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Mike Brown

Michael “Mike” Brown (born March 5, 1970) is an American basketball head coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Eric Garner,Walter Scott, the list is too long.They should ALL BE ALIVE
Anthony Davis potentially taking Monty Williams to the playoffs is eerily similar to LeBron taking Mike Brown to the playoffs
Mike Brown was just on with Tom Wood and has given us his tips for today's Pick 6 at Waipa. 1) 1,2,3,8. 2) 4,1,7,2...
The race of the officer & victim are included because Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Anthony Hill, Mike Brown.
“How is kendrick a *** ” Probably bc of the last line is blacker the berry and his reaction to Mike Brown's murder
Site where young unarmed Mike Brown was shot&killed by Darren Wilson of Ferguson PD. Vote Tuesday.
Why do blacks hate whites so much? Mike Brown got what he was asking for. Officer Wilson did his job. Now sdfu and mov…
Justice is not an abstract concept. Justice is a living Mike Brown. Justice is Tamir playing outside again. Justice Darren Wilso…
Stuart Lancaster says Mike Brown is feeling '100%'
+ Mike Brown wary of rushing back with Harlequins after Six Nations concussion - ESPN
Brown set to be available for England: England full-back Mike Brown could face Scotland in the Six Nations as ...
Forget Where was all this solidarity when Mike Brown laid dead in the street? I forgot civil rights isn't very l…
Have you looked at who leads the White House? And who defending Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown? I dont call that exploiting blacks
DISGUSTING: White man BEATEN on bus by black guy because he wouldn ’t talk about Mike Brown via
Mike Brown: Six Nations heartbreak will spur England on going into Rugby ... - Daily Star
Had a very open conversation with a young intelligent man from Ferguson about black Mike Brown and black bulture
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"Whitey uses face against black mans fists after criticizing St. Mike Brown in public! Arrest the *** ".
"I can think of 5 black women who have been killed by police since Mike Brown. Why don't others know their names?" …
The month after Mike Brown was killed, the # of black ppl killed by police dropped 56% nationwide. Protests matter.
Sharks all time team current consists of Adam Scott, Mike Brown and Kent Huskins. My time line is better than yours!
The policing of black bodies: Racial profiling for profit and the killing of Ferguson's Mike Brown
How did Michael Phelps get busted for weed twice and Mike Brown was walking... Nvm
England's Mike Brown praises France for efforts at Twickenham - SkySports
Six Nations: England full-back Mike Brown slams Italy and Scotland and ...
"Venezuela is a threat like Mike Brown was a threat, like Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant were threats."
SAE, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Emmitt Till, Mike Brown and the list goes on. It's going to keep going on unless a change is made
Rally for Rodney Mitchell and Mike Brown to receive Justice in Sarasota, FL this Saturday,
furthermore Wilson testified Mike Brown's hands up at SUV after being shot but he tried to fire again
Wilson's sergeant said under oath to GJ that Wilson told him Mike Brown's hands were up After fleeing
According to Wilson's testimony and his sergeant's Mike Brown may have tried to surrender twice, 1st at SUV, then after fleeing
Wilson's sergeant's statement that DW told him Brown's hands were up after fleeing was a few days after Wilson killed Mike Brown
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DOJ witnesses contradict what Wilson's sergeant said Wilson told him, that Mike Brown's hands were up after fleeing
DOJ report witnesses & both saw Mike Brown's hands up after fleeing, though they claim he then began running again
Common says we should extend our hands to white Ppl to end racism but Mike Brown extended his hands and we all know how that turned out
Wilson says Mike Brown had his hands up after he shot Brown at the SUV, then he pulls the trigger again
reading more,Wilson is saying Mike Brown's hands up at SUV
Troy Robinson like Mike Brown is dead for fighting with a cop. They never learn.
Mike Brown looks like golum and is a ***
.Darren Wilson may have "watched over" Mike Brown, but he didn't have to give much of an account.
Mike Brown ready if Scotland take the aerial route, says (Pic: Graham Hughes)
Fantasy team details to update your team - England: Mike Brown; Anthony Watson; Jonathan Joseph; Luther...
Lynch said AG would not differ from Holder; more F&F, TeaParty targeting & justice for Mike Brown... Why vote for confirmation?
Mike Brown. Trayvon. Eric Garner. Anthony Hill. Tamir Rice. The list goes on and on. They all "deserved" it hunh? Right.
England make two changes for the Six Nations match against Scotland, with Courtney Lawes and Mike Brown returning to the XV.
