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Mike Pence

Michael Richard Mike Pence (born June 7, 1959) is the U.S. Representative for Indiana's , and previously the , serving since 2001. The 6th district covers much of Eastern Indiana.

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THREAD: Let's talk about VP Mike Pence, waiting hopefully through Twitler's orgy of self-destruction for his own turn in…
Mike Pence, how do your daughters (and dear Mother) feel about your blind devotion to an admitted sexual predator? 12/
With eyes wide open, Mike Pence eagerly auditioned for the role as Donald Trump’s poodle. Now comfortably leashed...
Mike Pence and cabinet secretaries: Execute 25th Amendment and Remove Trump
Donald Trump sent Mike Pence on a $250,000 secret mission to protest black protesters at an NFL game. It was like...
Can't say this enough, whenever Mike Pence utters a single word, a group of lying bigots get their wings. He's so pathe…
Why is it OK for Mike Pence to protest on taxpayer dollars, but not OK for NFL players to do the same at no charge to…
The left was more upset at Mike Pence for being loyal to his wife than they are upset at Harvey Weinstein's sexual assau…
VP Mike Pence walked out of a football game after players protested against police brutality. was not happy
Axl Rose has some choice words for VP Mike Pence... Read the full story
Axl Rose criticizes Mike Pence over NFL "PR stunt" following the National Anthem protest
Axl Rose is not happy with Mike Pence:
I don’t get the owners siding with players to openly disrespect our VP Mike Pence at a ball game❗️is…
My ball hair is so white my crotch looks like Mike Pence.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence are concocting a plan to protest any NFL teams that disrespect the game Duck Duck Gray Duck.
USA Mike Pence walks out of Colts-49ers game after players kneel during anthem
1. Donald Trump and Mike Pence spent $250K of our tax dollars to stage a walkout and divide America. 2. Jemele Hill jus…
NFL players are kneeling to protest racial injustice in America. Donald Trump and Mike Pence staged a walkout to fuel r…
My town just had biggest mass shooting in American history. can't respect for one week!! Thank you Mike Pence!…
Mike Pence stunt at Football game cost us $250,000. That could have helped a lot of Hurricane Harvey, Irma & Maria Victims.…
Mike Pence, mocked for principles the left just can’t fathom
. Oh, shut up, Mike Pence. Mother better be sure to get you back to the wax museum before lockdown…
Still waiting for Mike Pence to protest Donald Trump's treason and sexual assaults by walking out of the White House.
Donald Trump just used Mike Pence for a PR stunt - The circus isn't dead! Barnum and Bailey are in the WH.
Since taxpayers are on the hook for $400K with Mike Pence's staged protest of protesting, doesn't that make him paid protes…
VP Mike Pence walked out of the NFL game that he attended today because the San Francisco 49ers disrespected the Fl…
Mike Pence “stole Manning's last great day as a Colt.”. with the 🔥 here:.
People aren't buying Mike Pence's claim he left an Indianapolis Colts game because of national anthem protests https:/…
We support Mike Pence in Indianapolis. Thank you for representing those of us at home during the Colts game.
So, it’s confirmed, Mike Pence literally flew from Nevada to the Colts game in Indianapolis just to stage his stupid pro…
Mike Pence walks out of NFL game to protest players taking a knee and not one person in crowd follows him out. That has t…
Make no mistake: Pence never intended to watch football game. He intended to walk out on one. .
Mike Pence is fundraising for traitor and Putin stooge Dana Rohrabacher. Talk about disrespecting the flag and country.
