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Mike Ditka

Michael Keller Ditka, Jr. (born October 18, 1939) is a former American football NFL player, television commentator, and coach.

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Evidently Bruce Rauner is going for the clown vote with Mike Ditka's endorsement.
Mike Ditka in a Bruce Rauner commercial is the best reason yet to not vote for Bruce Rauner.
Bruce Rauner hoping Mike Ditka can help him with that coveted "Still living in 1985 and can't spell 'cat'" demographic.
Bruce Rauner ad with Mike Ditka might be the smartest political ad he could ever show on an NFL Sunday.
ICYMI during the first half of game, Mike Ditka is teaming up with Bruce Rauner.
Mike Ditka teams up with Bruce Rauner in new ad campaign
dad was a paparazzo. In Chicago. Who’d his father take pictures of, Mike Ditka? Phil Donahue? Oprah?
Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, Mike Ditka, Trent Dilfer & Chris Berman...Among those who have called 2nd game of on recently.
I love Mike Ditka,but it would be "OFF DA HOOK" if he was replaced with Herm Edwards on Sunday NFL Countdown.
Disappointed in you Tony, At least John Gruden, Al Micheal"s & Mike Ditka are more professional about the Redskins Name!
sides but are leaning toward not saying Redskins! Seems to the Redskins that you have, at least John Gruden & Mike Ditka are >>
Tony Dungy & Phil Simms say they will no longer use the nickname on air. Mike Ditka says they are ***
Mike Ditka is About to Be Suspended by ESPN - The Rush Limbaugh Show
No more "Redskins'' for me. Thanks, Mike Ditka. My column:
ESPN NFL Analyst and NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka made his position on the Redskins' name controversy crystal clear Wednesday afternoon. In an interview with Mike Richman, a 'Redskins Historian,' t
Mike Ditka has weighed in on the Redskins name debate.
Former Super Bowl winning Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, who earned the nickname "Iron Mike" for his hard-nosed play during his Hall of Fame playing career, weighed in on the progressive word police's attempt to change the name of the Washington Redskins.According to white Democrat Senate Majority…
It took him a while to weigh in on the whole Redskins name depute, but now that he has, NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka didn't disappoint. He called the entire ordeal "stupid" and "appalling." “What’s all the stink over the Redskin name? It’s so much...
Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins was named starting quarterback for the rest of 2013 on Dec. 11, 2013 after coach Mike Shanahan deactivated Robert Griffin III. Mike Ditka, a former coach for the Chicago Bears and hall of famer in the National Football League, has stated that effor…
Ok so and are on the same page. I can't imagine that happens every day. via
Mike Ditka can keep calling them...
Mike Ditka is my new favorite person until I have a new favorite person.
Hey Gang- Given all the press recently about my comments on the Washington Redskins name, I want to clear a couple of things up- In my day, we called things by color. White people were white, black people were black. Indians didn't always hang out in tee-pees so the sun made their skin red so they were called Redskins. Redskin potatoes aren't offended, why should people be? Now I know I'm a little old school and guys like me aren't going to be around forever, so let me give you a little lesson that I've learned in life: *** get offended. That's because they're *** I've been called every name in the book throughout my years as a player, a coach and an analyst. Do I let it get to me? Of course not gang. I've got thick skin. You know who else had thick skin? The Indians. They killed buffalos with sticks and had to deal with English people moving onto their land and playing soccer. Now. I'm not always right. I've made a lot of questionable coaching decisions throughout the years. My time i ...
Mike Ditka says Redskins name debate is ‘so stupid it’s appalling’. and I absolutely agree !
"... I'm sorry, but im not very tolerant when it comes to liberals who complain about everything."- Mike Ditka on people whining about how the Redskins should change their name.
I love how Mike Ditka gets away with calling people stupid for wanting to change the Redskins' name.
Mike Ditka says Redskin name is "out of reverence and pride to the American Indian.Lombardi and Halas never had a problem with it." (1/2)
"I didn’t think that Lombardi & Halas had a problem with it, why would all these *** have a problem with the name?" - Mike Ditka
Mike Ditka blames the Washington Redskins name-change talk on 'political correct *** in America'
I want this in a poster form “Mike Ditka and Gale Sayers at Wrigley Field. (1965)
Remember when Mike Ditka traded everyone of his picks to trade up to get Ricky Williams? Definitely going to listen to his opinion.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Asinine Analysis uncovers how Chicago Bears fans still hold a torch for Da Coach Mike Ditka. Well deserved of course.
Thanks to everyone who made yesterday's Evans Scholars Invtl a success, especially and Mike Ditka.
Frankly, I think Jeff Bridges will not run for the Senate for same reason Mike Ditka didn't - He'd make less money in public office.
Jace Amaro dismisses Rex Ryan's advice: "I'm not going back 30 years to see how Ditka played"
Rex asked Amaro to get some old Mike Ditka tapes to see how he played and Jace told him to get lost.
Mike Ditka once said: Success is not permanent & failure is not fatal
Success isn't measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace. Mr. Mike Ditka
Jets’ Amaro: Get that Mike Ditka tape out of here
Michael Jordan, Walter Payton, Ernie Banks, and Mike Ditka. They are the most iconic Chicago sports figures ever.
They asked Mike Ditka's wife what does she call him. Mike or coach? She said *** lmao
The game has been played with tight ends for the entirety of the modern era. JG is a tight end just like Kellen Wenslow, Shannon Sharp, Dallas Clark, Tony Gonzales, Gronk, Antonio Gates, Jason Whitten, Mike Ditka, Ozzie Newsome...and let's not forget the Tight End that actually helped us win a Super Bowl...Jeremy Shockey...if JG was as tough and as good a blocker as any of these guys, well. Shut up and make your 7-10 mil per year. Give me Ben Watson any day.
Mike Ditka was always entertaining whenever he was all amped up as coach of the
"I don't think anything is unrealistic if you believe you can do it.". Mike Ditka. Professional Football Coach
"You're never a loser until you quit trying"- Mike Ditka
- I don't see Chris Berman, Mike Ditka, Dan Marino or Terry Bradshaw in that show so I'll just assume it's 2,000 times better.
