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Mike Brey

Mike Brey (born March 22, 1959) is an American college basketball coach. He has been the men's head coach at the University of Notre Dame since July 14, 2000.

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Duke, take Chris Collins and not Mike Brey when the time comes.
what is this fixation with Mike Brey? Why on earth would he leave for decidedly less-green pastures?
Mike Brey turned down Maryland (he's from Dematha). Only job I see him leaving for is Duke
do you think Mike Brey would listen if IU came calling? He doesn't get near enough credit in my opinion. Great in game coach
ND will face Princeton Thursday. Comments from Mike Brey, Rex Pflueger and Steve Vasturia.
Having a front-row seat for PSU — while not as dire circumstances as ND — makes me appreciate what Mike Brey does even more
It will not be Kermit Davis. LSU decision makers don't want him. Keep an eye on Mike Brey. Hear that rumor is real.
I think Mike Brey can out coach Sean Miller in a one game situation.
would IU even call Mike Brey?! If he can win like this at ND, he would crush @ IU. This would be a tremendous hire!!
was a Michiana staple long before Mike Brey, and it will be around long after Mike Brey is gone.
= Blown bracket from the jump. Mike Brey is annoying BUT.
. Mike Brey is very likely to remain at ND.
Love me some Mike Brey. I hope Duke runs after him when K retires.
Yeah Notre Dame ranks 341st in bench minutes, but Mike Brey's style is to use a deep bench. Don't look at numbers.…
Spend 10 minutes with Mike Brey and then try to tell me how you cannot root for Notre Dame.
The Irish and the Tigers have a lot in common. Plus Mike Brey seemed jovial to say the least
Mike Brey Has Lost the Mock Turtlenecks, and Notre Dame is Now Better than Ever |
How is Notre Dame this good every year with no names ? Gotta be mike Brey
Mike Brey said Bonzie Colson has a “sore ankle.” Said the junior forward will be fine.
(Indianapolis Star) run to final doesn't impress committee : Mike Brey was..
praises for them. I know Mike Brey is a solid coach. If that did happen, I would say Arizona is the favorite.
ndinsider​.com >> NCAA Tournament challenge for Mike Brey, Irish is focus on present, not past
🔥take: Mike Brey is the most underrated coach in college basketball.
I ask this rhetorical question every March, it seems: Do people realize how good of a coach Notre Dame's Mike Brey is?
Mike Brey has to be one of the most under-appreciated coaches in the country. Consistently does more with less & develops.
The job Mike Brey has done with ND hoops is really incredible. 20+ wins in 11 of 12 seasons. Back to back Elite 8's. Guy can flat out coach.
I hate the "coaching tree," as if these guys are puppets, but particularly with Mike Brey. His biggest influence was Morgan Wootten
Mike Brey sees traces of in Princeton offense.
Mike Brey shares what he believes is one of the best basketball games ever. Which game was it?. LISTEN:
Mike Brey would make a very good NBA Coach. Perfect demeanor.
Tough draw for Princeton. You don't want to play Mike Brey in March.
Mike Brey is terribly underrated. Every year it seems Notre Dame is overlooked by other teams even in Indiana, excel in tou…
oh. I rarely if ever even think of ND in terms of hoops. Last yr as the exception, I know Mike Brey will take them out early
Notre Dame gets to play in the same bracket as Gonzaga? It's Mike Brey time baby!
Mike Brey concedes the Irish are a little empty in the tank right. Likes that it's spring break & guys can rest this we…
Mike Brey on Jayson Tatum: If he's not the pick in NBA draft, I really gotta see the guy who is the pick. He's ju…
Notre Dame has been a No. 5 seed twice under Mike Brey. Made the Sweet 16 (2003) and knocked out in second round (2008).
Long timeout reading: Why Notre Dame's Mike Brey never wears a tie by
Tony Bennett owns Mike Brey so the Notre Dame win is not surprising in the least!
I think Mike Brey is Superman, but Tony Bennett is his kryptonite. 0-6 with an average margin of defeat of 15 points. Ugh.
Safe to say that Tony Bennett now owns Mike Brey! Big win on the road! 🔶🔷🏀
Tony Bennett has Mike Brey's number. Learn from the tape and get ready for Saturday. You cannot let one loss turn into two.
