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Mike Read

Michael David Kenneth Read (born 1 March 1947, Manchester) is an English radio disc jockey, writer, journalist and television presenter.

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Matt Bianco, Mike Read assured us all that was just a silly call 😀
Can we have Paul Rutherford leaping on the desk and dancing in Mike Read's face?
2 surreal moments in 1 wk Watching ABC rehearse Poison Arrow for Hoot and having dinner with Mike Read and Mari Wilson tonight!
I give that a young Mike Read or John Craven?
2/2 from Church in Hard Places by and Mike McKinley. Good read. Highly recommended to fellow pastors in any context
Euro Cup '16 wasn't the only soccer played today. Read the BB to find out who won at
Except if you actually read obamas proposal it BLOCKS them from most government programs and helps the gdp
Nope Mike 1 at Donny and the other at the LSV I read somewhere. We'll see.
Read a review of Wild Child by Mike Wells here!!
Have you read this on Article 50? Another 'aspect' tucked away until after 10pm on Thursday...
I've read Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey & I really enjoyed Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich.
Interesting read-Bought more MNKD on Wednesday. Mike C is a tremendous addition
was a great pod bahds, glad Mike got to give us an update... Although he didn't read anything for us 😥
come on then tell me the positives .I have read loads of myths
Mike Carey‘s “The Girl with all the gifts” book is an absolute pleasure to read.
all I have read about is racist attacks. Nope no positives so far.
not the way I understand it. Read Mike Savage social class in the 21st century
Robbie Savage learns to read live on television.
Never Give Up! Read Mike's story about how he was undrafted in the NHL
. I had read this Mike, these people are confused and maybe should've stayed indoors?! . Ridiculous !!
Writing for I don't read others beforehand. But this month I did. Mike McCormack's lead blew me away.
Read your bio should contact Mike Ditka to help him Ditka almost ran against Obama for '04 Illinois Senate seat
Read the story of holding Mike Riley accountable for his response to her assault and learn about strength and forgiveness.
ah, i see now! but the button "read more" is very very very too little and looks like a design element nor a CTA!
Given what we're learning from please read the article I wrote shortly before we decided to leave
Every time I read more details of the Mike Wallace story, the more confused I become.
I can't read the article of course, but I hope number one was "Don't hold a referendum".
I think Mike Francesa should read this
Hey Mike..just read your callup piece on Reed, good stuff! Who do you like btw Baez & Reed over the next 5yr..16tm,Dynasty 5x5
Best article about the Brexit yet. Also wish every Trump voter would read this
Read our top customer stories & discover how to simplify your management using https:/…
Little Giant Ladders
Let's see what other text messages I can get to read on air. Next one begins "Hey Darrell, it's Mike & I'm your biggest fan!"
Take the time to read this: It will lighten your mood. 👌🏻
it was a genuine question mike and if you read it I state non uk, obviously meant European players.
Will, (28) killed at sea 5 rs ago - family R are setting up bursary. Please help by bidding 4 my pic: do read story
Great read. Appropriate for the DL's visit to Indy.
"I'm telling you, Mr Pink makes it out alive" "nah I read on a forum that the police get him"
Read and subscribe for a weekly dose of Mike Isaac in your mailbox
five weeksto Ridel London 100 to raise money for 'Beating Bowel Cancer' which really helped me read more here
Interesting stuff if you haven't read it yet:
Hey Mike, did I read correctly that you game wearing cans only? I feel that headphones are more immersive also.
READ: Johnny Manziel's father says his son is a "druggie" and hopes he goes to "jail."
Read it here and wanted to reach through the internet to punch author:
wow! It's my list of books to read on my upcoming honeymoon Mike.
where art thou? Oh right. We don't need you. Where Is All the GMO Weed?
Thinking about buying Aqualung Axiom BCD? Read our latest review of the product b via
to be fair Mike Read (Frank Butcher) told that joke in the 70's and don't think much of his material was original
Mike Read, who has written musical versions of the work of Oscar Wilde, John Betjeman and Enoch Powell.
Do John Squire and Mike Read share a wig maker now?
Two more fundraising sites for you to support - Mike Read and Rosie Haxton, in this year's London Marathon -...
Mike Read (Grant Thornton) looks at last yrs M&A activity in waste / resources asks what does it show re industry?
From earlier: On Zach Hyman's path to his rookie season with the Toronto Marlies. . READ →
As a person who writes columns, I would *totally* read Mike Huckabee's post-apocalyptic fiction about the charred remains of America.
