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Mike Pence

Michael Richard Mike Pence (born June 7, 1959) is the U.S. Representative for Indiana's , and previously the , serving since 2001. The 6th district covers much of Eastern Indiana.

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Celebrating Shabbat Shalom and 50 days of Making America Great Again with a real POTUS, Donald John Trump and VP Mike Pence.
The other people in the band are B’loody Mary, Steve Miller, Mike Pence, Ron (although we call him Mike Pence now.
Just found out I have the same birthday as Fetry swap, Bear Grylls, Emily Ratajkowski and Mike Pence 🎂🎂
Top Democrat sent letter to Mike Pence in November warning of Michael Flynn's Turkey lobbying
Mike Pence to meet with business owners at East End company: U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will meet with business…
Mike Pence, Bret Baier FNC 3/9 [VIDEO] - Special Report w Bret Baier – Pence Open to talking about ways we can ...
Mike Pence won’t say if he believes President Trump’s wiretapping claim
Mike Pence and Barron Trump sure have been busy!
Mike Pence and Barron Trump defend the Dakota Access pipeline.
Would love to hear a reporter ask the sanctimonious Mike Pence about Trump Chinese Escort Services. Would he recommend them?
Uh oh, don't use the AOL in there, Mike Pence. That's a UNISEX bathroom!
If there's an opposite of a Profile in Courage award, Mike Pence should win it every day of his life.
Of course Mike Pence will pardon Trump as Ford did Nixon. When PUTUS goes there will be no repercussions. It's the…
I can see Mike Pence going out like Warden Norton from "The Shawshank Redemption".
Mike Pence used a personal AOL account to do state business...then got hacked...then set up another AOL account:
BREAKING: Mike Pence's personal AOL email account used for state business was hacked but, good news, his MySpace account is…
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4/ It certainly won't be Mike Pence the man probably believes women shouldnt leave the house anyway.
The dramatic difference between Mike Pence and Donald Trump when it comes to the press
Mike Pence, if he was arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict him?
Remind me, who did President Ford stand in for? One day we'll see USS Mike Pence commissioned, won't we?
Photo of Hillary Clinton reading on Mike Pence using a private email account has gone viral via Manyore Post
ICYM Nov2016> Mike Pence will be the most powerful in US history .
That is good. CPC members proudly say I am a CPC member, just like Mike Pence:said “I’m a Christian, a Conservativ…
With their new influence the MERCERS convinced Trump to select far-right Christian governor Mike Pence as his running par…
Mike Pence is raging moron. A hypocrite. A false Christian who will one day be visited in prison by his grandchildren
I can totally accept Mike Pence becoming our President. Trump can be too liberal at times. Pence is hardcore Christian.
Mike Pence: Worst part of email controversy is that everyone now knows he still has an AOL account
People don't appreciate the hundreds of hours practicing in the mirror it took for Mike Pence to perfect his squint…
Mike Pence realizing the gayness of the Nintendo switch, barges into the home of Shigeru Miyamoto to confront the d…
Remember when Mike Pence called Hillary the most dishonest politician since Nixon because she used private email?
Sure, just as soon as you get to publish an apology to Lindsey Graham for making public his cell no.
Quotes from the near future: "Mother, Will you write to me while I'm away?"- Mike Pence, prior to his sentencing
Pence at Gridiron dinner: 'We all need to do better' - POLITICO
The guy that drafted Obamacare said it was all a lie. It was a tax increase. Healthcare part didn't work either
I formally request the resignation of realdonaldtrump, Mike Pence, Stephen Bannon and appointed administration.
I dunno but is definitely black bloc and Garfield hangs out with Mike Pence and Jon Arbuckle should've…
Mike Pence demands AP apologize for publishing, refusing to take down story showing his wife's email address
What will you do to Pls request that be called. Think of Maver…
. Malmö - Sweden last night. Two men found shot in the streets.
🚨🚨🚨Day 44 of the Trump Administration 🚨🚨🚨. I'm still not in a *** concentration camp or being electrocuted by Mike Pence.
Hillary Clinton, who had email scandal herself, seen reading about Mike Pence's use of personal email while governor
BREAKING: Mike Pence’s Wife in Danger After Media Leaks Horrifying Info - the AP?what kind of sleazy creeps r they?
VP Mike Pence used personal email for state business — and was hacked. Am I right? v…
Vice President Mike Pence used a personal email account to conduct state business while he was governor of Indiana
Boo hoo! Ur wife's email address out there with yours! Ya get what ya sow!! Karma's so sweet!!
