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Mike Shannon

Thomas Michael Shannon (born July 15, 1939) is an American-born former Major League Baseball player and current radio sportscaster.

Wooow ok im pretty sure i did try.. but whereverrr mike
Thanks to Shannon and Mike our baby boy will be supporting the country his parents married in and love…
Mike Brown never produced rookies during his tenure in CLE. Shannon Brown and Danny Green ring a bell? How'd that work out
The current Lakers management and Mike D'Antoni simply are not champions. Dr. Buss would be mortified.
And was Flea referring to Paul Geary or Mike Mangini? Because Mangini is a GREAT drummer, but he joined in... 1994, I think?
Hey Shannon, should Mike have started Brister at QB after No.7 retired? I think so. This is where it all went wrong?!?!
Mike Shannon kicks off the Hot Stove League Show at 7:06. Listen on and
If I ever die, (I'm never going to die) I hope I'm surrounded by tiny people.
okay do you heard mike Shannon is back
Burlington Cummings’ Will Richardson tells status of UVa’s Mike London was big in switch to NC State: http…
Hello Shannon & Larry, Thank you ! It's my pleasure to meet you here ! Lena and Mike!
via Pokey LaFarge Check out these great pictures of Pokey performing at the Baseball Writers' Association of America dinner in St. Louis this past Sunday...It was a high honor to attend, and even more so to perform "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "Central Time" for Bob Gibson, Tony La Russa, Mike Shannon and other such legendary figures in baseball! (Photos courtesy of Steve Nagy for Belleville News-Democrat)
Mike Shannon is touring the warm lands of South America now. Catch him at a party near you!. SAT Jan 18th - *** ..
Fighting bullying, casino $ going to buy storm sirens, Mike Shannon latest & death penalty of sex offenders? Those stories at 5!
A look inside the Rife booth, Make sure to stop by and see our new models and Mr. Mike Shannon.…
“(Funny Video) NFL: Mike Epps is Richard Sherman in New Parody - this *** dumb😂😂😂
“All these gps devices but I'm still searching for Molly little Shannon?
Can't the Bulls sign Shannon Brown instead? Mike James again? Kind've sick of it lol
no mike miller killing us tho cuz Ray Allen ain't hitting nothing I would sign Shannon brown if I was pay Riley
Sign Up for our Mike's Newsletter and also get great deals to Mike Shannon's Grill. Go to...
At Sr Bowl, NFL Network's Mike Mayock said Logan Thomas, Miami's Seantrel Henderson "2 guys who can make the mos…
With Genia, my sister Mary Pat and her husband Mike Shannon
“““My next gf is about to be blessed with this everyday 😚😘
Just finished breaking bad miless off entourage, worth it for mike though best character going
Shannon looks like this kid from Like Mike
Oh and it's never ever ever and probably wont ever be as good as it used to be. Will, Mike, Adam, John, and Shannon made that show
Speaking of Super Bowl trash talk who remembers Shannon vs Ray? LOL
Restaurant manager position open at Mike Shannon's.
Mike Shannon showing off The Maven, which he designed.
Colin Wilson made a heads-up play and Mike Fisher banged it home for the 4th goal in a 4-1 win. Watch:
I signed up for the Cal10/20 10 mike run to raise funds for society
Mike.. Please tell me you're in the car with Shannon...
My second guess would have been Mike Shannon. All of teh moderately insane broadcasters
thanks Mike! We are excited to invite you on board Shannon! Find us on the US App Store!
she gets eaten by her precious Mike Wizowski
Just confirmed one of the clubs for my birthday will be THE SHRINE!!! Now I gotta talk to my bro Mike Shannon & my sis Acire Dynasty Carey on choosing a club for Friday!!!
thanks Shannon! Thanks for continuing to read it. Jake and I would love to grab a beer soon with you and Mike.
Tyson also says the Knicks aren't "built to switch." Mike Woodson prefers to switch everything defensively.
Mike said we need more black holidays like Malcolm X,Obama day, Harriet Tubman and *** appreciation day 😂😭
Still can't believe with the shape these knicks are in they didn't give Shannon Brown, Steve Jax, Bynum, or Hedo not one look.
For the truly insane, here is a Mike Shannon cassette from 1992 for $400.
I'll also be on a panel hosted by with Mike Allred, Shannon Wheeler, & David Chelsea at 3:00 on Saturday.
This is the league that took Mike Mamula based on combine results.
