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Mike Peters

Mike Peters (born Michael Leslie Peters, 25 February 1959) is a Welsh musician, best known as the lead singer of The Alarm.

North Wales Captain Sensible Love Hope Strength Dennis Skinner Big Country

Alec Peters is a Laker already. Now hatched, he's ready to flap h…
Alec Peters 2nd Rounder. The more I watch him move the more I see…
📹 Mike Peters has been through a lot in his decades with and without his band The Alarm.  Good news for...
Would be fab 2 get Mike Peters from in the house this summer!! Also have Daryl part of our
Col Ralph Peters .tells Mike why we must act in Syria after the chemical attack
to WKA member, Mike Peters, at racing in the100cc class.
AMPs Live Fusion playing with Mike Peters from The Alarm: via
Source - Media drafting new Mike Flynn fake news stories for tomorrow to keep the Susan Rice scandal out of the headlines
Luvd the alarm. In1985 i back combd my fringe to get the mike peters fav song'rain in the summertime'87.xx
Grand slam by got some help from Ship coach Mike Peters at 3B, yelling, "Get out of here, get out of here!" It did.
I would love the sheets since I already have the Realtree Snow camo comforter that Mike Mattson bought me been...
Thank you to Mike Collins, Dave Peters and the whole and staff for their tireless work and incre…
Now, of course, it's Russell Peters turn to step up to the apology mike & offer some evidence of regret.
If I could give you any life advice, don't be a John peters
Before the show, Tony and Mike answered some questions about the times they traveled for work with their typewriters.
Hear about Mike Peters' approach to handling cancer as a result of his 20 year battle with it w/
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mike Mattson look we can make our own Enchilada's I already miss this place and hadn't been there in some time...
A little something for all of you fans of The Alarm. Make sure to get your tickets while you still can for the...
Mike Peters was live — with Tiona Blackburn at West Magic Reservoir, Shoshone, ID · . Checking out the spillway.
Peters Irish and had tio leave his home city after what Mike had done😭
Hey we're world premiering the man in the camo jacket 2nite. & you're in it! Mike Peters plays 2nite.
Here at the premiere of "Man in The Camo Jacket" Subject Mike Peters and Director Russ Kendall are...
Stoked to see my friend Mike Peters from tonight at "The Man In The Camo Jacket World Premiere. Great sto…
Saw THE MAN IN THE CAMO JACKET at met lead singer Mike Peters after he performed live for us.…
Man In The Camo Jacket and the team w/ producers James Chippendale and Jonathan McHugh. Q&A with Mike Peters
Mike Peters plans 130 mile walk around North Wales...and you can join him
Mike Peters from West Bloomfield rewarded with Red Wings tickets!. Inspired & Engaged
9/24 Mike Peters of returns to ORH for The Spirit of 86' Tour! Get your tickets:
Tonight's James Skelly, Ben Watt, Kevin Sampson, Mike Peters. And that's on the first 2 pages! Credit where it's due.
It breaks my heart to see these young, really talented bands getting chewed...
Don't miss the Mike Peters at The Cluny on May 13!
We're proud so support 10th annual Rocks festival!
We love how Mike Peters performs live, just watch it ==>
Ready to rock Edinburgh? Mike Peters at The Caves on May 18!
PISTONE: We all love about what Mike Harmon loves Timothy Peters's girlfriend -- and who found out
Just announced! Mike Peters presents “The Alarm: Spirit of '86 in 2016" at ONCE Ballroom. Tickets on sale tomorrow (Friday) at 12pm.
who was the original driver of that car? I wanna say Mike Peters?
What are you waiting for? Mike Peters coming to Liverpool on May 26. Tix still available! 🎫
Canadian coach Bill Peters said world championship can be "one final audition for that World Cup opportunity." Nice start Brend…
Mike Peters, Top of Your Game as ever thanks for a great night see you soon
Check out editorial cartoons by Mike Peters and other political cartoonist here:
Always had a soft spot for The Alarm and Mike Peters so disappointed I can't make his Bristol show on May 11th,...
Teresa Clayton and Mike Peters holding down the OTC booth.
Still time to get your tickets for Mike Peters gig tonight. They are in here soundchecking and sound ace!
Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders. ~Tom Peters. htt…
And here's Mike Peters from the talking about keeping up with nutrition law.
the Welsh Bono played Notts last nite, Mike Peters he maybe dying but served up a treat, you can stuff U2 for me
I was dair. We sang and chanted & I was 23 again, Mike Peters is a force of nature a Tolkienesque rock hero x
A great concert from 's Mike Peters just 24 hours after chemotherapy.
The magic formula successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.- Tom…
Mike Peters right now at rescue rooms
'Being Mike Peters' is a new documentary commissioned this week by for March 2017. to Produce.
Mike Peters from The Alarm did an absolute breathtaking,exquisite tribute to Prince with this cover of The Cross 💜💜💜.
Hear Mike Oldfield's classic 'Tubular Bells' performed by Tubular Brass at on Sat 28 May
hi are you using local actresses/actors to North Wales for use in Mike Peters film?
Fantastic idea to have the truly inspirational Mike Peters from play (North).
Mike Peters wins the week in cartooning.
Another Battlefield Study in Sicily confirmed - Academic Support from James Holland & Mike Peters.
It came up in one of those full-text documents when I searched for Alicia Espigh, Lewistown, Mike Peters." Open it and search.
Looking like Mike Grier and Andrew Peters are in net for tonights game!
hey there Michael! Thanks for the follow - can't wait to get to meet you and the team! 😊
Peters: "I always differentiate between refugees... & the migrants who are there for self-advancement." https:…
Slade Peters is speaking to middle school about the space program!
Here’s what happened when a local reporter's coverage was turned into a play: Mike McGraw has witnessed a lot ...
We were called The Toilets originally - we were flushed with success.
Mike Peters as a life long fan of I am Praying for You to Beat Cancer a Third Time. I know you will with your "Strength"!
Let's get ready to rumble with Mike Peters! Tix: 👉
I would say you feel a lot more pressure at a national tournament than a st...
Good luck to & alum Mike Morgan in US Olympic marathon trials Saturday!
Worzel Gummidge's Mr Peters, is singing on this weekend! Good luck Mike!
Check out these concert pics of Mike Peters of from last year...
Veteran skips Mike McEwen and Daley Peters have always expected to win, but can't find magic
Veteran skips McEwen, Peters have always expected to win, can't find magic.
going to St Peters was the best decision I've ever made in my life
We believe in personal choice, rather than society dictating how we must li...
I met Daddy King in the 1980s. Want to credit someone with Dr. King? He was like "Mike," as histories of the time called him.
Mike Peters definitely a hero however he now looks my nan...
I would like to dedicate this trophy to Mike Larksham. He was my neighbor growing up and just a super nice guy. This is for you, Mike.
Panthers were better off letting the Broncos score there.
There are episodes of According to Jim that are better than this Super Bowl.
Peyton Manning and the Denver offense has not been good tonight. Defense has carried them.
If Cam Newton scores the game winning TD on this drive... How much is the football he gives to the kid in the front row worth?
That was a commercial for Super Bowl 100... Scheduled for February 2066
Another stupid unsportsmanlike conduct penalty... Its been an epidemic this season.
Superbowl babies may be the best commercial so far... That or singing sheep
That wasn't really a late hit... It was a helmet to helmet though
Mike Carey wanted to sit that one out?
Simms says using up all your challenges was worth it. He and Mike Carey deserve one another.
Mike Carey cannot miss this one. Impossible.
That was an incredibly stupid try by Peyton there... Secure the ball...
Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan just killed it in that Bud Light commercial
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Problem with Quicken Loans commercial is that it assumes that simplifying mortgages will mean more home owners. Ignores high risk borrowers
Congratulations to everyone who had 0-0/in your boxes
Another one for Mike Carey...I'm convinced the referees are now waiting for his call and just going the opposite way.
That's probably an inconclusive evidence call... Looked like a catch to me
That was the weirdest commercial ice ever seen
Audi didn't have the budget to get a real astronaut? Where was Buzz Aldrin???
Game just started... "It's almost time for the Halftime Show"
Doritos always has the funniest commercials... Another winner there...
