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Mike Shanahan

Michael Edward Mike Shanahan (born August 24, 1952) is the 28th and current head coach of the Washington Redskins of the National Football League.

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ICYMI: Feud brewing b/t RG3 and Santana Moss over Mike Shanahan.. & w details in
Mike shanahan pretty much made his career with the read option. Once it got figured out you started seeing less and…
Robert Griffin III claims Mike Shanahan put him in an 'impossible position' with
RG3: I was put in an impossible situation because Mike Shanahan never wanted me: Still blaming others I see.
Steve Sarkisian on his public battle with alcoholism, and running Kyle Shanahan’s offense in Atlanta (by
Robert Griffin III blasts Santana Moss on comments about Mike Shanahan being fired
Kubiak was coordinator under Mike Shanahan. So this makes a ton of sense.
If any team plans on drafting Lamar Jackson they should immediately lure Mike Shanahan outa retirement n hire him
Neither RGIII or Mike Shanahan are in DC. RGIII and Mike Shanahan are no longer employed by the NFL. Please stop this ins…
Robert Griffin III rips ex-Redskins WR Santana Moss for claim he gloated about Mike Shanahan firing
Robert Griffin III’s beef with Santana Moss, explained: Moss claimed that Griffin gloated about getting Mike……
Did Griffin get Shanahan fired? NO! MIKE SHANAHAN GOT MIKE SHANAHAN FIRED! Griffin has done MORE for the Redskins on and...
.that former coach Mike Shanahan is fired? Did Tim Tebow got Shanahan fired when he was Broncos head coach? NO!...
Y'all must of forgot. We talking about the same Mike Shanahan who thought John Beck was a franchise QB.
Santana Moss says RG3 was gloating about Mike Shanahan getting fired: "That was the dumbest mistake you could ever make…
Blame Falls On Mike Shanahan as Much as RG3. January 11, 2013 by Jonathan Mathis. Say whatever you want about...
Imagine thinking RG3 and Mike Shanahan are "equally responsible."
Y'all are never gonna convince me that Mike Shanahan and the Washington training staff didn't ruin RG3's career.
Why are we still talking about RG3 and Mike Shanahan in 2017?
"God don't like ugly" Santana Moss says RGIII gloated over Mike Shanahan's firing
Santana Moss said RGIII was walking around Redskins Park like Vince McMahon after he helped get Mike Shanahan get fired
Robert Griffin III and Santana Moss are sniping about Mike Shanahan's firing:
RG111, had every right to gloat over Mike Shanahan's firing b/c the man was a racist & didn't want a black as his signal caller.
RG3 and Santana Moss in a feud over Mike Shanahan's departure in Washington... & fill you in…
Santana Moss criticized then-QB Robert Griffen 111 for how he handled the firing of head coach Mike Shanahan, of the Redskins.
Raise your hand if you're sad that Mike Shanahan is gone? Also he still doesn't have any coaching of…
Santana Moss: RG3 made "dumbest mistake you could ever make in this league" gloating about Mike Shanahan's firing.
Burl Ives, Tuskegee Airmen, Mike Shanahan, Tony Romo & more all in 1 book. interested? PM h…
My bag was intertwined on the baggage claim with Mike Shanahan's, we untangled, I said "good luck this year, coach"…
Mike Shanahan once said Ryan Torain was the next Terrell Davis.
Mike Shanahan and Ed McCaffrey are still close.
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There should be no impact on from tax changes in the US says Martin Shanahan of
Thank you, Mike Shanahan. Picking Trent over Okung was the best decision he made while he was here.
Jay Cutler to San Francisco would be a great move for the He played his best ball for Mike Shanahan why not give Kyle a shot. 🤔
Oh lord, I see Mike Shanahan's side chick wrote something about how much Skins will miss Cousins if he leaves lol
It cannot be stated enough how many thanks fans owe Mike Shanahan for drafting Trent Williams over this g…
The denver broncos' starting quarterback job by his former coordinator mike shanahan and qb coach...
love how u rep the 9ers. Mike shanahan is not involved with them one bit.Keep up the great work
Boomtown Rats, that sounds like a band I could really enjoy. *** we may even be related. Signed Mike Shanahan & rest of the family
The plan for coach Kyle Shanahan is to have QB coach Rich Scangarello, run-game guru Mike McDaniel…and coordinate the…
on Cutler... At least he was drafted by Mike Shanahan who'll somewhat be around the 49ers.
