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Mike Brown

Michael “Mike” Brown (born March 5, 1970) is an American basketball head coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The families of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Akai Gurley came together in NY today
This is happening to all generations in 2014. Eric Garner, generation above me. Mike Brown, my generation. Tamir Rice, generation below.
Citizens of the world, This is a breaking statement from Anonymous. We are Anonymous. | | PLEASE SHARE! The world witnessed the tragic announcement made by the Grand Jury in denying an indictment that would have put murderer Darren Wilson on trial for murder. We as a collective condemn the decision made by the Grand Jury. It comes as no surprise however, that this decision was made. We were quite informed that justice was dead in Ferguson when Mike Brown took his last breath and Darren Wilson ran free. We are certain that Darren Wilson is guilty of murder despite the lies and falsified evidence that police spent 108 days perfecting. Justice has been given a chance to run its course, and has failed pathetically. Neither the prosecutor nor the President of the United States can deny this. Yet they will beat around the bush and call witness accounts illegitimate. The violence committed by police tonight has been disgusting and they have blatantly lied and used their authority to mislead the media into think ...
As I scroll through my news feed and news channels I'm plagued by story after story of unjust murder by the so called "authority." This morning I watched recaps of the Atlanta Police Department protecting PROPERTY; to the point where they were taking people to jail. So why isn't the LIVES of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and a plethora of other young Black Kings & Queens more valuable...or at least equal? It's modern day programming. Just as they whipped the male slaves and beat them, hung them, ripped their bodies apart in front of their families with out a care in the the name of their god (that one was, they are shooting our people dead in the streets to drive in the message of FEAR and SUBMISSION. If they make us fear them, they will have total domination! (As if they don't too). MIND CONTROL...PAVLOV...WILLIE LYNCH, Etc!
And here a comparison of how the NYT depicted Mike Brown (alleged stealing) vs. Ted Bundy (serial killer)
INSANE. 16 people testified, under oath, Mike Brown had his hands up when shot. . 2 said not. http:/…
If you think the Grand Jury transcripts justify the decision you haven't read them. It is clear that the prosecutors treated prosecution witnesses in a hostile manner, calling them liars, in exactly those words, asking them about medications they were on, and generally seeking to discredit THEIR testimony while lobbing softball questions to Officer Wilson, even when his statements about how Michael Brown punched him contradicted other statements about which hand he had the cigars in, and when the "injuries" to his face clearly do not comport with his statement that he feared "one more punch" like that might kill him. Mike Brown would have broken his nose if he'd hit him. There would be blood. There was none. He is a liar, Bob McCulloch is a criminal and the entire prosecutors office there should be professionally terminated.
Bob McCulloch the lead Prosecuting Attorney investigating The police officer who killed Mike Brown. Well his father was a police officer killed in the line of duty when Bob was 12.killed by an African American. But he has no bias? It's not the system that fails us, it's the people that run the system
They are marching for Mike Brown in Hong Kong. Now that's crazy.
My flu is back, hope it doesn't last 7weeks like last chest my head. Ooh ouch. So since I got time on my hands my thoughts about this week. Ferguson riots. The city KNEW what they were doing By announcing that verdict at businesses won't be able to open, the city gets the property on the in New Orleans when the levee "broke".the people burning and looting are not from Ferguson.Why didn't the national guard shut the city down and make people show id to get in certain areas? Mike Brown wasn't giving a chance to prove his innocence. The cop became judge,jury and executor. Isn't a life worth more than a handful of swisher cigars? Those condemning mean to tell me as a kid you NEVER swiped something from a store? Hope you don't get shot. What ever happened a life is lost and a cop will never be a cop again.i also don't like how he equated Mike into an animal. We need to boycott CNN until they get rid of Don lemon. This joker said crowd was smoking weed(untrue) jumping on car ...
What “we” want is 'guilt or innocence' to be determined by an unbiased court of law – not by trigger-happy cops playing judge, jury and executioner. I don’t know if you know anything about America but – in this country you’re presumed innocent until proven guilty – Sorry to disappoint you but that applies to Mike Brown also and Darren Wilson’s fear, MO’s corruption and your ignorance doesn’t change it.
On August 9th, Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson shot a black teenager named Mike Brown. Since then, the city has been protesting. The police did not rea...
We marched all over lower Manhattan last night. Protestors shut down Union Square, 3rd avenue and Chinatown. 4.5 minute moment of silence and memory of Mike Brown and all victims of police brutality. Our march ended at the Brooklyn bridge with police officers surrounding on foot, bikes and cars.
So.I really didn't want to comment on the Ferguson case. But the things I've read have started really bothering me. I believe that Mike Brown was definitely wrong for attacking a police officer, I also believe that rioting is very ignorant no matter who you are. But every life matters, I don't care what race you are. I'm also a firm believer that every action has a reaction, so yes Mike Brown should of been shot or better yet tased, but I don't believe the young teen's life should of been taken from him. Instead of Americans fighting and stereotyping each other, we should be coming together on this issue. I love how diverse the protesters were in my neighborhood, college students coming together to fight what they believe in, that's setting us up for a better America. The ignorance I've been reading, let's me know that racism very much still exist.
Darren Wilson says Mike Brown "looked like a demon." . Meanwhile in white America, two cute angels are buying coffee http…
Can't watch the news.. This interview with Mike Brown's friend Dorian Johnson makes me question the Grand Jury's sanity
James E Holmes: white, armed man killed 12 ppl - no shots fired. Mike Brown: black, unarmed kid shot 6 times while begging 4 mercy
Last night's shoot & burn victim was Dorian Johnson's best friend. Dorian was the guy who was with Mike Brown whe…
Prosecutor trying to persuade Dorian Johnson that he may have seen Mike Brown hit Wilson.
Mike Brown companion's account of shooting sounds a lot more human than Darren Wilson's version.
Students in Memphis lie face down at school to protest Mike Brown verdict. What a statement!
So everybody, (many people) have been asking my opinion about Ferguson and after much thought here it is whether you agree or disagree. I hope I covered it fairly and equally. There are a whole bunch of people commenting from a so called position of facts, but they are not in evidence. Still you don't care you keep spouting that same rhetoric based on nothing. Stated fact: Mike Brown was 35 feet away when shot and killed. TRUTH: The evidence showed he was 153 feet 9 inches away. Stated fact: Mike had just robbed a store and the officer responded. TRUTH: The store owner testified that the guy in the video was not Mike Brown. TRUTH: The police chief reported that no robbery was reported by that store at the time Mike Brown was shot. Stated fact: Mike Brown was high on marijuana. TRUTH: Marijuana alone has never made someone aggressive. Stated fact: All black people think this is about race alone. TRUTH: We are tired of unarmed Black and Hispanic youth being shot and killed while armed white people appear .. ...