Dillon was being defiant you say? Agreed, so was Mike Brown, who attacked a cop after committing strong arm robery
if you attack a cop u die for stupidity. Mike Brown was stupid as forensic science proved! Even family expert said so!
irresponsible is Obama, Holder, and Sharpton suggesting that Mike Brown was innocent in the first place. Blame them.
and Mike Brown didn't rob a store, assault the owner, attack a police officer, and try to kill him with his own gun.
if the 'narrative' was Mike Brown robbed a store, assaulted the owner, and attacked a Police Officer things would be different
.Your "timeline" is shameful. You know the protests began b/c Mike Brown's body was left in the street for…
and I'm not referring to Mike Brown. Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and John Crawford are much better examples
Dear God, while Mike Brown sleeps 2nite let him accept the idea of signing both Nick Fairley and Michael Johnson immediately.
A few more pictures from our Senior Portfolio Manager, Mike Brown on his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.
England have brought Mike Brown and Courtney Lawes back in as they aim to keep the pressure on Ireland
Full England squad as Mike Brown & Courtney Lawes return for Scotland game in the Six Nations:
Courtney Lawes, Mike Brown make England Six Nations starting XV to play Scotland
Mike Brown crowd is huge. They are the lynch Cotton and herald Bergdahl crew. 😩
Our Senior Portfolio Manager, Mike Brown at the Roof of Africa on his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.
It seems like the Left's dishonesty centrifuges are spinning faster and faster these day- UVA, Mattress Girl, Mike Brown, Tony Robinson, etc
did you actually see Tony Robinson or Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin gangbanging? oh you didnt? so stop trying to portray them as such.
Sure wish the Mike Brown verdict would've turned out like the Brandon Parker one
Ron Wilson used Shelley in 6/19 po games w the McLellan has used Mike Brown in 6/7. Guess nobody told SJ goons r being phased out
Why did let Attorney Daryl Parks get away with calling Mike Brown a "child"? He was 18 yrs old, 300 lbs, 6'4", a thief and thug.
Reno has sexual feeling for Mike Brown's ghost.
We may not get justice for Trayvon or Mike Brown or Eric Garner or Tamir Rice or Aiyana Jones but we got it through Olivia on
Wearing a hoodie(Trayvon), killed in the street by his house(Mike Brown), reached in his pocket(Tamir Rice). Liv with the…
.just gave us Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, & Mike Brown incidents in the first 8 minutes thank you
Mrs. Angela Bassett husband bout to come thru for Mike Brown (with a twist!)!
right; Darren Wilson enjoys the presumption of innocence that HE didn't grant Mike Brown.
Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Aiyana Jones. They're who we're fighting for! Yet you wanna spend ur time arguing w/ racist trolls. How, Sway?!
G8 2 see our ambassador Mike Brown back training and in contention 4 Calcutta Cup
Drink every time Mike Brown talks about General Yamamoto and Pearl Harbor
Mike Brown was "no angel", Garner was a "repeat offender" and now this. Let the media character assassinations begin. h…
we haven't forgotten Ferguson, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones so why are yall forgetting Acapulco, Claudio Castillo Peña? hmm?
Firefighters testify in front of the Missouri General Assembly about their response on the night of the Mike Brown grand jury decision
Expected tough, tense opening but we don't half seem to be missing Mike Brown here. Goode's good, just not as good
support the real ones who been active since Mike Brown was killed
Chef Shout Out to Mike Brown of and Steven Brown of tickets are selling fast: http:…
Still waiting for justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Aiyana Jones, Tamir Rice, and others that were KILLED by police.
But, yes...Lewis has GOT to go! We just have he and Dalton extensions last season. You know who the problem is? Mike Brown
I think Kanye is basically subliminally saying that AA people should have handled Mike Brown etc like Britain handled Mark Duggan death 💭
Whoda thunk Mike Brown would be off this list and Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder on it? RE
What Will the Holidays Be Like for the Families of Mike Brown, Eric Garner
oh dear sports guy on Steve wright Big Show I think you will find it is Mike Brown not Mike Ford being stood down
England fullback Mike Brown ruled out of Ireland game on Sunday
Mike Brown is ruled out for England v Ireland
Conor O'Shea hopes Mike Brown can face Ireland Conor O'Shea has launched an impa
Day 200. . That’s 200 days Darren Wilson has remained free after murdering Mike Brown.
