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Mike Shannon

Thomas Michael Shannon (born July 15, 1939) is an American-born former Major League Baseball player and current radio sportscaster.

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I am so proud of Shannon Matos. She took the lead tonight at Stacey & Mike's engagement session at the Larz...
On a positive note I'm sitting in front of Cardinals Hall of Famer Ted Simmons, and next to Mike Shannon's daughter.
Hi Mike, as an entrepreneur, how do you use to make valuable connections?
Prof Mike Waldman at his Last Lecture: show respect to everyone, regardless of status, appearance, religion, race
Keva Cox with her proud parents, Mike and Shannon Cox!
Hi Mike, since you’re talking about what do you think of our founder’s use of
Just the 2nd Hulk movie is MCU canon. The 1st Hulk movie is Crouching Tiger canon.
10:20a-w Broadcaster Mike Shannon on the upcoming Cards @ L.A. Angels series
SERIALISM 036 is finally out on wax 12'' ! . Loquace – “Transitions EP” incl. Mike Shannon
Yo, which Cardinals giveaway item do you want? '46 replica WS ring or Mike Shannon jersey?
Speegle women are storied badasses. History is not ready.
hmmm technically that was this morning lol you know what I mean tho 😂
Congratulations! Girls can't help their inherent awesomeness.
Mike Shannon, Willie Mays hit historic HRs in final game at original Busch 50 years ago today. The story:
Mike - I think the Bulls should trade their starting pitching. I'll hang up and listen.
"The 7th inning is a key inning... For a lot of reasons" the wise words of Mike Shannon
Love that announcer Mike Shannon is talking about & during today's game.
Why doesn't Rooney call the whole game on broadcasts? When Mike Shannon steps in it's like a drunk grandfather telling stories
Mike Shannon is killing it today, and absolutely cracking me up 😂
Mike Shannon on being at Fairmount Park for Ky Derby simulcast when power failed: "I got my bets down. Don't worry about that" .
Listening to the game on the radio and sounds like Mike Shannon is already thoroughly enjoying this Mother's Day.
Feel like the best use of this Mike Shannon Cardinals jersey is to convert it into a Rhiannon
This is why we love Mike Shannon. Read our profile of the legendary broadcaster:
Can't help but laugh now every time I hear Mike Shannon talk about an "ice cold
One of my favorite “It's Mother's Day today, so to all the mothers out there, 'Happy Birthday.' ” --Mike Shannon
Mike Shannon talks with manager Mike Matheny before today's rubber match vs Pirates. Hear it next on
Mike Shannon and Dan Rooney should read this. :)
End of 2nd: 2, 2 . So deuces are wild as Mike Shannon would say!
I'm a cards fan and Pat Hughes has forgot more than Mike Shannon knows.
Pat Hughes is horrible maybe you should have said Mike Shannon instead
On my way to College Park NARA — eating lunch at Mike Shannon's Steak & Seafood At Lambert Airport in St Louis
The best Cardinals reporter (aside from Mike Shannon) is Jim Edmonds. I wish he was in the booth with McLaughlin every game.
Mike Shannon: "I was very impressed by Marco Gonzales and his pitching today." .
From on whether he might be the next Mike Shannon in the booth: "Whoa. That's all I have to say to that."
Tune in to tonight and hear from Al Hrabosky, Mike Shannon and more!
Mike Shannon to only call St. Louis Cardinals home games in 2016.
Mike Shannon no longer will broadcast Cardinals road games
"Ballpark Village was the nail in the coffin ..." Sad news about Harry's, following on heels of Mike Shannon's ...
For fans Mike Shannon says he will do all 81 home games. But no travel. Says "I can enjoy my sunmer" and st…
I can't wait to hear Mike Shannon pronounce Seung-hwan Oh.
Can't wait to hear Al Hrabosky and Mike Shannon try to prounce Seung-Hwan Oh's name.
in college, used to watch Cards on TV n listen to Mike Shannon on the radio..real life Harry Doyle at its best.
