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Mike Brown

Michael “Mike” Brown (born March 5, 1970) is an American basketball head coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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For 104 days, the police have lied and said Mike Brown was killed 35 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV. It was actually 148 feet. This distance is essential to the defense and how Darren Wilson ...
In the 100-plus days since Mike Brown was gunned down by Darren Wilson, we have seen incredible incompetence and intractable racist behavior by the white power structure in the St. Louis metropolitan region. Every week since August 9 there have been acts of defiance and missed opportunities to show…
ICYMI: Sean Hannity challenged Justice for Mike Brown founder Derk Brown on why groups are gearing up to protest if the grand jury decides not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson. WATCH the confrontation and SHARE your thoughts:
(VIDEO) See the lie about how far Mike Brown ran away. Not 35 feet but 148.
I believe that there will be no indictment in the Michael Brown murder case. Here is why, Law enforcement is a brother and sister hood and those in that field protect each other. Now not all Law enforcement officers are bad people and they are needed. What is needed is a more extensive background and psychological check for people wanting to go in that field, My second point look at the make up of the jury 3 black and 9 white. who you think that favors Mike Brown or Wilson. Why the jury could not be more diverse if race should not be a factor . Third point , the Gov. should have appointed a special prosecutor to handle all of it. Because he did not it leaves the door for the cycle of unarmed black young man being killed to stay open. Its genocide right in our faces. Now I agree Mike Brown was wrong for stealing out the store but I truly believe he had his arms up and most people that get shot aint gonna fight back because they hurt. I believe Wilson knew about the robbery they want to say he was on a an . ...
Black Panthers and Nation of Islam (violent racist hate groups) were allowed to participate in Mike Brown's funeral and protests.
Mike Brown did not rob a store nor was he a felon. Darren Wilson is just a white supremacist with klan ties
i said Mike Brown wasn't the best face for this fight... this was the straw that broke the camels back.
He shot at Mike Brown twice from the SUV and then got out of the SUV to pursue him. Missed first 6, then Mike …
It's MUCH EASIER to claim Wilson was reasonably afraid if Mike Brown ran 35 feet away, but nearly impossible when it was 148…
3. When the police told this initial lie of Mike Brown running 35 feet away, it helped them create a mind-movie of a closeup…
I think what we have presented today, proves: 1. The police are lying & covering for Wilson & 2. Mike Brown ran for his life…
To accurately & effectively measure where Mike Brown was killed. We will use this 2943 photo & this from the scene.
This picture is of Mike Brown's father the day after Mike was killed. Blood stains. Notice the number 2943, ok? KEY.
When Chief Belmar said that Mike Brown was killed 35 feet away, it wasn't an accident. He said it over & over again. Has for…
Since we proved Mike Brown died 148 feet away from the SUV and you say he "charged at you", how much farther are you saying …
Here is another overhead look with mapping software showing you where the SUV was to 2943 where Mike Brown died.
4. Did the grand jury get a chance to ask Chief Belmar & others why they advanced this lie about how far Mike Brown fled fro…
Ferguson protestors seek vigilante justice Ahead of the announcement on whether to indict the police officer who shot Mike Brown of Ferguson, Mo, a group calling itself the "No Shoot Coalition" is negotiating with police over the rules of engagement for the riots that are planned follow the announcement. In essence, this coalition of leftists that includes the New Black Panther Party, Amnesty International, the ACLU, several unions, and communist party fronts, is trying to tie the hands of police in protecting those citizens of Ferguson who would not participate in violent protests after the announcement. The No Shoot Coalition demands justice for Mike Brown, the Black man who was shot dead when he attacked a police officer after robbing a store. The No Shoot Coalition's call to action website states: "An announcement from the grand jury about Darren Wilson will come any day now--and we are planning protests and actions for that day and the days that follow. This moment is a historic one --Ferguson is eve ...
I'm told Mike Brown's blood and key gun powder evidence were washed off of Canfield Drive before a thorough analysis was eve…
REPORT all the facts for Ferguson. Officer Wilson was dispatched to suspects. Mike Brown had gun residue on thumb-
With the Grand Jury Verdict about to be announced, I would like to share a side story about my time protesting at Ferguson, MO. This is my plead for you to take an active stance and become an ally. I am an Asian American female from the upper middle class suburbs of San Diego. Based on just that, I am not Mike Brown. I am not the hundreds of young black men who are killed under police brutality due to racist, ignorant, hateful and fearful predilections. I am not a mother who fears for his black son’s life every time he steps out into the streets. I do not have to be scared whenever a policeman walks by me. I do not have to have my hands showing at all times. If I were to die on the streets like Mike Brown did, I would not have to lie dead on the concrete for more than 4 hours before someone got help. Finding marijuana in my blood stream would not justify my death. Being black and at the wrong place at the wrong time. Being someone that Darrel Wilson had to shoot 7 times because he was scared a young una ...
This murder and cover up of Mike Brown reminds me Mississippi burning all over again
Nov18.2009. 5 years ago today,. finished Mike Brown by TKO,. to become the WEC Featherweight Champion …
Surprised they haven't done a Mike Brown or Jordan Davis theme
Is this story in which Mike Brown's accomplice admits they committed a robbery made up?.
