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Mike Glennon

Mike Glennon is an American football quarterback for the NC State Wolfpack.

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I'm serious when I say- I'd rather Mark Sanchez start than Mike Glennon. I know what both players are & I know which on…
RB Jordan Howard wins it with a 19-yard run. . Mike Glennon didn't attempt a pass in overtime.
Mike Glennon on cover of GameDay magazine today at Soldier Field.
Fox said they had 6 drops yesterday. “We need to get better as a football team, not just Mike Glennon."
A look at the play that resulted in Mike Glennon's first interception, thoughts?
have Mike Glennon as your starting QB or Cam Payne as your starting PG?
[CBS Sports] Bears' John Fox has no plans to bench Mike Glennon for Mitchell Trubisky - CBSSports.
Bears' Mike Glennon mistake right on schedule in dragging down f..
TAMPA, Fla. -- For Chicago Bears quarterback Mike Glennon, it was not a dreamy homecoming. It was more like a...
Hey John Fox...Mike Glennon is a backup QB!!! Send him back to where you found him!!! on the bench!!!
Mike Glennon should be fired today, John Fox should be fired today, Dowell Loggains should be fired today.
Loved your show after the game Nick. You and I think the same when it comes to John Fox and Mike Glennon.
The Bears need to stop trying to make Mike Glennon happen.
John Fox needs to bend over, take a deep breath. And pull the stick out of his *** Mike Glennon is pulling the down.
Mike Glennon has to go, and he can take Bears coach John Fox with him. https:…
The wrapper cover, with Mike Glennon, whose awful game should lead to a change, by
John Fox insists that Mike Glennon is still the Chicago Bears
First Lovie Smith and now Mike Glennon. The Ray Jay reunion wasn't kind this weekend to two former
Walk us through the film, John Fox. Give us detail as to why Mike Glennon should still be QB. My story from Tampa
This kind of play is unacceptable Year 3 of rebuild. have decent talent. But John Fox and Mike Glennon are anchors. C…
Revenge Scale: Simon Gruber > Mike Glennon > A dog pooping on your yard after you yell at it.
Don't blame Mike Glennon for sucking, blame John Fox for starting him!
Mike Glennon must've walked over to the Bucs sideline and asked Fitzpatrick for some quarterbacking tips
That feel when Mike Glennon continues to play for your team
Mike Glennon is very tall. My column:
Per the drunk dbag at the bar, Brian Kern = Mini Mike Glennon.
Lamar Jackson better than Blake Bortles, Scott Tolzein, Case Keenum, Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon who tf?!
Back in Tampa Bay, QB Mike Glennon faces biggest start of his career. Column .
"Help [Mike Glennon] any way I can, just really support him," said backup QB Mitchell Trubisky of his role on gamed…
QB Mike Glennon returns to Tampa to take on his former team. will go down in history as…
Emptying the Week 2 notebook: 'Human nature' kicks in for Mike Glennon
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simple arithmetic lol get the run game going n your name a be mr playaction!! Dey so worried bout tarik now that air jordans😂
than that in a league where Mike Glennon makes $15M per year. In 2016, Kaepernick…
You talking about the build up to WWE *** in a Cell or Mike Glennon at QB?
You are going to make mike glennon cry like that and wish he did not make the trip to the bay area🤔
Back in a familiar place, Bears QB Mike Glennon is preparing for the biggest start of his career.…
Mike Glennon braces for biggest start of career back in familiar place
Does Mike Glennon suck at Qb for the
After seeing Mike Glennon's anything is possible
Mike Glennon trying to escape the rush
Revenge game? QB Mike Glennon just wants a win against the Bucs, writes
.Helping brainwashed Bears fans with this whole Mitch Trubisky-Mike Glennon thing…
I was surprised, lol thought Mike Glennon was gone lead em to the promise land
Mike Glennon underwhelms as Bears hold on for 24-23 preseason win over Cardinals - Chicago Tribune
Glennon identifies 45 as " Mike " which then slides the C and LG to Leno. He then "repoints" 42 as Mike.
Mike Glennon will be looking for revenge against his former team tomorrow as the face the
When Mike Glennon returns to Tampa Sunday, it'll feel like watching Mrs. Doubtfire on TBS for the 23rd time. http…
Maybe because the Bills needed a QB? Did it have real hype? EJ Manuel/Geno Smith/Mike Glennon are no where near these guys.
