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Mike Meyers

Michael Gregory Mike Meyers (born October 18, 1977 in London, Ontario, Canada) was raised in Tillsonburg, Ontario and is a former professional baseball pitcher who played in the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, and Milwaukee Brewers organizations from to .

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think of the Diego costume, sexy superhero costume, sexy mike meyers costume.
"Halloween weekend is this Thursday, gonna sit around watchin TV. On the couch for a couple of hours, You and me baby, watchin Mike Meyers"
if you think Mike Meyers should totally make 'Wayne's World 3."
maybe it was! Ahhh! He was wearing a Mike Meyers mask.
It was a character Mike Meyers used to do in SNL back in the day
If you think you have the weirdest brother then you clearly haven't met mine. I don't think your bro says " I smell like Mike Meyers."😐
"Mike Meyers just kills teens who have sex, he's a Christian warrior"-
I heard all them *** on tour jason freddy mike meyers jeepers creepers jig saw and the boogeyman
Guarantee if Mike Meyers or Jason got laid, they'd stop killing so many people
i am gonna be Michael Meyers for Halloween. not sexy. not slutty. not funny. just plain ole mike Meyers.
if you aren't careful I'll play the Mike Meyers theme outside your window at night 💀🔪
In the movie, Meoraq will be played by Mike Meyers.
“Authorities end lockdown at Indiana University campus, a four-hour alert spurred by reports of man with knife." Mike Meyers is alive?!
And a guy dressed as Mike Meyers wud have to warm his hands up..he wud stand rite in front of u with his knife up.wudnt move but I liked him
How is Mike Meyers 7ft 350 lbs and nobody hears this man creeping? Couldn't put us in this movie lol, One noise and we out. Roll credits
So not sleeping tonight,i watched IT then mike meyers... someone please help me
Part 1 was tiff ah memories of mike Meyers running away
One minute you're just making a sandwich and the next Mike Meyers is beating your skull in with a baseball bat
Is it just me or is the kid who plays mike Meyers in the 2007 version of Halloween the cutest little thing on the planet?
My dad dresses up as Mike Meyers every year for halloween. Is it bad I've never even seen the movie?
Probablyyy not the best idea to watch Mike Meyers before bed 😬
gotta see that. The other thing is they hit the killer like ONCE-- mike Meyers --- chop his *** up !
If you ever want to scare me, just put on a Mike Meyers mask and you're good
I'd rather watch football than watch mike Meyers and that's saying a lot
in RE to snapchatting/texting/emailing people trying to decide what is the scariest movie all I have gotten is: no clue, idk, mike meyers
Jason, he's all gross under that mask. Mike Meyers just looks like a creepy janitor.
I've seen every Halloween mike Meyers movie at least 10 times each 🔪
Am I the only one who figure out that Mike Meyers played Austin Powers, gold member AND fat *** like. Last year.
Jason, Mike Meyers and Scream masks for Halloween are played out
Mike Meyers asked for my number last night. Let's see what Halloween characters hit on me tonight. It was pretty hysterical.
The Hawkeye's kicker is named Mike Meyers...he's gonna kill teams
Faced my fear and took a picture with Mike Meyers
you be Minnie Me and get Reuben to be Mike Meyers
more than likely Mike Meyers seeing as I have the mask already. :-)
I do have a Mike Meyers mask I bought a few years ago. I hope to scare the kids with.
Dude if it's 3 in the morning and you're walking by yourself, take off the mike Meyers mask
do like a horror film skit on stage... referencing like Freddy Kruegar, Jason, Mike Meyers, etc. Ghost Face.
Last week, protestors threw a bag, containing $500, off a balcony at the Hart Senate Building in Washington, D.C. The group was reported to be the Organic Consumers Association and Occupy Monsanto. Throwing $500 at Senators, while you scream, “Monsanto money,” is a weak protest. The stunt reminds me of the old Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers “Saturday Night Live” skit. The characters would pull up to a fast food drive through window, order meals, give the cashier the money, and then drive away before the food was delivered. To the protesters, in the words of the Carvey/Meyers characters, “You’re not worthy!” Besides, what is $500 to a Senator: the price of the lunch tab that a lobbyist picks up? I presume the $500 came from the money the protestors would have used for some “light” shopping at the average organic supermarket. To the protesters who showed their displeasure by throwing money, please feel free to show your displeasure at my ramblings in the same manner. Protest me! Please! I beg ...
Mike Meyers swagged the fuk out of Austin Powers.
Did you know: the actress for Lilo from Lilo and Stitch is the same actress for Samara from "The Ring". The voiceover for Sonic was the same guy who played as Steve Urkel. The mask they use for Mike Meyers in Halloween is actually William Shatner's face. 6,000 more iphones are sold a day than babies are born worldwide. Autotune was originally created to measure earthquakes.
