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Mike Honda

Michael Makoto Mike Honda (born June 27, 1941) is an American Democratic Party politician. He currently serves as the U.S.

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Now, 55% of report strong skills. More on w/ https…
How smart is 72% of believe is the business advantage of the future.
Mike trade her in for a Honda u know ya want too hehe of luck man at tt Ireland proud
Why? If they're preventing ticket sales to non area residents - why can't Honda center…
The latest from Honda about Nicky Hayden: . The following statement regarding Nicky Hayden’s current condition has...
I think Ted and Mike Honda are among a handful of the most worthless elected of…
Honda HR-V wins small crossover award for 2017 . If you would like to book a test drive call 01900 829191…
not doing enough to marry the two of them. Now, I don't think Mike Honda was a great rep. But I think Khanna is a lot worse
One of Mike Honda's biggest criticisms of Khanna (beyond his taking money from the financial sector, which HE DOES) is he's anti-labor
HOLE IN ONE PRIZE – Mike Whatley (left), of Mike Whatley Honda in Brookhaven, hands over the keys to a 2017 Honda...
Top 7 Trends for 2017 - and are competing less and coming together more!
BMW, Honda put people in race cars to drive authentic content
Mike, you are always Rocking the BUBBA! Thank you for your y…
1. I read his book, 2. I read his campaign…
& that's 100% borne out by his dogged determination 2 buy pro-worker Mike Honda's seat. I don't und…
Hey buddy, you say judge by your actions? Remember when you supported the TPP when Mike Honda didn't? I do.
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Well, it was Mike Honda's words but yes I agree!!
You know who wouldn't lend his legitimacy to people putting forward ugly conspiracy theories? Mike Honda.
Mike Honda was in office for 2 decades. And he's 75. It's not a crime to replace him.
Huh? He replaced Mike Honda, a Japanese-American with several decades in Congress.
I'd like Mike Honda back, tbh, but I don't live in that district.
Accelerating 5 questions on business w/ via
Mike and Mike from Honda stopped by to talk about Honda and Acura's Airbag Inflators Repair-A-Thon which kicksoff...
Yes but I love their articles on Ro Khanna,
I haven't seen that. And it is in his favor that Pelosi backed his corrupt oppon…
Oh I forgot the second part of his movement was to support prog…
I love that the Bay Area News Group (old friends from Rep Mike Honda days) broke this story
Alas he used $ 2 oust decent champion of workers, Mike Honda. Imho he's poor JD choice but h…
Hi Mike, we are American Honda & handle vehicles in the US. We would recommend you contact a rep in your country
Master Service Tech Mike Healy doing a 4-Wheel Alignment on this Honda Civic!!!
If you own a truck made by Honda please know that you don't actually own a truck (and everyone is laughing at you).
I'll just leave this here enjoy your reading
We're LIVE with in the at AMP Radio. Watch his performance here:
Ask yourself why Wall Street billionaires and Silicon Valley CEO's wanted to fund Ro against M…
I'm performing at the at today at 3pm PT. You can watch it here
Mike Honda, who Khanna "dethroned", was himself a member of the Progressive Caucus. Actions speak louder than words.
We still have yet to see if Ro's more progressive than the proven progressive he won against, Mike Honda.
There was a 1 out of 1 chance the California Democrat to replace Mike Honda was going to be a hardcore progressive.…
Mclaren unveil the latest Honda upgrade
Explain why Mike Honda is said to have had the most solid pro labor + progressive vote re…
It looks like Ro's opponent had the most Progressive voting record in Congress
Mike Honda 's grandparents are immigrants from Korea. Mike Honda is not a genuine Japanese.
I hung out at kens house in la Honda courtesy off Harold booton . And Mike and Mitch Carter . Bob Schweitzer . Slept...
good...he should be called out. I've been tussling w/him for 4yrs. Loc…
likely a nice kid. but should be careful not to end up like Ro's campai…
Must read article about Justice Democrats' Ro Khanna Rep. Mike Honda’s opponent is dancing with the Kochs https…
Rep. Mike Honda, who was interned with his family in the 1940s, issues statement:
Rep. Mike Honda, who lived through Japanese internment camp, condemns talk of immigrant registry
Meanwhile, out west -- In the Silicon Valley grudge match: Ro Khanna ousts Rep. Mike Honda
Mike Honda stopped by for the event!
Working with Mike Miller and the crew at Columbia Honda!
