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Mike Sonko

Gidion Kioko Mbuvi, commonly known as Mike Sonko or simply Sonko (Sheng for rich person ), is the Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency, Kenya.

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On behalf of all kenyans i take this opptnty 2 thank you Senator Mike Sonko for taking in baby osinya as your own son,President Uhuru Kenyatta for taking in otonglo as your own son,Churchil for helping Juma n his family n many others who i have nt mentnd.MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS U MIGHTLY.
This is what I want to hear leaders from Turkana say or somebody say this of the Turkana situation. As it is, these leaders were speaking about another, much publicized event that occurred in Mombasa. Nobody mentions what happened in Turkana. Nobody from Turkana has demanded that Kimaiyo be sacked for the atrocities against Turkana. He disarmed the Turkana and not the threatening pokot. He was therefore enabling the pokot to attack with ease. Mind you, not a single pokot was killed in that attack, but eight Turkanas and several animals driven away. Talk about inequality in the hands of the government. By BRYAN TUMWA Kenya: The government has been asked to take charge of the security situation in the country. Senators James Orengo (Siaya), Mike Sonko (Nairobi) and Boni Khalwale (Kakamega) led other leaders in calling on the government to ensure the safety of all Kenyans as a matter of priority. Orengo asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to own up to the security challenges being witnessed countrywide and put me ...
SHOCK as NAIROBI MCAs plan to recall MIKE SONKO next week for frustrating Governor Kidero Friday April 4, 2014 - Members of Nairobi County Assembly allied to Uhuru/ Ruto’s Jubilee have hit out at Nairobi Senator, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, over his continued attacks on Governor Dr. Evans Kidero. The over 20 MCAs led by Jubilee Chief Whip, Hashim Kamau, threatened to move a motion to discuss Sonko’s conduct and performance next week, a move that could see him recalled for underperformance. Addressing the press at City Hall yesterday, the Jubilee MCAs accused Sonko of frustrating Governor Kidero while he himself has done nothing meaningful for Nairobians. “The Senator’s war with Kidero is becoming personal. He should be recalled for preventing the Governor from working for Nairobians”, said Hashim Kamau. “What has Mike Sonko done to improve Nairobi? We know he is an underperformer and as a result he should get out of the way for Kidero to deliver to Nairobians”, added Peter Warutere, Roysambu County Re ...
Breaking News: by election 2be done. Mike Sonko to take part in transport ministry, Nyon'go to take security side
NAIROBI IS NOT READY FOR CORPORATE FAILURES LIKE IT HAS BEEN SEEN IN ITS CURRENT LEADERSHIP. Kidero should do more for the people who elected him and not concentrate on dishing money here and there while creating beggars in areas which already have governorships. And I hear he is contemplating moving his political base to Homabay. He failed and run down the corporations he worked for, he has failed to govern he wants to take his failures to Homabay? Wacha aende Homaday if that is the place where arrogance and failure in condoned. And this other one called Mike Sonko promised that he would stop behaving like a child. To gather idlers eating air burgers at Uhuru park, Tom Mboya statue and Hilton Hotel areas then inciting them to demonstrate against a government which himself he is a senator is stupid. I suggest he includes management and leadership in the degree he is pursuing. Nairobi, just like Kenya is very hungry for leadership. The same way Kenya is of strategic importance to the world... ...
Mike sonko scores an A in Photoshop and MEMEs
mike sonko scored E in using his brains and an A in being in touch with his voters and helping them
So Senator Mike Sonko walks in at UTR and buys everybody a round of whatever anything that was on your table. Hehe this guy!
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“I'm sure Sonko has already photoshopped himself next to Lupita” ->
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko abuses Radio Presenter Caroline Mutoko on Air Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 24/7 on Follow us ...
Mike sonko shows his pro in photoshoping see his latest pictures here...
Do you know how i feel when Kibaki,Raila,Lupita Nyongo, Dalmas Otieno and Mike sonko Sends Me
Is Senator Mike Sonko becoming our handout hero here in
MIKE SONKO joins other celebrities at the Oscars for that popular SELFIE … Nkt …….. this guy!!!
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Katwekera - The Noize Maker: Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was also at the Oscars 2014 to Support Lupita Nyong'o (Photo)
I'll concede the photo and raise you...PhotoShop. Yes, if Mike Sonko can oull it off...
DAILY POST: MIKE SONKO spotted with LUPITA NYONG’O slightly before she won the Oscar . Ah Ah Ah
Still waiting for that Mike Sonko and Lupita Nyongo selfie at the OSCARS
If you see Mike Sonko, William Kabogo, Harun Mwau and Hassan Joho standing together, what will come to your head...
Mike sonko does it again . photoshoping himself at the Oscar's awards witnessing lupita nyong'o see more here...
Have you heard the latest MIKE SONKO[RADIO EDIT]?? if not go to MIKE SONKO VIDEO IS OUT!!!
Am still waiting for Senator Mike Sonko's Photoshop with Lupita Nyongo at :P
Waiting for Mike sonko to do it again :-D
This is a public service announcement to last year's KCSE candidates. I am sure your adrenaline is running as you wait to see what fate has brought. I am telling you for free that your results lie somewhere between an A and an E. If you get an A, A- OR or a grade everyone dreams of, you will go on to become a doctor, engineer, dentist, nurse..., but if you get and E, D-, D, D+, C- or any other grade that makes others think you are stupid, you may go on to become a CEO, a governor, an MP, a senator, a president, and even a billionaire. Then, all the guys that scored As, A-, e.t.c. and outshined you in school will be your employees, and will demonstrating asking you for a pay hike. I'm not lying. Ask Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Winston Churchill, Mike Sonko, Hassan Joho, Oscar Sudi, etal. Those guys were failures in school, but are more successful in life.
