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Mike Moser

Michael Alexander Mike Moser (born November 8, 1990) is an American college basketball player, currently a senior at the University of Oregon.

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Maybe we'll still get one more Hail Mary attempt if Ben can get a quick pass to the DAL 50 yd line or so.
3 timeouts and 42 seconds. Time to see what Dak is made of, though Bailey can boot it from far.
Thanks for leaving us 2 timeouts and time, now just need Ben to do his thing.
That's what you need to do, let Dallas score right away. Smart 'not-tackling' by the Steelers.
You kidding me, AP poll, putting Oklahoma back up over PSU?
Must suck, Ohio State to no longer control your own destiny.
Hey Michigan, I know that Iowa feeling. Glad you know it now too!
just seeing a lot of people thinking we will jump both. ACC may be weak but 1 pt loss and only 1 loss isn't enough
Yeah, we’ll be 9th. 8th if WF holds on against Louisville, but that’s a big IF.
Gonna be some disappointed Penn staters when they see Clemson still ahead of us after the next CFP rankings come out. Still only 1 loss
Auburn lost, Clemson lost, now for Michigan. Let's get some chaos!
Rutgers, Rutgers, Rutgers. asking for as much support as possible on the road this week in NJ,
probably not unless Clemson loses twice, plus Clemson could get another win with ACC championship game. Screw Pitt
I know we hate seeing Pitt win but if they upset Clemson, wouldn't that help PSU in the rankings?
Thankfully got our scare out of the way today. Now destroy Rutgers and set them back even further
Penn State scored 31 points in the last 16:09. It found a way.
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I get that but the way IU is chucking it I'd want the TD cushion
it is pretty bad how easily you give up on this team. Told me it was over earlier down 3
At least this collapse isn't happening against Rutgers!
*** you could put the game as the PiP and keep the football drama the focus
I can't say I remember mcsorley ever going right over center but why not on a 4th down do that and let Barkley pick up some momentum
Maybe Rutgers can just cancel next week's game to save themselves some embarrassment and we can get healed up
I'm OK with going for it on 4th down even when it doesn't work
Lot of people upset about PSU being picked against but this is probably their toughest obstacle left unless they fall asleep against Rutgers
Obama straight up look like he's on the office lmao
Mike Pence does not believe in funding an HIV/AIDS vaccine because he says all the *** community needs are "better value…
that's what happened with the EU referendum
Pretty sure everyone heard the pollsters saying that Trump had no chance and didn't go out to vote.
Could someone explain to America's leading news station what "BREAKING NEWS" is?
Happy Birthday to former Mike Moser! Will never forget this dunk/game. 19 points, 9 rebounds, 6 steals…
wait so we basically traded Ben Carter for Mike Moser? P good deal imo
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"Nice guy. Tries hard. Loves the game."
nvm guys I forgot we still have to get beaten by Traitor-Lerschy's new favorite team the HOSIERS
I'm gonna laugh and laugh when Joey Julius rushes for a TD against MSU!
Nah. I don't have a winning scenario in this case, so I'll be watching for Penn State.
Yes, we know you'll be cheering for the girlfriend's team
Man, can you guys imagine how embarrassing it's gonna be when Penn State gets upset by Michigan State?
Lol, I my game of choice from NFL today is Chiefs/Jags. Thanks St Louis! Guess I'm going to the bar.
hey Mike can you please quickly follow me so that I can dm you? I have a question about tour! Thanks!
Frans Nielsen is my new fav hockey player!!! 😅😅😅
Lol Caps had 4x as many shots as the flyers and 0x as many goals
Yeah fair, although aside from the fluke goal think he was fine then.
CYCLE COMPLETE! prospect Josh Bell triples in the 9th inning, finishing off a night where he also launched a g…
Some things never change, like the Caps choking in the playoffs!
Kind of hope the Flyers extend the series some more and keep Washington working at it.
4-point night for Geno. Wish he'd stop messing up all the chemistry.
I hope this is a sign of Malkin learning to retaliate on the scoreboard and not by taking stupid penalties. Buy into Sullivan's system.
that's how this league is. They don't do anything about it when a team that's out of a game decides to take liberties
That Sheary goal? Mind blown. Just look at the Rangers fan in the background...
Hey mike moser thanks for the follow! Let's fail forward and learn together.
Guess I should consider starting to work on toast for his wedding with right?
Ben Lovejoy on Matt Murray=pure gold. "When I was 21 years old I was drinking beers in my frat basement at this point in my…
We're delayed because three catfish were thrown on the ice. So there's that.
