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Mike Parry

Mike Parry is a British journalist and radio presenter.

Alan Brazil Joe Cole

Ed CA is pretty fun to parry. Every hit is not mashable.
Mike Parry enjoys his tv dinner for one.
What? Huge respect to you as a sportsman and broadcaster. But what response is that? Makes less sense than Mike Parry!
Sorry Eoin but that statement applies to Mike Parry's cinnamon challenge only.
Sorry Luke, but I'm with Mike on this one. Dark Souls style shield parry!
Please put Mike Parry back on the graveyard shift. Nobody wants that tosser so now I don't listen through the afternoon
Mike Parry's 'Burt Ward is dead' gaffe has to be one of the most amusing things I ever heardπŸ˜‚..…
Mike parry don't let that bully graham try and stifle your natural talent, stand up and put smokey old graham in his place.
If you're ever feeling down, just watch Mike Parry's cinnamon challenge.
Tsk, Jay Rayner has a Mike Parry moment - Peter Cushing was more of a Victor Frankenstein/Van Helsing kinda guy.
The joy of cinnamon with Mike Parry
Might be the coldest I've been at football. Absolutely bracing here at the home of Mike Parry, Gosport Borough
"I think Sam Allardyce would make an excellent England manager" Mike Parry, June 29th 2010, 12:25PM
Hello, I want Mike Parry to win winners and losers this week but don't know how to vote for him.
I watched Mike Parry and hot girls FC predict results on youtube just now. He does alot of pointing and uncomfortable flirting!
and Talksport have Mike Parry, err...excuse me, I'm confused πŸ€”
Same way I don't understand that *** Mike Parry. He's factually correct though mate. We are top 6 you're not!!
Now the baseballs finished time for the podcast, back to bed with tea, toast & Mike Parry 😳
Makes a change that Mike Parry's boots are too big for him rather than vice versa
. Since when has Mike porky parry been doing spec savers adverts lol
I see Mike Parry denies smoking he's always contradicting himself, foolish son of god, sort your ways before it's late!!!
Is Mike Parry running for congress in the US?
Mike Parry is an absolute legend Ben .Yeah been doing t3 on the icebreaker.
Hodgson could do with a bladderisation bonding trip with the doyen of fine things, Mike Parry.
mike parry the most gifted in fleet street? I think the term Special is what he was looking for
a great show but Mike parry had Life threatening op yrs ago don't think it's fair to joke offensively on live radio
Mike Parry on saying it was no secret within LCFC that Vardy would use the title win to move elsewhere. He's 29, last big move.
sorry Everton fans I was winding up mike "Potkie" Parry on talk sport of course Everton are a top top club in the top six England
Mr Parry on a day out with mystery woman. Nice shirt again Mike!
Michael Gove aka Red Mike comes across as one of the most insincere politicans of all time.
Mike Parry said people who collect Panini are saddo s. Who does he think he is? He's no paragon.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Mike Porkie Parry- "anyone that's left school that collects football stickers is incredibly sad" - John...
Mike Graham and Mike Parry, the pair behind TalkSPORT’s cult radio show The Two Mikes, are bringin...
I am an adjudicator on quiz's. I have come to the conclusion, Mike Parry is a cheat. Another Clint quiz with 10 more questions
apps have do at St.Georges Hall with Barrymore and Jennifer Jewel providing the entertainment. Mike Parry as Master of ceremonies.
Only Mike Parry can say a wrong answer with such conviction and belief
Can bear Mike Parry talkin about us on gives a bad impression of us fans. He's a blert.
Let's hope Mike Parry ain't on the other end, eh? πŸ˜‚
Use the Hunter Pistol, it's quicker. Very rarely could I get the parry on him with the Blunderbuss.
No...Gotta be Mike Parry,man of the people!!!.
Mike Parry's at it again with his smutty song rewrites Thursday June 2 podcast time17:09 Just get up the back Jack
I heard on H&J's "Clips of the Week" Mr Mike Parry's view that all bats should be burned. Is that official TalkSPORT Policy?
