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Mike Lee

Michael Shumway Mike Lee (born June 4, 1971) is the junior United States Senator from Utah and a member of the Republican Party.

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"They’re supporting a bill by Senators Chris Murphy, Mike Lee, Al Franken and Rand Paul..."
Normally, I wouldn't give this site a click, but Nolte & the hit on Tapper r worth it. The vid bit on Mike Lee too.
Spox for UT Sen. Mike Lee on his meeting with Pence: "Lee emphasized that Republicans must identify David Duke’s racism as…
Heard from Mike Lee, Governor Pence, Governor Herbert, and Carly Fiorina at the Utah Solutions summit today
Mike Lee to face Chris Traietti in Chicago on Sept. 30
FORMER other Senator. Now I have Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee. ... So, no improvement, really.
if they had Mike Lee, Gannon Baker, KP, Drew Hanlen, Devin Williams, Micah Alexander, Alan Stein, or other trainers?
Over-regulation is costing us $2Trillion/year. We need Mike Lee's regulatory budget. Congress should regulate the regulato…
Would u b interested in interviewing Berniecrat who destroyed in UT primary & running against Mike Lee?
Add Charlie Baker and Jeff Flake. Susan Collins says she's undecided, and then there's Cruz bestie Mike Lee.
I have a feeling Justice Thomas would have far more in common with Ted Cruz or Mike Lee.
Comment from a customer in Lansing, MI "Mike Lee."
Comment from a Eastbrook Homes customer in Lansing, MI "Mike Lee." via
Mike Lee, Ted Cruz RINOs? Come on. If we're using words to judge pols, Trump has said he would use exec orders like Obama has.
Look at the sources, who wrote it and when they wrote it.
how am I supposed to know they fake?
NEVER Trump.. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee want to start one of their there
Mike Gorodinsky’s View on Contribution, Gambling and The Future of Online Poker: Lee Dav…
Ted Cruz does it daily. Mike Lee, too. But the GOPe doesn't want their type in the party. They don't want me either.
Senator Mike Lee is ok with this price for 30 day supply of life…
So North Korea declared war on the U.S today.
Thank you brother Gregory Burrus for capturing last night's jam session on film. Great shots!!! Thanks Mike Lee...
yeah Lee/Mike Thomas 6 & 7 for me. So hard to pick 5. I love Gamble though.
My takeaways from camp today. - Jalen Ramsey is the fastest player on field. - Jags will find ways to get the ball in Marqis…
Cobb County chairman Tim Lee, who moved the Braves out of Atlanta, was defeated by anti-stadium challenger Mike Boyce by almost 2 to 1
Fan artist painted this dramatic scene of John Marston from
Mike Loves Purple and Lives Gold, but he really loves this gold! Let's get it this year
I just had a great one on one conversation with Senator Mike Lee and…
Cruz and Mike Lee are honest brokers.
Mike Lee and Ted Cruz maybe oughta start worrying about the God Damned Unvetted Refugees FLOODING our country.
Mike Lee in the house for Live at on Manchester
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Keep up the good work! This election means everything to America!
I do vote for Constitutionally eligible candidates. Leaves out doesn't even have a U.S.A. birth certificate. Mike Lee why
Leader of Eff limpopo Legislature is back to the Anc. ...from to Welcome back Bra Mike Mathebe. https:…
Oh heavens no! ☺ I like Mike Lee/Ted Cruz conservatives. Constitutional conservatives.
I'm disappointed no members from or Bears Ears Coalition showed up to ENR hearing today. All were invited: https:…
Welcoming EFF Limpopo leader Mike Mathebe back to ANC with ANC SG Gwede Mantatshe in Polokwane todayhttp…
For everyone seeing dis short video,just know my *** ain't *** he's just being funny…
Spencer names Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee as his 3 most influential athletes...
The EFF has wished its former provincial leader in Limpopo, Mike Mathebe, well in the ANC. Mathebe rejoined the ruling party…
regram 🔛🔝. Thank you for the fun roll today Mike! 💪🏼😜
A vote for Johnson is a vote for Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to have real influence in the Senate.