Dr. Mike Moser, transplant surgeon, talks about organ & tissue donation on :
So this was the moment of silence that was ruined tonight. It was a bad night all around
We've been exploring the options, Mike!
How long can your liver, live? Interesting chat with Dr. Mike Moser re organ transplants.
Because we've had the puck most of the period.
It's official! Evgeni Malkin and Bryan Rust are back in the lineup!
Sullivan on the possibility of going with seven d-men again in G2: "I am not going to share our lineup."
Imagine the hot takes if Evgeni Malkin plays today and the Penguins lose.
For our 2016 Memorial Day Sunday worship slide show I have photos of soldiers we can still thank for their service in person: Mike Moser, C…
Malkin: "I feel more confident now. It's fun to skate with the team. I'm excited to play."
Looking forward to Mike Sullivan saying how everyone is day to day again.
In a drill, Malkin is on LW with Crosby and Hornqvist.
Doc is in the booth for the game. Always love hearing his Bucco references during random NHL games!
True, but our team was Reeves Nelson, Jeremie Anderson, Anthony Stover, Mike Moser, Drew Gordon. Shut it down.
BRUH. Mike Moser (age 25) married an Olympic athlete who is almost six years old than him. 😳
On this date in 2014: Dreamer & I-5 Elite alum Mike Moser scored 21 points in the Oregon Ducks…
Read more about all-time legend, Mike Moser, and how he was honored at Fantastic Alumni Day
9.7 million is the number 1 reason why Penn State
Waiting for them to mention how Bogosian is American born
Dan Bylsma working on some Bylsmagic with this Buffalo squad. Gonna be good 2-3 years.
"Freedom in worship is not you or me overcoming our inhibitions. Freedom in worship is God overcoming you." - Mike Harland & Stan Moser
"There’s no reason to quit. I love the game. If I can play in the NHL, why not keep going?”
So honored, I just want scream WE ARE. . . for a month and a half! WE ARE. . .!!!
Andrew McCutchen, who's playing in his 1000th game, compares favorably to a beloved Pittsburgh legend.
Cardinals have to play a Diamondbacks team that actually still has postseason hope while we play a cellar-dweller. Need to take advantage.
is it bad to be wanting a 7 game sweep of the 2 current worst record teams in NL?
If the Pirates are gonna make one last big push to catch/pass the Cards, this is the week to do it. 7 games against the worst teams in NL
Jung *** Kang is like the best investment ever. I can't get over how much of a steal he's turned out to be and will be for a few years!
Jordy Nelson may have torn ACL, and Pouncey may need ankle surgery, but hey this preseason football is a great idea!
I hate instant replay. Really slows the game down way too much. That has nothing to do with it being against pirates on that one
I want to rewatch Brock and Taker sitting up and laughing at each other over and over
Brock robbed it from being a solid 3.5 min with the hat removal and eye roll...
Man, how do I watch both the Buccos game and Fear of the Walking Dead tonight!
Cardinals lose. Pirates are 3.5 out of first place. Closest they've been since July 17th.
ALERT: Less than 3 hours until Moxie vs. Mauti
Sometimes I think these close plays that get reviewed are called in New York just to keep the MLB games close.
Kang angrily charges into the dugout, elevators his helmet off his head, FIRES, HE HIT THE GUM WITH THE SHOT!.
For you UCLA-UNLV-Oregon fans, Mike Moser is playing today for ATL, Six scoreless minutes so far but has 3 rebounds.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Two Portland guys on the court for the Hawks summer league squad right now: Mike Moser (Grant) and Stephen Holt (Jesuit). Holt has 16pts.
Who the heck from the NHL decided to make not just 1, but 2 Pens-Sabres games a Saturday primetime matchup.
I got NJ-STL game on my tv, and just realized that the Devils are literally the 2nd place team in the Metro now. Wut?
Rob Scuderi with two assists. Two more and he will match his entire output from 2013-14.
Penguins have now scored 18 unanswered goals, a team record and T-most in the NHL since Phoenix in 2003-04.
Rob Scuderi has a two-point night, so the apocalypse is here.
A Mike Moser esque showing. Time for your 2nd forum post?
I could watch Neighbors every day of my life. 😌
also, I don't know what the outside world is like anymore
had to fix 409 emails today at work as part of cutover... WHAT DOES IT MEAN
Oh man. I just remembered OSU plays Illinois/Beckman at 8 tonight. I've never seen a public execution on TV.