I just like the Mike Shannon-ism -- you can never have too much starting pitching
WOW! Was just sitting at the bar at Mike Shannon's talking to Brett Hull!!!
Mike Shannon sounds like Jame Gumb from silence of the lambs
it goes Dean, Joe Garagiola , Mike Shannon and turning into on radio
before there was Mike Shannon, Joe Garagiola had stories did his shows from bar before my time but they told me it
I just want, one time, to hear John Rooney's sonorous tones say "They hate us because they ain't us. Mike Shannon will have the seventh."
Former left-handed starter John Tudor is live with Mike Shannon & at on Live at Shannon's on 1120AM.
Mike Shannon seems like he’d be a great color commentator. Actually saying what’s going on for the listener seems a bit tough for him.
big red weesy w. Stands for cards win. Ask mike Shannon
That's why rich whites like Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Mike Bloomberg, & Shannon Watts support they don't want nonwhites armed.
Oh my god this so funny lmmfao . Kc Williams Fred Vs HWood Lee Williams Raphael Thompson Mike Shannon Roger...
best thing I ever did was follow mike Shannon on Insta
Catch Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts and Mike Shannon at FACT Music Pool Series for the 12 years of Dskonnect Booking Agency >>>
Here's Shannon Miles, who shot the Houston sheriff's deputy--media outlets are still trying to figure out his race http:/…
Yesterday a journalist and presenter. Today a broadcaster and commentator. redefines Mike Hosking.
Shannon is trying to protect her large paycheck from Mike Bloomberg for running for him.
Shannon J. Miles is lucky he didn't slip n fall. . Ron White, "In Texas they have a death penalty, and they USE it."
Jon Miller is another one that could do it. The masochist in me wants to see Mike Shannon try.
Great to see EJ, Tyrod and Mike out there doing their thing at Qb!
Project HEAL- Saint Louis is one of the non-profits that Mike Shannon's is supporting this August! For very drink... ht…
pretty much on Mike Shannon's level, except Shannon always has the "I'm drunk" excuse.
The button to change feeds is missing and I'm listening to the Giants announcers instead of Mike Shannon and it hurts, it really hurts
Mike Shannon's to kick it off then might be going to Big Daddy's or something
coming soon to NKC and the world, Handmade Craft Irish American Whiskey by a fifth generation Shannon
On my way to Lausanne after a nice stay in Ibiza with my brother from another mother Shannon
I always wanna think "Mike Shannon's" or "Charlie Gitto's" a/b STL, I can't remember the other places, damnit
I agree, with Mike Shannon being a distant second.
Worse part is, don't get to hear drunk Mike Shannon on these road trips.
I love to hate Tim McCarver.and Mike Shannon...and Bob Costas.
actually Bailey hang with Shannon you lezbo!!!
Mike Shannon all the way...though Jack Buck is tough to follow
Idc what anyone says 50s music is so *** catchy
turn it to 97.7 and listen to the soothing drunken voice of Mike Shannon
Ever have one of those days where you're so grateful to be alive?. Today is one of those days
GOAL! Shannon Horgan ties the game at 1 with 31 minutes left in the half!
I bought a bottle of Mike Shannon's steak sauce it is fantastic!!!
CONGRATS TO MIKE IN ROSEVILLE! Shannon just won him a brand new convertible Camaro!!!
For the lucky ones still in a summery location... Two of ours, Mike Shannon & Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts are...
Congrats mike💖 remember that I'm the Shannon tran supporter.lemme know when you're in your promos for masters http:/…
Mike Shannon is a prince among men. Heart of gold, he has.
At this rate, he'll make us forget the immortal who wore No. 18 . . . MOON MAN Mike Shannon.
