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Mike Judge

Michael Craig Judge (born October 17, 1962) is an American animator, film director, writer and voice actor, best known as the creator and star of the animated television series Beavis and Butt-head (1993–1997, 2011–present), King of the Hill (1997–2010), and The Goode Family (2009).

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Was kind of hoping that Judge Napolitano wasn't a real judge - like Judge Reinhold or Mike Judge. Alas.
Hey, remember that one Mike Judge show that wasn't King of the Hill or Beavis and Butthead? I think it predicted the Shaun King controversy.
Someone has to make a comedy about this. Someone put a call out to Mike Judge or Seth Rogen.
This stuff makes me want Mike Judge to adapt "Super Sad True Love Story" into a TV series.
If David Warner can't judge a quick single, I'm not sure I can trust his judgement on a high-def OLED TV
He's on with the Judge now Live on Fox News. WOW, you need to listen to this one about Hillary.
I like the Stooges. You know what movie I saw that I sort of discovered l...
Judge orders North Carolina counties to restore thousands to voter rolls .
All the people whose favorite movie is mike judge's "Extract" in a room together
Here come da Judge.. excellente... now there is one needed in Indiana where lying so called Christian s…
Meet Judge Mike Morgan. He is the activist liberal Democrat judge who blocked Voter ID in North Carolina. Now he...
What I said is personal preference though I wouldn't judge someone as like a perv for going for a younger chick
Mike, be reasonable. I was watching when it happened. No one knows yet. You think Judge Jeanine wouldn…
Recomendadisima si no la has visto — Mike Judge hizo Beavis and Butt-Head e "Idiocracy",...
Very Important down ballot race in NC - N.C. Supreme Court - progressives should vote for Mike Morgan, an experienced Supe…
Judge Jeanine Pirro calls the Clinton Foundation an “organized criminal enterprise”.
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You'd have to ask Mike Judge, but I've been wondering how Hank Hill would vote this US election.
"Silicon Valley". How could i have missed that show? And Mike Judge created it.
to true Mike never judge a book by its cover
This is a powerful, moving piece from the son of the greatest judge of my lifetime. I like to think his father would ha…
The surfing world lost a quiet legend last week when former ASP head judge Mike Martin passed away. More
Federal judge restores voting rights to thousands of people illegally purged in NC:
When a Federal Judge calls you a racist, you're probably a racist. He could set back civil rights people died for.
Judge: Now wait a second Mike. if the other players were hacking, wouldn't that make their kills on you unfair?. Me: That's…
I put the storyboard down and came back to it like two weeks later and sa...
Nephew as .Wheelchair transformed to SpinningChair! Looking for a new judge?H…
As a Hoosier that still sickens me that didn't stand up for the federal judge from his OWN…
also ran into a judge mike morgan. a proud member of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity LOL... im not voting
Deadline extended for talks on money linked to Gulnara Karimova, former 1st daughter
ME: ur honor may i approach the bench. JUDGE: u may. ME:. JUDGE: are u coming or no. ME: it's weird. now that i know i can…
That truly great judge Lord Denning, ever an upholder of the rights of us average Joes & Joannas, was quite clear that EC Act 1972 did .
An inspired choice by to Show Mike Judge's Idiocracy on Tuesday night at 11.40
How did the judge disagree with me?. Very low bar for RO's, as it should be. EZ 2 get. SO?
Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy says people judge you on 2 criteria
somehow not surprised to see that in NM. I have an aunt there who thinks Judge Judy and Arpaio should run.
Federal judge says no evidence of voter intimidation from Trump workers in Nevada
True life: mike and I went and saw trolls in 3D. and we were the only ones in the theater, so no one could judge the wine I brought 🙃🍷
Ohio judge warns Trump campaign as voter advocates score court wins
I know I'm mature bc I can live w/ Mike and also drink a Mike's Hard* in front of him without saying something nasty. *please don't judge me
I guess you do not have a problem with a judge trying to purge voter rolls for the GOP in NC, but that did not work.
An Ohio federal judge has banned the Trump campaign and Roger Stone from intimidating voters and "exit polling"
What judge?. Which law?. Are you having convos in your head again?
