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Mike Meyers

Michael Gregory Mike Meyers (born October 18, 1977 in London, Ontario, Canada) was raised in Tillsonburg, Ontario and is a former professional baseball pitcher who played in the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, and Milwaukee Brewers organizations from to .

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Does anyone even watch SNL anymore?? It stopped being funny when the not-so-prime-time players left. Well, Mike Me…
(Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey obviously at the bottom of the offer list. Just above Michael Richards.)
y'all remember when Dana Carvey was a guest on SNL & Mike Meyers came too & they did a Wayne's World skit? it was great.
Did Mike Meyers ever do an interview post red cross telethon? I don’t think I’ve ever heard what he thought
The Cat in the Hat with mike meyers is literally one of the funniest movies every created
Mike Meyers might have the greatest filmography ever. His performance in cat in the hat is fantastic
Coworker hates all Adam Sandler, Mike Meyers, and Will Farrell movies, Dumb & Dumber, the Simpsons, & Always Sunny, but thinks I'M funny :/
Watching Mike Meyers The Cat in The Hat and realizing why I am the way I am.
Alexis Bellino sells stylish home in
The Cat in the Hat with Mike Meyers is a hidden gem
Brooo Mike Meyers died like 6 times in the last 30 min of Halloween lmfao
Mike Meyers is a god damned genius. Love guru wasn't the best but it wasn't terrible, but like...everything else is gold
Friday the 13th and Mike Meyers follows me... and only me
I wanted Gregory Peck for President, but ended up with Dr Evil from the Mike Meyers films.
how about a crossover. Mike Meyers vs. Jason Voorhees. This would be a great project for you.
Taking over the stream. go here to listen . If you want to make a request
Hamilton Collection
Even the strictest vegans will be craving one of burgers after watching him cook on
"Blessed are those who forget Mike Meyers movies, and none more cursed than they who remember. " - Jesus, probably.
she went to high school with Mike Meyers and remembers when she didn't think Jim Carey would ever make it.
ever see So I Married an Axe Murderer with Mike Meyers ? Convinced KFC had addictive mind controlling ingredients
its 70-year history. Making it the easiest game of “what’s wrong with this picture” Mike Pence has ever played. - Seth Meyers (2/2)
Telling Inds "it will be your fault if Hillary loses" didn't work. If I may be so bold, would you p…
Alexis Bellino sells stylish home in Orange County
Maybe Mike Meyers actually does have a time machine? I mean it's incredible.
Or maybe I just think that bc Mike Meyers looks like he perpetually has a cold
Rewatching Wayne's world for the first time in a long time... What happened to Mike Meyers?
Unfollow/unfriend if you don't agree that Mike Meyers is an absolute genius for all of his Austin Powers movies
Now, since Jack is handling Bill Murray I'll take the second best: Mike Meyers
Celebrity listing: Mike Meyers New York City pad is up for sale.
Kinda like Mike Meyers standing next to Kanye after what he said about Prez Bush hating black ppl.
This is one reason we chose Jason Vorhees for Mortal Kombat X instead of Mike Meyers. .
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ricky Meyers this status is about u!!! 󾌴󾌴󾌴
what is depressing about mike Meyers as the cat in the hat
it's one of my all time favorite movies. Mike Meyers makes me laugh so much
Mark Adams and Joel Meyers sit down with Houston Head Coach Mike D'Antoni to talk Rockets basketball.
I love the little trademark, like Mike Meyers Love Guru.
Meyers Leonard has agreed to a 4-year, $41M deal to stay with Portland, league sources tell
there's levels. Divided up by Rob Schneider, Mike Meyers, and the combo of Ben Stiller + Owen Wilson.
OH YEAH later tonight: mike Meyers Cat in the Hat stream!
More two-out magic! Nick Longhi and Mike Meyers smack back-to-back RBI hits to give Salem a 7-3 lead in the 4th.
Mike Meyers did those Shrek and Austin Powers sequels and cashed out back to Canada.
I didn't realize Mike Meyers was Fat *** when I saw Austin Powers 2 as a kid. I thought it was a sad person with no self-respect.
nah, Mike Meyers is to old to return and three was enough
ow msmsam. D.VA: Look at them as you watch Shrek 3 and *** into a hat. LÚCIO: A Mike Meyers hat!. TRACER: (breathless, choking laughter)
What about Mike Meyers in 2008's critically acclaimed film The Love Guru?