Mike and his new EXL. Great van and a great customer! Enjoy your and thank...
PBFD Came in my home,mock& sing"Mike will marry me"who owes 60K on my credit,STOLE my titledATV &sold still owed 2k.
you should ask him about his speaking at a Koch funded event.
Did mike honda just sneak in an olympic joke?
Here is our sales associate Mike Williams delivering a 2016 Civic to his good friend ***
Mike Anderson is discussing how to promote a shop's Honda ProFirst certification to a standing room only crowd at...
Great night at the Honda Civic Tour with Mike Poser, Nick Jonas, and Demi Lovato!
"Ethics report: Rep. Mike Honda, staff appear to have violated federal law, House rules"
Mike Hulett is having a Honda Garage Sale!! Get you Import ready for the 2nd Annual Imports vs Muscle Car Show!!
Jim Redman (winner) on Honda RC171 and Mike Hailwood on MV Agusta at Dundrod, 1962 Ulster Grand Prix © Honda
Honda has released their 2017 models. Check them out here:
| Happy Anniversary to Judge on your from Mike Stanton at Sou
Congrats to Emily on her new HR-V!! Beside her is her dad and our Sales Associate Mike Williams.
Mike Honda ethics probe: List of donors to legal fund released - The Mercury News
i can handle all dat with 178$, a bushle of crabs, some henny ,keys to a 98 Honda Civic, and 12$ of gas
2016 Honda Odyssey for Mike from Shawan Parks at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
Colored women be looking so annoyed when they in their boyfriend dropped Honda with the loud unnecessary exhaust not going nowhere😂
that last one "Hey Mike I think Honda's a good character"
Some donors wrapped up in Rep. Mike Honda's ethics complaint are helping pay for his legal fight via
Some donors on the list that's central to ethics complaint against Rep. Mike Honda are helping pay for his defense
Kennita Watson is running for Congress this year, in California's 17th district (Mike Honda), on the Libertarian ticket .
New bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Honda was just introduced: H.Res. 670 Expressing support for the designation of Ma…
Here’s our technician Mike Watt fine tuning the suspension on the Honda RC213V
.thank you Rep. Mike Honda for being a phenomenal trans ally and role model. Keep making Northern California proud.
Congratulations to Mike & Kathryn on the purchase of their new 2016 Honda Accord EX-L from Jamie Duffie! Enjoy!...
Congratulations to Troy Police Officer, Mike Merola on the purchase of this previously loved 2013 Honda CRV...
You can't be Pjb if it's not a Honda
fantastic bikes Mike, I've had three of them. Best all round bike ever. Shame Honda stopped making them.
Get $200 off Honda EU7000is inverter generators now through 5/8/16!
Championship round of with vs vote now and crown a champion!
Congrats to Cameron on his new Honda VFR 800. Ride safe, and thank you from Mike and everyone at MMS Kennesaw!
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Resolve MIKE and DELTA errors regularly, please. I can't invite any friend if nothing is done. (PS4/JAPAN)
he's going to throw it away via speeding tickets? Lol I'm just saying you'd be less likely to speed in a Honda.
if he woulda been speeding in a Honda he woulda got pulled over. He's not special, just thinks he is. He's a clown lol
. Mike Honda is the people's champion!
LLF vote was unanimous. PFLAG, HRC, NCLR, NLGBTQ TF, GLAAD, Mike Honda all agreed Dreger's actions are harmful.
What my Life in a Japanese Internment Camp Taught Me About Hate via
Linda is stylin in her sharp previously loved Honda Odyssey courtesy of Salesperson Mike Bennice. Congrats Linda...
ICYMI: announced its sponsorship of the classic Autopia attraction feat. a new look & storyline! ht…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
This is True: Mike Honda shares accurate graphic about past Supreme Court nominations via
"This is MVP night: Mike, Vinny, Pauly. Not to get confused with Beamer, Benz, or Bentley or Nissan, Honda, Chevy."
Well, my 2002 Honda CRV went kaput. Drove it since high school. Brought my 2 babies home from hospital in it. 190K miles, we had a good run.
your baby father destined to drive a 98 Honda Civic/Accord and have 3 slits in his eyebrows
They've endorsed Ami Bera, but not Mark Takano or Mike Honda...interesting...
Mercury News endorses Ro Khanna over Mike Honda in the 17th Congressional District
The heat is on: In battle between Ro Khanna & Mike Honda.