MORRISSEY: QB Mike Glennon needs to raise his game — or else. The Viper bites:
Dirk Koetter was talking Mike Glennon and the Bears last night on Sirius. Full story.
Btw, I found a neck longer than Mike Glennon's.
Nobody you say?!? I give you Chicago Bears Quarterback Mike Glennon!
like it or not Mike Glennon will be the Super Bowl champ this year...
Quick Shots: Bears Mike Glennon protects ball, but needs to throw deep… - Journal-Standard
Fox states Mike Glennon has had an "exceptionally" good week of practice in preparation of
Mike Glennon, Merten Hanks, Hilton Armstrong, Michael Johnson. How do these guys not get decapitated just by accide…
On the "stellar" and "fine" debut of the Bears' Mike Glennon and what's to come:
It wasn't a referendum on Mike Glennon, but QB had 4 shots to make us forget Jay Cutler and Mitch Trubisky http…
Imagine if Jay Cutler had played like Mike Glennon today. He would have been crucified.
Mike Glennon was what the asked him to be Sunday. My column from Soldier Field:
QB Mike Glennon fields my question about only having 13 yds passing until last play of 3rdQ. Crazy stuff. He turned…
Mike Glennon is that rare combination of Peyton Manning athleticism and Brock Osweiller arm
247sports​.com >> WATCH: Vic Beasley swallows Mike Glennon for first sack
Ryan Pace put a city to sleep when he paid Mike Glennon $15 mil a year.
Ryan Pace stands by Mike Glennon as starting QB via
Listen man I want Mike Glennon to do well because I love the Bears that crap Ryan Pace is spewing is just pathetic.
GM Ryan Pace on QB Mike Glennon: "We talk about winning before the snap and he does that."
"I'm anxious and excited to get out there on Sunday.." - Mike Glennon.
John Fox says Mike Glennon has proved it and earned it in regards to being the starter.
Mike Glennon has faced the 4 times, making 3 starts. He has 6 TDs and 0 INTs in those games. Bucs won only 1 of those games.
Tough night for the Dodgers have to move forward
This team is on another level right now
Obama isn't happy about it. However the reality is he isn't the President anymore
I love 3 yards and a cloud of dust football!
My name is Keith Jackson and this has been a barn burner!! I miss those days coach :( .
Some quality players out there that's for sure!
Have to capitalize on that coach. Smell the blood in the water!
Robbie Ray was holding it down ayeee
Lol the future is about to be wild boy
Very serious storm coming. Take cover and check on you neighbors
Rise to the occasion. This is your moment take it!
Man first job that opens up on Lets grab it and go make some magic happen. .
The Bears have named Mike Glennon the starting QB for week 1
They look nice. Can they be made into pets?
Man they are at odds. This is what wrestling is all about!!…
The audio is about to spoil everything
Somebody has to make a play coach. Who wants to be great?
Man a lot of people will be hurt by this tragic turn of events.
Boy is he in trouble. Follow a leader not the lost
Man that's scary came out of no where
Bears name Mike Glennon starting QB. . Live look at
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Don't be mad at Mike Glennon because he *** be mad at Ryan Pace for signing him.
Bears plan on letting Mitch Trubisky play in their final preseason game and sit Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez.
Bears Talk Podcast: The best- and worst-case scenarios for Mike Glennon, Mitch Trubisky and the Bears' offense -
Halas Intrigue pod: Mike Glennon locked up his QB job, but when will we see Mitch Trubisky again?
Our Monday cover, with Mike Glennon, who seemingly sealed starting QB job by
Mike Glennon answers a question, but Cameron Meredith’s injury asks another one
Mike Glennon is the starter for Week 1, and that's OK, all things considered, writes
Mike Glennon answers a question, but Cameron Meredith's injury asks another one
Every time I read Mike Glennon's name, my mind says it like the jingle "By Mennen" and now you will too. . Thank yo…
Better chance of winning. Bortles is legit trash. Mike Glennon might be better 😂😂😂😂
It's not going to matter until they bench Mike Glennon
From what I've seen of Mike Glennon on tape, I'd confidently say that 38 year old Josh McCown would be an upgrade at quarterb…
Mike Glennon is getting $18.5M for what will almost certainly be a one-year deal. Kaep fo…
But they don't have Mike Glennon on their team!
Quick check in on the Mike Glennon experiment.
