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Mike Ditka

Michael Keller Ditka, Jr. (born October 18, 1939) is a former American football NFL player, television commentator, and coach.

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Success is about having, excellence is about being. Success is having money & fame, but excellence is being the…
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Casserly didn't talk Ditka into anything, Mike did that all by his own self
's greatest claim to fame will always be talking Mike Ditka into…
Mike Ditka was going to run, but changed his mind at the last minute.
Mike ditka was at amigos last night
"“There Has Been No Oppression in the Last 100 Years” – Former Nfl Player and Coach Mike Ditka" by
“You are never a loser until you quit trying.” Mike Ditka
Dan Marino, Larry Fitz, Derrelle Revis, Mike Ditka. Honorable Mention the guy from the Monstars- Gary McGhee
SNL needs to revive the Mike Ditka sketches they did years ago with Dan Aykroyd and Chris Far…
crew has not been the same since ,Mike Ditka, and Chris Berman. Sorry, just not that entertaining to watch now
Donald Trump. Mike Ditka. Bobby Knight. Mike Leach. Curt Schilling. Jerry Jones. . I think y'all know what I'm listing here…
Still more interested in Mike Singletary's views on racism than Mike Ditka's.
Somebody tell Mike Ditka to go get me a juice box.
Mike Ditka has no tolerance for left-wing social justice warriors in the NFL. Excellent!.
I can't believe I just read that Mike Ditka said he's seen "No oppression in the last 100 years that I know of". Racism…
Ok Broadway Joe ! Mike Ditka and Joe come from same county in western pa and both are at opposite…
Mike Ditka: 'There has been no oppression in the last 100 years'
"Mike Ditka". Maybe Mike should visit the Black History Museum for a refresher. . Stand in Seiling or Anadarko Okla and carry a sign with that
Mike Ditka been canceled since he said he didn't want Lovie Smith to win the Super Bowl in 2007.
Mr. Mike Ditka, you forgot the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, effective 1882 - 1943, banning an entire ethnic group f/ entering the U.S.
Mike Ditka: "There's been no oppression in last 100 years that I know of. Except for lynchings, Jim Crow, but those don't…
Mike Ditka said he hasn’t seen any oppression of black people in 100 years. The start of the Jim Crow era was 57 years ago.…
Mike Ditka said there hasn’t been oppression since 1917 😑😑😑. Jim Crow ended in 1964. Must be a strong case of CTE
Mike Ditka was in Chicago coaching while CPD tortured innocent black men on the southside. . Reparations has been p…
It’s privilege & ignorance that lets Mike Ditka be blind to the fact that this country has oppressed people of color with Jim…
The same Mike Ditka who denied Walter Peyton a Super Bowl touchdown by giving Wm Perry the ball?? HA
It's the same racist Coach Mike Ditka who was so jealous of Walter Payton that he wouldn't let Walter take the ball in fo…
Mike Ditka is an ignorant racist who may have been a great player but had one good year as a coach. Otherwise, he's a flaming garbage dump.
Former Bears Coach Mike Ditka comments on anthem protests, oppression and race
Mike Ditka's history knowledge is about as good as a lot of other grade school history teacher slash sports coach it seems.
In 1973, the Justice Department sued Donald Trump for discrimination against black tenants. Mike Ditka was a Dallas Cowboys as…
How could you play or coach in an organization with Jerry Jones and Mike Ditka.two empty Souls
Ex-Bears Coach Mike Ditka: 'No oppression in last 100 years'
Mike Ditka says there's been no oppression in the last 100 years. As a former Bears coach, he probably meant no offense.
Y'all know Mike Ditka was playing ball during the Jim Crow era, right? Racism is what he knows as normal
Mike Ditka was a legendary TE but an overrated coach. Won a SB with Walter Payton & Buddy Ryan’s defense.
🔥🔥🔥 take Mike Ditka wasn’t even a good coach and it was ridiculous for Chicagoans to revere him even before he came out as racist
Ex-Bears and Saints Coach Mike Ditka was asked about player protests by Jim Gray tonight: "No oppression in last 100 ye…
🏈 WOW NFL Coach legend Mike Ditka tells protesting players to leave our COUNTRY .
