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Mike Brown

Michael “Mike” Brown (born March 5, 1970) is an American basketball head coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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If she is not a phony then she would use this info to help Mike Brown
Mike Brown, Kelly Thomas, Travon Martin. *** This cruel brutality and murder of young men and women is *** ugly. Dirty lil bacon bits.
Palestinians express solidarity with the people of in Mike Brown statement
Mike Brown means we got to fight back
(Ferguson protesters demand 'justice' for Mike Brown (
I'm talking about their punishment! That is just as big as the Mike Brown situation, but a lot of ppl have no idea about it
they shot this young unarmed boy 16 times. this is how the cops mark the 2mo anniversary of Mike Brown's death
Turn up. Don't turn down. We do this for Mike Brown. vesmatter
I would rather that Mike Brown and Vonderrit Myers had LIVED in a state that treated them like humans, not animals.
Intimidate like Mike Brown did to the store clerk or intimidate like Myers did with a gun?
While we mourn for the loss of Mike Brown and now Vonderrit Myers (Vonderrick? I’m still not clear, if you...
Mike Brown also assaulted the little pakastanni guy and Myers was a felon.
How can anyone argue Mike Brown, Vonderrik Myers & John Crawford aren’t about race when this dude is still alive?
New Darren Wilson bracelets/t-shirts, w/ money going to him (still an officer) brag on 6 times Mike Brown was shot.
Texans's RB Arian Foster uses pregame warmups to show support for Ferguson, the suburb of St. Louis that was rocked by violence earlier this year after the shooting of Mike Brown. The front of Fost...
Mike Brown and The Ghost of the Dred Scott Decision - Urban Cusp
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
BREAKING NEWS Theresa Caputo the long island medium has contacted Mike Brown he said it was all his bad u can all go home now
how far Mike Brown was before Darren Willson shot him
Governor Nixon: Don't let Officer Darren Wilson get away with murder; secure justice for Mike Brown | ColorOfChange -
Scene of Mike Brown shooting with Rev. Jesse Jackson 8/16/14 from I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO
FIGHT CLUB: Check out the fight between the Kyle Clifford & the Mike Brown on opening night! http:…
Kings' Kyle Clifford squares off with Sharks' Mike Brown (NBC on Yahoo Sports):
“First fight of the season:. Mike Brown v. Kyle Clifford
If people like to troll online comments sections of stories like Mike Brown and Eric Garner with racist comments, just imagine how they vote. Hatred of African people is still VERY POPULAR in America. And if you notice, I'm not bringing up slavery or anything in the past. {{-_-}}
I'm against the Mike Brown shooting, but when someone shoots at a police officer, I expect them to shoot to kill.
Just like Mike Brown and his friend were walking home doing nuffin, right? Eyewitness said so!
"Which side are you on, friend, which side are you on? ...Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all" - (more resources below!)
Protesters peacefully interrupted a St. Louis Symphony performance to ask for justice for Mike Brown
Please provide an email address for Mike Brown? Urgently need contact with him
Symphony was interrupted By Mike Brown when the crowd started singing for Mike Brown and holding banners... The hole symphony applauded!
Checkmate!! A Saturday performance of the St. Louis Symphony was disrupted by protestors for Mike Brown! So classic! The look on the faces though
Do you have an email addy for Mike Brown? I need his attention to a matter urgently! His staff are up to crap! I'm desperate
Today we allow them to get away with calling us names, tomorrow they start killing us, oh wait...Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown,Kajiemie Powell
Liberals ALWAYS side with the criminals. Just look at Trayvon and Mike Brown
It’s been nearly two months since Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old, unarmed Black teenager, Mike Brown, and County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch has done everything in his power to avoid holding Wilson accountable, while state governor Jay Nixon stands idly by. We at the Organization…
I'm praying this is going to be more transparent than the shooting of Mike Brown but I doubt it
I want to publish my name to the Donate to the Legal Support Fund for Justice for Mike Brown giving stream! (Note: your contribution amount will not be shown)
Hold up. How yall shoot Mike Brown but let homeboy walk into the front door of the White House and yall tackle him? http:…
During the events leading from the shooting of Mike Brown there has been a strange presence in Ferguson, Mo. From the initial fliers handed out you...
Wrapping up the debut single "Oculis Silvestrium" this week! Featured in the upcoming horror movie Eyes of Wild Feature Film! Special guest appearance from Grammy nominated Mike Brown on lap steel. Here is a taste!
So I was at the Busch stadium and I here smattering of boos and racial slurs no justice there I suggest the march go to the Dome and the Arch the old courthouse where our ancestors where sold and killed but the arch and dome get attention back to mike brown
When defining these sociological theories I'm going to make it a point to use Mike Brown and Vonderrick Myers as examples on justifying thei
One of my sixth graders decided to do his newspaper article assignment on Mike Brown. Taiwan stands w
can't trust the news reports of the most recent murder by ferguson policeman. After mike brown who would believe these police?
