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Mike Sonko

Gidion Kioko Mbuvi, commonly known as Mike Sonko or simply Sonko (Sheng for rich person ), is the Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency, Kenya.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Nairobi Senator Evans Kidero Uhuru Kenyatta Tony Gachoka

I like him because he has a good heart.
With Mike Sonko high profile visit at AEA premises on velocity machine for Roads potholes repair
says Senator Mike Sonko is even elected mistakenly
The biggest challenge to miguna becoming a governor is mike sonko
Mike sonko is functionally illeterate~
please miguna should respect our senator Hon mike sonko we elected him us nairobian
Mike sonko is functionally illetrate~
One word for MIKE SONKO’s wife and daughter, Eish, the curves (PHOTO)
I would like to take this opportunity to loud the rumours am hearing that Mike Sonko is warming to join You are welcome.
Seems like Dr Willy Mutunga has been hanging around with Mike Sonko alot lately!
Mike Sonko reveals how much Safaricom is making from 2014 Bonyeza Ushinde - News Kenya
Thursday May 12, 2016 - Flamboyant Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko has hatched a plot that will see him become...
Here’s MIKE SONKO’s secret plan with LUHYAs/ LUOs that will shock even RAILA in 2017
Looks like every country has its own Mike Sonko
Besides being one of Kenya’s popularly known politicians Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is a husband and a father to...
Wednesday, 11 May 2016 - Besides being one of the most vibrant Kenyan politicians, Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko,...
MAFEELINGS KANDO!!! Mike Sonko’s wife is hotter than your girlfriend. (PHOTO)
MIKE SONKO’s wife rocks it, she looks hotter than a college kid (PHOTO).
Wednesday, 11 May 2016 - Sometime back, Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, lashed out at popular comedian Chipukeezy...
:In Kenya we have breed a culture of 50 shillings and Mr. Mike sonko has plenty of that to give out. Not good for governor
Here is the young man that's claiming to be Mike Sonko's son .
Meet Mike Sonko’s Handsome Son: Forget about Mike Sonkos beautiful daughters and lets focus on the son...
Sen. Mike Sonko rubbished a report by National Assembly barring Senators from running for governor next year.
Good morning team mike_sonko .God bless Senator 1 and the family ,kazi yake iko tu sawa. Huu…
PHOTOs of the boy MIKE SONKO sired with a LADY from Coast & neglected, they look alike. -
while you giving facts on how JJ was assassinated sonko is claiming that he's working on a bill .
Tuesday, 10 May 2016 - Sometime back, a lady from Coast called Josephine filed a case in court accusing Nairobi...
and what is the official postal address for Hon Mike Sonko?
. . . Mike Sonko where is your rescue team?
Mike Sonko casually makes a request to the president to waive taxes on Overtime ,bonuses and retirement benefits and IT IS GRANTED.
Monday, 09 May 2016 - Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, has come to the rescue of Shabana FC that is chaired by...
UHURU and MIKE SONKO are cons! See what they did to our heroes even after big win - >>
UHURU/ RUTO have finally endorsed MIKE SONKO to face KIDERO for Nairobi Governor - >>
They will play really hard or rather bribe their way to be Governors 2017.Sonko.Kabogo.Main reason fallout with their MPs.
Mike Sonko leo amekua mtu wa maana because he hands out cash on the streets. Cash source unknown?
Mike Sonko is on the ground. Situation here is different compared to those who speak from South Africa
Ok enough is enough, people need to stop mocking this guy because of his look he didn't choose it. Mike Sonko...
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko summoned in Sh 29 million Mombasa land fraud case
MIKE SONKO in a big corruption scandal as UHURU’s Govt moves to squeeze his balls - >>
Senator Mike Sonko summoned in Sh29m land fraud case
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko summoned in Sh29m Mombasa land fraud case
The Counties: Senator Mike Sonko unveils ‘sexy' hearses: Nairobians who lose their loved ones can now ferry th...