California's Toni Atkins and Mike Honda among the country's top allies.
Obama staying out of Honda-Khanna rematch: After endorsing incumbent Rep. Mike Honda in 2014, the president is…
Mike will be receiving a referral check from Ralph Schomp Honda because their referral, Drew , came in and purchased!
📷 Congratulations Mike on your Honda Accord Sdn from Ryan Adcock at Fenton Honda of Ardmore!...
when will the rest of the Ridgeline's specs be released?
if u drive a honda crv and have a big dog and an American flag sticker and went through the drive thru at chick fil a hmp
I know your opponent Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) has had a lot of backing from labor unions. via
Where can I get some of those Spanish yellow Honda fog lights
Weekly reminder: Do Ro and Mike Honda REALLY differ? Age? Will Ro disobey Pelosi? If not, all the same. . See:
Mike Honda CA-17 Please help this progressive warrior win his race .
In climate of fear, American Muslim community looks to lessons from the Japanese American past v…
Gostei de um vídeo Sivan - BITE (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA)
SOLD!!! 😆😁👏🏾 needed this today! Congrats to Mike on his new Honda Accord!
Check-in on Yelp! at Ganley Honda this weekend & receive an exclusive reward with your test drive! . Call Mike...
When my Japanese-American family was treated as less than human - by Mike Honda
Congratulations Rechelle on your Sdn from Mike Stanton at Southwest Kia Mesquite!
Mike's first Honda match was special.
Toyota, Nissan, General Motors Vauxhall have pledged to remain in the UK after Brexit. Honda will make Civics here.
Equal pay isn't just a women's issue; when women get equal pay, their famil...
Now that's what we call brand loyalty Mike. Thanks for sharing.
Mike Honda he is not Japanese but Korean roots. Daniel Inoue he have pure Japanese roots.
Silicon Valley House member backs Apple in terror case: Silicon Valley Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) on Thursday ...
Mike Honda don't want none unless you got guns, hun.
Rep Mike Honda: "not about taking guns, its about taking care of people."
Thank you Mike for purchasing your credited Honda Accord sport this past weekend! We are so happy to hear you are...
Rest easy dad. I can't believe it's been 8 years without you. It seems like Mike and I were just living with you. I miss…
"This activity represents what is great about Honda - the value of associate input and involvement." - HMA VP Mike Oatridge
McLaren-Honda is pleased to announce Volvo Trucks as official supplier of trucks & haulage:
Seth Barnes about to be 8th in. 9mins ago: Yuka Honda 21.3miles+Mike Ellis were 23.3miles from their finish.
Herhold: Jeff Rosen helps Ro Khanna: Ro Khanna, the 39-year-old challenger to U.S. Rep. Mike Honda in this yea...
Here is Mike and his ever reliable new HONDA EU2000i
Don't hold your breath, they've been saying that for a long time, and I'm still waiting for CarPlay on my HR-V.
Honda will deploy Apple CarPlay broadly across the line-up. More information will follow.
I'm very interested in the HR-V. I know it doesn't have CarPlay support yet, but might that be patched into the 2016 model?
A union endorsed business shill Ro Khanna against Mike Honda... but it was just LIUNA. Who is LIUNA again?
2016 Honda Accord for Mike from David Strachan at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
I see melo with the classic Honda in the avi . Real *** salute
"Together as a community, we are standing up against modern-day slavery and saying: not in our town." Mike Honda
Honda Accord or civic they run forever
Congratulations, Mike Piazza Honda. It was tough competing with Reedman Toll Auto World across the street, but you came out on top.
Fun fact: there’s a Mike Piazza Honda dealership in my suburban Philly hometown and its logo in the early 2000s was a ClipArt-style catcher.
which helps more: a Ford made in Mexico or a Honda built in Tennessee???
Growing up I always wanted to by my first car from Mike Piazza Honda. That never happened.
should have waited till '05, redesigned. I'm sure 90% of the guys at Piazza Honda don't even know who Mike is.
Lol wait mike piazza is the owner of piazza Honda lmao
Wow... 29 years of service in the NHL as one of the best linesmen. Congrats to Mike Cvik.
I wonder what the reaction is at Mike Piazza Honda, where we bought our 2004 Odyssey. They gotta be pumped.