Iggy has to go. Where were you when Mike Brown was shot? So you'll suck a black *** but wont stand up for a black man.
& im sure Obama coward *** wont do anything about it just like for the Mike Brown shooting way to stick up for your race NOT
Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and now Vonderrick Myers. Shot down for what?
Mike Brown massacre by Ferguson Mo policeman Darren Wilson.the people are tired of being mistreated neglected; not having equal protection under the law; be racially disqualified; ruled over by a people that claim they are more morally righteous than others; Hated without a cause; treated unfairly; children murdered in the streets but know one seems to care;; covering up with the justice system for them; but prosecutes us with that same justice system; Yeah the people have reach the boiling point...prepare for a race war in America.but only this time fight the battle correctly strip this Gentile of his going first thing in the morning and find me a African American owned bank and put my money into it and take my money out of any body else going to give him his power when you give him your money no thats how you protest hurt his economy and improve yours...Rev
I'm sure they were doing that during the mike brown incident anyway tbh, judging by the looks of things anyway,
another black kid was shot and killed tonight in the same region as Mike Brown by an off duty white cop.. was shot 16 tim…
Good morning FB. Does anyone have a update on the "Mike Brown" Case? I had a dream about it but in place of him it was my son and I woke up terrified..
Mike Brown gets shot in the streets & left there for hours: "He shouldn't have (allegedly) stolen Swisher Sweets."
My heart is broken once again. Mike Brown's death shook me. Depressed me. Angered me. And now Vonderrick Myers...
Saving stills of Requiem for Mike Brown. White privilege woman went viral. Why not these decent folks? http…
like the lie that Trayvon was executed or that Mike brown was shot in the back lol. LIES.
No disrespect to Mike Brown but this ferguson fiasco been going on too long. Y'all gotta find new ways to get justice.
Vonderrick Myer. I hope this isn't Mike Brown all over again.
oh yup, same city too. Protests for Mike Brown still going on, another kid gets shot in the same *** city.
"One of our goals was to make the comfortable, uncomfortable."
"He was no angel." Wasn't that the title of that Mike Brown article? They're even lazy with their talking points.
First, we're to believe Mike Brown punched and charged at a cop. Now this young man tonight escaped from a cop only to a…
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"How dare they leave a dog out in da street shot to bleed this is unacceptable"-Them.."oh Mike Brown well he smoke weed dey had no choice"
Tomorrow marks TWO MONTHS since the shooting of Mike Brown. . Officer Darren Wilson has still not been arrested.
Then again I forgot us blacks have marvel superpowers. Don't forget Mike Brown charged a shooting officer.
One consistent and inavoidable fact is that VonDerrick & Mike Brown were minding their own business when confronted by polic…
Disrupting a Classical Music Concert by chanting in support of Mike Brown? Sounds like a plan. (cont)
ok like the legit account that Mike brown was a saint..he was a drugged out thug who robbed a store ??
My methodical breakdown of the coverup of Mike Brown's murder in Ferguson. Maps, sources, videos, FACTS.
Fans at Cardinals game clash with Mike Brown protesters
Mike Brown and Vonderrick Myer and the many situations before them is why I could never live in America. The police are trigger happy.
I can't even think of a good number for reparations. Really they owe us their lives if we take it down to Mike Brown.
They trying to cover up the Mike brown thing but don't see karma is gonna bring the same issue right back up again
I think I'm becoming obsessed with Ebola, Donna Goddeau and Mike Brown
Sen. Jerry Hill says he'll intro legislation to remove Mike Peevey as PUC prez if reappoints; Brown has not…
61 days after Mike Brown was shot 6 times, Vonderritt Myers was shot Will either murderer ever face justice?
All 3 recent shootings in STL (Mike Brown, Kajieme Powell, and Vonderrick Myers) police say the men charged at them.
Darren Wilson still on paid vacation after executing Mike Brown, and here we have another captain save *** *** police officer killing a child
Vonderrick Myer was just shot and killed by St Louis PD tonight. The police officer felt "threatened", said Myer was armed and fired 16 shots at an 18 year old boy out of fear for his life. But let me tell y'all what this now deceased 18 year old was armed with. A *** sandwich. They took somebody's 18 year old baby away forever for lunch meat on bread. In the last 4 months, this has become a normality. Levar Jones was ordered to retrieve his license during a seat belt stop and shot at 4 times. John Crawford III was killed by a swat team in Walmart for carrying an airsoft gun, one that they sell in the store. Mike Brown was shot and killed while on his knees with his hands up two months ago. The officer, Darren Wilson is still on paid leave.
Dorian Johnson now admits Mike Brown attacked the officer and tried to get his gun...Maybe Holder can get that test. removed.
When black protesters demanded justice for Mike Brown at a St. Louis Cardinals game, they ran into a racist...
it was okay for Darren Wilson to assume Mike Brown was guilty but not the other way around?
