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Mike Pence

Michael Richard Mike Pence (born June 7, 1959) is the U.S. Representative for Indiana's , and previously the , serving since 2001. The 6th district covers much of Eastern Indiana.

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Republican overreach is everywhere. Guatemala president under pressure over lobbying firm linked to Mike Pence
Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales under pressure over lobbying firm contract linked to Mike Pence:
Mike Pence might be the most consequential vice president ever. He could well be the next commander in chief.…
Governor, meet 2017 Mike Pence. You won't believe what he thinks of your opinion.
Any time we haven't seen Mike Pence for a while I assume this happened again
Liberals already have their "Thank you Mike Pence" speeches written. They refuse to see…
*** people can be and are college/NFL players even though the culture is less accepting than Mike Pence.
In retrospect it's unfortunate that the national media choose not to report on Mike Pence's record in the weeks leading up to the election.
Do you think Dr Jerry Punch on ESPN sounds like Mike Pence?
Judge Clarence Thomas will swear in Mike Pence & I testified for Judge Thomas at the Supreme Court H…
Just can't stop thinking about this. Mike Pence's reaction to seeing Mulan with his kids on Father's Day was this:.
Grove City College, starting to stir against Mike Pence.
A few years ago, Mike Pence wouldn't have been a controversial graduation speaker at Grove City College. That...
Donald Trump reportedly thought it was hilarious and he was not jailed by Mike Pence. WHAT GIVES?
If it's such a WITCH HUNT and there's zero evidence of wrongdoing, why did Mike Pence just hire a lawyer? http…
Uh-oh, now Mike Pence has lawyered up. Even Donald's own lawyer has hired a lawyer. And to think I doubted Donald's abilit…
.There are many reasons to oppose a Mike Pence presidency—but his skill at lying is the biggest
VP arguing he has lived a life sadly devoid of privilege... Sad.
All part of their planned roll out in deep state and all very
Yeah I'm sure Mike Pence is secretly partnering up with Russia to rip off America. This is insane - Just wait until…
Per pooler Mike Pence said of his hiring of a private lawyer "It's very routine. Very routine."
If Mike Pence is lawyering up, then I'm lawyering up. LB is willing to work pro bono.
Did I vote for TRUMP or Mike Pence. Cause this says PENCE. (sort of) and I know how Trump has gotta feel about this…
He is using PAC money to pay for his legal fees. Stunning how finds ways to scam the system & rule of law.
Now we know why Mike Pence hired a lawyer
Mike Pence hires experienced Washington lawyer as outside counsel
Man on a Wire: Mike Pence's Tightrope Act via for iOS
Where Mike Pence and Jared Kushner stand in the Russia probe ➡️ by
Same here especially after car accident and being diagnosed with Panic Attacks it made the Anxiety worse.
Whenever Mike Pence says something no matter what it is, I just like to remind him that he advocated electrocuting kid…
‘Mike Pence is the quiet killer in this White House — and Trump loves him for it’: source
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Absolutely. Mike Pence is also the guy who is the first to hit accept on a meeting request for 4:30pm on a Friday.
Mike Pence is so scared of the Trump-Russia investigation, he now has a criminal defense fund
Mike Pence illegally leaked to the lie that was not under investigation. Rosenstein shot was at…
Trump setting up Rosenstein for firing so he can hire a DAG to fire Mueller, which will in turn expedite Mike Pence's rise to P…
To be fair, getting to the end of Mike Pence's wits is a pretty short walk.
I hereby officially dub thy: Labradoodle! & u did good today, 4 that u get a Scooby snack.
Man on a Wire: Mike Pence’s Tightrope Act via Ominous and complicated. We were warned by
Convinced that Mike Pence is actually a robot created in Russia
Crowd chants "Cuba si, Castro no!" as Vice President Mike Pence introduces President Trump in Miami.
Mike Pence lawyers up as Russia scandal reaches new level via
Reports yesterday that Mike Pence hired a lawyer indicate that he is likely under investigation as well as Trump
Re-upping my article on the lies and complicity of Mike Pence now that he's lawyered up
"Vice-president Mike Pence hired a lawyer, after the Washington Post reported that Robert Mueller, the special...
Given his exposure it's not surprising the Mike Pence has found himself a private lawyer.
