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Mike Pompeo

Michael Richard Pompeo (born December 30, 1963) is an American politician who has been the U.S. Representative for since 2011. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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Rudy Monteagudo Tip: Report: CIA chief Mike Pompeo is 'favorite' to replace Rex Tillerson
In the past ten days, both Mike Pompeo and Rod Rosenstein have made demonstrably false statements downplaying
Mike Pompeo has the main qualification to replace John Kelly as Chief of Staff
Democratic critics accuse Mike Pompeo of echoing Trump that the interference didn't affect the outcome. https…
CIA head Mike Pompeo said CIA will become "much more vicious". Have they not overthrown enough democracies & created enoug…
Mike Pompeo is a Koch Brothers sock puppet. He is one of the handful of Horsemen who would be a worse Secretary of Sta…
Mike Pompeo is being floated as a potential replacement if Tillerson is fired, and he's as much of a loose cannon as our president.
Fact that CIA director Mike Pompeo thinks Snowden should be executed provides insight into his views on abuse of power by f…
Mike Pompeo is a Koch-brothers puppet who is using his position to bully a principled whistle-blower. https…
CIA Director Mike Pompeo was supposed to have a Q&A at Harvard tonight but everyone was just informed he cancelled last sec…
Hey tell Pompeo to stop spinning for Russia. Ditto Mike Morell. We can see them. Their opsec *** That is all. (Ps…
Assaulting a reporter is still a totally rad quality in a Fellow as long as Mike Pompeo approves, though
CIA director bails on Harvard speech after Chelsea Manning was selected as visiting fel.. ~ via Business Insider
CIA director cancels Harvard speech over 'traitor' Manning | Politics |
Don't know if Mike Pompeo should be crying Wikileaks about the Manning Harvard thing when he jerked off Wikileaks during the campaign
CIA chief Pompeo cancels Harvard speech after Chelsea Manning announcement, 'would betray trust of employees.'.
Again, no one is preventing her from speaking. Mike Morell served under Obama, Pompeo is no…
Good. Thank you Mike Pompeo. Nice to have a CIA Director with integrity.
People like Mike Morell and Mike Pompeo control so-called ~liberal~ education in America. Cool.
This is probably the only time I will ever agree with Mike Pompeo on something.
Harvard has every right to select Chelsea Manning as an IOP fellow. Mike Pompeo has every right, and in a way a duty, to p…
CIA director Mike Pompeo repeatedly cited WikiLeaks to attack Clinton during campaign (from April)
BREAKING: CIA Director Mike Pompeo cancelled his appearance at over Chelsea Manning's fellow appointment.
They folded. Do they even realize that not even the CIA trust giving info to Pompeo?
CIA Director Mike Pompeo declines speech at Harvard after Chelsea Manning named visiting fellow
.Dir. Mike Pompeo: We as a nation must remain ever vigilant so that something like what happened 16 years ago...can never…
Mike Pompeo the enemy of the people and a lapdog *** of the deep state
The CIA doesn't trust it's own director Mike Pompeo, because he's in on the White House Russia coverup
Mike Pompeo is a political loser who was owned by special interests and lost his seat because of it.
Far right head of the FBI is Trumo's favorite appointment.
"Mr. Pompeo appears to be teaching the C.I.A. to embrace its inner Trump."
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
CIA Director Pompeo on taking the President's Daily Brief to POTUS:. “Each day, we’re in there. It’s like clockwork”. https…
I was just saying somebody should check in on Pompeo at CIA. Nice one by
The president and his spymaster: A look at the bonds between President Trump and Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. chief
How the intensely political DCI Pompeo can corrupt the CIA's view of Iran and JCPOA compliance.…
The actually gets to comment on the record.
Trump/Pompeo has gotten longtime CIA spokesman Dean Boyd to talk like them
.takes important look at Mike Pompeo, perhaps the most openly political spy/CIA chief in a generation. http…
Trump favors his hawkish, tough-talking CIA chief, Mike Pompeo, but agents are wary of his openly political style
Many in intel community worry that Pompeo's partisanship colors his views on Russia, Iran & other contentious issues https:/…
Pompeo spoke at length about how non-political he will be in CIA role during confirmation but is ... very political. http…
Mr. Trump has been considering appointing Mike Pompeo, the CIA director, to take over as national security adviser http…
Mike Pompeo rattled the DPRK: North Korea threatens U.S. with 'nuclear hammer' .