Darren Wilson said Mike Brown tried to take his gun and punched him in face. White people and police do tell lies
If anyone is guilty, it's Mike Brown. Darren Wilson was defending himself from a thug
They focus their argument on the alleged criminality of Mike Brown, the protestors, and Black folk in general, rather tha…
The people protesting the extrajudicial execution of Mike Brown are all ethnicities & backgrounds. Wilson supporters are …
Adrian Peterson has a trial date for child abuse.Darren Wilson hasn't been arrested for killing Mike Brown. What kind of backwards...
A. Peterson's in court for whipping his child but Darren Wilson hasn't been charged for killing Mike Brown, is this discriminatory justice?
google Kendrick Johnson, it happened before Mike Brown
Gun sales in St. Louis are up 50% since Mike Brown's shooting to mostly whites who r afraid the city will explode if Darren Wilson goes free
Mike Brown's killer, Darren Wilson is still free. Protestors say don't expect a 'casual revolution'.
is our time to demand Mike Brown, but more importantly, not one more Darren Wilson. http:…
Why is Darren Wilson so incognito about this whole Mike Brown situation? This is weird/eerie.
Alluding to the murdered Mike Brown, another fan says "If I ever saw you, you'd be face down."
Cardinals fans heckle and chant for Darren Wilson at Mike Brown protestors and some people don't see a problem with this? :/
So, does that mean you think that Mike Brown's parents should sell his corpse to pay Darren Wilson for his injuries?
Please sign!. Prosecute Darren Wilson for the shooting and killing of Mike Brown. via
You mean 'justice 4 Mike Brown and Officer Wilson.' You wouldn't, by any chance, already know who's guilty, right?
LeBron made Mike Brown look good, too. He couldn't hold a job in LA or CLE w/o LeBron. Now Spo has to prove he can coach.
59 long days later & Darren Wilson is still free. Here's our second by second timeline of the murder of Mike Brown.
none for trayon, renisha, Éric gardner, John Crawford, Mike Brown, Cameron Tillman, Ezell Ford we just get lost in the system
Watch the cops who arrested the journalists for no reason get in more trouble than the one who killed Mike Brown
Here's a sweet moment of "Requiem for Mike Brown" demonstrators leaving theater, shocked by applause at STL symphony http…
I wish the St. Louis Rams players would all put "Mike Brown" on their back instead of their own names. That would be a great statement.
Was watching the 1st "Hidden Colors" documentary for a second time and this segment really did catch my attention since it relates to everything happening currently with Mike Brown and Ferguson. Definitely worth the watch and take note to what the two brothers are saying since it's VERY IMPORTANT. Shout out to Tariq Nasheed for making this great documentary series about our history!
Wouldn't St. Louis County have found Mike Brown's DNA on Wilson's gun or power burns on his hands from firing it?
Y'all, remember. This is organized struggle. Mike Brown means we have to fight back.
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"Remember Trayvon Martin? Jordan Davis? Mike Brown? Oh and still # bring our girls back Keep the media..."
There are structural forces at play that allowed Darren Wilson to kill Mike Brown. We fight against systemic racism.
yes. At the county council meeting people repeadetly said "Mike Brown 4 County Executive" however it apparently took no heed
An exhaustive breakdown of corruption and the coverup of Mike Brown's murder in Ferguson & St. Louis County ::
Patrick Marleau will start the season on the wing with Logan Couture at center and Matt Nieto on the right side. The Tampa Bay Lightning might elect to put hot (but injured) prospect Jonathan Drouin on the IR to start the 2014-15 season. Marian Gaborik (undisclosed) is confident that he will be in the Los Angeles lineup when the season begins on October 8. Mikael Backlund (strained abdomen) returned to practice on Friday. Dany Heatley (groin) did not skate on Friday and his status for Thursday's opener in Pittsburgh is up in the air. Tomas Tatar still needs to pass another concussion test in order to return to action, as per concussion protocol. As a result, he will miss Detroit's final two preseason games. Joe Thornton skated alongside Andrew Desjardins and Mike Brown during Friday's practice.
Why did the St. Louis County Police Chief tell this lie only 18 hours after Mike Brown's murder?
Anytime President Obama mentions police brutality he mentions dads who are MIA, but Mike Brown, Crawford, Trayvon, Davis had…
Darren Wilson supporters are selling Tshirts that mark the date he killed Mike Brown. How low will they go? htt…
53 days later. Mike Brown, dead. Darren Wilson, free. Protestors, held hostage. City of trying to revise history. Jus…
From the beginning, the citizens of Ferguson have been agitating for justice for Mike Brown. Arrest and prosecution of Darren …
Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Mike Brown,get out and vote!Unarmed is no harm to an armed, trained killer polic
exactly. They don't see how Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin represent blood on the leaves. Or how Affirmative Action is even a thing.
Black people claiming Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown have received justice.
