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Mike Napoli

Michael Anthony Napoli (born October 31, 1981 in Hollywood, Florida) is a Major League Baseball catcher/first baseman with the Texas Rangers.

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Looking at where Mike Napoli is on the fWAR leaderboard. Only Pujols, Gonzalez and one other player have been worse.
Mike Napoli has left the yard. 23rd homer of the year. 4-2.
Tonight's plug ins are Corey Seager, Mike Napoli, and Madison Bumgarner! Plug these guys in your lineups!
And get Mike Napoli and Cole Hammels. Let Napoli DH full time. Edwin at 1B full time and you get a solid 3rd guy in the rotation
Mookie Betts grounds into a double play, shortstop Elvis Andrus to second baseman Rougned Odor to first baseman Mike Napoli. Christian Vaz
lose 7-5. Bullpen has 18 losses this season. Homers for Rougned Odor, Mike Napoli, Carlos Gomez (not in that order).
Mike Napoli has 17 homers this season to go with his current .194 average. Rougned Odor has 15 HRs/.213. Joey Gallo ha…
Mike Napoli gets his AL championship ring from the Indians, a big reception from the Cleveland faithful. http…
Do you have anything unsigned for Delino Deshields Jr or Mike Napoli? Then anything for Josh Doctson/Andy Dalton/Trevone Boykin?
Mike Napoli has left the game with back spasms, Joey Gallo is at 1B. Joey Gallo fails to field Carlos Beltran's hard grounder
Mike Napoli is exiting the game because of back spasms. Joey Gallo to first base. Ryan Rua takes over in left field.
ICYMI: Mother's Day piece on the side of Mike Napoli you might not see & woman who raised him:
Mike Napoli wins it with an absolute bomb off Brandon Maurer
Mike Napoli just murdered Brandon Maurer and the entire Padres franchise.
Mike Napoli just hit his 2nd HOME RUN off Brandon Maurer!.
Rangers score first on Mike Napoli homer. 8th straight game with a homer for Texas to start season.
Would Rangers consider trading Yu Darvish, Jonathan Lucroy, Mike Napoli and more? Well, it depends...
[Akron Beacon Journal] Indians notebook: Former Indians first baseman Mike Napoli has ‘tough’ reunion in Te
Mike Napoli is the easy pick here but I'd wager this was 100% Andrew Cashner.
Mike Napoli has definitely gone carp fishing.
Mike Napoli on preparing for Rangers 2017 season
With this stadium Mike Napoli gon hit a ball to right so hard that it ricochets off the seats straight back at Danny Salazar .
Hats off to the Tribe, Terry Francona, Andrew Miller, Mike Napoli and Coco Crisp! Red Sox forever.
At 35 Mike Napoli's still a beast. We're ready for baseball to start!
The only people on Ramgers i respect: Tony Beasley, Mike Napoli, Adrian Beltre& Ryan Rua. That's it.
After that walk-off HR vs the Yanks & amazing hitting, Mike Napoli is becoming a STUD 1st baseman.
The have agreed to a one-year deal worth $8.5 million with first baseman Mike Napoli, according to ES…
Jim Bowden of ESPN hears that Mike Napoli's new one-year deal with the Rangers is worth $8.5 million and…
Hot Stove Digest: Rangers finally agree to terms with Mike Napoli (Big League Stew)
Chris Carter... Pedro Alvarez... Kennys Vargas... what do you think? How does Mike Napoli fit into your thoughts?
yes, but a Chris Carter or Mike Napoli would look good. Even Adam Lind as a platoon with Vargas would look good
Byung *** Park's upside seems like it's Chris Carter or Mike Napoli. So, like, if you want Park just get one of those guys.
Chris Carter, Matt Wieters, and Mike Napoli seemed to have been too expensive to the liking
Logan Morrison got a contract but ByungHo Park, Mike Napoli, and Chris Carter dont? How in the ***
Chris Carter and Mike Napoli are going to be popular in Japan. Party at Napoli's Tokyo style should be fun.
Sounds like Mike Napoli is waiting on 2-14 to sign w Texas, but crazy that neither he and Chris Carter (combined 75 HR in '16) have a job
Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times passes along word that the Rays have checked in on Mike Napoli.