Sick seeing Griffey Jr and even tho I hate the Mets, Mike Piazza get into the hall. Piazza is mad PAHC I got my car from Piazza Honda
2005 Honda Pilot for Mishelle from Mike Acor at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
Sad Hill news: Lauren Smith, Rep. Mike Honda's communications director, died Dec. 26. Piece Honda wrote on her:
(1/2) Ritu and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Mike Honda's communications director, Lauren Smith. .
is the first Briton to win a Grand Prix world title on Honda machinery since Mike Hailwood in 1967.
I'll never buy a Honda again...what a shame for the sport
With the finale of the Moto Gp, we think it was time to repost this photo!. Mike Hailwood's 250 Honda Rc Replica...
📷 Congratulations Mike & Norma on your Hyundai Sonata from Scott Alexander at Honda Cars of Rockwall!...
Upon further review, the lady at the end of that Honda ad is NOT from the Trudeau attack ad, but rather that funny "Toron…
None of his or yours Mike Honda if or how many guns I have. Read your Constitution *** and understand it.
I've been busy this morning. Lawnmower serviced, with a new blade fitted. All put away for winter.
Important read from Rep. Mike Honda and Richard Fiesta of the Alliance for Retired Americans on why we need a new...
Mike Honda's 2013 trip to Turkey is about Pacifica Institute lying about non-profit status. Iits pushed here as another…
House Dems want doctors free to quiz patients on guns - California Democrat, U.S. Rep. Mike Honda wants health ...
Have Honda found the answer to their engine woes?: McLaren's engine partner Honda says it does not need a "mir...
Mari Pantoja buys her 2014 Jetta from Stacey Long and Mike Patton Honda
Mercury News editorial: Mike Honda should debate Ro Khanna. Mike Honda is running away from debate…
Mike how do I get that secret Honda tech fam?
Great lie of the comfort women and Mike Honda.
Who wore it better? Piston honda of mike tysons punch out fame? Or…
I do not believe Rep Mike Honda has America's best interests at heart. by Michael Yon.
.introduces legislation to address public health crisis due to guns & more guns. Thank U.
at least I got bred N at least yu got the honda
That's a lot of commitment, y'all. Mike Honda's committees and caucuses -
Mike Honda is a member of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. That wouldn't fly in South Africa.
I do think Mike Honda speaks for himself as a trustee on many issues. He's a supporter of LGBT rights and has a transgender grandchild.
That said, the Hon. Mike Honda is is a fluent Spanish speaker and often speaks Spanish to his constituents.
Mike Honda took trip to Turkey on iffy group's dime: via is in the process o…
Mike Cvik, the linesman known as 'Honda', working at the for
Rep. Mike Honda praises Silicon Valley for reaching out to “clock kid” Ahmed Mohamed
Just a quick note to say kudos to American Honda. They really impressed me this week.
It's nice to have a Bentley but a Honda accord will get you there as well-Mike Dunleavy Jr
Super customer service from Mike Spitzig! No question the only dealer we'll go to for service.
pizza pizza is the Honda Civic of pizza. They're everywhere and you can assume whoever has one doesn't have a lot of cash
Honda blasts GOP field on Asian-American issues: Rep. Mike Honda helped make the Democratic National Committee’s…
Marquez and the new Honda Africa Twin get Dirty
Right. But, please say, "Dirty Rep. Honda". We love the automobile company. Rep Honda should change his name to Rep Mike Hyundai
Dirty Honda. Many months before the government investigation was launched, I published repeatedly that Honda is...
@ lane 4 across from Honda at the compost booth
Mike Sheppard is an impressive, hands-on Manager who repeatedly pitched in to make things happen in a timely...
Looks like Mike E. and his Honda are ready for a summer cruise.
Frances Kimball purchases her 2013 Honda Civic from Kelley Kennedy at Mike Patton Auto!
Karen Golden and her 2015 Upgraded Accord from Mike Patton Honda and Kelley Kennedy
BREAKING: Honda join forces with Santander to provide an upgrade to McLaren for the Singapore Grand Prix. http…
while watching moto3 I ponder how to arrange the mike the bike pic with the big honda 60s bikes poster in my stairway
A *** tried to race me in a Honda Civic 😂😂😂😂
Miesha's a gr8t fighter but tbh I wouldn't wanna c her get whooped by Honda again, still Holm isn't the right girl for the job
Mike Honda allegedly used Congress staff to campaign against Ro Khanna, which is illegal.
