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Mike Lombardi

Mike Lombardi (born September 2, 1976) is an American actor. He is best known for his role in the television series Rescue Me, as the firefighter Mike Silletti.

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You shouldn't be reading Mike Lombardi unless you want insight on the Pats or how he somehow made the Browns worse. The one trickiest pony.
Friends, in 2017, Mike Lombardi wants you to know he just *knew* the 2015 Jets were a mirage.
on the Quarters system, Mike Lombardi mentioned college coaches push it as improved graduation rates often get them more $, fwiw
Mike Lombardi mentioned yesterday on his podcast that they needed a battering ram at running back
Talked about how the Eagles needed a big back on GM Street Wentz...
'GM Street' — Second-Year Starting QBs and the Worst of the Worst With Mike Lombardi (Ep. 108) by The Ringer NFL Sh
I don't think so, Mike Lombardi didn't like him. He actually said he'd be better off as a R…
Some fairly positive Hackenberg and talk here from
Lol. Classic Lombardi..Mike L can be as blunt as his dad too.
On ‘GM Street,’ and discuss Colin Kaepernick and the Seahawks, Eddie Lacy, and more
New 'GM Street' with on Gang Green's QB situation, the worst over/under teams, and Eddie Lacy's weight
The LaCanfora 'Browns are trash' routine is a bit played. Yes, we get it; you have carnal knowledge of…
Mike Lombardi said he's an odd fit for the giants scheme and it'd be hard to have him and Shepard on the field at the same time.
You really don't have a clue how ignorant you sound holding Mike Lombardi's grudge do you. ***
You're right, accidentally referred to Gab's niners deal. But mike Lombardi and Doug gottlieb both re…
Mike Lombardi started it on the ringer's NFL podcast earlier this week.
does Mike Lombardi know Bill Belichick? I've heard both yes and no. Please set the record straight
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Feel pretty safe saying you have no idea what you are talking about
I TRUST Mike Lombardi. I guarantee if a team offered a 3rd or a 4th for Bowman, Lynch would do it in…
Just to clarify: Mike Lombardi said one thing, I reported it;…
That would be my 1st let down from Kyle & John.We ned Bow so stop playing with me today Mike Lombardi
Listen to say “made it known” Bowman is healthy and the team would be willing to trade him
Because it's MIke Lombardi running this out there. I think it's BS brotha. Bow's not going anywhere!
Mike Lombardi shut your *** up. Don't be talking about my team. is the Red and Gold.
Don't listen to anything that comes from Mike Lombardi
Mike Lombardi sticking to his guns after deny that NaVorro Bowman is on the trade block. ...…
...also Mike Lombardi is a garbage reporter. Might as well be taking the news from seriously.
If I am the Eagles I would call the Bengals to see if I could get Jeremy Hill--for more check out GM Street,
How Mike Lombardi needs to check his resources!
The dispute any notion that Bowman is on the trading block (via Matt Maiocco). Source- Mike Lombardi. featured in NBC s Science of Love
So apparently Mike Lombardi was throwing garbage at the wall hoping it would stick!
"And now, for a live look at Mike Lombardi". [gif of spaghetti flying against the wall]
Now Trending: 49ers have made it known NaVorro Bowman is available for trade, per Mike Lombardi via
Dont worry Valerie,the Brass already came out & issued a…
Mike Lombardi reports the have "made it known" ILB Navorro Bowman is available for trade.
John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan issued a statement to denying they are shopping NaVorro Bowman.
I really want to like you, Ringer. No one in this lifetime or the next cares what Mike Lombardi thinks about anything.
I've learned more on coaching/management/leadership from Michael Lombardi than anyone - GREAT stuff in here
Mike Lombardi per going to join Great listen.
anyone know what happened to Lombardi??
Is Mike Lombardi ever gonna come back to the make me smarter podcast? Ask this question weekly and never get a reply.
maybe I missed something but where did Mike Lombardi go? Miss him on your podcast
What happened to Mike Lombardi I love his take on things!