Former NFL Coach Mike Ditka says that black people have suffered "no oppression in the last 100 years.”. Counterpoint: h…
Legendary NFL Coach Mike Ditka going off on NFL anthem protests last night! What do you think of his comments? https:/…
'Mike Ditka is not a Chicagoan.' argues 'Da Coach was radiating bigotry like a tuning fork.'
Former NFL Coach Mike Ditka claims that there has been no oppression of blacks in the last 100 years h…
Wow did not realize Mike Ditka was racist Playing ball being a coach he hid it very well so sorry to hear I did…
"Mike Ditka" If you fire all who take a knee you cant play ball!
Back in 2004, they wanted Mike Ditka to run for the Senate after Jack Ryan dropped out. The challenger? Barack Obama.
😒Mike Ditka hasn't played ball in about 30 yrs. He could've at least studied up on history during that time.
What a moron like Mike Ditka knows or understand about oppression? Can we stop wasting time with irrelevant people & keep d eyes on d ball?
In my Morgan Freeman voice,”And just like Chucky and Andy from child’s play, Mike Ditka transferred his brain into…
is a fitting occasion to learn that Mike Ditka thinks there has been no oppression over the past 100…
Here's the short version: Mike Ditka is truly a moron.
Mike Ditka is wrong. Oppression is everywhere. Sometimes when I order an Uber Black SUV they tell me none are available.
The US Flag just took the knee to protest Mike Ditka.
Well said Mike Ditka! Stand up or get out. U don’t represent the sport of football anymore.
Mike Ditka said there hasn't been any oppression in 100 years. . (The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 & MLK was ***
Its an insult to Black people that Mike Ditka is even on TV!
Mike Ditka says there hasn't been racial oppression since 1917... and also shows us that brain injury from football is real & de…
Mike Ditka is that uncle the adults just cast out to the kid's table in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.
NFL and NBA are more popular than Trump. "Joe Lockhart" Mike Ditka
'If you can’t respect the flag, this country, then you don’t respect what this is all about, so I would say: Adios.’.
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Mike Ditka on "If you can't respect the flag and country... adios"
Everytime mike ditka talks its always something stupid
Mike Ditka says there has been no oppression for and 100 years. My grandfather lived through Jim Crow. MIKE DITKA LIVED T…
““But, all of a sudden, it has become a big deal now — about oppression”. Gee really Mike Ditka? All of sudden, huh?
Was this fake news or is that Mike Ditka has not been oppressed in the last 100 years.
MIke Ditka: There hasn't been any oppression over the last 100 years. Ditka was 16 when Rosa Parks was arrested and 29…
Liberals are attacking Mike Ditka and calling him a racist this morning. . Job well done Mike. You are 100% correct on t…
Waiting for ESPN to suspend Ditka like they did ... hmm.
Mike Ditka's moustache walked off his face when it heard what he said.
Former NFL player Mike Ditka said he didn't know of any racial oppression in the last 100 years that would cause players to kne…
Mike Ditka on NFL protesters: "If u can't respect the flag & this country, then u don't respect what this is all abt, so I…
Lmfao Mike Ditka said he hasn't seen oppression in America in the last 100 years but he was in his 20s during the Civil…
Mike Ditka spent a lot of his life around Black men. . He's proof you can be around Black people & still not know much…
Emmet Till would be the same age as Mike Ditka if he hadn't been lynched for being black when he was 14 years old.
Mike Ditka said no oppression of blacks for last 100's 1930.
Mike Ditka said that, Black folks have not suffered, "any oppression over last 100 years.” and Mike Ditka was alive durin…
"If you don't respect this flag and this country then you don't know what this is all about" - Mike Ditka
Please Read how the Kroger co Disrespects the Flag and the US Military, "Mike Ditka" P…
"All of a sudden, it’s become a big deal now, about oppression," says Mike Ditka. Um, Mike, you haven't been paying attention.
how about firing *** dinosaur Mike Ditka and bringing back. .