The first reviews of the Apple TV are in and it sounds completely underwhelming
Vintage Chris Christie turns the tables on CNBC debate moderator's 'rude' question
Ted Cruz should have asked, "Who actually stood up in front of the Senate and read Green Eggs and Ham?"
I don't know much about the specific NIH/NSF investments he supports but here's where I read:
Why Huckabee keeps saying Diabetes> . Mike Huckabee is defending his 'weird spice, kitchen-cabinet cure' for diabetes
A disgusting history of gore in video games. by via
I just read you guys canceled The Man Cave...noo! Chris and Jason were much more enjoyable to listen to than Mike and Mike!
The candidates weigh in on fantasy football
Drug giants Pfizer and Allergan are reportedly considering a massive merger
This is what it's like to drive Toyota's hydrogen-powered car — via IBTimesUK
Ohio Governor John Kasich shares his views on pot and income inequality
Donald Trump got called out for denying something that's on his campaign website
Trump denies that he ever attacked Mark Zuckerberg
RUBIO: 'The Democrats have the ultimate super PAC. It's called the mainstream media."
The GOP debate audience booed CNBC for confronting Ben Carson about a controversial association
Ben Carson is pressed on his relationship to an embattled nutrition supplement maker
I enjoyed your thoughtful comment on this discussion. Topic is hard, complicated and so so important.
And the dumbest question of the night: Where did I read that you said that?
Telling moment…. CNBC: Where did I read this and come up with this?. TRUMP: I don’t know. You people come up with this stuf…
This is do important, read this. Everyone has a story.
Rubio deflects questions about his troubled personal finances
Jeb Bush: "Find a Democrat that's willing to cut $10 in spending, I'll give them a warm kiss"
A top antitrust lawmaker said Walgreens' plan to buy Rite Aid 'raises serious issues'
Great read and best of luck in the big game Sunday.
Please read and sign this petition -> via ChangeOrg_ID
An excellent read on one of the newest by
Judge blocks Alabama from ending Planned Parenthood funding
Ted Cruz dropped the mic by slamming CNBC for their 'cage match' questions
FIREWORKS: Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush hammered each other during the big GOP debate
China's new Silk Road might allow it to control the market of one industrial metal
Americans are paying for a lot of channels they don't watch
Jill mike Jackson was the most beautiful, pure, genuine person , I can read people!
Seniors Huckabee's trying to appeal to read he what he wrote about making Medicare a voucher.
The Brutal Legacy of Frank Rizzo, the Most Notorious Cop in Philadelphia History | VICE | United States -
Hi Mike - d'oh! Definitely a bit awkward to read. Let us know if you have any questions!
Obama explains that he does not have a plot to confiscate all guns — via IBTimesUK
John Harwood confronts Trump: 'Is this a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?'
Las Vegas is no longer the driving force of Nevada's economy
Been watching TOTP 1980. Was there anyone more square than Simon Bates, Mike Read and Peter Powell in the UK at the time?
not that I know of, unlike UKIP DJ Mike Read who came from Heywood, but moved away very young
Re last RT: still slightly disconcerted by how much mid-80s John Hughes looked like Mike Read.
I applied for theTop Gear job as part of a 'dream team' with Richard Keys and Mike Read. Still haven't heard. Fingers …
THE favourite all time track, according to some odd poll I read in about 1978 I think, of both Mike Read and David "Kid" Jensen.
Mike Read and Ian Wright are opening a stationers. They're calling it Mike and Ian's Stationery Shop
After that furore around Mike Read's UKIP song I feel kind of awkward listening to Harry Nilsson's Coconut. Should I be?
This trike built by Majik Mike challenges industry conventions. Full read at h…
If you only read one bit of Ulysses, make it Molly Bloom's soliloquy. After all, Joyce gave her the last word
.Thanks Mike great to read something like that!
realist thing I've seen or read in such a long time!
I swear natural girls read more than any other
Guitars off limits. Read our exclusive interview with Slaven Bilic by
Hrm I see... I read that it's a more RPG version of STALKER so I was interested
United States | Mike Clements joins Universal Television as EVP of Comedy Entertainment - Read more at:
I read all the comments WayneFontes is James he uses that name at topix Mike lives in GA big lying whale
nah for real. they wanted to call em chips but the other chip makers hated. I just read it
just read the whole Wikipedia page for pringles. prolly reading fingerhut next
News: Developing a forecasting service for San Sebastian Read more ->
Mike really seems interested in read that book.
