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Mike Starr

Michael Mike Starr (born July 29, 1950) is an American actor. Starr is notable for his large size, standing 6 ft 3 1/2 in (192 cm), and has typically been typecast as thugs or henchmen.

Layne Staley Jerry Cantrell Mike Inez Sean Kinney William Duvall Jeff Conaway

Mike Judge promises a big change for the new season of via
Jack i rock i was friends with Jerry For A While&Greg Gillmore& Late Mike Starr Please follow me&ill send you a demo of my Love Rock
that's true, I want to hear more about Mike Starr's diva antics.
Today we remember the life of Guru from Gang Starr who passed away 7 years ago on this date. Our thoughts go out to his fami…
Just started rereading this, getting 😡 all over again:.
I love my , Nick, Mike from South Philly, Mike from WC, and Starr time!!
Could you back up your assertion that Bernie…
He went down to Atlanta to visit Killer Mike. That was the o…
Maybe he could have benefitted from Celeb Rehab?I know Mike Starr didnt or Jeff Conway but maybe Prince cou…
Just watched Goodfellas: it is really my favorite film. Featuring Mike Starr
Mike Pence talks tough on North Korea Get J McCAin the War Criminal Beheaded by Terrorists armed by him
Ex-acting CIA chief: is making situation worse via
Underrated performance in Dumb and Dumber: Mike Starr as the Gas Man. He was also terrific in GoodFellas.
So will every story about Mike Pence be covered in the new category?
Mike Starr from Workiva discusses what companies should know about iXBRL with Tom Temin on Federal Drive Radio.
Starr v Fish v Big Mike. This can be th Match of the Night.
"If all the things we do amounted to anything, would you share it with the people,or would you save it in the bank??"-- Mike Starr
Did you and Mike Starr ever take pictures of each other together during Celeb Rehab & Sober House? I hope I see one posted!
Hear from Mike Starr at as he discusses what you should know about
I streamed Radio Days, its seriously my favorite film. Featuring Mike Starr
Listen to Lil Canada X Mike Cook Burst - TrapCastle prod. Keenanza by MITCHELL BAY on https:/…
sexy Mike Starr just took the bomb *** photo with my cuzz
Alice in Chains concert tonight! :). We miss you Layne Staley and Mike Starr!.
Mike Starr opening his mix for Isle 9 Festival with
Layne Staley and Mike Starr need to come back to life and put on show for me!! I think yes.
Nov 1, 1961: Record store manager Brian Epstein is introduced to the Beatles. 1962: Pete Best is replaced as drummer by…
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Ken Starr goes after people for having consensual sex; nor for non-consensual sex.
Current status: Playing out a Lucha Libre Kenneth Starr vs Mike Davis match with
Wrestlers who should be in the hall of fame: Iron Mike Sharpe, Reno Riggins, Bart Starr, Barry Horowitz, Lt. James Earl Wright.
At the event with Mike Kuhn about to make the big reveal!
Article from today about Mike Starr, Travis Meeks and also mentions me .
I still watch wrestling, but not the former way. I watched Chris and Mike in a way I can.
Brett Favre was the most talented but Bart Starr due to 5 championships.. Mike McCarthy worst coach in history
YouTube not coming thru with a proper video of the Sizemore-Mike Starr DOPE SICK, DOPE SHMICK fight on that rehab show, a classic
Sadly Mike hasn't responded and my friends could be worried about me! This is so ugly!
Sometimes you read the comments and there's Patti Starr tallking about a corruption trial.
Some Deep inspiration in the morning. Ashworth -chopper (Mike Starr remix).
OK I got a connection back and...Wait a minute? Why is Ringo Starr wanting to fight Mike Check?
If all drummers held the same sway as Dave Clark, my favourite groups would be The Mike Joyce 4, The Rick Buckler 3, and The Ringo Starr 4.
I'd have bought this used for $5. New is gooder. Two dead rock stars on here. I miss Mike Starr and Layne Staley.
Donald Bayne speaks! facing serious health concerns as he heads back to Senate.