US vice-president Mike Pence has hired a lawyer in connection with the FBI’s Russia investigation
The Washington Post just published a story about Mike Pence that is simply astonishing via
VP Mike Pence hires outside counsel to represent him in legal matters related to ongoing Russia probe. htt…
Veep is in too deep: Mike Pence lawyers up in Donald Trump's Russia scandal - Palmer Report
Did you remind them of our moral compass? What would Jesus say
MT Your SHAKEDOWN was on April 18. ends forever. .
Places I would boo Mike Pence number 284 : with hand-holding
After he beats up reporter for asking him normal questions. That's exa…
If you are self employed think how 15.3% more would look in your bottom line! will and
With a consumption tax it NEVER matters. You control your tax rate. will
.Mike Pence: Ongoing collapse of Obamacare, the "death spiral", one of most pressing issues facing Americans today h…
The conductor on this train looks like Mike Pence. Except believes in plutonic relationships and evolution.
Stop muller and his dems spending paid by tax payers
Look, the Dems can't afford to be distracted by healthcare, they have to focus on what really matters: Making Mike Pence…
‘Ridiculous and disgusting’: Fusion uses Pulse anniversary to slime Mike Pence
Vice President Mike Pence genuinely asks the people at the Faith and Freedom Coalition to, "pray for America." 🙏🏻🇺🇸 htt…
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Why don't you go and talk to Mike Pence and then tell us *** rights are being protected.
And let’s also not forget that he chose Mike Pence - who supported *** conversion therapy(!!) - to be his VP /10
An Islamist hated them, an Islamist killed them for something called Islamic State, but the real villain here is Hy…
So are you against giving an angel a chance at life?
What role did / your admin play in the release of Otto Warmbier fron N. Korea? President's reaction to release?
The only person who would want to eat that soggy, ginger biscuit is Mike Pence.
Say it ain't true! NYET! . VP Mike Pence to visit Colorado Springs
Democrat Muslim shoots up a *** club in Orlando, his father enthusiastically attends a Hillary rally, and Fusion is mad…
To my ears, Mike Pence's tone comes off as having Presbyterian or Methodist deacon-of-your-church influence
"The ability to come into the United States of America is a privilege, not a right." ~ Mike Pence .
A word about Mike Pence. You know how Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston can trace their musical roots back to gospel/church? ...
Did our man Flynn know too much about Mike Pence's best friend Paul Ryan ?
Mike Pence and Rick Santorum want to turn the Bible into US laws. Where is the march against Christian sharia law?
Mike Pence met with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to hear how the governor had managed to strip public sector unions
Jeff Sessions & Mike Pence are in deep trouble after that Comey testimony-both part of a Flynn coverup.
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Brits:We'll trade you one Donald Trump, one Mike Pence, one Paul Ryan and a first round draft pick for your Lord Bucketh…
Imagine if you cloned Mike Pence, but gave the clones adorable accents. That's them.
Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions are the big losers in James Comey’s testimony — here’s why
Never mind Mike Pence's dinner rule--every member of the administration needs a "never dine alone with the president" rule.
Why do all the liberals love Mike Pence and want him to be President...
Science skeptic Mike Pence to head up relaunched National Space Council
Proud to welcome Mike Pence to NASA for the announcement of the newest astronauts.
Mike Pence abruptly cancels scheduled interview with PBS just after the release of Comey's bombshell rema…
How many times did Mike Pence blow Josh Duggar
"A paper trail on Michael Flynn will lead directly back to Mike Pence" Scott Dworkin on
Guilty as charged. My apologies for advocating for clean water and air for future generations.
Just wait til Mike Pence finds out that this is the heaven he's been looking forward to.
When are you going to stop being a bootlicker for the dumbo and take charge?
Then Mike Pence can finish the cleanup Trump started. Truly for the next 16 yea…
But, hold on, VP sounding like a complete MORON, said only the "left" cares abt climate change, all these co…
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Pence says climate change is part of a "liberal" agenda. No Mike, everyone IN THE WORLD but y'all think we must act. https:/…
As a country we are blessed to have Mike Pence for VP.
Why aren't there more articles about how dumb Mike Pence is?
Vice President Mike Pence to attend 'Roast and Ride' event
I'd kind of like to be able to breathe air & drink water. Maybe your kind doesn't n…
Lot of commotion in my neck of the woods. Just saw Mike Pence drive by.
I really want to know if Mike Pence is allowed to see Wonder Woman without his wife.
