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Mike Hancock

Michael Thomas Hancock, CBE (born 9 April 1946), known as Mike Hancock, is a British politician. He is Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) for Portsmouth South and a City councillor for Fratton ward.

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Hi Ron what exactly did you do in the late 90s before you met your Mike Hancock-approved 🇷🇺wife?. also…
Maxine Waters take your knee and take a hike with the secret service. Arrest coming near you in Hancock Park.
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Also makes you wonder after the Mike Hancock MP debacle (he who helped Arron Banks' Russ…
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Mike Lowrey is his default setting. He's Mike Lowrey in Independence Day, WWW, iRobot, and M…
Road trip for the boys. Thanks Mike for driving us! @ Hancock, Wisconsin
Mike White is sacked by Chase Hancock and Davon Durant. Marshall takes over 1st and 10 on their own 34-yard line.
To all service members: Happy Veterans Day, and Thank You for all that you have done, and currently do for our coun…
I would take issue that Mike Hancock was most obvious example... as a brief review of Deripaska and Nat…
Mike Hancock MP with his Russian “girlfriend” was the most obvious example but Bill Browder has done much to expose…
It's a little late but CONGRATS to our Timed Trial Winners from Tuesday, 11/7! 3rd place=Mike…
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Police said officer Kai Hoskins shot at Varnado first. Officer Levi Hancock shot second.
Breaking: officer Levi Hancock, who was part of the breach team into Stephen Paddock's hotel in the Oct. 1 shooting…
And British Parliament didn't seem that bothered about this MP, Lib Dem Mike Hancock, & this admission…
Winner winner! We have two more winners of The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt - Congratulations to of UT Networ…
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Stellar panel of US expertise now in UK chaired byft. Michela Hancock, Mi…
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it's an interesting read . by the way, there are also suggestions Mrs Banks anothe…
1/5 of fatal crashes involves a drowsy driver. Over 30% of them are between ages 19 and 24. More on this issue here:
Did you know that YOUNG drivers are who is at the most risk of
Mike Darr and Josh Hancock also died in car crashes while active and Adenhart was killed by…
More than the money… More than the car… It’s your life that is at stake. is drunk driving.
Republican Mike Cierpiot hangs on to win KC area seat in Missouri Senate
(812) Graham Hancock talks about his banned TED talk on the Lifeboat Hour with Mike Ruppert 17/03/2013 - YouTube
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Jacqueline & Mike Hancock from Mike's Metal Works came by the booth today at to let us know how much the…
an incredibly interesting narrative about the UKIP-Russia-Assange link, via Prodi, Litvinenko and Mike Hancock .
Note the role of former Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock
Needs proofing, but yeah. Significance of Mike Hancock is especially interesting.
Happy Monday! Are you trying to take the elevator or the stairs? Only one way will get you what you truly want!…
Then why did the cover up the Mike Hancock accusations and why did Ger…
What God is doing in us is just as important as what we’re waiting for.
When we’re willing to wait on God, it shows the value of what, or who we are waiting for.
Reminded of this story the other day. Seems the Russians had not in 2010 (have not in 2017?) given up…
Mike Hancock had string of young, beautiful Russian 'assistants'
Why is Gerald Vernon Jackson, architect of the Mike Hancock cover-up, still leading the Lib Dems in Portsmouth?
August Injury News. Safety reminders are big in this week's injury news. Water slides, back seats, school & more.
Yo, Mike. Sent you an email about you-know-what in NBA Playgrounds. Need your John Hancock. Thanks!
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Sad story. Parents sue school district for negligence after their daughter commits suicide over school bullying.
Some more teak finishing today while studying use all of the best for1
And didn't Mike Hancock & Simon Danczuk fall foul of this, in a manner of speaking?
Ha ha - the completely disreputable Mike Hancock
Stay Safe today! Try to avoid driving, but if necessary read tips for driving in Rainy Weather:
Lol 😂. Love this response to crazy Maxine. - can we have the inaugural ball i…
Turns out will smith was inside. He came out and spoke to us. Shook out hands. He then walked to Times…
Mike Wolfe and Anthony Lee are through Hancock (Mile 48.8) together at 10:35!
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Unfortunately fun activities turned into tragedies in this week's injury news.
We can't continue to do the same thing and expect to get different results.
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Such a terrible accident. 1 Dead and 7 Injured after a Fair Ride Malfunctioned.