Best Price Jackson Scott Ian Signature T1000 Soloist 2h W/ Floyd Rose Electric Guitar Silverburst Ebony Fingerboard CLICK LINK BELOW FOR BEST PRICE Scott Ian is a veritable thrash godfather who has made a living out of pummeling audiences worldwide for decades with his huge sound and formidable chops. Jackson now honors the longtime Anthrax axe man with the Jackson Select Series Scott Ian T-1000 Soloist model.Designed by Ian himself and acclaimed Master Builder Mike Shannon, the neck-through-body guitar is based on Ians 87 Soloist (the one with the New York Yankees logo on it). It has a super-sized mahogany Soloist body with a 1/8 maple top and Quicksilver finish. Features include an oil-finished maple neck, compound radius ebony fingerboard (12 to 16) with 24 jumbo frets and High Boltage lightning bolt inlays designed by Shepard Fairey, Ivoroid neck and headstock binding, Seymour Duncan Scott Ian El Diablo bridge pickup and Seymour Duncan 59 neck pickup, original Floyd Rose bridge, black hardware, Schall ...
Tim McCarver, Bob Gibson, Mike Shannon, Bob Uecker and *** Groat of the 1964 World Series champ Cardinals
Mike Shannon reliving mammoth home run off of Whitey Ford during '64 World Series.
Time for a breakfast buffet at the Hyatt and a day with Lauren, Colb, Mike Shannon, Kolten Wong, Shelby Miller, Carlos Martinez, Allen Craig, and Matt Carpenter. Hopefully topped off with a Niners and Broncos Super Bowl matchup!
Mike Shannon ultimate MASS BUILDER SHAKE so much deliciousness
Listen to Mike Shannon (France) / TALK TO ME Mike Shannon | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music &...
We will...we will..stomp you... ''That's not really how the song goes, but it was just fun to say.'' Getting things together to hang with the one and 105's Mike Shannon...and we're gonna get STOMPed. Tune in on Monday with mike at star 105 toledo and find out all the fun details. I can tell you now mini mike is not a fan of this redhead since I took his ticket to the show.
Fox 2 Sports reporter Charlie Marlow goes one on one with Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon. The former Cardinals player, turned broadcaster agreed to a five year contract extension this week to r...
Another great performance by Mike Shannon and The Riversharks last evening at the Oak Ridge ELKS Lodge 1684. I you missed it, mark your calendar … you can catch them at the Elks Lodge on March 28.
Scores! I am so excited. After like a four hour interview I am working for Mike Shannon at Metropolitan Real Estate LLC. Now, ask me any question about real estate. Please. I can get the answer for sure. There is 23 years experience in that brain and I can't wait to pick it. Thank you Kevin Sabuda you are a G. Yup, I'm gonna pick at your brain too cause you know I'm hungry! :-)
Charlie talks with Jim McKelvey and Jerry Schlichter about the Arch Grants 3rd Annual Global Business Plan Competition; with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon; and with Jennifer Chiaverini, author of
(KTVI) – St. Louis Cardinals fans are getting some great news this week that Mike Shannon will be back in...
I'm playing tonight at the Crow's Nest , 8-11 , with Yuji Tojo guitarist extraordinaire and Mike Shannon Beat-Meister ! Full moon frenzy.
Today on The Martin Kilcoyne Show: at 10:25a, Mike Shannon at 10:45a and at 11:10a. Randi Naughton FOX 2 is here! Listen live at
Cool Cat Mike Shannon son of the late Clifton Shannon,sr
The St. Louis Cardinals announced today they have finalized a multi-year contract extension with longtime Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon. “Mike’s voice has become the soundtrack to St. Louis ba...
Longtime St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon signed a multi-year contract extension, the team. The upcoming season marks his 42nd in the broadcast booth. Do you enjoy listening to him?
Mike Shannon will continue to be the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals.
Despite health scare last season, Mike Shannon will be back in the KMOX radio booth for his 42nd season -- and his 56th with the St. Louis Cardinals.
The Cardinals and longtime radio broadcaster Mike Shannon have agreed to a multiyear contract that will keep him in the booth well beyond his 42nd season,
There will never be another Jack Buck, but Mike Shannon is the next best thing!
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Mike Shannon is returning to the Cardinals broadcast booth in 2014. The Post-Dispatch reports that he has agreed to a multi-year contract extension to broadcast Cardinals ga...
Can you imagine having the same job for 42 years? Mike Shannon signs a multi-year deal with which makes it his 42nd year broadcasting for the Cardinals and his 56th year as part of the organization. - KSDK SPORTS Full story:
The have signed St. Louis legend Mike Shannon to a long-term contract.
Congratulations to Mike Shannon on his new contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. Good to know we'll continue hearing his voice for Cards games for years to come.
listen to me on the electrifying Mike Shannon SHOW ON 104.3 WOMC SATURDAY NIGHTS !!!.I will try to give you a positive charge !!!
Anyone get a spare Mike Shannon ticket?
San Diego Padres announcer Jerry Coleman passed away on Sunday. Coleman also won World Series championships with the Yankees and fought in World War II and Korea. He was also the Padres' manager for a year. He was a real American hero, who just happened to be one of the best baseball announcers ever! I remember hearing him, Jack Buck, Ernie Harwell and so many greats on the radio growing up...there's only a few left these days, we'd better enjoy Vin Scully of the Dodgers and Mike Shannon of the Cardinals while we have a chance...Thank you, Mr. Coleman, for doing your job well and for your service to your country. Rest in pease, Sir.
