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Mike Brown

Michael “Mike” Brown (born March 5, 1970) is an American basketball head coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The officer that shot Mike Brown still free and Adrian Peterson is getting arrested for whooping his son? Explain.
They are really coming down *** Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were murdered and what's has been done about that?
to date, there is NO evidence from a credible source, eye witness, corroborating claim that Mike Brown charged at Darren…
Police capture convicted murderer Thomas "TJ" Lane but gun down an unarmed Mike Brown.
Oh yeah...There was something I wanted to share with yall. With all the recent happenings, from Mike Brown to Adrian Peterson and everywhere in between...I had a thought that came to mind earlier. Forget love and hate...There is an even thinner line between equality and supremacy. They've already stolen any and everything they possibly could from they think they have the authority to dictate our lives. No matter what you claim or where you're from...they can't defeat us if we're unified. indeed all. 1000.
Why was Mike Brown's body left there for hours? v
Fox News objects to calling Mike Brown "an unarmed teen"
At this point, it's a blatant slap in the face, and a clear message being sent. Mike Brown's life had less value than that…
So Adrian Peterson cant discipline his own son but George Zimmerman and the cops that shot ramarley Graham and Mike Brown as well as killed Eric Garner get to roam free... I find that funny..
While Ray Rice gets booted for a year, AP gets benched, the men who killed Eric Garner, Mike Brown, & John Crawford still ha…
I see a trend. Be it Mike Brown, Janay Rice, or a 4 y/o who's been abused, people are too quick to blame victims & side w/ p…
Oh for God's sake! How is it even possible to think that less than a month after Ferguson? Mike Brown murdered in a racist USA
The quest 4 justice 4 Mike Brown reaches all the way to Appalachia!
so basically TJ Lane had the right to make a statement at sentencing but Mike Brown, a dead boy, doesn't even have the right to a fair trial
Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner, Aiyana Jones, Renisha McBride, and so much more
Multiple witnesses confirm the cop straight-up murdered Mike Brown
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Paul George got a good point though! The whole world is on Ray Rice's house, and forgot about police brutality and Mike Brown quick
More members of the Hussein regime went to thug Mike Brown's funeral than Margaret Thatcher and Gen. Harold Greene's combined. priorities.
Lack of privilege means that *everything* sticks. Mike Brown wasn't convicted of stealing, but it's the reason we're given for…
It's been a month since the murder of Mike Brown. Why hasn't Darren Wilson been arrested yet?
I love how my class switched the subject from Ferguson to Rodney King because Ferguson and Mike Brown is too much of a hot current topic 😂😑
Ferguson city council meets for first time since Mike Brown shooting: Ferguson citizens demand a voice at the ...
"Mike Brown had to die for our voices to be heard."Outrage/Calls for Change at City Council Meeting
Add your name to the Mike Brown law petition, requiring all police officers wear a camera:
I wonder what God will say to people like George Zimmerman and the person who killed Mike Brown on judgment day.
Obama spoke on Ray Rice yet has said nothing about Mike Brown.
did you see where the bullets landed on Mike Brown. In places they could only land with him on his knees with
The White House commented on the Ray Rice issue so fast compared to Mike Brown because women are seen as part of Ameri…
David Wilson is on PAID LEAVE for killing Mike Brown! But y'all kick Ray Rice out the NFL for hitting his wife!! AMERICA IS SO CONFUSED!!
On August 9, 2014 Mike Brown was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson. A month later, there has yet to be any charges fi…
Today is the one-month anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. Wilson still walks free.
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I hate my School Law class. My teacher is always bringing up black this police records that. Mike Brown, Rodney King... Criminals to him
Janay Palmer Janay Palmer Janay Palmer Janay Palmer Janay Palmer What happened to you is a crime! and not a Punishment! If we demand Justice for Mike Brown then we need Justice for Janay Palmer! Rice should be charged and not slapped on the wrist - Charge him! "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - Dr. MLK
Yeah, it was a bit both, but I might like Mike Brown better idk. Mark Brown. Mike Brown. Scott Brown. Farmer Brown. All piff!
It bothers me that Mike Brown is so similar to Emmett Till
I wonder what Mike Brown or Gary Fencik are doing these days.
"Emmett Till, Mike Brown, and a New Movement for an Old Law" via
Reminded that the cousins of Emmett Till were at the Mike Brown funeral. Solidarity. Movement. Justice.
NEWS :: Two (white) construction workers on the scene when Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown confirm he had his HANDS UP. Th…
Photo: owning-my-truth: owning-my-truth: DC March for Ferguson and Mike Brown this Saturday, September 6 at...
in pursuit of BLACK CIVILIZATION & UNIFICATION protest against INJUSTICE & RACISM in the whole world... Imagine an unarmed BLACK AMERICAN CITIZEN name Mike Brown was shot dead by a WHITE AMERICAN COP, what an INJUSTICE act from a great continent like America. Cop's are meant to protect citizens not to destroy, that's why members in PORT HARCOURT took to street a protest and went forward to say that it's time we rise up on our feet and fight for our right. Let's stop the HATING, KILLING & SUFFERING of BLACK people. If the white people or American people don't need or like BLACKs let them let we AFRICANS know, so we can create a good ATMOSPHERICAL background for ourselves. A word is enough for the wise!!! courtesy
How gross is it that this website slapped their logo all over Mike Brown's instagram pics like it's their property?
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has demonstrated there are no boundaries regarding his Mike Brown smear campaign http:…
Legally, it doesn’t matter that both Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin were 'unarmed' when shot to death.