THE KASARANI DEBACLE Looking at how Orange Disappointment Party is being run makes me look at the bigger picture. Uhuru Kenyatta always seems to have complete control of his people, party, henchmen, et al, and it was evident even before elections, a good example being his public reconciliation of Rachel Shebesh, Mike Sonko and Ferdinand Waititu among several other instances. Raila Odinga on the other hand, charismatic as he may be, deserved of leadership as he may be, always seems to lack control of his people and ultimately his party. I can see, I can read poor organization skills, and burdens like Otieno Kajwang among other stooges (Who have nothing to lose, unlike their "Master") only make it worse. I look around, and I see poor organization skills everywhere! The hooliganism (Though may be a wrongfully utilized stereotype) that has become synonymous with Luos does not help either. It has to be war in Funerals, at times Weddings, Public Events, monuments, riots, elections, name it, and all this we see ...
I think haters of Mary Wambui the Othaya MP should accept that this lady represent the aspirations of the commoners more than those elitists.Stop hating and salute the general.She may not have gone to school,but the little she has done has touched many lives in Othaya.Besides,Kibaki must be wise,Othaya residents didnt advice him to be polygamous and he shouldnt drag them into his personal affairs,I see his hand in these petition to drag this lady to the ruts,I urge Othaya residents to bring back Mary in by-election.Dont be dazzled and wowed by somebody's papers,classical example is Mike Sonko and his Mundane knowledge outsmarting Evans Kidero with his himalayan knowledge in touching ppl's lives in Nairobi.Ppl dont eat certificates or lecturers and if one cant use his cert knowledge to better lives of hoi polloi then he is no better than he who lacks.
Ruto President 2017 Ruto and Wetangula in talks of forming a powerful coaliation come 2017.The master game plan is Ruto for president, Wetangula For Vice president, Raila for prime minister. Then we have Hassan Joho, Mike Sonko, Aden Dwale, Charity Ngilu, and Bishop Maggie Wanjiru . Due to historical injustices to Raila of which he knows he cant asscent to presidental seat , this is what gonner happen.
BELIEVE it or NOT …….. MIKE SONKO cries like a baby in Nairobi …. READ to find out why the Nairobi Senator WAILED Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, on Wednesday wailed uncontrollably in court after the case which he had sued Kenya Pipeline Company over the Sinai fire tragedy was adjourned by a Nairobi court. Sonko who had accompanied Sinai fire victims to the court said he cried because of how he saw victims still suffering, three years after the fire accident. The case which was filed by victims of the fire against the Kenya Pipeline Company failed to proceed on October last year after the judge postponed the case to January 29 this year. Victims want Sh 25 billion in compensation because the cause of the fire was negligence by KPC engineers who failed to repair a broken fuel pipe - 116 people died during the inferno. Sonko has requested Chief Justice, Dr Willy Mutunga, to intervene on the case and see justice is delivered in the case.
I am always depressed by news that there are still ghost workers drawing salaries from the government. The directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta on the auditing of all the 18 ministries and head-counting all the civil servants is long overdue. Ksh1.8 billion is just too much to be going to the pockets of people that haven't worked for it. Meanwhile, if Mike Sonko can sack Rachel Shebesh and Dr Evans Kidero as he claims, what has he been waiting for? He should have done that the day before yesterday! Have a Ghost-free day!
Mike Sonko. at it again.. with Lupita Nyongo andat the Golden Globes yesterday
Kohadha Roy Ogolla, the blogger who leaked Mike Sonko and Rachel Shebesh's nude photos, is dead. His death was...
SHOCKING!! The BLOGGER behind SONKO and SHEBESH’s NPHOTOS is DEAD A few months ago, Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, and Women Representative, Rachael Shebesh, made headlines after nphotos of the two made it to the internet. Although the two claimed that they were photo-shopped, a blogger decided to release a better angle of the photos giving more evidence that they were real. Roy Ogolla Kohadha was the man behind the photos and after negotiations with Sonko to clear his name, Sonko said that all Roy wanted was to create a name and fame using the photos. Unfortunately, Roy is no more, the blogger died today at Kenyatta National Hospital where he was being treated following a grisly accident around Kitengela. Roy was coming from a Church Service at Maasai Lodge and was driving a friend’s Toyota Prado but something seems to have gone wrong and he lost control of the car which rolled several times. He was thrown out of the car and was rushed to KNH where he died while awaiting to undergo surgery. From me, ma ...
SMH. Just found out Mike Sonko was awarded Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya (E.G.H.) by Undeserving.
Mike Sonko has volunteered to photoshop Justin Sacco next to Nelson Mandela so he can appease Angry Africans.
Mike Sonko has taken things to a whole new level as a senator. Really guy, photoshoping a pic with Mandela. Kenya made t…
Mike Sonko shot with Mandela, Kanye, Che, Dr King, Mother Theresa, Miley Cyrus and even bono! check it out here
I liked a video from DESNECESSÁRIO COM Nelson Mandela FT. PARIS HILTON, MIK…
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Late to this, but Kenyan Senator Mike Sonko really, REALLY wanting to be pictured with Nelson Mandela is superb:
So a Kenyan politician photoshopped himself with Madiba
The mayor of Toronto puts to shame all the antics & theatrics of Mike Sonko , Simon Mbugua & the "Aiyaya, You slapped me Kidero" lady.
Am listening online from Hali. Please play Mike Sonko by n ;Add it to your playlist
MIKE SONKO will NEVER apologize for photoshoping Nelson Mandela next to him ... LOOK at what he poste...
MIKE SONKO abused by Kenyans for being a disgrace to the country ……. MANDELA PHOTO SHOP (LOOK at the ...
As Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko & controversial politicianSimon Mbugua chatting up & catching up with Rachael Shebesh at Capital Centre
DAILY POST: PHOTOs of UHURU KENYATTA as he hosts Sen. MIKE SONKO and his family for BREAKFAST
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"Check out this Kenyan politician's tragically photoshopped Mandela pic..
