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Mike Rogers

Michael J. Mike Rogers (born June 2, 1963) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2001. He is a member of the Republican Party and Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

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Mike Rogers former Obama NSA chief visited Trump Tower after election. Clapper and Brennan called for his firing immed…
.this story on the two Mike Rogers is interesting...
This story would disappear in an instant (and be declared fake news) if NSA head Mike Rogers simply says "Not true.…
Other people involved are former Congressman and Congressional Intel head Mike Rogers, Scot…
On well- I see Mike Rogers is a Trump apologist Toady."OBAMA &Bush reached out to Russia too". But they weren't kissing him!
Susan Rice, Mike Morrell, James Clapper, Mike Rogers, John Brennan, all with history of lying. All documented on video.
Of course they do, they saw what they got away with already...
Mike Rogers name checks Michigan: Ok, how about 75k MI ballots that were not counted because of undervotes? Win on a technicality.
CNN Mike Rogers R is the first sane voice on CNN am bias panel. Vann always the sky is falling Trump did it & He knows all
A little hard to concentrate on what Mike Rogers is saying because he looks just like Meatloaf.
Unethical Mike Rogers. Man makes procurement for defense industry wife lobbies for defense industry he is a swamp t…
All US intel agencies and John McCain and Lindsay Graham and Mike Rogers etc. etc. etc all wrong 2 b concerned 2? Who is dumb?
Wondering if Mike's children's sermon is a Kenny Rogers song...
What Mike Rogers doesn't get is Democrats are scared for the country, not just other democrats! Are we to pretend not to be?
Tough call here...Rogers or Palmer at QB?
Mike Rogers can't help himself, has sold his soul to worship at the alter of and Putin
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Mike Rogers suggests on CNN SOTU that there are discussions in the Trump transition team about joint NATO operations in Poland
Mike Rogers says DJT should rethink his strategy about Russia "a little bit" 🙄🙄🙄
just love Mike. "Rogers has been the best quarterback in the league since week 7." Um, Brady? He knows of Tom Brady, right?
Is that Kenny Rogers you're interviewing this morning or Mike Ditka? Shave that thing Iron Mike.
Today's Quote: "The quickest way to double your money is to fold it. and put it back in your pocket." ~ Will Rogers
Mike McCarthy! I don't. He's lucky he's got Rogers. If Fox is fired I'd prefer Fangio or Kyle Shanahan. *** perhaps.
Mr. Rogers did an excellent job. He didn't give up until he found a way to unclog our kitchen sink
"In the next war, space will be one of the first things our adversaries go after, taking our eyes and ears out".
hasn't been the same since Rogers took over and all the really good announcers are at TSN.
117th reg season goal for Rick Nash as a ties Mike Rogers and Grant Warwick for 41st all time
Can the refs job the Leafs? Let's find out on Rogers Game Plus!
Why can't ALL openings start like the one Mike Myers just did? Come on, Rogers!!!
Why do you keep talking to Mike Rogers like he's a guru?
Mike was a replacement for Ed Rogers on the hit show Mash. Mike never lived up to ole Ed!
Note to Mike Farrell: If Wayne Rogers hadn't left MASH, and if it hadn't been for reruns, nobody would know who you are.
Update your maps at Navteq
"In one of our regular Owners Update Conference Calls for the Pegasus World Cup, I learned that Mike Rogers and...
U.S. Space Capabilities Threatened by China Big Time > call to action
Mike Farrell & Wayne Rogers must have had some interesting conversations-if they could stand ea other
The late Wayne Rogers'. Trapper John (on MASH) was. far better than Mike Farrell's. role as BJ Hunnicutt.
This quote from former Rep. Mike Rogers contains both "cyber-relevance" and "cyber-sharing." It hurts me deeply.
Wayne Rogers was way better than Mike Farrell therefore I don't care what BJ thinks!
SecDef Carter wants NSA head Mike Rogers ousted after 2 major security breaches as Trump is mulling Rogers for DNI
.is meeting today with retired Gen. Jack Keane and Adm. Mike Rogers, among others.