Trayvon over skittles Mike Brown to cigarillos this gotta stop
Video: Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Sean Bell on CNN - Urban Cusp
are the same people posting long heartfelt statuses about Joan Rivers and Robin Williams also grieving Mike Brown? John Crawford III?
“Media somehow going to make Joan Rivers look like a good person, with redeeming qualities. meanwhile, Mike Brown.”
You have to ask yourself, why is a man who paid for voter fraud in Mississippi now paying to defame Mike Brown & many of his…
It's equally important to empathize with Mike Brown as with Darren Wilson, with Jenn Frank as with her harassers. Everyone means everyone.
..ALL passive or peaceful "leadership" needs to be removed ..honestly if you ask the question "who appointed these people" you'll come to find these people aren't our leaders at all, do not and have never spoken for us but for the U.S. government who appointed them ..their job is to keep us passive ..they show up during circumstances like the Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown murders and calm down any possible violent uprising or rebellion of Black people ..what have these people who lead us to protest, march, pray, make "amends" w/ our enemy, petition the justice system for justice and sing "we shall overcome" actually ever done for us?! ..if I'm being attacked and someone's telling me not to fight back that person is as much of an enemy as the person attacking me can you expect me to allow myself to constantly be a victim and then when I say enough is enough and it looks like I'm going to take a stand fighting back in the same way I'm being attacked, here you come telling me to "refrain form violence", ...
Has the St Louis Post-Dispatch demanded Darren Wilson's juvenile record? Just as germane as Mike Brown's (not at all).
You guys have been in such a rush to tell others "not judge the cops," but you're awfully quick to post fake pictures of Wilson's non-existent injury. Just like you were quick to post fake pictures of Mike Brown, or the way you were quick to assume he was guilty of stealing something. Stop making excuses. So far this year, we've seen cops throw grenades into the beds of sleeping babies, we've seen them shoot family dogs through the windows of a family car, we've seen them kill cyclists with "legal texting," we've seen them choke people to death for minor crimes, like selling loose cigarettes. I know you're gonna keep reciting some BS to yourself about how there are "more good cops than bad cops," but here's the thing...We've seen the entire police department defend the actions of one bad cop, going so far as to arrest Holocaust survivors and preachers for daring to speak out, or pepperspraying/shooting crowds of peaceful protesters (instead of "rioters and looters, how convenient!). If there are only a fe ...
I should feel blessed though. If my son was Mike Brown or my daughter was married to Ray Rice I would Def be dead by now
Mike Brown scenario is feeding an agenda. Listen to Jason Riley
"The best thing for 50 Cent to to give that $750,000 to Mike Brown's family." —Floyd Mayweather:
No more talk on Mike Brown or Christopher Stevens.
Tryna figure out how you r a black youth pastor in a black church and you haven't preached or said a word about Ferguson or Mike Brown.
Really??? They're releasing Mike Brown's juvenile record to find an angle to justify the officer shooting him??? SMH @ America!!!
Here is where it's revealed that Ferguson (before Mike Brown's murder) had SIX officers under federal investigation
We are still working and praying for justice, Mike Brown.
Good morning to everybody. Can we all have a short conversation this morning to talk to one another and discuss whats going on in Ferguson Mo what are your thoughts. What will really happen if Officer Darren Wilson dont get charged with the killing of unarmed will Ferguson St.Louis or the entire world ever be the same again if hes not charged will riots and protest start up again. What will happen to us us people of all race white black asian etc.whos fighting for justice not only justice for Mike Brown but justice for Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Emmett Till, Lucas Lima, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, Renisha McBride, Kejeme Powell’s. We need to stop this racial profiling, and police brutality
A little victory for St. Louis Post-Dispatch has also now filed suit to obtain Mike Brown juvenile records
Keke Palmer talks to the parents of Mike Brown and gets their truth -->
Chris Koster: Prosecute Darren Wilson for the shooting and killing of Mike Brown. via
A celebrity's nudes droppin spurred an FBI investigation w/in hrs. Mike Brown been dead almost a month & we dont know wh…
it varies, Ben Eager and Scott Parker were first round picks molded into a role of goon, they actually had talent, but Mike Brown
When can you legally use a gun against an unarmed person? . Ferguson | Mike Brown | Darren Wilson | George Zimmerman .
read this NYT profile of Ted Bundy. It absolutely humanizes him... as compared to the piece on Mike Brown.
Mike Brown like Jesus? Not seeing the similarity! Taking the Lord's Name in Vain: Michael Brown isn't Jesus Christ
As we get ready for another round of civil action (a day of civil disobedience on Monday), I thought about how to respond to everything. I wanted to post something in particular, but it would have been void of the Cross. Instead, I'll say this: What killed Mike Brown was not a police officer, or a gun. What killed him was Sin. What kills hundreds of young black men every year is not other black men or guns. What kills them is Sin. The Sin in particular that kills our fellow man, whether he has our color or not, is an inability to see the particular nature of human beings. All men are made in the image of GOD, and thus deserve from their fellow man a deep respect. Though the particulars are different, what took place in the death of Michael Brown is, theologically, no different than what took place in Chicago over New Years when 73 black men died by violence.
Protesters March in D.C. Streets for Mike Brown: A large crowd of protesters has descended upon a northeast ne...
"So far away but yet still so closed to home " couple days ago march and visual candlelight prayer for Mike Brown.
When protesting in Mike Brown's community internet access in the area was completely shut down. No one had access. We had to wait until w...
This has become bigger than just about Mike Brown. This is about the freedom to peacefully protest.
