)
What We Learned from the NFL's 2013 Regular Season 12. Rex Ryan Is A *** Good Football Coach Last offseason, many (including yours truly) were critical of the New York Jets' decision to bring back coach Rex Ryan after firing general manager Mike Tannenbaum. Many (including yours truly) were appalled by Ryan's decision to insert quarterback Mark Sanchez into the fourth quarter of a meaningless preseason game, leading to Sanchez sustaining a shoulder injury that would keep him out for the entire season. Many (including yours truly) looked at the 53-man roster and assumed that Ryan could lead Gang Green to no more than three or four wins and eventually lose his job at season's end. Well, we were all wrong. And that includes yours truly. The job that Ryan did in piloting this atrocious Jets team to an 8-8 record was nothing short of miraculous. Go ahead and check out the team's depth chart. Their dearth of talent is nothing short of stunning. And yet Ryan got this ragtag group to overachieve beyond many of o ...
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If the fire GM Jeff Ireland, a few names rumored to be replacements are Eric Mangini, Mike Tannenbaum, Scott Pioli, & Brian Gaine.
In the weeks leading up the 2006 NFL draft, with fans and media debating what Houston should do with the first overall pick, then-Texans general manager Charley Casserly placed a call to Mike Tannenbaum, the New York Jets' new general manager at the time. Casserly was preparing to make a critical selection for a floundering franchise and wanted to explore the possibility of a trade. But when Casserly asked Tannenbaum what he was willing to give up for the pick, he was struck by the reply. "I think you've got it backwards, Charley," Tannenbaum said. "I'm wondering what you'll give me to take that pick off your hands." Casserly can chuckle about that moment today because he no longer has to fret over the difficult decision of deciding on the first pick in the draft. He can relate to the general manager who will find himself in the position next spring to make a choice similar to the one he faced seven years ago. Casserly ultimately chose defensive end Mario Williams over running back Reggie Bush. In May, an ...
Perhaps it has gone a tad underappreciated, but the sea change in NFL front offices the past two years has been almost staggering. Veteran personnel decision-makers like Bill Polian, Jerry Angelo, Al Davis, A.J. Smith, Marty Hurney, Scott Pioli, Mike Tannenbaum and Billy Devaney are no longer runnin...
"It’s not Ryan’s fault that Mike Tannenbaum chose Derek Mason and Plaxico Burress over Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery."
Do you know what Gene Smith, AJ Smith, Motorboats and Mike Tannenbaum have in common? Their all terrible as a G.M.
who has left Mike Tannenbaum, Tony Sparano, Mike Pettine, Darrelle Revis, Shonn Greene, Tim Tebow, Dustin Keller, and Bob Sutton
So Mike Tannenbaum is doing a Reddit AMA tomorrow at 7:30pm - should be interesting...
The Mike Tannenbaum Reddit AMA is going to get brutal.. jeez
We had on the podcast this week. Great listen. Great insight. Great. Just great.
Mike Tannenbaum is doing an AMA on Reddit tomorrow at 8pm EST. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO /puts helmet on
Former coach Mike Tannenbaum joins the crew on Radio Show
I'm done talking about the Mike Tannenbaum error & also done bashing Sanchez for anything other than his performance this year
- gushed about on and more importantly off the field. Listen here.
From this morning at - - featuring former GM Mike Tannenbaum
Check out this interview did with Mike Tannenbaum. Interesting.
sat down with former GM to talk a little bit of everything Great listen.
- Was interested by who Tannenbaum named as late round pick he was proud of and logic behind Coples over Ingram
New On - - Episode 9 of the Podcast - Featuring former New York GM Mike Tannenbaum -
Pod link also coming shortly, featuring out interview with Mike Tannenbaum
Former GM Mike Tannenbaum joined earlier to chat
The guy who wrote this trash, lower than National Inquirer piece has the balls to rip Jets fans for booing
A-ROD sounded like Mike Tannenbaum with all that process crap.
mike tannenbaum is apparently apart of PR team will defiantly be the arbitrator
Mike Tannenbaum probably creamed himself listening to A-rod press conference.