I don't want to be...we don't deserve it
I think it's time also to stop defending Hackenberg because of the line. Just has not looked good at all since week 1
Lol still thinking this is a rivalry
So if we atleast get bowl eligible, maybe we can get a Pitt-PSU bowl game atleast!
I don't think we're gonna end up going bowling :(
You can go ahead and punish Laurent now for egg throwing
Sam Ficken putting the team on his back
Good news - delay in getting file to do conversion means I can watch some PSU game. Bad news - gonna rush our work later
Maybe Penn State didn't shake hands because they didn't want to catch Maryland.
I'll give Maryland something, I'm happy to see them bring a band.
Oh Maryland, no one really cares about you.
Halloween as with aka Billy Madison aka lumberjack
That's cute. Maryland thinks it's a thing.
'Connor McDavid. Probably better than Sidney Crosby. Can’t wait to hate him next year and call him a baby and a diver.'
Sure, the Pens might beat the Kings tonight, but the even bigger victory is all of the fans who will beat traffic.
The Florida State Seminoles are the luckiest team ever.
It just feels weird to be losing to a team that couldn’t even beat the NY Rangers in last years playoffs.
Florida St doing their part to ensure the top 4 ranked teams in the CFB Playoff Rankings are all from the SEC.
I just checked the college football rankings and how they decided. Oh hey, it's the BCS all over again!
Some spicy food, a cheeky beer and some tech talk with Again.
That's what keeps me interested in it!
You think they will bring him back at some point?
I'm more upset about not renewing DJ Larry Moore's contract. I hope it's just temporary til they get him again.
Trib VIDEO: reacts after being plunked by "Are you trying to hurt me, too?"
If Cutch does play tomorrow, he's homering
If I'm Hurdle, I'd bench Cutch just in case tomorrow.
It's disgusting at any time, but PATHETIC is the only word to describe it when you wait until the 9th, down 5-1, to plu…
Why is anyone surprised that happened? Bob Walk is losing his mind
Education costs money. But then so does ignorance. –Sir Claus Moser
To my Columbus NE friends including Mayor Mike Moser. We have weird rules in Ocala, FL Maybe...
Just between these 2? It's probably the Pirates and lack of making moves. If you include Steelers, it will always be them
Huntington's answer to the reliever issue: "Uh, Cole will come back and we'll stick a starting pitcher somewhere in there"
I didn't think the Pirates needed a SP anyway. I'm more interested in bolstering the bullpen/bench
Apparently, David Price only wanted to be traded to a proven winner. Sadly, the Pirates don't fit that description.
lol ahh yeah. Maybe you can get Hamels too.
hence why I said reaction. The Pirates always find themselves 'in' on big name players, but never actually get em
I just don't see that happening. His price tag is incredibly high right now. Pirates would have to give up A LOT.
I'm refusing to let myself even have a shred of hope for this to happen
I mean, I'd rather not sell the farm for a rental, but for once it'd be cool when Pirates supposedly are in on big player, we get them
- Oregon Ducks in the NBA Summer League: Mike Moser scores 12 points in ...
The Mets just got a hit in Sharknado 2. This movie is ridiculous.
we'll get it back to. It's going to be a little light though.
Excited for to come visit and I tomorrow!!
I still sit here and wonder why we aren't still using Tony Sanchez
Let's all be real here - Pedro probably would have just grounded into a inning ending double play
What if that was an amazingly covert way to not use Pedro because he's going to be involved in a trade!
Where's to comment on the most TOOTBLAN of all TOOTBLAN
I'm only listening on radio, so... what just happened in the pirates game?
Look at the beer, look at the beer.
I never saw the original Sharknado. I feel like I need to watch Sharknado 2 with everyone to make up for it. I probably won't.
But sure, JHAY didn't deserve to be an all star. Good call on that one, everyone!
Just watched James Franklin watching Shane Simmons commit to Penn State via video on his IPhone. Franklin high fives SID …
I am 110% committed to The University of Penn State.
Dropped another prospect this AM due to his social media presence...Actually glad I got to see the 'real' person before we o…
It's so fun after years being sellers to be considered a possible landing spot for players during the trade deadline.
Back to Back solid starting pitching for the Bucs. Great to see that again.
I've really been missing this FranKie
Hope the Pirates go for Lester because why not
Hey, this is the Frankie I remember!
Media looks stoked to interview him Tim Beckman meeting with media again this morning
Finish first 3 books before starting show.