It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best. - W. Edwards Deming via
more like Mike Peters from the Alarm or a sort of Rick Parfitt!
I know, he was a superb vocalist. I know Mike Peters was with them for a while but he's moved on now hasn't he?
Kasich thinks he's not part of the establishment. Other than 2001-09 (Lehman Brothers) he's been in elected office since 1979.
And Marcus Peters won defensive ROY. Both were the most deserving too!
Watching magic mike with peters mom while I wait for him to get off 😅
Mr. Steve Cassidy, Mr. Mike Peters, Ms. Anderson, and all the fabulous teachers @ who work so hard every day!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Globalsport's Mike Peters chooses his top running performances for 2015:
I never saw Bowie live but I did see Mike Peters plumber on Stars in their eyes and a very good tribute act at the Wychwood in 2003.
Where Mike Peters feels free. 23 Days to go.
DeSean Jackson still doesn't understand how the goal line works. Reminiscent of that time he dropped ball on 1 yard line
Eagles' Jason Peters goes on rant against Bengals lineman for making All-Pro team:
MIKE PETERS returns to on 20 April with his Spirit of '86 Tour. More here:
The odds of winning the powerball are the same as Mike Carey getting two calls in a row correct.
Whenever they throw it to Mike Carey, it's like he just woke up on his couch with the game muted on his TV.
Peters is going to be a thorn in the side for WRs for a long time...
Chiefs CB Marcus Peters was targeted more than any CB since 2007 (137). Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins third in NFL with 187 targets
Didn't Peters give up 8 tds this year?
In Gnarly Trombone, Tribune Columnist Mike Peters has thoughts about "puffing" your car.
"Vespa: Tidy! Looks a bit like Mike Peters from The Alarm though
Mike Peters and Captain Sensible join up as the The Jack Tars - WalesOnline
ICYMI - Mike Peters, lead singer of & co-founder of cancer foundation performs on
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A month today (10 Dec), for the second year running, Mike Peters be spreading seasonal cheer in North Wales’...
Mike Peters 'more determined than ever' to support cancer sufferers in North Wales
Mike Peters "more determined than ever" to support cancer sufferers in North Wales: THE ALARM’S Mike Peters ha...
Don't you think Mike Peters looks a bit like Luke Shaw
Comment on 097: Mike Peters of The Alarm by John Caulfield -
We're very proud to have Mike Peters as our guest starter in 2015!
Mike Peters has a new album and a tour to finish. He also has cancer… | Classic Rock: via
A very special Welsh Artist of the Week today, as Mike Peters performs live for at 3.00
My thoughts and prayers are with Mike Peters & his family
Great night at Iridium tonight finished by Steve taking to the stage with Mike Peters!
strange from IP - again from Mike Peters New York USA on many our IPs - best block RIR:
Just shy of a month I've photographed Mike Peters (Blur & more.
Mike Peters of The Alarm is joining us on July 25th, playing 2 sets! Purchase tickets at
will be walking with Mike Peters, lets hope for great weather for a great event!
One week to go. The Mob's next gig is Sat 20 June - The Heights Llanberis, with Mike Peters of The Alarm for his...
I told mike I can get Italian sausages for the BBQ and he said "yeah just like peters"
The original lineup, or the Mike Peters plus whoever lineup?
Congrats to the 16th invite to The Finals, Avon (IN) QB Brandon Peters (
New dates added: Mike Peters of the Alarm, Presented By 91.3 the Summit
Canada did give the world Jim Carrey, Mike Meyers, Russell Peters and Martin Short...
Got my ticket to see Mike Peters play at the Wales Millennium Centre this October
2 Med Brigade consider the fight for the Second Ridge with Battle Honours guide Mike Peters
Huge thanks Mike Peters for inspiring Sbarc youngsters ahead of their performance at Snowdon Rocks
Mike Huckabee has a brand new child molester problem — the co-author of his books Freak magnet
Congrats to Mike Peters and Josh Tucker on winning Pro Doubles at The Outdoor National Warmups this past weekend!