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Mike Hancock strikes at the heart of Denver Parks, kill 'em all New Denver Venue Gets Set To Host First-Ever Concert
Mike Brown this morning after hearing Gatland say they're not sending for a replacement for Stuart Hogg
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- fancy pursuing, & checking out the Mike Hancock connection? Remember him, a LibDem MP with a tas…
-what? Is he married to the flunky connected to Mike Hancock who was cleared of being a spy but shown to have dated half Europe?
These Car Manufacturers have pledged to have Automatic Braking on all new vehicles by 2020!
Mike Hancock was a lot of (often surprising) things. But Portsmouth Central hasn't…
Mike Hancock was once Labour though, also South constituency includes parts of Por…
Would we be scared if we saw our character instead of our faces when looking into a mirror?
Different here. Winfield Scott Hancock's nickname was "superb", and it was a compliment.
Gossip dies when it hits the ears of the wise.
From back pain, to recalls and keeping your family safe; this week's news has great info. Read on the blog!
Mike Fisher of the & Matt Cullen of the have both shared their faith w/
Prejudice is not a trait people are born with. It's learned from those who spew it's poison.
Was held by Mike Hancock for SDP and then Lib Dems over a period of two decades until 2015
Woo hoo. I remember campaigning there against Mike Hancock back in the eighties.
Labour GAIN Portsmouth South from Conservative - once Lib Dem with Mike Hancock, now pushed into third
This has to be the end of - parachuted into our city to replace Mike Hancock
Portsmouth South has been odd since Mike Hancock. Flick Drummond is a friend. I'll watch with interest.
Thanks to former SID Mike Ashley '83 for introducing Coach Hancock to former players at…
It is Here are some tips on how to be prepared in advance.
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10% increase in motorcyclist fatalities is not OK. What’s driving this trend?
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so this is my first time traveling with Hancock in . in the spirit of things, I'm going to have a drink and a…
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This is something that could truly happen to anyone. If you feel like you're too tired to drive, pull over.
that was an outstanding interview w/Jon Daniels on so many levels. FYI, Mike Hancock says there's a ladder in the road, A LADDER
Pickup trucks are great for a lot of things. So are seat belts. They work even better together.
Ford recalls 75k Explorers for faulty suspension via
My wife Claire & I had a great time at joincaba's Anniversary Gala on Friday night! Hancock…
Rider safety tip: choose gear to be SEEN.
Not many people have had to retain an attorney. Watch Attorney Mike Hancock explain the process:
Bicyclists -Always ride on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic.
Parents: When you first give your kid a phone, talk about putting it away when they cross the street.
look at the GOP, they on on their last leg, life support, and The is about to pull the plug
conservative values don't need to be protected because it's dead. If you can't move past yesterday your left behind
Happy Friday! Here is a that we bet you don't know! Seems logical when you think about…
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the reply from the obnoxious Hancock was waffle as usual. Can't stand the creep.
Sorry, not Mike Hancock... please hold caller.
Little Giant Ladders
After Mike Hancock I'm the HoC yesterday, it should be easy, no? "Our job is to do what the Govt says".
Hancock Is nothing but the PM's sycophantic brown-nosed flunky. He'll go far will young Hancock.
Experiencing emotional distress after an accident? We may be able to help!
Heard that Mike Hancock on this morning. Is he the best they could find? I say that as a 'remainer'!
You can practice to attain but you can't practice to attain wisdom.~Herbie Hancock
If you're into drumming, this interview with Mike Clark - Herbie Hancock's drummer & member of Brand X - is good.
The Magician's Oath - Great set pieces and a vivid role for Mike Yates .
The fact of the matter is that even awful MPs, such as Mike Hancock, have held substantial incumbency bonuses
Ayahuasca and the mystery of consciousness:
.seeks to make county healthiest in state. 2015 grad Dr. Mike Fletcher is hospital's CMO.
Do you know that distracted driving crashes in FL have increased 25% since 2012?! Please be careful, everyone! .
Judging by the Q's, we have a long way to go. Dr Hancock sums it up 'if you think BIM is about a 3D model, you'v…
David Hancock if you think BIM is about the model you have missed a trick. Get to "in this product/building what do want it 2 do"
David Hancock information is going to be free. Real skills need is going to be analyse
The paradigm shift to digitised construction is driven by govt mandate says David Hancock
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David Hancock government has seen £3b savings in part from BIM. They are enablers
Mike Philbin's free planet blog: . Antidote - Graham Hancock - Hicks of the Bill. 40mins
A new Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for Lucas, Wood, Hancock COs. This is for the snow forming tonight.