After signing Trevor Plouffe, may still look to one of remaining FAs Mark Trumbo, Mike Napoli, Jose Bautista, Chris Carter, & Adam Lind.
The are, indeed, in on Mike Napoli. But there are enough alternatives out there, they don't appear in a rush to get deal done.
so is it possible they sign for say Mike Napoli and keep Blackmon and Desmond?
trying to find the David Ross/Mike Napoli type fit with a bit more talent (hopefully some is left) for the younger guys.
Rich Hill, Andrew McCutchen, and Mike Napoli would be great gifts to all Rangers fans.
Rumor Central: Mariners no longer see free-agent 1B/DH Mike Napoli as fit for roster - Tacoma News Tribune (ESPN) …
among many teams giving serious competition for the services of Mike Napoli
Indians will not not be making qualifying offers to any free agents, including Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis.
All this World Series did for me was make me miss Theo Epstein, Terry Francona, Jon Lester, Andrew Miller,John Lackey, Mike Napoli
While watching Mike Napoli in the World Series, was I the only Mets fan reminded of Michael Cuddyer in the 2015 postseason?
Mike Napoli is gross. That's what you get for calling Tanaka an *** Karma.
Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer vs. Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli. That's why the Royals have rings.
Mike Napoli was supposed to be Jack Parkman!
Indians starting lineup notes:. Mike Napoli out (can pinch hit, of course). Carlos Santana at 1st. Rajai Davis in LF . Tho…
John Lackey, Jon Lester, and David Ross won the 2013 with the Red Sox along with Mike Napoli.
just do product placements in the in-game interviews, "Mike Napoli is with us, brought to you by CPAP"
Lot of Red Sox connections in this matchup. Jon Lester, John Lackey, and David Ross played with Mike Napoli on 2013 WS title team
Players to HR with 4 teams in postseason. Mike Napoli. Ron Gant. John Olerud. Reggie Sanders. Russell Martin
Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli career against Jon Lester combined: 20-56, three homers.
I'm officially rooting for the due to Mike Napoli and Jason Kipnis's shrine.
Mike Napoli. Travis Bowen. Chandler Hoffman. Johnny Boychuk. RJ Hunter. Jordan Mickey. Just a few who have worked w/us. And the list is growing!
Just this year, Andrew Miller, Dan Otero, Mike Napoli, and Marlon Byrd before he got suspended.
The strike first! . Mike Napoli with a RBI double scoring Carlos Santana, 1-0 in the 1st.
and he's played with Mike Napoli and David Ortiz, so
Cleveland Indians first baseman Mike Napoli talks Lonnie Chisenhall, playing for Red Sox... via
Thank you to for helping spread the word on on tonight...$150K and counting https:…
Mike Napoli, known for his dirt-ball reads in Boston, gets to second on a pitch in the dirt there. Caught Leon by surprise,…
Mike Napoli showing off at first base. The party’s on the plane flight to Boston tonight.
Mike Napoli promised Jason Kipnis a bottle of wine after the second baseman cleaned up a ball off the first baseman…
Mike Napoli, on the crowd: "I couldn't even hear myself think at the end of the game. We're going to need that. We feed off…
Is that your nickname for Mike Napoli?
. Come on down to the team shop or check out
I am an Angel fan and I miss Mike Napoli. His bat and his glove... I love that he plays first now.
Mike Napoli stealing second on a delayed steal was the sign I needed to make a Bloody Mary.
Mike Napoli is out here making diving grabs with a six-run lead in the ninth inning. Snags sharp Hanley grounder. Scampers t…
that'd be pretty cool to see Mike Napoli hit a grand slam in today's game,or A walk off takeover, annexing the Red Sox back to New England
Gonna guess Mike Napoli has hit his last homer for the Indians. Someone get him a fat midwestern Kansas City farm girl STAT.
I'm just mad at Matt Underwood for taking 138 games to use "Party Time" as Mike Napoli's HR call.
Walking the bases loaded to let Mark Lowe get Mike Napoli seems like a good strategy.
Blake Smith gives up a solo shot to Mike Napoli. It's 9-4 in the top of the eighth.
Mike Napoli homers off Blake Smith in the 8th. Cuts White Sox lead to 9-4.