Behind the scenes on interviews Mike Duffy's lawyer, Don Bayne. On the show tomorrow!
Mike blowing me, Starr blowing me, my job blowing ***
Seriously that Coming Out At The Italian Family Dinner scene with Mike Starr & Grandma Puppet is beyond words.
And again!. 'Holding latest tracks from Mike Vale, Sony Wharton, Nev Scott, Sonny Fodera, Riva Starr and many...
How appropriate...because Sketchers are the Ringo Starr of shoes.
Drug Details Emerge in the Death of Prince ... Treated for OVERDOSE Days Before. Harvey and Mike explain.
Mike Moustakas just went to . nope. Someone has to be an adult up here.
A new favorite: Avenue Red Podcast - Mike Starr by on
Came to Jersey Mike's 2 days in a row because it was so good yesterday 😂😋
I can't sleep! Valentyna, bring Stu, Claudio, Sara, and Chris or Mike! I need some love and friends.
Bent Life got to commute with Mike Starr once and hear stories about filming Dumb & Dumber. His wife was not amused.
Just went to Jersey Mike's for the first time ever and 3 different workers knew my name somehow. I'm so confused 😳
Right now on - "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow by Gang Starr
I'm sure he is -> Hoyer Okay with Biological Men Using Women’s Restrooms
Sunshine and Edwin Starr on the radio. Bliss! Now just waiting for Mike the Knight to ride in and cast his irritating shadow over my day.
Tony West rehearsing with the All Starr Jam for Mike Starr Memorial & Benefit show tommorow night at Louie G's
Meg White, Ringo Starr & Mike Joyce are the perfect drummer... between them.
NEW TONIGHT: Sen. Mike Lee is secretly holding up the Flint aid bill
wait?!? Layne Staley and Mike starr came back from the grave?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mike Huckabee, who doesn't think the Confederate Flag or jokes about Koreans eating dogs are racist, says Trump isn't ra…
Also, Bart Starr and Mike Ditka wearing coats with the T shaped handle zipper.
Should I hang on Killer Mike's every last word as well?
Don't think there's any debate racist. Ask Killer Mike.
watch his unscripted barbershop talk with Killer Mike or talk with Cornel West and Nina Turner
Bart Starr's wife: Former Green Bay Packers legend's back issues from hazing at Alabama
Prepping a box of goodies for the Mike Starr Memorial Charity Show
2001by Kirby, Planet of the Apes by Doug Moench, Conan (1970s), Shadow by Mike Kaluta, Vic & Blood by Corben
Mike Gessell reprising the role of Ginger Ninja.
I'm so surprised that a debate started on one ESPN property (Mike & Mike) has continued all week on ESPN properties, culminating in tonight.
Thought you might say Starr rink is officially closed. But great game great job behind the mike.
2 months ago I'd have disagreed. Did you the profile of Killer Mike in ?
Captain Mike Borkowski models the retro jersey the team will wear for their final game in Starr Rink on Saturday.
This is from this years NAMM show. Mike Starr's Signature Bass was revealed ! With Melinda Starr & Shanna LaRie...
Showing some love for the amazing Mike Starr! 󾬐. *laura
What a great guy... With Mike Starr of the TV series Chicago Fire
Mike Schur and I have. scarily similar tastes in humor
Mike Starr & Eddie Van Halen.Jerry Cantrell with Eddie Van Halen and that cute lil dog of Eddies! . *laura
Mike Starr, Duff Mckagan (Guns N Roses) and if you look closely...there is Layne ! 󾰀 . * laura
He could be the next Mike Starr, Jeff Conaway or Mindy McCready. Celeb rebab saved their careers just not their life
Incredible heads up send there by Mike Jirschele, who saw throw going into 2B.
Helix HC Troy Starr will not be coaching in tonight's game vs. Valhalla. Helix executive director Mike Lewis will be filling in.
Loved seeing Mike Starr in great actor from Good Fellas and so many more. Hope he comes back next year!