On Watch Amanda Wills's Vine "This is where Mike Brown died. His neighbors are all here.
So, declared Mike Brown posthumously to be a Muslim and declared him to be a martyr. Why not just call for Jihad on
it'd be better if they just yelled "YES HE DESERVED TO DIE AND I HOPE HE BURNS IN HAAALLEE!" when talking about Mike Brown
"I haven't heard anything about the grand jury decision about Mike Brown. But I thought y'all cared? :/"
Dorian Johnson, a thug too. A leech on society, just like Mike Brown. Zero credibility in m…
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Watch this powerful video from Fusion and artist Molly Crabapple about Mike Brown and Ferguson
that "group" in fergurson mo. has released a list of "targets" for protest. Interesting the names on the list that have NOTHING to do with Michael Brown. Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, November 17, 2014, 11:28 AM The Justice for Mike Brown Ferguson protest group released its list of potential targets following the decision by the St. Louis County Courthouse on the Mike Brown case. The published map shows expected landmarks like the Ferguson City Hall and the County Courthouse. But it also marks things that have NOTHING to do with the Michael Brown situation, like Anheuser Busch and Boeing. ferguson targets Most telling thing is the mark for Emerson Electric. Emerson has been in Ferguson for at least 50 years, long before Ferguson became a minority municipality. Yet not only do they mark Emerson they make note of the CEO’s salary. Maybe they’re mutating into an extortion group straight out of the playbook of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition? Below is the published list of potential St. Louis a . ...
I didn't do the Ice Bucket Challenge but I Donated mad funds to Mike Brown this summer.
It took 45 days for state of Florida to arrest George Zimmerman after he killed Trayvon. . Mike Brown has been dead for…
Autopsy report shows Mike Brown was executed by Darren Wilson
is where an armed American cop shot an unarmed American teenager. "Video: Wilson after he shot Mike Brown" http:…
St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay reacted to Governor Jay Nixon’s declaration through an executive order that the National Guard would be activated for the next 30 days. Slay stressed to reporters at a press conference on Monday that the guard would not have a “front line role” in the midst of a reaction from the soon-to-be-expected decision of the St. Louis County grand jury relating to the death of Ferguson resident Mike Brown. [ 409 more words. ]
maybe but Darren Wilson didn’t know Mike Brown from Tracy Morgan when he killed
WISE UP, RISE UP!. The Montgomery Bus lasted 381 days. Today is 95 days that Mike Brown has been dead.
👏👏. "They'll literally turn Ferguson and STL into a warzone before admitting a racist cop shot Mike Brown in cold blood."
Justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham, Chantel Davis, Kimani Gray, Kenneth Chamberlain, Anthony Baez, and too many…
Amidst new video footage contradicting police claims about the shooting, Mike Brown's family still calls for...
as I watched the morning news, I was thinking about what the family attorney for Mike Brown said.I was wondering what was their take on equal justice and total transparency as they claimed they wanted and quest for the truth. But. I am starting to realize that when information was given and leaked and now, the release of the tape showing Officer Darren Wilson leaving the police station and leaving the hospital.The family first reaction to it was..."his injuries are not that great and highly exaggerated". The fact that he DID sustain injuries to his face was completely ignored and glanced over. To acknowledge the injuries of Officer Wilson would under mind the protesters beliefs. And, that they are following people that have a personal agenda and a stake to the civil suit that is sure to follow (mark my words). From day one the police has released information regarding the shooting and went as far as to defy the U.S. Justice Departments recommendation NOT to release the store footage that showed Michael Br ...
If Wilson shot Mike Brown while he surrendered, it's a crime. These 28 videos say he did.
It's alleged that Mike Brown attacked and attempted to dislodge officer's firearm. Read Graham v Conner
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Post-match reaction with visibly distraught full back Mike Brown after England's 31-28 defeat to South Africa in the second QBE International at Twickenham Stadium.
It's been 3 months since Mike Brown was murdered and Darren Wilson is still free and on paid administrative leave.
Chief Jackson said he released the video of Mike Brown in the Ferguson Market because the Freedom of Information requests fo…
"Another member of the UN committee told CNN this morning, “We have much more important things to do than involve ourselves in county level legal proceedings. This was an absolute waste of our time. Compared to human rights violations that are prevalent in such 3rd world countries as North Korea and Brazil, America’s plight simply does not compare." Just read this in an article about Mike Brown's parents address to the UN. Some faith in humanity has been restored.
If you haven't already, please read the police report re: Mike Brown's killing. Yes, this is real.
No, he's not small. He's close in height to Mike Brown (within a few inches). Mike's size wasn't a threat to him.
Unfortunately, Mike Brown and the Cuyahoga County Rebels won't be able to make it to the show, BUT, Scoliosis Jones is filling in instead! Come out!
Mike Brown's father's testimony at the United Nations. The movement lives.
"Officer Wilson actively prevented alleged medical professionals from rendering aid [to Mike Brown]."
Here are 28 eyewitness accounts from 7 different angles who saw Mike Brown killed.