"according to Mike Pence, he & the RNC are doing precisely what the RNC is not legally permitted to do"
Tonight we had our Feast of Sharing dinner in and were joined by Midland Cty Judge Mike Bradford.…
Judge Carpenter(D) won't issue injunction to help stranded students/workers for Mon AM commute, but will "revisit"…
BREAKING: A federal judge in North Carolina has ruled that the state illegally dropped voters from registration lists…
Idiocracy and a live Q&A with Mike Judge, Maya Rudolph, and Terry Crews. Great date night with…
Idiocracy screening with Mike Judge, Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews and some guy! .
At screening of Idiocracy in Santa Monica with Mike Judge, Maya Rudolph and Terry Crews
This is the other side of the marquee. I'll be doing a q&a with Mike Judge, Maya Rudolph and…
Terry Crews has been added to tonight's Q&A with Mike Judge and Maya Rudolph following Idiocracy! Buy tickets at
Mike Judge was inspired to make the film "Idiocracy" after watching two moms get into a cursing match at Disneyland.
Okay so now that Sausage Party is a hit, who should we give an R-rated animated film to next? Dan Harmon? Kristen Wiig? Mike Judge?
Aaron Judge looks like he was created by Mike Judge.
the other day I genuinely upset someone when I told them Mike Judge is an Alex Jones fan
If you order a Whopperito with some Mac 'n Cheetos at Burger King, you technically owe Mike Judge royalties
And how would we describe Mike Judge's "Office Space" and "King of the Hill"?
Meet directors Hazel Clark and Mike Judge @ the conclusion of their meet today! Thanks for allowing me to tag along!
Hilarious how, in last night's ep of Mike Judge flips the "flair" scene from Office Space on its head.
Ayn Rand goes to “Silicon Valley”: The world of Mike Judge, where corporations are the new soul-crushing villains
Wait sorry the Mike Judge episode was last week. Nevertheless - still terrif.
Twenty years ago today, I started as a staff writer on King of the Hill. Thank you Mike Judge and Greg Daniels.
I know, I wonder if Mike Judge worked with him or based characters on him.
"I know judges, I have the best judges: Judge Dredd, Judge Judy, Judge Reinhold, Mike Judge, Simon from American Idol."
The first 5 are easy, Judge Reinhold, Judge Dredd, Judge Judy, Mike Judge, and David Justice.
Friend passed along this video of Mike Judge on rightwing Alex Jones show discussing how he came up with Idiocracy
After this election cycle, I am going to rewatch Idiocracy. I believe Mike Judge may now be the most prescient political sci…
“And I’d like to thank my speechwriters, Etan Cohen and Mike Judge.” . — Donald Trump, 08 November 2016
Mike Judge's film Idiocracy is coming too real.
nah. it's a minor Mike Judge film w/ a lot of SNL alums. Great premise, some great jokes, but yeesh, looks bad 10yrs on.
Pretty sure Mike Judge is controlling the universe now.
Someone should interview w/ Mike Judge about watching Idiocracy go from flop, to cult hit, to singularly prescient cultural criticism.
Listen man... Never judge a girl by her Instagram -mike stud
Many say Judge Judy should replace Scalia on SCOTUS, but they're overlooking Judge Reinhold, Judge Parker, and Mike Judge.
Before you jump to judge Killer Mike for reciting Jane Elliot's words, recognize the context was "social justice": htt…
Don't judge someone on their mistakes if you never learn from yours. You look hypocritical & dumb af
Mike McCormack should just be honest and say he wants all cops to be a cross between Judge Dredd and Robocop
Let's not be the judge or the jury, but the one who helps rehabilitate those in need.
What kind of men are they spending all their time with goats. We are not here to judge the love one find for another.
I love when people judge my weld quality because I have really bad shakes.
And being an Obese Rapper does not qualify you, Mike, to judge politics. Go on TMZ with all the other rappers
Obama will skip Judge Scalia's funeral but sends 3 representatives to Mike Brown (a robber) 's funeral. Smh just disrespectful
Mike Judge has always been one step ahead of us
That's sad Obama won't pay his respect Scalia. He would have to answer to Democratic party fighting to have liberal judge
Judge denies latest Bill Cosby bid to end criminal sexual-assault case
The judge lineup for tonight's competition will be Mike Dibbini, Sydney Carlin and Mary Vanier!
Appreciate the feedback. Baseball rules. Judge, Lindgren & Kaprielian are coming. Look for Marlins & Yanks to be much improved
Judge Mike Morrison wants to hear your research story…register for before Feb 26.
and let's judge Duke after K leaves
Mike Judge working on 30 new episodes of Beavis & Butt-head OMFG srsly awesome!!!