Cruz was their last hope That's why Mike Lee was pushing Cruz Mormon wants amnesty
All of these phony "conservatives" like Mike Lee,Limbaugh, Beck, Levin, all know abo…
Right now Mike Lee is even less welcome in Cleveland than Johnny Manziel.
Such a small petty man. He mad at Mike Lee now. Let's give him the power of the fed govt to abuse for his per…
Hamilton Collection
Landry-Walker DB Mike Lee wins this one on one
Plagues, power outages, His best friend Mike Lee leading a floor revolt. His "King of the North" rally today. All makes sens…
maybe Ryan or Mike Lee should be her VP
easy to take cheap shots at Anthony but he's right, what a hilarious way to describe Mike Lee:))
Anthony Weiner mocks the intellectual chops of Mike Lee, a policy wonk and former SCOTUS clerk. That's funny.
Watching you interview Mike Lee. Thought I was seeing Bill O'Reilly with all the interruptions.
Treasonous rat, Sen. Mike Lee, trying to help steal the nomination from Trump on CSPAN.
Mike Lee is the epitome of integrity & honesty. A true constitutional conservative. If you denounce him you've become liberal…
Mike Lee speaking for closed primaries. “We will cease to be a party” if candidates are decided by ppl who “do not share ou…
"We need Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to be willing to lead the new party. We need a new party and we need…" — Robert
We shall remember Mike Lee (R) (Utah) not supporting the candidate elected by the majority of republican voters.
Mike Lee one of the few who stands to vote against this amendment
Oh my: Both sides expect Mike Lee to support “conscience clause” that would unbind the delegates
Mike Lee might lead the charge to unbind the delegates. That would be incredible.
Mike Lee,Cruz,Walker all funded by Club for Growth.Who cares about you again??
Mike Lee, the mild-mannered U.S. Senator from Utah, is going to play a very big role in the delegate fight this week. https:/…
When a super Moderate like Bruce Rauner and a super Conservative like Mike Lee are uniting against Trump- that says a lot.
Yeah, I'm THAT Conservative! Ted Cruz is 100% CR Conservative as is Mike Lee. THAT is MY dream team! https…
Sen. Mike Lee on Trump: "He accused my best friend Ted Cruz's' father of conspiring to kill JFK' . I'm still shocked. Ted Cruz has a friend..
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Glenn Beck ALL belong to a church that believes that LGBTQ are perverted! Women can't lead church?
.Mike Lee's father, Rex, now deceased, was my law school dean. I think he'd b shocked abt Mike & Trump.
.Don't tell me no reason to be concerned about Donald Trump... │
Did Mike Lee just call Ted Cruz his 'best friend'?. Of Course. . via
Without your financial support, this opportunity to unseat Mike Lee will be lost! Donate today
.on Trump: "We can get into the fact that he accused my best friend’s father of conspiring to kill JFK"
Oh, I like Mike Lee. Read similar artilce via The Blaze this AM. 👍
what a little whiner he is , grow a pair Mike lee stand on your own merits
I just lost all respect because GOP Sen Mike Lee won't endorse Trump!
The GOP needs more of and less of Trump.
UT Sen. Mike Lee (who's on the RNC's Rules Committee, btw) on why he's not endorsing Trump:
GOP Sen. Mike Lee goes off on radio host who says he should be supporting Trump. .
Is Mike Lee the first Republican US Senator to say Trump is an "authoritarian"?
Do you think Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are really best friends?
Finally Mike Lee and I agree on something.
Imagine that! Mike Lee doesn't want to vote for a guy who makes up crazy facts. I agree!
Mike Lee, asked why not backing Trump, points to Trump's accusations about the father of his "best friend," Ted Cruz ht…
Mike Lee will be far more important to the future of the country than Trump.