Mike Brown offense: Don't give it to Larry Hughes lol
I'm convinced the jurors found Michael Dunn guilty in highlight of Mike Brown... and Trayvon Martin... Rest in Peace Jordan Davis!
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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Young Thug responding to how Black Men are treated in Mike Brown. He says Because he's iced out he doesn't need to speak on it. Subscr...
Darren Wilson at work tonight. Suiting up to go agitate some protesters...Mike Brown cold in his 45.
It's the victims fault, this is how attorney's defend, I'm not surprised, hello, Mike Brown, T Martin.
They are rare but ironically a 20 year old white kid was shot and killed in Utah a few days after the Mike Brown murder.
Grand Jury to review another case involving Mike Brown shooter Darren Wilson.
a friend if Mike Brown's murder was shot and he got all offended that I said that and …
luvallstuff: The thing that’s so disgusting about the murders of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sean Bell etc...
It was a privilege to present portrait I painted of Mike Brown to his parents at Empowerment Temple. is a dynamic preacher!
51 days later. Darren Wilson, free and on paid leave. Mike Brown, dead. Justice, blind to blackness. Emotions, high. We protest.…
It was extremely not cool when Bengals owner Mike Brown started burgling mansions as "Nat the Fur King"
G Unit weighs in on the current tension in society. Touching on issues of public brutality in cases of "Mike Brown & Eric Gardner". Two african americans tha...
Now Ferguson Hear me out, I know this is different but us African Americans need to be strong. Mike Brown is looking down. He wanted justice
Six people from ages 18-45, from six different angles, saw Darren Wilson shoot & kill Mike Brown with his hands up. ARREST T…
Are prosecutors in the Mike Brown case making the same mistakes as those in the Trayvon Martin case? My new post.
It is messed up that the 1st black attorney general so happens to be the 1st attorney general to resign amidst scandal. He was about to bring justice to Mike Brown and already done a lot of good work in race relations. Eric Holder thanks for doing your best under the circumstances, even though other politicians have done way more damage than you and get away with it.
The thing I infer from Holder’s resignation is that the Mike Brown shooting doesn’t look like a slam dunk civil rights case internally.
John Crawford's case and Mike Brown's case both need equal attention. Bring justice for Crawford's family and arrest Da…
Kevin Ward Jr (tony Stewart) was killed the same day Mike Brown was. Guess which trial ended today and which one was postp…
Im sorry but its nothin funnier that hood conspiracy theorists... They're trying to cover up what happened to Mike Brown by leaking nude photos and reporting Amber Rose and Wiz's divorce announcement... Yea i see how those dots connected.
Photo: thesylverlining: defend-p0ptarts: Here’s a picture of cops watching the Mike Brown memorial burn.
So you ignore the party of the story from witnesses where Mike Brown surrendered and stated he had no weapon,
If Offcr Wilson had the advantage...why did Mike Brown attack him to begin with??
After John Crawford, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Troy Davis, Ramarly Graham, after Sean Bell...we should all repeat
*Looks at John Crawford and Mike Brown case* *Reads Lynch letter* This is not new.
So the Grand Jury in the John Crawford case has made a decision? Seemed to have went much faster than Mike Brown
he shot @ an unarmed Mike Brown at least 11 times & is still outchea drinking cold beer & checking his direct deposit. .
Bob McCulloch says Mike Brown case may be decided by November; Grand Jury to get range of charges
I'll b Darren Wilson u can b Mike Brown
Rip Mike Brown you rose the youth up!! We now walk with are heads up willing to stand for what we really believe in!!
got it! Did y'all mention Mike Brown's murder has not allowed the "other side" of the community to rest. S…
I agree its a revolution waiting to happen when and how idk I wud think after Eric Garner mike brown we wud move smh no sad
Mike Brown's Memorial destroyed after being set on fire. People have no respect. RIP bro.
*** Someone Burned down Mike Brown's Memorial? Smh...What the *** is wrong with Society?
The burning of Mike Brown's memorial was their way of telling us to "Get over it." Well, we will NOT.
“Somebody set Mike Brown memorial on fire last night smh.
Somebody set Mike Brown's memorial on fire. This is beyond disrespectful he can't even have peace after he died ***
Why did Mike Brown have leave, Why Did Greg Olsen Have To Get Traded. Why didnt we stick with Kyle Orton.
.says "you told us to wait for the facts and we waited. The autopsy report shows Mike Brown took two bullets to t…
They burned Mike Brown's memorial in Ferguson, Missouri. They think it's over, it's not. Picture shows how 👮🐷🐽 felt. http…
Today is Day 45 that Darren Wilson remains free. This, America. Mike Brown, we fight in your honor.
Photo: Mike Brown Sr. And family from earlier, came to visit memorial. Many people came to...
Love that. Racist haters burned the Mike Brown memorial down and Blacks built it back up. So proud of y'all!
Mike Brown's memorial burnt to ashes. Can't do anything but pray.