1970s[edit] Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders In the 1970s, the NFL underwent many changes as it absorbed the AFL and became a unified league, but the Cowboys also underwent many changes. Meredith and Perkins retired in 1969 and new players were joining the organization, like Cliff Harris, and Pro Football Hall of Famers Rayfield Wright, Mike Ditka, Herb Adderley and Roger Staubach. Led by quarterback Craig Morton, the Cowboys had a 10-4 season in 1970. A 38-0 shutout by the Cardinals was the low point of the year, but recovered to make it to the playoffs, where they defeated Detroit 5-0 in the lowest-scoring playoff game in NFL history, and San Francisco 17-10 in the NFC Championship game. They made it to their first Super Bowl, a mistake-filled Super Bowl V, where they lost 16-13 to the Baltimore Colts courtesy of a field goal by Colts' kicker Jim O'Brien with five seconds remaining in the contest. The Cowboys moved from the Cotton Bowl to Texas Stadium in week six of the 1971 season. Although the first game ...
With off-field distractions plaguing the champion Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll's club risks becoming a one-and-done team like Mike Ditka's Bears.
Lions QB Matthew Stafford not worried what Mike Ditka thinks about his hats ..BreakingSports SportsNews
"Matt Stafford NOT WORRIED ABOUT MIKE DITKA’S HAT PREFERENCE" Mike Ditka would be happy to know that when he and Matthew Stafford showed up at the same golf tournament together, Stafford’s hat was properly turned forward. The Lions quarterback …
If you are determined enough & willing to pay the price, you can get it done. -Mike Ditka
"Like" our brand new demo that features everything GOTV offers, tons of amazing places we've been, and many celebrities we've worked with, from Greg Norman, to Bob Costas, Martin Short, Gavin Degraw, Mike Ditka, and Masters Champion Bubba Watson.
Movie idea: Real Steel 2, a movie about a robot built by Grant Imahara, programmed by John Carmack, and coached by Mike Ditka.
As I prepare for the first Sunday night game in the history of the Pirates, I reflect on the truly great sports stars I have been privileged to see in person: Ralph Kiner, Roberto Clemente, Bill Mazerowski, Willie Stargell, Terry Bradshaw, Mario Lemieux, Stanley Crosby, Yaromir Jagr, Bruno Sammartino, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, Tony Dorsett, Mike Ditka, Bubby Brister, the list goes on...
The Ricky Williams Trade (1999 & 2000 NFL Drafts) - It has been widely accepted that Mike Ditka screwed over...
Mike Ditka's reaction to the Bears' pick of Ego Ferguson...
Only one day left to bid on a vacation to Montana or Arkansas, White Sox/Indians tickets, and a Mike Ditka...
Oh boy have I had a day... My Hayden Fry tattoo has been called everything from Tom Selleck to Mike Ditka to Dale Earnhardt... It doesn't help that my mouthy girlfriend fuels fire by telling everyone that it's actually Burt Reynolds with an Iowa hat on...
100th anniversary of Wrigley Field yet no Greg Maddux, no Mike Ditka who played 75% of his football career there. No Sammy Sosa who hit more Hrs there than any player. Hm? I wonder what happened here? PS. I know Sandberg has obligations w the Phillies. But those three should've been there...
Not sure how guys like Mike Ditka are considered "in Hollywood," but in addition to Woods are Adam Baldwin & Nick Searcy.
From my observations while in Illinois, the Holy Trinity is Mike Ditka, Derrick Rose, and Bratwursts.
If there is 1 thing Chicagoans love, it's Mike Ditka. If there r 2 things Chicagoans love, it's Ditka & D.Rose.
"I'm going to see Billy for a little bit." That sentence, uttered back in 2009, comes at the tail end of a conversation between football royalty. The words themselves are spoken by Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady, who at that time was returning to action after a year lost to injury. He's talking with longtime head coach Bill Belichick, a likely Hall of Famer. Belichick owns a 224-163 career record during a 14-year stint with New England, including three Super Bowl Championships. Who is Billy? The 'Billy' in that sentence refers to Bill O'Brien, the current head coach of the Houston Texans. Back in 2009, 'Billy' was the quarterbacks coach for New England, his first year in that position. The conversation took place during a scene in the NFL Network 'A Football Life' documentary on Belichick. The series has profiled some of the most legendary figures and teams in football history. Jerry Rice, Mike Ditka, Barry Sanders and more have gone under the program's microscope, which gives unprecedented behi ...
Mike Ditka and Will Ferral are a lethal combination in Kicking and Screaming
My son and Mike Ditka @ the cigar shop. Son charged $238 of cigars to my account to get the photo opt with Iron Mike
One of the coaches of the 49ers just bought my grandpa a drink at the bar.. Thought it was Mike Ditka! 😂
The Beyond Black History Month Person of the day is Walter Jerry Payton[1] (July 25, 1954 – November 1, 1999) was an American football running back who played for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL) for thirteen seasons. Walter Payton was known around the NFL as "Sweetness". He is remembered as one of the most prolific running backs in the history of the NFL. Payton, a nine-time Pro Bowl selectee, once held the league's record for most career rushing yards, touchdowns, carries, yards from scrimmage, all-purpose yards, and many other categories. His eight career touchdown passes are an NFL record for non-quarterbacks. He was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993. Hall of Fame NFL player and coach Mike Ditka described Payton as the greatest football player he had ever seen—but even greater as a human being. Payton began his football career in Mississippi, and went on to have an outstanding collegiate football career at Jackson State University where he was an All-America ...
Mike Ditka throwing out 1st pitch before White Sox vs. Dodgers.
Pretty sure Mike Ditka's complexion screwed up my TV's white balance.
Mike Ditka threw out the first pitch at the Sox game
Enjoyed yesterday's Maxwell Awards! So did Evan who is with A J McCarron (ROLL TIDE) QB of Alabama and Cameron Wake (from PSU - WE ARE) of the Miami Dolphins . Great night. Mike Ditka was a scream.
Check out today. He's got Jaws, AJ McCaron, *** Vermil, Mike Ditka, B-West and Ricky Watters together. Peyton poss. to
Da Coach -- Mike Ditka -- will make an appearance at White Sox camp this weekend and he will be joined by former Sox outfielder Aaron Rowand at some point, as well.
Bangin’ Bolitics: Meet The Black Republican Beauty Queen Who Wants To Be The Next Barack Obama This former Miss America is looking to shake things up in the GOP…..would you vote for her? Former Miss America Erika Harold Running For Republican Congress Seat Chicago native Erika Harold is a 27-year-old GOP congress hopeful with her sights set on the White House….but first, she’s gotta get to Congress. via Financial Juneteenth Her name is Erika Harold and she is a former Miss America and is being endorsed by the Chicago Tribune and former Chicago Bears head coach, Mike Ditka. The 33-year-old has the same charisma as Obama and also has the potential of making it all the way to the top, just like the President. But she will be sitting on the opposite side of the aisle in the House of Representatives – although she doesn’t have the official backing from the GOP, she is running to unseat incumbent GOP Rep. Rodney Davis. During this years run-ups, there was controversy when a Davis supporter called Ha ...