No. I mean exactly what I said. Mike Shanahan and Jeremy Bates.
I hear rumblings of Mike Williams at in the SF community. Talkin bout "Getting Shanahan his Julio".
So I'm not sure what the Mike Shanahan/Jay Cutler relationship was in their seasons together in Denver but could he be an option for SF?
If Lovie was "lost" on offense, then what adjective do u use for Trestman, John Fox or even Mike Shanahan in Denver w/Cutler?
history has proven Lovie did figure out offense & maxed it out. Mike Shanahan, Trestman & JohnFox never made playoffs w/Cutler
Maple Leafs president and alternate governor Brendan Shanahan on the passing of Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch
Maybe Winnipeg, but I'd never count out a team run by Lamoriello, Shanahan, Mark Hunter, and Mike Babcock.
he's never had a real good HC. Maybe Shanahan would turn him around! But they prob won't
The league didn't get a chance to figure him out, because Mike Shanahan ruined him first.
All I have to say Kyle Shanahan just like his pops Mike do fall under the Bill Walsh coaching tree.
With the Panthers releasing Mike Tolbert, maybe Kyle Shanahan looks to make him his Patrick DiMarco?
Cutler was elite with Mike Shanahan js
Honestly I'd like to see what Shanahan can do w/ Mike Glennon @ 8-10 mil a yr.
you do know cowher admitted to filming signals, as did jimmy Johnson, Mike Shanahan, Mike Ditka, and Tony Dungy
7? You know, Dana, alot of former Broncos from that 98 squad hold it against Elway he retired. Alot. Including Mike…
Another Mike Shanahan/Alex Gibbs guy. This makes a ton of sense. 49ers will stay a zone run team.
[NFL Nation: San Francisco 49ers] - Mike Shanahan will be 'sounding board' but won't work for 49ers
Larry Brown with the Knicks. Mike Shanahan with the Redskins. Mike Hargrove with the Mariners. A few examples of bad decisions by coaches.
I want to be a Jet, but I think he goes to San Fran. Makes sense for Shanahan as Glennon has some similarities to Matt Ryan.
Mike Shanahan: Smarter to hire Kyle than me
saw a mock where you guys took Mike Williams at two, which according to most is a huge reach, but Williams/Shanahan would be sick.
Its 2017. Mike Shanahan hasnt been revelant in almost 20 yrs lol
If I was Nick Foles, I would try jumping with HC Mike Shanahan & his system. No way would I go after the most money from a random team first
A scary collision between Mike Knuble & Brendan Shanahan put a damper on 5-3 win over in 2007:
Kyle Shanahan confirms Robert Saleh is defensive coordinator via
Kyle Shanahan confirms on KNBR his defensive coordinator is Robert Saleh. As for ideal defenders: "You want violent pe…
Kyle Shanahan listens to reggae and Drake while breaking down film [Niners Wire]
The former Redskins official is Mike Shanahan lol
Mike Babcock and Brendan Shanahan are the only two people in North America who can legitimately claim to have inherited a mess.
tuck rule was a rule! Everyone filmed, even mike shanahan admitted too it and deflategate was a scam! But it gets u through
Just realized Cutler could be the 49ers bridge QB. Mike Shanahan drafted him 11th overall. He had his lone Pro Bowl for Den season in '08 😨🤔
Not only is LaFleur close to Kyle Shanahan, who is now the head coach of the rival 49ers, but his brother Mike has been hired as WRs coach.
Oh, and that Crooked Mike Shanahan...that play-calling in the second-half was so dishonest.SAD! RUN THE BALL!
Mike Williams looking like the next Niners did just get Shanahan n we need a WR1 for his offense 🤔🤔🤔
Brendan Shanahan, Maple Leafs President & Alternate Governor, released the following statement on the passing of Red Wings…
I still can't believe that my lost the to father and son at least Mike was on the opposing sideline.
Hey fans, Tune in right now as Mike Shanahan joins Dave Logan
Hey fans, Mike Shanahan set to join Dave Logan at 5:35. Tune in!
two reasons that we don't have Super Bowl in Atlanta . XXXIII- Mike shanahan. LI- Kyle Shanahan. Fuc…
Brendan Shanahan on the passing of Mike Ilitch.
