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Mike Brown

Michael “Mike” Brown (born March 5, 1970) is an American basketball head coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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No one said it? are you kidding? This 'movement' went from Mike Brown to FTP to kill the Polic…
yes but Antonio Martin and Mike Brown and Tamir Rice and John Crawford aren't police corruption.
Serious for a second, 2014 was not my worst year. I rounded out my GPA to nearly a four point, turned a quarter century, and maintained and even made new, healthy friendships. I taught English 102 for the first time and started coming into my own as a teacher. I learned HUGELY important things, like that it's my art that makes me happy way more than any man ever has or could. I went to LA and saw the museum of death and Murder House. I wrote over thirty-five grand in grants and had 14 publications in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Learned how to Instagram and subsequently learned to love nature. My team won the super-bowl and a stranger kissed me on Halloween. I found God and lost God and found God again. I am still finding God in strange unexpected places, in the creamy pages of dusty library books on the fourth floor, in a kitten stuck in a tree, in the love of friends and family. And in the light of the gospel of Christ. We lost Robin Williams, but his legacy lives on, and we lost Mike Brown, but Am ...
Rest in peace Leelah Alcorn, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and all the countless other people who will not see 2015 because of the hate in this world.
Lil Fizz talks Mike Brown, making money after B2K, Moniece, Amanda and more.
Leelah Alcorn your death was a tragedy that should never have happened, and I'm sorry your parents still refuse to honour you in your death with at least the decency to use your real name and gender and not the one they wish you fitted. Conversion therapy is torture. Those whose children commit suicide after being subjected to it are nothing less than murderers. May they never find peace in their religion or their God. Last time I checked most religions advocate for love and compassion and certainly not for hate to be thrown upon the marginalised. There will be no rest for any of us until the oppressed can stand liberated of a worthless system that allows the torture and murder of innocent people, especially lovely young women like Leelah, or innocent boys like Trayvon, Mike Brown, and countless others.
Mike Brown would be a better coach for the then at least we'd play a little defense.
Photo: afrodite-athena: J.Cole pays his respect to Mike Brown it was a must i reblogged this twice I. DO.
So if we abide by this, who will focus on the families of Dontre Hamilton, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, etc.? http:/…
Sybrina Fulton shares experience of overcoming media's smear campaign of Trayvon, with Mike Brown's mom:
Cavs didn't fire Mike Brown after they lost to a Lakers team with four eligible dudes. Blatt has some time.
"Yo I got an idea I should change my AVI to Mike Brown" - Michael Eggleton
I think if you protest for Eric Garner & Mike Brown, you should do the same for the two police officers that got killed
RIP Mike Brown, Eric Garner and all the innocent people we've lost. .
Killing Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, ETC... has nothing to do with it Giuliani?. Giuliani...
It's amazing and sickening how the Eric Garner and Mike Brown supporters are praising th...
But with that said, my gut tells me that the situation with Mike Brown was an issue of survival. Eric Garner? An accident, IMO.
Is the mayor's race baiting and giving sympathies to Eric Garner and Mike Brown 'inappropriate' too?
The killings of Mike Brown, Eric Garner & those who didn't make national headlines showed us we have a long way to go
NYC police officers shot dead by black man as revenge for Eric Garner & Mike Brown
Yeah but it seems like now, that police officers around the world, are being targeted, cause of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.
2014 been an odd year their was the Cosby Crisis, Mike Brown & Eric Gardner death, and many more that happened this year.
the no indictment of Mike Brown and Eric Garner.
Hi! In your recent Times article you state that both Eric Garner and Mike Brown were shot to death; however, Garner wasn't.
A Ferguson “protester” who was hailed by the adoring media as a crusader for “peace” and reform has, instead, confessed to trying to light a convenience store on fire. Like the Occupy Movement, those calling for “justice” for Mike Brown, Eric Garner and chanting “Black Lives Matter” aren’t really lo…
The U.S. and Mexico: Hand-in-Hand in Human Rights Violations By fnsnews | Published December 28, 2014 Though little-noticed by the U.S. media, events north of the border bore striking similarities to developments in Mexico in 2014. Like in the mass protests that arose south of the Rio Bravo and then rapidly extended worldwide over the police killings and forced disappearances of the Ayotzinapa rural teachers’ college students in Guerrero, Mexico, the catalyzing issue in El Norte was police violence. In the two NAFTA nations, questions of race and class, police militarization, political corruption, justice system breakdown, economic inequities, and systematic human rights violations provided the contextual kindling for national conflagrations. In a recent press commentary on the links between Ayotzinapa and the police killings of unarmed African American teen Mike Brown and others in the U.S., Aida Hernandez, professor and researcher with the Center for Higher Studies and Research in Social Anthropology ...
Retired under investigation of singing offense Mike Brown song, seeming to celebrate and mock his death.
2014 was one *** of a year wasn't it??! People setting their selves on fire ... Miami heat sucked...Body shapers, *** lifters, lashes & foreign hair became top priority for females...Side chick's were winning... Everyone got pregnant even *** .. Kermit sipped tea & was EVERYBODYS BUSINESS Mike Brown got killed & Zimmerman walked away scott free... Everybody wanted to be a stripper... People were EXPOSED ON FB for fame... PEOPLE SUCKED *** & POSTED IT ON FB... MAKING TO TO WORLD START HIP HOP Made YOU A STAR... All the thots wanted to be on bad Girls Club of Palm Beach. MORE & MORE PUNKS CAME OUT THE CLOSET...Another black man was killed... Riots in Ferguson.RIP...Police have been killed by Blacks in retaliation...Robin Williams COMMIT SUICIDE... RIP...The Malaysian plane went missing and wasn't found... Jesus is coming. What was your favorite moment of 2014!? (comment below) 💋
Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley may have been responding to a fatwa. Ismaaiyl Brinsley murdered NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos in cold blood on last Saturday in Brooklyn.. City officials confirmed that Brinsley had attended a Mike Brown rally…
Today I watched the funeral of NY officer Rafael Ramos who was killed along with his partner last Saturday. I was filled with sadness...our world has become so crazy as of late. I find myself wondering what kind of world will my great nieces grow up in? I am grateful to live in the country I do, I respect and appreciate everything our law officers, fire dept and military along with everyone else in public service do to protect us everyday. As my high school class mate Kel Kelly says,all lives matter. As I watched a beautiful sunset in Kennebunkport, my prayer is that NY and the country will heal and learn to treat everyone with dignity and respect no matter what their race, color, religion, gender preference and anything else is. Thank a police officer, fire personnel, military person and radiate peace to each other. officers Ramos and Liu. RIP Mike Brown and Eric Garner.