This week on "Inside The Bears," former Bears LB Otis Wilson judges a Mike Ditka lookalike contest at Double Door in Chicago. Watch the full segment and more ITB here:
OK!, now it's time to vent! For the past week I have been entangled in Trash Talk rooms dealing with my beloved Saints! I have a couple of things to say.First, the Defense showed up and played "lights out"! I personally feel, Now that we have Kenny Vaccaro, in his first year and after seeing the hits Rapheal Bush was laying on Percy Harvin today I do feel with Rob Ryan's Guidance we have our two safeties for a good minute. Keep Corey White, Keenan Lewis, and Keep Jabari Greer to play the nickle/slot receivers. Get another big body on the D-line and grab some U.F.A. Linebackers LEAVE CAM AND JUNIOR ALONE.WHILE I LOVE Sean Payton, I DONT CARE FOR HOW HE HAS TONED DOWN THAT AGGRESSIVE MENTALITY... THAT GOT US TO THE SUPERBOWL. (that killer instinct). Everybody's gonna say what they feel, but here's the thing! IT COULD BE WORSE! Don't complain about Drew Brees, we could still have Aaron Brooks! Don't complain about Sean Payton, we could still have Jim Haslett or Mike Ditka. Our running backs are still young t ...
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"Success is about having, excellence is about being. Success is about having money and fame, but excellence is being the best you can be." Mike Ditka (born October 18, 1939) Ditka is considered one of football‘s most dynamic coaches. He coached the Chicago Bears for 11 years and New Orleans Saints for 3 years. Ditka and Tom Flores are the only two people to win Super Bowls as a player, an assistant coach and a head coach.
I'm not sure ill ever be able to trust a move the browns make unless Mike Ditka was pulling the strings.
"If you're not in the parade, you watch the parade. That's life." - Mike Ditka
Tonya Harding's dad is Mike Ditka and her mom is Velma from Scooby Doo. . Interesting
The Gridiron Greats Hall of Fame Dinner will be May 16th at Ford Field. The Detroit Lions have really come through with their efforts to support the former NFL players by offering to move the event and being our partner in this event. Mike Ditka will welcome Pro Football Hall of Famer Tom Mack, NFL greats Brian Westbrook, Muhsin Muhammad, Doug English, Derek Mason, Mike Utley, Eddie Murray and several others. Dominic Raiola will be honored as the Unsung Hero of the 2013 Detroit Lions (the Ron Kramer Award) at the dinner as well. We are still waiting to get confirmation from Jim Kelly and Franco Harris about the event. There will be over 80 former and current players in attendance. There will also be an autograph signing with all the players the following day (May 17th) at a location to be announced. Here are some of the details about the dinner itself. Individual tickets are $150 while tables of 10 are $1250. Dinner includes hors devours, a choice between chicken, salmon or prime rib and an open bar. This ...
I will put Mike Ditka on blast, I'm pretty sure Jim McMahon was more questionable than Matthew Stafford but I never hear him go off on him
Mike Ditka says backwards hat is keeping Matt Stafford from greatness
It's time! & myself filling in for HOFers Rick Barry & Mike Ditka.
Pepsi Grammy Half Time Show The Pepsi Grammy Half Time Show Commercial aired mid-awards on January 26th on CBS. Visions Lighting was the provider of all lighting, video and staging for the 2:36 minute ad that was a stand-out hit for the evening and gaining rave reviews. Visions was hired on by Production Company, Holmes Defender of the Faith, with the veteran McG at the lead as Director. Ramsey Nickell, Director of Photography for the commercial, thought Todd Roberts and Visions Lighting would be a great fit to design and provide the elements for the set up. The premise for the piece was for football to pay music back for entertaining their crowds at the Super Bowl each year by doing a half-time performance of their own at the Grammys which is the biggest music awards show of the year. Staring footballs greats such as Terry Bradshaw, Mike Ditka, Deion Sanders and Shannon Sharpe only added to the amazing experience for the Visions Team. When planning a project of this size and scale and in the time fra ...
 The eve before Super Bowl 2014 (which I have not-so-affectionately renamed the Pooper Bowl because the Broncos were so disappointing) I was watching the NFL Honors/Awards Show. One of the honors went to seven individuals who were named to The Football Hall of Fame. This is the pinnacle and conclusion of a football player’s career (other than winning a Super Bowl). It makes large grown men cry on the day they are inducted to the Hall of Fame. Men like Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Mike Ditka, Shannon Sharpe, Emmit Smith, Jerry Rice. It isn’t tears of pain that they can barely walk up to accept the honor, it is one of joy. Then they are shown their bronze bust enshrined in their likeness for football fans to see when they visit Canton, Ohio. As I was watching this, I have to admit I thought it was a little pathetic. Let’s contrast this with another place of distinction: heaven. If you ask passers-by, “Have you heard of Canton?” I bet you would get few responses that are, “Yes. That i ...
Coming soon!!! Mike Ditka (as a player for the Bears), Marshawn Lynch, and Steve Largent for the HAWKS!! I ca build Lynch five times. So place your orders now I f you would like one. (Lynch would be 250-285)
Former NFL player and coach Mike Ditka mocked Miley Cyrus by riding atop a giant metallic wrecking ball in perhaps the most popular commercial during Sunday night's Grammys. The ad for Pepsi featured several NFL greats, led by Deion Sanders, who begins the ad seated in the audience at the Grammys b...
RAMBLAGE - There was a cat sitting next to me wangs joint watching the game. Nice enough dude, except for one thing; son's breath smelled like his lungs were made of farts. Didn't kill the appetite, though. I wolfed down wangs like they were coming out of a blender. OH yes, I was onna mission! ... Bruno Mars. Jeah. Son did his thing! Quite a performance, & him channeling James Brown showed me a li'l sumthin'. Kinda coulda done without the Lukewarm Chili Peppers. Those are some old cats. The game itSELF? Wow. I hadn't seen that type of defensive domination since Mike Ditka's Super Bowl Shuffle Chicago Bears prison-raped the Patriots. Don't know if they'll repeat, but it was nice seeing someone else get a ring. ... Didja see the promo for "24", y'all? You'd better get your tickets, because I think it's about to get wild! ... By the way, family, DO NOT waste your time & money on that "I, Frankenstein" movie. Absolute crap! Cool special effects, but just as shytiful as those "Twilight" movies. Stunk like the ...
Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw, Shannon Sharpe and Mike Ditka star in this truly bizarre ad for the Pepsi Halftime Show.
Drew Breezy, Mike Ditka, urban Meyer and Sean Payton were all sigmachi's
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Wooho!! It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The game, the commercials!, the statistics, the parties --- and some Super Bowl Trivia: * Dan Reeves, Mike Ditka and Tony Dungy have all appeared in the Super Bowl as a player, assistant coach and head coach. * Super Bowls are held in an American city that is chosen years in advance. * Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest U.S. food consumption day, following Thanksgiving. * 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday * 14,500 tons of chips are eaten along with that guacamole * Of the top 10 most watched American television programs of all time, nine of them are Super Bowls * The Super Bowl is measured in Roman numerals because a football season runs over two calendar years * Over 700,000 footballs are produced annually for official NFL use and 72 of them are used for the Super Bowl * The Super Bowl is the 2nd most watched sporting event in the world. More than 100 million people worldwide watch the Super Bowl every year. * In the 2011 Superbowl a 30 ...
ESPN Super Bowl Sunday Countdown Sunday February 2nd 10am-2pm A special four-hour edition of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown will preview Super Bowl XLVIII from two locations – Herald Square in downtown Manhattan and MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Host Chris Berman, covering his 32nd Super Bowl, will be joined by analysts Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson on the main set at Herald Square, along with NFL Insiders Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter. Suzy Kolber and Monday Night Countdown analysts Trent Dilfer, Ray Lewis and Steve Young will appear from MetLife Stadium, site of the game. Reporters Sal Paolantonio (covering the Broncos) and Ed Werder (Seahawks) will also provide live team updates throughout the program. ESPN’s roster of Countdown analysts – with a combined nine Super Bowl rings in 14 appearances in the NFL’s biggest game – will preview the Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks game in Super Bowl XLVIII, analyzing the players, teams, key matchups and more ...
What a awesome day just left Harrah's where we were chilling with Joe Theismann and Mike Ditka at the Hall of Fame Pool Party now at Caesars to see Train in concert. It's been nice to spend this weekend with my Dad
Yes, my lovely wife got Mike Ditka and Joe Theismann autographs in Atlantic City! Thanks honey.
Football’s winning coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden provide you and your team with insights on Sales, Innovation, Leadership, and Teamwork in this new series. These coaches have an amazing track record! Now you can take their core lessons and apply them to your job.
The Hall of Fame tight end former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka tells Doug Gottlieb he wouldn't have put up with Richard Sherman's antics if he was coaching the cornerback.
VIDEO: Mike Ditka thinks Lovie Smith will do great things with the
Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's conversion As this year's Super Bowl approaches, all eyes are on the weather. Hall of Fame player Mike Ditka calls the decision to play the game outside in New Jersey "stupid." Others think it's a "great idea." As of this morning, the high on Sunday is forecast to be 36 degrees, with possible snow showers. While some are watching conditions in the sky, this week we're thinking about the players on the ground. Each day we'll discover the Christian commitment of one of the Super Bowl athletes. Yesterday we learned the faith story of the Seattle Seahawks' quarterback, Russell Wilson; today we'll hear from Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos. This season, Manning scored more touchdowns and passed for more yards than any quarterback in history. He is famous for his charity work, very funny commercials, and numerous appearances on TV shows such as Saturday Night Live. What is not as well known is that he has been a committed Christian for more than two d ...
Former Bears coach -- and noted tough guy -- Mike Ditka doesn't the players should have to deal with an outdoor Super Bowl.
Are the Grammy commercials contending with NFL Super Bowl commercials??? They're cute & Super Star filled too...Shakira, JT, Janelle Monae & The Band Perry for Target, Terry, Deion, Mike Ditka, JT & others for the Grammy's Pepsi 1/2 time Show(loved it), Katy Perry & Pink for Cover Girl, Michael Jackson, Spike Lee & others for Sony, John Legend for Chevy, JT for MasterCard & More to come...
Terry Bradshaw, Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe and Mike Ditka sounded a 1000 times better than the Highwaymen. No joke.
That Pepsi commercial with Terry Bradshaw, Dion Sanders, Mike Ditka,Shannon Sharpe and Juicy J had me rollin! 😂
What a hilarious Grammy half time commercial for Pepsi with NFL icons, Mike Ditka, Shannon Sharp, Dion Sanders and Terry Bradshaw. Hope it airs on Super Bowl Sunday.
The show during the was epic! Shout out to , Terry Bradshaw, Mike Ditka and Shannon Sharpe alum!
Mike Ditka and Terry Bradshaw should have twerked
I really hope that NFL halftime thing happens lol. Mike Ditka, Primetime, Shannon Sharpe, Suh, Stafford and Terry Bradshaw. That's nice 😉👌
Anybody see the Pepsi commercial on the Grammys with Terry Bradshaw & Mike Ditka? Hilarious!
Pepsi commercial on the Grammy Show HILARIOUS! Terry Bradshaw with a guitar, Matt Stafford in some sort of costume, then Mike Ditka comes in on a wrecking chain football and crashes. You have to watch the entire commercial it is one of the best I have seen in ages!
is it just me but I've watched the Grammys for an hour now and the music fairly lame. Really, Mike Ditka and Terry Bradshaw
Just turned on the Grammys in time to see the 'Grammys Half Time Pepsi Show'... Terry Bradshaw and Mike Ditka were great! Lol
Great Pepsi commercial during the Grammy's! Neon Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw, Mike Ditka and a rap group that I wasn't able to recognize. I think it's a preview of a commercial that will show on Super Bowl day!
Ok the Pepsi commercial with Terry Bradshaw, Deon, Mike Ditka and Shannon Sharpe was pretty *** funny
These commercials are killing me. Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw and Mike Ditka for Pepsi. I've seen it all!
How up now that commercial with Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw , Shannon Sharp and Mike Ditka was Awesome.. 2 thumbs up though..
defense and Mike Ditka kept Walter Payton out of the end zone that day.