Ashleigh Banfield almost blamed Mike Brown for dying
As wait for Ferguson grand jury remember that Mike Brown was not alone. on case of Jonathan Ferrell
get the officer that shot Mike Brown off paid vacation and bring him to justice
Oh! Oh! Let me try. Rent-a-Car is as reliable as Mike Brown's & Trayvon Martin's martial arts training.
Mike Brown's family hold press conference. Watch live:
Dr. Michael Baden is a renowned pathologist retained by Mike Brown family. Amazing prosecutors only called him before grand …
Comment on Todd McLellan Has Had His Chance by Andrew Bensch: as for Mike Brown, his possession numbers are te...
Writing this paper about civil rights & civil liberties concerning the salient issues surrounding Ferguson & the death of Mike Brown.
Mike Brown's parents and attorney Daryl Parks in Geneva Nov 12 2014: via
Attorney Daryl Parks repeatedly declining to have Mike Brown's parents answer Qs on thoughts re possible non-indictment, resulting protests
Darren Wilson actively prevented medical professionals from rendering aid [to Mike Brown]. (via
Mike Brown's mother and father just spoke to the United Nations in Geneva about the murder of their son.
because Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, & far too many others did not deserve to die.
16 y/o black male going to jail 23 yrs for killing a police dog. Treyvon's killer is FREE. Mike Brown's killer is FREE http:/…
thats worth 5 years, not 23. The killers of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin deserve to be punished too.
Mike Brown mural 'sent the wrong message about community and police relations' - police murder obv doesn't though...
Mike Brown mural removed in Trenton, NJ bc it made police feel uncomfortable Painted over
Even if Darren Wilson is indicted,. there will still be white people profiting off of Mike Brown's death
The Ferguson grand jury decision could come any day now ---so far LA, NYC, St. Petersburg, FL, Newark, NJ, Baltimore, San Diego, LA, Oakland/SF, and Buffalo, NY. What other cities, schools, and groups will We must act in concert with Ferguson and cities across America if the grand jury announces no indictment for the murder of Mike Brown! Whatever day the announcement is made, gather at 3pm at Crenshaw & MLK Blvd to rally in the community. If the announcement is made after 3pm, the rally will take place here the day after. The next day following the community rally, we will gather at 3pm at the Downtown Federal Courthouse, 312 N. Spring St., to demand the Justice Department of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama bring federal Charges for the violations of the Civil Rights of Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, Omar Abrego, Carlos Oliva, and others. No Justice, No Peace! WE STAND with
My James Holmes and Mike Brown study in the process.
Guest speakers include Trayvon Martin an Mike Brown dad.
Cool tidbit about Leah Still: It was owner Mike Brown who said at a team meeting, "Devon Still is family. He will be…
Found this post on FB - Long but good read I am posting this because everyone needs to read it. I have been given permission by the author to do so. I just got this email: A consensus of reasonably well-informed opinion has it that the anticipated release date of the Grand Jury finding in the Mike Brown case is on/about Monday 10 November, probably after 2PM. National Guard, Army Reserve, FEMA and other federal agencies are deploying additional people to the St. Louis metro area in the two-three day period just prior to Monday 10 November. There does not appear, however, to be a sufficient degree of coordination among federal, state and local authorities to display a meaningful degree of learning from the race riots in Los Angeles or Cincinnati. Accordingly, the principles that governed the pace and scale of those situations can reasonably be anticipated to govern here, too. Local police are telling their friends and family that they'll have to be ready to be on their own for a period of several days afte ...
Mike Brown better draft the next David Klingler. Hoyer>Dalton
URGENT: Last night during an event in where hundreds of people marched for an end to police brutality, police confiscated the Governor Nixon, "accountability truck" and arrested the driver who was held for hours and then released. Witnesses say police in an unmarked car targeted the driver and pulled him from the truck. Missouri law enforcement continues to try to violate our first amendment rights and silence our calls for justice for Mike Brown. But we're strong, we're organized, and we will hold Governor Nixon responsible for allowing the systemic violation of Black Missourians' free speech and human rights. When communities are prevented from speaking out and challenging their country we are no longer in a democracy; we are no longer in America. In the coming days, a St. Louis Grand Jury will decide whether or not Darren Wilson will be held accountable for killing Mike Brown. Military tanks in the streets of St. Louis show the police are ready to escalate their violence against peaceful protestors. A ...
Mike Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, plans to travel "to Geneva, Switzerland, next month to speak about her son and other victims of police brutality in front of the United Nations," reports Vice...
There is nothing to protest in reference to the Mike Brown case. It was a legal and justified shoot.
No, it doesn't. Mike Brown was doing neither. Just as many witnesses to that fact.Witness testimony is junk anyway
The parents of Mike Brown are scheduled to speak at the UN conference in Switzerland -->
Threat has been imminent! Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Cary Ball Jr, Vonderic Myers, Powell of STL, Oscar Grant
Difference between him and Jordan is that Jordan had Phil Jackson. LeBron had Mike Brown and Spoelstra.
Mike Brown's mother will be speaking to the United Nations about "police brutality"...
I voted at the library around the corner the Tuesday before Mike Brown was murdered. Now I'm not listed there?