Anyone who suffers a spinal cord injury is going to face significant challenges. It’s important to maintain hope...
Magic Mike was so stupid the first time, but I will most likely go to see the second one
Hello Mike Hancock Thanks for following me. Have a great day!
On our way to hear some great music! Joy D Roberts Chuck Hancock Mike Manuel The Websters Texas Praise listen to...
I'll come get you at 4:15 to go to Hancock
Hancock stop being followers be leaders
let's ball today, set something up at Hancock
> Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock to stand in 2015 general election on
What's going on OKC? Interviews: Oklahoma Hall of Fame's 2015 induction class… Get found ->
Stone me, nothing beats a Friday afternoon with Hancock.
If mike Hancock can be a minister then so can I.
Ah. So Matt Hancock is a Tory MP is he? Mixed him up with the LibDem Mike Hancock. Same difference/no difference on the EU.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Kevin Durant, Jim Halsey, Mike Larsen, Bill Hancock and more to be inducted into Oklahoma Hall of Fame
I LOVE this movie! 😍 Basically Mike Lowry millennial edition: superhero! Will Smith makes any character he plays cool
Breathe---just breathe reading this, my friend :).
Enjoyed friend Bill Hancock talk college football play off and his book Riding with the Blue Moth great read.
"We Recognize No Sovereign but and no King but - John Adams and John Hancock (April 18, 1775)
ESPN & The NEW lineup of John Ramsey & Mike Rutherford will broadcast LIVE on Tuesday at Luke Hancock & A…
Lol at someone I follow RTing Lib Dem peer who got her peerage for trying to protect Mike Hancock on boosting democracy through devolution
11 yr-old Jason Hancock from Tiverton St, Wavertree hasn't been seen since leaving for school this morning.
Talking transportation at summit. KYTC Sec. Mike Hancock providing update on Mountain Parkway expansion.
RATS! Mike Hancock and Gerald Vernon-Jackson acting 'like two rats in a sack' - Iain ... - Portsmouth News
candidates Mike Hancock and Gerald Vernon-Jackson acting ‘like two rats in a sack’ - Iain Duncan Smith htt…
I asked Nick Clegg if he had a message for the former Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock. he said "I hope he loses. I think he will"
Disgraced MP Mike Hancock lobbied me to save PCC senior manager jobs. Never once wrote on behalf of low paid workers
like you used to cheer for Mike Hancock :)
Cllr Andrewes but still Mike Hancock's still willing servant, says 'would you agree with me..' no not under any circumstances.
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> Mike Hancock wasted £000s of public funds denying something he was guilty of now bemoans lack of public funds.
VIDEO: Les Cummings, the man who harassed Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock, has spoken after his court hearing.
Here is our lead story today - Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock eyes up bold return to council at the elections.
Lib Dem councillor Lynne Stagg says re Mike Hancock scandal 'has taken the brunt of the blame and it is tot…
Mike Hancock wasn't present during PM visit or city minister appointments
.oh, the party of Jeremy Thorpe, Cyrill Smith, Chris Huhne, David Laws, Mike Hancock... I could go on...
don't 4get Ports LDs support 4 conf motion on sexual violence - yet cover up & tolerate bhvr of Mike Hancock.
A few shots from the Whitestown Fireworks display. A wonderful show courtesy of your Whitestown Parks Department. Photos by Mike Hancock. Whitestown Indiana Page
Worst choice of candidates ever? "Patrick Rock lost the 1984 Portsmouth South by-election to Mike Hancock"
Nick Clegg says Mike Hancock "should resign" - having just sabotaged the Recall proposals that would allow local people t…
Conservatives are calling for a by-election in Portsmouth South after "degrading" behaviour by MP Mike Hancock
Well certainly not the Tory MP, or the dead comedian for that matter! Mike Hancock, LibDem MP for Portsmouth South since '97.
Mike Hancock,Lib Dems consider whether to exclude him permanently. If it's Clegg's decision ? Don't hold your breath.Portsmouth Bye election?
FFS Lib Dems - stop fannying about and fire Mike Hancock today. He shouldn't receive one penny more from tax payers.
What is it with the Lib Dems and sexual harrassment? Only now considering expulsion of Mike Hancock.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The Portsmouth Lib Dems have expressed disappointment in Mike Hancock's behaviour:
As a Portsmouth South constituent I look forward to waving goodbye to Mike Hancock (& Lib Dems) for good next May
Mike Hancock is an utter disgrace, clearer than ever that Ukip far from the only party with some dodgy members despite pre-election coverage
The alleged sexual assault victim of MP Mike Hancock wins a bid to see a full version of a report about her accusations in court.