CIA chief Mike Pompeo signals desire for a regime change in North Korea
A problem seems to be director, Mike Pompeo is Trump/Putin lackey. & client…
Julian Assange: CIA director Mike Pompeo is waging a war on truth-tellers
Mike Pompeo the liar. Not one terror attack in Europe/US was committed by a Shia. They were all Sunni/W…
One of whom, Mike Pompeo, is now Director of the CIA and claims Wikileaks is a "hostile intelligence service.'
Watching Ron Wyden jump all over the CIA Director and well known bully Mike Pompeo was absolutely glorious.😍
Mike Pompeo your talking to a wing nut senator Ron Wyden whos a stone cold communist and is someone who don't even live in the state he reps
Ron Wyden is climbing up Mike Pompeo's *** and setting off fireworks. It's awesome to watch.
Mike Pompeo demonstrates he is every bit as bad as John Brennan for spreading brazen lies & BS propaganda.
Mike Pompeo CIA Dir: "Its time to call out for what it is" Yeah! A more intelligent, credible intelligence a…
Just heard mike pompeo's speech about nope nope nope. As long as our govt spies on us... Wikileaks is The peopl…
Wikileaks is NOT an "intelligence agency", capish! Mike Pompeo is crazy and dangerous.
Pompeo jabs Conway on microwave surveillance claim
CIA Director Mike Pompeo is telling lies, believe nothing he says:
Mike Pompeo, once a WikiLeaks fan, attacks it as a hostile agent
CIA dir. Mike Pompeo sez Wikileaks hostile intelligence service. Why? Cuz if you're not doing your job they let everyone know?
Last Days of Mike Pompeo movie preview as seen by a Demon supporter of WikiLeaks
The is now under the control of patriot Mike Pompeo! We are slowly taking back control against Obama's d…
At what point is it fair to ask how Pompeo got clearance if he once boosted a non-state hostile intel agency?.
CIA Director Mike Pompeo once linked to documents stolen by what he now calls “a hostile intelligence service.”
the Russian station that paid Mike Flynn-worked directly with Wikileaks- Mike Pompeo, CIA Dir
CIA Director Mike Pompeo says WikiLeaks has been "abetted by state actors like Russia"
This is huge-> CIA Director Mike Pompeo is confirming that Russia worked directly w/ WikiLeaks. This was suspected; we now hav…
Here we go again with the manufactured Russia narrative. The is the most hostile agency on earth. Nice try Mike. ht…
Breaking news: chief Mike Pompeo is on TV saying Russia has worked with Wikileaks.
Here is what CIA Director Mike Pompeo claims is acting as a 'non-state intelligence agency':
Mike Pompeo put a lot of faith in WikiLeaks before becoming CIA director
There's a special election tomorrow in Kansas to replace Mike Pompeo, it's time to turn those red states blue.
Please get out and vote James Thompson to replace Mike Pompeo on April 11th if you live in the 4th district (in or around…
Hey y'all need to vote on April 11 for James Thompson if you don't want Ron Estes as our replacement for Mike Pompeo.
Mike Pompeo is also throwing out the first pitch on opening day for the Cubs.
The Hamilton audience was very disappointed that their celebrity guest was CIA director Mike Pompeo…
TLC never disappoints... even for theme songs
Mr.Abbas: is this what u promised Mike Pompeo? .
At yesterday's cabinet meeting, was Mike Pompeo missing? I saw 17 in pic. posted, but 18 have been confirmed.
Chris Rockhold earns nod for 4th District special election to replace Mike Pompeo
. audience thinks VIP attendee is but it's actually dir Mike Pompeo. An easy mistake.
Mike Pompeo tried to push a bill allowing for food distributers to falsely label foods, then called it a "safe labeling act"
We are sending a clear choice in asking Mike Pompeo to lead.
. The guy in charge of the CIA is *very pro torture* he has no clue what human rights are.
I liked a video By Order of CIA Director Mike Pompeo
CIA director Mike Pompeo gives medal to top Saudi Arabia. Did he forget that the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis?
Who would he be now? Bush was Director before becoming Today Mike Pompeo holds the job.
It's about time Mike Pompeo steps up to the plate and take ownership in preventing CIA leaks.