"We all know the names& how they died. Eric Garner, Kajieme Powell, Vonderitt D. Meyers, Jr., John Crawford III, Cary Ball Jr., Mike Brown>
Those cops were murdered. So was Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir, John Crawford, and Andy Lopez. Shouldn't there be convictions for all?
These people don't care abt Mike Brown, John Crawford, or Eric Garner any more than the nameless kid shot in Chicago last weekend. It's sick
Sharks bringing Micheal Haley up from Worcester: With John Scott on suspension and Mike Brown injured, San Jose…
is this the "Mike Brown was no angel" ? Or the that delayed an article on Bush going AWOL until after the 2000 "election"?
"A pile of trash in the middle of the street." That's what the Ferguson police PR guy called Mike Brown's memorial.
For the spokesperson for the Ferguson PD to just call the Mike Brown memorial a "pile of trash" is just downright infuriatin…
With both John Scott and Mike Brown out of lineup, bringing up Micheal Haley from WOR. He's got 60 PIMs in 27 games.
When Feldman starts talking about the Mike Brown case
Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin' with a bad police man” Watch Joe Meyers mock the death of Mike Brown.
Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin weren't killed because of a "racial divide", they were killed because they attacked and …
"1. On November 9, three months to the day after Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson executed Mike Brown, Ann...
White dude in a Ford Taurus barreled his car through the memorial for Mike Brown on Canfield in Ferguson just now. . https:/…
Mike Brown doesn't deserve a memorial. He got what he asked for by his actions. Stop the insanity.
“Mike Brown memorial destroyed again -12/26/14 i mean some *** put it in the…
2015 Wishes:. - Option to disable smash attacks on leftstick. - Relatives who say Mike Brown "got what he deserved" get …
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crying for well, crying for him and Tamir Rice and Eric Garner and Mike Brown and John Crawford and Reni…
R.I.P to the BLACK and HISPANIC individuals that have fallen victim to the system 🚔🚓🚨 since the Mike Brown tragedy.
we are petitioning the judge for a new Grand Jury in the Mike Brown shooting Please sign and share.
Darren Wilson is enjoying the holiday, while there is an empty seat where Mike Brown should be sitting w/his family.
Something I've said many times. It wd have been easy to indict the killers of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. Here's how
Trayvon Martin. Renisha McBride. Eric Garner. John Crawford. Mike Brown. We know. We stand. We will not forget.
I can understand John Crawford case A LITTLE but what about Eric Garner, Mike Brown etc
Frederick Douglas, Dred Scott, Rosa Parks, Dr MLK Jr., Mike Brown. One of these names should not be listed among these. …
They killed Antonio Martin in the Next Town Over from Mike Brown..Christmas Eve..u really think its not a joke to dem http…
Obama showed respect to the family of Mike Brown. For slain NYPD officers Wenjian Liu & Rafael Ramos...
While you spend time with your families remember the families of Mike Brown, Andy Lopez, Dillon Taylor, Eric Garner, Ez…
Tamir Rice had a gun? No. Mike Brown have a gun? No. Ezell Ford have a gun? No. Eric Garner have a gun...etc The video isn't clear
Mike Brown surrendered. Cop killed him joyfully. Eric Garner was strangled and then handcuffed on video. Tamir Rice didn'…
"Stop the protests so we can bury our fallen heroes in peace and with respect." Let me remind you: It's not like you allowed the 40-plus unarmed people killed by police this year to be buried with sanctuary. The tag was still on Tamir Rice's toe as the media dug up his parents' criminal records. Less than 24 hours after his body ended up in the morgue, you were calling Eric Garner a fat criminal who caused his own death. You want black people and our interracial allies to stand down in silence and share in your collective grief, but never mind that your tools of the State kept their fingers on the trigger all summer long and killed 14 unarmed black teenagers while we waited for the Ferguson Grand Jury to make a decision in the Mike Brown killing. And as I now listen to you call these cop killings "barbaric executions" that were "an attack on us all," and an affront to our "democratic principles," I am not forgetting how so many of you across this country use those same tongues to debate whether the slaugh ...
WOW! Two POLICE just got shot in the head just NOW. It's getting crazy since the police killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Posted by Elijah DeLorean Johnson (Add/Follow)
RIP Mike Brown. RIP Trayvon Martin. RIP Eric Garner. RIP Tamir Rice. RIP Dontre Hamilton. RIP Antonio Martin. the list'll go on.
Black teen Antonio Martin was shot dead in Berkeley, Missouri, Tuesday night by the St Louis police. The shooting occurred five miles from where Mike Brown w...
Save yourself from embarrassment... do not compare similarities of the Mike Brown tragedy with Antonio Martin. They are not the same situations. My condolences go out to the family for their loss but the officer was well within his rights to protect himself being shot and killed from an armed man. I have nothing against that!
New: Browns get Johnny Manziel, Cavs coach Mike Brown fired again, sin tax ... -
hey everyone said Mike Brown was innocent but the autopsy reports said that he wasn't shot in the back, but the front. Point?
Mike Brown and VonDerrit Myers: pedestrian check. business check.
We have reason to be distrustful. And those reasons have names -- Mike Brown, Kajieme Powell, VonDerrit Myers.
Trayvon Martin, Darius Simmons, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and now Antonio Martin. Black men are being hunted. It has to stop.
Kadija Taylor Norris Taylor this is why I fight for Mike Brown and Eric Garner and countless others
Nancy Grace is asking alot of repetitive dumb questions on this interview with Mike Brown's parents...smh
R.I.P Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice and ALL the others who lost their lives and did not…
John your movement turned the Mike Brown and Eric Gardner incident into a political opportunity and two cops are dead 1/3
Nancy- have been a loyal fan for 7 years until watching your insipid, misguided, if not untruthful reporting of the Mike Brown case. No more
"Mike Brown's family expresses remorse for deaths of cops they never met. Darren Wilson says he'd kill Mike Brown again.
Wow, Mike Brown's mom is about to make me cry on Nancy Grace. Just wow.
