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Mike Matheny

Michael Scott Matheny (born September 22, 1970 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio) is an American former professional baseball player and the current manager of the St.

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Nobody executes the double switch with as much style and grace as Mike Matheny. Simply stunning.
Mike Matheny is now a programming & a way to get rid of unwanted people where I was 86 Robin Ventura's went byebye that way
I was at an ESPN dinner when Kristin Matheny 19 pulled out a gun aimed at Mike & killed him I have CROWSFEET priv & brought him back so now
Jean Papa involved 87 Mike Matheny's from BB in illegal neurological research for new excuses for her deaths she stages them
The intended kidnap victim was MIKE MATHENY whose name is now pronounced MATHINI as if they forgot him becz Mathini is related to Mary
winning a game with Daniel Descalso in the lineup. Manager Mike Matheny overheard saying, "Kolten who?"
Still waiting for Mike Matheny to castigate Jon Jay for getting doubled up on that line drive
Fire Mike Matheny and cut trade or DFA his "cardinal family" of Jay, Descalso and Ellis
I just Googled Mike Matheny and saw that he is three days older than me. Sept. 22, 1970.
Mike Matheny after Danny D's game tying RBI last night
Wish it wasn't true as it is. It all made since after I read the article
Mike Matheny's love affair with Daniel Descalso frustrates me to no end.
CINMatheny on rallying for walk-off win in 9th. 8/19/14: Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny praises his te...
Why does mike matheny try to sound like batman?
"Neshek isn't a closer, he let's to many leadoff men get on base". - Mike Matheny
DD as played by Daniel Day-Lewis, in the 2016 tear-jerker "Don't Doubt Daniel Descalso: The Mike Matheny Story"
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Matheny's frustration with review leads to ejection .. Cardinals MLB
8/7/2004: Mike Matheny was pulled for rookie Yadier Molina, who then delivered a walk-off hit in the win. ht…
Nope. But. Mike Matheny thinks that way too.
Mike Matheny impressed with Michael Wacha's bullpen session
Tony Cruz should not be getting this many starts a week.. but that's Mike Matheny for you.
Mike Matheny, have bunt, double switch, will travel.
The reception Joe Kelly is getting reminds me of when Mike Matheny returned to STL w/the SFGIANTS. Goes to show good character matters.
Mike Matheny please don't send Joe Kelly to Boston 😭💔
Now there is no highest Anna & that is the problem becz older Mike Matheny believed himself to be Anna's son higher than Rose Gambino
Mike Matheny out to the mound with two outs in the 7th and two on. He'll stick with Lackey as Maness warms up in the bullpen.
Great time this weekend with the youth at New Hope Church. Went to the cardinal game on Christian Day. Saw a good game and heard some amazing testimonies from Mike Matheny and ball players. Then the guest speaker was Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor. Church and fellowship with Chris and Alicia this morning. Thankful for such a great bunch of young people, they bless our hearts. Thank you Lord for all you have given us and all you do.
at Busch Stadium has made me a Cardinal fan and mostly a Mike Matheny fan! . I've never…
For the second time in as many years, general manager John Mozeliak has responded to Manager Mike Matheny playing an underperforming veteran over a top prospect by trading away the underperforming veteran.
Mike Matheny needs to get over himself and walk Rameriz. Stop it, cowboy.
Mike Matheny to KMOX on Justin Masterson: "It'll be a work in progress to keep him on the plate, keep his sinker from running off"
A sore left wrist kept Jon Jay out of the starting lineup for a fifth straight day on Sunday, but Mike Matheny...
Mike Matheny thinks AJ Pierzynski is a better hitter than Oscar Taveras.
Mike Matheny genuinely thinks Pierzynski is a better hitter than Taveras. That is so insane that he should be fired immediately.
If Mike Matheny looked like Julian Taveras he'd be in debtors prison.
Up next on Sports on a Sunday Morning w/ Manager Mike Matheny joins Tom on
Mike Matheny apparently thinks AJP is a better hitter than Oscar Taveras, which tells you everything you need to know about Mike Matheny.
.is draining the game of its emotion, says skipper Mike Matheny.
the fact that we got out managed my Mike Matheny says it all
St. Louis Cardinals trade analysis: John Mozeliak makes the roster; Mike Matheny fills out the lineup card
you actually speak of mike Matheny...
Such a fun night at the Cards game! Loved listening to Marcus Luttell, Mike Matheny, and multiple…
Matheny successful in challenging HBP via
On Saturday, one day after expressing frustration with how little the expanded replay system has benefited his...
STL mlb .com: Matheny successful in challenging HBP
anything Mike Matheny does is attractive 😍
Does Mike Matheny losing so many arguments/challenges make him more attractive to women?
Is there anything Mike Matheny doesn't complain about!?
I hope that Jhonny Peralta makes this a non save situation, just to screw with Mike Matheny :)
Peralta starts..but Descalso can play any infield position. Mike Matheny absolutely loves him and tries to get him in every game
Call at second stands after Matheny challenges .. Cardinals MLB
Umpires awarding Aramis Ramirez with triple on fan interference. Mike Matheny comes out to discuss but triple sta…
Mike Matheny telling ump "there is no such thing as a ground rule triple."
Mike Matheny joins John Rooney now on pregame show on
The Bob Knight throwing a chair gif accurately describes my thoughts on Mike Matheny and the lineup for tonight's Cards game.
