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Mike Montgomery

Mike Montgomery (born February 27, 1947) is an American college basketball coach and the current head coach of the California Golden Bears men's basketball team.

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Richard Solomon has not even passed first concussion protocol test, coach Mike Montgomery says
Christian Colon, John Lamb, Mike Montgomery, Danny Duffy, Jeremy Jeffress, Chris Dwyer all failed, all top 100 in 2010
I’m participating in a Pay-It-Forward initiative: The first five people who comment on this status with "I'm in", will receive a surprise from me at some point in this calendar year - anything from a book, a ticket, a visit, something home grown or made, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! There will be no warning and it will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy. These five people must make the same offer in their FB status and distribute their own joy. Simply copy this text onto your profile, (don't share) so we can form a web of connection and kindness. Let's do more nice and loving things for each other in 2014, without any reason other than to make each other smile and to show that we think of each other. Here's to a more enjoyable, more friendly and love filled year Like · · Share · 2 hours ago near Heath, OH · Tisha Caw I'm in about an hour ago · Like · 1.. Sharon Decker I'm in 22 minutes ago · Like · 1.. Mike Montgomery ...
Spooky Express Super Bowl Sunday Random Thoughts. California 60, Arizona 58-- Best part of highlights was Cal coach Mike Montgomery shoving happy fans off the court who had come on with 0:00.9 left after the Bears took the lead. Wildcats are struggling to score- Nick Johnson was 1-14 in this game. See video below. -- Syracuse 91, Duke 89 ot-- ESPN treated this game like a combination of the Super Bowl and a Presidential inauguration- they even showed Syracuse alum Vanessa Williams singing the national anthem. For a game on Feb 1st. While I'm here, I can't listen to *** Vitale for two straight hours anymore; he rarely analyzes the game, just follows his own script. He has done amazing things in raising money to research a cure for cancer, but as a TV analyst, his best days were a decade or two ago. -- Bad Beat of the Day: Air Force (+9.5) loses 69-56 in OT at Nevada. -- Sacramento State 78, Weber State 75 ot-- 10 points scored in last 0:07 of this game, six in last 0:01, yes six points in a second. Wild .. ...
if you would hook up with Mike Montgomery!
Can I have a brother like Mike Montgomery or Harry Styles?
I'm Going to Make a Fan Fiction but I'm also going to Add some celebrities to it!!! :D Pick some of the Celebrities below and I will add them to the Fan Fiction!! Chose your PLL characters that you want added from those below,and what celebrities you want me to add as well! :D PLL Characters for you to chose: *Spencer Hastings *Melissa Hastings *Emily Fields *Aria Montgomery *Mike Montgomery *Hanna Marin *Ashley Marin *Toby Cavanaugh *Caleb Rivers *CeCe Drake *Lucas *Alison DiLaurentis *Jason DiLaurentis *Jake *Paige *Maya - Celebrities of your choice: *Demi Lovato *Katy Perry *Selena Gomez *Nick Jonas *Miley Cyrus *Harry Styles *Bridget Mendler *Channing Tatum Pick up to 7 PLL characters and up to 3 celebs and give me some ideas on what you want the Fan Fiction to be about :D :D :D ~Owner
Toby Cavanaugh: like or dislike Ezra Fitz: like or dislike Mike Montgomery: like or dislike The 3 boys from PLL that I'm a big fan of... Tell me what you think do you like or dislike? 󾬓
Mike Walmer leads CUC with 11 points while Nat Pearson has eight. RMU led by Montgomery with 12 and Travis with 10.
DYK: Mike Montgomery ranks 28th all-time on the winningest Division I coaches list with 660 wins, just 4 shy of John Wooden
another great season for Coach Mike Kelly and his Goshen team.
Mike montgomery is such a cutie wha
Mike Montgomery listens to Van Morrison and Gary Payton mentors in today's edition of Rapid Reaction...
Montgomery Gentry's song *** Yeah epitomizes everything that's awesome about country music
Accident SB I270 at Montgomery County Line right lane and right shoulder closed. 1 1/2 mike Back Up. -FS6
edges Oakland, updated with quotes from Mike Montgomery, Justin Cobbs and Jabari Bird - SFGate via
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Mike Montgomery: "I’d have hated to have lost that one to learn a lesson."
Mike Montgomery, on his players: "They’re a little more happy-go-lucky than they need to be sometimes."
Mike Montgomery: "I think we were fortunate. I don’t think there’s any question that Oakland played harder than we did."
PA State Rep.Mike Vereb next in line for Montgomery County GOP chairman
Salty bruh. Supposed to be in Akron, but Montgomery County had other plans
HC Mike Montgomery and HC Greg Kampe pose for a photo prior to the opener
Mike Edwards (UK commit) intercepts a Montgomery pass and WW takes over at their own 40
with the W tonight Had to do it for Zach Montgomery! Get well soon.
Noel Kahn and Mike Montgomery are the best things to come out of PLL😍😘
You can find me limping down Montgomery with my 'boiz' to get some scrumptious foot longs from subway
Is the "A" team trying to recruit Mike Montgomery? Cody Christian says...
Mike Montgomery completed his first season with the on a high note in Salt River's win yesterday.
Seriously though...where is mike Montgomery? Have we hidden him in the basement? All boy boarding school? Realized rosewood w…
Keep Z. Montgomery in your prayers. in surg 4 his knee. will miss Sr. season. played varsity 4 Lions since fresh. yr.
didn't a Canuck play on one of the early mike Montgomery teams at Stanford? I'm blanking right now though
Now online: Salt River fell shy of the division title, but Mike Montgomery said the Rafters are proud of their fall:
His strong end to the season gives Rays prospect Mike Montgomery optimism for 2014 season. via
Mike Montgomery (right), owner of Goin’ Postal, accepts the Business of the Year award at the Chamber banquet...
Yeah, . I work in Montgomery. It *** up here. Cincinnati isn't a suburb. We compete with other cities.
Cranley: "We are competing with Kenwood & Montgomery." Really? I'd rather compete with Chicago and have real aspirations.
