Mike Lee & Jason Chaffetz

Michael Shumway Mike Lee (born June 4, 1971) is the junior United States Senator from Utah and a member of the Republican Party. Jason E. Chaffetz (born March 26, 1967) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2009. He is a member of the Republican Party. 5.0/5

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Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Orin Hatch, Chris Stewart, Rob Bishop--enemies of our environment and precious publi…
At Koch retreat, Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Jason Chaffetz decline to answer question on whether they support T…
John Huntsman, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart and Mia Love could make an impact by endorsing Gary Johnson
Dear , Mike Lee, , Mark Kirk, Jason Chaffetz, Kelly Ayotte, and the rest of the
Mike Lee was running w/ Jason Chaffetz as VP of her we would all be in agreement who to vote for.
How can we get Mike Lee & Jason Chaffetz to move to Missouri?
If the Jazz signed Spencer Hawes, would he get a place in Alpine and get an internship with Mike Lee or Jason Chaffetz?
I think Rosemary { Nails } IT : Rosemary Julia Anderson I want to see much more of Jason Chaffetz, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Tim Scott, and Trey Gowdy and much, much less of John Mccain, Lindsay Graham, Peter King, and a few other establishment types (male and female).
Press Release: Five members of Utah’s congressional delegation – U.S. Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, and Reps. Rob Bishop (UT-01), Jason Chaffetz (UT-03), and Chris Stewart (UT-02) – today urged the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to keep cattle seized in Nevada out of Utah. In a letter to BLM Director Neil Kornze and Amy Leuders, State Director of BLM’s Nevada Field Office, the members of the delegation cited health and safety concerns to Utah’s cattle industry, workers involved in a potential sale and that of residents in the communities around where any sale may take place. In the letter, Hatch, Lee, Bishop, Chaffetz and Stewart wrote that “We strongly support Governor Herbert and echo his concerns, expressed in his April 2nd letter to you, that going forward with the plan to transport the Nevada cattle to Utah may endanger the health of Utah herds and place Utah state employees and other Utah residents in danger.” The letter adds that “endangering [the cattle industry], partic ...
According to the Freedom Index this is how our Utah politicians vote in support of the constitution: Sen. Orrin Hatch - 58% Sen. Mike Lee - 91% Dist.1: Rob Bishop - 68% Dist.2: Chris Stewart - 65% Dist.3: Jason Chaffetz - 80% Dist.4: Jim Matheson - 35%
Take Back the Republican Party! (My Wife’s Great Idea — and I Agree!) Steve Bowers O.K., O.K., O.K., I get it. The Republicans in Congress sold us down the river last week. They worked a deal with their buddy Obama and failed to defund Obamacare or do anything else they should have done in our country’s best interest. But, I have a solution. My wife was at a gathering of women in our community several months ago. Someone mentioned politics and there was a corporate groan. The gathering was probably predominately Republican in make-up, with a few Democrats. (At this point, my wife is proudly neither, which, I guess, makes her an unbiased observer.) The ladies were hot under their collective collars. The Republican majority of ladies did not inveigh against the Democrats in Congress, but were sputtering disdain for the Republicans they had voted for. (In Utah that means they were disgusted with Senator Hatch, Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz being good and honorable fellas … so far.) But they also spewe ...
I have to show my praise and my support to Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, for their courage and leadership to the United States of American, to continue fighting the most evil law in USA history - the Obamacare, to continue fighting the evil force (Democratic Party) leading by current US President Barack Hussein Obama II whose pure intention is to destroy American. Period.
Mike Lee on bass. Jason Chaffetz on drums.
I see UTAH voted straight down Party Lines on the Debt Ceiling this week. Democrat--- Jim Matheson --- voted Yea Democrat--- Orrin Hatch --- voted Yea Republican---Mike Lee --- voted Nay Republican---Jason Chaffetz --- voted Nay Republican---Rob Bishop --- voted Nay Republican---Chris Stewart --- voted Nay Orrin Hatch in not a conservative and those who voted for him should be ashamed of themselves. For 37 years you’ve sent him to Washington and for 37 years he’s lied to you. Over and over he's voted with the Democrats and you keep sending him back to Washington. Our country is $17 trillion in debt and you don’t think he’s part of the problem? Come on Utah, you’re better than that.