When Trump transition team national security affairs advisor Mike Rogers "abruptly resigns", that's probably a big sign o…
I thought the idea of Giuliani as AG was a bad idea but Secretary of State and Sessions as AG? Bad to worse
Booted off the transition team for failure to hunt witches:.
Mike Rogers resigns from Trump transition team
Duh Mike Rogers put up a phoney report. Ask the hero's that were there.
Former Rep. Mike Rogers resigns from transition team
Mike Rogers nudged off Trump transition team Don't worry his defence contracter wife can support him -
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Natsec advisor Mike Rogers resigns as Trump culls transition team of Christie allies
Most discussed topic in Albuquerque right now: Mike Rogers
Too bad. Rogers is a rational conservative. "Rogers resigns from Trump’s transition team"
One joke down. Too many more to go. . Rogers resigns from Trump’s transition team
respects loyalty ... that's why Chris Christie and Mike Rogers are f'ed
Rogers steps down from Trump transition team
Intelligence expert Mike Rogers leaves Trump transition team amid shake-up. via already in turmoil.
From backstory on Mike Rogers' departure from Trump transition. (Hint: It's not a Christie purge). http…
Our media portray Trump's decision to fire Mike Rogers a loss of talent, yet he was universally despised by civil libertarian…
Richard Haas on the list now and CNN reports Mike Rogers has left the transition team.
JUST IN: Former Rep. Mike Rogers leaves Donald Trump's transition team at the request of team members
BTW divisive, biased New York Times - sounds like this was the plan all along:.
Apparently Mike Rogers has left the transition. He was one of the normals.
Former Rep. Mike Rogers nudged off Trump transition team.
Mike Rogers is a POS Blue mountain was part of the Benghazi cover-up by Clinton and Rogers helped htt…
I sat next to Mike Rogers in MI Senate committee mtgs for 2 yrs. He’s no profile in courage. He was either pushed, or it’s R…
SCOOP: Former US Rep Mike Rogers is OFF on Trump transition team, sources tell me. He was tapped by Chris Christie; al…
msnbc: '...Stalinist purge of those associated with Chris Christie.', including Mike Rogers. Jaysus. Power behind the throne is the SIL.
Lots of transition on the Trump transition team. Like the VP selection there always seems to be a lot of behind...
GOP House Intel Chair ousted from Trump team, his duties handed off to FAMILY MEMBERS.
The second shakeup in a week hits Trump's transition team, as former Congressman Mike Rogers resigns
Stalin would be proud of the way the Donald Trump Transition Team is purging team members like Mike Rogers & others.
Mike Rogers parts ways with the Trump transition team, removing an establishment voice from the planning process…
Rogers sources may say it’s a Christie purge, but transition sources say Rogers ouster was about Benghazi:
Reports that Mike Rogers pushed off Trump transition team in purge of Christie allies. Intel officials see Rogers as voice…
Why is Mike Rogers out? Think Benghazi and his awful report...
Just informed security expert and former Rep Mike Rogers has refused to work in the Trump Admin and has left the transi…
Ex-House intelligence chair abruptly leaves Trump transition team
Removing former intel chair Mike Rogers from the transition team the same day Trump and Pence receive their first intel briefing 🤔
Former GOP Rep Mike Rogers purged from Trump transition team - they’re purging everyone associated with Chris Christie!
SAME Mike Rogers that said in his 'report' that Hillary did nothing wrong and exonerated everyone. Your ignoranc…
"Many of the CIA officers who survived the attack have been loudly opposed the Rogers report"
Congressman that whitewashed Benghazi, Mike Rogers, Role in Trump Transition Receives (cont)
No, Mike Rogers is not a standing congressman.
Don't trust Mike Rogers, was my Congressman. Wife was head of State Dept. security. Benghazi
.. Do not pick Mike Rogers for the job. . Michigan doesn't approve.
HPSCI under Mike Rogers & Devin Nunes is close enough. same with McCaul at HSC if your an Arab/Muslim-American.
Gettin ready to play with Mike Rogers and Carl White at George Jones Museum 5 pm! 😎✌
panel starting now with three formers: Chris Inglis (NSA), Michael Hayden (NSA/CIA), and Mike Rogers (House Intel).