Mike Parry being an embarrassment once again!
Starting in 5 minutes UTC on talkSPORT & Talk Radio, with Mike Graham & Mike Porky Parry. Tune in now.
the ultimate talk sport show line up show should be Mike parry and Alan Brazil
what's worse, Mike Parry asking "you think I'm an *** " Is this rhetorical, or the fact he's an expert marksman?
Another Mike parry lookalike. Tell me about the honey, Porky
typed in Mike parry in Google a picture of stringfellow is listed.. Is some kid of joke?
My dog Bela was thinking of starting a career as a Mike Parry lookalike.. What do you reckon?
BE THERE!!! the Stockey Center June 3rd for parry Sounds Got Talent. Starts at 5:30. Get your tickets. Call Mike Cooper at the "Y" 746-0511
Hot Girls FC and Mike Parry predict the weekend results not great
Sorry,I only joined yesterday, I'll fill it in. Laughed at your comments on Mike Parry's traffic woes
OMG. Walter Mitty has nothing on Mike Parry. Unbelievable rubbish, lives in a dream world. What a Plank.
naw show me hahhah I heard Bosa is a major parry guy tho so idk
You should invite Mike Parry on your show & do a social media vote on BK mate, bet he turns you down though.
Coming this summer to my home town, Mike Pickles Hockey off-season conditioning camp for Parry…
to prove to the likes of Mike Parry who tells listeners things are great that they aren't..
well said on every point you made there Ped πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.. Mike Parry is the definition of cringe.
Mike Parry blocked me hsha. Think he was upset about everton. Might be my other account.
Mike parry, kevin ratcliffe in the echo whos getting reeled out next???
Hes an *** mike parry just listened to his interview with ped. What n absolute *** ppl like him in the media are poison to our club
Mike Parry completely embarrassed Ped on Talksport this morning. If that can happen, it says your POV is flawed for me.
Mike Parry's lost his head hasn't he? Completely fallen off. He's walking around trying to find it but is playing keepy-uppy with it
Mike parry represents a lot of Evertonians of his generation! Content with mediocrity and only voices opinion when provoked.
Mike Parry lives in a parallel universe where his mate can do no wrong. Nice he sticks up for his mate but he's got no credibility.
Thanks to Mike McMahon for Eric Parry Archs Vol 3 - and for passing on his experiences to year 2
Just listening to on Talksport, Mike Parry is an absolute bellend
they are quite entertaining, but Mike Parry grinds my gears a bit mate.
getting your *** handed to you twice by Mike Parry would be too much to handle I reckon.
brilliant mate, I think the minority (according to Mike Parry) would've acted similar at that time
Mike Graham 'I wish you would shut up Porky' 99% of your listeners only tune in because of Mike Parry, you fat faced doughnut
Never in my life have i heard such delusional comments like martinez consistently comes out with , i bet that clown mike parry loves him
McPartland on Talksport arguing with Mike Parry saying Evertonians want Kenwright out...don't remember being asked.
Mike parry not a roundhead. More like a dunderhead
God isn't Mike parry the most irritating person in the world who's never wrong and far superior than everyone else in his own world
Peter McPartland or Mike Parry pity they couldn't both lose.
mike parry - the man who boldly represents 0.01% of the EFC fanbase.
Someone give the monkey that operates Mike Parry a rest. Sounds like he needs it.
On Talksport at 1.15 with Mike Parry, this should be fun πŸ™ˆ
I forgot how Mike Parry is Mike Graham you are a saint. Great show has me in stitches
Have you heard Mike Parry tell a story on Talksport. Absolute stuttering boring ***
Is this Mike Parry on Talksport here? Surely he needs investigating for sex offences against children. What a animal.
Getting Mike Parry on would be sensational.
Most people who have just looked into this debate or dont follow Everton will believe Mike Parry and his lack of reality.