Kenyan politician Mike Sonko left red-faced after photoshopping himself next to Nelson Mandela
DAILY POST: MIKE SONKO insults Kiharu MP IRUNGU KANG’ATA that he is drunkard and smokes b**ng...
So Mike Sonko tried to photo shop himself with the late Madiba Mandela! Truly thi is kenya at 50
what exactly do U do when Aden Duale and Mike Sonko just stand to incite Kenyans, ION, Turkana pia ni Rift Valley.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is not apologetic about his efforts to photoshop himself with antiapartheid icon Nelson...
is when someone like Mike Sonko is being honoured with an EBS showing how we really are
Just realized that after UhuRuto, RAO and Kidero, Mike Sonko probably garnered more votes than any other politician in Kenya
People are seated in front of their tellys to watch the Id rather watch Mike Sonko fighting a wall
Looks like Mike Sonko went global on this one
Busted! Mike Sonko photoshops himself into a picture and thinks no one will notice
President Uhuru Kenyatta hosted Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and his family at State House over the weekend. . Here are some photos.
naa but you kinda deserved that mike Sonko ain't kyuk loool and the way you was going on about their men wah loool
Amazing Photos of President Uhuru Kenyatta with MIKE SONKO and his family via
Asking GOK... Surely, if you could award Mike Sonko Elder of Burning Spear, is anything too difficulty for you?
A great honor attending the celebrations at the Safaricom Stadium, Kasarani here with Mike Sonko and Former President Mwai Kibaki.
BECAUSE THE LATE JARAMOGI OGINGA ODINGA, WANGARI MAATHAI, MARTIN SHIKUKU WILL NOT BE PRESENT DURING THEIR HONORS, it is my informed view that Raila Odinga, Keneth Matiba, Martha Karua and Kenneth Marende should absent themselves from this festival or reject these medals altogether. Reasons: 1.) it is to be presided over by NUMBER 1 SUSPECT OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY which in itself makes the medals dirty. 2.) the honors are meaningless and it will be a slap in their faces and history should they choose to share platforms and medals with a persons whose moral standings are as questionable as those of Mike Sonko's and whose histories are tainted in kind of Daniel Moi's. Please stay away!
Kenya no recognition of Maumau, no recognition of Raila Amolo Odinga, Matiba, Dedan Kimathi, James Orengo, Shikuku, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. only EBS for Mike Sonko for having sex in public with Shebesh.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...
Mike Sonko is the kind of quality Kenya exports to the rest of the world.
Thanks a lot we really needed this sort of embarrassment today!
The hunger to take a picture with Mandela is REAL ---> Mandela Photoshop
Thank you this kind of embarrassing attention is exactly what Kenya needs at this time
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Sonko's photoshop stupidity with Mandela makes it to The Independent via SMH!!
Your senator somehow made it to the Independent.htt…
Mike Sonko looking to up his cred by photoshop.
Jubilee MP's are all nuts and now we have one Senator form Jubilee called Mike Sonko boy oh boy i sure hope he...
Pollie photoshops himself with Mandela: ONE Kenyan politician wasn't going to let the fact that he had never m...
I've just seen this link. I don't if I should or be embarrassed...
Haven't got a photo with Mandela? Just Photoshop it, like Kenyan politician Mike Sonko did! via
Everybody has a picture with Mendela; a Kenyan politician photoshoped one.
No photo with Mandela? No problem! Politician left red-faced after photoshopping himself next to Mandela:
lol "And then there's this *** -> Sonko photoshops himself next to Nelson Mandela
What to do if you're a politician without a picture next to Mandela? Photoshop one of course. http…
apparently now mike sonko photo shopped himself next to Mandela, leaves me to wonder whether he did the same with Shebesh
Dear pals, I take this earliest opportunity to welcome you at the Youth Senate - Kenya End year party at the iMax Lounge 20th Century Nairobi on 14th Dec this Saturday from 5.30pm. All our guests are sponsored by 50% on food and drinks. They are thus expected to buy a card worth only ksh1000 by Friday. Among the top guests who will grace the occasion is Senator Mike Sonko, Gor semelango and Hon Johnson Sakaja of TNA. Others are the top comedians of this republic. Come and join us in celebrating Youthful leadership in the jubilee year.
IT IZ ONLY.Sonko's Ingenious Way of Giving Out Little Money in a Big Way No one is disputing the fact that Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is a big giver. In fact, he's probably the most generous politician in the country. He has confessed to giving up to 10 million shillings every month to his office visitors and other people he interacts with out there. With his frequent givings, Sonko has devised a few ways to prevent inflicting huge dents to his pocket, but at the same time look good. This photos taken on Sunday show him handing out bundles of money to muslim faithfuls of Madrasa Shimsa located in Jerusalem. A close observation reveals that the money is in 50 Shilling denominations. Each bundle is therefore approximately Sh5000. NWIRE
mike sonko my Role Model has been shortlisted for the award of the Elder of the order of Burning Spear during kenyacelebration. Hope he gets the award.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko wrote a tribute to his mother who passed on 16 years ago. Sonko seems to have been very close to his mother if the message he wrote is anything to go by. Read it below; On … Continue reading →
Young john-dada wats the diffrence btwn potentia and reality? dad-turns to wife,can u sleep with obama for ksh1m? .wife-yes i wont lose that chance dad-he turns to his daughte,can u sleep with mike sonko for ksh1m? .daughter-y not he is my fantasey dad-turns to the eldest son,can u sleep with moi for ksh1m? .son-yes,imagine wat i wil do with 1m. dad-turns to john,now u see,potentially we r sited with multimillionares bt in reality we r sited with 2 PROSTITUTES and 1 *** *** !