Mike Honda and Hiroko Tabuchi aren't former Japanese but former Koreans. The person who doesn't know this should be not deceived.
Just Track It is proud to announce the sponsorship of Mike Taylor in his Honda Civic for the 2015 SCCA Runoffs in...
Ro Khanna hires big campaign names for rematch with Rep. Mike Honda
Order Miche Bag Online!
Ro Khanna outraises Mike Honda again, has far more campaign money banked
Group picture with St Louis OCA fellows and Congressman Mike Honda at OCA national convention
: Honda, Chu Disappointed by Abe's Speech: Mike Honda with former comfort woman Yong-Soo Lee, who w...
Sen. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) just unveiled three legislative proposals to deprive you of self protection/preservation
Abe arrives in Silicon Valley, but Mike Honda won’t be on hand to greet him. He's waiting for a proper apology
Rep. Mike Honda won the Internet today via we need more like this guy
UPSKILL AMERICA INITIATIVE. File photo of Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA-17) at work in his ...
Fan girled Mike Honda so hard today 😁
. Mike Honda, Democrat. He is the vice chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus.
did you see a beautiful Honda across your house
Before you ask, Gene Honda is PA announcer for Final Four every year. Guessing that's why he's not working game …
Rep. Mike Honda won the Internet today -
Dammit I just got April fools'd by mike Honda
Congratulations to Mike & Kelley on the purchase of their brand new 2015 Honda CR-V! With their favorite...
Friends of Rep Mike Honda like to kill monks. .
Very funny! But what if we turned this into a serious proposal? What if we said that bills may not give...
I so hope the Honda dealership shows me some.
On the lighter side: has introduced the ACRONYM Act, which would ban unnecessary acronyms in bills.
'"We need you to be who you are in the campaign photos," he told his granddaughter, who was "incredibly touched,"...
THIS JUST IN: I agree. After all, before the bill was to be called Need Of Freedom Against *** Statute
So funny!! Rep. Mike Honda won the Internet today via
Rep. Mike Honda won the Internet today via
Mike Honda nods off in Congress: To quote Dave Barry, I am not making this up. By nodding off before the camera,…
Herhold: Lessons from Tuesday's election in Santa Clara County: Sam Liccardo, Matt Harris, Mike Honda are the…
Political analyst says Ro Khanna needs 55% of 40,000 votes to be counted "to make a race" vs. Mike Honda
Backed by tech giants, Ro Khanna is giving Rep. Mike Honda a run for his money
Saw the Mike Honda attack ad on Ro Khanna. People all those claims by Honda are NOT TRUE!!! Go to Ro's website for mor…
Thanks to Mike Honda for his support! “With the demolition of the Blue Cube at Onizuka Air Force Station, the radar tower atop Mt. Umunhum is the oldest surviving Cold War era building in Silicon Valley. As a Senior Member of the House Appropriations Committee, I secured $3.2 million in funding for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District to clean up and restore the former Almaden Air Force Station. I continue to work to increase the amount of open space in Santa Clara and Alameda Counties and improve the quality of those spaces, and I support efforts like that of the Umunhum Conservancy to save one of the South Bay’s most visible historic landmarks.” - Congressman Mike Honda, California’s 17th Congressional District NOTE: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, the Conservancy can not and does not endorse candidates for any office.
This week Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose announced legislation that would block civilians from purchasing “military-grade” body armor. Blocking this access will keep people safer he says and will prevent criminals from using this armor in battles with law enforcement. Honda said. “It would … Continue r…
President Obama has endorsed in primaries (Mike Honda in CA, Marc Veasey in TX just this year) but passes on Charlie Rangel in NY race.
5 years old and waiting. I could post a few more. The reality is theirs not much to see, The story will explain the problems. Or Money!! and lack of it Link to agency trying to conserve the tower fter more than 22 years of bureaucratic inaction, efforts to clean up a former Air Force radar station on a scenic mountaintop above Silicon Valley and open its summit to hikers, bicyclists and picnickers may be finally gathering momentum, locally and in Washington, D.C. "It feels like all the pieces are coming together and that it's going to happen this time," said Rep. Mike Honda, D-Campbell. "Why should only rich people have a view? It should be available to everybody." At issue is the former Almaden Air Force Station, which operated from 1957 to 1980 on the top of Mount Umunhum. Named for the Ohlone Indian word for hummingbird, the 3,486-foot peak towers above South San Jose and Los Gatos on the chaparral ridges between Lexington Reservoir and Almaden Quicksilver County Park. But it remains off limits because ...