Raise your hand if you're in love with Cody Christian (Mike Montgomery on PLL) 🙋
tbh the hottest guy in PLL is Mike Montgomery 😍
“mike Montgomery 👅👅” mike Montgomery as in arias dad in pll???
The Detroit Tigers have also won the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Achievement in the Field of Excellence.
ICYMI MT Mike Montgomery says point guard Justin Cobbs should be OK for Friday's game vs. Oakland. Says knee is just sore.
Yesterday's game was great but all these people posting video of LSU QB Crawling off field get a clue act like you have some small ounce of understanding. Bama has maybe 6 sacks all year we just put them in a spot where we knew what they were doing and happen to get him. Bama has issues I'm not saying they will lose but I saw problems on the back end. I just hope both Alabama and Auburn take care of the next 2 games and we see Bama vs Auburn I know "D" would be loving this. Roll Tide and WDE Rich Mak Joe Mike Montgomery Sammy Muller Scott Clark
Mike Montgomery, Mariah Sawyer, Christi Corbett , Leontine Winters Krohn, Julie Clark Oilar, and all my other Fern Ridge friends and family please be sure to read this. An interesting read considering the past precedent that has already been set by this board.
By Mike Montgomery! "Phil 4:8-9 (NIV) Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. The third aspect of truth is to be just, to give people what is due them. Jesus told the Jews to give to Caesar what was Caesar’s. In Colossians 4:1, it says “Masters, provide your slaves with what is right and fair.” Perhaps it is summed up in the Golden Rule, do unto others what you would have them do unto you. This is often distorted to make it say, “Do unto others before they do unto you.” Get them first. We are challenged in our speech and in our actions to be fair, to be just with one another. And if someone else is not fair with us, that is not sufficient reason for us to be unfair with them. We must set the example, establis ...
Thanks man. Your Mike Montgomery story just now had me tearing up.
During the Mike Montgomery era, the Warriors were up 3 with 5 seconds left. They don't foul, Luther Head nails a 3, Warriors lose in OT.
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Congratulations to Mike Montgomery (Rays) on a great outing in the Arizona Fall League!...
Mike Montgomery has been at Cal for 6 years? Wow it feels like just yesterday he was at Stanford and the Cardinal were a national powerhouse
.coach Mike Montgomery talked about not piling expectations on freshman Jabari Bird:
Understanding Mike Montgomery’s Journey Back to Relevance: Has it really been just three years? Mike Mon...
HC Mike Montgomery talks crime fighting, expectations for and more in today's 1on1 w/ BearTerritory:
in the words of Mike Montgomery, who wouldn't want to get 'Frisky with Fitz'?
I need Mike Montgomery and Jason Dilaurentis in 4B or I will not be pleased.
What else does Mike Montgomery have to say about freshman big Kameron Rooks?
Mike Montgomery doesn't want to heap expectations on Jabari Bird, but says he's learning to work in more jumpers to open up driving game.
Mike Montgomery on "He can shoot the ball and play above the rim. We want him to have a great year & help us win a lot of games."
Cal coach Mike Montgomery reluctantly answers another question about freshman Jabari Bird, saying that "he can really shoot the ball."
Mike Montgomery says he expects a lot more this season from Tyrone Wallace, who was one of the best freshmen in the league last season
Cal coach Mike Montgomery: “I’m always leery about the attention that freshmen get. The adjustment ... is always a little difficult.”
So far, Cal coach Mike Montgomery has been the most entertaining coach of the day.
Head Coach Mike Montgomery & now practicing their podium game at Media Day
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Cal's Mike Montgomery on Arizona freshman Aaron Gordon: He's just a monster.
"I like my guys. I'm not too concerned with who everybody else has." - coach Mike Montgomery, sidestepping question on newcomers
Mike Montgomery could not give the slightest *** about freshmen across the league. Monty is a classic, one for the legends.
Mike Montgomery and hitting the stage here at media day.
Up next is Cal coach Mike Montgomery and guard Justin Cobb
Up next on the main stage is HC Mike Montgomery and senior guard Justin Cobbs. Watch live here:
Cal's Mike Montgomery and Justin Cobbs up next here at
Cal's Mike Montgomery on Jabari Bird: "He's probably the highest profile kid we've had at Cal...He's a terrific kid who wants to be coached"
“I don’t think anybody has to take up the total load of what Allen (Crabbe) did.” - Mike Montgomery
Harris County EMC Mark Sloan and Fire Marshal Mike Montgomery at in Galveston today.
Just behind "Never start a land war in Asia" is "Never pick a Mike Montgomery coached team to finish below 3rd."
I feel like you can pencil in any Mike Montgomery-coached team as a contender in the Pac-12. Doesn't really matter who his players are
Please go look at mike Montgomery's latest picture.
Yup mike montgomery, at least that's what all the other PLL fans are saying. Mike/Mona is such a weird pairing tho!
coach Mike Montgomery, coaches including son meet on new court @ Haas Pavilon.
I'll go with one of the best coaches in the country -- Mike Montgomery. Cal will surprise.
We would like to congratulate Mike Montgomery on this nice 7x7 Kentucky Bull Elk.
Just want to wish Mary coe, and Mike Montgomery Happy Birthday.
Congratulations to Mike Montgomery and the rest of the 152nd New Jersey State Police class! Proud of you bro!
Baking an apple pie for the first time. Recipe says prep time is 30 minutes. Actual time: 2.5 hours and counting. Connie Johnson - you were right and Mike Montgomery, mine better be the winner!
Well done to Mike Montgomery who after 3 weeks has managed to drop 2.6% body fat (6 kg in weight) and is...
At SAE Cal State Long Beach Alumni and Recruitment Steak Bake with Mike Montgomery head basketball coach at UC Berkley... A true gentleman and great SAE !
*** is Mike Montgomery doing on Austin and Ally? IS THIS WHERE MIKE DISAPPEARED TO?
Twirling a strand of blonde hair around my Finger, my Legs sprawled out in front of me, I watch Mike Montgomery --
Mike Montgomery is my love till forever
PLL should show more of Mike Montgomery.
