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Mike Joy

Mike Joy (born November 25, 1949 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American TV sports announcer, who currently serves as the lap-by-lap voice of Fox Sports' NASCAR Sprint Cup coverage.

Jeff Gordon Darrell Waltrip Larry McReynolds Buddy Baker Ned Jarrett Chris Myers Bob Jenkins Ken Squier Allen Bestwick Adam Alexander Larry Mac

I'd say the silent majority is staying silent. Pundits are getting out the message an…
"Paper trail leading back to Pence proves he knew Mike Flynn was a Russian agent" Scott Dworkin.
Bob Jenkins, Benny Parsons and Ned Jarrett will always be my favorites. Mike Joy, Neil Bonnet and Bu…
Best team, Mike Joy, Buddy Baker, Ned Jarrett on CBS. They didnt cover a ton of races, but when NASCAR was on CBS.cont
I never realized how much Mike Joy looks like Ralph Waite, Pa Walton, until this photo.
Mike Joy says Kyle Busch winning would be a Cinderella story since he cries like a princess when he doesn't
Mike Joy: Corey Lajoie was having his best career night running in 23rd (out if 32 on track when he Gray Gauldinged his car into the wall).
Welcome to the 2018 Daytona 500, I'm Mike Joy alongside Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Kenny Albert is the second best play by play guy after Mike Joy on Fox
I pray Christian Hackenberg is who I think he is. The joy of watching all these opinions change and the "I never said…
This is outrageous: Not a single woman in the room as and propose removing maternity coverage in
Oh joy, another election! Flyer of Mike Baird's successor & all smiles in the mail box. Pft ...
Remembering Mike "Pug"McComb who died aboard Taught me how to walk, cut & fall off a roof. And the jo…
Don't know if I'd call it "joy" but I can see a sort of ecstasy to it, like that of King David dancing before the divine 1/2
The joy of cinnamon with Mike Parry
I am surprized that most of Clint's movies I have dearly loved, my fave Every which way but loosejoy
Don't you feel that there is some joy in his automation? That the dance intended to enslave it ultimately frees it?
Happy National Puppy Day to my pride and joy !
Nice 4-star review from Mike Sullivan at All About Jazz! . "Everything about United is a joy: the playing, the...
Wakie wakie. Time to stream. We're hitting today, and you should be there with us. Only joy.
📣I also remember the legislative "visit from the Capitol to the White House" that preceded that quote!
😏I can hear Ford's laconic cadence saying exactly that, in my head to this day!
What's a you can readily revisit to new joy each time? c
♫♫ your presence ♫ that's the only place I've found where joy cannot be measured" ♫ (Dr Mike Murdock) search has ended...I have
"Our long national nightmare is over," Gerald Ford said after Nixon was forced out. & drafting yo…
Thanks, Mike.always gives me great joy to get replies from you&MG, esp. as you both must be very busy!...
These two serious looking fellows--brothers Pat and Mike--brought much joy and happiness into a g…
Good morning my love, wish you a blessed day. You bring so much peace and joy to my life, love you…
Friends, take a minute and read from Josh's dad, Mike this morning! I promise you won't regret it! ❤.
Thank you dear Mike. Happy day and jump for joy.❤️🤗❤️
If it wasn't His daughter you wouldn't be asking this question. If it were Chelsea you'd be jumping up and down for joy.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court begin today. Will you watch?
This Saturday...SHIFT Charlotte I'll be leading and speaking about finding and maintaining purpose and joy in our...
This is so dismissive and self-superior that I think Mike Lupica just cried tears of joy.
I get so much joy yelling at proplayers.
i find Joy in my womanhood. The pain, struggle, joy in every stage of my life is part of the beauty.
I thought you already retired? I thought you hung out with Mike for the pure joy?
