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Mike Lee

Michael Shumway Mike Lee (born June 4, 1971) is the junior United States Senator from Utah and a member of the Republican Party.

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Mike Lee does a great job reporting Black Sea situation. He lives in England. Field Marshall is a…
Mike Lee, Utah Republican, on Russia-Trump probe: 'Wrap this thing up and it's time to move on' - Washington Times
Mike Lee is a conservative Republican Senator from Utah. Trump called the bill "mean."
Please, please stand firm & get your proposals incorporated as much as possible. Mike Lee is my senato…
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Ron Johnson can't support the Senate bill because it just doesn't hurt people enough.
Not a Bernie fan but he was not one of the no votes. Rand Paul and Mike Lee
Don't be fooled! Rand Paul, R.Johnson, Ted Cruz & Mike Lee are phonies & fakers! With the right incentive, they'll vote YES.
Mike Lee & Rand Paul won't be satisfied until they're unplugging babies in the NICU & smothe…
Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee & Rand Paul announced they will not be supporting the Obummercare lite bill! You are American Heroes!!!
If you are counting on Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, and Ted Cruz to stop this than gosh I just don’t know what to tell y…
Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, and Mike Lee say they don't support the Senate GOP health care bill in its cur…
Sens. Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul issue statement on senate health bill, say they are "not ready to vot…
Chris Murphy "Trust me those guys aren't going to save the ACA." Mike Lee, Ted Cruz & Rand Paul. I concur
If Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ron Johnson are the current 'no' votes in the Senate, we are well and truly screwed.
Take no solace in the headlines saying four senators oppose . Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, & Ted Cruz will no…
per the article, "Meanwhile, even some Republicans like Utah Senator Mike Lee are starting to express frustration...
Mike Lee and John McCain are not happy with the GOP health care process. (via MSNBC)
History profs, writing for say Sen. Mike Lee of Utah needs to read Saul Cornell's book:
Casey misspoke it was not Bernie Sanders it was Mike Lee and Rand Paul
Not Sanders, Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul. Chris Van Hollen of MD abstained.
"opposition only from GOP Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kent…
Mike Lee (R), Rand Paul (lol who could have seen that coming). Chris van Hollen not present
Sen. Mike Lee wants to drill in Grand Escalante Natl Park & his counterpart, Sen. Hatch, calls people who care about the env…
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) joined Glenn on radio Monday to talk about the news of the day and his new book, Written Out...
Dems.say they will be back in power. I guess now there using Mike Lee to get there
Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Orin Hatch, Chris Stewart, Rob Bishop--enemies of our environment and precious publi…
Presenting experiment at Holacracy Forum with Mike Lee. Awesome people from all over changing how w…
Sen. Mike Lee proposes Merrick Garland 4 FBI. PLEASE LIKE ME, DEMS! PLEASE! Can GOP think of anything other than how to get…
A stupid idea, in fact. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is being politically evil suggesting that. . Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is appar…
why is AHCA expected to have a bad time in the Senate? b/c Mike Lee, Rand Paul,…
Mike Lee is coming back to Madison College June 14 & 15. Space is limited...
domain names
KU's Mike Lee (did not have ANY mercy on his teammate during the spring game. YOWZA!
Mike Lee joins on bill requiring congressional approval for Syria-type military action: v…
He's no Mike Lee but would still be an improvement over Orrin Hatch.
+100 for Mike Lee; – ∞ for Hatch. It would be a great sitcom to transplant Utah leadership to NYC—t…
Rex Lee is alive he got plastic surgery to look like Elder Oaks who lives on a private reserve in Guatemala. Mike Lee is a tranny senator.
Sen. Mike Lee called at least a dozen conservative House members before the planned vote to urge them to hold firm. https:/…
Mike Lee is a second cousin to Mark and Tom Udall and Gordon Smith's granddad was Jesse Udall.
GOP senator told me this a.m. McConnell's caucus has 2 hard no's - Paul and Collins. can't lose any more. Mike Lee just t…
GOP senators hoping for changes to health bill emerged from a "frustrating" White House meeting, Sen. Mike Lee said.
Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, etc. Is he really listening to conservatives or just trying to get them onboard Ryantrain
I totally get what Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Jim Jordan are concerned about, but I also trust Paul Ryan. And…
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) unloads on AHCA: “This is exactly the type of back-room dealing and rushed process that we criticized…
Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee “at the end of the day, radio silence is not sustainable in being true to yourself.”
Washington (DC) Examiner: Mike Lee to GOP: Repeal Obamacare now, don't fear the boogeyman . More -
No TV for Mike Lee? PPV for Roy Jones Jr.? Looking forward to Adrian vs. Adrien---
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Utah doesn’t love Trump, but Mike Lee won with 70% of the vote. That seat is not in danger.
Franken joins Senators Chris Murphy, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul in asking the WH, State, and DoD for more info on the…
This Republicans corrupt politicians call this Sen Mike Lee of Utah Sen Ben Sasse of Nebraska
Mike Lee tamed the mayham in Anaheim. . One of the most consistent riders on tour this season, Lee has ridden at least one bull ev…
Mike Lee is also a white supremacist just as much as a majority of the tea party moles in congress!
The Federalist society couldn't vet its self. Mike Lee was the best choice.
unless you have the good fortune of getting to vote for someone like Tim Scott or Mike Lee, I agree.
At Koch retreat, Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Jason Chaffetz decline to answer question on whether they support T…
Sen. Mike Lee jokes high court gig could put him one up on his big brother
This is great. I like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.
Y'all know moderates like Collins lack the spine, right? You need hardliners like Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse to block Sessions.
We want a super majority of Constitutional Conservatives like Ted Cruz & Mike Lee to replace RINO's like McCain & Graham
. True. He and Ted Cruz are so valuable in the Senate. Wasn't Mike Lee's brother already on the list?
Mike Lee should be 1st. He is so amazing.
. Mike Lee represents the best and brightest in the Senate. McConnell and Ryan are democrat dregs.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Honors still coming in, Mike Lee named to Freshman All-American team
Simon is on the air all morning go-hosting the BIG Max Morning Show on Max 98.3 FM with Mike Lee! Listen in from...
Sen. Mike Lee Calls for 12-Year Term Limits for Lawmakers via Sen.Mike Lee for SCOTUS
Is it killing Obamacare? The Supreme Court opening? Mike Lee and Trump are talking about something right now. https:…
As I wrote when you decided to run I would put Sen. Mike Lee in Supreme Court even failing to support you. He is my Senator
Sen. Mike Lee is not attending newser at because he's meeting with PeOTUS at Trump Tower today
"This is such a great time to be alive in America," said Sen. Mike Lee, (R-Utah).
Sen. Mike Lee, at times a Trump critic, says thru spox he is "honored to be invited and looks forward to working with the president-elect"
Sen. Mike Lee meeting with Trump today. "We do not know what the meeting is about, but the transition team did reach out" on Tuesday - spox
Sen. Mike Lee's folks say Trump asked for the meeting, they don't know what it's about
Happening now at Trump Tower in New York: Utah Sen. Mike Lee meets with Pres-elect Donald Trump.
"Republican Utah Senator Mike Lee told BuzzFeed that he planned to reintroduce the First Amendment Defense Act...
"The resolution is also sponsored by Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley, Mike Lee, Tim Scott and Ted Cruz"
My Dem buddies like Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch. Good point.
nominate Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Trey Gowdy, any of them would be almost a Scalia
Still think Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Trey Gowdy need to be SCOTUS justices.
CNN's 'Unprecedented': Mike Lee flew to Florida to try and forge Rubio-Cruz alliance
According to a new book, Sen. Mike Lee tried to broker a Cruz/Rubio ticket to block Donald Trump -
Mike Lee came to FL to campaign with Cruz. Cruz was going to campaign w/Trump but got backlash. 1/
CNN's Mike Lee flew to Florida to try to forge a Rubio-Cruz alliance in March http…
I don't believe will be put on the court. I would like to see Mike Lee on the court.