Is Mike Meyers in Inglorious Basterds? *** Looks just like him!
"i dont want to be known around town as the "Shrek" guy." SAME X100 MIKE MEYERS
Glad to know my mike Meyers scared everyone in town 😂
*** popped up like Mike Meyers and sat down RIGHT NEXT to us!! We all shut right up
The Mike Meyers one? Ha That is a disturbing and frightening movie.
Except for when the guy with the Mike Meyers mask appears while you are taking a shower ;)
Other than the fact that Mike Meyers could do a Scottish accent there was no real reason why Shrek had to have a Scottish ac…
Hold up, Obama imma let you finish but Kanye West had the best "President Care Proposal" of all time! *Mike Meyers Deer In Headlights*
Mike Meyers and Jeff Spicoli are my idols.
Mike Meyers is lowkey the scariest dude out there...
mike Meyers might just be the fastest walker on the earth.. 😳😳😳
I mean, Mike Meyers attacking nubile girls. Freddy Kruger was a child molester, Jason the worst case scenario of teen freedom.
They said Reese looks like mike meyers, Jim Carey and K from men in black lmao
I got that from a Mike Meyers movie lol The Guru
No... But that adds to the awesomeness. Mike Meyers can do no wrong!!
Mike Meyers really needs to make another movie here soon. Even his bad ones are still hilarious
Mike Meyers has seriously disappeared..he made his money and just chilled I guess
If your uncle Jack helped you off an elephant, would you help your uncle Jack off an elephant?. Mike Meyers, "The Love Guru"
Jimmy Fallon should play Mike Meyers son in a movie. They both have a certain crazy look.
Mike Meyers will always be Austin Powers... Groovy baby
Can you still remember how fun Shrek was? The talents had fun too!
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Well since I haven't seen any of Mike Meyers, Freddy Krueger or Jason movies I know what I'll be doing till Halloween 🎃🔪
I used to catch reruns on Comedy Central from the height of Mike Meyers' stint on there. Those were good, but earlier = better.
Just found out mike Meyers played Austin Powers, dr evil, gold member and fat *** .. I thought they was all different actors 😱
Mike meyers defs used his time machine to scope beyonce and jigga cuz shes the golden girl and jiggas got his jam in the prison scene
I swear when I seen those db 10... Mike Meyers Halloween theme music went off in my head lol
Mike Meyers agreed to do an Austin Powers 4, this is gonna be too good
Mike Meyers with the huge miss. Gotta love the effort though
Good boot Mike Meyers, keep pounding it out
It kinda kills me that mike meyers plays multiple roles in Austin Powers..just like lindsey lohan played both roles in the Parent Trap
So I'm watching Austin Powers and I'm just like *** happened to Mike Meyers. Also I swear I saw Charlie hunnam but imdb says otherwise
Just spent the evening talking Whisky with Jesse Eisenberg, Mike Meyers, and a bunch of CAA agents.
yup that's the same why I know it.. I think it was also in a Mike Meyers movie too.
When Kanye said "Bush doesn't care about black people" everyone talked about Mike Meyers reaction and Kanye's audacity...
Nice, but it looks like the house of Mike Meyers.
Can someone get me Mike Meyers email, on a totally related note. I have something he should read.
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.please do a PSA for Colorado with Mike Meyers where you say Kanye doesn't care about white people
Whenever im sitting outside in the dark I always imagine looking up and seeing like a Jason or mike Meyers walking me down lol
I feel like Mike Meyers is going to enter my dorm & kill every single one of us. RIP class of '16
Just reading in Psychology, "People respond differently to Channing Tatum than to Mike Meyers." DUHH 😂 😂😂
He's really funny. He caught my friend chewing gum and whipped out his mike Meyers doll and said"he smells gum"
"Hey I'm Mike Meyers I have extreme psychological issues and I take them out on you"
Wayne's World is by far one of the strangest movies I've ever seen but it's hilarious and I love Mike Meyers
lmao Mike Meyers and know what to do
What ever happened to Mike Meyers I miss him he's so funny 😢
True or false Mike Meyers was born in Wayne's world?
ha you brought up monkeys I go to mike meyers. Its not a stretch!
mike meyers! Figured I had to clarify. Didn't want it to look like a proposition. :p
B/c Cat in the Hat is related at Mike Meyers one of his character he played :)
I don't really know but i remember another Mike Meyers Character " The Cat in The Hat " :D Yep Yep 😊
She had a dream last night I got attacked by Freddy, Jason & Mike Meyers
We have to wait another 3 years to see if mike Meyers wants to another Austin Powers stupid *** I hate you
Mike Meyers on "Kenyan community has been remarkable." The times may be dark but our hearts burn and illuminate white hot!!