Mike Pence is no longer a fan of publishing the contents of private emails.
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Mike Pence used an AOL email account for official business and it got hacked
Dear Mike Pence would like you to investigate him now...because NO ONE is above the law. (vi…
Pence's AOL account is not the same as emails - here's why
As governor of Indiana, Mike Pence continued using a personal email account even after he was hacked
Mike Pence whining about emails being made public is 💯
V P Mike Pence is demanding the AP apologize 4 publishing & then refusing 2 take down a story with the email address of his…
Pence there by the work of Devos Conway Mercer, They want Pence to be president..
Hi my name is Nancy Pelosi’ness Mike Pence and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that
Mike Pence's account sent this email to his contacts after he was hacked while governor of Indiana
VP Mike Pence says his use of a private email account as governor was in “full compliance” with Indiana laws.
Mike Pence used private email as governor, and it got hacked via
VP Mike Pence used private email for state business as governor via
Thirteen boxes of emails from Mike Pence's term as Indiana governor turned over to state government https:…
Mike Pence used his AOL email for state business as governor – and was hacked
I 100% believe that this is Mike Pence's sent E-mail!
Mike Pence used personal AOL email for state and homeland security queries—and was hacked
Remember when Mike Pence deleted 30,000 emails and then destroyed 13 blackberries and laptops with a hammer?. Yeah me neit…
Hillary Clinton photographed as she reads the news of Mike Pence's emails
Mike Pence: 'No comparison' between his, Hillary Clinton's use of emails
Remember when Mike Pence criticized Hillary Clinton for using a private email server? Turns out he's not so clean
.envisioning portraying Mike Pence: "Not only do we look alike, but he’s just as bland as I am."
‘The hypocrisy is staggering: Paul Begala slams Mike Pence for using an AOL email while criticizing Clinton
If you've ever chanted "Lock Her Up" but don't care about Mike Pence using AOL email and being hacked, you're a hypocrite…
Dreamt Republicans screamed lock him up when Mike Pence used AOL email that was hacked for official business, then I woke…
UNBELIEVABLE. It appears Mike Pence used his AOL email to discuss "sensitive matters and homeland security issues."
Mike Pence 'used private email to discuss security issues' while governor of Indiana - and was 'hacked' - reports
Mike Pence used a private email to handle state business as Indiana gov, was hacked
.Mike Pence routinely used a private email account for public business as Indiana governor -- and got hacked
JUST IN: VP Mike Pence swears in Rick Perry as energy secretary.
JUST IN: VP Mike Pence swears in Ben Carson as HUD secretary. featured in NBC s Science of Love
America is blessed to have a man like Gov. Mike Pence as Trump's VP. If you agree with his message, with a f… https:…
Vice President Mike Pence will be in Janesville tomorrow with House Speaker Paul Ryan. Gov. Walker will not be there. Hear why, coming up!
Mike Pence version of missionary position is his wife dressed up like Jesus during sex
"[Pres. Trump] didn't say Mexico is going to pay for [the wall]." - "Well they are." - Mike Pence
Speech hailed as Trump's most presidential moment was "all him": Pence via Loud mouth,no action,
When asked if Pres. Trump plans to open a pathway for undocumented immigrants, VP Pence says, "We'll see"
Mike Pence and Paul Ryan hate diversity so much they wore the same suit and tie. That's principled conservatism.
on 'No One is Going to Fall Through the Cracks'
Pence disputes reports that Yemen raid yielded no significant intel
Also same crap we heard after VP debate. called winner based on style even tho he lied…
Watch NOW: Mike Pence joins with reaction to
MIKE PENCE on Fox and Friends: Trump has broad shoulders, strength, determination, and a big heart.
Mike Pence: The Trump I saw last night is the one I\'ve seen all along
on Speech: 'It Was a Great Night for America' h…
"What the American people saw is the President I serve with EVERY Day. Broad shoulders, a BIG Heart.". ~ Mike Pence. TY…
SEEKING: Supporters of healthcare, women, & LGBTQ rights to Welcome Mike Pence to Cincinnati tomorrow.
Can't wait to hear which man Mike Pence praises in honor of Women's History Month.
Mike Pence to appear on shock job radio show of Michael Savage, host who calls for killing 100 million Muslims
Just now on Mike Pence tells me Mexico will pay for that wall.
Mike Pence beats his meat to the passion of the Christ
There is an unearned arrogance on the faces of Mike Pence and Paul Ryan that makes me feel like punching a wall
Mike Pence and Paul Ryan look like sister wives staring at their husband.