OMG Nancy Grace crying fake years interviewing Mike Brown's family and inciting more racial hate in our country.
can't have this.So they gin up baloney about the thug Mike Brown who was responsible for his
Magnotta kills, cannibalizes and indignifies victim, gets LIFE. Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Dontre Hamilton did... what again?
Wait but where was the moment of silence for Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin etc
Room full of police sing a horrific song about the murder of Mike Brown
for Mike Brown for Eric Garner for Aiyana Jones and Dontre Hamilton for Akai Gurley
DOJ: prosecute McCulloch for breaking the law & putting liars before Grand Jury looking into Darren Wilson killing Mike Brown!
Defend the right to protest! Justice for Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Dontre Hamilton, Victor White...
And thus endeth the great ride of being undefeated with Mike Brown out of the lineup.
Has anyone realize how big the Mike Brown shooting was compared to the two recent guys who have been shot in NKY. .
You're a moron. Mike Brown killing is justified already. Eric Garner isn't, but Darren Wilson's life > Mike Brown's.
. Heck, remember he didn't send reps to Margaret Thatcher's funeral either. But loads to Mike Brown's.
Why can't I be horrified and heartbroken for the deaths of Dontre Hamilton, Mike Brown, Eric Gardner, AND the NYPD officers?
Ismaaiyl Brinsley had been arrested 20 times. He had issues with police long before Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases. http…
I don't agree with Eric Gardner but Mike Brown is a different story! Brown ATTACKED wilson and asked for it!
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"RIP Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice." Add Dontre Hamilton to the list now too smh
Darren Wilson isn't sorry about murdering Mike Brown. But Eric Garner's daughter can bring herself to show up to the funeral of these cops.
That shows me just how involoved people are...Christopher Manney, but most my friends talking about Mike Brown don't know Dontre Hamilton...
Dontre Hamilton x Trayvon Martin x Eric Garner x Mike Brown. Non of their killers were convicted & listen Im not makin this a black or white
yes they do. Make excuses for Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, John Crasford, Mike Brown, Akai Gurley, Dontre Hamilton, etc
Mike Brown and Eric Garner had families too 😔
You're silencing Trayvon Martin. You're silencing Mike Brown. You're silencing Jordan Davis. You're silencing Dontre Hamilton.
Another black man going down, God rest the soul of Mike Brown
If Ismaaiyl Brinsley's chief motivation was to avenge the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, he wouldn't have shot his ex-…
So you believe Mike Brown was killed in cold blood by Darren Wilson...but you can't fathom that Beverly Johnson was assaul…
It's truly disappointing that in less than 2 hours "Mike Brown" and "Eric Garner" were trending, yet there's barely anything for the cops.
R.I.P to those two cops. I was just as outraged about Mike Brown and Eric Garner but now two families are missing their…
Dorian Johnson, also stopped by Officer Darren Wilson & witnessed him execute Mike Brown, tells the REAL VERSION. http…
Let's be clear about something. I feel for the families of the officers who were killed in NYC. That is a tragedy! I pray for their families. However, to blame their deaths on the protests is idiotic & will add more fuel to this fire. Government & city officials including the police departments across this country could have prevented this. The people have been crying out about this abuse since slavery! Hundreds of years of abuse have come to a head! The very recent killings of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, 12 yr old Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley and more have sent people over the top. At some point the police and powers that be have to take responsibility and own up to the fact that they have created this hostile environment. Blaming Al Sharpton & protestors is an easy cop out but will only make things worse! America looks terrible to the international eye right now! Sad!!
Every witness said they never saw Mike Brown charge towards, Cop except, lying witness who pushed Grand Jury to not guilty!
Thank you all for the incredible response to our new song, "Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)" I wrote the song to express my feelings after the Grand Jury dismissals in the Eric Garner and Mike Brown killings by police officers. This song is a Call To Action that I hope inspires dialog and contributes in a small way to much needed change in our country today. Watch the video here and download it now at we all see justice, then we'll all see peace!"
Ppl aint just protesting over Mike Brown bruh
So people are killing cops now in the name of Mike Brown? cool cause that solves everything right? How about don't break the law ***
the problem is the fact that Eric Garner and Mike Brown were (supposedly) committing minor crimes & ending up dead, unnecessarily
hey still better than Mike Brown's inbounds plays and Earl Clark stepping out of bounds to blow the chance for a game winner.
After criticizing both Iggy Azalea and T.I. on social media in the wake of two separate Grand Jury’s decisions not to indict police officers involved in the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, Harlem, New York rapper Azealia Banks has spoken out against both artists during a recent interview on ***
My song is in memory of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, & every other black male whose life was taken
Mike Brown was part of a community, He had a mother, a pastor, friends.
but Mike Brown didnt rob a store and DIDNt attack an officer? And had his hands UP?Wow you truly are inbred huh
The only reason I walked across the stage today was because Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Jordan Davis & many others didn't get the chance to
Why there are doubts about "Witness 40" and her testimony in the Mike Brown case:
If you're laughing at Bobby Shmurda and marching for Mike Brown you might be a hypocrite.
Yes! Pic of the Day: "Pastel SunsetBay, West Cork by Mike Brown! TY♡it!
If Tom Jackson thinks toys 4 kids will make people forget about Mike Brown, he is high on crack.
As a Bengals fan I would be more than happy to trade Cutler for Andy Dalton. Hopefully Mike Brown feels the same.
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. Jay Gruden was dismissive of Andy Dalton, who he convinced Mike Brown to draft over C. Kaep. Watch some old interviews.
If ABC, coupled with donations, helped to make Mike Brown's murderer a MILLIONAIRE, I don't care how many cute dresses Kerry Washington dons
Yeah. I've noticed pictures of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Black Lives Matter pics on dating sites.
Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and so on so forth are all a result of Jim Crow embedded into our system. The point is to keep Black(s) submissive
That time congress members staged walkout to honor Eric Garner & Mike Brown
to take part in the trend of putting one's hands up, or expressing that you "can't breath" means that you are taking the stance that crakkas need to be shamed and made to feel bad so that maybe they will lighten up on their mistreatment of Black people. Accepting that point of view means that you really aren't paying attention to what's happening or has been happening to us. Eric Garner screamed that he couldn't breath 11 times? How did the police respond? *** of course you can't breath, I'm choking you to death." Mike Brown said "stop shooting me, I don't have a gun". How did Wilson respond? *** demon I'mma shoot you till you dead" Kimani Gray said "Please don't let me die" how did the enforcement officials respond? "lil *** die" Amadou Diallo said dont shoot im coming from work. They said "Take these bullets *** thug" Abner Louima begged for mercy, Rodney King Begged, even the Great Ancestor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pleaded with the conscience of the crakka, little did he know that there was ...