Tony Sparano likes the passion and excitement he sees so far from Read more:
Thanks to & for this!! I can't wait to blow off work to read it!
There are people going around saying the top photo is Mike Brown.. Don't believe everything you read on the internet h…
"Run... don't walk to pick up, read and implement the ideas in this book." - Bill Ashton
You wanna read the saddest book, read a child called it. Broke my heart every time
After mine, read Finders Keepers Sequel to Mr Mercedes. Very good, finished it today. Mike
UPDATE: Please read these instructions carefully for an update on beta codes for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.
Would've loved to get to work tomorrow and read what Mike Spellman had to say about tonight.
When I first read "Mike Reilly's a free agent tomorrow", I thought of the coach from the first Mighty Ducks movie.
I just read something that says James Toney and mike Tyson are about to fight. Bruh
I don't, because I didn't find this info! I only read it online.
. guard stopped by the studio's today! What happened during his visit? Read here -
actually if you're truly curious read this article. Pretty basic. lol.
Mike Emrick could read from a phonebook, and I'd be on the edge of my seat.
Analyzed by read it Canadien Fans!! Torrey Mitchell Puts Pen to Paper with Habs via
Check out: Mike Turner - Author CYBER LOVERS HOT BOOK A naughty but very good read. A passionate, sexy, er…
You were close Mike - Actually you have to be tough to Be an Aggie! Read about Aggie Muster at Corregidor
I just read from that the guys play the rivals in Magic Mike. Is this true and are you in it?🙏🏻
Ha. You are probably right. But my point basically was that local radio (read: J&E, Mike) will stay on one boring topic for HOURS.
Game starts soon. You should read this first.
SONY: Shenmue 3 is happening, Kickstarter launched to fund title
no It happens last week. The MRO read that it was my ACL, but I really don't think it is. I'm going to get a second opinion.
great read Mike Dusty is going to be missed
I want Mike Emrick to read my eulogy. A family member or Ralph Fiennes can write it, I just want Doc to present it.
Run The Jewels' rapper is running as a write-in candidate for Georgia State Assembly
.on Josh Duggar, Mike Huckabee & all the hypocrisy between the two - READ:
I guess he's talking about Mike Read again, & not even the fun "Frank Butcher" one..
Yr colleague might want to put his wheres-the-££ question directly to Mike Read?
DJ Mike Read visits in support of UKIP ahead of Nigel Farage’s visit
I have an enduring memory of Rod McKenzie back annoing that on a morning Mike Read was late. I'll get my coat...
The Game Recap: . Bernier stars as the beat the Flyers by a 3-2 score. . READ →
Eric Holder told that every young person coming to Washington should read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”
We'd like to thank 4 taking the time 2 answer our questions today! Read more about Mike here:
Sounds like a Mike Baird captain's pick. He's following in Abbott's footsteps and hasn't even read the wall
Great read, Mike. Keep sharing your expertise.
Take a look in the mirror and then read this
. Mike, you might enjoy a short story I have on today Radio 4, 'Portrait of Elizabeth', read by Downton's Lady Edith - 3.45pm
This is a very interesting read from the for us journalists who all too often are reporting on bad news.
Coaching: Thoughts and Ramblings Another perfect on point article by Mike Gunther. Must read for p…
I've just read "Torture at the Office Christmas Party" by Carrie Oakey & Mike Hogg on my
I used to rather like 'Dreadlock Holiday' but now it sounds like something Mike Read would sing at a UKIP conference in Llandudno.
Fantastic read.much much more than just a war story!. By mike willson on 23 Feb. 2015. "Having read the preview on...
What's with the trend towards insourcing repairs and maintenance in Read here:
impact mapping is a great read. You can do it in a few hours as well.
I'm running a test to see who reads my posts. If you read this, leave me a one word comment about your day. Only one word please.
had me read him bible scriptures almost every day in Southern. Ima miss you Mike fr and ask god to give me the strength to deal.
A good read from on Miliband's tution fee 'pledge'
Mike Sonko Studying Hard For His Exams, Hope to Take the governors seat next time - Read more >>>
Read tha ad closely...we are so special here. Doug Wilson Mike Mckinley
Most times I just stay home and read
also if Mike wants to read this out on YouTube find some original compositions for background music
Read all the positive feedback again, Mike.
