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Mike Minter

Michael Christopher Minter (born January 15, 1974 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American football coach, retired safety, and businessman.

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So I think I nailed my Halloween costume
Hall of Fame question answering from Marcus Peters here
YES!! Dougie Fresh I said the same thing. Literall…
Campbell University HFC Mike Minter will recruit heavily from Village Christian Academy and Players2Pros. Village Christia…
Campbell coach Mike Minter on "They've got one of the best coaching staffs in the PFL."
Save his gif for when Judy fires lambert then hires Mike Minter to replace him.
This goes down as one of those "only in California" things. Mike and I went camping this weekend and on the way...
How do you win games? You stick to your cornerstones. Coach Mike Minter's explanation of 38-0 win over…
2016 quote from Mike Minter on coaches (guys are the most intense, juiced up dudes I’ve ever met in my entire life"
They just aired the new Thursday Night Football slogan
The inimitable Mike Jackson has been in to sign some copies of PRIDE 🎉 to get one come see us or order online asap! http…
Congratulations - see you a week today for the book signing
Can I get caught if I lie about smoking while buying a policy? by Mike Minter - Mintco Financial
If it makes you feel better, most teams wouldn't have taken him there-AZ was very cautious, took Minter before could take him
Good words on agent selection from former S, now Campbell HC, Mike Minter.
from former Mike Minter. I’m here to help in any way I . can while…
What are life insurance Frequently Asked Questions? by Mike Minter - Mintco Financial
Are there any US life insurance companies that sell policies to non-US citizens? by Mike Minter - Mintco Financial
What do you do to motivate yourself when you are about to give up? by Mike Minter - Mintco Financial
Is it good to get insurance on your cellphone? by Mike Minter - Mintco Financial
This is worth it for the Mike Minter soundbite alone
Glad I'm in division! Mike After Dinner Minter is gonna take you out! The Buttkickers are gonna get waxed!
I see the GOAT Mike Minter in the back lol
that's Mighty Mouse Mike Minter in the back !
is that Mike Minter in the orange shirt?
Mike Minter hanging with Luke and TD currently. @ Wofford College
Look who showed up to Panthers Mike Minter
I think the most amazing readers are: Elizabeth Klett, Cori Samuel, Mike Harris, Starla Huchton, Nathan Lowe…
How do I find a good and trustworthy financial advisor? by Mike Minter - Mintco Financial
I would like to preciate everyone supporting me thru this process. A special thanks to Mike Minter, coach Carter and the s…
Mike Minter over Wesley Walls I call an upset.
Say it again, been around since Mike Minter, Mike Rucker, Will Weatherspoon, Stephen Davis, he'll even Chris Weinke
I remember when Chris Gamble and Mike Minter left the and I was crushed, but looking back not sure why. We are so much better now.
Honored to preach this morning I pray every pastor has the grace and consistency as their pastor does. Mike Minter is a gift.
it's an amazing blessing thanks to my coaches, teachers & my LA family 😘
this unbelievable catch for a chance to win an awesome Mike & Mike prize pack!
Mike Minter stops on third down and will punt.
A little behind, but just have to mention the smart play by Mike Minter. Knew he wouldn't make the catch, so tips it to Howard.
Update:Maryland at Mike Minter out for season ( Shoulder )
I can't pick one. Mike minter on D, on O.
Blast mtg Mike Minter. Sharing his Nebraska and Carolina Panther experiences/stories was Fantastic!!!
Loving my perfect 8-0 start. This team is amazing! td58 called upon his inner Mike Minter…
The only Panthers I ever met were Mike Rucker & Mike Minter bc they knew my mom, but I was like 9. Ask me how much I cared about football
Mike Minter used to lay lumber boy lol
Serious question. Do y'all even know who Moose, Ricky Proehl, Mike Minter, Dan Morgan, Kris Jenkins or Stephen Davis are?
Side note: Mike Minter (had 16 tackles tonight, 13 of those being solo. Not sure when an MT cornerback last had that many.