Folks, the time has come that we need a new party. We don't have time to 'purge' the Republican Party. Here's what I'm thinking... Where do we start? I guess a good place would be...a common goal, core values and principles while upholding the constitution. Can we all agree on that? Good. Secondly, we find out you are getting lobbying money or corporate kick backs, you're done...and we'll simply boycott you. Third, not just A leader, we need LEADERS! The people I would model it after would be Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, Jason Chaffetz are a good start. If you don't like those guys, you're probably not a conservative. But with leadership skills HAS to come marketability. Let's face it, half of american voters are complete and utter *** Look who they re-elected. Anyone else have some ideas? I figure social media is the ONLY platform to start to get the word out. I'm not saying this is simple, but it must be done. I am through with the McCain's and Grahams of the political sphere. I' ...
Yep - we know the drill. Call our senators, representatives, and support people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, , Marco Rubio, and other conservative and Born Again Christian politicians. Defund Obamacare. In the words of Todd Beamer - "Let's Roll!"
Are the sins of the father visited upon the head of the son? I say no. To each of us it is required to make our own decisions and accept responsibility for them. We too often pigeonhole everyone and in so doing miss great alliances which may be formed. Point in case: Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul. There's no denying I am not a fan of Ron Paul, although I agreed with him on many points the ones we didn't agree on were pretty significant. Now take Senator Rand Paul's filibuster the other night. It energized the Republican base and even sparked some deeper thought in some Democrats. But many won't give Rand Paul the props he deserves because of his father. Very few in the world are all bad or all good. But, we have a gamechanger here. Finally there are some in the U.S. Congress who are publicly standing for the U.S. Constitution: Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio (at times), Chris Stewart, Trey Goudy, Jason Chaffetz (at times), Orrin Hatch (randomly), and a few others. It is up to the American peop ...
Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz and even Jim Matheson...you are total losers !! and your supreme leader, Speaker of no one, Boehner should be run out on on a rail!
Complete list of House votes on the bend the American ppl over the cliff legislation. I will say it ad nauseam that within 2 weeks the republicans MUST vote completely fresh faces in a reorganized leadership positions in both the House and Senate chambers. To me the Senate is easy with Mike Lee, Tim Scott, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz. The House a bit more difficult but I like Jason Chaffetz, Trey Radel.
I've sent this to Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch and everyone I can think of so they can see it. Thanks Tom for posting
Orrin Hatch & Mike Lee are the senators. Jason Chaffetz is my congressman. Wallowing in mediocrity here. =P
The company one keeps... Utah GOP activist Greg Peterson accused of multiple rapes » Two alleged assaults occurred at Heber cabin — scene of GOP events attended by party luminaries. By nate carlisle and Robert Gehrke | The Salt Lake Tribune First Published Jul 19 2012 07:42 am • Last Updated Jul 19 2012 11:35 pm News that a Utah Republican activist is accused of raping four women — two of whom say they were taken to the Heber cabin where the man hosted major political events — caused ripples of unease Thursday throughout the GOP. Gregory Nathan Peterson has hobnobbed with the likes of Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, Gov. Gary Herbert, U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and candidates such as 4th District congressional contender Mia Love. Mitt Romney Invitation from 2007 with Greg Peterson But for the past 14 months, the 37-year-old Orem man allegedly has led a double life as a serial date-rapist. Peterson was charged Wednesday in 3rd District Court in Salt Lake City with 23 felony counts, including rape a ...
I dunno. Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz & Gary Herbert. I think we're about tied for political crazy. LOL
- LOL. It'd be great if you could be there. Gary Herbert, Jan Brewer, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, Comedians, etc.
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