Monday was big day for Chicago sports: Cubs found mojo, Bears discovered a QB and Mike Ditka lost everyone denying existenc…
Ruby Bridges being protected by Feds from a baying racist mob in NOLA in 1960, when Mike Ditka was a senior at the University…
Mike Ditka said there hasn't been racism in America in over 100 years..Um...there was a police protected Nazi rally 2 day…
I was at Bradley Airport in Hartford on Nov 29th, 2005. Michael Irvin & Mike Ditka were both flying out at adjoini…
Lovie Smith got to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman the same # of times Mike Ditka did with Walter Payton.
I guess ol' Joe is trying to become the second coming of Mike Ditka.
Mike Ditka to Colin Kaepernick: "If you don't like the country . . . get the *** out"
Remember Mike Ditka used to say the acronym for the NFL?? Maybe it should make a comeback!!
If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn't have given us arms. Mike Ditka
Sometimes you gotta pull out the 80s Mike Ditka sunglasses... @ Beach at Fort…
NEXT UP: Mike Ditka hops on the telestrator to break down Benghazi. Then Curt Schilling will tell yo…
Trust me: when the losses start to pile up, will get SAME treatment from fans that Mike Ditka…
Are you going to make the same BS charge against Mike Ditka? He made the same comments as our POTUS.…
Mike Ditka has message for the nobody malcontents who’d kneel during national anthem on Sept 11
NFL Commissioner Goodell should be FIRED and replaced by "Iron Mike" Ditka! His political correctness is ruining the game!
is Mike Ditka still employed by ESPN? Would enjoy an answer so people can stop saying he was fired for his views.
They should say the same thing to Mike Ditka b/c he's made the exact same comments as the POTUS.…
Too late, Tucker. The Jerk tried to make capitalize on that tip of racism. You and Mike Ditka ought to do a show,…
They fired Mike Ditka and Kurt schilling, but not her. So where is the standard over there?
Presidents right if Lawerence Taylor Mike Ditka or Jack Lambert were playing today They wouldn't be HOF 'S they wou…
lol you ain't no Tony Gonzales... Mike Ditka... Kellen Winslow... Antonio Gates. Shid you ain't even Jason Witten.
On the field at Aliquippa High School, where legends Mike Ditka and Tony Dorsett once played
"Truth" is subjective. I guess its okay for to infringe upon Linda Cohn, Curt Schilling and Mike Ditka's righ…
Truth? Lol. Well why did fire Mike Ditka & Curt Schilling for telling the "truth" and not her smh
Mike Ditka and Curt Schilling waiting for to fire Jemele Hill
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Mike Ditka, Bobby Knight and Curt Schilling all made critical statements about while working for .
Just a few of the famous 🏈Sigma Chi Alums - and we didn't include Mike Ditka, Bob Griese, Johnny Majors, Merlin Ols…
Has anyone heard anything from Mike Ditka, Bobby Knight, or Bill Belichick about those endorsements? 😂
Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace. Mike Ditka
Cliff Harris & Dan Hampton will introduce the final speaker Mike Ditka
. Mount Rushmore of meanest coaches (not listed). Mike Ditka. John Gruden. Bill cowher. Coach buttermaker (bad news bears)
The coach of the day is former NFL head Coach Mike Ditka.
Former head Coach Mike Ditka at his best . Submitted July 04, 2017 at 08:13AM by CazaSpeed……
Former head Coach Mike Ditka at his best
Former head Coach Mike Ditka at his best via /r/nfl
Former head Coach Mike Ditka at his best: He's hilarious and scary. He's hilariously scary.
"Effort without talent is a depressing situation... but talent without effort is a tragedy.". – Mike Ditka
Mike Ditka was the coach for Chicagobear
Mike Ditka, Hawk Harrelson, Michael Jordan, and Jim McMahon. Or, as we like to call them here in Chicago, "The Beatles…
I think the most underrated coach of all time is Mike Ditka. The way he coached the Tigers in Kicking & Screaming is admirable.