I, and countless other military veterans, refuse to allow Mike Pence to cynically propagandize our service to silence Black A…
🇺🇸Mike Pence walks out of the Colts game.🇺🇸. 🇺🇸And.That's how a peaceful protest is done my friends... after standing…
If they object to something in the constitution they need to tak…
The irony is the white pple who buy NFL ticks probably work 2 jobs to make ends meet while the blk players players make…
Mike Pence launched his 2024 campaign today
Mike Pence's Stunt Today of Flying to the 49er's Game then Leaving Cost Taxpayers an Estimated $209,000
More media outrage & Democrat outrage over Mike Pence leaving game after national anthem protests than there is over Harvey W…
leaves Colts-49ers game after players reportedly kneel via the . . . 🚫 https:/…
leaves NFL game after players kneel. & with their take on
Only in America would Mike Pence be under attack for not wanting to support players who disrespect our flag. Liberalism is…
Today celebrated Peyton Manning's amazing career, and tried to hijack it with a cheap political stunt. Pathetic.
Mike Pence has run away from a Hamilton showing and an NFL game, and once said he was victimized by watching Mulan. Maybe…
How many of those raging over Mike Pence exercising his 1st Amendment are the same ones who cried "muh 1st Amendment" for…
If only liberals cared about Harvey Weinstein abusing women as much as Mike Pence leaving a Colts game
Hi Mike Pence, Nazis marched again yesterday in Virgina. Yeah, they killed a woman last time out & maimed folks. But t…
If your protest angers a misogynist homophobe, you're doing something right. . Be the kind of person who makes Mike Pence le…
Mike Pence is that person who fakes a call during a party that no one invited him to and then loudly makes a big deal ab…
Do you support VP Mike Pence who left an game when several San Francisco 49ers knelt during the national anthem?. Plea…
Eric Reid on VP Mike Pence exit: "This was like a PR stunt. This is what systemic oppression looks like"
When Hamilton actors lectured Mike Pence, a paying customer, media celebrated their free speech. Mike Pence has free speech…
Pence used the Colts, who went out of their way to accommodate the VP - with no idea this political stunt was coming ht…
This would be a better event for Mike Pence to condemn.
Liberals are triggered because our Vice President Mike Pence supports his flag and his country. If you don't like America go…
Pence leaving the game is exercising his free speech
The people in Mike Pence’s suite had to be bummed that they didn’t get to spend more time with such a dynamic guy.
Hey, Mike Pence:. if we all go outside the WH and kneel, will Trump leave, too?🤔
Mike Pence: Kneeling to fight white supremacy is more offensive than actual white supremacy.
The left is mad at $150 dollars for Mike Pence's NFL ticket but not $200 billion we waste on illegal immigration? The…
NFL players kneel during national anthem, Mike Pence walks out of game in protest. The KKK march in Charlottesville, t…
While Mike Pence feigns faux outrage at a cost of $400K to taxpayers, check the Kelly hack story they wanna hide.
😂😂 protesters are mad that Mike Pence protested their “protest”
Confirmed: Mike Pence diverted from his west coast swing just to attend the game in Indianapolis, which his staffer admit…
Since when should American tax payers have to pay taxes to send VP Mike Pence to the Colts game just so we can watch him dis…
It cost Americans $1,250,000 for Mike Pence to protest kneeling & for Tom Price to fly in private jets. Kaepernick donat…
Here we go again with the race baiting & calling everyone names. GET A LIFE! . MIKE PENCE C…
Mike Pence literally hijacked the game where Peyton Manning was to be honored at halftime. Did this for his own political…
Mike Pence cost the American taxpayers at least $250,000 today with his pre-planned juvenile stunt.
Mike Pence walks out of Colts game after NFL Players peacefully protest racial injustice. White supremacists always walk…
Eric Reid keeps it 💯💯💯💯 about Mike Pence. "This looks like a P.R. stunt to me.". (h/t
Leftists complain Mike Pence wasted money by leaving game. But they don't mind the millions spent on a witch hunt.
Eric Reid is calling you out, Mike Pence!
Mike Pence staged protest was just an appetizer. Ed Gillespie uses NFL commercial to go full Willie Horton on Ralph Northam…
Maybe the 69% of US households without a gun should rise up and tell Mike Pence & friends what gun control is.
Mike Pence walks out of Nickelodeon kids choice awards after Shaq gets slimed.