H. Grady Spruce License Bureau Bruton Terrace Shopping Center West end of shopping Center by Jonathan Johnson Looks like 74-80 judging by the cars and bell bottoms LOL by Mike Shannon The Pinto looks newer than 1974, but these lines only existed before the DPS location at 350 IH30 in Garland was opened, which was in 1974. I remember the parallel parking 'posts' were set up behind the building here.
So excited about this event, so proud of me man Pete Owen and the lads Stephen Berrey, Mike Shannon and Pete Garry you've done awesome and the night is guna be the same x
But imagine Mike getting into the top 40 today, its Marvs first weekend hosting :))
Mike Brown, Earl Clark, now Pau Gasol. If the Cavs sign Shannon Brown, they'll be on to something
I'll just watch mike stud videos and cry bc I wasn't at his concert
Wacha's sixth inning in that one was a 2013 highlight too. Can still hear Mike Shannon's inflection as he called the last K. :)
Everyone calm down...Magic Mike is on
♓ P I S C E S Season is slowly approaching & my 25th Celebration... I just ordered my Gold KING crown ☑... All I gotta do is hit my bro Brian Bstar Oliver for his jewelry , get my shoes, & get my black REAL leather outfit made... S.N. I'm getting excited I know my bro Mike Shannon will help me out with the venue in due time.
Went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library today. Is Mike Shannon jealous? Has he been there?
"All you gotta do is clap after every good play." - Juwan Howard to Mike Vick
mine broke & Shannon be stingy she ont like me using hers & plus she need hers just as bad I do
I rather listen to Shannon sharpe announcing a game talking with a mouth full of peanut butter than listen to Mike Mayock man...
Merci Beaucoupe, Showcase - Paris Live Club! Nice vibes last night with the clubcrew, Valentino Kanzyani and Mike Shannon. I feel like a european citizen after days in Berlin, Paris, and now back in pittoresk D'town. Its all oh so connected...
This is for all of us who are missing our sweet angel.Mike especially :-)
If I wanna go out on a date or something I'll just hit Shannon or Lauren up 😂😂
I guess, but it seems like Mike kinda has it out for me. Probably because of what happened between shannon and i
Here's to mike willl cause he made it.
Shannon, you like Watkins over Mike Evans? I like Wakins playmaking ability, Evans has size & you can't teach size.
Shannon Timberlake and Stephanie Rowe and Bob Wilber and Misty and Randy Rekdal and Jamie Lynch and Mike Patrick...
yep just heard back all good for Thursday night dinner if that suits?
Wednesday is probably better for me to be honest :)
let me make a few appointments I need to for before millions and I'll let you know today some time :)
I lob in on the Wednesday morning. I have one dinner to do with some Magic Millions rep people and that's it. Wed or Thurs??
Oh snap. Thanks Mike Shannon for the image!
Hey, "Enlightened" fans: Mike White's very underrated "Year of the Dog" is streaming on Netflix. Molly Shannon is great in it.
Needed a mike Shannon call on that qb run. "He is SAFE!!!
Ok Mike if this gets 50 RTs will you follow me?
Hi Mike. Please tell Shannon we love and miss her!
TONIGHT at the Showcase - Paris Live Club with Ion Ludwig , Mike Shannon and Valentino Kanzyani ! Comment and WIN your tickets NOW!!! Event FB :
Also, if you have to Google "Mike Shula" to remember what a "bad team" looks like, get off the bandwagon and spare the true Bama fans.
awe Shannon dont...we all just missed the fighting, come fight with us hehe 😁
I just remember Cal&Mike dancing in front of the mirrors with Mike's leather jacket...😖😘xxx
Shannon is phat, but I see way much more than her *** !
Sienna & friendz decided that Mike Tam & friendz have to be the substitute cheer team for tonight.
I haven't seen you in forever! I was just talking to mike about you n Shannon n how I was always at your house lol
Watching magic mike and eating a tub of ice cream, I guess you could say life is good
I ❤️ when Mike and the cat snore in harmony. 💤💤💤
Thank goodness 2013 is over! Could not have been a more painful year. Lessons learned, mistakes made, hurtful words heard. And shocked at what friends and family have to say behind ones back and sometimes to the face. Trust and none trust was shown, real friends and fake friends showed their colors. I have learned So much by so many. We didn't go out we were home and n I was n bed and asleep by 10:30. Happy New Years mike Shannon and zack. Hope this year is a success for all of you.