Six Nations 2015: England full-back Mike Brown to miss Ireland clash after Italy KO
England doing exactly the right thing with Mike Brown tho (or at least looks that way from the outside)
England full-back Mike Brown remains a doubt for Six Nations clash with Ireland
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Pennel called up to England squad to replace injured Mike Brown
Worcester's Chris Pennell added to England's Six Nations squad as cover for full-back Mike Brown
Lancaster waits on Brown news: England head coach Stuart Lancaster admits Mike Brown's participation in Sunday's…
England coach Stuart Lancaster rates Mike Brown as highly doubtful for Six Nations game with Ireland
“England's Mike Brown unlikely to face Ireland Read more: WORLD STAR!!
England full-back Mike Brown looks unlikely to face Ireland following a setback in his recovery from concussion.
SAM PETERS: Mike Brown hopes to begin a gradual return to training on Wednesday but England coach Stuart Lancaster insists…
England coach Stuart Lancaster won't rush full-back Mike Brown back into action ahead of Six ...: England head...
England full-back Mike Brown appears unlikely to face Ireland in the Read more:
Worcester's Chris Pennell has been called into the England training squad to cover for Mike Brown's concussion. http:/…
Mike Brown family atty Benjamin Crump takes another case..."just throwing rocks", but there's more
Benjamin Crump, Mike Brown's family lawyer, will represent the family of Antonio Montes:
.- it was not unusual that Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson were stopped by police, and it's still not unusual.
England handed boost ahead of Six Nations showdown with Ireland as full-back Mike Brown nears return
England's Stuart Lancaster hoping he can select Mike Brown for Six Nations game with Ireland -
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Mike Brown still suffering from concussion as England boss Stuart Lancaster admits he's uncertain if full-back will face Ireland
England remain cautious with Brown: England head coach Stuart Lancaster says full-back Mike Brown is not yet s...
"GEORGE BUSH DON'T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE" YE? He can't say something about Mike Brown or Ferguson? b/c his parent told him to…
The legend Sam Hyde triggers some leftists with some Mike Brown jokes
The long awaited return of Sam Hyde - You might be Mike Brown if...
England’s determination to treat Mike Brown by the book shows progress | Andy Bull
Its entertainment to them. Mike Brown, et al, being gunned down like a dogs is their version of Ellen.
Mike Brown is fine... he was annoyed to miss England's win over Italy! Stuart Lancaster salutes full back's br...
This will be a test as Mike Brown is knocked out.
Mike Brown is murdered in cold blood and he is called a thug. White man executes 3 people, and he is called a "nutty nei…
Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Jordan Davis etc get murdered in cold blood & they're labeled as "thugs"
Mike Brown shares how RSA is helping the fight manage prevent & more [BLOG]
Update: Mike Brown's killer is still free. Tamir Rice's killer is still free. Tanisha Anderson's killer is still free. John Crawford's...
chapel hill shooter killed three more people than Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Jon Crawford, Eric Garner combined yet he's alive
Its very true that the incidents regarding Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and even Trayvon Martin shouldn't have happened
Breaks my heart how the media & public already forgot about Mike Brown and Eric Garner & how they won't talk about the Chapel Hill Shooting
I want to see protests for the hate crime against the 3 Muslims the way people were protesting the Eric Garner and Mike Brown hate crimes
Mike Brown who,Travon Martin who,And many more lost to the test of time families still greaving with no camera or talk shows.And no justice
Black Lives Matter march for Mike Brown and Kevin Davis downtown Atlanta about 30 minutes ago.
Lynching still goes on in America last year Eric Gardner and Mike Brown were lynched in public in broad daylight 4 all 2 see
There is no sense in this: Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Jonathan Ferrell, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Sean …
Live teaching by Dr. Mike Brown, now at The Wisdom Center Conference. . Button 15. Come.
George North picks Mike Brown up in one hand, kicked in the head still going! How many chargedowns? Tony Watson electric.
We saw it when everyone from Charles Barkley to pseudo populist hacks like Mike Rowe victim-blamed Mike Brown
Fantasy rugby is just wrecking my head. I can't choose. Mike Brown or Rob Kearney?
Have thoughts on Mike Brown? Eric Garner? Tamir Rice? Sign up for a spot in our Open Mic Event!
Bravo to D'Angelo for using his first performance to honor Mike Brown and Eric Garner! . http…
Dey gunned my young boy down Mike Brown, what if it was Mike like... Like mike wit da one glove, Mike still sellin shoes he aint showin love
Not backpedaling. I unequivocally support justice for Mike Brown and Vonderrit Myers and Kajieme Powell.
Black like Mike Jordan, ok. Black like Mike Brown, not ok.