Cuddled in a snuggie and eating cheetos through the sleeves while Mike Meyers rocks my world. Life is so good right now. 🌙👻🎃
u remember when all the aunties left it was just me n u in auntie didi house n I played that mike meyers prank on u?
whoever is playing the Mike Meyers music on full blast, please stop... i'm expecting for Michael to bust through my front door and stab me.
Sitting here with Ashton, he is trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. He has it narrowed down to either Jason Voorhees or Mike Meyers from Halloween
"... but actually I slept like the Baby Jesus inside my equine cocoon!"-- Mike Meyers from Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly (SNL)
It's gonna be cold and empty and were gonna turn around and mike Meyers is gonna be behind us
I'm gonna personally tell them to get mike Meyers on the ride and sit with us now
just don't forget about your favorite white boy when u playin mike Meyers
It's pretty odd when you think about how Mike Meyers from all those scary films has the same name as killer in all those Halloween movies.
"That goes against my 'No Jim Carrey or Mike Meyers in Furry Outfits' rule." -
I liked a video from Shrek, a Mike Meyers comdey.
it was at a poster sale today and of course I thought of you! By the way we're doing our Mike Meyers marathon in October!
Who else agrees that would be THE best Mike Meyers??
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Still dying over when Kanye said George Bush doesn't like black people 😂 Mike Meyers and Chris Tucker looked so stunned 😂😂😂😂
Pretty sure ill sound like the old SNL Mike Meyers COYFFEE TAWK bit so. Should be worth a laugh or a million
"Mike Meyers did some really great acting..."
Mike Meyers is voiced of Shrek and the voice and body of austen prowders and thats the fun fact of today
It seems they should have Mike meyers vs pinhead since they had freddy vs jason
DAWG, that Mike Meyers footwork vid on World Star is easily the funniest thing I've seen in months.
My mind is blown. I'm speechless. Almost like Mike Meyers when Kanye said Bush hates black people.
Saaa. we can't see that one is like miles away. Yawn. When the nukes strike me in the face I will say, "Mike Meyers'll see you"
Mike Meyers stars in the feel good movie event of the year; Powers for Algernon. "Yeah baby!"
i love halloween! Witches, ghosts, dark magic, skulls, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Mike Meyers. There is just so much to love!
Coming to the conclusion that is right..maybe i am too nice for kid could be mike meyers and ill defend him
Friday the 13th and elm street is good. But Mike Meyers is just better. He's got a better story.
Mike Meyers + Shep Gordon = "a crazy excavation of the insanity underneath depravity"
It's not a freaking game show!!! Nor a Mike Meyers movie: one melion dollars. Come on, Mary Carillo.
the one with mike Meyers... AUSTIN POWER!! And can u follow me? :)
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Mike Meyers kicks looked blah Saturday, is he hurt?
clearly he'd play both. That's what Martin Lawerence, mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy or Adam Sandler would do.
From my friends Janet Meyers and Mike Meyers. Wonderful gift. Thank you so much.
and everyone hates it except for Mike Meyers playing a weird chatty old man who comes up to him afterwards and is very enthusiasitc
SNL only had two golden eras, right? The first one is the classic era, the second one is the Dana Carvey/Mike Meyers era.
Think about it, when you're gonna ask people about SNL, they're most likely to mention the classic era, or the Mike Meyers era.
Jonnette over here letting mike meyers know where she live, tf going on?
he looks like Mike Meyers in Cat in the Hat
Mike Meyers would be slowly walking like 10 feet behind Freddy and Jason the whole time.
Freddy vs Jason. I pick Jason unless mike Meyers is thrown in there. Then that's a crazy freakin' battle.
he speaks mike Meyers is the only serial villain/killer who has never said a word
If I was half the woman that Mike Meyers was...
Watch the 21st Anniversay Reunion with Mike Meyers, and
I'm guessing K Kersten set her hair on fire after reading Mike Meyers in this morning.
Whoa!!! how did Mike Meyers get into your temple to K Kersten?
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Lets go everybody, get on cod4 right now, mike Meyers on crossfire, who's with me?
me either! Lol but I LOVE MIKE MEYERS! Makes me my sexy husband.
It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out that Mike Meyers was also Dr. Evil
isn't texting me back so Mike Meyers can be my new hubby.
I love the stuff from early 90s...Mike Meyers, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, David Spade, Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller.
If I had one wish it would one hundred percent be for mike Meyers to make another Austin Powers movie
Beyonce: Tell me something I don't know. . Mike Meyers: I open mouth kissed a horse once.
There's a lady in Starbucks who sounds exactly like Mike Meyers' Linda Richman character.
With Mike Meyers to join them. Oh god!
jimmy Fallon looks like mike Meyers in sprockets
Party party party, let's all get wasted. For Mike Meyers' birthday. (Remix)
He invited me to his Mike Meyers map when I did Crown Conquest and he was doing that and I was like ***
this is like a bad mike meyers movie.or one of those Carry On films ...
