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Mike Shannon

Thomas Michael Shannon (born July 15, 1939) is an American-born former Major League Baseball player and current radio sportscaster.

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Letting rip: Mike 'Sugar Bear' Thompson and Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Shannon got into a screaming match…
Shannon Sharpe better stop disrespecting the GOAT. You put some RESPEK on that man's name. No one is foolin' with…
Mike will made-it - Miley Cyrus ft Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J. 😏
Highly recommend the great Mike Shannon! He really helped my putting game when I was…
Pete, Sea Island MIKE Shannon. Let me know if you want his number.
just getting caught did you let have DJ Mike Hitman on with Joe from Raleigh? Tryin to get fired???
Len, can u give a shout out to Mike & Shannon Howard as we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary?
"That's just disgraceful you can't allow your team to get swept" Skip on LeBron, after Shannon said Mike got swept.…
Off to the Middle East Mike Shannon & DeWalta on road for a LIVE JAM. Tonight RedBull Music Academy Weekender...
The last podcast on Resident Advisor of Mike Shannon on mix!. Listen and free your soul :). Event: Minù w/ Mike...
Surprise: three write-in votes propel Hadley resident to School Committee
Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson is speaking out against Mama June Shannon’s claims that he was abusive.
Shannon, I don't even know what that means, but I think I like it
He's my childhood favorite character. Better Bolin than David Harbour, Brad Pitt, and/or Mike Shannon.…
DeWalta & Mike Shannon LIVE in Dubai tomorrow night.
Mike Shannon says everybody makes mistakes, says he will take to Ireland, & says the Cardinals won't make the playoffs! 😡
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
10:20a-.talks about tonight's vs. Washington Nationals matchup with Broadcaster Mike Shannon
10:20a-..w Broadcaster Mike Shannon on this afternoon's game agst the Washington Nationals
I might have to bring mike with me but don't worry he's a great cook. You can come over for dinner
Shannon, Dione and Mike are the real deal ! Lmfao.always talking ..
Check out this beautiful HX owned by Mike and Shannon Beaver! Thanks for this great pic guys! The new HX model ru…
A timely summary of Russia's increasingly disruptive activities with policy recs from & Mike Morrell. htt…
We play LIVE as DeWalta & Mike Shannon this Thursday at Red Bull Music Academy Weekender in Dubaï. . See you there !
So Shannon Watts, Mike Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstien, Chuck Schumer, & all the rest…
The Koch Brothers, Tea Party, Grand Old Party, Republican Party, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence are not doing good...
DeWalta & Mike Shannon will be playing this wednesday for Red Bull Music Academy Weekender in Dubaï.
We're still shook of police after what the our lot did - Shannon here is the BABY passed to Mike in the news report…
There's a special election tomorrow in Kansas to replace Mike Pompeo, it's time to turn those red states blue.
Shannon Brown with the NASTY block. Look at the bench's reaction at the end. 😳 (2009)
We all know Shannon is just an *** mouthpiece for Mike Bloomberg. She is disgusting.
This is why you don't disrespect our flag 🇺🇸
Baseball season is close! Go listen to my chat with Mike Shannon!
i have an idea. Ask Mike Carey what the call is. Then go with the opposite decision.
As you discuss former Jax Suns you can't forget Cardinal broadcaster Mike Shannon. Watched him in Jax in 1964
ESPN needs to get Mike Hitman an ISDN line. This man needs to be heard properly.
Mike Shannon delivers an introductory mix of Haunt Music's catalogue for Exclaim! In his own words : "I wanted to...
Congratulations Shannon and Mike! Thank you for letting us be apart of your special day! ✨
Listen to 'Exclaim! Mix 03' to hear tracks from Mike Shannon, Blue Fields, Fabel and more:
Mike Shannon would say, Drew Smyly, now there's a baseball name!
Nope just fear of looking weak. Our government is ran by the same policies as a kindergarten recess bully.
how many Jack Buck / Mike Shannon radio games you think you listened to ?