Mike Moser,Lamar Patterson,DeAndre Kane,and Justin Cobbs are in the gym going hard this morning at
NHL 15 comes out the same day as Destiny. I'll be the one weirdo playing that more than Destiny.
Starting into Game of Thrones finally (the TV show). My brief experience with Arya tells me she'll make a perfect Ellie for TLOU Movie
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
100 pitch first career shutout for Worley and
Mike Moser considering multiple training camp invites, including one from ... -
Mike Moser to join Boston in NBA's Summer League in Orlando - The Oregonian
Mike Moser gets training camp invitation from Celtics -
Played way too much titanfall tonight and still haven't hit 50. How did someone gen 10 this game in less than a week
I would include shay gutman and mike the beast moser but I just can't
From worrying about another walkoff to being excited for Cutch taking over all in one night
Very happy your Phillies brought the Brewers within striking distance. Not so happy about Pirates performance during it
No Chapman in to bean Cutch, so he gets to hit Homeruns! MVP!
Think he's gotta hit now, bullpen is probably already pretty low. Gomez I guess?
Thank you Justin Wilson! Unfortunately, looks like you'll have to hit, the bullpen is running dry
if we get out of this inning... We are pretty dry in the pen already, probably have to bat Wilson
Nobody needs the all star break more than the Pirates right now...
How you know you should get someone up - when you give up 2 runs and have 2 on with NO ONE out
Again, typical Hurdle - wait til things are already screwed before you get a pitcher up...
Typical Hurdle - Morton is getting hit up now and he leaves him in
'Mike Moser earns invite to Celtics training camp' via
Mike Moser earns invite to Celtics training camp
Mike Moser earns invite to training camp
Celtics invite Mike Moser to training camp On
Mike Moser has been given an invite to training camp.
invite SF Mike Moser to training camp.
"Celtics invite Mike Moser to training camp via Congrats
Mike Moser gets training camp invitation from Celtics: After opening some eyes in ...
Celtics invite Mike Moser to training camp (New Post)
Celtics invite Mike Moser to training camp via
Mike Moser invited to celtics training camp.
invite Mike Moser to training camp this fall.
Said pre-draft that I thought Mike Moser could be Matt Barnes 2.0, still do. Think he has a chance to stick in Boston all year.
Mike Moser invited to the Celtics training camp. Has a chance to be the 15th guy if Vitor Faverani is healthy.
Mike Moser gets training camp invitation from Celtics
Five Takeaways from Celtics Summer League: Marcus Smart isn't a point guard yet, Mike Moser may be an...
Report: has received a camp invite from the Boston Celtics following Orlando Summer League
Mike Moser finished off his solid summer league with a 16 point & 10 rebound double double today
“Mike Moser gets an invite to training camp. 😁🍀”let's go he's nice af
Mike Moser gets an invite to training camp. 😁🍀
Mike Moser had a breakout week w/the summer league team, good enough to get an invite to the team's training camp…
The Celtics Summer League Team as it looks now is Mike Moser, Smart, Young, Olynyk, Chris Johnson Chris Babb, Pressey expect Vitor as well
Probably my favorite part of e3 so far. Free means free* *certain features available for a fee
Jeff Hornacek (Head Coach of the Phoenix Suns) on Mike Moser & his workout today with the Phoenix Suns!...
Mike Moser worked out for the Phoenix in prep for
Sweetwater has hired Mike Martin as the new athletic director. Martin was the acting football head coach during Craig Moser's 2013 off.
Dreamer & I-5 Elite alum Mike Moser (Ore) works out today for the Phoenix Suns (NBA) against: Kyle Anderson...
Mike Moser is working out for the today.
The Suns are working out Kyle Anderson LaQuinton Ross, C.J. Fair, Mike Moser, Justin Cobbs and Travis Wear.
Kyle Anderson, CJ Fair, LaQuinton Ross, Travis Wear, Justin Cobbs & Mike Moser working out for today
3 hours worth of flight delays so far. How much farther can we go!
"Hey Dan, what do you think the team that cost you your job can do to win the Stanley Cup?"
Looking forward to what's coming from Nintendo/Microsoft. Also for exclusives to get me to buy a PS4 and complete my console collection
Ah yes, press conferences haven't even started and the console fanboys are already going at it.
Carissa 1st b day with Ashley Schultz and Mike Moser
At the conclusion of this weekend, giving up all drinks besides water. Coupling this with diet to lose another 25 lbs. And go
Mike B. in Thurmont put his Barrett for BOE sign up at the corner of busy Moser Road. Where can we deliver yours?