For anyone interested in the two key eye witness testimonies about the killing of Mike Brown read this:
You'll swear Mike Brown was Mark Henry & Wilson was Ray Mysterio
This are the actual testimonies of Darren Wilson and Dorian Johnson (the guy who was with Mike Brown) -
My interview with Dorian Johnson, who was with Mike Brown when he was shot and killed:
This is NOT about Mike Brown, it's about James Boyd, Ernest Duenez Jr., Kelly Thomas, Manuel Orosco Longoria, John T. Williams. Douglas Zerby
Hey tell Sam to kick Mike Brown in the balls for me. He owes me one.
Supporters of Mike Brown gather at court house Miami.
CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK! CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS: originally came up with this concept following the early death of Trayvon Martin. Not knowing what I was trying to get across or say, I chose to hold off. Soon after, Eric Garner’s life was taken from him pre maturely. A new wave of emotion flourished in to speak up and get a message across. Still not knowing exactly how to execute the concept, I chose to hold off. And then like history has shown us before, Mike Brown and Tamir Rice were victims of the system. I sat with this video for weeks. Thinking tirelessly about how to portray what everyone was thinking. Two failed attempts went into the making of this “message.” Even with this one, it was fully edited and ready when I chose not to upload because something was missing. After seeking guidance and asking some friends and family for their advice, this is the final product I ended up with. Now, I’m not going to flat out say what I am trying to say with the video because I want to keep it ...
Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin were *** that tried to fight the law and were gunned down. 🐒🍌.
First Trayvon Martin, now Mike Brown. What is this world coming too 😣😔
I don't understand how white people can't see basic patterns. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. Mike Brown. HOW CAN YOU THINK…
This is bigger than Mike Brown, this is bigger than Trayvon your eyes and get real.
For Yall that continue to pull the "black on black crime" card check this out every race kills its own race, did Yall not know that? There are protests in black communities especially where the death and crime rate is high in the inner city and they get no love, Lucky if it reaches the local news. When u see people protesting for Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin those are not for a white man Killin a black person, that's been happening for centuries. Those protest are for JUSTICE!!! In those black on black crimes 9x out of 10 that black guy goes to jail. Justice is served but when someone of another race particularly white there's a history of them getting off and the protest is a voice to say "Don't let them get away with this they should be charged" .think about this the next time you wanna throw black on black violence around like we're the only ones killin each other. Wish there was no killings of anybody but the world belongs to Satan so killin amongst other things is what you will see.
Trayvon Martin was just killed by a racist civilian. Mike Brown was murdered by a man who is supposed to protect him. I…
You can't compare Trayvon Martin to Mike Brown..sorry😒
It's not just about Mike Brown. It's about John Crawford. It's about Eric Garner. It's about Trayvon Martin.
It is sad to say Mike Brown , Trayvon Martin, etc. R.i.p. didn't have justice for there death but with these server protests against the law isn't solving anything its not bringing them back it only makes things worst people been protesting for years for justice but as you can see life is the same and won't change nobody cares what we have to say if we can still talk to these angels they would want justice but not this way things are getting so much out of hand soon it will be another war then we will be losing more than just them and while everybody going crazy over this verdict who took 4.5 mins of silence in giving respect to Mikes Brown death??? Remember this phrase: you have to go through the bad to get to the good. Life is your test for heaven
Mike Brown probably watched the Trayvon Martin murder like this could've been me. Then it was him. Who's next?
Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin & WALKED.. What exactly made yall think that this *** wasn't gne do the same after killing Mike Brown?
Both Zimmerman and Darren Wilson said they would kill Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown again if they had to do it all over. S…
To the 3000 people who arrived in solidarity to take up space and tell the world that Black Lives Matter: Thank you for lighting up a freezing night with your energy, love, anger, vulnerability, and of course- your candles. Thank you for making your voices heard; for shouting and laughing and crying and singing together. I saw so many people hugging, holding, patting, handshaking, kissing each other; so much love and generosity even while so many of us are so incredibly sad. Our very existence is resistance. Black lives do matter. Thank you to the organizers, especially the *** black folks who do so much. Thank you to Sunset Service- ashe. Thank you to the ASL interpreter who helped make the rally more accessible. Thank you to the allies who gave space the way we needed. Thank you La Toya, for taking on a role that nobody should have to. Jermaine Carby, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and all of the too-many others who have been murdered unarmed by police without seeing justice done- we see and ...
It's not rhetoric when we say white supremacy dehumanizes Black men. Darren Wilson called Mike Brown an "it" in his testim…
- sorry for the people that take this the wrong way , but Mike Brown is dead and so is Trayvon Martin I understand the racial discrimination but stfu and proceed w life 😐 you are burning american flags because ? all you are doing is disrespecting veterans and the military 😂 not the govt.
I'm in my feelings My heart is heavy, asking God to watch over my community, my kids, the families whose loss loved ones due to killings. Tay Rob, Tae - Martavious Johnson, Derrick Ambrose, TonYeah Jackson, Norman,74,Joe Matlock,Shayla Todd, Dale Collins,Nehemiah-Nemo, Shawontay Norman- Mark, Jo Jo Zolliecoffer, Terrance, Edward Jones, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown,I know I missed a lot some I don't know the exact last name. R.I.H.
People forgot about Trayvon Martin, people forgot about Eric Gardner, please don't forget about Mike Brown! Change will only come from awareness
Watching Fox News (because I want to know every side)...but I truly feel like we are living in two different worlds, or at least seriously looking thru different lenses. Among their reporting. -12 shots fired at Mike Brown was NOT excessive -The "animals" that are looting, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Mind you, they keep showing last night's video and not tonight's peaceful protests... -The stepfather should be indicted for inciting a riot. Darren Wilson shouldn't be indicted, but the stepfather should. -Minorities should be outraged at the looting (but not at Mike Brown's shooting) -A Democratic state rep saying "We are tired and not going to take it anymore" is a threat that the FBI should investigate -The Democratic governor (Jay Nixon) should resign for not deploying the National Guard -And of course, Obama and Al Sharpton are to blame for everything. What makes this so sad, is there are millions of people watching...and agreeing...