The detective on the scene of Mike Brown's murder never mentions Darren Wilson knowing about a robbery or almost being knock…
RENX Real Estate News Exchange reports on Mike Brown joining Avison Young as Managing Director of Halifax office
The mother of Mike Brown, their lawyers, and other organizers will be going to too!
Interesting scenes in today. Buddhist Monks from Tibet came to show their solitary for Mike Brown.
Did I know Mike Brown, Kajieme Powell or VonDerrit Myers? No. Am I my brother's keeper? Yes.
exactly. That's y I said maybe. Not using the n word ain't gon bring Mike Brown back, nor will it bring Trayvon & Sean Bell back
and where would this white guy be fired? But the Trayvon,Mike Brown and Ray rice mockery are just the tip of the iceberg
I have assembled 26 videos of eyewitnesses to Mike Brown's murder. Every video I know of. INDICT Darren Wilson.
Watch as the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell & Mike Brown come together for the first time
Former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown joined us to advise current Cavs coach David Blatt to "ignore the noise" while coaching LeBron James and tells us if this Cavs roster can win the championship. MORE:
Qn from Mike Brown. Best player of all time? RH - Moore/Charlton RL - Gazza GS - Gazza
Crazy quote "Ebola is nothing new. (.)..the govt is just trying to cover up Mike Brown and the protesting in Ferguson."
Crazy quote "govt brought Ebola here to kill us all. Major outbreak coming soon.(...). Anything to distract Mike Brown issue"
Mike Brown and the Bengals are finalizing a deal to send Jermaine Gresham and 4th Rd pick to bucks for WR Vincent Jackson
gt;That dead *** will vote Dem for next hundred years any idea who Mike Brown will be voting for?
Here is what we know about Mike Brown. Case closed.
This is the best panoramic photo of Mike Brown's murder just MINUTES after it happened. Over 100+ away from the SUV.
Let's not forget that Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin are still dead, and Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman are still free and alive.
Mike Brown is hurt. John Scott is suspended. WHO WILL PROTECT THE Better call up Micheal Haley from Worcester!
If it weren't for the internet we wouldn't know of the names & stories of Kimani Gray and Mike Brown -
Basically, the official Darren Wilson story is that Mike Brown committed suicide by cop and that weed made him do it.
I get it. Darren Wilson's testimony functionally requires Mike Brown to have turned into Dr. Octopus for 15 seconds, but wai…
2. Nothing in the official autopsy of Mike Brown suggests he threw knockout punches or scratches to Darren Wilson. NOTHING.
That's exactly what I thought those leaks were about turning against Mike Brown and portray Ofc. Darren Wilson as victim!
The leaks are meant to absolve Darren Wilson and criminalize Mike Brown
Well, you can be an expert if your expertise confirms that global warming is a hoax, or that Mike Brown charged Darren Wilson.
I am tired of the negative talk about Mike Brown. We need a conviction of Officer Darren Wilson. Its taking too long.
Listen up everyone, no Ray rice, Mike Brown, Darren Wilson, ebola or racist Barack Obama costumes this year. Ok? Ok.
4. Darren Wilson says he "tried" to radio for backup before he got out to kill Mike Brown but his radio wasn't working prope…
Mike Brown autopsy by Baden was pro-Bono&there's no reason 2think StLouis county ME is biased.That's just paranoia
Pondering... Today I was speaking long distance with someone who has been a frequent visitor in St. Louis since the killing of Mike Brown. Someone with whom I do not always see eye to eye, but who still chooses to worship with us when in town. Before we hung up, they said, "if I were in town tomorrow, you know I would be in worship." Thinking about the 4 Canfield residents who have joined CTK and become active and loved here, even though they crossed off church years ago. Thinking about the many who continued to come across races, economic status, age, gender, just worship...drawn by encounters caused by the killing of Michael Brown. Thinking about the cards, the flowers, the prayer blanket, the peace cranes, the hugs, the tears, the shouts. Thinking about the elderly member who stood during announcements and shared she crocheted 95 hats and scarves for us to give away because since she could not march with us with her feet...she marched 5 crocheted miles with her hands. Thinking about thos ...
protesters chant "We are Mike Brown" Then they prove it. The resemblance is uncanny .
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Turn up, don't turn down, we do this for Mike Brown." wrapping up now.
Hundreds chanting Mike Brown's name over and over again.
Remember Rodney King and the LA riots? What do you think is gonna happen when the Mike Brown shooting is labeled justifiable?
Amnesty International report on violations of human rights in the wake of Mike Brown's death. Important document.
“from Rodney King to Mike Brown. that's scary” real talk
from Rodney King to Mike Brown. that's scary
Seattle Cops suing for 'constitutional right' to shoot or beat your a**! What about Mike Brown's rights' huh?
Bill gv it up. Blacks in Ferguson want Wilson as dead as Mike Brown. The threat is give us him or we won't be happy!