What do u think mike Meyers and Fred Lunt are doing right now?
were playing a big game of mike Meyers
."... that Mike Meyers movie, 'Austin Dangerously' or whatever"
No way! That's so funny you say that, in a production of Shrek I'm in, the guy who plays Shrek's name is Mike Meyers!
Dang man, Mike Meyers would play the most amazing Dave Mustaine. I really hope that becomes a thing at some point.
you look like the offspring of Mike Meyers and Gary Busey.
Purpose and blessing accompany us in the hard things that God calls us into ~ Mike Meyers
I remember the last lefty specialist was that guy Mike Meyers way back and he was awful lol can't remember anyone else
I saw Freddie Krueger in my dream but he wasn't trying to hurt me. We were playin Xbox together, but then Mike Meyers chased me down..
You know the old Saturday night live episode with Nicole Kidman and Mike Meyers as the ADHD kid tied to the jungle gym and she gives him chocolate and he goes nuts...well that was just me with Noah in Kroger. Seriously.
Who would have ever thought that Scary Spice would be more interesting than Heidi Klum? Every time Heidi opens her mouth, Mike Meyers is in my head going "Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance."
A surprising number of celebrities admit to playing Dungeons and Dragons, including Robin Williams, Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Colbert and Mike Meyers. ~S~
Chris Hadfield has just made my list of Acceptable Canadians right in between Mike Meyers and Les Stroud
Just found out that Steve Carrel and Mike Meyers auditioned for Whose Line back in '98 and didn't make the cut. What the *** '90s casting agencies?!
May 25th is Geek Pride day – so let your Geek Flag fly. Personally I am using a towel – cause it’s also Towel Day in honor of Douglas Adams Other cool & geeky things/people with May 25th as an anniversary; *Frank Oz, Sir Ian McKellen, Mike Meyers, Ray Stevenson, Ralph Waldo Emerson & My wonderful son Johnathan Scott Broadley share a birthday with Douglas Adams. *John Scopes indicted in 1925 for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution. *Star Wars Episode IV opened in 1977, followed on the same date in 1983 with Episode VI * NASA civilian pilot Joseph Walker takes X-15 to 32,766m * In 1961 President Kennedy announces goal of sending a man to the moon, kicking off the Apollo program. * In 2012, The Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial spacecraft to successfully rendezvous with the International Space Station ~ Pin a lilac to your lapel, grab your towel and go celebrate the geekiness in all of us
What do you guys think? Many Saturday Night Live fans feel that the 90's decade was the greatest in SNL history. The cast of people like Chris Farley, Chris Rock, David Spade, Phil Hartman, Mike Meyers, Kevin Nealon, Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey and others, played the skits so well that many people say that "Nothing can compare," and that today's SNL is nothing like it used to be. Do you agree? Do you enjoy today's skits, or do you find them boring and repetitive?
Fire and Rescue Q2 has gone to the printers. It is one good looking issue. Thank you contributors: Gerald E Hall, Mike Scott, Mike Meyers, Aaron Heller, Mark Cummins, John Sileski, Zoltan Zsilvasi, Kaare Holm, Tamas Timar, Bill Atkins, Gary West, Marsida Arifi, Tony Picket, and all other people that helped out!
Thought I was going to pass out when Rob Lowe enter the room. Then came Dana Carvey, Mike Meyers and Lorne Michaels
Will Ferrel and Mike Meyers movies are my favorite comedies!
Going to tomorrow to see Wayne's World with Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey in attendance. It's gonna suck.NOT!
Mike Meyers won the home run derby with the Louisville slugger to the head
Kim Jong Un's problem is he's not so much Bond villain as Austin Powers villain.I think Mike Meyers could handle him & revive the franchise.
USA : Mike Meyers' Guide to Supporting Windows 7 for Comp... by Michael Meyers via
any word on Bobby Wahl/Mike Meyers velo from weekend? Both were really good. Wahls finger problems appear resolved.
Old things pass away and all things become brand new. And something wonderful can happen to you!
Dude mike Meyers is right behind you! Now run!
Ten years after the invasion of Iraq, Tony Blair and his government have come under withering attack from a senior former diplomat and British military chiefs for their handling of the war that defined his decade in power.
that was a take on vintage Mike Meyers from the old Der Sprockets segments on Saturday Night Live
calumet has struck a box alarm at the intersection of HH and meyer road... elkhart lake to respond for a fully engulfed barn fire.
"Is he mini me too?" "If it's not a puppet, it has to be mike Meyers"
"Today is daylight savings so prepare for your oven clock to be wrong for six months"- SNL Seth Meyers 😂😂😂😂
Mike Tyson that booty , ill knock that *** out (;
That commercial would have been great if they revealed it was Mike Meyers watching it, alone, reliving the glory days.