Mike Pence looking like he knows he'll be president by this time next year.
Mike Pence is just sitting there imagining the State of the Union address he'll give next year
Mike Pence and Paul Ryan laughing and having a great time while the president is under investigation for connections with Rus…
It must be hard for Mike Pence and Paul Ryan to keep standing without spines
Mike Pence looks like he's holding in a huge poop.
Michigan Secretary of State recommends federal election reforms to VP Mike Pence
Mike Pence prevails in email secrecy suit
Mike Pence asks Indiana Supreme Court to stay out of his redacted emails
Mike Pence best friend who was on pedo list that got Flynn canned is Jeff Flake!
Now we know that there is 1 person in America to whom WH officials are not allowed to lie: Mike Pence. The other 320 mln a…
"Obamacare is a job killer," says Mike Pence, who also says cigarettes are safe & the Earth is 6,000 years old. https…
WATCH LIVE: VP Mike Pence speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland
VP Mike Pence gave a resounding speech to CPAC! A great partner for POTUS & our country. So proud of the American people making this happen!
if you give Mike Pence a cookie, he's going to want a law that allows the baker to discriminate against LGBT to go with it.
CPAC day one: Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence and Steve Bannon speak – live
It is not that Richard Spencer aggressively cherishes his wife's butt, it's that Mike Pence rudely abuses fruitflies during choir.
via God gave us Trump and Pence. Pence is a great man he went beyond his duty to help, God Bless .
Where was Trump? Mike Pence's Europe visit showed his outsize influence in the new administration | Opinion.
why? What did Mike Pence say that promoted hatred?
Jews: 2% of the population, but wield enormous power & wealth. So your Vice President rakes leaves at a cemetery. https:…
Fixed your headline for you. "How Mike Pence used Obamacare to halt Indiana's HIV outbreak...that he created"
Thank you for your visit Mr Vice President Mike Pence.
MIKE PENCE has wet dreams about these kinds of social injustice. This is Pence's offerin…
Yet he was ready 2 join this admin. Just a treasonous, hateful, lying stepping stone to his agenda
All kids deserve to feel safe in school. Shame on WH for not protecting the rights of the vulverable
I may not be a fan of , but at least he is doing the right thing visiting.
Beautiful moment in St. Louis today, where Mike Pence & the entire community sent a clear message to the
Vice President Mike Pence travels to Missouri to help clean up vandalized Jewish cemetery, condemn anti-Semitism.
Someone send this to Mike Pence so his head will explode.
BREAKING: Anthem gives cash to Trump & Pence, now tells court its banking on Trump reversing DoJ move to stop merger https…
It couldn’t be more obvious—or more false—that Mike Pence is being positioned as the sane alternative to a very impeac…
Scoop: Mike Pence to meet privately with Sheldon Adelson, who gave $80 million in 2016 to GOP efforts, this Friday. htt…
Rolling back protections for transgender kids does nothing but hurt transgender kids. Unfortunately, Mike Pence thinks it's…
Conservative theology about LGBTQ folks put Mike Pence in the White House.
Michael Cohen is lying. Reince Priebus is either lying or uninformed. Mike Flynn lied. Pence either lied or is uninformed.…
Out and about, find this guy who says he's not Could've fooled me bigly!
You're addressing the wrong audience here You should be giving this speech to President Bannon and
you are a disgrace to this country. Disrespectful
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Thank you Mike Pence​ for helping out in the cleaning of vandalized St. Louis Jewish cemetery - real roll-up-th…
If anyone was wondering what Mike Pence was like as Gov of IN, tonight's news about the transgender community has him written…
Mike Pence spied a sodomite in the distance.
All members of the GOP are invited to the especially Mike Pence & Paul Ryan for their complicity i…
VP Mike Pence and Governor Eric Greitens just walked out on stage
.should. 👉Mandate all fed employees pay owed taxes. 👉Fire fed employees on terror watch list.
Footage of exorcising the homosexuality out of me at Conversion Camp
VP Mike Pence visits vandalized Jewish cemetery: "There is no place in America for hatred."
Love this man. V.P. Pence, sleeves rolled up, cleaning Chesed Shel Emes Jewish cemetery. Because
Was heart warming to see Vice President Pence cleaning up vandalized Jewish Cemetery. God Bless Mike Pence🙏🏽
you visited my former home town, It is FAR more welcoming than your administration.