John Rabe has triumphantly retired to bed,in his Kurt Warner PJ's, snuggled next to his eerily life like, Mike Matheny blowup doll
i would like to personally thank Mike Matheny and his pitching staff for giving home field to the american league. And thank the brewers that Tony LaRussa jr. opps i mean Manager Mike Matheny allowed to play, for at least keeping it close, and for all you red bird fans that blame wainrights bad start on our boy Luc... REALLY?
Current comps for Mike Matheny - Dusty Baker, Kirt Gibson, Jim Riggleman. Nats and Dodgers thank you for extra game in Oakland
Actually, Clayton Kershaw has the lowest ERA in the NL. Your account must have been hacked by Mike Matheny.
Both of Mike Matheny's pictchers give up all the runs and cost the National League the game! That is payback for starting Adam Wainwright over Clayton Kershaw! Favor your own pitcher over the best pitcher and thats what u get! Viva Los Dodgers!!!
This is why Mike Matheny and Adam Wainwright are overrated. Should have started Johnny Cueto or Alfredo Simon.
Three runs in the first? Mike Matheny starting Kyle Kendrick tonight should've been a red flag for the National League coaches.
Cards Manager Mike Matheny made sure to let Carlos Martinez know that bat flipping is not acceptable:
National League All-Star Manager Mike Matheny of the St. Louis Cardinals announced today, in conjunction with Major League Baseball, that right-handers Alfredo Simon of the Cincinnati Reds and Tyler Clippard of the Washington Nationals have been added to the N.L.’s active roster for the 85th All-Star Game. Simon replaces teammate Johnny Cueto and Clippard replaces Julio Teheran of the Atlanta Braves. Both Cueto and Teheran started games on Sunday afternoon and have elected not to be active in the All-Star Game. Simon has posted a 12-3 record with a 2.70 ERA. In 18 starts, he has allowed 94 hits and 28 walks in 116.2 innings pitched (75 SO). The 33-year-old Dominican Republic native will make his Midsummer Classic debut in his seventh Major League season and his third as a Red. The 6’6” hurler had pitched exclusively in relief the previous two seasons. Simon joins teammates Aroldis Chapman, Devin Mesoraco and Todd Frazier on the N.L.’s active roster.
"We will rally around Tony Cruz. And we will play good baseball" - Mike Matheny in press conference later today
Cards look 'off' in first game without Molina Mike Matheny said the Cardinals looked “off” during Thursday's 9-1 loss to the Pirates. Matt Carpenter called the game “strange.” But all involved denied that the hangover-type performance was linked to the head-spinning news of the day, that All-Star ... Read more on
Russell Martin definitely deserves a look by Mike Matheny as an all-star replacement for Yadier Molina.
So, maybe Mike Matheny should come out of retirement for the next 8-12 weeks...
Mattingly was asked if he was Mike Matheny who would he start in All-Star game and responded .
After tonight's game, I dare Mike Matheny to start Wainwright over
I have an extra Mike Matheny signed baseball from Tuesdays game if anyone is interested. FS/FT Make me an offer
And Mike Matheny, only 43 years of age, should put himself to good use and hop behind the plate too.
You are invited to the wedding of Mike Matheny and Daniel Descalso — Mabry would feel so rejected
Mike Matheny won't consider Kershaw to start the ASG watch. He's gonna go with his own pitcher or Cueto
Hear Mike Matheny's postgame press conference now on 1120AM
Dear Mike Matheny, start Bourjos in CF all three games in Milwaukee or I am gonna kick you in the ***
I would love to see the current sabr types' reaction to something equivalent to the mike matheny giants contract
that one can be blamed on Mike Matheny. He's the one who chose Harrison and Watson.
Shelby Miller appears to have hurt himself on that last pitch. Greg Hauck and Mike Matheny to the mound, among others.
I feel like Mike Matheny coming out of the dugout as a player/coach would eclipse the whole Rick Ankiel comeback, yeah
"You gotta wonder what's going through his head." - Al Hrabosky talking about Mike Matheny
Really wish Mike Matheny would stop trying to Make Things Happen.
I'd say Russell Martin is sure making is case today to Mike Matheny to replace Molina in the AS game.
Heard Mike Matheny is suiting up next game for the Cards?
Thinking about the season ... Can Mike Matheny catch and Yadier Molina manage?
I recorded this a few moments ago. I'm a Mike Matheny fan - I hope the Redbirds rise to the challenge w/o Yadier:
Mike Matheny managing A.J. Pierynski. Somehow I just don't see that as a possibility.
Hear from Yadier Molina, John Mozeliak & Mike Matheny coming up on the Cardinals pregame show
Mike Matheny eyes his old catching gear. "No," he mutters, shaking his head. "No, Mikey boy, don't even think about it."
The last player-manager was With out because of injury, any chance Mike Matheny gets back onto the field?
Molina said he doesn't think he will attend All-Star festivities. Mike Matheny hasn't made a decision on who will fill the…
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.pregame coming up at 2:10 on with John Rooney, Mike Matheny, John Mozeliak & host
.pregame coming up at 5:15 on with John Rooney, Mike Matheny, ESPN's & host
What an awesome start to this week of training in Colorado. Get to the airport 2 hours early just to find out that my 10 a.m. flight has been delayed until 2 p.m *** So I've killed a little time by reading the "Mike Matheny Manifesto" the I was told to read by Rick Mendenhall. Anybody with Little League baseball players needs to read it. Logan Zimmerman please get your coach to read it.
