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Mike Piazza

Michael Joseph Piazza (or ); born September 4, 1968) is an American former Major League Baseball catcher.

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I'm on FB also... It's under Lisa pendleton and my profile pic is of course mike piazza..
only thing on my frig is the article from when I asked mike if piazza was best homosexual catcher of all time
I catch curves & throw 'em back like Mike Piazza...
really? Mike Piazza, Keith Hernandez and Carlos Beltran imploded when the acquired them? Huh! Who knew.
Nothing is better than a no school day.
Mark Sanchez kind of looks like former star catcher Mike Piazza, who WAS from Philadelphia. Appropriate.
Mike Piazza was the 1,390th pick in 1988, Brien Taylor was the 1st pick in 1991; later is clearly better
November 10, 2008 - Today the first catcher since Mike Piazza (1993) wins the National League Rookie of the Year...
To get a game snatched like that is gut-wrenching, really. ~Mike Piazza
Working a Hall of Fame event this weekend where I get to meet Mike Piazza, Mario Andretti, Tommy Lasorda & the director of Rudy and Hoosiers
"Mike Piazza presents the ultimate Hall of Fame Ballot quandary". Agreed, how do we baslessly trash another of great players of last 20 yrs.
This isn't exactly the Mike Piazza trade here. You can take issue with it even if you aren't some miserable troll or whatever.
Mike Piazza was drafted in the 70th round. NEVER TRADE EVER EVER EVER
Once upon a time the Mets re-acquired Lenny Harris to make Mike Piazza happy. This looks like similar deal for Wright.
Heartbreaking Cards: Free The Finest: Mike Piazza Edition: I've been "Freeing the Finest" for many years now b...
Mets haven't been relevant since Mike Piazza was on the team.
You know things are rock bottom for a franchise when signing Michael Cuddyer is treated like the day they got Mike Piazza. Get serious.
She really ask who Mike Piazza is that fool was my childhood when he played for the dodgers.
SO HAPPY. Best part of my weekend meeting Mike Piazza. Oh my god.
And we gazed upon the Chimelis of freedom flashing. Mike Piazza presents the ultimate Hall of Fame ballot quandary.
*** @ "Sven, straight or *** to the finish, your bike solo." Nys had to pull a Mike Piazza this week
Should Mike Piazza be in the Hall of Fame?
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Went to an event last night with Dan Marino, Jason Taylor, Chris Carter, Greg Anthony, Mike Piazza & Sugar Hill Gang... Very odd combo.
ohh and I wasn't sure y your profile pic was mike piazza's catcher's mitt but then I looked closer and saw it was u
Today in 2000, Roger Clemens was fined $50K for throwing a broken bat at C-Mike Piazza in Gm2 of that
Finally got a DVD to mike piazza's mets HOF . Thanks to a good friend on FB😊⚾️
Anthrax with John Bush is the Man era + Los Angeles Dodger and metal head Mike Piazza, during the recording of...
Drafted as a family favor like when Lasorda, LA took Mike Piazza. Paid off for many a captain.
true. Although shea stadium gave mike piazza a standing O when he went deep as a Padre in 2006.
by the way did you know mike piazza grew up a diehard Phillies fan
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Today in '93, C-Mike Piazza was named NL ROTY by unanimous vote. .318, 35 HRs, 112 RBIs.
the ones that truly are might not physically be with you everyday... But I'm here with you through anything mike
That's my man!! I'm catcher and 1st base. Kinda like Mike Piazza
Ha. 14 years ago today, Clemens threw a bat at Mike Piazza. Good times.
Maxed out at 255 on bench. Feeling good. 💪⚓
My family is stupid nobody knows who Mike Piazza is
Yes, hard is good. When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time on... - Mike Piazza
My 1st ever MLB game to see Mike Piazza's NY Mets Debut. Got ticket signed by Mike.
Mine was Mike Piazza. Not such a nice guy.
I might be nuts, but the quick side view of Hosmer kinda reminds me of Mike Piazza...
He just asked if mike piazza still played and he was completely serious 😐
But my all time favourite 'most beautiful man in baseball' is Mike Piazza who, umm, was a Dodger at one point.
TIL Mike Piazza, considered one of the best hitting catchers in all of MLB and a probable future hall of famer, was…
I was only 4 so I don't remember 2000. But Mike Piazza was the first love of my life, no joke.
At Mike Piazza HOF Induction ceremony, have Roger Clemens throw the placque at him
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Every time someone talks about Mike Piazza's home run at the first game after 9/11 10 days after 9/11 I always cry,it never fails
My favorite Catchers in the whole entire world Mike Piazza,Travis d'Arnaud, and Gary Carter⚾️👏
I'm giving away: 1993 pinnacle Mike Piazza. Check it out -
sonny gray, mike piazza and I might grab some Jordan Matthews or C-patt...
Just jammed out to Gogol Bordello in a large Italian piazza in Florence. It was awesome.
16th floor. Oh, muffins. Also Mike Piazza and some flatulent cornmeal.
Went from friend to enemy right quick.
Kind of disappointed Mike Piazza ditched the mullet/mustache combo.
that's like saying Marlins fans should support Mike Piazza.
& our always and forever babe Mike Piazza
Jillian + Mike | Married | Bella Piazza Winery, CA . To see more, be sure to LIKE our page!
his name is Mike Piazza. Get it right.
Thanks to our contest winner, Stephanie Piazza. We drew her up Mike & Wayne style. Thanks Stephanie!
Who was the better draft pick, Mike Piazza or Kirby Puckett? Join the conversation at /r/MLBDraft with us! via /...