Tonight on at 10 pm I am joined by Mike Pence, and mo…
Mike Pence gets buried for pretending he can’t understand the importance of climate change
Mike pence believed in science when his wife needed IVF to get pregnant now he denies the importance!
Drudge Report - Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
Mike Pence is legitimately proud that he doesn’t care about the environment. (for CAFE)
For some reason being able to marry who in the blue *** I want is a key issue for Mike Pence.
Mike Pence begins his assault on San Francisco
FLASHBACK: Convicted FELON Bob Creamer sent staffers to agitate at and ev…
domain names
"Our president is choosing to put American jobs and American consumers first," VP Mike Pence says of Paris climate accord anno…
Maybe it's just that Ivanka's Judaism is as spiritually unauthentic as Mike Pence's Christianity.
Reminder: Mike Pence doesn't believe in man made climate change but thinks you can electroshock somebody until they're hetero.
Remember that Manafort put Mike Pence on the ticket with Trump. An investigation of Manfort leads directly to Pence. https…
I loved the Norte Dame silent walk out protest on Mike Pence. I live in this state and fill their contempt!
Mike Huckabee,Josh Duggar and Mike Pence, the pillars of male religious sexuality all too busy to gu…
Where is Mike Pence? Did he meet up with Carmen SanDiego?😆
David Clarke is a bigger nutjob than you and Mike Pence combined.
Mike Pence loves to speak to radical right-wing Christians because he is one. .
Mike Pence to address conference w/radical pastor John Hagee, who said Hitler was God's "hunter" of Jews & blamed Hurricane Ka…
Just my occasional reminder that this is who the right wing evangelicals like Ted Cruz and Mike Pence are defending. ht…
For someone who loves the Bible, Mike Pence sure hates the earth and the poor!
For someone who loves Jesus, Mike Pence sure hates people from the Middle East!
Steve Bannon is lewdly gesturing at the Emancipation Proclamation as Mike Pence's eyes roll slowly, eternally back.
For those who noticed Mike Pence's disturbingly authoritarian comments at the US naval academy, check out this Jerry Falwell…
Hamilton Collection
why Mike Pence? he was a mediocre governor, seemed on the dead end of his career... well, Charles Koch likes him, that…
:-) . Donald Trump and Mike Pence approval ratings hit new low in latest Fox New…
I liked a video Mike Pence to John Lewis ► You're Nothing But A Black Racist!
Mike Pence can't even pick a winner for the Indy 500 without his wife's permission. Sad!
I'm old enough to remember when Mike Pence said there were no contacts between the Trump campaign & Russia . htt…
Beware the calm liar. Mike Pence is complicit.
CNN, MSNBC grant half-hour of live coverage of Hillary's Wellesley speech, ZILCH to Mike Pence at Naval Academy
VP Mike Pence tells Naval Academy graduates President Trump 'has their back'
"Coming apart:" new Fox News poll has Donald Trump and Mike Pence both crashing and burning via…
All things being equal, yes. Mike Pence was desperate to get out of IN last summer. He thou…
Mike Pence would be worse bc ppl wouldn't pay that clos…
“Nobody knows Mike Pence like Hoosiers do.” - on the Notre Dame student walkout
Mike Pence who obviously has some "thing" for Trump always calls him "big shouldered". Those shoulders are sagging with t…
Mike Pence shuddered when he saw the Marshall of SCOTUS. "Time to pay up," he said, kicking Pence in the *** as the Constitution requires.
Why should Tax payers be paying for these two to vacation in Italy ?
Mike Pence and the Christians Who Betrayed Jesus With a Kiss via
If *The Handmaid's Tale* happens, it'll be because our society uncritically accepted surrogacy, not Mike Pence.
These students at Notre Dame walked out on Mike Pence's commencement speech.
VP Mike Pence & wife were reimbursed 111 times from his State & Fed Campaigns for $6…
& McConnell for impeding investigation and notifications last year.
Students at University of Norte Dame walked out of their graduation as soon as Mike Pence took the stage to speak
To my knowledge, Mike Pence attended at least the past 2 Indianapolis 500s when he was the Governor.
The soggy cheeto in office is no doubt awful, but before calling for an impeachment consider what a lunatic Mike Pence is.
New details on Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Baton Rouge Wednesday.
Then it just smells like Mike Pence.
I don't feel like hypocrisy should be allowed…
Defending students' Mike Pence walkout using the words of ... Mike Pence.