Have you heard Mike Lombardi compare NFL coaches/qbs to famous film/tv casts? That but with wrestlers
him and Mike Lombardi have been trashing the Falcons all year. All these MFs about to come home to roost
Mike Lombardi said he didn't play hard and free lanced. Sounds to me like Patriots just didn't want to pay him
You know who is grossly underrated ? Mike McCarthy. 4th NFC Championship Games in 11 years. More postseason wins than Lombard…
He'll probably be feeling Verklempt!!! (Mike Myers)Yeah, baby,..Yeah! Maybe Tom Bradys mojo will accept the Lombardi ;-)
Blog on what the Steelers accomplished short of winning another Lombardi | Mike Prisuta's Sports Page | 102.5 WDVE
Next, Winner, James Lombardi discusses politics, giving back and his venture, https:…
Hitler only gave out one Lombardi trophy too. 🏆🏆🏆
How nervous is Roger Goodell right now? Can't wait to see him hand Brady the Lombardi trophy. again.
Listened to BS Podcast w/ Mike Lombardi from last week & his assessment was dead on with how I feel. Jason Garret lost that game for Dallas.
Mike Lombardi came on with Papa and he said hoodie has a say in all calls.
As if he wasn't the GOAT already, Captain Tom is headed to another to try & get his 5th Lombardi 🐐
Terry Bradshaw thanking the Pats 4 sparing him from having 2 hand Mike Tomlin the Lombardi after insulting him…
Where's Mike Lombardi he was great on your show?
Can't wait to watch Goodell hand Brady his 5th Lombardi
Roger Goodell is about to hand this Lombardi to Brady, huh? Boston selling out Houston.
Can't wait to watch Roger Goodell hand over the Lombardi trophy to Brady
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it's gonna be heavy tears when Jameis up there holding the lombardi trophy with Dirk, Kwon, Mike, Anger, David, Mccoy, everyone
Please keep Mike Lombardi away from the 49ers!
Mike McCarthy's Playoff record: 10-8, who cares that he has more Playoff wins than Lombardi.that Fatso needs to go
I was the queen at the Women's March. Love to have the Lombardi boys join our cause.…
Anyone that says Mike McCarthy is a better coach than Vince Lombardi is what I call
All year long mike Lombardi and told us that Atlanta wasn't good lol
Give Mike Philips the Lombardi trophy. His rendition of the National Anthem was ridiculous.
James Harrison: "Everything up to now is a waste if we don't hold up the Lombardi Trophy at the end."
It's confirmed by Mike Lombardi and the nfl they knew the call on Dallas bailey wad bogus. This is twice we played the packers they cheated
you seem to have a lot of opinions today... have never heard your's on Mike Lombardi and why you both got let go in cle?
Mike Lombardi was on the browns staff w Joe Banner when they acquired him. He was cut due to injury
I'll re-subscribe when Mike Lombardi comes back. Chris Carter is trash.
Vince Lombardi weighs in from the Great Gridiron in the Sky, telling the Packers will win a nailbiter:
Check out Vince Lombardi talking through a psychic and picking the Packers to win a nailbiter:
Have not seen Mike Lombardi on your show for a while. Is there a reason why?
mike lombardi would disagree. Said collins was caught out of postion that led to benching
Ask so he can pass your question on to Mike Lombardi
Mike Lombardi comes off really strong on Bill Simmons podcast... what made him such a poor GM in your opinion?
What is Belichick cooking up for Le’Veon Bell? And how much does Sarah Tiana bet on ‘Roast Battle’?…
800 - Who do you believe - the NFL or Mike Lombardi regarding the unsportsmanlike call against the
.was a great listen on latest podcast - recommended for sports & comedy fans. Link:
Make Me Smarter featuring Nick Wright and Mike Lombardi is best football podcast I've heard. Razor sharp criticism and no bull. Love it.
On the same day Mike Lombardi told that the Patriots defense could use some Seahawks "swagger," Bill Belichick brushe…
Thank you Mike Have a great week everyone! 😘
School Board Chair Mike Lombardi talks to big crowd fighting Board firing!
where is ur bf mike lombardi? I guess the didn't take them for granted and dominated throughout. He hates Al Davis
This is why Mike Lombardi knows his stuff.
We're sorry to hear about your disappointment w/ EarlyBird, Mike. DM us your flight confirmaiton We'll look into this. ^AC
nothing like paying for early bird 2 months in advance and still only getting B29
Coaches who are better than Jeff Fisher:. 1.Vince Lombardi. 2. Bill Cowher. 3. Mike Tomlin. 4. Bill Bellicheck. 5. Jason Garrett. Any one else?