Mike Meyers and Will Ferrel should make a movie
Stefon in the best guest on weekend update with Seth Meyers.
Okay so what happened to mike meyers tho .. He's funny
I still miss Jim Carry and Mike Meyers as the old cast for
I literally just found out that dr. evil is also played mike Meyers
O LOLZ Austin Powers: Goldmember is on ABC Family. Mike Meyers is so flippin' funny.
This is so odd. the "real" actors seem like they're parodying themselves. The Tom Cruise & Mike Meyers Austin Powers seem the same.
it's good but nothing compares to the Dana Carvey / mike Meyers / Chris Farley era
Black Ops... :)... fixna head to bed work at 6. Shelby Nicole Williams Mark Meyer and mike oliver.
RIP to my Dear Mother. I will miss you FOREVER!XO
Been told I looked like Mike Meyers and Gerard Butler we call that a wash.
I attended my first Transylvania County Republican Convention today. U. S. Representative Mark Meadows, N. C. Representative Chris Whitmire, Transylvania County Sheriff David Mahoney and Transylvania County Board of Education member Mike Rogers spoke. Transylvania County Chair Jim Meyer and Transylvania County Vice-Chair Wayne Hennie retired and Aubrey Woodard and Lori Swank were elected Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. I was very impressed by the whole affair and I wish the whole slate of Executive Committee Officers and members the very best of good luck as we begin working toward the elections in 2014.
“The three amigos (Mike Meyers, Tim Smith) at the world baseball classic is more like it :)
"If I was a serial killer, I'd be Mike Meyers cuz he seems legit." -Erica
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San Fran bound for an evening of Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, and Zakir Hussain - Stoked!!!
Cat in the Hat with Mike Meyers is by far the funniest kids movie.
enjoying watching the girls swimming at American inn. and then spending time with Heidi N Steve Corrigan, mike Mike Smith, Amanda Meyer-smith
"Punch it Chewie, lets nuke this fridge".
I don't see you anymore, Mike Meyers
Type casted is like racism of Hollywood.Rob Lowe is so good looking he's the bad guy,Mike Meyers is so funny that he'll never be serious
Tune in to hear what's new in the Vic dining scene. Jason Meyer of Driftwood Brewing Co. & barley grower Mike Doehnel with us
Kim Jong Un, Sec. Kerry comes to you bearing gifts: a DVD of that scene in Austin Powers where Liz Hurley keeps covering up Mike Meyers dong
We will be on krvm with Mike Meyer tonight around 6pm and then playing Creswell coffee about 7pm. Tomorrow at 11am we will be on Kwva with Marc Time and then Klcc with Dan Plaster at 4pm .:)
Say what you want about Mike Meyers. Say what you want about SNL movies. But I love Wayne's World so damned much.
what no love for the Mike Meyers does an impression of an impression of a British accent?
Love guru is the worst movie I've ever seen. And I like mike Meyers usually
Tomorrow I will do something that I have only done twice in my life, root for Michigan. That is if, and only if, Ohio State beats the Fighting Illini beforehand. I had to go through my notes to actually realize that this did happen before. Intensive Pshycho Therapy, to include electro shock and waterboarding, made me lose those rabid thoughts and I was sane again. Have mercy!
Wow. Barnes & Noble is giving Michael Vick a book signing?!? Seriously?!? Please anyone who has an pinch of love for animals, especially dogs, please boycott. Buckhead B&N is having his book signing on March 16th. Please call the store & corporate. And please take your business elsewhere. Sad we live in a society that supports killers. Mindy Hylton Leah Meyer John W Bonner Jr Jennifer Ellis Kristyn Kincaid Cummings Kristen Whitehurst Lee Crowe Melissa De Feis
I only used the Mike Meyers joke because you took It's too early for me to have to think this much.
Anything with Mike Meyers in it will be at some point.
USD beat BYU. Always like seeing BYU lose.
Made it just in time to grab a quick bit before the rodeo
all I see when I look at mike Meyers is Dr. Evil
Great night at with Michele Storey, my partner in crime. Big thanks to all who came out to see us.
Widely acknowledged as an artist who defined his era, Mike Kelley (1954–2012) created a stunning and protean legacy that encompasses painting, sculpture, works on…
That was Mike Meyers, who played the cat then. The movie stunk. They should have used Martin Short.
Don't do it. It's a scam but now that I know how, don't follow The_real _Mike_Meyers
It is with a heavy heart tonight that I have to tell friends and classmates from South Williamsport, that the Mike Krauser who was found dead in Jersey shore, was the brother of Karen, and Sharon Meyer (Krauser) twins from South Williamsport. Sharon Would appreciate anyone wanting to reach out and share memories or photos of Mike with her. Karen currently resides in New Mexico, while Sharon is in California. Sending prayers and my deepest sympathies out to the two ladies I spent so much time with from my childhood.
