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Mike Richter

Michael Thomas Richter (born September 22, 1966) is a former ice hockey goaltender. One of the most successful American-born goaltenders in history, he is best known for having led the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup title in 1994 and for repeatedly representing the United States in international play.

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I like Patty Roy, Mike Richter, Mark Messier, Marty McSorely and um.. Wait a second. These guys are old!
I'm looking for Mike Richter jerseys. Especially White Liberty. Any fans have one to sell or …
Brian Noonan...yes Brain Noonan scores twice...Mike Richter the Finals!
sept 22 Tommy Lasorda, Andrea Bocelli, Mike Richter, Ronaldo, and wildcard is Mystikal
youre the Mike Richter I've missed for so long...
Can someone please explain why Mike Richter is not in the Hall of Fame?
Once asked Ron Francis his slapper on Mike Richter in 92. He was just trying to get the puck deep for a change.
Mike Richter's save in the 94 finals
Mike Richter's save on the Pavel Bure penalty shot in the 1994 Stanley Cup
Mike Richter's save on Pavel Bure in Game 4 of the 94 Cup Finals.
in my heart, mike richter, in my brain, Martin brodeur
The man who made Mike Richter's Statue of Liberty mask also made Hannibal Lecter's mask for Silence of the Lambs http:/…
"I'm Stanley do you want to see my cup"-Mike Richter
Alright Otakon room confirmed. Who wants in my this year? Its a two bedroom suite, kitchen, 3 T.Vs, 2 bathrooms, couch, living area space, etc etc. Best part? It isn't even that expensive rofll. Max Krchmar is confirmed. Johnathon Braxton Sebastian Tadesse-Heath and Luis Reyes get priority with me since they were with me last year. Who else is interesed? Oliver Cunningham Ronnie Baker D'Ron A. Maingrette Phil Visu, etc etc. Its first ask first served. Special guest Mike Richter and his girlfriend will be in the room too. I don't want to overcrowd the room with too many people in the room, so confirm with me quickly please.
Hey the Avs brought Patrick Roy as their coach, why can't we bring in Mike Richter?
Mike Richter will always be my favorite New York Rangers goalie ever!! Henrik Lundqvist has played with so much heart and love as a Ranger that should the New York Rangers win a Stanley Cup, my next jersey will be a Lundqvist jersey!!
The irony of this cover's lettering being done in barbecue sauce was not lost on me. Plus I am sure the SCUDs are incoming thanks to that cross out of "Texas" which is replaced with "World". I'm from Texas, and although I think we've got world-class 'cue, I would never make the world's best claim, even in jest. When you've dined at the 'cue shrines of North Carolina, Memphis, Kansas City and elsewhere, you have to admit world's best is really unquanitifiable. Still and all I am eagerly awaiting this issue, despite the fact that the magazine's new "BBQ Editor" is a green bean casserole eating Ohioan who, by his own admission, couldn't cook his way out of a paper bag. If TM wanted to hire someone from Ohio for that job, I nominate Mike Richter. I'd miss him and Barbara and Bonnie, but I wouldn't miss getting beat up by him on the comp trail week in and week out.
I also wrote a piece once that blasted Mike Richter in favor of Billy Smith. Easy case to make actually
Tonight's referees are Mark Messier and Mike Richter, clearly.
Don't really have a favorite team. Big fan of Jonathan Quick, Kari Lehtonen and Carey Price. Growing up I loved Mike Richter.
So apparently Chris Drury AND Mike Richter are at the QU/Yale game...
Yale-QU the place to be: Gov. Dan Malloy will be at Ingalls tonight. Mike Richter, too. Chris Drury was here earlier today.
New Ranking of Schmaier's 6 favorite goalies- 6. Dave Maney (Binghamton guy, funniest & sharpest intelligence, above average poker player, below average goalie) 5. Greg Miller (Cortland guy, built stereo speakers with me in high school, good sax player, says he's still handsome, tall, has grandchildren, one of my best friends in high school) 4. Ken Dryden (Cornell/Ithica guy, 6 Cups, Career 258-57-74, GAA 2.24, 5 Vezinas, Hall of Fame, truly remarkable) 3. Mike Richter (Played for Bingamton Rangers in 92/93 and was 4-0-1 with GAA of 1.18, 1 Cup, NY Rangers all time wins leader, Career 301-258-73, GAA 2.89, played his entire career for Rangers) 2. Eddie Giacomin (266 wins/all time wins as a Ranger, Career 289-209-96, GAA 2.82, 1 Vezina, Hall of Fame, one of my childhood idols) 1. Henrik Lundqvist (has played his entire NHL career with the Rangers, Career 253-158-54, GAA 2.27, all time wins as a Ranger, 1 Vezina, as hard working and as classy as there is today's game)
I miss hearing this at the opening. Brian Leetch, Adam Graves, Jeff Beukeboom, Alexei Kovalev, Mike Richter and our Captain Mark Messier!