Wow Mike Brown memorial burned to ashes last nite
Ferguson police have made their apathy for the community crystal clear. They watched Mike Brown's Memorial burn.
If they really burned down Mike Brown's memorial, that's ridiculously foul
But she's an innocent white girl who "enjoys the taste of alcohol" but Mike Brown & Trayvon Martin are thugs who are violent and smoke dope
So Angry. Somebody set the Mike Brown memorial on fire in the middle of the night.
You have to be a sick individual to burn down a memorial... R.I.P Mike Brown
Rapper YOUNG THUG doesnt care about or the whole Mike Brown Situation It's not his business! is a useless Celebrity. he cant even stand behind his people. Thats why im mad
Why would somebody burn down Mike Brown Memorial site!.. People so evil!!!
This A Tribute to A young teen gunned down by a policeman in Ferguson, MO. RIP Mike Brown
The Mike Brown memorial was burned down...thats so fu**ed up smh
Anyone Who has Me on Instagram Please Repost My Mike Brown Tribute Video Anybody Who'd Doesn't have me add me and repost with Any Hashtags You Feel:
NBC News shared a story of a Black man being charged in the disappearance of a White girl. I decided to troll the post by commenting that "Officer Darren Wilson remains a free man despite several witnesses seeing him murder Mike Brown." This is one of the replies to my comment, "I think George Zimmerman should be in prison, so I'm not a racist." -__-
The Mike Brown issue died because the officer and police department are under investigation and Mike Brown was a criminal.
Thieves rob 6 in Mississippi saying "This is for Mike Brown"
Flood Wall St.? I was like let's flood the police station for Mike Brown & White folks were like...
LOVE OR HATE HIM. Mike Brown is the reason our Bengals are in Cincinnati. Did u know? We almost lost our reds. The 1968 Cincinnati Bengals season was the team's first year in professional football. Paul Brown,who left the Cleveland Browns following the 1962 season with National Football League (NFL) record of 115–49–6, seven conference titles, and three NFL championships, had the urge to get back into football. His son Mike Brown did a study on pro football expansion and recommended Cincinnati as a potential site. In 1965, Brown met with Ohio Governor James Rhodes and the two agreed the state could accommodate a second pro football team. 1966 –Fearful the Cincinnati Reds baseball team would leave town and feeling pressure from local businessmen pushing for a pro football franchise, Cincinnati's city council approved the construction of Riverfront Stadium. 1967 –Brown's group was awarded an American Football League (AFL) expansion franchise. Brown named the team the Bengals, the name of Cincinnati' ...
Justice for Malala - Attackers Have Been Arrested via Now if we cn only get Mike Brown's killer arrested.
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Tracy, NO ONE is too white. I think you were trolled. Ignore them and continue to fight for justice for Mike Brown.
Shout out to everybody that was all "R.I.P Mike Brown" but moved on to dissing Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson because it's the new hotness.
Mike Brown not sure about challenging NBA officials: Cleveland Insider - The Plain Dealer
Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Mike Brown, might not get charged until 2015: http:/…
usually the "potential" defendant is not presented to the Grand Jury.. They are putting Mike Brown on trial.
second of all, are people talking about kim kardashian and Meagan good or Mike Brown and Darren Wilson down your TL?
the fact that Adrian Peterson's situation has shadowed Mike Brown's death is unethical. My community should be outraged
Last night we released our most detailed timeline of the murder of Mike Brown. We have each shot down to the second.
There were protests in West Africa for Mike Brown... but of course the media would never show you that something like this took place. There has to be continual portrayal of there being an irreversible rift between Africans and African Americas, placed into the minds of society in order to keep the myth alive. If the media were to show the support Mike Brown's cause received from the Homeland would be a huge blow to their propagandized agenda. They showed the Palestinians, Tibetans, Asians etc in Solidarity for Mike Brown...but somehow the protests in Africa were left out. The media continually uses psychological methods of manipulating and shaping the perception of society at large. We need to stop relying on the media to give us an idea of what we should think. We need to open the lines of communication within our world community and let the voices of our people determine what is and isn't the truth. .
A group of parents - ALL raising young black men weigh in on Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Mike Brown, Jameis...
NEW :: We've released an updated account of Darren Wilson's murder of Mike Brown w/ the exact seconds for each shot.
“A vote for Stenger is a vote for McCulloch,” Lee said. “If we want change in St. Louis county, we need to vote in Mike Brown.”
Let's talk accountability: who besides Darren Wilson should be arrested for the murder of Mike Brown?
Other improvements possible: John Scott, Mike Brown and Adam Burish retire from hockey to form a mime troupe.