Maybe Great Patriots like Ted Cruz & Mike Lee will start a coup to overthrow him as Majority Leader.
Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee and Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are not going to confirm whoever…
Mike Lee's brother Tom is on Utah Supreme Court and is a brilliant jurist and former law prof.
Republicans Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Tim Scott, Mike Lee, & Roy Blunt who were re-elected last night all voted AGAINST the VAWA.
Either Cruz or Mike Lee. I hear Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo are also interested.
All of them! Mike Lee is still holding on, and Justin Amash, but for how long?
Mike Lee is the hope of the future and trusts Ted Cruz. Sorry you are to blinded by hate to see it.
Mike Lee, Bomber and Penny Bright all seem to love this: Sign of political bankruptcy.
Very disappointing that we would win this election easily if people like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mike Lee, John Kasich would vote Trump!
Also solid Conservatives like Ben Sasse, Mike Lee, and libertarian Justin Amash.
McMullen is part of the Mormon Mafia. Flake, reid, Crapo, Mia Love, Mike Lee, Orin Hatch, Tom Udall, Chaffetz, Romney so many
John Huntsman, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart and Mia Love could make an impact by endorsing Gary Johnson
I never vote down the ticket. I look at each individual & go from there. I will be voting for Mike Lee & Chris Stewart.
Dear , Mike Lee, , Mark Kirk, Jason Chaffetz, Kelly Ayotte, and the rest of the
Mike Lee and Spencer Cox knew what was going on from day one. Huntsman, Lee, Love, Herbert, Stewart, and Chaffetz caught on eventually.
Trump's SCOTUS list included Sen. Mike Lee, who yesterday said Trump should drop out.
Sen. Mike Lee calls for Trump to step down -
Sen. Mike Lee urges Trump to quit, as Utah Republicans flee from their party’s presidential nominee -
'Your conduct, sir, is the distraction': Sen. Mike Lee calls on Donald Trump to... via
My view: Sen. Mike Lee lost credibility to speak on financial responsibility
. Wonder how moronic GOP types undermining Trump like Sen.Mike Lee feel today?. Does he/they really prefer "Hilliar"?
Is he going to mention that one of his Supreme Court picks just denounced him? Mike Lee, where you at?
One of the very few people who really comes out of this year looking better is Mike Lee.
Hewitt is echoing Mike Lee's reasoning, which can best be summed up as "if this really is about stopping Hillary...
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Weird. I guess Mike Lee and Spencer Cox don't count? As well as all those GOP folks in the legislature?
I was done with Mike Lee ages ago. Who cares that he's now upset with Trump? The racism, xenophobia, misogyny and...
Sen. Mike Lee, still very much the man I was proud every day to work for.
Ted, follow Mike Lee's lead. Call for Trump to step aside. Pence can take th…
Mike Lee to Congress: Do you even liberty, bro?
Wow. Just listened to the full Beck interview with Cruz. When Beck asked him if he hung Mike Lee out to dry by not telling him
. Mike Lee already asked for his name to be removed from that list.Trump baiTed Cruz.
I went to a rally and saw speak before him. Beck dumping Cruz almost as surprising as if Mike Lee did.
Mike Lee and Glenn Beck, somehow, are the only principled conservatives still alive.
Beck charges Cruz with hanging Mike Lee "out to dry." Cruz stalls, declines to answer. This is amazing.
I'm listening now, Beck is actually grilling him. Cruz is spinning his endorsement towards Mike Lee on The Supreme Court
Bravo! People like you, Mike Lee, & Glenn Beck are the only ones still putting principle over party and personal ambition.
If Trump is thinking of Mike Lee for SCOTUS, we are doomed. Lee is dangerous. His ideas about birth control, social security, etc
Ted Cruz secured a place for Mike Lee on the SCOTUS list but could not get -- or did not seek -- an apology for attacking his f…
I'm looking forward to the Ben Sasse-Mike Lee ticket in 2020
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Well, I guess Mike Lee is happy he took to the floor of the RNC to fight for changes that would help Cruz in 2020.