"Well there's your run big boy. Heh heh heh" -Mike Shannon probably
It was probably Mike you should shun him
Mike Shannon emotional as he begins his speech on the greatness of George Kissell
Mike Shannon on Cards duffel bag giveaway Sun: "Someone asked me about that today at Fairmount Park. I said you need that for the money?"
The Cardinals and the Reds are underway with John Rooney and Mike Shannon on the call on
The and are minutes away on with Mike Shannon and John Rooney.
John Rooney: Byrd reached for RBI double in first inning. Mike Shannon: "We're not counting the first inning tonight"
It doesn't get any better than Mike Shannon and John Rooney on the mic
Mike Shannon and John Rooney have the First Word from the booth next on the Pregame Show on
Mike Shannon on Matt Carpenter is as hot as a 4th of July firecracker. Here comes the pitching coach to tell him this guy is hot.
Mike Shannon is pronouncing half of the Royals player's last names wrong
& are minutes away on . Lance Lynn goes for his 8th win of the season. Mike Shannon & have the call.
Mike Shannon on George Frazier when he was accused of using a foreign substance: He said it's not a foreign substance, I got it at Walgreens
If it was up to me Dan McLaughlin, Mike Shannon, and Rooney would call every Cardinals game. . Sue me.
You definitely should try a place in Ballpark Village...there's always Ruth Chris' steakhouse or Mike Shannon's a little pricey
anything at Ballpark Village or Mike Shannon's Outfield
No Vin Scully, or Mike Shannon. I guess I’ll just jam sharp objects into my ears…
Unless Tim McCarver is on, then it's a nightmare. Give me Mike Shannon on the radio any day.
Last night, Mike Shannon said it appeared as if the were "extinct" from the new pace of play rules...
Today it s a beautiful sunny day and lucky you the Boiler Room set of Mike Shannon & Dewalta is online. Go head,...
got Sam Morton and Mike Shannon starring – so it’s a must see!
Mike Shannon signed a three year deal in 2014 so I believe he knows its coming /look at Vin Scully and Bob Uecker to them every game is new
Now the 2014 inductees into Cardinals Hall are introduced: Mike Shannon, Jim Edmonds and Willie McGee.
Mr. Duncan, I have a ball signed by Mike Shannon and the date of the first home run in Busch II. Would love to add you onball
Mike Shannon & John Rooney are on right now as John Lackey makes his spring debut vs David Price & in Jupiter
May just be spring training but John Rooney and Mike Shannon make for nice road music
Mike Shannon and John Rooney are growing on me
Check out my story of why chose Alex Johnson instead of Mike Shannon in outfield with Lou Brock, Curt Flood
RIP David Carr. I saw him at this Times Talk with Mike Shannon a few years ago and he was pretty funny.
Mike Shannon kicks off the Hot Stove League Show at 7:06.
I would buy the Matheny Manifesto as a book on tape thing as long as it’s read by Mike Shannon between games of beer pong.
Fans can't get enough Baseball. Mike Shannon, John Rooney entertain. Are you at the ?
Look who's on stage. Cardinals Broadcasters John Rooney & Mike Shannon taking questions at Winter Warm!
Everything Happens in Chillicothe by Mike Shannon narrated by Eric Martin
Ahh new LPs came through Mike Shannon and Kerri Chandler :) so happy
Guests on the Hot Stove League Show include: Mike Shannon, GM John Mozeliak, New reliever Matt Belisle, and more
Darren Pang is taking the Mike Shannon approach to this game. What is he talking about?
While the Sox are adding people, can we trade Ed Farmer to St. Louis for John Rooney? I miss him. Ed & Mike Shannon would get along great.
Mike literally puts his head on the pillow and falls asleep instantly. It's so unfair.
Poor Mike Foster. I'd be an alcoholic too if I lost Stef.
Literally spent the whole day with Mike and my family ❤
Nick Young is like Shannon Brown when he was on the Lakers I'm telling y'all both spark plugs & fan favorites
Mike London is now 23-38 and 11-29 in conference play at Virginia. He gets a 6th year. . Go Hoos!