Dillard University showing love and support to Mike Brown 🔵⚪️ ✊
In the murders of Darrien Hunt, Mike Brown and Eric Garner, his momma got charged, his step daddy invest
well considering I'm steal alive/breathing and Eric Garner and Mike Brown are worm chow they at least did better than theirs 😂😂😂
Wow Jones just said Thibbedeau is Mike Brown and the have NO OTHER offensive threats besides Derrick Rose.
Trayvon had Tracy Martin. Jordan had Ron Davis. Mike had Mike Brown, Sr. Sean had William Bell. cc
People who suddenly love Katie Hopkins need to remember the disgusting things she said about Mike Brown and Palestinians. She is scum.
That's not what happened with Mike Brown.
While online yesterday I came across an article whose title said something to the effect that Chris Kyle was not the person we think he was. I did not click on it. I assumed it was just another leftist trying to tear down a real American hero. The left really has a problem with heroes. Think of who many of their heroes are. Che Guevara, a coward who never fought in battle but who took great pleasure in executing prisoners who could not defend themselves. Bill Clinton, at best a serial philanderer, and at worst (?), a man who has been accused of rape by many women. Trayvon Martin, a thief who was on his way to buy ingredients to make a drug cocktail when he attacked a man who was following him because he looked suspicious. Mike Brown, a thug rapper, who robbed a convenience store and threatened the owner before dying after attacking a cop. Mohammed, a pedophile and mass murderer who told his followers that women are to be treated like dogs, dogs are to be tortured and killed, and children are to b ...
England full-back Mike Brown insists the Red Rose are on a mission to make this a year to remember as they go in search of a Six Nations and Rugby World Cup double in 2015.
Mike Brown says England want to win the Six Nations before mounting a challenge for the World Cup: England ful...
I remember when they asked Young Thug about Mike Brown he said "I ain't worried about allat, I got all this ice on, we hav…
nahh there gas been bigger busts than bennett and it was more of a Mike Brown move to me than Grant it was browns guy
That's what's happened recently in police brutality and killings. Once again, we shouldn't forget Oscar Grant, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner.
What's worse in The Sight of God: Darren Wilson killing Mike Brown or Derek killing Derek...your OWN BROTHER?. ~ …
Oscar Grant's uncle Bobby up here with the Mike Brown shirt on giving mayor Libby that work about justice.
I'll never forget about Trayvon, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, John Crawford, Jordan Davis and so many others killed for being black
Think we can all understand now how Issac Holmes, Antonio Martin and Mike Brown ended up w…
Notion that Mike Brown was not a "good victim" gives the state credit that it hasn't really earned.
"Mike Brown means we've got to fight back. Emmett Till means we've got to fight back. It's 2015 we've got to fight back."
Prof acknowledges inconsistencies between witness testimonies re: shooting of Mike Brown. "Yes," white kid murmurs under his breath
I'm talking Travyvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and the changes we need to make NOW on 3:30pm PT today
POTUS saying "Ferguson and New York" instead of "Mike Brown and Eric Garner" tells me that we still have more disrupting to do…
RIP 2 Mike Brown & Eric Garner.check this music video
why this not getting the massive media attention that the Mike Brown shooting did? hmm.. (warning: hard to watch).
Darren Wilson will likely not face Civil Rights charges for the shooting of Mike Brown:
Talking bout Emmett Till case in class. Lecturer just said "the jury became part of the lynch mob" makes me think of Mike Brown's murder
GBWR announce fantastic partnership with BT at Twickenham wth Mike Brown http…
where were u when Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown were Viciously Murdered by White Supremacists like Zimmerman and Officer Wilson?
The New York Times is reporting that the Department of Justice is nearly ready to release a memo that will essentially clear former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of Mike Brown in 2014. According to the report: The Justice Department is taking t
Oddly named Department of Justice will not charge Darren Wilson with civil rights violations for killing Mike Brown.
Darren Wilson, would, in essence, have to scream "I hate *** right before shooting Mike Brown, before the law sees him …
Obama’s Dept. of Justice Just Cleared Officer Wilson for Last Year’s Shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson | LibertyNEWS
that misogynist who was harassing carrie for 20 hours also complained that the troops didn't get enough support in wake of Mike Brown murder
Never shut up about Ferguson. Never shut up about Mike Brown.
If you were not outraged over the deaths of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner you are not pro life.
Mike Brown, punched a cop. Vonderrit Myers, shot at a cop. Antonio Martin, pulled a gun on a cop. All three big heroes in
So sad my grandchildren will one day likely see films about Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, John Crawford, etc.