Pat Love, Mike Rogers, Alan Gelfand & girlfriend, and Craig Snyder at the sold out East Coast…
Mike Rogers, is a longtime member of the social security eliminating/senior citizens hating group known as We m…
"Outing is wrong!". Until it isn't... Bill Moyers, Mike Rogers, and now .
WSJ: Mike Rogers, a Chris Christie ally, will advise Donald Trump's transition team on national security matters
So, Tyler Lee @ Lufkin, Matt Flynn to Mike Rogers in the driving rain in OT on wheel route and I lost my mind?
loved watching u and your brothers today. The day I realized Bob was Mike Rogers on SBTB was a pretty awesome day!
So, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers laundered $50,000 in federal campaign money to his wife's campaign for Calhoun County Distric…
Broad expectations that Reps. Adam Smith, Mike Rogers, Duncan Hunter, and Mike Coffman will offer launch-related amdts during…
Seemed fair to do it to WHA vets who had 3-5 years experience (ie Terry Ruskowski, Mike Rogers) but not to teens like Wayne, etc.
If it's John Kasich and Mike Rogers, they might want to save a lot of money and head for home now.
Thanks to Jeff Porter, Dwight Phillips, and Mike Rogers for helping with the athlete party in Portland!
Happy 50th Birthday to Mike Rogers !! Have a great one Buddy! L2R- Hawk, Andy Mac,…
Ben & Jerry's is doubling down on their support to Bernie Sanders.
Diplomats Down Crusaders for First Victory of the Season: Sean Rogers and Mike Wasik combined for five goals a...
Bernier made a save!!! Did Nylander do anything so you can love him?? Jesus christ man. You guys are horrible hate Rogers
"That isn't the last we are going to see of this. That worries me.”.
On Cody Anderson's solid spring debut, a first glimpse at Mike Napoli with the
BREAKING: Fuel acquire F Mike Seidel and D Kevin Clare from for Shane Owen. >
Mike Rogers of putting his to proper use. Stoked you're at Mike!🔨
US power grid - NSA boss says when not if: warning in keynote
Two retired Army horses looking for a home.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
NSA Director didn't have much to say about Apple-FBI during his talk via
Ex-House intel Chair Mike Rogers: got into "political pickle" w/ red line; broke promise to arm rebels.
ICYMI: Incumbent claims victory in House race .
U.S. power grid cyberattack: When, not if, says NSA chief -
Iraq War Vet spent his life serving America, Mike Rogers has served himself.
Photo Gallery: Images from Mike Rogers' election night watch party at Classic on Noble.
Incumbent Mike Rogers claimed victory in the House race against Auburn resident Larry DiChiara
Incumbents Mike Rogers and Robert Aderholt have been declared winners in their respective races for U.S. Representative.
Rep. Mike Rogers is close to 75 percent.
Congressman Mike Rogers has arrived and is greeting supporters.
Frankston's Kendrick Rogers puts back a miss. It's 51-50 Frankston over Waskom with 1.4 seconds left.
NSA Chief:. FRANCISCO — It's only a matter of time before a nation-state executes a successful cyber attack that...
Power grid cyberattack: When not if, says NSA chief: Greg Otto is FedScoop's technology report...
Power grid When, not if, says NSA chief
call Mike Rogers and tell him thanks for the new bill to get USA out of the UN Let the global cabal twist in the...
One more Dero Fixit Station and Air Pump in place in downtown Mobile, Alabama! Thanks to Mike Rogers of Rogers &...
Dean McMahon, Mike Rogers, Leslie Burke, Alex Tabor, and was anyone else other than Laskey in more than one episode?
Mike Rogers nailing it. Tonight can't be about guns or no-flys. That didn't have anything to do with CA events.
GraniteGrok. Streaming live from 9am to 11am EDT with Kim Gilbert, Skip Murphy, Scott Morales, Mike Rogers,...
Mike Rogers betrayed Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby and all of Alabama by joining Nancy Pelosi against conservatives.
Mike Stud - Lucky Rogers (prod. Judge) via i personally think this the best song from you by far
Guys my body is like "What did you put in me this weekend in NYC?" But now I'm meal prepping and life is good:
Caldwell says they were "inept for a stretch" well that stretch almost always comes after half, when does org hold him rspble
Pretty sure that's a front office decision.