Hey no big deal guys one thing Mike London can manage is time
"The game was tied going into overtime." - doing his best Mike Shannon impression
hey Shannon this is your uncle Mike how are you
Mike Shannon steps up to the plate for a special Five Years Of Love mix...
real question whose the right one mike Shannon? Billick? College head coach?
Mike Shannon's Grill - Edwardsville. Upscale Pub Food at Mike Shannon's Grill (Up to 46% Off) from $19
Before the 5th birthday at on Saturday check this masterclass by Mike Shannon on
Keys for Flanagan:. 1. Get the read game going early. 2. Confuse WHS QB Shannon Patrick . 3. Stop RB Mike Howard. 7pm on
LISTEN: Mike Shannon's Five Years Of Love Mix is the perfect way to kick off your weekend...
For the longest time I thought it was Shannon Dawson.
reminded me of you when you talk to Mike ❤️
On the banks of the Shannon young Mike; And young Tess made wild love on a bike;
mr. La said both Eagles and Cowboys games though
Stobart Air to cease operations at Shannon Airport in new year via
“If you could have only one thing for Christmas what would it be?” Mike to sing a Christmas song
Mike didn't know who Bruce Jenner was lol...
Mike (to me): for your 21st were going to buy you a hooker. Lisa: Mike, a hooker is a female. Mike: there are male hookers…
Can Michael Strahan, Shannon Sharpe, and Mike Tyson have a talk show together please?
Mike Shannon I am thinking about you right at this moment.
What a great Picture of all of YOU!. Thanks to Mike, Will, Shannon Vickie and Christian to guiding us as we Worship!
My face tonight when I see the turkey
This is going to be the best Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful for my family, friends and Mike.
Hey, jonesing fans! The memories aren't great, but you can hear Mike Shannon calling the 2013 WS right now on
rember that bet you have with mr. La!
Thankful for Shannon. ..and her booty
Working with Jackson Custom Shop Master Builder Mike Shannon, Broderick designed his own special take on the...
I know you wasn't there ! & yea I was there . Didn't Shannon car run out of gas
The lead the Capitals by one after one (2-1)! w/ Anders Lee, Mike Bossy, and 1st period highlights coming up!
bringing on Mike Bossy in a few minutes
In better STL news, my Mike Shannon bobblehead has arrived.
A former Kaufman County prosecutor speaks out about the murders of Mark Hasse and Mike and Cynthia McLelland:... http:…
Alum Mike Shannon from shares 3 takeaways from his recent return to ISU:
It boggles my mind that Mike Wallace has a Cup ride and does not.
Yesterday I got to see my two amazing friends marry each other! Congrats Mike & Shannon! ❤️
MF dude beside Mike Smith look like Shannon Sharpe.
“This is what happens when your camera's auto-timer light is a red dot...
safe travels. I won't be able to make it this year :( Devo we can't catch up & watch mike beat some ***
“Where tf is mike myers with all the jolly ranchers”
Royals radio announcers make me miss Mike Shannon and John Rooney
Stole a picture from each of then! Happy anniversary to aunt Shannon and uncle mike!!! I love you both…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Somewhere between Mike Patrick's analyst partner and Dana/Shannon is the play calling answer.
Tonight I am in Como, Italy playing b2b with Mike Shannon
TONIGHT I am in beautiful Como, Italy. Playing together with my man Shannon. Looking forward to this one!
Mike Shannon is ON & loaded with tickets to our grown & Sexy Masquerade Party this Thursday & also tix to see Boyz II Men!!!
This something big Mike and Shannon would do 😕
A big congrats to Shannon and Mike on their wedding day!
I did Shannon Sharpe before but a white guy impersonating a black man is considered racist but it's a Parody. It's really good too.
