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Mike Holmes

Michael James Holmes (born 3 August 1963) is a Canadian professional contractor. He is the host of the television show Holmes on Homes, where he rescues homeowners from renovations gone wrong; and its successor TV series, Holmes Inspection.

Rob Ford

Caillou is either a Canadian plot to turn a generation of American men into p***ys or a way to avg out Mike Holmes alpha-ness
Vick, Jackson > Sanchez, Holmes... That would be awesome if we did a total swap. fans would laugh while fans cry.
yeah with jeremy kerley, Stephen hill, shonn green and a one legged santanio Holmes
Priest Holmes, Bart Scott, Mike Flynn.and the list goes on and on. It's pretty unbelievable when you think about it
Mike Holmes: No-nos for the nursery — keep the baby comfortable, sure, but healthy first
Mike Holmes seems like such a self righteous ***
8 days left until Youth Conference :) Cannot wait to meet Mike Holmes !!!
Mike he's too cute! It would be great to see him in your team when he's XOXOXO
Because I never learnt his name (it's mike by the way) they were always just mr and mrs holmes...married 43 years
I hope nothing terrible happened, like a bath.
Oh you mean like BBC Canada was supposed to be...they only show Top Gear, Graham Norton and Mike Holmes. :P
Hey are we going to get any new Mike Holmes over here in the UK? Like Holmes makes it right?
Desean: "Hey Mike, have fun with the Jets!" Vick: "Come with me, we can be the next Tim Tebow and Santonio Holmes"
Will you be joining William Shatner & Mike Holmes in a this Sat, Mar 29th in honour of
Talking about shoplifting last night with and reminded me of this 2011 strip for
So much for building sustainable success. Vick and DJax would be Tebow and Holmes 2.0, albeit much more talented.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Just a quick line to advise that on your shows you often say "Check the company you deal with and make sure they have a good warranty on the goods or workmanship". That's all well and good but in the economic climate (at least in Australia) warranties are worth nothing but the paper they are written on. Example - We had a kitchen made by a reputable cabinet company 15 years ago. They had a new method of vacuum sealing a plastic coating on the doors and drawers. The company gave a 25 year warranty on the kitchen cabinets! The company was well known for its quality and workmanship. The company had been in business for many years. After about 5 years the plastic has lifted off a number of the panels. GUESS WHAT- the company went broke for one reason or another leaving us with this problem. What I am trying to say is don't believe that you are safe by looking at a company now and thinking you are safe from disappointment in the future. One cannot say with certainty what is around the corner the way our gover ...
Mike Holmes is really a nice guy. Looks like we're in a series discussion.
all those who have put their names down for our Paediatrics course next Tuesday and Wednesday, the centre will be open from 5.30-8.00pm tonight to pay deposits please - Jackie Gee, Lisa Webster, Abbey Wilson, Michael Mike Holmes Lane, Christine Mckeown
Watching some Holmes makes it right before bed 😄can't go wrong with mike Holmes!
Mike Holmes, on HGTV, going thru Calgary and surrounding area on Holmes makes it rite, wow, the devastation is monstrous
HGTV has Mike Holmes talking about the High River still makes me emotional.
These are really cool to see. Thanks for sharing.
New York newspapers greet Mike Vick with dog puns
To catch a contractor - Spike TV... What a show. This is something that should be done in Canada! Same format with Bryan, Scott, and Mike Holmes. This is what we need. A new format of reality tv.
Mike Holmes isn't liscensed in QC :( I've already wrote to him and poured out my heart, they wanted to have me on the show
Google DIY channel. They have contests where they will fix your house for free. Like Mike Holmes. he`s in Canada
So Mike Vick and Eric Decker are a huge upgrade over Geno Smith and Santonio Holmes.
I just looked at that shoplifting comic and my first thought was *** Mike is so much better than me at drawing"
“Report: Bucs wideout Mike Williams in hospital after being stabbed by his brother
The elephant was called Mike, because Mycroft wasn't allowed.. what would you name my hair?
nevermind I went to Alta Vista and searched for Search Engines and found one that's pretty good
If only there were a way for me to search the internet myself, but... unfortunately...
Is there a place where that book is for sale online? If I post it I'll include a link.
you should post it, I love that comic
I did a comic for about getting busted stealing candy, but I'm not sure it's online anywhere, hm
Lets get more females involved in technical vocational secondary education.
I like this kind of request, it makes me want to find a Catbug page for this guy
Where's H.H. Holmes when you need him?
I caught the shows yesterday. Sort of a crude version of Mike Holmes.
Tips on what to do to keep your baby home nursery safe!...
Just ordered a page! I asked for you to pick your favorite of what you have left. Thanks!
Do yourself a favour and support if you've got some cash to spare for original (ORIGINAL!) Bravest Warriors comic pages.
never mind, I've got your email. I'll message you!
Sure! If you're on Tumblr, just send me a message with the revised address and I'll make a note on your order
I just ordered a page from your website but forgot to change the address on PayPal account. Is there a way we can resolve it?
LAST DAY of the original artwork sale, it's done at 12 midnight EST! $40/page!