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Mike Minter breaks up a touchdown grab, trying to hang on here with 2:10 remaining.
Mike Minter with a HUGE swat. 2nd and 10 for
Mike Minter almost got burned again but the pass was called incomplete. takes over at their own 36.
Unsportsmanlike conduct called on Mike Minter. Not sure about that one.
Mike Minter called of a late hit out of bounds keeps the Marshall drive alive.
I wonder if Mike Minter from MTSU is the son of former Carolina Panther LB Mike Minter?
Pass interference called on Mike Minter and will have it from the two-yard line.
Mike Minter will get the P.I. there.It'll be 1st and goal at the 1 for the Herd.
add Mike Minter to the secondary too
Mike has always hidden his nature. Now keeping the secret is dangerous https:…
Is 'class' still a powerful concept, asks Mike Savage for https:…
It's never to late! Why do folks think it is = if Riley goes get some Turner Gill! Or in another 4 yrs Mike Minter!
.column: Scholarships or not, coach Mike Minter ready for anything
Congrats to Mike Minter, Andrew Stefanelli, Christian Carpenter, Azubuike Ukandu and Ty Tucker. Walk-ins who earned scholarships.
15' CBs get the nod because of Norman, but Mike Minter and Deon Grant were miles beyond Boston and Harper/Coleman.
Did anyone know the names of Brentson Buckner, Kris Jenkins or Mike Minter before John Fox? this is what he does D improves before O
Props to & for standing up against this childish BS:
"Dream big enough that everyone says you're crazy. God will get you there if you believe." -Coach Mike Minter
there we go. Thanks Mike. Been an old boys network issue for too long. Watching HH and Barry minter wear 92 =awful
"God has given us all a bus, and we're the only ones driving it."-Coach Mike Minter
Don't forget to come hear CU Football coach Mike Minter with CPFI today at 1pm in HT!
Don Hutt starred at BSU when many of the skill players came from Idaho. He, along with brother Terry, Mike Holton, and Cedric Minter starred
On the warning tonight is current Head Coach of & former Safety, Mike Minter.
Wow, Joe Dailey, Carl Torbush, and Mike Minter are all on Turner Gill's staff at Liberty.
I cannot thank Susie McDowell Minter and Mike Minter enough for her kindness and generosity in letting us stay at...
. practices through the rain today as spring practice rolls on, here's the thoughts of Mike Minter
where is Chris Gamble and Mike Minter when you need them ?
Note to the D: Julius Peppers, Mark Fields and Mike Minter aren't suiting up today. It's already 28-0.
This defense takes me back to the days of Kris Jenkins and Dan Morgan and Mike Minter . So solid. so excited!
"Fill in the blank: "My favorite player of all time is _"" Steve Smith, Stephen Davis, Mike Minter.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I'm all for having a big hitter in the secondary, but there's a clean way (ex. Mike Minter) & there's Roman Harper. Mitchell gotta do better
Magna Vista AD Mike Minter confirmed report that Clay Henson is the new MVHS hoops coach.
Magna Vista AD Mike Minter text to "Clay is our new boys (basketball) coach and we are very excited to have him as our coach."
OK on my birthday eve,eve,eve,eve -- I share my awesome sports moments - Despite not playing organized sports -- I played BBall for Dean Smith every day in my back yard - so I would 5,4,3,2,1 swish over and over and over -- I developed a passion for hoops -- probably my first love -- anywho -- me and 3 of my friends from charlotte won 2 straight 3 VS 3 championships -- I hit a three pointer on Henry Williams that used to play for UNCC in charlotte one night -- and talked Junk -he told me I wouldn't do it again and next shot -for 3 -swish -- i shot 3 pointers with scott cherry who played for UNC on a outdoor court in Chapel Hill -- and i hit a hook shot on a Tight ENd from the Raiders once -- and talked junk to him -he got MAD-- lol -- in foot ball -- i played in a flag football league in charlotte - our team played Steve SMith - Jimmy Hitchcock - and Mike Minter -- all active panthers at the time - i caught a screen pass and almost ran over steve smith -- he swatted me in the nose- - and i got his flag on ...