Mike Brown was a demon, Tamir Rice was 12 but looked 20, Eric Garner was 500 pounds. They really think Black men are super …
not to mention,. Ferguson, Mike Brown. Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. or John Crawford. “2014 in a nutshell
"People are AWAKE. If it took Eric Garner and Mike Brown and other incidents to do that, then that's where we are" Oprah Winfrey speaks on the recent protests surrounding Police Brutality!
Sulky Racer, West Cork by Mike Brown. Seen his exceptional images of Cork yet?!
Photo of the Day: Pastel Sunset at Dunmanus Bay, West Cork by Mike Brown!
Photo of the Day: Violet Sunset, West Cork by Mike Brown! Why?! Find out here:
Trayvon Martin vanished and attacked from the shadows...Mike Brown was a demon with super strength...Tamir Rice (12y.o.) looked much older abt 20...if black men had all these super powers we'd use them to avoid getting shot.
Tens of thousands of protesters across the country held massive demonstrations Saturday against police brutality, an unjust legal system and systemic racism in a series of synchronized marches in some of the nation's largest cities. In Washington, D.C., Boston and New York, thousands of people shut down major thoroughfares and waved signs protesting the deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice at the hands of police. Here's what an estimated crowd of 30,000 looked like as it shut down one of New York's biggest traffic routes on Fifth Avenue, as captured by videographer Vinay Pulim: The protesters, united under the movement, proceeded to demonstrate outside the New York City Police Department at 1 Police Plaza downtown near the Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan. Unlike prior protests over a Grand Jury's decision not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Staten Island man Eric Garner, this one occurred during the day and was highly organized. While the biggest crowds were found in ...
It's discouraging when well-meaning white folks (I'm talking *mostly* to the hippies and the baby boomers here) join the cause but want to change it to a humanist cause. This country is facing SO MUCH crisis, and yes, they all deserve attention. But we're going to keep focusing on racism because racism needs to be focused on. When you try to change the narrative it undermines the message. A revolution has begun. And we are all interested in all of the things that need changing-- from the wage gap, to the labor movement, to women's rights, to the criminalization of the homeless. All of these things matter. And when I march, I march for all of these reasons. But when I protest I'm going to keep the message on point. Because Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, John Crawford III, and all of the other countless black men who have been killed and/or brutalized by police (and all the others who fear for their lives) deserve to be in the spotlight for once. If you held a fund raiser to spread awa ...
So today is the second anniversary of the horrendous loss of life at Sandy Hook and throughout my day this kept coming to mind. Oh, these poor families who suddenly and unwillingly found themselves in the center of such profound tragedy. It's difficult to contemplate their pain and sorrow for more than a few minutes at a time. And I'm thinking about them and that it's exactly how I feel when I think of Mike Brown's family and Trayvon Martin's family and Tamir Rice's god, their twelve year old son taken from them, so quickly, unexpectedly, violently, unnecessarily. These are not unconnected events, is what I kept thinking today. This culture, this culture is so obsessed with violence and power and guns. And there's an imposed ownership on who has the right to use violence, who can use guns, who can claim victimhood, who will get blamed. Will there be justice? Of course in all the incidents listed here, no, there will never be justice. One killer died at his own hands and the others walked. Do w ...
YOU ARE INVITED TO GET INVOLVED! STOP THE KILLING!!! ORGANIZING COMMITTEE A Call To Action: All Roads Lead To Phoenix Dec.16, 20, 22 Across this country a persistent flurry of unjust police shootings, acts of excessive force, and wanton police violence has and will continue to rob our communities of the lives of our brothers and sisters. We must respond. Just this year we've added Mike Brown - Eric Garner - Michelle Cusseaux - Tamir Rice - Ballentine Mbegbu - Rumain Brisbon and many other names to the ever growing list of victims. Victims, sacrificed to the evil trinity of police brutality, racial profiling, and antiquated policies that instill in law enforcement a seemingly insatiable drive to criminally dehumanize people. The time for action is at hand. As a result of the latest case of a preventable police related fatality, we are organizing a town hall & march in Phoenix, Arizona to refocus our energies and redouble our efforts for a national push to solve this pandemic of hate defined violence. Broth ...
no reason at all except for simply being black. Search up Mike Brown. Darren Wilson is the police officer who shot him and he
The man who killed Mike Brown is free, the man who gunned down 12 year old Tamir Rice is free, the man who choked Eric Garner to death with his bare hands is free, the men who slammed Tanisha Anderson's head into the concrete until she died are free, an 84 year old nun sits in federal prison for her peace activism. If that doesn't make you sick..
Yesterday in Washington.. Was powerful & very inspirational to me in every aspect. The way everyone came together for the cause really inspired me on various levels to want change not only to myself.. But to others that matter to me. All I can say is to those that weren't able to attend is that you should've been there! Some of the guest speakers in attendance were Rev. Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Donnie Mcclurkin, & Judge Joe Mathis just to name a few. Also the families of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, & Tamir Rice were in attendance all with powerful messages. Yesterday will definitely be a moment in history that I'll remember for the rest of my life!! United we stand.. Divided we fall wasn't only a message.. But a movement!!! ..Slavery has never been abolished from America's way of thinking.. *Nina Simone*
Mike Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, attended Akai Gurley's funeral today. A tragic network of victims is forming.
Prime example of race baiting... "We're going to keep the light on Mike Brown ... on all of the victims. The only way you make roaches run is to keep the light on," said civil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton, whose National Action Network organized the Washington rally. Get that. HIS organization is organizing these rallies.
Joined by Al Sharpton, the families of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice
Dedicated to all victims of police brutality...RIP Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and more.
Wilson and George Zimmerman did nothing wrong. They used justified self defense on criminals when they shot Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. .
Walking with the families of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Al Sharpton in only a few hours! ✊
Adrian Peterson loses his appeal for disciplining his child yet the police officers were not indicted for killing Eric Gardner and Mike Brown. It's time to wake up people...