It's times like now that we should all remember that Mike Meyers sat for 4 hours in a makeup chair to bring us The Cat in The Hat.
Mike Meyers is funny but maybe prophetic. Enjoy a good laugh/burn.
Colonel Sanders is the issue. Funny Mike Meyers scene...funny, but maybe not so funny...
Old SNL skits with Mike Meyers and Chris Farley bring me joy
Mike Meyers isn't doing anything, he's free
"Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it." - Mike Meyers
Not sure if you miss spelled mike miyers or is actually Michael Meyers
These bands keep coming back like Jason, Freddy, & Mike Meyers (teenage girls seeing this right now think I'm tlkng about singers
Mike Meyers named Mike Adey's successor as boys hoops coach at NY Mills this coming season.
Here's a measure of NY Mills boys basketball success: Mike Meyers is only 3rd head coach in the last 45 years!
ESPN2 has its Mike& Mike, now New York Mills boys basketball has its Mike & Mike & Mike -- can the latter (Meyers) keep blue&orange rolling?
STORY on NY Mills naming Mike Meyers to replace Mike Adey as boys basketball coach:
*Passes Mike Meyers Drive* "Yo isn't it crazy how that streets named after a serial killer"
Mike Meyers was a God. He was just sacrificed to Kinich Ahau by Infinite Brahman because of Our Cause,. Saving Women .
Same clothes a coincidence?I think not! Remember guys, one is evil and wants the world, the other is mike Meyers!
I didn't know mike Meyers was the voice of Shrek :o
Mike Meyers and Chris Tucker crack me up EVERYTIME
With me it's Mike Meyers/Austin Powers. I wake up screaming 'BLOODY *** !!!
"Mike Meyers and Michael Fassbender in the same frame!" - Susan's Dad is freaking out
I'm so stoked for the Mike Meyers book.
MJ is the Goat but Pippen is my fav player. Had they gave him a solid 2 instead of Pete Meyers he wins one without Mike
What an honor it was to speak to Mike Meyers tonight, very influential and a humble soul!
He say "come with me tiny boy I show you Canada" we watch mike Meyers best of snl dvd and give me drum lesson
Mortal kombat XL needs to add Mike Meyers and Freddy
I'm like Mike Meyers with a knife buyer I can bring it to you but the price higher.
Calliou:the creepiest person in Canada...and the U.S.!!! Equal only to Mike Meyers and Jason Voorhees...yet creepier!!!
Spitting image of Mike Meyers.who is also a rabid LFC supporter, coincidence I think not
:( sry your heed hurts. Sry again. Mike Meyers kinda Scottish jk. Hope you feel better.
I wonder if Mike Meyers is conscious of how big a meme Shrek has become
Mike meyers face immediately after kanyes katrina comments were "i am NOT with this dude, we did not ride together..."
puts spring in the step of spring game. Record crowd shows up for early Frost warning. My column: https…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Love this movie! Mike Meyers needs a comeback...soon! — watching So I Married an Axe Murderer
what about the Mike Meyers photos from Dixie Normous?
Mike Meyers leads off the 7th inning with a triple and scores on a Yoan Moncada sac fly. 3-1 Sox mid 7.
Ironic watching Mike Meyers in a sketch where a crazy lady next to him is racist, then Kanye said what was true about W. Same shocked face.
:( I love Dana Carvey. Time was, I could say that about Mike Meyers, too, but eh... his recent work leaves a bad taste.
story goes mike meyers was writing a Schprockets movie but was so hard to work with the studio shut it down.
I'm sorry, EXCELLENT role model. Love comes and goes. You know about that Mike
I'm now WAY older than Dana Carvey when he was pretending to be the same age as Mike Meyers, who was 29 pretending to be 22, my age in 1992.
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did it remind you of a Mike Meyers movie kind of a lot
I did that w/ boots the other week! 1 brown & 1 black! Luckily Mike caught me before I left home. End of semester brain.