Tom, I wish I could see the interview you had with Geraldo Rivera about Mike Starr and the fun times you had with him. Love you
Here's a great shot of the morning sky over Starr's Point. ~~ Mike S
Just listened to the podcast from the 28th Sept. Thought the way you ripped into Freddie Starr was Absolutely Shameful Mike !!
surprised) when Layne Stayley died. And Mike Starr, but saw that coming as a guarantee.
I'd sure like Mike Lee to *** it! As much as Ty rags on Gage it would be sweet to see him as well.
A workmates been to NYC. Asked someone for directions, and was helped very the actor Mike Starr. He didn't recognise him.
could you please talk about how Cruising has both Paul Sorvino and Mike Starr? Pretty please?
The DATA Act opens up a flood of new government data. Get the full story from Mike Starr of at
I don't think I got any of those treats!! Mikey Mike cooking again?
2 trailers came out for Starr wars today and they released the official poster!
NO CLASSES TOMORROW MORNING . Our very own Mike Starr and Ashley Wulf are tying the knot tomorrow! Thanks for your understanding!!
that cop looks like a thinner, younger version of Mike Starr. .
Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Layne Staley, Mike Starr, Sean Kinney, William Duvall, Mike Inez, they are forever my favourite
Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, William Duvall, Mike Inez, Layne Thomas Staley, and Mike Starr too we missed they
Have a first listen here to this remix package including edits by Alan Fitzpatrick, Mike Starr and Rampa !
Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it. -David Starr Jordan
The Ride Home with Mike Shea. 53 years ago today on August 18, 1962 Ringo Starr made his debut with Paul...
Mike Starr he are too forever my favourite rock person in AIC ❤ ❤ ❤ 👍 👍 👍 💓 💓 💓😊😊😊
Bruce Smith and Mike Shanahan were checking out practice today
Listen to Enounter Radio With DJ Mike Starr - 109 by DJ Mike Starr on
At last a premise to resolve global bottleneck for a better future. Do agree "context" is the missing element?
I favorited a new track: Mike Starr Resident Advisor Chart August 2015 by mikestarr on
I doubt that Mike Huckabee would have secured a better than Obama that Russia, China and the E.U. would have supported.
Layne Staley & Mike Starr these two got a special place in my heart R.I.P 😔
When it was Atomic Punks it was & still is the BEST VH cover band I've ever heard! Mike Starr is a classic!! 👍🏼
Shared from the Mike Starr page... * laura
LIVE on Theresa's pALS and Mike's All-Starr's take the challenge
Sitting in with Mike Starr tonight up We hit at 11pm.
Fourth day of Mike Rice Scoring Camp, still going strong at
Rocking with Mike Starr tonight 11pm See ya there.
I always thought that he looks like the actor Mike Starr who was on dumb and dumber
Mike Starr's reaction when he hoid is gon be tailgatin at DaBears game tonight.
Great to see Dr Mike Starr Film & Screen Studies helping at 01604 214808
Good night to: the coolest Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, William Duvall, Mike Inez, Layne Staley, Mike Starr, and Kurt Cobain, to
🙋. Dave Ellefson ,Rob Trujilo,Flea,Mike Starr,Mike Inez and Jason Newsted are some of my favorites
Mike Starr (Official) photographed for Isle 9 Festival...such a fun shoot, we were pirates & jumped on a ship at...
Don't know why they couldn't link Trayvon and Mike arm and arm with MLK...
D'yon had on his Like Mike sneakers 😂😂
My Burberry swagg by Mike Starr Official video coming and single out soon!. RT.
Mike Starr and Susan Yount comment on frustrations and solutions in a recent article:
Hey don't miss Mike Starr tonight at the Piano Bar. It's gonna be a moving and a shaking.
ALL RIGHT! A Likkle Late to be Prompt but Here we go RIGHT on TIME! . This SATURDAY night @ 625 N Glover...
Get ready for tonight at midnight on or
Mike's moon man & his AIC bathrobe ... (I believe there were only 4 of these robes made. One for Mike one for...
“Ringo Starr originally wanted to be a hairdresser.” oh is that right?
in recent memory I loved the Dax Shepard, Martin Starr & Mike Myers.