Done well their Ped,when blabbermouth stopped shouting,I think Mike Parry is Kenwrights *** son!!
I liked a video Mike Parry and Mike Graham James bond movie spoof the two mikes.
Jason Cundy, Mike Parry, Andy Goldstein not that any of em have an opinion worth anything
Just seen a bladderated Mike Parry strolling round Portsmouth harbour looking for the ferry.
last time I went to Chelsea away. Had a few drinks with Mike Parry after the match. & Barry Horne
I miss the talkpork website, the webs number one Mike Parry website (luckily archived at
Clips of the Week - 01/01/16 at 14 26 - Mike Parry talking about phone line for blind and deaf. Bevin from Leeds
That shirt again.. Mike 'OneStyle' Parry's in the house..
Mike Graham normally does the Graveyard Shift and Parry pops on once a week or so as the clown
Mike Parry by any chance? Always going off on one over nothing. Happy New Year btw!
OMG Mike Parry is still on this station ? Why? Jeese could you not get anyone else ? Talks pure crap constantly!
LIVE on More New Year's Fun with Bob & Mike (Parry in flute)
Come on Mike, let pretentious Parry mix with the arts types in Edinburgh
I am stunned that you and MG have not been honoured this year.I think Sir Mike Parry has a very good ring to it .Happy new yr.
I wonder if I will be picking up a freshly quaffed Mike parry?
You should get a few clips from Mike Parry's awfu attempt at answering questions on 2015 (approx 3.40pm)
Jennifer Lawrence in Game of Thrones? That's a Mike Parry level mistake
well done on the men of the year . Mike Parry who do you think is the the most talented of you both?
Just tuned in to Talkrubbish with Mike parry
Just read online that Mike Parry is now 61 years old! Put the old duffer in a home for the old & confused
Tune into Talksport for Hawksbee and Jacobs and that massive *** Mike Parry is on. Christ on a bike.
Mike Parry on talksport "I hate amateur drinkers on New years. .I'm a Bladderizer and I need space to do it "
Can't wait for 1pm when Mike Graham and the Lemmy of Porky Parry are on.
how about next year a on the life of Mike Porky Parry? Surely more then 3/10
Congrats to Mike Parry getting an OBE. Obese bladderated Evertonian.
you have won a pair of Mike Parry's used slippers πŸ‘πŸ‘Ÿ
yeah whatever happened to that Mike Parry show! I don't see it listed in the Radio Times! :-)
Just had to turn off the radio. How Mike Parry is allowed outside never mind on is beyond me. Incoherent bordering on senile.
Just turned on to hear mike porky parry talking complete rubbish. Please get him off. Changing to 5live sorry !
By far my favourite Mike Parry journal is 'Cooking Weekly'
The best presenters on the chemistry/banter is the way mike parry makes a twonk of himself πŸ‘πŸ‘
because I can't cope with Mike parry any more if it was you and anyone else I would stay tuned in because you make good listening
Phil Vickery, Mike Graham and Mike Parry. Ideal. Two of the smartest and knowledgeable people on Talksport. And Mike Parry.
the 2 Mikes make me laugh remind me old waldorf and slater from the muppets. Mike Graham deserves a medal working with Old parry
"1981's Ace Of Spades?"Another mistake Came out in 1980. Is Mike Parry still boozed?
Hi Mike Parry : mikeparry8. We invite u to J0IN our FREE iPh0ne 6s giveaway. Pls read my bi0 :) Thx
New campaign for Mr Parry, don't care. We have no internet , meant to be installed 10 Dec. Come on Mike, sort them out
Mike Graham and Mike Parry on Talksport at 1 now there's a great advert for listening to Radio 4 for Three Hours
Do you have any say re who fills in for you? PLEASE PLEASE no more Mike Squawkus Porkus Parry!!!
