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Mike Holmes

Michael James Holmes (born 3 August 1963) is a Canadian professional contractor. He is the host of the television show Holmes on Homes, where he rescues homeowners from renovations gone wrong; and its successor TV series, Holmes Inspection.

Rob Ford William Shatner

It's nice of HGTV to give Mike Holmes shows so I know when it's time to do chores.
sad this Canadian program isn't on netfl…
Whts a guy do on his day off well watch mike holmes & do laundry duh ahh nice
sad this Canadian program isn't on netflix in Canada
I agree..I believe Mike Holmes did this in a community outside of Calgary,Alberta..I'm for this idea 100%.
doing his Mike Holmes impression is one my favorite things. That, and his "Gul'dan is SO EVIL, _" rants.
This Entrepreneur dropped out of college to become a billionaire
Alarming statistics about house fires.
It's time to check your smoke alarms...
Mike Holmes: Alarming statistics about house fires
2/2 integrity of structure of the house and electrical panel, as well as mould - mike Holmes was on market place on topic
*Short after a car like the one Sherl and Mike were in stopped in front of her* "Miss Holmes? Please get in the car." *said the-
Netflix added a bunch of new stuff again. Even some Mike Holmes :)
Watched on the Holmes MIR. Very touching and scary episode. Can't wait for part 2 and there decision. Mike has a huge Heart!
Find out what GP Mike Holmes has been up to during his sabbatical in the nxt edition of mag
I love watching old Tyson fights from time to time..Larry Holmes had heart, but he couldn't survive Mike's onslaught.
it’s super boring tonight so is TV. Except DIY is showing Mike Holmes shows back to back to back.
It's fire prevention week. Read this article from Mike Holmes.
It's fire prevention week. Check out this interesting article from Mike Holmes.
Just downloaded SHERLOCK HOLMES: YEAR TWO by can't wait to get into it!
I'm proud to announce my first prose work: SHERLOCK HOLMES YEAR TWO, by yours truly and Scott Beatty! Digital!
Mike Holmes (on some alarming facts about house fires:
Why can't I watch holmes in America
A friend from HS needs a place in any help is appreciated.
"No. 1 rule about smoke alarms: Never disable them". Mike Holmes on fire safety at home:
Confirmed! Damon Bennet from the Mike Holmes Show and Sandra Rinomato past host of Property Virgins guest speakers.
I would need pairs, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, Temperance Brennan and Nero Wolfe, or Zahi Hawass and Mike Hammer.
Listen to Mike Holmes and do your research check references, go see the work, get it in writing, get permits!
Mike Holmes: Alarming statistics about house fires via
Absolute must-read on my baseball friends Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. The best - and better than we knew:
Bought a fixer-upper? Good advice on what spaces to renovate and when
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Alarming statistics about house fires
Oh my it leaks? That's unfortunate! We need that Mike Holmes minimum code more than ever.
A question from about his roof and water damage: Garry Lalonde Mike Holmes Holmes Makes It Right. Wonder if its ok...
how many roofers have u seen wearing harnesses except the guys on Mike Holmes show? seriously, safety gets ignored big time in NL
Mike Holmes teaches us how to do home improvements the right way. Learn more:
If there's a blend of Cesar Milan, Mike Holmes, Alan Titchmarsh & Hugh Jackman out there please can you get in touch, I want to marry you!
Tonight I battle in Sherlock Holmes vs Mike Holmes. Holmes on Holmes, Aaron on Aaron!
I wish the best for Rob Ford's recovery, but we have a real chance to pull a "Dave" and switch Doug for Mike Holmes
Why does mike Holmes not name the bad contractors? Find the answers right now:
Look forward to welcoming you heading to on Sept 22 !
Just Prince Harry and Zara Philips playing a bit of wheelchair rugby with Mike Tindall, Kelly Holmes,…
Let's see how the celebs do! Prince Harry, Mike Tindal, Zara Phillips, Dame Kelly Holmes, Denise Lewis...
Prince Harry playing murderball with Jonny Wilkinson as team captain! And Mike and Zara Tyndall, Kelly Holmes,...