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I'm watching Inglorious *** I still don't know why they didn't cut that scene with Mike Meyers.
Every time I see Mike Meyers I automatically think of my daddy. One of his favorites
I honestly forgot Mike Meyers was in Inglorious ***
It still blows my mind that mike Meyers is that British guy in inglorious ***
Feels like Mike Meyers is channeling Peter Sellers in Inglorious Basterds, which is awesome.
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I always forget that Mike Meyers is in Inglorious ***
Whoa😳 Mike Meyers is a nazi in Inglorious Basterds
X-rays negative on Meyers' ankle according to Mike and Mike. So that's promising.
"leave scars" performed live at Hammersmith Odeon 1989 London
HELP! i am trying to think of names of old bike racers beginning with the letter M, you know, like Marco Vermeij and . . .
I ordered the LARGE cup of Mike Meyers
Well the BIG news is that as of March 27th Sarah Wolff will officially be Mrs. Sarah Foster !
Jacob Russell Vogel, 18, of Versailles passed away Thursday, March 7, 2013 as the result of an automobile accident. He was born at Lawrenceburg on July 31, 1994 the son of Brian and Ann Sieverding Vogel. Survivors include his parents; two brothers Matthew Vogel who is serving with the US Marines, stationed at Camp Lejune, North Carolina, and Luke Vogel at home; one sister Jessica Vogel also at home; paternal grandparents Jerry and Joyce Vogel of Versailles; maternal grandparents Henry and Thelma Sieverding of Farmers Retreat; aunts and uncles Maria Sieverding and Teresa Meyer both of Dillsboro, Keith (Beth) Sieverding of Dewberry, Ben (Karen) Sieverding of Versailles, Mike Sieverding of Milhousen, Shanda (Andy) Beach of Holton, and Ruth (Mark) Kieffer of Friendship. Jacob was a junior at South Ripley where he participated in the FFA and attended the Southeastern Career Center in emergency services. He was a member of St. Charles Catholic Church at Milan and was a cadet with the Friendship Fire Department. ...
Jason and Mike Meyers wore masks like someone was gonna report them to the police. Jeez guys, have some confidence in your abilities
So today I got by Mike Falzone and Grav3yardgirl Bunny Meyer about SXSW...oh yayus!
Mike Meyers is so funny in the cat in the hat.
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Erica Stuckenrath Gibson has "left the building",... sad but so, so happy for her! A little One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest goin' on right there.
Now is the time we dance on Sprockets! reference Apparently I look like Mike Meyers.
It was Lennon who said: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans..." that guy was a freakin' genius. Hats off to my friends and co-workers at Rumble Music. Those guys started makin' some pretty sweet music together - five years ago. And along the way, Don Smithmier, Rick Meyer, Jess Ford, A.J. Meyer began to inspire all kinds of folks - including me - in VERY short order. If you'd have told me I'd find 'future' in a group of musicians in the warehouse district when I was walking out of the TV station a few years ago... I'd have told you you were dreamin'... maybe smokin'... somethin'. A few years later... we're workin' on all kinds of stuff together - BIG STUFF - with more partners still Matthew Johnson and Rob Rosen... This is the tribe that helped launch & manage Bring Me The News and i.e. network... and we're workin' together now on GoKart Minneapolis... too... Success: Measured in the people we've been surrounding ourselves with... since Day 1. *** I'm glad these guys h ...
looking forward to the Ralph Feinnes. He will be the best Doctor! Mike Meyers in between will be rubbish though.
-Smirks- Do I make you horny? -Chuckles- Just kidding babe, Mike Meyers is epic for that line.
Harvin and Meyer's mom wants her daughters to start dating--and she's about to get involved and make some matches!
I worked my butt off this week, but it was worth it. Tonight a well needed date night with my Darling. And this weekend Mike, Colt and I are going to the Miami Zoo. So excited !!! I love you Michael Meyer. I can't wait for tonight.
There are three fundamental questions that relate to Intelligent Design. They are 1) How did the Universe come into existence with physical parameters that seem to be carefully designed to allow the emergence of complexity? 2) How did the first self-replicating molecules come into existence? and 3) How do adaptive traits that require mutations on multiple gene sites and that do not appear to have mechanisms for incremental evolutionary reward come into existence? In each case Science cannot provide us with a plausible answer. So we find ourselves with a basket full of speculations that are not disproven. One of these speculations is that it results from intelligent and volitional intervention. Is that speculation less plausible than its alternatives? In the case of the Finely Tuned Universe, I would *** that it results from intelligent design is far more plausible than any of the alternatives. This is actually a scientific embarrassment. Physicists are slowly moving away from the Copenhagen Inter ...