Profiling and killing of young black men is WRONG. There I said it. Now, for those of you that say Mike Brown could have been your kid, he could not have been my kid. Trayvon Martin (buying skittles) ... maybe but Mike Brown no. My kid would not have been stealing black and milds or whatever it was he stole. I see people grouping on FB all the time. Messages to white people or to black people or whatever. We are not all the same and we do not share the same experiences. It's not that simple. When we blame an entire race for injustice or minimize the trials and tribulations of other groups of people we further the divide. Read history and see what has work and what has not worked. I tried to keep my mouth shut but my fingers just started typing. Think about what you are trying to accomplish and think of what strategies would work and which ones wouldn't. Whatever the case may be, you have to be comfortable in your own vessel. If you are not, you bring personal baggage to the party and then you personalize ...
he's going to end up like Mike Brown if those are brought out
Please stop comparing Mike Brown to Trayvon Martin. So not the same. If I was Trayvon's mother, I would be offended by the comparison.
6'4" Officer Wilson (armed with a gun) says he was like "a 5-yr old" cause 6'4" Mike Brown was so big and scary he looked like…
Officer Wilson says Mike Brown looked "like a demon." A demon? No wonder ppl want to burn something down.
Mike Brown got killed because he reached for a cops gun not because he was black... Stupid mfs
Stop trying to justify Mike Brown's death by saying there were however many white people killed by black people. WHEN DID THEY WALK FREE?
Talking to BLACK MEN, and I don't give a *** who listens: MOMENT OF CLARITY!!!: People have inboxed, tagged, texted, and called me about Ferguson and my response to "the verdict". So, here's what I have to say it: In TWO PAY PERIODS, Mike Brown won't be "trending" on social media and he won't be on the news UNLESS he is mentioned with another black male who has been shot and/or murdered. The FEW who control America ALREADY KNOW this because its a recurring theme for OUR CULTURE. THEY know that our emotions last about that long as INDIVIDUALS and, unless their is some "leader" for OUR cause, TWO PAY PERIODS will be the maximum of our EMOTIONAL OUTCRY! On the other hand, The Holocaust happened between 1941 and 1945. The Jewish people WON'T FORGET IT and they WON'T ALLOW THE WORLD to FORGET IT either!! INDIVIDUALLY, as HOUSEHOLDS, and COLLECTIVELY they learned from being persecuted and THEY WILL NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! THEY have VILLAGES across this country and their socio-economiC message is CLEAR, STRO ...
Cooperation Jackson, a local organization in Jackson, MS formed to create a grassroots solidarity economy, purchased a building and named it after their late mayor, a civil rights lawyer. Last night, the Chokwe Lumumba Center for Economic Democracy and Development opened to the public with its first public event. The town hall meeting was about protests in Ferguson, Mo. sparked by the police killing of 18 year-old Mike Brown, highlighting the connection between racism and the need for real economic democracy and empowerment. This is a bold first step.
FB peeps. I have big respect for the NYPD. But this is a serious thing with the Mike Brown situation. I hav never seen a Civil rights march but the ppl were just about to block the Williamsburg bridge marching. They were marching down the FDR Drive. And I mean A thousand ppl adleast. And it's not just Bkack ppl. It's ppl if all races and ethnic backgrounds. The killing has to stop.
Although the Mike Brown verdict was not what his family friends and nation wanted to hear, but the people of Ferguson need to realize what they are doing will get no positive results. They're screaming racism but destroying businesses that other African Americans worked their *** off to get. You're not only hurting yourselves you're hurting people that are innocent with this nonsense. WAKE UP PEOPLE... Racism is bred in every culture and sadly this is what you're teaching your children. Look to your ancestors and you will find the answers you're seeking. I must confess, my friends, the road ahead will not always be smooth. There will be still rocky places of frustration and meandering points of bewilderment. There will be inevitable setbacks here and there. There will be those moments when the buoyancy of hope will be transformed into the fatigue of despair. Our dreams will sometimes be shattered and our ethereal hopes blasted. We may again with tear-drenched eyes have to stand before the bier of some ...
I bet Mike Brown's side of the story would sound a lot different than Darren Wilson's .
Austin in solidarity with Mike Brown's family & Ferguson. @ Austin Police Department
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""A super human bullet absorbing demon."- Darren Wilson in speaking about Mike Brown..." -_-
Another cross-exam Q NOT asked of Wilson: how'd Mike Brown punch you w his right hand on right side of your face as you sat …
A team of us have found at least 26 inconsistencies in the official government account of how & why Mike Brown was killed by…
Just talked to Dorian Johnson, who was w/ Mike Brown when he was shot.Last night one of Dorian's best friends was killed n…
yet, if you read the ENTIRE transcript, Mike Brown's friend, the one that was handed the cigarillos, confirms the story
Overheard on the bus, girl on phone: "Should I go to the Mike Brown thing? I have choir practice.-- Yeah.. I know.. But this is history."
Can't blame the Grand Jury for not indicting Darren Wilson after it turns out Mike Brown was 50 feet tall and covered in i…
how have this many people accosted me to share their thoughts about Mike Brown? when & where did i sign up to be the white guilt counselor?
same officer that’s said Mike Brown hit him 10x in a police interview but 2x to a Grand Jury, his story changed
Sanaa Lathan's instagram post on the Mike Brown situation
History is repeating itself, we learned about Emmett Till & Rodney King, our children will learn about Mike Brown & Trayvon Martin‼️
Rodney King: high on PCP, got beat, got his day in court. Mike Brown: unarmed, jacked smokes. Shot at 12 times. Dead. No trial.
Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, RIP and countless others such as Rodney King besten to a pulp
The issue with Mike Brown in Ferguson is an issue that has to do with racism. The problem here, it is that police have been given the green light to get away with murders of minority groups. We can take many examples from history: Rodney King, Oscar Grant, and the list goes on and on. Although the officer that killed Oscar Grant did face legal consequences for his actions, in many issues like this members of privileged groups have not. We can see examples of this from hate crimes, issues if sexual and domestic violence, and of course the list goes on and on. According to the New York Times, on the issue regarding Mike Brown, "The circumstances surrounding the shooting are in dispute. The police say Mr. Brown was shot during a skirmish with the officer. A friend who was walking with Mr. Brown, Dorian Johnson, says the officer opened fire when the young man refused to move from the middle of the street to the sidewalk. He says Mr. Brown's hands were over his head when the officer fired. All agree that Mr. B ...
Why do you support whites killing blacks? You don't even try to hide it.With Trayvon and now Mike Brown, you are totally biased.
Rodney King, Sean Bell, Emitt Teal, Mike Brown, etc etc... Maybe it's time to start killing cops
Had he been arrested & indicted, Mike Brown would be presumed legally innocent until proven guilty.
Cops fire flash bangs point blank at protesters demonstrating for Mike Brown https:/…
This is why there's racial profiling and why we you guys are looked at badly. Wat to rep Mike Brown
can the team do some Mike Brown moment of silence or something at the game this Sunday?