Mike Shanahan pushed past me and some other random people waiting in line to get to our seats during Elways HOF ind…
Mike Shanahan weighs in on the Broncos’ quarterback competition via High Sports
Former Falcons WR Roddy White wasn't happy with Kyle Shanahan's playcalling in the Super Bowl.
Michael Flynn is reportedly in the running to be the Los Angeles Rams new head coach...oh wait, that's Mike Shanahan.
Bill Walsh at Stanford, Tony Dungy in TB, Jon Gruden in TB, Mike Shanahan in Denver? All have won SB's
If there is any logic in this move, Mark Dominik or Mike Shanahan might have a significant role in the organization going for…
I'm a week or so the will have Kyle Shanahan, Mike Shanahan and John Lynch in the building in Santa Clara. That's a…
It's the same way in sports. Rob and Rex were hired by Buddy. Kyle was first hired by Mike Shanahan.
I'm not the first to say but I would love to see Mike Shanahan back as the coach of the If he would take the job?
Bill Bilichick, Tom Coughlin, Mike Shanahan, Tony Dungy, Pete Carroll, and Gary Kubiak all won Super Bowls after being fired by other teams.
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Dude, is a big fan of yours and you get all kinds of run on his show. Mike Shanahan & Monica Seles love you, too.
I'm surprised Mike Shanahan didn't figure out a way to work in Kirk Cousins' name when he was speaking at that Donald…
Possble landing spots for Fisher:Patriots slot receiver, or starting his own league with Mike Shanahan & Norv Turner w/ju…
Norv Turner, Tom Coughlin and Mike Shanahan listed as candidates for LA job on NFL Network. LMAO.
Broncos coach Gary Kubiak leans on Mike Shanahan for Super Bowl...
Audio: Former Redskins HC Mike Shanahan: Cousins is kind of QB who can win a Super Bowl.
One guy that we have to say thank you to is the guy who drafted Kirk Cousins...Mike Shanahan. If it wasn't 4 him I don't k…
Former head coach Mike Shanahan spoke at a Trump rally in Nevada. Smh
Limits are self-imposed. But there are no limits to human energy nor the goals you can achieve. – Mike Shanahan
it's a Denver tradition, see Dan Reeves, Mike Shanahan, et al
Jake Plummer calling Jerry Jones an *** hole and Mike Shanahan holding a party for Donald Trump. '06 was a bad year
Lol, Mike Shanahan looks like he went to the same mind-wipe doctor that Warren Sapp saw for the Raiders for his Redskins stint
Gary Kubiak, Mike Shanahan, and John Elway at Broncos practice in 1995
Eh, Mike Shanahan would still fire up the burner and put it on the heat anyway.
this is by far one of the greatest bits ever produced. Second only to the Mike shanahan lobster bit.
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Former head coach Mike Shanahan on what Gary Kubiak has to do if the QB competition…
Mike Shanahan’s Denver mansion is available, for $22 million
because Mike Shanahan have problems with RGlll all GM and coaches like they hate him
Mike Shanahan joins and now to talk
.joins me in studio for an all day featuring and former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan!
Figs are amazing! So is Mike Shanahan's book, to be released as Gods, Wasps, and Stranglers in early '17!
Adding this to my fall reading wishlist:
Mike Shanahan! Does The Rock Lobster know how to swim? Not like the Phelps!
This book by freelance writer and rainforest ecology PhD is due early Sept.
really? Mike Shanahan left RG3 out there to die in that playoff game! No way he should have played that 2nd half!
I would love for you to look Mike Babcock in the face, or Brendan Shanahan, and have them answer.
Stephen A serious w/ the Mike Shanahan should have "taught" RGIII to slide.. A 70 year old man gonna teach a premiere…
Difference between Mike Shanahan and Jay Gruden -- one stood up to Dan Snyder and tamed the Lion, the other ran in a corner and complained.
ICYMI: and discuss if Mike Shanahan would ever be a coordinator for Kyle Shanahan
Rod Woodson & Mike Shanahan visit the Talk of Fame Network this week. Listen now:
Hamilton Collection
Rod Woodson, Mike Shanahan this week's guests on TOF Network broadcast:
Put it this way, Mike Shanahan got 3 starters from 4 drafts. Trent, Kerrigan and Reed. Bruce got 4 in 1 draft.