Happy new year everybody. i know 2014 will be a better year. by the end of this year ill be married and be mrs. Mike Shannon. God bless
Hello! Thank you is much for stopping by The DFW Showcase! I am hoping for a January release of the first radio segment on The Hi-Fi Club Radio Show along with the first video on I want to thank Mike Shannon for hiring me as a contributor to The Hi-Fi Club Radio Show and guiding me to getting this program started. Have A great New Year! Happy 2014! Best Reguards, Andrew Herrera DFW Showcase Host
NEW YEARS DAY : Wednesday come hear Yuji Tojo,Mike Shannon, and Yours Truly at the Crow's Nest 8-11pm. Save your party til then. New Years Eve is over-rated.seriously...
Mike Shannon began his techno career in the Toronto area as a DJ before eventually moving to Montreal, where he flourished as a producer during the early 2000s. Shannon grew up in Kitchener, Ontario, and began DJing at age 12 when his father bought h.
Having a birthday lunch with john and mike shannon at Main restaurant in Berwick.
Mike Shannon - Waterfloor Shuffle is taken from Watergate X - 10 year Watergate anniversary compilation. Available on 2CD, digital and special edition collec...
Mike Shannon please go to Dallas or Minnesota to coach thanks
Redskins lost mike shannon I wonder who will fill his spot.
Two coaches were fired today Leslie Frazier and Mike Shannon. Many more on the hot seat. Funny listening to the television guys yesterday. I disagree the Rams need a quarterback, offense line, running back, deep threat wide receiver, corner back, fire Les Sneed, special teams coach and the offensive coach. 7-9 doesn't cut it. Stan Kronecke doesn't want winning product then we shouldn't be to upset with losing team.
Kodi Mason Mike Shannon walking away with 7 Million dollars that is what I called a awesome divorce this morning.
Redskins gotta be da dumbest ... y fire mike shannon wen yall went to playoffs last rg3 soft *** for some players n build kirk cousin . redskins aint going to be shyt next yr lmao
Very upset with what happened today in the nation capital. ..This have to get better smdh ps thank you Mike Shannon 4 R.G.3
Well it is official. Mike Shannon has been fired. I wonder who is next for the skins. The thing with giving Shannon the ax is who will The *** owner gona go after now.
Great New Year's Eve dinner specials followed by DJ Mike Shannon to bring in the New Year! Champagne Toast at Midnight.
I swear if dan sniter fires mike Shannon redskins will be done.
Mike Shannon firing as we speak now Go SKINS
Mike Shannon, I hear you are friends with my brother in law: Gene Jackson.
Mike Shannon and a happy birthday to you, a little late but I had you covered early as usual!
I couldn't be more impressed with Mike Shannon. This is one of the best putting lessons I have ever seen. If you watch the elements Mike is highlighting in t...
Mike Shannon and Lee Jones team up to deliver a Frequency Shifted FM bass driven peak time Monster.
Great night in pub with Rikki John Mike Shannon Carissa Ben and then to Edd for few drinks with Lewis and Coel great night :D
I think I am going to stand in my yard until spring to protect my shrubs from the deer. The bottle of deer repellent I just bought leaked all over me and now I reek. Its on my purse, wallet, gloves, coat, shirt, hands, I can't get away from the smell. If I just stand in the yard, no deer will come within 100 yards of the house. I know there is a joke in there someplace so have at it Jack McCullough and Mike Shannon
Wonderful Xmas yesterday spent time with the whole FAM wonderful Xmas breaky at Judi Ingram with DT Kelly Ingram mumma Phyllis Ingram and dad with Eric Ingram than shift to uncle Craig's and webcammed with the parkingfords was an amazing time with mummy Kim Parsons Adrian Parsons Matt Parsons Stephanie Corvese Aj King Aunty Audrey King Uncle Mike Shannon Crawford Tracey Crawford Ana I loved it guys thank you for loving me and letting me be a part of ya'lls Xmas mwahhh
Next step for BYB, 03/01/14 at Showcase with Ion Ludwig , Mike Shannon & Valentino Kanzyani. CAN'T WAIT !!!
Best Editions of this Year 2013 KraftOptical Recordings! New Artists & Editions Broke the Rules …Ref.023 Gus Martín a.k.a. DJ Doncka (Chile) "Sons de Barcelonanight" ALEX LE FRANZ (DjDoncka aka Gus Martin) DJ DONCKA (GUS MARTIN) aka ALEX LE FRANZ: Beginning with tape cassestes, then moving on to CD..s,and ending up with Vinyl. Born in Chile, since 1994 this DJ has formed a part of major parties on the local, national and international level, present at a number of the most important clubs in the country, and the most important open air raves in Barcelona. He has also attended clubs and festivals where he shared the stage with people such as: Akufen, Ricardo Villalobos, Mike Shannon, Miss Kittin, and Der Dritte Raum among others. Charged with elegance and energy, Doncka can take a session from the most minimal and contemporary sounds to the most raw and powerful Electro and Techno. Without doubt, a DJ who has learned to study his audience well, and know what they want in each moment, leaving thousands o ...