Mike Sonko; a senator in the Kenyan government.The photos speak for themselves.
Sonko Watch | See the bitter words Mike Sonko has thrown at Evans Kidero ahead of 2017 -
It is OFFICIAL Mike Sonko will FACE Evans Kidero for Nairobi 2017 Governor RACE -
MIKE SONKO dumps all his girlfriends including JOSEPHINE - I only love PRIMROSE
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
MIKE SONKO is the next Governor of Nairobi like it or not - See what happened yesterday
I liked a video from The BIG Q with Mike Sonko
I liked a video MIKE SONKO seeks intervention from the spirits for ***
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko recently confessed that he has two wives. Check out wife…
Video: Mike Sonko goes drinking at a local beer den in Malindi via
In Malindi HOMESICK Mike Sonko Declares LOVE for his ONLY WIFE on the Campaign trail for Jubilee Hon Charo [1]
Between Mike Sonko and Margaret Wanjiru who should the next governor of Nairobi?
DAILY POST: Nairobians have spoken! It is MIKE SONKO for Governor, KIDERO/ WAIGURU are thieves
Aden Duale: Mike Sonko is one of the key pillars in our coalition, he plays number 8
“I only have two wives and i respect them. no mpango wa kandos.” Mike Sonko: Flashy Nairobi Senat...
Wololo! See how Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko reacted when he discovered that his wife was…
I support Hon Martha Karua for her move to become the senator of Nairobi.lets all trash Mike Sonko …
In a gubernatorial race between Mike Sonko, Evans Kidero and MargaretWanjiru, i would vote for:
Is senator Mike Sonko and Hon Dr Moses Kuria in the same jubilee ruling coalition. Who of the two best reflect Uhuru Kenyatta values?
Deputy President William Ruto and Mike Sonko join Kenyans in mourning the death of KTN anchor Ahmed Darwesh - via
domain names
5 more political leaders join Mike Sonko in offering their salaries up for a cut to support teachers.
Tuesday September 1, 2015 - Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, has asked the Jubilee Government to honour the...
Tuesday, September 01, 2015-Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, is among the political leaders who braved the cold...
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko steals the show yet again.
Wololo! This is what Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is preparing for the Kenyan athletes
Didn't Mike Sonko step-aside? Why refer to him as Nairobi Senator?
Thursday August 2015 - Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, has gone to court seeking orders to compel Transport Cabinet...
But KRA will not trace Mike Sonko or Paul Kobia or even Bishop Allan Kiuna. They want to make the honest Keroche owner to suffer
Family first! Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko. Here's what did for his family
Much as many of his political nemesis, hates and ridicules what Mike Sonko has been doing, He has displayed more...
I added a video to a playlist Mike Sonko's Father Celebrating His Graduation.
can somebody help me meet Senator Mike Sonko
(See what MIKE SONKO drinks as cheap liquor kills you (PHOTOs)) Webkenni
This is what MIKE SONKO drinks as cheap liquor kills Kenyans(PHOTOs)
whoa !!! Mike Sonko not only has an exclusive taste but if all that alcohol will be absorbed then am out
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Senator Mike sonko resigns to give way for investigation on corruption allegation.
If Mike Sonko will be the governor of Nairobi City county, Ruto will never be President of Kenya
E! NEWS Kenya: MIKE SONKO's daughters prove their "CUCU" is digital, See what she did(PHOTO)
reasons I love Mike Sonko. You hit the nail on the head each time!
Eish! Just see how singer Jaguar and senator Mike Sonko were spotted partying at a local…
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko to give a talk at London School Of Economics?--
Sunday, 14 June 2015 - Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, has refuted rumours being spread by his political opponents...
Friday, 12 June 2015 - Popular Kenyan singer, Jaguar has been fronted by Nairobi’s Senator, Mike Sonko, as the...
I hear she's coming back home this evening. And yet they keep dissing my Senator. Mike Sonko is doing God's good...