But by your logic, Mike Shanahan should have drafted Jim Drukenmiller instead of Trevor Price. . Im sorry, youre wrong.
Jeff Fisher hasn't had a winning season since he jettisoned Vince Young. Similarities between he and Mike Shanahan! Most ovr rated coach!
Someone should check on Jeff Fisher and make sure the man who made that trade wasn't Mike Shanahan
Good news: I once heard a coach say there's no such thing as overpaying for good QB. Bad news: Coach who said that was Mike Shanahan in 2012
Mike Shanahan said he recommended to Jeff Fisher that Rams sign RGIII, and RGIII called Shanahan to thank him for endorse…
Mike Shanahan gives RG III good review, advice
What was said between Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan? Baylor head coach Art Briles talks natural fit with...
Redskins: Mike Shanahan was a willing, positive job refere..
Mike Shanahan had pointed advice for RG III when his former QB thanked him for good reviews:
TEXT from Mike Shanahan (future member, Pro Football Hall of Fame): "Frankly, I'm stunned Robert didn't mention me in his farewell."
Last night was me and shanahan. tonight,me and mike vernon! (that's not a stain on my shirt. It's the picture)
Actually Mike Shanahan did that in '12 by letting him stay in the game with a bum knee and playing him in 2013.
I did an internship with Mike (Shanahan) and the Redskins last summer and I...
Mike Shanahan wanted Niles Paul to play safety
Tony Romo went to Eastern Illinois University. So did Mike Shanahan Sean Payton and Jimmy Garoppolo
I'm not sure about this RGIII talk. Kubiak's biggest advisor is Mike Shanahan; we all know how the RGIII/Shanahan experience went down.
Robert Griffin III says he never told Mike Shanahan what plays he wouldn’t run: Is it 2013 again?
I think there is 100% chance that Mike Shanahan will sour Kubiak on Griffin (if he hasn't done it already)
Before switching him to TE, Mike Shanahan asked to play safety. READ |
Former coach Mike Shanahan apparently tried to get to switch to safety a few years ago.
Cause Mike Shanahan had no business on Washington
Awesome story from Mike Shanahan about owner, Pat Bowlen, after winning Super Bowl
If the are stupid enough to let Kirk go.Mike Shanahan may come back as an OC for his free agent team.
be thankful mike Shanahan didn't land anywhere, price wouldah driven up foshoh
Tonight is mens basketballs first playoff game against Hutch Tech. The game is at home, tip off is at 7, and everyone has…
ur owner needs to keep his nose out of everything. U guys should have Ryan Tannehill as QB with Mike Shanahan still as HC
Hmmm.Weird. Mike Shanahan must be behind all of this.
He would have a resurgence playing with Kubiak offense. RG3 flourished with Mike Shanahan. Only if Brock gets 2 expensive
Some of the DC media learned their revisionist history skills from Mike Shanahan.
We don't need to see any more. Crown him. Taurean Prince with the Dunk of the Night.
Terrell Davis should definitely have the record for most yards in a season.. Thanks mike Shanahan
LOL, Schefty's man Mike Shanahan left sometime ago, his ties to WAS are severed.
We Shall. RG3 lost his team & his O-linman hate his guts, not to mention he failed to get along with Mike Shanahan.
Adam must still be calling Mike Shanahan for info... lol
Schefter is good friends with one Mike Shanahan. Just saying.
Kubiak is also a Mike Shanahan disciple. Can you see Mike giving Kubiak a positive endorsement of Griffin?
yeah just like that thing between AL & Mike Shanahan
If RG3 comes to Denver they have to hire Mike Shanahan as an offensive assistant lololol
We are delighted Mike Shanahan and Neil Gibbard (Coolair) were able to present this cheque to Acorns Children's...
better stories-guyers link to illegal hgh from china, the rarity of hgh being given or the UT sex assault or
Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, Dan Rooney & Jimmy Johnson disagree it was big deal. So does:
St Joe's could get called for a moving screen on every offensive set. Reminds me of a Mike Shanahan offensive line w/ holding.