‘It has ZERO CHANCE’ – Judge Napolitano on the Donald’s TRUMPED UP lawsuit threat against Cruz!
To be clear, if the FBI's legal argument is correct, then a single judge could outlaw strong encryption. . Apple must win thi…
Dear Mike, Was Scalia murdered? Yes, I think he was and I have a sneaking suspicion of who and why. How can I...
I’m a little more skeptical on Hicks, but I like Judge a lot. And that bullpen…WOW
Ron and I are working for Mike Wallach---candidate for Judge District Court 348. Please consider voting for Mike!
I know. I'm pointing it out because some news reports treat the order as if the judge drafted it.
Thug Mike Brown got 3 autopsies after being obviously shot dead for being stupid , and a Supreme court Judge gets none. Go figure?
Oh don't judge me for having Mike & Ike's and black coffee for breakfast. You know I'm way more fun than you and your stupid egg whites.
the best sitcom writers are working for Trump. C'mon this s**t isn't real. Written by Judd Apatow/Mike Judge lmao
Don't judge someone based on who they want to vote for; there's only like 4 real candidates and 70 million eligible voters
Lee County judge grants hearing in AL House Speaker Mike Hubbard case
Moving day for fams at Ashton Square Apts in Richmond. At 1p Judge will decide if complex is condemned.
Wazzam Mike Vick? Don't snitch. Tell the judge he kill deer, and it's real
:U swarm around,forcing ur mike to mouth,questioning like police/judge,u feel so great.But *** breaks loose
Calling Mike Judge -- I bet he wouldn't let Cook off too easy.
It turns out NBC News reported this story inaccurately. Tech dirt's Mike Masnick clarifies.
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Can you imagine how much degenerate material Mike Judge would have to work with if King of the Hill was still on nowadays? I miss that show.
Trey Parker has Orgazmo. Mike Judge has Idiocracy. Seth MacFarlane has Tooth Fairy? See what i am getting at?
Mike Judge's Idiocracy film turned out to be more accurate in depicting future events than the Mayan Calendar.
Presidential candidate Donaled Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Trump ought to be paying royalties to Mike Judge for this show.
Mike, the chief judge giving the rules @ Mahoning County Republican Party
ah that old excuse, explains why I have 100+ Judge Dredd figs and the same in Empire of the Dead range
..Mike, in theory you're right...but like Jesus..the Judge showed mercy & not punishment..
Never heard of it. But just watched first 2 seasons of Silicon Valley by Mike Judge - well worth a watch.
With the meetings over, I have no reason to believe Judge Berman will rule against Tom Brady.
Dear America: when Mike Judge made Idiocracy, he meant it as a cautionary tale, not a to-do list.
Never judge a book by its cover...I've seen a homeless guy in a suit and a guy who looked like a bum speed off in a Maser…
BREAKING: Hearing has ended, Judge Berman will rule tomorrow or Wednesday (New Post)
Roger Cossack breaks down factors that the judge will look at before making a ruling in the Tom Brady case -via ESPN
Beginning to think Mike Judge is a prescient harbinger of doom and IDIOCRACY was a warning, not a comedy
Here's the latest on TFS band director Mike Madonia. The misdemeanor charge against him has been cleared:
SICK pic from Mike Z of Judge, Mala and Mamba giving their attention lock and…
Judge Richard Berman says he will definitely rule on the Deflategate case by Friday, and possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday.
U.S. District Court Judge Berman will issue Deflategate ruling this week, as early as Tuesday, no later than Friday.
Breaking: Judge announces he will make ultimate decision in tomorrow or Wednesday.
THIS JUST IN: Deflategate judge Richard Berman announces there is no settlement in Tom Brady's appeal. Today's hearing is…
Well... Mike Judge's prophecy may after all become true, only 485 years early.
If Kanye really runs in 2020, the Idiocracy prophecy will be complete. All hail the precog, the dark Lord Mike Judge.
Mike Judge thought it'd take 500 years for our society to reach his vision of Idiocracy.. Well it's been 9 years...
Yes, you have heard his name before! Judge shout out: Thx Mike Carlton of for helping us this year!
"Before you assume, learn. Before you judge, understand. Before you hurt, feel. Before you say, think."
Today in 2007 former District Attorney Mike Nifong was sentenced to a day in jail for lying to a judge in the Duke Lacrosse rape case.