I used to think Mike Matheny was the greatest baseball coach.
Do not underestimate Mike Matheny's willingness to overuse him if it's a save situation.
This team made a public declaration for Jesus Christ last night, June 15, 2014, Father's Day! Over 100 people went up for salvation! What an awesome night! Thank you, Fathers House... Pastor Terry Mahan, Pastor Anita Sorrenti Mahan, Pastor Mike Matheny, and everyone at the our wonderful church for affording us this great experience! Thank you, Amanda Miele, and Amaya and TJ for joining us and and helping make this the best Father's Day ever for Preston Wise! We love you!
exactly Austin. It ruins careers. Look at Mike Matheny. Not to be taken lightly
Letter from Mike Matheny. Message from Kevin Seitzer - Mike Matheny is the new St. Louis Cardinals (cont)
there must be a lot of new fans since few recall what happened to Mike Matheny as a catcher for the
Mike Matheny wants to ruin your Father's Day.
In the Miccosukee languange, a matheny was a tribal elder that over managed situations. The mike matheny was the biggest overmanager.
Determined to see if someone's arm can actually fall off is mike matheny
Mike Matheny's double switches are the managerial equivalent of a dog marking a tree on a walk. Unnecessary, but they can't help themselves.
Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny was expecting more than the answer Carlos Martinez presented when informed he w...
Something tells me that Matheny will start Ellis at 2b tomorrow. Because
Chosen for spot start, Martinez takes news in stride: Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny was expecting more than t...
Manager Mike Matheny expected more from Carlos Martinez's reaction to getting Monday's start. Read more:
Lou Brock was a great player, not a Jon Jay caliber but great.- Mike Matheny
Mike Matheny: "Let's bring up a starting pitcher, turn him into a set up man and, when he starts doing bad, let him start.
About to make Mike Matheny cry like a girl when I beat him by a mile!!
Next hour on Sports on a Sunday w/ Dan Reardon, Ken Hitchcock, John Mozeliak, & Mike Matheny on
Congratulations to Jon Jay and Peter Bourjos for officially being in moronic Mike Matheny platoon
Jon Jay probably got Mike Matheny a fathers day present. quote of the evening comes from Miss Renee' Boggs . Her response to Mike Matheny coming out of the dugout to pull Shelby Miller..." comes dad."
Mike Matheny should take the lead in 2
Personally... Not the biggest Davey fan here. Mike Matheny has done alright in STL. It's the new trend in MLB. Time will tell.
Mike Matheny is a pretty terrible manager.
Wish this Fox broadcast would show the rainbows that emit from Mike Matheny's ***
Shelby Miller's 101st pitch walks Stephen Strasburg to load the bases in the seventh. Mike Matheny going to the lefty, Randy Choate.
wonder what Mike " concussion" Matheny excuse is for not playing Wong tonight ?
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'but Ellis is a career 600 hitter against Strasburg. Can't get much more elite than that.' - Mike Matheny, probably, again.
Is it weird that I think the Manager Mike Matheny is the sexiest man in baseball? in the dugout
Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny pregame meeting for with Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci and Ken Rosenthal.
No Kolten Wong and no Jon Jay against RHP Stephen Strasburg...because Mike Matheny.
'you see, he keeps hitting the ball too hard. We're trying to get him to stop.' - Mike Matheny, probably
Listening to Ricky Horton say he "totally agreed with Mike Matheny" is such a shock. Because he isn't a suck up at all.
Mike Matheny at ordering pinch hitters?
3 people to blame the Cardinals' mediocre start on:. 1. Matt Holliday. 2. Allen Craig. 3. Mike Matheny.
Team Illinois won the PNC Ill-MO Showcase Last Night 13-3 at Busch. A great event started by Mike Matheny 5 yrs ago
Mike Matheny's first leadoff hitter was Furcal so idk that Carp is precisely his ideal
Need to read this once a week. Good for coaches and parents
Mike Matheny is the manager of the incredibly successful St. Louis Cardinals. Highly respected inside the game of baseball, Mike chose to coach his kids before he was the manager of the Cardinals. Before the season started, Matheny wrote the following letter to the parents of the other players and it couldn’t be any more spot-on. Letter from Mike Matheny….. I always said that the only team that I would coach would be a team of orphans, and now here we are. The reason for me saying this is that I have found the biggest problem with youth sports has been the parents. I think that it is best to nip this in the bud right off the bat. I think the concept that I am asking all of you to grab is that this experience is ALL about the boys. If there is anything about it that includes you, we need to make a change of plans. My main goals are as follows: 1. To teach these young men how to play the game of baseball the right way. 2. To be a positive impact on them as young men. 3. To do all of this with clas ...
When Lance Lynn gets lit up today can we please discuss how poorly Mike Matheny manages his pitchers?
Like the won in spite of Mike Martz, the win in spite of Mike Matheny. It's the Double M curse.
Great managing by Mike Matheny,starting Robinson and Ellis
New Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson: There are times where Mike Matheny proves that he j...
When will he have the nerve to take on Mike Matheny and admit Matheny has been managing bullpen and team terribly !
Mike Matheny's baseball decisions are on par with Dusty Baker. It's beyond pathetic.
How a mound visit from Mike Matheny shook Shelby Miller on Sunday night and the message that epitomized a team:
Mike Matheny's message to Shelby Miller during his 5th inning mound visit was this, "Shelby, you're better than this." The message shook up Miller and the team. That phrase defines this years stlcards team! Stlcards, you're better than this!