Ironically, RG III grew up a Broncos fan, and Kubes would get the full 411 from Mike and Kyle Shanahan
and Mike shanahan was docked draft picks for filming Chargers' practices. No outrage there either.
Oh well, this was supposed to be Mike Shanahan's return to the sidelines as a head coach
thanks Mike! I appreciate all the advice and bball talks lol..
thanks Mike, it really means a lot that you came out to support
I'll take Mike Shanahan (sociologist) in an intellectual bar fight before most psychologists.
I disagree. So would Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak. One can be avg if other is elite. Can't have both.
Mike Shanahan picked up his 2014 Chevy Silverado last night courtesy of Salesperson Camren McKenna.
Mike Shanahan like 4 days ago. that's about it so far
Mike Shanahan talks about preparing for as a head coach
Six men have won back to back Super Bowls: vince lombardi, don shula, chuck noll, jimmy johnson, belichick... Mike Shanahan?
Two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach Mike Shanahan will join us next week. . (📷:
hired Chip Kelly over Mike Shanahan because Shanahan wanted to move on from Colin Kaepernick & draft QB https:/…
If you stare at Gary Kubiak long enough, he starts to resemble Mike Shanahan.
The just advanced to ! Their last win lead by Mike Shanahan, whom I had the honor of meeting.
we use to have a top 10 defense consistantly before we went to a 3-4! Thanks Mike Shanahan!
With yellowing newspaper clippings of Mike Shanahan on the wall behind him.
fans should thank Mike & Kyle Shanahan for introducing read-option into the NFL to stay. Split-second makes a difference
DE Chris Long ($14.25MM cap hit in 2016) open to discussing pay cut to stay with Rams:
ben uh Tyler Urban, Doug Plank, and Mike Shanahan all graduated from Norwin and played in the NFL
Wade Phillips was Broncos head coach 1993-94 and was out in '94. Of course Mike Shanahan followed and won 2 Super Bowls
Zone blocking, Mike Shanahan would be proud
Do y'all loyal fans remember the mike shanahan and Jake Plummer days lol
you mention Gary Kubiak and people gonna be talking about Mike shanahan
yeah I'm so sick of Denver's uni. Pretty sure they haven't updated it since the Mike Shanahan era
honestly for me it was Mike shanahan. There are multiple reasons why but the biggest ones were cooking spray on jerseys
I blame the ghost of Mike Shanahan.
How short of a hook did Mike Shanahan have for John Elway in ?. 12-22, 123, 0 TD, 1 INT.
Gary Kubiak learned how to succeed vs. Patriots from Mike Shanahan -
Fisher has relationship with Mike Shanahan, surprised he is not a candidate for OC job. Maybe only wants HC role.
I'm off to watch Mike Shanahan utterly destroy the chargers in the SB, glad you think he *** doe
I know you're a bandwagon fan, but please remember that Mike Shanahan was the best playcaller since Walsh
Mike Shanahan also sent Brian Griese to the pro bowl, but continue sucking off zone read football lmfao
Oy moron, Mike Shanahan succeded with an undrafted Rod Smith and Jake Plummer. Retard.
Mike Shanahan is 'in the mix' for 49ers HC job
11 catches for 77 yards. What a season for the Warriors in 2012 under veteran coach Mike Shanahan.
Mike Shanahan just ran by me at DIA.
Interesting RE: Romo - Mike Shanahan, in Denver, went all-in and offered him max deal for UFA. Sean Payton convinced him to come to Dallas
Mike shanahan was a saint? Didn't he hire lip readers to steal plays? You guys are all the same
If he's not going to be on the team then why didn't they hire Shanahan instead of Chip reports say Mike didn't want Kap
Ronnie Lott was one of the former players who recommended the team should hire Mike Shanahan. Steve Young too
"Mike can still coach, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had the opportunity to be a GM. He'd be great." - on Mike Shanahan
no first hand knowledge but from his looks mike Shanahan might be a sneak boozer as well
Mike Shanahan told SF he would not want Colin Kaepernick on the team if he was to accept their HC job. Chip Kelly was h…
49ers are expected to choose between Chip Kelly and Mike Shanahan for their next head coach. (via
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Going from Jim Tomsula to Mike Shanahan is like going from Kevin Spacey in American Beauty to the repressed military neighbor dad
I honestly think the fall back guy in this whole coaching search is Mike Shanahan. I can't see Coughlin coming to west cst.
