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Mike Sonko

Gidion Kioko Mbuvi, commonly known as Mike Sonko or simply Sonko (Sheng for rich person ), is the Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency, Kenya.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Rachel Shebesh Nairobi Senator Lupita Nyongo Hassan Joho Francis Atwoli Raila Odinga President Uhuru Kenyatta Kazungu Kambi Rachael Shebesh Uhuru Park Dr Evans Kidero Ferdinand Waititu Lupita Nyong Kenyatta National Hospital

Judi Wakhungu Mike Sonko have tried to assist but the water has not been drained yet even after Nairobi Water...
Kenyan media be covering mike Sonko outside The Hague &not covering doing a Ted talk in rio,photography exhibition in the US
Nick Mutuma of "Sonko ka Mike Sonko " fame should do a collabo with this " Form ni Maform maform" guy & Blaqy ! Weuh!
After being named by as one of those behind Sonko spotted in a "Respect my hustle,Takataka ghasia nyi…
Deadbeat Kenya’s JACKSON NJERU seen with MIKE SONKO’s daughter, someone will...
MIKE SONKO decides to advise people on marriage despite his scandalous love-life via
MIKE SONKO does it again; he was wearing military uniform and not UHURU - Read more >>>
Wololo!!! Who is doing this to MIKE SONKO? he was also spotted in full military gear. (PHOTOS)
Where did Rachel Shebesh sublime to?after her encounter with Mike Sonko & Kidero slap
This looks so fake.Which *** cant tell you the meaning of PIN? Which fool says Mike Sonko is a deput…
Trending photo of Mike sonko Reciting the Lords prayer in Church Yesterday
Viral Photo of Mike sonko Reciting the Lords Prayer in Church
Sonko Mike Daughter get money saved by his dad.Saving and partying depend on class people are.
And the Holy Spirit descended on MIKE SONKO in church
You’re just mere rats to me and I don’t take orders from you - MIKE SONKO shocks MCAs: Monday September 1, 201...
A court has ordered Mike Sonko to continue paying school fees for two children, who a Kwale woman claims to have been fathered by him.
MIKE SONKO gets filled with the holy spirit in a city Church. PHOTO. via
Mike Mbuvi Sonko Pumwani Mosque land grabbed! SoS!!! Tension on the ground. Threatening to get out of hand...
MIKE SONKO pours praises on UHURU KENYATTA for doing this at the Coast.. via
Dandora Youth soccer contest underway sponsered by Britam in attendance Mike Sonko
Nairobi county is big with 17 constituencies. A county development board (cdb) would sit 22 members; Mike Sonko chair & Dr Kidero Secretary.
Find how much money MIKE SONKO pocketed after selling his Double-Decker Bus. - Read more >>>
As I said yesterday Mike Sonko is getting prepared for you so start proving with development in Nairobi or kiss the seat GooDbye
They only saw RAILA, UHURU and KIBAKI but MIKE SONKO was there . Eh Eh Eh - Read more >>>
PHOTO!! MIKE SONKO’s double decker bus is back, he sold it to City Shuttle - Read more >>>
Mike Sonko withdraws daughter's Sh60,000 monthly allowance and Mercedes Benz due to her comments via
Atwoli, Mike Sonko and James Ngaira have one thing in common, bling bling
MIKE SONKO's daughters to start a reality TV show just like KIM-KARDASHIAN. via
Keeping up with the Mbuvi's: Mike Sonko's family set for a reality show. - via
Sonko & shebesh? "Complete the sentence. Mike and Rachel go together like _. starts in 30min.
Huge shout out to the big hommie Mike Sonko for rocking that outfit!!
We have not forgotten Mike Sonko had acquired Land irregularly at Kinondo area then later donated to win people's trust!
Aye! ": : Senator 's daughters for reality show "
Senator Mike Sonko's daughters for reality show
MIKE SONKO spotted shopping for a Golden chain in a Chinese Shop.LOOK. -
Mathare by election loss and Hon Mike Sonko FACTOR in Uhuru’s RESHUFFLE !
MIKE SONKO shocks Raila Odinga as he says he financed ODM campaigns in Mathare -
Look at MIKE SONKO's security Lead Car, you will be SHOCKED. via
Viral PHOTO!! MIKE SONKO’s big family. Money comes and goes but family remains -
PHOTOs!! Check out Senator MIKE SONKO’s security lead car. They call it power of money -
Here is a PHOTO of MIKE SONKO&family doing rounds on social media. -
Look at MIKE SONKO&security Lead Car, you will be SHOCKED. -
Mike Sonko's daughters for reality show
wow the day becoming soo interesting Mike Sonko and hon Sabina in Kiharu constituency and headed to Kangema.
"Miracle lake" appears in the Tunisian desert to delight of locals
Flamboyant Nairobi Senator Hon Mike Sonko was spotted buying a new golden chain with Diamond crys...
Senator Mike Sonko REWARDED with new Kshs 3million GOLDEN chain by Supporter .
Senator Mike Sonko REWARDED with new 3 million GOLDEN chain by Supporter
It waz a gud moment 2 onlookers as Mike Sonko gave some 100k Cash to Late Jastorina's Family
“Mike Sonko” Raped and infected me with an STD.. Claims a 22 year old college girl
PHOTO: The selfie Joseph Njoki took with an Eldoret university student he alledgedly raped. A university student...
Senator Mike Sonko imposter accused of rape
Mike sonko is the definition of a true leader with service for mankind.
A man accused of presenting himself as Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko created a fals…
,The Sonko impostor,in his theatrics,forgot Mike gives but not taking.
After failing to stop RAILA’s 7/7, MIKE SONKO spotted doing this to finish him completely via
Mike Sonko’s wife dies and goes to heaven. St. Peter was giving her a tour of Heaven when she noticed that there were dozens of clocks on the wall. Each clock displayed a different time of day.