"Waiting is not a postponement of your joy" (Dr Mike Murdock "What To Do While Waiting") 3:-)} 0:-)} exclusively yours ♥♥♥
The interesting thing is to see the joy on the side of one of the biggest…
"Joy is not an emotion scheduled for is the rward for the completion of an immediate instruction" (Dr Mike Murdock "What To Do
Marriage can lift men and women beyond narrow self-interests to the joy that comes from dedicating our lives to a holy pu…
fine, Dave. We'll change to the JOY OF MIKE'S ***
Hello! Have a question for Doing a special bonus episode on the JOY OF MIKE soon. Send your inqui…
hit my uncle Mike D at Hawks BarberShop off Joy Road. He'll take care of you if you tel him Li'l Al Sent you. Jump Lines!
No Joy of Coding episode this week due to travel. Instead, I invite you to watch livehack on Perfherder!
Me: Your Pokemon aren't looking so hot, you think Nurse Joy should take a look at them before they faint?. Student Athlete B…
The joy and pride he gets from that is disgustingly typical of this man-child.
NFL developing new way to drain all joy from sport for no reason:
Mike Joy is both deathly afraid of living a life of mediocrity and yet too lazy and unmotivated to do something significant
As Mike Frank wept with joy in the stands
Good morning my love, I hope you have a nice day. You fill my life with joy and you make me so hap…
Mike Joy gave you some Altoids out of kindness, not because you have bad breath
Do you hear that glorious sound of joy?
Mike Joy isn’t mad that you slept in after you promised to give him a ride into work
Mike Joy wrapped you in a warm, fuzzy towel after you nearly drowned
Sometimes it's the small things that happen during the day that bring the greatest joy.
“In today’s rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much, and forget about the joy of just being” Eckhart…
Well clearly. We're all humorless feminazis who want to destroy freeze peach and joy.
always good to see joy, brother Mike.
"I want people to walk away with the same joy, hope & that I put into my . Mike Stern
Stef took way too much joy in throwing AJ's shadiness in Mike's face
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I have to tell you how much I enjoy Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip,Jeff Gordon as commentators & let's not forget Mikey on Pit Road!👍👏
They're just upset they don't have Ken Squier, Mike Joy, Ned Jarrett, Buddy Baker or David Hobbs anymore
Nascar commenting dream team, Mike Joy, Jeff Burton, Steve Latarte. Rutledge Wood to do pit reports.
Jarrett was/is also one of my favourite commentators of all time and the biggest inspiration for me behind Mike Joy and Steve Byrnes
Here would be my four alternate moderators: Rick Allen, Ernie Johnson, Beth Mowins, Mike Joy
: Mike Joy, Larry McReynolds,Chris Myers, Jeff Hammond,Jeff Gordon did good job and the Waltrips where there too
The people I've lived up to is my family, Jeff Gordon, Mike Joy, Bob Jenkins & Allen Bestwick. I know for a lot not familiar, I love them.
Him calling a race along with Mike Joy, Jeff Gordon, and Darrell Waltrip That would be cool
.theology professor Mike Allen on Pope Francis’s 'The Joy of Love' (Amoris Laetitia)
"How minimalism brought me freedom and joy"
Mike Joy sent along and it is on list of items to review. Thanks.
Re-watched the "remember the Alamo Bowl" video and nearly wept with joy. God bless you, TCU Football.
This video contains everything you need to draw in the success, abundance, and joy you want:http…
The look on Patricia's face when she looked up at Mike crying with the baby in her hands. I've never seen joy so pure IN MY LIFE. Wow.
Such a gift you are to many. Happy birthday Dr. Mike Murdock. May your joy and the number of your years be full
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
This is the album we're launching: Along with Mike ' ' Collins' Biota and
your face of joy said it all!! Mike an k brad were funny on coments i bet you were dying to comentate!
watching NASCAR race from today, Peyton Manning in the booth. he dwarfs Jeff Gordon, Waltrip & Mike Joy lmfao
"What you study with great Joy is where you belong" (Dr Mike Murdock) 3;-)} 0:-)} e/y ♥♥♥
the joy a being a good teacher and coach Mike.