What are you talking about? What does that have to do with you calling Mike Lee a RINO? Scratch your head o…
lol you clearly know nothing about Mike Lee. Try again
Republican Senator Mike Lee gives 3 big reasons why he’s not endorsing Donald Trump, by
The PERFECT POTUS team for America, THEY would restore our GREATNESS! ** Mike Lee is What a Leader Looks Like
Sen. Mike Lee gets very testy here over why he hasn't endorsed Trump: (h/t
Mike Lee calls Ted Cruz his best friend. 2 Senators with honor wonder most in Senate don't like them https:/…
That fox poll you cite is suspect. If the voters prefer diff nom, how'd he beat 15 others by alot?
so by all meAns Mr constitution get in bed with Crooked Hillary... What a crock mike Lee is
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Sen. Mike Lee goes on epic rant about Donald Trump
Sen. Mike Lee on Trump: 'He accused my best friend's father of conspiring to kill JFK.'
Utah Democrats picked Misty K. Snow, the first transgender major party candidate, to challenge Mike Lee in Nov. https:…
Misty Snow, a trans woman, will be fighting to unseat Sen. Mike Lee this fall in Utah:
Jim Jordan Trey Gowdy n Mike Lee. Maybe Scott Walker That's all I can think of. I think I heard Bob Corker 4 Trump
I know decent people in several Senate staff rooms. They all work for Mike Lee or Ted Cruz.
Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, my Senators. Time for Hatch to resign. No Lee.
Shame on Utah senators & Mike Lee. They won't get my vote again.
Yeah, I definitely downgraded on my Senators. The Turtle is worse than Hatch and Rand is definitely no Mike Lee.
Why is it that good senators like Mike Lee can't get any support from other senators? I already know what I think.
OMG OMG OMG turn on CSPAN right now and watch Mike Lee of Utah and Paul Rand of Kentucky twist themselves into Republican pretzels.
Senators Elizabeth Warren and Mike Lee introduce bill to help graduate students save for retirement:
we don't need to draft our daughters. Please tell US Senators to vote for Sen.Mike Lee's Amendment
agree. Sasse, Mike Lee, and Tim Scott are the only Senators to not embarrass themselves in 2016
Only a few senators left off this list such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
are you familiar at all with the story of "Iron Mike" Malloy?
yea I'm still alive thanks for checking on me😭
All I know are sad songs sad songs, darling😷. Udah sore😴 ♫ I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner —
I'd love to attend this con at least once :-)
surprised Lee is still in the Dodger org. They don't appear to like him, so is it that no one else does either?
I want my future husband to be the combination of Aaron Yan, Song Joongki, PushDJ, Ji Chang Wook, Mike He, Lee Min *** …
Harambe hasn't even been dead for a week and his baby mama already out here being a thot!... These *** AIN'T LOYAL! ht…
Why do people still listen to Mike Millbury lol
I just finished reading "Our Lost Constitution" by Mike Lee. You've gotta read it. The Constitution is not some...
Elvis has left the building! Doesn't get more exciting than finals OT, especially with Mike Lange on the call…
Thx to everyone who came out to Mike Lee's opening. Check out the 📸! 👉🤖🎨
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley testified today in House Speaker Mike Hubbard's ethics trial in Lee County.
Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz,and RandPaul are the only decent ones.The rest = nonpartisan sellouts
I need some one to bring me as a guest to their gym. Mine has been closed for a week and I'm having withdrawals
I usually measure friendships in how many grams of weed I need to smoke before I am able to deal with a person. Some of y…
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Wow, that's a MUCH better reason to shoot a gorilla than what I came up with
What's a good website to to get tickets for your these days tour in Indy
He should come out and endorse Mike Lee's bill.
At this point, where's the harm in seeing what Chris Lee can do in Mike Wright's spot? This isn't working.
Shoutout to my bestfriends and our wild *** adventures!
.fighting to restore Congressional constitutional authority.
Last week I passed by Lee from trash talk now today Fat Mike from nofx
in the pocket of who? Look at Ruth Lee Tim Condon or Terry Smith Roger Hargreves John Molton Lawson
Thankyou all xxBarry jevons is fundraising for on Show your support
Why are so many people high on Lee? I mean Im not saying he's complete trash but to choose him over Urias?
Lee is in a funk right now. Frias hasn't been strong either. Urias ... well ...