I want to owner Hon. Mike sonko who is upto today shares empathy with the poor less fortunate.Remember baby Osanya
God bless Mike Sonko,this is coming from deep deep deep in my heart!.such a good leader and a man who has a big heart:). I salute u!.
Watching BET Awards... Im expecting mike sonko somewhere in there to receive an award on behalf of someone
MIKE SONKO'S doughter and VERA SIDIKA have one thing ib common see
Mike Sonko Made me Cry like a baby:Rachael Shebesh: . Many Kenyans remember the infamous leaked photos o...
Is Mike sonko`s generosity shere philanthropy or mere show off
Woman Rep Shebesh speaks out on Kidero slap and brawl with Mike Sonko
KENYA: Mike Sonko Angry after his Daughters were Chased away Like a Dogs from Carnivore. *MUST READ*
The day Rachael Shebesh cried like a baby because of MIKE SONKO.
Stop blame game over insecurity, Sonko tells leader: Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, has urged leaders to stop bl...
Asked about an alleged altercation with Senator Mike Sonko, the damning nude pictures that surfaced online and...
Even after Mike Sonko. mentioning severally Juintas to be arrested none have ever replied fearing Sonko Madrama hi-tech
“mike sonko's swagg.I like it. In my country it's a sign of poverty, here is Fashion :)
Those days are long gone Sir, they went with Moi ->>Mike in bid to have opposition leaders jailed -
Senior staff at the Teachers Service Commission plan to boycott meetings called by the Ministry of Education as Mike Sonko wants CORD l ...
Senator Mike Sonko, files an application to high court for CORD “Boys” to be jailed.
Sonko in bid to have leaders jailed
Now that Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko want CORD leaders arrested,what is your take?
SHOCKING REVELATION!! After breaking up with MIKE SONKO, Nairobi Women’s rep, Rachel Shebesh is now involved in...
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko on Wednesday filed a suit against Cord leaders over remarks they allegedly made during...
Sonko wants court to punish CORD leaders. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko on Wednesday filed contempt charges against...
Here is that PHOTO of MIKE SONKO’s daughter and HD that everyone is asking about
CORD has met their match in Gideon Mike Mbuvi Sonko. . They, along with their trigger happy NGOs, have been so...
DAILY POST: MIKE SONKO conning Kenyans ….. Is this the real SONKO? NO, it is fake.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko in bid to have Cord leaders jailed
Between Vera Sidika, Ephy Saint, Dennis Oliech, Mike Sonko, Corizon and WIlly Paul, who should represent us on Big Brother Africa Sn. 9
Standard Digital News - 'Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, destroyed my life and that of our son,' claims woman
Mike Sonko admits to fathering woman’s son follow
Mike Sonko admits to fathering woman's son
The Counties: Sonko admits fathering woman's son: Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has owned up he is the father of ...
Mike Sonko thinks he can fill Uhuru Park. Which masses was he talking about?
Someone to tell Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko that you dont just wake up one morning to fight the experienced opposition wing on demonstration, you must be having people who have been practicing the Art during their leisure time. Thats where CORD wins. AFC & Gor matches have done a good job to keep them fit for such a task. I know most Jubilee fanatics; thy will never risk or waste their time to join such demonstration.Therefore 77 is on the way. Hebu organize for national dialogue.
Mike sonko follows everybody on i.g... Ain't nothin special about it
He (Mike Sonko) can pull a large crowd at Uhuru Park than all of CORD combined
I lyke mike sonko character he care less! 2hrs ago he was at kiserian,he said that b4 Kimaiyo arrest him he shld arrest first those who abused our prezo, Mr mbuvi called the names they deserved
7/7/14 all road are headed to Uhuru Park.Mike Sonko.Politic is healed by politics.No dialogue.I now know Raila...
Mike Sonko should watch his big mouth. Saying he's going to mobilize his people on Saba Saba might cause him trouble in the coming days.
People, follow the real Nairobi Senator the others...mmmh (nodding)
Will Mike Sonko ever behave or dress his age?
Meet Mike Sonko's beautify daughter flaunting her s3xy curves . See her photos here
Hard working entre-preneurs are not that way extra-vagant & too generous. There is something common btwn Vera Sidika(did not see her) & Mike sonko. Its either thy own a "shop" that sells "beddings or medicine."Keep it up. You are our role models!
Gun drama between Mike Sonko and Rachael Shebesh over Sh8.5 million Range Rover
No connection at all. Mike Sonko should represent nxt time
Money! Money! Look at MIKE souped up ride that caused a storm today. via
League game Ngiluni f.c(kisasi) 2 vs Inglos f.c(kitui town) 4. It is a sad evening for me coz my team has been beaten by one of the best teams in the league. I thing am lacking facilities. Wapi kule friends Dennis Itumbi, hon. Mike Sonko, Kitute mko wapi
I will make sure I out do mike sonko in making it rain!
Mike Sonko?s ex-bodyguard was kind enough to share with Kenyans pictures of what happens in the Senator's office at KICC.
Now my opinion. President Uhuru has exactly 30 days to call for National Dialogue or face the STORM. I will never forgive him if he were to give in to such threats. I love threats. I woke up so early to vote Uhuruto not because I loved them more than my sleep but because I was threatened with consequences. Am now more interested in seeing the storm than the dialogue. So to Maina Kamanda and Mike Sonko (the only other leaders I elected) never attend such a dialogue on my behalf. Let Uhuru call and attend with his cabinet secretaries and civil servants.
Ati I have two mutual friend with Mike Sonko, seriously? Its time I unfriended people here, that is taking me too low down the IQ lane.
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It was an awesome night... thanks to everyone who came through. Mike Sonko, Mututho, Lillian Muli na hao waheshimiwa wengine wote.