After McCartney cut an ebullient demo of “One and One Is Two” for Kramer in a Paris hotel room in January 1964, Lennon cracked, “Billy J. is finished when he records this.” Harrison asked if they could take out the “one and one is two” part. Kramer and the Fourmost passed, so it went to another Liverpool band, The Strangers with Mike Shannon. Their version lost the demo’s swing and did not chart when released on May 8, 1964.
I got to jam with Mike Shannon at Daddy O's this afternoon. I learned part of "I'll See You in My Dreams" on a beautiful tenor ukulele. Now off to learn the rest of it!
this show isn't straight up techno, but for those in town for the holiday here in seattle, we have often collaborator with mike shannon who crosses techno/house borders DeWalta this coming friday @ monkey loft. We are bringing extra sound and should make for a fun holiday party for those looking for something.
Any historian who takes it upon themselves to pen the tale of Canadian electronic in the years to come will most certainly find the name Mike Shannon figures early and often in it’s telling. From his humble beginnings in the sleepy suburban town of Kitchener Ontario, the last 15 years have seen him…
The winning Star 105.5 Toledo's Best Music Secret Santa Code will be revealed today live on the air with Mike Shannon. See the video as it happens.
Hey folks, I would LOVE to see you tomorrow afterwork at Katra - 217 Bowery St Manhattan for our 2nd i-SoulRadio Holiday Soul Jam. Ruben Toro and DJ Lance will be our DJ's - and a guest appearance by a new up and coming artist John Michael. Mike Shannon, Barry Mason, Candy Sez, Tony Tune Herbert and Chuck Chillout will be there too…hope to see YOU! It's FREE!
Had a great afternoon at Judy's house with all kids gran babies mike Shannon. My friend moe and of course my boyfriend max thanks Judy great time good food and family. Merry Christmas to all and a blessed new year. Love ya bunches
I think Mike Shannon should host an episode of "Prairie Home Companion". That would be entertaining.
Jut heard Mike Shannon bought a place at lake of Egypt. "Apparently" Aaron Tippin didn't warn him about me 󾌩
I have class in 3 hours but I'm still up with Shannon
Ava saw Santa tonight at Shannon and Mike Passero's Santa party for kids!
Why isn't Mike Shannahan the redskins mascot?
mike Shannon is like I got this really good running back who gets 5 yards a carry but I'm not giving himtheball
You know the love is real when you turn off magic mike for the grinch
Turned on magic mike at the perfect moment. The pony scene.
Please Mike Shannon just put Kirk Cousins in tonight
lol mike took my phone and said that, and okay I'm so exited to see my elephant
Vancouver Canucks at Carolina Hurricanes - coverage kicks off now with Mike Maniscalco's Kangaroo Express Storm Front - 1pm …
Racism is not a factor in my not understanding Shannon Sharpe because I don't understand a word Mike Ditka or Lou Holtz mumbles either.
magic mike is the dumbest movie I've ever seen oh my god I watched like 5 minutes of it and was bored to death
Shannon Ford - host of diving travel show visited the museum today and met Iron Mike!
Mike will be so nice to Shannon then turn around and straight disrespect her 😂😂😂
Not sure whos at fault - or NY/Shannon Oceanic! Nothing like a delay. How about some free drinks?!?
Slight diversion to Cardiff for fuel. Cheers New York/Shannon Oceanic
I want Lou Holtz, Mike Mayock and Shannon Sharpe to host a sports show called, "spit take".
“Shannon calls my dogs ugly like gtfo” love them but they're ugly
Mike Shannon's tonight with the family 👏👠🍴
Late lunch at Mike Shannon's, E'ville. Nice memorabilia, food. Decor so masculine a hunting & fishing club from the 60s pales in comparison.
Mike Shannon, I am almost 23 years old. Stop inviting me to your high school parties... I don't associate with most of n…
Well I guess I'm not hanging out with mike and Shannon today cause they're lame and still asleep
S2E6: Oh good,a Shannon story line... This thing with the others needs to come to a head. Ehem, that works.
lls. Right I don't like him or Mike.
the hottest best borucke right here. Dont think otherwise sweetie
Shannon Brown signed with Phoenix so he didn't have to play for Mike Brown again in LA
Mike your a rat, Shannon your a brat
i need Cards baseball and Mike Shannon mumbling the play by play
that's right tell Shannon I said hello. I may go catch the 2nd half
Mike Brown is a terrible coach , he can’t develop young talent at all . Hickson , Danny Green , Shannon Brown all left and did decent
Making room for Shannon Brown cause it look like Nash wont b coming back anytime soon.
Hmmm...Does this mean Lamar is coming back? Is Shannon coming back? They're gonna sign Malcolm Thomas?
Photoset: Mike and Shannon invited us around to their place for Thanksgiving lunch, they were preparing a...
I am rich I just spend too much Shannon
Great piece by Mike Lupica from Thursday: Mets' Shannon Forde stands tall in cancer fight
Quotes from Harwell, Dan Dickerson, Jim Price, Jon Miller, Mike Shannon, Mrs. Harwell, others. Transcript of highlights of one game call.