Mike seriously I have just read back through the night. A worldwide debate over A DRESS. Me & you are the sane ones.
Six great reasons to read Death Sentence, by Mike Dowling.
Mike is a Zionist. Mike will sacrifice your children for the sake of the Jews. Read John 8:44.
Actor, Mike Godson opens up on relationship with Ini Edo…. Read all he as to say for sleeping with Ini Edo here >>>>
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence hosted 600+ people at an event in Chicago to honor Fr. Hesburgh, C.S.C. Read here:
Check this out if you're interested in suicide.
GOLDMAN: Here are the 18 stocks that hedge funds love the most
GMA7's Mike Enriquez: I never ever EVER read entertainment news...unless it's of national importance.
"I never, ever read entertainment news unless it is of national importance." - Mike Enriquez
What you said? I actually thought that for yrs too .only recently read it was okayed in something Mike wrote. :O
My daughter asked if she could read the in-progress manuscript of UNIDENTIFIED SUBURBAN OBJECT and I let her because she's my DAUGHTER
Me too when I read the script, Mike. lol :)
Bad Igbo Boy. Ini Edo’s ‘Boyfriend’ Mike Godson Finally Speaks about Sleeping with her... Read here = >
Dear Michael--Don't be that guy--Just go to bed & read your comics & forget all of the wormy weirdboy thoughts you have. Like a real lady.
Mike Garson signed his biography for me. Love it. Can't wait to read it.
I'm hoping my 4 books come in mail from proofreader getting anxious 2 do final edit on my memoir, ur gonna rea…
[Video] Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs shares 3 steps to make a lot of money in any job:
Read one of the greatest speeches ever. Senator Mike Lee is awesome.
yeah, you read it right. You know better than that 😊
(2/26/15). …"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it,…
Your MUST-READ second intermission story - includes notes on Voynov, Sekera, and a few top Kings prospects
Thanks. It's a long & confusing story. Start here: and then read this:
I knew what you meant right when I read this. Knxwledge
read the tag, I'm not explaining it
MYSTERY SOLVED: The dress is black and blue
Another fantastic year of Mike Read shows on BBC Radio Berks...Long may it continue...Merry Xmas Mike..Have a good one!
Richard Branson & Barry Gibb make cameo appearances. Mike Read appeared as himself & Jonathan Ross appeared as himself
*Please Share* this beautiful moment of pure Laurie Holloway and Kenny Lynch perform 'The Christmas Song'. Hear more from Laurie, Kenny, Boney M and loads of other local artists on Mike Read's special festive show from 1330 on Christmas Eve!
Mike Read now in the Wally Hall of Fame
I just read that Geno Washington appeared as himself in an episode of Midsomer Murders that also featured Suzi Quatro and Mike Read
The Nazis had Wagner. UKIP have Mike Read putting on a racist cod-Jamaican accent. Fascism isn't what it used to be.
Nigel Farage text to Mike Read after Euro elections: 'This is the Duran Duran moment' Tanya Gold (STimes,£). Que?
(My own version of the Mike Read song, UKIP CALYPSO revised! No offence is meant to anyone. Its just good old satire.) THE UKIP CALYPSO BOOGIE The UK borders are falling down, While Theresa May wears her frown, Not knowing how many criminals are here, Round them all up – for some very good cheer. The mambo jambo dance is all so new, But you will have to join a queue, We have people from the Bongo Bongo – All come here via the darkest Congo. No more money for our NHS, Why is this? It’s anyone’s guess! Osborne lurks in the treasury, Looking for migrants to give them things for free! The Calypso boogie we do all know – And when the dark comes in - we do all glow, We have to celebrate the Halloween, Come and dance to the Calypso, my queen! Altogether now, we dance all night, But the UK immigration does give us a fright, We need a party to sort this mess out, Enter Nigel Farage...we now all shout! Honour thy neighbour as friend or foe, But when you grab him – don’t let him go. Ukip will lead us t ...
I shuddered at reports of Mike Read's "10 minute rap" at the Conservative Party Conference dinner in 2006. Surely a low for the genre.
Under a government Jimi Hendrix would have never been allowed in the UK. But never mind we have Mike Read.
Ex-BBC DJ Mike Read. Reluctantly had to concede. He kept getting gyp, so. His UKIP Calypso. Will now be withdrawn at top speed…
The pressure BBC is putting on Mike Read over ukipcalypso, is probably similar to pressure BBC put on anyone speaking out about Jimmy Savile
Whenever I see Mike Read trending, I always think it will be an Operation Yewtree update.