16 players have hit more home runs than Mike Napoli this season, he is currently tied with Mookie Betts and Rougned Odor @ 30 HR
Mike Napoli sets new career record for dinger's in a season at 30. The big strong man is on pace for 40+
Is Terry Francona I'll because he put Carlos Santana over Mike Napoli at first base tonight?
Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli have combined for .257 38 HRS 117 RBIS and 31 SB's. Meanwhile Todd Frazier is hitting .217 30 HRS 68 RBIS 8 SBs
on my list of most exciting players covered. Mike Napoli, Kendrys Morales, Francisco Rodriguez, Garrett Richards, Mike Trout.
Mike Napoli's HR off of Sonny Gray today gives him 1,000 career hits.
Anniversary of Stan Musial's only career 3 strikeout game. Mike Napoli has 15 such games in 2016
Shrine to Jobu erected between Mike Napoli and Jason Kipnis' locker.
First Basemen making more than $4M this year: Logan Morrison, Steve Pearce, Moreland, Mike Napoli, Chris Johnson, Brandon…
Mike Napoli will start at 1B and bat 4th vs New York Yankees on Thursday.
Just saying, Mike Napoli and JR Smith winning championships in the same calendar year would boost's Cleveland's bar economy by 200%.
Bronze bench: Adam Duvall, Nick Hundley, Mike Napoli, Michael Saunders and Kelby Tomlinson. I like the versatility.
Mike Napoli is a nice departure from recent past Indians power hitters such as Shin Soo Choo, Asdrubal Cabrera and Ryan Raburn
"When are the Indians going to get a right-handed power bat?" asked the Clevelander unaware that Mike Napoli is on pace for…
I was a big fan of the Mike Napoli & Rajai Davis signings in the offseason and they've proved to be awesome signings. Well done,
Good morning. Here's Tom Hamilton calling Mike Napoli's 12th home run of the season.
Mike Napoli is on pace for 38 home runs.will be the first Indian since 08" with 30+ home runs. Grady Sizemore was the last
Chris Gimenez murdering pitches and Mike Napoli finding that exact point in the gap no one can get to? Okay, sure?
What is the over/under for Mike Napoli putting a ball in play? I love the guy but these whiffs are must be nearing historic levels.
I never recognize Mike Napoli it's like Kevin Millar all over again
Tony Sipp is done after striking out Lindor .. Pat Neshek comes in to face Mike Napoli
Mike Napoli cracks Ken Giles' first pitch for a single into left field.
Ken Giles comes in .. Mike Napoli singles to left on the first pitch he sees. That didn't take long
Mike Napoli puts a charge into one and it flies into the front row of the Crawford Boxes ... 2-0 Indians
What about Mike Napoli makes him so much more appealing than Brandon Moss? investigates.
Mike Napoli hasn't yet in this series hit his obligatory mammoth home run. But it will come.
Cleveland notes: Mike Napoli gets first MLB pinch-hit HR in loss ...
Wow... Joaquin Benoit gives up a 2-run HR to pinch hitter Mike Napoli and the Indians have tied things with the Mariners, 7 a piece.
Mike Napoli with a pinch hit two run home run off of Joaquin Benoit to tie the game.
ATM Mike Napoli's INQUIZIE ranking is 1,482. Agree or disagree?
At one point in the clubhouse today, Mike Napoli was playing chess against the trio of Betts, Vazquez and Bogaerts. Need to ch…
I gotta give it Mike Napoli he's been clutch Juan Uribe has been a bit of a let down
I think everybody got Mike Napoli today
Heart of a champion: Undeterred by health condition, high schooler shares passion for baseball with Mike Napoli...
Is this an old story? I'm confused by the part about him replacing Mike Napoli.
Napchat: Snapchat, but for Mike Napoli and his beard
I thought Mike Napoli was going to double off the Monster
That Mike Napoli walk off on Patriots' Day three years ago
when Mike Napoli tries to steal your skulls.
April 17, 2012: Mike Napoli hits 2 of the 9-2 Texas Rangers' 6 home runs on a 21-hit night in Boston for an 18-3 win over the Red Sox.
Mike Napoli is a bang for your buck baseball player and human being.
Mike Napoli's walk up song is pop lock and drop it. I love you.
Too forever for a double play like your Mike Napoli hit!?!?!?!
Cleveland Indians beat the New York Mets 7-5. Mike Napoli is my Cleveland Indians player of the…
Stop it: new Indian Mike Napoli is not former Indian Mark Reynolds
Didn't know Mike Napoli had a kid who was that old.