If Kanye West / Kim Kardashian get elected in 2020, America pretty much turns into a Mike Judge film.
follow few French journalist and they all rate him highly. Never seen him myself to judge.
...or Idiocracy. Mike Judge is a prophet.
It's laughable that Mike Judge's Idiocracy could be America's future with Kayne West running for President in 2010.
After Kanye the deluge...President Camacho. Mike Judge saw this coming, but sooner than he expected.
To be honest, I enjoy Mike Tyson Mysteries (Don't judge me) .
To my mind Heydon's admission of no computer & no email skills destroys his credibility as a Commish or judge of …
HEYDON: I am very negligent due to being old. Because I'm a judge this admission will somehow work in my favour
Mike Judge is looking more and more like a future forecasting documentarian.
. More proof, as if any were needed, that Mike Judge's film "Idiocracy" was actually a documentary...
How sad that Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" has turned out to be more prophetic than Kubrick's "2001"
Is it just me or is this year's a jug of Brawndo short of a Mike Judge movie?
Kanye West 2020 confirms that Mike Judge is a prophet
Mike Judge is the Nostradamus of our time.
So Mike Judge's film Idiocricy is coming true within the next decade.
God *** it mike judge you predicted the future
it's true tho. Music shouldn't be about winners or losers. You can't judge self expression like that
We need a with Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Bill Paxton, & Bill Murray as guests. Throw in Mike Judge, too.
and you are either a junior in HS or a 34 year old man. I dont judge you Mike
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Big thanks to Mike Myers, Mike Judge, Trevor Noah, Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer for signing this past week
I wonder if Mike Judge or Etan Cohen ever think back to 'Idiocracy', . look around at society, . and just start screaming, . "I TOLD YOU SO!"?
For animated television, Mike Judge, Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening have set the standard. Maybe throw Trey Parker and Matt Stone in too.
.I'm a techie; but an old, contrarian example. Mike Judge's 'Silicon Valley' is so funny because it is painfully close to reality.
Comedy and heart at the right places. Beautiful farewell for Peter Gregory. Silicon Valley Season 2 is back with a bang. Mike Judge _/\_
Mike Judge and Marc Maron are from there. So random! Mad Men took me a minute to get into. I'm a season behind.
Mike Judge, the creator of "Beavis and Butthead," has a Bachelor's degree in Physics.
I'll take Texans Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater, and Mike Judge against any 3 writer/directors from anywhere else.
Yeah his appearance and speech was definitely based on Anderson. Mike Judge did the voice for both characters.
Can you tell us more about KITH calling Mike Judge in early 90s? Fascinating!
Office Space - Mike Judge | | Comedy top ten horror movies of all time
When I find a band I will go straight to a lyric video so I don't judge them on their faces I judge them on their tale…
PENALTY on Aguero or not? Judge for yourself on Sun Goals. Get it FREE for 30 days: http…
Mike Brown wasn't even given an option for a trial over theft of cigarillos.played judge, jury & executioner
I believe that was the shopkeeper. Mike shoving him was bad, but not worthy of death. Wilson was judge, jury, and executioner.
Watch Mike Judge's Idiocracy for a version of that future.
usually it's the other way around jord. But I'm not one to judge
or a food replicator so I can judge *** s Kitchen.
Can they combine 3D TVs with 3D printers, so I can judge "Chopped" from the comfort of my own home?
You don't have to judge Mike Brown on the actions of his family. You can judge him as a thug for robbing a liquor store.
can you not judge me if I like them all
He's the most famous animator to work on DOUG and BEAVIS that wasn', Jim JINKINS, or MIKE JUDGE. I love that ***
u quick to judge. And u haven't much use for facts have u? Don't add me to lists I didn't ask to be added to thanks.
Yes, we'll be the judge of that, thanks. Barnaby is very garrulous and provides ample evidence of his foolishness
Don’t judge Gods presence by your predicament…. He’s able!
Pretend it's a Mike Judge movie or something.
Eubank was trying to throw 1 punch all fight... Mike Dean must've been the judge who give it Eubank. Dodgy
Not only was Clay Tarver the guitarist in Chavez he's also a writer on the Mike Judge HBO series Silicon Valley.
I don't know really, we gotta see what's up with this draft then I'll judge. Better than Mike T
Mike and I got to go to an awesome event tonight at McGeary's in Albany and judge a Movember contest. I love the...