What Tony Bennett's defense does every season to Mike Brey's offense is downright savage and I would really appreciate it if he stopped that
UVA with its largest lead of the game, up 53-44 with 7:54 to go. Tony Bennett, man. Has answers for Mike Brey the rest of the ACC doesn’t.
It’s National Compliment Day so here goes: Mike Brey is my fav ACC coach not named Tony Bennett and I respect the *** out of his program.
Betting against Mike Brey is like betting against Christian Bale in a Batman movie.
Hamilton Collection
Gotta love Notre Dame coach Mike Brey hopping around and waving and begging the Joyce Center crowd to get loud...
Hey and case you were wondering, Mike Brey still looks like he is coming off a Tully's bender.
Huge Irish fan here. Brian Kelly has consistently shown himself to be everything that Mike Brey isn't.
Mark Gottfried, Greg McDermott, Mike Brey, Matt Painter, Mark Turgeon, John Beilein & MSU's staff minus Izzo will be at La Lumiere today.
Also failed to mention that I met Notre Dame Men's Basketball Head Coach, Mike Brey, with said McDonalds sandwiches in my pants.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish coach Mike Brey reveals mother died in morning before OT win over Butler Bulldogs | Sports
Mike Brey Dishes His Best Lessons on and off the Court | ... -
Saw The Book of Mormon last night after getting tix thru the lottery. Coach Mike Brey was giggling throughout.
AUDIO: Five reasons has had success under Mike Brey last 16 seasons. Here:
Betting against Mike Brey in conference play is like betting against Christian Bale in Batman.
Coach Mike Brey says his good friend represents well.
. and let's not forget the deep tourney runs he made, which are the standard for Mike Brey Basketball.
How did Brey not go with the mock turtleneck under the jersey? Gotta play the hits, Mike!
“Social media is now part of the equation (in recruiting).”. – HC Mike Brey. LISTEN:
Notre Dame Podcast: Coach Mike Brey tells ESPNU CBB about recruiting approach - \"Social media is part of the equa…
Good video for coaches and teammates of any sport.
Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey had great things to say about George Washington head coach Mike Lonergan
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey and Georgia coach Mark Fox both agreed with ESPN's Seth Greenberg on the CBB podcast...
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey said on the CBB podcast he has talked to his good friend GW coach Mike Lonergan, who...
Notre Dame's Mike Brey said on the ESPNU CBB podcast that he and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski discussed when the ACC...
When Notre Dame makes the Final Four, will Mike Brey wear a tie?
Tom Izzo with the center court seat for Jaren Jackson Jr. and Spiece Indy Heat. Matt Painter, Mike Brey, Steve Wojciechowski also here.
Mike Brey talks Irish in the NBA draft, combine expansion, Ingelsby reunion at Delaware.
HC Mike Brey and AD Jack Swarbrick on Delaware hiring ND assistant Martin Ingelsby:
Mike Brey can coach offense like nobodies business.
Ran into my high school history teacher tonight Mike Brey
Coach K better focus on beating the Irish. Mike Brey seems to have his number.
SBM council member Mike Brey of testifies before on importance of ACA to
PBSources: Chris Christie and Mike Brey help Martin Inglesby score the most wired Low Major Head Coaching job in the country-Delaware.
Boeheim chuckles when asked about Mike Brey's endorsement for AD. Said he's OK at the one job he has. Trusts SU will make good hire. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Our postseason life is on the line every day - not every game - every day. – Mike Brey
Has anyone ever said that Mike Brey and John Taffer look alike?
Candide... Some confusing *** book it's hard but 100 bills should be worth it
Notre Dame's Mike Brey raves about his former player and new UCF AD Danny White.
HC who have been in attendance so far - Bob Huggins, Matt Painter, Chris Collins, Pat Chambers, Mike Brey, Chris Mack and Kevin Stallings
Between Kobe, Golden St, ND's Mike Brey, more, Wed. was rich - except for 1 thing
Special Preview LIVE from Radio Row starts now. . Mike Brey, Frank Haith, Denzel Valentine & more join!
Mike Brey looks like Mr. Smith retired from fighting Neosho and let himself go in The Matrix
Mike Brey looks like the guy who bribed Sepp Blatter
all of Texas bigs leaving all SR. He from Austin, got Taylor,.. ND big a SR. And Mike Brey more of a 4 out 1 in
like Shaka Smart & Mike Brey been pumpin out NBA guys lol
Bill Self smells. Mike Brey deserves more credit for what he's done with ND basketball. Just my opinion!