That took guts. Especially the first one to stand. Students Walk Out of Pence's Graduation Speech at Notre Dame
"whiter than Mike Pence snowboarding into a TED talk that's happening inside a Coldplay concert that's happening inside a farmers market"
2017: honor in politics? Corrupt cushy job with benefits...
Little Giant Ladders
How many times have the president's and vice-president's own words reveal their hypocrisy?
I bet has this tattooed somewhere on his leather body
The Senate smells like rotten fish. Also Mike Pence is here.
Pence says he never saw Elijah Cummings' letter about Flynn. Democrats prove he did.
It was in poor taste. I deleted it.
11/18/16 I reported Mike Flynn to Asst AG for National Security for not filing as a foreign agent—NO WAY Trump/Pence didn't kno…
This country is so fortunate to have a VP like He’s a great man & a strong leader who isn’t afraid to spe…
Pence should talk to Mueller before I go public and spare his wife. This is his…
PENCE going down. THREAD as to why. Trump's finished, you say? Give me you say? Here's some of why
Is it me or is Trump running his hands over the one spot on the Wailing Wall that happens to look like a woman's br…
I reported Mike Flynn to Mary McCord's office at DoJ on 11/18/16—press should check if/when the DoJ told Trump & Pence directly…
Jim Davis is friends with Mike Pence, this puts me at ethical odds with my love of Garfield.
.Reaction on both sides to walkout on Mike Pence's Notre Dame commencement speech was overblown…
A bunch of students left Notre Dame's commencement while Mike Pence was speaking.
Notre Dame students walk out of Mike Pence's commencement speech over policies including LGBT rights.
A large group of students just walked out of Notre Dame's commencement during VP Mike Pence's address.
From a Notre Dame faculty member re: the students who walked out during Mike Pence's commencement speech:
We know what Mike Pence is about, there's nothing else to say. He already had his come to Jesus moment. He ain't changing. He's a coward.
I love watching the video of those folks walking out of their graduation ceremony when that old piece of trash Mike Pence takes the stage.
Up next: Mike Pence delivers the commencement address at Notre Dame-- as students deliver their own message. Stick with us
That was the only chance they ever had to hear Mike Pence's ideology. My name is and my skull is full…
False denials from Mike Pence continue to stack up
Mike Pence reminds me of Jim Tressel. They both were comfortable lying to help them achieve their goals while carrying a Bible for cover.
Mike Pence brought in Carter Page, so what does he know?. Paul Mannafort made him Vice President
"The House Oversight Committee is saying, those claims by Mike Pence are demonstrably false, and have evidence in... h…
PHOTO GALLERY: VP Mike Pence arrived via Air Force Two in late today. Via
University students to walk out of Mike Pence speech over LGBT rights.
We will ship Mike Pence and Mother to him. No need to re…
Thank you for standing up for and speaking despite backlash.
Busted! on tape, plus, "What's said in the family stays in the family." about htt…
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It's impossible that Mike Pence didn't know Mike Flynn was on the payroll of a foreign government when he was appointe…
POLL: doing a report on Mike Pence, quoting a source: "He's a loyal soldier but this is wearing on him." . Do you see Pe…
Just a friendly reminder that Mike Pence screams "Mother!" every time he ***
Let's move on from Trump. He is done. Let's focus on Mike Pence, who pretends to be "Christian," sensible, and honest. He…
He knew what he was signing up for.
Pence recklessly allowed Mike Flynn into the White House while he was under investigation via
Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out - just a dedicated journalist who's paying attention. Read and RT!
The House Oversight Committee points to Mike Pence as part of the Flynn cover up when Pence was transition head.
Good morning from Joint Base Andrews. Mike Pence is heading to Pennsylvania, Ohio & Indiana to thank troops & speak to…
desperate attempt to save itself from . Phase 1: Register PAC. Phase 2 Exhibit A:
The corruption of the current White House Administration is unbelievable.
.Mike Pence to speak to troop s at today at 3.
MT It's really simple. will inform &
Opinion: A conservative Christian college protest of Mike Pence
Notre Dame students are protesting the Vice President’s commencement speech” by
So Flynn Told the Trump Transition Team He Was Under Investigation, Yet the Head of the Transition Team, Mike Pence Wa…
The uncredible Mr. Pence—Trump's VP can't roll in the mud and expect to stay clean
Mike Pence says he never saw Elijah Cummings’ letter about Michael Flynn. Democrats have proof he did.