After reading Don Quixote, I would be amazed if Mike Judge had not read Miguel de Cervantes before creating Beavis & Butthead
only god can judge me I got the tattoo 💯
I hate when people judge but they don't even know you
can't be true, that's like something out of a Mike Judge movie. Oh god.
Prosecutors never asked Darren Wilson how Mike Brown "grabbed" his gun without leaving a single fingerprint.
The highest act of wisdom is self accountability... Look into yourself before you judge others..
Apparently Canada "has no free speech" and an Ontario judge is a pawn in an international Islamic conspiracy. It's an alternate reality.
Ian Benjamin on Wilder: "Trust this guy - judge him when he's had a good run with a consistent starting XI, when the in…
Game over, Goodell. Let's get the NFL out of a lawyer's hands into a former athlete's. Mike Ditka for Commish!
"Judge's takedown of Roger Goodell in Ray Rice case is what commissioner deserves via Mike Lupica
Line Judge Mike Shirley (guy who blew the offsides call) was suspended by the SEC in '09 as part of a crew that blew call…
let's judge the last actions of Mike Brown vs the last actions of Henwood to see how distasteful and WRONG this is
I briefly described the highlights of my 2013, 2007 Britney Spears year to Mike last night and he didn't judge me whatsoever
Shorter Teamobama: "Let's judge Mike Brown by his skin color, not by his character." Meanwhile, MLKjr. spins in his grave.
Dear World: We ask you judge NOT as a Black Pres., but by stupidity of actions; character
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"Why are we so quick to judge Wilson, when Mike Brown charged him to harm him? Wilson's instinct was to shoot and protect himself."
how do you know he was a thug? From what you read in the media? You judge Mike Brown because he may have
Providing misleading evidence to the grand Jury in the presence of a judge makes me think twice about our so...
I agree with Mike Florio on this: the judge's decision in the Rice case renders the Mueller investigation practically m…
I want to see a Duke Nukem movie directed by Mike Judge and starring a young Ron Perlman via /r/Showerthoughts
oh man. It's a Mike Judge movie. Terry Crews, Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph. It's so good.
Dillon Day and I share our birthday, 10/17, with Margot Kidder, Eminem, Mike Judge (King of the Hill creator),...
Actor George Wendt (Cheers) is 66. Country singer Alan Jackson is 56. Animator/voice actor Mike Judge (King of the Hill) is 52.
Go watch the Mike Judge film 'Idiocracy' if you've not seen it yet. Spot-on with the satire of this theory.
Mike Judge's insightful brand of humour & the perennially underrated Gary Cole in belting form. Review: http:…
Just finished Mike Judge's Superbly funny as always from Judge. Sad to hear about Christopher Evan Welch.
Mike Judge has never been to Burning Man, but that could change this year. We hear the HBO Silicon Valley creator may be going to do some research on what..
Watching old King of the Hill episodes. Mike Judge is a genius!
Just watched season 1 of Silicon Valley and it was pretty legit. Mike Judge has still got it.
Silicon Valley starts tonight on Sky Atlantic, and it's excellent. I talked to Mike Judge about it.
Critics Consensus: Silicon Valley is a relevant, often hilarious take on contemporary technology and the geeks who create it that benefits from co-creator Mike Judge's real-life experience in the industry.
I know one girl I don't wanna be with her but I want her to have my kids cus I know we'd have cute *** babies 😂😂😂😂 "don't judge me"
People are always so quick to judge but never fully understand all the hard work you put behind something you absolutely love.
Yeah thats true but then Zidane pretty much did in '98. Messi hasnt recovered since his injury tbf so cant judge
Well I hope he's wearing shorts Wednesday - and I can judge for myself. And perhaps rename them accordingly.
TX Teabagger lawmaker Mike McCaul proves as bad a judge of people as the voters who elected him.
There'll be absurd rush to judge Messi on how this ends up. There shouldn't be. He's sensational. Nothing in the next 3…
she's great, isn't she. !!! Judge Pirro for president, she'll clean house
Let's all judge and for drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade
Taking a break from King of the Hill to watch Office Space. Mike Judge bender
I named my puppy stud after mike stud judge me😎
What's going on SV? Mike Judge's Silicon Valley: 'We tried to make it not... Get Found ->
Ukraine accuses Russia of attacking its army: Petro Poroshenko urges EU to adequately judge facts of illegal i...
mike Vick, tell that judge he kill deer & that's real!