Mike brown being put into an SUV and the dog burial have ZERO correlation 💭
This has become way bigger than just the killing of Mike Brown.
20 days, 12 hours since Mike Brown was killed.
aye yall know this man is a supporter of the guy who shot Mike Brown? these memes still funny though lol
until you find out he supports Darren Wilson, the cop that killed Mike Brown
Ferguson PD killed Mike Brown but they demonize us for letting the world know about their cover up attempts.. Smh
TWENTY DAYS. Darren Wilson executed Mike Brown on Canfield. TWENTY DAYS AGO and is still free. It's amazing what kind of …
Just got pulled over, incase they Mike Brown me 🙏
Chief Tom Jackson clarifies that Darren Wilson did not think Mike Brown was a suspect in store robbery:
After yelling all week that Mike Brown gunshot audio is a "hoax," right wingers clam up - now that it's verified http:…
It is interesting that ppl in legal field don't know. I'm glad Johnson Knows. Michael Brown Charged With Murder
the Mike Brown story blew up: 1. QT burned to the ground. 2. Journalist Ryan Reilly was roughed up by Ferguson PD.
Memphis protest calling for justice for Mike Brown.
'I could have been Mike Brown': 18 stories of racial profiling by the world's police
“He was a super senior.. . this man ran for Rodney King, Michael Brown & Trayvon al…
There hasn't even been the slightest Darren Wilson sighting. He's in HIDING. If killing Mike Brown was the "right thing t…
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Readers around the world share stories of being racially profiled by police
Ride--Hundreds traveling across the US to STL on Labor Day Weekend:
R.I.H Mike Brown! His mom is sooo torn she don't know what to do!! I pray for her!!
On Monday as Mike Brown's casket was brought to his final resting place by horse carriage.
Come to ground zero and be heard justice for mike brown
Thanks Mike :) even though you're not a very good driver
“Flowers in the street for Mike Brown Beautiful 😍
Mike Brown Was Scary As Muhammad Ali: via if ur not white, ur big and scarry and i need to terminate you
I liked a video Kardashian sisters come under fire for texting during Mike Brown's Moment of silence
On James Foley & Mike Brown on my show THE SPIN this week
The ground around the area where Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown is slick from all of the candle wax.
The little homie just hit me to say that the police ran over Mike Brown's shrine.
Just in case yall forgot. . r.i.p Mike Brown.
The murder of Mike Brown in middle class Ferguson, MO
Can any1 answer these questions for me: 1. Why was Mike Brown left on the street for 4 1/2hrs? 2. Why was his body removed by an unmarked black SUV not registered with police department? 3. Why is Mike Brown laying in the street wearing flip-flops 30m after strong arming a store wearing white sox & Jordan's? 4. Where is his friend who was with him during shooting? 5. Why weren't there 20 police cars surrounding a police involved shooting? 6. Why did it take 3 days for Officer Wilson to surface for his drug test & analysis? 7. Why was the case given to a grand jury? 8. Why does the video of the robbery dated months prior to the shooting? 9. If you take off running while being shot at, why would you stop then turn around to charge after the shooter? 10. Why wasn't there an ambulance called to examine Officer Wilson's "injuries"? It's all clear to the 3rd eye.
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Shutting somebody's ignorance of the Mike Brown shooting down will get you unfriended. Just so everyone knows. Good riddance.
This may not be real popular, but I got something on my mind. Isaiah 59:19 b portion says: "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard". Where is our standard as a people? The death of Mike Brown was a true American tragedy. Shouldn't the standard be that ALL life is precious? In Chicago 84 people we shot over the 4th July weekend. Where is our standard? Paula Dean used the word *** and she made CNN cause black folks were angry. Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Dr. Drè, can use the same word and make millions. Where is our standard? If Paula can't use it how can we endorse it others that do. This has caused me to a bit of soul searching and I for one plan to raise my standard. Hope you will too.
Since the Mike Brown murder, I've seen several Black women recommit & renew their love, respect, & admiration towards the Black man. I see, love, & appreciate my Sistas Queens.
I cried through this whole video. Out living my children is my worst nightmare. After watching the video, I got really upset at the media. Mike Brown's mother has not had an opportunity to grieve. There are cameras in her face at every turn. She couldn't even articulate a complete thought. My heart broke for her all over again. It's so tragic and heart wrenching and real.
Selling coke to a cop prank goes wrong... (Cop says he will end up like mike brown) Add Ish Montana for more videos
Before Hillary Clinton spoke on a staffer sent her a memo reminding her that Mike Brown was not, in fact, Willie Horton.
Ben Stein compares Mike Brown to Sonny Liston (a convicted murderer and boxing champ) & says he was actually armed.
The Game + more artists come together in solidarity for Mike Brown -->
Former rapper turned pastor turned rapper again, Ma$se's Mike Brown tribute: Don’t make me wave dis uzzi at ya neck
Sybrina Fulton shares her experience of overcoming the media's smear campaign of Trayvon, with Mike Brown's mother:
Police taking shots they never go to jail for it . Emmett Till, Ezell Ford. Sean Bell, . Trayvon, Mike Brown.
Uncle of and Pastor: "The cries of the blood of Mike Brown, Sandy Hook, Trayvon, Columbine...
Okay, so. Ben Stein's an *** who thinks Mike Brown was armed with his "big, scary self":
The same people saying this Danielle girl was a "good girl" "just suffering from addiction" were calling Mike Brown a *** who deserved it
Pastor Ron Gibson said what happened to Mike Brown ain't gonna happen to him...