Packers best draft move- taking in the 4th round. Packers do their homework!.
real reason: never cared for Mike Meyers, too young and naive not to be offended by 007 parodies. I was a huge Bond fan.
if Mike Meyers doesn't play him in the movie I'll be super bummed out
.cooks up with on the Late Night Show
Carrot top is basically the American Mike Meyers
May I introduce you to the works of Messrs. Tyler Perry, Mike Meyers, and Eddie Murphy?
I actually liked Cat in the Hat, possibly due to Mike Meyers performance.
If I have to listen to one more of Rainy's alleged anecdotes about how Mike Meyers allegedly stole their joke at an alleged hot tub party…
We talked w/Mike Shoemaker who had much to say abou the value of being a person people want to work with & diversity
Austin Powers Mike Meyers is the epitome of sexy
White Canadians get famous and don't ever come back to Canada. Pamela Anderson, Celine, Mike Meyers, Jim Carrey, Shania Twain, Beibs
"Having a kid is like falling in love for the first time when you're twelve, but every day." -Mike Meyers
Why do both of the Suicide Squad trailers have Wayne's World songs in them? Is Mike Meyers the director and I missed it?
When you forget Mike Meyers is in Inglorious *** and have a striking *** moment
with all that Wayne's World themes in skwad trailers do you think mike meyers will have a cameo in the movie ?
to quote Mike Meyers from one of the movies where he played a beat poet.
The fighter jets the RAF had which seems unlikely. Without the "the" it means "some" fighter jets scrambled. (The New Tsar-Steven L Meyers)
Ordered latest CompTIA A+ book (220-901/902) by Mike Meyers. 1,632 pages of awesome. Using it as a study resource for Server+ SK0-004.
. Kanye: Bush doesn't care about black people... Mike Meyers:
Today, Mike Meyers is as old as Jimmy Swaggart was the day he tearfully announced, "I have sinned" : 19,275 days.
I'm choosing that to be SNL Mike Meyers so it's Wayne and Garth. Unless he played baseball as Chris Gaines.
CLASSIC Saturday Night Live with Madonna, Mike Meyers, Rosanne Barr and a VERY special guest at the end! I...
Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek and even recorded the dialogue. However, after his death, the role was given to Mike Meyers.
you guys took all our good ones like John Candy, Mike Meyers, Dan Akroyd, Jim Carey, etc.
I think Mike Meyers must've watched it in preparation for Austin Powers. It reminded me of those movies.
📷 joyhorse13: Still in an Austin Powers mood. We should just cast Mike Meyers as all the Team Leaders XD...
More S22 ideas. Molly Ringwald and/or Ally Sheedy. Gabriel Iglesias and/or Kel mitchell (Kenan is still on SNL right?). Mike Meyers. Rob Mariano
Today, comedian Mike Meyers is exactly as old as Morgan Freeman was the day Glory was released: 19,189 days.
The Canadian Christmas cold open with and Mike Meyers was fantastic!
Totally expected Mike Meyers and to do a Bob and Doug Mackenzie tribute for
I'd always heard Dr. Evil was just Mike Meyers ripping off Dana Carvey's impression of Lorne Michaels, but man
Mike Meyers literally walks his happy *** to his SPRINTING victims and still catches their dumbasses
Mike Meyers and John Oliver beg Canadians to not vote for Stephen Harper!
This is awesome. Mike Meyers and John Oliver tell Canada not to vote for Stephen Harper.
Mike Meyers, Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Smith and the guys from Top Gear are forever perfect in my eyes.
OK, Happy Birthday is public domain but can I sing Happy Birthday Mr. President in lingerie and not get sued by Marilyn Monroe/Mike Meyers?
LOL Jayme, you just reminded me of Mike Meyers as Linda Richman on SNL. Still hilarious
Y'all as a kid I did not believe Mike Meyers was both Austin Powers AND Dr. Evil. And fat *** .and the other characters I don't remember
I hate mike Meyers or Michael Meyers whatever tf his name is, I'm nervous to go to horror nights this yr I might die
Jim Carrey, Ben stiller, mike Meyers, Chris Farley, bill burr, will forte, my mom
I'm calling it right now mike Meyers first HR for the drive
Guerra will lead off B2 for Greenville with Mike Meyers and Francisco Tellez following.