Not to downplay how badly Mike Joy cops it sometimes, but this is rougher
settle down! Perkins burned down while you joy ride
Great job, Mike Lees and Erin Joy Schmidt, on the musical today. The students were fabulous!
Mike Joy, Nascar announcer, says there is no denying is one of the future superstars... Maybe the future is now!
I'm being a little silly, of course, but Mike Breen is a genuine joy. The rhythms and tone of it all, he's got it down.
Fox Sports is Darrell Waltrip the best you can do? He and Mike Joy? The only good thing about your show is Jeff Gordon
Based on the info Mike Joy rattled off on the tire ages, there's gonna be a big one before the checkers.
DW and Gordon are starting to mesh in th3 booth. Credit to Mike Joy.
Hey Jeff ask Mike Joy what happened to Crank It Up we have not had one for 3 races? Used to do it twice a race let's get it back
Carl is my last hope at a decent fantasy finish today. DON'T JINX HIM MIKE JOY.
Mike Joy on Harvick passing Ty for 3rd: "now it's Toyota Ford Chevy" Um Ty was in a Chevy too.
YouTube channel Dylan tomasi. 29 year secret found in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.
Mike Schmidt is always a joy to have in the booth. Intelligent man
Mike Joy using a George Carlin joke in a broadcast has made my day complete.
Mike Joy just called the 21 car as Trevor Bayne
race announcers should be , Mike joy, Larry Mac and Jeff Gordon. Drop the waltrips. They've become tiresome.
Who has more silver showing: Mike Joy or Bristol bleachers?
Just when I thought I didn't care anymore I get dragged back in, football is just awful and it doesn't bring me any joy anymore.
"It’s time for us to step in and take control of our city.". Saints CB Keenan Lewis holds free "peace camp" in NOLA:
You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.
The joy and compulsion of collecting all 24 endings for Stories: The Paths of Destiny.
Shaan always my fav. His performances are full of joy.
Shaan always our fav. His performances are full of joy.
Jesus didn't die to bring sadness-He died that our joy may be full-The greatest honor we can give to God is to live joyfull…
This is the moment of joy for all the bystanders :D
Get your iPhone insurance today!
very true dear one *** of a party all over Mumbai.When r u all coming to the city of joy?
Yeahh. This is the way to celebrate joy
Bandra is the most incident place today. Shaan fill my heart with joy
Hey guys yes exitement and joy hearing the rocking music
Shaan always rocks. His performances are full of joy.
Oh puke!! I'd rather have my finger nails pulled out! Those were obviously screams of sheer joy!! You nut-case you ;)
The scary thing is that Fox has nobody to replace them with. Mike Joy leaves and we get Adam Alexander.
lol.I wish it could be Jeff and Michael Waltrip in the booth. DW and Mike Joy need to go
In 15 years Mike Joy will be replaced by Adam Alexander, Gordon will be the new D.W., Logano will be the new Gordon. Knaus will be LarryMac.
This should be fun hearing DW, Mike Joy & Jeff Gordon explain today. Coverage begins at 5 EDT on FS1
The Fox crew with Mike Joy, D.W., & Jeff Gordon - solid. As for NBC, they need Tony Reali to mute Steve Letarte repeatedly.
Jeff Gordon: "My primary focus, Daytona to Sonoma, are the races for FOX" Q&A->
I liked a video from CROSSFIT GAMES 2015: Mark Bell, Silent Mike, Jesse Burdick, and
Exclusive Q&A: is ready for the 'adrenaline rush' of live TV and the 2016
4/4 "Free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy wor…
Jeff Gordon ready to begin his new NASCAR adventure: Gordon will join Darrell Waltrip and Mike Joy in the Fox ...
Praying for Mike, Jeff, Julie, Duane & the family. Your mother/wife was a joy to know and we thank God for her journey!
No Mike Joy, we don't want that rodent.
