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Mike Holmes

Michael James Holmes (born 3 August 1963) is a Canadian professional contractor. He is the host of the television show Holmes on Homes, where he rescues homeowners from renovations gone wrong; and its successor TV series, Holmes Inspection.

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Mike Holmes gets it right! Arc fault circuit interrupters can save your life & always hire an LEC
The Very First Sherlock Holmes Movie (1900) Added to our list of 1,150 Free Movies Online
Speaking of Carl Williams . They called him 'The Truth'; how ironic is that?
Mike Holmes: It shouldn’t come as a shock that you need a licensed electrician to work on any wiring
Mike Tyson would have been a good sparring partner for me and Muhammad...
Can't wait to see this show Claire has been working on that premieres June 16th. Love Mike Holmes and Home Free...
Mike Holmes is the Gordon Ramsey of home improvement.
Taking the advisees out to dinner for Mike Holmes bday!
That's all for Bobby Holmes, who gave up one run over 6 innings for Mike Morrison takes over on the mound, inherits runner on 1st.
The role of building codes in construction safety
Pete Holmes and Mike Birbiglia shooting Crashing in the West Village
I just heard Mike Holmes say, "Don't do the trailer before the horse." Seriously, Mike, I'm not even sure I want to do the horse.
Talk composting, the environment and deck safety with Mike Holmes Jr. Check out this video!
. Heard the stars at HGTV wanted to do it for a reality show. Muscle Mike Holmes is going to design the boxing room and selfie bar
Kings of the Ring Full Video. Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes at ...
Mike Holmes: Building codes are the building blocks of construction safety
The list of safety risks on your site is surprisingly long:
We've got Damon Bennett is on right now. He's the guy that used to actually do the jobs with Mike Holmes. Do you have a reno questions?
Mike Holmes: Deck safety is a bigger priority than hosting the first barbecue of the season
Mike Holmes in the Building codes are building blocks of construction safety
3Macs wishes everyone a wonderful Victoria Day Weekend! Here's some tips for opening your cottage: via
With the May long weekend approaching, prepare your to do list with the help of Mike Holmes.
Me: i'se da by dat builds d'boat. Mike Holmes: this isn't up to code
. Mike brearley reminds me of sherlock holmes
Are your squeaky floors waking your family at night when you try to tip toe around quietly?
we have another aspens in east cobb. How about tomorrow??
Eyes are always bigger then the stomach!
Mike Holmes: Asbestos as a workplace hazard
Great meal at with and We are stuffed!
Spring renovation time - leave removal to the professionals!
Mike Rose, Channing Ward, Jonathan Woodard, Tyrone Holmes, David Perkins, all are better value.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Name to look out for on Day 3 for JAX is Montana DE Tyrone Holmes. Was told Jaguars had a private visit with him during the Top 30 window.
watch out Atlanta the Holmes are coming😂👍
If you've noticed a crack in your basement wall, here is why you should call a professional in:
Octopus Pie Vol. 3 is out in stores today!! BOOK STORES
Thx for writing on & We hope you'll join the call to tomorrow
Great to see Mike Holmes supporting & talking about hazards of asbestos
Here’s how having a contract will help weed out troublesome
Silicon Valley already pretending like it never even met Elizabeth Holmes
tell Mike the bra thing is like a reverse episode of Seinfeld with the O'Henry candy bar heiress
who voted against continuing felony indicted Mike Hubbard as SOTH? Alvin Holmes
"It's not enough to just encourage women to enter trades...It's about valuing their work...equal pay for equal work"
“Looking forward to seeing you guys. travels! Enjoy Atlanta!:)
Did I mention that I love my boat? Get to know Mike Holmes better. https:…
Looking forward to seeing you guys.
Homeowners need to be involved when it comes to the health & safety of their home. Are you protecting your family? https…
Mike Holmes: Why worry about having a healthy home? For a healthier life overall
Handy tips: How to recognize a problematic foundation crack and what to do about it via
The National Day of Mourning is on April 28 — that’s a time to remember those people who have been affected by...