I must admit that the more I learn about Congressional candidate Ro Kanna, the more I like what I see. Kanna is running against Mike Honda for the Silicon Valley seat. With Kanna scoring coveted endorsements from both The San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News, the race is starting to get quite heated. It promises to be an interesting matchup as the possibility that two Democrats will face each other in November is very likely. Stay tuned...
Congratulations Drivers for Survivors, Sherry Higgs and the Leadership Fremont Class of 2014. A recognition letter from Congressman Mike Honda!
Ro Kanna or Mike Honda for Congress? I just saw a piece on local TV about Ro Kanna who is running for the US Congress in the Silicon Valley seat held by Mike Honda. I would like to ask my friends who live in the SanJose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale area what they think of this race. Do you think we need a change? Does anyone know Ro Kanna? Upon your feedback and sharing, I'll determine who I will support for this Congressional seat which is about to become the hottest, unexpected contested race in the upcoming 2014 elections.
We've had the same congressman for eternity (Mike Honda) but he's being fiercely challenged and I don't know what to do
Congratulations ! Mercury News: Ro Khanna should replace Mike Honda in Congress via
U.S. REP ZOE LOFGREN JOINS-IN MESSAGE with her colleague Mike Honda and First Lady Michelle Obama (as seen in yesterday's post), saying "Today I joined my colleagues in observing a moment of silence in the U.S. House of Representatives for the kidnapped Nigerian girls. Around the world, everyone is joining in chorus with one message:
Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) members Reps Judy Chu and Mike Honda with Senator Mazie Hirono meet and greet with folks attending the CAPAC Opening Session of AAPI Heritage Month. We appreciate their dedication and willingness to enhance the visibility of AAPI
Dem Ro Khanna will take no sweet, sweet lobbyist $ for challenge against Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) by
Frank & Harli Rabow made calls for Mike when he first ran for Congress in 2000. Today, they're at it again. Join them and sign-up to volunteer today! seen what he's done for Silicon Valley, and we know the things that are important to us are important to him: education, social security, medicare, and improving transportation through things like the BART extension. We know Mike Honda is a Congressman we can count on to deliver for us." Endorse Mike's re-election here:
MARYJANE IS ALL CALIFORNIA NEEDS! Eighteen members of Congress sent a letter to President Barack Obama on Wednesday asking him to change how the Justice Department classifies marijuana on its list of controlled substances, arguing it shouldn't be equal to drugs like heroin and higher than those like cocaine.The group of 17 Democrats and one Republican, many from states that have legalized the use of marijuana, referenced recent comments made by Obama that pot is not more dangerous than alcohol. The letter is signed by Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), Steve Cohen (D-Tenn), Sam Farr (D-Calif.), Raul M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.), Mike Honda (D-Calif.), Jared Huffman (D-Calif.), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), Alan Lowenthal (D-Calif.), Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), Jim Moran (D-Va.), Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), Jared Polis (D-Colo.), Mike Quigley (D-Ill.), Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and Peter Welch (D-Vt.).
Comrades! Yesterday marked the 205th birthday of the famed evolutionary biologist, Charles Darwin. Although the American Humanist Association (AHA) has long been pushing to set aside Feb. 12 as "a day to celebrate science and reason," many beyond the "humanist" community have joined the movement to have "Darwin Day " officially recognized. People around the world today are celebrating Darwin's life. In New Jersey, for the third year in a row, Democratic Rep. Rush Holt, has introduced a resolution in Congress recognizing Feb. 12 as Darwin Day. A small but growing group of House members has added their names to the effort. These include Representatives Charles Rangel of New York, Michael Capuano of Massachusetts, Mike Honda of California, Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia, Jared Polis of Colorado and Louise Slaughter of New York. "The passage of Rep. Rush Holt's resolution in Congress would send a strong message to the world that the United States supports science education," said Roy Spechh ...
Statement of U.S. Rep. Mike Honda after talking to Philippine Red Cross Chairman/CEO Richard J. Gordon today in a...
Who would you vote for as the MVP of the confederations so far ?
I finished my first week at Honda and I think im gonna like it
Little tip when doing stunt riding a scooter on holiday!!! Don't come off on a hair pin bend in shorts and a t shirt lol What a load of fun though!!!