Mike Read's hapless one day run of his Wilde musical took some beating but he's done it somehow.
any truth in the rumour had the Mike Read song banned?
Mike Read's UKIP song has reminded me of his previous work, and David Mitchell's priceless reaction to it:
How long before Mike Read releases and bans his new Jimmy Savile song?
DJ Mike Read withdraws best-selling Calypso song, apologising for offence caused by mock Caribbean accent
Mike Read on Jimmy Savile: "he was a mentor to all of us". From the gushing Mail report on the funeral.
Mike Read's plan to ban his own single may just be a ploy to sell two million copies.
Ex-radio 1 DJ Mike Read apologises for "unintentionally causing offence" with Ukip Calypso song and has asked record comp…
Mike Read certainly doesn't. Still its bought him into the public eye and at least it isn't Operation Yewtree .
The only list to feature Clegg, Thatcher, D:Ream & Mike Read? with a top five of political hits & misses.
Website Builder 728x90
Mike Read. Blacked up. Singing Old Man River. . Internet, make it happen.
Why did Mike Read and Frank Bruno bring satchels to Savile's funeral ? … … Gloves and aprons ?
Last time I saw Mike Read on TV him and Frank Bruno were praising Jimmy Savile at his funeral. Nothing surprises me.
we *** and i) almost successfully convinced mike to read horimiya B^)
Caliendo is so great. Did you see his Mike and Mike session when he read LeBron's homecoming letter?
After Week 7, the are one of two teams to have not allowed a rushing touchdown. READ:
Nigel Farage hopes Ukip will enter the pop charts with a song by former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read. He called on supporters to buy the party anthem, which warns of ‘illegal immigrants in every town’.
To be fair to Mike Read, that UKIP Calypso is much better than his EDL Bhangra effort from last year.
Of course, it would just be perfect if Mike Read's Ukip Calypso got banned by Radio One.
WR to WR! Antonio Brown throws a TD to Lance Moore. Yes... You read that correctly.
Chapter 16 of Mike Read's memoirs is called " I could write a book". I beg to differ.
you should read everything Mike Lee has written the last few years. Excellent writer. Finds great stories
What would YOU do if you were stalked by a giant barracuda? Read Mike Monahan's thriller @ Amazon
Here in Jamaica, we don't think much of Mike Read and UKIP. They come over here, stealing our calypso...
A must read about former player Mike Viti!
Get Mike Read’s Ukip Calypso song to number 1 urges Nigel Farage Here it is BBCNEWS !
.Thanks for the linkage max. I'm proud to have drawn the ire of people like you.
Bookmakers are offering odds of 50/1 for this song to debut at number one
There's now a campaign to protest against Mike Read's UKIP song by getting "Relax" back to number 1.
Would you like to know the best advice has ever received? Read it here!
Mike Read’s calypso car crash for Ukip campaign.
I've never read something so accurate 😂
My cat is sad because he has just heard Mike Read's UKIP calypso song and finally lost all hope for humanity.
Are you watching Monday Night Football? This story about Mike Tirico is UNREAL. Read it:
12 books Jeff Bezos thinks everyone should read
The Mike Read Calypso UKIP song sickens me. Why did he use a foreign genre and not something traditionally British to embarrass himself with
Just seen the whole Mike Read thing. Such a shame, particularly seeing as we all thought he was brilliant up until then :-/
its on Amazon. thanks for wanting to read it! Mike (author/screenwriter of TFBC)
When I first read Powers by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming, I always saw Deena as a beautiful black woman despite --
Think I just read the best IG bio..big mike, the security guard in my building most eloquently states "fu*k a bio, jus ask me bi*ch"
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Get Mike Read’s song to No1 urges Nigel Farage You've gotta giggle at being all po-face…
Mike Read definitely, DEFINITELY got his Jamaican accent from studying episodes of Rastamouse.
Winston McKenzie, Mike Read, they're all working for Chris Morris and a Brass Eye UKIP special. They have to be.
Mike Read singing in a fake West Indian voice about UKIP? All I can say is where are Operation Yewtree when you need them?
I think Operation Yewtree would have been less embarrassing for Mike Read.
Worth remembering, Mike Read once rapped at the Conservative Party Conference, for 10 minutes. They were sad to see him leave.. .