Part of me wants to believe Mike Pence is just the saddest guy who just wants a break from Trump and all this political stuff
Mike Pence hates birth control and left a Colts game because of a protest. The only idea he brings to the table is "pull…
Sounds like Mike Pence was using the flag and anthem as a platform for political protest 🤔
VP Mike Pence has left the game with a broken heart. His return is questionable
Mike Pence went to the Colts/49ers game today. Eleven 49ers players kneeled during national anthem. Mike Pence left t…
Vice President Mike Pence is so sweet n kind ,Trump couldn't have pick no better man than Mike Pence
Check it out, VP Mike Pence and the second lady have arrived at LOS for today's game!
"Mike Pence is a tremendous Vice President...".
Mike Pence is still cleaning up after President Trump - no paper towels required
Mike Pence looks like the guy chasing the VonTrapp family out of Austria.---Bill Maher
Yes, we have to go back to the moon and establish bases there. One step at a time.
Mike Pence and Manafort are tied at the hip. If Manafort goes down, Pence goes down.
NASA will put humans on the Moon again, Mike Pence tells space council.
Someone tell that America is still the only country that's operating robots on Here's a pic from one from t…
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No need to ever have the "flag" discussion ever again. Just show this video t…
"A Duty to Warn" and the Dangerous Case of Donald Trump - Mike Pence-here is what you need to step in and remove him
Mike Pence and Rex Tillerson are now at war with each other
Places I would boo Mike Pence number 395 : inside of songbird
Hey... quick question... why is Mike Pence running the country and not you?
"Breaking news, Mike Pence commits to going to Mars.". "Good. See ya."
Mike Pence wants to see astronauts return to the Moon
How about those patriots that sits on a couch with their hands in their crouch and a beer in the other.
Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff Nick Ayer says, "It’s time to purge do nothing Republicans including McConnell & Ryan"
If is a moron, then Mike Pence must be the apprentice moron.
I bet Mike Pence sits on the toilet upright, with his back pressed against the lid like it's a chair.
How are you planing to build that wall? Just saying it doesn’t mean a thing!
The website of Mike Pence got hackd and it’s gold .
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says Vice President Mike Pence will travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to…
Vice President Mike Pence says America will return to the moon, go to Mars and even beyond.
Mike Pence looks like that annoying gym teacher who kept telling you to slide down on the bleachers
It is not that Richard Spencer gleefully touches his wife's butt, it's that Mike Pence cruelly wounds babies during choir.
Mike Pence's chief of staff Nick Ayers wants to "purge" Republicans who won't unite behind Trump. Do you agree with him?. P…
No doubt about it. Mike Pence is DEEP in the Koch Brothers’ pocket. .
Mike Pence.” This lacks context. As governor, Vice President Pence did make the largest income tax cut in Indiana’s history — but he didn’t
The forgotten story of how Mike Pence embraced Obamacare in Indiana: via
BREAKING- Mike Pence advising Jared Kushner go to conversion therapy after finding out he is a ***
Doors are now open for our Birmingham rally with VP Mike Pence!
So did Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and Steve Bannon, but it was different when Hillary did it because... uhh..…
Getting briefed before going into Redstone Arsenal for VP Mike Pence's visit! Stay right here for updates & full st…
We do not have a federal representative to represent Redstone Arsenal with VP Mike Pence. If Mo Brooks cant get NAS…
Its maybe, Mike Pence may make an official visit to NASA on Redstone Arsenal Monday at our expense, Reagan did it, Mike can to
President Trump is coming to the Indianapolis area Wednesday to pitch tax reform plan, Mike Pence confirms.
VP Mike Pence has canceled his planned visit to Redstone Arsenal on Monday because of schedule change.
How does Mike Pence feel about fundraising to pay for Trump Jr's lawyer, but not his own?
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Donnelly told before the speech that he's not under pressure. "Mike Pence is my friend."