Those guys were baseball players I looked up to. Also Larry Walker! Rockies!!! But def pudge and Mike Piazza learning how to be a catcher...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jason Kendall, Ivan Rodriguez, Mike Piazza - the three most valuable offensive catchers with poor minor league stats
My MLB HOF class of 2014 would be Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, Mike Piazza, Craig Biggio, and Jeff Bagwell.
Names that eliginle for the HOF. Craig Biggio,Mike Piazza,Jeff Bagwell,Jeff Kent,Tim Raines,Randy Johnson,Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz.
Really? That's not Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza in the stands? Those jerseys lie! ;-)
Favorite players of all time by sport:. MLB: Mike Piazza. NBA: Larry Bird. NFL: Dallas Clark. NCAAB:Jimmer Fredette
Ask um about Kirk Gibson, Steve Finley, Mike Piazza, Green, who hit the bomb off Broxton, you'll find um.
Mike Piazza still has the greatest home run ever hit
Few sports events give me chills. The David Tyree catch and the Mike Piazza home run after 9/11 always get me.
honorable mentions to fit in Stanton 😫 Carl Pavano, Preston Wilson and Cliff Floyd sat out too and 1 week Mike Piazza lmfao
Bob Ojeda makes a case for why Mike Piazza deserves to be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
It's not just Mike Piazza's and Beyoncé's birthday but mine too
LUVVIT! pinche ichiro :D sure he knows some bad Italian too … look at this gem:
Happy birthday to my favorite baseball player ever Mike Piazza also Happy birthday to my dog Coors
Happy Birthday to Mets legend Mike Piazza. If you have nothing to do with yourself go watch his post 9/11 home run. Will give you chills.
We celebrate the 12 time All-Star catcher, 1st baseman, Mike Piazza. Piazza turns 46 today, Piazza is born in...
Thirsty Thurs on Mike Piazza's birthday and the opening of the NFL season
I get the chills everytime I watch that Mike Piazza clip, that home run and Dave Matthews live in Central park are the best post 9/11 events
just realized my grandma, Beyoncé, and Mike Piazza share a birthday so.
The god, Mike Piazza with the goddess Jennie Finch
Happy birthday to met icon Mike Piazza
Happy Birthday to the great, and future Hall of Famer, Mike Piazza! Mike turns 46 today.
A Mike Piazza injury in 2004 necessitated a David Wright call up. Here we go for Dilson because of Murphy injury.
I don't get it. There have been plenty of big guys to have long careers as catchers, Carlton Fisk, Ivan Rodriguez, Mike Piazza, ect.
There's a Burt Reynolds facing a Mike Piazza in this game right now. Ah, minor league baseball.
That would make his aged 34-35 seasons better than the same years for Ivan Rodriguez, Johnny Bench, and Mike Piazza.
Devin Mesoraco will be better than Mike Piazza
I miss the Mike Piazza cameos during the home run derby broadcast
The Mike Piazza pizza app is going to be a game changer. Right
Free Stuff: 2011 topps 60 yrs. of topps m
Another old one that I remember:. Mike "I like pepperoni on my" Piazza.
Mike Zunino is like Mike Piazza but can play defense.
Happy birthday to the girl who stayed my best friend even when I dressed up as Mike Piazza for…
Division rival New York Mets? Is Mike Piazza still playing for them or...
David Wright has at least 1 RBI in 7 consecutive games. record is 15 games (!) by Mike Piazza in 2000 - the longest in MLB since 1922.
My dad really took a picture with Mike Piazza and is so hype😭😂
“I accept more curves than Mike Piazza” nah I'm tellin you I accept ALOT bruh
I accept more curves than Mike Piazza
Granted Carlos Santana is bad this year, but he's still better than the 2014 version of Mike Piazza
Doing it and doing it and doing it well. @ Mike Piazza Honda
It's the little things that mean a lot to me
mike piazza was on the Italian team. You missed it.
My grandpa just swung me a Mike Piazza tee lol... Classic MetsWear
Here today, gone tomorrow. George Brett to a new owner and Mike Piazza off for review. .
Sabrina Piazza, mike dipeatro, martina, Lauren Renaud, Salina and I are all in third 🙌
The last time I watched a mets game mike piazza was playing
A’s catcher Mike Piazza in his traditional
TC says D'arnoud is not the savior for the Mets. That's good because he's not that Gary Carter/ Mike Piazza type player to carry the load
If Roger Clemens can throw a baseball bat at Mike Piazza like a homicidal maniac and not be suspended then Suarez should be off the hook
I think it's rediculous to waste a draft pick for publicity. Anyone remember Mike Piazza?
Rocking zee o'l Mike Piazza jersey to the met game like its 2000 all over again
and let's not compare d'Arnaud to Piazza, that's a major insult to Big Mike
that means almost nothing to me, thats like saying "Lets start Todd Pratt over Mike Piazza" for the same dumb reason.
Apparently 55 AAA at bats and Travis d'Arnaud is Mike Piazza...until he does it in the bigs I'm not buying it
DYK Mike Piazza was a 62nd round draft pick in 1988, and was only selected because Tommy Lasorda was doing a family friend a favor.
year comes to mind, didn't look like any way possible to get him out, Mike Piazza in prime was scary good too, saw Bartolo
Mesoraco is gonna put mike piazza to shame in a few years
I always liked him! Forza Azzurri and Lets Go reconnects with Italy at the World Cup
Former Mets Dwight Gooden and Mike Piazza will participate in the Celebrity Softball Game during the All Star break in Minnesota.
When I typed out Pizza, my phone autocorrected it to Piazza. As in Mike Piazza.
pulled this out of '12 sp. mike Piazza!
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and Nick Punto is your favorite current player. Mike Piazza is your demigod.
Check out this item I found on shipping!
Former greats Dwight Gooden and Mike Piazza will play in this season's All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game at Target Field.