THE PUCK DROPS TONIGHT! RANGERS vs. BRUINS for the 1st game of the lockout-shortened season! Last time this happened, they etched the names of Brian Leetch, Mark Messier, Adam Graves, Jeff Boukeboom, Mike Richter, etc on the CUP!
AJ and I welcome Mike Richter one of the most successful American-born goaltenders in the history of the game on a night where we are celebrated the battle of the hudson, it's only appropriate we talk to one of the men who led the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup title in 1994, He repeatedly re...
Mike Richter explains the how Mark Messier told the players back in '95 that it would take 20 games to click.
Night one of Boston Wreck The Halls sold out and off the Richter scale. Thank you so much to everyone who came out. Night 2 different set list, some amazing surprises and just good all around punk rock n roll holiday cheer. Come on out tonight Boston.
Mike Richter was just in my ski shop.
"Mike Richter is on line 2, Mike Richter is on line 2." hickory and tweed announcements
the one and only Mike Richter reason why I play goalie
oh and I also kind of like the Rangers. Always have. Mike Richter was my childhood hero.
Looking forward to having You ,Stephane Matteau and Mike Richter on Sunday night !
I love that USA Hockey still has Mike Richter as a header image on their website.
Me and my brother buried his broken bowl today. We also had a moment of silence. Mike Richter.
sponsored a great day w/ Mike Richter and special thanks to for putting on a great camp
Great day with Mike Richter thanks to All the kids had a great day
Mike Richter thought of his own WJC days watching the players today in Greenburgh -
Someone just referred to Rick DiPietro as the next Mike Richter
Mike Richter has arrived to take in USA WJC camp
Group shot from yesterday's Mike Richter Hockey ProCamp at
how does Richter make that stop on Bure? Gets me every time
I mean, if this mike kid won't do it, I will
Great shot from today's Mike Richter Hockey Procamp at
Go To MANNYVAN for the latest from The Mike Richter Hockey PROCAMP LIKE it
Not Mike Richter in net. Too tall to be him. LOL
Also, the 94 Ranger Canucks SCF is on at midnight. I have it taped. Richter stoning Bure on the PS is so awesome.
Former Rangers netminder Mike Richter takes game outside in kids camp - Globe and Mail: Globe and MailFor...
Mike Richter's camp this morning was an awesome experience. Here is the camp photo. ProCamps always doing it right!
Early call time at the Mike Richter Hockey ProCamp at
Mike Richter tells he WILL watch her @ 2022 Olympics when she is @ Citi Pond at Bryant Park
Ros is 1 of abt 30 kids who get to work w Mike Richter this am (w/ Jon & Rosalyn at [pic] —
Lets just point out the biggest cheers when naming celebrities happened to be Mike Richter and Mark Messier
So far Brian Williams has called Pete Townshend, Keith Moon and referred to Mike Richter as the guy from "the world champion Rangers". For those playing along at home, Keith Moon died in 1978, and the Rangers won the cup in 1994. If ever there was a need for a prompter.tonight was it. Sweet spirit.
PHOTO: Mike Richter doing his part to support relief at phone bank
Mike Richter from the Rangers is manning the phones for the concert for Sandy. Is it sad that I didn't even know he was still alive??
Watching this, I can't believe that Mike Richter was the starting goalie for USA. He had nothing on Marty Brodeur. Richter's days, passed.
Mike Richter played bigger than himself and left it on the ice every game.
my real father is mike richter. Makes sense eh?