Am I the only one that thinks that Evan Peters should be on Magic Mike XXL?😍😅
Tour host Mike Peters talks competition BBQ, 5 minute marinades and DIY dips with
I thought this hashtag had something to do with a Chris Heston nickname... It turns out it's a stupid promotion for Pizza
Did you love Mike Peters and The Alarm? They're playing a 30th anniversary gig at
Fancy a walk up music & fun on the summer solstice June 20th? Join me & Mike Peters fundraising
If you're a fan of Mike Peters and check out at 10am for some rather massive news.
Snowdon Rocks in June raising money for cancer services Mike Peters htt…
Trying to figure out where you are based on reflection in sunglasses... Lol
Assorted the coloursound mike the gathering billy duffy, LINK:.
Gr Mike Peters of Alarm coming to after Summerfest. Ain't NO way. Harrumph.
- on Sept 11th - Mike Peters brings this to Boston :)
Look out for our FWW column by Mike Peters in tomorrow's .We are looking at the Edith Cavell story.
Hey tell Bono I met Mike Peters of The Alarm last year and we spoke of The War tour '83. Small venue set as well.
Mike Peters solo at Hugh's Room in September. I'll finally get that version of The Stand I begged for on Bloor St after the Big Country show
please follow me.OK I know I'm begging lol & playing my friend Kristine is climbing Ben Nevis for Mike Peters card cx
Vikings' Adrian Peterson wants better contract, not trade: Disgruntled Vikings running back Adrian Peters...
Mike Peters! "People from Russia remember those who gave all in WW2 on Victory Day, May 9"
The awesome Mike Peters, creator of Mother Goose & Grimm, took time out from the Reubens to be even more awesome.
Indians shaving their heads to support Mike Aviles' daughter, who has cancer.
Now, kids, this is what happens when you don't take your nap . . . (with Mike Peters)
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Mike Peters Guest Cartoon: Iraq’s Brave Army: Mike Peters is recognized as one of our nation’s most prominent ...
Walker-Peters looks like one of my cousins
Mike Peters has just updated their profile see:
Was at aviemore. T in the highlands, Mike peters (the alarm) and gun played also 1995
Just sold sold a Sabbath album to Mike peters of Cancer bats 😎
RIP, Mary Ellen Mark. A legend and a badass. Always loved this photo of her by Mike Peters.
The legendary Mike Peters draws an original Grimmy in my sketchbook at the Reuben Awards Weekend.
Seeing lovely photos of young Mary Ellen Mark, which are great, but not as great as her looking a total badass
Flew over listening to & thinking about oh my friend, oh my friend, oh my friend Mike Peters. See you soon
Mike Peters delivered a great live show at Herr Nilsen, Oslo last night
Hanover Area's hits came from Jake Peters, Austin Gately and Mike Piscotty. Kevin Rimmer struck out five on the mound.
Mike leaves the house to go drive in the storm. 😅
Emma Roberts beats Evan Peters and she's "passionate" if it was the other way around people would hate Evan and feel sorry for Emma.
If anyone wants to see me destroy Mike Peters in tennis tomorrow, you should be at Francis Park at 3:30 :-)
I added a video to a playlist Jem Haynes & Mike Peters - Dark Days
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The Alarm's Mike Peters replacing Mark Lawrenson is like something out of Billy the Fish.
COMING SOON: Mike Peters, frontman for the internationally acclaimed band The Alarm, is here on 3/29. For tickets:
Shame the Dayton Daily News publishes garbage from cartoonist Mike Peters
Fantastic night. Mike Peters of and the legendary Dennis Skinner
The fab Mike Peters playing RuaneMP event tonight in Rhyl and promoting
Punjabi dancers with last night. Mike Peters with tonight. Dennis Skinner on next.
Mike Peters and friends raced in in an F1 Race at Carew. 8th Luke Peters 7th Josh Jones 6th Ben Schnezper 5th...
Nice one! Not sure if you'll be back in Worcester but Mike Peters is playing the Marrs Bar in February.
for being top HighValue connections this week :) (insight by
Evan Peters seen being pulled over for stealing my heart
Oh and Evan peters is.. well. fugly! LMaoo Just saying. The upside of life is Magic Mike XL is filming!