Andy Seuss will attempt Talladega driving the No. 02 for Our Motorsports. Photo credit: Mike Holmes
How long until we finally deal with the menace lurking in our homes?
Couple of Win Hill landscape from Kinder, Friday 22nd April. - Mike Holmes
From the National Post: Asbestos is like a sleeping monster best left undisturbed lest danger ensues.
Larry Holmes recounting KO loss to Mike Tyson and drawing laughs from everyone here in attendance.
Mike Holmes: as a workplace hazard...
Mike Holmes: Here’s how your can help lower your reno’s bottom line
Societies "need to be responsive to the legitimate demand of OA." - Edith Holmes
"Free doesn't necessarily mean better" - Edith Holmes
"A contractor who doesn’t make the health and safety of their own crew a priority will likely not care about...
Some of the biggest threats on the job site are the ones you can’t see, like Read how to deal with it: https:…
With the stamp of approval, you can be sure that Concrobium works!
I want to build and do stuff like Jonathan Scott, Mike Holmes, Chip Gains and Vanilla Ice
Did you know April 7th is World Health Day? Test your home for
Vegas life for my dawg Mike Holmes gday . in da building
This reminds me of Mike's responses to my stories/ideas. He's always like, "Well, do YOU like it?"
I'll never get tired of watching Mike Baxter's one shining moment during Johan Santana's no-hitter! Feeling same emotions I felt 6/1/12 🙌🏾
Caught a rat the other day & let him go after he fessed up: Mike Holmes was treated for shock after a TCHC tour. ^._.^
If Darnay Holmes commits to Nebraska I will officially be 100% bought in on Mike Riley.
Mike Holmes: Make sure your home doesn't spring a leak
Holmes no way over Lowry... Willet looking good over Garcia and Moore haas tied
You'll just have to rely on the Statute of Limitations not running out till you get your phone back
You should have called social services
3rd offer of the day for Northwest WR Gavin Holmes. BYU, Tulane, and now Utah
Obviously not that Mike Holmes but the shape its in maybe
Apparently today is 'World Health Day' - Here's how to have a healthy home (according to Mike Holmes)!
McLennon Landscape & Design Inc. is an Official Contractor of Mike Holmes
BYU offer for Gavin Holmes. I know that gets excited
Few more 1st round match ups . Moore over Haas +100. Willet over Garcia +100. Holmes over Lowry -120
Your home has a direct impact on your health and your family’s health
Dorset Muskoka Land for Sale Checking your home’s foundation article
Check out : Why worry about having a healthy home? via
When buying a home, it's important to have a home inspection. Here's tips on finding a good home inspector.
Today is Are you living in a healthy home?
Advice for World Health Day..making smarter decisions for your home includes "investing in the right water filter".
I'm at a breakfast with USAF Lt Gen Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes delivers career message to aboriginal youth
how come there's no reno shows based out of sask? U need to fix that and be the Mike Holmes of the prairies
I liked a video Rick Mercer Installs Solar Panels with Mike Holmes and David Suzuki!
If you try to kill -9 Mike Holmes's programs, it backfires.
Thoughts? Mike Holmes offers to reno 24 Sussex Drive - TV reality series? watch it ?
Prospect of fixing up or tearing down 24 Sussex captivates renovation experts Bryan Baeumler, Mike Holmes
If they hired Bryan to do a show about fixing 24 Sussex I’d watch it, but not Mike Holmes.
it would be super cool if you, Mike Holmes and other Canadian HGTV stars got together to fix 42 Essex. Make it happen!
Idea of Mike Holmes and Bryan Baeumler reno 24 Sussex is awesome, save us money, show us history of 'Our' house
Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler Weigh In On 24 Sussex: OTTAWA — Be it renovated or razed, the resurrection of 24 S...
probably seen more houses than mike Holmes from Holmes on Holmes
You're being discriminatory against people like Mike Pearson who may not be as physically attractive as that Fraudster Elizabeth Holmes
2. Either that or let Mike Holmes fix it up. The show could be called Holmes On Official Homes.
24 Sussex is in need of major renos. Might be an interesting project/show for you guys.
We have a winner for the Mike Holmes Bobblehead Contest!! Congrats to Dapo Banjoko from Regina, Saskatchewan!