Has MIKE SONKO neglected his family for City PROSTITUT3S. Here is the TRUTH. - *** Read More ~~~>
So now Mike Sonko smoked weed with Bonny Khalwale... Haaha. Crazy
Josephine Thuku sues Mike Sonko for failure to provide for two kids he fathered in 1999 & 2008. She wants 140k monthly.
Mike Sonko's entourage at it again. Pole for the loss and hope you are not traumatized by the event ;-)
A customised Toyota VX owned by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko spotted at the Laico Regency, Nairobi.
NKT! MIKE SONKO is always texting, even when his wife is around. LOOK. - *** Read More ~~~>
MIKE SONKO exposed by his ex-bodyguard . The dirty things he does in his KICC office - *** Read More ~~~>
SonkoSuffer in the Pretex of Kudos to our Security Apparatus
I have never CHEATED on my husband, never had S£X with MIKE SONKO - SHEBESH - *** Read More ~~~>
Just like VERA SIDIKA, MIKE SONKO’s daughter also decides to get WET ... PHOTOs. - *** Read More ~~~>
F0rget about his drama .. MIKE SONKO has a beautiful daughter. PHOTOs. - *** Read More ~~~>
MIKE SONKO does it again ….. Just like RAILA he has CIA guarding him
Question...would you employ Mike Sonko as a manager in your organization..definitely no...then we complain about leadership!
Mike Sonko admits on a national TV that he has private problems with Shebesh again congratulations to his coa…
Kenya is a privilledged Nation by virtue of having H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta as C.I.C, and ESPECIALLY HE William Ruto as the Deputy President. These are real partriots who have their claws rooted to the ground with normal citizens. When terror attack was executed at the Likoni Church, William Ruto went there to console the affected. Talk of Otonglo boy and the little angel from Gaciororo ECD, and the transformations of their lives. Baby Satrine Osinya was even adopted by Mike Sonko, and his dad offered a job by the Presidency. And many more projects positioned to upgrade and change lives of normal Kenyans. When baba came back, his first priority was to visit a mysteriously rich former mungiki sect leader Maina wa Njenga...and demanded that Njenga be provided with bodyguards, from the police unit that he claims shot at him. Surely, WHAT IS OF PRIORITY WHEN WE HAVE THE GIKOMBA TERROR VICTIMS STILL HOSPITALISED AT KNH?
meet the family of MIKE SONKO who has of late been romoured to neglect it. Stunning indeed...
FROM TOUCHLINE: Kenya don't need democracy that subject her citizens to elections in every five years BUT Kenya needs a strongman like former President Moi or current Russian President, Mr. Vladmir Putin or even closer home Rwandese president, Mr. Paul Kagame. Strong leadership will solve many social evils & the character that fits this description is Mzee Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga & to some extent Mike Sonko & Ferdinand Waititu aka Baba Yao are the only leaders currently who can solve these class problems because they tend to have heart for the poor with their populism politics. I believe Raila Odinga can solve land problem in Kenya & all landless people will rejoice especially Kikuyu people majority of whom are landless yet the first family owns thousands of hectares that were acquired illegally BUT President Uhuru shouldn't be blamed for crimes of his father though he should address the issue. S. Korea first route to success was its perfect handling of landlessness caused by the Korean War in the 1950 ...
The only thing Mike Sonko has DONE in Nairobi County is Rachel Shebesh.
If the leaders reflect their voters then I pity the Nairobians on behalf of Mike Sonko & Rachel Shebesh
Videos:Sonko and Shebesh Bar Fight. The drama queens are back. Mike Sonko and his frenemy Rachel Shebesh are...
I dont see Evans Kidero, Mike Sonko or Rachel Shebesh making it to office come 2017
I'm in agreement with my good friend Tsomnyazi Wa Nganga that Nairobi, the Capital City of Kenya, lacks a Governor, Senator and a Woman Representative. It can't be rocket science anymore. What has the good manager Evans Kidero done to deserve a complement as a Governor of a very wealthy and industrialised city. The only governor who heads a CITY courtesy of the 1st schedule of the Kenyan constitution. Mike Sonko is a hustlers' guy, though Nairobi is a composition of high class, middle, and the lower class persons. We need development more than everything else. Not the Sonko's handout culture. We need a mature senator, did I say mature?. Yes unapologetically. A democrat governor not the current populist. Racheal Shebesh is another big liability to Nairobi. I mean the only thing that can make her hit the media eye is the 'Koinange street behaviours'. Stories that reach us about her are not of a married women on a moral perspective and also of a woman rep on a leadership perspective. I long for the lik ...
Join the conversation with Paul Mbuvi- The voice artist (Mike Sonko on ) he shares on the challenges and the opportunities ahead
Lets make it a deal coz i av bn thnking of it now n then,if u lk this post,or comment abt it, u pray 4 my dream plz,if Mike Sonko waz my dad, n Lupita Nyong´o was my Sister,,how many wud date me,,n 4 men,how many men wud ask me 2 connect them wid my ´´sister´´ Lupita 4 a relationship.dont shy off plz,,,lk it or comment,,rem ua comment is a prayer 4 me
Dr Evans Kidero should know people. I warned him, we warned him. He is out when least expected and the shock is his. He should now forget politics. If he decide to defend his seat as a Nairobi County Governor, in a by-election, he will be reduced to a laughing stooge. Will Luos from Luo Nyanza, where he used to go every weekend to spend millions come to Nairobi City County to vote for him? At a certain point, he refused to employ qualified applicants from Mumias stating categorically that, he can not work with people of Mumias. He gave ODM/CORD the "back" after settling down in office. He dined with Jubilee, who have now played tough on him through court and shown him the door. He should have detected what is in the offing when Mike Sonko. embroiled him im media war. Dr Evans Kidero, you should have listened to me if at all you did not wish to listen to Raila Odinga or CORD leaders. What a wasted opportunity? You have been fried and done. Pole.