AHS and this name evan peters getting played out like songs on the radio
Girls still diggin Evan Peters even with them 3 finger hands 😂😂
sorry Mike, I gotta side with Steve on this one. You are quite the stud
we are very angry about your decision to not give Mike the job
Mike could be left unemployed this does not help the growing unemployment rate in the UK
please keep Mike from directed study, we all love him
Got to meet the amazing guy today Mr. Mike Peters from The Alarm. 😆 🙈🙉🙊
Guild Chairman Mike Peters is at Westminster today meeting our Patron, Lord Faulkner of Worcester.
Bit random to have my photo taken with Mike Peters from at lunchtime
In answer to queries about the musical I have written with Mike Peters and Paul Sirett. It is now scheduled for Spring 2016.
Well I don't believe that Evan Peters story is true
That Evan Peters story has me cracking up
Jamal Peters is going to San Antonio. Bassfield SS/WR got invite to 2015 U.S. Army All-American Bowl (1/3 on http…
-What's happened to Mike Peters's Pledge project, The Scriptures? There's been no further news?!
I can't help bu think Tom meant other people's panic... I could be wrong!
For those of you who knew Mike Peters, here is the video from his funeral with a walk down memory lane,,,
Me and Mike were tarring along and then he threw up
baby mike is laying on my feet and sneezing and I love him so much and bob is on my pillow farting and god I love him too.
Awyr Las Patron Rhun Ap Iorwerth AM came to the Alaw Unit today to show his support for Mike Peters’
"Pete what do I do if I'm getting raped?" Peter . "Give in" Peters dad .
Is that a joke Falcao you lazy *** you got the fitness level of a peters pie
MIKE PETERS, popularily known as the frontman of the internationally acclaimed Welsh band, 'The Alarm' is live at...
What's your Monday look like? Remember, as says: you are your calendar. Your schedule says exactly what yo…
Always try to get mike to peters sundays...he's always too *** high to go
omg calm down. I love you more than Evan Peters. Big ole 👶
mike peters / the alarm - true life. Love this song and his music.
Mike Peters is known primarily as frontman of the internationally acclaimed Welsh band The Alarm. Mike is also an...
Mike Daniels has to make that play.
U2 pay tribute to Mike Peters and The Alarm by via // sweet sweet sweet : )
“SUNDAY LONG READ: The story of Mike Babcock and his growing coaching tree in the NHL. Peters
Mike is in Augusta trying to lead the Georgia PGA to victory over the GSGA in The Peters Cup
Bill Peters didn’t know what to think when he saw Mike Babcock frenetically walking toward his table at the 2014...
Babcock coaching tree seeded by opportunities: Bill Peters didn't know what to think when he saw Mike… via
Deff gonna be watching Mike Tyson cartoon on adult swim when it comes out.
1. Before you fired 2 fatal shots into Mike Brown's head, he had been shot 4 times by you. Did you still believe him to be a…
4. 6 eyewitnesses saw you take 6 shots at the back of Mike Brown. Was your intention to arrest or kill him with those shots?
5. After you shot Mike Brown through your SUV window, he fled over 100 feet, did you still feel threatened while you chased …
Re: that RT: Because we can't talk to coaches, Mike Reed doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves for crafting Alexander, Peters & Green.
good old Pete Wylie-last saw him live with Kirk Brandon,Glenn Matlock&Mike Peters aka has played too
LT. Col. Peters gets it!...You win by producing acres and acres of dead terrorists...
. yeah, I dominate in anything involving shots if you catch my drift mike, what I'm sayin is that my life …
pay tribute to Mike Peters for Hear it 25/4 @ 9pm
Mike Peters presents: - Strength at The Continental in March
alright, Michael phelps! You are the mike phelps of philosophy! ;)
Thanks to for sharing the cartoon brilliance of Mike Peters.
I don't like throwing about the word 'hero' when it comes to music. However if there's 1 person who deserves it, it's
On Peters getting involved: "Yes, everyday, weather he gets a flag or not, it helps your locker room and QB" - Mike Quick.
Mike you are 100% right, Peters is to valuable but plays like that can carry you all year as a "together moment" unselfish leader!
