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Mike Helton

Michael Helton (born c. 1953) is the president of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).

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Same guy sat in Mike Helton's chair in Daytona. How does he continuously do this?(somebody in racing hire this guy)
Getting closer!! We can already smell the parking lot and hear the roar of the crowd!!
Keep writing Jeff. That they can't handle the truth underscores how Brian France and Mike Helton are ruining NASCAR.
Mike Helton: "This is probably the toughest announcement I've ever had to make. But, we've lost Gunther Dadson"
Overpriced camping now. PIR did the fans dirty. Thank you Brian France & Mike Helton…
A year before Talladega 2015(Where NASCAR changed it to only one attempt 3 days before Race) Mike Hel…
Yeah. You'll understand more than Brian France and Mike Helton ever will.
You'll have more common sense than those fools Brian France and Mike Helton will ever have.
He would have went to the trailer and punched Mike Helton in the face for another bs finish
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and I got to meet the President of Mike Helton!!!
Brendan Gaughan tells Mike Helton to bring the cage to every NASCAR race
Let's use that cage they got goin 4 future post race spats. Mike Helton as ref & any team members invited to watch
I was kinda hopin' you were Stoned Mike Helton. Don't blow that for me dude.
agh back when was good. Before JJ and Mike Helton ruined it
In the video, Bill Weber sits down with Mike Helton and drivers, talking about the Earnhardt crash investigation.
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It is a Lightning baseball tradition to have three Captains in the program. BEHOLD CAPTAIN MIKE HELTON! Captain
Iowa had sold out the event until mike Helton came in and said no chance getting a cup race to the me…
My RV once belonged to Robert Yates, so I'm honored to have it now. Mike Helton was the original owner.
Good luck to all the women in the tourney playing under our lights this weekend at and
K-State spring football starts in 12 days.
I'm too nervous to call in, but what would Mike Helton's long legacy with NASCAR be worthy in 10 years?
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I think Mike Helton is tapping my phones during the very sacred racing season. Bad (or sick) guy!
agree with you on using Mike Helton. Joey has cause all 4 Gibb cars to crash. Almost ended Hamlin at Ca 4 years ago.
I wonder what Mike Helton and boys are discussing today. We got to penalize for fight but sure deserved it.
I emailed nascar and Mike Helton requesting staged fights after every race. Maybe they'll bring a steel cage.
du. Busch n lagano will do anything for mike helton. Ratings baby
Brian France and Mike Helton can't say they're totally against it. Ensures more eyeballs for PHX next week.
Mike Helton along with the drivers that were part of that group selected screwed nascar up by making the segment races!!!
Mike Helton is a complete *** !! he really knows how to screw nascar up with this bull crap no parts change &the timing lines!
Karaoke time at Here we see & president Mike Helton do a stirring rendition o…
I figured Mike Helton was going to be newest member of the madden league and he was showing him GroupMe! 😉
Mike Helton, President and Vice Chairman of NASCAR recently stated in a meeting with AIDB President, Dr. John...
No idea what Bears fans are worried about. . Remember the last time a 6'6 Mike from the ACC came to town? Right.
Get brain France n mike Helton out of nascar they have killed the races
Truly have to thank for all of her help, Nascar, NBC, Mike Helton, Mr H and everyone who donated to for those kids.
The backstage moment with Eddie Vedder, Tony Stewart, Eddie Jarvis and Mike Helton. Vedder kept saying "I just can'…
Please welcome the Vice Chairman of Mao Tse Tung .er Mike Helton.
I thought Tony was getting called to the NASCAR hauler one last time as Mike Helton announced his name
Surprise! Mike Helton brings out Eddie Vedder to honor Tony Stewart
I want to see mike Helton throw jay mohr out the front door like uncle Phil throwing jazz on fresh prince of bel air
I gotta say, Mike Helton still looks good.
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OMG!! Mike Helton is hysterical. Well, compared to Jay Mohr.