A low-carb diet is the way I choose to live for many reasons:
I assume its the fact that Stafford is calling the protection and Raiola was obviously worked a little
Speak up and tell the U.S. Gov to start basing our US Dietary Guidelines on the full array of science. Click -
I never thought I would miss Raiola...
It seems coaches adjust at halftime...except ours, they sure do "respect the run"
and trade everyone and ever draft pick for the next 10 years for Aaron Rogers
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Mike Rogers was a fantastic player. Rusty Patenaude was my favorite.
Hopeful Mathis doesn't fall for another dbl move near the endzone, it seems to be a known weakness
Seemed legitimate. I was looking closely, it was moving, but nose didn't touch. Impressive.
Sorry, sarcasm doesn't translate well in text without the winky emoji
Looks like the hand was under throughout.
I just had the best weekend in NYC eating all sorts of yummy food- ready to detox and cleanse on Monday!
Mike Williams, Roy Williams, and wait for it "I'm Charles Rogers"
Tie was a skilled like to fight guy. His era, his size skill guy had no chance to make a roster. 5 years earlier? Mike Rogers.
Reason why I love watching on Rogers Community Cable. Where else will you find replays sponsored by "Mike The Mattress Guy"?
Mike Pereira criticizes SEC officiating, calls for investigation by Mike Slive and Rogers Redding via
Sam Rogers is a football player man.
Miami needs Sam Rogers. FB who blocks well in the run game and pass game, catches very well, oh yeah he's a fullback!
Let’s get the U.S. Govt to change the dietary guidelines. Please click to take a stand:
Some of y'all need to listen to this. We are living in the last days.
Happy 61st to Mike Rogers who recorded 100+ pts in first 3 NHL seasons including 2 40+ goal campaigns for
I am not all over the place I'm speaking facts! I TRUST Mike Rogers, Buck McKeon, Ad. Mullen,Pickering. Why don't u?
Mike Rogers also came out immediately after attack &alluded to Amb Stevens rape. …
Cheers. En route with a sore back and dicky shoulder 😱
Rogers and Bill, not Netflix and chill
"Hey Mike, don't you think it would've been cheaper to cover the Rogers Centre with a tarp? I'll hang up & listen."
"Hey Mike did they film Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in Rogers Centre? I'll hang up and listen."
Hey, if you need musicians for your band, go sign up for the beta of Mike Rogers' (from Future Crooks!) app Flint.
Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., chair the House Armed Services Subcomm on Strategic Forces, said Russia “is in the business of violating treaties”
Cops On Donut Shops? Lee Matthews and Mike Rogers thank Lt. Avery for the donuts this morning!
.Capitol on the Plains is happening now @ the Student Center with U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers and Gary Palmer
congressmen Mike Rogers & Gary Palmer are speaking with students. Up next, Citizens United
Unraveling Rogers Part of the Problem? -Judicial Watch Trust he left Town fast He wife is Trouble 2
if I had a bruised rib every time I heard that one
Picking Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers, and Mike Williams, just like Matt Millen did for the Lions in real life
Congressman Mike Rogers and Congressman Gary Palmer to speak at Capitol on the Plains.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Mike Rogers from on took this old croc in Namibia. What a beast! Way to go, Mike!
Jon Bellion and Mike Posner just really being the baes lately 😊
Maybe next time you'll eat your vegetables.
You knew this day would come. Be careful Justin, you might find yourself in the corner.
My all star team for the week is:. Vizzy. Jamar. Akbal Rogers.Carlos. Noah. Stefan G Mike P. Edwardson. Jumbo
If Liverpool don't blame their woes on Diego Costa, then it could be a "Mike Dean virus" no way out # Rogers out,
China is looking to tip the business scales in their favor.
Never thought I'd see so many Liverpool fans asking for Rogers head! Fickle in my opinion.
Even our partners Richard Rogers, Ivan Harbour and Mike Davies helped out as tour guides!
I'd love to see Aaron Rogers win one more super bowl. He deserves it.