Just had the pleasure of meeting and helping Mike Piazza! A true class act and a great, down to earth guy!!
Mike Piazza and Dwight Gooden will participate in celebrity softball game at the All-Star Game in Minnesota. Will be televised 7/14 on ESPN.
Mike Piazza reconnects with Italy at the World Cup -
Mike Piazza was drafted in the 53rd, after the White Sox' GM drafted his daughter, because no one thought to make him a catcher.
Mike Piazza pushes himself further from Dodgers with Vin Scully...
agreed, somebody had to pay for Drafting Manziel and that IMO was the right call. Look Here...
That was the right Move by the Padres. Manziel was the 28th pick in MLB Draft, look here
When I was a little girl, I could've sworn Mike Piazza was my uncle. Why? I have no idea😁
ON This Day in Baseball History. 2004. At Shea Stadium, Hall of Fame catchers Carlton Fisk, Johnny Bench, Gary Carter, and Yogi Berra take part in a pre-game ceremony to honor Mike Piazza for hitting the most home runs as a catcher in baseball history. The Mets’ backstop established the new mark, breaking Carlton Fisk’s record, with his 352nd home run on May 5.
Roger Clemens playing for the Sugerland Skeeters, can't believe Mike Piazza is going to play for the AA Tulsa Drillers.
New York Mets third baseman David Wright, bidding for his second consecutive fan-elected start and sixth start overall, has overtaken Nolan Arenado of the Colorado Rockies at the hot corner, in the third balloting update for the 85th All-Star Game, to be played on Tuesday, July 15th at Target Field in Minnesota. The next balloting update for the N.L. will be announced on Sunday, June 15th after ESPN announces the positional leaders as part of its “Baseball Tonight” telecast at 7:00 p.m. (ET). The fourth American League balloting results will be announced on Monday, June 16th after local rightsholder broadcasts announce the positional leaders. Wright, a seven-time All-Star, has received 859,082 votes and would join Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt (eight fan elections) as the only N.L. third basemen to earn at least six fan-elected starting assignments. In addition, Wright would join Mike Piazza (seven) and Darryl Strawberry (6) as the only players in Mets history to receive at least six fan elections. W ...
I did not see the flare up with Manny yesterday but did see Saturday's. I have no problem with what happen either day. Some made the comment that throwing a bat at someone is unsafe. I know that pitching inside or even hitting a player on purpose is part of the game. However the pitcher is throwing a hard object upwards at 90+ mph. Your telling me that is less dangerous than a flying bat 10 times slower. A ball 90+ coming at you from less than 60 feet away is a whole lot of a difference then a bat coming at you 15+ from 90 feet away. I remember a few years back Roger Clemens threw a splintered bat at Mike Piazza from about 10 feet away. I don't think he was suspended. It was talked about that night and that was it. I'm tired of hearing all the ragging on him by fans and analyst. I see all these post that this team has no fire and as soon as someone shows emotion on the field all *** breaks loose. I'm sure Buck and/or (Jones, Kaks, Cruz, Hardy or Davis) has talked with Manny. When Norris hit Hunter and w . ...
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Mike Piazza, Jason Bay, Roy Oswalt, Jeff Kent, Jermaine Dye, John Smoltz, and Don Mattingly all laugh at this claim.
The Mets should stop blaming Citi Field for their struggles at the plate, Mike Piazza said Thursday at the MLB Draft (Post, June 6). “I understand that (Citi Field) might not be a great hitters ballpark,” Piazza said. “But, to me, just… [ 132 more words. ]
With chatter of Citi Field adversely affecting the Mets' hitting numbers, Mets icon Mike Piazza wants to put any idea of shortening the fences to rest.
Mike Piazza & Tim Salmon both have to be resentful that a Google of Rookie of the Year 1993 brings up the movie before either of them.
didn't you know? Little Timothy is the next Mike Piazza!
In 1 minute Mike Piazza will get Anthony Vollaro pregnant.And the Rangers are going to the Cup!!!
I keep seeing people wearing jerseys from Mike Piazza, Hideo Nomo, and Raul Mondesi, among others, and it is taking every shred of my self-control not to jump up and down and shout, "I have his baseball card! I have his baseball card!"
Eric Karros, Mike Piazza, Hideo Nomo, and some other guys who probably didn't accomplish much else.
The quality of first pitch would be the equivalent of Mike Piazza rappin' "In Da Club" during the 7th inning stretch.
These are 9 mike piazza baseball trading cards. To be very honest...i have minimal baseball!
I don't get how mets give out t shirts w Mike Piazza's # but haven't retired it!
The auto sales industry is BACK IN A BIG WAY! Sales are up all over the country, and Mike Piazza Honda is no...
In honor of our team's run our is one of our own alums Mike Piazza former MLB catcher
The Dodgers-Giants rivalry is a sports rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants ( Better Known As The Halloween Crew ) baseball teams of Major League Baseball (MLB). It is regarded as one of the most competitive and longest-standing rivalries in American baseball, with some observers considering it the greatest baseball rivalry of all time. The rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants began in the late 19th century when both clubs were based in the New York City area. The Dodgers played in Brooklyn (then a separate city, before being incorporated as a borough of Greater New York in 1898) and the Giants played at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan. After the 1957 season, Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley decided to move the team to Los Angeles for financial and other reasons. Along the way, he managed to convince Giants owner Horace Stoneham (who was considering moving his team to Minnesota) to preserve the rivalry by bringing his team to California as well. New York baseball fans were stu ...
they had Jose Reyes. Carlos Beltran. Carlos Delgado. David Wright. I think mike piazza or that was earlier. They were good af
Little Giant Ladders
I played a Allstar game against Mike Piazza. I was best catcher on the field that day. Of course he played first base.