"I don't like mike meyers he reminds me of Donald trump"
I think A is Mike Montgomery. I think it's a play on the Halloween movies and Micheal Meyers.
I will be joined again by Caroline Garlick this Saturday at The Shop in Brooklyn as we open for Whiskey Meyers...
President Maria Meyers of the Grenada Day Cultural Association with and Deputy Chief Mike Federico
What happened to Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey they were Brillant!! I want more of them it's been 20 years
I read this on the SAE FB and thought of Mike Meyers "Oh behave" "Automotive Lubricants Reference Book, Second Edition,"at a new lower price
Mike Meyers's impersonations of Chris Farley are too good 😂😂
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Can you imagine living in Chicago in the 80s while Mike Meyers & Farley were starting out in comedy at Second City
Incredibly entertaining and incredibly sad . Mike Meyers & all were generous to share those stories
Mike Meyers is just complimenting himself.
Every time the camera goes to the side view of Mike Meyers he looks like Billy Bob Thornton until the camera goes back
I was obsessed with Austin Powers as a kid but it took me so long to realize that Mike Meyers was Fat *** AND Dr.Evil 😅
how pretentious is Mike Meyers sitting all backwards on that chair?
Sounds like Mike Meyers and Chris Farley know a thing or two about fun in the shower as well
Kind of awesome to hear Mike Meyers POV on the Swayze Chippendales sketch. Lots of great new perspective. Thanks
Mike Meyers face looks like it's about to crumble apart
I think we can all agree that Austin Powers was Mike Meyers at his hottest.
Mike Huckabee: “The Baby in the Mother’s Womb is a Person From the Moment of Conception” http:…
Literally spent the last 30 minutes envisioning myself rainbow flicking Seedorf then lobbing Jens Lehman or Mike Meyers or someone
I think mike Meyers will play 6 different characters in season 3 of true detective
Huge fan of the podcast. I'm on American Ninja Warrior tonight on NBC at 8pm EST, Mike Meyers!
Learn from Mike Meyers (about the upgrade to CompTIA Network+ N10-006
foreal 😩 smh that Mike Meyers chowchow guy tortured him so much, and ugh maybe next year
Chris Farley was originally going to play Shrek doesn't work for me. Shrek is Mike Meyers, period.
Only redeeming scene was Mike Meyers playing "More Than Words" on a sitar. cc
" "Party on!" He said, which was a classic line from Wayne's World starring Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey"
I think Farley was funnier than Kevin James ever was. But no one is funny forever (see Mike Meyers or Adam Sandler)
Mike Meyers seems like the kind of guy who would have a kid pop up out of no where.
A lot has happened since the last graveyard shift, most importantly I'm pregnant. Don't know who the father is. Probably Mike Meyers
Wine & Design on a Dime 🍷💸 . Em accidentally painted Mike Meyers as Linda Richman from Coffee…
This is the speech Sydney Seau hoped to deliver at the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Mike Dexter in the streets, Preston Meyers in the sheets.
Fun Fact 31: Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek but due to his untimely death Mike Meyers was cast as his replacement
"Park Camp is a place where you make lifelong friends" -Mike Meyers 💖✨
Does anyone else think that Mike Meyers looks like a cold cut, specifically bologna?
how did I confuse Mike Meyers with Clay Akien
Listen to Chris Farley's voice work as Shrek—before Mike Meyers replaced him:
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I love Mike Meyers but I'm going to always feel unfulfilled now when I watch Shrek
I'm no Mike Meyers fan..but Farley brought nothing to that read. It was best left where they found it.
Do u think Mike Meyers has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
Did you know Shrek wasn't always supposed to be voiced by Mike Meyers? Chris Farley actually voiced almost 90% of...
I'm about to do mike meyers if you wanna come
My work is heavily influenced by Mike Meyers’s jazz poetry in So I Married an Axe Murderer.
Imagine anyone but Mike Meyers as the voice of Shrek. We can't, But it turns out the late Chris Farley was the...
Chris Farley was to have been Shrek?!?! Reportedly they re-wrote the script after his death to fit Mike Meyers'...