I love doing things for other. Recently a friend has done some unsolicited acts of extreme kindness and I realized I'm not good at receiving "insert nasty joke here" but in all seriousness thank you Mike Keefer
We had a FANTASTIC opening last night at The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center. You have until Aug. 18th to see this BRILLIANT Collection of Images from some DYNAMIC Photographers...Including Myself. GREAT JOB A.d. Minter
Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church wishes to thank all of the many volunteers from Masonboro Baptist Church and Shiloh for your hard work, commitment and dedication on Sunday, June 2, 2013 for In the Park with Mike Minter. Is was a very successful event.
Omg I'm so proud of myself my baby is here this morning @ 11:02 thanks to my mother, Keisha Chance for holding my hands and fanning me, Blackskull Chance Duece for talking to me and trying to calm me down & holding my hands, thanks to my baby father Michael Djmikeyfiya for being there and helping me out a lil bit even though u was scared to watch everything... I love you guys all
Head Coach Mike Minter signing autographs at yesterday's event in Wilmington
would be an *** at 13:45 lol Shoutout to my dude Mike Minter. good job yesterday
Mike Minter was a awesome speaker today.
Former Carolina Panther Mike Minter speaking at an event in Wilmington
If you aren't at "in the game" tonight you've missed out. Awesome night with MBC and Shiloh. quote from mike Minter, "since God is on our side, the other team is in trouble. They can't do anything to defeat us. All they can do is wait for us to defeat ourselves." Oh boy does that call it like it is.
Listening to former Carolina Panther, Mike Minter, speak at Hugh McRae Park in Wilmington, NC.
Anyone have interesting boxing memorabilia out there? Anything personally meaningful? Obscure? Let's hear it.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Mike Minter to be featured speaker Sunday at Wilmington’s “In the Game” interfaith event
Shout out to my bro Mike Minter.true friendship.
.Head Coach Mike Minter to speak Sunday in Wilmington, NC at Hugh MacRae Park, 6 pm. Complete info here
Mike Minter to Speak in Wilmington on Sunday! "In the Game" is an event sponsored by Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church and Masonboro Baptist Church Sunday at Hugh MacRae Park shelters 5 & 6. A picnic style meal is at 4:30 pm until the food runs out. At 5:00 bands and choirs from both churches will have a time of worship. Former Carolina Panther and current Campbell University Head Football coach Mike Minter will speak at 6 pm. Bring chairs or blankets to sit on. This is a family fun event for all ages!
LOVE LOVE when you see the car on your butt and passes you in a non passing zone get pulled over by the police. And we all know I don't drive slow so he was driving really crazy.
Memories of a fabulous weekend in Amsterdam with Mike Whittaker, Louise Minter and Matthew Minter
Former NFL Safety for the Carolina Panthers & now Head Coach for the Campbell University football team. Mike Minter joined Chris Shanafelt on SportsManRadio ...
Trez aka 100 going in on that Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill
John Gates Mike Queenan Jackie Minter and Nigel and oh dear the bubbly is half price
Hey there, thanks for following! Were u able to check out my interview with former S Mike Minter?
Missed last nights show? Check it out at as I interviewed CB Ronnie Yell & former Mike Minter!
Talking with former safety, Mike Minter! Listen in at
Mike Minter says the 1995 football team is the best college football team of all-time. What do you think?
I now have former Safety, Mike Minter on the air! Listen in at
Tune into tonight's show at 7pm CST at as I interview CB Ronnie Yell & fmr great S Mike Minter!
Had fun with the fam Marvin Minter Donna Whatley Corey James & the hubby and my mike last night really need to spend time together more often love yall
Ugh . Men . And yes it's plural ... Why are you so frustrating ???