Mike Pence, apparently, can't even remember Paul Manafort's name. Referred to him as "somebody" on Fox & Friends
Great news that an old friend will be able to join Mike Pence to discuss the need for tax reform tomorrow in Anderson,…
I'm sure it's been pointed out before but it just occurred to me that vice pres Mike Pence is actually Cotton Hill, Han…
The images of violence, & its victims, have shocked American people, & decent people all across the world,
Robert Mueller is zeroing in on Mike Pence:
VP Mike Pence to host fundraiser in Milwaukee September 28th -
" U.S. values its ties with and long standing relationship.". Says VP Mike Pence
.Mike Pence at The attracts many of the worst violators in the world --
Vice President Mike Pence , President Donald Trump thanks for Giving my brother a chance as U.S. Surgeon General
He never should've been allowed to be in in the first place thanks Mike pence
It is not that Rex Tillerson glaringly cherishes his wife's chew toy, it's that Mike Pence cruelly punches ant kingdoms during choir.
Can't forget to include you in on this!
Just so we're crystal clear.Repeal of Obama Care, Building the wall is a line in the sand.
Want to have dinner with Mike Pence in Milwaukee? It will cost you $35,000. Pence needs to pay his legal bills.
Hamilton Collection
Mike Pence would like a word with you.
Vice President Mike Pence says that the United Nation's Human Rights Council "doesn't deserve its name"
Pretty clear Pence worried about whatever conversations he had with Manafort that were wiretapped.
US Values its ties with Pakistan, Long Standing relationship and looks to working even more closely: United States Vice Presiden…
Mike Flynn was first hire by POTUS, bypassing Kushner. What chance Pence had a role. And Christie was FIRED BEFORE FLYNN.
This is the best thing I read on Pence and his theocr…
Pence calls on U.N. to take action on humanitarian crisis in Myanmar via
The Ol' Mike Pence bait and switch. Gets 'em every time!
Robert Mueller is zeroing in on Mike Pence - Palmer Report
Mike Pence blasts UN Human Rights Council as a 'forum for anti-Semitism'
Robert Mueller’s latest line of inquiry looks like an attempt at nailing Mike Pence
Mike Pence calls on U.N. Security Council to end bias against Israel - -
TUNE IN: Vice President joins TOMORROW at 8a ET on Channel.
didn't realize that Trumps cabinet members where actually Mike Pence's selection. History should show that. Wonder how well they'll do.
Wonder how many conversations wiretapped Manafort had with the head of the Trump Transition. Oh, his name is Mike Penc…
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.Mike Pence at Keeping the peace is at the heart of the mission.
FYI: Pence knew about Flynn. He knew entire op the entire time. He has his own ties to Deripaska/Manafort. Byebye VP http…
. A plot by Buhari's Islamist GOVT of Nigeria to continue Biafran .
VP Mike Pence criticized the UN Human Rights Council, saying it "doesn't deserve its name"
You are collateral person in the FISA warrants you will be in prison soon. You earned i…
Chris Christie on MSNBC is essentially throwing Mike Pence under the bus for involving Mike Flynn in the transition and the…
Mike Pence caught on FISA wiretap of Paul Manafort via
Imagine all the phone calls between Paul Manafort and his choice Mike Pence. Now imagine they were all recorded! Penc…
We had James Dobson, Dinesh D'Souza, and Mike Pence as speakers and the largest group on campus was college Republicans.
It is not that Mike Pence enchantingly touches his wife's butt, it's that Rex Tillerson stupidly wounds fruitflies during choir.
I'm a 54 yo, married, white man in Mike Pence's old congressional district. Donald Trump is a white supremacist. .
Trending Via Marc Lotter, Mike Pence's press secretary, is leaving - CNNPo… see more
Top story: Marc Lotter, Mike Pence's press secretary, is leaving - CNNPolitics see more
He got tired of Prancing Pence's passes. Mike Pence's press secretary is leaving the White House
He's always been a racist! Mike Pence convenes all-white, all-male meeting to plot voter suppression v…
Lindsey Graham complains Mike Pence was supposed to issue statement this morning backing Graham-Cassidy health bill, but didn't do it
Mike Pence used his personal email to conduct business matters. His email was hacked. Hillary's was not. Hypocritical…
Mirna is writing a magical Ted Cruz x Mike Pence fan fiction and only 3 people will ever see it. This is a shame.