I think he means it when he says he will reject any trade, destined to be like what Helton was to the Rockies
VP-elect “Thanks to you…we are going to build a wall & we’re going to end illegal immigration” –TCT
is starting with and Mike Helton kicking it off with Chase 16 drivers
I can tell you personally... Mike Helton is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
send this to the Library of Congress... it's the only documented photo in history of Mike Helton smiling
Who along with Mike Helton and Brian France have ruined NASCAR
Brian France: How do we stop Johnson from winning his 8th Cup championship. . Mike Helton: Drop the word Cup. . Brian France: Genius .
i feel as if it is the title sponsor shouldn't Mike Helton be there?
Race teams are now trying to add some downforce to the cars with [Mike Helton’s luscious mustache].
Mike Helton just very politely held a door for me. Based on our respective seniority, that should NEVER. EVER. HAPPEN. EVER…
Chad Knaus and Mike Helton just ignored me
President of Mike Helton meets with Chairman Bruton Smith before racing one for another
The Latest: Denny Hamlin leading Daytona 500 after 50 laps: NASCAR executive Mike Helton brought some humor to...
I am the vine you are the branches. The one who remains in Me & I in him produces much fruit because you can do nothing…
Does Mike Helton get paid. I don't see why.
Fan of the sport? Not particularly Mike Helton ruined it a long time ago. Dale Jr, sure I just know limitations.
This race *** NASCAR *** Bill France and Mike Helton *** Waltrup bros suck. Why am I watching at all. Gordon?
I hope Mike Helton dont have plans 2 fix this so can win on the anniversary of Big E's death. Wouldn't be a shock
The Latest: HOF driver Elliott introduced as Chases dad: NASCAR executive Mike Helton brought some humor to th...
The Latest: HOF Driver Elliott Introduced as 'Chase's Dad': NASCAR executive Mike Helton brought some humor to the pre-race driver me...
Who all is watching the I want to watch but hate helping out Brian France and Mike Helton (I hate those two big time).
is Mike Helton still doing introductions?
It's a Transformer. Hopefully it'll be sentient and smack Logano mid-race. Let's see Mike Helton penalize THAT.
what do Bruton Smiths induction speech and Mike Helton's introduction speech have in common?. Is it over yet?
Mike Helton is now currently introducing the people sitting in the seventh row of section 437 lower tier
The drivers have all fallen asleep during Mike Helton's introductions we're going to have to hand out coffee after this
Now Mike Helton is reciting all 50 states and their capitols. Alphabetically.
Mike Helton must be a sorcerer because he just named Bryce Harper 2016 NL MVP at the drivers meeting
I'm surprised Mike Helton doesn't come in and announce all the infielders one by one!
Mike Helton rattling off actor celebrities and their credits at drivers meeting as if he's reading Oscar nominations.
The green flag of fly soon as Mike Helton is done with his introduction at the driver's meeting!
Mike Helton also just said "Wyclef Gene". this is better than the race is going to be
Mike Helton opens driver meeting with VIP introductions in the crowd at
Mike Helton introduces Bill Elliott of as "Chase's Dad" in drivers meeting.
Mike Helton just jokingly introduced Bill Elliott as "Chase's dad." That was worth tuning into the driver's meeting for.
When introducing Hall of Famers here today, Mike Helton introduces one of them initially as "Chase's dad"
LOL! Mike Helton just intro'd Bill Elliott as "Chase's dad."
.founder Glen Wood singled out for his 70th consecutive Speedweeks (it's 58th Daytona 500, chuckles Mike Helton).
Mike Helton introduces Junior at the drivers' meeting - Ken Griffey Jr.
Mike Helton just said "The Florida-Georgia Line" when introducing the band at the drivers' meeting.
Mike Helton to introduce pres Joe Chitwood III in drivers meeting.