Holland v Posey, Panda & Pence in bottom 9th. As Mike Shannon would say "Ol' Abner's at it again"
Mike Shannon quote of the day: “That’s a cute couple down there. I bet he kisses her on the strikes and she kisses him on the balls”
So.when did Shannon Sharpe become the Giants 1st base coach?
still have tickets left for the Mike shannon signing?
Mike Shannon and Vin Scully should be calling this World Series.
Mike Shannon said they did that to keep the infield from blowing away. The Moon Man is in touch with mamma nature.
After a long week, Dinner with the lovely Ann and Shane @ Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood
Shannon from and Mike German talking about this
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Come on brah don't question my intelligence do you not know what my SAT score *** took Shannon I understand literature
My friend Shannon Alexander's debut novel at the Barnes & Noble in Murfreesboro, TN!
For all my friends out there, the wisdom of Mike Shannon:
"Previously, Shannon was in a relationship with Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson, Alanna "Honey Boo Boo" Shannon's...
Mike is sitting right next to me and wouldn't give me the answer to the quiz😑
Shannon Lark. Photography by Mike Victorick. Makeup/hair and styling by Sabrina Van Sin via Kiss & Make Up...
Is 'Honey Boo Boo' out?: Reports claimed that the reality show's "Mama June" Shannon is dating ... "
American Indians in South Dakota work to overcome voter suppression by Mike Rounds. via
Mike Mains is going to be on the Podcast next Wednesday! Make sure to give it a listen!
I have a chem test tomorrow and I have no idea what's going on 👌
ik it is Thursday and he knows what's up
The nomination of Mike Shannon, president of Holiday Automotive, a Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC and Mazda
HI Shannon test me your cell number lets text :-) Please find time for me I love u :-) Lets Skype LOVE U MISS U GODBLESS U MIKE
As a radio guy, it's painstaking/bittersweet to hear Mike Shannon's voice and him knowing there is no hope..
unfortunately, below the equator we don't get the privilege of Mike Shannon's broadcast. So we're stuck with these 3 clowns
best way to watch the series is mute the tv and listen to Mike Shannon get drunk on budweiser.
The win in a shootout over the Postgame coverage with and legend Mike Bossy.
I wish they'd quit praying for every cardinal fly ball to be a home run. Might as well have Mike Shannon in the booth
Mike Shannon "I was going to say the only thing cheap out here (San Francisco)... and I couldn't think of anything."
I can tell you that Mike Shannon is certainly not sober.
After listening to Joe buck lately it really makes me appreciate John Rooney and Mike Shannon!
it is, I'll go to sleep to the sweet sultry (drunken) sounds of Mike Shannon
I wish that uncle tom and that fake buck guy would jus shut up! Rather listen to drunk mike shannon...
"I wouldn't be in a phone booth, unless I had a 6-pack of Budweiser." - Mike Shannon
I am not near a radio but wondering if Mike Shannon just said of Adam Wainwright, "There's your run big boy. Go get 'em!"
After 2, the trail the Sharks 2-1. Coming up talks with Nick Leddy. Plus highlights & analysis with Mike Bossy
at least on the radio we have good ol' Mike Shannon to keep it real
The only announcer that doesn't seem to be all over San Fran's nuts is Mike Shannon
It's funny to hear Mike Shannon say things like, "Adams waits on the pitch from the giant left hander."
Listening to Mike Shannon makes the Cards game 10x better
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Mike Shannon sounds like he's narrating a funeral.
I like how Mike Shannon calls John Rooney by his first & last name consistently! LOL
If the Cardinals were to come back, the Denny Matthews v Mike Shannon matchup for most boring old white guy radio announcer would be epic.
Glad to finally be listening to John Rooney and Mike Shannon again! Glad to be rid if the Giants love fest that is radio!
What does the President of the have to say about living in
Miller would walk White to load the bases. The Cardinals still trail 7-5. The batter will be Mike Shannon.