Proud of LindaLFerguson who was mentioned in Phila Inq even MrSilverScott and Mike Holmes mentioned.
just finished a Runtastic run of 3.95 mi in 36m 00s with PRO Android app:
Exactly what Pak scored in THAT semifinal where Mike Hussey blasted 'em in the last over. Umar scored fifty in that too! Omen?
I just wish our midfielders would shoot, Kilkenny, Welsh, Keane and even Holmes & Humps are shot shy.
i do whatever Dr Oz says, because I need my medical professionals to act like they're coked out of their gourd
that Ray Bolger's got screen presence for miles
damon do you still work with Mike Holmes?
Happy Mike Holmes! : I'm the niece of your teacher, Miss Louise Brown! We're making it right for clean water.
Mike Holmes has Referred Contractors, that’s like the Gephardt Approved of Canada.
Holmes crew at the Toronto home show to support our trades! Come say hello
My Children, sign your paintings in NEON - Thrush Holmes at Mike Weiss
Happy Water Day Mike Holmes: Savvy ways to save water and energy via
GOOD MORNING PEEPS!On this day 3 years ago at 12;14 pm i met my mentor and friend Mr.Mike Holmes,it was so cool to met him,i will post my pic of us later on today.Well off to work i go,long day today,then off for two days,yahoo!!
Mike Holmes looks like a skinny version of Rob Ford
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Reeva Steenkamp by Mike Holmes. Oscar Pistorius goes on trial for her murder today. May justice be done.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford reminds me of Mike Holmes' evil twin.
Copy of letter sent to: Councillor Gerbasi, The South Osborne Residents' Group Inc. presents the following year-end summary of interactions with City representatives: 1 request of Minister Chief: (responsible for Winnipeg) no response 8 requests of Councillor Gerbasi: 2 incomplete responses, 6 no responses 2 requests of Police Chief Clunis: no response 2 requests of developer Mike Holmes: no response 0 requests of the landowner Numerous requests of the City via 311: numerous incomplete responses, 1 known privacy law violation. Un-responsive department: Transportation. Most frustrating department: 311. SORG circulated 19 general community announcements, including the above-mentioned info/consultation requests. SORG hosted a discussion of crime prevention at its October 2013 annual general meeting. Once again, your government released none of the information it committed to releasing since 2011. Residents wish the City would incorporate local input into its plans for the area. Total Activities 2010-2013 ...
We're in the deepest part of winter now so there are a few things you should know about how snow removal affects...
There is no truth in the rumour that Mike Holmes is being sent to sort out the
so bad Mike Holmes and Ty Pennington thinks its too hard to solve
THE friggin mike Holmes himself in the same plane as me, hoping me and him can share a few Wobblies on the beach,
Mike Holmes is going to Costa Rica with us
Mike Holmes who is the most reputable home inspector in Buying a house and need the best. Thanks
Lord I thank you for another great day! Spent time with my favorite people my mom Terri Williams Stephens my niece and nephew and my baby sis, and Mike Holmes oh and Mimi!
I'm still going there and kissing someone and demanding free chipotle 😂
because it's valentines day and if you kiss someone there Friday it's free
“Just some recognition 2coach Mike Holmes. The current HJ records men&woman were/are his athletes
After a brief chat, Mike Holmes tells Confederation owner Rick Kinsman how he knows of our company and how we do it right!
Well his name is HOLMES. Mike, can you help us find construction materials for Jess (
Approaching Mike Holmes of Home Depot would be a great idea; her reno looks daunting to say the least
It's about a friend taking care of me during a weird context /moment. Basically good friendship. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
April and I are off today, I'm having a real rough day till she comes sits beside me after watching the commercial with Mike Holmes in Africa with the little orphan children. She says Mom can we get one of those? I said the kids? She says ya, big tears she sad they have no momma to take care of them and feed them? I will help you can we please?? I said I have to think a about it it takes a lot of work and sometimes I get tired. She says it's ok I can feed them when they get hungry, oh I said a baby, No? She says it has to be a kid like me! They don't have tags Mom? No of course they don't lol
I try to stay away from drug stories - it's too easy for something 'crazy' to happen. But if it's a really good one, then maybe!
Hi Mike! I'd love to submit a story for True Story, but it involves some drugs & drag queens. Nothing dramatic. Would it be ok?
ask Mike Holmes he ll make it right!
Just some recognition to my coach Mike Holmes. The current National high jump records for both men and woman were/are his athletes
Hmm been thinking abt this umm Mike Holmes guy, sure he can come n build a good home on the reserve, what's one house? Or a few houses? I get his side on proving it can be done, but can he fix nepotism n stop families from being ostracized? Meaning the homes that'll b chose. To b fixed or build later will always be favourites or band family members. If you're gonna try help at least make an effort to try and make the other issues on Rez life known. Or put up a flag while you're at it Mike Holmes :) Not that he'd see this but maybe one reader can relay the message, hey it's the www who knows how far our posts travel ;)
Appreciate it brother “Happy Burfday Shoutout to the Holmes
Anyone's husband, or themselves work in house inspections? I am looking for a DYNAMITE one. Having had some experience lately, I know there are ones that maybe got their education through printing up a paper on the internet. I really would like one that has that infer camera that can see through ceilings and see's how much insulation is there. Takes the photos of that as well. A lot of Mike Holmes guys use them. Anyone??