Giants are gunna make a run for that Lombardi baby
all I see if the state of the Browns, Joe, and the comment You are dead wrong. Add Mike Lombardi and all is complete
Beside Rob Parker adding Mike Lombardi to the show.Brilliant.
LeSean McCoy is having a MVP-like season with Bills, Mike Lombardi tells Bill Simmons
Let’s make the great again! . brings Donald Trump to BC politics! .
Can we fire the BCLibs now or do we have to wait until May 9th? Should we give them a courtesy call?
Mike Lombardi on is the best football content to listen to every week, no contest. Love it!
Rob will you tell Skip and Shannon that Mike Lombardi is great info guy get him on more. Your doing great .
thank for the follow love the Lombardi profile head
a clown, a very funny & revealing clown. Careful S.Q., clowns have fallen out of favour of late.
Mike Lombardi could read the phone book and tell you a thousand interesting things about it you never noticed before.
Calling all Community Colleges at Register for the 10/26 breakfast w/ CTO of Lou Delzompo
Mike Bernier, Mike Lombardi and little mourning for the School Board
Mike Lombardi on Simmons pod: "Jacksonville has played defense in the first five weeks as good as anybody — except for the Chargers game."
Mike McCarthy Show with Morgan Burnett: Since the days of Vince Lombardi it's been traditi...
fans: Might wanna listen to Bill Simmons with Mike Lombardi this week. Lombardi just excoriated McAdoo. WHOOF.
listen to the most recent Bill Simmons podcast with Mike Lombardi. He has valid criticism of the HC
Mike Lombardi is back on 'The Bill Simmons Podcast' to discuss Buffalo's limited talent level, Ben McAdoo, and more
Love the NFL Kickoff show. Great additions of Peanut Tillman and Mike Lombardi this year. Charissa, Colin, and Coach W, awesome.
Mike Lombardi: I call Carson Palmer mr. Ed because he's a Workhorse and also has big teeth
I collect vintage cards. I have 1 of Mike Wright, mentioned in Lombardi stories.
Thank you Kat and Mike for doing a great interview! Let's do it again soon. :)
He was ridiculous towards Mike Lombardi when he got hired a few years back.
fav Mike Lombardi line 'Sometimes a weight problem is a pizza & beer before bed. Sometimes it's pizza & bottle of Jack'
1/31/1966: coach Vince Lombardi also fields some questions from members of Green Bay's Mike and Pen Club ...
1/31/1966: coach Vince Lombardi accepts the Sportsman of the Year award from the Mike and Pen Club ...
1/31/1966: Lombardi announces that, and some other news, to the media at the Mike and Pen Club meeting at The Stein restaurant ...
On this day in 1988, ran over Broncos 42-10 & brought home second Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.
If you'll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives. – Vince…
Spending the weekend with Vince Lombardi; and a little time with Mike Ditka, and Chris Carter.…
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Six men have won back to back super bowls: vince lombardi, don shula, chuck noll, jimmy johnson, belichick... Mike Shanahan?
"Outsmarted by Mike Lombardi" is never something you want on your resume.
You think mad dogs gonna meltdown when I tell him Mike Babchik is the one who went in to get lombardi autograph?
I thought Mike Lombardi had switched careers until I slowed down and reread the post. I was really beginning to worry.
HUGE Congratulations to on the HC job! HAVE A DAY!
Good day for Rhode Islanders in prep hockey. Hat trick for Dennis Cesana, game-winner for Jamie Armstrong. Goals by Mike Lombardi, Ryan King
Wow at first glance I thought you wrote Mike Lombardi. Was going to shoot myself
People who work together will win - against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society. - Vince Lombardi
Mike Lombardi talks to Siri in the pop punk voice
Mike cannot be reasoned with when it comes to Lombardi, Landry, or Parcells
Be careful on Falls Rd north of Padonia Rd. Sudden change of 2 lanes down to 1 lane over crest of hills and blind curves
trustee Fraser Ballantyne tells board chair Mike Lombardi to shut up. Over motion presented by trustee Fraser.