Name one striker, midfielder and defender you want IN Chelsea, and one of each you want OUT of Chelsea. My wish is, IN: Striker - Cavani (not because of the hype created now, I've been wanting him since more than a year) Midfielder - De Rossi Defender - Kurt Zouma. Out: Striker - Ba Midfielder - Essien Defender - Ryan Bertrand. AAK
liked seeing Mike Honda all over the
Well I feel bad for all the ford guys. Instagram won't let u upload any videos longer than 15 secs... Looks like they won't be posting any of their 1/4 mile. Videos
Have been bragging on BBradley Showsso much, now it's MMichael Showsturn! Finally got hired in with HONDA! I am so proud of my boys and the Mommy that MMichele Hippshas turned out to be! I am truly blessed!
Any ideas of an event you would like to see at CFRC?
Which one should I get acura rsx type s or infinity g35 2006 ??? Tell me what u think
Rep. Mike Honda has been known to rock a good bolo tie... I wonder who else?
Honda has announced plans to begin testing the next-generation Civic Type R on the Nürburgring later this year.
did a cool tattoo today.. then had spare time to install my speakers.. dont have the tools to install the fronts.. and the backs dont fit.. fml... it was like the one thing I was striving for solely out of me stuff.. not family not house.. me me me.. and no... noo.. mike you cant... you have to start a whole new custimazation bondo/poly resin project to fit your speakers.. gaah!! it would be great if I had the time
Awesome day for progress on the NGK plugs. Bahn Brenner wires.BBS Bugatti wheels.n a wash n polish!!! Thank you to Logan Hunsberger Ethan IH and Mike Diefenderfer. Couldn't have had as much fun or got it done without u guys helping n motivating!!!
For sale, both are large, $25 for the yellow tecnik, $50 for the black fielsheer, good condition , cheap money, need outta my closet!
Honda RC166 from 1966 250cc on 6 cylinder amazing sound
In time for 'A leader on the issues that matter' MorganHillTimes looks at + Rep. Mike Honda
Will always be my congressman. Reelect Mike Honda for congress.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I think I need to get a new phone. Im verizon. Any peoples thoughts on Galaxy 4s vs Iphone 5? Never wanted to go Iphone but would be nice to have Itunes. Thoughts?
My 1991 running 240sx with a ka24de is being parted or for sale as a parts car, it's a complete car right now so let me know what you need, all parts are best offer, motor and trans are healthy. Needs a rack and pinion and it'll be a good running drift missle.
Found a nice 96 Honda for my daughter good low Miles and a good price and after we agreed on the offer the wife backed out, ugh
Irritated with people who like to talk crap about about say a Honda or anyother motorcycle that isn't a Harley. Do some stricken research and u will find that harleys are not made in America anymore and most of you have probably never even worked on your bikes u probably bought it with everything u wanted on it already
Just saw a really old woman driving a brand new dodge charger... She had to be at least 65ish.
Fir sale. 1984 Honda shadow 500 vtwin. Great condition. 10k miles new tires. Runs and drives perfect no problems at all!! $2000 obo hmu if interested
Bill aims to create Office of Wireless Health at FDA: Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) reintroduce...
I'm on a roll this week. I was taking my daughter's car to the dealership to have a seatbelt fixed. The nice scheduling lady gave me very good directions ...pass Hidden Valley, a Walgreens on the corner. I pulled right into the Honda dealer and inside the service department. I was told to ask for Mike. Mike was sitting at the desk. However, he couldn't find me in the system. "Do you know who made the reservation?" He asked. "Malinda" I replied. "Could you mean Malaya?" He asked. I shrugged. "Could be." As we walked back outside to look at my car, even though I clearly wasn't on the schedule, he asked, "Is it possible you made an appointment at The Toyota dealership?" Being as my daughter has a Camry. *face palm* So I found a different Mike at the Service department next the flipping TOYOTA dealer. The good news is, I gave the service department a hearty Friday afternoon chuckle.
Nothing like a few screwdrivers and biscuits and gravy at the firehouse for breakfast before an interesting day of golf. Hope there's not to much liquid sunshine but its looking like there will be.
My wife will definitely be God fearing and off the showroom floor. Not the used car lot! I mean, who buys a used top of the line Honda when they can afford a new BMW???
Ok it's finally happened.hubby and I have gone from bikers to hippies.sold the bike and brought a 25 year old to book the Glastonbury Festival Peace Man! :0)
Just got an email newsletter from Honda. They don't know that I traded my Civic in for a Subaru 2+ months ago. Now I feel guilty.
