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Mike Myers

Michael John Mike Myers (born May 25, 1963) is a Canadian actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film producer of British parentage.

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I hope more than anything that the is canceled before anyone remembers who Mike Myers is.
TIL that thinks that Mike Myers, Leslie Nielsen, & Ben Stiller are "hacks." The crazy lady doth project too much.
Regis Philbin, Drake Bell, Smashmouth with Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller from Dodgeball and Wi…
COMING UP ON 20 years after the release of 'Austin Powers,' find out what Mike Myers is saying now about the film franchise!…
I just heard Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers say, "There's nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster." In 1997. 1. 9. 9. 7.
The Austin Powers movies are so great I'm so happy they and Mike Myers exist
Mike Myers on 20 years of Austin Powers and the possibility of a fourth film
Austin Powers is a beautiful movie series because someone somewhere sat down and signed off on Mike Myers being a bunch of characters.
at 20: Mike Myers, Jay Roach and more spill secrets in a shagadelic oral history
Mike Myers would “love” to do another Austin Powers movie.
was a tribute to Mike Myers' father: "I was devastated by my father's death"
Mike Myers had to last-minute rewrite Wayne's World 2 because he borrowed from Passport to Pimlico. Bizarre story
Sherry Lansing threatened to bankrupt Mike Myers - A new biography about the life of Hollywood legend Sherry La...
Sherry Lansing threatened to bankrupt Mike Myers: A book details an incident that occurred…
Sherry Lansing threatened to bankrupt Mike Myers via
Watching Fargo. Billy Bob Thornton's goofy haircut makes him look a bit like one of Mike Myers's characters :))
Check out what I found. Shrek 2 DVD Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, Antonio Band via
Nicole Kidman is utterly amazing. From SNL w/Mike Myers/ to Paperboy? Mrs Urban is a brilliant underrated actress
Equity will be after you MP, Brad Pitt, Clive Owen, Damian Lewis, Liam Neeson and Mike Myers are all Liverpool fans
Canada may not have put a man on the moon, but it's been awfully nice to the man on earth. Mike Myers
BREAKING: God holding a press conference in which he distances himself from Mike Huckabee.
Versace mike myers turning head like a plyer
He was Dr. Evil before it was a Mike Myers thing.
They're simply trying to get people to read the word beeelyun the way Mike Myers says it as Dr. Evil. Nothing more
Chief Mike Hamilton and FF Greg Myers (also of SFD) from Montgomery County, Md., spoke at our Safety Stand Down ton…
A Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth news reference all in the same day. Somewhere Mike Myers is smiling and laughing al…
But why is Mike Myers really killing it tho
Liverpool fans stunned as Hollywood star turns up to watch the match with them in
from april 26-28 the hunt county fair has Whiskey Myers, Sam Riggs, Wade Bowen, & Mike Ryan! & I plan to be @ every one🤗
that is F'd up...I thought it was a skit from Mike Myers or Sacha Baron Cohen...what is wrong with t…
Mirror: - Liverpool fan Mike Myers delights supporters as he joins them to watch Manchester City g…   10% Off
Any chance of you interviewing Mike Myers on one of your shows, Mate?
Lorne Michaels, Mike Myers, Dave Foley ... not exactly a shortage of Canadians who influenced US comedy.
Well, how else would be have gotten William Shatner, Jim Carrey, Will Arnett, Seth Rogen, Pamela Anderson, Mike Myers?
Is it Mike Myers or Austin Powers? One of these two! No, no maybe it is Martin Short Yes! Yes! It's Ji…
Re: Mr. Wonderful. Canadians, more Canadians. We're good at comedy - Jim Carey, Mike Myers, Akroyd, Michaels.