Drama!!! MIKE SONKO Landed A ‘SLAP’ From Blazing Governor EVANS KIDERO Coming from different backgrounds one corporate world the other streets to run the city, the contradictory view points are bound and is already showing. The two one the… [ 167 more words. ]
Latest News : Photos!! Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Does It AGAIN The Nairobi Senator has once again demonstrated in his style of leadership standing by his people. He cleared the hefty bail put on the five people ,2 drivers and 3 touts who were arrested… [ 141 more words. ]
*** Over the past two weeks, there has been Insecurity here in kenya due to terror attacks. Due to public demand and pressurized meetings with Uhuru Kenyatta, I have seen it wise to send those *** a letter before i plan a revenge. Dear TERRORISTS. Hello Somalia, Do you know me? I think its good I Introduce myself first. So my name is Sinai M-pesa Oscar. M-pesa for money. Am MPESA because - Am a brother to Aaron Mwau, am sure you know him ,that *** can buy your whole country. Am also a cousin to Mike Sonko, Nephew to Uhuru Kenyatta, in-law to LIVONDO, step brother to David Moyes, Close friend of Bill Gates and of course a Son-in law to Barrack Obama. AM Oscar Because--I think you all remember Lupita Nyong'o winning an OSCAR award in US, well am that Oscar. Am the price she won.. Good am through with introduction. Let me get to my task. I need an apology letter from you *** The letter should have the following: 1. I need the letter in five copies, one typed, one printed, one hand-written, one le ...
"All public vehicles and taxis with tinted windows must be impounded. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko says police have been very reluctant to enforce the law banning tinted vehicle windows. He says this has contributed greatly to the rise of crime in the country." And people still expect this guy to be of great assistance in the fight to preserve MATATU art?! Siasa ni sumu. Somebody out there tell me how tint on PSVs has increased insecurity...That is utter rubbish!!!
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Thika Road drivers and touts out on Ksh. 25 million bond paid by Sonko In another Mike Sonko style of leadership...
Senator Mike Sonko bails out the 5 Thika Road drivers and touts arrested over last Sunday blast. Ksh 5 million each. Ksh 25 million in total. Uongozi ni tuvitendo tuvidogo tuvidogo hivi.
15 DAYS TO GO HON MIKE SONKO WILL BE IN USA ON 22nd May 2014. We welcome you to come walk with us as we support free surgeries to our brothers and sisters.
In another Mike Sonko style of leadership where and when it is needed, the drivers and touts who h...
Even Mike sonko was here. Industrial prison.
Whereas they r propagating on , the Nairobi Senator is busy working on land rates' orders -
may God bless keriako tobiko, mike sonko, mp for thika for reasoning together to save ma3 drivers from the hands of merciless judge
Mike sonko bailing out 3 three drivers 4 15m? yaaawa..!
After SHEBESH, is MIKE SONKO dating JOY KWENDO? – Did she dump OJ after S£X?
Big up mike SONKO for the help of the driver and coda. Sonko 4prezo.
I hope thats the real mike_sonko Is it appropriate to ask for money now?lol just joking…
Poverty business: Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is on his knees praying that the current poverty situation in nairobi shld worsen and many slums created to give him a chance to connect illegal electricity and distribute some kalara blankets for him to be seen as considerate and close to electorates.
I av a dream tha one day i'll be Sonko like Sonko..I av a dream..
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has welcomed the ouster of Nairobi governor Dr. Evans Kidero from the h...
This is Sonko: ‘Kidero loss a victory to devolution’: Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has welcomed the oust...
COURTESY OF Mwalimu Dida Sunday night, KTN aired Mohammed Ali's latest investigative series Jicho Pevu. This time with the title 'Ghururi Ya Saitoti'. The English version, 'Death in 10 minutes' was done by investigative reporter John Allan Namu. The two journalists looked into the circumstances that led to the death of Prof. Saitoti, his assistant Orwa Ojode, their bodyguards and two pilots. The pair tried to prove that Saitoti's 'accident' was an indeed an assassination. Mohammed Ali started by revealing his trials and tribulations after his last exposé. He narrated how a special police force code name 'EAGLE 1' was formed to neutralize specific journalists. Leading this exercise were three officers; Maina, Muthee and Kariuki. Mohammed Ali was to be killed along Waiyaki Way, near the Museum Hill Interchange. Dennis Onsarigo, his colleague was to be terminated as he headed home. To support his claims, Moha played a clip of the then Makadara MP Mike Sonko addressing residents of Likoni in May last year. S ...
How Kenny Kunene of South Africa is very similar to Mike Sonko
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko expected to bail out the driver and tout who were arrested over thika road twin blast!
"Matatu termini will today get free metal detectors from Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko." .
I think Mike Sonko is a blessing to Nairobi ^_^
There is nothing special or even respectable about Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.Just bcoz he throws around Money whose source is unknown...
Looks like this is jucy "Was Senator Joy Gwendo involved with Mike Sonko?
pockets full of money call me Mike Sonko...pockets full o'money call me Mike Sonko
Pockets full of money like mike sonko
MIKE SONKO reveals how much PEANUTS he earns per month
And how much did you tithe, Senator?
“Senator Mike Sonko Has Brought an Unprecedented Level of Clownishness and Immaturity into Nairobi Politics; His…
See how some Nairobians reacted to MIKE SONKO’s pay-slip. via
OMG: look at what SENATOR MIKE SONKO earns. he decided to let his PAY SLIP go public...
reveals how much PEANUTS he earns per month
Goodnight to Kikuyu ladies fapping on mike sonko's payslip snapshot
If you thought MIKE SONKO earns millions, better think twice - Here is his PAYSLIP via
MIKE SONKO’s daughter decides to show FLESH …this LADY is S3XY with BEDROOM eyes..See PHOTOs. via
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko's shares his payslip on social media
The Senator of Kenya's capital, Mike Sonko earns about $6,250 pm after tax. He donates entire amount to churches
How would Gideon Mbuvi aka Mike Sonko tackle insecurity if he was Kenya's Ministry of Interior and not Bw
if all leaders learn from MIke Sonko den dei wil vrgood n helpful 2 dea subject
When the constitution encourages public. participation I am sure the framers did not mean Mike Sonko. Kidero
Whatever way u look at it this MIKE SONKO guy is really a super senator! By the way he reconciled Atwoli and Kazungu in public!