Even crazier to think that they had shrek basically ready for cgi in 97, but redid it all with mike meyers & released it in the 2000's.
traded a drawing of Mike Meyers for a six pack and some Batman trading cards with my 3rd triangular pgh Paul
Can Mike Meyers do Shrek so I can die in peace
Mike Huckabee on whether transgender soldiers should be allowed in the U.S. military:
debating on whether or not to binge watch Mike Meyers moviess or do something productive ..
How about a big movie based on WW2's Ortona packed with Canadian stars like Paul, Keifer Sutherland, Mike Meyers, etc.
Asheville's Drew Weeks makes diving catch in LF to rob Mike Meyers of big hit and RBI. Bases still full but 2 outs for Devers.
Mike Meyers is Ashley Tisdale's brother in law. Good.
Eddie Murphy and Mike Meyers co star in a movie where they both take turns playing every single role. Entertaining yet con…
Canada did give the world Jim Carrey, Mike Meyers, Russell Peters and Martin Short...
Did the Iran-Iraq war have a Mike Meyers character like this skit, too?
The training ground for comedians like Mike Meyers, Gilda Radner and Bill Murray, The Second City (1
Today my son saw a picture of Mike Meyers and Tia Carrere from Wayne's World and said,"Look. Mommy and daddy!" Note to self: wear hats less.
Anthony Michael Hall wasn't at but his 80s haircut was thanks to Mike Meyers
Tina Fey looked like Mike Meyers when Kanye West said George Bush didn't care about black people
Mike Myers at "Shrek the Third" Press Conference with Julie Andrews, Antonio Banderas, Cameron Diaz and Mike Meyers
Kanye: "George Bush doesn't care about black people". Mike Meyers: "big win for us tonight."
“Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin' with a bad police man” Watch Joe Meyers mock the death of Mike Brown.
“"So deep in the friend zone I spend the night at her place 3-4 times a week..we sleep in the same bed" ”
The cat in the hat with Mike Meyers is a *** great movie
omg I just realized mike Meyers played dr. evil too
To quote Mike Meyers from So I married an axe murderer, "It's like Sputnick!"   10% Off
Whatever ability Adam Sandler has to constantly make sub-par movies . - Mike Meyers
Mike Meyers' most underrated performance without question. "Nobody told them it was just a show"
This article on Mike Meyers fabulous improv voicing Shrek will make you
Mike Meyers returns as Austin Powers' Dr. Evil in a new sketch!
Does anyone know how I can get a hold of Mike Meyers? I have an idea and would love to write with him
& I are just complimenting Mike Meyers at 1 am on Christmas. We are everyone's
Austin Powers isn't remembered enough for just how funny that movie was. Mike Meyers was freaking excellent in his many roles.
Mike Meyers and Jim Carey need to do a Ace Ventura, Austin Powers cross over.
Mike Meyers reappearing in an SNL skit as Dr. Evil to roast the Sony hackers and North Korea is actually an even bigger power move
“I'd listen to G eazy before mike stud any day”
Can we crowd fund a boat ton of money and get Mike Meyers to start making movies again?
I'll have a picture of Mike Meyers on mine, to honour his work as the glorious green ogre
"schwing" someone enjoyed Mike Meyers on SNL last week.
The ups driver tonight reminds me of time we ran into mike Meyers in the hood 👇👀 😅
Looks like something MIKE MEYERS would wear on "SPROCKETS"
Hilarious! Mike Meyers takes North Korea to Task as Dr. Evil on SNL
Jim Carry and Mike Meyers destroyed the two good dr. Seuss books from my childhood
Mike Meyers originally did Shrek's voice with no accent,but later re-recorded it . Who knew? ! More childhood facts in my…
Another Austin Powers movie would not be a bad move for Mike Meyers just saying. or a possible Wayne's world reunion so
Just in case you missed Mike Meyers as Dr. Evil: .
Mike Meyers opens SNL as Dr Evil talking about Kim Jong *** ! Hilarious!!