40 minute call with Glenn Beck indicates he got something (Promise of Mike Lee to SCOTUS?)
Mike Lee, Glenn Beck & Romney must think Hillary wants to bring a million Mormons into USA. They are Muslims Glenn not Mormons.
Trump putting Mike Lee on judges list was also a not insignificant factor in endorsement. Team Cruz had wanted that -- a…
Trump adds new names to SCOTUS list, includes Sen. Mike Lee: Lee has not endorsed Trump, but is on his Supreme Court candidate list
is adding several names, including Utah Sen. Mike Lee to his 11-person list
You know the list is phony when Mike Lee is on it, because Mike Lee doesn't kiss the ring. His chances are ZERO.
Trump gently reaching out to Mike Lee and Cruz is a good sign. . Needs Rs to come around. . And appears to have an overall pla…
additions to his SCOTUS list are tremendous, especially
By putting Mike Lee on his new SCOTUS short list, Trump is making a previously covert power play far more overt
One of Trump's SCOTUS picks thinks child labor laws are unconstitutional.
Get some lefty heads poppin' this Friday morning Luv Mike Lee
Trump campaign releases new list of potential Supreme Court picks, including Mike Lee via
Mike Lee is Utahs senator, ranked the most conservative in the senate. His brother is on the Utah Supreme Court
Mike Lee? He's a conservative trump is trying to destroy.
Are you still coming to South Africa Lee? It would be a dream come true to actually meet you.
Michigan, Florida (x2), Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and Mike Lee. Plus two names associated with Alito and Thomas. Election pol…
Get some lefty heads poppin' this Friday morning
Should I consider you pro-surveillance and anti-criminal justice reform bc Mike Lee would be involved in them?
Mike Lee inclusion is an obvious play for Ted Cruz endorsement.
The additions to SCOTUS short list by are terrific:
Mike Lee is first on Trump's new list of SCOTUS picks. Here's my story from April about conservatives pushing him: https:…
The first name on this list thinks child labor laws are unconstitutional.
Trump floats guy who said child labor laws are unconstitutional as Supreme Court justice.
Trump floats more potential Supreme Court picks — including Sen. Mike Lee: Donald Trump is expanding the list...
he wants it though. In a way Mike Lee doesn't.
"They’re supporting a bill by Senators Chris Murphy, Mike Lee, Al Franken and Rand Paul..."
Normally, I wouldn't give this site a click, but Nolte & the hit on Tapper r worth it. The vid bit on Mike Lee too.
Spox for UT Sen. Mike Lee on his meeting with Pence: "Lee emphasized that Republicans must identify David Duke’s racism as…
Heard from Mike Lee, Governor Pence, Governor Herbert, and Carly Fiorina at the Utah Solutions summit today
Mike Lee to face Chris Traietti in Chicago on Sept. 30
FORMER other Senator. Now I have Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee. ... So, no improvement, really.
if they had Mike Lee, Gannon Baker, KP, Drew Hanlen, Devin Williams, Micah Alexander, Alan Stein, or other trainers?
Over-regulation is costing us $2Trillion/year. We need Mike Lee's regulatory budget. Congress should regulate the regulato…
Would u b interested in interviewing Berniecrat who destroyed in UT primary & running against Mike Lee?
Add Charlie Baker and Jeff Flake. Susan Collins says she's undecided, and then there's Cruz bestie Mike Lee.
I have a feeling Justice Thomas would have far more in common with Ted Cruz or Mike Lee.
Comment from a customer in Lansing, MI "Mike Lee."
Comment from a Eastbrook Homes customer in Lansing, MI "Mike Lee." via
Mike Lee, Ted Cruz RINOs? Come on. If we're using words to judge pols, Trump has said he would use exec orders like Obama has.
Look at the sources, who wrote it and when they wrote it.
how am I supposed to know they fake?