Shannon looks like he's got Mike Gillis style "rum nose"
"He (Gibson)never took his game face off. He intimidated everybody, including his own teammates" - Mike Shannon…
If it isn't going to be Stephen Lang, I'm okay with this casting. Michael Shannon is awesome.
Mike Shannon opens Hour 2 of the Countdown to Opening Day on
.Countdown to Opening Day Show tonight from 7-9. Hear from Matt Carpenter, Mike Shannon, Lance Lynn & more on
"Defense is one man guarding the ball and four others helping him" - Mike Krzyzewski. TEAM DEFENSE!
On the radio today Mike Shannon said he is rooting for the USA tonite. I will join him in rooting for the United States of America.
'Mike and Molly,' but it's about Michael Shannon and Molly Shannon being roommates
I'm here for Michael Shannon in any role. ANY role.
I'll just say what everyone is thinking: When Mike Shannon hums along to a song on the radio it's really uncomfortable
Mike Shannon would be insufferable on tv. He's impossible on radio
I was hoping for Brosnan but I don't hate this! Even in awful movies Shannon's still great
He's a legend. He's now "our friend Mike Shannon" and he will make sure you get the worst hangover of your life.
Mike Shannon on Kolten Wong getting picked off base with the pitcher at-bat: "There's just no good explanation for it. Period."
Working at my desk & listening to Mike Shannon slur his words while calling the Cardinals game.
Flip or prison, Mike decide.
Oh my god Shannon Sharpe just compared Mike Trout not playing to LeBron not playing. There's 5 players on the court. WHAT AN ***
.employee told Mike Shannon: If we can put automated vehicles on Mars, should be able to on Earth.
Mike Shannon what up. Please play some XSCAPE today. I like the song " Understanding". .
I love Hubie Brown as an analyst -- and Mark Jones (and Mike Tirico prior) is terrific at letting Hubie be Hubie.
How would FSU do with Coker, Shannon and Golden over a 15 year period? Probably not too good.
If Mike Shannon bobblehead desk guy could talk; he'd tell ya:. should be a motion picture! A great book!…
Interesting debate between him, Catholic's Mike Hutchens and Harriman's Shay Shannon.
let's throw Mike Tomlin into the mix as well
Shannon for the love of God take her Mike away from her just run up there now!
The only time I've watched Skip and Shannon is when I'm on an airplane and that's the only thing. Shannon is worse
You don't think Mike Shannon has ever seen "Zoo"?
Mike Shannon hearing the Adams Family theme: "I wonder where Mr Hand is today?" And I laughed.
Broadcaster Mike Shannon on sparse crowd at night game vs Astros at West Palm Beach: "A lot of the fans here are dressed as seats"
They'd better get up to Edwardsville and take em to Mike Shannon's!
Listening to Mike Shannon on the radio while chillin at the lake. Life doesn't get much better than this ☀️
Mike Turner looks Michael Shannon in 2031 if Michael Shannon decided in 1997 to be a raging alcoholic.
The pre-game event at Mike Shannon's Grill prior to the Murray State men's basketball game in Edwardsv…
Mike Dean's 4 sons have denied that their father is a Tottenham fan. "He is a fair and honest man" said sons Harry, Kyl…
Don't worry, Shannon. Mike's got bigger problems--like still trying 2 be relevant. It's a long road ahead for him.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Mike Condon isn't on the ice at practice. Maintenance/rest day.
Betting against Mike Brey is like betting against Christian Bale in a Batman movie.
Throwback to when the ref in the 1971 FA Cup final celebrated Arsenal's win... ..The original Mike Dean.
The Bucs have agreed to terms on a contract extension with defensive coordinator Mike Smith, per ESPN's...
Cold frosty ones. Ones...meaning like 12 or so in Mike Shannon language.
Good guy with a gun-which never happens according to Shannon Watts & Mike Bloomberg.