9/6: wears for the Packers now. Before that it was Mike Montgomery. The biggest name 96? Sean Jones (Reggie White's bookend).
Congratulations to Coach Mike Montgomery and the Thompson Warriors on their first region win since 2010!! . Thompson -25. Chelsea -23. Final
On the air with Mike Montgomery at 4 p.m. today - tune in! 1570 AM WBGZ - Alton's finest radio station!
So Mona gets a love interest that's shocking? My money is on Mike Montgomery.
Since when is Boffing a term for sex? And since when was Mike Montgomery still in the show?
Mike Montgomery reminds me sooo much of Jeremy Gilbert.
[S04E05] Weee! Mike Montgomery is back. Looking cute as always.
I can't even with the Mike Montgomery jokes...
I'll expand on that, it's nice to see a ep with all family members. I totally forgot about moody Mike Montgomery! Good stuff!
Moment of silence for Mike Montgomery for his beauty and the fact that he isn't on Pretty Little Liars enough
Mike Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars mmm yeah pls
Mike Montgomery provides a sneak preview of the Les 2 Alpes Crankworx Slopestyle course.
Finally Mike Montgomery is back and on my screen😍😘
Cody Christian aka Mike Montgomery is my he's my favourite guy since season 1 😍
Seriously why am i not married to mike montgomery were perfect for each other
Mike Montgomery please marry me you are a god
Grammar lessons with Mike Montgomery! Thank goodness he's back. Don't forget to check out my newest…
in my opinion, mike montgomery is in the A team
Cody Christian (Mike Montgomery from PLL) looks a little like Cole. Lol idk. I think it's just me.…
Any basketball coaches looking for a job there's an opening on Mike Montgomery's staff at Cal. The gig pays $45K per year!
Mike Montgomery is so hot now tho...
Mike Montgomery is really annoying... he reminds me of my sister
Mike Montgomery needs more face time
I do not remember Mike Montgomery being that attractive 😍
Mike Montgomery, that sass earns you a DAYUM
Ryan your Mike Montgomery dreams may have come true!
It's kind of hard to get frisky with Fitz when someone's looking over your shoulder. - Mike Montgomery|
Lol how mike montgomery magically returns like nothing happened after 2 seasons
oh my gosh. the return of Mike Montgomery!
Is it just me or is it Mike Montgomery getting Buff.. And really Hot!! 👍😱
Mike Montgomery's back after being absent in many episodes of the 3rd season!! Where have you been??
Mike Montgomery please love me forever
"It’s hard to get frisky with fitz when someone’s looking over your shoulder." Mike Montgomery Rt. if you think Mike is hot
omg mike montgomery I've missed you
Uh-oh, Mike Montgomery is getting some buzz in Rosewood tonight!
Oh hi Mike Montgomery. Didnt know you still existed
“SPOILER ALERT: Mike Montgomery will be back tonight! -A Well it's ab…
The actor given to me by Mike Montgomery is: Julia Roberts Movie I loved.Erin Brockovich Movie I liked.The Pelican Brief Movie I hated or tolerated.Hook Movie I hated that I loved.Notting Scott Hill Like and I'll give you an actor!
So disappointed in Brad Stevens leaving Butler for NBA. He epitomized a college basketball coach and his Butler teams were amazing. Like all great college coaches who make the jump, he will be back coaching college in two years, ask John Calipari, Rick Pitino and Mike Montgomery. Butler will suffer without you.
I love this signing and I think Danny Ainge is a genius , and he is far from finished , suck for wiggins. League sources tell the Herald’s Steve Bulpett that Stevens is getting a six year contract. No word yet on dollars, but I bet it’s in the 2 million dollar range. Stevens was making $1.2 mil at Butler where he had ten years left on his contract. The list of college coaches who have failed miserably in their NBA debut is long; John Calipari, Tim Floyd, Lon Kruger, Mike Montgomery, Leonard Hamilton, Jerry Tarkanian, Mike Dunlap, to name a few. Before you blurt out Pitino!, remember that he had a mildly successful two year stint with the Knicks. Expect Ainge to surround Stevens with veteran assistants who have NBA head coaching experience. One name that comes to mind is P.J. Carlesimo. Another popular story line is whether the young, inexperienced Stevens will be able to coach the stubborn, petulant Rajon Rondo. Prepare yourself for every media blowhard to turn Rondo into Derrick Coleman. I’m not gu ...
Brad Stevens? Really? Haven't NBA teams figured out that college coaches rarely succeed in the NBA. See Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Mike Montgomery.
appreciate your Mike Montgomery could have got a "two piece" reply to Reece Davis' comment. FYI Reece that's what we call abuse.
Does anyone know where Mike Montgomery is from
Mike Montgomery cont "The Trail Blazers are getting a great player and even better person. Allen will represent the Bears well in the NBA.”
Mike Montgomery on "We are very proud of Allen. This is a special night for both Allen and the entire Cal basketball program."
Did jalen rose really jus say "that could have gotten mike Montgomery two pieced" lmaooo
hey, Mike Montgomery goes to beat me up id be skitish too.
Mike Montgomery (and I are writing a 3 part series about the IP transition. Check out part one here:
Come ride with Blake Bailor, James Gee and Mike Montgomery tomorrow at 12PM at the Redmond Skatepark!
"as evidenced by the fact that the Liars and Mona and Jenna and Toby and Caleb and Mike Montgomery aren't all in foster care" !! :D
Hanna dates Mike Montgomery in the books😂
Yo what ever happened to Mike Montgomery?
So did Ashley Marin pay Mike Montgomery to steal for him so she could afford her house as well?
Mike Montgomery's sticky note interests me the most... It says something about Garrett Reynolds burglary&AshleyMarin encouraging him
Mask-Ception, Murder Webs, and Mike Montgomery is Beetlejuice. Last night's best:
Noel Kahn or Mike Montgomery, please show up 😭❤
Glad to hear tha Mike Montgomery will be coming back to !! :)
Checked in on Mike Montgomery, K:BB still the same as it was last year in Omaha, ERA down, because he's not pitching in the PCL
what ever happened to Mike Montgomery?