And so she returns to me! I Love you Lil Sis! ! Thanks again for everyting and if I'm not awake when you get...
then who? Nobody fits except Mike Shanahan and I've heard he wouldn't work for elwY
😭😭😭 yall gotta go "This Pit look like he been tracking down Mike Vick all his life
mike you make no sense. Brett and i do this to carol a lot😂
& i be balling like im Mike, so my shoes stay laced up.
“When the teacher tells you take off your hat or hood 😂😂😂😂 ms.knowlden with Osa today
He sent more representation to Mike Brown's funeral than he did to Paris. Knock it off, Terrell.
Now on Radiostation ONLY JD DJ Mike Starr - Encounter Radio with DJ Mike Starr on JD Radio EP5
Love this Gang Starr playing for Mike the Tiger.
“No matter who it is, the person who brings the alcohol is always your friend”
Jennie, what was it like hanging out with and Mike Starr on Sober House? They were pals. RIP Mike.
Mike Perreira currently in the process of saving my relationship.
I'm glad to see new talent!! EVERYBODY BE SURE TO COME SUPPORT ANOTHER EVENT in Baltimore, MD!!. ... January...
should've went to bed. You knew you had to be at church. Smh
Mike Lee is my moms favorite bull rider (i got her into watching PBR) I'm a big fan too. Hard to pick a fave
So, ladies, I didn't get to see Mike Lee ride tonight. I work for him too. How did he do?
*** too bomb, it knock me out ,like MIKE TYSON 😂😂😂😂
6-way now: Alex Colon vs. Mike Bailey vs. Caleb Konley vs. David Starr vs. AR Fox vs. Jonathan Gresham for a spot in Best of the Best.
Please show some love for mike starr and follow !
Black staffers on Capitol Hill stage walkout over Eric Garner and Mike Brown decisions:
Few people know Vince Lombardi had to address Bart Starr's money gesture at News Conference's during Starr's rookie year wi…
This map shows how outrage over the Eric Garner and Mike Brown decisions went global
Dirt...Mike Starr's last record with them.
I listen to Alice In Chains. I saw what drugs did to Layne Staly and Mike Starr. Not fun,at all.
Yes I started mine right after Mike Brown Grand Jury came warning I just cut them off
Listen to "Trance Tuesdays with DJ Mike Starr EP5" by VAC GLOBAL RADIO® via
How is John Kuhn only 32? I swear I saw Bart Starr give him a goal-line carry on NFL Films the other day.
Check out - Road To Electric Dance Fest Mix by DJ Mike Starr on
See how Mike Starr's Memorial Show was a part of making new . Malfunkshun history :) with the new front man Tony...
Source close to Brett Favre says Favre is indeed flying to Green Bay as we speak. Also, Bart Starr's son Bart Jr. is aboar…
To recap: Favre and Bart Starr Jr. are on a flight to Green Bay, per a source close to Favre. Source can't confirm if Bart…
yeah! Mike Starr is so good from the Eagles! But you know Wilson is 1000x better!
Ken Starr could sell impeachment to a committee but not Baylor
Sharing from the Mike Starr page and I wanted to say Congrats to Steven Adler as well for his hard work in...
lol yes! It wasn't mike starr though it was Mike Inez. Starr was out of the band by then :( they look alike tho lmfao
Men that aren't trustworthy: any kind of Sean. Mike. Brandon for sure and any name that starts with J. Any name with Rell on t…
Monty McCutcheon just gave Mike Conley & DMC techs. DeMarcus's first T of the season, Conley's first T in forever.
It was gonna happen eventually. Mike Trout winning MVP. He just didn't deserve it this year.
As "Dumb and Dumber To" hits theaters tomorrow, you can see Holy Cross grad Mike Starr ’68 in the original "Dumb...
That time when Mike Starr from Dumb and Dumber hit up the Hamburger Hop...
The police wife wants her husband to come home safe? I'm sure Mike, Kajieme and VonDerrit's mothers wanted the same thing.