I really thought that Mike Matheny was about to cause severe bodily injury to Shelby Miller on his last visit to the mound.
Clint Hurdle pulling his starter in a jam. Take notes Mike Matheny, this is how you manage properly.
Clint Hurdle to Mike Matheny "see, when my pitcher loads the bases for the upteenth time, i take him out"
How is instant replay going? I mean, beyond the arguments, delays, unhappy managers and confusing home-plate collisions. Here some numbers from ESPN Stats & Information, entering Wednesday’s games: •There have been 240 replays; 112 (47 percent) have been overturned. •The umpires have initiated 45 of those, with nine (20 percent) overturned. •The most reviewed play has been a force play, with 111 reviews -- 85 of those at first base. Tag plays have seen 66 reviews, with 33 of those coming at second base (and 13 at home plate). •There have been 15 reviews on home-plate collisions. •Cubs manager Rick Renteria has challenged the most calls: 15 (winning seven of those challenges). The next highest totals belong to Clint Hurdle of the Pirates (7-for-12) and Joe Maddon of the Rays (4-for-12). •Atlanta’s Fredi Gonzalez and San Diego’s Bud Black are a perfect 4-for-4 on challenges. •The fewest challenges: Buck Showalter (Orioles), Ron Gardenhire (Twins), Terry Collins (Mets) and Mike Matheny (C ...
If John Mozeliak and Mike Matheny can truly say there is a reason to not bring up Tavares, they are not watching the same thing we are.
Allen Craig has 4 hits, Cards beat Brewers 9-3 ST. LOUIS (AP) — After failing to hold three-run leads in two straight games, Allen Craig and the St. Louis Cardinals put their series final against Milwaukee out of reach. Craig homered on a four-hit day that included three RBIs, and Matt Adams hit a three-run homer as the Cardinals beat the Brewers 9-3 Wednesday. "It's nice to see some big production that we know is going to come from certain guys" said Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny, who slept on his office couch after an 11-inning loss Tuesday night. Jon Jay had three hits and a walk his first four trips to the plate. The Cardinals avoided a three-game sweep against the team with the best record in the Major Leagues. "I've been feeling pretty good at the plate for a little while now, hitting some balls hard," Craig said. "Frustration's part of it. Things are going to turn around." Shelby Miller (3-2) worked around homers to Mark Reynolds and Carlos Gomez, allowing three runs and six hits in six-plus inn ...
I don't know what was more fun to watch today on computer. Toss up between Khris Davis' triple in the 12th inning ( watched three times), or Mike Matheny's VERY SOMBER press conference after the game on Game Day.
Mike Shannon is back and he talks with Mike Matheny now on 1120AM
The Cardinals have settled on a starter for Monday's series opener against the Mets, but Manager Mike Matheny said on Saturday that the team is not yet ready to announce its choice.
Cardinals-Nationals Preview 4/19 Lance Lynn has made a habit of adding to his win column in his two-plus seasons as a starter for the St. Louis Cardinals, though he's been given some leeway due to the amount of run support he's received. That's just fine with Manager Mike Matheny. Visiting St. Louis looks to bounce back from a rare loss to the Washington Nationals as Lynn takes the mound Saturday. Lynn (3-0, 4.00 ERA) has 36 victories since the start of 2012, tying him with teammate Adam Wainwright for the most in the NL in that span. He's won each of his starts this season, with the Cardinals (10-7) providing him with an average of 7.00 runs. Go Cardinals!
Really love Mike Matheny, was an awesome catcher & has schooled my Yadi well 😊
Before deciding asking for a replay, Mike Matheny checks with the other manager to see what he things.
Mike Matheny is a classy guy! Love the fact that he is the Manager.
"It turns out that Mike Matheny is a small-sample-size optimist." (h/t
And I'm calling it now Mike Matheny will be in the H.O.F as a manager
Mike Matheny with the slow stride of a manager stalling for a possible replay.
Rick Horton said Mike Matheny was a "hitter". He must be talking about a different Matheny. Not the one that's the manager of the
Mike Matheny, Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals wrote this to Parents of a youth team he coached when he retired...
Mike Matheny tells he expects the "transfer rule" to be clarified or changed. AUDIO:
Cards Manager Mike Matheny talks in this Mike Bauman column:
Mike Matheny has managed more playoff games than any other NL manager except one.
ST. LOUIS (AP) — Chicago Cubs closer Jose Veras stumbled first. Then it was Trevor Rosenthal's turn to fail — at the plate and on the mound.Welington Castillo hit a three-run homer in the 11th inning off the St. Louis closer, who struck out with an unusual chance to win it, and the Cubs beat the Cardinals 6-3 on Friday night."I know he throws really hard," Castillo said. "So I just waited for something over the plate that I can drive, and I put my best wood on it."The Cardinals tied it with two runs in the ninth and had runners on first and second with two outs in the 10th when Manager Mike Matheny decided against a pinch hitter. Rosenthal (0-1) took a called third strike in his second career at-bat and said he didn't carry any disappointment back to the mound."Uh no, because I mean, I'm not here to hit," Rosenthal said. "So it's easy to kind of brush it off and just go out there and try to have another shutdown inning."Nate Schierholtz doubled for his fourth straight hit leading off the 11th and adva ...
Said Manager Mike Matheny, as it snows outside: "I don’t think any of us would be excited right now if we were in County Stadium."