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko added a private jet to his fleet , it can do 829km/hr with 8 pass and 2crew capacity,,
Lol! Just see what Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was spotted doing in Dubai
Tuesday May 26, 2015 - Despite paying for his medical bills and housing him for almost a year, Nairobi Senator,...
Daily Post MIKE SONKO may lose Baby SATRINE, the family says he took him without their ...
When you see mike Sonko's daughter pose with guns on instagram 😞,these are just one of the signs…
By end of the year, Politically, Mike Sonko will be No More- He's being fought from above.
More EACC files on State officers and Mike Sonko
Aden Duale and Mike Sonko, who speaks without thinking
EACC wants Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko grilled by CID and be disciplined by Senate over Mtwapa weighbridge altercation in De…
MIKE SONKO reveals a hidden secret about his wife through touching PHOTOs(LOOK).
UHURU tells KIKUYU MPs to leave MIKE SONKO alone! He is the next Nairobi Governor. -
A successful man needs a woman by his side to make it in life as depicted by Mike Sonko.
DPP receives file touching on Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Senator; Nairobi County from EACC
Palma Sonko,the daughter to Mike Sonko has sent me a friend request. Should i ignore,confirm or block?. Petty...
Daily Post Here are top 10 best Senators in Kenya – JOHN and MIKE SONKO lead as others ...
According to an Infotrak poll, Mike Sonko is the second best senator in this country.
Shocking!!! Marya's love triangle exposed by Mike Sonko's daughter
This is what JAGUAR said about MIKE SONKO as others call him a drug dealer. |
Entertainment News - Kenya - Senator Mike Sonko's daughter Salma, show off gun in controversial...
Let us not forget the day Mike Sonko welcomed the new Dreamliner.
Aiya! Embattled Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, being kicked out to Kwale? via
kudos to Mike sonko he Is the second one among the senators
MIKE SONKO’s daughter flosses pocket change from her father -
Mike Sonko of Nairobi whose approval rating is 67.3% is second
Man u looking for showdy deals from Mike sonko
So, Mike Sonko is not the best performing Senator. Are you suprised? Get the top performers on
PHOTO!! MIKE SONKO’s daughter shows off a gun on social media …. NKT!! -
KENYA: Salma Mbuvi, Mike Sonko’s daughter Exposes Marya for dating her aunty’s Husband**See what She Posted**
100 year old granny who was released by MIKE SONKO wants him to release her 2 sons too… -
Headline: Sen. Mike Sonko misses a call by the most powerful Man in the world.
Webkenni: Beautiful PHOTO of MIKE SONKO’s late mum ….. She was so beautiful - Webkenni | (Beautiful PHOTO of MIKE …
Daily Post Always love and respect women….MIKE SONKO’s message to his late mum: As the ...
Almost a quarter of Safaricom’s billions of profits can be traced to me - Senator Mike Sonko
Kenya News (Irrefutable Evidence to show that MIKE SONKO is broke! See what he has done in Mombasa!!) Mipasho
Smug & Notoriety: Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko on duty at-via Diaper Mentality.
Sonko Tells Off Some Nairobi 'One-Term' MPs Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko yesterday said he will not be distracted...
MIKE SONKO shocks Kenyans, See the amount of money he stores in his MPESA, Eish.
Each of my daughters has a house in Rundac - Senator Mike Sonko
Mike sonko "Basketball legend M Johnson, J. Jackson and P. Hilton among the celebrities at the Who else have you spotted?"
(UHURU str!ps MIKE SONKO n()K3d and leaves him with a rotten egg on his face.) Webkenni
After todays bout I expect the following; photos of Mike Sonko with the Champion and music artists coin phrases.
I have read somewhere that Mike Sonko will win Nairobi Governor even if hes not in Uhuru Kenyatta camp. Those who...
(MIKE SONKO dwarfs Kenyan men as he reveals what each of his 4 daughters owns in Runda) Webkenni
Shocking! Was Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko evicted from his house for not paying rent?