Mike Brey looks like the salesman at a Cadillac dealership who's nickname is "The Closer"
Mike Brey looks like the highest paid "professor" at now defunct Trump University.
Is he beating Mike Brey in this video. Never realized he was at UDel.
Wright beat Mike Brey's Delaware team to get there
Keep Wall,Beal, Gortat,Porter,Morris,& Oubre. Waive the rest. Hire Adrian Dantley, or Mike Brey, as coach
"These head coaches have stood as pillars of the community for a combined 45 seasons"
Late-night chats with Mike Brey helped Demetrius Jackson develop confidence he needed to be NBA-caliber point guard.
Coach Mike Brey plans to discuss with guard Demetrius Jackson whether he should at least declare for the N.B.A. draft before deciding
Mike Brey... You can take all the bad shots you want without him getting mad😂😂
Mike Brey jokes that Chris Christie will attend Notre Dame's next game 'if Trump will let...
Mike Brey looks like the bad guy in every 90s "B Movie."
Been talking 'Indiana Coaching Efficiency' with Mike Brey/Brian Kelly are so far ahead of everyone else, it's not even funny.
Mike Brey excited to carry momentum into next season - via
Mike Brey took less and went farther than we did this year. I'm just say'n. Does it have to be a super team?
I got another bet for you. When Coach K leaves your boy Mike Brey will be the replacement
On Saturday, Mike Brey 77 mentioned Morgan Wootten & DeMatha in his press conference. Those words came up in nearly 700 articles on Sunday.
Demetrius Jackson said he settled on the decision to declare for the draft after speaking with Mike Brey yesterday.
Jackson says he finalized the decision to turn pro last night after meeting with Mike Brey. Adds it was "on the back-burner" of his mind.
Demetrius Jackson says final decisionn was made Tuesday after speaking with Mike Brey - had been on "Back-burner" for while...
Only Demetrius Jackson to speak Mike Brey already on way to Houston...
Brey fully supportive of Jackson entering NBA draft: Notre Dame coach Mike Brey describes what it means f...
Notre Dame Video: Mike Brey says Irish are in \"best position we've been in a long, long time\" to compete for Fin…
Great lede here in this look at Mike Brey's evolving personality
Mike Brey looks like the unemployed butcher, who had to turn to crime to support his family. Jay Cutler is his shifty partner
Notre Dame can't rebound or get consistent good looks. I blame Mike Brey not recruiting enough big men and his stupid "burn offense".
Mike Brey feels good about Notre Dame's chance to make the Final Four. (via
Rooting for Notre Dame & Mike Brey, because he reminds me of Matt Logan. Unsure if his game is as strong.
To recap, Mike Brey can curse at and berate the refs all night, but Brice Johnson can't toss the ball behind him
Ref gave Mike Brey (adult) a warning for cursing him out but gives Brice Johnson (kid) a technical for tossing a ball up in the air. Fair.
Mike Brey walks that line a fair amount too. They're passionate fellows. But Brey has 35 years on Johnson
Mike Brey looks like he's been living inside a bar the past month
Warning for Mike Brey but no warning for Brice Johnson? T him up
The Fred Flintstone half-beard look is a good one for Mike Brey
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Is it me, or does Mike Brey look like Razor Ramon?
Injury update: Notre Dame coach Mike Brey in walking boot for right calf injury. Will still be on bench.
Mike Brey on why Notre Dame isn't viewed as a national program: "Well, we have a quarterback controversy going on right …
Limping off the court, Notre Dame's Mike Brey had a special message for fellow school North Carolina.
Shaka Smart Greg Marshall mark few 5 coaches in the big ten Mike Brey
Mike Brey has won 6 NCAA Tournament games in last 2 years. Basketball vs Football facilities on ND campus not even close. Joyce Center old
Mike Brey used to make Jamie Dixon look like John Wooden in the Tournament. Seems to be hitting his groove.
Tickled pank to be in Wells Farga Arena with the top seller of preowned n gentla used Toyotar's in North America for 2016, Mr. Mike Brey.
Mike Brey dresses like day trader on his fourth martini and plays Knockout with his team. It's all part of a plan. https…
Mike Brey is looking very bummish today. Like he's aspiring to be Todd Haley.