Mike Brown's family hold press conference. Watch live:
yea I know I think after this week you'll starr to notice it more cause 5 pounds isn't much
1)Chris Penn? Do you mean Mike Starr?. 2)Mike Starr, the evil hitman who chugs ulcer pills?
Relationships are a sick cycle of Mike bruh... You Mike and get Mike'd...
BuzzFeed News’ speaks with the men who claim to have helped ISIS slip into Europe.
Video shows U.S. sailors attacked: A video posted to YouTube shows three U.S. Navy sailors atta... "
also at the first squadroom scene I was like "tall-cop-actor Mike Starr!" "the Principal from Twin Peaks!" my character-actor game is sharp.
Shoutout to for throwing my mix on for You can catch my set and the rest of em here
My favorite line of Mike Starr's character Joe Mentalino;who suffered from a digestive disorder.
*** runnin to they fee job before her and Mike clock out like
A second chance for troubled veterans: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering a reassessment... "
I wonder how much Mike Starr was paid for his role in Dumb and Dumber?
This mornings playlist consisted of Fatboy slim and Riva Starr, Dimitri Vegas and like Mike, and Martin Garrix!
Mike Hailwood in the worst conditions Peter Starr - Director of Take It To The Limit: via
Sean Kinney next to Layne Staley. And Mike Starr's on the right with the ciggie & LA Kings jacket
Mike Starr? There's another one I'm thinking of but haven't found yet.
We're seeing the floor on Mike Evans & the ceiling is scary. Abnormally young rookie in just his 4th year of organized footb…
Sharing this very cool photo of Mike Starr & Stone Gossard. :D. *laura
It's going down right now tune in live!
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Mike Love, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in Rishikesh on George’s birthday.
ask me if Mike Starr is more important thank u bc the answer is yes
Congratulations to Eileen Haley and Mike Starr on your beautiful wedding and marriage! Best wishes always! ♡♡
My Man, Dave Starr giving back to the Community! You rock, Dave. And your Motorhome is The Bomb!
, and I applied to be extras in Magic Mike, so like pick us💁🙋
and I just applied to be an extra in Magic Mike. I'll start signing autographs after class 💁
You think BEAU and MIKE STARR ever get together and throw this in and Mike just goofs on it the whole time while Beau stews?
Alice in Chains is not Alice in Chains without Layne Staley and Mike Starr
on scene as notifications on-going in apt cmplx of 2nd hlth care worker w/Ebola
Showing love for this morning, With Alice in Chains & Mike Starr. *laura
Mike Starr needs to play drunken clowns more often. Dude was just poured into those shoes... :-)
Mike Zimmer on why Cordarrelle Patterson hasn't been involved in Vikings' offense: "He needs to get open."
this looks like mike starr's bass i'M
White folks can romanticize a sociopathic imperialist to the point of granting him a Federal holiday, but offer "Mike Bro…
But keep thinking the white man keeping you down. Keep deifying thugs and criminals like Mike Brown.
CONGRATS to the Mike Starr page for hitting the 20,000 Milestone today! :D Thanks so much to all of you that...
Mike Brown's mom marching with the crowd, and a family spokesman says she wants no violence or incitement from demonstrato…
Mike Moustakas is crushing the baseball this postseason, Playoff HR No. 4, Only George Brett has more for the
Being with mike will be the death of me
Aiden Starr imparts wisdom to Mike de Marko
Also involved in that initial incident: David Starr, Mike Bliss, Matt DiBenedetto, Derrike Cope.
Riker Danzig attorney Mike Starr grows biggest pumpkin in NJ this year -- 863 lbs.
Good luck from Vicky and Mike for Charlotte race tonight!
Listen to "Encounter Radio with DJ Mike Starr - EP6" by VAC PRODUCTIONS® via
A new favorite: Sickest you will ever see By Mike Starr by MikeStarr1 on
Thank you Rev. W Awdry, Britt Allcroft, Mike O'Donnell, Junior Campbell, Ringo Starr and everyone else who worked on TTTE & Friends.
Pass around!!! Take pics with the tag and send them to our page or Mike Starr page and they will get...
weren't the eye witnesses in Mike Brown case proven wrong by autopsy? Let investigation continue.