Mike Sonko just got like 6 minutes of free publicity
Each of my daughters has a house in Runda- Mike Sonko
I once said the only chance Mike Sonko has to his dream of being the city Governor is ODM. Before Ferdinand...
Mike Sonko was castigated by the president strategically as a message to opposition, let those who have been elected work.
Mike Sonko and Gor Mahia fans are still a remainder that human beings are still evolving. . Pat Robinson igonw matek.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Did President Uhuru Kenyatta refuse to endorse a man from the Rift Valley as the next...
Sonko, Gor Mahia fans are stuck reminders that human genome is still evolving via
SHOCK: MIKE SONKO thrown out his Runda house over 15 million rent arrears – Is he broke?
Where does Senator Mike Sonkos money come from? via
The fact that Moses Kuria, Ferdinand Waititu, Mike Sonko, Babu Owino are leaders chosen by the people speaks a lot abo…
Glory be to God!! Mike Sonko rescues 100 year old Cucu from prison
Tony Gachoka requests for an audit to be done on Mike Sonko's wealth
Tony Gachoka requests for an audit on Mike Sonko's wealth
Mike Sonko responds to Nairobi Governor, Dr Evans Kidero, saying He needs to be Given more Time
Mike Sonko. exposes what could be Evans Kidero scam. Any answers bwana governor?
Why is giving out free limousine to bridegrooms Via
Senator Mike Sonko a philanthropist? I doubt it; he has other motives - ulterior
This is what mike sonko told me on how yo become a millionaire...
My Mike Sonko by & flipd_music biggest HipHop artistes av known my life
Top three leaders in terms of CTY DEVPT are; (1) Sen.Mike Sonko (2) Afred Mutua (3)Peter Munya.
"Here is MIKE SONKO’s student ID, for those who doubt him wa kali
PHOTO!! MIKE SONKO does this in school while others are busy talking
Mike Sonko fires shots at Govenor on corrupt dealings. A simple "Those are my people" can get you out of any situation.
MIKE SONKO creates 7k jobs with his new Sonko Team – Is he the next Nairobi Governor?
Mike Sonko Studying Hard For His Exams, Hope to Take the governors seat next time
Mike Sonko's team debating the Kenya Society of the Red Cross on the legal status of the Red Cross/Red Crescent emblem. . I can't.
Despite his pointless drama and public image, I want to commend MikeSonko for. once in a while being a truthful...
It’s been a while, I took a small break to analyze your comments which as you will soon find out are proof to my...
Early this month senator mike sonko introduced several services to nairobi residents, Most interesting one being free limousine ride to nairobi county newly weeds. Below are some picture of the ride. So, Now utaoa Lini?
In my opinion,the president Uhuru Kenyatta should hve been the last person to throw a stone to Hn.Alfred KeterSonko's actions are worse than what Keter did:
Today I'm delighted with Sen Mike Sonko,if its true he swindled Kanyari Ksh.5m (as the former alleges) then that's good news. You see if someone steals from someone who steals from someone in the name of God, then thats fine-its self effacing. I now urge Sonko to also pull another trick on Neno Evangelism Rainmaker James Maina Ngang'a & Jubilee bling king Allan Kiuna. At least now Sonko is working, he is undertaking the Herculean Task of literally cleaning the AUGEAN STABLE.
So. All y'all who love to hate Mzungus, what happens when the subject matter is a bit richer? A bit Sonko like...
MIKE SONKO to be arrested & prosecuted as TOBIKO goes for his neck .. READ THIS via
Senator Mike Sonko protest against claims that he went berserk. Where was he when these claims were filling the air?
Ted Kraehenman blogger at mzungu kenya lashes on mike sonko and nairobians who voted him as senator.
Should this MZUNGU be arrested? See how he abused people's Senator, MIKE SONKO.
Touching! Buru Buru residents show their love to MIKE SONKO by naming a road after him (PHOTO)
Dubious Mike Sonko now gets a road named after him.SMDH!!!