I'm just still finding it super weird that no one on the show has mentioned Mike Montgomery once in the last season and a half
I have a question.where do characters go when they're missing for like half a season to a whole season? Ex. Mike Montgomery.
There has been a serious lack of Jason DiLaurentis and Mike Montgomery on this show 💔
I swear arias mom forgot she has another child. Along with half the pll viewers. Mike Montgomery anybody?
Where in the world is Mike Montgomery?!
what can we expect from mike Montgomery this season?
Woah, what happened to Mike Montgomery? (Aria's brother) Where is he at?!
will Mike Montgomery be getting into trouble when he returns?
where or where is Aria's brother...Mike Montgomery??
What ever happened to Mike Montgomery on this show?
what can we expect to see from Mike Montgomery? :)
will Hanna be having some scenes with mike Montgomery?
I love the pll books way more than the show because a) Mike Montgomery is included more and b) Noel Kahn is included more
And I know Mike Montgomery's not even that much on the show but I think he's hot lol
Good piece from on Allen Crabbe with quotes from him and Mike Montgomery about how he fits in the NBA:
Attention ~ ANYONE interested in Participating in the American Cancer - 2013 Relay for Life Rally ~ Please make plans to attend tomorrow's meeting, June 20th - 5:30 pm at Western Sizzlin Wiggins ... This is a dinner meeting (Steak on the Buffet) Dutch treat, complimentary drink with purchase. We are looking for Team Captains, Ralliers, Sponsors, Vendors ... We NEED Your Help! Please get Involved. We all know someone who 'has/had' Cancer .. We all 'could be' only one doctor's visit away ourselves. Please come ...
I'll be heading to Montgomery tomorrow. Any good PL gyms nearby?
Female aged 24 looking for some love male or female or both together, please comment if interested and check your inbox ;)
P.S. Good job to all the Candidates, as you all did a good job in showing your passion for our Tribe and our People. WE ALL must remember and face reality and the true status of our Tribe. Remember it is not going to be fixed over night and or by any one individual. It will take a team of people to work together.
We just wanted to say goodbye to all of our friends in Montgomery County that we have made throughout the last 4 years. It has been a fun ride. We are moving back to Birmingham, Alabama today. We will miss all of you.
Our city pool is seriously closed for a pool meeting :/ u dont open till 12 and close at 7 lets use our heads and do it during those times :/ city of grinnell and decision making dont mix I guess :/ smh.
Victims of crimes and their families now enjoy the right to address the PA Parole Board in person regarding the potential release of the perpetrator of the crime thanks to State Representative Mike Vereb. Rep. Vereb authored House Bill 492, now Act 14 of 2013, after learning that the killer of Montgomery County resident Ellen Gregory Robb was set to be released from prison without the Parole Board hearing directly from her family. Thank you Representative Vereb for your dedication in protecting the rights of crime victims!
The homies and some gifts from my cousin, Mike Montgomery. Love you guyz
Good morning! We have another day with a mixed sky across the region. It'll be warm & sticky again today with storms possible later. High: 81.
Well we had 48 at Cedars today, just kidding only 17 brave golfers that did not let a little rain stop them from having fun. Roger Callahan won the money on the closest to the hole today. First place with 227 points was Marshall Hall, Charles Callahan and Wayne Evans. Second place with 223 points was Lee Webster, Ronnie Womack, Jerry Montgomery and Charles Ihle. Third place with 221 points was Roger Callahan, Jerry Eoff and Mike Lyons. Congratulations to all and see you at Cherokee Springs in Tahlequah On Monday and Tuesday 24 & 25.
SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. to my oldest son son Michael Montgomery and MOMMY wants to wish you a HAPPY 20th BDAY and may you be continue to be a blessing as you are nurtured into the MAN that GOD DESIRES U to 20 yrs old.and may say u r the great Role Model for ur lil bruthas as they are watching your every STEP so step STRONG and DONT STEP WRONG!!!.. LOL but I just wish to continue you much success and growth in moving forward with your careers an next year we PARTYING Babes for your 21st BDAY babes!!! Mommy LLOVES U and wish you many more great blessed years and make sure YOU LIVE IT UP!BE SAFE AND BE EZ!
I'm thankful for the things my dad has taught me. I definitely inherited and was taught his work ethic and handyman skills. Thankful for both my grandfathers who have taught me how to love their family and their wife. Thankful for a father in law that has shown me what it means to be a family man. Thankful for countless men who are Godly examples of a father. A few that come to mind are Verner Kiernan, Randy Montgomery, Stan Cunningham, Kenny Hudgens, Steven Bray, and many more that my 1130pm brain can't come up with this late! Rise up men!
Happy Father's day...hope Mike Montgomery Matt Gumbel and Desmond Ashley had a great day!
If anyone in the arts and entertainment industry in Charlotte is interested and ultimately serious about getting involved with actually building and growing and educating the support for grass roots and independent business community on a grand scale, with the proper people, and through the appropriate channels. And incorperate this into our education system as well. Stay very closely tuned in to this channel. It's happening.
What a wonderful, fabulous weekend. My children John Willard and Crystie Marlette Willard from Montgomery Alabama were here. Spent Saturday with other son Micahel and Michael Krystina Willardand family for grandson's first birthday party. Sunday was at Rockfish Church witnessing granddaughter Alexis Willard be baptized and then Mike, Krys and family came over to celebrate John Willard's birthday. John had bought some fireworks and we had fun lighting them in the backyard.
Sold my Kayak to my former Student, Andrea Montgomery Class of 1986, SSA, and member of my Cross Country Team!