Mike Shula v. Wade Philips could determine who raises Lombardi at the end. did I just type this?
you need to ask him about his relationship with former Browns GM Mike Lombardi
Travis Benjamin. Keep in mind the Mike Lombardi Cleveland connection
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Super Bowl I had Hank Stram & Vince Lombardi. Super Bowl 50 has Gary Kubiak, Ron Rivera & Mike Shula. Don't tell me these are the good years
For a minute I read Mike Lombardi, & was like - the guy who used to work for the Baseball -> FB , FB -> BB
yea, right after u walk by the 5 Lombardi's on your right. Oh my bad didn't mean to rub it in
we will see it would be nice to see cam with the Lombardi trophy
Might as well just give Carolina the Lombardi trophy now...
too close to Mike Lombardi so bad move imo
Wish it was Mike Lombardi, then the whole Cleveland sports circus would come full circle
As long as its not Mike LOMbardi, ok.
love Mike Lombardi. Thanks for reminding me he exists.
Heart stopped for a second as I read "Mike Lombardi"
Too close of a name to Mike Lombardi for comfort.
If he's anything like Mike Lombardi, I want no part of him.
Bro idk how many times I gotta tell y'all cam newton is THAT dude he takin home a MVP and a Lombardi this year
liked you with the Browns. Had things going in right direction. Mike Lombardi was a critical mistake and your undoing.
would have righted the ship given more time. Only mistake was bringing in Mike Lombardi.
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and had you NOT hired Mike Lombardi you probably would've had more time to get the Browns turned around.
Anyone who is a fan of the loses out by not getting to see Roger Goodell hand the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady
You are forgetting Mike Lombardi. Browns have had him twice (so far).
The Lombardi Trophy is coming to the NFC this year
Panthers taking home the Lombardi trophy this year.
Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. –Vince Lombardi
Courtesy Interviews with Lombardi, Blake and Laird, and Lucic/Lombardi conference calls:
if Dean Lombardi trades Mike Richards to the Burgh for Scuds i will cry. Cuz i miss scuds
Dean Lombardi dispelled that myth when he didn't buy out Mike Richards
I bet you the next awful move Lombardi is going to do is give Mike Richards another chance this season.
Lombardi: "Our prospect, Mike Richards, had 14 points in 16 AHL games.". Sweeney: "Add a 1st and it's a deal!". *ends dream sequence*
If are close to getting Milan Lucic for 1st rounder and prospects, Dean Lombardi had better have a Mike Richards deal ready to go.
Perhaps Dean Lombardi can convince Don Sweeney that Mike Richards is.still Mike Richards.
Lombardi getting creative or desperate? Martin Jones packaged with Mike Richards.
Anyone else think we're going to gasp when we learn who Dean Lombardi packaged to get rid of Mike Richards? I have been practicing my gasp
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Since the GM of The Year was started in 09-10, Stan Bowman and Dean Lombardi have won five combined Cups, yet never won th…
Why are they around the Lombardi Trophy? Should be all to the right.
Who is the greatest coach of all time? John wooden, Vince Lombardi, joe paterno, Phil Jackson, mike krzyzewski??
It's not that a team wouldn't take Mike Richards. But rather, there's no GM dumb enough to give Lombardi that cap space
except Dean Lombardi about Mike Richards but that was also after putting him on waivers and watching him go unclaimed.
can't catch that Lombardi trophy doe lol
Just had a giggle remembering Dean Lombardi talking himself in knots justifying not using a compliance buyout on Mike Richards. *giggles*
Mental toughness is a state of mind – you could call it 'character in action.' – Vince Lombardi
During the last concert at Lambeau Field in 2011, Mike McCarthy and the Vince Lombardi trophy appeared on stage with Chesney.
Think the thought of retaining a part of Mike Richards salary is so vile to Dean Lombardi that he is willing to send a decent asset with him
How come doesn't use Mingo as an example of Mike Lombardi's GM super genius?
you'd probably like interview with Mike Lombardi:
is Governor Christi sitting next to Urban Meyer behind the Cavs bench? Or is it Mike Lombardi?
Mike Angert is a highly accomplished guitarist and an awesome guy. Lessons with Mike Angert are 100% Loudini...
Study: firms pay $300 for each compromised record in a data breach, more than all but health
I liked a video from Lombardi Bundle Pack Opening! Mike Vick?!
It's going to feel good seeing Romo hold up the Lombardi trophy and the end of Super Bowl 50 😁
nobody from MLB has actually watched a Marlins game until tonight (nationally televised).It'll be ruled illegal later this week.