I liked a video Mike Myers and Jimmy Have a Dice Dance-Off
will portray Chicago improv legend on the big screen!
there was a really goofy movie called 'Hard Rain' in the 90s. & Mike Myers spoofed w/a 'Hail' skit.
has only seen one Mike Myers movie. The Love Guru
I'd love to see a crossover horror movie universe with Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Mike Myers etc
I love Mike Myers just as much as the next guy...but do we really need ANOTHER Halloween 🙄
Mike Myers will play legendary comedy coach Del Close in upcoming film "Del"
and yes i am talking about the Mike Myers version
Mike Myers to portray improv legend Del Close in biopic
A new film about starring Mike Myers:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mike Myers will play the legendary comedy mentor Del Close in the movie
Mike Myers to play Del Close in film
.chats with 2003 CWOF Inductee Mike Myers about the origins of the "Not!" joke:
Mike Myers to play his mentor Del Close
Mike Myers to star as Del Close in upcoming comedy Del
Exclusive: Mike Myers to star in a film as comedy coach Del Close
Mike Myers is set to star in a biopic about legendary improviser Del Close. He's reportedly getting paid with three drink tickets.
We're so excited that will be interviewing Mike Myers at on April 8! Tix at
Mike Myers to play famed comedy guru Del Close in Del
in the words of Mike Myers shut your pie hole!! There was a huge crowd;become funny that would be awesome
Mike Myers gets loose during a prison riot and starts killing people.
" what former SNL star plays FEMALE character Leslie Knope on parks and rec? -guy on the chase: uh mike Myers" ?
Does anyone have a copy of The Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers as the cat with the hat I can borrow I had a real rough week
Not sure about Mike Myers as Del Close, not gonna lie. This is the man responsible for *that* version of Cat in the Hat.
Mike Myers as Del Close is everything. He would be proud.
In my head Mike Myers and Michael McIntyre are the same person
Mike Myers was trending and I got scared.
when Mike Myers was trending I was like why but it's a David Gordon Green/Danny McBride 'Halloween'? That sounds amazing.
My mom finally noticed that I put a framed picture of Mike Myers downstairs
I assume they won't be covering Del's raging misogyny. . Mike Myers will star as improv guru Del Close in new film .
Niece has to have around 10 hours worth of sleep. At her age man was playing mike myers till 3 in the morning. What even was school or sleep
Mike Myers to play improv guru Del Close in upcoming biopic 'Del'
Mike Myers to play his mentor in Betty Thomas’ ‘Del’
Mike Myers will play improv mentor Del Close
Mike Myers is making a movie about guru Del Close.
Mike Myers will portray Del Close in a movie about the legendary improv comedy coach via…
I can't believe that Mike Myers is in another Guru movie. SMDH.
Mike Myers will star in movie about his mentor Del Close, Chicago improv guru
Put a smile on your face: Jimmy Fallon, Mike Myers shake up classic dance battle on .
Mike Myers takes on Jimmy Fallon in Canada vs. US dance off (VIDEO)
Tonight on the show: Mike Myers, and music from &
FallonTonight: Tonight on the show: Mike Myers, tferriss and music from steveaoki & Louis_Tomlinson!
SNL hasn't been funny since Mike Myers and…
SNL hasn't been funny since Mike Myers and Chris Farley
m8 no. Mike Myers was in Inglorious Basterds?
Tia Carrere, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and Donna Dixon star in cult classic trailer for 1992's Wa…
Why does Jay Bilas look like Mike Myers when Kanye said George Bush doesn't care about black people.
The same reason Canada creates some of the best comedians (Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, Jim Carrey, John Candy, Lorne Mi…
remember when Kayne jumped in front of Mike Myers on the hurricane telethon about president Bush.
.I hope that Mike Myers and Verne Troyer ("Mini-Me") will sue for copyright infringement...
`best-selling Canadians of the moment: Mike Myers, Wendel Clark, Wayne Gretzky, Don Cherry, "Rob and Doug Ford" ...
Why can't ALL openings start like the one Mike Myers just did? Come on, Rogers!!!
Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, Dan Akroyd, Mike Myers...yes, it used to be very funny.