So, we're supposed to set a plate of corn, and pork n beans, and a dollar next to pictures of Mike Brown?.
If there had been a peaceful protest following Mike Brown's death, how much coverage do you think there would have been?
I'm still confused: didn't convenience store owner say it wasn't Mike? Has he retracted?
Listening to the new mix from for on Soundcloud: Hear him spin 8/22 at 1am
Mike Brown Law. Requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera. 👌 signed 👍
ISIS fighters to return to U.S.?: After forcing millions to flee their homes, U.S. intelligence... "
Someone at the press conference just said "seems like you're only answering questions that demean the character of Mike Bro…
The cops say that Darren Wilson is upset that he "had" to KILL Mike Brown.NO HE UPSET CUZ NIGGAZ GON RIP HIS HEAD OFF 👮🔫…
Don't vilify or lionize Mike Brown. Humanize him. He was a 18-year old teen who should be alive. Not a rallying cry or…
Mike Brown ALLEGEDLY stole some cigars so OF COURSE he deserved to be shot & killed by police. Makes perfect sense.
J. Cole new song "be free" fire. Those who are highly engaged in this mike brown tragedy I suggest you go listen. ASAP! 🔥🔥
Was the robbery called in? If so, and they knew who Dorian and Mike were, why wasn't Dorian arrested?
I'll be just as shocked as I was to see pix of Mike Brown throwing up Bloods gang signs. SMH.
That's why, to me, the absurd question about whether Mike Brown stole something is totally irrelevant to conceptualizing th…
We officially have more facts about a likely unrelated robbery of a single Swisher than we do about the execution of Mike B…
excellent suggestion..add that to Mike Brown's law
Mike Brown used force and intimidation to criminalize himself
Took a week, but we finally at the moment where Mike Brown Is officially a suspect in his own murder.
Why the eyewitness say the cop was white? The cop standing ova mike brown was white, they forgot we have pics???
per witness, the clerk had time to call 911, report a theft and grab his keys to lock the door before Mike got to the door. LOL
Was he implying Mike Brown robbed that store or it was mistaken identity... I'm confused!
They keep saying, "there was a struggle in the squad car". As though that warrants the officer shooting and killing mike brown
this is a bit misleading in that It makes one believe they received the equipment in the wake of Mike Brown's death
This all began on Saturday, August 9th, at 2:15PM when a Ferguson police officer killed unarmed teenager, Mike Brown. h…
Did she hold you when you cried, Jessie? Then she IS your real mother. Anything else is jus…
Something is tell me to say this: We can more for Robin Williams and Mike Brown, too. It's irresponsible to say otherwise.
Mike Starr answers your questions about XBRL here:
PLEASE keep St.Louis and the family of Mike Brownin your prayers 🙏
ep. 2 showed me Starr will be cut, Mike's green light ensures we get nasty, Prince has the mental of a leader, Sheed is character
really glad you like them. Next time they're in town we'll hit up the show
I think I might have just found my new favorite band. Thanks
Cheating, side b*tches, *** bags, douching, mike brown, *** crying, and pissing off your ex. I need to follow new people
Pretty cool way to pay homage to Layne Staley and Mike Starr
Layne Staley & Mike Starr tho still would love to get my chance to see the now to see Jerry,Mike & Sean, but Miss Layne so much
Alice in Chains was such a good band man, RIP Layne Staley and Mike Starr
I have a lot of friends who have rockstar romances. I know who each one of you's lover is. Meanwhile, I am in love with like everybody. Lol. Bob Dylan, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, sometimes Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Stoned Gossard, sometimes Mike McCready, Mike Inez, Mike Starr, Jerry Cantrell, Mark Arm, Mark Lanegan, Joey Ramone, Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, the list goes on and on and on
OUR WEEKEND LINEUP OF FEATURES FOR THE WEEKEND OF MAY 31ST: Saturday at 8AM: The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas bring you the episode: "The Lonely" starring Mike Starr. In this adapted from TV episode, a man convicted of murder is sentenced to 40 years on a distant asteroid, in complete solitude, until a sympathetic ship's captain brings him a female robot companion. Saturday at 11AM: "Edwards Archives" will feature May 31, 1975 in music! (An EXCLUSIVE program to WION!) Saturday evening, 6 to 9 PM: "The Lost 45's" with your host Barry Scott features: Interviews with Bonnie Tyler, Brian Setzer, A 1970 yearbook, A Daryl Hall/John Oates 3-fer, and much more! Please visit Barry's site and let him know you listen to WION! Sunday at 8AM: Pastor Ken Harger of Shiloh Church with his weekly visit and his Message, "Old Cisterns Teach us New Lessons for Today!" (you can download Pastor Ken's messages from the site:") Sunday 9AM-11AM: "Retro Stars, the 90's Show" with host Dave Stewart-with music, mov ...