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I'm in Chicago this weekend and the percentage of people that already want Mike Glennon to be benched is 100.
More money doesn't mean better player!! Tom Savage and Mike Glennon should not be starting week 1 smh.
Agreed Larry - at worst they get a Mike Glennon serviceable backup & can still get a h…
Chicago Bears' Mike Glennon is a tier 4 quarterback
lock in the blindside protector for Mike Glennon... or Trubisky
Brian Hoyer ranked lower than Colin Kaepernick, Mike Glennon in ESPN QB Tier rankings
Hey a former Texas state champion QB named Matt Saracen lives in your area. Call him. He's an upgrade o…
I took note of who the photographer was of Mike Glennon: Photo by "Serena Vitellaro-Wiltfong - VEI Photography" - nice!
Where does the Mike Glennon rank among the other veteran quarterbacks in the NFL?
Who is winning preseason QB battle Mike Glennon or Mitchell Trubisky: via
Mike Glennon is the starter. Jay Cutler was inconsistent but be careful of what u wish for. They ne…
I have a bag of Lays and Mike Glennon your move Cleveland
"The paid Mike Glennon 18.5 million why would they bench him?".
Kaepernick is better than every QB the Jags have, he's better than Brock and Kizer a…
Rookie QBs who started right away fared better than those who debuted in-season. So should it be Trubisky in 2018?
Who ever want Mike Glennon 2 start at QB 4 the just because the bears signed him. Well that'…
I still say to this day Mike Glennon wasn't even the best QB in his family!
Mike Glennon was Brock Osweiler before Brock Osweiler came into the league. Tall QB s with good arm…
Brock got benched for the Houston QBs. Mike Glennon is better than all those vets.
Mike Glennon playing exactly how I thought he would: terrible.
Chicago Bears should give Mitchell Trubisky first-team reps - Chicago Bears Blog- ESPN
Who knew paying Mike Glennon 18 million a year was "waking up"
Accuracy is the most important foundational trait when playing the Quarterback Position. Mike Glennon has yet to show me accu…
Mike Glennon sticks with it no matter how many other guys take his spot. He's basically the Rob Kardashian of the
Looked back at recent 1st-round QBs and how they were used in the preseason (among other variables)
. Mitchell will get some snaps IMO but Pace's plan is for Glennon to start season. So it's not a surprise.
But Mark Sanchez needs snaps and Mike Glennon would be offended!!!
that's cool. But the should know, I won't watch a Mike Glennon led team. I mean, he's terrible.
Start Mike Glennon vs. Titans, but Mitchell Trubisky should get first-team reps
Bears moved the ball against Cardinals starters, but Mike Glennon threw one INT & another was dropped. Game story: https…
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Redzone INT for Mike Glennon. Tyrann Mathieu with the pick.
I wonder if Mike Glennon knows who Matt Flynn is
ICYMI: The Mitch Trubisky-Mike Glennon duel is beginning to look a lot like Russell Wilson vs. Matt Flynn.
.has some questions about John Fox's support of Mike Glennon amid all the Mitchsteria
How to lose your job to a rookie:the Mike Glennon story (part 2)
Who tf is Mike Glennon and why is he starting over Trubisky
If Darnold doesn't enter the 2018 draft, then the Jets should go after Mike Glennon if he's available.
QBR 131. to ZERO at the half. I'm sorry for but this is the
Mike Glennon's 1st series with the Bears ends with a pick-six. . He's never thrown one in his regular-season career. htt…
Mike Glennon already threw a pick six! Looks like the bears are the same even w…
Mike Glennon just threw a pick-6 on his first career possession with the Bears.
Mike Glennon threw a pick-6 on his second pass attempt of the game to open the Bears' preseason
But the signing of Mike Glennon was tho
⚡️ “Fans were not impressed with Mike Glennon's preseason debut”Come on to love da Bears.
A pick 6 on the first series. Looks like Mike Glennon is the perfect replacement for Jay Cutler.
Bears QB Mike Glennon on Bears QB Mitch Trubisky: "Yeah, he played really well. There’s no doubt about that.”
Mike Glennon's done for tonight. Not all his fault vs. great D, but ugly line in debut: 2-of-8, 20 yds, p…
Mike Glennon still doesn't know what color his new team wears. It's a process
Colin Kaepernick looking at that Mike Glennon pick-6 like.