Mike Holmes: Get ahead of the season by thoroughly checking attic and roof before winter arrives
Brian and Mike Holmes should band together with Canadian suppliers and fix it, "Leave it to Bryan and Mike"
Mike Adams was a limited participant in getting back to practice today. Gunner Winston Guy didn’t practice. Khaled Holmes also out today.
It's not like the good old days anymore where you knew your contractor by heart.
Agree, esp. if the cost of updating and bringing up to code is beyond even what Mike Holmes would be willing to spend!
Can we get Mike Holmes to renovate 24 Sussex Dr.? Get HGTV to bankroll it and turn it into a special!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Maybe it could be competition btw Bryan and Mike Holmes. They each get half of 24 Sussex, see who does best job
I've been (jokingly) saying for years that QC needs Mike Holmes to fix our crumbling infrastructure
Send in Mike Holmes and turn it into an HGTV show!
The Indianapolis Colts just got GREAT news about Mike Adams. ...and then the opposite on their center.
Solution to the Prime Minister's residence question: Mike Holmes. I'd watch that show.
Report: Mike Adams back, Khaled Holmes out at Colts practice
Mike Holmes should be put in charge and make a TV serie on the renovation of 24 Sussex Dr_Leaving out security systems of course
Excited for all the opinions of how 24 Sussex should be reno'd Where's Mike Holmes ? Your country needs you...
24 Sussex should be completely gutted down to bare wall. updated to modern standards. Have Mike Holmes manage the project.
As Chuck Pagano said yesterday, Mike Adams back to work today at practice. No sign yet of Khaled Holmes for a second straight day.
We were thrilled to run into Mike Holmes at the Toronto Snowmobile Show this past weekend!…
Get ahead of the season! Thoroughly check the attic and roof before winter arrives via
All wood decks, siding and sheds need maintenance. Rashotte Home Building Centre has everything you need,...
need to reno 24 Sussex? Why not get Mike Holmes to do it and share the experience with all o…
24 Sussex needs Mike Holmes to make it right before Trudeau will ever live there.
Celebrity contractor Mike Holmes shares why you need the right materials for your hibernation space this winter:
CORRECTION: UCC/Forest Hill this Sun will be hosted by Mark Holmes of Platinum Blonde (not Mike Holmes).
Mike Holmes: September is the perfect month to prepare to fight winter damage via
Mike Holmes just beat Ty Pennington out of the water with Home Free. I'm sobbing. Every couple won a home. Take that Extreme Makeover.
Just when I think I can't possibly love Mike Holmes more, I watch another episode of Home Free and he proves me wrong :-D
Caught the happy ending of Home Free with Mike Holmes. Now I want to see them all. This is better reality TV.
Best night of TV with and Mike Holmes!!
I can hardly wait to see what a Holmes dome is. How do I get one. Cause you know it's good!
I'd love to have Mike Holmes follow up on some of Reno Twin's work in a few years.
should check out Life of Bryan. He's awesome, also. And let's face it: Mike Holmes is the King!
Don't care if I sound like a cheeseball. Mike Holmes & "Home Free" makes me cry every time! 💦🔨😆
dang it Mike Holmes! Another great episode face full of tears. Love this show!
I'm not a huge fan of Mike Holmes but his new show has got to be the best home improvement show EVER!
Watching and thinking how hard it must be for Mike Holmes to give that *** Josh that beautiful house.
Photoset: octopuspiecomic: This update was drawn collaboratively by me and Mike Holmes! Valerie colored the...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Also, we met after you fixed a friend's home in the 'burbs before you were "Mike Holmes" - ages ago now.