How about hiring Coughlin to set it up to Mike Shanahan to set it up for Kyle Shanahan to set it up for three other guys? 30-year plan!
An Oscar winner wore RG3 socks. "It was Mike Shanahan who forced Kristen Stewart to limp onstage"
I really wish Brian Billick would come out of retirement to coach Not a fan of Mike Shanahan.
Csonka wants A. Tom Coughlin or B. Mike Shanahan to be next coach of Dolphins. Thoughts?
Reports: 49ers to talk with Mike Shanahan, Bills’ Anthony Lynn
When are people gonna realize Mike Shanahan isn't a good coach?Elway, Davis, & Shannon Sharpe won Superbowls DESPITE him. Talent>coach
Former Broncos, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is scheduled to interview with Dolphins Tuesday. (via https…
Mike Shanahan to interview for coaching job -
Tall-and-fast WR's Ashley Lelie (2004) and Javon Walker(2006) had 1084 yards under Mike Shanahan. DeVante is similar, but better.
Report: Chip Kelly, Mike Shanahan interested in 49ers job
Why is Mike Shanahan trending? He might well be the most overrated coach in the history of the NFL.
"When you want someone to come in and take over who is respectable, and is well aware your personnel can't win, you go to Mike Shanahan."
Mike Shanahan scheduled to meet Tues with Miami Dolphins, as said. Will be Shanahan's 2ND interview with Miam…
Mike Shanahan won't ever have a role in Denver as long as Joe Ellis is part of the decision makers.
Mike Shanahan staked his legacy on John Beck and Rex Grossman. He is dead to me. Keep that radioactive tangerine away from a microphone
Just ran into former Bills OL who will be playing for either Mike Shanahan or Mike Holmgren in New Zealand at Southern Bowl.
Mike Holmgren as head coach of our or Mike Shanahan
Mike Shanahan picks Redskins to win NFC East on praises Kirk Cousins for his intangibles, morphs into Larry…
While they have Mike Shanahan on, they should ask him about the great job Kyle is doing in Atlanta
Would Mark Richt or Mike Shanahan be better coach for Buffs than Mike MacIntyre? You tell me.
I like Jim Leavitt, but do you think there could be mutual interest w/ Mike Shanahan? Just spitballing.
Yeah now I truly believe drafting RG3 was an inside job and Dan Snyder intervened. So glad Mike Shanahan at least drafted a backup plan.
Wow lets fire Mike Shanahan and hire Jay Gruden, that's really an improvement at the HC spot. ~something only Dan Snyder would say
Get someone to advise him on hiring a new coach.Mike Shanahan. Mike Holmgren. Dennis Green. John Madden. Ron Wolf
It's the coaching staff not the QB. I'd trade for Colin if I'm Houston and hire Brian Billick or Mike Shanahan in a heartbeat.
By constantly keeping his eyelids open larger than his pupils, Mike Shanahan burns 300 more calories per day than the average human.
Look I loved Griffin before Mike Shanahan and Dr Andrews allowed him to play injured after the Ravens game.  How...
Fire lombardi, Make Kevin Sumlin, Jim Tressel or Mike Shanahan, the OC already
Mike Shanahan on spygate and cheating
Do you EVER think Mike Shanahan will return to Broncos Organization in some capacity this season?
How about hiring Mike Shanahan is in the top 10 of dumbest Washington football team moves of all time!
Mike Shanahan is at this game. Just walked right past me. Officially fangirling.
Mike Shanahan ain't die for this let my boy go. ***
GA picks off Mike Skulski T Shanahan 36yard line with 3:24 left in half.
Can't remember the last time a coach so willingly destroyed a quarterback. Oh, wait, Mike Shanahan.
Mike Shanahan never got fired from the Redskins, did he?
mike shanahan was wrong to play him in that playoff game. But he had the right idea with rg3s offense.
Mike Shanahan caught flak for lying and not speaking up, Gruden is trying to speak too much and be too honest.
That's what he told Mike Shanahan about during Seattle game. How'd that work out?
Because then you give Jay all the excuses in the world for why he wasn't a success. See also; Mike Shanahan.