.DJ Mike Hitman is a national treasure.
lets hit the tgi fridays up w Mike & Shannon soon
Shannon has drank the yellow kool-aid from Mike Bloomberg's spout ,she in the cult now and controlled by Mikey
Mike and Mike, Skip and Shannon, Bill and Dill... you guys are up there with all the duos.
I think Poseidon yells, "blub blub blub blub blub". But he's underwater so I'm not sure.
I might go to at Kater Blau in Berlin, Germany...
"You're fired!" Donald says to himself before pressing the launch codes. Mike Pence laughs nervously. Melania sits in her…
I'm watching Cecil B.Demented and the opening credits just said "Mike Shannon" I want to die
It's Twisted Trivia Tuesday with your hosts Mike & Shannon at Via Entertainment tonight beginning at 7PM! Don't mis…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Mike Gundy speaking at AFCA. The mullet is still glorious, and everyone here is whispering about it.
2017 is going to be great bc Mike & I get a dozen free Krispy Kremes once a month for the year 👏🏼
wish i was sitting on a front porch in a white, plastic lawn chair, mid june, drinking a sweaty can of Busch while mike shannon narrates a
hey, has anyone checked on DJ Hitman Mike?!? He gonna be Ok?
can ya'll find Joe in Raleigh. I feel that we need him and Mike together again.
Somebody tell Shannon Sharpe "St. Nick's" D just gave up 21 in the 4th q, 512 total yards and Deshaun threw for 420!!!…
Does Shannon Sharpe owe you some diet dew now?
I've been comparing him to Cole Beasley all night. And Mike Williams is Dez
I've been telling Shannon Sharpe all week: The only reason I'm going with Clemson is that Deshaun the nation's clutche…
TOUCHDOWN! Mike Williams all alone in the corner of the endzone from 4.
Thank you Shannon Wiseman Laub for the Yoga One class today, and thank you Wendi Williams and Ian Seepersaud,...
Time for a "Cold Frosty One". Mike Shannon relaxes after a World Series game in 1967.
I only watch FS1 for Colin Cowherd and Shannon Sharpe
Teen Image Encore Version at Shannon's Birthday Party Last nite.. Thank you shannonshis for the…
Any Beyoncé song comes on . Mike: Shannon don... Me:
Bigger for dinner after some fun alumni soccet (@ Mike Shannon's Grill in MO)
teemu surpassed Mike Bossy for the Rookie goal record for a season with 76 goals
Measures to alleviate future flooding along the River Shannon discussed at National Flood Forum in Ballinasloe, Co Galway http…
What a great visit with today. Great to visit w/ Shannon Chapman. Pastor Mike Chapman loves the Ch…
impressive, savvy wrestling by Shannon ~ Mike Mal.
either way had him 1-2 on a crappy hitter w/ 2 outs and Chappy's out. You don't go inside. Mike Shannon 101 baseball talk.
Happy 75th Birthday to Baseball Hall of Famer Tim McCarver, here discussing the DH with Mike Shannon in 2015:
Start holding up book at rally's isn't every media there…
exactly important to stay on focus we do not need HRC we need…
just keep using HRC words against her
C knows that other media is full of collision lies of HRC…
I've joked that I base my decision on how funny I think it would be to hear Mike Shannon say a given candidate's name.
happy birthday Mike hope you have a good 18th🎉
Only 5'2 but managed to get pictures with them all 😛
Congratulations Mike & Shannon!!! What a fabulous way to start your new chapter as hubby and wifey! I hope the win…
Joe is in bed with despises Cubs loves Mike Shannon ridiculous STL guy calling this
has to go puts his total hatred of the Cubs in bed with the Mike Shannon, Jack Buck awful to have STL calling this
is in bed with the despises the follows Mike Shannon and his dad
"Beautiful full moon over Shea here in NYark tonight. Wish you folks back in STL could see it."- Mike Shannon
As Mike Shannon once said, "I wish you all could see this moon tonight here in St.louis, what a beauty".