Replace Darren Wilson & Mike Brown w/ two Asian men. If your opinion changes, you're the problem
Phi Beta Sigma member ran 540 miles to the site that Mike Brown was murdered by Darren…
You can't call it history if it's still happening. Mike Brown. Treyvon Martin. Jordan Davis. John Crawford. Never forget.
Interesting that people question the police when it applies to Brandon Ellingson's death but trust the police statement for Mike Brown.
"The Grand Jury gave up their lives." . Mike Brown's life was taken from 153 ft. I guess after 6 bullets he was still a th…
People cared more about Mike Brown because of people like Tamir Rice and Jordan Crawford and Eric Garner.
Darren Wilson's police intv: Mike Brown struck me in my face 10x. Wilson to Grand Jury: he struck me in my face 2x. No one p…
Does anyone even know if Mike Brown was innocent for sure lol
Wilson really said that Mike Brown looked like a demon in his GJ testimony. He quite aptly illustrated the very problem w/our …
They'll punish Ray Rice for beating his wife but not Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown, I don't get it smh!
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"It is just not a very well-liked community," Darren Wilson testified at p. 238 about Mike Brown's neighborhood. Meaning des…
"That's not an area where you can take anything really lightly," Darren Wilson testified about Mike Brown's neighborhood.
*** really saying Mike Brown "picked a fight" w/ a cop. I'll believe he's Bruce Banner before I believe any black ma…
Darren Wilson testifies he is 6 foot 4. Yet he says he felt like a child up against "Hulk Hogan." Mike Brown was also 6'4"
The medical examiner didn't take photos of Mike Brown's body. Because they ran out of batteries.
Mike Brown was executed without a trial. Darren Wilson was exonerated without a trial.
Anyone burning things or looting isn't doing it because of Mike Brown, only because it's a selfish chance to rob and stea…
This is the face Mike Brown died for.
Darren Wilson described Mike Brown to the Grand Jury as "like a demon," like "Hulk Hogan." He had more than a month to come …
Ppl laying in the street of 4.5 min representing 4.5 hrs Mike Brown laid dead in the street.
If you're a African American youth who says "I don't care about the Mike Brown situation" then you're just as bad as Derren Wilson.
Things you cannot blame for Ferguson:. -APH America. -//all// cops. -Mike Brown. -Putin
but Mike Brown wasn't a cop killer. Officer Wilson was a killer cop. Just know you're in agreement with the KKK on this one.
All this news about "Mike Brown" in Furgeson has me looking up highlight videos of former Chicago Bears safety Mike Brown.
An hour after a struggle in which Darren Wilson said Mike Brown nearly beat him unconscious.
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You're a fair minded person, why is it that no one has heard of Brandon Ellingson but we all know Mike Brown?
Let's be real African American community. We have some serious problems. We have a lack of strong black leaders. We have begun to systematically tear one another down and the comparison between middle class blacks and the lower class is excruciating. We have in a sense created this decision because we began to trust those who have told from the start we didn't matter. People like Emmitt Till, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown remind us that we can not and should not depend on a system that is not built to embrace us but to annihilate us. These individuals are beacons that stand out that we as African Americans are not safe in a country where we pay taxes and raise children. We have an amazing amount of children in our middle school who can only read on a third or fourth grade level. They think Martin Luther King Jr was President Obama's dad and they have a sense of entitlement that a pair of Jordans, a Micheal Kors bag, a Brazilian weave and an iPhone puts them on the same level pu . ...
NO CHARGE! This should come as no surprise to anyone Black or White. People of all races are outraged by the verdict NOT to indite Mike Browns Killer, a cop. But again, this should come as no surprise to anyone. Mike Brown is not the first and sadly, may not be the last to die by the hands of a appointed officer of the law, one sworn to not only uphold the law, but to PROTECT and SERVE. Below is a list of other individuals, some who we know of by way of the media, others we have never heard of. My point however is this... The outbreak of violence, looting of businesses in your own community who had NOTHING to do with the verdict or his death is senseless and even savage... Yes SAVAGE. What does this prove? How does this help bring peace and comfort to the family of Mike Brown who should be the only concern at the moment. I understand anger, frustration and rage better than any, and I also know the three are Dangerous and Deadly! Do we want more killings and deaths? R.I.P To All who have become a victim to ...
Solidarity protest for Mike Brown tomorrow in Toronto:.
Barack Obama. Not one word about the culpability of Mike Brown in his own demise? Not one word about the cop hating gangsta rap culture? Not one word about the collapse of the black family and the lack of respect for authority from these young black men? Shame on you.
Here's why Officer Wilson said he shot Mike Brown.
I don't riot but I understand. . It’s hard to believe an officer would fire 12 shots at Mike Brown if he weren’t...
If you think this is about Officer Wilson or Mike Brown you are blind beyond belief. The ignorance behind the acts against this community is crazy. The majority of the acts are by OUTSIDERS!.Now as for the black community as a whole. Some of you hold true to the "Freed Ignorant Slave" mentality, meaning, you have not taken the time to seek the knowledge to function as a society in America. You are the type that the media seek out to interview to ensure the cycle of ignorance continue. One must put them self in the shoes of Officer Wilson, who as the rest of the world has only seen the images of young black men acting like wild animals, which could have been the case. Also, the act of many of these young black men is due to what image they are shown via the media/TV/Rappers/Glorified Gangsters over the years. This does not by any means take away the parenting responsibility. Many young black men grew up with these same images and has NEVER committed a crime or display disrespect towards others, why.My answ ...
I swear...we need to be more educated!!! If you're not satisfied with the outcome of your case, then appeal it...take it to a higher court until it reaches the supreme court. Not many cases make to supreme court but I'm pretty sure this Mike Brown case should make it with all of the controversy surrounding it. I just hope his parents and attorneys are smart enough to make that move!!! All of this rioting and violence is stupid!!! It doesn't help the only hurts it and makes you look ignorant!!!
A Grand Jury in Missouri Decided Not to Indict Officer Darren Wilson for Killing Michael Brown A Grand Jury in Missouri decided last night NOT to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing 18-year-old Mike Brown in Ferguson back in August. This case is racially charged, because Wilson is white and Brown was black. Here's what you need to know . . . 1. This means Wilson will NOT face any charges for Brown's death. The Grand Jury has been hearing evidence on and off since May, and deliberated for two days. 2. Brown's family issued a statement after the decision saying they were devastated, but called for a peaceful reaction. Unfortunately, not long after the announcement, some of the protestors turned violent. Originally there were several hundred people demonstrating, and most of them stayed peaceful. But as the night went on, a smaller group of several dozen protesters threw bottles and rocks, smashed police cars, looted stores, and set fires. The police responded with tear gas and riot gear, b ...