NEVER Trump.. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee want to start one of their there
Mike Gorodinsky’s View on Contribution, Gambling and The Future of Online Poker: Lee Dav…
Ted Cruz does it daily. Mike Lee, too. But the GOPe doesn't want their type in the party. They don't want me either.
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Senator Mike Lee is ok with this price for 30 day supply of life…
So North Korea declared war on the U.S today.
Thank you brother Gregory Burrus for capturing last night's jam session on film. Great shots!!! Thanks Mike Lee...
yeah Lee/Mike Thomas 6 & 7 for me. So hard to pick 5. I love Gamble though.
My takeaways from camp today. - Jalen Ramsey is the fastest player on field. - Jags will find ways to get the ball in Marqis…
Cobb County chairman Tim Lee, who moved the Braves out of Atlanta, was defeated by anti-stadium challenger Mike Boyce by almost 2 to 1
Fan artist painted this dramatic scene of John Marston from
Mike Loves Purple and Lives Gold, but he really loves this gold! Let's get it this year
I just had a great one on one conversation with Senator Mike Lee and…
Cruz and Mike Lee are honest brokers.
Mike Lee and Ted Cruz maybe oughta start worrying about the God Damned Unvetted Refugees FLOODING our country.
Mike Lee in the house for Live at on Manchester
Keep up the good work! This election means everything to America!
I do vote for Constitutionally eligible candidates. Leaves out doesn't even have a U.S.A. birth certificate. Mike Lee why
Leader of Eff limpopo Legislature is back to the Anc. ...from to Welcome back Bra Mike Mathebe. https:…
Little Giant Ladders
Oh heavens no! ☺ I like Mike Lee/Ted Cruz conservatives. Constitutional conservatives.
I'm disappointed no members from or Bears Ears Coalition showed up to ENR hearing today. All were invited: https:…
Welcoming EFF Limpopo leader Mike Mathebe back to ANC with ANC SG Gwede Mantatshe in Polokwane todayhttp…
For everyone seeing dis short video,just know my *** ain't *** he's just being funny…
Spencer names Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee as his 3 most influential athletes...
The EFF has wished its former provincial leader in Limpopo, Mike Mathebe, well in the ANC. Mathebe rejoined the ruling party…
regram 🔛🔝. Thank you for the fun roll today Mike! 💪🏼😜
A vote for Johnson is a vote for Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to have real influence in the Senate.
Cruz was their last hope That's why Mike Lee was pushing Cruz Mormon wants amnesty
All of these phony "conservatives" like Mike Lee,Limbaugh, Beck, Levin, all know abo…
Right now Mike Lee is even less welcome in Cleveland than Johnny Manziel.
Such a small petty man. He mad at Mike Lee now. Let's give him the power of the fed govt to abuse for his per…
Landry-Walker DB Mike Lee wins this one on one
Plagues, power outages, His best friend Mike Lee leading a floor revolt. His "King of the North" rally today. All makes sens…
maybe Ryan or Mike Lee should be her VP
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easy to take cheap shots at Anthony but he's right, what a hilarious way to describe Mike Lee:))
Anthony Weiner mocks the intellectual chops of Mike Lee, a policy wonk and former SCOTUS clerk. That's funny.
Watching you interview Mike Lee. Thought I was seeing Bill O'Reilly with all the interruptions.
Treasonous rat, Sen. Mike Lee, trying to help steal the nomination from Trump on CSPAN.
Mike Lee is the epitome of integrity & honesty. A true constitutional conservative. If you denounce him you've become liberal…
Mike Lee speaking for closed primaries. “We will cease to be a party” if candidates are decided by ppl who “do not share ou…
"We need Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to be willing to lead the new party. We need a new party and we need…" — Robert
We shall remember Mike Lee (R) (Utah) not supporting the candidate elected by the majority of republican voters.
Mike Lee one of the few who stands to vote against this amendment
Oh my: Both sides expect Mike Lee to support “conscience clause” that would unbind the delegates
Mike Lee might lead the charge to unbind the delegates. That would be incredible.