Broadcaster and member of the Cardinals HOF Mike Shannon interviews Mike Matheny for the pregame show on http:/…
Mike Shannon loads the bases with a line drive single to left field. It was hit too hard for Boyer to score. But the bases are loaded.
In the bottom of the fourth, the Cardinals would get on the scoreboard, and it was none other than Mike Shannon that did the damage.
It's a battle of the undefeated on MSG+. Join & Mike Bossy at 6:30P & get ready for vs.
I really hope tonight isn't the last time I get to listen to Mike Shannon and John Rooney in 2014. Probably will be though.
I will not accept tonight as the last night until 2015 that I get to listen to Mike Shannon on - sorry Giants
The reason I say that is because I never watched MJ play. For all I know Shannon Brown could be better than Mike
you probably think Mike shannon is fair and balanced
Is Mike Shannon trying to be funny again. Get serious,Mike , come up with a strtatagy for the Cardinals
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
My favorite part was when Mike Shannon almost choked to death on his spit.
What Mike Shannon said was not funny. He laughs at his own jokes. He use to be a great announcer.
"The only walks you like in this business are through the park with your girlfriend." - Mike Shannon on
"Last time we had a 1 2 3 inning, Clinton was president" - Mike Shannon :)
1) Jack Buck 2) Jack Buck 3) Jack Buck 4) Anyone in the world but Joe Buck 5) Mike Shannon.
Mike Shannon cracks me up..Clinton anyone Bill Clinton?? Wait I may have meant another president that starts with C
Many wish they hadn't, I am sure. Would've been better off listening to Mike Shannon. ;)
She is knew to this whole Mike Shannon thing
Per Mike Shannon... The United States is the greatest country in America!
Mike Shannon is a blowhard as well.unlistenable unless you are a Red Roids Birds fan
benjaminhboyd: Mike Shannon on : "If wishes were horses, we'd all have Secretariat in our stables"
I've been attempting to follow game from Mike Shannon slurred radio call for the last hour. I have no idea how Cards fans deal with this
John Rooney/mike shannon XM work in RADIO, RADIO
My mother is the most annoying person to watch baseball with. They pay Mike Shannon to announce mom. You're in marketing. Keep your day job
I think Mike Shannon just said "If wishes were horses, we'd all have secretaries in our stable."
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Hunter Pence went to Mike Shannon's and got the lobster mac and cheese
Listening to Mike Shannon call Matt Adams homerun still gave me chills this morning..
Give Harold Reynolds back to MLB Net, give Joe Buck day off. Bring in Mike Shannon and Vin Scully to do both radio & TV together.World wins.
On Friday the only way you can hear Mike Shannon and John Rooney is on or radio network.
.Commissioner Bud Selig tells Mike Shannon & John Rooney that St. Louis is the best baseball town
Mike Matheny joins Mike Shannon now on the Cardinals pregame show
pregame is live now on Still to come: Mike Matheny chats with Mike Shannon & joins live around 6:48pm
Mike Shannon's drunken mumbles on KMOX are a lot more enjoyable than listening to Dan McLaughlin scream on Fox Sports Midwest.
Mike Shannon on only Jim Jackson has the original time machine. He has it buried somewhere - only Jesse James knows where
Hangin out with Tony Larussa, Bob Gibson, Willie McGee, Ozzie Smith, Jim Edmonds, and Mike Shannon this morning.
Al Hrabosky is on the Mike Shannon beer ration. He said Lackey was up for the win. No, Maness pitched the last inning. NOT LACKEY
is the real MVP for these free nuggets for me and 🙌😋😍
Welcome to the team, Shannon and Emily Lindsay!!
Hi Mike & Shannon, we received an update that your issue was resolved and we would like to confirm this.
ICYMI – Funny video of Shannon Briggs being humiliated by Wladimir Klitschko after stealing his food:
Website Builder 728x90
The book stores I bought all those GNs from during the 00s don't even exist anymore. It's hard.
you're totally right. tbh, I don't buy many GNs myself. There are a lot of them out there, it's tough to keep up.