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Night out at Rock of Ages with Matt Pereira and Mike Brown
Spoke this AM to a black pastor who led a white journalist to Jesus beside the Mike Brown memorial in
(Dillion Taylor was shot the same day as Mike Brown, by a black cop. 20 years old. Unarmed too. This i…
An open letter to Mike Brown's mother from Sybrina Fulton...
All autopsies show Mike Brown was shot 6 times. After pause in this slowed down version of the audio, only 4 shots
Emmet Till, the Central Park five, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown. all examples of our country failing black men/ MoC. yet "racism is dead"
Council man Jumaane Williams speaking at the rally for Eric Gardner and Mike Brown his speech gave the crowd life
Funerals Obama cared about less than Mike Brown.
BREAKING: Audio has apparently surfaced that in which you can hear Officer Darren Wilson fire 11(!) shots at Mike Brown in
Please donate to Mike Brown's Memorial fund. We must stick together & remember youths look up to you.
Please donate to Mike Brown's Memorial Fund. They need our support, I donated & my income is not in your league.
Celebrities resurrected themselves for Mike Brown's funeral.You see Issac Hayes in the front row? Brown
Is it just me or does Mike Brown's father look like Issac Hayes?Brown
Family members of Emmet Till are at Mike Brown's funeral. that is the most beautiful and most saddest thing I can imagine
Armstrong Williams said that televising Mike Brown's funeral was overkill. What a jerk!
In a community unites to say their goodbyes to Mike Brown: (Scott Olson/Getty)
The most detailed side-by-side telling of each eyewitness account of the Mike Brown murder in chronological order
The Midwestern sky is crying something awful for Mike Brown right now.
New post: VICE News: Live from the Funeral for Mike Brown
So Al Sharpton was talking some bs at Mike Brown's funeral ?
I said martial law didn't occur in the city of Missouri until Mike Brown died . Did it not ?
No wonder its about to pour down.. Today is Mike Brown's funeral 🙏. Rest in Paradise ☝️
Michigan Chronicle - Mike Brown Funeral Set for 10 a.m.; Father Calls for a Day of Silence in Ferguson
[a haloed mike brown descends from heaven on a cloud of light, harp in hands] NYT: Okay, but he's no ARCHangel. Fox News: …
When I was Mike Brown's age, I drank, did drugs, was "no angel." But white girls aren't likely to be shot by cops the way black m…
Unlike that of the two-star general, Obama not golfing during funeral of Mike Brown.
Here's the NYTimes article in one sentence:. Mike Brown could have been any of us.
luv u, but a moment of silence 4 mike brown but none 4 Robin Williams a national treasure?
There have probably been 500,000 words written about Mike Brown. . Not a single one explains why he deserved to die.
We're quick to protest and get up in arms over Mike Brown.. but we still condone when OUR rappers talk abt murdering ppl
What is this sad *** music they always play on cnn right before they start talking about ferguson and mike brown?
Mike brown shirts dm me if you want one $15 or 2 for 25
CNN rightly notes that Hillary Clinton has been a complete ghost regarding Mike Brown. See if she doesn't come to Black chur…
Mike Brown spoke of death, bloody sheets, seeing death before he died :(
To be fair, Mike Brown did have two arms so maybe that's what they mean?
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a proven terrorist that killed 3 people and injured 264 whereas Mike Brown was shot 11 for no reason
“Don't Shoot, Justice for Mike Brown | 💚💛 UNCC can do it why can't we?!😒…
Today Mike Brown's parents bury their son, while the media debates the worth of his life. Lord forgive us.
Here's the 3rd graf from the NYT article on Mike Brown. and the 3rd graf from the RS article on the Boston bomber.
HAPPENING NOW:Students walking out to honor Mike Brown.
Praying that God covers the family of Mike Brown as they lay his body to rest this morning.
Dabbled in drugs and alcohol, grew up rough, tried rap—how did a graf from an Allen Iverson profile end up in the Mike Br…
Until Justice Comes. Rest In Peace Mike Brown. Light and Love to family and community surrounding his spirit...
Condemning a teenager for smoking weed. Ya momma smoked weed...mine too! That doesn't mean she DESERVES TO DIE. Neither did Mik…
yet, you make the claim Mike Brown is a thug, but cannot label the white men who massacred groups of people?
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I got this pin im wearing at a mike brown benefits show yesterday... just wanted to take some time to…
The mtv awards was really special this year everyone got what they deserved and that mike brown tribute was very classy MTV! -s
Thank you to Rep. Mike Brown for his support!
College students world wide walking out for Mike Brown
Also sending consolatory vibes to the family of Mike Brown. I'm hoping for justice, but even if you don't get it, may you find …
Today is Mike Brown's funeral. My love, thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends, may they know many stand with them…
Family members of Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, and Jordan Davis have all joined the Mike Brown funer…
Black mob beats War Vet Ralph Weems at restaurant. Called him racial slurs and retaliation for criminal mike brown.
White House officials attend Mike Brown's funeral but haven't spoken nor sent their condolences to our slain General in Afgh…
"Mike Brown was known to callously inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, leaving less oxygen for those around…
New drinking game for the EMMY's tonight! Each time someone mentions Mike Brown or Ferguson, take a shot.1st person to reach 6 shots is DEAD
White House sending 3 people to Mike Brown funeral. Why are we celebrating a thug who robbed a convenience store?
.shooting/Jim Crow lynchings have too much in common. Own up America! . …
I know how *I* feel regarding and I can't even begin to imagine what Mike Brown's parents are going through.