When you wonder if its really Mike Glennon's year.
Chris Harris Jr picks off Mike Glennon and takes it to the house for 6!
When Mike Glennon makes $15M per & throws a pick-6 & you could've did that for half the price
Menelik Watson is to right tackling what Mike Glennon is to quarterbacking.
Mike Glennon deserves to get paid as much as Tom Brady
🚨 PICK-6 ALERT! 🚨. picks off Mike Glennon... And goes the DISTANCE!
Mike Glennon is being paid actual US dollars to play quarterback in the NFL. Never let anyone tell you you aren't good eno…
Mitch Trubisky to Mike Glennon after this game:
Mike Glennon's reaction to Mitchell Trubisky's touchdown pass to Cruz needs to be a GIF, meme & the new Eli face for personal disappointment
Mike Glennon probably could have thrown it to Kendall Wright on that pick 6 but what do I know
Say hello to the Mike Glennon era in Chicago!
Mike Glennon struggles, but remains atop Bears’ depth chart
The more things change the more they stay the same. Welcome to the Mike Glennon era
The Broncos' Chris Harris Jr. takes the Mike Glennon interception to the house
QBs currently better than $17 million dollar man Mike Glennon; current 3rd stringer on his own team and free agent QB Colin…
Imagine drafting a QB 3rd & he can't beat out Mark Sanchez or Mike Glennon
Also guys named Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez are in front of him
How's Tawana's arm doing? because the Bears have signed Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, and a first round pic…
coach John Fox: "We'll start with Mike Glennon, then we'll go to Mark Sanchez and then we'll go to Mitch Trubisky."
Mike Glennon is terrible. Blaine gabbert terrible. Mark Sanchez. Jay Cutler is su…
Mike Glennon looks like an unfortunate genetic cross-breeding mishap between Bruce Rauner and a Stretch Armstrong d…
Mike Glennon just told us about his first ever NFL pass from the 2013 preseason, this 61-yarder to Tom Crabtree
Tom Brady turns 40 years old today. His $14M salary cap hit next year is the same as new Bears QB Mike Glennon. https:/…
Dowell Loggains offers upbeat report on Mitch Trubisky and Mike Glennon, via
Mike Glennon describes Kevin White as "Big, strong and fast".
Mitch Trubisky off to shaky start at Bears camp
"I think if we stay healthy, we have a deep team, we can do a lot of good things this year.". - QB Mike Glennon
I like when people reply to that Kaep *** but never bring up that Brian Hoyer,Josh McCown &Mike Glennon are starting Qbs
You know your teams good when mike glennon is your starting qb
the Bears have an awful eye for talent the majority of the…
Ditka is rolling around in his grave right now
I sure hope that the Bears don't block my friend
Only the first day of Bears camp but one thing is clear. This is Mike Glennon's team. Trubisky has a long way to go.
If that were true then blah blah blah I don't even care anymore
Why get his autograph? He *** He's in the bottom 5 for yards per attem…
No, not til he's ready. There will be no quick hook on Mike Glennon.
... Trevor Siemian, Mike Glennon, anyone on the Rams, and anyone on the 49ers
Yeah the Bears and their hall of fame QB Mike Glennon would have been a much better choice. 😒
Justin Thornton picks off Mike Glennon and returns it to the two. The Jayhawks are in business.
Mike Glennon, riddled with disease, meets his heroes.
surprises high school team with new cleats. . 6p CW50
Cody Whitehair calls QB Mike Glennon a "great leader".
Harris picks off Mike Glennon, but Kansas can't cash in. Scott Webb knocks home a field goal. It's 10-0 Jayhawks.
I'd rather have Kaep than bum Mike Glennon
.tests his skills at Play60 event. surprises high school team with new cleats 230p Fox…
QB Mike Glennon went out of his way to sign even more autographs for a group of young kids near the media tent.
Sad how NFL QB$ can have guys like Mike Glennon can get 45 Mil to be a FRINGE STARTER.
.joins & Tom Thayer for a special edition of All Access. 📻:
Mike Glennon looks like a make-a-wish kid with 3 athletes he wanted to meet
Mike Glennon throws some nice underneath passes. His deep throws, however, not so good today.