Mike Pence looks like he'd exclaim stuff like "Oh my goodness!" and "Golly gosh!" while he's jacking off to mental images…
BREAKING: Trump names Anthem lobbyist to top legal post as Anthem seeks reversal of DoJ move to block Anthem merger https:…
BREAKING: Anthem gave big cash to Pence, now tells court it's banking on Pence to stop DoJ move to block its merger https:…
White House strategist Steve Bannon and Vice President Mike Pence send contradictory messages to the EU
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Vice President Mike Pence and billionaire Sheldon Adelson are set to meet privately
One month later, he chose Mike Pence. Half a year later, he put transgender rights in even more legal upheaval than…
Mike Pence in Reno, Nevada- tonight at 10pm from Pennsylvania.
Mike Pence is a smooth-talking bigot and a puppet and he wants John Lewis to change?
Mike Pence, in Europe, Says Trump Supports Partnership With E.U. Their version conflict, so who to believe
RUMOR LEAK: James Baker and HW Bush are working to infiltrate the administration via Mike Pence with t… via
Chancellor Angela Merkel tells an audience including Mike Pence that she supports a "free, independent press"
Does Bono know that Mike Pence is responsible for 100+ people contracting HIV in ONE Indiana county?
A "breath of fresh air" when I see General Kelly & Mike Pence who are starting to put the Trump promiises into action.
Mike Pence: "I think it's inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been…
US VP Mike Pence delivers message of support for Europe -
In Europe, sez: US will hold Russia accountable. Yes, WE will. Unfortunately, will continue 2 wash
US Mike Pence says that the US will not do Russia any favors when it comes to the country's commitment to the Minsk agreeme…
US Mike Pence also reassured leaders that his country's support of is "unwavering"
Pence stated his role model as VP would be *** Cheney or Brutus, or Cassius.
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"The United States strongly supports NATO and will be unwavering in its commitment to our alliance." ~VP Mike Pence
VP Pence: "The United States will continue to hold Russia accountable, even as we search for new common ground."
. The Russians Hacked Hillary Events so nobody went to them.…
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence enters the MSC conference with German Chancellor Merkel
Favoritism toward illegals has 2 Stop! NOT fair to Americans! We qualify for nothing, they…
Mike Pence is only an improvement in the way having cancer isn't as bad as being on fire.
I'm not a Mike Pence fan by any stretch of the imagination...but he's a smart guy. If Trump gets impeached, I'll be happier with Pres. Pence
What Trump? Mike Pence backs NATO bigly, says Russia will be held accountable!!
US will be "unwavering" in its commitment to Nato alliance, Vice-President Mike Pence tells European leaders
.Great. And as quickly as possible please, we deserve a President who is not a traitor .
Mike Pence: US 'will continue to hold Russia accountable' | Washington Examiner
When the is lit but you're just in the corner thinking about Mike Pence like
YES. fraudsters who installed Trump trash Profiteers says will look the other way & say ok
*Bush caved to Putin on Georgia. . *Obama caved on Ukraine. . *Pence says Trump will not cave to Putin. We shall see.
Mattis and Pence completely ignoring what Trump said during the campaign lol. Thank the good Lord for it. .
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heavily invest in own security, contribute globally, share values. Praised as allies…
So, Mike Pence tells European allies wefully committed to NATO. Sounds like he missed each other in th…
and - bound by lasting commitments, friendship & partnership. Meeting w/ Mike Pence
I am shifting blame to the cowards that stand by and do nothing.
Russia must be held accountable for Ukraine, says Mike Pence
Why should the USA & UK have to spend our money to defend Europe when Europe won't bother to pay for its own defence h…
Listening to Mike makes me think of Frank Underwood eyeing the Presidency - while giving impression of total lo…
"The United States of America strongly supports Mike Pence at
I bet neither nor would have let Putin buzz an ship without consequences nor let a sp…
Every night, VP Mike Pence gets home and his wife asks, "Well?" And he says, "Soon."
The Juciest Blog in Town: US backs NATO, but Europe must do more: Mike Pence...
Mike Pence is literally a mannequin operated by MRA gerbils
With Mike Pence looking on, Angela Merkel says journalists must be respected. "Freedom of the press is a pillar of Demo…
Mike Pence warns Europe that lack of spending 'erodes the foundation' of Nato as Russia calls for 'post-West world order' …
Angela Merkel admits euro’s FAILURES as she hints at bringing Deutsche Mark BACK Leave EU
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Mike Pence widens US rift with Europe over Nato defence spending
Vladimir Putin issues executive order on Ukraine hours after Mike Pence vows to 'hold Russia to account'
When I see Mike Pence speaking he never looks at notes. He's clearly very good at memorising speeches.