I find it hilarious how men who don't possess the slightest amount of courage and honor bash police officers. Put yourself in their shoes, they're there because they wish to defend those who cannot defend themselves. They stand between order and chaos. They would lay their life down for you or any stranger in a heartbeat. It is one of the few professions where you are wrong if you do your job and wrong if you don't. It's sickening to see officers questioning why they still do their jobs amid the media police bashing, riots and outcry. Ferguson would not have erupted if Mike Brown wouldn't have robbed that store and assaulted Darren Wilson, the NYPD would not be under scrutiny if Eric would have simply compiled with the officers. Figures like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Mayor Deblasio are the biggest part of the problem, they incite violence and essentially tie police officers hands behind their backs making them unable to defend themselves. I want to see a group of LEO's file a suit arguin ...
MRA silence on Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Shia Lebeouf, toxic masculinity proves the movement has always only been about hating women
Black staffers on Capitol Hill stage walkout over Eric Garner and Mike Brown decisions:
Breast Cancer Awareness
Watching Witness 40 in the Mike Brown/ Darren Wilson Grand Jury God! She lied and was racis…
This is Darren Wilson wife you know the one who murdered Mike Brown. ..
We the undersigned groups and individuals in the Middle East and North Africa stand in solidarity with the ongoing protests across the U.S., led by Black communities, following thekilling of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson and the decision by a Grand Jurythat Wilson is innocent of any crime. Bro…
if Mike Brown was white and Darren Wilson was black would their be riots in Ferguson and would you even care?
Mike Brown was with a friend and he said Wilson stopped them cause they weren't walking on the sidewalk.
Wow. Read how the FBI caught a racist Darren Wilson supporter lying about seeing Mike Brown get shot:
"Still cannot believe Darren Wilson said Mike Brown fought through the bullets trying to get to him like he's Predator"
the fact that Darren Wilson referred to Mike Brown as "it" makes me sick
The same people who jumped to the conclusion that Mike Brown was a thug are the same ones saying give Darren Wilson the benefi…
. excuse Darren Wilson used to chase down Mike Brown & killed him because he was afraid for his life
No one asked Darren Wilson how Mike Brown's shot in apex of head is consistent with his "charging" story. Fed autopsy has sa…
That Darren Wilson was taken to the hospital instead of Mike Brown.
Why? Did Janice Dickinson not fit the new standard of "perfect victim" a la Mike Brown and Eric Garner?. How disrespectful can you be
Darren Wilson made $50,000 just from shooting Mike Brown .. *** killing is a sport with a prize 😶
This map shows how outrage over the Eric Garner and Mike Brown decisions went global
17:30 tonight along with Mike Brown, Marland Yarde, Jack Clifford and Ben Botica.
Amidst the stories of nationwide protests in response to the Grand Jury decisions in the Mike Brown and Eric Garner shootings, actor Mark Wahlberg’s request to have his decades-old criminal record expunged is poorly timed, to say the least. But Wahlberg’s story nicely exposes a concept that's someti…
word that a witness to Mike Brown's murder, missing since Thansgiving was found dead in River Des Peres
Check out Morehouse student public mural honoring Mike Brown and Eric Garner –located in Perdue Hall. htt…
Illinois to Re-Criminalize Recording the Police - In the wake of the deaths of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice...
CEO's Kathy Jackson from and Mike Brown from "give back" this Holiday Season
Werner, I am not often inspired to post regarding the Bengals, but I just had to say Marvin Lewis had better *** well win on Sunday against the Browns after calling Johnny Manziel a "midget"...I tried to post this message on the Bengal's website, but of course Mike Brown doesn't give a *** what I think because I'm not a season ticket holder...
because people love to worship a criminal for one reason or another! Mike Brown was a violent criminal.
If mainstream media wasn't such a joke this "civil rights movement" wouldn't touch the Mike Brown case. Guarantee it.
The Government killed Robin Williams & Joan Rivers to make it even for killing Mike Brown , swear to God
. It's funny that the blacks are in a huff about Mike Brown but none care a bit about the victims of Bill Cosby. Hypocrisy.
Police rode by my house I put my hood on with my hands up for Trevon Martin and Mike Brown sense they didn't get justice
This is the autopsy report that was presented to the Grand Jury in the Mike Brown case:
"When I see a picture of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin or Oscar Grant, I see young men I love in East Oakland.”
I’ve personally been traumatized since my first trip to Ferguson in August after Mike Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson.
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Philadelphia lawyers motionless at City Hall in solidarity for Mike Brown http…
You’re inconvenienced? So was Oscar Grant, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and on and on.
Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, etc. will never know how it feels to sit in traffic again. So shut up please.
If Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin and every one else couldn't go can't. either.
They didn't get an ambulance for Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, or Mike Brown. We've been forced to this point.
Watch: Protesters stage a "die-in" for Mike Brown and Eric Garner as Eagles fans leave South Philly Sports Complex:
A TALE OF TWO CITIES: BRITISH ROYAL COUPLE MEETS AMERICAN POP CULTURE ROYAL COUPLE AT NBA GAME WHILE PROTESTS RAGE ON As protesters raged outside, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met American pop culture royal couple Beyonce and Jay Z at an NBA game. The introduction took place in front of thousands of audience members at the Barclays Center where the Brooklyn Nets played against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The royal meeting was dampened by hundreds of protestors who braved the elements outside the arena in protest as unrest continues in the US in connection with the Erin Garner and Mike Brown cases. Jay Z appeared to support the protests handing out "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts to the Brooklyn Nets players and superstar basketball player Lebron James proudly wore a similar shirt in protest during game warm-up.
Mike Brown , Trevon Martin, the black that just got killed in NYC for no reason. All Killed by white people
See how he/she honed in on Mike Brown? No thought of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, who were harassed and ended up dead
Tdubb MobstarManiac O x Kareem Jackson will be on 106 & Park tonight addressing the issues that have transpired within the black community since Mike Brown's death on August 9th If you're by a tv at that time..tune in
Columbia Law School Dean Allows Students to Skip Finals Due to Trauma of Mike Brown & Eric Garner Decisions
Micheal Vick dogs got more justice than Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin nd Eric Garner put together !! 💯💔
Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown your deaths will be vindicated through God. He knows the truth and will make the …
what's the relevance of highlighting race relations under Obama's presidency? Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, etc. he had no control over.