Please support proposed law, requiring cameras on cops-Please RT-Thanks in advance for signing!
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Here's a side-by-side on Mike Brown vs. Boston Bomber, both from NYT.
in solidarity with Mike Brown and others who have faced similar injustice
It's not just About Mike Brown. Sean Bell. Michael Newby. Black men are being killed by Police from New York to Fruit Vale station. America doesn't care, if the roles were reversed we would be having Senate sub committee hearings. If dogs and less than lethal weapons were used on a " Peaceful" predominantly white protest the Government would shut down!
FERGUSON — “I just want people to know I’m not the animal they think I am” Said George Zimmerman to security who guarded the murderer as he entered Mike Brown’s funeral. George Zimmerman arrived at Michael Brown’s funeral today hoping to speak a few words on the injustice that he[read more...]
Mike Brown funeral observed in Bham, Al. Bringing attention to Justice!
Okay I watched some of the Mike Brown funeral. One takeaway is that white people,compared to black people, DO NOT know how to have church. I love black church !
In the words of Michael Jackson, "They don't really care about us." And never have! Smh. This Mike Brown funeral has wore me out. I've been a victim of racial profiling on NUMEROUS occasions. Its TOUGH being black in America. It appears the system has been built again us for YEARS, and we're still enslaved to "THE SYSTEM". We've come a long way, but when things like this happen, I feel like we went back 50 years in time. I dont wanna hear NOTHIN bout no "black on black crime". Yes that is an issue, but guess what, we've been beatin, burned, humiliated and killed BEFORE black and black crime with NO justice on our side. When a WHITE man can walk into a movie theater in the city Im sitting in RIGHT NOW, and kill almost everyone in it, walk out, and only be arrested. But Mike Brown can ALLEGEDLY rob a store with no weapon and be shot 6 times with his hands up, IM ANGRY about it. God send your healing and peace to this CORRUPT WORLD! im not asking for a debate either. If you don't agree, don't comment.
We are the TRUTH Morris Singers. We sing but we also have a True passion for our people. Here we are discussing the Mike Brown situation and what part we Afr...
mothers of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown & Sean Bell speak to CNN they talk abt the negative portrayal of their boys: htt…
Well over 3000people outside for Mike Brown.. ..
Following around 500 missouri and illinois Bikers while the family of the late Mike Brown follows me in the Austin Layne Limos
Thank you Pastor Mike Jones for hosting the funeral of Mike Brown! May God continue to Bless you and the family of Mike Brown, praying for peace in his family!
Big shout out to Fedarro Noel for creating such a incredibly dope track, who is the author and composer of the chorus and music production.. Inspired by the Mike Brown case Fedarro made this track a jump on track for whoever wants to express how they feel about these events which are becoming widespread and prevalent.. Time we act! This is a cover of No justice, no peace... Keys and vocals by my son Muhssiah (Mizzy) Lott lyrics and arrangement by me Michael ( Godspal) Lott!
Amen R.i.p Mike Brown jr. Was sending my condolences out to family and share this Song
I bet when George Zimmerman got off that Mike Brown parents thought that this could never be their child. ...well we all think that but guess what...they were wrong. ...Parents talk to ur kids and tell them that no matter what, when the cops stops them in the streets or wherever, just say yessir & no sir, yes ma'am & no ma'am. ...whatever it takes to get home.I've told mine.
So, here is my acceptance and carrying out of the new challenge that I, along with my long time friend and client Rodney Lumpkins came up with. Rodney kicked it off officially over the weekend. That challenge is to find a Black owned business to support with your dollars. It is very possible to be pro something or someone without being anti something or someone else. I felt this challenge was necessary because of all of the division that the recent killing of Mike Brown and others has potentially caused. The media is not highlighting the fact that both black and white citizens are appalled by these murders. So as a way to show some solidarity amongst ourselves as well as other groups, I felt it necessary to do this. So, Fred Richissin, Faustina Chavers-Bell, Maya Micou Osun, Schuylar S. Keeton Sr., (even though I forgot to mention your name in the video), LaDonna Coward, Calvin Snowden, Carl Casey, Robert Leon Daniel, Jay Brown, and the rest of Az-Izz, you have been challenged. Also, David Cooper, though ...
People tend to always find the negative in every situation. I promise if you tried to find the positive, your life would be a lot better. For example, those who are upset about those doing the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. I've heard a few people call it a distraction to the Mike Brown case. FYI this was happening long before the Mike Brown case. Not at all knocking the case, but before you knock the next thing, what are you doing that is positive in your community? Are you just talking behind a computer? While you're complaining about people and the ALS challenge, did you donate to the Mike Brown family? Because ALS doesn't affect the minorities, is that cause not to support? And if that is your reason, aren't you being as "racist" as the cop who killed MB? I've heard every reason in the book that people shouldn't do the challenge. I say if it's bringing positive awareness/support, go for it. Our people are just as racist as the ones they are hollering racist against. Racism/preju ...
COGIC Pastor and Uncle to slain teenager Mike Brown delivers the eulogy at his funeral.
WOW.Al Sharpton.WOW.He just put it out there. RIP MIKE BROWN.
I'm so tired of people puttin up killings of innocent kids and women And askin why didn't we march protest and carry on like in the Trayvon Martin and mike brown cases Bottom line is when most people kill someone justice is swift,but if there is no justice,there will be no peace So stop puttin up comparisons that don't compare
R.I.P Mike Brown the city of st.louis will always remember u like emmit till
Watching the mothers of Trayvon Martin & Sean Bell going to support Mike Brown's mother is nothing short of powerful.