Now we gonna have to hear him talk ALL THE TIME
I'm about to watch a movie I thought was about happiness turns out it's about a magic mop, not a magic mike but a mop
Every Giants fan on my TL is distraught about the Coughlin news..Meanwhile Mike Valenti is crying tears of joy
FOXSports "It looks like JeffGordonWeb is already fitting in quite well with the NASCARONFOX crew. MikeJoy500 A…
on Fox See Jeff Gordon in pre-season behind-the-scenes FOX NASCAR photo shoot: From the look of things...
It looks like is already fitting in quite well with the crew.
my mom wants to go to Jersey Mike's and i'm like go in joy your worm's
Mike Huckabee's performance in this incongruously scintillating little show is a joy.
The state of New York claims DraftKings and FanDuel are illegal gambling sites. . This could mean no more ads...Everyone c…
Dr MIKE MURDOCK I so wish I could be there! BLESSINGS and JOY!
Friday Night Joy with Special Guest: Elder Mike Cross on When Christians S... will air 11/13.
Always cool to see the power of sports and the joy it brings to people. Great example of that here by
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Just a few more weary days 🎶. and I'll fly away 🍃🎺. to a Land where joy will never end🌟. I'll fly away 💫🎹🎵. Oh Glory! 💕🙏
congrats mike. Having a new born baby is a bundle of joy
See for my review of The Brain Fog Fix – by Mike Dow.
It was a recent conversation with that made me realise this. . Thanks for RT, Mike.
There are things that happen that make football more than just a game. 📝 |
Here is the exclusive new trailer for Finding Dory!
Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears. ~ Kha…
Product design is imperative. Make your display catch your audiences attention.
Product design and functionality working together to generate perfection!
Because you need this as often as possible. Because the joy is recursive.
Dear person in your 20s don't compare yourself with your peers, comparison is the theft of joy.
Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Daughter, Uche dancing with Joy... '. 'Oh I hate to see u go'... Even Bishops…
So should my 1st playthrough be as Andy Jane or Mike? I use my name 2 much & you guys bring me joy, so:
I unplug my phone charger when Im not using it which means Im a good person and don't have to feel bad about stealing that kid's almond joy
Regina cyclist Mike Boles has seen plenty of crazy things on his 38 country, 61,241km trip around the world
."one of Denham’s investigators confirmed that Robertson’s chief of staff,Mike Magee, also mass-dele…
Thank you for allowing my Mike Adamle impression! Always so fun! See you next time
Whoever finds my Oakleys I hope they bring you as much joy as mine brought me 😢
It's a Good feeling when your woman takes pride and joy in being YOUR woman
"Joy" campaign is a slap in the face for those facing depression. I'm so triggered right now. Can't. Even.
6pm talk is called RAD Talks, its hosted by James Nokise & features Georgina Beyer, Sarah Wilson & Dr Mike Joy and ima talk about violence.
Seeing producer credit on brings so much joy to my life.
Brands forego epic storytelling to focus on the joy and excitement of Christmas: Retailers have previously tri... https…
mike I'm in TEARS of joy to know you AWAKE to PRAY that I'm still living OMAR SHARED it with me I love u MIKE
Hulu without commercials is like sex without condoms. Feels good and I'm pregnant with joy
John 16:22. Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you.
Joy and Mike on Day 2 @ Look for us at booth 1218 on the last day of exhibits.
Without prioritizing human-centered design, it's impossible to build a product that wins people's hearts.
WHAT a GAME CHANGER to adopt this PERSPECTIVE Dr MIKE MURDOCK! Since I am my enemies' focus, may they learn LOVE & JOY!
Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger on how to design a great product via
It's again folks! & spread some joy. Free for a follower. Not a just a https:/…
Instagram Founder chats w/ on the importance of design in a new Master Class series:
PHOTOS: Bishop Okonkwo's Daughter Weds In Style: It was a weekend of joy for Bishop Mike Okonkwo of The Redeem...