The government story is this: Mike Brown gets shot, runs 148 feet away, and then decides to kill himself by running into a h…
Darren Wilson after the Mike Brown murder. Where is the broken eye socket? But we should accept the "facts" ht…
That being said, I am the equivalent of Mike Brown. And every other black face you see in your daily routines. But I am Brandon.
BREAKING: Officer Darren Wilson will NOT be arrested for killing Mike Brown.
Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson not indicted by Grand Jury in death of Mike Brown
Darren Wilson will NOT be charged for killing Mike Brown.
Marissa Alexander and Mike Brown are victims of a broken system. A system that targets vulnerable people to keep the privile…
Mike Brown & Marissa Alexander. 2 black people, 1 man, 1 woman, both of whom represent all that is deeply problematic re U…
The Grand Jury will not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the Mike Brown shooting.
A St. Louis jury failed to bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson for racially profiling and killing 18-year-old Black teenager Mike Brown. As we mourn this grave injustice, join us in demanding federal criminal charges immediately.
If you think what is currently/has been happening in is solely based on the death of Mike Brown, you are grossly…
The long awaited Grand Jury decision on whether to indict Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown has finally been reached. The Grand Jury has decided not to bring charges against Darren Wilson. In 108 days since Mike Brown was killed in cold blood, the peaceful daily protests demanding ju…
Mike Brown allegedly committed theft. Darren Wilson shot the same unarmed boy because he was protecting himself, for which he used at least 6 bullets because one wasn't enough, right? One was executed, then and there, meanwhile the other was given a paid leave, half a million dollars in donations, and absolutely no indictment. You mean to tell me that Wilson's razor burn was proof enough for the jury to not charge him? My fear for the violence that this will provoke in citizens can not compare to that of having more Darren Wilsons "protecting" this country. The only good thing that I can make of this would be the hope given to many Americans who aspire to be a part of St. Louis County Grand Jury. Apparently, you don't have to be resourceful, ethical, or commonsensical. Deep condolences go to the parents of a victim that will have to do common tasks with the probability of seeing the person who shamelessly murdered their 18 year-old son. I completely understand that violence is not an appropriate reaction, ...
WATCH: Macklemore tells KING 5: "It's about Mike Brown. It's not about me."
I need to go to bed and stop thinking but Its ok for Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman to "fear for their lives" but it's not ok for Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin to fear for their life. It's not ok for Marissa Alexander to fear for her life... So when does fear for your own life become justified? Do I have to work in law enforcement? Does someone have to shoot, stab, beat or attack me first? Can someone enlighten me? I'm confused
CAAAV will be out TONIGHT to stand in solidarity with the rage, and the vision of a "better forever". We will be rallying at Union Square by 7pm. Please e-mail Ruben at ranwith your phone number (and whether you receive texts) to march with us! Let's turn up for Mike Brown, Marissa Alexander, and demand justice!
I know I'm far away, but I want you to know that I know what happended to Mike Brown.
Mike Brown wasn't charged or tried of a crime. Not a criminal. Whether or not it was even Brown was never confirmed.
*** Ferguson that's straight up pathetic you really think this is what Mike Brown would've wanted
Mike Brown prolly watched the Trayvon Martin case and thought "That could've been me!". Then it was him. WHO NEXT?
Little Giant Ladders
So just bc Mike Brown committed a petty theft, it gave the officer the right to shoot him 6 times & take his life? cut me a…
Jesus was a victim of police brutality as well, but being concerned about Mike Brown is a "distraction" to the Gospel? Find a …
Idc about what some investigation done by the police department responsible for the crime says, Mike Brown didn't even attack that officer
But when a Euro-American is murdered the murderer is sentenced. The face a type of punishment. This isn't the case with Mike Brown
Shepard Smith has Mike Brown's apparently drunk cousin, Ty Pruit, on the air. This is some AWESOME television. :-)
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere" praying for Mike Brown and his family. Can't believe this.
“This is bigger then just Mike Brown you guys this been happening. Pick Up a Book & Read.”you ain't helping us Brandon
"Darren Wilson never stood over Mike Brown's body" - Bob McCullough
This whole thing couldve been prevented if Mike Brown didnt do what he did. Then the cops wouldnt of been involved. Just saying
My heart breaks for all friends and family of Mike Brown just as it did for Brandon Ellingson.
you cant tell me this isnt a racial thing because i promise you if Mike Brown was white , he would have only got tasered N…
"White ppl dont even know who Mike Brown is.. 😂😂😂
Y'all have nothing to say to Wall Street bankers that's stole billions in 2008 but Mike Brown deserved to die over cigars. Wow just wow
exactly! & it bothers me the most that there was an "altercation" with Mike Brown. Just like with Trayvon Martin. Like how
April 2011. anyone BLACK could end up Mike Brown
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My deepest sentiments are with Mike Brown's family tonight as there was no indictment for his killer. Racial injustice is a very real thing in our society today. The success of one black man as president does not equate to the success of a race or ethnicity overall. The American Dream is not a real achievable goal when you are viewed as an alien, a thug, a system abuser, or a drug abuser based upon stereotypes of your race or ethnicity. In solidarity I stand with you
Many of the rioters & looters are being reported to have smiles & laughs as they rampage & destroy. Mike Brown is IRR…
These white people in my mentions tryna explain why racism has nothing to do with the Mike Brown situation & I'm like http…
My heart goes out to the Brown family, it's crazy what this world is coming to. R.I.P Mike Brown. Very unfortunate. All my family & friends in Kansas City, Missouri, hang in there.
Mike Brown now formally joins the tragic, ever-growing litany of names like Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, John Crawford, & Kendr…
It's disturbing to match the similarities between Mike Brown & the Stephen Lawrence case, although that happened 2 decades ago.
After lying for 108 days and stating that Mike Brown only ran 35 feet away, they now admit it was actually 150 feet. A major…
Sunday before the game take a moment of silence to remember Mike Brown.
I asked LeBron James about Grand Jury not indicting Darren Wilson for killing of Mike Brown. He said nothing. Shook his h…
Just to know that Mike Brown from St. Louis could've easily been Dominic Jefferson from Houston & that could be my family is what bothers me
They do not value the life of a black man, period. Jim Crow Laws were not put to rest until 1965. That was only 49 years ago. The Emancipation Proclamation was not implemented until 1863. That was only 151 years ago. Until then we were considered to be 3/5 of them. The other 2/5 of our existence was looked at as being an animal of inhuman nature. 3/5=60% 2/5=40% Look at those results. Racism is alive. Discrimination is alive. Justice for us is nearly nonexistent. A lot of you are still slaves only with evolved shackles. You still fail to collect information. We may pursue our happiness but at any given time they are allowed to break us with absolutely no punishment. God bless Mike Brown's family and every other family who has had to go through this unfair cruelty. It is our obligation to learn the truth. Do not ignore what is right in front of your face. They still don't consider us equals.