Not sure you saw this, Mike Mayock said Lamar Holmes was the weak link last week on the OL, over Carimi thoughts?
I will be heading to Squamish, BC on September 22 for launch event! Read about it here:
HERO! --> Mike Holmes coming to Lord knows my house could use a swift in the pants!
I don't think I get enough credit for not forwarding every single email we get for Mike Holmes (so many - oh so many) to /dw
yep I don't watch any footy shows on fox footy for this reason only open mike
If Carimi and Holmes hold up as our tackles this week against a stout Bengals D, Mike Tice will deserve a ton of credit.
On Sunday, Sept 21st at 1200 hrs, Our Patron of the Regiment, Mike Holmes, will be in Edmonton at Dolce Vita...
I was also going to say check with Mike Holmes/ because of that episode.
I'll summarize every Mike Holmes show for you.. "If I see this here, I wonder what else they it all down."
Just splurged and bought 4 Mike Holmes books, the kind that are as interesting as picture books but you learn more
Peace Love and C.Holmes CD single Summer Fun on Christina Holmes' Bandcamp page!
Imagine if the steelers didn't let Emmanuel Sanders and Mike Wallace go to another team 😳 oh and Santonio Holmes
Putting together a True Story mini for SPX!!
Pants party with greggzaun and Mike Holmes? Duh. @ Turnberry Golf Club
Mike Holmes: The planning and building of the ultimate man-cave
Mike Holmes. The true definition of "a good man"
You just cannot watch too much Mike Holmes, always learning something
Campaigning for a No vote in Erskine with Council Leader Mark Macmillan, Cllr Mike Holmes & activists.
Holmes on Homes: Holmes for the Holidays: Holmes on Homes: Holmes for the Holidays Mike Holmes (Actor),...
I'd love to see Mike Holmes in a cage match against both PropBros. It would be a bloodbath.
WR? E Sanders, Mike Floyd, H Nicks starting should I play thompkins,hartline,S Holmes or pick up Douglas, Streater for Nicks?
in the words of forer Brandeis QB, mike B, "bro so what I played against Holmes on a hangover"
Mike Holmes: Eight great tips to know before starting 2014 Reno. -
Sounds like Mike Holmes is doing a reno above me
young William Shatner. Yes, Ryan Gosling. Dan Ackroyd on a good day. Mike Holmes. Bobby Orr in the day.
Mike Holmes: Key to a successful is knowing when to call in the pros via
Mike Holmes: The key to a successful kitchen is knowing when to call in the pros
Mike Holmes: The right outdoor lighting makes a big impact for magazine-worthy curb appeal
DCAF is Sunday Aug 17th! Nick Bradshaw, Faith Erin Hicks, Meredith Gran, Mike Holmes and many more!
Mike Holmes: The many sides of siding via
Mike Holmes: One summer job that will save you money year-round via
Handyman Mike Holmes has had a lot of success on TV — but that doesn't mean he's resting on his laurels. When he was in the red chair, he spoke to George abo...
Pretty sure my dad just put Mike Holmes on notice
Almost exactly to the day of my company being two years old, I get word that my builder is now Mike Holmes approved! First builder in regina area to get approval (third in saskatchewan), and I happened to have framed the inspected house.
Some topics from last night's interview w/ Mike Holmes (work/life balance, & Oliver!
Oh, yes I did. Mike Holmes, me, Love this guy.
Just delivery pizza to Mike Holmes crew great bunch of people.
On last night, Mike Homes was in the & Ron James talked $$$. Full episode:.
For those of us who love Mike Holmes from HGTV. If 11:30pm EST is a bit late - just set your DVR. I love Mike...
Eagles have little to fall back on in free agency
the karaoke host said 'we haven't heard this one in a while' about faith no mores epic and then I collapsed into a pile of old dust
Mike Holmes on !! So humble, so honest, so real. Makes my heart happy! Worth staying up late to watch! 😄
I'm in love with Mike Holmes' son idc
good luck, you need priest Holmes or mike Sweeney to buy the school first, then get rid of all the real classes and teachers
Just a couple of guys, crossin' their arms backstage… Mike Holmes (joins at 11:30pm on
my mom has met Mike Holmes a million times he is a tv star in the house world
Mike King is THE Sherlock Holmes of the inbound marketing industry. delivering deep tech, eloquently at
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I'm so broke mike Holmes couldn't fix me
Developed in partnership with several groups – including the Mike Holmes Foundation – the standard is more than...