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Mike Ditka: “There was this one time I traded my whole draft for Ricky Williams.”. Ryan Pace: “Hold my beer…"
35 Years Ago, George Halas hired Mike Ditka as the 10th Head Coach of the franchise. The rest is
“If you are determined enough and willing to pay the price, you can get it done.” - Mike Ditka https:/…
Mike Ditka the coach of the Bears again?
Your point about ratings is definitely true but this plays a huge part also. Sage Steele, Mike Ditka, C…
They're just interested in the legendary Mike Ditka
Paid an extra 50 cents for the giardiniera that wasn't Mike Ditka's brand... I just can't see Coach taking the giardiniera game seriously.
when did you start hating Nick Nolte so much that you'd say Mike Ditka looks like him
you do know cowher admitted to filming signals, as did jimmy Johnson, Mike Shanahan, Mike Ditka, and Tony Dungy
legend Willie Gault compares to Hall of Famers Johnny Majors and Mike Ditka:
Mike Ditka, Mean Joe Green, Wade Phillips, Roger Clemens, Dan Pastorini, Jim McMahon, and many more were there.
Brent Musburger covered the Chicago Bears in 1963. Their coach was George Halas, the tight end was Mike Ditka. They playe…
Had a long convo w Steve Kerr and Mike Ditka about winning, criticism and what Joe Maddon can expect:
Mike Ditka never backed down from anyone, even unruly fans! Mike Ditka To Neal in Northlake (I'll Whip Your A*s)!
Coach Tomlin tied Mike Ditka and Joe Gibbs (101) for the 6th-most wins by an NFL head coach in their first 10 seasons as a he…
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Is that Kenny Rogers you're interviewing this morning or Mike Ditka? Shave that thing Iron Mike.
I FaceTimed Mike Ditka & Ladainian Tomlinson today. What is my life lol
Mike Ditka on his decision to channel Walter Brennan & Gabby Hayes: "Dadgummit! T'ain't none o' yer beeswax no how!…
Like, how you making Mike Ditka, Kellen Winslow, and Shannon Sharpe wait?
Mike Ditka for Trump; eloquating the words of Vince Lombardi; Lou Holtz; Bobby Knight for Trump
Mike Ditka on Pardon My Take says Aaron Rodgers is still the best and just doesn't have the weapons around him so hes got that going for him
If you had told a 12 year old Aaron Nagler he'd be on a podcast w/Mike Ditka, he'd have undoubtedly said... "What's…
Can we get Charles Barkley, Pete Rose and Mike Ditka talk show🤔🤔 are you network executives sleeping 😌 wake up
Huge epsode of this morning w /Mike Ditka giving us the real story about the ESPN farting allegations https…
I'd like to see Pete Rose and Mike Ditka have a talk radio show together.
Clint Eastwood Mike Ditka Jesse Ventura Jesse James I guess to be fair
DA COACH!. Join us in wishing Mike Ditka a HAPPY 77TH BIRTHDAY!
Don't miss out! Listen to Coach Mike Ditka discuss health on CBS Radio Houston here!
VIDEO: One year ago today, former Bears Coach Mike Ditka farted on live TV.
"You're never a . until you quit trying.". Mike Ditka. https:/…
It's this man's 77th birthday today. Happy Birthday to the bear himself, Mike Ditka.
is what would happen if Mike Ditka had a baby with the Pillsbury Doughboy
Listen to Mike Ditka on iHeart Radio’s DiTulio and Moran Show on Rochester here!
Lame game today: Name that Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Famer named Mike. Caller: uhh..Mike Ditka?
Mike Ditka slams Colin Kaepernick: Don't like our country? 'Get the *** out'
With that being said, Mike Ditka look like Cotton Hill.
Jay Mohr asked one respectful question, and Mike Ditka worked himself into the talking version of the tcot hash tag. That was amazing.
'I don't back up on one thing I said. If you don't like it that's tough.'. Mike Ditka w before he hung…
anyone else think that Bull Connor and Mike Ditka look oddly similar???
Mike Ditka is blind, if he doesn't see what's happening in our country.
If Mike Ditka doesn't like our constitutional freedoms, then he is also free to get the *** out. No one needs your perm…
"...I respect our flag, and I don’t see all the atrocities going on in this country that people say are going on." Mik…
Mike Ditka looks like he knows when to hold em, knows when to fold em, knows when to walk away and when to run.