Mike Matheny is the sexiest manager of all time 😍😍
Up next on Sports on a Sunday, hear from Manager Mike Matheny () from the Mike Matheny show on
I'll explain it the best I can. Mike Matheny is he manager.
Look what I took Bill to go do he is so beside himself he loved it:) He got a baseball signed by Red Schoendienst, Mike Matheny, John Mabry, Big City(Matt Adams), Al Hrabosky and he was lovin' it. They were in Fenton today.
Atleast Terry wasn't the dumbest manager in baseball last night, what the *** was Mike Matheny thinking?
Mike Matheny made every other MLB manager look like a genius when he had his pitcher hit with the winning run on 2nd base. Thanks ***
Congratulations to Mike Matheny and the St. Louis Cardinals for their victory against the Cincinnati Reds on Opening Day!
Succession plan: Brad Ausmus joins Mike Matheny as first-time managers following a legendary skipper
The final question Mike Matheny asks here is central in the entire conversation on head injuries in sport:
Wrote here about how Mike Matheny's success with the Cardinals paved the way for manager Brad Ausmus:
Brad Ausmus tells how Mike Matheny's success with paved a managerial path for him:
Mike Matheny's quick success with a veteran team in a traditional organization influences the way the Tigers and other teams look at Brad Ausmus
.Manager Mike Matheny announces Allen Craig will be on roster.
Michael Wacha, Marco Gonzales, Matt Adams and Mike Matheny are a few of the many at
.skipper Mike Matheny says Allen Craig could see sometime in OF this weekend. Craig will continue to take grounders at …
"​He was sore yesterday but everything came back clean. He'll be ready to go, if we need him." - Mike Matheny on Allen Craig.
Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny on Baseball, Manhood, and Faith Editor's note: Darrin Patrick, TGC Council member and lead pastor of The Journey Church, is the chaplain to the St. Louis Cardinals. For this interview Patrick talked with Mike Matheny, manager of this historic professional baseball team, about how Matheny found faith in Jesus Christ and how he relates the members of his team and staff who are not Christian. * * * * * Patrick Darrin Patrick | One of the metaphors in Scriptures, we see in the life of Jacob, is wrestling with God. How did God win in your life? Mike Matheny | I'm glad he won. I grew up in strong Christian family and became very religious. Once a challenging guest speaker visited our church and asked the usual Christian crowd, "Do you know who Jesus is? Who is he to you?" And those questions kept haunting me. I was wrestling with God. I realized I had been riding on the coat-tails of my parents. I was in the routine of religion, but there was no relationship there. My parents w ...
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Missouri State baseball will host its sixth annual First Pitch Night sponsored by The Layman Group-Morgan Stanley on Saturday, Feb. 8, with St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny serving as the featured guest speaker to help the Bears kick off the 2014 season, head coach Keith Guttin announced Thursday. The event will take place at the Bill Rowe Training Facility at Hammons Field at 5 p.m., with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. The 2014 Bears will be on hand to sign autographs and distribute schedule cards, and current and former Missouri State baseball alumni who have gone on to professional careers will also be in attendance. A special live auction featuring sporting and non-sporting memorabilia, along with other giveaways will also highlight the festivities. A menu of ballpark food and soft drinks will be provided. Highlighting the evening's events will be a program featuring Matheny, who guided the Cardinals to post-season appearances in each of hi ...
I got to spend the evening deep in the energy of "The Cardinal Way" -- Legends like Bob Gibson, Red Scheondienst, Tim McCarver, Tony Lurossa - Future Legends - Mike Matheny, Chris Carpenter, Adam - to name a few. I was struck by the common thread from all generations - in addition to passion and love of the game, they all spoke of generosity to each other as a Team, Character as men and fathers - and most of all gratitude - for living this life as a Cardinal- Its the recurring them through out and what makes the St. Louis Cardinals different from every other team out there. It's why I'm so passionate about "my boys" -- it's who they ARE. It's why they win. We are lucky to be able to watch. I'm ready!
| | Matheny forgiving of new shortstop Peralta's past: Mike Matheny discussed the...
I know you to be an expert on this topic. Where do you fall on the Mike Matheny vs. Brad Ausmus Hottie McHotterson debate?
The moment Mitchell Boggs was non-tendered by the Rockies, Mozeliak picked up his phone and blocked incoming calls from Mike Matheny.
My brother is currently eating pizza with Mike Matheny. And will stay with the Matheny family until Wednesday. Yes, I am jealous. 😱😲😧😳
I'm thankful for Mike Matheny. He brings a level of class that all athletes and coaches should replicate.
Just seen mike mike matheny w the fattest chaw in
Me and Mike Matheny love playing long term.
I hear ya man. Either way mike matheny will rally the troops and we will be playing in october
while I was working at *** s Mike Matheny came in. He went to my cash register and I checked him out. I wore my Red Sox shirt today
With his well known conservative Christian bona fides, Mike Matheny can capably pitch "the square beyond compare."
Well, it moves mike Matheny up on the "hot" list, right? I'm not up on this whole male crush
TV. In case you missed the press conference. "skipper" Mike Matheny chirps on his...
Cardinals annonce that Justin Timberlake has left town and Mike Matheny is committed to bringing the sexy back.
MLB's top news: Cardinals extend Matheny's contract through 2017
"I'm very grateful and I think that's an extreme understatement." - Mike Matheny on his extension with
Judge frees Kennedy cousin, Mike Matheny convicted of 1975
Cardinals - Mike Matheny-MGR: The St. Louis Cardinals have given a three-year contract extension to Manager Mike Matheny, who has mad...