My dads crying watching the mike piazza hall of fame lol
I miss going to Met games & seeing Mike Piazza's picture on the screen at Shea in right-centerfield & watching him hit.
I still have the news article with Mike Piazza and Tom Seaver together when Shea closed. Sad day.
I remember crying when Mike Piazza left the And of course clapping when he homered twice. Only visiting player I clapped for.
God, I love Mike Piazza. One of my favorite players of all time.
I will always remember Mike Piazza's home run after 9/11.
I think I hate Derek Lowe more than Mike Piazza.
Literally in tears watching SNY mike piazza's speech he made for his dad 😭
not infamous but rare-always wanted the Mike Piazza Marlins jersey
yo Conor man I'm all about Mike Piazza
Back9Network had a chance to catch up with former MLB catcher and 12-time All-Star, Mike Piazza at the Michael Jordan Charity Invitational in Las Vegas. Mike not only shared with us what he loves about the game of golf, but he also shared some words of wisdom. Piazza, who attended the event with h…
7/8/00: Mike Piazza leaves the game after getting hit by Roger Clemens Check out for more! About : About : Baseball ...
On this date in 1998, Mike Piazza played his first game as a New York Met. Here he is dining with Alf.
best catcher to ever play, followed closely by Mike Piazza and if course. Yogi
hire Mike Piazza as your new hitting coach he will help out a lot with the younger players
It's awesome seeing Drew Butera behind the plate wearing it reminds me of watching Mike Piazza play when I was a kid
They do spring training right by our Florida house and I always went to watch! Lol I met Mike Piazza.
LOVE watching Mike Piazza, Rey Ordoñez, and Robin Ventura highlights. That was a fun Mets team. Good old days.
Ortiz grounds to first then snaps his bat over his knee. He did not throw the pieces at Mike Piazza, however
You got to have prosciutto. It's the Mike Piazza of the lineup!
word. How you feel about Mike Piazza? Great hitter. "Called" pitches. Almost like a great all round quarter back analogously
he'll be in a pert plus commercial like Mike Piazza within a year
What?! Mike Piazza didn't get an Oscar nomination either? Come on!
Mike Piazza in five star. Good for him.
If Mike Piazza was booed, then Chris Young can be booed.
Let's be real an entire era of baseball is about to end when Jeter retires. Griffey Jr, Nomar, Sandy Alamar, Mike Piazza, Manny, Pudge
why cant we hire a guy with a track record of being a good hitter FOR the Mets. Keith Hernandez, Mike Piazza, Alfonzo, etc.
S/o to Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, A-Rod, Jason Giambi, Mike Piazza...y'all let a young *** know it was ok to cheat
Bring Ricky Henderson back.. or Mike Piazza.. or Steve Finley. All of them could hit better today than current Pads.
which former Mets player would you like to see as a guest during the telecast?” Mike Piazza, or John Olerud, or Todd Hundley
So how is Mark Ellis keeping Kolten Wong from the show batting .196 and playing D with the range of Mike Piazza?
I remember seeing Mike Piazza get hurt on that exact play with Mike Lowell at 3B in Fenway in '07.
I'm with John Franco, Mike Piazza, Edgardo Alfonzo, and other Mets legends. Add your name. via
Wow, I guess that means he's as good as Mike Piazza and Daddy Boone, huh?
.joins Ray Boone (1953) & Mike Piazza (1998) as only players to hit multiple slams vs same team in a season with 2 different clubs.
says is the 3rd player to hit a grand slam vs. 1 team with 2 different teams. Others are Mike Piazza and …
With that HR breaks a tie with Joe D. for 78th on the all-time list and passes Mike Piazza for 90th place on …
Pablo Sanchez, Pete Wheeler, Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, Mike Piazza and kiesha Phillips=must have players in your backyard baseball lineup
Had another epic Lunch with my Buddy Phil. We always have a great time. Topics discussed. The god status of Derek Jeter. The Best Actor tournament. The upcoming Best Kick *** fictional character tournament. Bill Buckner. What would happen if Don Mattingly went to Rafael Santana's home? Yankees, Mets, Steelers, El Rey cable channel, My attending the Latina bars, Serenity & Firefly. Barry Bonds, Gary Carter & Mike Piazza. The validation of a WWE Hall of Fame. Why are all the best Mets in history also Yankees? Scarlett Johannsen. Jessica Alba. Famous people you wouldn't know were Latino. The AJ Duhe TV show idea. I'm sure I'm forgetting something in our 4 hours of catching up. Still totally EPIC!
Bonds vs. His Peers in 2007: In 2003 Major League Baseball implemented its steroid testing policy and either as a result, coincidence, or injury, many of Barry Bonds’ YOUNGER all-star peers free-falled into decline in the ensuing years. Some got caught using PEDs (Jason Giambi, Rafael Palmeiro); some were soon gone from the league (Juan Gonzalez, Jeff Bagwell, and Roberto Alomar); and others saw significant decreases in production and/or weight loss (Sammy Sosa, Todd Helton, Ivan Rodriquez, Mike Piazza, and Nomar Garciaparra). This list is not provided for needless witch-hunting, just for necessary referencing. The Natural: At age 43, two years after missing close to a year because of knee surgeries, Bonds was hitting home runs at an astonishing rate of 1 per every 11 at bats and maintained an on-base percentage of close to .500. Both of these figures led the National League and eclipsed Bonds' rates from his 2nd growth phase. Unlike many of his younger all-star contemporaries, he had failed no drug tes ...