The 1985 Chicago Bears scored 456 points and allowed only 198 points 12.4 a game to lead the league,they were 15-1 that year.In the playoffs they beat the New York Giants 21-0 they came back and beat the Los Angeles 24-0 , In the Super Bowl they destroyed the New England Patriots 46-10 , 91-10 in the three games,The defense led by Wilber Marshall ,Richard Dent. and William Perry, On offense Quarterback a character in Jim McMahon , coach Mike Ditka. Walter Payton great player great year,who died tragically, in 1985 , 324 rushes for 1551 yards 9 touchdowns he also caught 49 receptions for 483 yards, also a class act all the way, Thanks
The famed 1985 Bears have been ranked as the top team in Super Bowl history by the New York Post. "Mike Ditka's bunch was so cocky, they made the 1986 Mets look humble," the Post's Brian Lewis wrote earlier this week. "They had the hubris to not only record but release the 'Super Bowl Shuffle' before the playoffs had even started. As Bear Bryant said, 'It ain't bragging if it's true,' and this team was The Truth. "They had Walter Payton in the backfield, plucky Jim McMahon under center and the arguably the NFL's greatest defense, led by Mike Singletary and coordinated by Buddy Ryan. They went 15-1 in the regular season, outscoring their foes 456 to 198, and just got better in the postseason. They drilled the Giants 21-0 and devastated the Patriots 46-10, with New England offensive lineman Ron Wooten admitting, "Before the end, it kind of felt like we were the team that the Globetrotters play all the time." The Post ranks the 1972 Dolphins, the only undefeated team in NFL history, second on its list of Sup ...
Ron Jaworski is not a smart person, and I don't care what he thinks about anything. Ditto: Ray Lewis; Trent Dilfer; Mike Ditka; Mike Greenberg; Mike Golic; Colin Cowherd; Skip Bayless; Joe Morgan; Bill Plaschke; Rick Reilly; all current SportCenter anchors and many others. Thank you.
Yep! I like Jay Cutler, love da Bears. Mike Ditka was the best and Walter Peyton.
After making me see George Wendt shirtless, getting a massage from Mike Ditka, I assure you I'll never buy State Farm Insurance.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mike Ditka and Shannon Sharpe? That is way too much stuttering and babbling in one building at the same time
Yea Been told I'm like Mike Ditka, and some say I'm like Robert DiNero. I'll take a milder Pacino
Can you guess where this winter wonderland was created? In our Main Stage! did another great commercial in our studio with Mike Ditka!
Jim Brown, Terry Bradshaw, Jim McMahon, Mike Ditka (as a coach, not player).
Sigma Chi Spring Rush 2014 RUSH SCHEDULE: Make sure to check this group for time changes because there will definitely be a few. 1. Jan 12th IFC barbecue on IM fields 2. MONDAY, January 13th basketball at the outdoor courts 3. FRIDAY, January 17th volleyball and BBQ at sigma chi house 4. MONDAY, January 20th (no classes) wings at sigma chi house. (Invite only) 7. Smoker (invite only) date TBA "Sigma Chi (ΣΧ) is one of the oldest and the largest college Greek-letter secret and social fraternities in North America with 300+ active chapters and over 300,000 initiates. Its members have gone on to achieve significant greatness in their lifetimes and famous alumni include John Wayne, Brad Pitt, Drew Brees, Mike Ditka, and David Letterman. Members of Sigma Chi pride themselves on being men of good character, students of fair ability, having ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessing good morals, having a high sense of honor and a deep sense of personal responsibility. The Gamma Phi chapter at the ...
That State Farm commercial with Mike Ditka, Aaron Rodgers, George Wendt, the massage and the sausage...I DO NOT like it
Is that Ditka? I thought it was Russell Westbrook Coach rockin nerd shades. MT:How great is Mike Ditka's sense of humor?
Besides the Blackhawks, Mike Ditka says the next Chicago team to win a championship will be...the White Sox. .
I vote John Gruden and Mike Ditka commentate next season for MNF
For a few reasons, Mike Ditka thinks the White Sox will be the next Chicago team to win a championship outside of the juggernaut Blackhawks.
Analysts who are picking the Colts: Eric Allen, Merrill Hoge, Ron Jaworski, Mike Ditka, Ray Lewis and Sterling Sharpe.
Mike Ditka and John Gruden are probably my two favorite ppl in football that don't play.
Terry Bradshaw and Mike Ditka were entertaining today at this shoot
Lunch with my buddy Moe from Chicago...gifting him 1962 photo of Paul Hornung and Mike Ditka getting MVP and Rookie of Year awards
Who does Gus Malzahn think he is wearing a sweater vest, Jim Tressel or Mike Ditka? Go Florida.
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Tony Dungy and Mike Ditka should sue Gus Malzon for disgracing the sweater vest like that
Gus Malzahn doing his best Mike Ditka impression with his sweater tonight and somebody better tell FSU this game started 28 minutes ago
Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn paid tribute to Mike Ditka during Monday night's BCS National Championship game, rocking a vest eerily similar to that of Ditka's memorable look with the Bears.
How about Gus Malzahn wearing a Mike Ditka-like sweater vest tonight. Not sure you've earned that yet.
Mike Ditka was once the coach of the Bears.
Mike Ditka Autographed Chicago Bears 8x10 Photo Giving the Finger PSA/DNA ID by MillCreekSports Buy new...
no actually I agree with Alex but I think they were playing mike ditka football so they couldn't block field goals
In the mood for Mike Ditka. Kicking & Screaming it is:)
I bet Aaron Rodgers wishes he was getting a back rub from Mike Ditka right now.
all praise and glory be to Mike Ditka
I don't understand why is chirping mike ditka
Stay tuned for Mike Ditka's breakdown of the Niners/Giants game.
Ok, this is pretty funny. ESPN can literally put anyone to sleep, even their staff members. WATCH as Mike Ditka falls asleep during a live broadcast [VIDEO].
"If weather is on your mind, go on vacation. Don't think about the weather. Play football. Get tough and SUCK IT UP!" . Mike D…
Mike Ditka previews the wrong game on Countdown | January | 2014
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I was at football game colder than this. Three layers & body heaters. Couldn't get warm. hard to breathe- We threw snowballs at Mike Ditka.
Jim Harbaugh called ill- advised audible and coach Mike Ditka snapped on sidelines.
Sigmund Freud, what's your analysis of the State Farm ad where a man dreams of being massaged by Mike Ditka while eating a sausage pillow?
I love the discount double check commercial with the two guys looking like Mike Ditka
Mike Ditka does the same thing with the word Detroit "DEEtroit" instead of "DeTROIT"
Ummm, why is Howie Long wearing Mike Ditka's hair?
I want to see Mike Ditka and Bill Cowher fight to the death.
Mike Ditka would have coached this game shirtless in Green Bay
Mike Ditka just came in on a plane at my work! I met Da Coach!