Mike Tannenbaum did a good job prepping Arod for that presser
A-Rod has said the word process about a million times. I feel like this is a Mike Tannenbaum press conference
sounds like Mike Tannenbaum it's a process
what about Idzik? He inherited the disaster Mike Tannenbaum left him and he HAD to restructure multiple contracts
$8.25 million is why Mark Sanchez is still here. Thanks Mike Tannenbaum
The show is underway. We'll talk to & former NFL executive Mike Tannenbaum I
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waive Robert Griffin and guess what he was a player drafted by Mike Tannenbaum
So in the last day I've read a blog by Mike Tannenbaum and heard Mike Westhoff ask Rex a question in a press conference. Biza…
is here at camp with Rex Ryan, Brian Cox, and Mike Tannenbaum
In Hartford for Mangini football camp. Lots of campers, lots of coaches. Where else can u find Rex, Mike Tannenbaum & Joe Linta in 1 place?
a look back in time at the Woody Johnson/Mike Tannenbaum and their antics
Yall wanted my thoughts on the Tim Tebow situation...well here it is. Unscripted, and unfiltered. Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan, and the New York York Jets are 1...
So a DE and a CB in Round 1 Mike Tannenbaum surely approves! Time to retool the college scouting staff next!
Eric Mangini agrees and so does Mike Tannenbaum also Herm Edwards.
Damnit give me that Mike Tannenbaum insight!! But yeah, love when they get up there w/ the depth chart. Best part is always Mayock
'On Path to the Draft,' Mike Tannenbaum: Former Alabama C Barrett Jones would be a good fit for the Green Bay Packers in the later rounds.
Mike Tannenbaum just said on the NFL Network "I would rather have the lineman than a WR in Wallace." Really? Didn't show that w/the NYJ.
Does Rex Ryan Really Have All the Power with the New York Jets? The Jets always do things a little bit different, don’t they? Most teams hire a general manager, and then a coach. Not the Jets. They change general managers, but making keeping the coach a CONDITION of employment. Pretty weird, huh? Backwards. That’s just how our team acts. But, there is one thing going on with the Jets that is not backwards. There is a perception out there about the Jets’ power structure that needs to be brought back to Earth. It’s a perception of how things work with the New York Jets that absolutely isn’t true. The perception, started most strongly by Mike Francesa here in New York but stated by other parties as well, is that Rex Ryan holds all the power inside the Jets’ headquarters. The perception is, and was before John Idzik was hired, that any player that Rex Ryan wants, Rex Ryan gets. It’s the idea that the general manager, either Mike Tannenbaum before or John Idzik now, is a figure-head, with no real ...
Good insight from former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum about when a player like Mathieu goes from liability to opportunity. His take: 4th round
The fact the Jets want to restructure Santonio Holmes's contract is another example that former GM Mike Tannenbaum was an overrated cap guru
How come Mike Tannenbaum was willing to overpay for Sanchez, Holmes, and Cromartie, but wasn't willing to pay Revis fair market value?
Mike Tannenbaum saying on NFL Network that the draft room was split on Melvin Ingram. They weren't sure about him. Obviously why they passed
Nothing says "expert analysis" like Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum.
The cap-strapped New York Jets began their anticipated salary dump Tuesday, releasing linebacker Bart Scott and three other veterans. In other expected moves, the Jets also cut linebacker Calvin Pace, safety Eric Smith and tackle Jason Smith. Just like that, the Jets created $30.7 million in cap relief. It puts them about $5.7 million under the cap. This starts what figures to be a tumultuous offseason under new general manager John Idzik, although his predecessor, Mike Tannenbaum, was planning to make the same four cuts. This won't impact Darrelle Revis' situation. The Jets had to make these moves simply to get under the cap by the start of the league year, March 12. They also waived injured tight end Josh Baker. "Every one of these players was a major contributor to our football team," coach Rex Ryan said Tuesday. "I was very impressed with Jason this past season while Bart, Calvin and Eric have been an instrumental part of our defense for the past four years." Scott wasn't included in the Jets' initial ...
Former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum to contribute to NFL Network's predraft coverage. Like both of them ever evaluated talent great in Kansas City and New York?