Trump CIA director Mike Pompeo is as Koch-owned as one can get. I frankly have not seen Soros do anything but promote truth
AG George Brandis to travel to the US this wk to meet w AG Jeff Sessions,CIA head Mike Pompeo, FBI head Mr James Comey
As we left we walked past the theater where Hamilton is and saw a motorcade. I hoped it was Obama but turns out it was Mike Pompeo...
is running to fill the seat in KS left vacant by Mike Pompeo. Show him some love! Help us
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I spy a lot of security and Mike Pompeo at the Sunday matinee of Hamilton.
Mike Pompeo in the audience today, for a refresher on the democratic…
U.S. Senate: Roll Call Vote to confirm Mike Pompeo as Director of CIA, Schatz votes Yea
Best part- Pompeo would have gotten the vote even if only Republicans voted to confirm him. These 15 Dems must really lo…
Democrats say they r pro-choice, against global warming deniers, against Islamophobia, but they voted to confirm Mike Po…
Dr. Phil and Mike Pompeo of the CIA will discuss how to get your smart TV to listen--really listen--to your needs as a…
I do that, we now have Dan Coats, hopefully soon, Mike Pompeo is now taking control of the CIA.
Director Mike Pompeo today announced President Trump has selected Gina Haspel to be the new Deputy Director of CIA.
On April 11, Kansas will have a special election to replace Mike Pompeo. The Dem's candidate is .
James Thompson, running to fill the vacated Mike Pompeo seat in the Kansas 4th district, May 11th. Need to get word out! N…
Mike Pompeo gives Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed bin Nayef the George Tenet award for his 'counter-terrorism' work.
I voted NO on Rep. Mike Pompeo over deep concerns about his views on protecting Americans’ civil liberties & privacy h…
And yet, you voted to confirm pro-torture Mike Pompeo as the new CIA director, meaning you have less integrity than even Rand…
Mike Pompeo will do an excellent job leading the great men and women of the and keeping our country safe.
The 14 who voted to confirm sympathizer Mike Pompeo to lead the They must be primaried…
Mike Pompeo is sworn in as CIA Director by VP Mike Pence. Wife Susan Pompeo looks on at Eisenhower Executive Office Bui…
Mike Pompeo confirmed, 66-32 to the CIA. What did delay and foot-dragging change? Absolutely nothing.
Tonight I had the privilege to administer the Oath of Office to Mike Pompeo as the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.…
Vote no: Betsy Devos, Steve Mnuchin, Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo,Rex Tillerson. Leave the ACA alone. Do not support Trump's disregard of facts
Mike Pompeo approved as CIA Director despite dirty tricks from He is just as bad as Harry Reid! There was no reason for delay
Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) On the Nomination of Mike Pompeo to be Director of the CIA
Hey . Please do not confirm Mike Pompeo as CIA Director!
Democrats are obstructing the nomination of Mike Pompeo for no good reason... by via
New Sen Kamala Harris asking Mike Pompeo about his position on *** marriage, climate change at the CIA director confirmati…
WikiLeaks has a perfect record for consistent accuracy. Mike Pompeo, not so much. Perfect fit for CIA head?.
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for the director of the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS)…
Pompeo: 'Pretty clear' Russia is behind hacks
Mike Pompeo, Trump's pick for CIA director, could take the agency back to its darkest days
Proposed, CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, has to sign a legally binding agreement at congressional hearing.
"Trump’s pick for the CIA, Mike Pompeo, sees foreign policy as a vehicle for holy war." via
Kamala Harris questions to Mike Pompeo today were the dumbest I've ever heard. Lack of preparation.
Sen. Feinstein: If you were ordered to do waterboarding by the president, would you comply? Mike Pompeo: Absolutely not.
Director Nominee Rep. Mike on intelligence community's assessment on
A breakdown of the biggest donors to Mike Pompeo - Trump pick for CIA currently sitting
Mike Pompeo, Trump's choice for CIA director, lists Russia as threat via - Disagreeing with Trump👍
Mike Pompeo blamed Hillary for Benghazi and called for Snowden’s death
In opening statement of confirmation hearing, CIA chief pick Mike Pompeo does not mention Russian hacking of 2016 campaign.
Donald Trump's CIA pick says Russian hacking was an "aggressive action" by senior leaders in Russia…
Sen. Angus King: "Do you think Wikileaks is a reliable source of information?". Mike Pompeo: "I do not.".