WOW, What would Mike Holmes think of this Code Violation
Watching Mike Holmes and his crew again!
How come Mike Holmes never does stuff in USA it's always the Canadian s that get house fixed
When & are in town, I hear the word "donair" so much that it loses all meaning.
Book Review: The mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures edited by Mike Ashley
Looking for a carpenter to do some major structure work on my house. References, insured and licensed a must. I need to get quotes for insurance. This is a major job so I want someone reputable and knowledgeable. so if anyone knows Mike Holmes, I could really use his help right now (LOL). Thanks.
Thanks to Mike Holmes for nominating me for pull up pyramid challenge of 11 pull ups. I will donate 2€ to AAA dog charity. I nominate Michael Ritchie, Nick Taylor and Antonio Miguel Viciana Ramos to do 12 pull ups, donate 2€ to a charity of your choice and then nominate 3 others to do 13 pull ups. Good luck.
Call mike Holmes, that house was a wreck!
Apparently I forget movies that I've seen, Mike swears we saw the first Sherlock Holmes movie in theaters and I don't remember.
Mike Holmes and Brandon Bauman are in a Relationship!!
Ha. Brown, Crabtree and a bunch of bums. Bowe, Hill, Little, Holmes, Moore, Royal. Oh and Mike Evans from the '13 devy draft.
that pause in conversation after somebody drops a name, looking for a reaction that will never happen, I want to live in that pause
Guess I'll start watching Sherlock. I honestly think this is the eat Sherlock Holmes ever made.
Just getting home not cool at all I wish my boys be calling home sometime Mike Holmes and Danny Holmes that be nice missing them
My dream is to have a house built by Mike Holmes. Kid you not. It's on my list.
Today I (sort of) learned how to use a drill. Feeling a bit like Mike Holmes //
I swear I can't go to someone's house without getting swindled into doing home improvements for them lol. I'm not Mike Holmes I need to get paid 🙈🙈🙉🙉
What an awesome day saw Mike Holmes on Corner Gas in a tank top exposing those beautiful biceps my kind of man hard working and we'll structured lol Enjoy your day peeps love ya!
I think we should have sent Mike Holmes to Sochi.
Really GOOD NEWS for the Mike Holmes 2014 Campaign! Mike qualified last Wednesday after the election for the 2014 election cycle, and qualifying closed yesterday at 5:00 PM. We are very pleased to have NO conventional opposition for the June primary! Now he can concentrate on the job he was elected to do in the legislature. SIGNS: If you have yard signs, or have placed yard signs, we would appreciate your help in cleaning them up. If you have problems disposing of the wire frames, let us know and we will pick them up (224-1357). Mike is working on replacing (another candidate using space) or removing the larger signs. Now, its time for Mike to get down to the legislative work! S
thanks Mike Holmes for my nomination. Henry Woodason, Ben Gilmore and Fergus Lally donate £1 and do your 12 pull-ups within 24 hours!
I heard tonight that several agencies had having issues with clandestine meth labs, recently . see something say something. Recently Mike Holmes, estimated that cost in to the millions to fix houses up to code because of the hidden dangers.
If you have liked our page, be it's because someone mithered you or possibly you thought it was something else or maybe you got some sort of pay, *** maybe you are a actual fan of the vids we make :-p Whatever the reason, we promised to keep you updated on what is happening in the SciFi Studio (Mike Holmes Living Room) But lately we haven't been doing that :-( and it's not good enough "bad sci fi studios" There has been issues that have put filming on pause and caused a number of vids to be cancelled! However the night is darkest before the dawn! And the Dawn is coming! Today we hit GPW and started doing what we do better than anyone else! And that's to make fun vids to keep you guys entertained in between the action! Our aim is to get you to see your favourite wrestlers in the most wackiest and surreal scenarios! And thanks to the amazing support we have had we have been able to place people in some pretty ridiculous situations! Before this status gets too long (too late) We would like to thank everyone ...
Waiting for response Mike Holmes on Homes re;Woodstove Linear.
Home from a quick road trip to see Mike Holmes at Second City CrossFit awesome place!
Thanks Martin Wolstencroft for the pull up pyramid nomination, I will donate £1 towards cfl charity walking with the wounded. Corydon Larkin Mike Holmes Jon crisp ..Dan Crisp "tell ya dad!" You each have just 24hrs to complete and submit 9 pull ups, donating £1 to "charity" ;) ;) xx
Drywall and baseboards have been installed... Mike Holmes would throw a fit if he saw their "handiwork"... they "ran out of materials" so I should get a call within a week so someone and finish the "repairs"...I'll post the pictures of the "repairs" shortly and then you can judge for yourself...
Wishing my mom (Mike Holmes/ Debbie Travis all in one!!) was here..but thankful for good friends! Renos begin today!!
Look at our own Mr. Made in America, Gerald Rowlett with Mike Holmes! What a pair!