Yesterday was a good day for Eric Clapton, who sold a Gehrard Richter painting for a record $34 million:
Mike Richter signing autographs at *** s Sporting Goods in the Palisades Mall
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Bringin out the Mike Richter jersey tonight
At the Titans game vs Steelers with Jonathan Wright and Rik Richter Pastor Mike
Dear Reds, Please don't rip my heart out. I need it for at least 60 more years. Thanks, Mike
Episode 2 of th podcast is out. , , Wits Game Show w/ and
Witty unpredictable my talents off the richter/Still the BEST, No Bull.Mike on the Wizards
I hope all y'all goblins listen to the new podcast, what has , , , and .
while I simultaneously stare at your *** while watches. That's hot.
Hear our president with Mike Richter, guests on sustainability initiatives on radio broadcast:
Scratch that! 4.5 on the scale. Sounds more like it ... that was a shocker
yeah. Every time you mention it, I always think ... Mike Napoli? You can't mean Mike Napoli.
Yeah i met Mike Richter!! And got that awesome hat signed by him!
Lil bro got an autograph and picture with mike richter
Mike richter is the nicest guy you'll ever meet
Just met Mike Richter and now on my way to the Jets game! 😁
Get to meet mike richter before heading back to school 👌
fans! Mike Richter will be at the today from 5:00-7:00pm!
This health class is too much writing. I need Mr. Richter again
Mike Evans' catch on 3rd and very long to get a 1st down and get momentum in the 4th Quarter going the Aggies' way
fans! Mike Richter at the tomorrow 10/8 from 5:00-7:00pm! Wristbands given out starting at 9:00am.
Not gunna lie. mike richter is the biggest buzz kill ever
Mariono rivera tommorow morning from 10am to 11am 250 autographs first come first serve at *** sports in the mall..mike richter on monday and vinny testavertie next weekend
Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994, Mike Richter vs. Pavel Bure on a penalty shot
Former NHL hockey hall of fame Mike Richter talks about BC coast eco tourism and its future
Retired New York Ranger and NHL Hall of Fame goaltender Mike Richter shares his once-in-a-lifetime experience in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest - threatened by the…
Talking about the 1994 Stanley Cup finals and accidentally referred to Mike Richter as Honest mistake.
Mike Richter from Sycamore goes and he doesnt know anyone.. I'll be going next summer, so I'll forsure let you know
It is always nice when some one of stature like US Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Richter speaks out Against Enbridge.
because i already have Telle, Dylan Richter, Mike Champa, and London Snetsinger.
☢ AgainstEnbridge: NHL Hall of Fame goaltender Mike Richter speaks out on the Enbr...: AgainstEnbridge: NHL ... ☣
Great to see people like Mike Richter speaking out against
Voices for an Oil-Free Coast-- Mike Richter (NHL Hall of Famer, former NYR goalie)
Hall of Fame goalie Mike Richter's impressions on visiting the Great Bear Rainforest and thoughts on Enbridge's plans
That is awesome. At first I thought Norm was drunk. Not so sure at the end.
Mike Richter says it all in this short beautiful video...why the Enbridge pipeline must not be built.
the Richter as you walk into the 5th floor and the top of Mike Bayne frames were super dusty today...
Awesome new video by Hall of Fame goalie Mike Richter saying NO to the Enbridge pipeline to the coast of BC
1996 ESPN Sportscenter commercial featuring New York Rangers goalie Mike Richter kissing up to the crew.
Great to see Mike Richter, retired US NHL player speak out for the west coast.
Not a hockey fan. Never heard of Mike Richter. But in 3 minutes he made me want to give him a hug.
Decided im not watching hockey again untill Mark Messier, Bryan Leetch, and Mike Richter come out of retirement
Mike Richter is my second favorite goalie of all time.
Thanks to Mike Richter for representing the NHL at today's panel
The hockey goalie I may be interviewing this morning is Mike Richter
Make buildings as efficient as the athletes who use them richter
Mike Richter touches on what is doing around waste. Food waste and water scarcity is as important as it gets of issues
Kobo wifi eReader
Most important thing we're doing at the for is getting the baseline - Can't fix it without measuring first - Mike Richter
Mike Richter - "you need to make it about people not owls." You need to make it personal
"What you’re trying to do is make these as efficient as the athletes playing in them"–Mike Richter, All-Star
Mike Richter and Olaf Kolzig come to mind as well, Cam Ward and MA Fleury are close, Rick DiPietro is
So. What do we have to do to get Mike Richter in the Hall of Fame.