Hangin' with Mike Myers and the Grey Cup...totally groovy baby yeah!
I think of Mike Myers as the Buster Keaton of today. I think he's brou...
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(2) . Chris Hemsworth as . Mike Myers as . If we had the budget...
when Snow Mexico sends it's ppl they're not sending their best, they're sending Mike Myers & Tom Green. Some are good I assume
Mike Myers on scoring a penalty kick at Old Trafford. Watch the full After the Pies interview with Mike Myers HERE: https…
Mike Myers writes from the (true patriot) heart about his 53-year relationship with his beloved Canada. BUY:…
Mike Myers's new book is part memoir, part history and pure entertainment! BUY:
Here is throwing shade on Mike Myers' new book:
Review: In Canada, Mike Myers pens a love letter to his home and native land - The Globe and Mail
We somehow convinced to talk about Mike Myers with us for an hour. He's hilarious, baby. DOWNLOAD FRE…
Play along! 🎃 👻 We will start it off with Candy Maldonado & Mike Myers
United 93, starring Mike Myers and Marlon Brando. Directed by Steven Spielberg, music by Blonde Redhead. Budget: $5m
Trump played by Will Ferrell, Putin by Mike Myers, and directed by Clint Eastwood. Instant blockbuster.
How did Mike Myers not win an Oscar for Austin Powers?
let's get Noob Saibot in MKX soon, eh? Noob, Rain, Mike Myers, and Freddy Krueger return. I'll drop so much money
Mike Myers speaking on behalf of the Myers Family, inducted in to the HOF for Meritorious Service and Athletic Achi…
We got Fabulous Adam Richard to come on our stupid Mike Myers (actor) podcast! And he was hilarious. This is a...
Mike Myers was about to catch these hands if he didn't go follow another group lol
Every time Michael Myers pops out in Halloween, say "Hi I'm Mike." It just works. It just does.
Wed, October 26th, Canadian comedy icon Mike Myers will be speaking at Costco about his most recent book Canada!…
Vote for Vanessa Troutman, Mike Shearer, Donovan Myers, and Haylee Wright for Breakout Players of the Week!💙💙
Anna: Yeah, Baby! Yeah! Mike Myers will be at Costco, Bayers Lake Oct. 26th at 6pm plugging his new book 'Canada'. https:/…
"Allow myself to introduce... myself." Mike Myers is coming to town.
Every male character in sounds like it's voice acted poorly by a Mike Myers character.
Comic Mike Myers to sign books at Costco
I see you're in Fort Myers on the snapper.Sanibel Island or just Fort Myers beach? Jealousy level x10
Olivia didnt know Mike myers was Austin Powers,dr evil and goldmember
So they ended up turning this little twenty eight page book into the movi...
A mister Mike Myers will be at CostCo Bayers Lake Oct 26, plugging his new book. And that's, well, that's kind of e…
This guy is the expert and knows more than anyone about Michael Myers, but no one takes him seriously when he says Mike's coming home.
For those Mike Myers fans out there. Costco on Chain Lake Drive next Wednesday, October 26th at 6pm
notice my two SNL picks were Gilda Radner and Mike Myers. :)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Well Mike Myers really isn't doing anything at this time. Would kill for a Wayne's World 3.
Watching Shrek is weird now after looking up what Mike Myers looks like😒
In case you missed it, Mike Myers (actor) has donated a painting to our auction! Congrats to him on his new book!...
Stumbled on a clip of Dr. Evil which lead me to remembering "So I Married an Axe Murderer" starring Mike Myers. Need to re-watch that movie.
Marriage can be viewed as the waiting room for death. ~Mike Myers
I'd rather Mike Myers and the writer work on another Austin Powers...
Mike Myers skit on this opening scene during the MTV Movie Awards was pretty funny.
Looks like Mike Myers has found his match
I feel like Chris Tucker when NBC cut from Kanye & Mike Myers to him at the telethon
People get offended if you say they look like a celebrity who isn't conventionally attractive like Steve Buscemi or Mike Myers... as Shrek.