Mike Lee,Cruz,Walker all funded by Club for Growth.Who cares about you again??
Mike Lee, the mild-mannered U.S. Senator from Utah, is going to play a very big role in the delegate fight this week. https:/…
When a super Moderate like Bruce Rauner and a super Conservative like Mike Lee are uniting against Trump- that says a lot.
Yeah, I'm THAT Conservative! Ted Cruz is 100% CR Conservative as is Mike Lee. THAT is MY dream team! https…
Sen. Mike Lee on Trump: "He accused my best friend Ted Cruz's' father of conspiring to kill JFK' . I'm still shocked. Ted Cruz has a friend..
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Glenn Beck ALL belong to a church that believes that LGBTQ are perverted! Women can't lead church?
.Mike Lee's father, Rex, now deceased, was my law school dean. I think he'd b shocked abt Mike & Trump.
.Don't tell me no reason to be concerned about Donald Trump... │
Did Mike Lee just call Ted Cruz his 'best friend'?. Of Course. . via
Without your financial support, this opportunity to unseat Mike Lee will be lost! Donate today
.on Trump: "We can get into the fact that he accused my best friend’s father of conspiring to kill JFK"
Oh, I like Mike Lee. Read similar artilce via The Blaze this AM. 👍
what a little whiner he is , grow a pair Mike lee stand on your own merits
I just lost all respect because GOP Sen Mike Lee won't endorse Trump!
The GOP needs more of and less of Trump.
UT Sen. Mike Lee (who's on the RNC's Rules Committee, btw) on why he's not endorsing Trump:
GOP Sen. Mike Lee goes off on radio host who says he should be supporting Trump. .
Is Mike Lee the first Republican US Senator to say Trump is an "authoritarian"?
Do you think Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are really best friends?
Finally Mike Lee and I agree on something.
Imagine that! Mike Lee doesn't want to vote for a guy who makes up crazy facts. I agree!
Mike Lee, asked why not backing Trump, points to Trump's accusations about the father of his "best friend," Ted Cruz ht…
Mike Lee will be far more important to the future of the country than Trump.
What are you talking about? What does that have to do with you calling Mike Lee a RINO? Scratch your head o…
lol you clearly know nothing about Mike Lee. Try again
Republican Senator Mike Lee gives 3 big reasons why he’s not endorsing Donald Trump, by
The PERFECT POTUS team for America, THEY would restore our GREATNESS! ** Mike Lee is What a Leader Looks Like
Sen. Mike Lee gets very testy here over why he hasn't endorsed Trump: (h/t
Mike Lee calls Ted Cruz his best friend. 2 Senators with honor wonder most in Senate don't like them https:/…
That fox poll you cite is suspect. If the voters prefer diff nom, how'd he beat 15 others by alot?
so by all meAns Mr constitution get in bed with Crooked Hillary... What a crock mike Lee is
Sen. Mike Lee goes on epic rant about Donald Trump
Sen. Mike Lee on Trump: 'He accused my best friend's father of conspiring to kill JFK.'
Utah Democrats picked Misty K. Snow, the first transgender major party candidate, to challenge Mike Lee in Nov. https:…
All purpose parts banner
Misty Snow, a trans woman, will be fighting to unseat Sen. Mike Lee this fall in Utah:
Jim Jordan Trey Gowdy n Mike Lee. Maybe Scott Walker That's all I can think of. I think I heard Bob Corker 4 Trump
I know decent people in several Senate staff rooms. They all work for Mike Lee or Ted Cruz.
Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, my Senators. Time for Hatch to resign. No Lee.
Shame on Utah senators & Mike Lee. They won't get my vote again.
Yeah, I definitely downgraded on my Senators. The Turtle is worse than Hatch and Rand is definitely no Mike Lee.
Why is it that good senators like Mike Lee can't get any support from other senators? I already know what I think.
OMG OMG OMG turn on CSPAN right now and watch Mike Lee of Utah and Paul Rand of Kentucky twist themselves into Republican pretzels.