For as much as I dislike ND Football, I've always liked Mike Brey and his teams. All the way back to the Matt Carroll and Chris Thomas days.
Mike Brey looks like a used car dealer who put in 80 hours this week because his best salesman quit.
Mike Brey has fully transitioned to Campbell Scott after Tom Skerritt turns down his supertrain idea in Singles and I love it.
he's friends with Mike Brey from their Delaware days.
1979 SFA head coach Harry Miller on Mike Brey scoring 22pts against his team, "He played like a man, I need a shot of Jameson."
Mike Brey, Jay Wright, Huggy, Tony Bennett all guys you can count on to blow it in March
Mike Brey is now 5-1 in his career against Mike Krzyzewski. Notre Dame beats Duke to advance to the ACC semis. Heck of a …
I would be nervous about this game tonight, if Mike Brey was capable of losing games to Duke or UNC. Go Irish! 🍀 . 😓
This is the S&J Pub near DeMatha where Mike Brey finalized deal with Mike Krzyzewski to be Duke assistant coach
Gotta go with Mike Brey. Before they make the schedule he's already beaten DUKE
Worth repeating: Coach K now 21-5 vs. former assistants. All 5 losses are to Mike Brey. now 5-1 vs. sin…
Born Irish Cathoilc, but never been a Notre Dame fan. Always loved Mike Brey. Quote of the year.
When Notre Dame beat Duke again, Mike Brey wanted a shot of Jameson. "Yeah. We like spoiling s--- in this league." https…
It'll be Mike Brey and vs. old boss Coach K and Duke in the ACC quarters. Irish are 4-1 vs. Blue Devils since joining the ACC.
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey: . [Miami] may win the national championship. They're really good. They're really old."
J.Lawrence wasn't too interested in meeting Mike Brey today at the game. He was more focused on his PaPa ❤️
Here's the story from Wake, where Mike Brey openly admitted that Notre Dame likes Tobacco Road
Or John Calipari, or Coach K, or Sean Miller, or Bobby Hurley, or Thad Matta, or Mike Brey, or Steve Alford. ANYONE but Johnny Jones.
In the past two years, Mike Brey is 9-1 vs Coach K, Pitino, Roy Williams, and Izzo
Since the start of last season, Mike Brey is 9-1 against Pitino, Izzo, Coach K and Roy Williams.
Would also love to see more CBB programs emulate Bo Ryan, or Mike Brey at ND, or Tim Cluess's Iona offense, or Frank Martin's defense.
Video Mike Brey Radio Show February 4,2016 VJ Beachem was an awesome guest!
Mike Brey: If beats UNC for the third time in a row, "Maybe the earth will rotate the wrong way on its axis."
coach Mike Brey on radio show on Miami trip - "Only thing good about Miami was the weather." Amen to that.
🏀 The Mike Brey Radio Show is LIVE, presented by the experts at Tire Rack. WATCH:
HC Mike Brey re: "I'm going to embrace the circus." Brey urges students to show up Saturday, 11-12.
Mike Brey said has to have a "short memory" after Miami loss with North Carolina coming to town.
reliably sourced Mike Brey literally replaced Joe Mihalich as jv coach at DeMatha when Joe went North. Awesome.
Mike Brey and the Irish fell at No. 17 Miami last night .. Story via
Notre Dame No-Shows at Miami - Mike Brey’s Irish drop the first of four consecutive likely underdog ...
was Mike Brey and Joe Mihalic with Morgan Wooten at the same time?
ND Coach Mike Brey credits Miami's win to the seniority of Miami's players and their level of physicality
"They are really good and really hard to guard," ND Coach Mike Brey says about Miami to open press conference
Mike Brey ready to pull toe plug on this one with Matt Farrell, Rex Pflueger and Austin Torres in.with 4:38 to play.
Why did Mike Brey run out onto the court lol
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Not only Brian Kelly...but Mike Brey could use Caleb Kelly right now.
Zach Auguste with three fouls.Mike Brey going to stick with him.
No. 17 Miami leads at the half, 45-33. Mike Brey none too pleased with the striped shirts after 20 minutes.
Refs love to blow games, Mike Brey is fired up
Mike Brey going Brian Kelly throwing a hissy fit
Mike Brey really close to get a technical foul.