"Never give up on anything in your life."-Mike Holmes 👍
Mike Holmes: The top question I still get asked is about finding the right contractor
Mike Holmes: You may call it "that thingy with the whatsit," but for safety's sake, know what each tool is...
TONIGHT's the night!! Tune in at 9|8 C pm to see how Mike Holmes uses our stencils to create a couple's dream...
Great to know... with Mike Holmes. When dealing with water drainage around your home check your...
Congrats for receiving the Mike Holmes' stamp of approval!! Check this out from the
Movie theater shooter James Holmes sentenced to life plus 3,318 years via
Mike Miss: "Heath Evans is a guy who hates let's get back to General Knowledge Wednesday ok holmes...The Wire..."
Mike Holmes: How a metal roof can help save your house via
James Holmes formally sentenced to life in prison for 2012 Aurora theater shooting: James Holmes was an angry ...
Yinzers loved Santonio Holmes but he's been arrested more times for domestic violence than Mike Vick was arrested for dog fighting.
My son Colby would love to meet Mike. Will there be any appearances in eastern Canada?
Using new tools is always fun; but if you don't know what you're doing leave it to the pros:
I'm building my own step stool and serving tray for my new coffee table/storage chest - slide over Mike Holmes
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
ICYMI. Mike Holmes on the importance of a detailed estimate for home renovations.
HGTV's Mike Holmes: Buy a home using intelligence, not illusion
Do you know what it's for and how to use It?
If I was I'd pay Mike Holmes to come to New Zealand from Canada, expose the dodgy building practices and start fixing them.
Mike Holmes: The future of trades can be seen at WorldSkills expo: WorldSkills 2015 starts Aug. 11 in São Paul...
Deliver your content DIRECTLY to user's email, Its FREE! Mike Holmes: Buy...
"I just need a hammer, and some caulking... And i could be Mike Holmes." - my mom
Tune in to a new series, on Fox tonight 9/8c - featuring Mike Holmes and Armstrong floors!
Mike Holmes: Summer's not just for major renovations -- sweat the small stuff, too
Canada can't afford it right now. Their GDP goes into Mike Holmes shows and opening new Tim Horton's.
Special guests Mike Holmes and competitive eater Tim Janus on "The
Special guests Mike Holmes and competetive eater Tim Janus on "The
Exquisite home designed by Mike Holmes: . Open house tomorrow! . sauna, media room & much more
Mike Holmes is one of the best people ever
Mike Holmes 😌 Thanks for shows that helps me figure out what needs to be done now,what I can do and when I need to get help
he is related to the guy who plays Sherlock holmes, bendydick comein mysnatch
I've been assembling furniture with Allen keys all day, I am the expert handyman of the year eat your heart out, Mike Holmes
your brother is all blurred out, but you look fabulous LOL
Friends who play together, stay together!
Mike Holmes: Spring is all about tulips, daffodils and those nasty old clay pipes
I just emailed you at yr gmail address re: art commission from March. Just checking to make sure your spam filter didn't eat it
Mike thought he was ballin on the dunk
ok ok cool man , we comin to the trap Mike 👯
Good to have friends in great places! Check out Bill Frame with Mike Holmes!
Make sure you know when and where to dig before you start digging.
Kate Upton & William H. Macy at Canucks game Thurs but things just got real at the Vancouver airport when Mike Holmes walked in
Nice work with the Mike Holmes reference!
Mike doesn't have to contribute anything, he's the eye candy
Discovered Pako - Car Chase Simulator by the other day, and now I can't put it down
Make the right choice today. Mike Holmes likes Metal Roofing, maybe you should too!.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Metal Roofing! This article from Mike Holmes website says it all!.
New poster for my 4/23 show in Austin, TX now on sale. Thanks,
A fan of Sherlock Holmes? Check out this NEW Transmedia Experience, Sherlock & Associates!!!
If your cat's favorite toy is a Mike's lemonade cap, you may have a problem
Hope you showed the airline your permit for those guns before they let you on. 💪📝
April marks the beginning of the home buying/selling season. Here's an important tip to remember when browsing!