I was impressed. It wasn't trying to hard either. I guess Mike Judge has got the background on that world too.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Mike Judge strikes gold in the valley!! -
Alexi Lalas is an *** Messi has that many trophies and you judge him on one game? Listen to mike Ballack ffs! Someone that played real fb
any doubts that Mike Judge is a prophet and Idiocracy is his testament, are quelled by the existence of this product.
your buddy mike judge should do something like that! Would be epic!
what if that money is to feed her kids or pay her bills. Don't judge if you don't know.
I'll be the judge of that.. do I get to see a pic ?? :-) pretty please. .
Will throw another Mike Judge quote back at you. "That Boy Ain't Right"
Warrington judge, jury & executioners as relegated from Super League (their 1st demotiion since 1984) by …
If you impeach Obama Reid and senate will acquit him then he's home free! Maybe fed. Judge will work out?
History will judge world's silence http…
that score by the NM judge was biased. No way Canelo won 9 or 10 rounds. Lara should've won.
Mike--TV Court shows-- fun way to avoid the daily bad tv news--here's my favorite judge
Judge Jeanine Pirro: Obama purposely using ‘Trojan Horse’ of illegal alien child crisis to CHANGE the electorate
Just saw the Alvarez v Lara fight and I scored it a draw. Cracking contest, but I don't know what bar the judge came out of for 117-111.
Like for the people who don't believe, I don't judge but if you're wrong then what?
Watched the first season of Silicon Valley. It's another instant classic from Mike Judge!
Root reunited with Mike Judge in Idiocracy and has also portrayed NASA flight director Chris Kraft in the
that judge from NM was biased basically gave all the rounds. Believe he had his mind up from beginning. 117-111 Nope
That judge from Las Cruces, NM shouldn't judge a fight again. No way Canelo won 10 out 12 rnds, was biased
You can judge people all you want but you will never understand what they go through
Lara won fight no way fight was 117-111 that judge shouldn't judge a fight again. He was biased to Canelo.
Space Aliens or Walnut Caterpillars, you be the judge, at Mike's blog:
leave it up to a Mexican Judge to pull for Canelo
The judge dropped the charge and I thank lord, that's why I take this mike and I go hard 😏
you weren't elected to let Judge Jenkins walk all over this housing issue in
rockin that Judge Joe Brown stache
Just saw pilot for Silicon Valley: well done Mike Judge, well done!
Really hope that you don't judge a man by his status
How is Royce a judge , lol Thats like Don King judging and Mike Tyson fight.
“Me and the homie kickin it fasho Mike Epps look like Judge Joe Brown lol
I want to love it more because Mike Judge and the premise is gold.
Don't judge people. Don't go with the crowd. Don't do what you have to. Be yourself and do what YOU want to and what you lo…
Mike Sharrit the obvious choice for 4th Circuit judge | - via
Judge Pirro says no other country in the World would allow 60k illegals to enter their borders & especially unscreened for me…
Seen our review of Silicon Valley - "Mike Judge strikes gold in the valley!!" Our reasons why Silicon Valley rules!!
Don't judge a book by its...well, ok, shoot 'em on sight.
Congrats to Emmy noms from Dallas Robin Wright, Kathy Bates, Allison Tolman and Mike Judge
Truly jaw dropping!!! This is like Mike Judge cinema verité…..
Silicon Valley was awesome last night. Very dry, typical Mike Judge. Don't get the Big Bang Theory comparisons though.
Silicon Valley's finale episode has taken place, and makers will be reasonably happy with what has been a successful debut season. Mike Judge's sitcom garnered about 2 million viewers, according to TV By The Numbers May 19 report. Fans will be delighted that HBO will be renewing the show for a Seaso…
Zach Galifianakis busting a gut with Mike Judge: submitted by DEATH-BY-CIRCLEJERK to videos [link] [comment]
Silicon Valley is based on Mike Judge's first job. Dotcom boom time but transfered to now. Peter Thiel character is comic geniud
Toni Cobb Brock and Sally Allen Brock/Allen CastingKids and Teens Summer Camp 2014 (Ages 9-15) Houston, Texas July 8-11, 2014 – 10am-5pm INSTRUCTORS Beth Sepko, CSA is an award winning Casting Director with over 20 years expertise working with film and television directors including Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater, Mike Judge, & Tim McCanlies, among others. She is one of the top Casting Directors in the State of Texas and has cast several projects like Friday Night Lights, The Lying Game, Revolution, Miss Congeniality, and the Spy Kids films just to name a few. A four-time Emmy nominee for Friday Night Lights and Emmy nominee for HBO's Temple Grandin, she was awarded the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Casting of a Drama Series in 2007 for the television series Friday Night Lights. Currently, Beth is working on the television series Dallas and the film Divine Access. - Trampas Thompson is one of the best stunt coordinators and stunt men in the film industry. His skills and e ...