Indoor cat lost near Holmes and Scott. Keep an eye out for him please.
Mike Holmes releases comprehensive manual on .
Guy who sounds like Mike Holmes who's working in backyard beside us. I want to jump the fence. Canadian women everywhere should understand.
Mike Holmes is what Rob Ford would look like if they made a Hollywood movie about him.
Mike Holmes (and overalls. It all goes down tonight at 11:30p on
CONGRATS to my cousin Christina Holmes for signing with Tarpan Records and Independent Distribution Collective!
One good reason to tune into tonight's w/ Mike Holmes: we got to ask him a question. About overalls.
Mike Holmes was in last wknd. My husband interviewed him for
Mike Barwis is cool but I'd much rather watch a show on training athletes starring
We've got 4 all-new eps this week, kicking off w/ Mike Holmes tonight at 11:30p. A preview:.
I like Watch Dogs, but I can't help but think that it's far too violent:
On Monday, we've got Mike Holmes in the A preview, about how inspired him: http…
Mike Holmes: Using low cost deck materials can mean more work later
I'm a huge fan of Mike Holmes & everyone around him. you, Martin, Mike Jr, Sherry...etc!! I'm going to miss Damon though.
Massive well done to Mike Holmes and his pals for completing the Total Warrior challenge today. raising funds for...
its ok if they break something I know a guy that can "make it right"
Ontario apprenticeships - Mike Holmes on what you need to succeed
congrats on the call up Holma!!! So happy for u my brother. Well deserved pal👊
Good racing tonight at Flamboro Speedway. Won both heat races. Took a good hit in the feature race with some significant damage. Car held up and finished 3rd or 4th...not sure caution came out on last lap. Great battle with Scott Simmons, Mike Holmes, and Russ Aiken. Congrats to Mark Klotz for his feature win. Now to try and fix this mess for next week.not sure yet why there is a puddle of water on floor under car. Im sure its not good news
Mike Holmes, Canada's most famous contractor, is urging native youth to get training to take advantage of growing job opportunities in the building trades
Hey js woulda been nice to meet Mike Holmes,he's an awesome carpenter,I watch his program all the tym,my Bro jimbo so lucky to meet him
Not sure if I made an *** of myself but I talked to Mike Holmes. it's all a blur... But I think I asked him where his overalls were?! Omg. embarrassed! Lmao
Why does need show all their different programs on on their channels? How many channels need to show Mike Holmes or Border Security?
'Future Void' = LACKING SUBSTANCE -transparent particle of black matter in the BLACKHOLE of 'Famedom' ... There that's better . i.e. Example: Barack Obama- and his whole administration FUTURE VOID Example: Michael Vick- FUTURE VOID TBS Trinity Broadcasting Serpents FUTURE VOID just a random few here) CLOSER to home - Holmes is 'A GIVEN' MIKE Ernest 'I'm THE ONE WHO REALLY KILLED Mike Mandeville NOVEMBER 6 1976/in Capistrano Beach California' -HOLMES You do the math... Remove Mike HOLMES from the equation of events that happened that evening/ MIKE MANDEVILLE WOULD BE BREATHING TODAY. (plus I heard it right out of Mike Holmes' fat .gr..mouth) let's not get me started on that because then I turn into this big black cat... You've seen the transformation... And then I wake up with blood all over me and somebody ripped to shreds & dead in my bed then I'm locked in a cage... And then later pose for posters with the serpent wrapped around my naked body &make millions only after David Bowie makes a ton on the ...
I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful. I'M Making It Right Karl It Works For Mike Holmes It's Going to be Epic For Me!
Love you guys too. Cheers to all us lovely gemini's. ;)
High and pleasant is not just a state of mind, we were also there!