.staff should wear different coloured aprons based on their knowledge ranging from "is this a screwdriver?" to "Mike Holmes"
Sherlock Holmes disguised as a beggar, by Filipino artist Richard C. Plaza
when it launched, described Clickhole hopefully as "the final word on the Internet."
Rep. Mike Holmes: "I can’t imagine going to my banker and saying ‘I’m going to skip a $15 million payment."
It’s finally spring — so start preparing your house for next winter Mike Holmes via
Out for lunch today and ran into Canada's most trusted Contractor, Mr. Mike Holmes. A very nice man indeed.
Celebrate Earth Day year-round with good building practices.
Just checking in to see if you ever got a chance to do the cartoon I commissioned (the thieving magpie thing).
Mike Holmes: Dig unsafely and you could endanger the whole neighbourhood
everyones happy noww II. The Fall Up by Mike Holmes - Cuzz Sirius on
Happy Earth Day! Check out these tips on how to go green at your house.
April showers can bring May mould. partner has some great advice to tackle mould issues. htt…
There is an urgent need to go green and LED lighting is one step forward
Katie Holmes teaming w/ "Sons Of Anarchy" producer Mike Daniels for a new series on Cinemax, get the details -
Don't do it Antonio.don't pull a Mike Wallace/Santonio Holmes...
Mike Holmes made a stop in Brantford to talk about a new program that will protect new home buyers
Mike Holmes draws a crowd in Brantford
Here's a few things that every homeowner should be doing for their home come
A man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. - Oliver Wendell Holmes
“Can't wait for the new Magic Mike to come out!😍” ooo yes 😍
*** what I wouldn't give for them to cast Nathan Lane in Fast 8 somehow
LOL good send him over I will have Mike Holmes give him a once over - Gotta make sure your house is safe you know :)
I gotta say I have a lot of respect for Michelle Rodriguezs double tank top game in these movies
we are watching fast furious five six and there is serious discussion to follow them up with Mouse Hunt
I want to teach a university course about four out of seven of these movies
mike I am also watching a fast furious movie rn
in the next fast furious movie they should have a character named *** Move
why should you have to clean your own *** download our new app Wype and one of our trusted agents
I liked a video from Mike Wallace vs Santonio Holmes
I would remove one adjective from that sentence.
Did you observe Earth Hour? This article by Mike Holmes highlights the many benefits of LED lighting. Zortech...
we figured out that Ryan Reynolds is the poor man's Hot Matthew Perry
Not quite ready for this yet, but here are some tips to prepare for next winter. -
Mike Holmes draws a crowd in Brantford with Empire Communities
Renovating in a semi-detached home? Here's how to keep the peace with next door: ...
Mike Holmes: When renovating in a semi-detached, here's why you should give the neighbours some notice
um, this isn't a magic mike more like a magic Molly's 😂
The stories you have, Ashley. Magic Mike Reno addition. Lol
Another one of meeting Mike Holmes in Brantford today at the
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Met Mike Holmes today at the event. Great guy teaming up with a great home builder!
Just met Mike Holmes at an event in Brantford. Such a friendly guy!
Mike Holmes: It's finally spring -- so start preparing your for next winter
Gary and from the team with Mike Holmes.
My minute of fame with Mike Holmes make_it_right
Sneak peek interview with Mike Holmes make_it_right
Mike Holmes from Holmes on homes in my neighbourhood?
Empire Communities today with Mike Holmes & Dignitaries in Brantford
Two big events today with Mike Holmes &
I didn't think anyone would get near Martin Smith as my fave Cobbler, but Holmes is getting there...
Empire Communities and Mike Holmes partnership celebration is today in Wyndfield by Empire Communities ! Tune in...
Empire partners with Mike Holmes make_it_right! Our partnership is happening today at Wyndfield! See…
Mike Holmes: Teach your daughters skills and you'll help set them up for life
Love this! ☺️ Me and my coach Mike Holmes at the start of the day! Couldn't have done today without him! 👏
My gf never texts me back and it turns me into Mike Holmes
To help raise money for our wedding I’ll be selling discounted Bravest Warriors pages and doing commissions. Official post coming soon!