Happy Fathers day to all my male friends with children :) Like, Samual Anthony Montgomery, Frank Cabello and Mike War. I'm sure I know more, they are just escaping me atm.
giving a shout to all fathers out there but im giving my daddy mike Montgomery a shout out even i barley talk or hear from him in along time
Happy Father's Day to my Daddy Mike Chambers, the wonderful Mike Montgomery, and my great father in law Adrien Trudeau. But mostly, happy first Father's Day to Michael A. Trudeau - you're doing an amazing job so far.
I want to wish all the fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfather (Earl Prince) in my family, both Prince and Shepherd an awesome Fathers Day. You are all doing great jobs of helping raise the children. Also to another great father, Mike Montgomery, you also have a great Fathers Day.
Spoiler . . . . . . . . . . . . Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) recently talked to Yahoo!TV about Pretty Little Liars Season 4, and this pretty little star teased some major PLL summer finale news! We know we will be seeing much more of Sasha in the upcoming season, so which episodes did she say weren’t to be missed? "There is some serious stuff going on," Alison said about Season 4. "The mid-season finale and the end finale are going to blow your mind, because it is blowing mine." Eek! You know when the cast and crew are still getting excited four seasons in, there will be twists and turns even we can’t anticipate. Sasha isn’t the first PLLer to voice excitement about the upcoming season. PLL costume designer Mandi Line called the Halloween episode “insanely awesome” and showrunner Marlene King promised “answers” (though we may have to “hang in there” for them). We’ve been focusing a lot of our attention on the Season 4 premiere (Marlene called it her favorite premiere yet), but a ...
Mike, I, Susan and Bob spent a wonderful afternoon (Sat.) with Mike and Susan's father, Huell (Paps), dined on seafood at Wintzell's in downtown Montgomery, AL and then watched Hockey on TV. What a wonderful (and too short ) of a visit. Mike and I got back home around 12:30 a.m., let the dogs run, fed the dogs, bathed, put on PJ's then fell into bed! We hope to get together with all the family again, soon.
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there especially to My Dad, Aaron Montgomery, Mike Michael Sheneman, and Russell Montgomery.
Happy Father's Day to Mike Montgomery! I am blessed with such a strong role model, one who leads by example and shows me daily ways to make myself a better person. There is no one I love or respect more. You're the wisest, smartest, funniest guy I know. Did I mention the best Dad in the world? I love you Dad!
Happy Father's Day to all the men who have stepped in and filled that void in my life. First my grandpa Skid Montgomery for being an un moveable rock, my biggest critic and fan all at the same time. We fuss and fight and then laugh, somewhere along the line we became best friends and no one understands or knows me better. Second the man I call dad Mike Seymour for showing me the discipline and normalcy my sometimes crazy family lacks :) I love you both very much and have been blessed beyond belief. God knew I was to complicated to have just one dad so he provided everything I needed.
Happy Father's Day, Daddy, A.j. Montgomery, Mike Augaitis, Dave Jackson,Kevin Staniford, Paul Staniford, Justin Sherrod, Darrell Jennings, Jeff CouchCharles OByrne, and of course, Larry Davis Jr. and all the other Big Poppas out there...enjoy your day, guys !
I will probably hate this day until I have children, NOW more than ever; So many questions, so many tears, just want you here but ... Today I celebrate the man that sacrificed his life for me. Although you are not here, I know I am making you proud and you are smiling down. Rest on Pops, I'll see you when I get there Mr. J. Mike Jr.; To my HERO !! The man that saved the day & jumped into shoes that he did not have to fill, My DAD Derrick Rice; I love you Dad & ThankQ for everything, Happy Fathers Day; To Mi Godfather whom since mi Dad died has been a shining light in mi life Rickey R. Montgomery Sr.; He often times says, "I failed you", but what he doesnt know is he helped me because it was under his ministry that I got saved; ThankQ for leading me in the right direction Godpappy !! Last but not least to mi Uncle Trell & mi Uncle Gino; You 2 are WARRIORS in mi eyes. You taught me not to be a punk and how to man up in situations. I love you both !! Oh, and finally to mi Spiritual Fathers Kenneth Smith, And ...
Thanks to everyone that came out to the Montgomery County High School Summer Picnic and made it a success. It was great to reconnect after so many years. Special thanks to Patricia Thomas, Angela Johnson, Kemmie Walker and Jerome Griffin along with myself for all the planning and hard work to make this happen. Thanks also goes out to Billy Shirley for pitching in, Mike Murry for providing the music, and James Johnson for the grill. We look forward to bigger and better in 2014 to celebrate 30 years for the class of 1984.
Happy Fathers Day to all of the fathers out there. Hope you all have a good and blessed day. Joe Moore, Daniel Williams, Doug Williams, John Thatch, Danny Williams, Danny Howlett, Dave Linn, Charles Ray Montgomery III, Robert Bodtke, Derrick Head, and ALL of the Fathers I haven't mentioned, sorry, way too many
I'm not one to want to run too much of my personal life up the flagpole on social media. But this Father's Day is extra special for my family and I. My father, Norman Carr recently passed away, June 6, 2013. He was 80 years old. His last three months were difficult. He was in a nursing home and often in great distress. We kept hoping his health would improve but it never did. I made it home to see him here in California just in time. We spent two wonderful days together. He was in bad shape but nonetheless lucid, could communicate and was very happy to know I had come home to see him. On the third day of my visit the word came that he was near the end. I was able to be by his side as he passed from this world to the next and take his place in heaven with Almighty God. Thank you Dad, for waiting for me!
Happy Fathers day to all my sons.uncle.husband.step dad.ex (but) still son in law... Braden Moore Danny Moore Billy Moore. Mike Koeppen Charles Ramsey II II Michael Montgomery... Mark Koeppen Scott Barker Rob Moore. And all the good men that deserve to be called DADDY.ANYONE CAN BE A FATHER.BUT IT TAKES SOMEONE SPECIAL to be called Daddy
It has taken me 8 long yrs to be able to acknowledge Father's Day with a smile..Eric was killed on June 17th, 2005 & his ''Wake'' was Father's Day night & then just 2yrs ltr his Grandfather ~ Leonard Bailey Sr. was killed also on June 17th which was on Father's Day!! But this year..I'm trying my hardest to see things in a new perspective!! baby boy Nathan Herrington turns 15!! I'm looking to my Heavenly Father & asking for a PERFECT DAY!!! Nathan deserves it so much!!