The HBO movie of this will star Michael C. Hall as Gretchen and Mike Myers as Ailes.
Austin Powers’ star Mike Myers in and his favourite spot in the city is...
Adam Ottavino is the 3rd Rockies pitcher with 30 straight scoreless outings, joining Mike Myers in 2000 (33) and Rex Brothers in 2013 (32)
"Rob then ended up doing Austin Powers and like Mike Myers his career has been frozen."
. Hello Mike Myers. This is Mike Myers. I am a fan! . The title of your next Austin Powers movie should be...…
Shrek 5: Mike Myers needs some cash but won't do Wayne's World 3 or Austin Powers 4, films people might want to see. Phew. Long subtitle.
I'd rather see Austin Powers 4 I think. I'm not unhappy about this announcement though lol. Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy are great.
where something suddenly appears from the darkness (eg. Mike Myers face and the clapping hands) (2/2)
is probably the funniest person I know...kinda like a young Jim Carrey crossed with Mike Myers
We have an audio clip from an original recording of Shrek - and it's not Mike Myers voice
This is awesome. Mike Myers and Chris Tucker faces 😂😂 via
Who's gonna bring Mike Myers to Holland please? I don't only like his work as Austin, but he's such a cute and awesome human being 😍
Mike Myers should just write the 4th Austin Powers and let us down already.
Mike Myers returns to the big screen for Margot Robbie and Simon Pegg’s ‘Terminal’:
Simon Pegg and Mike Myers joining noir thriller Terminal...
Mike Myers, Simon Pegg join Margot Robbie in new thriller Terminal
Austin Powers 4: Season of the Witch. Mike Myers isn't in the thing at all, but it develops a cult following.
Austin Powers goes to blockbusters. See's Mike Myers filmography since decides to go back into the ice chambers to save us
Austin Powers 4: The Mike Myers Story. Austin becomes intolerable to his co-workers and he never works again.
So we are just letting Mike keep the DVDs, huh
Simon Pegg and Mike Myers to star in noir thriller 'Terminal':
because the movie producers didn't like the way Mike Myers first did the voice so he switched and it stuck
i had a bad dream about Mike Myers chasing me but didn't even watch Halloween that night! Oh boy!
It also scared my mom for 30 years, until one day I was watching a documentary about it, and she saw the Mike Myers actor...
I liked a video from FUNNY MIKE MYERS! (Black Ops 3 Minigame)
gutted there's no Mike Myers this time
It looks like someone spliced Mike Myers and Steve Martin
hey Jordi I am a huge fan and i'm from the USA but you have an amazing channel. oh and by the way i love the Mike Myers series
Wait, I though Canada was to blame for Mike Myers, eh?
The parking lot south of Mike Myers has been the most logical choice for a new arena for awhile now. .
Triv chimes in on the Ft. Myers girl who allegedly banged 25 guys in the school bathroom the way that only Triv can. https…
.is back from and has some hot takes. + Jeff Goldblum, Mike Myers & Warren Beaty news 📻
Check out my stream of custom games Mike Myers 🍕🍕🍕
Simon Pegg, Mike Myers and Margot Robbie will star in...
Mike Myers, Simon Pegg and more join Margot Robbie in...
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I got a hat to look ~fashion~ but I actually just look like mike myers in wayne's world
didn't Mike Myers want to let you use him?
Mike Myers was at last night's Marlies game for his birthday and saw us lose 8-2. Maybe Mike Myers is a curse???
Definitely up for Simon Pegg & Margot Robbie in the thriller Terminal, but Mike Myers? Really?
Happy Birthday Mike Myers! Go to and claim your shagadelic gifts!