5th state title for Vandegrift, which had previously won titles in boys golf (two), girls soccer and girls swimming.
Congrats to Swimming & Diving 5A boys team champions, Austin Vandegrift High School!
... also like a bunch, Mike Smith and Todd Helton for getting nods.
Breast Cancer Awareness
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We love our class of 2016. Good leaders and very selfless class. 32 wins the last 3 years.
Great night celebrating another successful season! Thanks to all that contributed!
Mike Helton Iscariot, heed my warning... Soil not true racing or thy prostate will be the size of a grapefruit!
This is pretty funny. I can see me being arested in Vegas with Mike Helton!
I was there when Brian France, Mike Helton, and Vince McMahon wrote the script for that race.
As has pointed out, now has a big 1-2 punch of Heltons, with [Mike] Tyson Helton joining [Cassius] Clay Helton.
Peyton Manning is a backup for the 1st time since 1994, when Todd Helton was the starting QB at Tennessee.
Expected to be 1st time Peyton Manning has dressed as a backup since Sept. 24, 1994, when he backed up Todd Helton as a T…
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OC Tyson Helton is expected to join his brother Clay's staff as QB coach/passing game coordinator, per sourc…
The last time Peyton Manning was a backup QB in a game that counted was 9/24/94, his freshman year at Tennessee. The starter? …
Interim offensive line coach Mike Goff with a one-on-one chat with Khaliel Rodgers during timeout. Clay Helton now firing up troops.
Peyton Manning: expected to dress as backup for 1st time since 9/24/1994 (replaced Todd Helton for Tennessee)
At what point does Pat Haden get held accountable for some truly uninspiring head-coaching decisions. Helton was the best USC could do?
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Was great seeing 's Mike Helton and fellow inductees and Rex White there to support Bobb…
yes I do, all to well, I miss Bill Jr. and Humpy Wheeler---and the Mike Helton that used to be.
as far as I'm concerned Mike Helton and Brian France can go to ***
Kevin Harvick is a bully and is rewarded for it. Mike Helton changes the rules to suit him! LOVE Tony but wish he would find a new driver!
then when everyone left mike Helton walked out on track and people were throwing stuff at him too
NASCAR says no penalties stemming from Talladega Chase elimination race
Are you guys letting the CHEATER NATION in the race this weekend? What a joke? Mike Helton had a chance to fix this.
Mike Helton and Brian France are on the top of my list!!
Would you ever consider Mike Helton's job?
My NASCAR Halloween costume: Pregnant Mike Helton in the middle of a race
I can't believe Fox Sports stole Mike Helton's original words from Dega.
The 8 Nascar wants, let's see next year when stands are empty, Then what will Brian France and Mike Helton do
I still think Mike Helton is a Stand up man. I like him. Brian France needs some schoolin real bad.
I loved it been a fan since early 70s but anymore it's a joke with Brian France and Mike Helton
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
NASCAR has become a joke and Mike Helton needs to get fired very rigged these days
Brian France and Mike Helton are the worst things to happen to this sport. The chase format is ridiculous.
ICYMI: No penalties for or any competitors after… "
ICYMI: No penalties for or any competitors after
Brian France and Mike Helton once told me, "They were all terrible." I'm joking but you get my point.
- OH "WHEN-DELL"! Smokin' that weed is makin' ya' sound like Mike Helton! Whattz da' mattah? Mom stop givin' the "new-key"?