Yeah, but I bet my little Honda would still beat you down the track.with Mike driving that is ;-)
Anyone looking for a sport bike ? 2007 Honda CBR 1000. Mint and low miles. Looking to $7500
Well, it would seem we can't make jokes about Ferrari anymore.people always complain! Here's a better one.McLaren are going to 1-2 at Silverstone!! ;) -Mike
All I want for my birthday is the black veil brides cd tickets to see them at the warped tour and the new craftsman ratcheting wrenches :))) and for everyone to have a badass time at my bday bash this Saturday :)))
4800 W Francis - Hit & Run about 10 minutes ago, vehicle reportedly hit 2 vehicles. Caller is now confronting, and arguing with suspect. -A
Mike Tripp i heard your honda was checking out my honda tonight
I hate driving cuz my stereo doesn't work anymore.. where can I get it checked out?
Mike Honda Trusts Women with personal health decisions, wearing the Silver Ribbon!
Omg y'all Congressman Mike Honda doing Karaoke at the SEIU karaoke party.
Car got stolen !! 88 crx white with black rims keep your eyes out please
Rep.Mike Honda is a badass. We will re-elect him, and I'm thrilled he's here at
Just posted up some cars we got on the lot. We have new used and certified preowned. If your looking for a car or truck let me know ill take care of you.
Mike Honda accusses right of trying to "tear apart our families" by not counting grandparents & cousins as immediate family.
US Congressman Mike Honda speaking about the importance of equitable education
Mike Honda speaks of why he's a public servant
Loads of people with Mike Honda stickers walking around
Not a bad day. Took a trip out to Willow Grove Organic Farms. Ruth & Mike picked some fresh greens and herbs for my class. Stopped at the garden on the way home to water the eggplant and what do you know? Garlic scapes! :-) I didn't see them Sunday. I put them in the car. Awesome ingredient for the pot 'o chili. Then picked four heads of lettuce, three butter lettuce and a large red leaf, and some regulation size beets out of the garden box in the front yard. I believe I'm ready to play with my food.
My Name has gave me so many advantages! Not going to even lie! Important people hear the name CORINTHIAN and be like: (pause) " you say his name is Corinthian eh?" (Rubbing their chin, thinking). It never fails lol
All purpose parts banner
First responders said nine people were taken away via ambulance following a six-car accident near the intersection of East Sixth Street and the Bayfront Parkway this evening and another man was taken from the scene in police custody for suspicion of driving under the influence. The accident happened just before 5:30 p.m. and closed down the Bayfront Parkway south of East Sixth Street for at least an hour as fire fighters cleaned up debris from the crash. Police said at the scene that they were still working to piece together what happened, but a man wearing a white shirt with scratches on his face was taken from the scene in handcuffs and was expected to be tested to see if he was driving under the influence of alcohol. Police identified that man as the driver of a maroon Honda that suffered heavy front-end damage in the accident. Another vehicle, a white Chevy Silverado, was flipped on its side and its occupants were briefly trapped in the vehicle before Erie firefighters helped them out the back hatch o ...
Strange Things Are Afoot At Metrocenter – Aston Martin ViragePosted on June 5, 2013 by Mike RossI was riding my bike around on a nice sunny Saturday in Phoenix, just minding my own business, when I came across this Aston Martin just hanging out in the Metrocenter parking lot. At first, I couldn’t fi...
Rep. Mike Honda making a special visit to Latino
Looking at trading my suv for an economical car. Toyota corolla, hyundai sonata, honda civic, subaru impreza, volkswagon passat. Any comments, good, bad, gas milage or suggestions that you can offer would be appreciated.
Picks from American Pickers on History at Antique Archaeology Nashville and Antique Archaeology LeClaire
Any car lots that I should steer clear of here in Paducah?
Another political luncheon with our dear Mike Honda and Barney Frank.
Kicking it in the alt-labor caucus at I was already happy to be here and then Representative Mike Honda showed up.
Stupid verizon. I just got about 12 voice mails that are over a week old most of which were important. I f you are wondering why I didnt return your call thats why.
Looking for a deal on 4 quantity 14" alloy wheels that will fit a 2000 Civic. Prefer a smaller offset BBS style, color does not matter.Preston Follese, Mike Olson, Auston Leon.know of any?!
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