We got Tom Landry, Mike Ditka, Don Shula, Buddy Ryan, Baby Rex Ryan, Lombardi, Flores (idk who this one is), Bill Walsh... Thnx
Villa Lombardi's would like to wish Jackie and Mike a very happily ever after and a wonderful Wedding Day!...
So you've got your ideal significant other, but they sound like Mike Ditka or Vince Lombardi... Which one do you choose?
What I'm imagining to be is a bunch of roundtable discussions. Lombardi guys chillin, Mike Holmgren telling Favre stories
me and Lombardi holding down both of those right nowZzz
Vince Lombardi's only playoff loss. Guess we won something
Being great is a CHOICE not a RESULT. - Vince Lombardi.
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HP trivia team has been reduced from 5 to 3 bc of bails. “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” - V Lombardi
Mike Ditka doesn't know how good Aaron Rodgers is, but he knows Vince Lombardi would have liked him
like him or not, getting Hoyer will prove to be a lasting legacy for Mike Lombardi and his time with Browns.
“Winning means you’re willing to work longer, harder and give more than anyone else.” Vince Lombardi
All purpose parts banner
Bill Belichick explains that Mike Lombardi played a role in pushing the Patriots to sign Brian Tyms this summer:
Good comedy from Meaningless football data mining.
BB saying Mike Lombardi was influential in signing Tyms; Patriots didn't know much about him prior to bringing him in
Craziest thing about this entire season: Mike freakin' Lombardi was right about something. A vital thing. QB. Hoyer.
The destroyed the tonight. I remind u that it won't end in a Lombardi Trophy for Philly...never has, n…
- fans... in spite of everything he did wrong, give it up to Mike Lombardi for delivering Brian Hoyer to the team.
It's regular season yet I feel like we just won the Lombardi
Mike Lombardi might oughta should get a Game Ball for bringing home to Cleveland.
teams success started with you and mike Lombardi. Finally got us a coach and QB and being in proven vets like a Paul Kruger
Hey when Mike Lombardi delivered a franchise QB to the Good times.
Also, I never really cared for Mike Lombardi, but he should get a ton of credit for Hoyer. Always glowed about him on Simmons' podcasts.
You can thank Mike Lombardi for Brian Tyms being on the Pats BTW
Hat tip for that TD to assistant to coaching staff Mike Lombardi. Had Tyms last yr with
Matt Lombardi cleared Waivers today so Contract will be terminated.
On second thought I wasn't kidding. The WWE should have brought back the Young Stallions & Iron Mike Sharpe and Steve Lombardi for this.
Bring back the Young Stallions & have them wrestle Steve Lombardi & Iron Mike Sharpe to celebrate the 15th year Anniversary of Smackdown!
didn't know that you're a fellow cugino. What did Lombardi do?
BREAKING: Rangers recall Mike Kotska and place Matt Lombardi on unconditional waivers, after refusing assignment to the Wolfpack - Vin
Lombardi: member reminded assembly that when St Pius X admitted children to Eucharist it was controversial, "…
Lombardi: At several explained "penitential journey" that could lead to readmission to sacraments of the divo…
what a great pick your boy picked 4 us last year in Mingo! Did he pick Gilbert 2!! It just reeks of your boy Mike Lombardi!!
tReasureS abounD' SPACE. LOMBardi, the OScar, mooN rockS, bUt there is none MORE tantaMount to GREATNESS than ThIs.. http…
you can even add matt Lombardi and mike kotska to that hartford loading up stockpile, they will be a force if they stay together
Lombardi: member says no Communion "isn't moral judgment of individual," but objective assessment of his/her …
members also stress need to listen, accompany those in irregular marriage situations, Lombardi says
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should Mike Lombardi be giving credit for bringing in Brian Hoyer? I Remember him liking him with the patriots
Can't wait til they rename the Lombardi Trophy the Mike Pettine Trophy
- "Everyday I walk through that lobby I see six Lombardi's, not six rushing titles." - Mike Tomlin.
Anyone remember 'mad dog' Mike Junkin'? Hey I'm old, what can I say. Never was sold on Lombardi being back. Like Farmer.
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I am not remotely interested in just being good. – Vince Lombardi
let's start calling him Big Money Mike. Get ready to polish the Lombardi.