I honestly don't understand why Mike Sonko chooses to distribute cash to people in dollars! He did it at the Labour Day Celebrations again!
Mike Sonko, I guess am loving his servant leadership style! Feeling it hands on.fellow leaders need to follow suit so that we feel how it feels serving!
Mike sonko dcds 2 hit tha nail on the head and makes a progres in reconsling 2 paties.
If u happened to attend Uhuru Park labour celebration or watched it on tv, you will concur with me that mike sonko is silly , bragrt and always look for chp publicity. His ill gotten coins he uses to publisize his name among the poor calling himself the best senetor of senetors will one day come to an end. You know brothers and sisters, a rich man has no time to remove all the coins he has in public the way he did today. I saw him remove all the bundle of his cursed money in public and wonderd why he did not set a side the little he wanted to offer to the performers. The only way hypocrites tend to publisize themselves is by pretending to help the maskinis while their hearts are not with them. So disgusting and impecably wrong.
Today Speech at Uhuru Park Atwoli,Majority leader in the National Asembly mr Adan duale and Nairobi Senator Mr Mike Sonko Adress the nation to be in peace and change their mind KOTU,BOSETU
Person of Interest: Mike Sonko on Morning Express Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
if the following were the presidential candidates who would you vote 4 a) Francis Atwoli b) Mike Sonko c) Erick Omondi d) Ezekiel Kemboi
Mike Sonko was a mere mortal. But with aromat.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko took out a paid advertorial in the Star of Tuesday April 29 to cast aspersions on my government. This cannot go without challenge. Nairobi can do better. This is the general consensus regarding Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Mbuvi. The man it is generally accepted single hande…
Kenya seeriously needs Leaders like Mike Sonko n UhuRuto not verboses. Down to earth guys.
That is why Senator Mike Sonko is the best. He realized that his academic qualifications cant allow him to be the Governor. But for Hassan Joho he was hungry for power to a point of forging and buying a degree. Surely
Good afternoon Hon. Mike Sonko. I would want to have a discussion with you. The problem i have can only be solved by you.Please guide me.
Governor Evans Kidero goes *** Senator Hon Mike Mbuvi Sonko with the article below:. Nairobi can do better.
.and Mike Sonko carries the Labour Day flag!
Gudoz super senator Mike Sonko of Nairobi coz of ur knowledge of unitting cote leader Francis Atwoli and labour cabinet secretary hon Kazungu Kambi. That shows a sighn of peace to our leaders.
thanks to hon. Mike Sonko for that bold and necessary step.
Mike sonko you are a super natural human being.
this is th Kenya hav waited for Kambi and Atwori reunion thnxz Mike Sonko
Kazungu: I want to echo Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko's plea. We should put aside divisive politics.
Am watching online and can see how mike sonko have done a credible thing by making two leaders who had diffences to embrase each other on public,bravo sonko
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After the retirement of one and only Kenya political philosopher king Daniel Arap Moi the 2nd President of Kenya' a new Kid in the political arena will soon be graduating after perfecting the mass psychology and perception politics Mike Sonko has brainwashed the minds of majority Kenyans as the instant solution maker i will not be suprised if he makes to the apex of the kenya political system.
PROVED.mike sonko is the de-Facto kamba leader replacing the highly incompitent kalonzo musyoka
Every time i see Mike Sonko i always know that he is seeking for cheap publicity.
super senator of kenya Mike Sonko u've made ma day.
Sonko warned to stay off "Coastal" affairs Kilifi - Political activists in Coast region have told Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko to stop meddling in the affairs of Coast counties and concentrate with his region which has more issues. Meanwhile members of Kilifi County Assembly said that everything was at standstill until they give their stand on the issue concerning the purchase of the governors residential house which cost tax payers KES 140 million. Former Msambweni constituency aspiring MP Richard Osongo said that threats made by Sonko against Kilifi governor Amason Jefa Kingi are uncalled for. Speaking to the media on Tuesday in Kwale Osongo said that the controversial purchase of Kilifi governors’ residential house should be left to Coast leaders and electorates themselves. In what is seen as defending the embattled governor, Osongo said their leaders should be left to be dealt with by locals and senators who have sole responsibility to do their oversight role but not outsiders. “Coast people and l . ...
Kweli Senator Mike Sonko could be a public mediator!
So mike sonko is the high priest. Asante.
Many may say negative things about Nairobi Senetor Mike Sonko,but I think this guy is a leader with great vision and wisdom far much better than the so called the elite or the learned guys.
Aha!There's something good in Mike Sonko that can be harnessed for good.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko calls Atwoli and Kazungu to the stage ,tells them to hug and advises the two to agree
Bila me si our leaders stop misleading Kenyan workers.
Mike sonko thinks he is the president of this country! sorry sorry the "r'' is silent.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko breaks the silence at Uhuru Park, when he calls for the bitter rivals Kazungu Kambi and Francis Atwoli, to hug each other as a way of reconciliation. The two leaders have been rivals since the launching of PUSETU
Mike Sonko, hooligan or not is a better leader. i wish i voted for you
Mike Sonko bridging the gap between PUSETU & COTU.
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Mike Sonko - a living monument that democracy does not work if voters are un-educated!