NYMNapoli singles for his second RBI Mike Napoli hits a hard ground ball through the right side of t…
NYMNapoli breaks his bat for an RBI single Mike Napoli slaps a broken bat ground ball that trickles …
Another win. Think about how good Mike Napoli is in the lineup. Now think about Michael Brantley hitting ahead or behind him.
Should we all go out and look for shirtless Mike Napoli downtown?
And no, I don't think Mike Napoli is going to be another flash in the pan. One of the most underrated intelligent hitters in the game.
Am I the only one who thinks Mike Napoli and look kind of alike?
Mike Napoli has already done more for the Indians than Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn did combined in 2 years.
Mike Napoli has shown to be a great addition so far. And Uribe looks to be outta that early slump. Last 2 games have been good for him.
With the addition of Mike Napoli to the line up, has some competition for the dirtiest uniform on the this year!
RBI single by Yan Gomes plates Mike Napoli as the extend the lead to 5-1 in the 6th inning.
d'Arnaud's arm is a major problem. Mike Napoli just stole second and I think he has at least one wooden leg.
Borrowing Nick Swisher's sunglasses has really worked for Mike Napoli.
Mike Napoli extends the hitting streak to 8 games!
Darnaud can't even throw out mike Napoli LMFAOOO
Huh. I don't have a Mike Napoli joke I just thought he was washed
Mike Napoli, knock on wood, has done everything and more for this ball club. Please all season man!
Mike Napoli brings the veteran presence and professional at-bats the Indians were supposed to get from Nick Swisher.
RBI single by Mike Napoli plates Jason Kipnis as the extend the lead to 4-1 in the 6th inning.
Mike Napoli has been great for the Indians. I know, it's early.
Wait, Mike Napoli is still in the league?!?
Apr 16, AB 3: Yoenis Cespedes grounds out, shortstop Francisco Lindor to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Kinda think he's basically Mike Napoli--including being on the verge of decline--who'll get paid a lot more.
Seriously dude! I mean he kills our pitching staff! He's a new Mike Napoli and what did Boston do when Naps was a free agent? 😏
BREAKING: Mike Napoli now plays for the Mets after a rare in-game trade.
Encarnacion's double was like a Mike Napoli classic except it came off the tip of the bat. Stupid.
mike napoli's walk up , throw some D's and pop lock and drop it
Is that supposed to be evil Mike Napoli lurking in the shadows behind Mike Napoli?
domain names
Apr 16, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes strikes out swinging, catcher Yan Gomes to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Mike Napoli could win a gold glove in his mid-thirties, good heavens what a defender.
on a scale from Doobie Herrera to Mike Napoli where does he fall?
Get to know Mike Napoli, new to the this season.
Indians are early frontrunners for the "that guy still plays?" lineup of the year with Rajai Davis, Juan Uribe, Mike Napoli and Marlon Byrd.
Juan Uribe, Mike Napoli, Marlon Byrd, Rajai Davis - this CLE lineup is a real potpourri of random journeymen
Players going earlier than Wil Myers: Melky Cabrera, Nick Markakis, Mike Napoli, Brandon Moss, Rusney F. Castillo. I can't click for you.
SO is Mike Napoli and sleep apnea now the favorite to be this years Casey Kotchman lasik surgery story. Yet to have one this year
Mike Napoli with a diving stop on Jesus Montero's hard-hit ground ball to the right side. Takes away a sure base hit.
Carrasco tosses sharp two in spring debut: Mike Napoli and Joey Butler smacked two-run homers in the...
I completely forgot Mike Napoli is a Cleveland Indian
On Cody Anderson's solid spring debut, a first glimpse at Mike Napoli with the
Mike Napoli & Carlos Santana were in same batting group this morning. They'll both see action at 1B & DH this year.
Jurickson Profar, left fielder?. (I know this is dumb). (But so was Mike Napoli, left fielder, so)
I mean, they've been making moves all offseason! Tommy Hunter, Mike Napoli, Ross Detweiler, and Rajai Davis
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Rajai Davis: 35. Mike Napoli: 34. Juan Uribe: 36. Folks is this a ball club or a *** retirement home?