Listening to interview Mike Meyers on and can't get over that Meyers' impression of Lorne Michaels is soo Dr. Evil
Hollywood Film Awards 2014: What's in store for first televised show Awards season will heat up Friday when a slew of A-list actors gather for the Hollywood Film Awards, debuting for the first time on television -- on CBS. Plenty of stars will be in attendance, including Steve Carell, Johnny Depp, Laura Dern, Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto, Jennifer Lopez, Mike Meyers, Robert Pattinson, Eddie Redmayne, Chris Rock, Hilary Swank, Amy Adams, Gerard Butler, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey, Jr., Robert Duvall, Jonah Hill, Keira Knightley, Michael Keaton, Julianne Moore, Jack O'Connell, Chris Pratt, Kristen Stewart, Channing Tatum, Jean-Marc Vallee, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley. Janelle Monae is scheduled to perform with her band throughout the ceremony. Complete Coverage: Hollywood Film Awards Queen Latifah, who serves as this year's host, told "CBS This Morning" that viewers can expect "something crazy, something irreverent, something fun." Queen Latifah on career and hosting the Hollywood Film Awar ...
Martha MacCallum, Gauri Khan, Mike Meyers, Dr. Mohsin Wali, Mary J. Blige, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tears for Fears, are in Church of Philadelphia
.toys removed from still available: Jason Voorhees, Walking Dead, Mike Meyers. Makes sense
Our good buddy and legendary musician Mike Meyers wanted to get the staff here involved in a video. Of course he...
Watchin halloween ressurection mike meyers my fav killer
Wayne, Austin, and Dieter are all good cat names if you're a really big fan of Mike Meyers.
paul Rudd made mike Meyers bleed through his mask. Didn't even run from him. No human got the best of J
MIKE F: Did YOU see them last night? Hit the link for some PITTSBURGH STEELER PRIDE from two of our favorite...
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*** that *** just splashed acid on Mike Meyers face thru his hockey mask!!
Sorry, Texas. The biggest terror threat's coming from the land of Mike Meyers, Wayne Gretzky & Neil Young
Need the solutions for "Mike Meyers' CompTIA A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs Lab Manual"
I need to get the Mike Meyers shirts from it's a must
Watching Halloween and Mike Meyers is always walking after his victims like literally all u have to do is power walk away in one direction..
Rachel Maddow's list of "angry punk songs to get you through the midterm elections"
Mike Brown Kajime Powell Vonderritt Meyers, and the lady survived. U also have 14 other
Lolol I freaking love 'The Love Guru' it's perfect and Mike Meyers is genius
This generation needs a new serial killer like Mike Meyers or Jason Voorhees...
Mike Delfino and Susan Meyers getting remarried may have just completed my life
In the latest BAR, Carol L. Meyers examines “Eves” of everyday ancient Israel
you know who else didn't wanna take their mask off? Mike Meyers.
Seth Meyers and Mike from Mike and Molly were both on the Steelers sideline pre-game. We'll see if they brought some celebrity magic dust...
We are underway here at Mike A. Meyers Stadium. Texas soccer will be resting starting keeper Abby Smith against Arkansas Little Rock.
.recent allegations are as absurd as Mike Meyers FBI report during the governor debate in Mitchell.
Little Giant Ladders
Unlike Mike Meyers in the Love Guru, "We all need to be Tech Guru's." Shannon Miller. So true!
Got an exam in the morning but I'm watching "Love Guru" -2008, Mike Meyers place a guru who specializes in love
Mike Meyers, Jason Voorhees, and their ghoulish friends are all waiting for you at the Walla Walla Corn Maze.
I liked a video from Minecraft Mike Meyers MURDER MiniGame
Riveting story. Well done Mike Meyers! I laughed, I cried, I reminisced, I reflected. Quite the man, Shep is.
If i had to choose between being trapped in a room wit rob and dom or freddy krueger and Michael Meyers i would choose freddy and mike
Tough not to think of Mike Meyers as a monster. Also, I think of Alien as monster AND slasher.
You know its October when you start dreaming about Mike Meyers trying to kill you
Nobody's cares if Mike Meyers is you uncle.
Makes me think about Mike Meyers and the Mountain Dew prank.
Mike Ditka is 75 years old today. That is incredible. He looks fantastic for 75. This blows my mind.
Mike Meyers casually driving past me on a Friday Night 💁👻
This is the house with Mike Meyers from SNL right?
It's been RTd now. Are you not familiar with that Mike Meyers SNL character?
Shocked that I just found out original Mike Meyers Halloween movie costume was from old Capt. Kirk mask!