... and I know I don't represent anyone but me but I look at "hot new talents" today- they ain't making graphic novels., I don't buy any graphic novels. At least not new ones. Nothing over $10. Ain't buying Seconds etc. Just can't.
Biggest Gob = Shannon Briggs - Comedy gold! Audley pushes him but Shannon is the king. Mike Hills, Aspen, Colorado
08/04/1949: James McGarraghy presents team with a new Irish Terrier mascot-Shannon View Mike I, succeeding the AWOL Clashmore Mike II
Mike Shannon is on with Tom Ackerman right now on
I spend my mornings with Mike Shannon
// Oh, Hi Mike! :) I'm Shannon, very nice to meet you. :3
One of my fondest memories is hearing Mike Shannon and Jack Buck call Birds games on summer nights. Man I miss that
1= Blown Away! Amazing, all of them. Shannon/Simon win it for me, but Mike/Carlene wow. Good for the boys, I want that room!
Shout out to Shannon, Patrick, and Mike for an awesome performance in today's race! Truly inspiring!
not like that one time I literally traveled 45 mins to get you so good *high fives shannon*
Summer birthdays are awesome...I share one with Mike Shannon! Enjoy your birthday celebrationS :-)
Wow Shannon is being a poop head over some guy
I mean finding parking is worst than Christmas time but there are a lot of sales and stores.
I love listening to Mike Shannon and John Rooney call games.
Mike's Pastry date with my forever roommate
The best thing about MLB TV is that we can watch the game but listen to Mike Shannon 👍👌
"The Cardinals' offense this year is about as consistent as a.chicken walk." -- Mike Shannon
Good stuff from Mike Shannon during this inning, always like to hear concentration camp & railroad stories during Game
Mike Shannon trying to talk about the "downtown" Magic House 😐
I don't appreciate the insinuation that Mike Shannon is sometimes sober.
hey man. Yeah Shannon Owens and Mike Bianchi will both be there.
Mike Shannon is drunk. He called him "Mark Garza"
BING-oh just missed it and the game is over. -Mike Shannon playing bingo.
Listening to Mike Shannon call a baseball game on the radio is something I hope nobody else has to experience in their lifetime.
Are their odds on whether Mike Shannon is sober at his HOF induction?
Mike Shannon is confusing the crap out of me.
Is Mike Shannon drinking he's talking about mustaches.
"He didn't want to hit him, he just wanted to whistle it by his mustache. Everybody's got a mustache these days," says Mike Shannon.
Mike Shannon is real drunk today on the call
Mike Shannon is talking about getting hit over the head with a lead pipe
I wish Mike Shannon narrated my life.
I could listen to mike Shannon talk all day
Just talked to John Mozeliak and Mike Shannon this morning. Perks of working Cards games!
Sweet sixteen party at dads tomorrow.. Cook out ,bonfire, and great friends and family and would like to thank Mike Shannon from the river sharks for being the entertainment for this special occasion! Can't wait to see you guys there..Tristan Schultz,Sarah Kaye Scott,Lexi Schultz,Jessica Schultz,Malik O'neal,Ryan Sealy,Natalie Childs Beason,Colton Slade Bakerand Barbara Rowland i hope you get to make it!
John Rooney and Mike Shannon sucking on Mizzuruh on KMOX. Not sorry that the Cardinal success will never reach mediocre Methzou.
No words can express my gratitude to Mike Shannon for this gift ! I shall cherish and display "The Man's" bat ..Wow! ht…
would love to hear you at some point on the Mike calta show day Shannon Burke hosting show.Jared can sleep in that day
Mike Is always down for some mischief
poor taste and incorrect Ukraine isn't in the EU last time I looked
I know you're scared of me Mike lmao
thanks to Mike for picking Shannon to fill in next week should be radio gold can't wait
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