Mike Brey summed up season in golf terms: under par thru the front 9, but the back gets tough. Starts tonight at No. 17 Miami.
someone should tell Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey that Abbotsfords Chase Claypool scored 51 last night
Kelly on signing a Canadian guy in Chase Claypool: "Mike Brey couldn't get him. I got him for Mike. Basketball highlights? Pretty good."
Kelly jokes that Chase Claypool is averaging 49.1 PPG in basketball. "Mike Brey couldn't get him, so I went and got him for Mike."
Brian Kelly joking about Canadian WR "He’s averaging 49.2 points per game in basketball. Mike Brey couldn’t get him."
Brian Kelly says Chase Claypool is averaging 49.2 PPG in basketball. "I went up there and got him for Mike (Brey)," Kelly jokes.
Vince Vaughn, Drew Brees, Devin Funchess, Kid Ink, Brey Hart, Mike Ditka and *** Vitale just congratulated Michigan on video.
Brian Kelly jokes that football needs two more facilities like "The Gug". Mike Brey & Muffet McGraw probably yelling "wait your turn."
Brian Kelly says Notre Dame needs two more football facilities. Half-joking, I think. You can hear Mike Brey groaning in Miami.
Mike Brey would be tough to get but I like what he's done at ND as well.
Grant is our PG. He was a steal in first round, 1st team All-American last year from good Mike Brey program
Tom, please be sure to ask Mike Brey about Caleb Kelly and Demetris Robertson tomorrow night. Thanks.
hasn't lost back-to-back Gs since 2013-14, but are Mike Brey's Irish ready to heat up for real?
Why does HC Mike Brey like to use a seven-man rotation?
But Mike Brey is the goat. Pitno is the biggest *** ever. Kelly out.
drops out of the and Mike Brey is probably high-fiving someone right now.
affects us all. Hear Coach Mike Brey’s story & at
Thon Maker now has in-homes set with Bobby Hurley and Mike Brey. The latest.
Mike Brey bought $500 worth of donuts for students today.
Notre Dame wins one for its coach: SOUTH BEND — Mike Brey sat on Notre Dame's bench three minutes prior to his…
On teleconference with Notre Dame coach Mike Brey. Hoosiers face Fighting Irish on Saturday. Brey: They're explosive and fast.
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey looked at Vasturia and Jackson during press conference and said, I've got great guards, don't I? ... Each had 21
ND won't be too bad. Mike Brey is no joke as a coach. Safe travels my friend and thanks as always.
It must be December. The Mike Brey rotation questions in full swing!
And the TV announcer “Should Mike Brey go deeper into his bench” conversation begins.
I hope Mike Brey gave Groce an itinerary for this clinic.
Mike Brey is such a great coach. Love watching his teams play. Tom Crean, on the other hand.sheesh. IU is small and can't stop anybody.
Great coaching job by Mike Brey tonight
Why does Mike Brey steadfastly not play more than 7 men?
Illinois leads 41-33, at halftime. Mike Brey talked Monday about getting more on defense. Not getting it tonight.
Tonight in Mike Brey Basketball Bingo, fill in your square for incompetent transition defense. That last one was special. You get 2 squares.
Illinois opens up a 6-point lead after back-to-back baskets. Mike Brey calls timeout. made 1 of its last 5 FGA. 3:51 left in 1H
Mike Brey to V.J.,,, Beachem checking in "Get Matt Farrell." Farrlel hits bucket and free throw, Brey to Beachem - "Get Steve (Vasturia)."
He's getting a little grief for it from Notre Dame coach Mike Brey.
Brey, Irish enter Illinois matchup in familiar position: Outside of the top 25, Notre Dame coach Mike...
There's no one more comfortable outside the top 25 than coach Mike Brey.
Mike Brey excited for Notre Dame's next steps in men's basketball: Notre Dame dropped from No. 17 to out of the Top…
exactly! With my 1000% biasedness, that's 1 reason why I feel like Mike Brey "overachieves" nearly every year. Has his system
it'd be scary what Matt Painter or Mike Brey could do with unc talent. Roy gotta go!
College Basketball: Despite struggles, Mike Brey excited to see Notre Dame's next steps.
Notre Dame plays aesthetically pleasing, beautiful basketball. Mike Brey is so underrated, deserves a kiss on the lips.
men's basketball coach Mike Brey set to discuss signing day and Nikola Djogo, T.J. Gibbs and John Mooney.