Though Silicon Valley has been sufficiently popular to get renewed for a second season, and it’s received a warm welcome from most critics, still it seems to me we don’t appreciate this latest Mike Judge creation half enough.
I'd watch Mike Judge and Marc Maron have a conversation for an hour.
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It's a good show, huge fan of Mike Judge. Love Beavis and Butthead as well :D
Mike Judge floated comic ideas about writing off Peter Gregory to Christopher Evan Welch's family. They laughed.
Finally saw the last episode of the first season of Mike Judge's Good show. RIP Christopher Evan Welch.
Mike Judge on the death of Silicon Valley star Christopher Evan Welch: ‘A bummer on so many levels’ via
Public Service Announcement: I'm not much for the Television anymore, but Mike Judge's new project 'Silicon Valley' is pretty awesome, incredibly well cast (think Freaks n Geeks meets the office times that movie 'the internship') and deals with some pretty untapped subject matter that I enjoy seeing depicted alongside people smoking techbongz/kid rock muttering innuendo. Let me know if you tune in, nerds.
If y'all have HBO. You should definitely watch Silicon Valley. It's amazing. It's Mike Judge's new show. Do it.
Mike Judge and Alec Berg on Making HBO?s ?Silicon Valley? on KCRW The Business
In HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” a comedy by Mike Judge about a group of young Internet entrepreneurs, Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi had to incorporate the notion that Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are real-world fashion icons.
James L Brooks, Alexander Payne and Mike Judge solely because they directed three of my favourite films.
Created by Mike Judge. With Amanda Crew, Thomas Middleditch, Josh Brener, Martin Starr. In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. A comedy partially inspired by Mike Judge's own experiences as a Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley is another good show by Mike Judge.
Here's season 1 episode 3 of Mike Judge's Silicon Valley. Watch it outside of the US for free.
The guy playing the guy who is supposed to be Peter Thiel on Silicon Valley is Mike Judge's best work since Milton.
If you're not watching Silicon Valley, punch yourself in the face. It's Mike Judge people!
Kudos to Mike Judge and HBO. Silicon Valley is really good.
The tech world is buzzing about HBO's new comedy series, 'Silicon Valley,' with most feeling like creator Mike Judge takes too many liberties in skewering their world while others are glad he did
Everyone who is a King Of The Hill fan knows Mike Judge would often throw out things in the show to "hint" where Arlen was (or not)...once he showed it in Central Texas but said the Mexican border was 4 hours away (MAYBE from San Antonio)...Or Houston was 3 hours away (and Dallas was too!! but Dallas is 3 hours from Houston)..also showed a 409 area code number (555) on the side of a Strickland Propane truck..409 NPA is Galveston and SE Texas (Beaumont area)..however, CW network just showed an episode where they were listening to a Tom Landry Middle School football game.on 740!!! really?? KTRH?? At least they could have shown a Class C or ex-band frequency :)
I flippin love Mike Judge, everything he does is ace plus Martin Starr, who's awesome.
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Silicon Valley is Mike Judge in fine form and Martin Starr is just the best.
Mike Judge's new show Silicon Valley is pretty rad so far
So i just watched episode 2 of "Silicon Valley"... Sorry, i really hoped it would be awesome being a Mike Judge project...but think its pretty safe to say without some retooling, its done for. Its got great potential, but TJ Miller has GOT to go. He's crap.
Silicon Valley on HBO has me laughing out loud! TJ Miller is brilliant and the cast is perfect. Writing is hilarious. Great show. Mike Judge, folks. Yessir.
Hey, do me a favor. Watch "Silicon Valley" so for once, everyone doesn't realize a Mike Judge project is great five years…
"Silicon Valley" has some nice potential. Shouldn't be too surprised, I suppose, with HBO and Mike Judge behind it.
From Dan: I caught the premiere of Mike Judge's new HBO comedy Silicon Valley. I'm always pulling for Judge's work (don't ask; it's a Texas thing.) This new effort showed promise and given his record, it figures to get better week by week. Has anyone else had the chance to see it?
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