Think MLK Jr would be a fan of Mike Brown? VIDEO:
NEW YORK TIMES: Report: DOJ ready to clear Darren Wilson of civil rights charge in Mike Brown shooting:
and Andy Dalton is a pro bowler. I remember him on the the Redskins and Mike Brown laying his *** out.
Thank you all for the incredible response to our new song, "Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)" I wrote the song to express my feelings after the grand jury dismissals in the Eric Garner and Mike Brown killings by police officers. This song is a call to action that I hope inspires dialog and contributes in a small way to much needed change in our country today. Watch the video here and download the song now at we all see justice, then we'll all see peace!"
Eric Garner memorial mysteriously burns down...on MLK day. Same as Mike Brown memorial
“Police officers are not judges, juries or executioners.” -Wolfe on why it doesn’t matter if Mike Brown committed crime
Bengals announce that Mike Brown has moved to guarantee the entirety of Pro Bowl QB Andy Dalton's contract.
why is James Holmes still alive and Mike Brown isn't?
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I think that's what got me emotional. The similarities between Jimmy Lee Jackson in 1965, and Mike Brown in 2014.
if you were silent about Eric Garner, John Crawford, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, or any account of polic…
.No matter how many exclamation marks you use, fact is majority of eyewitnesses testified Mike Brown's hands were…
Who went to church today that talked about MLK but never once mentioned Ferguson or Mike Brown or even Nigeria?
Comparison of Mike Brown and Ted Bundy. Sources are listed on the actual post.
What do you think? New Yorker Cover Depicts MLK, Trayvon Martin & Mike Brown | News One
In the past two weeks, grand juries have chosen not to indict Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Mike Brown, or Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who killed Eric Garner. One person involved with these cases was indicted though: Ramsey Orta, the man who shot the video of Eric Garner’s altercation with…
Nah, Eric Garner, the Asian officer that was shot, Trayvon and Mike Brown behind him.
No matter if its from George Stinney 1944 or to Mike Brown 2015 I will NEVER FORGET and never give up the fight I will always show my love
Die-in: 15 minutes of silence. 4 minutes = 4 hours for Mike Brown. 11 minutes = # of times said
OJ murdered that white woman and that man just like Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown 😔
Next week brings the return of Wonderland! We're going down the rabbit hole with stories about the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, Chris Kyle, taking a look back on the Mike Brown and Erik Garner cases, and plenty more that is going on around us in this crazy place we call home. Looking forward to what you guys have to say on these topics and any ideas you want covered.
is still riding the Mike Brown was an angel floating down the street sprinkling angel dust story.
Selma came at the verdict of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Almost look like a plan on purpose. Study Wave Function Collapse and holla back.
"Blue Men don't talk but have a lot to say," said Mike Brown of We chat ahead of show:
have signed former WR Mike Brown to a reserve/future contract. Was undrafted out of Liberty in 2012.
While we at it, John Hinckley went str8 Luca Brasi on Republican God Reagan & chills at St E's now. Mike Brown had some Rillos!!!
Crooked I is out here rapping about Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, while these mainstream artists are talkin bout bs
FSO needs to just start replaying last season's Cavs games. Maybe 200 min. of Mike Brown and Alonzo Gee will bring everyone back to Earth.
Mike Brown attacked a police officer. Amanda Knox, at least initially, was found not guilty of the alleged crime
John Fox was fired by the Broncos Monday afternoon, he should be introduced as the Bengals Head Coach Tuesday if Mike Brown had anything resembling some leadership. Marvin Lewis has had his tenure in Cincinnati, a long one at that but the time has come for a change. John Fox was the head coach in Denver for 4 seasons. Fox was 46-18 in his four seasons, he led the Broncos to the playoffs three years in a row, and a Super Bowl appearance last season. [ 332 more words. ]
He sent more representation to Mike Brown's funeral than he did to Paris. Knock it off, Terrell.
And let's be clear, Mike Brown and Eric Garner are no Jimmy Lee Jackson nor James Reeb.
Think of how Republicans have treated George Zimmerman, Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling Vs Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice...
Iggy's here because God wants her to be. Mike Brown isn't because we gotta respect ourselves. Oh Kendrick.
George Zimmerman has been arrested more times since he killed Trayvon than Trayvon, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice ever were. Fascinati…
Please be in prayer for the families of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Trayvon Martin.
How to create a false narrative:. taught by Dorian Johnson, Mike Brown's best friend!
2 Part of the national protests for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Dontre Hamilton, Antonio Martin, an many many more who have lost their lives to police brutality.