New Cardinals prudent to extend improving Matheny: Kudos to Mike Matheny and the Cardinals for...
No biggie...just hangin' with my boy Mike Matheny.
Forums: Cardinals announce contract extension for Mike Matheny
What can Mike Matheny say to motivate a guy like Chris Carpenter? The manager gives his take:
dad kicks *** How the *** did they manage to get mike matheny to come to union?
Gonna get to meet mike matheny in a bit. That's gonna be the most famous dude I ever talked to for sure.
I believe his full name is Former Helena Brewer Mike Matheny
My one chance to meet Mike Matheny tonight and I can't find his baseball card I want signed!
Has anyone found another precedent for the jump/immediate success Mike Matheny had? Comment at bottom.
Looking forward to the keynote address from Manager Mike Matheny at Union Chamber of Commerce annual membership dinner tonight.
Inside the Dodgers: What Mike Matheny's 3-year extension means for Don Mattingly, and other Daily Distractions:
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Mike Matheny has always credited the players during his two-year run as Cardinals manager, but there has been no...
You would have to tell me we signed mike matheny til 2017 to bring my day down, cause its been great so far!!
and Manager Mike Matheny have both agreed to a three-year contract extension that will keep him in St. Louis through 2017.
Cardinals extend Matheny's contract through 2017. Sent with At Bat...good job
Leon Botstein Mike Matheny led the American Symphony Orchestra in a program...
"I do love what I do, but to do it here in a place I call home is extremely special... I'm very grateful." - Mike Matheny
Mike Matheny receives a contract extension to manage the St Louis Cardinals via
and Manager Mike Matheny agree to 3-year contract extension through the 2017 season.
Good news/Bad news day: We get Mike Matheny for 3 more seasons! And Chris Carpenter is retiring:-( Thanks for the great years, Carp!
Mike Matheny signed to continue manage the Cardinals through 2016, meanwhile Chris Carpenter is now officially retired and will be offered a position in the front office.
Signed Manager Mike Matheny to a three-year contract extension. Announced the retirement of RHP Chris Carpenter.
Congrats to Chris Carpenter on a great career! And to Mike Matheny with the new contract extension!
The St. Louis Cardinals announce the contract extension of Mike Matheny...and the retirement of Chris Carpenter. CJ has the details with 5 pm sports on KSGM and!
Chris Carpenter will officially retire from tjhe Cardinals today. Mike Matheny signed on for another three years with them. Hurray for cardinal nation!
Former CATCHER,Brad Ausmus takes over after Leyland retires. Aside from Ausmus, there are 11: Mike Sciocia, Ned Yost, Mike Matheny, Joe Maddon, Joe Girardi, Freddi Gonzalez, Bob Melvin, Lloyd McClendon, John Gibbons, Mike Redmond and Bruce Bochy. Catchers seem to make good managers, maybe because a good catcher also has to be a very smart one. He needs to know opposing hitters, he needs to know how to manage pitchers, he needs to know how to call a game, and he even needs to call for defensive adjustments. Basically he’s the on-field talent that the manager relies on to keep the game under control.
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Seems to work: Joe Torre, Mike Matheny, Joe Girardi, Bruce Bochy. Jim Leyland was a catcher too.
Dear can you even begin to explain your choices for Manager of the Year for BOTH AL and NL. Lets start with the AL...Terry Francona was definitely the saving grace for the Indians but how can you not give it to John Ferrell? After the season the Red Sox had last year finishing LAST in the AL east to finishing with the best record in baseball the next year and winning the World Series. Ridiculous Now on to the joke in the NL. How can you possibly give the award to a coach who finished in 2nd place in the division...and one game away from 3d place. Not saying Clint Hurdle is a bad coach by any means but not Coach of the Year. How about a coach in the toughest division in baseball who WON the division with 97 wins...who ended up winning the NLDS against Clint Hurdle's 2nd place Pirates. Mike Matheny wasn't even in the top 3 in the votes! Absolutely ridiculous. Hurdle, Mattingly, and Gonzalez (Braves coach) all with worse records than the cardinals, none of them made it to the World Serie ...
Mike Matheny finished 4th in The Manager of the Year voting, Shelby Miller finished 3rd in Rookie of the Year.. Time for Yadi to win MVP.
So what do you say when your husband comes home from work and says he took a leak next to Mike Matheny today. Congrats? hehe
how in the world does Freddy Gonzales and Don Mattingly finish ahead of mike matheny for manager of the year. We know hurdle will win but what did Gonzales do? Mattingly had a billion dollars to play with. BBWAA are a joke
Sports digest: St. Louis Cardinals' Carlos Beltran might be on the way out The St. Louis Cardinals have made a one-year, $14.1 million qualifying offer to free agent Carlos Beltran. They just don't expect him to return next season. General manager John Mozeliak and Manager Mike Matheny met with reporters Monday for the first time since losing a six-game World Series to the Boston Red Sox last week. Mozeliak says he expects the 36-year-old Beltran to seek a multiyear contract elsewhere. "We never want to close doors," Mozeliak said. "Reality is when you look at the depth, trying to find ample playing time, I'm not sure how happy he will be."
"We squared up. They beat us. Instead of running into the clubhouse, acknowledge." St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny on why he stayed in the dugout to watch the Boston Red Sox celebrate on the field after they won Game 6 and the World Series. Mike Matheny is a class act.