On ESPN on Mike and Mike, they are discussing the baseball HOF. I couldn't agree with them more. The cliff note version for me is a HOF without Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Pete Rose is not really a HOF. How can we choose which players pay the penalty of not going to the HOF during this era. ARod should be in as well. More questionable for me are McGwire, Sosa, Palmero... But I would likely put them in. Biggio, Ivan Rodriguez, Mike Piazza... are all likely to make it and there is almost no doubt in my mind that they did steroids during their careers. Basically, for me their is no argument against guys like Bonds and Clemens. Their records and their late career heroics deserve an * in my mind but it does not erase their greatness as baseball players.
Mets in Movies: Two Weeks Notice, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant attend a game at Shea and Mike Piazza snares a foul.
The last time she watched a Mets game, Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura, and Todd Zeile were playing.
Baseball ties 5-5 with the Italian National Team, led by hitting coach, Mike Piazza! Following a full nine innings, ELEV|8 High School Baseball Team tied the professional team at 5-5. LHP Nick Vespi, and RHP Christian Olmos each pitched quality innings against the quality competitor, while many other players became hitting standouts. Roars from the crowd erupted when Luis Diaz-Santa blasted a 2 RBI triple to left field in the 4th and being down by 2 in the bottom of the ninth, Dominic Paolo hit a line drive single to right field to rally the team. Cole Dubet then hit his second single of the game, and Hector Morales knocked in a run on a single to close the gap to 5-4. Renaldo Rivera gets the tying RBI on a single line drive to center field. WHAT A GAME!
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Mike Piazza hits a 2 out 2B in the bottom of the 5th to LCF. Todd Zeile up.
is it too late for New York? A-Rod, James Dolan, Mike Piazza and John Starks. How'd I do?
Nothing going on, and ESPN talking Mt Rushmore in every sport. Decided to post my all-time MLB team. Few rules to understand players had to play during my life. I can't argue for or against Ruth, Mantle, Mays I never saw them. C- Mike Piazza 1B- Don Mattingly 2B- Ryne Sandburg SS- Alan Trammel 3B- Wade Boggs OF- Rickey Henderson OF- Ken Griffey Jr. OF- Kirk Gibson SP- Mark Langston CL- Trevor Hoffman
Ok so I have a few things to sell. 1) EXO TERRA light for aquarium or reptile tank new in store $40 I would like $15 2) Budweiser collector stein $10 3) hand painted bobble heads Cal Ripken, Mike Piazza and Mark McGwire $10 each 5) 1952 antique RCA Victor radio in working condition $50
Jesus Montero with Kyle Seager’s work ethic is probably Mike Piazza. Instead, he has something short of Vin Baker’s work ethic.
Placido Polanco has more career hits than Mike Piazza, Gary Carter, Scott Rolen ( for whom he was traded), Duke Snider, and Gary Carter.
Hour-long tribute to Ralph Kiner on Sportsnite at 10:30. Vin Scully, Mike Piazza, Howie Rose, Gary, Keith, & Ron to nam…
Nice to see Curt Hawkins on Superstars rocking his Mike Piazza tribute tights. He sold that spin kick like a champ! Need to use him more.
Feb 14.2013 I got my book signed by mike piazza!! Greatest gift ever
I'm Mike Piazza with the curves balls I'm catching man.
This song is catchier than Mike Piazza with the plague
I no mike piazza deserved to be in hall in 2013! Did not cheat! Met em from my uncle was a priest at Shea! 2015 mike 2 coop
Can we all just take a moment to rememberthat Mike Piazza, Albert Pujols, John Smoltz and Jeff Kent were selected in the 16th round or later
I'm currently writing my religion essay on how I was born in Shea Stadium and was named after Mike Piazza. Guaranteed A+.
Bat thrown by Roger Clemens at Mike Piazza on auction block - Newsday: NewsdayBat thrown by Roger Clemens at M...
and then u got mike Piazza catching
According to SNY, Mike Piazza is to appear on an Hour-long tribute to Ralph Kiner on Sportsnite along with several others tonight at 10:30 on SNY. I already have my DVR set.
Will always remember Ralph Kiner shaking my hand when I was 9 while waiting on mike piazza outside shea
I spent most of my life listening to Ralph Kerner on the radio in my car on the beach you name it was the best announcers of all time I guess talk text isnt a Mets fan that's a long fly ball deep the centerfield it may go let's watch homerun Mike Piazza!!!
I like that mop top. That is better than mike piazza lol
This was the last game of the 2013 season. It was Mike Piazza day at the ballpark. It was very special to see my favorite player have his day. The Mets beat ...
The Super Bowl, Reformation, the Wind and Other Thoughts by Rev. Jensen Dear Members and Friends of the United Church of Norman - UCC, The Super Bowl has come and gone. Some folks are happy, some not so happy, and some just relieved the whole thing is over. I thought the game itself lacked excitement because the Broncos just never got started! Again, in my opinion, the commercials seemed to steal the show. At $4,000,000 for a 30-second spot they should have been good. I received an e-mail this week alerting me to an ad that didn't get aired because the sponsoring organization didn't have $4,000,000. I'm going to offer it up Sunday during our worship service as our Holy Word and hope you will be there to view it with us. It's sponsored by the NCAI (National Congress of American Indians) and depicts, I think in a powerful way, the case for removing the racist names and mascots from high school, college, and professional sports that has done so much harm to the dignity and pride of Native American peo ...
Better than me saying Mike Piazza is my muse :/
The broken bat that Roger Clemens infamously threw at Mike Piazza during the 2000 World
You can own World Series broken bat thrown by Yankees' Roger Clemens at Mets' Mike Piazza
Bat thrown by Clemens at Piazza on auction block
The Roger Clemens-Mike Piazza broken bat is up for auction:
You know Baseball season is close when Joe Morgan & Mike Piazza cameo in Married With Children!