His numbers don't lie . And You got bird *** QB's like Mike Glennon who's never started a game , Blaine…
Ex-Giant, former Pro Bowler Victor Cruz connecting with Mike Glennon as he tries to re-start his career with
Mike Glennon impressed slot receiver Victor Cruz with his command on Friday. camp rundown:…
Can I wait to answer this until I've seen a few Mike Glennon games? Can't be worse than Moses Moreno…
14.04 is QB Mike Glennon. Beat out NCSU star Russell Wilson for a gig, now on to UNC's Mitch(ell) Trubisky.
So I can name 6 starters be is better than ... Can start with Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, Sam Bradford... They all s…
It is better. Remember a few years back when we'd get shredded by Mike Glennon and Terrell Pryor? Be…
Willson, where you surprised the Bears drafted Mitch Trubisky after they signed Mike Glennon in the offseason?
WR Victor Cruz says QB Mike Glennon called him last night to invite him to dinner.
[NFL: Videos] - Victor Cruz on working with Mike Glennon: 'He's getting more and more comfortable' - NFL Videos
"MY FOOTBALL! MY OFFENSE!" But else what was Glennon s'posed to say? via
So what Happens if Mike lights it up this year---
Bears quarterback Mike Glennon: 'This is my year' via
"This is my year." . Highlights of Mike Glennon's first media session since Bears drafted Mitch Trubisky:
Bears quarterback Mike Glennon reacts publicly for the first time to Chicago trading up to draft Mitchell...
Bears head coach John Fox tells reporters that new starting quarterback Mike Glennon has taken an active...
Baha. I won't be holding my breath.
I think an NCAA investigation is why your athletic program has…
Chicago at least needs to give Mitchell Trubisky a chance to compete with Mike Glennon for the starting QB job
Breaking down Mike Glennon's first post-Trubisky media availability with &
Mike & Mitch: & I on Glennon's first public comments since draft nite
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Glennon is terribly insecure based on his comments. Not a good trait in a NFL QB.
Mike Glennon has Lester nipping at his feet
QB Mike Glennon makes his role emphatically clear: ‘This year is my year’ -- (
."My focus is on winning games this year." .
Mike Glennon is entitled to feel annoyed that the drafted Trubisky. If it affects his play though? He wasn't meant…
The Bears' first OTA practice is completed, with Mike Glennon, Mitchell Trubisky and Mark Sanchez splitting reps at quarterba…
.is addressing the media following Day 1 of 📱| 💻:
Mike Glennon says Bears his team this year, despite Mitch Trubisky
“This is my year,” said Mike Glennon, several times, at Bears practice on Tuesday
Mike Glennon casually asks landlord if he can lease month-to-month
Mike Glennon embracing his awkward place with saying again and again it's 'my year'
Bears' Glennon: 'My year,' even with Trubisky
Mike Glennon says it over and over: 'This is my year'
To make a case for a good back up spot on a contending team when the bears get rid of you?
Mike Glennon said that it was made clear to him by Ryan Pace that 2017 will be "his year" (via
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Calm down Mike, Trubisky is a risky and overpaid pick, Therefore the front office will want to make him starter
From Mike Glennon says right things but nothing changed about Bears QB future
Mike Glennon says Bears are his team this year, despite Mitch Trubisky
suntimes​.com >> Mike Glennon says it over and over: ‘This is my year’
Mike Glennon says this is his year despite Chicago Bears drafting Mitch Trubisky
Mike Glennon on NC State-UNC rivalry with Mitch Trubisky: "My five years at NC State, we won 4 out of 5, so I feel pretty goo…
Hibernation is almost over, time to wake up and start winning!!
Glennon: This is 'my year,' even with Trubisky
Are we not gonna mention the Bears? All this money to Mike Glennon and we drafted Mitch Trubisky second overall..😓😓😓
Bears don't owe Mike Glennon anything -- they paid him to be QB for one year. That's what's going to happen.
Mike Glennon felt cheated on when he found out about Bears drafting Trubisky via television (per https:…
Mitchell Trubisky & Mike Glennon. The Bears must really want the overall draft pick next year.
Not sure if I like the idea of Trubisky learning under Mike Glennon and Mark "Butt fumble" Sanchez🙄
This "sit and watch and learn" business is stupid. Mike Glennon and Alex Smith are not Brett Favre
Lol Adam Rank said he believes in Mike Glennon.