The lead news story in the world last night, according to local media, was football players and their personal/domestic issues. Every photo shown was of large, black men. We were told of domestic issues, child abuse, domestic violence and arrests. I couldn't help but think that it's strange that there was no mention of Ferguson, MO or Mike Brown or the cop who killed/murdered him. Is it by chance that just after a black young man, who had a large stature (as many of the football players do) gained international attention and support, that every image on tv is to vilify large black men? I mean not one white boy beats their wife in the nfl? Why drag out an 8 year old Brandon Marshall issue... I can't help but to think that this is well orchestrated. And for the next few weeks this will be the issue- domestic violence will be the hot button issue, but big, violent, frightening black men will be the poster child. When unrighteous people bring you news/information , look carefully into it...
Police near kill gunman just miles from Mike Brown shooting: (David Carson/AP)
Several officers wrote me days after the Mike Brown murder, stumped, as to how Darren Wilson missed so many shots @ such a c…
Unable to kill a fleeing Mike Brown from 100 feet away, Wilson executed Mike Brown face to face when he finally stopped & su…
1 shot went into an apartment. Mike Brown was a HUGE dude. Why'd Wilson miss 6 shots so badly? He was 100 feet away
An officer is allowed, expected even, to use force, when in danger, when as much as 25-35 feet away. Mike Brown was ONE HUND…
You can't talk about the death of Mike Brown without talking about the militarized police response to protestors.
Everybody is talking about Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Jonathan Dwyer. How easily we've forgot about Mike Brown
Y'all remember Mike Brown? Or are we done fake caring about that? What about Troy Davis? Trayvon Martin?
NEVER let the fact that the murders of the unarmed Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, Mike Brown, Kimani Gray,...
If public officials in St. Louis County get their way, justice for Mike Brown will be a very long time in coming--if it comes at all.
I fully believe that Mike Brown was murdered, illegally, in cold blood. Here's our timeline of what happened.
God bless Mike Brown and his family. This young man's murder has exposed corruption & evil & incompetence at every level in …
40 days since Mike Brown's killing and Darren Wilson is somewhere sipping mango juice and blasting Paul Simon.
I just signed a petition to Dean Angelo, President, Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7: As the nation continues to mourn the death of Mike Brown, an unarmed, African-American teen shot and murdered by police Officer Darren Wilson, we are troubled to learn that the Chicago Fraternal Order of…
Speak out and report back from the recent uprisings in Ferguson, MO over the killing of Mike Brown by police Officer Darren Wilson. This is NOT an RCP or Stop Mass Incarceration event.
I might catch some heat for this but Ray Rice losing job and etc for a confrontation with his now wife who forgave him. Adrian Peterson disciplines his child as he sees fit and is indicted (excuses heard is excessive, but maybe we need to get back to being excessive new generation running wild cuz nobody would lay hands on em). Mike Brown is shot and cop given paid leave. I'm confused.
*** moment of the day ...Conflict of interest Did you know that the Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough is the Prosecutor trying to send Officer Darren Wilson to Prison for the murder of Mike Brown is ALSO the Vice President of the Fundraiser for The Darren Wilson Defense Fund...
So a St. Louis County Circuit Judge has decided that the Mike Brown Grand Jury will be extended until January to decide if Darren Wilson will be charged. January. Winter. Over 4 months after the shooting. The jig is up. We know the game. They'll forget they said. They'll be too cold to "act up" they said. Wrong. The people are ready. Now. Tomorrow. And in January. If it comes to that.
Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, John Crawford, Eric Garner...and the list goes on.
They're really hoping we forget about Daren Wilson's murder of Mike Brown. Ain't gonna happen Not even a bit.
After 5 black witnesses said Mike Brown had his hands up & trashing them daily, 2 white men said they saw same too & n…
5 weeks since Mike Brown was murdered. Darren Wilson is still free.
R.I.P Mike Brown and all our other fallen soldiers...Moment Of Silence
Some fighters look done, then come back late. Arlovski may be on the start of that, like Mike Brown.
May God bless the soul of and the many other Mike Brown’s we don’t know about!
Council member Shaun Brown: Dave, in your frustration, you have opened my eyes a bit.
Revolution will be televised. .. rip mike Brown ...a tribute to all the innocent victims killed by cops this is a must see
Grand Jury considering evidence in death of Mike Brown has until Jan. 7 to decide; can reach conclusion sooner:
"His blood was just so deep in the concrete." - reflecting on see the scene where Mike Brown died
Mike Sam can kiss his bf on national tv, fine. But then RG3 has to flip his shirt inside out because it says Jesus?
Hamilton Collection
but to them Mike Brown is old news.. they'd rather focus on getting us terrified of ISIS
I'm currently arguing with multiple clear as day racist people regarding Mike Brown...I really need to stop reading the comments on news articles smh
Don't you think if Mike Brown shot the officer he would already sentenced ?
No one is going to forget Mike Brown and Ferguson events. Doesn't matter how long they wait. St. Louis has already chang…
Whose justice is this? 38 days, Mike Brown dead. Darren Wilson free. Now, January. Tell me. Whose justice?