NYE parry at naivasha. On the Decks | | | Hosted by
at one stage or another in your life you get sacked by Mike Parry
Mike Parry reckons Peter Shilton is the best goalie of all time ? The man is totally clueless
Mike Parry (born 29 December 1954) He is 61 today. Old git. Early middle age my *** Old age more like.
am I right in thinking Mike parry is 61 with a birthday due on 29th December
happy birthday Mike Parry have a day
First time in ages I had to turn off. Mike Parry so annoying
if only Mike Parry was on Talksport 24 hours a day, bonkers, crazy but lots of fun. Keep it up Mike.
switched on talksport to find Mike parry talking about foxes climbing ladders
Just off to the dump to drop off a few Mike Parry's.
Mike Graham could make better use of them, by stuffing them into Parry's mouth... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
Spent yesterday attempting to cook but listening to Mike parry and Mike Graham reduced me to fits of giggles and destroyed productivity
Happy 60th Birthday Mike PORKY Parry heres looking forward to another great fun filled show have a good1
Who does Mike PORKY Parry know who's done a bit of bird, that's surely a new prison issue dressing gown Mike
Happy 60th birthday Mr Mike PORKY Parry have a great day and not too much bladderration
He should have that on his business cards: "Mike Parry - Approaching early middle age since 1999." 🐷😁
The voting is still open for from yesterday's show on Just go to to vote for Porky - Mike Parry
Great article by our friend Mike Erwin!
Floyd Money Mayweather? He wouldn't last 2 minutes with Mike Porky Parry after a bottle of lambrusco. http:/…
Mike Parry on said on talkSPORT this morning that we should give the job to Harry Redknapp.
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the show this morning. Winners and losers Mike Parry gets my vote.
People who said Duncan Edwards was the best player ever:. Matt Busby. Wilf McGuinness. Bobby Charlton. My Dad. Mike Parry. Morrissey
Have you seen Mike Parry doing the cinnamon challenge?
Excellent course today, Coaching footballers with Disabilities, thank you Mike Parry
ask Steve what he thinks of Mike Parry's claims about being a top Olympic rower
don't think Mike Graham should be in the 2 Mikes -it's all Porky Parry isn't it ?!!
clips of the week Two Mikes, Wednesday 3.14am, Mike Parry talking chocolate bars, simple but made me laugh
.The Mike Parry Blues: "Joanna Lumley Loves Elvis, But She Doesn't Love Me." Porky has left the building.
Mike parry is the elvis of the two mikes when on stage
Mike Parry will be on the next American Idol
Think they are on YouTube under Mike Parry Sports or something like that. Were pretty dull, tbh.
"he's Mike Parry loved around the world. Im Mike Graham" Very humble indeed from the true man of the people. Porky is a snob
COTW. 1.06am, 4th Nov. a handbrake u turn, that's the expression, no Mike Parry it isn't.
He may be Chris, but in our hearts he'll always be Mike .
Have you been smarter than the average bear and totally stitched-up MG in the DVD edit?! PARRY + support" 🐷
just done that OK Google thing ,how old is mike parry , here is the screen shot
and Mike parry wonders why he loses ? , Really stupid winners and losers
I think there is a shortage of talksport presenters hince mike porky drivel parry
Insomnia is not being helped by Mike parry talking total ***
Another one to add to the Mike Dean collection
Mike Dean definitely had Dembele first goalscorer! This is class πŸ˜‚
Now I understand why the Arsenal fans tend to call Mike Dean a spurs fan. Bit excited is he? Christ.
Mike Parry from talk sport slagged off C Wolf for taking all the newspapers from the studio instead of buying his own
Is there any truth that DVD is billed as The Two Mikes starring Mike Parry. Also appearing Mike Graham
Plenty of press guys have been fired in humiliating circumstances & returned. According to Mike Parry.
PS. Imagine being dumped for the likes of Mike Parry, Alan Brazil and Ronny Irani. Just imagine that
Dont think I have ever agreed with Mike Parry on Talksport. Talks nonsense
Some of my forecast this week hit the bulls-eye. As for Big Al ... well, listen here and find out ...
he's the Mike Parry of sky sports. I think he's only there for the entertainment factor.