Calling all allies. This Is the part of the struggle that has been neglected for many decades before Mike Brown, Eric Garner etc.
you are wrong the MO NACCP has filed suit againt the Mike Brown prosecutor..
Mike Brown was walking home Anthony Baez was playing football. Aiyana Jones was sleeping on the couch. Akai Gurley was taking the stairs. Jonathan Ferrell was signaling officers after a car accident Tamir Rice was playing in a park John Crawford was shopping at WalMart Shaqur McNair was walking home Jordan Baker was shopping at the mall 93 year old Pearlie Golden was sitting at home, watching tv Mckenzie Cochran was shopping at a mall Tarika Wilson was at home when her and her 1 year old were shot in a drug raid at the wrong address Raymond Herisse was shot at 115 times by police, who also wounded 5 bystanders. No reason was ever given. Kimani Gray was headed home, and "adjusted his waistband in a suspicious manner" according to police Damon Abraham walked into a police station to get details on a restraining order that had been filed against him. He died in handcuffs after being tased at least 4 times and beaten 73 year old Bernard Monroe was in his front yard enjoying a family picnic. 60 year old Robert ...
I roll my eyes super HARD when people constantly blame the media for unrest in America. That's a deflection. Sure..."the media" can hype things up, but "the media" did not shoot Mike Brown..."The Media" did not kill Eric Garner..."The Media" did not kill Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Trayvon Martin, John Crawford, or Sheneque Proctor. The media knows what to "sensationalize"...sure, but that doesn't make the deaths of these individuals any less tragic. Wait...lemme translate for the privileged majority. (Ahem) What I meant to say was: "Black black black black, Race Card Race Bait Slavery Obama oppression Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson Welfare free my *** Boosie thug life Jordan retros Food Stamps Baby daddy Thug life."
Mike Brown's parents apologized for cops being shot. Muslims apologize for terrorism. when will white people apologize for the…
Mike Brown and Ruth Lang talk basketball in this week's Huddle video
Because I root for the Bengals and I'm jealous because they have someone like Jerry Jones. Meanwhile, I have Mike Brown
Mike Brown,Bill Cosby and the attack of the black man in 2014: Black Comics Gone Wild…
but we know the names of Antonio Martin, Mike Brown and Vonderit Myers. A couple of scumbag criminals.
Just wondering why Wilson spared Dorian Johnson instead of Mike Brown if he was out for black blood that day.
Yeah.. . Macklemore has said & done more in support of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown than most black celebs. I have 2 be nice .
In this lawsuit, the grand juror also states that McCulloch did more to try Mike Brown than Darren Wilson.
Wow. A member of the Darren Wilson/Mike Brown grand jury is suing Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. Says Wilson was guilty.
Yes! // Darren Wilson grand juror suing prosecutor for botching the case and putting Mike Brown on trial
So once again New York City police officers by the thousands turned their backs on Mayor Bill DeBlasio after being directed not to do such a thing by their boss Commissioner Bill Bratton. It was a disrespect to the widow of officer Liu and shows you just how out of control NYPD is at this time.. A few things to keep in mind.. First and foremost the rationale for them turning their backs is that a criminal who shot his girlfriend decided to ambush two NYPD officers and said it was in revenge for the non indictments of officers who killed Eric Garner and Mike Brown.. As journalist and as police officers who do investigation, one is charged with the duty of finding out what sort of direct connection the assailant had with protests. We are charged with finding out if the assailant listened to a speech or read something by Mayor Bill deBlasio and decided to act upon it in such an egregious manner... and even if he did, should the person who voiced a concern or opinion about the behavior of public servants b .. ...
Mike Brown only cares if the stadium is full. That's where he differs from Paul. He's the cause
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This beer goes out to you, Mike Brown. The next one goes out to Jon Kitna. After that, Chris Perry. Then, well, tha gawd Reggie Kelly.
Alright, well are you referring to the coaching staff or Mike Brown? Just curious
Is that a shot at the coaching staff or Mike Brown?
In '09 when the Cavs won 66 games no one complained about Mike Brown. They just ran into a match up nightmare with the Orlando Magic.