Mike Holmes was killed in a motorcycle accident in Texas on Monday, May 19, 2014. Donations are being accepted to help support his sons Zachary 11 and Randy 7.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Happy birthday to my sister and my friend and co worker Love you both
While the cats away the mice will play! Happy Bday celebration Sherry.
Pretty cool that Mike Holmes came to to go today.
I've seen that yard. How could they resist?
Very beautiful comment Mike. What a nice Dad! Happy Birthday Sherry. I hope you enjoy your day! 🎁
I hear some celebrations are happening at my home, be good kids and enjoy!
“About to jump on the plane with and Is Mike Holmes related to Rob Ford?
Llsss but be stupid Holmes I'm coolan
I can only imagine what you have in store for Mike Holmes.
Young Mike Tyson vs Larry Holmes at Tinju Legendaris, that's an amazing fight. Tyson won by KO in 4th round
Dylan Aiken and i just met Mike Holmes!!
I always say “I want to go now” in the loudest, whiniest voice I have.
We are a little late with a Father's Day salute,but we do salute all fathers! What did your father teach you?
rawest security guards at hghs are Ms. Holmes & Mike
I am so happy right now!! I got to talk to the one and only Mike Holmes!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Interview with Mike Holmes on August 1, 2014 wish me luck. :)
GM Lombardi confirms team will not be buying out the contract of Mike Richards.
at last, innovation that matters Elizabeth Holmes Wants To Shake Up Blood Testing Industry; a Billion…
Mike Holmes: Mulling the new building code rules on windows, doors and skylights via
Rest in Peace to my fellow Tiger alumni Mike Holmes. Didn't know him well but I do know he had a kind soul. Praying for his F…
It's less fun to speed up and smell the airplane fuel.
Myself and Mike Holmes will be on WJOX 94.5 FM's The Opening Drive at 9am talking with Tony, Jay and Al about the...
I am a very big fan of you I watch this show all the time I like Mike Holmes
just finished a Runtastic run of 3.55 mi in 37m 55s with PRO Android app:
Turns out is following me because I mentioned Mike Holmes, though I need help from more than from Sherlock...
Regram from mikebridenstine with Sean Flannery, Jared Logan and Mike Holmes. Chicago. 2004. Last…
Awesome fried green tomato's Also nice that you have Mike eating here tonight!!
Look who stopped by our Thurlow location today, Mike Holmes.
Mike Holmes will be sporting his overalls & I'll be sporting my toolbox aka at
How do you just say "here are some steel shipping containers. Use em to house your people"? That's just wrong. Mike Holmes said it was crap
Hubby wishes he was going to to meet Mike Holmes! We think you're the BOMB. Excited to meet ya
Sherlock: The name’s Sherlock Holmes and the address is two two one B Baker Street. Afternoon!. Mike: Yeah. He’s always like that.
Seriously Mike Holmes at That's rock star status to us DIY bloggers!
I'm dying y'all! Looks who's going to be at Haven Conference!! Holmes
Hi Mike Lunchables are no longer part of the Dairylea range but you can call the Lunchables Team on: 0800 783 7106 who can help x
.and Larry Holmes to appear in interactive event during week at
Congratulaions to you and Coach Mike Holmes on a great weekend performance. Well done.
wish I was with you guys watching the game but who cares kings win Josh Stockanavich, Mike Holmes, Daniel Sanchez, George Vincent
Mike Holmes might have a problem with the location though.
r u going to update the Mike Holmes APP?
Some perfect stuff going on in these comments.
If I ever meet Mike Holmes I'm going to have him take me to Bel-Air.
Geneva are you coming to How Was Your Week Live?
Looking to do some home renovations? We’ll be back tomorrow with handyman Mike Holmes!
Whoa, the return of sup holmes with was roaring success! Thanks again Mike! Next week we've got wo!
I need Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes to come over and fix my house! If I start a petition will you sign it? lol
I would like to ask for Prayers for The Mike Holmes family who is going through a lot at this time since the accident has happen, No one will ever know the feeling or the impact it will have on his family and his life for the rest of his life. Dear Heavenly Father we know You have plans for all of us, and a time to for us to be born and a time to die, He is with us at all times and we are all set her free to do as we please, and God means no harm to us but it happens, and we know all families are suffering terrible for the loss and for the accident, We must all pull together when a tragic happens, we can't point fingers at anyone individual because there were no witness, we have to pray for all involved and know it is the will of God to take us at his appointment time. So please add all the families that was involved in the accident and send them cards of condolence and pray for them for a speedy healing. God Bless all.