Mike Tannenbaum just said he'd take Russell Wilson over Andrew Luck. And that's why he's an ex-GM.
Why is Mike Tannenbaum's view on QBs making news? This is the man that traded up for Mark Sanchez, and then traded for Tim Tebow...
The New York Jets and general manager Mike Tannenbaum thought they had their quarterback of the future last March, so the team offered Mark Sanchez an extension, making his contract worth more than $58 million over five years. Former GM Mike Tannenbaum said Thursday that he now regrets the decision.
Btw Kate Upton is nearly as overexposed as Mike Tannenbaum these days. Nearly.
Former NY Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum says he had no plans to ... - New York Daily News
New York Jets: Drafting Mark Sanchez in 2009 Was Clearly the Right Move As the New York Jets face a crossroads in their franchise history while they determine the future of their quarterback, head coach and general manager, let's take a time machine back to a happier place. We don't have to go back far, just about three-and-a-half years ago to April of 2009. Jets fans were tired of the bumbling game-management issues of the Herman Edwards era and the staid secrecy and lifelessness that marked Eric Mangini's years. NFL fans across the country couldn't care less whether the Jets won or lost. They didn't know who Mike Tannenbaum or Woody Johnson were. What they knew about the Jets was that Edwards gave funny press conferences and Mangini once appeared on The Sopranos. The team had some successful regular seasons but had won just two playoff games during the decade. During that time, the team bounced from Vinny Testaverde to Chad Pennington as their main quarterbacks with one forgetful season with Brooks Bo . ...
Not every day can I say that I spoke to Jerry Jones, Mike Tannenbaum, Arthur Blank, Steve Young , Robert Craft and Roger Goodell. All surprisingly down to earth and genuine
ESPN Video: Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discuss whether Mike Tannenbaum is to blame for how badly things worked out with Tim Tebow.
Former Jet LaDainian Tomlinson, whose favorite pastime is criticizing his former team, ripped former GM Mike Tannenbaum for the Jets' current salary-cap plight, pointing to the Mark Sanchez contract extension as a major blunder. "That was Tannenbaum's fault," Tomlinson, an NFL Network analyst, told the New York Post at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. "They're still trying to fix what Tannenbaum messed up." Tomlinson, who played 2010 and 2011 with Sanchez, said "they're stuck" with the embattled quarterback because of his hefty contract. He also doesn't believe the Jets when they say they're planning to bring in competition at the position. "They said that last year," Tomlinson told the newspaper. "They brought Tim Tebow in and it wasn't much of a competition because (Tony) Sparano didn't know what to do with Tim Tebow. I just think they're in a situation where they have to stick with Sanchez." Tomlinson believes it would be a mistake to trade Darrelle Revis, but he thinks that could happen because "Rex R ...
Former New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum joins Evan Cohen & Steve Phillips to talk about this past season for the NY Jets.
Mike Tannenbaum, a self-proclaimed 'John Idzik fan,' says he's 'excited' about future |
Mike Tannenbaum takes blame for Tim Tebow trade .Go
Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum admits he was behind Tim Tebow trade
Former GM Mike Tannenbaum accepts responsibility for the Tim Tebow fiasco
Cool story bro Rt"Mike Tannenbaum: Tim Tebow was my responsibility
Mike Tannenbaum said that he reached out to new Jets GM John Idzik to congratulate him/wish him luck. Has also spoken to Rex Ryan.
Mike Tannenbaum, on WFAN, said he called Idzik after he got job: "I'm a big John Idzik fan."
Cro gives Idzik marching orders: ‘Get Mark some help’ By POST STAFF REPORT Last Updated: 4:50 AM, January 26, 2013 It was not Mark Sanchez, it was the talent around him. At the Pro Bowl, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie defended the beleaguered quarterback while taking an indirect shot at recently fired general manager Mike Tannenbaum. “He needs a better supporting cast,” Cromartie, the Jets’ lone Pro Bowler, told from Hawaii. “That’s something the new GM has to look at and evaluate as he’s looking at the roster. He needs to get Mark some help.” The Jets’ offense was a mess last season, ranking 30th in the league, with Sanchez throwing 18 interceptions compared with 13 touchdowns. Sanchez was benched for a Week 16 loss against the Chargers, but started the season finale after Greg McElroy suffered a concussion against San Diego. He also had to deal with an unheralded receiving corps that lost its only established target when Santonio Holmes tore ligaments in his foot in Week 4 ...