Senator Mike Sonko calls upon Atwoli and CS Kazungu Kambi to the podium, asks them to work together to serve the workers
I like Senator Mike Sonko's speech!!...hope the handshake btwn Atwoli and CS Kazungu will last
Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko now addressing the gathering at Uhuru Park. Watch here --->
Watch out for Mike Sonko's protruding gun butt.
Who is like Hon. Mike Sonko look at the way he is spending his money in this labour day. b blez sir.
The senator Mike Sonko is a sonko for true, only one dishing out Dollars at the labor day celebration...Its became an event of giving out money rather than celebrating the work of great laborers of this country...cant believe...
Mike Sonko just as you hate money from Alshabaab, why dont you lead Kenyans hate illicit drugs making through the high seas!!!
Carol perfoming at Uhuru Park.she has received cash from the likes of senator mike sonko
His adopted name is a sheng title for a rich man and aptly so because Mike Sonko is synonymous with generous handouts, flashy lifestyle and an appetite for c...
so what do you have to say about Mike Sonko rescue team
Senator mike mbuvi sonko in attendance
Senator Mike Sonko arrives at Uhuru Park for Labour day celebrations
Am not Mike Sonko but i can tell when the photo has been photoshoped.
I find some similarity between the Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford and the Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You won't believe what Senator Mike Sonko carries in his pocket, in public.. SEE HERE comment...
Following the arrival of the much anticipated Kenya Airways dreamliner, the airline on Wednesday announced that Captain Irene Koki Mutungi was promoted to be the first African captain on the world’s latest plane, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. # quitearolemodel come to think of it Kambas are transforming these great nation from all sectors of the economy you will find a Kamba man or lady being the best. e.g Media- caro Mutuku,Lilian Muli,Kalekye mumo,churchill n ben Kitili, medical - EGH Dr.Cleopas Maillu - ceo Nairobi hospital Judiciary - Dr. Willy Mutunga LSK - Eric Mutua Senate - Mike Sonko County Government - Dr. Alfred Mutua Aviation (KQ) - Evanson Mwaniki (chairman), Irene Mutungi (pilot) and Mbuvi Ngunze (COO) NGO (transparency Intl) - Samuel Kimeu-ceo I wish to celebrate all this role models and many other unmentioned above for being an inspiration to our community...
I love ESTHER PASSARIS …… MIKE SONKO finally says but just as a sister Tuesday, April 29, 2014 – Last week, the social media was abuzz with rumors flying round that Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was having an illicit affair with businesswoman, Esther Passaris. Some sources even indicated...Read mor
With all that Gold Julius Malema is ever blingless. He needs a donation from our Mike Sonko
our youth leaders like Mike Sonko are friendly to president not like Julius Malema full of insult and
7311000Nairobi Senator hon Mike Sonko has done it again!, yes he is helping the poor and this time it is baby Osinya. Baby Osinya is a survival of the Likoni Church terror attack in which six people were killed including Osinya’s dear mum. The bullet that Killed baby Osinya’s mum was lodged in Osiny…
This prophet Owour guy i respect his money and presidential show what i don't understand is how his followers in Kenyan are so gullible. ...if he travels performing tricks all over the country in huge concerts. .. .kwani he is banned from entering Hospitals where there are ppl who actually need his "Miracles" but cannot make it to the show ciz they cannot walk as far as i concerned Mike Sonko and singer Jagaur are my prophets coz of their ability to make hospital bills disappear.and treatment available all this not infront of cameras or mammoth crowds
Is it only in my country that hooliganism is celebrated and the proponents of this awful vice canonized?
CORD trounces Jubilee in Coast mini poll The CORD coalition late yesterday proved it still is the master of coastal politics when ODM candidate Adamson Kadeng Mwathethe trounced Jubilee’s Abbas Abdalla Omar in the Shela ward by election. The ruling coalition had fielded their candidate through cabinet secretary Najib Balala’s horse party, the Republican Congress. Both TNA and URP massively bankrolled Abbas’ campaign, with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko camping in Kilifi the whole of last weekend. The ruling alliance’s chances in coast has dwindled despite massive hoodwinking of the populace since last year. With ongoing indiscriminate police harassment disguised as operation to flash out terrorists, Coast has remained jittery over the Jubilee Alliance. It is worth noting that all the top CORD coalition parties fielded candidates in Shela, with Wiper coming second to ODM and Ford Kenya a distant fourth after Jubilee’s candidate. “This victory reaffirm the faith of the electorate in the opposition . ...
This is what MIKE SONKO usually carries in public … Do you support this?
This is what MIKE SONKO usually carries in...
Forget about MIKE SONKO, KABOGO is the new Mr...
Sonko leads arrest of nine for damage to widow's Sh10m property
Is former president Moi ok? This morning a rumour went viral that he had passed on at Agha Khan hosi. Walisema source ni Mike Sonko.
"RIP OUR BELOVED FORMER LEADER" is Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.'s update just a few minutes past midnight. With false and alarming reports that president moi is dead, I sought to Know exactly what the senator meant. His phone is going unpicked, but I've sent him a text expressing concern over his alarming update. Who is that FORMER LEADER that is telling to "REST IN PEACE"? Was Sonko drunk?
On behalf of all kenyans i take this opptnty 2 thank you senator Mike Sonko for taking in baby osinya as your own son,President Uhuru Kenyatta for taking in otonglo as your own son,Churchil for helping Juma n his family n many others who i have nt mentnd.MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS U MIGHTLY.
This is what I want to hear leaders from Turkana say or somebody say this of the Turkana situation. As it is, these leaders were speaking about another, much publicized event that occurred in Mombasa. Nobody mentions what happened in Turkana. Nobody from Turkana has demanded that Kimaiyo be sacked for the atrocities against Turkana. He disarmed the Turkana and not the threatening pokot. He was therefore enabling the pokot to attack with ease. Mind you, not a single pokot was killed in that attack, but eight Turkanas and several animals driven away. Talk about inequality in the hands of the government. By BRYAN TUMWA Kenya: The government has been asked to take charge of the security situation in the country. Senators James Orengo (Siaya), Mike Sonko (Nairobi) and Boni Khalwale (Kakamega) led other leaders in calling on the government to ensure the safety of all Kenyans as a matter of priority. Orengo asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to own up to the security challenges being witnessed countrywide and put me ...