Any chance you can have S Custis & Henry Winter on Sunday Supp shortly? Even better add Mike Porky Parry the King of fleet st.
"I'm telling you now,I'll put my house on Chelsea winning this game" mike parry. Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool 😳
- The woman who has visited every wetherspoons pub is the perfect woman for your old friend Mike Porky Parry
Just enough time before Chelsea Liverpool to listen to and me preview the weekend action on the podcast
Big Al thinks he's an expert when it comes to predicting the week-end football. Then he met me .. Listen
Great weekend of football, predicts an win and loss, what a surprise. Listen here -
Mike Parry's deliberate gaff on COTW aren't funny. PLEASE STOP, it's spoiling the slot ... πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
"and back to discuss top football stories: Terrific insight from Porky
After a fitful night with little sleep and with Mike Parry explaining how he would explain art theory to Melvyn Bragg.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Can you sort out your digital listening promos please? Mike Parry's Parsley & Thyme was funny once but not 99th time...
From ex-pat to total pratt, the life and times of Mike Parry
The next quiz is on Mike Parry himself.he will be quite convincing. 2/10?
The next quiz should be on the life and career of Mike Parry. He may even get a couple correct
.With Mike Parry a better quote would be - So much time, so few women.
how do you still employ Mike parry , I've listened to talk sport for 9 years and he is the biggest reason folk switch stations
Can't wait for Mike the plank parry to to once again fail at the quiz. a pillock.
That numpty is back on the podcast this week claiming he's better at penalties than -
spoon of cinnamon challenge! Have a look at the video of Mike 'Porky' Parry doing it on YouTube.
you guys are a great listen! I love british humour and crazy foolery of Pokemeister Mike Parry meschugge!
i never mentioned the word Agenda. Mike Graham did. I never mentioned mike parry.
Any truth in the rumour that M.P. has asked Talksport to rename the show "Porky's People" presented by Mike Parry & guests?
mike graham tell mike parry Everton has been in two Final in 1976/77 lost to aston villa and in 1984/85 they lost to liverpool
Transfer rumours and paper review – Wednesday, October 28: Mike Parry guides the Breakfast boys through the la...
last time I checked Porky didn't have a "Dr." achievement preceeding Parry. Just that exotic name, "Mike".
The parties Mike Parry goes to are those where you sit through 3 hours intensive selling & you end up with 3 blankets for Β£900.
Mike Parry burns water so I doubt it
Excuse me. Mike Parry has resigned more times than Roy Hodgsons had hot dinners.
Roy hogson shouldn't resign Mike Parry should
Exclusive: Alan Brazil and Mike Parry discuss the latest stories on the Up Front podcast: This week Alan is jo...
"Mike Parry is the Ray Winstone of radio"
Exclusive: Alan Brazil and Mike Parry discuss Sterling, Man United&transfers and B...
Mike Parry's idea is benefit should be cut to pay for the refurbishments of the House of Commons, so why not the Palace
Listen to Ukip's Winston McKenzie v Mike Parry refereed by
Alan Brazil and Mike Parry - Porkmeister - back on the beat with football predictions for the week-end on audioBoom
Mike Parry getting close to the end of the pier
In the show, the dynamic duo predict and plus Mike Parry does Premier League impressions and fails
Mike Parry, I've listened to Wed & Thurs listen again, but didn't hear you say 6 goals to BM. What day did you predict it?
listen to mike parry the gangster SNOOP PORKY PORKSTER
next week give him a quiz on Mike parry and let's see how many the buffoon gets πŸ˜‚
Can you offer me odds on Mike Parry's score in the politics quiz on The Two Mikes show on talkSPORT over night?
Doing a Mike Parry sat in the corner of the bar enjoying my own company.