Screw Mike Ditka - never liked him, like him less now. Kaepernick is completely entitled to this. via
Listened to the interview and lost all respect for Mike Ditka 💯
Mike Ditka is what's wrong with this country. People like him think they own this country & we must deal with the cards…
I'm assuming all of the people who are dealing with disillusionment about Mike Ditka are from the north side of Chicago.. Because really?
Mike Ditka had become extremely unpleasant in his old agree
Mike Ditka didn't mince words when asked his opinion of Colin Kaepernick.
and I've got no respect for Mike Ditka
I'd quit my job at ESPN before I had to work with Mike Ditka as an African Anerican.
Mike Ditka is the type of people you employ ? What are you gonna do about it?
Mike Ditka is just another bitter old white dude. I wish he had run against Obama and I hope Schilling runs against Liz Warren.
Mike Ditka said in an interview he has "no respect" for Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem:
Question of the day: will fire Mike Ditka for his comments? You would think yes after recent events & Curt Schilling
So you lied to Mike Ditka to try and make fun of him. Should really be proud of your journalistic integrity
Mike Ditka is a racist rat, pass it on.
Dear Mike Ditka -- if you don't like living in a country that guarantees free speech, move to North Korea.
People who praised Kaepernick for expressing his 1st amendment right are getting mad at Mike Ditka for expressing his 1s…
There are Black veterans who fight 4 this country only to have ppl like Mike Ditka tell them to "leave" if they don't li…
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Mike Ditka is a very smart man who never says anything ill-considered.
If is entitled to his 1st Amendment rights, so is Mike Ditka. Deal with it, Free speech isn't a one-…
Mike Ditka had a hall of fame career partly due to some very talented black athletes, you would think he would have more empathy.
Here it is. The time I convinced Mike Ditka that the American Pirate Association was gonna boycott the Bucs
Mike Ditka is like two hundred years old and is probably gonna be dead soon. Who cares about his crybaby feelings.
Nice! F'U Kaepernick! Mike Ditka slams Kaepernick: Don't like our country? 'Get the *** out' via…
Seems "Mike Ditka" didn't serve in the armed forces during the Viet Nam war. Wonder why? Did he have bone spurs?
I've always tried to look the other way because he's a Beaver County guy but honestly Mike Ditka has always been an ***
Mike Ditka looks like Dr Richard Kimble with that beard
Yeah because Jim Mora, Herm Edwards, Mike Ditka, Dennis Green, Rex Ryan, Tom Coughlin, or Jason Garrett has ever done that 🙄
The Chicago Bears had Mike Ditka, DA Coach, Vanderbilt has derek mason DUH coach
Mike Ditka. Hall Of Fame, coached & played in the Super Bowl. Recently in Champaign IL to honor Illinois Finest cops htt…
Steve Bartman knocks Olympic flame out of Mike Ditka's hand just before it is lit.
Mike Ditka on Buddy Ryan: 'We never were as good separately as we were together'
Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal; it's the courage to continue that counts. --Mike Ditka
What is with the retired athletes? Mike Tyson, Bobby Knight, and Mike Ditka schedule to speak. Too funny!!!
Bob Knight and Mike Ditka set to campaign for Trump at RNC convention.
Rumors Donald Trump will have Bob Knight, Mike Ditka and Mike Tyson at GOP convention... Anybody else I would say this is BS but with Trump?
Mike Ditka declines invitation from Trump to speak at convention: “The Republican Party has its head up its a—“ https:…
icons on the golf course: Jim McMahon, Mike Ditka, Michael Jordan, and Hawk Harrelson. https…
Heard exclusively on Da Coach, Mike Ditka will speak at the GOP Convention if calls him!
Mike Ditka and Brian Urlacher are probably the only Chicago Bears that I actually appreciate.
wonder if Mike Ditka will wow the GOP convention crowd with his "Ray Rice's earning potential is severely damaged" take.
Bobby Knight and Mike Ditka are perfect avatars for the Trump voter: Angry, old white guys who long for a romanticized bygone era.