The record-setting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints is eager to make football safer at all levels. So he's teamed up with PACE, a program that provides free concussion testing for more than 3,300 middle and high schools and youth sports organizations.
Justin's comparison of Jonathan Quick and Mike Richter is just awesome. Check it out
New post: In goal for the Los Angeles Kings, Mike Richter?
Magic Mike comes out this week, oh golly I have to see that
no way.. We're taking a trip there mike.
Even the commercials for Magic Mike get me hot.
I'm hearing Poile may trade for Mike Richter to lock up the compensatory pick. Can't confirm thougj
Mike miller pulled a monstars move from spacejam and stole the abilities of russel Westbrook from last game
u should do it regardless of my decision mike! But I'll try to squeeze it in if u do
Why is never happy with Conan's mike? :D via offers diagnostic & repair information.
ya idk if I'm doing cross either. If I do it you have to.
those are tight. How much were they?
and Florida lol...i couldnt believe that Mike Richter never won one
Rod Brind'Amour on the cover of NHLPA Hockey '93 with Mike Richter and Randy Moller of the jerseys are uncrested.
Magic Mike honestly just looks like a giant orgy. Can't wait.
ugh point five on the Mike's-disgust richter scale. (not directed at the movie itself, obvs)
I'd love to go on a Canada hockey tour, and then come back to NY to search for Mike Richter
Melbourne just got hit by an earthquake! 5.2 on the Mike Richter...hope everyone's alright
Our Mike's favourite is Omelette on a Bagel.
Yep- Dana Carvey and Michael Moore also lived there, as did Mike Richter for a bit
It's nice to see that the Kings won it in their own arena. Jonathan Quick reminds me a lot of Mike Richter. Ah, those were the days...
Conn Smythe Presentation - The Conn Smythe trophy is presented to Kings goaltender John Quick. - With NHL Network Online you get all hockey, all access, all the time, live and direct around the league, every goal of every game, NHL Live on XM, classic moments, podcasts, and special programming all ...
10. BREAKING: Hipsters are starting to like LeBron James because hating him is so mainstream
75th Anniversary Gala was amazing...Mike Richter, Brian Leetch, Jim Craig, and Mark Johnson...all great guys!
David Lloyd just called Mike Richards, "Mike Richter" in the Game 5 highlights.
Sun & Ski Sports
Mike Richter of NY Rangers at the qqs office, heiltsuk first nations in Great Bear Rainforest
Met the bus driver Mike, Joey freaking Richter walked by, and Julia freaking Albain was right freaking there.
Here's Mike Richter and Brian Leetch talking about the 1996 world cup championship!!
Mike Richter and Brian Leetch from the 1996 World Cup gold medal winning team join the celebration.
1996 World Cup of Hockey men's team now being honored. Brian Leetch and Mike Richter on stage.
I'm a huge Mike Richter fan and I was wondering if u thought he has a chance to make it into the hockey hall of fame
Just a series before Mike Richter showed him the futility of resisting the Red, White, and Blue
's photo Mike Richter on Pavel Bure ...just an awesome pic.
Standing next to former New York Ranger and US Olympian goaltender Mike Richter, waiting for our luggage at the Co. Spgs airport. Pretty cool stuff.
Sunrise breakfast at 5am after all nighter >
All nighter and diner trip with my boys
She doin splits for the ice like mike richter
18 years ago today, Mike Richter did this.
Today in History, Mike Richter makes one of the best saves all-time on Pavel Bure in Game 4 of
18 years ago...Mike Richter made his famous penalty shot stop on Pavel Bure
Mike Richter's save on Pavel Bure's penalty shot in Game 4 of the '94 Stanley Cup Finals ---> thenyrangers's photo
Eighteen years ago today, June 7, 1994 Mike Richter stops Pavel Bure's Penalty Shot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Check it out on our timeline -
The only there players from PA to make really establish themselves in the NHL: Ryan Malone, RJ Umberger, and Mike Richter.
Childrens Factory L505 TLC Push Trike: The Children's Factory was born in the attic of Mike and Barbara Richter ...
Quick is the mike richter of the new era, insane flexibility and explosiveness
I met Mike Richter in Modern Pizza like 3 years ago..he was takin some classes @ Yale
YEAH! And the town has banners everywhere. Even Mike Richter, Rangers pics. Love It!!