“Who do you think will be holding the Lombardi trophy at the end of the season?
Cleveland fans already have one foot on the ledge, giving them something to legitimately be terrified of (like Mike Lombardi) just overloads
“Great coverage of the burgeoning edtech scene in Baltimore & New Orleans: The birth of cities
Mike Ditka says Redskin name is "out of reverence and pride to the American Indian.Lombardi and Halas never had a problem with it." (1/2)
"The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there.". —Vince Lombardi
~>"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." - Vince Lombardi
"I didn’t think that Lombardi & Halas had a problem with it, why would all these *** have a problem with the name?" - Mike Ditka
I remember Mike Lombardi when he worked for NFL network yelling Bill Simmons he'd give up a first rounder for hoyer lol
I saw a lot of Joe Banner's and Mike Lombardi's draft picks and undrafted free agent pickups look GREAT last night. Just saying.
5th most efficient pass rusher last year. You guys can all thank mike lombardi now. What a find from east central Oklahoma
Armonty Bryant might be the best mike Lombardi pick of all time.
why does Florio have such an issue with the 49ers? Is it because he ran with a bogus story created by Mike Lombardi? Moron!
half way through but.Mike Lombardi has zero use for Tebow. He the one calling for Quinn to start against the Steelers
Brian Daboll & Mike Lombardi coach the Pats.we in trouble? \ DABOLL IS A TOTAL TOOL!!
i did visit once in June when mike was working :(. i feel sad
Just heard on it's blowing my mind I watched him come up
Thank God Mike Lombardi isn't still around to trade two first round picks for him.
Maybe Mike Lombardi has a spy still in the building. Hoyer was his guy... Hmmm. (yes, this is sarcasm)
forget Rodgers and Lacy, counting on the Iowa boys to bring home my fantasy trophy as well as Lombardi go hawks
Brian Daboll and Mike Lombardi coach the Patriots. Are we in trouble?
Paul Krueger again showing why firing Mike Lombardi was the right move.
Having traded away Trent Richardson and almost managed to move Josh Gordon on, Mike Lombardi is surely the retrospective GM of last year.
So it looks like Mike Lombardi was right on Josh Gordon, Trent Richardson, & Brandon Weeden
Lover, fighter, adversary, friend, lawyer. Who are we talking about: Harvey, Donna, Louis, Mike, Rachel, or Jessica?
i dont THINK Lombardi would pull a jerk move like that. (Never heard of Mike Futa though)
Kypreos said Lombardi is treating Stevens like he treated Mike Futa.
I am very discouraged when I see people like Mike Lombardi & company on any school board. This gentleman has to learn that people are smarter than he thinks they are and he is not fooling anybody with his simplistic unrelated comparisons to force people into his way of thinking. Last night it came to my attention that this gentleman was against funding private schools even 50% of what a public school gets per child. Ok I did start my statement out by asking if he was crazy and asked him who taught him math because I was trying to get his attention of the fact that the private schools only get 5.3% of the budget and they are educating 12% of the students in the system. I wanted to let him know, that quite a few people think that this is a bargain. Then I got told off by a lady called Anne Warman about my statement to Mr. Lombardi. She suggested my comments were ill informed and then she made statements like “these heavily subsidized private schools” I was very polite with my response to her (which not ...
"it's time to vote" says Mike Lombardi - who doesn't want more consultation as per motion
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Debating amendment for more consultation. Mike Lombardi says he doesn't support trustee Woo's motion
Hmmm...after trustee Mike Lombardi says he supports transgender policy, crowd erupts with cheers and others shout "liar"
Mike Lombardi (Lft) "we need to implement this policy now"...frmr Ken Denike, Sophia Woo (right)
Trustee Mike Lombardi says this consultation process was unprecidented.
Mike Lombardi thanks parents and community for the most extensive consultation process ever seen at
Clement urged colleagues to vote in favour. Cheers + boos from crowd. Now trustee Mike Lombardi speaking.
I thought you would have learned by being Mike Lombardi's mouthpiece not to get too emotional about stories.
"Choose your own path: It doesn't have to be the path less traveled...What matters is that it's the right one for you.…
Lombardi can save me a lot of sleepless nights if he ends his speech with, "We will not buy out Mike Richards."
so I assume that dean lombardi hasn't traded mike richards & kyle clifford for evander kane yet bc he's waiting for the end of the parade
Lombardi trophy coming back home this year!! and Y'all gunna get some big ol flashy rings!! WOO HOO Can't wait!!!