Aaron Rogers need to throw some passes
Can we please stop with the Aaron Rogers is the best Qb in the nonsense.
So I'm with Aaron Rogers... I wouldn't bet on the Packers.
yep. Down 10 & he has Aaron Rogers. I have Jordan Matthews
Mike Huckabee gets somehelp in this year's Gridiron Show...find out how Oct. 2&3 @ Rogers Public Theater.
hey Mike why no replays at Rogers Centre?
Brendan Rogers is nothing but a mike marsh compared to klopp
I know mate. That's the difference. We'd rather play our reserves away to madrid
Yeah you expect to win games and trophies?
Only knowing anything about Mike from TAW, I'm casting him as the Ronnie Moran type.
We are not getting paid for that either.
We are so blessed to have Mike Rogers in our lives. Today, we dedicated a building in his name.
Feel so angry today. Not at Mike Dean,Gabs or even Costa but the only man truly culpable for our failings. Mr Arsene Wenger
Home cup win 4-3 on penalties against FC Lions from the league above. 2-2 AET. Scorer Dale Rogers with two. penalty sav…
Foto: xealsea: NSA director Mike Rogers, this is the guy that watches everything you share on the internet.
. I couldn't find the Fitt or Rogers shirseys..
Adline Clarke, Alan Harper, Randall Shedd, Mike Rogers: Protest of the Parole of Cathy Gafford A... via
Mike Williams, Roy Williams, Carlos Rogers. That's his resumé and lasting impact on football.
Rogers goes on my list of special Hokies, Mike, Tyrod, Danny Coale, and a few others...
Sam Rogers with a 1st down pass to Motley. Bet Mike Alstott didn't do that
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
best group ever! You all helped me become a better teacher. I learned so much from your class!
WANT this painting by Mike Rogers, 'That Girl with the Pink Hair' | http…
Yahoo CISO destroyed the NSA director regarding encryption "back doors": via
Mike Dean star of the show once again
So nice to be back home playing in front of our fans.. Keep the Rogers Centre rockin!! Love seeing my boy back on t…
thanks mike. How about you if ur feelin better first round on me!
capabilities need to be integrated into all ops Hear more from Adm. Mike Rogers at
Last good sparring sesh in the books! Thank you to my team scmma my coaches bjjmatt & Mike Rogers for…
Mike Rogers scores his second Briggs & Stratton Masters victory of the season. Top-10:
remember lions took Mike Williams in that draft and passed on A Rogers. 1983 lions passed on Marino for James jones
Mike Rogers, R-Ala. had just arrived at his office and his staff told him “someone’s showing their butthole here.”
messages Mike Rogers during his beach vacation to talk about the Greek economic crisis
Wife wasCEO of Co. Hired By State Dept. to provide Security He chairs what?
My boy Mike Rogers has not been running faster than a 9.95. I know he tired of 2nd and 3rd place. Lol. Still blazin tho!
Congressman Mike Rogers of the House strategic forces subcommittee also said it this week at an AFA event
My story from yesterday on Mike Rogers believing 3-5 year acquistion timeline possible is currently at DD.
Time for some magic!! 󾌩 — watching Magic Mike XXL at Showcase Dudley
Mike Rogers yesterday critized the LRSB program for moving so slowly
Mike Rogers on the motion to adjourn vote: "I just came in and my staff just told me someone's showing their butthole here."
Chris Rogers is such a nice and stylish player. He started his international career very late like mike hussey.
Congrats Chris Rogers... 7 50s in a row... Ready for Smudger to fire up as the Aussies fight back on Day 2...
Tyson *** Justin Gatlin, Asafa Powell and Mike Rogers all in one race...
No freaking way! Can they tell Arrow Rogers to hand him the MVP trophy while he is at it.
Cassara and Rogers of are aboard with back to back hits. Mike Coss of Marist in for the save for NF.
Also is a change for public to share input to look as a concept called "Complete Streets" according to Mike Rogers, City Pub Works Director
I want to go see Magic Mike tonight.
Mike Rogers has improved the game of 100s of men and women. Get to know him more personally. Did you know ...