You can now wed in style thanks to senator Mike Sonko
Buru-Buru Residents honour MIKE SONKO by naming a Road after him (PHOTO) via
I’ll replace MIKE SONKO in 2017, PAUL KOBIA reveals why he has been trending on social media via
| Sonko spent Sh4.9m on Sinai fire victims - Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has told the High Court in Nai...
Buru-Buru residents Honour MIKE SONKO by naming a Road after him, See it(PHOTO) - Read more >>>
MIKE SONKO blasts Nation FM as he clears the air on the road named after him in Buruburu - Read more >>>
Forget Mike Sonko, Here is the MP with real swag, See his Tattoos(PHOTOs) - >>> SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 ...
as i begin 2015 i just want to have a great objective of purposing to serve Kenyans like hon. mike sonko who serves selflessly.
MIKE SONKO and his wife did this in Public. awww! What a couple (Look)
PHOTOs! MIKE SONKO and his wife share some love in public‚ aw! - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>
Who has the contacts for Senator Gideon Mbuvi Kioko a.k.a Mike Sonko? Kindly inbox me. Urgent please.
Check out MIKE SONKO's Gold-coated V8 Car, this guy has Cash via mike sonko...ESP 2011 health workers in Nairobi and i asj for ur help for our absorbtion and pay for last two months under Nairobi
"Everybody you fight is not your enemy and everybody that help you is not your friend.". Mike Tyson
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hon Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko is lost from the public domain.Where is Sonko?
"MIKE SONKO's daughter, Saumu, spotted throwing money like there's no tomorrow(PHOTOs) via
2015 kick start with Mwamba Gitahi 's ART . .
PHOTO! MIKE SONKO on a mission of reducing his tummy(LOOK) - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>
Operation Maliza Kitambi! MIKE SONKO joins the Gym(PHOTO) - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>
Check out MIKE SONKO&Gold coated V8. This guy is swimming in real cash (Look) -
You know we are royally shafted when Mike Sonko is the voice of reason during parliamentary proceedings.
We are now receiving discipline,decorum lectures from Mike Sonko
Even Mike Sonko is calling for order, there must be real trouble in the lower house.
With my good friend Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko...
PHOTO!! Now this is the best portrait ever done for MIKE SONKO
BREAKING:Mike Sonko Smokes weed as The case against Uhuru Kenyatta is Withdrawn by the ICC - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>...
Uhuru phone number is the same Mike Sonko used to call him and has even put him on loudspeaker
CCN guys show up to sites and make inspections. If they recommend cease and desist type of stuff. Phone calls will be made. Mike Sonko style
from what i hav seen on KTN,i can for sure vote in mike sonko for presidency.kutoa ni moyo.
should at least run banner to tell viewers this is actually advert for Mike Sonko!
God bless mike sonko..what he did to loreto girls victim..nw on ktn
Call it PR or publicity stunts, whatever Senator Mike Sonko did for those girls, just the simple visits and remembering them is amazing.
Blasphemy?!. "Jesus is not the great, I will be. He is the great I am...," Says Mike Sonko. Seeking to understand...
All negative things aside... Mike Sonko does have a heart of Gold. God bless you Sonko for giving hope to those who lost hope.
This is why God is blessing this man Mike Sonko...when you give you are given back.
Mike Sonko may be a contraversial man.but he does a good job
Mike Sonko is philanthropic enough only on camera, off camera he isn't. Me thinks.
Wow! Love him or hate him Mike Sonko is just too generous
Mike Sonko might be *** at times and he may not always act right but that man has helped out many kenyans. I salute him.
sawa Mike Sonko! “Just incase you think you're important because you have many followers
et al! At this rate even Mike Sonko will be elected President of Kenya very soon! Nkt
MIKE SONKO’s reaction after UHURU’s case was dropped by ICC, is that a cigarette?
" Mike Sonko is now some where singing '' SI UCHAWI. NI MAOMBI!!!'' Lol
See the Photo that MIKE posted after case was terminated, This Guy? via
Mike Sonko. we need your audience and assistance
See the Photo that MIKE SONKO posted after Uhuru&case was terminated, This Guy? - Ads on...