William Dunbar, 22, of Berlin, a member of U.S. Army National Guard, jailed for threatening to kill V.P. Mike Pence.
Rachel Maddow reveals just how screwed Mike Pence is in the Trump-Russia scandal
Mike Pence declined to declare the Superfund site a state emergency; his successor declaring a disaster emergency in East Chicago
Never forget that Mike Pence fully agrees with Donald Trump's cruel, bigoted & hateful decision to end DACA. They're t…
Legal experts say Robert Mueller just nailed Mike Pence on impeachable crimes
Wow Charlie, how on Earth did you uncover these dramatic photos? Trump looks about as comfortable as Mike Pence lea…
Mike Pence is breaking ties in the Senate at a record-setting pace - CNN A closeted self loathing hypocrite!
WATCH: Gavin Newsom schools Bill Maher on why Mike Pence is just as terrifying as Donald Trump
That moment when Mike Pence deleted 30,000 emails and
Vice President Mike Pence helping to cleanup debris and brush in severely damaged neighborhood.
Mike Pence pledges support for Texas in aftermath of Hurricane Harvey..
Thanks to Mike Pence for sharing words of encouragement at our distribution site in Victoria, Texas, today!
Reminder: Mike Pence used the Bible to explain why we shouldn’t fund Katrina relief. via
Mike Pence behaving more like a real President than the real President...again! Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser
Vice President Mike Pence blasted The New York Times on Sunday over its report suggesting he is running a shadow...
Robert Mueller’s latest move signals he just might take down Mike Pence too via
Mike Pence is the personification of hypocrisy
You had this much energy in 02 when you voted for the Iraq war? Or just when poor people need help after a natural…
And still America is building renewables not coal as its cheaper.
What kind of supplies did Mike Pence bring with him to Texas?
VP Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence helped out with clean-up effort today in Rockport, Texas, a town devastat…
Donald Trump to donate $1 million of his own money to Harvey relief as Mike Pence helps out on the ground
Mike Pence the work you did was great, i was there when you helped clean up in St Louis with Eric Greitens, you and your wife are great!
Pence shows Trump how to sweat it out with Texas victims - Pence working the room! Setting himself up for act 2! https:/…
Remember Lying Bigot Mike Pence in 2005 pleading with Congress to not fund Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief? I do. htt…
.Karen Pence just led us in prayer in Rockport, TX, with her husband and
Exposed: VP Mike Pence was installed by a Russian operative and has deep ties to “dark money”.
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the fact you stayed over 2 hours out shined trump. Hoping you leave WH when trump is brought up on treason charges.
I feel nothing of pity for him, his family, or his ilk. I border on hatred, but heretic Mike Pence says his rel…
It's kind of hilarious the way Mike Pence pretends that he's just saying what Donald Trump says.
Don't let Trump's theatrics obscure the fact that Mike Pence is a cruel and callous ***
Mike Pence should suggest we abandon plans to pay for the wall - unless he's a hypocrite. Maybe he can get Mexico to pa…
Thank you to Mike Pence & Karen Pence - making a difference in Texas today.
Pence is the hardest working I've Ever Seen he works as hard as a that why we are Proudly
Refreshing compared to the satanic, baby butchering, antichrist, muslim regime we had before...
someone just told me that Mike Pence is the kind of Christian they strive to be. Shoot me pls.
It was an honor to have Mike Pence & join & our teams to help victims http…
Video: “Katrina breaks my heart...but we must not let Katrina break the bank for our children & grandchildren” Mike Pence-2005…
What an honor to have Vice President encourage our volunteers today out on a job site.
Was Just told Vice President Mike Pence is in route to Beaumont, Texas soon. Prayers for Texas
In case anyone forgot what an *** Mike Pence is, he BEGGED Congress not to fund Hurricane Katrina relief.😤😠.