Well I just got to shake mike holmes hand in the Montreal airport
Please, let's make mike Holmes make a special about the construction in Sochi.
Aprina also mike holmes b you all regina y'all will be truly miss.
Off to work ppl let's build stuff an be like mike Holmes an make it right
Apparently the ice build up on our roof has caused a leak inside my wall. Now I have to get my roof shovelled off, replace a wall, rematch the paint and pray my oak stairs aren't damaged. Sad thing I we paid extra for our roof so this wouldn't happen. Top of the line shingles from Avenue Rd roofing supposed to last 25 years barely made it to ten!! Maybe I'll send Mike Holmes a little email. Lol
Hotel rooms unfinished, tap water the colour of urine, no hot water.sounds like Sochi needs Mike Holmes to make a visit!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
FIRE & IRON MOTORCYCLE CLUB Station 1001 Is sponsoring the Martha Ann (Wingo) Hinton Family Memorial Ride March 22, 2014 Registration@ 10:00am – Kick Stands Up @ 11:15am Thompson Caterpillar 30950 St. Hwy 181 (Corner of Hwy 181 and US Hwy 31) Spanish Fort, AL 36527 $10.00 per bike - $5.00 per rider Any additional donations accepted. On January 8, 2014, Mrs. Hinton died as a result of a tragic accident in Mobile Alabama. Mrs. Hinton was a beloved wife, sister, mother, grandmother, and educator. She was an inspirational Christian woman who inspired all whom she met. The entire Hinton family has dedicated their lives to enrich those of others. Through all of their works, they have in made a positive impact on their community, county, state, and country. 100% of the proceeds raised for this ride will be going to the Hinton family to use as they wish to memorialize Mrs. Ann. On behalf of Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club – Station 1001, I would like to invite you to help use make this a memorable event for all t ...
1. Next time you complain about the amount of government waste in the US... It could be worse. 2. Someone call Mike Holmes! There's no way this could be up to code. 3. This adds a whole new twist to the Battleshi!s scene in Harold and Kumar.
Good 4 mile run after work today. Thanks Todd Chapman for being our rabbit on the way back and thanks Mike Holmes for whipping me in the sprint finish !
watching Mike Holmes and they just showed a clip of two teen girls bringing cookies to the good looking guy workers... well played
Oh well, just pain free days just keep coming. I believe I will add an addition on to my house at this rate. I watch enough DIY with Mike Holmes god knows.
The House is now in session and the first order of business is the swearing in of two new members: Marjorie Wilcox, from Mobile County, House District 104, and Mike Holmes from Elmore County. Majorie was elected to fill the seat that Jim Barton resigned, and Mike was elected to fill the seat of Barry Mask who resigned.
Jesus- if He never made love, never had an intimate relationship of romance, or never held or never had been held by someone He adored and loved, then to me, He was just another yoga instructor. But , I think His personal life is very mistaken. Time to fill in the blanks, folks. God has a wife, Jesus had a wife. And I'm not joking when I say the only spiritual being without a romance or lover is a miserable, spiteful loner, something like "Satan" . Oh, I'll elaborate for any crusaders, wonderers , haters or high priests . I had my Wheaties today. Well, We were created in the likeness of our creator. There are two side to one coin. Women were oppressed more than any race, I believe which led to the misunderstanding that there is no mate or Wife for God... Sure, the church or the body of Christ , some say, but if God made woman just to be a helper, why is it that Mothers (Mother Nature maybe) bear the children, women are the only missing piece to the story. If God had no Goddess to shine off of (the sun an ...
Gearing myself up for a sad day tomorrow. It's the day we say goodbye to a TRUE gentleman - Mike Holmes. It was a pleasure to have you for a brother in law. You will be missed. R.I.P MIKE. GOODNIGHT AND GOD BLESS x
Steak special, ok! With my three best friends... Adam Wambaugh Mike Holmes and Luke.
tonight withJay Burns, Mike Holmes and Danny Decay of Osama Bin Reagan! Jennifer is making wraps to fuel me!
Feel so lucky to have amazing friends been very spoilt and was totally unexpected. A special shout out to Tom Clem, Mike Holmes, Gemma Tomkinson, Patrick Collins but I would like to thank everybody (too many to name)
Well watching a Mike Holmes show he was fixing this house for this family their baby was due in 3 weeks. At the very end of show it says beautiful. Then during the end of the show.:'( in memory of baby emma.bawling my eyes out..
Good article from Mike Holmes about the dangerous VOC that build up in our houses.
Have an ugly hole in part of your drywall you'd like to repair? Mike Holmes shows you a fast and simple way to fix it without leaving any traces. (Video)
Big congratulations to my friend Rep.-Elect Mike Holmes on his hard-fought victory in yesterday's special election. Looking forward to working with you, Mike! featured in NBC s Science of Love
thinks Mike Holmes is a freaking superhero! I wish something was wrong with my house so I could call him and hug him. ;)
Mike Holmes I luv u to the bottom of my heart u always there for me im always there for u no matter watt but u get on my nervous at home and other stuff like that but just stoping bye to show u some love that my brother
As builders, developers, manufacturers and contractors, we have a responsibility to build homes that are safer, stronger and better. And better to me includes healthier — that’s a no-brainer. Mike Holmes on VOC's
CBS 8 and ABC Montgomery was the only station LIVE with the newest member of the Alabama House of Representatives from District 31 -- Mike Holmes was live with Ellis Eskew -Alabama News Network
I think I am a little in love with Mike Holmes from "Holmes makes it right". He is kindness and concern given actions. I know it is a TV show and he is therefore not uncompensated for his work (and his crew), but they all seem to express genuine concern and satisfaction in correcting protracted stressful remodeling disasters.