Props to Copnick, Peters, Jess M, Mike D "Copnick and crew most added."
signs Pink Strap in aid of Breast Cancer Clinical Trials on Mike Still looking on
"If you're going to go to war, you go to war to win. We have to fight to win," says Lt. Col. Peters on strategy against
"Eagles OT JasonPeters would risk getting ejected again if his QB is blindsided again
In the middle of the Peters-Baker scramble, DeSean Jackson went up and said hello to Jeremy Maclin and members of Eagles coaching staff.
My favourite picture of this year. boss with Mike Peters
this is cool Mike Paw-Paw Peters Levi Lawler Don Madere and anyone else
Just seen Alan Biley in the Director's Box. Although, it could be Mike Peters, lead singer with the Alarm... Or someone else.
Fundraiser this Saturday. Help raise money for the color our nation club. kissing booth: Quinn peters, mike canfield, Me, DD, Isaiah frame
do you know when the Mike Peters tickets go on sale for 15 May next year ?
5-star review from Rich "Mike was very professional, informed me of what he was doing and went right to work. Was ...
mike peters fronting Big Country is what i want - classic Scotch and Welsh rock for the price of just one ticket
Great gig with Mike Peters on Friday nite. Fantastic music, stories - and so nice to meet him afterwards! Keep rocking!
Had a great time at the Mike Peters show last Friday.
Lunch date with Mike (@ Ninja Hibachi & Sushi Steak House in Menomonee Falls, WI)
Peters, Kelly, Molk, Herreman, Johnson in wk 5? That's still a solid line. Then Kelce and Mathis back for the home stretch..
I think if you're the Eagles you look at a lineup of Peters, Smith, Molk, Kelly and Herremans against the 49ers. Gardner just isn't there.
Mike Pollis hernia for Kelce, needs surgery. He and Peters are the only irreplaceable guys on the offense. Major blow.
Mike Ditka to on Jason Peters "They don't give you any points on the scoreboard for beating someone up or punching somebody."
“Jason Peters was standing up for his QB ✊ props to your team bro 😄
LOL, I didn't ask, I told Mike I was gonna be there ;D
Jason Peters was standing up for his QB ✊
Message from Mike Peters (The Alarm) on the Declaration tour and 2015's Strength tour.
will finish with a bang with founder Mike Peters taking the stage 4 a public concert! Read more
S/O to Jason Peters. This is what Philadelphia loves.
"Jason Peters was standing up for his QB
Nothing but respect for Jason Peters. He had every reason to go after Chris Baker.
"Jason Peters stood up for his squad Eagles flying high and at ya bruh
Jason Peters standing up for his QB was the highlight of that game.
Today I was at a rock-n-roll cowboy shop on Newbury Street in Boston and in walks Mike Peters of The Alarm. How cool is that!
“Jason Peters was real for standing up for his QB that's a true teammate right the…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jason Peters was standing up for his QB
Shout out to Jason Peters for taking on the entire Washington Redskins after Foles gets hit late. Much Respect Mr. Pet…
Such a fun night watching Dead Man Walking at The Troubadour tonight! Great musicians-Mike Peters of The Alarm, Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats, Captain Sensible from The Damned, Duff McKagan from Guns and Roses, Chris Cheney from the Living End.and for fun, Fred Armisen from SNL! Props to my husband for finding this concert. :)
Met lots of great fans yesterday of here in Reno Nevada. Bonny got right up on stage with Mike Peters...
Mike Peters of played great songs and told amazing stories last week.
Mike Peters @ the Glen Cove Country Club, Thursday night. How many people get to meet the person who sang their wedding song ? I thanked him after the show for performing it that night.
Today's MOTHER GOOSE AND GRIMM by Mike Peters (and I guess the Cold War is officially back!)
Snowdon Rocks – This Saturday... It promises to be a glorious day this Saturday when Love Hope Strength’s 8′th hike to the summit of Mt. Snowdon (Eryri), the highest mountain in Wales and England takes place at 10.00 am. Hike information here. It is certainly the best ever forecast in the history of the event and there is still time to register and join us on the mountain and enjoy the spectacular views that nature will hopefully reveal. As ever, Mike Peters will be performing music along the way with soccer legends David May (Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United) and Mickey Thomas (Wrexham, Manchester United, Chelsea, Everton, Leeds United, Stoke City and Wales), walking with us to help save lives – one step at a time. Don’t forget to wear something green and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Love Hope Strength. Call 07814 404877 to register now
Our column from Mike Peters in today's looks at how to start researching a First World War relative.