Mike Myers to Star with Simon Pegg & Margot Robbie in Terminal:
to the first time Mike Myers debuted Wayne Campbell, years before SNL. . WATCH:
Mike Myers, Simon Pegg join Max Irons in the noir thriller 'Terminal'
Two years ago, I realized that Mike Myers played Doctor Evil AND fat *** in Austin Powers & my life drastically changed
Mike Myers has joined Simon Pegg, Max Irons & Margot Robbie in Terminal.
Sound the scoop alarm! Simon Pegg, Mike Myers, Max Irons and Dexter Fletcher Join Margot Robbie in Terminal
but now I kinda see the Mike Myers thing 🤔
I really thought you meant Mike Myers real face 😭😭😭😂
This whole time i thought Mike Myers was a white man until i looked at the eyebrows and realized its a Mexican woman
Getting in the holiday spirit bought to watch Shrek for the 5th time god bless Mike Myers
telling Mark Ruffalo that he is a worse Shrek than Mike Myers
going on previous games - Will Ferrell, Mike Myers, James Mcavoy, Sam worthington, ed Norton, host of names from
Mike Myers based Austin Power's full chest of hair of off Sean Connery when he played James Bond.
Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg Insult Each Other:. - You're a poor man's Mike Myers. - New Kids on the Block just called.
They should make a new Austin Powers with no Mike Myers, and have one guy play Austin and Evil to relate 2 the bond films of changing actors
does the Mike Myers movie have to star him or can it be a cameo? Wayne's World if it does, but Inglourious Basterds is good.
Would have to do it with Jack White and Mike Myers as Dieter in tow, obviously
Watching a Peter Sellers movie I hadn't seen before, 'After the Fox'. Mike Myers 'borrowed' one of the scenes for Austin Powers 3.
Pictures, directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, featuring the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John
I read this whole thing in Mike Myers as Lorne Michaels voice
Austin sounds a little bit like Aston Martin, which is the type of car James Bond would drive. ~Mike Myers
arts grants, moose, the LA Complex, Mike Myers, tim horton donuts--just a few of the reasons why I want to move to Canada
It was an honor meeting Mike Myers at the Canadian Embassy for the 50 days till
I actually got a part in 'The Love Guru', that Mike Myers film. I heard it'...
Canadian actor Mike Myers is "thrilled" that Justin Trudeau is prime minister, and happy and…
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Kids these days just want more Jack McBrayer dread for their Mike Myers coleslaw
Mike Myers looks drastically different now compared to his Austin Powers days...
Surely I'm not the only one who don't find Mike Myers, Sasha Baron Cohen, and that guy from 50 First Dates whatshisname, funny?
me a heel wrestler in canada: Our Sasha Baron Cohen will always be better than your Mike Myers
. Kanye West on national tv: George Bush does not care about black peoples . Mike Myers:
Mike Myers when Kanye West said George Bush don't care about black people.
When Kanye said on TV George Bush doesn't care about black people and Mike Myers stood there like this
Mike Myers reaction when Kanye West told the world about George Bush not caring about Black People
Mike Myers: welcome back to-. Kanye: President Bush doesn't care about black people. Mike Myers:
(1/2) They could've gotten Mike Myers, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tracy Morgan, and Jason Bateman to be the new Ghostbusters and..
Remember when THE LOVE GURU came out and people cited Cohen as an example of someone sharper and funnier than Mike Myers?
A bit of the Chris Farley one is available. I don't think any of the first Mike Myers is out.
Chris Christie has been re-enacting Mike Myers' "Uh-oh, Kanye is veering off the script... What do I do?" Face for 15 soli…
It's Mike Myers. He comes back twice each year, once for a new Shrek movie & once to try and kill Jamie Lee Curtis
* talking about Madeleine McCann*. Aaguy - "she'd be good at Mike Myers wouldn't she though" . February 28th, approximately 00:…
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Who would you pick to be for a full 48hrs? Mile Tyson, Mike Jordan, Mike Jackson, Mike Myers or Mike Phelps? 🤔😂
ok for Robert Downey junior in tropic thunder?. Ok for Mike Myers in the guru?