ESPN Breaking News: Josh Macera officially caddying for Cranston Country Club owner Mike Lombardi at the Rhode Island Amateur
Lombardi on Mike Richards: "We've got to prepare for July 1st in a hurry. Everything is up in air right now."
Mike Lombardi is spot on in this article. ticket policy is outdated and inefficient.
Does Dean Lombardi at least wait until Mike Richards hoists the Stanley Cup before he lets him know he's being bought out?
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If Mike Richards scored, Lombardi would try to trade him ASAP. GWG, 2 cups..
Don't think Mike Richards gets bought out. Lombardi is a good GM & Richards will have another Cup on his resume. Someone will trade for him
.F*** it I'm looking ahead. Teared up twice today thinking about Kawhi's Dad and Mike Irvin sobbing on Lombardi Trophy.
Nhl radio host: mike richards trade was a slam dunk for lombardi. Ummm...
A Detroit Lions fan got "2015 Super Bowl Champs" tattooed on his leg, with a Lombardi Trophy
"Coaching is the ability to confront" -Mike Lombardi
A very optimistic Detroit Lions fan got a “2015 Super Bowl Champs” tattoo on his leg, complete with Lombardi Trophy.
BREAKING: Mike Lombardi and Joe Banner have set up a tandem jump at 2 pm EST Today
For wording of 3 recs adopted at special mtg re bargaining see the following link.
Congrats to Local 1579 Members Ron Trinks (ret) Jim Lombardi, Jimmie Shelton and Mike Suhie pictured with Chief...
Im all for, almost, anything Vince Lombardi, but wow... This is 1 of the stupidest quotes ive ever seen
Hello, friends: When CBS Sports lead NFL announcer Jim Nantz rushed to the defense of friend Mike Lombardi amid torrential criticism 16 months ago, his famous out-of-character diatribe was aimed at me. We have since developed a cordial relationship.
Let's clarify... another Lombardi Trophy, we certainly don't need another Mike Lombardi, lol!
For you Browns fans w/o ESPN insider: INDIANAPOLIS -- There's no such thing as a dysfunctional winner. The 1985 Chicago Bears had a head coach and a defensive coordinator who openly hated each other, and would have the offense and defense ride separate buses to games to maintain civility. But they weren't "dysfunctional" -- no, they were quirky, or motivated by all the internal angst. See, you have to lose to get the dysfunctional label, and the football world has anointed the Cleveland Browns as the current belt-wearing champs. When they dumped Mike Lombardi last week and promoted Ray Farmer to general manager, it marked a 407-day period in which the Browns employed a third different GM to go along with a third different head coach, a Steinbrenner fever dream of turnover. The overlooked reality, however, is that the quickest route to "dysfunctional" is to lack a franchise QB. Constant change at that position leads to constant change throughout an organization. It's an undisputed fact. And the Browns have ...
Former Cleveland Browns general manager Mike Lombardi has been hired by the New England Patriots as an assistant to the coaching staff, the team announced Thursday. Lombardi traveled with Patriots coach Bill Belichick, vice president of player personnel Nick Caserio and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to the NFL combine in Indianapolis. His connection with Belichick goes back to the early 1990s, when Belichick was the Browns' coach and Lombardi worked on Cleveland's personnel staff. Belichick lauded Lombardi in December prior to the Patriots' game against Cleveland. "I think [he's] excellent," Belichick said. "He's thorough, he's smart, he understands football. He understands not just personnel, but schemes and how certain players fit into certain schemes better than others because of the responsibilities in those schemes; the type of plays or the type of system that coaches run. "There are obviously a lot of different coaches in this league, different coaches in college, so that affects the performa ...
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Future news: Rejoice, Cleveland sports fans. Your long nightmare has finally come to an end. Those now famous words spoken by Manziel two years ago proved to be prophetic last night, as the Browns defeated the New York Giants 31-27 to win the first Super Bowl championship in the franchise's history and Cleveland's first professional sports title in 52 years. Manziel, named the game's MVP, completed 31 of 40 pass attempts for 321 yards and a pair of touchdown passes. He also ran for 53 yards and a score. How is it possible that we arrived at this point, to a place and a time where the Browns are Super Bowl champions? It all began back in September 2013 when rumors first started swirling that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and then team general manager Mike Lombardi were interested in the phenom known as Johnny Football. Those rumors continued even after first-year head coach Rob Chudzinski was fired following Cleveland's disappointing 4-12 campaign, and after Lombardi and then team CEO Joe Banner left the club ...