“JLS/MIKE HOUGH FANS.. Im on stage at 8pm every night of the tour, right before the boys! Hope you can catch my set! :-)” 🙌
A lovely column by Mike Lupica about the toughest person in NY sports -- Shannon Forde. Happy Thanksgiving to her. http:/…
Fun night last night with mike sharlote phil & Shannon 😄
S1E24: Aaand boom goes the dynamite. Shannon is so stupid. I know she won't die because I want that. Claire's gonna scream...
My night just got better magic mike is on ♥♥♥♥
mike & myself had a D&M were he explained his heart belong to a Aussie girl he met in England! And then
Game 3 of the World Series was on MLB Network Radio on my drive home. Was great to hear Mike Shannon and John Rooney's voices again.
I don't love the Cardinals because they are in the playoffs year-in year-out, or that they win championships from time to time, though I'm thrilled when they do. I love them win or lose because when I began playing the game of baseball at the age of five at the old ball fields in Carthage next to the golf course, growing up in Southwest Missouri they were the team on the radio. They were the professionals I aspired to be as I learned the fundamentals of the sport. They were the toughness and skill of Bob Gibson and the speed of Lou Brock. They were the timeless names like Curt Flood, Dal Maxvill, Julian Javier, Roger Maris, Mike Shannon and even Tim McCarver, all introduced to me by Harry Caray and later Jack Buck. They were heroic figures and as much a part of my formative experience in baseball as the smell of glove leather and freshly cut grass, the pop of the mitt and the crack of the bat. Those Cardinals represented for me the pinnacle of the road that I'd just entered and the goal I could one ...
I really don't know why everyone is fussing about Tim McCarvers? I always kind of liked him. What they should do since the World Series is about the best ... best teams, best umpires, etc. Have the best announcers do the game. Have a match up like Vince Scully and Mike Shannon do the broadcast. They could take a fan poll and determine who is the best. Those are my thoughts.
I guess it's time to go back to my regular profile picture and Timeline cover photo to the regular stuff now that the World Series is over! Game 7 wasn't necessary, and it was fun to be able to show my support for the team I grew up listening to, with the late Jack Buck giving the play by play action, with Mike Shannon as the color man! Our Cardinals really tried to take this series, but they just couldn't get a decent hit off the Red Sox pitching crew! Mike Matheney did not do anything wrong at all, and it wasn't his fault that the Cardinals lost the World Series this year. For his first season as team manager, Mike Matheney has done a phenominal job! Our Cardinals are still NLCS champions, and we still have the pennant!
Tonight just might almost... almost... make up for Lou Brock, Curt Flood, Roger Maris, Orlando Cepeda, Julian Javier, Mike Shannon, Tim McCarver, Dal Maxvill, Bob Gibson and everyone else who broke my heart back in the Impossible Dream season of 1967!
Why is Cardinal Nation so large? Great broadcasters: Harry Carry, Jack Buck, Mike Shannon.
I wish Mike Shannon and Tim McCarver would narrate my life play by play.
Cy Young Award Winner What?!? Clayton Kershaw Who?!? Not this time, Not in WACHtober! (On a side note.. was that not the most boringly called game ever??? I even like Cal, but seriously what a snooze-fest! Next game I'll be turning the sound on the TV down, and Mike Shannon on the radio up!)
The best part of Cardinal baseball tonight? Sir Mike Shannon returning to the broadcast with standing ovation. Right ?
Mike Shannon was pleased with the tonight!
"The pitch to Bruce Harper ..." Welcome back Mike Shannon we missed you.
Wainwright leads Cards past Nationals 4-3 . Carlos Beltran homered and Adam Wainwright picked up his 18th win as the St. Louis Cardinals moved closer to capturing their first NL Central title since 2009 with a 4-3 win over the Washington Nationals on Monday. St. Louis has won three out of four and lowered its magic number to four. The Cardinals, who have clinched a post-season berth, remain two games ahead of Pittsburgh. Both teams have five games left. Cincinnati is three games back after losing 3-2 to the New York Mets. Washington has lost two in a row. The Nationals are on the brink of elimination five games behind Cincinnati in the battle for the last wild card spot with five games remaining. Beltran's two-run homer in the fifth off rookie Tanner Roark broke a 2-2 tie. It was Beltran's team-leading 24th round-tripper of the season and first since Aug. 24 covering 91 at-bats. Wainwright (18-9) gave up two runs on six hits over seven-plus innings. He struck out five, giving him a career-high 214 on the ...
Great Cardinals victory tonight. Bullpen lights out. And the return of Mike Shannon was a kicker. Enjoyed the heck out of him tonight on radio driving back from ballgame on Beltran's homer. "Get up,get up,get up baby. Home Run Carlos Beltran" .Jack Buck is smiling up in Cardinals Heaven.