Mike Napoli and Juan Uribe to plug major holes on what should be a contender is an. odd approach to an offseason
MIke Napoli said it best, 1B was extremely hard to transition to and it was a very difficult process. HE ENDED UP BEING PRETTY GOOD!
Mike Napoli takes his first cuts with the Tribe.
I guess that's one way to sell Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis while the Tigers signed Upton and the Sox got Frazier
>> What will new Cleveland Indians Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis contribute this season?
Apparently Hanley Ramirez has shown up to spring training not yet owning a 1B Glove, and was given Mike Napoli's old glove for now.
FC Midtjylland - no game in two months, one win in ten before that, and lost 9-1 on aggregate to Napoli in the group stages
Hanley is a joke. He's borrowing Mike Napoli's glove for gods sake! How serious can he be taking it?
Hanley is using Mike Napoli's old glove because his hasn't come in yet. It also appears he hasn't practiced.
Will Napoli be boom or bust for the History isn't in his favor with Tribe free agents.
Cleveland Indians: Will Mike Napoli instill fear in pitchers?
I like - I'm Lao Pinke aka Mike Napoli ... I could have a lot of fun with these!!
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Watch Hanley Ramirez take grounders at first base at Red Sox camp
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Why are people so mad about Hanley using Mike Napoli's old first base mit? A glove is a glove.
Mike Napoli and how it was a bad signing.
Hanley Ramirez confident he can make switch to 1B, especially with Mike Napoli’s glove. has more:
Fixing a typo. Here’s a photo of the glove is using. It’s from Mike Napoli, hence the “NAP” on it.
Hanley's worked at 1B w/ Mike Napoli's mitt. Asked if he'll move to DH in '17 he said "what if I win a Gold Glove?"
why did Mike Napoli forget his glove?
Hanley Ramirez stopped to speak to the media. He's in very good spirits. Also: he's using one of Mike Napoli's gloves at 1B.
I want you to imagine that in baseball. 1B for All-Star Game: NL Duda, Ryan Howard, and Brandon Belt. AL Teixeira, C Santana, Mike Napoli.
Meet our new campus cutie Mike Napoli, VP of the biz fraternity on campus AKPsi!
ICYMI, Mike Napoli has some advice for Hanley Ramirez
"Mike Napoli offers message 4 new 1st baseman Hanley Ramirez: 'It's not easy' read this Hanley!
Mike Napoli offers message for new first baseman Hanley Ramirez: 'It's not easy' via
>> New Cleveland Indian, Mike Napoli, described as well-prepared, patient, and a good bunter
Wow Joe Thatcher just hours after Rajai Davis just hours after Mike Napoli just days after Joey Butler Tribers are winning 700 games in 2016
What do you guys think about the Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli signings?
Indians sign free agents Rajai Davies & Mike Napoli to deals today
Mike Napoli signs one-year, $7 million contract with after they fail to land Todd Frazier, per an…
Mike Napoli. Great. This year's version of Mark Reynolds/Brandon Moss only older
Sources; Mike Napoli in agreement with on one-year contract, pending physical.
Pirates have interest in Mike Napoli. Interest goes all the way back to July, where PIT had interest in both Naps and Shane Victorino.
Not likely for but FA 1B available include Justin Morneau, Mike Napoli and Mark Reynolds. Those would all be stop-gap and costly.
I think Justin Morneau would be a good fit or Mike Napoli
maybe a 1 or 2 year deal with Mike Napoli or Justin Morneau, vet guys with good D that get on base
If Texas could only bring back either Colby Lewis or Mike Napoli -- which would you pick?
Mike Leake, Jeff Samardzija, Doug Fister should be solid targets. Offensively, Mike Napoli and to replace Ozuna, sweet talk with Yoenis, JUp
Sherrington: What re-signing Mike Napoli would mean for Mitch Moreland |
Mike Napoli also had a filthy one in game 2. Goins was able to avoid him, but intent was similar
Mike Napoli talks with Heidi Watney about his game-tying single and the Texas Rangers extr...
Broken-bat, two-out single for Will Venable brings Mike Napoli to the plate in top of 13th
@ T11-1o: Mike Napoli walks. Will Venable to 2nd.
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Mike Napoli hits an RBI Single to tie this ballgame, 4-4!!