The post Senator Mike Sonko Pursuing A Degree At Kenya Methodist University appeared first on Career Point Kenya.Click on the link for the original. They say there’s no age limit when it comes to pursuing education. Well, it would also …… [ 239 more words. ]
No matter his amount of wealth or affluence in the society, Mike Sonko values education. Here is why
If an egg is broken from outside force... life ends. If an egg is broken from inside force... life begins. Great things always begin from our inside sonko senator
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko did Women rep Rachel Shebesh in a five star hotel. What else will you remember this year for? Something weird and utterly crazy!
Mike Sonko Has Boobies And Thongs Telephone In His Office. Check The Photos Here »»» do you think this says about him.
Kwame Nkruma came out of prision and bacame presiden,Jomo Kenyatta came out of prision and became president, Nelson Mandele came out of prision to become president ,Obasanjo from prision and became president, Jerry Jhon Rawlings from prisons and became president ,Raila Odinga from prision to Prime minister, Uhuru Kenyatta from icc suspect to president Mike Sonko from prision to senator , my dear friends prision is far better than education,Am off to Kamiti prision!
Looking at this photo of Senator Mike Sonko Photoshopped hugging Mandela--I am now convinced that Sonko is more than ripe for the Lunatic asylum.its time we also uploaded him on OLX or maybe we upload him on Baragoi.
We r fulll suppoters of harambee star with mike sonko, Hassan Joho , raila @ vip stand stadium its full of ppl game was impressive well done team kenya
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko doing end of semester exams at Mt Kenya University.He is currwently pursuing Business Administration. Sonko, who was admitted in the May intake, iand is doing evening classes. We would like to wish him success in his… [ 56 more words. ]
If you want to work for our govt u must have multiple degrees and be very stupid!!just look at Ole Lenku's decisions how does he come up with some things he says???Mututho je???how did he come up with 'The Mututho Hour'???now compare the level of education of the two with the level of education that Mike Sonko has.PLO Lumumba is a very educated man bt he just cannot work for the govt
Mike Sonko has been secretly undergoing an undergraduate training
victor kariuki in this i. I closely followed last week’s election of TNA county officials, and I’ll be honest, I took a moment give you a well-deserved round of applause for a job well done at the second attempt to the Presidency. I mean your game plan appears to be working. But I thought I would go one step further and put pen to paper for our ‘almost’ commander-in-chief. Energized, caffeinated, prepped with political strategy, you have made a political comeback. Thank you for reviving the hopes of Kenyans that you can carry the burdens of the presidency and still have room for a little swagger. In reference to Tharaka Nithi, TNA county elections held at our county headquarters, Kathwana,the masses are not amused. During the National TNA Aspirants conference at Kasarani, you assured all Kenyans that TNA will hold free and fair nominations and a duly elected TNA county office is a recipe for this. Before that you had visited Tharaka nithi county, and quoting your words at Muthambi Girls High Scho ...
Nairobi vibes stories Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is one of the university students sitting for their exqmination,he would start his exams on monday next week after 'revising heavily', ee wish him well for his coming exam...please wish him
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Senator Mike Sonko and other VIPs will join me to visit Shimo La Tewa Prison this morning as from 10 am, to donate a few basic utilities to the women prisoners and their children. On a recent visit to *** the condition of women prisoners at Shimo la Tewa Prison in Mombasa County, I was shocked by the deplorable conditions the women and their children live in. The prison is sinking in debt and so supplies of many basics have been suspended. The prisoners are in dire need of Mattresses; Blankets and Bed sheets (especially for children); Basins and Buckets; Tissue papers and Sanitary towels; Napkins, Pampers, Baby shawls, and Infants clothing; Slippers; Toothpaste, Soaps for bathing and washing clothes, Petroleum jelly, Children’s toys, Children’s story books, Cereals and grains, and other foodstuffs, any other relevant items. If you can make it to Shimo La Tewa, I invite you to join the VIPs and other well-wishers in presenting the donations DIRECTLY TO THE PRISONERS, today, on 7th December 2013, jus .. ...
i wish success for those who are making today their university exam in all over kenya. let God be with them along with mike sonko
Now every *** that i come across is trying desperately to be associated wit this dead icon Madiba??..Jeff koinange..Mike sonko n the rest..Inadequacy nayo??..LOL
Police to probe four over drug links Posted by: The People in Main story November 28, 2013 0 656 Views The Government is profiling assets of four politicians linked to drug trafficking by the US government in 2010, even as top security chiefs are scheduled to appear before the National Assembly next Tuesday over the matter. In a statement read in Parliament, Administration and National Security Committee chairperson Asman Kamama said police are also profiling the suspects and conducting further investigations on six other individuals named in drug trafficking. Among the 10 include former Kilome MP Harun Mwau, Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, Nairobi Senator Gideon Mbuvi alias Mike Sonko and Mombasa Governor and former Kisauni MP Hassan Joho. Kamama (Tiaty, URP) told the House that despite a police report saying there is no evidence to sustain charges against the four, investigations on their assets are underway after which a report will be tabled in Parliament. “The report had mentioned Mwau, Sonko, Kabo ...
Jubilee presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday read the riot act to Rachel Shebesh and Mike Mbuvi a.k.a Mike Sonko over the ...
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko refused to shake Shebesh's hand on Sunday, the Star is reporting. Apparently, both had...
Mike Sonko in the house gratulation Senator. Kenya building up, gud work frm Banu
Among those who accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to South Africa was Rachel Shebesh and Mike Sonko. I hope...
Mike Sonko and Representative Rachel Shebesh are part of the official entourage of President Uhuru Kenyatta...
Kenya Today - NAIROBI - City residents will be spared the vulgarities of flamboyant Senator Mike Sonko and Representative Rachel Shebesh as the two are part of the offic
Kampala had its moments with Ssebagala, Nairobi has Mike Sonko and now the Toronto Mayor admits he smoked crack cocaine. SMH
This is Senator Mike Sonko. He reps Nairobi County in the Kenyan Parliament. ain't got nothing on
Kenyan Senator, Mike Sonko, was recently kicked out of a parliamentary session for wearing earrings and sun glasses
"Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko vows it is over between him and Rachel Shebesh
Mike sonko,Ukur yatan n Alfred mutua r the only progressive minds who value lyf n its shortcomings.I bet theyre the only leaders who understand the needs n wants of the kenyan populace!