We need to send Mike Holmes to the racetracks before the races he will "Make it Right" lol
Folks, had the privilege of meeting Mike Holmes in Toronto on a new twenty five story Condominium Project right on Royal York GO Station. "Live and travel without a vehicle". Amazingly they are using Geo-technology acquiring heat drilling into the earth. Condo temperature year round will be 69 deg. C year round. See Great technology. A very modern style, furnishing, and concept. It is a great investment or ownership.
had a client return home to review my Friday project... when I walked them through what was done, they were fairly blown away by the resulting product... very happy with what their money bought... and so am I... a question comes to mind for me sometimes... "why am I doing this...?"- Mike Holmes this is why I do this...
Wonder where Mike Holmes is on this Ontario election issue and the abolishing of the college of trades proposed by the PC party of Ontario? He should give a response on this? Licensing and certification is KEY to safety for Ontarians. Please share!
Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes set for Turning Stone debate on June 4
PE photographer Mike Holmes took this picture of the Apple Express in its heyday. Here's hoping efforts to revive...
another fantastic night with the gang Michelle Sedman Tracey Archer WasAtchinson, Sara Farah, Diane Waddell-Brown, Andy Scholes, Andrew Robert Brown, and Mike Holmes. Thanks and i hope ur all feeling fresh as a daisy today as i am, Michelle, I Know your not. lol. xxx
Made it home just in time for it to stop raining and hear the birds start chirping. Between the down pour all the way home & 70% of it under major road construction I have to say it was worth it! Thank you Barb Buck Bjerke and Mike Holmes for having us share with you such a wonderful day! Love ya (so glad today's weather is perfect for Sleeping
Aw, come on, Mike Holmes vs Rob Ford for mayor of Toronto would be the best political race in the history of forever
Photoset: 1) Cyclops by Chris Giarrusso 2) Superman by Mike Holmes on Tumblr 3) Brainiac by...
is because nobody hosts any programs from earlier time zones like Pacific or Mountain. Wayne and Mike don't seem to TBC
Agree. If going pitcher, I like Holmes, Adams, Foley. Hitter: Zimmer or Hill. Really don't like Schwarber -Scott
MIKE HOLMES I CHOOSE YOU! . *throws tool belt on ground, stares at it while nothing happens*
I would say more than a few, but that's just one man's opinion.
Hanging out on Kingman with Julie Holmes, Mike Holmes, Tom Highline, Mary Highline, and Steven Aird. Tonight, drumming, belly dancing and saki. Guess which one I'm doing? But first, nap time.
Boxing Kings of the Ring Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes to Appear in Exclusive ...
let's brainstorm with Clarington tourism on Mike Holmes coming to Clarington
Hoping that Mike Holmes will be able to persuade the producers to take on this project and shoot this…
Living Legends , nice photo of you all. Cheers fro…
Living Legends , nice photo of you all. Cheers from Australia 💪👍
Somebody needs to take out Mike Holmes for always putting me down 😔😔
At the presentation centre grand opening w/ htt…
celebrates public opening of On The GO Mimico with Mike Holmes & family.
Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes Appearing in Exclusive Event on June 4th at Turning Stone Casino
Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes in exclusive event June 4 at Turning Stone -
Dear Oil Base Paint. I hate you! That is all! I'm gonna submit an application to Mike Holmes. How frustrating!
I have a sore throat and John told me I need to quit talking to save my voice. Janet L. Holmes and Mike Holmes agreed with him. I think it is some kind of diabolical plot they have cooked up.
We’re back next week with advice from Mike Holmes, plus a chat with stars America Ferrera and Jay Baruchel!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Happy Birthday to my lil bro Mike Holmes. I love you. Have a great day.