An under-discussed aspect of the Mike Brown situation: he and Dorian Johnson should never even have been approached
during the death struggle for the pistol, Mike Brown stop to handoff his cigarillos to Dorian Johnson http…
FROM:Scooby Wilson (up the streets with his latest underground release “Watch”, the lyricist known as T.E.A.R.S. is demanding attention with this thought provoking and honest hood anthem. Proclaiming his inevitable rise as “the leader of the new school”, the anthem also pays homage to Boston street legend Tony Johnson as well as recently fallen victims of police shootings in America (Mike Brown and Charles Smith). Filed under: Music Tagged: T.E.A.R.S. via AllHipHop T.E.A.R.S. – “Watch” October 23, 2014 at 10:30AM noreply(
What part does Ferguson Police not get? Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown without reason & lied to save his own *** No remorse whatsoever!
12 REAL NITTY GRITTY Truths: Following are hardcore truths that We Need to Digest and Correct: 1. Weaves stink. Most men will not tell you that, but dead hair from another person smells horrible. Think on it. 2. Black people love hearing themselves talk. That’s all we like to do is Talk. Oh! And march. If it is left up to our current Black mindset, We would be Marching around the World, Praying all day, Singing “We Shall Overcome” until we Die, before We lift a hand to fight Our Oppressors and Protect Ourselves against this wide open Murder and Mayhem against Us. Think on it. 3. However, We love to “play like” We doing something. We Love the illusion of action. Zimmerman and Darren Wilson are still free.They walking around, singing songs, signing autographs, and getting rich. While Trayvon and Mike Brown are Dead and Their Momma and Daddy Crying talking about "Let there Be Peace" and We waiting for Massa to say when its OK to start "play acting" again. Think on it. 4. Black people like to sett . ...
Anyone believing Mike Brown charged at Darren Wilson while high af should smoke some weed and see if their opinions change.
Notice that not a single leak has been unfavorable to Darren Wilson, though 6 witnesses say Mike Brown was shot with his han…
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Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson reportedly told the St. Louis County grand jury that he nearly lost consciousness after Mike Brown slugged him in the face. Michael Brown robbed a local Ferguson convenience store before he beat Officer Darren Wilson
in Action. About last night... We demand justice for Mike Brown. We demand indictment for Darren Wilson. We demand the We demand We demand Mario Luna and Fernando Jimenez to be FREED.
I'll bet this "grand jury" doesn't indict Darren Wilson for what he did to Mike Brown. Unfortunately, what is happening on the ground in Ferguson is about to get worse. This nation is gravely ill.
Breaking News: Protestors form a human blockade on Interstate 75/85 Northbound in Atlanta. They are standing in solidarity with Ferguson in memory of slain Mike Brown. Officer Darren Wilson...who murdered Brown, still has not been arrested.
Brian Hill...his first coach with Orlando. Mike Brown does count. He actually wasn't that bad.
Protestors yelling at black officers. "They are killing your people. Mike Brown could have been you. Could have been your…
Just read new Mike Brown autopsy. Beware passive language in govt docs, like “during the struggle the officer’s weapon was u…
Why I think Darren Wilson's murder of Mike Brown might go all the way to the Supreme Court.
Mike Brown's blood on the gun does not prove he reached for it. Blood can travel, fingerprints can't. Show me his fingerprin…
Right and I'm sure if they would of had Phil Jackson instead of Mike Brown as coach they would on made better decisions...
The assassination of Mike Brown after his murder... Authorities and Mass Media tactic to "leak" information to...
According to CNN Mike Brown shoved the gun into Darren Wilson's hip.
Anonymous banner hung at Bessey Hall calling for the indictment of Darren Wilson, the officer who gunned Mike Brown. htt…
People who think a Mike Brown led team with Mo Will as their 2nd best player would "smash" Phil and Kobe in a series shouldn't discuss bball
This autopsy confirms what we all already know: Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown, Jr. in cold blood.
Please read the official police report of the killing of Mike Brown. Let me know what you learn.
Again and again I ask, what did Darren Wilson intend to arrest Mike Brown for? Why did he screech tires in reverse and nearl…
The BIG NEWS today is that Mike Brown was shot 3 times in the head. Tonight it was confirmed that this was an execution.
Kobe didn’t make the Lakers trade two firsts for Nash. Or hire MDA. Or hire Mike Brown. Or not hire Phil Jackson.
Nobody wants to play for the Lakers when Management hires dantoni over Phil. Nobody wants to play for Mike Brown.
Let's be honest. Mike Brown was no angel. And neither are you. And neither am I. Should we be killed too?
The recorded audio of the gunfire shows a pause of THREE seconds where Mike Brown turned around and surrendered to Darren Wi…
However, and this is a HUGE however, when Mike Brown turned around, the ENTIRE case against Wilson changed dramatically.
(Fact.)RT Every single eyewitness stated Mike Brown was facing Wilson with hands up - aka surrendering
Trenton's Mike Brown memorial removed as it "did not promote peace." Real. Life.
So it's no disrespect to Mike Brown to call out the mass media's lies. No disrespect at all.
Two critical facts in Mike Brown shooting: at all times Darren Wilson had an SUV and a gun, and Mike Brown was on foot and u…
Amen. Thank you, Dr. Mike Brown for standing up for Biblical truth once again!
Dylan Klebold killed himself. Mike Brown goaded a cop into doing it.