Happy birthday Lexi sorry I'm late hope you had a great day 🎉😊
Hiring Mike Shanahan set this team back 3/4 of a decade!
Really upset about not getting mrs gage😢
But y'all the same ones who ran shanahan out tho... Than we get gruden he gets praised than he sees same flaws mike seen
You must have been upset when your read in Sports Illustrated that Mike Shanahan hired lip readers to steal signals!
Mike Shanahan will be coaching in New Zealand in March as part of the Southern Bowl.
I still claim Gary Kubiak is no Mike Shanahan Mike is the man back-to-back that's what Gary has to face
I love 2 point conversions as long as Mike Shanahan isn't the one going for them.
Shoutout to east men's volleyball for winning their first game of the season against league opponent Lake Shore!!
Why is Mike Shanahan calling plays for the South Carolina offense??
playing like Mike Shanahan knew he could :) ... its early
Seems only 3 yrs ago the radio experts were taking about mike shanahan had changed the culture w skins. Kyle Shanahan was a genius. Lmbo
Mike Shanahan thinks Kirk Cousins will be a Top 10 NFL ...
Travis Benjamin, Dwayne Bowe, Josh Gordon😐.. & Mike Shanahan coach, I know the players injured but they got weapons dont 😴
Mike Shanahan: Cousins will be top 10 quarterback
Considering Sean Payton and Mike Shanahan were EIU Panthers quarterbacks, maybe Jimmy Garoppolo and Tony Romo should take up coaching.
You forgot to add how Mike Shanahan admitted using lip readers to steal signals
RG3's career has taken a lot of twists and turns in just a few years
JReid just pulled a Mike Shanahan, "I told you so" lol but it's true. He called the nba finals and Kirk... Lol
. I've been saying this all along. Kirk Cousins is our franchise QB. Agree 100% with Mike Shanahan.
I'll now believe anything. Kirk Cousins is actually Mike Shanahan in disguise? Sure. Dan Snyder is a hologram? Yup. Anything.
So, was Kirk Cousins Mike Shanahan's side piece, and that is why RGIII never worked out?
he's probably tanning with Mike shanahan livin and laughin
Jason La Canfora: Chip Kelly start-of-the-league-year 2015-press conference is giving Mike Shanahan-end-of-the-tra... http…
somewhere Mike Shanahan is becoming a New York best seller.
Why does *** Chaney sound and lie like Mike Shanahan
and i are finna be the best sales team since spongebob and Patrick selling chocolates
We going to thank Mike Shanahan for the Cousins pick in the long run.,
In what league would Mike Shanahan be a top 10 coach?
Wait a minute Mike Shanahan, in what league will Kirk Cousins be a top-10 QB?.
Mike Shanahan stopping Daniel Snyder from enabling Robert and explaining the repercussions of doing so.
Mike Shanahan: Redskins' Kirk Cousins will be a top-10 QB in NFL.
Mike Shanahan: "Kirk Cousins is a franchise QB he will be a top 10 QB in this league no doubt"
Comprehensive history of how Washington ruined RGIII's body, mind and spirit via
A complete history of how Washington ruined Robert Griffin III's body, mind and spirit
good article, hard not to say Griffins failing was due to the organizations inability to reign robert in
A solid article to explain why I have parted ways with Washington before RGIII. via
But bruh how did RG3 fall so far so fast...If I'm RG3 I'm fading Mike Shanahan ON SIGHT
Naw Shanahan got there in 2010 and RG3 got there in 2012 Mike already had the job he coached McNab when he was traded there
would love to know your thoughts on this article regarding RGIII nfl timeline.
JMO, as always: Mike Shanahan broke RG3 just as Tony Sparano broke Jake Long; INJURIES. And Shanahan has a HISTORY of being a *** to QBs.
Mike Shanahan: Kirk Cousins will be a top-10 NFL quarterback
He could have easily been successful here but yall want to blame everything on Gruden just like how u blamed Mike Shanahan and even Kyle lol
Jim, has anyone mentioned my family? And I'm not talking about me and my son Kyle. Regards, Mike Shanahan.
So the excuses for rg3 on offense are on a gimmicky offense, Kyle & Mike Shanahan, a young OC, not having a QB coach, & Jay Gruden...okk
and don't forget to tune into our quarterly interview with FIRED, ex head coach, Mike Shanahan!
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