Austin Powers is a real man and not a character portrayed by Mike Myers. The two are simply exceptionally similar in appearan…
Mike Myers, on the other hand...I gotta go back to the first Austin Powers movie.
I liked a video FLASHBACK: Working Out with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon & Mike Myers in
So just found out that Seth Meyers is not "the cat in the hat".so..Mike Myers. I'm not sure how this happened.
shhh, you'll give Mike Myers ideas for a fourth Austin Powers movie...
I think Mike Myers should win a Nobel peace prize for creating the Austin Powers movies
in the Austin Powers films one of Mike Myers funniest lines is "Oh, behave!" Sounds familiar?
omg!!! That totally is just like Mike Myers in Austin Powers. Lol I am cracking up you too.
Mike Myers can be seen using America Online in Austin Powers, he was given a free year of service for this.
Huh, I have no way to use the fact that i have an Austin Powers 4 plot pitch idea. Hm. Mike Myers? ? interested???
The faces Trump makes when he pronunciates his words really reminds me of Mike Myers for some reason, especially in Austin Powers
My face is perpetually the face Mike Myers makes when Kanye West says Bush doesn't care about black people.
HEY! I'm doing an open lobby on Black Ops 3 for the PS4. Gunna do some Mike Myers on DLC maps. Message "Boocester" if you wa…
Watched the Austin Powers "trilogy" yesterday. Forgot how dumb Mike Myers is lol. 😂
The Mask that Mike Myers wore in the Halloween films was based on a Captain Kirk death mask created for Star Trek. https:…
One day, Mike Myers will die and my feed will be filled with first year student's writing about how Austin Powers is sexist and racist. :(
Someone at work did not know Mike Myers played multiple characters in Austin Powers. Also, that movie is over 20 years old.
"awkward silence from Mike Myers and Chris Tucker"
Mike Myers in Inglorious Basterds giving off some Austin Powers vibes
don't dis a place that gave you BNL, Mike Myers, Paul Tracy and, most important, ME!
DJ Khaled is just another one of Mike Myers' absurd character creations . much like Fat ***
Richard Dreyfuss is to Daniel Stern as Mike Myers is to Verne Troyer but in Home Alone.
Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg sling playground insults at each other. "you're a poor mans Mike Myers" lmfaoo!
I liked a video from Halo Reach: Game Night "Castle Wars" & "Mike Myers"
Grandpa reading a storybook to grandchildren: "...then Kanye said 'Bush doesn't care about black people' and Mike Myers face w…
Schwing! 1. Mike Myers wanted Wayne's World to be about a local cable access show because hosting one was a...
MARK WAHLBERG: You're a poor man's Mike Myers. Will Ferrell: You were in a white power gang and committed racist hate crimes
"You're a poor man's Mike Myers." Watch Will Ferrell & throw playground insults at each other
the Love Guru is Shrek (Mike Myers)... so in other words... Shrek is love...
Chancellor Palpatine cannot even. Also who invited Mike Myers?
will taunt Freddy Krueger, Mike Myers, Jason, Jigsaw, the demons from paranormal activity, and chase th…
Mike Myers and Victoria Jackson were Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. It was spot on and hilarious.
Littlest Hobo came up in conversation this wk. “My friend Audra ...” Michael Ironside, Mike Myers also had 1-ep appearances.
SNL gets Canadian Christmas opening from Ryan Gosling and Mike Myers
Wow! Mike Myers has been bellying up to the all you can eat buffet one too many times.
Mike Myers just showed up during Gosling's monologue
When people say they wanna play Mike Myers and they dont know how to play.
AND/OR if you wanna play Mike Myers with me on BO3 then send a msg to LFC_Patrick_ and we'll get you in
Probably will play it later tonight, after some fifa mate. Might play Mike Myers again, was so funny!
It's quite a funny story if you look it up. He said it live on air while stood next to Mike Myers. All *** broke loose.