The meeting was productive bigup the governer and Senator Mike Sonko and leader of minority Hashim Kamau for ur esteemed support of my project.
When u see Mike Sonko, what do u see???
Sensationalism and lazy journalism never cease to amaze. Of course the plan is to portray Mbuvi Mike Sonko in a certain way. Well done.. now you can go collect your check. Stupid leaders ? Look yourself in the mirror - indeed shame on you.
*SHAMELESSLY STOLEN FROM Senator Mike Sonko* . The more accurately you can think about who you are, what you want to accomplish and how to accomplish it, the more successful you will be. You cannot have a great career or succeed unless you dare to achieve, and daring to achieve greatly is daring to fail greatly. Yet many are not free to strive for success without reservation, to explore, take risks, and vigorously pursue their dreams. We fear to fail. Watu wangu You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
I still dont understand why Nairobians had to elect Mike Sonko and Rachel Sebesh.
And as expected, Mutindwa brought down.again!! Someone find Mike Sonko and his peace head to intervene and rebuild for these traders
MIKE SONKO agrees to lead MUNGIKI’s Blue Ribbon Movement to cause CHAOS in Nairobi to force ICC to drop UHURU’s case.
But where we headed, we are Mike sonko's *** close to killing each other coz of tweefs
Meet the room where Mike Sonko silenced Shebesh. FOREVER.
MIKE SONKO to vie for the Governor in 2017 as WAITITU/ MBARU go for Senate - Will he beat EVANS KIDERO?
Mike Sonko has bought eight parachutes, for him and his staff of seven to glide out of their 25th-floor office at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre and down to safety in the event of terrorists storming the building.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is unlikely to defend his seat in the next election
Did Joho punch Sonko? Well, some sources have revealed to Swyty Bebs that Mike Sonko was indeed boxed by Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho. This happened during a recent official visit to the coast by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Some close allies of both Joho and …
Rumor has it that Shebesh has been beaten AGAIN by another politician. Rachel Shebesh, the Nairobi women’s rep, was allegedly beaten by Mike Sonko and she’s now nursing a broken arm Shebesh, whose ill fated cheeks got a gubernatorial slap earlier this month seems to be …
There was a joke sometimes back that went like this "kamba people love their work more than the salary" And sure a close look reveals a common trend when it comes to service. Just pick a few : Mike sonko, Govana Mutua Churchhill Ndambuki -they seem to enjoy helping others. But what propels this. Could it be because of classless upbringing ? coz nearly all kambas have some land whether dry or wet.Therefore forestalling anyneed to grow with hidden hatred upon your neighbors. lastly but not least we should import some money saving tricks from Muranga people and tradein with our "peace without money" lifestyle. we can exchange experts for a start.
The guy who always amazes me when he opens his mouth is none other than Mike Sonko, he displays Nairobi at its worst moment, if making idiotic comments was a crime, then he would be at the hague for crimes against Humanity. And he had the most votes in Nairobi, what does it say about Nairobians as a people?
KAMAU vows to deal ruthlessly with MIKE SONKO - says he will punish him severely for causing the trai...
sonko,whats wrong with. Insulting my fab presenter
According to Mike sonko is perpetuating whatsoever he is..
DAILY POST: MIKE SONKO buys 8 parachutes to escape from AL SHABAAB terrorists from his office at...
Ati Mike Sonko is a joint partner of Umoinner buses?
Wait until Mike Sonko moves to the site and most probably call it unlawful.
Not to brag, but I'd be dead by now if I had Mike Sonko's money.
YOUTHS MUST GET THE BESTmet with my M.P wachira karaniaspirant by then) at sweetwaters give me alot of promises hoping he will still fulfil.waiting what he has for the youths,failer to assist them i will be forming a network of pple who have our youths in heart,lk Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, PHARIS MUKURIA,JOSHUA IRUNGU, BISHOP WESTON AMONGEST OTHERS I SALUTE THEM THERE MY GREAT MEN.
Did you know why MIKE SONKO loved Women?''everytym i see a woman,i see the image of my mother and thats why i dnt want to see them suffer''...
Remember Jimmy Gathu being instructed by Sen. Mike Sonko on what questions to ask him on a live TV interview?.
Mr. Atwoli, is Senetor Mike Sonko ur Role Model?!? (looking at his bling blings)
born sinner opposit winner who can turn negative to positive. These are cult hero attitude,mind,heart and only a few fit in this league.likes of mike sonko,oboma.
Senator Mike Sonko bails out Umoinner Bus driver who crashed into a train yesterday and promises to pay for full funera…
I will wear a mike sonko costume..en get all the money I can
So SACCO is owned by John Ndirangu , Senator Mike Sonko and Embakasi West MP George Theuri. OK BYE!!
Mike sonko owns more than 40 buses in the UmoInner Sacco.This explains why he went 2bail out the driver who caused the accident at mutindwa
PHOTOs!! MIKE SONKO getting his signature hair cut ……. check out his BARBER
Mike Sonko has bailed out the driver of Mtindwa accident which left 11 dead and scores injured. Sonko also vowed...
Also, a senator (Mike Sonko) is claiming that a Pakistani madame told him she rented an apartment to them before the attack
MIKE SONKO say the N3K3D PHOTOS with SHEBESH were leaked by the following guys: Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, n...
If you were to write a series based on Senator Mike Sonko...what would you call it?
Our greatest appreciation to Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko. for donating several sanitary towels towards our todays...
Rachel Shebesh and Mike Sonko should resign according to Chapter Six of the National constitution.