Took out for last walk saw the big moon reminds me Mike Shannon from Shea I wish you ppl in St Louis could see the moon tonight
"We all know that we need change, but it's not going to come electing the same people with the same bad ideas." -Mike Pe…
Just ran into Michael Shannon, who wasn't in the mood for a photo, but shook my hand, saying: "I'm Mike, and you?"
Yeah well her followers R the 1s w/buckets on their heads not us. All we need to stay on focus
Your Dad and my buddy, Michael Hunt are pals. Just learned over dinner with Mike.
Shannon come hang out with me and deion
75 e oakland in cbus. Bring your sisters and their sisters. Need to @ mike Shannon, promoter NA.
oh no! Stay safe! I almost got hit by a flying sign last night. Storm is insane!
My favorites are in the studio BBD with Mike Shannon!
TGIF! Here's my last week 2 pick:. Mike Shannon's at
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I watched some of Undisputed on the plane and I actually think Shannon Sharpe is the annoying one of the duo.
Note to self: don't scroll down Mike's profile or you'll v quickly become v angry
shannon has to calm down, think he's been hanging out with Mike Irvin
lmao it's going to happen. I'll put it on snapchat and Instagram 😛
he's an *** and broke up with me because I didn't love myself enough and it was the "realistic" thing to do.
Wow, "here comes old engine --Mike Shannon EVERY single time Sutter came in
I honestly don't understand the fascination of Mike Shannon as an announcer. He's not that good IMO
I wish we could nimute the tv and turn on KMOX and hear Mike Shannon.
Out in Tempe for ASU practice. Sun Devils adding a lot of firepower with PG Shannon Evans and freshman wing Sam Cun…
There's only two classes tomorrow then I get to see 😍
. Shannon your story is making me feel better about mine 🙈😂
VHQC's Mike Talley, 2nd from left, and Jennifer Hayes, right, with ESCALATES Shannon Sweeney, left, and Ben Crabtre…
heard a bell on Shannon Burke's show that sounds like your missingbell.
John Shananigans, Pau Lina I hardly can wait!!. @ StereoBar this saturday. Mike Shannon and Guillaume & the...
Alan Shannon, Chair, starting festivities at annual conference
And Mike Shannon. I always assume Mike Shannon is doing great things.
love that the 18 is to honor Mike Shannon a true treasure
Claire, Katie, and I met Mike Shannon! He took a few minutes to play with Claire and made sure to say bye to her when we left. So awesome!
Good job Mike Baird, get rid of the only incentive to go on public transport. You are a ***
Ken Bone never got to see Mike Shannon play in person, so he explains where the appreciation comes from...
Can we do the same with Mike Shannon? I will be so sad when he calls it a career.
File under 'Things I'll be craving in December': The sounds of Mike Shannon, John Rooney, Cardinals baseball on a lovely, breezy afternoon.
"The rock is the bases loaded. The hard place is Adrian Gonzales at the plate." Looks like Mike Shannon was onto something here.
Mike Shannon then goes on to proclaim that David Backes's new contract is worth $50 million per year over five years.
come on we had the GREAT Jack Buck, and now we have the GREAT Mike Shannon. You forgot Buck 😯
He joined Dem Party to run for President. Without Dem, he'd be Gary Johnson, Mike Shannon, etc. Heard of them?
I am so proud of Shannon Matos. She took the lead tonight at Stacey & Mike's engagement session at the Larz...
On a positive note I'm sitting in front of Cardinals Hall of Famer Ted Simmons, and next to Mike Shannon's daughter.
Hi Mike, as an entrepreneur, how do you use to make valuable connections?
Prof Mike Waldman at his Last Lecture: show respect to everyone, regardless of status, appearance, religion, race
Keva Cox with her proud parents, Mike and Shannon Cox!
Hi Mike, since you’re talking about what do you think of our founder’s use of
Just the 2nd Hulk movie is MCU canon. The 1st Hulk movie is Crouching Tiger canon.