Had an enjoyable night out, a great guy was performing at the local watering hole. Talked politics with Mike Moser from
Sadly, St. Louis was obsessed with watching the Cardinals over hockey. I tried!
just grabbed it on my Nexus, looking forward to reading it on the flight home today!
Oregon starts fast, finishes off Oregon State, 93-83 - EUGENE, Ore. -- Oregon's Mike Moser said good shooting is...
“Hey Coach, how awesome is it that the Canucks didn’t make the playoffs?” - The Royal Half
Mike Moser working out for the Dallas Mavericks today. Previously worked out for Utah, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Minnesota, …
Surprised you didn't head over to Bryant Park! Maybe not your team, but looks pretty awesome there
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Also, say this game goes more than 1 OT, how does NBC react? Would they push it to NBCSN?
Every year I see the Penguins doing the big screen and it reminds me how living so far away means I can never experience it.
Seeing the scene at Bryant Park is pretty awesome.
Man, I hope this game doesn’t get bumped to NBCSN because of an all-new episode of Undateable.
“.Dana Altman is fired up. So is Mike Moser. GIF:
Joseph Young dishes to Mike Moser for the Dunk.
Romar put all his eggs in the Aaron Gordon and Mike Moser baskets and now we are left with this.
(AP Photo) Mike Moser and No. 19 Oregon celebrate their victory at Camp Humphreys.
Especially if it wasn't well advertised before the game. I didn't hear about it til BTN mentioned something
Whoever made this Eminem GIF is my hero.
BOB goes for it and succeeds on 4th down.
Forgot all about my NHL 14 early release today. So I'm gonna be playing that already
I have no idea where all my stuff will go. Not like we don't have the room, just so much stuff I want to pack into my bedroom and can't.
49 points is the most points the Ravens have every allowed in a game.
Elvis Dumervil trying to help his old team
Broncos are good at building a lead, but they are probably the worst at coasting to a victory with one
6 TDs in a game is nice. But Tebow still has more playoff wins in Denver than Peyton Manning.
Hey thanks bronco D for being dumb. Helped limit my opponent's fantasy. But still, lol flacco
I heard Mike Moser and Katin Reinhardt left because they couldn't handle it. They made their choice. You make yours.
Nice to have guests from Bank Director magazine here to visit WMA. Al Dominick, Mike Moser & Jake Massey - we thank you for your time.
Proud as ever to wear black and gold! Proud to bring something special to the city of Pittsburgh! Now let's finish it!
The Pirates have clinched a .500 season for the first time since 1992. Tomorrow there will be a mediocre parade in downto…
20 years of losing seasons is over. Time to start winning! Raise It high,
BREAKING: snap streak of 20 consecutive losing seasons with 81st win of year.
Here's the YouTube version of the Andrew McCutchen E:60 piece.
Mayor Mike Moser and the Columbus City Council will sign a proclamation tonight declaring September Childhood...
Thank you everyone who came to celebrate Seany's 1st birthday!! And a great big thank you to everyone who helped make food and helped set up, I couldn't have done it without you!! Theresa Cybulski ,Jennifer D'Aprile, Steve,Ann Marie Sneddon ,Shannon Bristow ,Mr. Bristow, Gary Cybulski Lauren Long Cybulski thank you so much for all your help!!!... Cathy Mason Moser, Jeff Moser, Mike Moser, Shannon McNamara, Michael D'Aprile,
This live footage, filmed at Indianapolis' Pizza Castle in 1981, was directed by Mike Moser. The original version of the song can be found on the Secretly Ca...
Little Grass Shack Wikiwiki Sports: In Hawaii - Ohana Cup at Aloha Stadium: Samoa Independence Day Rugby Festival Team USA Tomahawks will take on the national team of Samoa in the main event tonight, 7pm at Aloha Stadium. It's gonna feel like a homecoming game as eight players from Team USA have ties to Hawaii. A handful are former UH Warrior football players. To clarify: Team USA Tomahawks are the United States national rugby league team. Not to be confused with... Team USA Eagles who are the United States national rugby union team. OK, now that we're all confused let's move on... - Here on the 9th Island of Las Vegas... Rebels basketball - What was the hottest ticket in town has now cooled off. Assistant coach Justin Hutson is headed to San Diego State. Six players from this past year have departed the team. Anthony Marshall, Justin Hawkins and Quintrell Thomas graduated, Mike Moser is transferring to Oregon, Katin Reinhardt is transferring to Southern Cal, and previously announced, Anthony Bennett decl ...