I assume this means Bobby Knight and Mike Ditka are a go.
"Buddy was a genius, he was way ahead of his time." - Mike Ditka
invited Tyson a rapist & batterer and Ditka a neanderthal to speak.
The conventions are covered by news divisions, and Mike Ditka and Mike Tyson are not newsmakers. A generic Republican pol would get more.
At his point Trump should just go ahead and make Mike Tyson his VP.
This mans go Mike Tyson and mike ditka and y'all still voting for Hillary?
Report: Trump asks Mike Ditka, among other sports figures, to participate in RNC in July... https:…
Trump has invited convicted rapist Mike Tyson to address the wanker convention.
Trump team floating Mike Tyson as convention appearance. Interesting to see if he ends up there
Trump gets Mike Tyson, an actual rapist, to speak at the convention. . To make a point about TPP, I guess.
Mike Ditka to appear at GOP convention to support Trump, sources say
This makes a ton of sense: Mike Tyson, Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight expected to speak at the Republican Convention.
“Before you can win, you have to believe you are worthy.” -Mike Ditka
Mike Tyson, Mike Ditka, & Bobby Knight at the GOP convention. They're really targeting the angry old white man & rapist dem…
Mike Tyson, Mike Ditka, & Bobby Knight will all speak for Trump at the GOP convention. Get your popcorn ready.
Mike Tyson and Mike Ditka will reportedly appear for Donald Trump at the RNC
Mike Ditka on Buddy Ryan: "He was special. His defense was special.". 🎥:
"There's no way we win anything without that defense, without his coaching." -Mike Ditka on the legacy of Buddy Ryan http…
Mike Ditka told Mike & Mike that the 1985 Bears would not have won Super Bowl XX without Buddy Ryan. - via App
"Buddy was such an integral part of the Mike Ditka on Buddy Ryan's football legacy.
"Nobody respected Buddy anymore than I did.". Mike Ditka remembers Buddy Ryan
Hamilton Collection
Read your bio should contact Mike Ditka to help him Ditka almost ran against Obama for '04 Illinois Senate seat
Life Extension announces Mike Ditka as global spokesperson for new product:
Every team that plays at Bears staduim is an embarrassment to Mike Ditka
The best TE of all time is John MacKey, Mike Ditka, or Tony Gonzalez. LeBron would never be near that convo
He basically was like Buddy Ryan to Mike Ditka. He was a coach 1B. Doc has never been the same on his own historically
I reffed the funniest coach today imagine mafia looking version of Mike Ditka from kicking and screaming with some Will Ferrell personality
Jim McMahon wearing a mask of his Head Coach - Mike Ditka.
A bit of trivia about Aaron Shust. He is from the same home town as legendary football Coach Mike Ditka;...
Head Coach has their choice and say so on Defensive Coordinator?. S/ Mike Ditka.
Why do Bobby Knight, Lou Holtz, Mike Ditka, Johnny Damon & Rex Ryan all have this in common?
Keyshawn Johnson, Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Ray Lewis all out in ESPN. Once they get rid of Chris Berman they'll re-gain…
The ones who want to achieve and win, motivate themselves. . —Mike Ditka
Success is not permanent and failure is not fatal. -Mike Ditka
Youll never be a loser until you quit trying. Mike Ditka
I don't know how to put it, but yet you know we have so many people who the...
Just because you liked something as a youngster doesn't mean you have to li...
If Joe Maddon wins the World Series with the - does he surpass Mike Ditka in terms of all time popularity? https…
The *** Mexican choreographer on this show makes Candace Cayne look like Mike Ditka.
Mike Ditka in kicking and screaming is legend.. Wait for it . ..dary
“He's from Western PA . . . He likes the same kind of wine. He's just entertaining to speak with.” - Joe Maddon, Cubs mngr, on Mike Ditka.
"Every great thing in life starts with a brat" -Mike Ditka
Mike Ditka in Kicking and Screaming >>>>>>
my go to answer for this kind of thing is Mike Ditka.
Mike Ditka in Kicking and Screaming is all time.