10:20a-w Broadcaster Mike Shannon on the upcoming Cards @ L.A. Angels series
SERIALISM 036 is finally out on wax 12'' ! . Loquace – “Transitions EP” incl. Mike Shannon
Yo, which Cardinals giveaway item do you want? '46 replica WS ring or Mike Shannon jersey?
Speegle women are storied badasses. History is not ready.
hmmm technically that was this morning lol you know what I mean tho 😂
Congratulations! Girls can't help their inherent awesomeness.
Mike Shannon, Willie Mays hit historic HRs in final game at original Busch 50 years ago today. The story:
Mike - I think the Bulls should trade their starting pitching. I'll hang up and listen.
"The 7th inning is a key inning... For a lot of reasons" the wise words of Mike Shannon
Love that announcer Mike Shannon is talking about & during today's game.
Why doesn't Rooney call the whole game on broadcasts? When Mike Shannon steps in it's like a drunk grandfather telling stories
Mike Shannon is killing it today, and absolutely cracking me up 😂
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Mike Shannon on being at Fairmount Park for Ky Derby simulcast when power failed: "I got my bets down. Don't worry about that" .
Listening to the game on the radio and sounds like Mike Shannon is already thoroughly enjoying this Mother's Day.
Feel like the best use of this Mike Shannon Cardinals jersey is to convert it into a Rhiannon
This is why we love Mike Shannon. Read our profile of the legendary broadcaster:
Can't help but laugh now every time I hear Mike Shannon talk about an "ice cold
One of my favorite “It's Mother's Day today, so to all the mothers out there, 'Happy Birthday.' ” --Mike Shannon
Mike Shannon talks with manager Mike Matheny before today's rubber match vs Pirates. Hear it next on
Mike Shannon and Dan Rooney should read this. :)
End of 2nd: 2, 2 . So deuces are wild as Mike Shannon would say!
I'm a cards fan and Pat Hughes has forgot more than Mike Shannon knows.
Pat Hughes is horrible maybe you should have said Mike Shannon instead
On my way to College Park NARA — eating lunch at Mike Shannon's Steak & Seafood At Lambert Airport in St Louis
The best Cardinals reporter (aside from Mike Shannon) is Jim Edmonds. I wish he was in the booth with McLaughlin every game.
Mike Shannon: "I was very impressed by Marco Gonzales and his pitching today." .
From on whether he might be the next Mike Shannon in the booth: "Whoa. That's all I have to say to that."
Order Miche Bag Online!
Tune in to tonight and hear from Al Hrabosky, Mike Shannon and more!
Mike Shannon to only call St. Louis Cardinals home games in 2016.
Mike Shannon no longer will broadcast Cardinals road games
"Ballpark Village was the nail in the coffin ..." Sad news about Harry's, following on heels of Mike Shannon's ...
For fans Mike Shannon says he will do all 81 home games. But no travel. Says "I can enjoy my sunmer" and st…
I can't wait to hear Mike Shannon pronounce Seung-hwan Oh.
Can't wait to hear Al Hrabosky and Mike Shannon try to prounce Seung-Hwan Oh's name.
in college, used to watch Cards on TV n listen to Mike Shannon on the radio..real life Harry Doyle at its best.
I just like the Mike Shannon-ism -- you can never have too much starting pitching
WOW! Was just sitting at the bar at Mike Shannon's talking to Brett Hull!!!
Mike Shannon sounds like Jame Gumb from silence of the lambs
it goes Dean, Joe Garagiola , Mike Shannon and turning into on radio
before there was Mike Shannon, Joe Garagiola had stories did his shows from bar before my time but they told me it
I just want, one time, to hear John Rooney's sonorous tones say "They hate us because they ain't us. Mike Shannon will have the seventh."
Former left-handed starter John Tudor is live with Mike Shannon & at on Live at Shannon's on 1120AM.
Mike Shannon seems like he’d be a great color commentator. Actually saying what’s going on for the listener seems a bit tough for him.
big red weesy w. Stands for cards win. Ask mike Shannon
That's why rich whites like Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Mike Bloomberg, & Shannon Watts support they don't want nonwhites armed.