Morning Mike, i think Mr Parry is going to struggle tonight. Here's the verdict from the Midlands jury. :)
Well, Mr Clarkson, if we believe Mike Parry and his so called "contacts" at the BBC, Piers Morgan has been offered your job.
Just listened to the sports news with Mike Parry on I say sports news possibly that should read English sport news
I have a question for mike parry . please to ask mike if he was in charge at Everton what changes would he make ? Thanks kev .
. Nice . Take a spoonful of cinnamon like mike parry
Mike Parry is a hunchback just like Richard the third.
Is James Corden part of a plot to raise the profile of West Ham in the States? Everton should send an equivalent Mike Parry! Oh Christ
Always enjoyable working with and Mike Parry. Hope the 100 odd candidates enjoyed their day!!
Thanks also to staff and Mike Parry πŸ‘ cheers boys as ever
Final leg of heavy weekend . Hosting Mike parry( Talksport drinking legend) in west 12 at QPR
I like how we are fine with Jaime, Mike, and Tony cutting their hair, but we aren't okay when Vic cuts his hair
Tried to ring Talksport again at 8am to speak to Micky Quinn to discuss Everton, WWE, Mike Parry & the Illuminati. Didnt get through
In spitfire formation with Mike Quack Parry at the controls.
big fan of both. Would parry fit as a 1T for DC or is he more a 3-4 NT? In a 4-3 is Tarpley a Will or Mike?
Only gave up 1g in the 2nd half and pulled off a great road win today. Freshman AJ Parry w/ 4g & Mike Bryant w/ 2g. Final: TC 6 Alma 5
Mike Parry must be a comedy creation
There once was a ugly duckling, for Mike parry.
Mike Porky Parry is looking for love - FMP:
what's going on?. Mike Porky Parry is looking for love - FMP:
have a look st this. Mike Porky Parry is looking for love - FMP:
Mike 'I won't get in a lift with other people, unless I'm going to the bar' Parry πŸ˜‚
never mind who is 1 direction? ! More important who the fcuk is Mike parry?
I'm so mad at Mike and I feel so bad for mama parry. She's too beautiful to feel pain like this.
mike parry talks so much clap trap he's a complete Inuit
I got a recipe for you add 2 scoops of drivel, 1 scoop of idiocy, 2 tbls of exaggeration to make your very own mike parry
Mike, if Parry's grumpy now, what is he going to be like during and after the quiz. The Professor in Mexico
Today's Jeremy Vine Show. 1.Dr Dave Owen. 2.Sledging is dangerous. 3.Mike Parry still talking out of his *** only on a different radio station
Do the bosses at not get up and listen until 10am? Alan Brazil and that Mike Parry are truly horrendous to listen to.
3 things that are impossible. 1.Mike Parry has sex 2.weighs less than 20 stone 3.Alan Brazil gives up alcohol
Mike Parry you have ruined Peaky Blinders for me and millions. An insufferable bore
Just watched Frankie Boyle’s Referendum and now Mike Parry is doing his β€˜I was courted by the KGB’ routine. Marvellous! Bit late though lads
their all knobs I switched off years ago. Was good when Ian Wright and Mike Parry were on
Indeed, Mike Parry on acid wouldnt have done any worse.
Blog Post: A Parry Sound Wedding sneak peek - Tricia and Mike are Married!!
Anyone up for Custom match Trickshot Mike Myers Send Message to Parristic for invite
with friends like Mike Parry you don't need enemies! He cannot pass up a chance to smear you and throw you under the bus!
Tomorrow night Eric Parry RA joins Mike Stiff and David Walker for the Building London Roundtable
Bloody good job too. By the way Mike, enjoy your programme with the Parry. Listen in from Mexico
Mike Parry sees the hashtag and goes into a seat sniffing frenzy.
Mike 'Parasite' Parry trying to start the ball rolling for Roy to be sacked. Predictable and tiresome.