Is Gruden the Mike Shannon of football announcing? Latest example: "He's in unchartered waters". Are we renting a boat? has the worst announcers in football.
Welcome back mike Shannon get up baby get up
Good to hear Mike Shannon's voice. Get up, baby, get up!
You don't understand how happy I am the Mike Shannon is back on the radio
Oh how I missed hearing Mike Shannon's voice on the radio again
So glad for a Cardinal Win.and to hear good ol Mike Shannon again. Way to go Cards!
Living in Chicago but just got candlewax to hear Mike Shannon call the last out
Sure is great to hear Mike Shannon again.
"Seigrist in to face the left-handed hitter 'Bruce' Harper." -Mike Shannon. It's great to have him back.
Welcome back MIKE SHANNON...the VOICE of the St. Louis Cardinals...
Love listening to the on while working out. Love it even more now that Mike Shannon is back in the booth. ❤️⚾️
"Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike...Guess what day it is?!" The day Mike Shannon is back at the Mike!!!
Sorry- that's one of the first things I remember Mike Shannon saying when I was a kid. :)
Good to hear Mike Shannon back on radio broadcasts!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
It was so great to hear Mike Shannon's voice tonight on the Cardinals' radio broadcast; Mike has been out for a while after heart surgery. Not the same without him in the booth. Love the way he says "Ste-rike." Cards winning, Pirates and Reds both tied in their games. (yes, still rooting for Royals but a succession of miracles would be needed for them to sneak into wild card).
I'm sorry & - I'm normally listen to you guys, but I missed Mike Shannon on loud
Mike Shannon says he knows who should be tonight's closer . Wainwright
love listening to Mike Shannon on the radio, great to have him back.
And welcome back Mike Shannon! Shannon to Rooney -- "I know who Matheny will use as closer tonight. Wainwright, he he he."
I like mike Shannon but Wainwright pitching 9 is lunacy
Mike Shannon on KMOX: "I have the answer for who he is going to use as closer tonight." John Rooney: "Who?" Shannon: "Wainwright."
LOL asking Rick who Mike Shannon & Mike Matheny are just to ensure that he hates me. ❤️
Just heard Mike Shannon say, "If you want play-off tickets, now's the time to get'em". Wouldn't say, it's quite that easy but I'm so GLAD, he's Back :) Love Mike!
Welcome back Mike Shannon to Cardinals baseball. You rock!
It is good to have Mike Shannon back calling the game and Waino is throwing some NASTY stuff tonight!!
The Mike Shannon alarm clock for infants would be startling.
The guys holding up the "Get up, baby! Get up!" signs in the outfield on Mike Shannon's first day back are simply awesome. 😁
Listening to mike Shannon on the radio is a little slice of drunken heaven
So glad to hear Mike Shannon on the radio tonight!!! First night back after a medical leave!!! Go Cards!!!
All purpose parts banner
Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon back on the air tonight & sounding great!
I know a lot of people don't like him, but I am really glad Mike Shannon is back on the air!
Welcome back to broadcast tonight Mike Shannon! Great to have you back calling for
Driving home from school and put on the Cardinals game. So glad to hear Mike Shannon on the air again.
Mike Shannon has been off after heart surgery just in time for the postseason run. Now to get Craig back.
how many cocktails has Mike Shannon had tonight?? I always liked listening to him.
There is nothing better than a Mike Shannon home run call. Welcome back Mr Shannon!
great to hear Mike Shannon begging for that one to "Get up Get up Get up!" again.
I like prediction on the HR, but would have liked to hear Mike Shannon's call
A belated welcome back to Mike Shannon on Great to hear that voice again.
What better than to listen to Mike Shannon on the radio
It's awesome to have Mike Shannon back on the radio!
So good hearing Mike Shannon back where he belongs. Welcome back to the booth, Mike!
Just curious, did Beltran's homerless streak happen to coincide with Mike Shannon's absence?
Muted my tv and turned on the radio so I could hear Mike Shannon call the game tonight. Glad to hear the voice of the back!
Just turned on the radio to Mike Shannon's home run call. So good to have him back.
Oh how I have missed hearing Mike Shannon say get up baby get up!!! welcome back Mike!!!
Those Mike Shannon fans in the OF are just awesome.
Great to hear Mike Shannon's voice again on
Mike Shannon sounds strong. Great to hear that voice!
So great to hear the Voice of the Mike Shannon back on the radio tonight and doing well. You hear his voice and think St. Louis.
Dan Mclaughlin and Rick Horton are acting like Mike Shannon and Al Hrabosky... they keep calling the Nats' starting pitcher Roe-ARK. The guy's name is Roark... did these twits never watch Fantasy Island?
A return to normalcy -- sort of. The dulcet tones of Mike Shannon are back on the air.
Sure good to hear Mike Shannon again !