Ferguson had the game rigged before Mike Brown threw his hands up to beg for his life with whole neighborhood watching.
But can't arrest Mike Brown's killer. "A 10-year-old goldfish had surgery to remove a tumor..."
After Trayvon, and now Mike Brown, we are reminded of the complexity of black love in a world that treats blackness as a crime. …
I'm more concerned w/ all that has transpired since Mike Brown
The parents of Mike Brown have requested that Mike's juvenile records remain OFF LIMITS -->
Mike Brown's hands were up, his mom already warned him. So how do you expect this talk to help us in a situation like that?
We go to war based on less evidence than prosecutors are demanding before charging Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown.
words can't explain how special it was to watch your career blossom. Like Mike Brown I will always hold a special place 4 u
Insanity. From the moment Darren Wilson saw Mike Brown until he was dead was 3 minutes. Yet they need 5 months to decide on …
Mark Henry vs. Rusev will end the way Darren Wilson vs. Mike Brown did.
Ray Rice has been banned from football and he and his wife are and have been in counseling to help them with their problems. Adrian Peterson has been arrested and has been suspended from his team. Letters were sent to the NFL from Congress to address the issue of domestic violence, as they should. We have issued justice, what about Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, and John Crawford? When will these men receive justice?
MY THOUGHTS MONDAY: what happened to that plane did we give up the search Whatup with justice for Mike Brown Is it a coincidence that Ebola and AIDS struck hardest in Africa Why are we punishing AP Why are we pouring so much money in combat over seas and I pass homeless veterans begging for money everyday?
All the Mike Brown and Black Rights and Ray Rice people are all watching Love&HipHop right now...lmbo
zaki baruti Sep 14 at 11:38 PM REPORT FROM FERGUSON MISOURI On behalf of the Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition we would like to thank the hundreds of people who physically displayed their support for the Highway 70 Shutdown last Wednesday, September 10, 2014. We also thank the thousands of people who supported this effort in spirit. Although not able to close the highway down completely due to the overwhelming state highway and local police forces, we consider our action a success based on the following: 1. A determined force of over 600 people gathered as planned to continue the clarion call for justice for not only Mike Brown, but for our people in general. 2. Due to their overwhelming presence, the police actually helped our crusade by causing a tremendous traffic jam for miles. (Not Reported in the Press) 3. A determined band of young people as part of our overall strategy, stopped their vehicles on the East bound lanes of highway 70 causing further traffic stoppage for 4 1/2 minutes, ...
I have been nominated by Ms. Khadija Davis to post three things I am thankful for everyday for three days and nominate 3 people each goes day 1: I am thankful for: 1. Knowing who my savior and my heavenly father is, 2. My beautiful family, and 3. For the grace of God. I now nominate Gloria Brown, Tammie Haynes- Griffin, mike brown.
Who cares about Adrian Peterson whooping his kid or Ray Rice and his wifes unhealthy relationship. Yall forgot about Mike Brown that quick huh??? What about the black woman who was struck in the face by a white highway patrol officer 11 times. Hym enough to kill her...smh. Stop being side tracked by the media and focus on whats happining.
My last post today but it's killing me that all I see on my time line is and Now let's be clear I in no shape form or fashion condone violence toward women. PERIOD.. Quite frankly I truly don't support violence, toward anybody. I feel that as humans we hold the ability to articulate our feelings and should be able to express how we feel without physical contact... In my opinion it purely is an act of self control.. Two year olds hit because they are frustrated and they are not able to say how they feel or what they want... Furthermore, it's a free country I can say what I want and if you don't like it don't listen. In an argument, walk away, zone them out.. But as long as I have not imposed a threat you have no right putting your hands on me... Even to grab me. Nevertheless, just because you are a female doesn't give you the right to jump in a man face or initiate physical contact. My grandma (god rest her soul) taught me at a young age, if you hit someone whether it be male or female be prepared for a s ...
CNN obtains a witness cell phone video of the Mike Brown shooting which shows two contactors reacting in horror to the death of the unarmed teen.
Caller retells an account of Mike Brown Shooting on a live stream...
Day 2 Gratitude challenge 1. My son Tanner allowed me to be his Daddy. 2 I'm thankful for unanswered prayers (God you knew I wasn't ready). Great influences at the right time in my life. I call out Mike Brown, Mike Baker and Theaddy Jenkins for above challenge.
Tim Wise. Malvern Pa. Talking about Mike Brown(Ferguson, MO). "They left him in the street for 4 hours after he was shot..."
We ever gonna get a decision on making cases for Mike Brown & Eric Garner?
I still think about Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner & the other black males who's stories weren't as publicized 😢
The officer that shot Mike Brown still free and Adrian Peterson is getting arrested for whooping his son? Explain.
They are really coming down *** Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were murdered and what's has been done about that?