My feeling is Mike Helton and Steve O'Donnell need to step down. . Just my opinion.
says no penalties will be issued following Sunday's controversial finish at
says no penalties after controversial weekend» 
I'm thinking of getting this and wearing a graying wig and mustache - Sexy Mike Helton!
is an *** along with Mike Helton Ryan Pemberton! NASCAR is now the New WWE
NASCAR fans are angry about Talladega ending, think Mike Helton is full of it
You should've heard the fans thrashing Mike Helton as he came thru the grandstand to walk to the infield.
fans giving chairman Mike Helton a lot of grief on Dega finish as he was leaving the grandstands. Fans not happy
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Sprint Cup Series may be off this weekend, but NASCAR executive Mike Helton is at the AMA Pro Flat Track race at The Dirt Track.
would love to get a pic with Mike Helton!!! So exciting here!
mike falls asleep when I'm talking to him. It doesn't make sense how you can fall into dead sleep within 60 seconds. HOW
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Deer Trolls Hunter this deer trolls you more than Mike Helton Trolls
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.Vice Chairman Mike Helton invites fans to this weekend for the
Mike Helton invites fans to the Don Tilley Memorial:
THANKS KEVIN. I have GAINED 20 POUNDS this season! I'm startin' to look like MIKE HELTON! DANGEROUS STUFF!
I'll never forget watching that final lap and then watching Mike Helton make the announcement later that night
bmsupdates drivers' meeting with chairmen mike Helton, Jeff Gordon at his final race…
Yeah and Derrick Walker needed to be more like Mike Helton in that drivers’ meeting.
Chief Running Bear here NASCAR VC MIKE HELTON said he would make announcement today if not tires are to be pulled ASAP 👈🏽
my comment to Mike Helton is not appropriate for the written media
Good stuff from top NASCAR execs Brian France and Mike Helton to be at Buddy Baker's funeral today -
Update your maps at Navteq
Had a fun chat with prior to the Pocono race. Great detail about his selfies with Mike Helton, Richard Petty and more.
Dale Earnhardt’s death still an unforgettable day via
Is Mike Helton or Brad Keselowski the president of ? Cause to me this sounds like Brad is!
trying to pull off the Mike Helton look
Your new K&N Series car. President Mike Helton with at
MAJOR Mike Helton announcement coming out at 2:50pm ET about the NASCAR K&N Pro Series. No word on if he will...
Ok, but I don't know who to vote for in our election for sherriff, so I'm writing in Mike Helton.
Could NASCAR please get rid of Brian France and Mike Helton before they kill the sport? Please!
If Mike Helton passes down championship ending penalty to anyone they lose a huge market share of fans and sponsors
Lmao got that look. Thought I saw big Mike Helton in the mix..
Harvick pushes Brian France into Mike Helton. Helton starts beating France with the rule book.
It only keeps getting better and better, poor Mike Helton. lol.
Would not want to be Mike Helton or this week "damned if you do &damned if you don't" good luck :-)
BREAKING NEWS: signs deal with because that's what Brian "Porky" France and Mike "Styling" Helton put on
Yes they are doomed as long as Brian France and Mike Helton are running the show!!!
Hope Nascar. Mike. Helton will take action against Jeff and Kevin
I hope Mike Helton goes full on 97 heel Vince McMahon soon. 'Brad screwed Brad, I have no sympathy of Brad Keselowski.'
Mike Helton is an *** When will Asscar do something about Brad the *** Never
Does brad keseloski have something on mike helton for NASCAR cause he can do anything and not get fined brad is a poor sport and a big baby.
Max it's for sure not using their heads (Brian France, Mike Helton) killing NASCAR quick
You'll look like Mike Helton when the Daytona 500 gets here.
it's been better racing this year. I gotta give Mike Helton and Brian France credit on this one.
Wednesday night was a lot fun. Great hanging with Mike Helton and lewishamilton Great guys!
Mike Helton is missing! Find out where he is in this week's StockcarToon from .
NASCAR president Mike Helton said Friday at Atlanta Motor Speedway that Tony Stewart is eligible to participate in the 2014 Chase for the Sprint Cup.
Mike Helton, Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty having a chat at family race night
Mike Helton: Tony Stewart would be eligible for Chase (
.President, Mike Helton stops by Victory Lane to congratulate on his win! -JW
I am not going to hammer on Mike Helton. I could but I wont.. Long time ago...