When you casually pass Mike Meyers on the road. Typical Friday night.
But what do you do when you drive past Mike Meyers
The senseless murder of Mike Brown 12 bullets and Vonderrit Meyers 17 shots is classic overkill could downed kids if really threat
Michael Meyers has been in 10 movies. Mike Myers has been in 23 movies. Both do great Scottish accents.
Spit fire for hire, no need to conspire to the liars, the haters, the Mike Meyers of the underground seem to perspire when I go loud.
Isnt this fun kids? Freddy, jason, mike meyers, chucky, and the thing all in one place
to when I was totally best friends with Mike Meyers :)
The Garden for Justice just feet from where is the Justice for Mike Brown? For Vonderritt Meyers?
Realizing that most polls show losing by more points than there are movies in the Halloween/Mike Meyers movie franchise.
George Bush is the forgotten Mike Meyers of the pre-cyborgTriassic period. Look him up on your fsearchers and you'll see.
Mike Meyers explains – Help and it will help you: contribute!.
Mike Meyers is on David Letterman right now and he doesn't look like he's aged at all and he's super nice!
“Daniel Craig and Mike Meyers are in New York for the LFC game this evening.” But Bryan Wilson isn't 😩😩😩😩
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Kanye West just said that Jim Joyce hates Mike Meyers sat there motionless.
One day Mike Meyers will make another Austin Powers day
Happy Summer 2014!! Wondering what you should do on this glorious Saturday and first day of Summer? Here are some Gladgirl suggestions! The WSWO Oldies 97.3 FM staff is doing live remotes from the St. Peters Parish festival on Chambersburg Rd. (near Brandt Pike) until 8:00 tonight! It's a great fest with loads of good food and the largest festival flea market I have ever seen! There's an amazing rockumentary film showing at The NEON movies called SUPERMENSCH: THE LEGEND OF SHEP GORDON (see trailer below) This guy was a maker of rock stars, super chefs and the typhoid Larry of the counter culture! Great stories about rock stars and a few life lessons on the way. It's the first film directed by Mike Meyers (SNL, Austin Powers, Waynes World). You'll love it! And you'll love The Neon! (a theater that serves adult beverages and coffee drinks!) On your way out and about (or if you're just layin' around the shanty), be sure to tune in to Oldies 97.3 (and stream at for Mike Shaver, The Record Sa ...
Mike Meyers wins the Limited Late Model feature at the Gator 50!
TIL Shrek was almost done when the original voice actor passed away, and had to be replaced; Mike Meyers had to step in for Chris Farley.
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis enjoy a baby-free evening to support friend Mike Meyers directorial debut
Bucket list item: See a movie starring Jim Carey, Robin Williams, and Mike Meyers.
Spring on over to Home-Land Title and enjoy Chamber after hours!! Thursday, March 20, 2014 5:00 till 7:00 835 Hwy 90, Suite 12 Bay St Louis, MS 39520 Right behind Mike Meyers, State Farm Come meet our staff Cynthia Hansen and Tina Stiglet Brad Wilkinson –Thomas Harris- Danny Crotwell This is great opportunity to network and to be sociable Make sure you bring your business cards for extra goodies
Thanks for the yummy lunch...well left over dinner..Mike Meyers and Maria Meyers
Tonight is Kraftwerk at Disney Concert Hall. I am excited to see them and haven't been in Disney Concert Hall since I led the 10 Theremin Orchestra there some time ago, although it seems like yesterday. Interesting side note- My good friend Hal Willner has handled the sketch music for SNL for longer than even he probably would like to remember, and came over one night looking for some German pop music for a new sketch starring Mike Meyers called Sprockets. Neither of us had seen it yet. We listened to my collection of German techno and didn't find the right piece until I changed the speed on the turntable, yes it was all vinyl, from 33 to 45 on, as I recall, Autobahn. I could be wrong. Presto, the Sprockets theme music. I laugh every time I hear it...
MOVIE FACTS: Halloween: Mike Meyers mask was a old Cpt. Kirk mask Wizard of Oz: "Somewhere over the Rainbow" almost didnt make it in the movie because they said it was to sad. The Lion King: Pumba was the 1st Disney character to pass gas.