Even if Mike Brown stole them cigarillos, aint no reason for him to be shot dead, come on now.
James Eagan Holmes is alive after killing 12 people. Mike Brown, dead. Having shot no one.
Sad to now know, Mike Brown joins the ever-growing list of names like Trayvon Austin, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner & Danroy Henry Jr
My heart & prayers go out to Mike Brown's family may God bless you RIP
Cop didn’t call for emergency medical services after shooting Mike Brown. Intent was to kill. Let him lie bleeding in the street
If 8 eyewitnesses can say they saw Mike Brown surrender and be shot in cold blood and the shooter not be indicted, we have a…
First off I want to start this by saying people are beyond hypocritical to say that we should act in peace if Mike Brown family is not served justice. This just shows how generations upon generations we have been brainwashed to think that if black people as a group retaliate to anything it is seen as wrong, barbaric, irrational & many more. This goes all the way back to slavery because when the white man was whipping the slaves and raping our woman we were just supposed to take it because it was seen as the norm; but if a slave wanted to escape or retaliate because of the beyond horrific living conditions they was seen as disobedient and was immediately shot or killed. Im guessing they was just suppose to be happy cotton pickers huh? And then you can go to the Emancipation Proclamation which did not free all slaves but just basically stated that if a slave is free they should be left free. All that did was jump start the Ku Klux Klan and what did the Ku Klux Klan do you ask? They went after peaceful Afric ...
Pete Williams on MSNBC: Recourse for Mike Brown family if there's no indictment is to file a civil action - sue for wrongful d…
6 eyewitnesses have now CONFIRMED they testified before the Grand Jury that they saw Mike Brown killed in cold blood.
Bob McCulloch will not charge Darren Wilson w/ murder for killing Mike Brown; he does not want Grand Jury to indict:
Unfortunately there will be NO justice for Mike Brown. Office Darren Wilson WILL be a free man. Lord please bless our government.
Statement from Mike Brown's family regarding the purpose & power behind the 4.5 minutes of silence after the verdict
Over and over again police have said Mike Brown was killed 35 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV. They lied. .
.the Bears had proper leaders during that year. Urlacher, Thomas Jones, Kreutz, Alex Brown, Mike Brown, Tillman etc
Mike Brown appears to have forgotten that he's playing rugby and that catching is allowed
This is about Mike Brown. Not some HAARP and chemtrail freaks.
For Mike Brown Sr to be among others making sure that families have a proper Thanksgiving Day meal despite the pain that family has endured from the last few months, shows that the human spirit is still very much inside people.
Ma' asked if I saw the crash, which has nothing to do with Mike Brown's death.
Unfortunately for some it has never been about Mike Mr. Brown is spinning his wheels.
just interviewed Senator Nasheed an activist in Mike Brown protest and anti violence Effort. Now an attempted carjackin…
Meanwhile, we wait. This is about Mike Brown, police abuse, and profiling of black men. Not *** co-opting, opportunist scumbags. Cheers
Los Angeles area news is urging would be protesters to mind their own business regarding Mike Brown. They are encouraging residents to not let what happens in other communities affect what happens in our own. Well ,surprise, what happens in other communities does affect what happens in ours because police violence, and the corruption of officials,and connections to shady characters and underhanded entities is happening everywhere. Their worse fear is coming true. People are no longer minding their own business.
Race hustler you like counting days its 90+ days Later – Still No Headstone on Mike Brown's Grave
When black women ask where the men at it use to be this. Now with the new generation like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. Jail is a luxury. Your only option is death!!!
When David Blatt is fired, just like when Mike Brown was fired.
I assembled all 28 public statements & videos made by eyewitnesses to Mike Brown's murder: .
Cavs should've got mike brown back & help these fools play some defense
28 Public statements & videos made by eyewitnesses to 's MURDER by .
hey ant check out this photo of Mike Brown's dad, look closely at his shirt.
Ferguson awaiting Grand Jury for Mike Brown
Oh y'all digging for dirt on these rape victims are doing the same thing white people did requesting mike brown criminal r…
I can't wait till mike brown comes outta the lockeroom and hits blatt w a chair
because Mike Brown was a human being!
Mike Brown's dad is giving away free turkey & people have a problem with that? Seriously? It's the holiday season!
Update your maps at Navteq
Mike Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, has joined the protesters at the memorial site.
Okay Mike Brown since I am going to move my Leg day to tomorrow just 24 hrs. after Deadlifting I think I should "Carb Load" with a Pizza, don't worry I ordered wings to ensure my Protein intake is still there!
Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury. Mike Brown was a gang member and his father is proud of it.
Report: "Police Lied. was Killed 148 ft. from 's SUV"
NEWS BREAKING!!. Another unarmed black man shot dead tonight in New York Protests happening now! in NYC after shoot & kill unarmed man 28yo Livestream: Justice 4 Leon Briggs Justice for Mark Duggan Justice for Mike Brown Black Rebels Azelle Rodney Campaign for Justice UK
The protests in are extraordinary, but Mike Brown's death is all too common.
Mike Brown wasn't an innocent child, he was a criminal. Nobody's asking people to sacrifice their human-ness, just to act human.
"Wait for facts" -- please. Here's a fact. Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown. Body on the street for 4.5 hours. This alone…
Mike brown's mother just came out to join protesters in prayer.
Why? Because u plan on rioting and hurting innocent people just like Mike Brown did? Get a job and get ur own supplies
Understanding The Origin Of The Mike Brown Narrative When we first began digging in to the Mike Brown story something odd was immediately identifiable.    The individual witness statements, when co...
Okay somebody, please tell me whats up. I judt got off the bus and the driver said when the mike brown verdict comes through metro link and metro bus will not run at all thay day. So prepare. It's like they already know what up.
This what me and mike brown daddy son would look like.gwaf
Why they aren't going to arrest the Police officer that shoot Mike Brown OK
I'd rather have Mike Brown as a coach than Blatt. Blatt's ***
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In the 100-plus days since Mike Brown was gunned down by Darren Wilson, we have seen incredible incompetence and intractable racist behavior by the white power structure in the St. Louis metropolitan region. Every week since August 9 there have been acts of defiance and missed opportunities to show…
ICYMI: Sean Hannity challenged Justice for Mike Brown founder Derk Brown on why groups are gearing up to protest if the Grand Jury decides not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson. WATCH the confrontation and SHARE your thoughts:
(VIDEO) See the lie about how far Mike Brown ran away. Not 35 feet but 148.