I'm the lowest man on Lee and Frias has barely pitched
Mookie Betts: 1st Red Sox player to hit a leadoff HR in back-to-back games since Mike Aviles in 2012 at PHI (5-19 J.Blanton, 5-20 C.Lee)
just seems like Frias or Lee would have been better options considering how his debut went and save Urias for Atl
Mailbag: What is Jacksonville's weakest area? Is this Marqise Lee's breakout year?
In the lead with 2 confirmed kills is Carrie Lee, taking out Ping.
Fair enough. I've been confused with Justice Minister Mike Masutha and even Spike Lee before...
Some throwback here playing at Lee with a little black eyed peas.. I like it.. So does Mike Tomlin
Give me someone like Cruz or Mike Lee as a third party choice.
I have confirmed that Kentucky transfer Marcus Lee is currently visiting Washington today. A former five-star recruit.
I agree! That's a lot to put on shoulders of 1 man, but he seems only politician to even care. oh, & Mike Lee.
Yuri Foreman and Mike Lee on the same card in NY this weekend. Boxing fans can't handle so much star power on one card.
That's really smart ? Those bums would not stand up agaist Obama, he did, alone (Mike Lee too )
with mike lee trying get McConnell place as speaker that one best changes we had in years to bring…
Coming to a neighborhood near you. 0 will pick your neighbors for you.
NDNY members: last chance to claim your Mike Lee '06 tix for his Fri bout. DM us if you want 'em!
Tonight there's a new jam starting at the Bucktown Pub. Mike McCulloch, Aaron Zachary, Lee Rothenberg and myself...
Another great example of how a Senator SHOULD act: Mike Lee--Make government accountable again via
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, others pen letter to Loretta Lynch to halt investigation into private entities on climate change http…
The most conservative senator? Sessions isn't the most conservative senator... Mike Lee is.
Sen. Mike Lee: AFFH ‘A Betrayal of the Fair Housing Act’ call your senator and urged them to support Lee's AFFH bill
Senator Bob Corker as VP? . Earns a Heritage "conservative score" of 49%. (versus Mike Lee and Cruz scores of 100%)
every GOP senator up for re election with the exception of Mike Lee can bugger on off. ALL…
Those 'fifth columnists', Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins 'torpedoed' the Mike Lee amendment.
There are some great senators, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and quite a few others ~
Mike Lee, Ben Sasse and Ted Cruz have made it clear how they feel about him. So has Mitt Romney.
That it will. America needs more patriots like Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Marco Rubio.
He will have support from Mike Lee and Ben Sasse, at least
Party unity: Mike Lee says Trump scares him to death:
Ted Cruz was the paragon of a constitutional conservative. Insert Ben Sasse or Mike Lee and it's the same.
Mike Lee has a bill to block this. republicans can win the election on this issue alone but they couldnt care…
Utah has lost it’s second respectable leader, Bob Bennett (the other was Olene Walker). Now *** like Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee remain.
Remarkable that Mike Lee is not referred to at all by name in this obit.
Via "establishment conservatives". -Ben Sasse. -Scott Walker. -Ted Cruz. -Mike Lee. Do you even know what conservative means bro?
How about Mike Lee, Scott Walker, Tim Pentz, Goemert? All endorsed and supporTed Cruz. Are they not good men?
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."I'd rather have friends like Glenn Beck and Mike Lee and Louie Gohmert than, say, John Boehner."
I'm becoming more and more convinced that that's the plan.Esp. with Mike Lee's call into Glenn Beck.
Mike Lee: Cruz is the only candidate who will challenge the DC establishment, because Donald Trump is part of it.
Sure, 1/100 Senators, Mike Lee, endorsed him. But that seems to be a Mormon thing, Lee, Romney, Beck...
RIDICULOUS: STEVENS ASSASSINATED_Sen Mike Lee & Jason Chaffets were neighbors of BURT_he went into hiding_fearing for his life_
trump will name his liberal sister2 scotus Cruz will name Mike Lee chief justice scotus who shud we…
Cruz has won at least 35 of 37 Utah delegates, including Mike Lee, Gary Herbert, Mia Love and Mike Bishop
Mike Lee's objection causes $ for Flint water crisis to be stripped out of congressional energy bill
Mike Lee can't wait for the 15 round to be over so he can work on changing all his usernames to Mike_500
Bull rider . Good luck tonight with . Mike Lee could reach the 500 qualified rides in...