Rachel Shebesh say Mike Sonko is so weak that before he start driving he must jampstart the engine ..madharau
LIST OF MEN WHO HAVE SLEPT WITH Rachel Shebesh The degenerate Rachael Shebesh, must be cursing the world and its people especially after randy photos of her sexual drama leaked to the social media. Just after getting a beating from Governor Kidero and Senator Mike Sonko, her randy photos went viral and she is now the talk of town. As if that is not enough, a list of men who have banged her has emerged online and it consists of men from divergent backgrounds, from top politicians, businessmen and even a watchman. Without further ado, here goes the dreaded list that will certainly shock you. 1) Hon Hassim, Kamukunji County Rep who is also the Jubilee minority leader at Nairobi County Assembly 2) Reuben Ndolo, former Makadara MP, who is also said to be Shebesh’s elder sister’s side dish. 3) Hon John Kiragu Chege, Limuru MP. She is said to have slept with him during a TNA-URP meeting. 4) Mike Sonko. The two were having s*x at a Nairobi hotel when Sonko slapped her. 5) Hon. Mark Ndungu, a youthful Nairobi ...
From the Kidero slap to an apparent injured arm courtesy of Mike Sonko, now emerges a new scandal that the Nairobi women’s representative is now associated with. Nude photos of Rachel Shebesh and Mike Sonko have surfaced on the internet and are spreading at an alarming rate.Her name is becoming exce...
His constant drama and trysts with Rachel Shebesh aside, am losing all respect for Mike Sonko. Did he have to wait untill after the terror attack on Westgate to 'reveal' what he knew about the attack before it happened? Methinks this is one man any sitting President should only touch with a ten foot pole, a man not to be trusted at all!
As much as we are in a mourning state as KENYANS this one thing keeps coming to my mind. 1. In Baragoi 42 policemen were killed by bandits no help was given to the families, 2. Tana River 100 Kenyans were killed in inter-ethnic clashes the Government and corporates did keep off, 3. Mukuru kayaba fire more than 86 Kenyans died and many more living with permanent scars as usual because they are slum dwellers everyone kept off it was a one man show thanks to Mike Sonko, 4. last month 46 people perished in road accident in Narok nothing was done to help the victims and families. Now in west-gate a place visited by the rich 76 people from 9 different nationalities have been killed by terrorist now the whole country is mourning, flags are flying at half mast for three days, 12,600 pints of blood collected within 4 days, a total of 102million KSH have been collected within 5days after Safaricom Kenya provided toll free pay bill account. My question is; What's different this time round? Truly all animals are equa ...
These are men and women who could have prevented the AL – SHABAAB TERRORIST attack on Westgate Mall. Friday September 27, 2013 - The country’s security agencies are on the spot over the embarrassing security lapse that led to the deadly terror attack on Westgate Mall, where 69 innocent lives were lost. However, for any meaningful decision of national importance to be made, the National Security Council must sit and make it and if there is any breach of security like the one at Westgate, the entire Security Council probably slept on the job. Earlier on, Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, indicated that he gave intelligence to the NIS over the Westgate attack 2 months before the attack but nothing was done, an indication that the committee never considered Sonko’s intelligence seriously. Here are members of the National Security Advisory Council, the top security organ in Kenya, who have let Kenyans down and maybe should have prevented the Westgate attack. 1. Uhuru Kenyatta - President and the chair. 2. Wil ...
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Mike Mbuvi Sonko Mike Mbuvi Gidion Kioko Mike Sonko ( born 3th March 1974) is a Kenyan politician who was first elected as the member of parliament of Makadara constituency on September 20th 2010 in a dramatic by-election. Right after his victory, Mike Sonko had the following to say to his constituents: “I will honour all the promises I made to you when campaigning. I will continue standing by my people of Makadara and will continue being development-concious, my main focus still remains ridding this constituency of poverty.” True to his word, his Makadara constituency has recorded a significant surge in employment brought about by establishment and growth of small businesses. His style of leadership has been described as “enigmatic” and “unique” because unlike other leaders, Mike Sonko walks around dressed in jeans and a t-shirt which has earned him titles like, “,mtu wa watu” (A man of the people) and “ A darling of the masses” . “It is the simple things I do that take me closer to ...
Senator Mike Sonko donates Kshs 500,000 for sanitary towels and hires chopper for distribution |
sonko is a disgrace to the people of Nairobi who voted him in as a senator!!!Shame on him,,!!!
MIKE SONKO disappoints PROSTITUTES (call girls) in Mombasa
PAPARAZZI ON Senator Mike Sonko receives a punch from Mombasa governor Hassan Joho..with
Senator Mike Sonko says ready to deposit Sh 65m in court as security to save Buru Buru Jua Kali artisans from eviction by illegal developers
Today I woke up angry. So many things were pissing me off. Number one:Mike Sonko... . Number two: Rachel Shebesh.
Senator Mike Sonko is ready to deposit 100,000,000 to stop the construction at the NCCK.
Mike Sonko loses bid to stop building on prime land
So when did Senator Mike Sonko's effort to rescue pregnant mothers become a bad thing?
Mike Sonko. In light of the Pumwani Hospital worker’s stand-off, I have volunteered together with Nairobi women...
PHOTO!! MIKE SONKO takes WIFE and daughters to Diamond’s concert
Dear Mike Sonko, Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving it to them.
Amazing PHOTOs of UHURU KENYATTA and his wife in China ….. is that MIKE SONKO???
"pockets full of money, call me Mike Sonko!" someone needs to wake this dude from his sleep! lmao!
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So Mike Sonko is nominated for 'Role Model Of The Year' award in Mwafaka awards? Hm
Mike sonko accompanied the president to russia. I see him with the studs.
As youths we vote in vry able old leaders who go to fight 4 their rights and 4gt our own rights,only Mike Sonko hs assisted some
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko AND GOVERNOR Terran C Evans Evans Kidero when the latter met at the former's Office at...
Does Mike Sonko have a wife? How does she let him step out of the house dressed like that???