Today as I watch Mike Brown being laid to rest. His mother is rocking back and forth on that church pew. Just a month ago she was sitting on a auditorium seat yo watch her young son receive his diploma. My god I ask you send peace to that city. Remove all the hate and anger. God you are alpha and omega you know what's going on as I realize your timing is not our time. My words to Mike Brown's parent from KJV Vengeance is mind thus saith lord. So relax and let God complete his investigation. Don't judge me I am a believer
On break watching Mike Brown Funeral Live on Fox 2 , so many ppl there showing they love & respect , praying for his family , especially his mom & dad
As we remember Aaliyah and Mike Brown today, is there a loved one you would like to remember?
The Church of God in Christ has represented well today as we support and are praying for the family of Mike Brown. This moment is not about denominations, but I stand proud that the denomination that I serve is serving this family & community in this critical and challenging hour.
Prayers up for all of our babies who are returning to school today. Prayers up for the family of Mike Brown who are laying their son to rest. If your child was able to arise and head off to school this morning, you are indeed blessed!
Atty Benjamin Crump reminding folks that St Louis was the place of the Dred Scott decision and that Mike Brown is not 3/5th of a man nor will they accept 3/5th justice..
MIKE BROWN TRIBUTE, we all lose in this situation it's sad to know that there is no trust between our community and the people who are supposed to protect them.Until we open the dialog between us this will only get worse as we continuely exploit the efforts of our ancestors who paid with their blood sweat and tears.
1. Wilson supporters say it's unfair for him to be judged before trial while passing 15 judgments on Mike Brown whom he judg…
Okay we need a rewrite on shameful article about Mike Brown because his parents are burying him today. Sha…
FOI waiting for The Honorable Minister Louis at Mike Brown's funeral.
she almost caught another side of Mike Brown's mother. 😒
Give me ONE REASONABLE REASON why the entire police force chose not to write a single report on the murder of Mike Brown. Ju…
Honestly? I think John Eligon was trying to show Mike Brown's full humanity: Not an angel, not a demon, just a kid trying…
Structural racism is why Matt Yglesias is alive and Mike Brown isn’t blogging at Vox
Shirley Ceaser at Mike Brown funeral 👀 👀 or im bugging ?
This sounds like half the people I know? ~ Mike Brown was "no angel" (via
Obama / Valerie Jarrett / Al Sharpton plan to use Mike Brown as fuel for increased blacks/democrats turnout in midterm elections
General advisory for media attending Mike Brown funeral at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church.
They're throwing a celebration party for Darren Wilson killing Mike Brown. They're literally telling this man "con…
More reasons you should not believe the smear campaign that is being manifested against Michael Brown 1. "Officer Wilson HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL." Michael Brown’s autopsy showed no sign of struggle.The picture of the CT scan that’s being passed around to show that Wilson had an orbital blowout fracture is actually from 2008 from the University of Iowa, and a right-wing pundit photoshopped out the date and hospital info. 2. "MIKE REACHED FOR HIS GUN." Officer Wilson’s story is that the first shot that went off was an accidental discharge while they were fighting over the gun. However. there was no gunpowder residue on Mike Brown, meaning that he was absolutely not holding the gun when it went off and furthermore that he was not even that close. He was fired on from a distance. 3. "HIS FRIEND THAT WAS WITH HIM EVEN ADMITTED THAT HE LIED ABOUT THE COP JUST RANDOMLY SHOOTING HIM AND CONFIRMED THAT THEY ROBBED THE STORE." This is actually a compound lie, which is kind of impressive. His friend, Dorian ...
One said the Mike Brown incident happened in Charlotte... & the other really believed it.
Tomorrow two parents are going to bury their teenage son. Having been shot 6 times, autopsied 3, Mike Brown has no justice a…
Still RIP to Ezell Ford and Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin. May your souls rest in peace and justice be brought to you all by God
In about a month y'all will forget about Mike Brown just like u forgot about Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Troy Davis, etc…
We argue about everything! *Black on Black Crime *White on Black Crime *ice bucket challenge *Mike Brown *Trayvon Martin *Should we use the N word *I'm African *im Black *im African American *team dark skin *team light skin *clothes and shoes *if there's Indian in your family *I'm a Christian *I'm a Muslim *I'm spiritual *I'm a moor *why buy black? I could keep going with this but for the sake of time and the fact that i truly believe you get my point I'll stop here. At what point do we put all those things aside and come to the realization that we are ALL WEAK when we are divided and It's time to UNITE!?? **Question That Needs Answering**
Mike Brown , just another Trayvon Martin 🙏🙌 care now but eventually the murders still get off
Nice on-air tribute just now by Cris Collinsworth on Mike Brown, Bengals owner who is under the weather and not at tonite…
-I am Trayvon Martin (17), I was followed and gunned down with a Arizona juice and skittles in my hand. - I am Mike Brown (17), I was killed with my hands up in the air. -I am Jordan Davis (17), I was killed for having my music up loud. -I am Jonathan Ferrell (19), I was in a car accident looking for help. When the cops showed up I yelled help me and was gun down. -I am Andy Cruz (13), I was shot 7 times by the police for practicing in a field with a toy gun. -I am Sean Bell (25), I was gun down by undercover police. Shooting 50 rounds into a car carrying me and two other men. -I am Darius Simmons (13), I was killed by my neighbor while taking out the trash for my mother. -I am Oscar Grant (20), I broke up a fight in the subway and was shot and killed handcuffed and face down on the ground. -I am John Crawford (22), I was shot and killed inside walmart holding a toy BB gun in the store. I am Christian Evans, I am the face of these young men. Why did I deserve to die!
and if you are still repeating the lie that Mike Brown didnt rob store b4 assaulting Officer Wilson,then youre in DENIAL
Exactly how much do U think St. Louis County is willing to spend to prosecute Darren Wilson for executing Mike Brown?