Mike Pence does a photo op picking up branches back & forth for several minutes:. Media:. "Today is the day he became V…
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So grateful to Mike Pence, Karen Pence and for visiting with volunteer…
VP Mike Pence is surveying damage from Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas. Watch:
Mike Pence lands in Texas to meet Harvey survivors and view damage
Robert Mueller signals he's going after Mike Pence too, probably because he was in on it.
US-A Studs...Thomas Marshall was the former Governor of Indiana just like Mike Pence but he was the Vice President for Woodrow Wilson.
Looks like trump is president Walker and Mike Pence is Frank underwood.
Taylor Swift replacing Despacito as the number one song on the Hot 100 is equivalent to Mike Pence becoming president after we i…
Harvard-Harris poll reveals Americans like Bernie Sanders and Mike Pence. LOL!
BREAKING: Harvard-Harris poll reveals Mike Pence is the 2nd most popular active politician in the USA.
Who was the Congressman who began the trend of demanding offsets for emergency relief?. Oh, that's right! Mike Pence in 2005…
A Congressman sent this letter 11/18/16 to Mike Pence alerting him that Mike Flynn was a paid Russian agent. Pence knew & lied.…
Mike Pence lied to America. He knew Mike Flynn was a paid foreign agent by Russia since at least November. Pence must resign.
White House to instruct Pentagon on how to implement transgender ban in military. This smells like Mike Pence to me.
Marshall Bruce Mathers III did not become the first rapper to go diamond on 2 albums for you to campare him to Mike Pence. Del…
It is not that Rex Tillerson lovingly eats his own hair, it's that Mike Pence cruelly invades fruitflies during his kid's dumb recital.
Little Giant Ladders
Reupping my article on Mike Pence: Beware the calm liar
Mike Pence literally will read anything you put on the prompter. He's Ron Burgundy without the nuance.
I dream of both being ousted together every day. Please!
Mike Pence Said He Wants To See More Confederate Statues, Not Less - BuzzFeed News Next after Trump is out
Will Mike Pence pardon Trump, when/if he leaves office as a result of impeachment or indictment?
.Mike Pence: Donald Trump's new American strategy for Afghanistan will undo past failures
What is the deal with unicorn food? And Mike Pence? And Steve Bannon? What is the deal with Applebee's lately?
Peggy Noonan: "And you can imagine Mike Pence--calm, sly sometimes, occasionally evasive—as a plausible president..…
.Mike Pence on Fox & Friends: "I’m someone who believes in more monuments, not less monuments"
Vice President Mike Pence will join Trump for Phoenix Rally via
Mike Pence on Confederate Statues: "I'm someone who believes in more monuments, not less"
BREAKING: Mike Pence is really, really dumb.
Dear Mike Pence –. Get your lips off name. . Now and forever. By
Mike Pence’s defense of Confederate memorials is actually really scary
Mike Pence on removing Confederate statues because of ".. some contemporary political cause" WHAT?!
Mike Pence & Kellyanne Conway are very, very different. Pence gravely stares at you while lying at you as if you're an *** C…
Nikki Haley and Mike Pence both struggled to articulate what exactly Donald Trump’s grand plan for Afghanistan is.
how many are tired of Mike Pence gaslighting the country, just flat out lying about what Trump says?
Democrats are doing opposition research on Mike Pence, John Kasich, Nikki Haley and others in preparation for 2020
if we impeach Trump we just get Mike Pence and if we impeach Pence we just Paul Ryan and if we impeach Ryan we ju
Compare Joss Whedon's words and behavior to Mike Pence only having dinner with other women when his wife is present.
PENCE-RYAN 2016 EMAILS AND THE CLEVELAND DEAL. How did Trump end up with Mike Pence a Globalist, as his running mate?. htt…
Mike Pence used his AOL email for state business as governor and was hacked
Mike Pence has been awfully quiet when y'all been trying to get Trump out but do you really want him as president 🤔 is that what we want?