HLN reports Mike Ditka fell asleep on the job while co-hosting ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown.” Co-analyst Keyshawn Johnson took notice and woke up Ditka by gently shaking him. Everyone on the panel seemed to notice, except sportscaster Chris Berman, who just kept on talking.
Wow so impressed.thank you Mike Ditka having faith that the San Diego Charger's will be beating the bengal's today!!! James A. Finney III watch out next Sunday were winning!!!
Mike Ditka was awake this time, but the former Chicago Bears coach still managed to fumble the ball Saturday during a segment of ESPN 's " NFL Countdown."
Howie Long(former Raider) and Mike Ditka picked the Chargers to win over the Bengals in Cincinnati. Smart guys! Show me your lightning bolt!
Mike Ditka hall of fame signed football , graciously donated by a young man here in Stamford ,,, reserve bid of $250 ,
Today is Sunday, January 5, 2014 Today in Sports History 1920 - The New York Yankees purchased "Babe" Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for $125,000. 1927 - A three-day public hearing began on the charges that four major league baseball games played between Chicago and Detroit on September 2 and 3 of 1917 had been thrown. 1983 - Wayne Gretzky (Edmonton Oilers) scored his 100th point of the season. He achieved his 100th point in only the 42nd game of the season. 1931 - Lucille Thomas became the first woman to buy a professional baseball team. She bought the Topeka franchise of the Western League. 1934 - Both the National and American baseball leagues decided to use a uniform-size baseball. It was the first time in 33 years that both leagues used the same size ball. 1993 - Mike Ditka was fired as coach of the Chicago Bears.
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I do not know who Mike Ditka personal shopper is... but they to an exceptional job! That man "styles" on Sunday NFL Countdown!
I love Mike Ditka ! (Chicago Bears -old coach) " You got owners, you got coaches, you got players , and anytime people forget their jobs . like an an owner trying to be coach - you got problems !! "
For the second time in less than a week, Keyshawn Johnson had to get Mike Ditka on the right track on the set of ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown...
Eat your words Mike Ditka, Boomer, Ray Lewis and Keyshawn. I wish I could remember which one of them clowns said it would be Eagles 44-17 or whatever! They are really really dumb. lol
Random thought: Is Mike Ditka in the early stages of dementia? He fell asleep one weekend, and this morning he was reading cue cards for the wrong games.
Mike Ditka broke down the wrong playoff game during ESPN's countdown show. Here's video of his mistake.
Usually when it's time to demolish an old building there is some sort of ceremony where some celebrity or dignitary gets to press a button or whack a bit off the building with a hammer or whatnot. I sincerely hope that when it comes time to send off the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, they give the hammer to Mike Ditka.
Coach Mike Ditka Brings Wine to Sav-Rite Liquors, North Haven CTJanuary 3, 2014 by Rachel FerrucciLeave a CommentWhen you say Mike Ditka, many words come to mind, Player, Coach, Hall of Fame, Icon, Superbowl. What about wine? Coach Ditka created a line of wines and is coming to Sav-Rite Liquors in N...
This is NOT funny. He needs a thorough neurological exam - PRONTO! Mike Ditka has another embarrassing senior moment, and Keyshawn Johnson again bails him out.
It's been a rough week for Mike Ditka. First, Da Coach was caught snoozing on the set of Sunday NFL Countdown, and fewer than seven days later he's been caught slipping again. This time, he display...
It's been a rough week for Mike Ditka. On Saturday's edition of NFL Countdown, Ditka picked up the wrong note card, and interrupted a discussion about the Saint-Eagles playoff game with some analys...
Mike Ditka is like Ron Burgundy - he'll read anything you put on that cue card.
Watching NFL countdown on ESPN Mike Ditka has lost it. Either he's had a stroke or Alzheimer's is setting in.
My son believes Mike Ditka is coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and the guy on ESPN NFL Countdown is some weird old man.
work 1-8 with Mike Ditka being there from 5-7... gonna be a long and freezing day... :/ whelp here goes nothing.
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I just discovered that Mike Ditka, John-Claude Van Damne, Lee Harvey Oswald, Chuck Berry, and me all have the same birthday. Look your birthdate up on Wikipedia.
NFL Sports anchor Mike Ditka fell asleep during the live report and his co-anchor had to wake him up.
Do you think Mike Ditka inspired the Bears by blowing kisses and smiling all the time? Oh wait, that's how the Cubs are inspired. - Jeffrey Aguilar
Looks like Mike Ditka missed his nap because he decided to take one during ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown.
I would rather Da Bears sign Mike Ditka back as coach, then give Jay Cutler 7 more years. Ridiculous..
Lions need to pull Mike Ditka out of Retirerment, and make him their head coach, I know im dreaming, but it would be awesome. lol
Mike ditka falls asleep, There are many days where it's a real struggle to stay awake and I find myself nodding off at my desk, too. At times like those, I
Mike Ditka was pretty tired during yesterday morning's (Dec. 29th) ESPN Sunday Countdown. While on air, he could be seen sitting in his chair with his head down, motionless. Keyshawn Johnson noticed Ditka's silence and immobility, and after staring at him for a moment, came to the conclusion...
Mike Ditka's first season coaching the only won 3 games. Lovie Smith won 5. Marc Trestman landed 8 wins this season.
Mike Ditka will probably not want to remember this week's taping of ESPN's
Sitting at the bar with Mike Ditka himself. It's entertaining to watch people seek out his attention. C'mon people! Leave the man alone!!!
Commentator Mike Ditka, 74, was seen snoozing live on air during Sunday's NFL Countdown - and only awoke after fellow host Keyshawn Johnson shook him.
Mike Ditka falls asleep, Sunday football can be full of excitement and the discussions can get controversial and full of debates. However on December 30th,
Matthew Dutchess did you see this? Ooops sportscaster Mike Ditka caught asleep on the air on ESP. Mike Ditka was so bored with what was being said on ESPN on the December 29 broadcast of ESPN’s Countdown that he fell asleep. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a big deal. But this time Ditka was right there on the air when he did it! Ooops.
ESPN's Keyshawn Johnson realized Mike Ditka was asleep and he gave him a nudge during the network's "Sunday NFL Countdown" this morning...
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Mike Ditka falls asleep, Coach Ditka remains a very busy man at age 74. While most men his age have long been put out to pasture, he travels the country for
Mike Ditka decided to squeeze in a nap while on Sunday NFL Countdown
Jon Gruden not interested in coaching vacancies; Ditka falls asleep on TV; new laws for 2014; Tebow hired; Glow-in-the-dark pigs Read more about Jon Gruden's reaction to the NFL's 'Black Monday' firings, see Mike Ditka fall asleep on live TV and check out other top stories trending online today.