Kumbeno Memory has watched Mike Moser grow up. He's helped shape the player he is today as Moser's AAU coach and has always remained very close with the recent Oregon transfer. So, with Moser's decision electrifying the Oregon fanbase Tuesday, Memory talks about the advantages of each school, why...
Ironically, UCLA and coach Steve Alford also got in the hunt for Mike Moser, who played his freshman year for the Bruins
Dana Altman's growing reputation for having success with transfers in their final year of eligibility has helped Oregon land one of the most coveted fifth-year seniors available this spring. Portland native Mike Moser, a first-team all-Mountain West forward at UNLV … Continue reading →
After many delays and a jog through Miami airport, I am home, just at a different airport than planned
I didn't flat out tell her and I don't remember saying you or mike, I just said figures dibo's not here
"This ... is the part in the movie when the underdog (me) takes down the *** (brad) because he has underestimated me." Mike Moser everyone!
Mike Moser recently took a visit to Spokane to check out Gonzaga University. Read on for some details on how his visit went...
With Mike Moser's visit schedule complete, where does stand with the skilled transfer?
Just a reminder that most Pens practices in the playoffs will be closed to the public, tonight being an obvious exception
They're making a Magic Mike 2 😂 Crappy story line, great looking men.
Western Cape 3D helicopter masters. April 2013 with the king of 3D, Tareq Alsaadi flying his Goblin 700.
I will probably stop by. Thanks for letting me know
do away with svn and move to hg or git. Nice conversion tool in tortoisehg
I’m heading to beers tomorrow, anyone else?
isn't it odd to have so little Mike Moser news a month after announcing transfer??
I wish Microsoft would all come to the same agreement that their dlls should be in NuGet packages. Frustrating when some are and some aren't
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
are they after mike moser from unlv or black from Memphis and are they after the Marshall point guard
he seems like an intriguing prospect, however the target is Mike Moser
The transfer list by shows Mike Moser's likely destination to be Washington, Oregon, or Gonzaga.
Is memory grounded in place and movement? Two researchers are suggesting so.
On "Talkin' Hoops" tonight we talked with publisher Zac Bell about Mike Moser and the Zags:
where is Gonzaga with Mike Moser or Josh Davis?
Where would Oregon be if Mike Moser chooses the Ducks? Dana Altman always gets more out of his guys too btw.
IF Washington lands Mike Moser are they top 25?
come back to me in July or August when they have the lead. If they haven't choked by then.
I could be wrong, but I very much see a good chance of Sens knocking out the Canadiens.
yeah, so? It's still nice considering the schedule they've had.
Mike D'Antoni has lost 14 out of his last 15 playoff games. How's your new coach look now Lakers?
UNLV transfer Mike Moser should be on campus today. The next 7 days could be huge. Josh Perkins will be on campus tomorrow.
Hope Mike Moser has a great visit with Gonzaga today!!!
People mock the "Penguins Model" (tanking then drafting high for success) but it doesn't seem to work for the Oilers, Panthers, Islanders...
I'm the biggest Boston fan for tomorrow, just because I want to see a Toronto-Montreal first round.
Some interesting rematches already in the first round: Kings-Blues, Caps-Rangers should be good series
Nice solution to a problem I was facing. Love RavenDb
I feel like both Bruins and Pens don't want to play division opponents in the first round. I honestly don't care who the Pens get
Crosby and Ovechkin each finish with 56 points. Crosby did so in 36 games, Ovechkin 48.
Kody Dupuis standing next to his father Pascal on the blueline for the Anthem in Pitt tonight.
It's cool how the give out the players' jerseys to the fans. Classy.
Since the loser point was added in 99-00, only 3 teams have finished a season w/0 of them: 99-00 Canes, 01-02 Preds, 12-13 Pens.
Chris Neil earns his 2000th penalty minute, Matt Cooke scores a goal. Who contributed more? I'll take the skunk, thanks.
Dave Rice needs to convince Mike Moser to transfer to
UNLV's Mike Moser will visit Gonzaga Sunday + decide on where he'll play next yr by mid week, per a source. Oregon + Washington also in mix.
Sure seems like the signs are showing that we're finally going to start replacing the old D and getting some younger guys out there
For a Hurricanes goal today, it better be Staal with the goal, assisted by Staal and Staal
Here to watch worry free baseball since I don't follow either team. Go Baseball! (@ Citi Field - for PHI vs NYM)
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