The guitar playing of Alice in Chains axeman Jerry Cantrell has helped shape the face of modern hard rock. After more than 20 years and the tragic deaths of singer Layne Staley and former bassist Mike Starr, AIC are still going strong.
If you have to have David Caruso in your movie please have the decency to have Mike Starr punch him in the face at some point.
Still waiting to hear from Mr. Preston to book the next Kanawha Valley Wrestling Association show. It's great how this place is ran by such an underachiever...No wonder a guy like Mike Starr was able to be the world champion. It doesn't matter who they line up, I will be the next KVW World Champion..Vayn Lewis, Hilljack, or Jesse really doesn't matter to me. The Reaper is coming to take what he's owed.
I hate you Gayle Starr don't you ever come near me you evil maggot. Your a psycho ..You are not a healer and I don't need healing I hate you ugly fat lying fat freaky c___ Thsts what your son, Michael called both you and your frsudulent psychic Phyliss page sunsheena. . Nurse ratchet. . C---s!!! That's what you both are. You w s by to open up the Mike Starr Layne Staley drug rehab center and the Mike Starr foundation to hide the child abuse and things done to your son and make money franchising on mike and Layne Staley to hide your guilt and your crimes. That's what journalist Adriana Rubio told me and she was right. She told me not to ever trust you or any so called psychic you work with. I trust her. I have billions of rockers who support me. Not you. Psycopath. I'm calling for the public to boycott and protest your rehab centers in love and respect for Mike Starr and Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. . .
hey boyss can anyone that is driving to the game tn pick me uppp probably Mike Starr aswell
Sorry if i let you all down Dont Give Up on me yet.Mike Starr
A kid too. Did u see my aic tats? On my leg I have the lyrics 2 angry chair & at the bottom it says rip Layne Staley &Mike Starr
Back to Seattle for the Mike Starr Memorial Show in March, see you there!
Matt and Os will be at the Mike Starr Memorial Show on 8th March in Seattle - expect some surprises. We'll see you there!
we shared your thoughts memories,talent as been a rock star we love you You live on in this world today we are great friends still I am glad I got to know you for the last 28 yearshow we were just friends ,like family we all lived in Ontario together
Hey! How about you all put the DAM phones down and talk to ea other.Friends
Someting New by Tha man himself. Mike Starr!! Originally titled " _ " was focused on the more emotional level.. Imagine not being able to express your ...
Same here. Sadly I never got to see original recipe AIC. I met Mike Starr right after he did Celeb Rehab, VERY sweet nice man
i like new AIC, but i'm a huge Layne Staley fan. wish he was still here. it also *** what happened to Mike Starr.
Alice in Chains Bleed the Freak Live in Rio 01-22-93 (Mike Starrs final show)
Big News!! Have the lead role in a movie being filmed in New York this August. Some other Actors in the movie Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs, Mike Starr from Dumb and Dumber, and Goodfellas, and Eric Roberts from The Best of the Best. But before that catch me at Baileys this Thursday 9 bells in PA and I have two other comics one from Kenya, and one from Edmonton, tics at the best western front desk.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Mike I reckon Ringo Starr could have you don't need the rest off the Beatles
Hi all, Who's looking forward to this months cult film club? We'll be rocking out to This is Spinal Tap (link to event down below). I'll certainly be dressing for the occasion, anyone else? This months special feature will be a Q&A session with Mike Starr, Lorna Jowett and David Simmons. Have you got any burning questions to ask them about the film/ comedy/ mockumentaries in general? We'll be putting them on the spot. If you're feeling shy pop your questions down below and I'll be sure to make sure to ask as many as possible.