ROLL CALL: Here is a list of our local legislators who accepted or declined the latest pay raise for state legislators: ACCEPTED: Rep. Mike Holmes (R-Wetumpka) Rep. Paul Beckman (R-Prattville) Sen. Jerry Fielding (R-Talladega) DECLINED: Sen. *** Brewbaker (R-Pike Road) Sen. Bryan Taylor (R-Prattville) Sen. Tom Whatley (R-Auburn) Rep. Mark Tuggle (R-Alexander City) For those who accepted the pay raise, do you think they earned it?
Mike Holmes at the Home-Auto & Outdoor Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre
Train Like a Pro!. Join former NFL player and certified personal trainer, Mike Holmes, for speed, agility and...
Caillou is either a Canadian plot to turn a generation of American men into p***ys or a way to avg out Mike Holmes alpha-ness
Vick, Jackson > Sanchez, Holmes... That would be awesome if we did a total swap. fans would laugh while fans cry.
yeah with jeremy kerley, Stephen hill, shonn green and a one legged santanio Holmes
Priest Holmes, Bart Scott, Mike Flynn.and the list goes on and on. It's pretty unbelievable when you think about it
Mike Holmes: No-nos for the nursery — keep the baby comfortable, sure, but healthy first
Mike Holmes seems like such a self righteous ***
8 days left until Youth Conference :) Cannot wait to meet Mike Holmes !!!
Mike he's too cute! It would be great to see him in your team when he's XOXOXO
Because I never learnt his name (it's mike by the way) they were always just mr and mrs holmes...married 43 years
I hope nothing terrible happened, like a bath.
Oh you mean like BBC Canada was supposed to be...they only show Top Gear, Graham Norton and Mike Holmes. :P
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Hey are we going to get any new Mike Holmes over here in the UK? Like Holmes makes it right?
Desean: "Hey Mike, have fun with the Jets!" Vick: "Come with me, we can be the next Tim Tebow and Santonio Holmes"
Will you be joining William Shatner & Mike Holmes in a this Sat, Mar 29th in honour of
Talking about shoplifting last night with and reminded me of this 2011 strip for
So much for building sustainable success. Vick and DJax would be Tebow and Holmes 2.0, albeit much more talented.
Just a quick line to advise that on your shows you often say "Check the company you deal with and make sure they have a good warranty on the goods or workmanship". That's all well and good but in the economic climate (at least in Australia) warranties are worth nothing but the paper they are written on. Example - We had a kitchen made by a reputable cabinet company 15 years ago. They had a new method of vacuum sealing a plastic coating on the doors and drawers. The company gave a 25 year warranty on the kitchen cabinets! The company was well known for its quality and workmanship. The company had been in business for many years. After about 5 years the plastic has lifted off a number of the panels. GUESS WHAT- the company went broke for one reason or another leaving us with this problem. What I am trying to say is don't believe that you are safe by looking at a company now and thinking you are safe from disappointment in the future. One cannot say with certainty what is around the corner the way our gover ...
Mike Holmes is really a nice guy. Looks like we're in a series discussion.
all those who have put their names down for our Paediatrics course next Tuesday and Wednesday, the centre will be open from 5.30-8.00pm tonight to pay deposits please - Jackie Gee, Lisa Webster, Abbey Wilson, Michael Mike Holmes Lane, Christine Mckeown
Watching some Holmes makes it right before bed 😄can't go wrong with mike Holmes!
Mike Holmes, on HGTV, going thru Calgary and surrounding area on Holmes makes it rite, wow, the devastation is monstrous
HGTV has Mike Holmes talking about the High River still makes me emotional.
These are really cool to see. Thanks for sharing.
New York newspapers greet Mike Vick with dog puns
To catch a contractor - Spike TV... What a show. This is something that should be done in Canada! Same format with Bryan, Scott, and Mike Holmes. This is what we need. A new format of reality tv.
Mike Holmes isn't liscensed in QC :( I've already wrote to him and poured out my heart, they wanted to have me on the show
Google DIY channel. They have contests where they will fix your house for free. Like Mike Holmes. he`s in Canada
So Mike Vick and Eric Decker are a huge upgrade over Geno Smith and Santonio Holmes.