Pompeo at DCIA confirmation hearing says he won't order agency to use torture (EITs), even if Trump insists
Trump's pick for CIA leader says he would refuse to restart enhanced interrogation techniques
Trump CIA pick Mike Pompeo depicted war on terror as Islamic battle against Christianity
“The conflict in Syria is one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of the 21st century.” - Rep. Mike Pompeo
Mike Pompeo has spewed anti-Muslim racism for years. He can't be trusted at the CIA.
I'm honored to join to introduce for his CIA Director confirmation hearing. TUNE IN NOW: htt…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Pompeo says he won't obey orders to torture suspects. He won't go beyond military field manual procedures.
Trump’s CIA director nominee Mike Pompeo says the intelligence on Russian hacking “is sound”
Mike Pompeo takes stand against Russia at confirmation hearing
“I am honored to have been nominated to lead the finest intelligence agency the world has ever known.” - Rep. Mike Pomp…
Tune in to to watch the nomination hearing for Rep Mike Pompeo for CIA Director. I will be involved in questioning…
Carr Center Senior Fellow Alberto Mora: "Mike Pompeo is unfit to lead the CIA if he doesn't reject
I fully expect Gen. John Kelly & Rep. Mike Pompeo to sail through confirmation as Secretaries of &
Top Democrat on House Intel Committee praises Donald Trump's selection of Rep. Mike Pompeo to lead the CIA.
House Intel Committee member Mike Pompeo petitions SXSW organizers to disinvite Ed Snowden from their hipster get-together
While Jeff Sessions has gotten all the headlines today, let's not ignore the record of Mike Pompeo, Trump's proposed CIA director…
Trumps pick was mike Pompeo first class at west point top choices intelligent man🇺🇸🎉
Trump asks Rep. Mike Pompeo to be CIA director
Trump is building a great team to help
Mike Pompeo - Conservative Kansas Rep Mike Pompeo tapped as CIA director in Trump administration
What you need to know about Trump's picks for key jobs
That time Trump's pick for CIA chief, Mike Pompeo, called for to be executed.
Choosing Mike Pompeo to direct the C.I.A. may also warm relations between Donald Trump and the Koch Brothers.
What you should know about Trump's CIA director pick, Mike Pompeo. via
Mike Pompeo is a terrific pick as CIA director. Very smart, dedicated, experienced, up to the job.
Shifting US policy to Neo-Nazi KKK right, Trump taps Sessions, Flynn & Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to head the CIA
Trump’s CIA pick Mike Pompeo is a Tea Party war hawk who was bankrolled by the Koch Brothers
I hate when you bring on lefty reporters but the conservatives are amongst the best- got to really like Mike Pompeo on your show
Trump has offered position of CIA director to US Rep Mike Pompeo and Pompeo has accepted -transition official
Trump picks Rep Mike Pompeo to be CIA Director. I served in Congress with Pompeo. Great man. Impeccable background. http…
I keep thinking things can't get any darker, and then they do...
Trump has chosen Mike Pompeo to lead the CIA. He was a sharp critic of Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi committee.
Flynn, while a far better choice than Bolton, worries me. I have to learn more of new CIA Director Mike Pompeo.…
To this Kansan Pompeo's heading CIA a 'frigging' joke businessman has NO experience/knowledge make capa…
Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas, a fierce critic of the Iran nuclear deal, picked to head CIA:
Pompeo called his 2010 Indian-American rival a “turban topper” who “could be muslim, hindu, buddhist etc who knows"
Trump pick for CIA director Mike Pompeo wants to restore and expand the NSA bulk phone dragnet revealed by
CIA director pick Mike Pompeo wants to roll back the (modest) post-Snowden surveillance reforms:
Waiting for the world to end. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Mike Pompeo as CIA director? REALLY? @ world leaders please nuke America
Mike Pompeo.ya sorry US, you're about to get a crash course in Kansas politics and we only have 6 electoral votes. Enjoy!