Earlier today, Mike Matheny and John Mozeliak spoke with the media and announced that the Cardinals have offered Carlos Beltran a one-year, $14.1 million qualifying offer. If Beltran declines, the Cardinals will pick up a compensation draft pick for the 2014 First-Year Player draft. Also, Matheny announced that Trevor Rosenthal is set to start the 2014 season as their closer.
You can listen to the John Mozeliak/Mike Matheny press conference live on by clicking here:
Hey Tigers "fans": I've read on some pages and posts that the Tigers are making a huge mistake in hiring (supposedly) Ausmus as their new manager. They are all quick to jump ship. "No playoffs ever again" and "I'm no longer a fan" and blah blah blah. Let me explain something to you: Mike Matheny, Robin Ventura, Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson, Walt Weiss, Mike Redmond, Joe Girardi, John Farrell, and Matt Williams have all received Major League managerial jobs without any prior managerial experience at any level. Of this group, only Farrell and Gibson have previous coaching experience. Of this group, 5 (Gibson, Farrell, Girardi, Mattingly, Matheny) have made the playoffs within the first three years of their being hired, and 2 (Girardi and Matheny) have appeared in the World Series. Girardi won one by his third year, and Farrell won a World Series in his FIRST year as manager with a worse roster than what Bobby Valentine had to work with. Mattingly, Matheny and Gibson have made the playoffs in their second year ...
The Tigers are hiring Brad Ausmus as their new manager. This means Mike Matheny has competition for the hottest manager in baseball.
Mike Matheny talks to about how the could never get the big hit in the
I want to be the next Mike Matheny.
WIth the hiring Ausmus & the Williams, a newbie day has dawned. w/the story:
Hopefully hes more Robin Ventura than Mike Matheny. I will not be drinking the Ausmussauce
Eric Wedge, Brad Ausmus, Mike Matheny, Brandon Jacobs, Justin Tuck, Marques Colston will all be there.
So Mike Matheny, Matt Williams, Brad Ausmus, and potentially Joey Cora will be managing next year. I'm starting to feel old.
Mike Matheny now Brad Ausmus...i guess mediocre journey man catchers make the best managers
This day in 2005 NL Gold Glove Award winners are announced: Mike Matheny (C), and Jim Edmonds (OF) among th…
So I guess the trend in is to hire former catchers as managers? (Brad Ausmus, Mike Matheny, Joe Girardi...)
mike matheny. Young inexperienced manager hired by the cardinals, made it to the World Series this year.
Latest from Ken Rosenthal indicates that the Tigers are expected to retain some of their coaches.
A newbie day has dawned in MLB via Great post by
Why Williams, Ausmus are a different kind of risk than Matheny was for Column:  
Cardinals Mike Matheny paved the way for this move - Reports: pick Brad Ausmus as new manager
Please don't look at this like St. Louis' hiring of Mike Matheny. Cards had won the WS. There was no gamble. Tigers WS window closing fast.
Mike Matheny has lost both times to the Red Sox in the World Series
also, do you think Mike Matheny's success makes this move a little easier?
To those saying Ausmus has no experience.neither did Mike Matheny and that turned out to be a good hire for STL.
After watching what Mike Matheny has done with the its easy to see why Ausmus is such a smart hire by the
Can Brad Ausmus do for the what Mike Matheny does for the I hope so.
This could either end good like Mike Matheny, or like Mike Redmond in Miami.
Then again, Mike Matheny really didn't have any experience either, and St. Louis hasn't missed a beat. A bold hire for sure.
A newbie day has dawned in MLB: The Nationals named Williams manager on Friday and the Tigers are ready to ano...
A newbie day has dawned in MLB: It was sensational, somber and surreal all at once as the Boston Red Sox ...
Sports News A newbie day has dawned in MLB
Brad Ausmus it is. Vegas oddsmakers with another correct pick. To the haters: We couldn't get it done with an "experienced" managers so why not bring in some fresh blood and ideas? Hopefully, he'll bring an experienced coaching staff with him. Just off the top of my head other recent managerial hires with absolutely no previous managerial experience enjoying success very early in their careers, i.e. all less than 4 years in: Kirk Gibson (playoffs 1st full season), Mike Matheny (playoffs first 2 seasons), Don Mattingly (playoffs 2013), Mike Scoscia (World Series year 4), John Farrell (World Series year 3), Ozzie Guillen (World Series year 2), Joe Giarardi (World Series year 3). Eat 'em up Tigers!
A newbie day has dawned in MLB: In Phase 1, managers with zero experience joined teams with which ... 606363_x...
MSU parent.Card's Mike Matheny at the Maroonation Ball in St. Louis tonight Go Bears and Go Cards!
A newbie day has dawned in MLB: Welcome to Phase 2 of the newbie manager, a fascinating case s...
A newbie day has dawned in MLB: Ventura had played for the White Sox from 1989 to '98 and ... shop.foxsports.c...
Rough week for the Cardinals. First they lose the World Series, and now Mike Matheny is only the second most handsome manage…
Brad Ausmus to Detroit. most likely means Rick Renteria to the Northside. kinda feel like we're missing out on the next Mike Matheny
John Farrell: "I'd like to congratulate Mike Matheny and the Saint Louis Cardinals on a great season and series."