It has been just over two months since the shooting of Mike Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Although an investigation is ongoing, a grand jury has been convened, and witnesses are testifying, that has not stopped Ferguson protesters from continuing their call for the arrest and murd…
1. Before you fired 2 fatal shots into Mike Brown's head, he had been shot 4 times by you. Did you still believe him to be a…
4. 6 eyewitnesses saw you take 6 shots at the back of Mike Brown. Was your intention to arrest or kill him with those shots?
5. After you shot Mike Brown through your SUV window, he fled over 100 feet, did you still feel threatened while you chased …
Fox news and right wingers number one enemy is president Obama their second most hated person is rev. Al Sharpton because he bought the Trayvon Martin case,the eric gardener case, the Mike Brown case etc.ect.ect to the national spotlight reverend Sharpton keep up the the good work because if it wasn't for you their voices would have never been heard. I know there are other voices that have not been heard but needs to heard but you are just one powerful voice who is notaafraid to speak.thanks and may god bless you.peace
I seen more Blacks do the ALS Challenge than March on behalf of Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin , Oscar Grant.
Mike Brown was running away while DW hunt him and fired shoots 100 feet away! New video must watch
This is my final analysis of the Mike Brown incident: If Mark David Chapman, James Holmes & John Hinckley Jr. all were taken into custody...
Oi what David Banner said is true when Mike Brown happened "Where dey at doh?" Smh
John and Eric were definitely wrongful. Mike Brown still up in the air leaning towards no indictment. Myers? Glad the thug is dead
What if justice in the Mike Brown case doesnt end in a conviction? - Christian Science Monitor
I'm bring Mike Brown, Jonah Ulane, Ryan Bier, and Jake Boryca. I just need one of the rally suckers.
The Garden for Justice just feet from where is the Justice for Mike Brown? For Vonderritt Meyers?
scratches are Colin McDonald, Eric Boulton and Matt Donovan. scratch James Sheppard, Mike Brown and Scott Hannan.
Call to Community Action: Frisco to Ferguson, Justice for Alex Nieto & Mike Brown! Willie Mays...
Around the State of Florida are crazy people who agree with Rick Scott's blaming of Mike Brown's parents for events in Fer…
Lakers believe Byron Scott's Princeton offense will fare better than Mike Brown's - Long Beach Press Telegram
We can't win with you. First Wilson over Luck, now Favre over Manning? What next, Mike Brown over Jim Irsay?
This will be the final season for Danbury Whalers goalie Mike Brown's professional hockey career
"I got a feeling Mike Brown daddy can rap."😂
New post: Nick Diaz on fighter Mike Brown & Chuck Liddell Vs Steve Heath at Warwick in Hollywood
Just a friendly reminder: Today is Christopher Columbus day, a federal holiday here in America since 1937 but it's been 64 days since Mike Brown was killed while his killer is still free.yeah, but i bet your mcm got you and his bae some crute clothes at that Columbus day sale..even used his wcw discount.
Catskill Mountains with valley fog by Mike Brown
But keep thinking the white man keeping you down. Keep deifying thugs and criminals like Mike Brown.
The recent deaths of Mike Brown and VonDerrit Myers and the resulting protests have stirred up a lot of emotions and opinions. People whowould never consider themselves racist have been saying things
MT "Palestinians express solidarity with people n Mike Brown statement
Mike Brown was 18 when murdered by prevented from finishing his childhood and living his future. http:/…
warmed my heart. What an incredible experience. Thank you, beautiful resistance. RIP Mike Brown...
Found this online with no signature. Sad but very true. I’m a cop. A few weeks ago, two of my beat partners and I were called to an apartment in a fairly nice complex to help a mother and father with their 16-year-old son. The son had no criminal history, and by all accounts was a decent kid. But he was having some problems at home — breaking things and making threats with a knife — and the parents needed our help. When we finally located the son, who is of mixed ethnicity (dad is white, mom is Hispanic), he instantly began cussing and yelling at us. He took a fighting stance and said he was not going to do anything we told him. Luckily, we were able to calm him and get him into handcuffs without any blows being thrown. We asked why he was so hostile towards us. His response? Ferguson. The cops could not be trusted because of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. He told us that he wanted to kill all white cops because of what “they” had done to Michael Brown. His parents were mortified by his st ...
I gave benefit of the doubt. Yet, his ignorance of Mike Brown story shows he's a manipulative, anon coward cop.
I'm sure Bey and Jay weren't thinking about Mike Brown and Columbus Day when they decided to take a family vacation.
Fast food workers leading their neighbors in demanding justice for Mike Brown
Two months ago, an unarmed teenager, Mike Brown, was killed by a Ferguson cop. The fight for justice must go on... http…
Marchers pause for 4.5 min of silence, a min for every hour Mike Brown's body lay dead in the street.
"...It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains..." Said 62 times for the 62 days that have happened since Mike Brown's death - 62 days still lacking justice and a policing system that refuses to honor the inherent value and dignity of all lives equally.
This girl in my composition class just asked who mike brown is. I've given up on white people
nope BUT CRAWFORD DID.. same as WILSON didnt know about the ROBBERY but mike brown did
Has seen a video of Mike Brown's killing that we haven't? via
All the issues in Ferguson could of been avoided if Darren Wilson didn't shoot at Mike Brown like 11x.