Mike Scioscia has given up on Mike Napoli and Hank Conger, postseason wins for Napoli and Conger: 25, Scioscia: 0
Mike Napoli's beard is ridiculously well groomed
You may party, but you cant beat "drunk Mike Napoli roaming the streets of Boston shirtless alone" party.
Bold prediction: ALCS. And Mike Napoli will hit a home run to send the to the World Series.
Evan Gattis is going to be Mike Napoli for halloween.
The long ball is what hurts Tanaka. Hard to build innings on him but every now and then hitters can bang. Ask Mike Napoli.
Keuchel's is great, but Mike Napoli 2013 has a special place in the beard hall of fame
Mike Napoli back with the Rangers, who are back in playoffs:
Hey the says we should feel bad for Mike Napoli cuz he won a series in Boston but not in Texas.
SportsDay's Upon Further Review chats up about crazy moves, Napoli catching.
A.L. Division Series Preview: Blue Jays vs. Rangers. Mike Napoli of the Texas Rangers still thinks about the ring that got away: when the Ra…
We should sign Mike Napoli for starters and possibly trade for a big bat.
Mike Napoli, Shin-Soo Choo, Delino Deshields, and Nick Martinez have all had Custom IntraLASIK with Dr Tylock.
I'm ready to put out my big postseason prediction. Here you go. Mike Napoli will be the Rangers most valuable player in the Toronto series.
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Mike Napoli See today's top ranked MLB Players or add your Favs
But why not put Mitch Moreland in LF and Mike Napoli at 1B?
10 things you might not know about Mike Napoli, including his Eskimo tattoo, trolling Richard |
5/30/15. Chi Chi Gonzalez debuts w/ 5 no-hit innings. With 2 outs in the 6th, he exits the game to an ovation after a double by:. Mike Napoli
...of Prince Fielder, Adrian Beltre, Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli with the hitting. Cole Hamels help the team big time with his pitching.
The most common lineup for the 2015 AL West champion Texas Rangers was utilized in 8 games, and featured Mike Napoli in left fi…
Need some more clubhouse celebration? Here's Mike Napoli dousing Adrian Beltre in slow motion:.
My question is how long was Mike Napoli in the clubhouse before he took off his shirt yesterday.
Ex-catcher, so he is obsessed w/guys who play his way. Ignored Mike Napoli, gave 100s of ABs to Jeff Mathis & Chris Ianetta.
Hey Mike Napoli! Who's going to the postseason again?
Adrian Beltre, Prince Fielder open seventh with singles, and Mitch Moreland will pinch hit for Mike Napoli against RHP Fernando Salas.
The intentionally walk Mike Napoli in order to strike out Josh Hamilton. Times have changed.
Mike Napoli and Josh Hamilton are in the same starting lineup for the first time since October 2, 2012.
Mike Napoli and Josh Hamilton. Don't see how this series in Texas could go poorly. Nope, not at all.
I love Mike Napoli but I'm still having a hard time with "left fielder Mike Napoli".
I love that the are doing this with an OF with Shin-Soo Choo and Mike Napoli. I mean ... not exactly Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain.
Small sample size, but Rangers outscoring opponents 26-7 in games with Mike Napoli, Mitch Moreland & Prince Fielder in…
The Rangers are now wearing American flag shorts courtesy of Mike Napoli via
Jeff Banister said he expects Mike Napoli to start in left field on Wednesday against Dallas Keuchel.Joey Gallo out there tonight
Mike Napoli back out working in left field with Jayce Tingler early Tuesday
Mike Napoli is back in left as Rangers using same lineup as Sunday
The rare passed ball on Russell Martin nets Texas a runner in scoring position, as Mike Napoli scampers down to second.
Mike Napoli and Chris Gimenez both homer to give Cole Hamels his 1st win as a Ranger. Texas tops Detroit, 4-2.
Just can't shake this animosity I feel toward Travis Shaw - as though he actually murdered Mike Napoli.
Unbelievable story about Mike Napoli's jaw surgery. Had no idea.
Mike Napoli is gone, but he certainly left his mark
today recalled INF Deven Marrero from Triple-A Pawtucket. He takes the roster spot of 1B Mike Napoli who was traded to TEX on 8/7.
The Red Sox have recalled infielder Deven Marrero to replace Mike Napoli on the 25-man roster.