Beautiful amazing gift from my friend MIKE PIAZZA
«Ray Allen is 38 years old, people.»my hate for him is more then the dodgers and mets still owe Mike Piazza
Its a god *** Shame Mike Piazza ain't in the Hall of Fame, cats is hating on the kid.
Huge fan living the dream, sitting next to legends Mike Piazza and Darryl Strawberry.
My bird musket meekly MIKE PIAZZA the Matrix like to play in the On Elton
Apparently Justin Turner is Mike Piazza, Carlos Beltran & Jose Reyes rolled into one.
Pizza Hut Collectible Baseball/Bat Sets featuring players. I will be listing these soon on Ebay for 9.99 each. They are nerf-type material bat/ball sets featuring baseball greats such as Greg Maddux, Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Piazza, David Cone, Jeff Bagwell, Orel Hershiser, Mo Vaughn and Randy Johnson. If interested, send me a message! I have 2 of each color except yellow which I have only one of. I give discounts for 2 or more and for buying before it gets listed on ebay!
After seeing the Pro Football HOF Class of 2014 list, I cannot express how happy I am for Ray Guy. For those of us old enough to have seen him play, we know how he revolutionized his position. It's about time that the Hall of Fame finally realized that if you are possibly the best ever at what you did even if that position does not produce sexy stats that you are induction worthy. Now I just wish that the baseball writers would get off of their *** and elect Mike Piazza, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell & Tim Raines next year. Don't ignore an entire era & punish players without concrete evidence when you were more than happy to look past steroids when they were happening.
any shot they got outside of the organization i.e. a Mike Piazza or a Kevin Millar?
reported to be interested in Richie Sexon, Mike Piazza, Nomar Garciapara, David Wells, Scott Rolen, Eric Gagne, and many more.
N9ne. Great food and drinks. Roulette with Ryan Braun and Mike Piazza. Not really but next best thing.
Pro sports, still homophobic in 2014 By Hudson Taylor January the 5th, 2014 Source: CNN CNN) -- First, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers addressed rumors that he was *** on his weekly ESPN radio show, saying, "I am not *** I really, really like women." Then former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe penned a nuclear account in which he said his former coach was such a complete homophobe that it may have cost Kluwe a job in the NFL. Both players, in very different ways, illustrate that despite all the progress made by the LGBT community in sports over the last decade, some things are very much the same. Flash back to 2002, and it was baseball's Mike Piazza uttering those recurring words, "I am not *** at a news conference after a midseason tabloid report stating otherwise. Pointedly denying a similar *** rumor more than 10 years later, while obviously personally important to the intensely private Rodgers, highlights that being *** in sports -- or being perceived as *** -- still carries a hug ...
If I could turn back time ,baby! Ponder this one, if the Dodgers remained under O'Malley ownership, we could have had Mike Piazza, Paul Konerko, Paul LoDuca,and Green, together on the line up! On a parallel universe that might have been it would have spared us the sight of seeing Gary Sheffield and Bobby Boniilla wearing Dodger Blue :-(
voted for Larry Walker over Mike Piazza, despite the fact that Piazza outperformed Walker while catching.
With the MLB Hall of Fame voting situation and multi-media's Dan LeBatard in the thick of it, I read his ballot he made public. That is the controversial ballot because he let Deadspin readers vote on his selections in a protest of the selection process. Here is his Top 10 as voted by the Deadspin readers. (The Baseball Writers' Association of American allows each voter to select up to 10 on a ballot) His ballot had Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine, Mike Piazza, Craig Biggio, Edgar Martinez, Jeff Bagwell, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Curt Schilling. My opinion, good job by the Deadpsin readers who voted. We can agree or disagree with how he took a stance -- right or wrong, bad or good -- but let's not overlook a couple of other things that occurred. One writer admittedly voted only for Jack Morris. He voted for no one else. Also, there were single votes for Armando Benitez, Jacque Jones and Kenny Rogers. Craig Biggio missed the Hall by just two votes, and voters are allowed to only vote for one or ...
If and when does Mike Piazza ever make H.O.F? I know as time passes it seems chances grow slimmer, but as the next couple years coming up where I am sure more and more votes are occupied by the The obvious big names from the Steroid era, does he ever get in?
It is an absolute joke that Mike Piazza is being denied his rightful place in Cooperstown. The most disturbing part is the candidacy is being thwarted on the basis of whispers and innuendo that he may have taken Steroids at some point in his career, because his offensive numbers as a Catcher are so staggering. Unless, someone can produce more than anecdotal evidence of his guilt then these sanctimonious Sportswriters need to let his candidacy pass, because If Mike Piazza is not a first ballot Hall of Famer then I do not know who possibly can be eligible in this era based raw merit. Without question he is the greatest hitting catcher to have played and was one of the most feared hitters for more than a decade. He accomplished all of this with grace and style in the 2 of the largest media markets in the country where his every move was under constant scrutiny. The Baseball Writers of America are waging a scorched earth policy on all Players that excelled at the game thorough out the 90's and the turn of the ...
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I don't agree with the PED logic that's keeping Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, and now even Mike Piazza out of the Hall of Fame. I get it... I just don't agree with it. So PED's gave Bonds and Clemens an unfair advantage over other historical players? Well.. a larger strike zone and higher mound gave players like Bob Gibson an advantage. so let's go back and grade hitters from that era on a curve..or kick the pitchers out of the Hall. Or hey.. Babe Ruth had a clean, new bouncy ball to hit and a short right field porch at Yankee Stadium rather than one ball used until it was a sponge and the cavernous parks of the old days, so let's dock him about 20 home runs from the record books to make it fairer for "historical players". I 'm not taking away from Ruth, I'm pointing out that times change and the playing field is generally the same for all players of every era. that's right. more used PED's than anyone would like to admit, and if they didn't, they could have because it wasn't illegal at the time. Mark .. ...