“If you believe you haven’t been hacked, you just don’t realize that you’ve been already.“ Admiral Mike Rogers, USCYBERCOMMAND
Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if U just sit there. ~Will Rogers. ht…
I was at the Mike Rogers breakfast this AM, talked a lot about RD-180, defended his new engine, not new rocket plan.
Statue of to be unveiled at the opening of Rogers Place.
A wonderful hat-trick from Mike Wilde and a Matty Williams goal secured a 4-1 victory for TNS over B36 in the UEFA Champions Lea…
found some old photos you might like to view + 1988 British GP & Mike 'Tenerife'
"Welcome to the big leagues" -Mike from Rogers . 7728087 txt with names
Mike Rogers from LT would be a good pick also. Faced a lot of adversity and brought them together to play well
Mike Rogers from will be on at 5:10pm talking about farms
I call him Mighty Mighty Mike Rogers. One "Mighty" for each time he beat cancer.
The Benghazi Bonanza: A Bi-Partisan Scandal - And why did Mike Rogers leave government for talk show?.
Mike Rogers, project development manager, from will be on at 5pm talking about farms
So looking at that fixture list Rogers will be sacked as Liverpool manager by the end of Sept/Oct, with Klopp in by October/Nov!
"Austin, I just want you to know, I ate all your goldfish. The end" - Mike Rogers
A bill to take the USA out of the UN ? The doc (.pdf) :
The community has added , 's CEO, Mike Rogers, to Owler. But no votes yet! Vote here:
The United Nations is about as useful to America as a tick on a deer. The tick makes a life by sucking the blood...
The brendan Rogers banter today is unreal 😂😂😂
We will be back in the Mike Rogers this weekend at TST. We miss you BJParker ! Great promoter and super nice guy!
Public Works Director Mike Rogers sez the purpose tonight is to take a deeper dive into infrastructure and start to answer ?.
Checking out "Congressman Mike Rogers Introduces Bill to Get U.S. Out of UN" on Tea Party Command Center:
The biggest increase in enrollment from what I could tell had to be Toledo Rogers. Went from 317(DII) in 2013-2015 figures to 499(DI).
NSA Director Mike Rogers, apparently describing how much of your data they collect.
'Mike, see how we've improved your bill': Rogers sends hopeful but deceiving emails
Representative Mike Rogers Proposes Bill to Withdraw from the UN! via
Could be deciding votes in House 2stop unilateral power in Bradley Byrne (R-AL1), Martha Roby (R-AL2) and Mike Rogers (R-AL3)
Who had the worst week in Washington? The NSA’s Mike Rogers.
LIVE on Mike Rogers talking baseball with Rangers manager Jeff Bannister
Dr. Mike Rogers on some inspiring thoughts on education
Listening to the fabulous Dr. Mike Rogers, Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs "Nobody rises to low expectations"
Anyone gonna call talk show host Mike Rogers and ask why he or his crack committee staff never saw Hillary Benghazi emails?
Chuck Hagel and Mike Rogers are simply dupes of their Jewish bosses.
Well, this photo of NSA director Mike Rogers should put everyone at ease.
That priceless face expression of Mike Rogers when Bruce Schneier started asking crypto questions
Fmr. Rep. Mike Rogers: little green men in E. are actually "Russian special forces in track suits"
Former Congressman Mike Rogers on via He is a National Security Commentator.
CNN's idea of a post-panel includes Mike Rogers, Jay Carney, & Van Jones. Glad we don't have state media (sarcasm).
Mike Rogers bringing the Word this am at the Church @ Greenville. Whoop whoop
Tell Scott Daruty, Mike Rogers, and Tim Ritvo Andy Asaro said hello. Say hi to Fravel too. Have fun
Heading to New York today for International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham. Speakers include Lisa Monaco, John Carlin, Mike Rogers
“I think Putin is playing chess, and I think we’re playing marbles. It’s not even close” - Rep. Mike Rogers (3/14)
Lawmaker Sees North Korea in Sony Hack Wall Street Journal (12/12/14) Schwartz, Felicia; Yadron, Danny U.S. investigators examining the recent cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment are closer to concluding that the North Korean government was responsible for the incident, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers said Dec. 12. Rogers says public information about the breach has made him "fairly confident" that North Korea was behind the hack, but he did not go so far as to say that U.S. officials had definitively blamed the attack on Pyongyang. Investigators at the FBI and the security firm FireEye have seen similarities between the Sony breach and other attacks linked to North Korea. Rogers said North Korea denied being involved in the hack, but called it a "righteous deed." The North Korean government is upset about a soon-to-be-released movie from Sony about the assassination of leader Kim Jong-Un.