Two lakes one day, first time for everything thing! Now for Hot Tub and rib eyes and pork loin!! Thank u God for letting me get out and be with the family today!
Taking a break - too late to drive to Live! casino, so I'll indulge in some Popeye's Chicken. What? I deserve it y'all.
New registration and a new wax job.and no where to go.for now.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Discovering (and rediscovering) information about the Montgomery side of my family. My dad (Aaron) was one 14 kids and I have 36 cousins on the Montgomery side of the family. I also discovered that my grandmother was born in the now extinct town of Carbonara in Mahaska County Iowa. This is very exciting stuff to me and my sister!
I am very proud to announce the Board Members to our new Charity: South Montgomery County Against Hunger - SMCAAH: Nick Rama - President Kendra Kinney Hartzo - VP Lori Gaskill -Secretary Kimberly DeVos - Treasurer Phil Nicosia - Food/Beverage & Banquets Rhonda Holst Redmon - Silent Auction/Promotions Amy J. Lamb - Nutrition Education Cori Vitale Craig - Local Sponsorships Kelly Hruby - Marketing and Websites Here is our Mission Statement: "In a country with so much, no one should go hungry. We are committed to raising funds to support Montgomery County and Spring, TX area food banks and increasing awareness of hunger and poverty related issues on a local level." We are in the set up phase and our FB page, Website and first banquet event with our first Sponsor Pallotta's Italian Grill will be coming soon. If you would like more information or are interested in volunteer opportunities, please message me. Thanks for everyone support in advance. I am honored to work with this team and to give back to the comm ...
Just marked one off my bucket list. Did my first 5K. It wasn't pretty but it is a start. Thank you God for allowing and pushing me to finish. Mostly thank you God for my beautiful daughters, K'Lyn and Lacey, and life-long friends, Belinda Montgomery and Janet Garza, that were there to do it with me!!
Thank you Mary Mike Lutzenkirchen, Cortney R Calland Montgomery, Sandra Williams, Diana Labozan Mincher and all my wonderful co-workers for nominating me for the WellStar Nursing Excellence Award in the clinical setting!!
Happy Father's Day Dad Doc Joe! We love you! From Tirona Brothers and Princess! And to my Dad Atty Frank, Brothers Mike, Emer, Mark! Happy Father's Day!
Detectives from the Montgomery County Police Department – Financial Crimes Section want to again remind residents of a telephone scam that has been reported throughout the county since February. Within the last week, the department has seen an increase in the report of these types of fraud calls. …
It's been 5 years since ive been in this building (when i used to work at Cantina Charlie's). Cool to see what they did with the place but boy those were some fun & crazy times back then.
Bout to get some sleep so I can wake up early and meet up with Mike Hale Mike Wadley Jen Montgomery Jordyn Montgomery Angie Swim and the rest of team yahtzee to fist the competition in tomorrows tourney
I LOVE My family Slim Mathers Hai-Hai Mathers Nathan Kane Mathers I love my best friends Ariana Butera Ari'Boo Grande Jay Drew SeƖena Marie Gomez Deborah Ann Ryan and others couldnt ask for a more perfect family except for a relationship with Demi Devonne Demetriaa Lovato and for proof to be alive my life is good. oh and much love goes out to Heather Perry for being so *** pretty and nice Ps: if your tagged yer my besties and you mean the world to me much love
Spending the weekend with my daughter in Montgomery. We are having a great time.
Leaving in the morning with Julianna Montgomery headed to Savannah for my first world changers mission trip. So excited! Can't wait to spend a week leading my crew doing God's work. God has truly blessed me in the past year and just to try and give a little back is truly a rewarding feeling.
The Miners are at Standard Bank Stadium for the weekend taking on the Windy City ThunderBolts. Preston Vancil will be on the mound for Southern Illinois in search for his third victory. Mike Ventola and Brian Snow will have the call beginning at 6:45 on the Miners Radio Network and
Join us at Montgomery Village on the Terrace Stage this Sunday for a special show. It's Twang Ditty's 6 yr anniversary and the gang's all here! Our old friend Josh Yenne will be on pedal steel along with some friends on the mike. Plus, t-shirt giveaways! See ya there!
18 pack budlight going to.not a party slutsJeff Montgomery Jr
The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for parts of Schoharie and Montgomery counties, warning that flooding could occur at any time.
Typically I’m asked to build and organize a private photography tour for a group of friends. I occasionally lead one-on-one tours, and I sometimes...
To Brandel Chamblee at the Goof Channel...who the other day vehemently said that the golf equipment and the ball technology must be curtailed because these guys are going to destroy Merion with these slow wet conditions.well a$$hole, 154 guys are over par, and only two are under par now halfway through the second round.
I'm totally bummed right now. A forester from DP&L walked through my neighborhood this morning, apparently the earlier crews who trimmed back the trees in the easement told him when they found infected ash trees. He came out to confirm their findings, and tell homeowners that we will have to cut the trees down, either this summer, or after they have died. He.said its cheaper to get it done before the tree is dead... So, I'm going to need to remove three beautiful trees, although when he pointed it out, I can see they are in different stages of dying. It's not normal to have entire branches without leaves mixed in with full branches that do have leaves... Anybody have tips on who I can call? And, then what kind of trees should I plant?? I HAVE to have trees in this backyard...
Triple-A is right below the majors, of course. There are some games here that seem no different from big-league games, in terms of quality of play. I’m thinking of games like this one, a memorable pitchers’ duel between major-league bound talents Mike and Minor and Matt Moore, from 2011.
How strange the change (and Mike Montgomery): Durham Bulls outslug Indianapolis Indians via
Joe, Brenda, Sherry, Mike & family are having a great time in Montgomery, AL at the WLAC finals and Livestock Marketing Association convention! Watch for pics.