Out with Mike Lee he supported Len Brown through and through. Out with Mike Lee
Mike Lee provokes leadership showdown: The Utah Republican isn't backing away from his challenge for ...
UT Sen. Mike Lee says he wants to run for chair of the Senate Republican Policy Committee
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) says he's supporting John Barrasso over home-state colleague Mike Lee in race for Repub. Pol…
Mike Lee has balls & a backbone. McConnell has years of wrinkles & corruption. McConnell needs to retire.
Mike Lee, crown jewel of the 2010 wave, will challenge John Barrasso for the No. 4 post in Senate GOP leadership.
FreedomWorks is backing Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) to replace Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee.
if the Senate was ready for Mike Lee in leadership Mitch McConnell would not be leader. Unless they do it for balance
In Utah, there were people sleeping over for the lines to see Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Carly Fiorina and Glenn Beck.
McConnell is carrying the water and still the Tea Party comes after him. Mike Lee wants a leadership post and to *** with Mitch.
I love Mike Lee but John Barrasso has done a good job at RPC.
Ron Paul, Walter Jones, Justin Amash, Mike Lee, and maybe a few more.
funded Reid in Utah not Mike Lee get a grip
to Enforce Students Walk to School . (Mike Lee was home schooled by Senator Harry Reid) . America 2.0
Looking forward to Brandon Bates interviewing Mike Lee. Always good with the bleeps and all. Bates makes Live great watching.
Mike Lee on Harry Reid: “Harry and I get along great when we are not talking about politics.” . via
Hey, Denalli, let's start a new movement -- Mike Lee for our new majority leader in the senate. How's that? First, McConnell goes!
He'd be a great choice for SCOTUS! Mike Lee is our special guest at Breakfast with Brat TOMORROW AM. Can't wait! https…
Dream team: Carly for sec of state. Rubio sec def. Mike Lee supreme court, atty general or VP. Walker & Perry in too!
Mike Lee isn't a RINO and neither is Ted Cruz and NEVER a Democrat, like Trump was.
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Jeff Sessions, Megyn Kelly, Mike Lee, Steve King and right on down the line. Again, all you have is smears and lies. carry on
And for at least the third time on record about Mike Lee: "Wouldn’t he look good in a robe?"
Cruz is good friends with Mike Lee and Ben Sasse among others, two senators I would take over any of the rest of them.
Cruz touts endorsements from Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Carly Fiorina, Mike Lee, and Mark Levin to show he is the "full spectrum" Republican
Mike Lee. Louie Gohmert. Steve Stockman and Mike Enzi would also be possibilities.
Weber County and Ogden City - Government hosted Sen. Mike Lee today for a "Solutions Roundtable." Many of our...
Here is 1 thing I like about Cruz: SEN. Ted CruzTEXAS (R)LIBERTY SCORE®97% A. Only Sen. with a higher voting score is Mike Lee.
Conservatives who vote for liberty. Good voting records on CR or CrowdPac. People like Mike Lee, Cruz, Paul, Gohmert, etc
I don't want Ted as a SCOTUS, I want Mike Lee there & Ted as POTUS.
Talking the Supreme Court in Provo, Utah, brings back this line: "I do have to say: Mike Lee would look pretty …
When you can get Mike Lee and Lindsey Graham on board with the same candidate, you've accomplished something.
Why doesn't Rubio read it, or Mitt, or Graham, or Mike Lee, or many of the other traitors to the Constitution.
Just a small list of resent endorsements. Lindsey Graham. Mitt Romney. Mike Lee. Carly Fiorina . Looks like it's time to
HOW EXCITING! Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Glenn Beck and Carly Fiorina coming to Provo for rally via
Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio has already stated he will back him
Lindsey Graham of all people stands up to save the country. Mike Lee too. Where are you Ben Sasse? Rand Paul?
. my 3 suck! and two are GOP. Justin Amash, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy . good 1s
. Also, Marcus Lutrell, Taya Kyle, Dakota Meyers and many more great American HEROES, and Sen. Mike Lee, etc.