Nobody is saying Mike Brown is innocent. We saying he ain't deserve to be killed and his parents deserve a fair trial. Arrest that pig.
The mother said she heard about the Mike Brown situation & her heart was heavy b/c she was scared it would happen to h…
And y'all still quick to buy an album before you ever think about Mike Brown's memorial fund.
Justice for in the Long Shadow of Dred Scott
DO NOT ASSOCIATE YOURSELF with people who celebrate or condone the actions of STL PD since the murder of Mike Brown in…
Commies & Cop-Haters March in St. Louis at Mike Brown Rally, Threaten to Shut Down Cardinals Game
Like so much more has happened since Mike Brown. And yes people ARE still talking about all of these things simultaneously.
If you even half searched Mike Brown you'd see that NOTHING has stopped that movement.
. Trayvon=Beatdown on Zimmerman Mike Brown's Beatdown on Wilson Myers busts 3 Caps at Cop=
Eric Garner, Mike Brown and now Vonderritt Myers' killers are still out and about.
I liked a video James Brown on The Mike Douglas Show 1969
I am sitting with Cornel West and Jim Wallis and standing up for Mike Brown and all of our children whose lives have been snuffed out at the hands of police violence.
if people didn't want justice for Mike brown they wouldn't still be protesting like 3 months later and challenging the police. but okay.
Chant: "Mike Brown. Emmett Till. How many Black kids will you kill?!"
Mike Brown Mother leads the peaceful march last night CC:
. found traces of a video online from Ferguson the day Mike Brown was killed. Was deleted & scrubbed off the net…
a similar situation to Mike Brown happened in Toronto last year. Cop fired, charged for murder.
like um idk who you follow but I'm seeing people post about Mike Brown everyday and they're STILL protesting. what's your …
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Photos taken, Arizona, Art Youmans & Mike Brown. Taken on their way for Delivery, flat bed Drivers Long Haul for them, Arizona & Arkansas, then back East. Prayers to Saint Michael for Safety & Protection ! *♥*
Apparently Darren Wilson supporters have now invented claim he had a "broken jaw" after confrontation w/Mike Brown. http:…
Art Rooney clearly wants to emulate his grandfather: 40 years of mediocrity before contending again. He is new Mike Brown.
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After the Mike Brown shooting black people be like...
If she is not a phony then she would use this info to help Mike Brown
Mike Brown, Kelly Thomas, Travon Martin. *** This cruel brutality and murder of young men and women is *** ugly. Dirty lil bacon bits.
Mike Brown's mom marching with the crowd, and a family spokesman says she wants no violence or incitement from demonstrato…
Palestinians express solidarity with the people of in Mike Brown statement
Mike Brown means we got to fight back
(Ferguson protesters demand 'justice' for Mike Brown (
I'm talking about their punishment! That is just as big as the Mike Brown situation, but a lot of ppl have no idea about it
they shot this young unarmed boy 16 times. this is how the cops mark the 2mo anniversary of Mike Brown's death
Turn up. Don't turn down. We do this for Mike Brown. vesmatter
I would rather that Mike Brown and Vonderrit Myers had LIVED in a state that treated them like humans, not animals.
Intimidate like Mike Brown did to the store clerk or intimidate like Myers did with a gun?
While we mourn for the loss of Mike Brown and now Vonderrit Myers (Vonderrick? I’m still not clear, if you...
Mike Brown also assaulted the little pakastanni guy and Myers was a felon.
How can anyone argue Mike Brown, Vonderrik Myers & John Crawford aren’t about race when this dude is still alive?
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New Darren Wilson bracelets/t-shirts, w/ money going to him (still an officer) brag on 6 times Mike Brown was shot.
Texans's RB Arian Foster uses pregame warmups to show support for Ferguson, the suburb of St. Louis that was rocked by violence earlier this year after the shooting of Mike Brown. The front of Fost...
Mike Brown and The Ghost of the Dred Scott Decision - Urban Cusp
BREAKING NEWS Theresa Caputo the long island medium has contacted Mike Brown he said it was all his bad u can all go home now
how far Mike Brown was before Darren Willson shot him
Governor Nixon: Don't let Officer Darren Wilson get away with murder; secure justice for Mike Brown | ColorOfChange -
Scene of Mike Brown shooting with Rev. Jesse Jackson 8/16/14 from I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO
weren't the eye witnesses in Mike Brown case proven wrong by autopsy? Let investigation continue.
FIGHT CLUB: Check out the fight between the Kyle Clifford & the Mike Brown on opening night! http:…
Kings' Kyle Clifford squares off with Sharks' Mike Brown (NBC on Yahoo Sports):
“First fight of the season:. Mike Brown v. Kyle Clifford
If people like to troll online comments sections of stories like Mike Brown and Eric Garner with racist comments, just imagine how they vote. Hatred of African people is still VERY POPULAR in America. And if you notice, I'm not bringing up slavery or anything in the past. {{-_-}}
I'm against the Mike Brown shooting, but when someone shoots at a police officer, I expect them to shoot to kill.