Signing Day (not that one) updates to follow here as we await HC Mike Brey's arrival to discuss TJ Gibbs, John Mooney, and Nikola Djogo
Roy Williams, Dana Altman, Larry Krystkowiak, Shaka Smart, Mike Brey and Mark Few all made less than Larry Brown last season.
Mike Brey the head coach of Final Four program Notre Dame is @ Orangeville Prep today. Fighting Irish have offered Thon Maker
Thon Maker has an in-home visit scheduled with Mike Brey & Notre Dame today, his guardian Ed Smith tells Scout.
.today has a Q&A with Bo Pelini. Fun fact: Mike Brey's son, Kyle, is on Bo's staff.
Mike Brey was voted as one of the best offensive basketball coaches in the country ..
Mike Brey is the most positive coach I have ever heard. I would give anything to play for him at any level.
Bruce Weber of Auburn, Roy Williams of North Carolina & Mike Brey of Notre Dame are in attendance.
Just a few of the big name coaches in the building tonight: John Calipari, Roy Williams, Mike Brey, Sean Miller, Bruce Weber, Tubby Smith
Mark Turgeon (Maryland) Mike Brey (Notre Dame) & Chris Mooney (Richmond) are also courtside for the Takeover/Penny game
Knicks: Notre Dame HC Mike Brey on Jerian Grant — 'Intelligence & basketball IQ. I can see why Phil Jackson loves him
Mike Brey bringing that slicked back hair to the State Farm Center on 12/2.
you mean like Mike Brey did last Saturday night and Jamie Dixon does always. yes!
Shaka Smart was never offered the MD job it was Sean Miller,Mike Brey,Brad Stevens, and Jamie Dixon then Turgeon no Shaka
Mike Brey will replace Coach K at Duke, Donovan has a better gig at Flo
Paul Finebaum kept me company driving home. Loved the Bama fan who suggested Mike Brey and/or Billy Donovan as hoops coach candidates.
Finebaum caller throws out a few names for Alabama job. Mike Brey and Billy Donovan. Thoughts?
Mike Brey coaches at a fball school, starts a baseball player & he just took a hoops royalty team full of lottery picks to…
even Thad Matta would go two for one if his possession started at 1:10(I think)... *** was Mike Brey doing
A random drunk thought...Mike Brey and Jon Taffer are twins.
Mike Brey is really just Jon Taffer, right?
Mike Brey needs to just put on 10 minutes of Norman Dale and remind his kids what state they play in.
yeah but he's got Mike Brey in his ear not bob knight, no comparison.. Aj hands down.
Notre Dame will go to the Elite 8 and Mike Brey has a chance to be Digger Phelps, sans the tie-lighter.
AM RT: In what should have been happiest of time, coach Mike Brey had only heavy heart. Monday's SBT/NDI:
Mike Brey coached Notre Dame hoops to win with heavy heart //
Light a candle at the Grotto for Mike Brey's mother, who passed Saturday morning. I'm sure Fr. Ted was there to greet …
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Mike Brey's mother Betty was on 1956 US Olympic team as a swimmer. Held world record in butterfly at one point.
Life is unbelievable. Mike Brey revealed that his 84 year old mother died of a heart attack this morning. Won an OT NCA…
Wow. Notre Dame wins—and Mike Brey just revealed his mom died this morning of a heart attack.
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey says that his mother died Saturday morning of heart attack. "I feel she was definitely with us…
I'm also having a really difficult time grasping a scenario where Mike Brey or Rick Barnes goes to a Sweet 16.
ND's Mike Brey says FSU coach Leonard Hamilton told him (after FSU lost to Northeastern) "Can you believe we gave up 12 uncontested 3s?"
ICYMI: here's a video breakdown of the Midwest Region including reaction from Mike Brey, Tom Crean & Matt Painter:
VIDEO: Breaking down the Midwest region with reaction from Mike Brey & the Irish, Tom Crean and Matt Painter:
Mike Brey says he told ACC commissioner John Swofford last night: "I guess we’re in this league now. It’s official.”
gotta show love to Archie Miller, Bob McKillop, or Mike Brey. But particularly Archie.
Irish coach Mike Brey — the only former Mike Krzyzewski assistant coach to beat his former boss — improved to 3-3 against him.