Who knows a good electrician that can redo the electrical in my house??? Im about to call Mike Holmes for this place. Love it but right now im really mad at it
LOL Randy Bachman from BTO fame is working with Mike Holmes on Holmes Makes It cool...memorrries...
Birmingham, AL - ALGOP Chairman Bill Armistead extended congratulations to Margie Wilcox and Mike Holmes Tuesday evening as election results from the Alaba
Congratulations Mike Holmes. I'm very proud of you.
Republican Mike Holmes has won the Alabama House District 31 primary runoff election.
I would like to offer my congratulations to Margie Wilcox and Mike Holmes on being elected tonight to the Alabama Legislative.
Thanks Jimmy Collier for putting yourself out there and running for public office. You ran a good race. We should all seek to be more involved in our political process on every level and more people should consider running for office themselves, even if talk radio hosts mock us at every turn. Congratulations to Mike Holmes. I know you'll represent us well.
Thank you to all who voted for Mike Holmes. He really was our best choice.
Unofficial results for the 31 District Mike Holmes 1933 Jimmy Collier 1487. Collier has conceded. Congratulations Mike Holmes
Watchin some Mike Holmes make it right on DIY while hangin a 60" tv and surround sound.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Thanks to mike holmes, and holmes inspection, I got to watch Mike Holmes eat a tube of caulking.
Going on vacation when this thaw is wrecking havoc on my home *** our new barn has Water dripping from somewhere and the house too:( we've had everything redone and it seems companies Just Can't get it Right and were stuck trying to figure out who to blame and how To fix things~ oh Mike Holmes where are you when I need you?
Find out why conservatives in Elmore Co. and Coosa Co. are voting for Mike Holmes on February 4th.
Le Gallerie Plastique: Mike Holmes - There’s a lot to like about this drawing of Plastic Man by Mike...
you have been sitting on that for a WHILE
Mike Holmes accompanied by his friend "Shadow". Together they host and MC the evening for your enjoyment, while Denise Holmes heads up the cooking, serving and all the other sfuff, and more! PS No...
Mike Holmes I am not. More like Red Green - if it ain't broke dont fix it and what is broke just needs duct tape.
Kelly in October: “If you’ve got something on me, Mike DeWine, then charge me ... stay the heck out of my county."
"Like it's alright but Mike Holmes wouldn't be cool with that"
Sherlock Holmes never actually said, “Elementary, my dear Watson.“
Rob Ford is going to go party with Justin Bieber, isn't he?” Can we send Mike Holmes over there to straighten them out?
Lets all go down to Mike Holmes place {THE FARM} TONIGHT!
I think I was just beatboxing in that mcdonalds but I can't be sure
this dude is singing Start Me Up like its the only thing keeping him going. He lives inside this song like its a second apartment
now that the gang's all here maybe Dusty can take us all to Dairy Queen in his wood panel station wagon
don't swallow any watermelon seeds Dustin or else a watermelon will grow in your tummy
that's not necessarily a bad thing, hey guys I'm hip uh YEAH it's called smoke Meredith
I'm going to assume there was a low smog of marijuana smoke hanging over this karaoke joint.
Mike Holmes looks like Rob Ray and Dino Ciccarelli's love child.
Jess we need to hang, I will show you a karaoke world beyond your imagination
singing Tool at karaoke is awesome and also don't do it
Oh nahh holmes. This *** DA gotta chill. Mike Lowrey love the ladies. Lol.
I always get all titillated when I know Mike Holmes is about to spray foam somebody's whole garage.
Thank you to Mike Holmes of Nanaimo, Lise Starkey of Nanaimo and Roberta Campbell of Comox for your recent reviews.
Bonding with a carpenter over how much we hate people who install things half-assed. Talked about Mike Holmes... All that good stuff.
Mike Holmes dropped by to play some pinball! And of course give us some pointers on how we SHOULD have built our house. Thanks a lot Mike... ;)
my 1st comic con celeb sighting ever was Carrie Fisher & Glenn Danzig, both hanging out down there at 5'2"
I almost stepped on Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Comicon. I picked him up like "you're gonna get squashed down there!"
Former Georgia Southern and Rhode Island head coach Tim Stowers headed to Holmes CC as offensive coordinator.
Mike Holmes fills us in on the 5 questions you should be asking your real estate agent when you're looking to buy a house.
Ali is the greatest. Larry holmes, Joe Fraizer, ken norton, george formen, Mike Tyson
In-flight TV and the options are Mike Holmes or NOT Mike Holmes. Duh.
Mike Holmes is now inspecting the Old Lady Who Lives In a Shoe's home. Tsk Tsking about improper Dr. Scholls installation in basement.