Karen Pence danced with another man while Mike Pence watched like a cuck
Hoosiers do it their way. Mike Pence was the most disliked governor in my lifetime. So .
Mike Pence lied. He knew that Mike Flynn was compromised. What else has he lied about?. htt…
Elijah Cummings warned Mike Pence that Flynn was a foreign agent all the way back in November
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell knew of Russian interference with the election last summer.
It's great to see the national media cover our little movement. Express your support by using the hashtag http…
It's nuts "We The People" knew about Mike Flynn back in November but Mike Pence did not?? Oh Mother! I mean brother.
Mike Pence watches Trump leave the WH for his first foreign trip as president (pic: Reuters)
Let's not. Congress is bad enough as it is, without the addition of even more religiou…
"When the cat's away the mice will play" whispers Mike Pence as he loads up a second scoop of vanilla ice cream
As Disaster Donald beats fast path out of town, Mike Pence creates PAC Ahead of 2018, 2020 Elections
Mike Pence watching Donald Trump leaving the White House on a foreign trip, leaving the country to him.
"When the president's away, the will play!"- Mike Pence
Opinion | Mike Pence wants us to believe he's innocent. Don't buy it.
Wouldn't it be great if everyone at against Mike Pence lying booed the guy for 5 straight minutes?
I saw this image and the first thought that crossed my mind was "Vice President Mike Pence."
Vice President Mike The Christian 'Alternative' to . the Fascist Donald Drive them both out!
Check this out—House Democrats told VP Mike Pence about Flynn and they kept the receipts to prove it
Maddow: Pence's false denials are stacking up:
Hey guys the new alien movie is worth seeing just to watch Michael Fassbender do a stunning Mike Pence impression the whole time.
Opinion: Mike Pence wants us to believe he’s innocent. Don’t buy it.
"I'm ready for my close-up" muttered Mike Pence as he gazed into the bathroom mirror that stands in the Lincoln bed…
We now cut to the Oval, where Mike Pence and Mother are dress rehearsing their one-act play "P…
Except if he's impeached then we have Mike Pence which might be even scarier 😬
I can't wait for Mike Pence to be President and we get to have funerals for our periods each month.
9. Pat Roberson and Mike Pence have done real harm, and that they're not fringe figures, he doesn't…
Mike Pence - VP , is now making excuses as he lead transit team ! But claims he knew nothing about Flynn? Does this sound like another liar
House and senate? No idea. I am 100% sure that Trump would. Mike Pence as well. Probably Ron Joh…
Good news: It's hard to see how the presidency can survive the present onslaught. Bad news: Mike Pence. 😱
Important point from Mike Pence was head of Trump's transition team when this unfolded.
Mike Pence is must never be President.
Mike Pence is a neocon and a globalist, which does not make him a conservative. .
They want Trump out but the *** don't realize if they were successful, but won't be, that Mike Pence would be president,…
Mike Pence was in charge of the Trump transition team when this happened. . What say you, We're waiting.
Whoa! Hold it! Does this mean Mike Pence, the head of the transition, is a great big, unmitigated, scorching LIAR? Gos…
Reminder: Mike Pence was head of transition when the says the Flynn notification happened.
They knew: The Trump transition team, led by Mike Pence and Don McGahn, were told Mike Flynn was under investigation ... BY…
Please. Mike Pence doesn't like to meet women alone, let alone in museums or metro stations.
Stephen Miller to wrote Trump's Islam speech? Let's get Mike Pence to write LGBTQ equality speech. Bannon for the women's r…
VO Mike Pence warns Nth Korea on visit to border, 'Our President is even more mental than yours.'
It's so hot n NYC today that I'm sweating like Mike Pence at a Indigo Girls concert.
Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell may be the only three people I can imagine worse than DJT as POTUS
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Is it me or does Mike Pence look like Roy Batty from Bladerunner?
Having 45 work on the behalf of America is like having Mike Pence work on the behalf of Planned Parenthood.
Perks of having my own PS4 include and I looking like Donald Trump and Mike Pence in GTA.
.Mike Pence lies to cover for Trump via
"President Trump stands with the men and women of law enforcement without apology and he always will." - Mike Pence https:…
Kris Kobach and Mike Pence have a known track record of voting suppression. Tell Congress to oppose them now!
Please stop wondering why they lie to Nobody is lying to Mike Pence. He's in on it. He's lying, too
Lawrence it's time for you to start drilling down on Mike Pence. People need to know he's different from…
Mike Pence is leading Trump's voter fraud commission. That's bad news for people who want to vote.