The Underground ticket office at Bermondsey will close in April 2015 and Canada Water station will lose its ticket windows between July and September, Transport for London has announced. The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: "With major line upgrades continuing apace, a new 24-hour Tube service and more staff out and about to help customers at stations, it's clear that 2015 will be a key chapter in the history of our iconic Tube. The network is carrying a staggering number of people each day and as our population grows we are continuing to invest to ensure the Tube's future success. Our plans are all about giving the Tube the tools it needs to keep London and its economy moving in the 21st century." Mike Brown, managing director of London Underground, said: "A year ago the Mayor and I set out our vision for a Tube network and service that is truly fit for London and our customers in the 21st century: a better face-to-face service at our stations, a 24-hour service at weekends, modern trains and station ...
Wow. Chris Hughes, UVA, Mike Brown. Happy to be a conservative
Let’s try this again. Although I am struggling to gather my thoughts at a time like this, I hope teachers of the deaf will take a minute to understand how they’re needed today. We all know that the majority of our students look like Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, and many others who haven’t made it to the media spotlight. We all know they’re seeing a black man being choked to death by a police officer and the frustrations, anger, disappointment, etc. being displayed as a result of this police brutality. But they’re not hearing it. They’re not hearing their families and many others who don’t sign express their emotions in ways that spark conversation, reflection, and a step or two towards social transformation. That’s where you come in as their teachers. Regardless of your skin color, your hearing status, etc., you are needed to use language as a tool to empower our students with knowledge that strengthen their understanding of what’s going on and what they can do about it. Check ou ...
Obama’s 1st TV Interview on Deaths of Eric Garner, Mike Brown & Protests Goes to BET (Preview) htt…
George Stinney, Emmet Till, Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, and now Mike Brown.sick to my stomach.
None of the white people I know murdered Travon Martin, Mike Brown or Eric Gardner, nor the many other blacks that were victims of police brutality. And they shouldn't be afraid to give their opinion no matter if You or I agree with it or not. Do we not have the right to free speech? Do we stay angry at all this unjust and not try to even progress? All it takes is the endurance and steadfast to practice what is preached. You're upset, I am as well. I think the way we have been and in this day and age, are STILL treated as target practice is insane. But if you fill so strong about the things, what are you doing about it besides post it? I see most of your post and it tells me that you will side line cheerlead but afraid to get in the game. I will tell you now, I am not a protester, I use my voice inside and learn from all of this and takes steps that I can make some difference without violence or hate against others. Just like anyone else you have the right to own a gun. Protect yourself when it's the las ...
It's as though Mike Brown and Travon Martin was on assignment from God; born & died to provoke change.Man looks on the flesh, God, the heart
so how come Mike Brown didn't colide with Darren Wilson? Possibly more important factors or nothing. Wish i knew.
So it's very coincidental that this is the second young man that testified before the Grand Jury that decided not to charge Darren Wilson with the murder of Mike Brown that has Lost His Life? Wake Up People
...that's what Mike Brown thought about Darren Wilson. Lol.
Trip Lee: Coulda Been Me Following his latest well-received release Rise, Trip Lee has given his fans and the culture a free song with plenty to digest. In light of the recent non-indictments in Ferguson (Mike Brown) and New York (Eric Garner), Trip Lee has released "Coulda Been Me", a song which di…
so do you even care for the murders of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin? etc? or do you only care about +
Not just Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner- This is a NATIONAL EPIDEMIC. A massacre. Wake up. htt…
This is a thread about Next Steps. We're discussing on takepart live tonight FYI, but my question goes beyond the show. What happens after Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, et al to prevent [Your Name Here] from being added to the list? What are well-meaning people to actually do? What good efforts need money or votes? What procedures need to be put in place, etc? Add your constructive ideas and links to the comments. I'll start us off in the comments myself.
Eric Garner won't be home for Christmas. Tamir Rice won't be home for Christmas. Mike Brown won't be home for Christmas
Today on the TEAM High School Show with Gary Herron: Scott Galetti, Highland's Mike Brown, and David Howes of Rio Rancho
if you are White Parents and your kid is protesting Mike Brown's death...You Have Failed!
That's the same reason Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown and walked off.
Please RT! Mike Brown's murderer Darren Wilson is now free to kill more!
R.I.P. Mike Garner, Mike Brown, Travon Martin and all of the young men whose lives were taken and justice still has not been served.
once. What I do remember saying is that Darren Wilson compared Mike Brown's size and strength to the Hulk.
Hulk Hogan is nonplussed that Officer Darren Wilson compared him to Mike Brown.
Two of the witnesses who saw Darren Wilson murder Mike Brown have been mysteriously killed off so far. I wonder who did it. /s
There's no reason not to know as much as you can about the case. My only claims are that Mike Brown shouldn't have lost his
so point in case, Wilson didn't even know about any robbery until after Mike Brown was dead.
Black folks are finally awakening from an almost SIX decade long sleep. So what you should've learned in these few weeks following Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, And soon to be another unknown Black victim is... 1. amerikkka is a racist nation and has been one ever since Europeans invaded these shores. 2. The police and other racist white groups brutalize and murder us almost everyday. 3. The courts discriminate against us and seldom afford us justice 4. We have thousands in prisons who have no business being there and thousands more that NEED to be there but aren't. (They're usually white) 5. The mass media consistently and persistently depicts -not only dead Black victims- but Black people in generally in a negative, degrading, and insulting way. 6. Black People are tried and convicted on the television and in newspapers before they ever see a courtroom...IF they EVER see a courtroom. Since it has taken back-to-back homicides by the hands of these beast to wake Black people up, I thought I might . ...
money won't bring Mike Brown back to life.
And you are right, but what African AmericanS aren’t asking themselves is WHY the Mike Brown put himself in that situation?
Since I haven't express my thoughts on Mike Brown and Eric Garner situation and this Pakistan man ask me what my thoughts... well im here I go... I been in both situation which a officer draw on me and one put me in a chokehold almost to the point I couldn't breathe.. And think all the officers involve should be charge with murder in the first degree. .. but that not going to happen. ...But the solution is not that Martin Luther King way because that just open a few doors but also open other doors... To beat a system that design to hold us back is to beat them out there own game... How you think America was built... It a bunch of black people with money in Dallas from athletes to regular joes in suit and tie. if people like this start buying up storefronts, apartments, houses and start banks. and rent them only to blacks folks. Now we are controlling the money flow for us. It crazy we the only race of people don't do that... You better look at the African, Asians, Arabs, even Mexican... but that too far . ...