Entertaining claptrap on the wireless courtesy of Mr Mike Parry? Go on then, just this once.
I blame Parry & his pessimism. Where were you Mike with your optimism? We needed you, Uri & your energy. Ken
So sad to hear that, our condolences of course. Best wishes: Mike Parry, on behalf of your friends at EAA240
Any chance Danny will give someone else a chance to speak...worse than MIke Parry. Let soemone else speak and stop cutting in
This world cup has gone through the crazy mind of a mad man, maybe Mike Parry's. Even Hon/Ecu is a good game. Who'da thunk it. Not i.
though his ideas are mind bending and crazy at times, Mike Parry speaks much sense
Is the Royal family worth your coppers? Mike Parry and Mike Graham debate the future of the monarchy
... Downhill since Mike Parry walked over the Keys & Gray appointment...
isn't that the worst claim in the world when people trot that one out! It's laced with Mike Parry!
Never sure if Mike Parry is joking, but who cares really.
1st team at home to Stretton (Sat):. Wright. Brownhill. Harwick. Parry. Wilde. Sandibobs. Charnley. Hatton (Mike). Mallett R. Fish. Mallett M
Mike Parry. According to Mike Perry who is a designer and artist working in Numerous media: books, magazines,...
How come only give Mike Parry the night shifts? Most entertaining presenter by a mile πŸ˜‚
I hear ya. Used to finish at 5am, and then get subjected to Mike Parry's face. Sleep well.
come back! Feel like you've been gone all summer
Lost credibility because you've now worked with Mike Parry, or because you made a hash of explaining what dulce de leche is?
No, Alan Brazil, but only if Mike Parry (Dracula came from Lithuania) is not available.
Mike Parry got the digits today after finals 😏😏😏😏
lol @ when Alan Brazil makes light hearted banter about the amount of heart attacks Mike Parry has had.
Talk Sport Interview with Joe Cole on football and food, with Head Chef Leigh Thurston and Mike Parry.…
Tonight and tomorrow, interview clips with Joe Cole, Mike Parry and our Chef, Leigh Thurston on Talk Sport
up there with Mike Parry being put in his place by a blue a few years back.
Talksport. On a morning show with Mike Parry and Dom Jolly.
It was my 1st ride asa Road Captain yesterday and all went well. The conditions were, at time, atrocious (rain and wind), but I think everyone enjoyed the ride. I would like to thank Windy, Carl, Linda, Wynn, Andy Dove, Mark and finally Diane (my Pillion) and Mike Parry (my Tail End Charlie).
Make them remember my name like Mike Jones πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
So first time fighting the pusurer, perfect parry, dont know what was so hard
I had no idea Alan Parry was Mike from breaking bad 😧
Luke, cal, mike and ashton we are honestly so sorry, no one intended to hurt you and idek why people threw the glow sticks
Might be a better soccer pundit than mike Graham and mike parry and those dudes are legends.
We don't all exist in the Mike Parry duck world.
If you're not following Mike Parry's timeline tonight, you're doing it wrong
he and Mike Parry have made tonight for me
Mike Parry isn't the brightest bulb in the box
Just had evidence provided that indicates that Mike Parry from TalkSPORT is probably a nonce.
Mike Parry is a comic genius laughing at all of you.
I don't think Mike Parry quite gets how Eurovision works. Oh and he's a bellend.
Mike Parry sniffs seats, pass it on
Mike Parry is not hiding the fact that he totally wants to bone Molly
Mike Parry's hotel room is going to have a lot of miscellaneous items on the bill tonight.
Mike Parry has had a few too many sherbets tonight
Mike Parry's losing it guys, it's incredible.
Mike Parry...has just finished the last of the metal polish under the sink...
Yes Mike Parry. It's an outrage we can't vote for ourselves.
I reckon the socks under Mike Parry's bed will be harder than granite tomorrow morning.
I already know Mike Parry is an unprofessional wanker but he continues to show he hasn't reached his ceiling yet
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