"Brilliant piece by Dr Joyce Nyairo on the danger of a Court full of jesters: cc:
Photos of Senator Mike Sonko leading a demonstration in Hague
MIKE SONKO is an idiotic who qualifies to be called a BUSTARD - says a Social Media user - Ads on...
PHOTO!! Caption this PHOTO of MIKE SONKO and that lethal weapon
Introducing MIKE SONKO’s twin brother, you will never guess who - Ads on >>...
MIKE SONKO flaunts this huge sum of money while Kenyans are languishing of hunger and poverty - Ads on...
Eh! Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is Filthy Rich Just Look at How He Flaunts His CASH in the Office! - Ads...
Mike Mbuvi Sonko is the only senator in Kenya who has an office phone shaped like a woman in a bikini. 👙
MIKE SONKO termed a FOOL for doing this in his office(PHOTO) - Ads on >>...
PHOTOs!! MIKE SONKO bought his portrait from JADOUNG’, that one pack eh eh eh - Ads on >>...
Nairobi Kings of Bling Prezzo and Sonko Hanging Out : Nairobi’s King of blings Prezzo and Mike Sonko have...
Mysterious Man claims he is the Father of Mike Sonko’s Son - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>
Avril? Really? DJ Mo and Wife Avril Hangout with Senator Mike Sonko. What are they Up to? (PHOTO)
Your gift shall bring you before great men. A day that ended well. mike_sonko…
Kwa bedroom ya mike sonko "Where are the women reps when we need them?"
Here is that Mike Sonko’s Sh1 Million Phone - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>
This is a brilliant article by Dr on morphing into another serious
We have an intresting story on Mike " SONKO" Mbuvi. CHECK HERE==>
I support hon.sonko he got into parliament when he had youthful mind thanks he was taught how to dress decently congrats mike.
Mike Sonko take your money to those who sleep hungry.let the police do their work
Mr President, you really do not need these ridiculous court poets around you
Mbuvi sonko Kenya.. whoeva will give info leading to the arrest of this ladystripper will be awarded 200,000/=
mike sonko has get himself a phone (Golden) ,@ 1.9 million ksh :-) :-) check out
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko: What would happen if we stripped everyone just because we don't like what they are...
Senator Mike Sonko offers Sh100,000 reward for arrest and prosecution of suspects who stripped lady in town
Bishop WANJIRU is a con-woman like KANYARI – SONKO says as he insults her badly!: Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko,...
Two pple Am sure they will retain their position come Nxt election are Mike Sonko and Alfred Mutua.
So Mike Sonko paying for all your snacks in a JamboJet means he knows his politics?? GTFOH with that BS!
Dj weezy napenda show yako ebu add we know, mike sonko ama money in my pocket by and
Please play we know or mike sonko to start up the new week on a high
"That precise moment said Mike Sonko is his role model …
I liked a video from Mike Sonko by Al-kaz & Flip'D
MIKE SONKO‘s daughter follows her father’s footsteps - Look at what she is doing.: Saturday November 1, 2014 -...
DNA results are out: Is MIKE SONKO the father to Josephine's Son?: The ongoing paternity case pitching Na...
Hi? Mshemiwa? Plx assist police recruits, how cn they cancell had tht av wasted our time rilly! Assist us plx
SHOCK as DNA results reveal what MIKE SONKO has always feared . THE WORST
😂😂 master mike"Poor Sonko won't be able to use this pic
Mike Sonko accused of stealing 6M from Makadara CDF and framing two former CDF Officials for it.
"When we give we always receive. ...~ Mike Sonko
Interesting PHOTOs!! The life and times of President UHURU courtesy of MIKE SONKO via
Woman rejects DNA results in paternity case against Mike Sonko - News -
MIKE SONKO’s birthday message to President UHURU, this is interesting via
I met Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko yesterday at Yaya centre at the parking lot he was impressed with my dresscode and he wanted to hug me cuz of the similarities of dressing we had bt i decided to hi him becoz of Ebola risks any problem???   10% Off
" pockets full of money call me Mike Sonko"
Bugatti veyron. Follow and see what Mike Mbuvi parted with for his ride
Judi Wakhungu Mike Sonko have tried to assist but the water has not been drained yet even after Nairobi Water...