Senators Elizabeth Warren and Mike Lee introduce bill to help graduate students save for retirement:
we don't need to draft our daughters. Please tell US Senators to vote for Sen.Mike Lee's Amendment
agree. Sasse, Mike Lee, and Tim Scott are the only Senators to not embarrass themselves in 2016
Only a few senators left off this list such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee!
are you familiar at all with the story of "Iron Mike" Malloy?
yea I'm still alive thanks for checking on me😭
All I know are sad songs sad songs, darling😷. Udah sore😴 ♫ I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner —
I'd love to attend this con at least once :-)
surprised Lee is still in the Dodger org. They don't appear to like him, so is it that no one else does either?
I want my future husband to be the combination of Aaron Yan, Song Joongki, PushDJ, Ji Chang Wook, Mike He, Lee Min *** …
Harambe hasn't even been dead for a week and his baby mama already out here being a thot!... These *** AIN'T LOYAL! ht…
Why do people still listen to Mike Millbury lol
I just finished reading "Our Lost Constitution" by Mike Lee. You've gotta read it. The Constitution is not some...
Elvis has left the building! Doesn't get more exciting than finals OT, especially with Mike Lange on the call…
Thx to everyone who came out to Mike Lee's opening. Check out the 📸! 👉🤖🎨
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley testified today in House Speaker Mike Hubbard's ethics trial in Lee County.
Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz,and RandPaul are the only decent ones.The rest = nonpartisan sellouts
I need some one to bring me as a guest to their gym. Mine has been closed for a week and I'm having withdrawals
I usually measure friendships in how many grams of weed I need to smoke before I am able to deal with a person. Some of y…
Wow, that's a MUCH better reason to shoot a gorilla than what I came up with
What's a good website to to get tickets for your these days tour in Indy
He should come out and endorse Mike Lee's bill.
At this point, where's the harm in seeing what Chris Lee can do in Mike Wright's spot? This isn't working.
Shoutout to my bestfriends and our wild *** adventures!
.fighting to restore Congressional constitutional authority.
Last week I passed by Lee from trash talk now today Fat Mike from nofx
in the pocket of who? Look at Ruth Lee Tim Condon or Terry Smith Roger Hargreves John Molton Lawson
Thankyou all xxBarry jevons is fundraising for on Show your support
Why are so many people high on Lee? I mean Im not saying he's complete trash but to choose him over Urias?
Lee is in a funk right now. Frias hasn't been strong either. Urias ... well ...
I'm the lowest man on Lee and Frias has barely pitched
Mookie Betts: 1st Red Sox player to hit a leadoff HR in back-to-back games since Mike Aviles in 2012 at PHI (5-19 J.Blanton, 5-20 C.Lee)
just seems like Frias or Lee would have been better options considering how his debut went and save Urias for Atl
Mailbag: What is Jacksonville's weakest area? Is this Marqise Lee's breakout year?
In the lead with 2 confirmed kills is Carrie Lee, taking out Ping.
Fair enough. I've been confused with Justice Minister Mike Masutha and even Spike Lee before...
Some throwback here playing at Lee with a little black eyed peas.. I like it.. So does Mike Tomlin
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Give me someone like Cruz or Mike Lee as a third party choice.
I have confirmed that Kentucky transfer Marcus Lee is currently visiting Washington today. A former five-star recruit.
I agree! That's a lot to put on shoulders of 1 man, but he seems only politician to even care. oh, & Mike Lee.
Yuri Foreman and Mike Lee on the same card in NY this weekend. Boxing fans can't handle so much star power on one card.
That's really smart ? Those bums would not stand up agaist Obama, he did, alone (Mike Lee too )
with mike lee trying get McConnell place as speaker that one best changes we had in years to bring…
Coming to a neighborhood near you. 0 will pick your neighbors for you.
NDNY members: last chance to claim your Mike Lee '06 tix for his Fri bout. DM us if you want 'em!
Tonight there's a new jam starting at the Bucktown Pub. Mike McCulloch, Aaron Zachary, Lee Rothenberg and myself...
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