The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime: via Mike Peters is a music man, and I love this Anthemic golden oldie...
Watch this video message from to frontman Mike Peters
U2 joins North Wales rocker Mike Peters and Rhuddlan choir at concert: The Irish superstars were the surprise ...
.were the surprise guests as frontman Mike Peters recorded a concert for
7 years ago today it took 1,800 steps to reach the top of the Empire State Building where The Love Hope Strength Foundation announced their global mission of SAVING LIVES, ONE CONCERT AT A TIME. That day was a dream come true for our founders, Mike Peters and James Chippendale. And now, 7 years later, it is a dream come true for the tens of thousands of people who have been touched by the support that Love Hope Strength has brought to the world. From the Empire State Building to Mount Everest, from Mt Snowdon to Vail, and from Kauai to Mt Fuji...Thank you to everyone who has walked by our sides on this 7 year journey; volunteers, musicians, survivors, fighters, supporters, friends, family...we have only just begun.
I REALLY don't wanna go to work today! Matthew and Melanie have solo and ensemble band competition and my little RyRy has Senior Prom today! All of which I will miss! Boo! Thanks, once again, to my parents - For helping with the littles! Thanks to Mike Peters for helping with Ryan. Good luck to my little people and have so much fun being SAFE Ryan Peters. So let's go take care of new babies that just HAVE TO be born today and those that filled up our hospital being born yesterday and day before! Smh! Let's do this, I guess!
Alright time to give away some more FREE TICKETS!!! The winner for last night's challenge is Eric Thibodeau - I've already messaged him to congratulate him. He won two free tickets to the show on 4/19. Tonight's challenge is a little different. The winner will get two free tickets to my concert on 4/19 in Portland, Maine at Port City Music Hall where I'm performing my debut album "Preposterously Dank in it's entirety. I'll pick one of the people randomly who answers the question correctly to win the tix. Email your answer to pdankcontests... I'll announce the winner tomorrow night. Tonight's question is a math problem. My Dad sent me this problem in a text earlier (don't ask... Mike Peters is an enigma) and I figured it'd be a good one to ask you guys. Alright so: What does 10 equal in this mathematical pattern? 3 = 18 4 = 32 5 = 50 6 = 72 7 = 98 10 = ? GOOD LUCK & PDANK!!! If you wanna buy tix to the show instead of being a math wizard, go here:
No Alarm for Mike Peters as he heads north for Aberdeen gig
Mike Peters and the National Orchestra of Wales will perform together with Acquire Choir to celebrate 30 years of Declaration and the fifth anniversary of BB...
Just to let all my friends know,that the choir called ACQUIRE,has been asked by Mike Peters from Alarm to sing with him and The Welsh National Orchestra at Hoddinott Hall,at the Millennium Centre at Cardiff,for BBC Radio Wales,what an honour,now will have to see if I can get time off my job in School.All fingers crossed Please,as I would love to go.
Super lucky to have won the very last two free tickets to see one of my musical heroes Mike Peters of the Alarm perform the entire Declaration album on its 30th anniversary with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales at Hoddinot Hall, Millenium Centre Cardiff next month in a concert being recorded by BBC Wales. Only 165 guests allowed in to the recording and i got the very last two tickets. Great start to the day.
HORIZONS SING! Mike Peters and the National Orchestra of Wales. More details:
Super shout out to my friend Mike Peters for listening to me and being there for me in my hour of craziness... You are the best!!! Thanks for putting me in check lol
Countered two offers nice to work with good agents. Shouts out to Adele Schaefer and Mike Peters!
Mike Johnson, etc being drafted in the 2nd or 3rd & not playing well. Peters is the only
One for the late night crew, dancefloor business! :
Photos: Mike Peters of The Alarm brings the Declaration Tour to the Flowerpot in Derby, UK
Saw this and thought of you Mike Peters making me snort a pack of cherry! Hope you and Doreen are doing great!
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