For example: Cyril Smith, Mike Hancock, Lord Rennard. It is the cover ups that smell bad to voters...
A Liberal Democrat councillor resigns in protest at her groups decision to keep Mike Hancock in the cabinet.
Nick Clegg insists he "acted immediately" after learning of "appalling" sexual allegations against Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock.
Happy Are you planning on pranking friends, co-workers or family members?
Mike Trout is the best baseball player in the game
Thought I would share these pics that were submitted to our Vice page by Mike Hancock.
.John Hancock didn't have to worry about the NSA or the IRS. He lived in simpler but just as dangerous times.
Did you know...unpaid parking or speeding tickets can affect your credit score?
Thanks for your help in the midst of my frazzled-Laura-ness tonight, Mike Hancock.
With the pick on the 2014 Hancock MLB fantasy draft, the _ select Mike Trout
GOAL for the villagers, Mike Hancock sets up Reggie who scores, 1-0 to the villagers
A congrats to Russ Smith, Hancock, etc...that class has had an amazing run and was a great group of players. Much respect
Shoulda gave it to Hancock but Russ is a selfish mf
Hancock is still going to kill and dagger this game and bring in the mike miller celly for the state of kentucky
him & Mike Mara both killed us in the Dome. Hancock went HAM in the BETC
Hancock got all the points the last few minutes
And charles barkley said hancock cant play in this game lol
Luke Hancock just wore out James Young. Wore,him,out.
Hancock is a white version of Stauskas.
Man they letting Hancock kill them. Idk how.
only way Hancock gets to the rim, our big guy was definitely held. U gotta know somethin is up when ur 1st dunk is on a team…
Welp, AJ McCarron got engaged today. Another dream ruined. Got my hopes up for Mike Stud and Luke Hancock yet though
Hancock also has an interracial couple
Tailgating leads to in this video...
LibDems have alot to answer for after protecting sexual abuse by MP Mike Hancock they also allow this scum continue
you were perhaps giving LibDems the benefit of the doubt on appropriate behaviour > hm>>Mike Hancock and Fuller
Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock aide and lover was once paid £3,000 for work she did for the society.
"Hey you're the guy that eats lunch alone" -John Hancock employee to me
Did you improper pass could increase your premium by 14% and a seat belt violation by 3%?
and let's not forget Mike Hancock...
Did you know…in Beach, persons face up to thirty days in jail for selling oranges on the sidewalk.
Good on Cllr Scott > Councillor who quit Portsmouth’s Lib Dem group over Mike Hancock tells of her frustration
MP Mike Hancock, suspended by the Lib Dems over sexual misconduct allegations, is admitted to hospital
Portsmouth City Council desperately needs to update its information on disgraced Mike Hancock, still listed as Lib Dem MP.
Local Lib Dems reject Mike Hancock after suspension by national party via
Lib-Dems to keep Mike Hancock in local office despite delaying investigation. Limp excuses, utterly contemptible.Shame on them.
Lib Dems suspend Mike Hancock after inquiry by QC finds he made unwanted advances to vulnerable constituent
clarification why publish a Lib Dem press release on website of an independent MP, who resigned party whip - Mike Hancock
Alleged victim of sexual assault by Mike Hancock to demand release of report via TYPICAL Lib Dem RT
Watch: MP Mike Hancock's son held on "assaulting snapper" - after son was hit by car thought to be driven by his mum
photographer assaulted by son of Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock, leaving him with a broken nose & gear.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mike Hancock was a close friend of Jimmy Savile, and campaigned for him to get an OBE.
RE Mike Hancock: Safe to assume we can all look forward to a full-page 'Eye Told You So' in
Lib Dems suspend MP over inappropriate sexual advances claims: Mike Hancock is suspended from party amid demands...
MP axed as new storm shames Lib Dems - Jan 22 @ 10:10 PM ET
MP Hancock suspended by Lib Dems: MP Mike Hancock is suspended by the Liberal Democrats after…
Mike Hancock MP?. Suspended from the Lib Dems?. I thought he was suspended already... Surprising that he keeps getting re-elected.
Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock has been suspended after allegations that parts of his autobiography, which was turned in to a Hollywood film in 2008 starring Will Smith, may not have been factually accurate.