Groundbreaking News Story of 2014: CM Punk leaving WWE out of nowhere. (Mike Brown close second)
A video is currently doing the rounds on FB purporting to be of Mike Brown viciously attacking an elderly man and stealing his back pack. This video is being shared by many as evidence that Brown was a thug and therefore his shooting justified. However has revealed that this video was originally posted to the internet in 2012 under the title 'only in Woodland City' (an apartment complex in Dallas Texas) Not only has Brown stood between 6' 4" and 6' 5" tall never lived in Dallas but unless this happens to be a gathering of unusually tall people it seems clear that the man committing this cowardly attack is far shorter than that height.Mike Brown. It is sad indeed to see people using such apparent falsehoods to justify their beliefs but sadly FB spreads just as much darkness as it does light and the lesson is that just because someone posts something on FB doesn't mean it has to be true.
picture me with long brown silky hair and bulging muscles with rock hard abs that's what I saw 👌👍
'The Fleshy Excess of Black Life': how black bodies are seen as "justifiably murderable"
Community organizer remind Claremont protestors to be aware of their privileges. We are not all Mike Brown. We all do stan…
Imagine goin' to the store without cops harrassin',. Imagine Mike brown walkin', them same cops just passed him
Does a video depict Mike Brown assaulting an elderly man over a stolen backpack?
THANK YOU! Finna enjoy it like Mike Brown enjoyed that Bullet ! 😂😂😂
a anecdote: at my family's biz in S StL, we hung this after Mike Brown was murdered:
this is what my old boss had to say about Mike Brown. It's not even him in that video.
When you hear about Eric Garner's death ruled justifiable AFTER hearing no charges were filed for Mike Brown's death
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The same way "witnesses" lied and claimed Mike Brown had his hands up? You guys are a bunch of shameless liars.
He even marched for Mike brown. The last person who talked about loving like that was Pac and then Nas.
King has to Thank cop 4 shooting Mike Brown. He got a full time job working dailykos Brown's blood feeds his family
???!With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL???! View and share in the name of JUSTICE!!! (I wrote and produced this song the day Mike Brown was murdered. Enough is Enough!!!)
And here's why. You are a law abiding citizen You most likely have never been arrested once or twice or five or ten times let alone 31 times You probably don't even know anybody who has been arrested 5 times let alone 31 times And if you were ever in a situation where an officer of the law tells you that you are under arrest you listen to them. You do not tell the police you aren't going to be arrested today When being placed under arrest, you don't resist and prevent the police from hand cuffing you. You are probably not 6 ft. 4 in. 350 lbs. and asthmatic, and if you are you probably know that resisting arrest may lead to consequences. Hands up don't shoot? Relax, I am guessing that You probably didn't just commit robbery but if you did, When confronted by the police you probably wont try to walk away and then when pursued you probably wont try to punch the officer in the head multiple times and then try to reach for his gun When you cant get it you probably would listen when the officer tells you to fre ...
I didn't see swag, thot, the mike brown thing is quiet, 2015 is gonna kick ***
Were his hands up like Mike Brown's hands were up?
How much money will Mike Brown have to pay Urban Meyer to coach my Bengals? Time for Marvin Lewis to go. Sorry! And take Andy Dalton with him.
Mike Brown memorial destroyed again -12/26/14
This makes me sick to my stomach R.I.P. Mike Brown This "song" was performed at a charity event held by the police. To add insult to injury, the song was performed by a police officer. Watch how many people still try to say "it's not about race." Me On Instagram - Motown423
They had someone there to pick up Mike Brown's body much earlier than that, but unsafe to do so due to large angry crowd.
Referee Mike Leggo tossed his cookies on the Pittsburgh ice. That's embarrassing.
Mike Brown is just a bad excuse to not work, cause trouble, pile trash in the street, and get attention.
how sad, her own family is the reason she died. Like Mike Brown
like was the murder of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice just my mind playing tricks on me ?
It'd be funny to see him go back to the Falcons. Wouldn't happen, but hey Mike Brown went back to Cavs again. Lol! .
Guys!I posted the supposed Mike Brown video but my comments against it didn't come up!To all who know me,my bad!To those who don't,relax!
yes and I will say the same thing to them. They should've been punished too. Mike Brown was a thug. He was stealing rellos
Completely random since I am African American why so many of us hate on fight or kill other African American people..but when another race do it we act up stand up..No doubt it's not right for other races to do so such as Mike brown ext which is very disturbing and I believe 1000 percent not right..If you see another black person doing great why hate? You should be happy. .If you see an african american getting bread whatever you know they being successful why talk down?...You might as well be racist if you do ...That's a plus for us..but alot of blacks quick to pull the white man hold us down kinfolk..Naaawww you hold yourself determine your own destiny..that's why you see those successful black people grinding and those say bro let me hold lil something until I get paid kinfolk people..Better get out and get it..And this is not aimed at nobody specifically because I know how emotional fb people get and anybody who really know me know if you not directly in my circle I don't care..and I don't . ...