Agreed. His role model growing up was another US goalie in Mike Richter of the 1994 Cup Rangers.
thanks for the intro: MT:Mike Richter, a table egg producer in Alberta:
If Quickie is channeling his inner Mike Richter tonight, we're in great shape!
Meet Mike Richter, a table egg producer in Alberta:
I finally think I've nailed down Quick's style. I've seen shades of Mike Richter and Arturs Irbe in him. Which makes me more a fan.
Turns out J. Quick grew up idolizing Mike Richter, just like me. As if I needed another reason to say
Having listened to all of the hockey talk on the local stations, I'm still wondering when Brodeur will get the respect he deserves in the NY area. While winning the Calder Trophy, three Stanley Cups, Olympic Gold, a World Championship and four Vezina trophies, most insisted Mike Richter was better. Now, he's second fiddle to Henrik Lundqvist. Brodeur, one of the greatest goalies EVER, is still second fiddle in NY! An absolute shame!!!
Kings GT Jon Quick grew up in CT a big Mike Richter / New York Rangers fan. Can't wait to see him come up big vs. A NYR rival!
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for all fans. Jonathan Quick grew up a Ranger die-hard and idolized Mike Richter. Cheer for him and the Kings!
Wait Jonathan Quick's idol was Mike Richter growing up??? GO !
Another year another choke way to go rangers. Mike richter still the greatest.
In Game 5, probably we'll see Mike Richter, Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Adam Graves, Jeff Beukeboom and Stephane Matteau in the game.
Henrik Lundqvist is the first goalie to post two shutouts in one series since Mike Richter in 1997, also vs.
RANGERS baby!!! Henrik Lundqvist now has two shutouts in the first three games of the Eastern Conference Finals. The last goalie to record two shutouts in the same playoff series was Mike Richter, also of the Rangers, in 1997. That was ALSO against the Devils... Struggles for NJ. I love it :D
For the first time in 15 years, a Rangers goaltneder has two shutouts in the same playoff series -- Mike Richter did it back in '97. That's why he's a finalist for the Vezina Trophy (best goaltender) AND the Hart Trophy (League MVP), and why we call him "King Henrik!" Let's Go Rangers!
To all my Ranger fans friends: Would you rather have Lundquist in the net, or Mike Richter in his prime as your goalie today? I was wondering who a Ranger fan would rather have, we all know you would take Marty from 12 years ago over either of these guys. I think the series is going 7, nothing better than playoff hockey. Have a GREAT Thursday, talk with you later on. Be Good - Sir Thomas
The penalty shot that took against the lucky Mike Richter in game 4
Jonathan Quick reminds me of Mike Richter in his prime. Quick will be USA Goalie at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.
Would love to see Ryan Callahan, Chris Kreider and Carl Hagelin, also some Mike Richter, Brian Leetch, Adam Graves stuff
The face that Lundqvist is making me forget all about Mike Richter is really disheartening and so freakin awesome at the same time.
In 1994, the Rangers finished atop the Eastern Conference with 50-plus wins, just like this year. In 1994, the Rangers had an All-Star Game MVP in Mike Richter, just like this year with Marian Gaborik. In 1994, the Rangers defeated the Capitals to advance to the conference final, just like this year. And in 1994 the Rangers met the Devils in a memorable conference final that ended thanks to a Stephane Matteau wrap-around.
The Rangers beat the Caps on the 35th day of the Omer. Mike Richter's number was 35. Mike Richter won a Stanley Cup for the Rangers in 1994.
For all Ranger fans,my husband is most definitely having NYR Mike Richter come to Long Island to meet Fans/sign autographs on either June 6th or June 20th. Please let me know if you want further details.
Just looked at the stats from tonight's show and we set a new all time high record for live listeners. We must thank Mike Richter and Chris Capell for being great guests tonight. Next week is already planned with two more excellent pitmasters in Jimmy Brod and Barry Johnson! We hope you can join us next Tuesday night at 7 PM EST!
Henrik Lundqvist is reminding me of Mike Richter in '94.
Henrik Lundqvist...Mike Richter's heir to the throne.
Ranger fan who do you like better overall? Mark Messier and Mike Richter or Henrik Lundqvist?
Brooks Laich wants to know how come Miller didn't stop that breakaway. I think he'll say, "he's no Mike Richter."
What similarities does Mike Keenan see between the play of Henrik Lundquist and Mike Richter?
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