Even as teenagers we knew that Mike Read was a complete and utter *** Seriously, we really did.
Will anyone listen if I say that Mike Read was the only person on Radio 1 to play California Uber Alles other than John Peel? No? Hey ***
Reading an article that contains the line Mike Read 'rapped for 10 minutes at the Conservative Party Conference' that can't be right can it?
i'd sort of expect the to sack Mike Read for his overtly party-political but then i remembered, they employ Nick Robinson.
I still think Mike Read's greatest political moment was his ' why I won't be standing for Mayor of London' op-ed
Turns out that what Nige actually asked Mike Read for was one of these...
There's a rumour that Charles Saatchi has suggested Tories respond to Mike Read's UKIP song with another. Maybe a hit
Islamic State, Ebola, and now Mike Read has written a UKIP calypso. It's the save us Sir Cliff Young!
Reminder that Mike Read once performed a 10 minute rap at Conservative Party Conference:
Hamilton Collection
> New details of Mike Brown's behavior: Read:
▶ Mike Brown Crime Scene MO read the description below video YouTube https:/…
A new technology imprints text messages on your skin, so you don't have to pull your phone out to read them.
Something tells me you might get a chuckle out of this:
"Brian Hoyer reminds me of Mike Winchell." That's the greatest thing I've read all dat
MBA Alum, Mike Kralec, is named VP of Data Systems and IT Services at Sinclair Broadcast Group. Read more here!
Marcus Garvey seh fi read, and some people still a pree!
They can do what MiLB does and play it up as a “family-friendly (read: inexpensive)” alternative to MLB.
So I read the officer's friend's "account" of the mike brown shooting...sounds totally redundant
.is one of the smartest people I know. Follow her. Read her. Now.
Store owner says it was NOT in his store in Read article here:
Read this post from Mike. HP Service Anywhere is changing the ITSM game
Everyone please go read the coroners report regarding mike brown. Let's wait for facts to come out before assuming anything
wonder what times read, ago & mike would of done on old bikes with current better Tarmac & tyres
Haven't posted abt Ferguson until now bc it's just too f'ed up to handle. Read Pay Attention to Killing of Mike Brown
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
no bullying. Read the entire conversation from last week too.
Sounds like the cop's version, as read by unknown radio caller, forgot how far away Mike Brown ended up from the car.
new boy Mark Atkinson delighted with Kingsholm runout. Read Mike Brown in tomorrow's
And now for your trial acronym of the day, also from Janet Kelly: "B.F.D." Read more about it here:
its too early to read into anything... lets wait till City vs Chelsea in a few weeks, that'll be an interesting game
US Army Vet Mike Hiltz recently deployed on Read about his experience:
humor me,I read Mike Brown matched the description & had cigars in hand when cop stopped him, right?
Just read take on what has unfolded A lot to think about here.
pretend I didn't read that. team bonding tn tho
"Spread the word black people, read it! If you were interested in showing justice fo…
If you read nothing else on today read this: on what natl repentance wld mean:
Lumosity: a personal trainer for your brain. Unless you read a lot, in which're probably good.
I really hate police now that I read deeper into the 4 incidents of police Brutality in the last month. Especially Mike Brown's case
Great read from Mike Pagan on "An Introduction to Zerto Virtual Replication" -
Photo: kingjaffejoffer: Remember this when you read reports of people ‘looting’ McDonalds tomorrow
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Very good read for Halos fans on Mike Trout's base running from on
was shot at least 6 times twice in his head plus officers identity revealed READ MORE HERE
If you want to know the facts about what's going down in read this:
It's nice to see & Health Minster got a new script to read today.
Want to know what police are doing to Mike Brown?? Read up on Demonization of Now have PR to cover
Obviously the *** did not read that Mike Brown was shot from a distance, not at close range...
US Underground culture has its write-in 2014 midterm candidate: Mike Fuller. Read release: by Frederic Vidal.
I just read a post in fb from a white guy I went to college with judging Mike Brown for weed. Meanwhile, he use to get high…
nah we really don't sell, United keep players longer than anyone else in Europe. Read that a while ago.
Must read summary of the facts with bonus dissection of dog whistling re: by …
Everytime I read a white person defending the cop who shot Mike brown I feel nauseous.
Read this! Facts are important here, and we have many facts already.
“There is nobody among us who can claim to be innocent or neutral.” Confused about Read this
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