Eric Garner had a wife and children. Mike Brown was on his way to college... Thugs???
Dalton hands down, and the head coach he plays for doesn't help matters any!!! MIKE BROWN STEP DOWN!!!
Turn up don't turn down we do this for Mike Brown . - Hacked By Ebony Alwaysaqueen Williams. o gotta be quicker than that
Keep them away from Mike Brown he might steal them. RT
no criminals like Mike brown hate the law
RIP Mike Brown. I haven't forgotten about you man.
The Montgomery Bus Boycotts were 381 days. Today is 147 days that Mike Brown has been dead. Y'all, we are just getting started. …
Memorial is a bit of a stretch, it was more of a trash pile... Ironically fitting tribute to the thief & thug Mike Brown...
Mike Brown: That was a great comeback victory
CB: We All Know Who Burned the Mike Brown Memorial Down. They watched it burn like...
Like mike.brown. and Tamir Rice. and Antonio Martin.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
They gunned my young boy down. Mike Brown. What if it was Mike White? Right
I spent my NYE with my family. A luxury robbed from Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and other victims of police brutal…
No one said it? are you kidding? This 'movement' went from Mike Brown to FTP to kill the Polic…
yes but Antonio Martin and Mike Brown and Tamir Rice and John Crawford aren't police corruption.
take a moment to reflect on the people that passed in 2014: Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Philip Seymou…
Serious for a second, 2014 was not my worst year. I rounded out my GPA to nearly a four point, turned a quarter century, and maintained and even made new, healthy friendships. I taught English 102 for the first time and started coming into my own as a teacher. I learned HUGELY important things, like that it's my art that makes me happy way more than any man ever has or could. I went to LA and saw the museum of death and Murder House. I wrote over thirty-five grand in grants and had 14 publications in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Learned how to Instagram and subsequently learned to love nature. My team won the super-bowl and a stranger kissed me on Halloween. I found God and lost God and found God again. I am still finding God in strange unexpected places, in the creamy pages of dusty library books on the fourth floor, in a kitten stuck in a tree, in the love of friends and family. And in the light of the gospel of Christ. We lost Robin Williams, but his legacy lives on, and we lost Mike Brown, but Am ...
Rest in peace Leelah Alcorn, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and all the countless other people who will not see 2015 because of the hate in this world.
Lil Fizz talks Mike Brown, making money after B2K, Moniece, Amanda and more.
Leelah Alcorn your death was a tragedy that should never have happened, and I'm sorry your parents still refuse to honour you in your death with at least the decency to use your real name and gender and not the one they wish you fitted. Conversion therapy is torture. Those whose children commit suicide after being subjected to it are nothing less than murderers. May they never find peace in their religion or their God. Last time I checked most religions advocate for love and compassion and certainly not for hate to be thrown upon the marginalised. There will be no rest for any of us until the oppressed can stand liberated of a worthless system that allows the torture and murder of innocent people, especially lovely young women like Leelah, or innocent boys like Trayvon, Mike Brown, and countless others.
Mike Brown would be a better coach for the then at least we'd play a little defense.
Photo: afrodite-athena: J.Cole pays his respect to Mike Brown it was a must i reblogged this twice I. DO.
So if we abide by this, who will focus on the families of Dontre Hamilton, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, etc.? http:/…
Sybrina Fulton shares experience of overcoming media's smear campaign of Trayvon, with Mike Brown's mom:
Cavs didn't fire Mike Brown after they lost to a Lakers team with four eligible dudes. Blatt has some time.
"Yo I got an idea I should change my AVI to Mike Brown" - Michael Eggleton
I think if you protest for Eric Garner & Mike Brown, you should do the same for the two police officers that got killed
RIP Mike Brown, Eric Garner and all the innocent people we've lost. .
Killing Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, ETC... has nothing to do with it Giuliani?. Giuliani...
It's amazing and sickening how the Eric Garner and Mike Brown supporters are praising th...
But with that said, my gut tells me that the situation with Mike Brown was an issue of survival. Eric Garner? An accident, IMO.
Is the mayor's race baiting and giving sympathies to Eric Garner and Mike Brown 'inappropriate' too?
The killings of Mike Brown, Eric Garner & those who didn't make national headlines showed us we have a long way to go
NYC police officers shot dead by black man as revenge for Eric Garner & Mike Brown
Yeah but it seems like now, that police officers around the world, are being targeted, cause of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.
2014 been an odd year their was the Cosby Crisis, Mike Brown & Eric Gardner death, and many more that happened this year.
the no indictment of Mike Brown and Eric Garner.
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