My military mind make me a soldier ain't nothing wrong with change,ain't nothing wrong with making moves you brought me from dust to death,this real shyte tatted in my heart and soul.i come to teach not to preach only god can judge me. RIP EDNA YOUNG OF MONTGOMERY,RIP ELLA MAE BARNES OF MONTGOMERY,RIP JOHN FRAZIER OF WATERBURY,RIP MIKE CHAMPMAN OF WATERBURY RIP TO ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM A DIFFERENT MOTHER
Final Lo study video! Please do share and like! TGIF!Study on Lo's modified X-Guard sit up sweep and counters to a passer's tactics. Article at:
That's amazing! 407 likes. I reckon we can hit 500 by the end of the day. Keep sharing and spreading the word, Country Music is here to stay in the UK!
Countryfest 2013 waiting for Darius Rucker to take the stage.
Shout out to DWade B! lookin promising for the last Finals games- Mike Montgomery # SouthBeachJumpin
A proposed new model for the WildBait Range. A sinking slider type lures used to jerk around snags for those huge Yellow Belly's and Murray Cod.
Can anyone in the area find me a number or website to the: Trinity County Sheriffs/animal shelter Liberty County Sheriffs/animal shelter Walker County Sheriffs/animal shelter Tyler County Sheriffs/animal shelter Angelina County Sheriffs/animal shelter. I have the number and pages for Polk county and for San Jacinto County (where she was last seen).
Who moves on in the CGB Hall of Fame: (3)Mike Montgomery or (14)Leonard Taylor? Weigh in with your vote now!
RailRiders are making Mike Montgomery look like Sandy Koufax.
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I heard a caller on the afternoon morning show complaining that the Royals didn't put together a package to get Justin Upton, while the Braves did. He then went on to say that the Braves gave up "absolutely nothing" (I believe were his words) for Upton. I would like to take a look at what kind of package the Royals would have had to give up to get Upton. First of all, the Royals had already traded Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Patrick Leonard, and Mike Montgomery for James Shields, Wade Davis, and Elliot Johnson when the trade was made. Also keep in mind that the Braves got both Justin Upton and Chris Johnson for the players they gave up. So not only would the Royals be trying to get Upton, they would be getting Johnson - a perfect right-handed backup corner infield compliment to Hosmer and Moustakas' left-handed-ness. What did the Braves give up and who is a good comparison from the Royals' system? Martin Prado Prado was entering his age 29 season with one year left on his contract - he entered arbitration f ...
For those calling for minor-leaguers, here's who's on the roster: Jeff Beliveau, Frank De Los Santos, Josh Lueke, Mike Montgomery
Calling all entrepreneurs and investors: VATOR SPLASH LA is being held on the evening of May 30 at the famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. There's a stellar lineup including top VCs, angels and entrepreneurs, including Peter Pham (Science), Mike Montgomery (founder of Montgomery & Co.), Paul Lee (Lightbank), Matt Mazzeo (Lowercase Capital), David Carter (Amplify.LA), David Travers (Rustic Canyon), Noah Doyle (Javelin Venture Partners), Pete Vlastelica (SVP of Fox Sports Digital), Erik Rannala (Mucker Labs), Heidi Roizen (DFJ), Neal Hansch (Rustic Canyon),Sharon Wienbar (ScaleVenture Partners), Tom McGovern (Idealab), Rick Smith (Crosscut Ventures), Michelle Wroan(KPMG), Martin Waters (Wilson Sonsini) and more. We're hooking you up with the promo code "TechZulu15" to get 15% off any tier when you register.
Omg! I'm watching Supah Ninjas and ( Mike Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars) is on it!!! That's great for him!
Mike Montgomery will be returning in 4x05.
Mike Montgomery Hooks up with St Petersburg yo-yo school in Russia for his Drop Suicide tutorial!! Check this out!!
mar, don't you miss Mike Montgomery? I miss him like crazy!
I miss Noel Kahn and mike montgomery for the love of gods and goddesses.
Mike Montgomery: Navigating the Virtual Battlefield: Co-authored by James Wigginton For those who...
Sequence Saturday 58: Mike Montgomery is back riding at full strength. Check out this great sequence from Zach...
Mike Montgomery did not come out once in season 3... Lol what
I'm 95% certain that Mike Montgomery from R Ring is DJing an 80s dance party right now at
Special thanks to Montgomery County Board of Education Member Mike Durso for letting me visit schools in Montgomery County, MD today.
Pretty nice start to my Minor League season, I get to see Durham with Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Mike Montgomery, and Chris Archer.
Adam Sawitsky scored 4 goals and Joe Schof and Mike Cartisano combined to make 7 saves as Pine Bush blanked J.I. O'Neill, 11-0.
maybe I can swap it out for Mike Montgomery shirt. Clearly since he sucked with he will be awesome with the
Mike Montgomery sure coulda done that for us.
If what Coach Rice did was so horrible why is Mike Montgomery still employed at Cal after shoving a player during a game on live TV?
Mike Montgomery won basketball games. Rice did not. That's a huge part of this. If Rice is a better coach, tapes don't get out.
Is it just me or does Craig Monroe sound like Mike Tyson.?
.. I always ask myself: What if a history professor did what Sean Woods, Rice, Mike Montgomery did? Quick suspension at least!
So I wonder what video we would see if Mike Montgomery did this during a game.
If I ever need to assemble a dodgeball team, Mike Rice would be the first person I'd call.
So I've been catching up with Pretty Little Liars & everytime Mike Montgomery comes on, I can't help but think, " That's Elliot ! " 😂😏
Mike Montgomery. You better watch this video.
Hey NABC great shuttle waiting with Mike Montgomery on a bus for 25 minutes. Taxi here I come!
If you see Mike Montgomery , give him my best wishes please .
I wonder if Mike Montgomery PUSHED Allen Crabbe to go to the NBA. *rimshot*
Happy 2 years to my amazing girlfriend :)
what happened to not wanting to stay in montgomery? :P Ps you NEED* to call or text me tonight or somethin (im at work till 4:30)
will Mike Montgomery be around in season four?