Mike Ditka apparently fell asleep during ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown this afternoon. Although it’s his job, Ditka perhaps felt the same level of boredom with
ESPN Video: Jon Gruden, Mike Ditka, Dave Osborn, Ahmad Rashad and Joe Horrigan discuss why Bud Grant is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history.
Mike Ditka needed a little help from his fellow "Sunday NFL Countdown"-er Keyshawn Johnson to stay awake during broadcast this week.
Ya gotta love it - Mike Ditka falls asleep - I missed the show but see the news of it happening - He says "I guess I'm retired" - he was out, lucky he didn't fall out of the chair --- lol -
Hilarious! Amy Goolsby Guarisco, do you have a copy of our picture with Mike Ditka in Chicago? I can't find mine anywhere :(
Taking over as Mike Ditka and Stan Kroenke has to be the best decision ever
How anyone could fall asleep with Chris Berman, Tom Jackson and Cris Carter jabbering at deafening volumes is a mystery, but Mike Ditka did the impossible, dozing off during Sunday NFL Countdown. E...
(KTVI) - We know pregame may not be as exciting in the NFL as the actual game, but did Mike Ditka fall asleep during NFL Countdown on Sunday? Yes. He apparently did. And Keyshawn Johnson had to wa...
Just a video of Mike Ditka falling asleep on the set of "Sunday NFL Countdown."
Mike Ditka was pretty tired during yesterday
Yeah, that's how they moved up to get RG3. They bet the farm like Mike Ditka did for Ricky Williams.
Win a gift card for Mr.E's today during the 420 smoke break. Does Mike Ditka fall asleep during NFL countdown see for your self on my blog-pyke
So many folk are talking about the Cowboys...negatively. Even some Cowboy fans. But this is the thing, I was a Cowboy when the following men played: Bob Hayes Craig Morton, Calvin Hill, Too Tall Jones, Duane Thomas, Walt Garrison, Roger Staubach, Mike Ditka, Dan Reeves (some of y'all only know of Dan Reeves and Mike Dikta through their coaching the Broncos and the Bears. Too sad.), Cliff Harris, Troy Aikman, Bill Bates, Jack Del Rio, Kevin Gogan, Michael Irvin, Jim Jeffcoat, Daryl Johnston, Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, Emmitt Smith, etc. These men helped the Cowboys win 5 Super Bowls and 17 NFC East Championships beginning in 1970. It okay for OTHERS to hate because OTHERS can't replicate. Meaning they want to be like the Cowboys...but there's only one America's Team. From the aforementioned list, count the number of Hall of Famers. I'm not a "Jump on the Bandwagon" change my jersey every Monday morning fan. I supported the Cowboys at 1-15, and I'm going to support them now. Regardless of my feeli ...
Did anybody see Mike Ditka fall asleep on espn??? CTFU I didn't see it can't wait to get home and see this lmao
Legendary coach Mike Ditka falls asleep during "Sunday NFL Countdown" and it's caught on tape.
It's a well-known fact that bears hibernate in the winter, so it shouldn't be all that surprising that Mike Ditka took a little snooze Sunday morning. Unfortunately for Ditka, he happened to doze o...
Mike Ditka must have been bored. Or stayed up too late Saturday night. Or maybe unlike me he just thinks Josina Anderson isn't interesting because follow
They are stating that Bill Cowher is the front runner for the head coach job with the Redskins...umm...can we start a petition that Dan Synder refrain from destroying the career of another stellar coach? He would destroy the career of Mike Ditka or John Madden if possible. SMH!
Mike Ditka falls asleep on Sunday NFL Countdown, gets woken up by Keyshawn Johnson. GIF:
Mike Ditka talks about how his minor heart attack in 1988 left him vulnerable
Given that the division crown once was deemed wholly out of reach by fans, the Packers gladly would accept it. It would enable McCarthy's Packers to join Mike Holmgren's Packers and Mike Sherman's Packers as the only teams since the Vikings of Bud Grant and the Bears of Mike Ditka to win three divisions in a row. The Packers would really have a divisional dynasty going if they had overcome their one-game deficits to Chicago in 2010 and Minnesota in 2009. "Green Bay is still the team until someone knocks them off," one scout said. "Good coach, good quarterback."
When a 49-year-old Mike Ditka, the man of iron and king of Chicago, suffered a minor heart attack after a daily workout
For what it's worth, I remember rooting for the Falcons to knock off the Cowboys in the final game of the 1990 season. As there was no Sunday Ticket TV plan and the networks were less flexible with their schedules at the time, we were left to listen to the Falcons horrendous broadcast of the game which WWL radio patched through for the desperate fans. Falcons did their job that day beating Babe Laufenberg and the 'boys. On Monday night, the Saints beat the Rams on a Morten Andersen field goal clinching the newly added third Wild Card spot with an 8-8 record which set up a date with Mike Ditka's Bears. So in conclusion, I have no problem rooting for the Falcons this Sunday.
C'mon BEARS, we need you now! Do it for Mike Ditka and for the DALLAS COWBOY fans!
New Aaron Rodgers/Mike Ditka commercial is the best yet.
Packers team doctor, who swears he’s not Mike Ditka, declares Rodgers unfit to play
"When you're dead, you don't know. Other people do. It's the same as when you're stupid." - Mike Ditka
"When ur dead, ur dead. U don't know it but everyone else knows it...just like stupidity" -mike ditka
and also when Mike Ditka coached for the saints traded all of his draft picks for Ricky Williams in 1999
Waddle and Silvy - The guys are joined by Da Coach Mike Ditka for his weekly visit, Al Michael's previews the Bear...
gd mrng friends hv a rocking day ahead :) "If u r determined enough nd willing 2 pay the price,u can get it done. Mike Ditka"
Bruce starting to get a little Mike Ditka orange face / blinding white teeth thing going on
"When ur dead u don't know but others do. The same goes for stupidity," said Mike Ditka on the Awesome!
Mike Ditka on the Fog Bowl: "It was the weirdest day I've ever seen in my life."
Lol I remember Paranormal Ditka & now Ditka Claus. Mike Ditka is a character.
Mike Ditka doesn't wear pants on the air on ESPN.
What do Deion Sanders, Joe Montana, Howie Long, Sonny Jurgensen, Johnny Unitas, Mike Ditka, Franco Harris, Walter Payton and Roger Staubach all have in common with Philadelphia Eagles legend and former overall pick Irving Fryar?