From Washington News for the Enlisted Monday December 15, 2014 Well sometime this week the Senate should adjourn for the holidays and the 113th session of Congress will be over, unless something blows up and everyone has to return after Christmas. That is extremely, EXTREMELY unlikely but we have been surprised before. What we are not looking at is a federal government shutdown before the end of the fiscal year. On Friday the Senate passed the NDAA and on Saturday after a good deal of drama they passed the CROmnibus that will finance most of the federal government through September 30th 2015. The exception is the Department of Homeland Security which will only be funded through February- which may be real trouble for the Coast Guard but more on that down below. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passes Congress/ now to the President for his signature Coburn Holding Up Veteran Suicide Prevention Bill New Members Appointed to VA Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans Bill Would Take Construction ...
Haunting words from outgoing intel chief Rep. Mike Rogers.
Remember when we signed Kenny Rogers and Todd Jones and everyone asked similar questions?
hey mike. Need 7 points to advance. Can choose between stills and gram. Who gets me over a Rogers let down day
My answer to Are there any websites that show recent company acquisitions?
My answer to I am presenting my startup to investors. Should I state the problem that I am solving first or start by…
Robert Siegel speaks with Mike J. Rogers, outgoing chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.
until mike rogers from Michigan/GOP gets Serious on PTSD, more americans will die at the very hands that R meant to protect america
Mike Rogers inserted in H.R. 4681 provision “that for the first time statutorily authorizes spying on U.S. citizens without legal process.”
He's also centring the third line and taking over Messier's Rogers ads.
Why the attack on marks a dangerous escalation in cyber warfare:
words without actions R the assassins of idealism & u sound like mike rogers of Michigan, the man with too much FEAR& no Faith
of course you can no problem. Photographer was Mike Rogers ODRFC president
great photos - please can I steal a couple for our match report? Will happily credit the photographer (Mike Rogers?)
As expected, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) will continue to chair HASC's strategic forces subcommittee, which has oversight for milspace issues.
I strongly urge following What's wrong with big government GOPers? Check it:
Those are great picks. Keep an eye on Michigan's Trott and Bishop (filling Mike Rogers seat) as well.
Beach hill session for Katherine Barnes with Nate Rogers & Mike.but nice.
God becomes so much bigger to us when we realize how helpless we are !!. ~Mike Jarrell
TIME: Attack on Sony marks a dangerous escalation in cyber warfare
When the NSA works with Microsoft to install back doors in operating systems, other countries will exploit them too.
Mike Rogers and Kris Paranto do not belong in the same sentence.
this was 2 days ago. - "House intel chairman says threat of terrorist attack high":
Can you say conflict of interest? - Unraveling Benghazi: Is House Intel Chair Mike Rogers Part of the Problem?
Mike Rogers: Senate's CIA torture report will have consequences: Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, the chairman of...
Most of all, we should remember all of us are capable of individually helping advance the spirit of equality for all. -Mike Rogers. 0
that's engineer buddy. Assistant engineer list is a long one but I'll shout out Mike Layos from MSR studios.
Watching Representative Mike Rogers Farewell Speech he's leaving..we should keep an eye on where he goes..
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Senate's CIA torture report will have consequences
Rep. Mike Rogers: 'Torture' probe 'not a bipartisan report'
.Mike Rogers is scaring people w/terrorists reacting to cartoons, but he thought it was ridiculous they'd react to a video
LOL Mike Rogers is the New Benedict Arnold from the Gop. Sold out on Benghazi Investigation need to check him
(WASHINGTON, D.C.)—Congressman Mike Rogers made the following remarks in response to President Obama’s primetime address to the nation on his plans for an Executive Order regarding amnesty.
My 1st time playing on in with my buddy Mike Rogers at National Underground…
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