Should go without sayin'... but it takes a REALLY big remote to turn on a REALLY big TV. TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! Join us for the first look at Big *** and see Kyle Busch, Helio Castroneves, Willie & Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E, Bruton Smith, NASCAR's Mike Helton, IndyCar's Mark Miles and more. You'll also get to check out the new Duck Commander 500 merchandise AND watch tonight episode of Duck Dynasty under the stars! Don't forget your lawn chair - see y'all REAL soon! South tunnel OPENS at 6pm!
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Okay Shelly Bates Asarisi, better late, than never... 7 1. Growing up my role models were: Juliet Lowe (Girl Scouts), Mary Todd Lincoln (Abe's wife), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Shirley Muldowney (first woman of drag racing), Patsy Cline, and Loretta Lynn. 2. I'm a NASCAR fan; more so than a college football fan; as a military brat, there was some kind of racing...everywhere! I still want to meet sir Richard Petty, Cale Yarbrough, Mike Helton and Brian France 3. I think Bill Cosby should be one of those people (if not already) who should be the authority on parenthood. 4. I must have attended about 35 weddings in my 38 years; I've never been in one of them (I've been asked-can't do it). Probably explains a lot! 5. In the 5th grade, I completed all 4 levels of 4-H before Christmas vacation! The only one in the entire grade! 6. I was president of my wood works shop class in the 7th grade in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. The class project--a corner shelf was the highest grossing project in the middle school's his ...
Well done Jr! That *** Smoke=(. Kyle Larson, I hope you used up all your bad luck today! Kurt Busch *** ?!! Hey Austin Dillon, why didn't you go hit the pace car too? Danica, don't let ANYBODY say you ain't tough! Kahne, if you go kick Mike Helton in the balls, ain't nobody gonna blame you! Congrats Steve LaTarte, that one was a long time com'in.
is that 's Mike Helton's long lost brother?
On the show today: Chad Knaus of / of / of / & we replay Mike Helton's interview from last week.
I love circle track racing as a sport, but NASCAR has become hard to watch. They have a bad product to sell. It has about as much credibility as the WWE. The "E" is for entertainment. Brian France and Mike Helton are ruining what was once a good sport. If anyone wants to actually see good racing, support your local tracks and/or check out the K&N series. Done with Sprint Cup.
Congrats to Matt Crafton for his championship in the CWTS this season. Congrats to Ryan Blaney for Rookie of the Year as well. And to Kyle Busch of course, what we do without a Cup Series driver in the field to win, right Mike Helton?
I could not be happier life with that I have I have so many thanks to give ,you guys have made my days brighter every day and have given me the encouraging words that I will cherish forever. Life is a process and I will take it one step at a time and along the way I have met some great people including Mitch Connor, Trevor King, Bryan Cross, Linda Dai ,Suzy Townsend, Alicia Brown, Sarah Burger, Andrea Sobiesiak , Denine Howell, Dr. Rogers, Dr. Kaur. Carmen Atwater, Greg Mullis, Dr. Lewis, Georgina Knell, Mike Frazier, Cedric Crisp, Cody Harrington, Mike Helton ,George Teng and have so many others that I could not have space for (I have so much to be thankful for. You guys have added color to my life and beauty I could not see without your light and guidance. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING, as I continue this journey to hopefully one day become a good ER physician, I will always cherish the memories and moments you have created for me. I learned so much from you including never to enter the GX ...
Who is the most important member of any Hendrick race team? Mike Helton
Alright, in the past two weeks, I saw one of the most destructive tornadoes in hostory tear through the city of Moore, helped clean up at the Lowe's store down there and helped cover that store so coworkers could deal with the devastation, met the chairman and CEO of Lowes Home Improvement, Robert Niblock, and countless executives from Lowes, 5-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, President of NASCAR Mike Helton, OU's offensive and defensive coordinators Josh Heupel and Mike Stoops, and lived through our own tornado/wind storm in Mustang. Lord PLEASE let the next two weeks be a lot more boring. Not sure how much more I can take.