SHOCK as NAIROBI MCAs plan to recall MIKE SONKO next week for frustrating Governor KIDERO Friday April 4, 2014 - Members of Nairobi County Assembly allied to Uhuru/ Ruto’s Jubilee have hit out at Nairobi Senator, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, over his continued attacks on Governor Dr. Evans Kidero. The over 20 MCAs led by Jubilee Chief Whip, Hashim Kamau, threatened to move a motion to discuss Sonko’s conduct and performance next week, a move that could see him recalled for underperformance. Addressing the press at City Hall yesterday, the Jubilee MCAs accused Sonko of frustrating Governor Kidero while he himself has done nothing meaningful for Nairobians. “The Senator’s war with Kidero is becoming personal. He should be recalled for preventing the Governor from working for Nairobians”, said Hashim Kamau. “What has Mike Sonko done to improve Nairobi? We know he is an underperformer and as a result he should get out of the way for Kidero to deliver to Nairobians”, added Peter Warutere, Roysambu County Re ...
Breaking News: by election 2be done. Mike Sonko to take part in transport ministry, Nyon'go to take security side
NAIROBI IS NOT READY FOR CORPORATE FAILURES LIKE IT HAS BEEN SEEN IN ITS CURRENT LEADERSHIP. Kidero should do more for the people who elected him and not concentrate on dishing money here and there while creating beggars in areas which already have governorships. And I hear he is contemplating moving his political base to Homabay. He failed and run down the corporations he worked for, he has failed to govern he wants to take his failures to Homabay? Wacha aende Homaday if that is the place where arrogance and failure in condoned. And this other one called Mike Sonko promised that he would stop behaving like a child. To gather idlers eating air burgers at Uhuru Park, Tom Mboya statue and Hilton Hotel areas then inciting them to demonstrate against a government which himself he is a senator is stupid. I suggest he includes management and leadership in the degree he is pursuing. Nairobi, just like Kenya is very hungry for leadership. The same way Kenya is of strategic importance to the world... ...
Mike sonko scores an A in Photoshop and MEMEs
mike sonko scored E in using his brains and an A in being in touch with his voters and helping them
So Senator Mike Sonko walks in at UTR and buys everybody a round of whatever anything that was on your table. Hehe this guy!
Have you heard the Latest MIKE SONKO SONG??? If not go to
Have you heard the latest mike sonko song??? if not go to to view.Thank you
“I'm sure Sonko has already photoshopped himself next to Lupita” ->
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko abuses Radio Presenter Caroline Mutoko on Air Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 24/7 on Follow us ...
Mike sonko shows his pro in photoshoping see his latest pictures here...
Do you know how i feel when Kibaki,Raila,Lupita Nyongo, Dalmas Otieno and Mike sonko Sends Me
Is senator Mike Sonko becoming our handout hero here in
MIKE SONKO joins other celebrities at the Oscars for that popular SELFIE … Nkt …….. this guy!!!
Katwekera - The Noize Maker: Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was also at the Oscars 2014 to Support Lupita Nyong'o (Photo)
I'll concede the photo and raise you...PhotoShop. Yes, if Mike Sonko can oull it off...
DAILY POST: MIKE SONKO spotted with Lupita Nyong’O slightly before she won the Oscar . Ah Ah Ah
Still waiting for that Mike Sonko and Lupita Nyongo selfie at the OSCARS
If you see Mike Sonko, William Kabogo, Harun Mwau and Hassan Joho standing together, what will come to your head...
Mike sonko does it again . photoshoping himself at the Oscar's awards witnessing Lupita Nyong'o see more here...
Have you heard the latest MIKE SONKO[RADIO EDIT]?? if not go to MIKE SONKO VIDEO IS OUT!!!
Am still waiting for Senator Mike Sonko's Photoshop with Lupita Nyongo at :P
Waiting for Mike sonko to do it again :-D
This is a public service announcement to last year's KCSE candidates. I am sure your adrenaline is running as you wait to see what fate has brought. I am telling you for free that your results lie somewhere between an A and an E. If you get an A, A- OR or a grade everyone dreams of, you will go on to become a doctor, engineer, dentist, nurse..., but if you get and E, D-, D, D+, C- or any other grade that makes others think you are stupid, you may go on to become a CEO, a governor, an MP, a senator, a president, and even a billionaire. Then, all the guys that scored As, A-, e.t.c. and outshined you in school will be your employees, and will demonstrating asking you for a pay hike. I'm not lying. Ask Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Winston Churchill, Mike Sonko, Hassan Joho, Oscar Sudi, etal. Those guys were failures in school, but are more successful in life.
THE KASARANI DEBACLE Looking at how Orange Disappointment Party is being run makes me look at the bigger picture. Uhuru Kenyatta always seems to have complete control of his people, party, henchmen, et al, and it was evident even before elections, a good example being his public reconciliation of Rachel Shebesh, Mike Sonko and Ferdinand Waititu among several other instances. Raila Odinga on the other hand, charismatic as he may be, deserved of leadership as he may be, always seems to lack control of his people and ultimately his party. I can see, I can read poor organization skills, and burdens like Otieno Kajwang among other stooges (Who have nothing to lose, unlike their "Master") only make it worse. I look around, and I see poor organization skills everywhere! The hooliganism (Though may be a wrongfully utilized stereotype) that has become synonymous with Luos does not help either. It has to be war in Funerals, at times Weddings, Public Events, monuments, riots, elections, name it, and all this we see ...