10 things to know about Mike Napoli: His tattoos, trolling Richard Sherman, giraffes, and more
Rangers have acquired 1B Mike Napoli and cash from Boston for a player to be named or cash.
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.set to bring back Mike Napoli in deal with reports. Clubs haven't confirmed.
Robbie Ross Jr your bacon just got saved by Mike Napoli!!
Tyler Saladino grounds out, first baseman Mike Napoli to pitcher Rick Porcello.
Dan Jennings gets Mike Napoli to hit into DP and then K's Swihart. White Sox win their 6th straight game 9-4 to move to 48-50.
Mike Napoli grounds into a double play, second baseman Gordon Beckham to shortstop Alexei Ramirez to first baseman Jose Abreu. David Ortiz
Gordon Beckham grounds out, second baseman Jemile Weeks to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Gordon Beckham grounds out, shortstop Xander Bogaerts to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Emilio Bonifacio grounds out, third baseman Pablo Sandoval to first baseman Mike Napoli.
in magical xmas land, this would be Ryan Braun. In reality, it will be Mike Napoli
Anthony Gose grounds out, second baseman Brock Holt to first baseman Mike Napoli. Jose Iglesias to 3rd.
Red Sox lineup: Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino back in - WEEI blog Rob Bradford
RedSoxViews Mike Napoli understands he's facing race against time
COLUMN: Mike Napoli understands he's facing race against time
Mike Napoli understands he's facing race against time
Mike Napoli just hit a wicked liner off the right shin of RHP Joe Smith. Ball caromed to SS Aybar, who threw to 1B for out.
With Shane Victorino batting, passed ball by Chris Iannetta, Mike Napoli to 2nd.
Mike Napoli will hit a solo homer and that will be the difference in the game. I'd actually cry tears of joy for Nap
David Ortiz and Mike Napoli are not in the Red Sox lineup today. Hanley Ramirez at DH, Travis Shaw at 1B vs. Yankees:
lol. I drafted Mike Napoli, Dominic Brown and Jesus Montero. I'm a connoisseur of duds. LoMo would fit right in.
Red Sox prospects daily: What can Travis Shaw offer with Mike Napoli struggling?
New York acquire 1B Mike Napoli from Boston in exchange for SP Dillon Gee and 1B Eric Campbell
says the Pirates biggest need is 1B. Cites Adam Lind, Mike Napoli, Allen Craig, and Logan Morrison as replacements...
"What's this puffy square white thing in the middle of the diamond? Oh yeah! It's 2nd base!" --Mike Napoli
The Underground downtown last night featured Clay Buchholz, Mike Napoli, and Tyler Seguin! Crazy.
Just had some beers last night with Clay Buchholz and Mike Napoli
Mitch Moreland: 1st Ranger since Mike Napoli in 2011 to hit 2 HR in back-to-back games . 3rd player this season: Todd Fr…
Mike Napoli grounds out, third baseman Danny Valencia to first baseman Edwin Encarnacion.
no. Still bitter they kept Juan Rivera over Mike Napoli.
Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli got ejected for... what, exactly?
first baseman Mike Napoli says he was ejected from a game for not picking up his bat.
Hamilton Collection
Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli got tossed for leaving his bat on the ground:
Edwin Encarnacion pops out to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Rene Rivera strikes out swinging, catcher Sandy Leon to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Boston Red Sox's John Farrell and Mike Napoli ejected for arguing balls and strikes
Mike Napoli's beard is no match for Wade Davis beard
do you think a possible trade for Mike Napoli or Ryan Howard could be in order if offensive drought continues?
would trading for Mike Napoli or Ryan Howard at first base be an option for the cardinals if this offensive drought continues?
I have n idea why not repurchase the contract of Allen Craig n get rid of Mike Napoli
If you were Justin Smoak, you'd be .256/.347/.453 with good defense. If you were Mike Napoli, you'd be .208/.309/.396 - bad but much better.
I appreciate Mike Napoli for 2013 and he was instrumental to the fairy tale WS title. But it may be time to let the big fella go!
Since Taylor Ward seems a lot like Jeff Mathis, maybe can take a Mike Napoli-type C with next pick and have another C controversy.
There's a ton of irony to Angels selection of Taylor Ward. His game very much resembles Jeff Mathis, his favorite player is Mike Napoli.
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