Browns general manager Ray Farmer, thrust into his new role on Tuesday when CEO Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi were let go in a shocking front office shakeup, already knows which quarterback he
Before dropping the guillotine on CEO Joe Banner and general manager Mike Lombardi, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam reportedly spoke to Bill Parcells about running Cleveland's football operations.
A tradition like no other...Jim Nance defends Mike Lombardi
Memo to the N.F.L.-please don't do us any favors with front office suggestions for our team! Strike 1. Carmen Policy-Dwight Clark team! Mega disaster that set the franchise back 10 years,2. John Collins. Phil Savage couldn't get along. 3. Joe Banner!!! Hiring hated Mike Lombardi!!! Banners ego was so big that its a good thing the stadium didn't have a roof on it!!! The self proclaimed smartest man in the room had his bubble bursted in a big way! Please n.f.l. don't do us anymore favors!
BREAKING: Browns still searching for Mike Lombardi so they can tell him he's fired.
BREAKING: Joe Banner has hired Chris Grant as Mike Lombardi's right-hand man.
QB: Brian Hoyer impressed in limited 2013 duty with a quick trigger and aggressiveness, but tore his right ACL in October and isn't a long-term solution. 32-year-old backup Jason Campbell is overpriced at $3.25 million in salary and bonuses. Brandon Weeden almost certainly won't be in the new coaching staff's plans. Cleveland has the No. 4 overall pick in May's draft. RB: Edwin Baker, Chris Ogbonnaya, Fozzy Whittaker, and Dion Lewis currently make up the top four spots on Cleveland's running back depth chart. None of them should be guaranteed 2014 roster spots. As the Browns will likely start a rookie quarterback under new coach Mike Pettine, it would make sense to complement him with a sustaining run game. Cleveland GM Mike Lombardi was a big fan of Ben Tate and Anthony Dixon before the 2010 draft. Both are now free agents. WR: Beyond TE Jordan Cameron, returning NFL receiving yardage leader Josh Gordon has no help. Greg Little has been a complete flop as a starter, and slot man Davone Bess' problems ext ...
For Browns fans: From ESPN WKNR Cleveland Bruce Hooley: Browns owner Jimmy Haslam downed a second cup of coffee yesterday and fired off a letter to disgruntled fans, updating them on the team’s coaching search. By now, you’ve read Haslam’s letter on and elsewhere. What you didn’t read was the first draft, penned after Haslam’s butler mistakenly added truth serum, not cream, to Jimmy’s morning brew: “Fans: “I thought it was important to update you on our coaching search, which we fully intend to complete as soon as we can convince someone they can win here. We’ve spoken to six guys, three whom have been head coaches and three who’ve been a coordinator in the NFL all of one year apiece. None of them knocked my socks off, even though our general manager, Mike Lombardi, promised me at least one would. “That guy, Josh McDaniels, might have been OK, but he’s probably next in line to Bill Belichick in New England. I can’t blame Josh for waiting on that job, as opposed ...
You know, usually one would think I'd be irritated with the fact that coaches are withdrawing their name from interest in coaching the Cleveland Browns. So far we've had Patriots OC Josh McDaniels, Arizona's DC Todd Bowles, and one other (who's name escapes me). However I find it comical - the Browns are a laughing stock right now. Why? Because of their front office. NO ONE likes Mike Lombardi in the league (Bernie McGrath does...for some reason - but he's not a NFL executive), and no one likes Joe Banner (James C. Kozlowski Joe Kozlowski William James Kozlowski and all other Eagles fans could confirm this) either. Jimmy Haslam (former Steelers executive) Bobby Bump Tony Uccellini Megan Bush ) has had his own issues and is rarely around the building - and they let a CLEVELAND-Native, Rob Chudzinski who was making good improvements go (even though the front office of Banner and Lombardi told Chud what players to play and what not to - even though that's the COACH'S decision). That and Lombardi and Bann ...
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