Watching the Red Sox win a championship in a blowout game at Fenway is about as excruciating as baseball gets. But what a postseason performance from David Ortiz! A remarkable, unforgettable figure in the game. He led Boston to victory not only when he got into the batters box, but maybe more importantly when he got into Mike Matheny's head. He turned a good manager into a bumbler. For all the talk of hedge fund management style and the genius of Bill James, the fact is that the single most important part of Boston's world-on-its-head reality flip of the past decade is the gift they received when the Twins left them Big Papi, in a bundle, on their doorstep. With a note pinned to him--Use to break curse.
Midway through the World Series, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox would win the MVP. Even if St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny wasn't going to endorse it with the Series going … Continue reading →
Congratulations to John Mozeliak, Mike Matheny and the entire Cardinals organization on another amazing year. It...
I think Clint Hurdle or Mike Matheny should win NL manager of the year.
SOURCE: Tony La Russa just e-mailed Mike Matheny about a little known rule requiring David Ortiz to be all-time designated hitter.
Ken Rosenthal looks like a horse jockey standing next to Mike Matheny.
Mike Matheny, manager chats with and Cal Ripken
I'm in serious doubt of mike matheny and his ability to manage!!!
Note to mike matheny next time put Lance Lynn in the bullpen and let Shelby Miller pitch in the rotation where he belongs vs not pitching him at all he has better stuff than lynn!!!
I really don't like mike matheny , just saying.
Shelby Miller pulls off Jim Joyce mask, hugs Mike Matheny in clubhouse.
Mike Matheny, please bench Kozma tomorrow night. So, thankful for the W tonight!
My daughter has pnemonia so we have beem quarentined to the house for the last 3 days. Poor thing! But watching Mike Matheny and the Cardinals tonight will make it all better! :)
Redbird Nation Raise the Cardinals won Game 2 of the World Series 4-2 to tie the series ending Boston's 9 game World Series win streak so no sweep sorry Micheal Wacha got the win but got nailed for a two run home run in the 6th which ultimatly ended his night while trialing 2-1 but boston allowed two errors by there defense on one play on a sac fly by Matt Carpenter with boston's ctcher dropping the ball at home plate for one error then Criag Breslow had a throwing error on the same play to allow the go ahead run then the returning Carlos Beltran hit an RBI single to add an insernse run and Carlos Martinez pitched two innings of great baseball with Mike Matheny sticking with him in the 8th shut down Boston hitters the rest of the way allowing Trevor Rosenthal to get the save throwing heat striking out all three batters he faced vary proud and excited looking forward to Game 3 tomarrow night in St Louis GO CARDS
2013 Season Highlights The Cardinals led the National League with 97 wins, the first time since 2005 when they led the Majors with 100 wins. Their 97-65 record also tied the American League Boston Red Sox for the winningest in MLB. The Cardinals set franchise records with 75 errors, the fewest in team history and a .988 fielding percentage. The Cardinals had a Major League‐leading 36 combined wins from rookie pitchers this season, their most since 1941 when they received the franchise record of 42 led by Ernie White (17‐7) and Howie Krist (10‐0). The team has used 20 rookies this season ‐ the most since employing 21 in 1970. Matt Carpenter set the Cardinals single‐season doubles record for a left‐handed batter with his 54th at Milwaukee (9/21), breaking Stan Musial's mark of 53 in 1953. Carpenter also finished the season one hit shy of 200. The last Cardinal to collect 200 or more hits in a season was Albert Pujols in 2003 when he had an NL‐best 212 hits. Mike Matheny became the first in St. ...
BIRDS VS. BEARDS, PART 5 -- -- BERNIE MIKLASZ: This is a different cat. Mike Matheny thrives as a manager because he sees his players as human beings instead of numbers on a spreadsheet. And he's willing to take chances with them, even if it means coming under a storm of criticism. Matheny doesn't care about that. He cares about his players. He puts them first. -- JOHN AXFORD, who throws in the mid-90s, was talking to local St. Louis television after being traded to the team in August, and he was asked what he thought of his new bullpen. He laughed. "It's crazy," he said. "Everywhere I look, there's some kid who throws 95. It's a little disorienting. I thought I was special." -- RAFAEL FURCAL IS ALIVE: After Trevor Rosenthal finished the game with a 99-mph fastball, shortstop Furcal greeted his team with a familiar refrain. He coined the term “Happy flight” late in 2011 as the Cardinals began a World Series run. He would chant during and after wins that came the day of a trip somewhere -- ev ...
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Mike Matheny says Lance Lynn will likely start Game 4 for
Allen Craig took ground balls at 1B today, will take more tomorrow. But Mike Matheny says won't push him or rush h…
"It's going to be an exciting atmosphere. It's going to be loud. The guys are excited to get out there tomorrow." - Mike Matheny.
right now it's Mike Matheny, but if Brad Ausmus gets hired he'll probably take over
Game 3 starter and Manager Mike Matheny meet with the media in St. Louis.
At 4pE on I'll be getting you to and Mike Matheny's press conferences LIVE from Busch Stadium. …
"He enjoys life ... But when it comes down to pitching, he's ready to compete. He's a competitor." - Mike Matheny on Joe Kelly.
New PostCards: Mike Matheny talks on World Series off day: St. Louis Cardinals manager ...
Mike Matheny credits his players for returning to St. Louis with the tied, 1-1:
"Tomorrow it's going to be loud and the guys thrive on that.” - Mike Matheny
"This guy guys these guys this these guys this.guy." - Mike Matheny
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