Mike Pence, like rest of republicans, have little concern of ethics and trump's blatant vi…
I had a dream I got up in Mike Pence's stupid face and screamed at him and he was so upset and my mom saw and was so proud.
One conclusion from the week’s events: Mike Pence is more orderly and disciplined than Trump, but no more respectful of trut…
Mike Pence has a bright future. Once out of jail he should head to Hollywood for remake of Silence of the Lambs. He'll out…
Do Duncan Hunter and Mike Pence's bunnies ever get together? Do Pence's bunnies get to fly on AF1? Does it make Dun…
BREAKING: Trump lawyer: "Donald Trump has not had sex with Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, or Paul Ryan, with few exceptions."
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Truth is trump lies,Mike Pence lies,Kelly Anne lies, Sean Spencer lies, Sarah Huckabee lies,hard keeping all the LIARS, lies in Sync!
If it's for having a private email server she'll be sharing a room with Mike Pence and Colin Powell.
VP Mike Pence is going to Montana tomorrow, will tour Westmoreland Coal Company's Absaloka Mine on the Crow Indian Reservation
Trump Administration, Day 118: Still no *** in concentration camps or electrocuted by Mike Pence.
Mike Pence caught in apparent lie over Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey
Dan Coates should go back to Indiana, take Mike Pence with him!Grrr! John Kennedy/Louisiana would be a great roommate for them too!
What an honor to have Mike Pence join us for the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians this morning. ht…
From on Mike Pence was "in the room" on the Flynn conversations. The panel is laying waste to Penc…
The best-sourced reporting shows that Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence were up to their eyeballs in this impeachable obstruction…
Trump should have done gotten rid of Comey last Oct instead of praising him. Horrible timing and nonsensical explanation.
What the heck is the border patrol doing at the intersection of Connecticut and K St?
Also 2/10/17: Flynn supposedly calls to let Flynn keep his job.
Everyone: Why didn't they fire Flynn as soon as they knew he lied to the VP?. Me: Because he…
Pence family rabbit hops into spotlight at White House event
; You all have become a disgrace to our Country With your corruption!! You should never speak of GOD! Both a POS
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.needs to be called to testify on . And Pence must be asked about this letter. When did he read…
BREAKING: Vice President Mike Pence says Trump "made the right decision at the right time" in firing FBI Director Comey.
Starting timeline over with how was introduced to Donald Trump as a potential pick. . hand-picked…
When the is lit but you're in the corner thinking about Mike Pence like
Vice President Mike Pence is right. Trump was downright benevolent to keep Comey on for 100 days. That was a gift.
"It was the right call at the right time" VP Mike Pence on the firing of FBI Director Comey
The concerns raised in the letter were SO serious that had to be alerted. Some things don't rise to the top...thi…
.requested a response from the Trump Transition team by November 28th. . never responded.
If Donald Trump is removed from office then Mike Pence will be president. If Pence is removed, Paul Ryan will be POTUS…
Nov 18: received a letter from alerting them to Mike Flynn's corruption. And our friend
are still -- As a catholic should understand as much.
YEP. Trump is ON TAPE. Sessions is ON TAPE. Paul Ryan is ON TAPE. Mike Pence? knew of Flynn's treason, lied to America ab…
And now VP Mike Pence is spreading fake truths on Capital Hill today re Trump campaign/Russia collusion. Classic move.
Mike Pence is the true champion of the
Mike Pence has just lied AGAIN to the press in response to question about Trump impeeding FBI investigation: "he's not…
.2/13/17: says on MSNBC that Flynn still enjoyed Trump's confidence... A few hours later: Flynn resigns.
THREAD. . Media. Fix the narrative on & . Trump handpicked Pence to run transition:
Since Mike Pence opposes *** rights, I bought the domain and redirected it to a Christian LGBTQ sup…
.is saying DAG initiated Comey ouster -- this is not true, according to everyone and I have talked…
Mike Pence is coming to Montana this FRIDAY to campaign . WHO ARE WE SENDING?
Donald Trump is a traitor. Jeff Sessions is a traitor. Mike Pence is a traitor. Michael Flynn is a traitor. Rudy Giuliani is a traitor.
"Fire Comey, Mr. President. Today's a great day for it!" -- Mike Pence
'My pants in Montana' instead of 'Mike Pence in Montana' lol
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