ESPN has taken Ray Lewis,Cris Carter ,Mike Ditka and Keyshawn Johnson off NFL Sunday Countdown ! Wonderful, wonderful !
ESPN getting rid of Cris Carter, Ray Lewis, and Mike Ditka to bring in Randy Moss, Matt Hasslebeck, & Charles Woodson. Intere…
Mike Ditka blasts Sam Bradford, opens up about Ricky Williams trade as coach in radio rant.
He’s got Mike Ditka, Bobby Knight, and Lou Holtz… Is Bill Dellinger next?!
earlier you ask Bill, if Lou Holtz supported Trump, Yes he did along with Digger Phelps, Gene Keady, Mike Ditka,
It was great to see Mike Ditka "Da Coach" at the NFL Draft Town this weekend in Chicago! It was a great event!
remember Mike Ditka in '97 taking Chris Naole, Danny wuerffel and Troy Davis using the same line of reasoning
Jesse Palmer asked Mike Ditka who the biggest partier he played with was and Ditka raised his hand lol.
When you live next to Michael Jordan , Mike Ditka, John Danks and Jon Lester
Hoping Senator Cruz picks Mike Ditka as a running mate if only to vote Teddy/Bear in November. If not Coach ... perhaps Phil Gramm?
who would win in a fight, Michael Jordan or a hurricane? .but the hurricane's name is Mike Ditka?...
Unfortunately, due to last minute medical procedures, Mike Ditka & Tony Romo are unavailable for WFCA Clinic. See following twee…
Sports mural at Mike Ditka's Steakhouse ... this portion features Arnold Palmer ... Roberto…
Mike Ditka speaks out on get him moved on ?
, why isn't anyone talking about Mike Ditka being fired for giving his personal political opinion . Am I late?.
Mike Ditka said ESPN Move wasn't due to Criticism of Obama, It was His Idea
Mike Ditka got fired for talking about politics? Lol ESPN is a such a joke
They had me till it said "stand with Mike Ditka". After the 99 season, I wouldn't follow Ditka to a deli!
fires Mike Ditka for his views on Obama but keeps Steven A. Smith despite his colorful use of the English language? Man
Mike Ditka loses job... to show there's no freedom of speech left in America... except for the Left.
Photos of Bill Wade, who died Wednesday. Here with young Mike Ditka.
Your left wing clowns are a disgrace for demoting Mike Ditka. Why? Oh I get it you'll put a Disney H1-B in his place. Jerk.
: Anti Free Speech *** Clowns demote Mike Ditka for telling the absolute Truth on Obama being the Worst President.
Mike Ditka calls Obama worst President ever. 5 days later ESPN demotes him. ESPN, you anti free speech cowards.
Mike Ditka to be replaced by Matt Hasselbeck on Sunday NFL Countdown. That has to anger brother Tim Hasselbeck.
Mike Ditka is axed from ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown one week after calling Obama the 'worst president we've ever had' htt…
Matt Hasselbeck has retired and will replace Mike Ditka on Monday Night Countdown; took Seahawks to Super Bowl XL.
You are the preferred candidate of "Iron" Mike Ditka.
Mike Ditka: 'Obama's the worst president' | Comcast via Ditka's had too many shots to the head
Mike Ditka: 'Obama's the worst president' | Comcast via Mike,do you think you would be a better president?
Mike Ditka: 'Obama's the worst president we've ever had' via FoxSports
Mike Ditka: 'Obama's the worst president' | Comcast via
Mike Ditka: 'Obama's the worst president' Iron Mike was against President Bill Clinton too.He was wrong then too.
295 years of white presidents vs 7 going on 8 years a black president. And the black one is the worst? Now that's racist Mike Ditka.
Mike Ditka is a cement headed moron. A little stroy re Iron Mike: When he coached Da Bears, Ditka learned many of his players were going
Mike Ditka blasts Obama: "worst president ever", says he will vote for Trump Iron Mike tells it like he sees it
Also, Bart Starr and Mike Ditka wearing coats with the T shaped handle zipper.
Only folks that come to mind are Mark Bavaro (NYG) and John MacKey (the real Colts). or Mike Ditka?
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