Mike Ozekhome finished them on He didn't even give them a space to ask silly questions. That man no get joy! LOL
Some great tips from the co-founder on how to design successful products. Take a look:
Reclaim your focus, memory, and joy with Dr. Mike Dow's new book, The Brain Fog Fix." Lear…
M.G. Lederman and usual Lederman band mate Mike Joy have a dueling set this Thurs. at The Plow and Stars. Details...
Mike Yardy a joy to watch these last two days. Understandably emotional upon reaching a farewell ton
Mike Petri still no joy with yr playing card. Will keep looking
The pain you have been feeling can not compare to the joy that is coming. Romans 8:18
Love this picture. You can really see the joy in Mike Leake's face when he gets to see some of his former teammates. …
Your neighbors know about the wrath of God. So tell them how to escape into everlasting joy.
weak is a good word. Def shows weakness. You'd think there would be joy this side of pond!
Finally tried Mike's Chili Parlor. Hubbo is beside himself with joy.
somewhere right now! Teddy Long is jumping up and down with joy! tag team match with sting and cena Vs big...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Bruh mike is about to cry tears of joy lmfao
I can't express enough the joy of watching Goosebumps right now!
Hi Mike, it's been a while since we last talked. I hope all is well! wishing you joy in your day
If you love the beach, braids, and bundling up in blankets... then this engagement session is for you. I'm in...
I wish I had this much joy in my life 😁
you're welcome! Hope the day or what ever day you celebrate brings you joy
- . Dear Mike,. Bowls never troll and are places of joy, laughter, and all things good. Sincerely,. The Belk Bowl
Because Turnbull is a former Goldman Sachs partner, the only permissible emotion is joy & relief. Let the punishment begin!
Well,Physically your dying to do it,spiritually thes a joy that your not doing it.
"The pain of life touches me, but the joy of life is so much stronger." ~Michael Jackson
Open Mike. Open mike rhythm of the soul. The voice that give joy to an individual,. Open mike rhythm of the soul...
The joy of The Holy Ghost is amazing. The torture of *** is eternal. E pluribus unum.
The joy of being apart of ink master, me on the left and on the right, trading some…
I must take joy in my first place spot in the TMOS fan page Mike O'Meara Show fan duel.
The bride made the absolute most of her wedding and doubled the joy 💍👰🏼
Joy and Uncle Mike serving our community.
Happy Birthday Mike! It was a joy to spend the day with you and Anna.Have a great birthday!
Had such a great time at night of joy with the squad!! Larrea Lovely
Can't believe football is back. Tears of joy bro.
On the train home to a house I've never seen. Feelings of fear, relief, mischief and joy.
|| Joy can't be joy without the presence of sadness. || ~Mike Ashcraft
What a joy to have Mike Schrock speaking in church this morning. One speaker you should hear!
Dr Mike Boyd - 2) addresses the reality of an adversary - count it all joy when you experience trials
The only source of true JOY is Jesus Christ - Pastor Mike Adebamowo. # SundayService
When giving to God, your body might not be happy because your body is a flesh,but there will be JOY in your spirit. Rev.Mike Love
Why is it, that as humans we seek to bring others joy and gain their approval, even if it's at the cost of someone else?
Family productions can be simplistic or condescending, but the joy of Mike Huckabee's work is that it's neither.
Pride and joy of saint Juliana's, mike coughlin, had a full case of beer tonight. I repeat, a FULL case of beer. To himself.
Hearing Mike Lange's voice on television is an absolute joy.
BLUE COVE . My heart is full of joy. Our angel's are free. To swim the sea's.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Mike Moustakas drives in nine runs. Tim Cowlishaw beside himself with joy.
How does a cafeteria Catholic journey into the glories of true Catholicism and be transformed by Joy? Here's the...
Ken Squier and Mike Joy need to have a rap battle. Except instead it would be a lap-by-lap battle. That would be epic.
Awesome talking to Claudia Orange, Nicky Hager and Mike Joy at the ol school today 😆
Growing up on NASCAR in the 90's, Squire, Ned, Benny, Baker, Mike Joy, Bob Jenkins, Dr.Dirt were the voices. Baker one of the all time best.