Channing Tatum has started work on Magic Mike 2:
Saw Mike Starr in a Toluca Lake liquor store and could only remember him from Dumb and Dumber when he plays a hitman who dies from hot peppers-not even his name. Clerk's name was Mike too so I had a good opening.
Damnit, I should get HBO. I love Kumail Nanjiani and Martin Starr.
They've had some notable failures. Mike Starr, King, Rodman...
mike starrs last tour with aic was rome...1993..well as rome fell.but man...I miss him..layne too...
"Starr will be joining TriStar Motorsports drivers Mike Bliss, Blake Koch, Jeff Green, Eric McClure and Will Kimmel for the 2014 season"
Lol mike't and my neighbor crazy lol 😂😂😂
Haaa rite but me & mike't broken up for good so I'm cool !!!😂😝😝 ! No more 12.12.12 !
Mike and I are gonna see Ringo Starr in June
Ugh you're watching Magic Mike without me?! Also, what did you expect? Actual magic?
The Last Dragon is a 1985 martial arts musical film produced by Rupert Hitzig for Berry Gordy and directed by Michael Schultz. The film was a critical disappointment but a financial success, and is now considered a cult classic. The film stars Taimak, Vanity, Julius J. Carry III, Chris Murney, and Faith Prince. Choreography was done by Lester Wilson and Lawrence Leritz. It was released in theatres by TriStar Pictures on March 22, 1985. Set in New York City, a teenage martial arts student named Leroy Green (often referred to as "Bruce Leroy"), with dreams of becoming a great martial artist like his idol Bruce Lee, The film is known for its soundtrack, featuring a bevvy of talent and highlighting the best of what hip-hop offered in the West in that time integrated with references to martial arts from the East. The music was supervised by executive producer Gordy, the founder of Motown Records. Featured in this film is a DeBarge song, "Rhythm of the Night", written by Diane Warren. The song reached on the Bi ...
The media is saying that since Phillip Seymour Hoffman has passed away people will learn from his drug addiction. Well before him the lessons should of been learned..Jim Morrison, River Phoenix, Mike Starr, John Belushi, Jeff Conaway, Whitney Houston, Anna Nicole, Heath Ledger, Chris Farley, and so many more. All I can see is such wonderful talents gone.
Check it out... Bout Yo PayPa Remix ft. Big Mike, Big Roddy, J Starr, and Lil Sin... OUT NOW!
In Memory of Mike Starr,Tribute, RIP Mike Starr, bassist of Alice in Chains - 4/4/66 - 3/811
"I want to have hair like Mike Starr did!" was my little brothers response to Man in a Box music video :)
“Honoring the life of Mike Starr at on March 8,2013.
“Fantasy Matches: Mike Best vs Brett Starr let's keep this lead! Thanks to all!
mike, mad props Bro! That dude with a girl haircut had no chance of stopping you on that shot! Def. made my night man!
American Rock Heavyweights ALICE IN CHAINS were formed in Seattle, Washington in 1987 by guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and original lead vocalist Layne Staley. The initial lineup was rounded out by drummer Sean Kinney, and bassist Mike Starr (who was replaced in 1993 by Mike Inez). Although widely associated with grunge music, the band's sound incorporates heavy metal and acoustic elements. The band rose to int'l fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s, along with other Seattle bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. In 1992, the band released their album Dirt, which was critically acclaimed and has been certified quadruple platinum. The band also achieved two No. 1 Billboard 200 releases ( The Jar of Flies EP and the self-titled album), 14 top ten songs on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and eight Grammy Award nominations. The band reunited in 2005 with new lead vocalist William Duvall, and released their fourth studio album, Black Gives Way to Blue, in 2009. The albu ...
mike I've been getting a lil creeped out
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