Mike Holmes: Old light bulbs dimmed out – and rightly so | National Post
Congrat sto Mike Holmes for being our 100th like! We like you too!
Some good tips 4 ur home - b prepared! Top 4 areas of vulnerability in a major storm -
Mike Holmes (joins forces with Gypsum to raise awareness of the importance of indoor air quality
Happy birthday hope you had a good day boss
"Dimming out" old light bulbs is a step in the right direction, says Mike Holmes
like Charlie and Frank from Only difference the turtles can't take off there clothes when they go under.
Mike Holmes and Katie Holmes you should do this with your little cubby under the stairs! :-)
I know someone who does a really good Foster Brooks impersonation. But I won't name names. LOL
Hearing from Mike Holmes Jr and Sherry Holmes from "Holmes on Homes" and Making connections to the skilled trades.
Sherry and Mike Holmes Jr. addressing the audience on the benefits of coop and working in the trades.
thank you Mike Jr and Sherry Holmes for showing there are real pathways from Vocational Schools and Co-Op positions!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Saw the 'Cheers' where Cliff spilled bbq sauce on some nachos last night. He and Norm approved.
"When working on basic DIY projects at home make sure you have the right tools to do the job!
Addicted to Canadian home shows! Between Mike Holmes and the Scott twins, I can't get enough!
Really coukd use a visit from Mike Holmes.. Disaster house. Disaster body. Got it all.
gonna put some bbq sauce on a hot dog bun and pretend I can't feel regret
I hear you need a five digit follower count before theyll even look at your resume, sorry bud
of course Larry Holmes had one of the best jabs ever he could have neutralized Mike with it
Would Larry Holmes in his prime been able to compete with Mike Tyson??
You know just might be the next Mike Holmes, assembled this baby all by my self
I want to lovingly surprise you by having Mike Holmes rebuild all your damaged holes
Good time for a Mike Holmes commercial, CBC.
So Mike Tannenbaum regrets not re-signing Jerricho Cotchery and not replacing Santonio Holmes after he got injured.
I posted one day about Canada, well if anyone watches "Love it or List It" or Property Brothers, buying or selling, even Brian on DIY disaster, and Mike Holmes, all these houses are in Canada. apparently real estate market is doing great there, there seems to be plenty of jobs, so I am seriously thinking about there.
Neon and all the at Mike Weiss last Thursday. My review of Thrush Holmes as featured in
Mike Holmes, Damon Bennett will find it hysterical to know that I just figured out (doh!) that I needed to turn on the breakers in my lovely space they created, in order for the heaters to work! OK. So it's only been nearly a year...and it's finally cold enough that I can't stand cold toes any longer! LOL It's toasty up here now though! Thanks guys! ;)
Dear Sir/Madam: I write to advise you of the Temporary Traffic Order on Roumelia Lane for Public Utility Connection. Details as follows: TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF TRAFFIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Bournemouth Borough Council, under provisions contained in Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by The Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Procedure Regulations 1992, has resolved for a maximum period of 5 days: 1. To prohibit all traffic proceeding on Roumelia Lane adjacent to No.23 Roumelia Lane 2. To revoke the one-way traffic order on Roumelia Lane from No.23 Roumelia Lane to its junction with Sea Road because works are to be executed on or near the highway for the purpose of Public Utility Connection. Sembcorp Bournemouth Water will carry out the works. Access to properties will be maintained commensurate with the progress of the works and site safety. It is envisaged that works will be completed between 10 February 2014 and 11 February 2014.However this prohibition by Notice ...
You can learn a lot just by watching Mike Holmes and his shows on DIYHD. Most of it is common sense.
I can't be the only one who finds Mike Holmes sexy!
Do I want to watch POTUS? Not really. We're watching Mike Holmes instead. I have more trust in him.
Ah Tuesday, at least i have a Mike Holmes show on DIY like every other Tuesday night. I don't know what the rest of you are complaining about
Everytime I watch Mike Holmes in any of his shows he scared me!
After watching Mike Holmes on DIY, I realize the stereotypes of how they talk are true."AY" and that we thought they crowded our houses together, check out the houses there, 5 feet is being generous.
Mike Holmes you sure make make mudding and taping look easy… I don't believe you. Looking for referrals for a mudder and taper :)
I played Mike Holmes most of the day, do workout finally completed after ball tonight. Pooped out.
i just finished one of my truly awesome mixes of dub step drum n bass and jungle im very proud of , I really would like to thank dean barker john and mike holmes Daniel smith and the whole true heads crew aka the l town party crew for my awesome influence and child hood . things may be different but nothing has changed the beat is my life and I love everyone I have ever had anything to do with
They've put off tomorrow's election until next Tuesday, 4 Feb. Mark your calendars to go vote for Mike Holmes a week from tomorrow.
I've heard many opinions on the effect Mike Holmes is having on this industry, particularly the effect it's having on contractors. Some people say he's the greatest thing since sliced
He'll yeah! I'd hire Mike Holmes and start fixing it!!
I thinks it and Mike Holmes makes it!!