Gonna miss you guys. Mike Joy, Larry Mac, Darrell Waltrip. Thank you.
That crew of Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip and McReynolds has been the TV voice of NASCAR for 15 years. Jeff Gordon has big shoes to fill.
Thank goodness is done after this race...DW calling Bowyer "The King" and Mike Joy calling Allmendinger "Allgaier"
I am really going to miss Mike Joy, Larry McReynolds and Darrell Waltrip calling races for Fox. They are really good together.
Fox sports U.S. Open coverage would more than likely be better with Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, and Larry McReynolds
It'll be weird next year when Chris Myers says, "let's bring in the boys who will call the race - Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, & Jeff Gordon."
to the booth in 2016 with Mike Joy & Darrell Waltrip for FOX SPORTS NASCAR . (1/2)
Gordon to Be Fox Analyst. Jeff Gordon will join Fox as an analyst in 2016, teaming with Mike Joy and Darrell Waltrip in a three-man booth.
Good move: signs as analyst for Sprint Cup races starting in 2016, joins Mike Joy, Darrell Wal…
FOX announces its NASCAR broadcast booth in 2016 is Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip & Jeff Gordon. Larry Mac stays on as anal…
The Fox booth next year will be Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Gordon ... McReynolds remains as an analyst with Waltri…
Jeff Gordon joins Mike Joy& Darrell Waltrip in broadcast booth for 2016. Larry McReynolds moves to new on-air role. …
As from Mike Joy at Daytona Duel practice Kyle Larson is becoming the next Harry Gant.
Mike Joy: "What a start to the season for Jeff Gordon!" *sits 36th in pts.*
Absolutely. And just to think that's where Ken Squire and Mike Joy and Allen Bestwick got started is amazing.
I hate Fox Sports 1/2 more everyday. Miss Speed. I hope Mike Joy still gets to work BJ
Man all I want for Christmas is for my family, my friends & I to be healthy and live long lives filled with joy & happiness
May all the Magic of Christmas fill your hearts with Joy & Love.
"Merry Christmas May the Joy of this Season be forever Amen!🎅🎄"
I also each all most every video that u put up and they r all ways full of joy u and ur crew u Mickey Mike and have a good xms
Mike straight tho can't steal his joy
No lies ;-) Thanks Joy. Merry Christmas officially now or belated Happy Hanukkah, whichever you celebrate.
To all: may the peace, joy and love associated with Christmas fill your Hearts & souls. Hug a loved one & extend a kindness…
Merry Christmas Carrie! I hope you and Mike have a great day filled with love and joy!! ❤️
For those of you wondering: CarGo is on his way back.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Let there be peace on earth and goodwill to all. Let worries turn to joy. Let anger turn to understanding and...
A time of war. A time of peace. A time of struggle. A time of comfort. A time for joy. A time for tears. No matter wh…
Spent another beautiful Christmas Eve at Joy and Mike Cherry's in Bristol! Happy Holidays everyone!
Got my seat at Mike and Joy's bar. Malibu is full.
"Christmas is a time to trade in our pessimism and receive the life changing gift of joy everlasting." . -Mike Holly
IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY! Wishing everyone a joy filled day with family and friends and a bucket load of presents. I...
thank you: I hope 2015 brings you Health Happiness Joy n Success: I like seeing people doing well in life x
Never heard anyone sing so confidently as when Mike sang Joy to the World at church
Don't let Satan take away your Christmas joy. Christ was sent here for you.
"How to bring someone both joy and misery within seconds this Christmas... Lmao I would do this 😂
Anyone else feeling the joy of Christmas yet, I sure know Mike Vecchio is in the spirit
Join Mike and Sarah as they lead worship and celebrate Christmas tonight. Joy and peace and hope to you all! xo
First communion candlelight Christmas Eve service was beautiful. Joy to the world. He has come!