I just looked at that shoplifting comic and my first thought was *** Mike is so much better than me at drawing"
“Report: Bucs wideout Mike Williams in hospital after being stabbed by his brother
The elephant was called Mike, because Mycroft wasn't allowed.. what would you name my hair?
nevermind I went to Alta Vista and searched for Search Engines and found one that's pretty good
If only there were a way for me to search the internet myself, but... unfortunately...
Is there a place where that book is for sale online? If I post it I'll include a link.
you should post it, I love that comic
I did a comic for about getting busted stealing candy, but I'm not sure it's online anywhere, hm
Lets get more females involved in technical vocational secondary education.
I like this kind of request, it makes me want to find a Catbug page for this guy
Where's H.H. Holmes when you need him?
I caught the shows yesterday. Sort of a crude version of Mike Holmes.
Tips on what to do to keep your baby home nursery safe!...
Just ordered a page! I asked for you to pick your favorite of what you have left. Thanks!
Do yourself a favour and support if you've got some cash to spare for original (ORIGINAL!) Bravest Warriors comic pages.
never mind, I've got your email. I'll message you!
Sure! If you're on Tumblr, just send me a message with the revised address and I'll make a note on your order
I just ordered a page from your website but forgot to change the address on PayPal account. Is there a way we can resolve it?
LAST DAY of the original artwork sale, it's done at 12 midnight EST! $40/page!
Proud of LindaLFerguson who was mentioned in Phila Inq even MrSilverScott and Mike Holmes mentioned.
just finished a Runtastic run of 3.95 mi in 36m 00s with PRO Android app:
Exactly what Pak scored in THAT semifinal where Mike Hussey blasted 'em in the last over. Umar scored fifty in that too! Omen?
I just wish our midfielders would shoot, Kilkenny, Welsh, Keane and even Holmes & Humps are shot shy.
i do whatever Dr Oz says, because I need my medical professionals to act like they're coked out of their gourd
that Ray Bolger's got screen presence for miles
damon do you still work with Mike Holmes?
Happy Mike Holmes! : I'm the niece of your teacher, Miss Louise Brown! We're making it right for clean water.
Mike Holmes has Referred Contractors, that’s like the Gephardt Approved of Canada.
Holmes crew at the Toronto home show to support our trades! Come say hello
My Children, sign your paintings in NEON - Thrush Holmes at Mike Weiss
Happy Water Day Mike Holmes: Savvy ways to save water and energy via
GOOD MORNING PEEPS!On this day 3 years ago at 12;14 pm i met my mentor and friend Mr.Mike Holmes,it was so cool to met him,i will post my pic of us later on today.Well off to work i go,long day today,then off for two days,yahoo!!
Mike Holmes looks like a skinny version of Rob Ford
Reeva Steenkamp by Mike Holmes. Oscar Pistorius goes on trial for her murder today. May justice be done.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford reminds me of Mike Holmes' evil twin.
Copy of letter sent to: Councillor Gerbasi, The South Osborne Residents' Group Inc. presents the following year-end summary of interactions with City representatives: 1 request of Minister Chief: (responsible for Winnipeg) no response 8 requests of Councillor Gerbasi: 2 incomplete responses, 6 no responses 2 requests of Police Chief Clunis: no response 2 requests of developer Mike Holmes: no response 0 requests of the landowner Numerous requests of the City via 311: numerous incomplete responses, 1 known privacy law violation. Un-responsive department: Transportation. Most frustrating department: 311. SORG circulated 19 general community announcements, including the above-mentioned info/consultation requests. SORG hosted a discussion of crime prevention at its October 2013 annual general meeting. Once again, your government released none of the information it committed to releasing since 2011. Residents wish the City would incorporate local input into its plans for the area. Total Activities 2010-2013 ...
We're in the deepest part of winter now so there are a few things you should know about how snow removal affects...
There is no truth in the rumour that Mike Holmes is being sent to sort out the
so bad Mike Holmes and Ty Pennington thinks its too hard to solve
THE friggin mike Holmes himself in the same plane as me, hoping me and him can share a few Wobblies on the beach,
Mike Holmes is going to Costa Rica with us
Mike Holmes who is the most reputable home inspector in Buying a house and need the best. Thanks
Lord I thank you for another great day! Spent time with my favorite people my mom Terri Williams Stephens my niece and nephew and my baby sis, and Mike Holmes oh and Mimi!