Mike Pence promises the world: We will 'hold Russia accountable' However, he speaks like a president in wating
-There are only white people . -1 woman to 11 men & 1 orange man. -Mike Pence is wearing brown shoes with a black suit…
Paul Ryan has now joined Mike Pence in the Russian cover up. This stinks from the president down to the republican congress
An excellent meeting with Mike Pence – a true friend of Israel!
Mike Pence don't give AF. The homophobe ate at Chilis when he was in NYC. 😂
"Gentlemen, rest your Spinchters!"..Mike Pence as Hedley Lamarr from Blazing Saddles.
Mike Pence. So, it's only a matter of time for Emma Watson at this point.
If Trump obtained the office by cheating w/collusion of foreign hackers, the rightful POTUS is not Mike Pence. It's Hillary…
Wow! Steve King, in blasting Susan Rice, seems to be suggesting Mike Pence should be fired for lying to America people…
Mike Pence, who was NOT misled, is demanding answers on why he was misled. It's the scam of the Century.
Mike Pence has ultimate veto power in administration. Trump cannot rule without Republican establishment.
Mike Pence went to court to seal his emails 4 months ago. He knew about Russian intelligence connection with Trump/Flynn…
If one or two more things drop re: Russia, Mike Pence might need to start measuring for the new Oval Office curtains.
Mike Pence measuring the oval office drapes yet or nah?
Question: when Mike Pence becomes President, do we have to call the new First Lady "Mother" like he does?
you know, when we find out that Mike Pence is Darth Sidious and Trump & co. are the Trade Federation, George Lucas will be vindicated.
Mike Pence needs to start supporting Flynn again because he's the only National Security Adviser who can keep us free. .
Because he lied to Mike Pence? Believe me, there are many reasons I'm happy he's gone.
. Flynn was fired for lying to Mike Pence, the Logan Act notwithstanding.
I'm surprised to see Steve Miller and Mike Pence aren't on the list. Why does it only have 4 people?
For Trump, Mike Pence is the most dangerous man in the WH. He can't be fired, and stands to gain immensely if Trump fails.
Michael Flynn: "I wished him Merry Christmas and we talked about some other things.". Mike Pence: "Sounds good, did you try the shrimp?"...
I knew Michael Flynn was going to have to be replaced when he mislead Mike Pence. He didn't need to do that. There was no…
In summary... Mike Pence doesn't believe you should have to bake a cake for a *** wedding but he is totally cool with…
"Son I'd like you to meet my friend and vice president of the United States, Mike Pence."
Mike Pence is sworn in as the vice president of the United States
president Donald J Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are both great leaders
Mike Pence before he became a candidate for Vice President.
White House leak: Reince Priebus and Mike Pence now suspect Russia is blackmailing Donald Trump
After 20 years, wrongly convicted suburban man gets his name back, says Mike Pence “abandoned” him
Mike Pence didn’t act on a wrongfully convicted man’s pardon request. But the new governor did.
Mike Pence is an abhorrent bigot of middling intellect & I'd be extremely grateful to have him take over the Presidency a…
Vice President Mike Pence breaks tied Senate vote in DeVos confirmation ( video) -...
Protecting Americans from terror, Supreme Court & helping small business, watch Mike Pence on
Betsy DeVos is a billionaire and Mike Pence made her the Education Secretary.. People who find campaigns must be rewarded.
Betsy DeVos is sworn in as Education Secretary by Vice President Mike Pence w/ her husband, *** DeVos Jr. holding the b…
Why in can a have up to 4 wives on are
pro-life & pro-birth are two different things. If you are truly pro-life, you'd be for all lives.
For you to Mike Pence. Thank you. It’s been an amazing two­year period.
Mike Pence isn’t just a VP. He’s the chief enabler of the president’s fascist ways.
⚡ Mike Pence defends Trump's attack on 'so-called' judge.
A huge mistake was made by Republicans in Congress, and Shame on for nominating DeVos. A huge mistake for…
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Mike Pence was at the Super Bowl, and the NFL humiliated him by trotting out Hamilton cast
.To Republicans ,etc you may win these little battles but ultimately you're losing the war.