Trump chooses Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general
Mike Pompeo voted to end NSA bulk collection on US citizens in 2015
Mike Pompeo is superb choice for CIA director. It truly is morning in America for patriots & MOURNING in America for li…
BBCWorld: Mike Pompeo was offered the job of CIA director despite backing Trump's rival, Florida Senator Marco Rub…
Obama's AGs: the first black man and black woman to hold the job. Trump's AG: thinks the NAACP is "un-American"
Trump's CIA pick is Mike Pompeo, who is pro-NSA, pro-guns, pro-Gitmo, pro-GMO, a climate change denier, and staunchly…
Here are today's Trump picks: Jeff Sessions Rep. Mike Pompeo CIA Director, and NSA!.
Trump's new CIA Director Mike Pompeo says Iran is the world's largest state sponsor of terror. Wrong. It's clearly Saudi…
News: Donald Trump has asked Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas to be his CIA director. He has also selected Alabama Sen.
One of the things you don't always realize when you're younger is that not everything you tr...
My goal in getting rid of tax loopholes is not to raise taxes. Our problem in Washington, D.
if those $20 lugz came in a color besides red I might invest because birdman has been funny lately
.says some of his younger teammates have never even heard of Jay Z's "Big Pimpin". https…
Was Mike Pompeo, Kansas Rep, bought off or just a liar failed to endorse Trump as he stated he would not fit to rep Kansas
I made some crazy allegations about joe paterno in 2012 and unfortunately I was correct
Boo to Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo who has not endorsed Donald Trump like he said he would.
"Republican congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas seems to be doing the bidding of the Koch Brothers once again."
In his statement saying he won't run for Senate, Mike Pompeo attacks Jerry Moran, saying he's "not a strong leader."
Wichita U.S. House of Representatives member, Mike Pompeo, decides not to seek Jerry Moran's Senate seat--Wise !
More on this to come, but Mike Pompeo's statement HAMMERS Sen. Jerry Moran's campaign in
Rep. Mike Pompeo announces that he will seek reelection to congress and will not challenge Jerry Moran for the U.S. Senate.
Mike Pompeo not running for Senate seat held by Jerry Moran: Rep. Mike Pompeo has decided against mounting a bid…
.on how Jerry Moran opened himself up to a potential primary challenge from Mike Pompeo -
Whether or not he runs, talk of a Senate race may raise Rep. Mike Pompeo's profile in Kansas.
Is U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo serious about running for the U.S. Senate in Kansas this August?
Mike Pompeo says decision on Senate run against Jerry Moran could come in days
Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., says he will decide soon whether he will mount a primary challenge against Republican…
Mike Pompeo says decision on Senate run could come in days | AP photo
Mike Pompeo (R-KS) urged Islamic Society of Wichita to re-think decision to host Islamic leader w ties to Hamas
Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), two original sponsors of ,received the most money from th…
oh I was thinking of the three 6 mafia song not the j cole but it's ok
no but you weren't the her, I was just telling you
"Mr. Blumenthal wrote you 150 emails," Rep. Mike Pompeo says, but diplomatic team's emails didn't reach her.
Interesting reference to KS. Is that Mike Pompeo's hat?
Anti bill, aka the languishing in the Senate via
Watched BENGHAZI hearings again,boy is MIKE POMPEO congressman from Kansas a true ***
: Mike Pompeo is a nut. Benghazi is over and it was established that the Ambassador did not request additional security!!!
Rep. Mike Pompeo talks about Benghazi hearing: Qatar, and Bahrain. "Were you aware that our folks were ...
Factchecking the Benghazi hearing: What’s new?: Rep. Mike Pompeo, a Republican on the House Select Committee on…
Stay Strong - . Benghazi Committee: We the people would like to demand responsibility in government.
I always pick up players who are suspended in fantasy football so that when they come back it feels like I made a big trade
I blame today's high score on our course GPS not working it wasn't my fault I shot 94
Wow, listening to the Benghazi committee testimony. Mike Pompeo is really this dumb?
Rep Mike Pompeo- Stop including "the people of KS" in your comments on Benghazi. We're smart enough to see a dog & pony show for what it is.
Linda Sanchez plays back video of Andrea Mitchell shutting down Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) on Meet The Press, over claims on…
Well my my D-Ms.LindaSanchez just cold cocked the gentleman from Kansas R- Mike Pompeo
Mike Pompeo Asking a lot of questions but not waiting for answers.
R-Mike Pompeo is hitting hard. Hillary Clinton on the ropes! Unsuccessful in dodging
Mike pompeo pulled out the security request
apparently was more hype then fact. Mike Pompeo R-Kansas wanted to fire someone.