"If you're gonna pee, pee in this" in my Mike Meyers' Wayne's World voice
verklempt or choked up with emotion I stole that word from Mike Meyers from SNL aka the voice of Shrek.
Side note, is it weird that Ed O'Neill is more attractive to me (as of 92) than. either Mike Meyers or Dana Carvey (closer in age) were?
Oh and also my mom chilled with Mike Meyers and Tom Arnold "but he was wired"
u could play some custom games like James Bonds or Mike Meyers in private match
Update your maps at Navteq
she probably thinks your Mike Meyers 😳
Hi Everyone, I'm sick and tired of the cold weather but pull the cover off the car because on Sunday its supposed to be 77 degrees and sunny. I got in touch with Mike Meyers, Cen-Tex CC Activity Director, and he was putting out the word to his members. We will meet them around 5:30 at Quaker Steak and Lube in Waco but before that I'm going to drop the top and take a ride so if you want take a little ride before dinner meet me at the Temple VFW parking lot on Hwy 36 west at 4:00, leaving at 4:15. I'm thinking about running out toward Gatesville and taking the Texas Brazos Trail, Hwy107, back to Moody and then up Hwy 2113 to Hewitt and on into Waco. See you Sunday, Tim
I wish Mike Meyers would make another Austin Powers movie.
Which brings me to best SNL skit: Mike Meyers playing *** Jagger, *** Jagger doing Keith Richards.
Brilliant observation by my wife: Ben Folds = Austin Powers (not Mike Meyers) + Dana Carvey
You can show me Master of Disguise and anything with Seth Rogen or Mike Meyers, and Jonah Hill will still fill me with more rage.
Not never ever! Mike Meyers and Phil Hartman years were awesome.
The Love Guru, released in 2008 is yet another amazing performance by the amazing character actor, Mike Meyers. Lauded for his ability to create hilarious and sympathetic characters, he brings the title role to life in his depiction of Pitka, the Love Guru. Facing a mid-life crisis, hockey player Darren Roanoke, played by actor Romany Malco, is challenged on the ice after his wife takes up with competitor, Jacques Grande- played brilliantly by Justin Timberlake. Adding to Roanoke's dismay is Grande's reputation as being a ladies man, well-endowed in areas that make Roanoke insecure about his own masculinity and in the future of his marriage. As a last ditch effort to revive his career and win the coveted hockey championship trophy, the team owner, played by the beautiful and talented Jessica Alba, hires Pitka to intervene. She is new to her role as team owner and has got something to prove to the team as well as the fans. Through a series of exercises and embarrassing misadventures, Roanoke becomes the re ...
My number is 15.. This is hard.. 1- I refuse to watch scary movies alone.. EVER! Last time I did it was Halloween and Mike Meyers still freaks me out to this day! 2- I love learning new things. Science is my favorite! 3- I'm fascinated with serial killers.. kinda strange, but everytime I see any stories on the bio channel or anything else that has a story one I watch. It scares me but I am still fascinated. I even wrote a whole essay on Jeffery Dahmer when I was in 7th grade and got a A. My teacher at the time still remebers the paper to this day. 4- I was born in Phoenix, Az. And lived in Taylor and Snowflake until I was about 4. Still have family there though. 5- I was attacked by my neighbors doberman and still remember it, I was very young and I'm not afraid of dogs at all. 6- I ran over myself with a van and didn't break a bone! Thank God! I was only about 5 at the time! 7- I'm the oldest of 5 children. I have 2 sisters, and 2 brothers who I love to death! 8- My dad passed away when I was 16yrs o ...
I remember last year when Dana Carvey hosted SNL, Mike Meyers came and they did another Wayne's World sketch and I was so happy
Mike Meyers will star in the live-action Pepé Le Pew movie because raping the corpse of Dr. Seuss by ruining "Cat in the Hat" wasn't enough
Stop asking me what Im being for Halloween at this rate Im being mike Meyers wearing the mask and rockin the black sweatsuit. Sexual enough?
think of the Diego costume, sexy superhero costume, sexy mike meyers costume.
"Halloween weekend is this Thursday, gonna sit around watchin TV. On the couch for a couple of hours, You and me baby, watchin Mike Meyers"
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