A few of my issues with this years Hall of Fame Voting I am not an informed Hall OF Fame analyst so I sit here as a questioner more than a true analyst. The bar for induction in the Baseball Hall of Fame is always moving and I am unsure where the bar sits so I never feel fully comfortable voicing with passion an argument for or against the tougher choices. Then when you throw in the complexity of the Steroid era issue and I find the discussions fascinating but at least for now, unresolvable. That all being said, here are my questions about this years voting 1) Jeff Kent. The debate surrounding Jeff Kent. It looks like the prevailing opinion is that he was not a hall of fame second baseman. How? His offensive numbers DWARF the very best second baseman of all time. Joe Morgan is the gold standard for greatness at 2B and Kent makes Morgan look like a punch and judy hitter in comparison. How can defensive limitations or a shortened peak possibly be enough to eclipse the final numbers? Mike Piazza would be a l ...
K, let's be honest here. The only ones who think that Mike Piazza shouldn't have been a shoe-in first ballot Hall of Famer are Roger Clemens and the *** sportswriters who voted as such. Greatest HITTING catcher of ALL TIME! Johnny Bench and his paltry .267 lifetime batting average can bite me! But it don't matter because the Hall of Fame has long since become irrelevant anyway. Probably right around the time they started letting guys like Mike Lupica choose it's occupants. You ever see some of these sportswriters who sit on the Hall's board of elections? I bet most of them never even played STICKBALL. That would be like letting a shoe salesman judge a Navy SEAL's body of work. Ridiculous! I'd vote in 10 Mike Piazza's before I voted in ONE fcheater like *** Perry! But I guess the SUSPICION of being a cheater is a bigger roadblock to Cooperstown than ACTUALLY being one! Unless, of course, you're Frank 'Freakishly Large' Thomas! I guess in that instance, the scribes were somehow able to conclude beyond ...
Five things to know about baseball’s Hall of Fame ballot By Howie Rumberg AP Sports Writer NEW YORK — Hall of Fame voters made up for last year’s empty slate, electing Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine — three stars who’ve never been connected to performance-enhancing drugs. On a day that turned out to be a celebration of first-timers on the ballot, Craig Biggio missed out on baseball’s highest honor by two votes. Mike Piazza gained a bit of ground in his second year of eligibility, too, but nearly everyone else saw their percentage of votes drop — 75 percent is needed for admittance. Award winners from the Steroids Era struck out again, and big-game ace Jack Morris missed on his 15th and final chance in voting by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Next year, chances don’t improve for returnees with another crowded class of achievers. “Kids dream about playing pro sports, but to go into the Baseball Hall of Fame, it’s a gigantic moment for me,” Thomas said. The i ...
The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame is officially a joke as long as Mike Piazza isn't in it.
Well I am happy the 3 Atlanta Braves members made the hall this year. What I don't get is how 16 baseball writers purposely left one of the best pitchers of all time off there ballots. Gregg Maddox was a magician on the mound and deserves to be a unanimous 100% agreed upon HOF member. But because of some un written rule that says no one should be a unanimous selection he wasn't. Baseball Writers of America should not get a say in this anymore, it should be a small committee that speaks for the true fans that make the call. How isn't Craig Biggio or Mike Piazza not in the HOF yet is beyond me.
Market America UNFRANCHISE OWNER TEAM: Mike Piazza was just snubbed once again from the Baseball Hall of Fame. I thought it made for a good opportunity to discuss the concept of believing in yourself and your abilities, no matter how many times you are overlooked or underestimated. Here is the link for that article. Hope you enjoy it! Mike is a great guy and inspiration and has always been a close personal friend of Loren and mine. He has always been extremely humble and always puts in perspective and humorously enough is the least concerned about it –but I can’t help but want to see him get what so of us who followed his career know he deserves. Mike Piazza Snubbed on Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot
I just saw some of the "snubs" in this year's MLB Hall of Fame induction. I will just say it, Barry Bonds not in the HOF is ridiculous. Steroid era cannot be determined when it started. Even so, Barry Bonds numbers are ridiculously great. Other guys that should of made it: Tim Raines, Mike Mussina, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza
If a Hall of Fame doesn't have Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Mike Piazza, and of course Pete Rose in it, then it's not much of a Hall of Fame, and I wasted a lot of time watching baseball when I was growing up.
Let the debate begin. Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Edgar Martinez, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro didn't get into the HOF. Palmeiro didn't even get the votes to stay in the ballot. But these players should be in the HOF. Yeah, I can see people out there with pitchforks. Clemens? Bonds? Palmeiro? Yes. All three plus Big Mac. They are the poster childs of the PED's era. But PEDs where part of the game since well, EVER. Still PED's don't make you the athletes this guys where. What's your opinion?
Mike Piazza, Jack Morris, and Craig Biggio all got robbed today. ESPECIALLY Jack Morris who missed on his final ballot. How do Piazza and Morris get less votes than last year? 16 voters left Maddux off their ballots. Armando Benitez got a vote!! I think every ballot should be made public and you should be required to vote for 3 players minimum or your ballot is rejected. I'd love to see writers who left Maddux off ballot be publicly outed. And I'm a Mets fan...I have more reason to hate Maddux than almost anyone!
Bad call by baseball writers. Mike Piazza belongs in the Hall of Fame.
The fact that Mike Piazza isn't in the hall of fame because of steroid rumors but no evidence is ridiculous. The fact that Greg Maddux didn't get unanimously voted in because a writer didn't want to vote anyone who played in the 'ped era' (when steroids have been around since at least 1970s) is even more ridiculous. I wonder what the real logic is among these baseball writers because the televised reasoning they give for their votes sound like a load of crap.