“This moment … is larger than Eric Garner or Mike Brown.” Hundreds of students protest
Travon Martin: no witness. Mike Brown: no video. Eric Garner: both. STILL NO JUSTICE!.
Protestors have staged die-ins at Porter and now Harvard Square to honor Mike Brown.
Mike Brown is just as important as Eric Garner, as is Trayvon, as is Jordan, as is Ezell, as is John Crawford and so many others.
you do realise that Mike Brown pulled a gun on the officer after striking him. Yes this was a fake gun but no one would check that
Alicia Keys releases new music in response to the Mike Brown & Eric Garner tragedies. Posted by Jay
Since Che already made a song for Billy, Ash and I should do something with art. For him and Mike Brown etc.
"If you get upset over abortion but shrug...over Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir are not pro life"
I have not chimed in yet on the Eric Garner case, because I've been sitting and reflecting and trying not to speak from emotion. After time and thought all I can say is the state of affairs in this country is just sad to me. Just sad. I try and wrap my head around watching a video of a huge muscular white man assaulting two police officers, PUNCHING THEM IN THE FACE, yet nothing happens. They try to taze him unsuccessfully, then he gets in his car and speeds off. Then I have to read and listen to people say that Mike Brown "That thug got what he deserved!" Amazing that the Caucasian man that is physically aggressively assaulting these police officers is never once described as a thug. "That BRO is crazy!" "Man that GUY must've been really drunk! LOL". No, the word "Thug" is reserved for the African American race. For the Hispanics. And be careful America, Thugs are what we should be afraid of. It hurts my heart, more than I can put into words. If you think the riots in Ferguson happened because of one inc ...
I could cry for the African American community right now. My father has always preached that I can only control myself but man……. My heart is hurting for all the injustice that's taking place right now. I understand that the system cannot protect a person it was never created for BUT I feel helpless right now. It's bigger than Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner. Now I know that we've come a long way from being royalty kidnapped by "Barbarians" back in the late 1600's to come to some foreign land that was stolen from Native Americans. But in grade school we have text books that try to down play the significance of our presence of being in America since we've came here. And I'm sickened with the ignorance that I see coming from my people because 5 out of 10 people were never taught our history before the chains we wore that brought us here. And yes I don't have to deal with Jim Crow laws but EVEN AS AN African American WOMAN WHO SERVES THIS COUNTRY I TOO STILL DEAL WITH INEQUALITY DUE TO THE COLOR ...
Someone's gotta say it: police unions are a huge problem. In every major case, from Mike Brown to Eric Garner to Tamir Rice, the police unions have backed the cops. Now I love unions, and they are necessary. But police officers have a different sort of job than any other public or private employee has. They have power and authority and guns. They are often above the law. In that context, unions don't make sense. Police should be directly and invariably accountable to THE PEOPLE who they patrol. Period. No other organization needs to "have their back", because the judicial system already does. The Justice system is the cops Union, they protect them at every level. Grand Jury non-indictments are a sobering reminder of that fact. Police unions are obstructionist. They need to either be radically reformed (de-clawed), or they need to be ditched entirely.
Mike Brown: Left laying dead in the road for 4 1/2 hours. Eric Gardner: No officer or EMT attempted to resuscitate. Tamir Rice (12 years old): Left dying without aid for 7 minutes. If any of those officers' dogs were dying they would be in tears, but if a young black person is dying before their eyes they are completely indifferent. This level of racism is as bad as that during slavery and segregation. Unfortunately, for too many Americans Black Lives don't matter! I truly believed that we had made so much more progress than I now realize that we have. Every American that cares about civil rights and constitutional rights should find themselves outraged, and if they are not they should take a hard look at why they aren't.
Even if Mike Brown and Eric Garner allegedly committed minor crimes, they should not have had to pay with their lives.
So many people are busy saying Eric Gardener was a criminal. People said Mike Brown was a criminal. I worry that someone might see my brother in his work dickies, his work shoes coming home at night from his job in his Cadillac and take his life because he is a "criminal". I also worry that my brother can have his life taken by actual criminals that can't seem to be caught. Wake up. We all have biases that cause us to treat people differently. The problem is when no one is held accountable for their wrong doing. You know who is getting a day in court? Dzhokar Tsarnaev. You know who else is benefiting from due process of the law? James Eagan Holmes. No one is going out of the way to call them thugs or finding photos of them smoking weed. Instead people are focusing on at what point did they go wrong. The law has failed the black community and it will continue to fail for every clear case of police brutality that goes unpunished, every single character assassination of victims of murder at the hands of over ...
"turn up don't turn down we're doing this for Mike Brown"
Now I will tell my future kids about all of the things that will make history this year and what happened with Eric Garner and Mike Brown...
I just signed a petition to Barack Obama, President, Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, and United States Department of Justice: A St. Louis Grand Jury has refused to indict Officer Darren Wilson, who targeted and killed 18-year-old Black teenager, Mike Brown, more than three months ago. I urge you…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Williams-Witherspoon says police leaving Mike Brown's body on street is display of power comparable to ISIS beheading videos
"Michael Vick's dog received more justice than Trevon Martin, Mike Brown or Eric Garner."
Today Tim told me that Mike Brown deserved to die so I went and cried in the bathroom how was your day?
Solid video recap of last night's Eric Garner/Mike Brown protests here in Philly
Praying for Eric Garner and his family. Trevon Martin, Mike Brown, and now Eric Garner.
My *** say he beatin white *** with his billy club in the name of Mike Brown. We just stared at em
everyone should be talking about Eric Garner, Mike Brown, John Crawford, Dante Parker, all other unarmed black men recently killed by police
This is just like right Robin Williams and Mike Brown. Robin died the day after Mike and it was all "what he do for you" like give it up
With the Mike Brown case, officer Wilson "intended" to kill Mike brown. Thats cold blood murder. Standing over him & shooting
I do care about Mike Brown, But just because he didn't have weapons doesn't mean he had no intention to hurt Officer Darren Wilson.
Ben Carson said that the women's liberation movement is responsible for the death of Mike Brown...
I'm at a loss for words with Eric Garner.. As I was for Mike Brown, & Trayvon Martin, & Kimani Grey, & Timothy Russell, & Ama…
They thought of what to say about Trayvon and Mike Brown. Now what will they say about ?