I would too, but that seems unlikely. Wondering about Mike Lee? Brian Sandoval? Susana Martinez? *shrugs*
Sen.Mike Lee:"Cruz is Different.He's not about Spin & Platitudes,He's about Substance & a Plan"
Mike Lee endorsing Ted Cruz, is like Barbara Bush endorsing Jeb. It doesn't really count.
Sen. Mike Lee makes the case for Ted Cruz via the App
MORMONIA Sen. Mike Lee is grabbing headlines again for holding up action in the Senate. The Tea Party Republican...
Sen. Mike Lee on endorsing Ted Cruz: "This is the moment. Ted Cruz is gaining momentum."
Does Sasse know that the hotness has passed? The new hotness is Mike Lee and Carly Fiorina get it. .…
(9/24/13): on Senate floor in Darth Vader voice: "Mike Lee, I am your father.".
Now watch all the Trump supporters call Mike Lee (100% conservative rating) a "RINO" for endorsing Ted Cruz
Mike Lee will endorse Ted Cruz for president this afternoon, source tells (cont)
Ha! Where were you guys before? Now that a NonPol is threatening their little club! Mike Lee: It’s Time to Unify Behind…
. Mike Lee you will meet your maker one day .
Mike Lee cites the importance of who will pick the next SCOTUS nominee while endorsing Ted Cruz.
So which recent endorsement for Ted Cruz is everyone most excited about: Chuck Norris, Carly Fiorina, Mike Lee, or Mark Levin?
The Lizard People expected no less: Cruz to Get First Senate Endorsement from Utah's Mike Lee via
Stu talking about endorsement's Mark Levin, Chuck Norris, Mike Lee and Carly Fiorina ALL Great.For Ted Cruz, voted for him in ID
Cruz picks up first Senate endorsement today w/ Mike Lee
If was a real journalist he would be reporting non-stop on Mike Lee holding up aid - inste…
I watched fireworks at the criminal justice reform panel and spoke with reform advocate Mike Lee at
. Mike Lee needs to have his water supply fracked.
Mike Lee - Republican - The Party of Lincoln dumps on Flint Michigan. .
Sen. Mike Lee of Utah: Federal aid not needed in - https:/…
Senator Says Flint Doesn't Need Fed Aid, Blocks Lead Bill: Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said Michigan has all the res...
NEW TONIGHT: Sen. Mike Lee is secretly holding up the Flint aid bill
FreedomWorks, the Family Research Council, Club for Growth, the Senate Conservatives fund, National Review, RedState, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz...
Mike Lee was running w/ Jason Chaffetz as VP of her we would all be in agreement who to vote for.
Good heavens! Sen. Mike Lee, who favors Rubio and Cruz, says POTUS's plan to close Guantanamo could put terrorists in …
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Sen. Mike Lee is a good guy. Glad he is keeping his distance from nasty guy
You just sold out Conservatives across America not to mention Sen. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and others.
Mike Lee covers Chantilly Lace for a score of 86.75 points.
Signature gathering lands Sen. Mike Lee spot on GOP primary ballot | Notice he's been silent on Rubio and Cruz?
Bill would only allow Congress to decide on drafting women: Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) officially intr...
Sen. Mike Lee gathers enough signatures to secure spot on ballot
You are right about "NO" GOP Senator support for Cruz. Not even Sen. Mike Lee (Utah). Weren't he & Cruz The Brothers Grim?
Cruz gets along fine with his own kind.33 Senators,Mike Lee &Steven King as examples.McConnell and McCain RINOS no. Read much?
Sen. Mike Lee turns in voter signatures to gain spot in primary election
Mike Lee is like Urkel with Laura Winslow, he's wearing you down...
I'll trust Mike Lee and Pete Sessions over your hit piece thanks. That's politics
Thanks again a great 2nd session of WSET3 with David Munro and Mike Lee in Kelowna. Superb instruction.
Per Notre Dame on Scout, it appears Zbikowski wants to fight Mike Lee. This would be the biggest fight ever in Chicagoland area.