MP Mike Hancock axed as new sex storm shames Lib Dems via TheDailyMail
lol i hear UKIP may be getting Lord Rennard & Mike Hancock
Mike Hancock MP "stated rubbing himself" begging for "a quick *** and said he wasn't very big. I picked up guitar to dist…
Mike Hancock was suspended by the party on a QC’s evidence four years after claims first surfaced - Lib. Dems on Portsmouth council vo...
Portsmouth who have continually denigrated vulnerable woman who complained about Mike Hancock, are still backing…
So glad that dirty bugger MP Mike Hancock has been suspended, he was my local MP back home, useless *** ..
Mike: "Some Cleveland Browns don't trust the team's management. Name something you don't trust.". Tony: "A big butt and a smile?"
The Lib Dems really is the party of the filthy old man
The Lib-Dem MP for Portsmout South, Mike Hancock, has been suspended by his party over claims of 'serious and unwelcome sexual behaviour' towards a vulnerable woman constituent.
Portsmouth Lib Dems loyal: "Mike Hancock has loyally represented the people of Portsmouth for over 40 years and he will cont…
Author of council inquiry into alleged Mike Hancock sex assault says he's pleased it's been leaked 1/2
New scandal as Mike Hancock MP is suspended - via
The Lib Dems are despicable. First Lord Rennard and now this scumbag. Clegg should disband this vile political...
Liberal Democrats sent a letter by lawyer of woman who is alleged victim of Mike Hancock MP sex assault 1/2
Second Liberal Democrat MP was suspended over “serious and unwelcome sexual behaviour”
He also refuses to believe Mike Hancock has been up to the same tricks.
News team still working on our Mike Hancock coverage. Lots to discuss already on our website but even more in The News tomorrow
Lib Dems suspends MP Mike Hancock over sexual misconduct
Correction: Mike Hancock, now an independent MP, has Lib Dem party membership suspended after "misconduct" report
I had no idea but Mike Hancock's office is about 200m from where I live in Portsmouth. But then again I had no idea who he was before today!
Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock MP has finally been suspended from the party after Scrapbookand *** were sent copies of a confidential report with absolutely shocking claims, denied by Hancock, of sexual harassment of a vulnerable constituent with a history of mental health problems. The excerpts li...
hope Jim Murray of given credit for scooping lobby hacks on Mike Hancock.He had Pascoe report Sunday
Report contains texts allegedly sent by Mike Hancock You don't see that in your usual Focus leaflet
*Almost* can't believe this Portsmouth Lib Dems statement on Mike Hancock. Might as well be 'la la la can't hear you' http:…
The Hancock texts were published on 2 years ago, but i guess the LDs didn't see them with heads in sand:
So, yesterday, Lib Dem councillors vote to suppress report into Mike Hancock sex claims. Today, after it leaks, they vote…
Mike Hancock has *finally* been suspended by the Lib Dems. I hope LD's on Portsmouth council feel ashamed for defending him for so long.
Chris Rennard on Monday, Mike Hancock today. The Lib Dems have been doing quite a bit of membership-suspending this week. Those of us who are left are feeling scandal-fatigued. Probably the public are, too. Today has been especially depressing. Partly…
MP Mike Hancock suspended by Lib Dems after report into claims of sexual misconduct twds female constituent leaked. ht…
New Lib Dem scandal as Mike Hancock MP is suspended -
Is there a Lib Dem MP who ISN'T caught up in a sex scandal? Now they suspend Hancock for his 'unwanted advances'
MP Mike Hancock suspended by Lib Dems as party tries to limit damage re Rennard harassment. Feel an election looming?
Limp Dems suspend MP over fresh allegations of sexual misconduct
And now Mike Hancock adds to the long list of Lib Dem perverts. When will they get to the end, are they all this way inclined.
UKIP suspended *** flood councillor in a matter of hours, Libdems took 2 yrs to suspend Mike Hancock for sexually abus…
If Mike Hancock was called Mike Handcock it would be a much better story for jokes and that.
The LibDems have been trying to squash the Mike Hancock scandal for years. The accusation that he took advantage of disabled constituent is far more serious than anything said about Rennard. The tr...
Mike Hancock. Another predatory, dirty old man bites the dust.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
how does it not surprise me that Mike Hancock has been suspended! This is the man who is on a defence committee for our country who employs a young RUSSIAN assistant.. I also blame the MOD for not positive vetting the assistant who would have access to confidential information.. the mind boggles... and now is suspended for sexual harassment...