Sign the petition: President Obama and US Attorney General Holder: Secure justice for Mike Brown
"Mike Brown. Now Eric Gardner. "All happening whilst a black man is in the a White House."Nubia Allison
Mike Brown was a thug who got the justice that was coming to him! The world is better for this outcome
The system that instills & protects white supremacy wins again. Humanity loses...No justice. I pray for Mike Brown & his fa…
The media will crucify Mike Brown but will sympathize with Billy who came to school in a trench coat and shot up a school smh
I'm fed up with all the people on here that think the protesting is ONLY about Mike Brown. People, get a clue. This started before Mike Brown. Main Stream media coverage if protests didn't start until after Mike Brown. How much NEWS are you actually getting? Prince George, celebrity gossip, DIY tips, and fashion. Is that real news? Absolutely not.
The clock is ticking... If people don't come together and start implementing some viable effective strategies it is going to get UgLaY. We will finally understand who & what these concentration camps were built for. Mike Brown... 12year old, Tamir Rice... Eric Garner... Who's life lost next will be enough motivation to get involved? We can no longer put it off, we are at the cusp of a division that will completely set it off. People are walking into a trap. Who & when will we do something?Its you. It's me. And the time is NOW. Tic Toc Homie.
I understand people arguing Mike Brown, but someone please argue the Eric Garner, or Tamir Rice?
I wish my words felt like they meant something. I could write a status about racism, the justice system, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner---but today, I don't know the point. I'm just sad. Devastated that I live in a world that is constantly reminding me that I am not valued as much as the majority. I wish my words felt like more, but they will always be better than silence. A constant reminder to America:
But actually though, if you are trying to justify why it's OKAY for the police to have killed Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice--unarmed citizens doing things white people do all the time-- then ask yourself how much black lives matter to you and whether you would feel differently if they were white.
So weird to have Mike Brown's case — the greatest argument for body cameras — be immediately followed by Garner's, its gre…
Charles Barkley.if u didn't play pro bball, you'd be Mike Brown or Eric Garner.u got it twisted sucka. Mike Ditka.u say u wasn't there but u feel bad for DWilson's career/he's ruined? if u weren't there, then why are u 'siding' with DWilson then? and the Rams players were wrong?.the only 'Black thing' u understand is a *** running the ball for u or getting u a SB ring. *I think I need to go to bed.*
Mike Brown's case is a grey area. Eric Garner was not. John Crawford, Oscar Grant, Anthony Porter, the list goes on
Prayers for Kelly Rowland, Todd Tucker, Kristoff St.John. My condolences to the families for their sudden losses. May their family members be at peace. Blessings for strenght and comfort. Prayers of strength and comfort to the families of Eric Garner, and Mike Brown. This mess has really got me sick and saddened.
List of rappers I boycotted years ago: Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, 3 6 mafia. There are other rappers I've never tried to listen to. 95% of rappers spew toxic bs into these streets and a lot of people saying RIP Mike Brown support this toxic crap. Let's take a real stand my people.
Troy stop. Mike Brown had his hands up (surrendered), and here's what Eric Garner was doing when choked to death.-> http:/…
What if Mike Brown and others were white would the Grand Jury had convict the police officers (predators).
Oscar Grant, Troy Davis, Trayvon Martin, Alan Blueford, Mike Brown, Eric Garner. They live on and they will live through change.
Eric Garner protest, Trevon Martin protest, Mike Brown protest. If we let this continue. They'll be no one left to protest.
The Eric Garner situation is almost or just as bad as Travon and Mike Brown... Think about it, they got it on tape!
Cops waited 7 minutes to give Eric Garner CPR. Remember the nurse who wanted to aid Mike Brown but was blocked by cops? I do.
RIP to Troy Davis,Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, and the many other names that will become just a hash tag w/in the next few months.
Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner..may y'all live on, rest in peace!
Mike Brown as sad as his story is, it was a lot of holes and inconsistencies. . Eric Gardner is more...
No indictment for Mike Brown (Ferguson, Missouri), no indictment for Eric Gardner (NY). If an African American man kills a police officer, he gets arrested almost immediately but cops can use excessive force or unnecessary gunshots on unarmed black men and nothing happens...It's just not fair. 🙏R.I.P Mike Brown and Eric Gardner🙏
Quick quiz kids .What do these three coward's have in common? 1.Mark Zimmerman the coward who murdered 18 year old Trayvon Martin 2.Darren Wilson the coward who murdered Mike Brown 3.Daniel Pantaleo the coward who murdered Eric Gardner
Ok. I was upset about the Mike Brown situation. I was very upset that the Grand Jury did not indict that Wilson *** I AM LIVID ABOUT THE Eric Gardner CASE!!! This is just another slap in the face. the video clearly showed that they were not protecting and serving, more like bullying and murder!
SO... Lets recap the events that transpired the past week shall we? Darren Wilson, the police officer who SHOT and KILLED Michael Brown, was not indicted. Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who used an ILLEGAL chokehold to restrain and ultimately kill Eric Gardner, did not get indicted. But do you know who was indicted, convicted, and forced to take a 3 year plea bargain to escape a 20 year bid for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon? Marissa Alexander, the woman who fired a single WARNING SHOT to ward off her abusive and estranged husband. Being that the altercation occurred in Florida, one would expect Marissa to be covered under the Stand your ground law, the same law that allowed George Zimmerman to get away with MURDERING Trayvon Martin, but for some reason, she didn't qualify for "equal protection under the law". Neither did Mike Brown, or Eric Garner.. People have been saying "Do your research" and the fact of the matter is two murderers weren't even indicted, but a woman who was defending herself wi ...
In light of the no indictment for Mike Brown also no indictment for Eric Gardner I will be making a statement within the next 24 hours to give my response to these tragic events. Another case of police misconduct and abuse has taken place in the city of Sandusky in which officer Sean "pitbull" Orman also falsified a police report to justify his abuse of a young man who was already in handcuffs. When will this stop people. Is it going to take another murder for the people in my city to stand together and stop talking about the problems and start doing something. These are your sons and daughters Sandusky it's time to untie and show the powers that be we will not stand for this. P.E.A.C.E
Eric Gardner had a right to live. Mike Brown was nothing more than a want to be gangster. The saddest part about all of this is now that people want to protest for Eric Gardner it holds no weight and no value because of the way they acted during the Mike Brown verdict. You are lumping them in as the same thing they are completely different cases. Neither of which in my own personal opinion have a *** thing to do with race.
Im Eric Gardner and Mike Brown. Its a war on me.
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