And I remind everyone that Ted Cruz is cut from the same cloth as James Madison. Coincidentally, so is Mike Lee. http…
Nikki Haley, Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, and Mike Lee all at Marco Rubio's event this morning... That's the future of conser…
“If Marco is right and I’m lying? Then Jeff Sessions has to be lying … Mike Lee, Phyllis Schlafly … have to be lying.” - Cruz…
yeah, but why doesn't he have any endorsements from the ones who don't hate him? Tim Scott, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions.
Mike Lee says the only thing Ted Cruz ever did was try and make the gang of 8 bill less bad by putting amendment in.
Mike Lee would be a good top of the list choice.
look at Conn Carroll's response. Spokesman for Mike Lee non the judiciary committee. Season-1-Louis would be mortified.
Within 5 minutes of news being confirmed, this touching reaction from spokesman for Sen. Mike Lee of Judic Comm
my bias is to expose those groups using this for their own legislative agenda. Mike Lee, Rob Bishop, Kochs.
Valerie Jarrett, Sen. Mike Lee and Bernard Kerik to speak about criminal justice reform and prisoner reentry p...
My former senator, Mike Lee, was one of the few bright lights in Utah politics.
I was thinking since Cruz's only 2 friends (Glenn Beck and Mike Lee) are Mormons, Cruz is a Mormon.
Mike Lee and Glenn Beck are friends of Ted. Both are Mormons. So is Ted a Mormon?
not true. my Senator Sessions, Mike Lee & Rand Paul helped him. just don't have enuff conservatives - yet
Sen. Mike Lee's Article I Project will be an important 2016 election issue for which Ted Cruz will fight and the...
sen. Mike Lee has started the article 1 meetings. Ted talk about resetting the separation of powers again
Shame on Orin Hatch and Mike Lee trying to strip away more of our voting rights!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, Mark Krikorian all say it was a poison pill. Where was Trump during Go8 fight?
I could imagine a Ted Cruz Presidency where he would select Mike Lee as him first Supreme Court Justice.
Listen to Mike Lee in the audio say that he was with the entire time & Cruz never favor…
apparently there's nobody in the senate that he won't backstabs either, just ask Mike Lee.
Rick Perry endorsed Cruz. Steve King, Mike Lee... All I need to know from politicians I can trust.
Idk, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee and Jim Demint seem to like him. Even DT himself said he likes him.
Mike Lee is the most interesting Republican in Washington: via
The Berkeley Wire: 01.08.16: Homeless man and advocate Mike Lee declares candidacy for mayor (Daily Cal)…
What I find troubling is the lack of coverage of Rand's Debt Limit video from Mike Lee, gaining 30 Million views in a week.
The sad thing is not how short life is but rather the fact that we wait so long to start living it. - Mike Lee, Hope Community Church.
when Sessions, Mike Lee, Schumer and Reid say it was a poison pill, who do you believe?
federal regulations printed out by Sen. Mike Lee (Utah).
You could learn a lot from Sen. Mike Lee. Maybe he can teach you what it means to be a constitutional conservative.
Mike Lee and Mia St John as well.Hey,what's Mark Gastineau up to these days?
cruz has a very conservative voting record only second to Mike Lee. He always fights.
I'd love to see Mike Lee or Allen West or Jeff Sessions or a couple others as Ted Cruz running mate. :)
Neither, please research Jeff Sessions and Mike Lee, who support Sen. Cruz.
Gas prices will be $6.60/gallon if Obama is re-elected. - Mike Lee (R-UT) in 2012. Today in Houston they're $1.57. https:/…
Do you believe Steve King, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Lee(immigration hawks)?. Or
Nice try but Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, Steve King, Rush Limbaugh stand with Cruz-they all say Rubio's lying!
Already excited for when Ben Sasse and Mike Lee restore the republic after Trump's dictatorship:
Ted Cruz did not flip flop see Glenn Beck see Mark Levin see Mike Lee
Senator Sessions backed Cruz up today, is Sessions and Mike Lee liars?
Whythe Federalist Society Is Examining How Congress Works All you have to know is,John Roberts,Mike Lee belong to it
guess solid tea partiers and conservatives like Jim Demint,Mike Lee,Glenn Beck,people like Katie Pavlich are RINO'S.
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