Thanks, Mike Helton & for filming this PSA for Oklahoma support:
BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Gordon looked at Mike Helton funny! NASCAR has stripped him of his 87 wins, and 4 championships.
shame on your favoritism to Hendrick Motorsports but penalize other teams. Chad and Rick must have something on Mike Helton. Shame!
I think Brian France and Mike Helton should be fired from their jobs and be replaced. -Elizabeth...
That's ok. What Mike Helton won't do, karma will, Joey!
On the last day of school I'm wearing a vneck down to my belly button.. be jello helton
Would Mike Helton's office serve as the penalty box?
Penske, Yates, your PR team, Mike Helton, and you pathetic spoiled rich boys need to be taught a lesson. And you will.
Mike Helton, "I'm sorry to say but this morning we lost, Denny Hamlin." No really, we were playing hide and go seek, and we can't find him.
Brian France and Mike Helton are some where smiling, high-fiving,and toasting a cold beer.
new ad idea Driving:Mike Helton Back seat: Hamlin Logano Stewart fighting Helton:Do I have to pull over?
after hearing Tonys Interviews.. Uh Mr Stewart..a Mr. Mike Helton would like to talk 2 U ..the red truck
and are the biggest *** in NASCAR, Mike Helton is a close third.
Um. I think Denny & Joey are going are getting invited to go talk to Mike Helton's mustache...
The caution is because mike Helton accidently fell asleep and hit the caution lights button
If Mike Helton had Gonzaga on his bracket then Im sure he'd make the team come to the hauler after the game.
Hey looks its the President of NASCAR, Mr. Mike Helton!
can't wait for the morning trivia on mike&mike! NOTE: guess Todd Helton or Roy Oswalt
happy birthday jake, it's been a while (not counting paddys day) maybe one day we can be friends again 👬 Love Mike
"Our prayers and thoughts are with everybody they [the responders] are working on." - Mike Helton, NASCAR President
Mike Helton, NASCAR President,has stated they are doing everything they can to take care of spectators who have been injured in today's accident. They will release more information as it becomes available.
Chevy's future tied to 'Gen 6' car? Updated: February 16, 2013, 7:51 PM ET DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Chevrolet may have pulled out of NASCAR had the governing body not developed the new "Gen 6" car that returns brand identity to the sport. "It would have been a good chance," team owner Rick Hendrick said on Saturday at Daytona International Speedway. "As a matter of fact, I'm sure they might have." Hendrick, the owner of Hendrick Motorsports and one of the top owners of automobile dealerships in the United States, made the comment during the unveiling of the 2014 Chevrolet SS production car that will debut in NASCAR this season. "When Mark took over, he said if we're going to be in the sport it needs to be relevant," Hendrick said of Mark Reuss, the president of General Motors North America. "That's when everybody started talking and Ford and Toyota. "But Mark pushed the button with NASCAR and I'm glad that he did. It sure paid off." NASCAR president Mike Helton said Chevrolet led the charge two years ago fo ...
Mike Helton, Rick Hendrick say Chevy may have pulled out of NASCAR without new car via
Hear my interviews with Clint Bowyer and Mike Helton now, blog up later:
V) maybe if Mike Helton & Brian France would allow Ron Hornaday or Todd Bodine to have a passenger seat..
Where were you when Mike Helton told us we had lost an all time great?