Chris Farley recorded about 70% of his lines as Shrek before he died. Here's his lines compared to Mike Myers. .
Chris Farley as Shrek before he died and got replaced by Mike Myers.
I liked a video [MASH-UP] Chris Farley as Shrek vs Mike Myers as Shrek
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Id put Mike Myers on that list. Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Johnah Hill
Chris Farley, not Mike Myers, was the original voice of Shrek. Farley died after recording around 80% of the dialogue.
The last two theatrical films Mike Myers appeared in were Inglourious Basterds and Shrek Forever After. Think about it!
How do I NEVER remember that Mike Myers is in Inglorious Basterds?
Welcome to Syrian Migrant Trojan Horse. Now as Mike Myers in Austin Powers says, "OH BEHAVE" Ok, please?
Mike Myers, Ferry Grunewald, Curtis Ippolito and Anthony Pierlioni at the TTPG Conference in Mesa, Arizona
The funny and talented Mike Myers at Proudly representing Canada.
John Oliver enlists Mike Myers to tell Canadians not to vote for Stephen Harper | 40
"Playing the role of Mike Myers tonight... Braylon Edwards!"
SHOWBIZ: Mike Myers and his wife Kelly have become parents again. .
Mike Myers and wife welcome new Austin minor
Oh god...I've just learnt 4 new things after reading this! As if Mike Myers played Austin Powers AND Dr Evil!
I'd contend the Patriots third down tugboat horn might be more obnoxious than Mike Myers comin'. 🔥🔥🔥
Watching Halloween at the movies. None of these dudes better get any ideas of thinking they Mike Myers
This is hilarious! I wonder how many votes HARPER LOST because of Mike Myers and John Oliver asking Canadians...
not the sharpest tool in the voice of Mike Myers as Fat *** from Austin Powers?
lmfaooo that *** Mike Myers don't wanna see these hands
Mike Myers looking like Brian Doyle Murray more and more each day
John Oliver, Mike Myers, a beaver and a moose on You know you want to watch this. via
Watch John Oliver enlist Mike Myers to make Canadian politics exciting on
I actually don't really know the difference between Michael Myers and Jason the Killer. Also, I always think of Mike Myers the actor
Comment on Can i have this dance. by Bob: The connection is Shep Gordon, the subject of a Mike Myers doc last ...
I knew I was meant to be a musician when I found out that Christopher Guest was American before I knew Mike Myers was Canadian
Mike Myers movie pumpkin cookies and chill?
The ones who had great relationships with him. Seth Meyers. Fred Armisen. Mike Myers.
LMFAOOO that's michael Myers. Mike Myers is the actor that plays Austin Powers
Mike Myers works out. He's in better shape then Fred Kreuger.
That moment when Trea Turner realized he couldnt move/avoid the situation. Looks like Mike Myers next to Kanye
I keep thinking of Mike Myers in Austin Powers going 'I need an old priest and a young priest!'
Demario Green 19-yard TD pass from Mike Myers for Duncanville and Mansfield tied 7-7.
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Will forever miss the late night mw2 and zombie matches with all the Johnston boys playing Cops and robbers and Mike Myers. Classics
Do you think the could bring Terry Adams, Alan Embree, Keith Foulke and Mike Myers out of retirement?
Finally got to see Supermensch : The Legend of Shep Gordon, directed by Mike Myers. The unsung hero is finally sung about - good documentary
Coffee talk or Coffee tawk… I need Mike Myers as Linda Richman to join me for this discussion on this topic…"Does...
as in Mike Myers or the green cartoon?
10 years ago Mike Ashley and Dexter Myers thought it would be a great idea to invite all of the folks that were...
My dad sold encyclopedias and my mom worked in a factory office. - Mike Myers (Comedian).
Every October.. I watch the Michael Myers foot working video ...
Why tf is Mike Myers so funny in cat in the hat?
say huhn say we hottest thang on campus huon!! Killing is no mike Myers huon
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