KAPOLEI, Hawaii -- With lots of news swirling around the possibility of the New York Jets trading All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, the team's ever-controversial quarterback situation has been knocked off the New York tabloids' back pages. Jones: Gang Green's problem solver Kimberly Jones says new general manager John Idzik appears to be the perfect man to rein in the wayward Jets. More ... But it's just as relevant. And the lone member of the Jets in Hawaii this week for the Pro Bowl believes the solution already exists on the roster. More importantly, cornerback Antonio Cromartie insinuates, a change at general manager should be the impetus for improvement. Cromartie -- without mentioning Mike Tannenbaum's name -- threw the former Jets GM under the bus that Tannenbaum left town on earlier this month, saying the problems quarterback Mark Sanchez had in 2013 laid at the feet of Tannenbaum, not Sanchez. "We have confidence in Mark," Cromartie said Friday after the AFC's morning walk-through. "Like I've al ...
The New York Jets, fresh off an exhaustive hunt for new general manager John Idzik, will explore options to deal star corner Darrelle Revis this offseason, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Revis, whose contract voids after the 2014 season, is set to earn $6 million in 2013 (between salary and bonuses), and owner Woody Johnson has strong reservations about the ability to extend Revis's deal, the sources said. Johnson has expressed his desire to attempt to land value for Revis now, rather than risk losing him as an unrestricted free agent a year from now, most likely seeking as much draft-pick compensation for him as possible. The Jets are very much in transition mode, they have cap issues moving forward and are trying to embark on a rebuilding process after firing former long-time general manager Mike Tannenbaum. Revis, who missed almost all of last season after suffering a torn ACL, engaged in a long holdout in 2010 that resulted in a contract extension that was more of a Band-Aid tha ...
For Woody Johnson to smear Mike Tannenbaum about him wanting Tebow, that's not right. It's wrong. It's out of line.
The perception of the New York Jets' trade for Tim Tebow has been that it was the brainchild of owner Woody Johnson, but that's not how it was presented to at least one general manager candidate in his interview with the team. Former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist, who interviewed for the job nine days ago, said Johnson told him it wasn't his idea. Sundquist said it was his impression that the trade was "forced" on Johnson and team president Neil Glat, who also participated in the interview. Sundquist's description of the interview makes it sound as though Johnson was blaming former GM Mike Tannenbaum for the Tebow debacle; in a sense, Johnson did exactly that, firing Tannenbaum one day after the regular season ended. The Jets hired former Seahawks executive John Idzik as their new general manager last week. He will be introduced at a news conference Thursday. Johnson also said, according to Sundquist, that he eventually "jumped on board" with the Tebow idea, deferring to his football people. "They realized it ...
NYJ owner Woody Johnson took his time searching for a general manager to replace Mike Tannenbaum. At the end of this search, he decided to go with Seattle Seahawks’ front office executive John Idzik. This is an excellent hire that should pay off in the long run.
It seems like forever and a day ago when team owner Woody Johnson and head coach Rex Ryan held their season-ending press conference, driving home the point that this will be a “new beginning” for the New York Jets. Out went Mike Tannenbaum, Mike Westhoff, Tony Sparano and Matt Cavanaugh, while other...
Following the hire of new GM John Idzik, we explain why the assumption that he is a clone of Mike Tannenbaum is categorically incorrect. For the first time in a long time, it seems the Jets made the right decision. The Jets for once took their time, interviewing several qualified candidates. The result is the hiring of a man who is respected league wide, and who has been part of successful franchises for the past 20 years. Unfortunately as soon as the news broke, we heard several fans complain that Idzik was just another Mike Tannenbaum clone, that he was a business man and not a football man. This is based purely on the fact that Idzik enjoys a reputation as a salary cap guru, and expert contract negotiator. A title that was handed to Mike Tannenbaum during his time here, although it's hard to see why when you look at our cap situation. You can't continue to back-load contracts and not expect us to someday be in a poor situation. This opinion of Idzik being a clone of Mike Tannenbaum is completely misgui ...