Mike Pence has said he's not in the name calling business. Calling David Duke deplorable is not an insult. It's describing h…
Mike Pence is a horrible person who hides behind the shield of religion.
There are many reasons to oppose a Mike Pence presidency—but his skill at lying is the biggest
New bill calls on Mike Pence to ask for Donald Trump’s resignation
And the winner of this year's celebrity apprentice is Mike Pence. Next season look for joe Biden, Ted Nugent, Sarah…
Remember that time Mike Pence took out a whole page editorial to threaten HW Bush re-election for him signin…
Once again, Mike Pence uses the chaos to sneak up to Trump's living quarters and try on his spangled Mr. President onesie.
The needs to happen. Come on and Congress. Make it happen before the country falls apart even more.
Except then, Mike Pence 😳😥 how can they both go at the same time?
Dems are already preparing for a possible 2020 bid by Mike Pence, with staff dedicated to digging up dirt on him. https:/…
Would Never happen they'd tear pence a new…
I liked a video Mike Cernovich - Bannon out! Pence's coup and the real story of those pro Trump Super
Does this make Mike Pence the winner of Apprentice: White House
That isn't something to be proud of.
Thanks. I'm literally wrapping up a book today!
Congrats to Mike Pence on winning the most depressing season ever of The Apprentice.
"Mike Pence carries a tri-fold wallet in his right back pocket."
I think constitutionally he cannot fire Mike Pence can he?
They didn't work for the Third Reich, they won't work here.
BREAKING: VP to speak at Bakersfield fundraiser Sep. 15th per emails. Confirmed by Valadao COS h…
Theodore Roosevelt was a great man. Trump is a criminal.T. R. Speak softly, big stick. D. T. Shout, lie, no stick.
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Two more to go. Tired of all this winning yet ?
Mike Pence 🇺🇸. "and Drive the evil of radical Islamic terror from the face of the earth". (could you imagine Tim Kaine doing…
TRUMP presidency died weeks ago. What is happening is nothing. Mike Pence is in power.
20 things Mike Pence did while you weren't looking — and why it matters.
Make America Golf Again. Am gonna save my strokes for the last hole that's got Mike pence flagstick. Enjoy the festivities Steve Bannon
Dems are already preparing for a possible bid by Mike Pence in 2020. Lots of dirt to dig out on him by Staff. htt…
These man think trump is a white supremacist, wait till they meet Mike Pence lol. Jim Crow's descendant.
Just to add one more thing that I'm ashamed of - Mike Pence could also fall into the hot but evil category…
Let’s keep a level head here though. We will keep around. Someone has to be in charge of washing my guy’s balls.
BREAKING: New White House Chief Strategist confirmed as Mike Pence wearing a white sock on his hand with two holes cut…
Mike Pence in the white folks version of Get Out.
Steve Bannon is out!. *** Eyed Kellyanne Conway & Mike Pence are next I can feel it.
Mike Pence watching everything unfold in The White House.
Congrats, Mike Pence (Oops, I guess it’s still right now). PLEASE do not pardon your predecessor. America needs to heal
Roosevelt was known for calling white Americans “the forward race,” and minorities “the backward race." He said...
Jeffrey Combs should play Mike Pence in a Lovecraftian Trump movie.
Mike Pence: Trump's "vision, energy, and can-do spirit is reminiscent of President Teddy Roosevelt"
REMINDER: Mike Pence tried to pass a religious freedom act that was discriminatory to LGBTQ. He's evil AF.
Tell Huckabee to go spread his bigotry elsewhere. Huckabee, Mike Pence , Ralph Reed, Jim Bakker re…
John Slattery as Mike Pence, of course! (Also, Bernadette Peters as Debbie Wasserman Schultz in flashback sequences.)
.Mike Pence on Charlottesville: Pres. Trump "has been clear on this tragedy...I stand with the president."
I'm to the point where I'm not even bothered by a Mike Pence presidency, I just want Trump out
I'm starting to agree with you Tawny. Mike Pence should take over the reins of president before it's too late.
Our current tax system is imploding in evasion . .
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