These pictures were taken last night at the B'nai Brith Sports Banquet!! It was held at the Century Link Center!! Tom Osborne was the featured speaker!! I had a great time with my Dad!! Tommie Frazier, Trev Alberts, Mike Minter, and Charlie McBride paid tribute to Tom!! I will have to say, I could have talked to Charlie McBride for hours!! A very easy person to carry on a conversation with! In the history of College Football, I would put Tom Osborne and Charlie McBride up against any coaching staff!! That includes a Paul "Bear" Bryant coaching staff!! ( He was the former coach at Alabama who won 6 National Championships.) You will never see two greater coaches at their profession. The 60-3 record from 1993-1997, I don't think will ever be done again! Tom gave a great speech. A class individual!!!
NEED YOUR HELP!: Hollie and I remember partying at one of our events with a few women that were Nuns (this isn't a joke). But we cannot for the life of us 1) figure out where it was and 2) who they were. Any information would be helpful :)
Have you ever met an NFL player? If not, who would you like to meet? I met Mike Minter when I was younger, and got his autograph. I also got Algae Crumpler's autograph. But I would love to meet CJ2K. -Ty
Proud as punch (literally) of my lad Rory tonight. He showed his mettle in the boxing ring by beating - a unanimous decision - a tough nut from Salford in a really entertaining blood and guts fight. Sat next to my old man (an ex boxer) and to see his face afterwards was a joy. Celebrated in the Rifes afterwards with the whole family - a memorable evening indeed.
Progress report: I've had a few cigarettes today, it's so hard. However I'm not letting this get me down & I'm still quitting. Please keep praying for me!:):):)
A killing in London... The things people will do in the name of religion... It's a shame, If people actually just took the good parts of these texts and used them to better them selves as people then fair enough, that's what should be done. *** you don't even have to be religious to LEARN from them. I'm not religious but hey, I know a lot of people who are who are quite happy to practice what they do and don't jam it down peoples throats and don't go nuts in public with the likes of machete's. God don't kill people. People with Gods kill people.
If i knew Mike Minter was the Head Coach at Campbell before i got accepted, i would have went there
are on the clock for their second-round pick, which will be announced by former standout safety Mike Minter.
Speaking to the Campbell University football team coached by Mike Minter on April 8th. My theme will be "When you...
Check out what my client Mike Minter the is doing as the Head Coach at Campbell University.
All Out: University Football 2013 Spring Game Promo: - Check out former great Mike Minter's team
Just interviewed Campbell Football Head Coach Mike Minter! I love the percs of my job!
Excited for former NFL Pro Bowler and current football coach Mike Minter to throw out our first pitch Friday.
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The football season is over, but South River’s Lavon Chaney continues to command accolades, while Mike Minter made history for Severna Park.
SPORTS BLAST tonight! Debbie Yow-NC State Athletics Director will be on, John Dell of the Winston Salem Journal-talking about WSSU Rams in the D2 National Championship, Mike Minter -Campbell New FB Coach will be ON, FIREANTZ lose 3 in a Row, Coach DeSantis will be on to discuss, Leon Mack-CCS Activities Director will be on to talk POD System and Basketball, Panthers beat Falcons WOW, NC State, UNC and Duke win on hardwood, Johnny Manzell-Heisman, Wayne Inman OUT at Terry Sanford, Army v Navy game and more !!! LISTEN 6-9 p.m. AM640 Fayetteville or Online
Campbell University's new head football coach is Mike Minter?!
Mike Minter named head football coach at Campbell University: Minter, a member of two national championship team...
Mike Minter-the connection to the humpin' Camel @ Campbell University!
Former defensive back Mike Minter takes over as Head Coach at Campbell (N.C.) University ...
Mike Minter, the former Carolina Panther safety, will be the new football coach at Campbell, the Observer has learned.
Mike Minter is to be the new Head Coach or CU Football? Talk about being on the come up!
Former Carolina Panther DB Mike Minter to be named Head Coach at Campbell University. Hump'em Camels!
If/when get Muhs to address the team, he oughta bring Mike Minter too. Great radio guys!
Spoke to Liberty special teams coord. Mike Minter tonight. DJ Abnar will return kickoffs now and his backup is Ryan Ferguson. (cont)
On the air with former Carolina Panthers DB Mike Minter.
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