I think haters of Mary Wambui the Othaya MP should accept that this lady represent the aspirations of the commoners more than those elitists.Stop hating and salute the general.She may not have gone to school,but the little she has done has touched many lives in Othaya.Besides,Kibaki must be wise,Othaya residents didnt advice him to be polygamous and he shouldnt drag them into his personal affairs,I see his hand in these petition to drag this lady to the ruts,I urge Othaya residents to bring back Mary in by-election.Dont be dazzled and wowed by somebody's papers,classical example is Mike Sonko and his Mundane knowledge outsmarting Evans Kidero with his himalayan knowledge in touching ppl's lives in Nairobi.Ppl dont eat certificates or lecturers and if one cant use his cert knowledge to better lives of hoi polloi then he is no better than he who lacks.
Ruto President 2017 Ruto and Wetangula in talks of forming a powerful coaliation come 2017.The master game plan is Ruto for president, Wetangula For Vice president, Raila for prime minister. Then we have Hassan Joho, Mike Sonko, Aden Dwale, Charity Ngilu, and Bishop Maggie Wanjiru . Due to historical injustices to Raila of which he knows he cant asscent to presidental seat , this is what gonner happen.
BELIEVE it or NOT …….. MIKE SONKO cries like a baby in Nairobi …. READ to find out why the Nairobi Senator WAILED Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, on Wednesday wailed uncontrollably in court after the case which he had sued Kenya Pipeline Company over the Sinai fire tragedy was adjourned by a Nairobi court. Sonko who had accompanied Sinai fire victims to the court said he cried because of how he saw victims still suffering, three years after the fire accident. The case which was filed by victims of the fire against the Kenya Pipeline Company failed to proceed on October last year after the judge postponed the case to January 29 this year. Victims want Sh 25 billion in compensation because the cause of the fire was negligence by KPC engineers who failed to repair a broken fuel pipe - 116 people died during the inferno. Sonko has requested Chief Justice, Dr Willy Mutunga, to intervene on the case and see justice is delivered in the case.
I am always depressed by news that there are still ghost workers drawing salaries from the government. The directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta on the auditing of all the 18 ministries and head-counting all the civil servants is long overdue. Ksh1.8 billion is just too much to be going to the pockets of people that haven't worked for it. Meanwhile, if Mike Sonko can sack Rachel Shebesh and Dr Evans Kidero as he claims, what has he been waiting for? He should have done that the day before yesterday! Have a Ghost-free day!
Mike Sonko. at it again.. with Lupita Nyongo andat the Golden Globes yesterday
Kohadha Roy Ogolla, the blogger who leaked Mike Sonko and Rachel Shebesh's nude photos, is dead. His death was...
SHOCKING!! The BLOGGER behind SONKO and SHEBESH’s NPHOTOS is DEAD A few months ago, Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, and Women Representative, Rachael Shebesh, made headlines after nphotos of the two made it to the internet. Although the two claimed that they were photo-shopped, a blogger decided to release a better angle of the photos giving more evidence that they were real. Roy Ogolla Kohadha was the man behind the photos and after negotiations with Sonko to clear his name, Sonko said that all Roy wanted was to create a name and fame using the photos. Unfortunately, Roy is no more, the blogger died today at Kenyatta National Hospital where he was being treated following a grisly accident around Kitengela. Roy was coming from a Church Service at Maasai Lodge and was driving a friend’s Toyota Prado but something seems to have gone wrong and he lost control of the car which rolled several times. He was thrown out of the car and was rushed to KNH where he died while awaiting to undergo surgery. From me, ma ...
SMH. Just found out Mike Sonko was awarded Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya (E.G.H.) by Undeserving.
Mike Sonko has taken things to a whole new level as a senator. Really guy, photoshoping a pic with Mandela. Kenya made t…
Mike Sonko shot with Mandela, Kanye, Che, Dr King, Mother Theresa, Miley Cyrus and even bono! check it out here
Please play the song mike sonko by shatzy k and shukid mad jam here
Still waiting for you to play my fav jam Mike Sonko by Shatzy K heard he has a new jam...Please play any of the two
Dj am waitig you to play my jam Mike sonko by now he has an xmas jam please play any of the two
So a Kenyan politician photoshopped himself with Madiba
The mayor of Toronto puts to shame all the antics & theatrics of Mike Sonko , Simon Mbugua & the "Aiyaya, You slapped me Kidero" lady.
Am listening online from Hali. Please play Mike Sonko by n ;Add it to your playlist
MIKE SONKO will NEVER apologize for photoshoping NELSON MANDELA next to him ... LOOK at what he poste...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
MIKE SONKO abused by Kenyans for being a disgrace to the country ……. MANDELA PHOTO SHOP (LOOK at the ...
As Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko & controversial politicianSimon Mbugua chatting up & catching up with Rachael Shebesh at Capital Centre
DAILY POST: PHOTOs of UHURU KENYATTA as he hosts Sen. MIKE SONKO and his family for BREAKFAST
Download and add to playlist Mike Sonko by Shatzy K feat Shukid
Please download and add to your playlist this club banger mike sonko
Mad tune here mike sonko please download and add to your playlist
"Check out this Kenyan politician's tragically photoshopped Mandela pic..
DAILY POST: MIKE SONKO insults Kiharu MP IRUNGU KANG’ATA that he is drunkard and smokes b**ng...
So Mike Sonko tried to photo shop himself with the late Madiba Mandela! Truly thi is kenya at 50
what exactly do U do when Aden Duale and Mike Sonko just stand to incite Kenyans, ION, Turkana pia ni Rift Valley.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is not apologetic about his efforts to photoshop himself with antiapartheid icon Nelson...
is when someone like Mike Sonko is being honoured with an EBS showing how we really are
Just realized that after UhuRuto, RAO and Kidero, Mike Sonko probably garnered more votes than any other politician in Kenya
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