Bears QB's Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, Connor Shaw. Smh but Kap can't get a job come on Jason he his better than a…
you call this crack? the Bears signed Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez, they're our number 1 & 2 Qbs 🙃😂
Bears: "We can do better than Jay Cutler at QB". *Signs Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon
Listening to how Ryan Pace talks about Mike Glennon, I don't see the going QB at 3.
The Bears signed Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon... Here's a look at the locker room next season
The new QB's for the Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon took their first team photo.
Wait...the Bears signed Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez? Where have I seen this movie before?
When the Bears QB coach walks in the room and sees Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, and Connor Shaw
Ryan Pace to reporters in Arizona: Mark Sanchez is No. 2 quarterback behind Mike Glennon.…
Bears replacing Jay Cutler with Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez is worse than the Batman guys replacing Katie Holmes with M…
While the Lions went out and signed TJ Lang and Rick Wagner, division rival Chicago Bears signed Mike Glennon and Mark Sa…
Bears QB depth chart will be something like this: Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, Connor Shaw. Hard to imagine t…
The Bears signing Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez to be their QB's is the most Chicago Bear thing they could've done this…
If you add the skills of Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon you still don't have a starting NFL QB, and for that…
Bears fans that wanted Cutler gone, insert Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez. new era
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The replaced Jay Cutler and Brian Hoyer with Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez.
Mark Sanchez has found work. Don't be surprised if he beats out Mike Glennon. But Colin Kaerpernick still can't find work. h…
So the take Mike Glennon over Jay Cutler and now the take Josh McCown over Jay Cutler. That's telling for Cut…
Dieter blocked me when I told him his Klan was showing. He said Jay Cutler, Mike Glennon and McCown were better QB's than CK
when they had a good roster he took them to a Super Bowl lmaooo what has Mike Glennon done? Brandon Weeden? Blake Bortles?
Mike Glennon wasn't even close to as good as Josh Freeman was and Freeman is trash
Going from Adrian Peterson to Latavius Murray is more depressing than Jay Cutler to Mike Glennon.
Mike Glennon still liking Gerald McCoy's IG posts 😭😭😭😭 my heart hurts
New WR Kendall Wright on QB Mike Glennon via “[He] hasn’t played much, but you know he can sling it.”
New WR Kendall Wright said that QB Mike Glennon has started a group text for plans to get throwing with WRs.
Free agency signings by the Bears so far: . Mike Glennon. Quintin Demps. Markus Wheaton. Dion Sims. Prince Amukamara. Marcus…
Former Westfield High School (Fairfax County) QB Mike Glennon signed for 3 years with the Chicago Bears! We wish him the…
it must be so hard to fake pump up your franchise when you get a garbage QB. "We are so happy to have Mike Glennon as our guy". *tear falls*
Pace: "Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback and we're fired up about that."
Mike Glennon looks too much like Chad Hutchinson for me to have any confidence in him. Plus, I have been watching bad Bear QBs for 40 years.
Bears go with Mike Glennon when they have two better ones in Shaw and Backley Glennon will be on bench via
This is the day-and-age where Mike Glennon, Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Jimmy Garoppolo are able to command money. Just...really?
are releasing Jay Cutler today, the plan from the beginning since they set their sites on Mike Glennon. They tried to…
Winds of Change: Bears add Mike Glennon and Release Jay Cutler via
To the Bears organization that sees Mike Glennon as a substantial upgrade and franchise QB over Jay Cutler
Mike Glennon ranks somewhere between Todd Collins and Jim Miller on the list of Bears free agent QB acquisitions.
I wonder if the Bears told Mike Glennon they had zero WRs before he signed.
QB- Mike Glennon. RB- Jordan Howard. WR1- Kevin White. WR2- Cam Meredith. TE- Zach Miller. Sounds like a Super Bowl team to me
Mike Glennon is going to make $15M per, why not hold on to Brock for one year. Tall, strong arm, played well in the cold.
The Bears are moving forward at quarterback with Mike Glennon, Connor Shaw and likely a high draft pick. It's a new day in Ch…
let's not forget, Mike Glennon beat out Russel Wilson at NC State, Wilson then transferred to Wisconsin
Mike Glennon, guy sounds like he should be my accountant
Unpopular opinion incoming. Mike Glennon isn't that terrible. As a Packer fan, I would much rather they roll with Jay Cutler.
Bears set to sign Mike Glennon to a deal at close to $15M APY. Others (NYJ, Buf) kicked tires in $8M-$10M APY range, baile…
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