Quick takeaways on the news that the Jets have decided to hire former Seattle Seahawks vice president of football administration John Idzik as their new general manager: 1. What they did: The Jets veered off course. They set out trying to find a GM with deep roots in scouting and personnel, but they chose a longtime executive who made his bones on the business side, dealing mostly with salary-cap management and contract negotiations. The Jets will present Idzik as a hybrid -- he attended personnel meetings in Seattle -- but that's not his area of expertise. Like former GM Mike Tannenbaum, he's a capologist making the crossover. They needed a leader who sees the world from a scout's perspective, not an executive who learned his football in a room. 2. Narrow view: This was a shortsighted decision. Owner Woody Johnson wanted someone to clean up the messy cap situation ($19.4 million over) and the number of bloated contracts. The real problem is a thin roster. One of the candidates told me the Jets need to re ...
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Jets Offense - TM - Jets Jets hired former Seahawks VP of Football Administration John Idzik as general manager. Although Idzik dabbled in personnel evaluation under John Schneider and Pete Carroll in Seattle, his primary strength was salary-cap management, similar to old Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum. The Idzik hire means coach Rex Ryan should have almost complete control over the Jets' roster, which will be viewed in many circles as a risky proposition. Ryan is a football coach, not a scout. And Idzik isn't a scout, either. The Jets' roster has deteriorated so suddenly over the past 3-4 seasons because they've struggled mightily with player evaluation. Complete head scratcher, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the Jets.
John Idzik named Jets new gm and former Philadelphia Eagle's offensive coordinator Marty Morninwegh named new Jets Offensive Coordinator? Ya ask me anything is an upgrade from Mike Tannenbaum and Tony Sparano.
So the Jets hire John Idzik from the Seahawks organization as their new GM. His background is salary caps and contracts; he has no experience in personnel They just fired Mike Tannenbaum as GM, and he had the same credentials. This means Rex Ryan will be picking the players and Idzik's job will be to clean up the cap... But aren't they in this lousy cap situation BECAUSE they (meaning Ryan) are lousy at talent evaluation? Why didn't they just stop acting like they are smarter than everyone and just make Ryan the GM also? Fellow Jets fans, please spare me the 'let's give Idzik a chance ' nonsense. Anyone who took this job without final personnel say and the right to pick their own coach is just Woody Johnson's puppet. He is a clueless owner and this organization is a joke. Oh well, get ready for the 45th (and 46...47...48th...and so on) without a championship.
Jets to hire Seahawks' exec, John Idzik as GM. A Mike Tannenbaum clone
If this is the choice I think the last sentence of this report sums up what's wrong with the Jets. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, Idzik has overtaken in-house candidate Scott Cohen and Pittsburgh's Omar Khan as the "clear frontrunner" to replace Mike Tannenbaum in New York. Schefter reports Idzik could be offered the job "as early as tonight." Idzik's title with Seattle is "VP of Football Administration." He has little to no background as an evaluator of personnel and talent.
The next General Manager of the New York Jets will immediately face a highly scrutinized press conference, where he will answer to a group of bitter beat writers and angry,anxious fans. In hopes of him succeeding and seeing our generally miserable fan-base have something to be happy about, I have prepared the following suggested comments for his first press conference - (Walk out wearing a Jets polo shirt, holding a clipboard filled with player evaluation notes, with a stop-watch around your neck and a visor on. Jets fans permanently hate “accountants or bean-counters” after Mike Tannenbaum the past few years. The worst possible thing you could do is come out wearing glasses, holding a calculator and use the word “process” more than once. So make yourself look like a coach or “A REAL FOOTBALL GUY”) “Hello. Let me begin by asking Manish Mehta, Gary Myers or anybody from The Daily News to leave the room. You are banned from the building this season. Is this fully legal? I don’t know. But you ...
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