Oh my god this so funny lmmfao . Kc Williams Fred Vs HWood Lee Williams Raphael Thompson Mike Shannon Roger...
best thing I ever did was follow mike Shannon on Insta
Catch Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts and Mike Shannon at FACT Music Pool Series for the 12 years of Dskonnect Booking Agency >>>
Here's Shannon Miles, who shot the Houston sheriff's deputy--media outlets are still trying to figure out his race http:/…
Yesterday a journalist and presenter. Today a broadcaster and commentator. redefines Mike Hosking.
Shannon is trying to protect her large paycheck from Mike Bloomberg for running for him.
Shannon J. Miles is lucky he didn't slip n fall. . Ron White, "In Texas they have a death penalty, and they USE it."
Jon Miller is another one that could do it. The masochist in me wants to see Mike Shannon try.
Great to see EJ, Tyrod and Mike out there doing their thing at Qb!
Project HEAL- Saint Louis is one of the non-profits that Mike Shannon's is supporting this August! For very drink... ht…
pretty much on Mike Shannon's level, except Shannon always has the "I'm drunk" excuse.
The button to change feeds is missing and I'm listening to the Giants announcers instead of Mike Shannon and it hurts, it really hurts
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Mike Shannon's to kick it off then might be going to Big Daddy's or something
coming soon to NKC and the world, Handmade Craft Irish American Whiskey by a fifth generation Shannon
On my way to Lausanne after a nice stay in Ibiza with my brother from another mother Shannon
I always wanna think "Mike Shannon's" or "Charlie Gitto's" a/b STL, I can't remember the other places, damnit
I agree, with Mike Shannon being a distant second.
Worse part is, don't get to hear drunk Mike Shannon on these road trips.
I love to hate Tim McCarver.and Mike Shannon...and Bob Costas.
actually Bailey hang with Shannon you lezbo!!!
Mike Shannon all the way...though Jack Buck is tough to follow
Idc what anyone says 50s music is so *** catchy
turn it to 97.7 and listen to the soothing drunken voice of Mike Shannon
Ever have one of those days where you're so grateful to be alive?. Today is one of those days
GOAL! Shannon Horgan ties the game at 1 with 31 minutes left in the half!
I bought a bottle of Mike Shannon's steak sauce it is fantastic!!!
CONGRATS TO MIKE IN ROSEVILLE! Shannon just won him a brand new convertible Camaro!!!
For the lucky ones still in a summery location... Two of ours, Mike Shannon & Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts are...
Congrats mike💖 remember that I'm the Shannon tran supporter.lemme know when you're in your promos for masters http:/…
Mike Shannon is a prince among men. Heart of gold, he has.
At this rate, he'll make us forget the immortal who wore No. 18 . . . MOON MAN Mike Shannon.
"Well there's your run big boy. Heh heh heh" -Mike Shannon probably
It was probably Mike you should shun him
Mike Shannon emotional as he begins his speech on the greatness of George Kissell
Mike Shannon on Cards duffel bag giveaway Sun: "Someone asked me about that today at Fairmount Park. I said you need that for the money?"
The Cardinals and the Reds are underway with John Rooney and Mike Shannon on the call on
The and are minutes away on with Mike Shannon and John Rooney.
John Rooney: Byrd reached for RBI double in first inning. Mike Shannon: "We're not counting the first inning tonight"
It doesn't get any better than Mike Shannon and John Rooney on the mic
Mike Shannon and John Rooney have the First Word from the booth next on the Pregame Show on
Mike Shannon on Matt Carpenter is as hot as a 4th of July firecracker. Here comes the pitching coach to tell him this guy is hot.
Mike Shannon is pronouncing half of the Royals player's last names wrong
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
& are minutes away on . Lance Lynn goes for his 8th win of the season. Mike Shannon & have the call.