Does anyone else remember when Jack Buck and Mike Shannon used to talk about the Cardiac Cards because they...
Mike Shannon is in the KMOX booth tonight.
So good hearing Mike Shannon doing radio play by play on KMOX again!!!
I've never had dinner with Mike Shannon. I'm a huge Cards fans from Springfield Illinois. Set it up Rick! Go Cards!
Driving home tonight, it was great to hear Mike Shannon's voice again on the radio!
“Mike Shannon is back on Cardinals radio after an absence. Smooth as a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. All is right in my world.”
early in the game, Mike Shannon refers to the Washington Generals... Rooney couldn't believe it!!
In the car, listening to , the and its great to hear Mike Shannon back in action. .
S/O to broadcaster Mike Shannon. Back in the booth. One of the greats. Welcome back.
nice to hear Mike Shannon back on the mic. !!
as Mike Shannon would say, I've gotta go with the Schu-Man! A great player and role model
I was thinking about how great cardinal baseball was on KMOX without Mike Shannon and now he's back. So mow we get to hear all his stories and no baseball. Oh well The stars can't grant you every wish.
Mike Shannon's first words back: "What a lovely evening for baseball tonight in downtown St. Louis"
HIMYM is back and Mike Shannon returned to the broadcast booth. It's a great night!!
turn on the radio and hear the man Mike Shannon calling the game for the first time in a while. My day is made
Great to see Mike Shannon back in the broadcast booth for the
Shot of Mike Shannon in the booth on Jumbotron earns him standing ovation from crowd at Busch.
Good to hear Mike Shannon back doing the Cardinals game tonight!
Mike Shannon did his pre-game hit on . Great to see and have Mike back on the air!
It is so great to hear mike Shannon back on cardinals radio KMOX
Gave some great away for a fundraiser and last minute a friend calls and offers two tics and end up in section directly below the KMOX box=Mike Shannon . Welcome back Mike!
Update your maps at Navteq
Thank god Mike Shannon is back on the radio!
We are sitting next to the Mike Shannon fan club. The back of Jacob and I's head were just on the jumbotron.
I'm debating on whether or not to watch Monday Night Soda Scrimmage or lay in bed and listen to Mike Shannon call the Birdinals game??
Welcome back Mike Shannon to the Cardinal broadcast booth good to hear u again Mike has been a Cardinal for 50 some years hope u have anothet 50
Mike Shannon is back ladies and gentlemen
Hearing Mike Shannon talk about "Bruce" Harper is infuriating! Maybe Shannon should stop drinking and get familiar with baseball.
All is right, Mike Shannon is back.
It may be the second day of Fall but with Mike Shannon back in the feels like summertime all over again!
Mike Shannon is calling the Cards game on KMOX tonight. My great day just got even better. Welcome back, Mr. Shannon, you have been missed.
Woohoo! Mike Shannon is back on the Cardinals Radio!!
Welcome back Mike Shannon. Let's go cards and win the NL central division
So ALL my brothers are at the Cards game!!! I think Russ Dunn should let me have hus mike shannon bobble head. But tonight 'emmy award winning show!' THE VOICE premeries!
Just want to say a huge thank you surgery went well...just to everyone who prayed and text my family who made the trip and made sure the surgery went my crew who came by and checked to make sure Wendy didn't make me overdose Wendy know you're tired and its been a long hard road 16 different visits to surgeons...crazy, but we got it done!!! This isn't the anniversary we planned but Maine is definitely happening...can't forget to say thank you to Dr. Clay and the Life Chiropractic Team you all were there from day one...awesome group of people. Oh yeah and Mike Shannon I got a few words for you when I recover..get your shots in now lol
I want Mike Shannon back, this new broadcaster is an *** He's almost worse than Al Hrabosky...almost
Having today off made school feel like a bad dream.
If only Mike Shannon announced on tv and not the radio
A deep fried Piccadilly salmon patty + announcer Thom Brennaman have conspired to make me nauseous. Miss Mike Shannon.
The catcher is named. Corky. Too bad Mike Shannon isn't on the mic. He'd have fun with that.
More like Mike Shannon. Dude sounds drunk (probably is) whenever he speaks
This may be sacrilege for a Cards fan, but I have never cared for Mike Shannon.
A new twist in the broadcasting HOF might pave the way for the induction of Mike Shannon. Thanks
This helps Mike Shannon's chances to get the Ford Frick Award
On Sunday Vincent Lemieux, Mike Shannon & will join me for at
This sunday Vincent Lemieux, Mike Shannon & will join at
10:05a-STL Cards Broadcaster John Rooney, filling in for Mike Shannon, joins Charlie.
in no particular order, Mike Shannon, Kevin Weeks, and Dave Pelz. But there are so many other great ones
It was also something of a getaway day lineup as Curt Flood, Julian Javier and Mike Shannon all got the day off.
A nice interview and great Podcast from my main man Mike Shannon! Check it out!
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