We need HEALTHCARE, new ROADS, new RAIL ROAD TRACKS and the GOP does 0. Susan Brooks, Jim Jordan, Mike Pompeo
Mike Pompeo's (R-KS) demeanor in this hearing is the same as that of a bully in middle school.
Mike Pompeo is astonishing. Draft this guy for Vice President.
Lois Olmstead Lee Diamond PLEASES SIGN AND SHARE! DEMANDING RESPONSIBLE action of Trey Gowdy and the "Benghazi...
Don't leave out Trey Gowdy, Mike Pompeo, Lynn Westmoreland and the coatless Jim Jordan.
Rep. Mike Pompeo, author of DARK Act to stop labeling, may run for Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives.   10% Off
Rep. Mike Pompeo . is. a Koch-funded. climate change-denier. who LIES TO THE PUBLIC. to keep GMOs hidden in your food.
not going to itown because I heard wears catchers gear around and chases people still
you're** only aloud to go as far as the Carefree Inn, once you go past that, slickers aren't welcomed
what if I want to watch NASCAR and eat venison?
stay out my township Pompeo, city slickers stay on the west side of fox slicker
I should have thrown that thing into emmerling creek when I had the chance
my scooter is a 1982 Yamaha Towny, no radio included get your facts straight
already on it. It's awesome. I think it leaked tho
I know eminems dr dre's boy but I find it contradicting to have a white person featured on the soundtrack for a movie about NWA...
the song I'm most excited for off of the straight outta compton soundtrack is the one featuring xzibit
side deal uncovered by Rep. Mike Pompeo & Sen. Tom Cotton — who were in Vienna meeting with the U.N.-releated agency.
yea meek needs to bring out the cannons if he's gonna avoid this L.
I think drakes up 1 with back to back, but neither are that heavy hitting
Rep. Mike Pompeo thinks more members of Congress are becoming skeptical of the Iran deal
idk bro.. Meek kinda gottem on the diss tracks
Rep. Mike Pompeo view seems to be in line w/Kansas political landscape. One of the reasons I stopped riding in Kansas.
I'm dropping out man I said over qualified
I was wrong about thinking I'm qualified to be mayor of pittsburgh... im probably over qualified
sounds good and I have only played east Potomac and rock creek. Played any others in the DMV area?
for sure you know me I love playing
oh well be around. Wanna get a round of golf in in September?
good stuff I better see you and mike around tho, just won't be the same for me
I'll be in DC. But has that team on lock down. doing big things this upcoming year.
can you stay in DC and manage the club team this year?
Meek Mill's diss track is a perfect example of doing your essay the night before and handing it in with no peer editing and …
jeopardy has really had a lot of MLB questions lately
Ja Rule was the early 2000s drake lol until 50 destroyed him 😂😂😂
meek and drake need to battle on BET or something
it does feel that way... especially after I listened to an old diss from dj quik last night
“Consumers should have every bit of information that they want,” Pompeo said.
Kansas Representative wants to make your right-to-know illegal.
Any guesses on how much Rep. Mike Pompeo clears from Monsanto and friends for his no GMO State labeling Bill?
90% of Americans want to know what is in their food. Why is Rep. Mike Pompeo of Ks trying to stop that? How much Monsanto $ has he taken?
Rep. Mike Pompeo Asked Secretary of State John Kerry about Contents of Approved Nuclear Iran Deal...Kerry Hasn’t...
Meek has to come back with a Hit em up record or this is over
Most of Rep. Mike Pompeo’s campaign contributions coming from PACs
Patriots of the Week: Senators Tom Cotton, Mike Pompeo for exposing O's secret side Iran deals and Dinesh D'Souza.
“The Russian bear is out of hibernation from Damascus, to Donetsk, and from Pyongyang to Peru.” Rep. Mike Pompeo
Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, questioned Marilyn Tavenner of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the Energy and Commerce Committee's "Pulse C...