Mike Holmes has NEVER held a paid political position! So that robocall I just received about Mike being a career politician is a lie!!
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Do I ever kick my *** I have a client she a talent scout and agent for movie star 10year ago before mike Holmes she ask me to do a show called ask Charlie a construction show she was telling me it was really hot in the USA and ther was no show like that in Canada every time I see her she rub it in that I could of been famous and rich and I could of maid her rich do I ever regret that so after that happen I told my self never again will I refuse a opportunity so a leson learn ppl if someone want to open a door for u even if u don't want to go in a lest take a peep inside never no wat behind that door in my case fame and25millon that wat she estimate we would made live and learn in my case iv lived wen I'm gana learn lol
Mike Holmes approves Eaton whole home Surge products. Protect your home's electronic devices from unexpected surges with an Eaton whole home Surge protection...
Coming soon! Red oak hardwood flooring for the whole 2nd floor. Now all we need is Mike Holmes to do the work! Lol
I will go cast my vote for Mike Holmes for State House District 31 right after my school bus route tomorrow morning!! Bad weather will not keep me from going to vote!! It's our civic duty!!
So much for Mike Holmes saying he isn't using automated phone calls for his campaign! My wife and I both got a call at the same time (different phone numbers) with a "spoofed" phone number...202-769-0477. so we could not identify the real caller! Then an automated voicemail was left. I had planned on voting for Holmes, but if he will lie about one thing, he will lie about more!
Tbay bound next month I have an interview with mike Holmes there for a job so i might be on TV show called make it right :D...
Ripping out drywall is kinda fun. I wish Mike Holmes or leave it to Bryan were here to finish the job.
With over 30 years of business experience, Mike Holmes knows the value of hard work. He started working in the agribusiness industry at an early age. Mike has been a salesman, a timber farmer, a business owner and a CEO for a multi-million dollar company. Mike knows how to meet a payroll and live…
UPDATED POST: It has been brought to my attention, that Jimmy Collier, candidate for HD 31, has stated that the Wetumpka TEA Party had something to do with the NRA's rating of the candidates of HD 31. In November, the NRA came out with a scorecard of the candidates for district 31. I thought we had posted those results on our FB page but our FB administrator just informed me that said she never actually posted them on the WTP FB page because she thought it might be too "partisan". I have since gone back through our posts and can not find where they were ever even posted on our page! However, many of our members posted the results on their personal pages-including myself. The WTP has not sent any emails to our members regarding one candidate over another and we did not email the NRA results to our membership even though we could have. It is 3 days until the election and the results on the NRA's website are the same as they were in November. (Mike Holmes=A, Jimmy Collier=F) To clarify, the WTP had nothing t ...
Jus got in I lov My pplz and I had a good weekend can't wait to experience this all over again next weekend Key Kay Woods Brandon Westbrook Byron Westbrook Mike Holmes
I wished I could have Mike Holmes to fix our home.
Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Mike Holmes chat last night! The response was overwhelming and we’re sorry Mike couldn’t get to all of your great questions. We’ve compiled the top questions an
"Plan it, engineer it, build it. Fix it is not really in there." ~Mike Holmes
Wish I could call MIKE Holmes Today.we had a little leak in one of our downstairs room and I said to Dale it needs fixed! just as Im getting dinner ready I hear the roar of a power tool:( when I got to the room the two walls are down I can see into the back of the shower and he looks at me and says ''I THINK I FOUND IT''.please pray for him!
Mike Holmes shares his tips on staying safe during your home and work projects. Pay attention to safety no matter what your project!
Mike Holmes (the guy who does bravest warriors) does these drawings called Mikenesses, which are drawings of him and his cat in the style of different cartoonists.
Hi Steve Hogan. That's not exactly how it went. Sum it up in a nutshell everyone needs to be honest with themselves and realize that Mike Holmes killed Mike Mandeville. Wake up and smell the coffee. I for one will not minimize Mike Mandeville existence his friendship to me and others Above all his life. If you take Mike Holmes out of the equation of that evening Mike Mandeville would be alive today. PERIOD.
Here at ESA for a jazz game with Renae Safford and Mike Holmes GO JAZZ
Congratulations to MIKE HOLMES who put his RHS Class of 1965 on a web site. Appreciate your effort.
I can totally see Mike Holmes rocking this...
I'm wondering if I will be as addicted to HGTV after we get the house built LOL!! I think I could actually help Mike Holmes build houses at this point!! :D
I want bath, kitchen or house crashers to do my house, or Mike Holmes. Totally fine with that. Just saying.
Ha! Watching Mike Holmes test the contestants apart on All American Handyman. Scott McGillivray ain't hard to look at, either.
Ever had someone that you just can't stand, but when they are away you feel like you can't breath ? lol . Me too, Mike Holmes!!
To all voters in District 31. Today I got my 2nd piece of attack mail from the supporters of Jimmy Collier. It insinuates that Mike Holmes is a career politician but that is an untruth. I believe this is Mr Holmes first attempt same as Mr Collier says is his first time. Second, it claims Mr Collier is "Pro-Second Amendment". I find that really interesting because at last night debate forum both candidates were asked if they support the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms). Mr Collier did not know what the 2nd Amendment was and his answer proved it. Nice man but unqualified to represent us in the State House.