The transparency-loving LibDems yesterday blocked an attempt to release the damning report into Mike Hancock. So in the interest of openness, here it is: Read the Pascoe Report into Mike Hancock he...
Lib Dems suspend Mike Hancock over sex allegations
The Liberal Democrats have suspended Mike Hancock from the party in response to allegations of sexual impropriety.
Whether it's Aidan Burley, Mike Hancock or Eric Joyce voters deserve a right to recall MPs. Coalition Agreement promised it. So where is it?
What do you think about Mike Hancock being suspended from the Lib Dems?
Oh no! Just when u thought it couldn't get worst another Lib Dem politician facing sexual harassment allegations. This time Mike Hancock.
Great news from Portsmouth. Mike Hancock has apparently been suspended from Portsmouth City Council after allegations of misconduct. Justice at last!
The barrister who investigated claims of sexual misconduct by Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock towards a female constituent found her evidence "credible", according to a leaked report.
CALLS are being made to suspend Mike Hancock from the Liberal Democrats while claims that he sexually assaulted a woman are still being investigated.
A report which found Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock breached a code of conduct over alleged behaviour towards a "vulnerable" woman will not be published.
LIBDEM MP Mike Hancock in the dock at Portsmouth Court for sexual harressment of voter judge her evidence is creditle lol bloody libdem perves lol
I was in my English class and I felt so cool for being able to talk about "Dante's Inferno", "In Cold Blood", and "Wuthering Heights". Thank you so much Aaron Jackson,Mike Hancock, and Denise Foster!
Now that we all had a day to rest and reflect on county show season. I wanted to thank all of our customers and congratulate them on there hard work paying off on a stepping stone to the upcoming majors! The Bar None show team won or reserved thirteen out of the fourteen counties we showed up to with three to go still! We are blessed beyond measure to be surrounded by such a great set of people we get to work with daily!!! A special thanks to my parents and grandad also Mike Hancock for putting up with the long hours and ridiculous phone calls without them none of this would be possible!!
Had a busy weekend starting off Friday night at the annual Oakdale Chamber of Commerce awards dinner where i got to reconnect with folks I don't get to see everyday. Very nice evening and wonderful to see Wes Stewart receive the Life Time achievement award. My good friend Rick Schultz was up for citizen of the year, which went to Mike Hancock, who, thank goodness, kept his acceptance speech short & sweet. Then onto a busy Saturday & Sunday getting things done at Reinman & River View Manors for our incoming new Residents. Now if we could just get some rain all would be great around here.
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My MP is Penny Mordant but if I lived over the road it would be Mike Hancock.
great article Sunday Express, You got the measure of Mike Hancock, at last ta dah!
Im going to my brothers, Mike Hancock, for the weekend so I need to start getting bac soon
YV just never ceases to amaze me! Another incredible night with my lovely EG choir with Beth Carlon Mike Hancock and of course the amazing Limbrick Wood (making their debut) with Paula Pickthorne Sorcha Horan and Kim Harris!
Prior to a Committee Meeting Brief this morning had a visit with Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock in which Senator Ridley and I shared concerns from some of the people in Fredonia over the US-641 project.
Poker night...starts at 6. Pizza and wings. Byob. All winnings for charity of course. Message me for details. Mike Hancock
The creator of this page, Mike Hancock, has asked me to inform you that he underwent a major back surgery last Tuesday, January 7th. Although the operation went well, there have been some post-op complications and he remains in the hospital. His condition continues to improve, but it is not yet known when he will be able to resume his normal activities here. In the meantime I will continue to post photos, and I ask that we all keep Mike in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your patience and support. It means a lot to him. Frank Adkins
Many thanks to Mike Hancock and Perry for their demonstrated support(and courage!*L*) of the arts by buying my painting of the Gros Ventre Wilderness. I consider this painting only my true second work ...there were sometime small tests...and the first for sale, which makes their support very appreciated! Thank you!
How about best individual play in dtown history? My nomination is Keith carter, 2000 playoffs vs norristown. Playing d end, Keith tipped a screen pass to himself, intercepted it, the qb jumped on his back, and Keith carried him 20 yards into the end zone. I was in the booth with mike Hancock and Mike Dominick. Coach d stood up and screamed, " that's the best football play I've ever seen!"
Please keep sharing this page! I know there are more World Tavern Poker Players who have not liked the page yet and I'm sure many more outside our poker group! Money is being collected Monday and Tuesday nights for Kevin and Shelon at Applebee's Piper Station between the hours of 6:30pm and midnight. To make a donation please see Mike Hancock.
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