Kenyan media be covering mike Sonko outside The Hague &not covering doing a Ted talk in rio,photography exhibition in the US
Nick Mutuma of "Sonko ka Mike Sonko " fame should do a collabo with this " Form ni Maform maform" guy & Blaqy ! Weuh!
After being named by as one of those behind Sonko spotted in a "Respect my hustle,Takataka ghasia nyi…
Deadbeat Kenya’s JACKSON NJERU seen with MIKE SONKO’s daughter, someone will...
MIKE SONKO decides to advise people on marriage despite his scandalous love-life via
MIKE SONKO does it again; he was wearing military uniform and not UHURU - Read more >>>
Wololo!!! Who is doing this to MIKE SONKO? he was also spotted in full military gear. (PHOTOS)
Where did Rachel Shebesh sublime to?after her encounter with Mike Sonko & Kidero slap
This looks so fake.Which *** cant tell you the meaning of PIN? Which fool says Mike Sonko is a deput…
Trending photo of Mike sonko Reciting the Lords prayer in Church Yesterday
Viral Photo of Mike sonko Reciting the Lords Prayer in Church
Sonko Mike Daughter get money saved by his dad.Saving and partying depend on class people are.
And the Holy Spirit descended on MIKE SONKO in church
You’re just mere rats to me and I don’t take orders from you - MIKE SONKO shocks MCAs: Monday September 1, 201...
A court has ordered Mike Sonko to continue paying school fees for two children, who a Kwale woman claims to have been fathered by him.
MIKE SONKO gets filled with the holy spirit in a city Church. PHOTO. via
Mike Mbuvi Sonko Pumwani Mosque land grabbed! SoS!!! Tension on the ground. Threatening to get out of hand...
MIKE SONKO pours praises on Uhuru Kenyatta for doing this at the Coast.. via
Dandora Youth soccer contest underway sponsered by Britam in attendance Mike Sonko
Nairobi county is big with 17 constituencies. A county development board (cdb) would sit 22 members; Mike Sonko chair & Dr Kidero Secretary.
Find how much money MIKE SONKO pocketed after selling his Double-Decker Bus. - Read more >>>
As I said yesterday Mike Sonko is getting prepared for you so start proving with development in Nairobi or kiss the seat GooDbye
They only saw RAILA, UHURU and KIBAKI but MIKE SONKO was there . Eh Eh Eh - Read more >>>
PHOTO!! MIKE SONKO’s double decker bus is back, he sold it to City Shuttle - Read more >>>
Mike Sonko withdraws daughter's Sh60,000 monthly allowance and Mercedes Benz due to her comments via
Atwoli, Mike Sonko and James Ngaira have one thing in common, bling bling
MIKE SONKO's daughters to start a reality TV show just like KIM-KARDASHIAN. via
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Keeping up with the Mbuvi's: Mike Sonko's family set for a reality show. - via
Sonko & shebesh? "Complete the sentence. Mike and Rachel go together like _. starts in 30min.
Huge shout out to the big hommie Mike Sonko for rocking that outfit!!
We have not forgotten Mike Sonko had acquired Land irregularly at Kinondo area then later donated to win people's trust!
Aye! ": : Senator 's daughters for reality show "
Senator Mike Sonko's daughters for reality show
MIKE SONKO spotted shopping for a Golden chain in a Chinese Shop.LOOK. -
Mathare by election loss and Hon Mike Sonko FACTOR in Uhuru’s RESHUFFLE !
MIKE SONKO shocks RAILA ODINGA as he says he financed ODM campaigns in Mathare -
Look at MIKE SONKO's security Lead Car, you will be SHOCKED. via
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