H.R. 4969 died yesterday with the 113th session ending. Due to the weekend the 114th congress will convene their new term starting Tuesday January 6, 2015. The Republicans have released their members at: Upton Releases Republican Subcommittee Rosters for 114th Congress | Energy & Commerce Committee The communications subcommittee consists of: Greg Walden (OR), Chairman Bob Latta (OH), Vice Chairman John Shimkus (IL) Marsha Blackburn (TN) Steve Scalise (LA) Leonard Lance (NJ) Brett Guthrie (KY) Pete Olson (TX) Mike Pompeo (KS) Adam Kinzinger (IL) Gus Bilirakis (FL) Bill Johnson (OH) Billy Long (MO) Renee Ellmers (NC) Chris Collins (NY) Kevin Cramer (ND) Joe Barton (TX) Fred Upton (MI) While H.R. 4969 (113th congress) died in committee now is the time to campaign the 114 congress and get it passed through committee and sent to the floor for a vote. The first step is to get it reintroduced then out of committee and to the floor for a full vote. An excellent and novel way to do this is to send appropriate QSL ...
We need to stop that bill in its tracks. H.R. 4432— the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) ACT—was introduced by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) at the bidding of Monsanto, Big Food and the Koch Brothers. If passed, H.R. 4432 will strip your state of the right to pass a GMO labeling law. The DARK ACT will have its first hearing on Capitol Hill, on December 10. If we don’t turn out in numbers to protest this bill, our voice could be silenced
Koch ally to introduce to BAR state labelling laws Rep.Mike Pompeo will introduce legislation
Victory Last Tuesday, grassroots conservatives scored huge victories against the Washington Establishment. Not only did we defend freedom fighters in Congress, but we helped a liberty champion move one step closer to winning in November. In Michigan’s 3rd District, Justin Amash beat his primary opponent handedly. Rep. Amash is one of the best conservatives in the House of Representatives. He always votes to defend your liberty and your rights, in fact he has a 100% score on the FreedomWorks scorecard. That’s why the DC Establishment wanted to kick him out of Washington. But patriots like you said “no way.” Activists placed hundreds of yard signs in the District to make sure Amash stays in Congress. Because of their hard work, Justin beat his establishment opponent by over 10 points – a decisive victory for liberty. In Kansas, both Representatives Tim Huelskamp and Mike Pompeo beat their primary opponents. Both of their seats were challenged by insiders who prefer crony deals to free markets. Gra ...
MIKE POMPEO, from Kansas, official MonSATANo DRONE. He is introducing a bill to OUTLAW the States' Rights to mandate GMO labeling. MonSATANo could not ask for a better ***
I like her too! Trey Gowdy also endorsed Mike Pompeo. I guess he gets my vote tomorrow.
Many have told me they have not been able to link to the article regarding bullying tactics by Mike Pompeo...
Mike Pompeo commercials out the ear hole
OH & I'm upset becuz Pro Kansas Rep, Mike Pompeo reminded me how greedy people in our gov can be...
Please read this first and then decide ?
So I'm gonna vote for Mike Pompeo just because he has a cool name and I'm registered to vote now
Monsanto-Man, Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo, will do anything for his corporate paymasters, including...
Mike Pompeo staff called me to remind me to vote for him tomorrow. When I said I wasn't voting for him they hung up on me.
If I see one more Mike Pompeo commercial I swear...
I more or less have my opinion made as to who I am voting for tomorrow, and could share some dirt and concern of...
You never get anywhere worth getting without bullying..that's what Momma Pompeo always said..
An article that just made my political stomach turn.
Explosive investigative memo. keep fighting for the truth in this race!.
Still need a reason to NOT vote for Mike Pompeo?.
Mike Pompeo, KS Rep. & lead sponsor of Grocery Manu. Asso. bill H.R.4432 that would ban states rights to label GMOs.
A Pompeo internal poll found Pompeo with a wider lead over Tiahrt, 45 percent to 26 percent.
Mike Pompeo should call and thank me
Mike Pompeo was hand chosen to be the face and author of H.R. 4432, better known as the “Denying Americans the...
The Mike Pompeo ad is silly, empty, bad.
Mike Pompeo is raising money before his primary like it matters: $52,800 late last week alone.
The bully tactics in Kansas GOP politics has got to stop.
I got to meet Trey Gowdy this morning! He spoke at a Mike Pompeo campaign event. Notice my "Fire Pelosi" ball cap.
FOOD FIGHT IN KANSAS! Calling all Kansans! Mike Pompeo, Kansas Rep. & the lead sponsor of the Grocery...
talking about why Mike Pompeo is the right choice for congress!
Man I just want every Mike Pompeo commercial to be over with
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