Mike Helton "After the accident in turn 4 at the end of the Daytona 500, we've lost Dale Earnhardt"
New track dryers to be unveiled at Daytona: NASCAR will unveil next month at Daytona International Speedway a new piece of equipment that could revolutionize track drying. Twenty-four machines will be ready for Speedweeks events leading up to the Feb. 24 Daytona 500, executive Steve O'Donnell said. The equipment will rely on compressed air moving water off the track in a squeegee effect as opposed to traditional jet dryers that blow hot air onto the track. It also will include vacuums that will work in conjunction with the compressed air that would help dry a 2.5-mile track such as DIS in about 30 minutes -- 20% of the current time. DIS typically takes about 2.5 hours to dry. Last year's Daytona 500 was delayed until Monday night because of rain. "There's a few faces out here that will remember when we used to dry tracks off with just a fleet of vehicles going around the racetrack, or dragging tires behind pickup trucks,'' NASCAR president Mike Helton said. "And then someone came along with the jet dryer ...
“Mike Helton says went to carbon fiber decklin so teams can't alter the shape”.Mike Helton, meet Chad Knaus.
From the heart of Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood, BTHOMizzou! MAJ Mike Helton, West Point '98 (Sister - TAMU '06)
Austin vs Scottsburg Wednesday night...season opener..Going to chili supper then the game..then hit O'Neals to watch Second Day Romans play..nephew Josh Helton plays for Austin..cousin Mike Helton plays in the band..
Looks like Clint Bowyer is sucking butt with Mike Helton. I can't figure out why Bowyer's crew didn't get something for jumping on Gordon's crew guy. Especially when they jumped the wrong guy. They Thot is was Jeff but it wasn't. Dumb *** their name is on their driving suits.
have come to the conclusion that RB had to go. Mike Helton is virtually unknown to casual fan, RB should have been the same.
can't wait to get this week over with at work so I can go to the rodeo with katie on Friday night and then to the louisville basketball game and get to watch it in a suite with Mike Helton on Sunday.
Mike Helton for 2016 president we need more race tracks and Obama won't do that for the people of NASCAR
I voted for George Washington and John kennedy. I was going to vote for Lincoln but he freed the slaves. I am Mike Helton and I approve this message!
yo can I borrow your black spat sleeves for this weekend
is there a way I could contact Mike Helton via Email?
Romo, Garrett! They are the leaders of this team! LEAD OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!
Where's Mike Helton? That man looks like the Sheriff sho nuff in a cowboy hat!
NASCAR got their boy to victory lane mike Helton can celebrate with him later
Simms, "Steelers coaches Mike Tomczak and *** Groat & Todd Helton really pulling out all the stops, Jim."
48 team cheats & Mike Helton lets them do it got no respect 4 Nascar anymore The Chase ***
If your nickname was a dessert, what would it be? (e.g., cupcake, cookie, cream puff)
Powerbrokers: Mike Helton and the collective owners of the last 7 Sprint Cup championships.
OUR bosses in , on left Joe Balash middle Mike Helton on right Robin Pemberton.
Day 2: So thankful God answered a young girl's prayer through the person of Mike husband, my best friend, the best person I know!
Just thought I wouls let everyone know how great Mike Price and Mike Helton are. They are a pleasure to work with..
Well we are home. I can say Charlotte is by far the BEST track I have been to!!! Had a blast!! Talked to Tony Stewart, Denny Hamlin, Jeff Burton and Ryan Newman (very rude). Seen Kasey Khane, Daivd Reutimann, Dave Blaney, Richard Childress, Mike Helton, JJ Yeley, Greg Biffle, Cole Whitt and the Richard Petty:)) Won $55 on race board!! If ur a race fan Charlotte is the place to go!:))
Just wanted to let everyone know that we are having a big Yard Sale at Dad's house tomorrow from 9am-5pm. The address is 1782 Lindale-Nicholsville Rd., New Richmond, Oh 45157. Follow the bright pink signs. Most of the sale will be inside the house. We plan on having a lot of fun tomorrow and would love everyone to come out and visit us. Also, Mike Helton will be coming over and bringing his hot dog stand so we will have food and drinks available from 10am-2pm. Hope to see all our FB family and friends there:)
Video interview with Mike Helton and additional media on building hogans for the Navajos.