Like not seeing how dominate the 3rd line was with Pavs as center? Or playing Mike Brown over Tyler Kennedy and Havlat?
No. I get it. Glenn Beck meant when Darren Wilson stopped Mike Brown for jaywalking, Brown time traveled to '07 to break his…
Trayvon's mother on police handling of Mike Brown death: "The least they could have done was cover up the body"
"Eugene Young" should be "Eugene Puryear" in your article on Mike Brown protest - John, ANSWER Coalition
Ppl are here on West Florissant from Albuquerque, New Mexico to show their support for Mike Brown!
Word is bond it looked like a helicopter spot light was on me or something. I was about to pull a Mike Brown. 🙌
The White House didn't send a representative to Margaret Thatcher's funeral. . But they are sending one to Mike Brown's…
did u see he video Marc of Mike Brown?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Looks like Aunt Esther returns to St Louis goes back to home state to further rewrite what happened to Mike Brown.
I hope y'all are realizing you can't have Boosie free and justice for Mike Brown. You just can't have both.
Metropolitan Justice Center Police Department on James Robertson Parkway. Rally for Mike Brown happening NOW. Lambda's here. Come if u can!!
Ferguson: More online donations for officer than Mike Brown - Atlanta Journal Constitution
I think, I think to much. You have to wonder about the events in Ferguson that came about after the tragedy of Mike Brown. Are the powers that be taking advantage of the situation and using it as an opportunity to further a hidden agenda? Everyday you see something new in the news that further polarizes the community, even the nation. There is always something mentioned that causes more divide, never anything to bring people closer together. Where is the Good News? Where is the words of Hope? Where are the words of Unity? Now we have law enforcement personnel coming out of the closet and showing their true colors and agendas. These are the people that we pay to protect us, yet they give us reason to doubt them and in some cases fear their true intentions as they wear the badge and hide behind it at the same time. In the meantime, they say the National Guard is going home, but as you drive down the street you see more military vehicles arriving with spank brand new smoke/grenade launchers mounted to ...
A crowdfunding site has made $10,000 off Mike Brown's death. None of it is for Mike Brown:
Thinking about babies like Tina Fontaine, Mike Brown, and Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez every night.
Fan bases can turn on an ownership. Tribe/Dolan, Bengals/Mike Brown, Sox/Reinsdorf
Nelly tells Marc Lamont Hill exactly why we're still outraged by the killing of Mike Brown -->
Phil Jackson, Mike Brown or WHOEVER the coach was, they always looked to Kobe in the 4th and said "take us there baby" and he'd always shoot
Something tells me that the Phelps family picketing Mike Brown's funeral is a bad idea.
Mark Levin on FERGUSON: I want to know who put out the story that Mike Brown was killed while surrendering | (cont)
Is Al Sharpton really reading the eulogy at Mike Brown's funeral?
Mike Brown's family to march in Staten Island NY this Saturday for Eric Garner.
PR: Rally at the Justice Department for Mike Brown and Against Police Brutality and Militarization,
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 While CNN was covering the Mike Brown murder in Ferguson recently, Talib Kweli was spotted
If we shoot back they kill us. If we put our hands up nd surrender they shoot us down in the streets like dogs. imagine working hard 18yrs to send ur child to college nd when u achieve the biggest goal a black parent can achieve n this a law enforcement officer who's checks u pay him thru taxes takes the life of ur child for absolutely nothing.18 yrs of love, care and dreams taken by a dirty *** cop. im reppin Mike Brown (hands up dont shoot) . n i hate to say this but Obama u sell out fuk u.violence should never b directed at law enforcement under no circumstances (Obama's statement) *** u mean uncle Tom *** *** would u say that if that was 1 of ur daughters.they got a green light on us nd how i see it Obama signing off on it.revolution coming soon bible coming to past
Re: Mike Brown Incident First, let me say that Monday has been designated as "Wear Blue to Support Law Enforcement" Day. Dottie and I will be wearing blue. But mostly. As you know, my family is racially and ethnically diverse. We have Tejano, Mexican, White, Black, Asian, and mixes of all the above. Ive been discriminated against because Im white, because Im straight, because of being with a black guy, because of being with a Tejano guy, because my kid is black- you name it When this mess with Mike Brown started, I said, "wait for the investigation." Clearly there is no investigation. I fear for the life of this officer. Mike Brown tried to kill him, now Obama, Holder, Nixon, Sharpton, Jackson, and a bunch of thugs are trying to finish the job. Dig a little deeper, folks . Brown's Mama is claiming her sweet, innocent child was interested in studying music engineering- that he had a gift and passion for music. In case you missed it- Brown was a Vice Lord. He's not flashing the peace sign in those photos! A ...
Oh, and there was evidence of Marijuana in Mike Brown's system. I don't know anyone who would be able to bull rush a cop while high
Not only did Officer Darren Wilson NOT complete an incident report on the murder of Mike Brown, NO OFFICER completed a repor…
Buddy assumed Mike Brown was Michael Johnson out here like it's 1996. Smh
one has nothing to do with the other. Mike Brown is a super sensitive issue while the other is for charity
Toxicology of Mike Brown? Well there had to be heroin or acid in his blood to make him an armed police officer because that's suicide
I am absolutely disgusted with the people of the nation that we live in. There is a gofundme for Darren Wilson, the man who shot Mike Brown.