I believe that there will be no indictment in the Michael Brown murder case. Here is why, Law enforcement is a brother and sister hood and those in that field protect each other. Now not all Law enforcement officers are bad people and they are needed. What is needed is a more extensive background and psychological check for people wanting to go in that field, My second point look at the make up of the jury 3 black and 9 white. who you think that favors Mike Brown or Wilson. Why the jury could not be more diverse if race should not be a factor . Third point , the Gov. should have appointed a special prosecutor to handle all of it. Because he did not it leaves the door for the cycle of unarmed black young man being killed to stay open. Its genocide right in our faces. Now I agree Mike Brown was wrong for stealing out the store but I truly believe he had his arms up and most people that get shot aint gonna fight back because they hurt. I believe Wilson knew about the robbery they want to say he was on a an . ...
Black Panthers and Nation of Islam (violent racist hate groups) were allowed to participate in Mike Brown's funeral and protests.
Mike Brown did not rob a store nor was he a felon. Darren Wilson is just a white supremacist with klan ties
i said Mike Brown wasn't the best face for this fight... this was the straw that broke the camels back.
He shot at Mike Brown twice from the SUV and then got out of the SUV to pursue him. Missed first 6, then Mike …
It's MUCH EASIER to claim Wilson was reasonably afraid if Mike Brown ran 35 feet away, but nearly impossible when it was 148…
3. When the police told this initial lie of Mike Brown running 35 feet away, it helped them create a mind-movie of a closeup…
I think what we have presented today, proves: 1. The police are lying & covering for Wilson & 2. Mike Brown ran for his life…
To accurately & effectively measure where Mike Brown was killed. We will use this 2943 photo & this from the scene.
This picture is of Mike Brown's father the day after Mike was killed. Blood stains. Notice the number 2943, ok? KEY.
Since we proved Mike Brown died 148 feet away from the SUV and you say he "charged at you", how much farther are you saying …
Here is another overhead look with mapping software showing you where the SUV was to 2943 where Mike Brown died.
4. Did the Grand Jury get a chance to ask Chief Belmar & others why they advanced this lie about how far Mike Brown fled fro…
Ferguson protestors seek vigilante justice Ahead of the announcement on whether to indict the police officer who shot Mike Brown of Ferguson, Mo, a group calling itself the "No Shoot Coalition" is negotiating with police over the rules of engagement for the riots that are planned follow the announcement. In essence, this coalition of leftists that includes the New Black Panther Party, Amnesty International, the ACLU, several unions, and communist party fronts, is trying to tie the hands of police in protecting those citizens of Ferguson who would not participate in violent protests after the announcement. The No Shoot Coalition demands justice for Mike Brown, the Black man who was shot dead when he attacked a police officer after robbing a store. The No Shoot Coalition's call to action website states: "An announcement from the Grand Jury about Darren Wilson will come any day now--and we are planning protests and actions for that day and the days that follow. This moment is a historic one --Ferguson is eve ...
I'm told Mike Brown's blood and key gun powder evidence were washed off of Canfield Drive before a thorough analysis was eve…
REPORT all the facts for Ferguson. Officer Wilson was dispatched to suspects. Mike Brown had gun residue on thumb-
With the Grand Jury Verdict about to be announced, I would like to share a side story about my time protesting at Ferguson, MO. This is my plead for you to take an active stance and become an ally. I am an Asian American female from the upper middle class suburbs of San Diego. Based on just that, I am not Mike Brown. I am not the hundreds of young black men who are killed under police brutality due to racist, ignorant, hateful and fearful predilections. I am not a mother who fears for his black son’s life every time he steps out into the streets. I do not have to be scared whenever a policeman walks by me. I do not have to have my hands showing at all times. If I were to die on the streets like Mike Brown did, I would not have to lie dead on the concrete for more than 4 hours before someone got help. Finding marijuana in my blood stream would not justify my death. Being black and at the wrong place at the wrong time. Being someone that Darrel Wilson had to shoot 7 times because he was scared a young una ...
This murder and cover up of Mike Brown reminds me Mississippi burning all over again
Nov18.2009. 5 years ago today,. finished Mike Brown by TKO,. to become the WEC Featherweight Champion …
Surprised they haven't done a Mike Brown or Jordan Davis theme
Is this story in which Mike Brown's accomplice admits they committed a robbery made up?.
On Watch Amanda Wills's Vine "This is where Mike Brown died. His neighbors are all here.
So, declared Mike Brown posthumously to be a Muslim and declared him to be a martyr. Why not just call for Jihad on
it'd be better if they just yelled "YES HE DESERVED TO DIE AND I HOPE HE BURNS IN HAAALLEE!" when talking about Mike Brown
There is no place that I'd rather be than Howard U as we wait to hear the Mike Brown verdict ...pray for Ferguson ("America")
"I haven't heard anything about the Grand Jury decision about Mike Brown. But I thought y'all cared? :/"
Dorian Johnson, a thug too. A leech on society, just like Mike Brown. Zero credibility in m…
Watch this powerful video from Fusion and artist Molly Crabapple about Mike Brown and Ferguson
I didn't do the Ice Bucket Challenge but I Donated mad funds to Mike Brown this summer.
It took 45 days for state of Florida to arrest George Zimmerman after he killed Trayvon. . Mike Brown has been dead for…
Autopsy report shows Mike Brown was executed by Darren Wilson
is where an armed American cop shot an unarmed American teenager. "Video: Wilson after he shot Mike Brown" http:…
St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay reacted to Governor Jay Nixon’s declaration through an executive order that the National Guard would be activated for the next 30 days. Slay stressed to reporters at a press conference on Monday that the guard would not have a “front line role” in the midst of a reaction from the soon-to-be-expected decision of the St. Louis County Grand Jury relating to the death of Ferguson resident Mike Brown. [ 409 more words. ]
maybe but Darren Wilson didn’t know Mike Brown from Tracy Morgan when he killed
WISE UP, RISE UP!. The Montgomery Bus lasted 381 days. Today is 95 days that Mike Brown has been dead.
👏👏. "They'll literally turn Ferguson and STL into a warzone before admitting a racist cop shot Mike Brown in cold blood."
Justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham, Chantel Davis, Kimani Gray, Kenneth Chamberlain, Anthony Baez, and too many…
Amidst new video footage contradicting police claims about the shooting, Mike Brown's family still calls for...
as I watched the morning news, I was thinking about what the family attorney for Mike Brown said.I was wondering what was their take on equal justice and total transparency as they claimed they wanted and quest for the truth. But. I am starting to realize that when information was given and leaked and now, the release of the tape showing Officer Darren Wilson leaving the police station and leaving the hospital.The family first reaction to it was..."his injuries are not that great and highly exaggerated". The fact that he DID sustain injuries to his face was completely ignored and glanced over. To acknowledge the injuries of Officer Wilson would under mind the protesters beliefs. And, that they are following people that have a personal agenda and a stake to the civil suit that is sure to follow (mark my words). From day one the police has released information regarding the shooting and went as far as to defy the U.S. Justice Departments recommendation NOT to release the store footage that showed Michael Br ...
If Wilson shot Mike Brown while he surrendered, it's a crime. These 28 videos say he did.
It's alleged that Mike Brown attacked and attempted to dislodge officer's firearm. Read Graham v Conner
Post-match reaction with visibly distraught full back Mike Brown after England's 31-28 defeat to South Africa in the second QBE International at Twickenham Stadium.
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It's been 3 months since Mike Brown was murdered and Darren Wilson is still free and on paid administrative leave.
Chief Jackson said he released the video of Mike Brown in the Ferguson Market because the Freedom of Information requests fo…
"Another member of the UN committee told CNN this morning, “We have much more important things to do than involve ourselves in county level legal proceedings. This was an absolute waste of our time. Compared to human rights violations that are prevalent in such 3rd world countries as North Korea and Brazil, America’s plight simply does not compare." Just read this in an article about Mike Brown's parents address to the UN. Some faith in humanity has been restored.
If you haven't already, please read the police report re: Mike Brown's killing. Yes, this is real.
No, he's not small. He's close in height to Mike Brown (within a few inches). Mike's size wasn't a threat to him.
Unfortunately, Mike Brown and the Cuyahoga County Rebels won't be able to make it to the show, BUT, Scoliosis Jones is filling in instead! Come out!
Mike Brown's father's testimony at the United Nations. The movement lives.
"Officer Wilson actively prevented alleged medical professionals from rendering aid [to Mike Brown]."
Here are 28 eyewitness accounts from 7 different angles who saw Mike Brown killed.
Ashleigh Banfield almost blamed Mike Brown for dying
As wait for Ferguson Grand Jury remember that Mike Brown was not alone. on case of Jonathan Ferrell
get the officer that shot Mike Brown off paid vacation and bring him to justice
Oh! Oh! Let me try. Rent-a-Car is as reliable as Mike Brown's & Trayvon Martin's martial arts training.
Mike Brown's family hold press conference. Watch live:
Dr. Michael Baden is a renowned pathologist retained by Mike Brown family. Amazing prosecutors only called him before grand …
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Comment on Todd McLellan Has Had His Chance by Andrew Bensch: as for Mike Brown, his possession numbers are te...
Writing this paper about civil rights & civil liberties concerning the salient issues surrounding Ferguson & the death of Mike Brown.
Mike Brown's parents and attorney Daryl Parks in Geneva Nov 12 2014: via
Attorney Daryl Parks repeatedly declining to have Mike Brown's parents answer Qs on thoughts re possible non-indictment, resulting protests
Darren Wilson actively prevented medical professionals from rendering aid [to Mike Brown]. (via
Mike Brown's mother and father just spoke to the United Nations in Geneva about the murder of their son.
because Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, & far too many others did not deserve to die.
16 y/o black male going to jail 23 yrs for killing a police dog. Treyvon's killer is FREE. Mike Brown's killer is FREE http:/…
thats worth 5 years, not 23. The killers of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin deserve to be punished too.
Mike Brown mural 'sent the wrong message about community and police relations' - police murder obv doesn't though...
Mike Brown mural removed in Trenton, NJ bc it made police feel uncomfortable Painted over
Even if Darren Wilson is indicted,. there will still be white people profiting off of Mike Brown's death
The Ferguson Grand Jury decision could come any day now ---so far LA, NYC, St. Petersburg, FL, Newark, NJ, Baltimore, San Diego, LA, Oakland/SF, and Buffalo, NY. What other cities, schools, and groups will We must act in concert with Ferguson and cities across America if the Grand Jury announces no indictment for the murder of Mike Brown! Whatever day the announcement is made, gather at 3pm at Crenshaw & MLK Blvd to rally in the community. If the announcement is made after 3pm, the rally will take place here the day after. The next day following the community rally, we will gather at 3pm at the Downtown Federal Courthouse, 312 N. Spring St., to demand the Justice Department of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama bring federal Charges for the violations of the Civil Rights of Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, Omar Abrego, Carlos Oliva, and others. No Justice, No Peace! WE STAND with
My James Holmes and Mike Brown study in the process.
Guest speakers include Trayvon Martin an Mike Brown dad.
Cool tidbit about Leah Still: It was owner Mike Brown who said at a team meeting, "Devon Still is family. He will be…
Found this post on FB - Long but good read I am posting this because everyone needs to read it. I have been given permission by the author to do so. I just got this email: A consensus of reasonably well-informed opinion has it that the anticipated release date of the Grand Jury finding in the Mike Brown case is on/about Monday 10 November, probably after 2PM. National Guard, Army Reserve, FEMA and other federal agencies are deploying additional people to the St. Louis metro area in the two-three day period just prior to Monday 10 November. There does not appear, however, to be a sufficient degree of coordination among federal, state and local authorities to display a meaningful degree of learning from the race riots in Los Angeles or Cincinnati. Accordingly, the principles that governed the pace and scale of those situations can reasonably be anticipated to govern here, too. Local police are telling their friends and family that they'll have to be ready to be on their own for a period of several days afte ...
Mike Brown better draft the next David Klingler. Hoyer>Dalton
URGENT: Last night during an event in where hundreds of people marched for an end to police brutality, police confiscated the Governor Nixon, "accountability truck" and arrested the driver who was held for hours and then released. Witnesses say police in an unmarked car targeted the driver and pulled him from the truck. Missouri law enforcement continues to try to violate our first amendment rights and silence our calls for justice for Mike Brown. But we're strong, we're organized, and we will hold Governor Nixon responsible for allowing the systemic violation of Black Missourians' free speech and human rights. When communities are prevented from speaking out and challenging their country we are no longer in a democracy; we are no longer in America. In the coming days, a St. Louis Grand Jury will decide whether or not Darren Wilson will be held accountable for killing Mike Brown. Military tanks in the streets of St. Louis show the police are ready to escalate their violence against peaceful protestors. A ...
Mike Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, plans to travel "to Geneva, Switzerland, next month to speak about her son and other victims of police brutality in front of the United Nations," reports Vice...
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