Heading to Mom's place to "fix" some things. Wish her luck. I make Tim Allen in Tool Time look like HGTV's Mike Holmes. What could go wrong. LOL!
Yes you have. Me. I adore that movie. Terrific storytelling and interweaving of acts. Also Camp Chippewa. :)
Hey!...hey...that's a pretty darn good movie.
I've never met anyone who's favorite movie is Addams Family Values but wouldn't that be interesting
You won't see many horses do this. LOL
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I love my family so much. I hope that 2014 brings us all together more.
for my birthday I would like an endless loop of Florida local accident attorney commercials
was well worth the wait! Thinking of making Mike a shirt that says 'I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes' lol!
it's just because I love you soo much
"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes" is officially the new Movember slogan, don't fight me on this.
Still not enough to keep me away from glancing at my new crush Sherry Holmes, daughter of Mike, on Homes Inspection.
Mike Holmes fixes up a badly built beehive?
Is is just me, or does Mike Babcock kind of look like Sherlock Holmes in his sideline apparel?
can't get you in eastern Canada hgtv showing mike Holmes lol
Glad Rehab Addict is on HGTV, but we need Mike Holmes back in 2014!!! Happy New Year everyone!
To listen to the media you'd think Holmes/Watson 'shipping' was a new thing. I'm not sure about the fans themselves.
People have been misreading the Holmes/ Watson relationship since 1887
Landed NYE of course took rail replacement bus to London, Sake & Dino delivered back from West Hamstead, thanks Mike Holmes & Yoshiko Yamaguchi then meal at Pizarro with Mike, Yoshiko, Adam Couser & Takuya Yorita, epic return journey from seeing in NYE, all in all fantastic!!
Mike Holmes: 8 tips for planning a reno in 2014: It's the New Year and many homeowners are thinking about renovating some part of the...
Cheers to a rockin' evening and a Happy New Year, everybody!
So excited to bring in the New Year with my best friend - Mike Holmes. I love you with ALL my heart. 󾔗
their second choice was 'Low Hanging Phruit'
Phish's name came when they realized they could jam for dudes who lived their life perpetually stoned. They had to drop 'in a barrel'
how much $ 4 a portrait with Larry holmes, pele landi, Rickson G, Helio, Royce, Mike tyson? Is it even possible2 fit all them?
Lebron dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, ready to find his hairline.
JANUARY 1 Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul, As the swift seasons roll ! Leave thy low-vaulted past ! Let each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast, Till thou at length art free, Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea ! O.W. Mike Holmes
Lol 2013, what a year, here is my list of things that happened to me:
I wanna wish happy new year too both my brothers Mike Holmes and Danny Holmes
Katie Holmes vs. Jennifer Aniston -- FINAL BIKINI WAR OF 2013: This is it ... the last bikini objectification ...
Mike Rowbottom: Kelly Holmes, Sandrine Thiebaud Kangni, Ivo Ferriani all believe it is better to give than receive |
Go to Charleston, stay there. Maybe Columbia. The rest, bleh.
Mike Tyson vs Larry Holmes. Muhammad Ali to Tyson " Go get him for me, champ ''
Katie Holmes strips down to hot pink bikini as she lounges poolside with Suri in Miami: She has admitted in th...
The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make facts live. Oliver Wendell Mike Holmes
The rumor saying that 99% of all Keichousaurus in the market are fakes is inaccurate. I've seen so many out there that had been proven as genuine specimens, just that the bones were flattened by the process of acid-preparation. At most some minor restoration to the parts like toes. Do consult experts like Mike Holmes from TRIASSICA regarding the verification of Keichousaurus' authenticity. Though there are a significant number of forgeries from the black market in China, the amount of genuine ones are plentiful.
What would Heidi love more than to be left in a house with 5 strangers, two of them dogs and one a cat? I ask you.
We're gonna hang with friends in Florida!
Ugh Florida WELL keep an eye out for Lagunitas *** IPA, it is a dream come true. Missed opportunity to drop Heidi off with us
drivin' down to FL for New Years! I don't think we'll be near where you're at though. Which is a shame, for us and for Heidi.
woah me too! but i'm from here... what brings ya'll to the Palmetto state?
Anyway I just want to meet Heidi, TBQH
Why are you guys in my region? Are you nearby long? Long enough to drink this delicious IPA I'm really into?
My sister didn't know that (Mike holmes) actually had a first name, she thought he was Holmes Homes.
Mike Holmes makes the best brownies in the world
really hope we get Cyril Richardson and resign Mike Johnson and joe Hawley. Maybe move Holmes to Guard some. He has the size
Drain work all done in the second bathroom. Nothing like fixing someone elses ups. Like Mike Holmes says "do it right the first time". Time to sit back with a coffee and a little Baileys or visa versa.
You may think you know electrical, but here's some examples from Mike Holmes on what to avoid and know before thinki…
St Mike's finishes in 5th place. Lost to nationally ranked Christ the King by 2 then beat New Rochelle, NY by 15 & Holmes by 5.
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