I wouldn't say that Mike Montgomery pushed him out the door...
Mike Montgomery pushes and yells at a player on live TV & its "out of character"
- ready to see my work schedule for April , gotta see when I can sneak back to Montgomery , Mike bday is this month .
Mike Rice's actions got him fired, not ESPN, social media or your show. If no abuse, then Rice continues to coach
Jabari Bird quietly having a good game. Huge coup for Mike Montgomery. If Crabbe returns, that's going to be some backcourt in Berkeley.
All these ESPN commentators destroying Mike Rice (rightfully) but they say NOTHING about their own colleague Robert Montgomery Knight.
And Mike Montgomery and Fran Dunphy remind us why good coaching wins in March.
Mike Montgomery did not catch much flap for his two handed shove of his player that was caught live. He did apologize immediately
I first met Michael Steele outside the Montgomery County Courthouse over a decade ago. His brother in law, Mike Tyson, was inside.
He did. Don't forget the Cal coach pushed his star this year. Mike Montgomery I think it was hitting his star.
Montgomery Leads in Homicides for the Year: The city of Montgomery is on track to more than double last year's...
WAER Sports spoke w/Mike Rice back in Feb. on the topic of player discipline, for a story on Cal HC Mike Montgomery.
Is Mike Montgomery the only one happy to see the Temple practice video. Mike Rice makes Montgomery look super soft
Yay! Mike Montgomery is coming back In season 4!!
no it's just funny. Mark Few, Brad Stevens, Shaka Smart, Dave Rice, Mike Montgomery, Jim Boeheim & John Thompson now make less
Mike Montgomery nearly pulled a "Jason Garrett" by icing his own free throw shooter.
Mike Montgomery is icing his own player?! Who does he think he is?! Jason Garrett?!
coach Mike Montgomery to appear on Colin Cowherd's nat'l syndicated radio show this morning around 9:15
MLB: Rays spring training notebook Prospects see playing time By LAURA MYERS SunCoast Sports DUNEDIN — Most Tampa Bay starters got a day off as the Rays traveled more than two hours to face the Blue Jays on Friday. As a result, several top Rays prospects started the game and others played in the later innings. Pitchers Jake Odorizzi, Chris Archer, Alex Colome and Mike Montgomery shared time on the mound, Brandon Guyer started in right field and Tim Beckham started at shortstop. Wil Myers entered the game at right field in the fifth inning. Baseball America ranked Myers, Archer and Odorizzi among the top 100 prospects in the country at Nos. 4, 36 and 92, respectively. Manager Joe Maddon said spring is a good time for him to get a look at some of the organization’s top minor leaguers so they aren’t strangers when they get called up mid-season. “Once the minor league season starts, I’m out of it regarding evaluation,” he said. “... The biggest thing is to get to know them, so when they do come ...
Look Up A PA AttorneyPA Attorney Look Up - Last Updated: 02/19/2013Search By:For:Also By:For:This page allows anyone to search attorneys who are admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, and obtain information such as an attorney's status or whether an attorney has been subjected to public discipline.Th...
Packers need to get the whole gang back together-Jenkins, Jolly, Colin Cole, and of course Mike Montgomery
memo to: all coaches(mike montgomery) a judge put that hockey puck of a coach, in jail for throwing a KID down! Try dat w/ pops!
Gotta send a happy birthday to coach Mike Montgomery, the 8th winningest active coach in the NCAA.
We have more characters than we have story for sometimes. But I've learned today that Mike Montgomery is loved!
not bad. I'd take Mike Glennon or Sam Montgomery
I actually really hate mike montgomery from PLL
Mike Montgomery speaks at Tuesday's weekly press conference.
Interesting piece. We might have ended up with Justin Upton after all:
The stress you endured over your fantasy trade pales to Dayton Moore's when he traded Will Myers.
As Rany said, really good article by about the Myers deal:
What does Cal coach Mike Montgomery want today for a 66th birthday present? Maybe losses by Arizona, UCLA or Colorado tonight.
Really good article on the Myers trade by here. The Diamondbacks almost saved me a ton of grief.
.Great piece & more evidence that Andrew Friedman is very good at what he does
Ken Rosenthal: Inside the Rays-Royals blockbuster deal this past off-season.
Where is like, every moderately important character that ever graced Spencer's parents? Mike Montgomery? Holden? Jenna?
Good read. Like Moore's line how paralyzing trades are if only think of what team gives up. MT column:
what day we going to Montgomery inn?
Each day a little closer to my vision of presenting major name comedy and variety entertainment in Montgomery County Maryland in a first class manner, while those who continue to do everything wrong continue to struggle and leave customers wishing for better. My promise - when I DO begin and as always, you will see ONLY THE BEST, and I will involve no one or nothing from operations that support or present shoddy shows or poorly run facilities. Onward and upward. Oh, and don't forget my shows this Spring at The Barns of Wolf Trap, featuring Jimmie "J.J. Walker" and Kelly Monteith. All 3 shows almost completely sold out.
There seems to be some sort of a land grab going on in Montgomery County. The folks in Rockville have given a chunk to Potomac & created North Potomac. The same thing happened in Kensington to create North Bethesda. Since I'll be living north of the Stained Glass Pub I gather I reside in North Wheaton. Used to be Aspen Hill, Silver Spring, Rossmoor, & Norwood. Time to meet my homies, down on the Blvd. (Bel-Pre Rd.)
Need a band to open our show on March15th THE KING MUST DIE & DEATH UNDER FIRE...with special guests.?
For the red van on my aint seen a crazy white women yet! Michael Kennedy Nick Snodgrass
The Eagles followed up last weekend's strong CAC performances with a few more today at George Mason's "last chance" meet. Scott Plunkett put his name in the record books with his indoor record in the 3000 meters. Matt Shaughnessy, Mike Atkinson, Kevin Robertson also had strong performances for the men, while Sam Montgomery, Elysa Baker, and Kelsey Carter led the lady Eagles.
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