I'm still going there and kissing someone and demanding free chipotle 😂
because it's valentines day and if you kiss someone there Friday it's free
“Just some recognition 2coach Mike Holmes. The current HJ records men&woman were/are his athletes
After a brief chat, Mike Holmes tells Confederation owner Rick Kinsman how he knows of our company and how we do it right!
Well his name is HOLMES. Mike, can you help us find construction materials for Jess (
Approaching Mike Holmes of Home Depot would be a great idea; her reno looks daunting to say the least
It's about a friend taking care of me during a weird context /moment. Basically good friendship. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
April and I are off today, I'm having a real rough day till she comes sits beside me after watching the commercial with Mike Holmes in Africa with the little orphan children. She says Mom can we get one of those? I said the kids? She says ya, big tears she sad they have no momma to take care of them and feed them? I will help you can we please?? I said I have to think a about it it takes a lot of work and sometimes I get tired. She says it's ok I can feed them when they get hungry, oh I said a baby, No? She says it has to be a kid like me! They don't have tags Mom? No of course they don't lol
I try to stay away from drug stories - it's too easy for something 'crazy' to happen. But if it's a really good one, then maybe!
Hi Mike! I'd love to submit a story for True Story, but it involves some drugs & drag queens. Nothing dramatic. Would it be ok?
ask Mike Holmes he ll make it right!
Just some recognition to my coach Mike Holmes. The current National high jump records for both men and woman were/are his athletes
Hmm been thinking abt this umm Mike Holmes guy, sure he can come n build a good home on the reserve, what's one house? Or a few houses? I get his side on proving it can be done, but can he fix nepotism n stop families from being ostracized? Meaning the homes that'll b chose. To b fixed or build later will always be favourites or band family members. If you're gonna try help at least make an effort to try and make the other issues on Rez life known. Or put up a flag while you're at it Mike Holmes :) Not that he'd see this but maybe one reader can relay the message, hey it's the www who knows how far our posts travel ;)
Appreciate it brother “Happy Burfday Shoutout to the Holmes
Anyone's husband, or themselves work in house inspections? I am looking for a DYNAMITE one. Having had some experience lately, I know there are ones that maybe got their education through printing up a paper on the internet. I really would like one that has that infer camera that can see through ceilings and see's how much insulation is there. Takes the photos of that as well. A lot of Mike Holmes guys use them. Anyone??
WOW, What would Mike Holmes think of this Code Violation
Watching Mike Holmes and his crew again!
How come Mike Holmes never does stuff in USA it's always the Canadian s that get house fixed
When & are in town, I hear the word "donair" so much that it loses all meaning.
Book Review: The mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures edited by Mike Ashley
Looking for a carpenter to do some major structure work on my house. References, insured and licensed a must. I need to get quotes for insurance. This is a major job so I want someone reputable and knowledgeable. so if anyone knows Mike Holmes, I could really use his help right now (LOL). Thanks.
Thanks to Mike Holmes for nominating me for pull up pyramid challenge of 11 pull ups. I will donate 2€ to AAA dog charity. I nominate Michael Ritchie, Nick Taylor and Antonio Miguel Viciana Ramos to do 12 pull ups, donate 2€ to a charity of your choice and then nominate 3 others to do 13 pull ups. Good luck.
Call mike Holmes, that house was a wreck!
Apparently I forget movies that I've seen, Mike swears we saw the first Sherlock Holmes movie in theaters and I don't remember.
Mike Holmes and Brandon Bauman are in a Relationship!!
Ha. Brown, Crabtree and a bunch of bums. Bowe, Hill, Little, Holmes, Moore, Royal. Oh and Mike Evans from the '13 devy draft.
that pause in conversation after somebody drops a name, looking for a reaction that will never happen, I want to live in that pause
Guess I'll start watching Sherlock. I honestly think this is the eat Sherlock Holmes ever made.
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