After almost a half year, our Thursday Night Men's Bible Study group (Soldiers for Christ) finished up our study of the Gospel of John. What a great blessing to partake of the Word with Bob Wuycheck, Mark Reed, John Meyer, Nic Laumann, Jake Cameron, Dave Bartlow and Mike Thissen (and assorted visitors). If you know of any men who would be interested in joining us, send them our way - we meet at Panera's @ State and Schrock, 7pm on Thursday evenings. After a side study next week, we'll be tackling the Epistle to the Romans. ~Myles
For all my high school buds. Ran into Ed Reitz last week at Siteman. We are meeting monday to catch-up. So happy to see him. Dads Bff. Sad that we have this in common. He looks great.
mike meyers is a myth it has been confirmed. Peter Asher is living a double life.
This is from Joyce Meyer Ministries but its so good i had to share. God took me out of so many bad habits and addictions when i asked Him, but i had to face death before i asked Him. You don't have to wait that long to be free and have a good life! Please read- A Willingness to Change I started smoking when I was nine years old. I liked it because it relaxed me, and for a long time, I didn't want to quit. By the time I knew I should quit, I didn't want to because I thought I'd put on weight. That was my excuse for years. Then I got into this cycle where I would quit and start again, quit and start again. But I reached my crisis point when I wanted to smoke so much I started sneaking out during church to lie down in the seat of my car and smoke. That's when I knew I had to make a change. There usually comes a crisis point before a lot of us are willing to change. For example, sometimes it takes a heart attack for a person to start eating right. But you don't have to wait for your crisis point. You can just ...
SAAC Hosts Literary “TalkBack” for “The 39 Steps” In their ongoing mission of educating through the arts the South Arkansas Arts Center hosts a literacy/dramatic writing discussion or “TalkBack” on Sunday, March 10, immediately following the final matinee performance of Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps.” Anyone interested is cordially invited to attend. The event will last approximately 30 minutes and is free to the public. Packed with nonstop laughs, romance and iconic moments from film history, the Tony Award winning comedy is a fantastic example of the elements of drama, literary tools and the cultural Hitchcock knowledge that everyone should know. The “TalkBack” is an excellent opportunity to discuss and learn about the creative process of writing and adapting it to other art forms with the director, the shows actors and some passionate English teachers and art educators. El Dorado High School English teacher and “the 39 Steps” assistant director Carol Cabrera will serve as event .. ...
Springfield Class of 1973 Don't forget the organizational meeting tonight at the Richmond United Presbyterian Church at 7pm. to plan our 40th class reunion. It would be nice to know how many are planning to attend. The church is the red brick across from the carry out.
I start the online portion of my two classes today. I don't know why but I'm very nervous. I've never taken an online class before, this should be interesting. The classroom portion starts Tuesday night.
Are you the baby of the family? If not, where do you fall on line? Did you notice a difference in how the baby (youngest) was treated?
Sheboygan's Morning News with Kelly Meyer and Mike Kinzel is underway and it's Fish Fry Friday, which means you could win perch dinners from Shuff's Last donuts for your office from West Side Bakery...and get up to date on the latest news weather and sports...5-9am on WHBL!
mike meyers my man though i like him over Jason probably
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
that was me in the Mike Meyers mask... Hope you enjoyed the show ;)
Welcome Canada! Have Mike Meyers give us a follow. I know he loves the show!
And last but not least George Clooney as Lord Voldemort, and Mike Meyers as Dumbledore.
Freddy Krueger, Jason, Mike Meyers. I got my money on Mike Meyers
No class today, thus today is to be a movie day to be followed by a Dissonance night. Started with Anger Management, followed by Happy Gilmore, now onto to Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, then The Love Guru, and maybe 50/50. Also, at some point I'm going to take a nice break to punch myself in the *** till I pass out because no human being should be able to rationalize watching Adam Sandler, Mike Meyers, John C. Reilly, and Seth Rogan back to back to back to hairy back without succumbing to some type of continuous and needlessly harsh torture. But I have...and I'm excited.
I havent seen acting like that since Mike Meyers and the Love Guru.
Tried watching early this morn.can't believe I used to like that movie. Dana Carvey + Mike Meyers =
Elton John is looking more and more like Austin Powers and it's not healthy. Then again, Val Kilmer is looking more and more like a pumpkin so I suppose I'd rather look like a Mike Meyers character then a gourd. Eh both suck.