Feel like Kanye when he watches Kim's sex tape after watching Holmes score against us
HGTV can't pop for a wardrobe person for Mike Holmes?
"No good contractor needs more than 10% to start a job", says in this helpful column on
a bromance for the ages that fuses Sartre’s freedom with the spirit of The Shawshank Redemption and the DIY zeal of Mike Holmes.
I'm going to go to school for carpentry and work for Paul Lafrance or Mike Holmes
Expert Mold Tip: Here's how Mike Holmes gets rid of around his windowsills using
Just when I thought all hope was lost, I wake up to these beauts.
Friday is Mike's favorite
187 the last joint im dropping thats not on GO PEEP .
Take a new pathway towards personalization: via &
Thanks to Netflix, I've been introduced to Mike Holmes. He is certainly my most favorite Canadian. Ever!
This event is only 5 days away! Your chance to meet Mike Holmes, AND have a chance to win some amazing gifts!...
Timely article as frigid February has come to an end:
Snow on the house is a good indicator of the roof's condition
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Mike Holmes: Take time to fix potential winter problems | National Post
We value attention to detail. They are the ‘Mike Holmes of Calgary’.
to be fair, mike Holmes is pretty awesome
Frozen pipes should never be fixed by anyone other than a licensed pro via
A prime Mike Tyson avenging beating Holmes inflicted on Ali with crunching combination ko
Mike Holmes: A true gentle man via Check out the history a great trainer and human being...
When in a semi-detached, here’s why you should give the neighbours notice.
Mike Holmes was such a big, physical presence. Unfortunately, he had some non-basketball weaknesses.
McCoy is like Moe from the three stooges, he runs in like What are you *** doing
Mike Holmes: It’s your own fault if the contractor you hire is a dud via
Mike Wallace and Santonio Holmes both want to return to Pittsburgh. Any Steeler looks back and takes pride and love in that organization
When you're as handy as I am you throw a bookshelf together and you're walking around your house like you're mike holmes or something.
thanks for sending the prints. Thanks for caring enough to listen to my whiny tale. Cheers
Well then I guess we can be certain it was not Mike Holmes.
So this tunnel in Toronto was really well built. Have the police questioned Mike Holmes?
All hail Mike Stamford,the man Sherlock fans has to thank for introducing Dr John Watson & Sherlock Holmes.
Mike Holmes: is our second silent killer — and testing your home is the only solution |
I loved it when you started with mike Holmes. You have come along way congrats on doing a better job then most men.
I could watch Mike Holmes fix houses for an eternity. It's possible that I have.
Homeowners hiring -Do you know who is responsible for what during a htt…
Mike Holmes on the "This is all wrong! It has to come down. All of it. Hire professionals people."
Living in a semi-detached home and thinking of renovating? Why you should inform your neighbours!
You are ready to renovate your semi-detached home, give your neighbours notice. Many reasons why aside from...
Have to admit, the framing of the looks solid. Wonder what Mike Holmes would think?
When hiring a contractor, take your time choosing. We have great relationships with local, trusted contractors:
Ridge Stone is thrilled to announce Mike Holmes as our new General Manager! Mike has experience at great...
Mike Holmes: Snow piling up on your is a good indicator of the roof's condition
Having a house built by Mike Holmes, Bryant and Scott would be the best house ever love your shows guys.
lot of extra pounds needed till holly Holmes is the next great white whale, the lady is no moby ***
Mom screamed when she won Powerball: Marie Holmes was watching cartoons with her kids when she ... "
part of why i like the shows with Mike Holmes is because his work crew has a lot of skilled women on it.
Listen to MIKE HOLMES - ONCE UPON A TIME by djinsane727 on
if it doesn't have Mike Holmes in a ghostbusters suit I'm not intertested
we need a route runner.. White reminds me of streeter/Holmes tall, fast, leaper
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