Condemnation begins— Schumer: Devos 'So unqualified, so divisive Mike Pence had to drive down Pennsylvania Ave to cast th…
If you really believe in god please please please tell that him and god are not the same person
Billy Eichner: Mike Pence is a closeted *** man - More at:
Mike Pence just ran into the bathroom and shouted "Yas" into a towel.
thank you pro-life Mike Pence for trampling kids with disabilities!
@ Mike Pence Thank you Mike Pence for making are children illiterate, but safe from grizzlies
Quick memo: Mike Pence sent a woman to jail for a miscarriage. I'll repeat that again: Mike Pence sent a woman to jail for…
.holds a swearing-in ceremony for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.
Vice President Mike Pence takes a more active role, compared to Biden and even Cheney. .
. You should date and make America great again
.did a right choice picking as VP. Thanks to him now we have Betsy Devos as the Secretary of Educatio…
It is not that Mike Pence glaringly cherishes his wife's facial grease, it's that Donald Trump stubbornly spanks fruitflies during Tuesdays.
Today Mike Pence did something no one else has ever done: cast the tie breaking vote on his own cabinet nominee.
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Elementary math under Betsy Devos. Q: Ned and Sheryl each have 4 apples. Who has more apples?. A: Whomever Mike Pence deci…
.says, "There won't be any "conflict of interest". because Mike Pence will do all the real presidenting…
Happy that Mike Pence broke the tie so that President Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of education- Betsy Devos could be confirmed.
.sworn in as Secretary of Education by Mike Pence moments ago. Congratulations!
I hope next time Mike Pence is interviewed he can explain what makes Betsy DeVos qualified for the job he just voted her int…
Mike Pence looks like the Trinity Killer from
Senate vote is a 50-50 tie to confirm as Education Secretary. Mike Pence has broken the tie confirming her…
Mike Pence you should be ashamed of yourself. Where is your pride
Betsy DeVos becomes Trump's Education Secretary, but Mike Pence has to cast the deciding vote in the US Senate. Unprece…
Trump to O'Reilly,"I'm going to set up a commission headed by Mike Pence & we're going to look at it very very carefully,"
Senate votes for Betsy DeVos tied at 50-50. VP Mike Pence will cast the deciding vote. She will be confirmed as Trump's Education Secretary.
Mike Pence officially going to break the tie. This is not the type of history we were supposed to be making right n…
Hello Joy, Not sure if u know this or not but Mike Pence's Aunt Ms.Penny Pence was the girls swim teacher at Thornton Twp HS
Mike Pence has been catching himself humming "Born This Way" & stabbing himself in the leg with a pen all day
Former President George Bush flips the coin and crowd loves it. But when VP Mike Pence was shown on big screen, resounding…
Lady Gaga performed Born This Way for Mike Pence at and America survived
Wish I was sitting with homeboy Mike Pence at the Super Bowl
Explaining to Mike Pence who Lady Gaga is > Explaining to John Lewis who Rob Schneider is
Mike Pence far from clear when asked about whether Russian sanctions will remain. (via
Did u c this ? Removed from site so public can't see it.
Pence is perhaps one of the most anti-LGBTQ evangelical Christian political crusaders to serve in Congress:.
If Trump leaves office, I will still have former Indiana Governor Mike Pence as president.
This detailed profile of VP Mike Pence highlights why he is worse than Trump. .
: Ways to change the Iran government peacefully. https:/…
Mike Pence skipping CNN on Sunday show circuit # via
.in Philly extolling "timeless ideals" of Constitution. Meanwhile, openly questions legitmac…
Then impeach trump! Putin even is wondering what's going on, don't you think?
Mike Pence recognized black history month by honoring a white man via
how can Mike Pence defend the inexcusable and call himself a christian?
: Ways to change the Iran government peacefully.
Can you get your boss under some kind of control?He is reprehensible and we don't want him here.He needs a one way to russia.
Pence: Gorsuch will join Supreme Court ‘one way or the other’: PALM BEACH, Fla. — Vice President Mike Pence pledged…
Pence: 'Frustrating' to see judge suspend Trump's immigration order
Just got home from amazing candlelight march from DC Islamic center to Mike Pence's house ✌🏽
Mike Pence won't condemn Trump's speech... he is in total agreement!
In his speech to the Federalist Society in Philadelphia today, Mike Pence had sober words about the Constitution of the Un…
Mike Pence defends Trump's criticism of "so-called judge"
.pressures Democrats to not block Gorsuch for Supreme Court
The role of Mike Pence will be played by an angry possum in the Broadway musical, "Trumpled."
Petition to have Trump impeached passes half a million signatures
Always fun to see the old schtick again, but nothing beats the original:
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