Sean Hannity & Fox News did a LEAD STORY yesterday that Mike Brown broke bones in Wilson's face and "nearly beat him unconsc…
Not only that, but if you look at the still image of Darren Wilson standing over the dead body of Mike Brown his face shows …
Now, choosing to believe a lie instead of science, Sean Hannity & Fox News reported that Mike Brown nearly "Beat Darren Wils…
Almost $130,000 has been raised by Officer Darren Wilson aka Mike Brown's murderer. So disgusting.
Reposting... SOMETHING TO NOT ONLY THINK ABOUT, BUT TO ALSO PUT INTO PRACTICE IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE. "With the Grand Jury set to convene today to determine whether Officer Darren Wilson was justified or will face indictment for shooting Mike Brown, I think that as we await the decision, which could take days or weeks depending upon the number of witnesses, that we use this time to get really real about a few topics that I have purposefully tabled the past two weeks to shed light on the over-militirazation of police forces. My ten cents are as follows: 1. Old school rules must be the new school rules. Dad taught me years ago to keep my hands where an officer can see and to speak clearly and respectfully when pulled by the police. I have been pulled. I have been harrassed. But my conduct in not getting hostile very likely kept me from getting capped or beaten. We must remind our boys and increasingly, our girls, to remember this if ever pulled. 2. After remaining calm, be able to remember the officer's name ...
Donations to the Darren Wilson fund, the police officer who shot Mike Brown dead. LOOK at these
Officer Darren Wilson in fact suffered severe facial fractures when he was assaulted by Mike Brown.
SJS: *signs John Scott, extends Mike Brown* "Boy that joe thornton better justify his icetime!"
Officer Darren Wilson? I doubt it. There's really no telling who actually killed Mike Brown.
Get a life after you get the truth! Mike Brown is no hero, neither is Trayvon Martin. If you play with fire you get burned
Mike Brown has the entire Justice Dept and FBI operating on his behalf and wasting millions. He needs no fund.
In the Mike Brown media circus, is a voice of reason and an expert too
Lauryn Hill releases a haunting demo of "Black Rage," dedicated to Mike Brown and
No witnesses said Mike Brown rush the police, the lady caller Josie is NOT a witness and she is telling the lie she was told to tell
If you believe the Oprahs & Colin Powells care more about Mike Brown than they do the Bill Gates', you are blind. $ is king.
Last night Baltimore residents rallied to protest the deaths of Tyrone West and Mike Brown. Here's our gallery:
Tune in to Diane Rehm today, she is continuing to discuss the Mike Brown case. Today's show is police tactics and race relations.
Young people pushed Mike Brown to the forefront as the smoke settles we must continue to fight this is the new civil rights mov…
This is for the woman who is raising money for Officer Wilson. she better raise about eight million dollars because he will never be a cop again. He is better off getting out of Dodge. He is a cold blooded killer, does not deserve to be in law enforcement, and will need the money to go on the run. He killed Mike Brown. He has no right to be in law enforcement or any position of authority. The chief of Police best be shutting up because every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. Shame on Ferguson Missouri and the so called Officials that govern it. Is this woman a member of KKK or a white Supremacist ? What now? raise money to support ISIS.
Mike Brown shoplifted? If true, so? Winona Ryder shoplifted. She wasn't shot. And she shouldn't be. Mike Brown shouldn't have been.
Mike Brown announces the leadership changes, our very own Mfundo Nkuhlu from PE is now the COO & Executive Director of
unfair totally unfair .. did you see the vid the shooting of the man yesteray down the road from Mike Brown murder?
I hope they dont show Mike Brown funereal on tv
Someone just compared Mike Brown to Winona Ryder. Don't come for my girl like that- we all love fine luxury goods okay.
Robin Williams' death, Tony Stewart incident and now the Mike Brown shooting. I missed a lot on here.
So how is that a video of Mike Brown robbing when Darren Wilson said he stopped him on the road & that's when everything happened?
In the Ferguson choas, the confrontation with Mike Brown & Officer Darren Wilson, Officer Wilson is innocent until proven guilty. News reports state that Officer Wilson's eye socket was severly injured at the start of the confrontation when he was in his car when Mike Brown had his hand inside the vehicle. Where is the justice for Officer Wilson? Attorney Genral Eric Holder go home. Your wasting our tax $. I am a concerned democrat.
I really wish Harry reid brought 323 jobs bills for vote, if Mike Brown had job
Chill dude its all about Mike Brown now 😒😒😒 lol"What happened to the guy who beat up Christy Mack ?"
Why are we walking out? Monday, August 25th would have been Mike Brown's first day of college. We are walking out because he was robbed of the opportunity to pursue his dreams. We are walking out because his family will never feel the pride of seeing him graduate. None of us will ever know what he could have contributed to his community and the world. Sadly, Mike is not alone. From Trayvon Martin to Ramarley Graham to Isreal 'Reefa' Hernandez to Jordan Davis, young people of color have lost their lives to over-aggressive police and racist vigilantes. We're walking out because we insist that
So let 22 walk, ice girls, John Scott, Mike Brown, rebuild, not really, and now embarrass 19 and 12. Full time fan?. Done
Somewhere John Scott and Mike Brown have glasses on, upside down, and are studying the Punch Corsi article from
Please warn your gr8t reporters 2 watch any comparisons of death tween James Foley & Mike Brown. Here we go again,they both important
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