Mike Piazza snubbed from the Hall again.F**k you Baseball writers association. You suck ***
MLB will announce their 2014 Hall of Fame class today at 1PM CST. Four former Missions are on this year's ballot: Mike Piazza (1992), Paul Lo Duca (1997), Eric Gagne (1999) and Jacque Jones (2013 hitting coach).
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I would add this to the present Hall of Fame chain, but it's crazy long already! What about next year's electees? What does everyone think? My votes, if I somehow get one, would be for Roger Clemens, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz. Here is a link for who will be eligible:
So all that being said my Hall of Fame ballot would read Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Jack Morris, Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, Edgar Martinez, and Larry Walker. I know 10 guys are too many in one year, but I think all of those guys are HOF worthy. I think Mike Mussina and Jeff Kent are eventual Hall of Famers too, but they don't deserve to be first ballot guys. Fred McGriff and his 493 career HR's and 1550 RBI's with a .284 career batting average in 19 seasons belongs in too. He too did most of that during the steroid era and was never linked to cheating. I just couldn't put more then 10 guys in on the same year. What do you think my baseball fan friends??
Today I was told Jason Kendall was better than Mike Piazza...
MLB Hall of Famers announced today! I LOVE THIS DAY! There are LOTS of players worthy. AND based on who's already in and the numbers (post season included), here are my picks with a brief description of why. I'll not discuss the "steroid-tainted" players. Craig Biggio - YES - Since when has 3000+ hits and 400 stolen bases not been good enough. Had he played in NY, MLB would have retired his number. Don Mattingly - YES - Most dominating player of his era. It's about time. Lee Smith - YES - One of the greatest closers ever. Mike Piazza - YES YES YES - Are you freaking kidding me... Greatest hitting catcher ever. Curt Schilling - YES YES YES - If it's all about winning, LOOK AT HIS POST SEASON NUMBERS! GUY WAS OCTOBER GOLD! Jeff Kent - Yes - One of the greatest second basemen ever. Greg Maddux - Guarantee. Should get 100% of the vote. Still the greatest pitcher I've ever seen live or on TV ever. Did more with less than anyone else. Tom Glavine - YES. ONly wish he was going in as a Met. I know. ...
Best of luck to Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Edgar Martinez, Jack Morris, Larry Walker, Frank Thomas, Mike Piazza on their impending Hall of Fame announcement today. Who do you think deserves to enter the hallowed halls of Cooperstown today?
Jeff Bagwell, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, and Mike Piazza for sure I'm on the fence with Bonds and Clemens
Mike Piazza w/regards to HoF C's: most HRs, 3rd most RBIs, 4th best AVG, 3rd most Hits, oh and best SLUGGING PCT. But not a HoFamer?
Mike Piazza is like Ken Griffey Jr. to Italian people. To everyone else, he was like Dave Kingman who played catcher.
My picks for the ticket to for 2014: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Craig Biggio. Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza, and Jack Morris miss out, but get in the 60%-74.99% zone.
Earlier today I was lucky enough to interview Angels pitching prospect Mike Piazza over the phone. Piazza was signed by the Angels back in the 2009. Since then he has torn up the minor leagues posting an ERA of 3.53 in 2012 and 3.15 in 2013. A member of the Arkansas Travelers, Piazza is looking [&...
The numbers all but shout that Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza and Jeff Bagwell ought to be in the Hall of Fame. But the whispers tell a different story.
The Hall of Fame case of best power hitting catcher ever, Mike Piazza: Hall of Fame cases: Luis Gonzalez ...
Paging Mike Piazza... MT QB Aaron Rodgers says he’s not *** and ‘I really, really like women’
I hope Aaron Rodgers doesn't hold a press conference like Mike Piazza did addressing his sexuality?!!
Dan Shaughnessy on Jeff Bagwell and Mike Piazza: "They just don’t look right."
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Having a press conference to announce you aren’t *** is a bad look /sincerely/ Mike Piazza
Aaron Rodgers and Mike Piazza both aren't *** Got it
Completely forgot, that seems like forever ago. Outlooks changed “remember Mike Piazza's press conference?”
I need a Mike Piazza type "not coming out" press conference from Rodgers. That's closure.
I hear did his best Mike Piazza impression on the radio today.
Lundqvist gloved that one like Mike Piazza playing 1st base.
Jerry Crasnick / MLB - Craig Biggio Mike Piazza Jeff Bagwell in Hall of Fame limbo: The numbers all but s...
Found this gem in garage. Mike Piazza signature.
Mike Piazza and Aaron Rodgers are totally going to hit it off someday
remember when Mike Piazza had to do that
Aaron Rodgers should've taken a play out of Mike Piazza's playbook & wait at the batting cages to announce he's not ***
Aaron Rodgers clarifying he's not *** fondly reminds me of Mike Piazza holding a press conference to say he's not ***
Aaron Rodgers is the most electrifying athlete since Mike Piazza.
Remember the Mike Piazza press conference? You couldn't make that up.
Now Aaron Rodgers and Mike Piazza can form a club.
Troy Aikman, Mike Piazza, and now Aaron Rodgers. Good grief, people. Don't believe everything you hear.
It’s like word for word what Mike Piazza addressed way back when
I just don't understand people who think Mike Piazza doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame.
September 29, 2013; I went to Citifield for Mike Piazza Hall of Fame Induction.
Hey doesn't believe me that your biological father is Mike Piazza.
Would like to visit the universe where Jack Morris was better at baseball than Mike Piazza.
HAMMERTIME. I have a rare Mike Piazza bobblehead from 2007 that makes up for it however.
Piazza? There wasn't a cloud of PED suspicion over the 62nd round pick?
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