Ha you put Neil Young in both categories. And you left out Jim Carey, Mike Meyers, John Candy & Dan Akroyd
hey blake, adam, ders, and parker are picking on me! Tell them to stop! (ps Halloween was best Mike Meyers movie)
Alright, I hate to admit this, but my wife and I keep hearing everybody talking about this Honey Boo Boo show, so we forced ourselves to watch the first ten minutes. I am in utter disbelief. As a writer, I try to enhance sentences with fitting and descriptive words, but there are no words!!! But I still have to make a few observations. That main woman (or whatever?) has a head like a canned ham. She reminds me of that Mike Meyers character Fat *** The daughter is 17 and having a baby? And did you see that baby? That has to be the ugliest thing that ever slid out of an amniotic sack. That kid looks like it fell out of the Roswell crash! And how fat is that little plump girl destined to be? These people don’t have a family tree, they have a family pole. This family is the inspiration for birth control. In fact, Trojan condoms should be advertising on this show big time – they would sell out! I can see dudes doubling up to assure they wouldn’t spawn this level of redneck. OK, I’m ...
Tommy Smyth from the AULD Onion Bag looks like an 80 year old Mike Meyers!
Mike Meyers singing "BBC" from "Austin Powers". Originally done by Mike and Ming Tea which featured Susanah Hoffs. This was at Alice Cooper's annual charity ...
Things I'm learning at Atomic Cowboy: Ryan Phillipe, Selma Hayek & Mike Meyers all starred in some quasi-stripper movie now airing on VH1
MandyMezzania95 see? you've got cool stuff too, Mike Meyers is from canada, and so is Tara Strong, (Wyh8Ht
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I was never all that into Mike Meyers, but I did love the Ana Gasteyer/Chris Kattan/Will Ferrell days of SNL
I wish more than anything I could be on in the early 90s. Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon, Mike Meyers, Chris many of the greats.
Steven Seagal was about as badass as Mike Meyers as Fat ***
Movies they show in *** Mike Meyers and Will Ferrell as feuding political pundits and unlikely friends in "Shut up! No, you shut up!"
I hope Katie Holmes says the words "George Bush doesn't care about black people" right now. Sudeikis can make the Mike Meyers face.
Has Kanye brought Mike Meyers to do his song about George Bush and black people? That's my favorite Kanye hurricane relief song.
Road ferry to Seattle with Chris Kattan and Jeff Ross. TWO celebrities spending thanksgiving on Bainbridge! :) Mike Meyers and Jeffery Dauenhauer were super star strucked...I had to calm them down!
Celebrities that play dungeons and dragons: Mike Meyers claimed to play D&D on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Vin Diesel, a longtime player, wrote an introduction to the book Thirty Years of Adventure: Celebrating Dungeons and Dragons. Judy Dench was reportedly introduced to the game by Vin Diesel. Matthew Lillard has played (and apparently beat) kids for charity. Basketball player Tim Duncan is a long-time player. Robin Williams has played for charity, but admits to playing at home as well. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were introduced to the game by Kevin Smith. Daryl Hannah supposedly plays (though I could find no corroborating evidence). Jesse McCarthy and Lauren Graham have at least touched a D&D box. ctor/Director Jon Favreau (Iron Man) credits D&D for much of his storytelling prowess. Joss Whedon played D&D in college. Stephen Colbert was a big player as a kid and still plays now. Ewan McGreggor reportedly plays. John McCain does not play, and his staff at least do not respect those who do. Will Wheaton ...
yeah true lol but Mike Meyers threw people into generators therefore short circuiting power to the entire neighborhood.
Mike Meyers in Halloween is so messed up oh my god
That *** mike meyers was in my dream last night
I'm totally freaked out by the masks. Mike Meyers meets house of wax...
Kanye West & Mike Meyers invited? NBC networks to air benefit for Hurricane Sandy...
I thought Mike Meyers was in my house last nite...that's why ii don't do Halloween
Spent my evening in the company of Mike Meyers, Tinkerbell, a Kitty Cat & a Pint Size Pumpkin :)
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Damnn mike meyers just won't die damnnn
In honor of Halloween, I submit that all MCs retire references to Jason, Freddy, and Mike Meyers whilst talking about how hardcore they are
If one more person talks about how fantastic Halloween was, I will literally go all Mike Meyers on you all
Mike Meyers ripped son face off tho...
Apparantly some guy was walking around dressed up like Mike Meyers, had a real knife, and was trying to scare people.
He followinq me too now!!! Lol *** you mean Mike Meyers is following me? 😳"
Literally lol *** you mean Mike Meyers is following me? 😳"
*** you mean Mike Meyers is following me? 😳
Tonight went very good makayla did very good she kept her ears on and she liked handing candy to all the little kids she even had a little boy flirting with her. There was one boy who came up that had a scary mask on and makayla started to get scared he turned around real quick and took it off I thought that was pretty nice of him. Matthew just liked to watch everyone and crawl around lol. But there was one person who was dressed as mike Meyers and he didn't look like a kid he looked full grown and he was very very creepy lol. Thank you granny for your help tonight :)
I had the most embarrassing moment of life in Aggieville tonight thanks to stupid Mike Meyers lol
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