Mike Shannon on George Frazier when he was accused of using a foreign substance: He said it's not a foreign substance, I got it at Walgreens
If it was up to me Dan McLaughlin, Mike Shannon, and Rooney would call every Cardinals game. . Sue me.
You definitely should try a place in Ballpark Village...there's always Ruth Chris' steakhouse or Mike Shannon's a little pricey
anything at Ballpark Village or Mike Shannon's Outfield
No Vin Scully, or Mike Shannon. I guess I’ll just jam sharp objects into my ears…
Unless Tim McCarver is on, then it's a nightmare. Give me Mike Shannon on the radio any day.
Last night, Mike Shannon said it appeared as if the were "extinct" from the new pace of play rules...
Today it s a beautiful sunny day and lucky you the Boiler Room set of Mike Shannon & Dewalta is online. Go head,...
got Sam Morton and Mike Shannon starring – so it’s a must see!
Mike Shannon signed a three year deal in 2014 so I believe he knows its coming /look at Vin Scully and Bob Uecker to them every game is new
Now the 2014 inductees into Cardinals Hall are introduced: Mike Shannon, Jim Edmonds and Willie McGee.
Mr. Duncan, I have a ball signed by Mike Shannon and the date of the first home run in Busch II. Would love to add you onball
Mike Shannon & John Rooney are on right now as John Lackey makes his spring debut vs David Price & in Jupiter
May just be spring training but John Rooney and Mike Shannon make for nice road music
Mike Shannon and John Rooney are growing on me
Check out my story of why chose Alex Johnson instead of Mike Shannon in outfield with Lou Brock, Curt Flood
RIP David Carr. I saw him at this Times Talk with Mike Shannon a few years ago and he was pretty funny.
Mike Shannon kicks off the Hot Stove League Show at 7:06.
I would buy the Matheny Manifesto as a book on tape thing as long as it’s read by Mike Shannon between games of beer pong.
Fans can't get enough Baseball. Mike Shannon, John Rooney entertain. Are you at the ?
Look who's on stage. Cardinals Broadcasters John Rooney & Mike Shannon taking questions at Winter Warm!
Everything Happens in Chillicothe by Mike Shannon narrated by Eric Martin
Ahh new LPs came through Mike Shannon and Kerri Chandler :) so happy
Guests on the Hot Stove League Show include: Mike Shannon, GM John Mozeliak, New reliever Matt Belisle, and more
Darren Pang is taking the Mike Shannon approach to this game. What is he talking about?
While the Sox are adding people, can we trade Ed Farmer to St. Louis for John Rooney? I miss him. Ed & Mike Shannon would get along great.
Mike literally puts his head on the pillow and falls asleep instantly. It's so unfair.
Poor Mike Foster. I'd be an alcoholic too if I lost Stef.
Literally spent the whole day with Mike and my family ❤
Nick Young is like Shannon Brown when he was on the Lakers I'm telling y'all both spark plugs & fan favorites
Mike London is now 23-38 and 11-29 in conference play at Virginia. He gets a 6th year. . Go Hoos!
Hey no big deal guys one thing Mike London can manage is time
"The game was tied going into overtime." - doing his best Mike Shannon impression
hey Shannon this is your uncle Mike how are you
Mike Shannon steps up to the plate for a special Five Years Of Love mix...
real question whose the right one mike Shannon? Billick? College head coach?
Mike Shannon's Grill - Edwardsville. Upscale Pub Food at Mike Shannon's Grill (Up to 46% Off) from $19
Before the 5th birthday at on Saturday check this masterclass by Mike Shannon on
Keys for Flanagan:. 1. Get the read game going early. 2. Confuse WHS QB Shannon Patrick . 3. Stop RB Mike Howard. 7pm on
LISTEN: Mike Shannon's Five Years Of Love Mix is the perfect way to kick off your weekend...
For the longest time I thought it was Shannon Dawson.
reminded me of you when you talk to Mike ❤️
On the banks of the Shannon young Mike; And young Tess made wild love on a bike;
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