Mike sonko.RT May our get the money they need. 6...and a half people (cont)
I start this journey of trying to have audience with the first lady and honorable Mike Sonko.Help me God it is for the good of the weak.
Survey shows that Kenyans think Senator Mike Sonko should be the Role Model of the year - |
Mike Sonko’s non-tobacco electronic cigarette that helps smoker's quit the habit,
Mike Sonko’s Electronic Cigarette?. As he sat with his family and friends during the. recent concert by Diamond,...
But only Mike Sonko would take a picture of himself in an exam room. LOL
So funny .YOU CANT BUY CLASS tell prezzo that tell man city tell mike sonko ...awkward sum1 sayin that
Had a fruitful discussion with the Nairobi Senator Hon. Mike Sonko when I paid him a courtesy call at his office.
Senator Mike Sonko awards Eagle Wings, a women basketball team with over 150,000 |
I will never regret voting for you Mike Sonko have what it takes to make a difference in leadership..i...
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Ken Obura and Mike Sonko should carry out a DNA test. Wana fanana sana
Senator Mike Sonko awarding a cheque of KES 50,000 at the East Africa Cricket Tournament yesterday.
Nairobi Senator, MIKE SONKO, cries as he pledges Sh 300,000 for 1998 blast orphaned children
To date, i still can't get to understand how Mike SONKO was elected to Senatorship of Nairobi.
"Tanzania has over 100 tribes but tribalism doesn't exist there" Senator Mike Sonko - |
Is Mike Sonko willing to reward in case he breaks the World 100M Record?
Nick Mutuma:"Pockets full of money call me mike sonko" *Receives text from HELB* *Switches phone off,throws simcard into the indian Oc
As Mike Sonko checks in at Simba Union to watch the
Chillin with Mike Sonko at KICC. Motor show looking good
Senator Mike Sonko faults calls for immediate action - |
END OF W/MELON:--being the most. popular politician in kenya. today,MIKE SONKO MBUVI is edging. out KALONZO as the...
Mike Sonko is that you? RT“Too many people asking for Favors and stuff from me. arghhh!!”
I will only take Mike Sonko seriously when he loses that hideous haircut!!
Hi Mike sonko. Wewe ndio baba yetu> We people in Nairobi tumebarikiwa to be lead by you.
Mike Sonko donating goats and various food stuff to mosques around Nairobi |
Super Senator Mike Sonko donates goats to the Muslim community for Idd-Ul-Fitr celebrations |
MIKE SONKO puts land grabbers on notice as he REVEALS the goons
Senator Mike Sonko passes message of condolence to August 7th victims |
Senator Mike Sonko passes message of condolence to Tanzanians - |
Senator Mike Sonko's message to the August 8th victims|
I swear my pastor had on more gold than trinidad james and mike sonko combined, he was stunting on ***
Mike Sonko ni ka anashindana na Balotteli for the most weird hairstyle award
Mike Sonko on it again. Donates 300k to cater for fees.
Mike Sonko puts land grabbers on notice saying they should brace for “bruising” court battles.
PHOTOS – Mike Sonko Takes Family To London For Holiday. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko who was missing in action for...
Senator Mike Sonko puts city land grabbers on notice. Nairobi Senator Gideon Mbuvi has opened a new battlefront...
Mike the *** kisser or Mike Sonko? “I'm pretty sure Mike knows what caused that fire.”
PHOTOs of MIKE SONKO on holiday in LONDON with his FAMILY
Vote for Mike Sonko as the Role Model of the year (M3). Cc:
Most of these kids don't know what an important man Raila is.talking like they discussing Mike Sonko. SMH...
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How Senator Mike Sonko made KES 10,000,000 when still in high school |
You have the umph and the will. Break the records because you are capable.Go Mike go!
We miss the missbehaviour of mike sonko
Senator Mike Sonko's message to the youth |
"I made KES 10,000,000 while still in. high school, form 3 to be exact, clean money!" Senator. Mike Sonko
Mike sonko punched walls not my face!RT "Mike Sonko didn't need (cont)
Senator Mike Sonko's message to the youth -
What Senator Mike Sonko goes through on a daily basis at work -
HAIYA!! Did you know this about MIKE SONKO…..A Must READ
Senator Mike Sonko will always stand with his people, you can count on him.
Jesus: I'll tell you a story about Lazarus and a rich man... Wateba: Umenikumbusha story ya Mike Sonko... Jesus: *weeps*
Kenya has four presidents: Uhuru- for the dominant tribe. Ruto for the hustlers. Mike sonko for 'youths' then Raila for the rebels!!
Nick mutuma be like "This gava's pockets full of money ,we call it mike sonko."
Mike Sonko is a real man of the people thats what a leader should be like.
And then Mike sonko and ekwe ethuro turned up at Shakatak
If you come on a date dressed like Mike Sonko...I run like Usain Bolt
Senator Mike Sonko rescues over 35,000 Jua Kali artisans from eviction
"Eng. Kamau took the wrong approach on Langata demolitions" Senator Mike Sonko
"The decision made by the people of Makueni should be respected" Senator Mike Sonko
Little Mike Sonko on all blinged up!
7 things you need to know about Senator Mike Sonko -
7 Things you need know about Mike Sonko as the senator
Pockets full of me mike sonko
MIKE SONKO gets court order to stop further demolitions in Langata, Nairobi
"If someone else other than [Phillip] Kaloki wins then i'll accept and move on" Senator Mike Sonko
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko meeting police chiefs & a half bottle of JW Red on the table.
Mike Sonko is an all round politician. apart from bringing bling bling to politics,Sonko is a pples Leader
MIKE SONKO tells UHURU/ RUTO to fire KAMAU because he is ARROGANT and a USELESS MAN.
"Mike Sonko, 800,000 nairobians are behind you, you are my governor" Robert Ochillo
eish Mike Sonko Mbuvi!!jameni..!big up n the generosity!bt in a way ths is only encouragng co-dependency and laziness!