Mike Helton says he is part of presser bc he wants to call attention to a sponsor re-upping for multiple years and for b ...
Thanks to everyone at the Dream Foundation, Hospice, ABC News 57, NASCAR for making my daughter Jennifer's wish come true. Thanks to Jeff Gordon and his crew for taking the time to talk to her and take pictures. The same to Casey Mears and David Ragan for the time they spent with Jen. Mike Helton and Roger Penske for taking the time to visit with us and Shelly Biby from NASCAR for taking us all over IMS.
Highlight of day so far has been Rusty Wallace picking Jimmie Johnson because "Chad Knaus has been rubbing and bumping all over that thing ..." Meanwhile, NASCAR poohbah Mike Helton has addressed the restart controversy from yesterday by saying in summary that in the future they may or may not do something. And "they know how they're supposed to act." "He knows when you are sleeping ... he knows when you're awake ..."
Chevrolet finally is bringing the Camaro to the Nationwide Series to the satisfaction of many, including NASCAR president Mike Helton.
Chad Norris calls Mike Helton to the Hauler for a "Talk"
He wrote the rulebook. Mike Helton, John Darby and Robin Pemberton ask no questions. —
Just met Mike Helton..(CEO of NASCAR )..& Darrell Waltrip. THAT'S why I don't feel guilty about taking the day off!! Ha!
Interesting that some drivers (Biffle, Gordon) wouldn't mind more cautions, even if Mike Helton wouldn't be a fan.
Full day of events scheduled for 4th of July TAYLORVILLE — Fourth of July festivities will kick-off on Wednesday, July 4, with the First Annual Aquafina 5k run/walk at Taylorville Lake. Registration will begin at 6:30 a.m. at the marina, and the 5k will begin at 8 a.m. Individuals who would like to participate can pre-register at the marina office. At 10 a.m., the annual AmVets Post 29 parade will begin. The theme for this year is, “Honor the Nation.” Bill Meyer is the Grand Marshal. Line-up for the parade will begin at 9 a.m. Also new this year at Lake Taylorville is the Pud Lawyer Memorial Cruise Car Show, sponsored by the 40 mph Club. The car show begins at 3 p.m. There is a $5 entry fee. At 7 p.m., a People's Choice winner will be announced. The winner will receive half of the proceeds and the other half will go to the Optimist Club to help defray the cost of the fireworks. Dash plaques will be presented to the first 50 people entered. Also at 3 p.m., Mike Helton of Route 29 Kustoms will have ...
"Winning Team owner & president Mike Helton talk in victory lane 2 of my heroes
Mike Helton says it, its official, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is now the man to beat for the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship! Go jr! 88!!!
Mike Helton, president of NASCAR, stopped by briefly to hug Earnhardt. Helton later told Sirius Radio that it's his belief that Earnhardt -- who sits second in the point standings, only four points behind leader Matt Kenseth -- now is the man to beat for this year's Sprint Cup championship.
You know it's a big deal when room includes Mike Helton, Lee White, Joe Gibbs, JD Gibbs, Robin Pemberton, Michael Waltrip, Clint Bowyer.
Worst All Star race ever, did Bud Selig take over for Mike Helton? Won't come back if sandbagging is allowed.
Jimmy Johnson, Chad Knaus and Mike Helton were in the NASCAR trailer playing poker. "I WIN" says Jimmy at which Chad throws down his cards and says "I quit, He's cheating." Mr Helton asked "How can you tell Chad?" To which Knaus replies, "Those arent the cards I dealt him'"
Hendrick captures 200th victory: Mike Helton (left), Rick Hendrick (center) and Jimmie Johnson (right) celebrate...
Why are sports commissioners so bad? I can't stand Roger Goodell, David Stern, Bud Selig, Mike Helton, etc
I think I will text Mike Helton and ask him what we are gonna do about Mark Martin?..He goes to bed at 9pm
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