JOY- Long Distance Dedication to Dad. Mike Fleming turned me on this jazz artist, Hiromi. This was the song I...
With a new Erase Errata album on the way, my dream is that they tour through denver and Night of Joy reunites to open. featured in NBC s Science of Love
it is time of for joy and acceptance not segregation discrimination and hate. Larry gives Christians bad name
Wishing you all the joy of the season and peace, happiness & health in 2015. Happy holidays from my family to yours!
Noon on Christmas Eve means time to shut it down & change gears! "Repeat, repeat the sounding joy - unspeakable joy!" Prepare Him room
The angel said to them "Fear not, for I bring you Good Tidings of Great Joy which shall be to All people." Lk2 http…
much joy as you stand in the celebration of God's presence in our life! Happy Christmas!
I hope everyone who says, 'I don't care about presents' gets a really cool present that makes them cry with joy.
Wishing you all the joy of the season, from Mike & Sheryl
TY Mike,May your Christmas filled with Joy & Happiness
watching Mike Tyson's knockout compilation brings joy to my heart.
I just backed artist Mike Rivamonte's latest project on Will you?
May your day be filled with Peace, Joy, Love, with no worries! Safe travels if you must!
DW, Larry Mac and Mike Joy are doing a commendable job on FS1 right now.
Chris Myers: "Busch did okay at Indy..." Must be reading Mike Joy's script.
Mike Tyson at the fight selling Bean Pies 2 for $15
Poor joy ran away, it's warrenton so someone will pick her up and wait till tomorrow :-)
I did what was right in my heart, I have no regrets, only joy and clearness
I'm writing this in my diary: Wednesday 7 May: “Facts, fallacies and future of New Zealand's environment” The first of a series of lectures presented by the University of the Third Age, will be given by Dr Mike Joy, Massey University's internationally recognised senior lecturer in freshwater ecology. The lecture series will look to science to answer questions about some of the challenges facing humankind. From 2.15 pm to 4 pm, at the All Saints Community Centre, 338 Church Street, Palmerston North.
I would pay SO much money 2 hear Mike Joy say tomorrow after the race,"Up next, Ice Dancing to the hits of Motown"!
My attempt at the with Mike Smith 😂😂😂 if you can't laugh at yourself, what joy can you really hav...
If Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike finish with the hardstyle remix of Turn it Up I would literally be beside myself with joy!
Someone telling Mike Joy he pronounced "Dogecoin" wrong.
"Mike was a real joy to work with in him helping us find our new home. Even on his weekend work, he still had...
Does Mike Joy take his hair off during the anthem?! OH MY GOODNESS.
The secret of joy in work is contained in one word � excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.�Pearl Bu…
Two movies I wanna watch right now, don john and magic mike 😝
Sorry bradg1029 and amybrother...Uncle Mike just taught Dallas the joy of
Mike. TY4 the RT. Enjoy my latest monthly blog, The Joy of Less at:
omg.Mike and I are dying with laughter! !
The Aarons 499 will be on Fox tomorrow with Darrell Waltrip Mike joy and Larry McReynolds 4 Fox
My heart goes out to my Wolves FC family for the perfect send off celebration this afternoon...Emotions, emotions, tears…
GOP lawmaker doesn't care if the death penalty involves "being fed to the lions"
"He needs to get a tow to make the show." Mike Joy channeling his inner Zecora lol
Mike Joy (annoucer) said on tv and has no idea what it means
Mike Joy with the and reference. DRINK
Mike Joy nailed his reference to Dogecoin and Reddit.
Hearing Mike Joy announce as a sponsor is p much the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.
Mike Joy, can please explain AGAIN why Talladega is the "World's Fastest Speedway"?
I swear, I was waiting for Mike Joy to say "one true pairing" and was about to hurl.
Mike Epps was dead on when he said Kevin hart not really funny he just being forced on us. Everywhere you look it's Kevin…
Because without feelings, you would never be able to experience joy.
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