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Do you know that Mike sonko is not in the list of top ten richest kenyans,but Where does he get the money he dishes out?
That Mike Sonko news of giving out cheques of 5 Million per month makes me admire his banker. Those are the clients I want
Mike Ezra, Mike Sonko, and oh boy, Mike Ssegawa...I should change my name.
REVEALED: MIKE SONKO is now the MOST powerful man in UHURU/ RUTO’s administration.
ODM gives Bishop Margaret Wanjiru direct nomination for Nairobi Senate race to battle it out with TNA's Mike Sonko. Supr…
Mike Sonko:. The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.
Kenya 0 - Botswana 1...67mins. now I know y mike sonko bets so much money on ...coz he's sure he's not going to give it
"I. personally admire the degree of selfelssness. manifested during this holy month" - Senator Mike Sonko |
that Nick Mutuma song i bet mike sonko can rap better
When all the current dust has settled, I foresee two very strong leaders emerging in Ukambani;Alfred Mutua&Mike Sonko. Keep it here!
Senator Mike Sonko vows to take NCCK to court over land |
Senator Mike Sonko teams up with the Ethics and Anti Corruprion Commission to fight graft.|
"The laptop project will catalyze the digital revolution in Kenya, something we urgently need" Senator Mike Sonko |
"I have seen the benefits that my 6 year old daughter enjoys from owning a laptop" Senator Mike Sonko|
Do not worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all what he has done. If you do this you will experience God's peace , which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will guard your heart and mind as you live in.
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Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. The city and its surrounding area also forms the Nairobi County. The name "Nairobi" comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nyrobi, which translates to "cold water". The phrase is also the Maasai name of the Nairobi river, which in turn lent its name to...
I wonder why some of us are really being so *** this Just like Mike Sonko said, you cant...
Whom do you think will be africa's next Nelson Mandela...
Wanaume wengine ni 'cha ovyo' sana, u can not plan to go 4 an introduction to the ladys' place na uko na 2k pekee. Hiyo ni fare, ni shopping ama ni pesa ya any emergency unabeba. Kumarry is not that cheap. Nskt. Learn to plan early.
Swag is for boys while class is for men.!
Hii watu wa kupita katikati wame tupisha Kethi mbao she had a good career and reputition and is risking all that for a chance to go to the senate to engage the likes of mike sonko in debates.
Mike sonko mbuvi, the only kenyan politician who can command votes across our sharply divided ethinicities, n probably by the end of this term, Dr. Alfred N. Mutua.
Yaani Uhuruto thought walimu were jocking,then mike sonko saying serikali ni changa,does Uhuru rem when he said difference between tr.and pupil is uniform.matusi haya.
I would pay Mike Sonko to tell me where he gets all that money from.
Citizen TV in Trouble For Faking The Dandora Rape Story Chances are you watched Citizen TV's news feature 'Child Gangs of Dandora' on Sunday.We were told how children as young as 14 were terrorizing girls in the area, by gang raping them. One of the 'gang members' interviewed narrated how they lock up girlsfor weeks, even months, taking turns to rape them. The 'gang leader' who agreed to talk to Citizen, was only 17 and had his face blurred, just like the victims interviewed. It is now emerging that Anne Mawathe might have shamelessly fabricated the story. In a letter addressed to Media Owners Association of Kenya and copied to Royal Media Services, Pastor Joseph Kamiri, a volunteer working with a youth and children’s organization in Dandora, says that Citizen TV's crew paid the young girls, alleged to be rape victims, and the boys alleged to be gang members, Sh 1000 each to be interviewed. Mr. Raphael Munjal, a youth from the area, coached the young girls and boys according to Pastor Joseph. The gang l ...
Dear mike sonko, Today i heard you say that its not the Uhuruto govt that made a deal with the teachers in 1997,so they shouldnt make any demands concerning that deal Then why are the MauMau veterans demanding compesation from the (current) British govt. Its only the individuals who change but the govt remains the same.
'Kipepeo' singer Jaguar has been making ripples in Kenya for his style and massive wealth. From a guy who posts pictures of his jewelry, Euros and packs of Durex on his London trip, one would expect pride and arrogance from him but his humility surprises everyone every time. He stresses that humility and fearing God is the recipe for success. On str8up Live and Loud show last saturday, He spoke about his humble beginnings. For him education was a struggle since he lost his mother when he was still very young. A young jaguar used to walk all the way from Eastleigh to Kikuyu every day for school and when times got really hard, the matatu touts were gracious enough to let him ride for free; All because they saw his determination to make it in life. There were times when he even had to sleep in matatus that were not locked because he had nowhere to lay his head at night. He was supported by various people to whom he is eternally grateful. This has inspired him to give back to the society, which included payi ...
This is a song for all those pple who got swag. Lets swag
A government is just a government. It doesn't matter kama teachers were made a promise time ya Moi. Mike Sonko you are a big FOOL.
Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko I have been your fan BUT for this No eti kenyatta serekali ni changa is misplaced that it cannot debt of teachers is wrong.kenya is paying since independence.Sonko lipa au kimya.
Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another.Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young; and doubly blessed is the generation in which the young listen to the old. ~Mike Sonko
Started in 1977 with partial funding from the World Bank, the densely populated Dandora Estate in the eastern suburb of Kenya's capital Nairobi is popular fo...
Ths Kethi vs Kaloki encounter rminds of the Rueben Ndolo vs *** Wathika fight 4 the Makadara seat wich gave birth to Mike Sonko...
Kethi Kilonzo now before the IEBC tribunal hearing. She says she registered in Ngong Forest Academy though she did not vote during the general election as her name was missing from the voters' register
Mike Sonko. wrote: "Did you know faith is like Wi-Fi, it's invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need..."
Name one JubileeIDIOT that you know.
I would rather change ma nationality...nkt!
Moved from being 'in a relationship' to.
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