Just like Mike Brown and his friend were walking home doing nuffin, right? Eyewitness said so!
"Which side are you on, friend, which side are you on? ...Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all" - (more resources below!)
Protesters peacefully interrupted a St. Louis Symphony performance to ask for justice for Mike Brown
Please provide an email address for Mike Brown? Urgently need contact with him
Symphony was interrupted By Mike Brown when the crowd started singing for Mike Brown and holding banners... The hole symphony applauded!
Checkmate!! A Saturday performance of the St. Louis Symphony was disrupted by protestors for Mike Brown! So classic! The look on the faces though
Do you have an email addy for Mike Brown? I need his attention to a matter urgently! His staff are up to crap! I'm desperate
Today we allow them to get away with calling us names, tomorrow they start killing us, oh wait...Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown,Kajiemie Powell
Liberals ALWAYS side with the criminals. Just look at Trayvon and Mike Brown
It’s been nearly two months since Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old, unarmed Black teenager, Mike Brown, and County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch has done everything in his power to avoid holding Wilson accountable, while state governor Jay Nixon stands idly by. We at the Organization…
I'm praying this is going to be more transparent than the shooting of Mike Brown but I doubt it
I want to publish my name to the Donate to the Legal Support Fund for Justice for Mike Brown giving stream! (Note: your contribution amount will not be shown)
Hold up. How yall shoot Mike Brown but let homeboy walk into the front door of the White House and yall tackle him? http:…
During the events leading from the shooting of Mike Brown there has been a strange presence in Ferguson, Mo. From the initial fliers handed out you...
Wrapping up the debut single "Oculis Silvestrium" this week! Featured in the upcoming horror movie Eyes of Wild Feature Film! Special guest appearance from Grammy nominated Mike Brown on lap steel. Here is a taste!
So I was at the Busch stadium and I here smattering of boos and racial slurs no justice there I suggest the march go to the Dome and the Arch the old courthouse where our ancestors where sold and killed but the arch and dome get attention back to mike brown
When defining these sociological theories I'm going to make it a point to use Mike Brown and Vonderrick Myers as examples on justifying thei
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One of my sixth graders decided to do his newspaper article assignment on Mike Brown. Taiwan stands w
can't trust the news reports of the most recent murder by ferguson policeman. After mike brown who would believe these police?
Iggy has to go. Where were you when Mike Brown was shot? So you'll suck a black *** but wont stand up for a black man.
& im sure Obama coward *** wont do anything about it just like for the Mike Brown shooting way to stick up for your race NOT
Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and now Vonderrick Myers. Shot down for what?
Mike Brown massacre by Ferguson Mo policeman Darren Wilson.the people are tired of being mistreated neglected; not having equal protection under the law; be racially disqualified; ruled over by a people that claim they are more morally righteous than others; Hated without a cause; treated unfairly; children murdered in the streets but know one seems to care;; covering up with the justice system for them; but prosecutes us with that same justice system; Yeah the people have reach the boiling point...prepare for a race war in America.but only this time fight the battle correctly strip this Gentile of his going first thing in the morning and find me a African American owned bank and put my money into it and take my money out of any body else going to give him his power when you give him your money no thats how you protest hurt his economy and improve yours...Rev
I'm sure they were doing that during the mike brown incident anyway tbh, judging by the looks of things anyway,
another black kid was shot and killed tonight in the same region as Mike Brown by an off duty white cop.. was shot 16 tim…
Good morning FB. Does anyone have a update on the "Mike Brown" Case? I had a dream about it but in place of him it was my son and I woke up terrified..
Mike Brown gets shot in the streets & left there for hours: "He shouldn't have (allegedly) stolen Swisher Sweets."
My heart is broken once again. Mike Brown's death shook me. Depressed me. Angered me. And now Vonderrick Myers...
Saving stills of Requiem for Mike Brown. White privilege woman went viral. Why not these decent folks? http…
like the lie that Trayvon was executed or that Mike brown was shot in the back lol. LIES.
No disrespect to Mike Brown but this ferguson fiasco been going on too long. Y'all gotta find new ways to get justice.
Vonderrick Myer. I hope this isn't Mike Brown all over again.
domain names
oh yup, same city too. Protests for Mike Brown still going on, another kid gets shot in the same *** city.
"One of our goals was to make the comfortable, uncomfortable."
"He was no angel." Wasn't that the title of that Mike Brown article? They're even lazy with their talking points.
First, we're to believe Mike Brown punched and charged at a cop. Now this young man tonight escaped from a cop only to a…
"How dare they leave a dog out in da street shot to bleed this is unacceptable"-Them.."oh Mike Brown well he smoke weed dey had no choice"
Tomorrow marks TWO MONTHS since the shooting of Mike Brown. . Officer Darren Wilson has still not been arrested.
Then again I forgot us blacks have marvel superpowers. Don't forget Mike Brown charged a shooting officer.
One consistent and inavoidable fact is that VonDerrick & Mike Brown were minding their own business when confronted by polic…
Disrupting a Classical Music Concert by chanting in support of Mike Brown? Sounds like a plan. (cont)
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