Compare Dylan Klebold, a disturbed mass murderer to Mike Brown, normal teenager? This is outrageous as is the comparison.
to date, there is NO evidence from a credible source, eye witness, corroborating claim that Mike Brown charged at Darren…
Police capture convicted murderer Thomas "TJ" Lane but gun down an unarmed Mike Brown.
Oh yeah...There was something I wanted to share with yall. With all the recent happenings, from Mike Brown to Adrian Peterson and everywhere in between...I had a thought that came to mind earlier. Forget love and hate...There is an even thinner line between equality and supremacy. They've already stolen any and everything they possibly could from they think they have the authority to dictate our lives. No matter what you claim or where you're from...they can't defeat us if we're unified. indeed all. 1000.
Why was Mike Brown's body left there for hours? v
Fox News objects to calling Mike Brown "an unarmed teen"
At this point, it's a blatant slap in the face, and a clear message being sent. Mike Brown's life had less value than that…
So Adrian Peterson cant discipline his own son but George Zimmerman and the cops that shot ramarley Graham and Mike Brown as well as killed Eric Garner get to roam free... I find that funny..
While Ray Rice gets booted for a year, AP gets benched, the men who killed Eric Garner, Mike Brown, & John Crawford still ha…
I see a trend. Be it Mike Brown, Janay Rice, or a 4 y/o who's been abused, people are too quick to blame victims & side w/ p…
Oh for God's sake! How is it even possible to think that less than a month after Ferguson? Mike Brown murdered in a racist USA
The quest 4 justice 4 Mike Brown reaches all the way to Appalachia!
so basically TJ Lane had the right to make a statement at sentencing but Mike Brown, a dead boy, doesn't even have the right to a fair trial
Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner, Aiyana Jones, Renisha McBride, and so much more
Multiple witnesses confirm the cop straight-up murdered Mike Brown
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Paul George got a good point though! The whole world is on Ray Rice's house, and forgot about police brutality and Mike Brown quick
More members of the Hussein regime went to thug Mike Brown's funeral than Margaret Thatcher and Gen. Harold Greene's combined. priorities.
Lack of privilege means that *everything* sticks. Mike Brown wasn't convicted of stealing, but it's the reason we're given for…
It's been a month since the murder of Mike Brown. Why hasn't Darren Wilson been arrested yet?
I love how my class switched the subject from Ferguson to Rodney King because Ferguson and Mike Brown is too much of a hot current topic 😂😑
Ferguson city council meets for first time since Mike Brown shooting: Ferguson citizens demand a voice at the ...
"Mike Brown had to die for our voices to be heard."Outrage/Calls for Change at City Council Meeting
Add your name to the Mike Brown law petition, requiring all police officers wear a camera:
I wonder what God will say to people like George Zimmerman and the person who killed Mike Brown on judgment day.
Obama spoke on Ray Rice yet has said nothing about Mike Brown.
did you see where the bullets landed on Mike Brown. In places they could only land with him on his knees with
The white house commented on the Ray Rice issue so fast compared to Mike Brown because women are seen as part of Ameri…
David Wilson is on PAID LEAVE for killing Mike Brown! But y'all kick Ray Rice out the NFL for hitting his wife!! AMERICA IS SO CONFUSED!!
On August 9, 2014 Mike Brown was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson. A month later, there has yet to be any charges fi…
Today is the one-month anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. Wilson still walks free.
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I hate my School Law class. My teacher is always bringing up black this police records that. Mike Brown, Rodney King... Criminals to him
Yeah, it was a bit both, but I might like Mike Brown better idk. Mark Brown. Mike Brown. Scott Brown. Farmer Brown. All piff!
It bothers me that Mike Brown is so similar to Emmett Till
I wonder what Mike Brown or Gary Fencik are doing these days.
"Emmett Till, Mike Brown, and a New Movement for an Old Law" via
Reminded that the cousins of Emmett Till were at the Mike Brown funeral. Solidarity. Movement. Justice.
NEWS :: Two (white) construction workers on the scene when Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown confirm he had his HANDS UP. Th…
Photo: owning-my-truth: owning-my-truth: DC March for Ferguson and Mike Brown this Saturday, September 6 at...
in pursuit of BLACK CIVILIZATION & UNIFICATION protest against INJUSTICE & RACISM in the whole world... Imagine an unarmed BLACK AMERICAN CITIZEN name Mike Brown was shot dead by a WHITE AMERICAN COP, what an INJUSTICE act from a great continent like America. Cop's are meant to protect citizens not to destroy, that's why members in PORT HARCOURT took to street a protest and went forward to say that it's time we rise up on our feet and fight for our right. Let's stop the HATING, KILLING & SUFFERING of BLACK people. If the white people or American people don't need or like BLACKs let them let we AFRICANS know, so we can create a good ATMOSPHERICAL background for ourselves. A word is enough for the wise!!! courtesy
How gross is it that this website slapped their logo all over Mike Brown's instagram pics like it's their property?
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has demonstrated there are no boundaries regarding his Mike Brown smear campaign http:…
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