Talked to my old NFL coach Mike Ditka today. Tomorrow the QB who threw me my 1st catch. Billy Joe Tolliver- Great dude, *** of a golfer too
Chatting with the one and only Stud TE and Former coach of the 85 Mike Ditka on
Great show with today on Big Guests: 1pm, My old Coach from Mike Ditka at 2pm, and
I want a Mike Ditka like Head Coach. *** let's just hire Da Coach.
Bear vs Eagle. Game has huge playoff implications for both teams this late in season. The 1988 Fog Bowl may be the most memorable battle between these two teams. Playoff game. Mike Ditka was coaching against ex-Bears D Coordinator Buddy Ryan. Philly QB Randall Cunningham was a threat to run or pass and difficult to defend. It may be most interesting playoff game that nobody--even the players-saw.
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Legendary Bears coach Mike Ditka and former quarterback Jim McMahon teamed up together except this time off the football field in a new series of commercials for the online discount retailer The 30-second spot features Ditka and McMahon addressing a room of reporters at a press confer
Mike Ditka picks Ravens to win. Coincident? I think not.
"Mike Ditka *** Butkus." Say fast five times. You're welcome.
Mike Ditka needs to retire. He just looks confused.
mike Ditka looks foolish with those stupid hipster glasses.
The rest of the morning on Mike and Mike: Mike Ditka at 8:15, ESPN/97.5's Ron Jaworski at 8:30, Heisman winner Jameis Winston at 8:45, and Bears wideout Brandon Marshall at 9:30.
Mike Ditka on the Dallas Cowboys: "That is the worst defense in the history of the Cowboys organization."
Is it just me or is the commercial with Mike Ditka about the stupidest thing you've ever seen?
Imma have to go with the head coach of the Chicago Bears... Mike Ditka
Mike Ditka. - " I would have stayed with Josh McCown."
Mike ditka looks like the old man from Disney's Up
Mike Ditka was just sound asleep on ESPN NFL countdown!
Stop by Mr. D's Sports Bar today to see 670 The Score broadcasting LIVE, drink specials, and Enter-to-Win prizes including Mike Ditka and Brandon Marshall jerseys!
Saw a commercial tonight where Mike Ditka said I should go to and shop. I told David that if Ditka said I have to shop, I just have to. He laughed and said "Okay...if you can name the player to Ditka's right, you can buy whatever you want!" I stopped for a second, gave him a confused look (I don't know anything about football...) and said, "'s Jim McMahon...BAM!" and proceeded to do the Superbowl Shuffle! Now that my husband's mind is blown...gee...what should I buy?
In case you missed Mike Ditka's speech at his jersey retirement last weekend, it's worth a watch:
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Mike Ditka’s experience with one of Football’s legends helps us grab a glimpse of God’s revelation to us through Christ.
Was wondering if Mike Ditka is thanking George Wendt for getting his number retired.
why am I suddenly seeing Mike Ditka and George Wendt in my head???
The injustice of Mike Ditka's number retirement ceremony on Monday Night ... - ChicagoNow (blog)
Great Monday night football game at Soldier Field with Birgit Brissey. So neat to see the city lit up to acknowledge not just the Bears but "Iron" Mike Ditka!.
Much luv to one n all..Congrats to My Monsters of the Midway...Represented last nite in the beasty cold at Soldier Field..Gridiron warriors for sure..Mike Ditka Mentality no doubt..Congrats on Number 89 being retired. *** Butkus, Mike Ditka, Singletary n countless others inspired this Jamaican kid to give this sport a try at age 15 n the rest is history as they say, thanks to all my coaches, teammates, trainers, equipment people, secretaries n anyone else involved...Appreciation to u all...
NFL: Mike Ditkas No. 89 Bears Jersey Retired | Big Nat - Last night during Monday Night Football as the Bears took on the Cowboys, Ditka was honored by getting his Bears jersey retired. Read more here:
Yep.the Dallas Cowboys (Cheerleaders) did really well last night! Congrats to Mike deserve the accolades bestowed upon you!
The Chicago Bears retired the jersey and coaching sweater of a man who embodies the NFL and its connection from its rough-and-tumble days to today, Mike Ditka. Scroll through the photos of the special and very cold night at Soldier Field.
Twenty one years after leaving the Bears, the team finally retired Mike Ditka's No 89 jersey in a halftime ceremony at Soldier Field during Monday's victory over the Dallas Cowboys.
Mike Ditka had both his jersey and sweater retired last night. When's his mustache going to get its due?
Mike Ditka sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley Field during a Chicago Cubs game Check out f...
I'm glad mike ditka number got retired , gave the bears that can't lose mindset .
Ditka's legacy: There's no one like Mike - Terry Stoepel is getting his number retired Monday night by the Bears.
Congrats to Da Coach Mike Ditka and the Bears. Great game last night
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Current discussion on The Ticket: Randy White vs. Mike Ditka in a fight. In their prime and then again in their 70's. I gotta go with Randy White on both
What if mike Ditka owned the Fire...
You guys. That one time I photobombed Mike Ditka.
If you didn't get chills when said GO BEARS, you are not a fan.
The last time the Bears scored 40 points at home in December was 1986, a 48-14 win over Tampa Bay. That team was coached…
My dad said mike ditka will be the next president
Last night after his jersey was retired Mike Ditka was talking in the press conference and talked about signing his first contract for $12,000. I know that times are different and the cost of living has changed but where has the passion to play the game went? Where are the guys that just have the heart to play for the sake of just being blessed enough to play the game they love. Not just playing because they make millions of dollars a year and guys that sit out because they are pouting about not getting a huge contract. Da Coach is a stand up guy through and through.
Moving kinda slow today, me & my little lady stayed up & watched the Bears knick butt on Dallas. Nice tribute to The Coach, Mike Ditka cool dude he's always out & about Chicago & always stops to sign autographs, gotta love Chicago, what a game, what a city, hands down greatest fans going!
Mike Ditka was the man among boys when he played back when football was football
It was very, very cold in Chicago last night. . This guy didn't care. He was there for Ditka.
I told you Mike. You can mess with Ditka on his day. :)
Mike Ditka: 'Thank you, thank you, thank you and go Bears!' (Comcast SportsNet Chicago)..
Mike Ditka during jersey retirement ceremony: "Thank you, thank you, thank you and GO
Mike Ditka standing on a frigid Soldier Field again. . Absolute Football perfection.
Mike Ditka said any real or perceived acrimony between him and the Bears organization has been "swept under the carpet" following the formal retirement of his No. 89 jersey Monday night at Soldier Field .
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