Postgame ... Mike Krzyzewski and his wife Mickie stopped on their way to give hugs to Mike Brey and congratulate him o…
Worth repeating: Mike Krzyzewski falls to 19-3 vs former assistants. All 3 Ls are to Mike Brey over t…
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey said midday through the ACC that he has a team that could get to Indy. Win over Duke shows it'…
Mike Brey and Digger Phelps reflect on Father Hesburgh now on WNDU
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
ICYMI - Mike Brey hit the road today to watch 4-star G Temple Gibbs and 5-star wing Tyus Battle ($):
John Beilein and Mike Brey in the house tonight to watch Tyus Battle.
coach John Beilein & coach Mike Brey are sitting with each other to watch Tyus Battle'16 play St. Benedict's
Michigan's John Beilein & Notre Dame's Mike Brey are watching 2016 Tyus Battle vs. St. Ben's. My man has you covered
HOOPS | HC Mike Brey expected to be in attendance for 5-star wing Tyus Battle tonight. Irish made recent cut.
Mike Brey is expected to watch five-star junior Tyus Battle tonight. . Notre Dame was on his final list of seven from earlier this week.
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey will see 2016 G Tyus Battle tonight. Just cut list to 7
Mike Brey should just lie to Jerian Grant & let him think the entire game is played with under 5 minutes to go. Unconscious at crunch time.
Kris Dunn, Duke, and why this is Mike Brey's best team at Notre Dame since 2011. Observations
I hate everything about the Notre Dame football.but it's the polar opposite about the basketball program. Mike Brey is fantastic.
I'd be willing to trade Bruce Weber for Mike Brey, straight up.
Dame rallies down 18 on road to beat NC St in OT. Mike Brey's team fun to watch. Jerian Grant as valuable as any player to his team.
Mike Brey's club also features 5 players -- Grant, Jackson, Vasturia, Connaughton, Beachem -- that have made at least 27 three-pointers
Tech's Buzz Williams said this may be Mike Brey's best-ever team at What do you think? (
A pair of Demarco Cox free throws gives the lead back to Tech, 56-55, timeout Mike Brey with 4:41 to play.
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Geben woefully out of position on that basket by DeMarco Cox, Mike Brey immediately turns to Torres to check in.
Though the Irish tried to give it away, this has to be one of Mike Brey's best regular-season victories at ND as it is no small feat to win at the Dean Dome. Notes from tonight's 71-70 victory at Carolina: FIRST WIN EVER IN CHAPEL HILL! --- Notre Dame (15-1) has 15 wins in its first 16 games of a season for the first time since the 1973-74 campaign when that Irish squad started 24-1 ... the 15 victories equals Notre Dame's win total from last season. -- The Fighting Irish are 3-0 in conference play (BIG EAST & ACC) for the first time ever. -- Notre Dame upped its win streak to 11 games, which is the longest for the Irish since they won 12 straight during the 2012-13 season (Nov. 17, 2012-Jan. 7, 2013). -- Tonight was the 23rd meeting all-time between Notre Dame and North Carolina and the third as ACC counterparts ... this was Notre Dame's first win in Chapel Hill ... the Irish now are 1-3 all-time at North Carolina ... the Tar Heels had won five straight versus the Irish prior to tonight ... this was Notr ...
Mike Brey is talking about Jerian Grant being a lottery pick and Notre Dame playing in the Final Four. You have to love that optimism.
Notre Dame looks like a Top 5-6 ACC team. Mike Brey plus the return of Jerian Grant means the Irish will win 20+ games. S…
Mike Brey called his guard duo of Demetrius Jackson and Jerian Grant “assassins.”
HC Mike Brey on ND dunking 10 times in a league game: "The Irish are throwing down, baby. How 'bout that?"
I tell the boys "you could be the next Mike Brey if you keep working hard!" Your an inspiration!!
.any chance Brian Kelly borrows Mike Brey's mock turtleneck and jacket this weekend?
Notre Dame's 104-67 win over Coppin State Wednesday gave Irish coach Mike Brey a good look at his bench and he...
Mike Brey says Austin Burgett is questionable for Saturday against UMass (ankle).
Coppin drains a three to narrow the lead to 40. Mike Brey contemplates a time out…
has 49 points with 3:46 remaining in the first half. Most first-half points in Mike Brey era?. 62 against Loyola-Chicago in 2000.
I can't root for them until Mike Brey goes
hoops has won its first two games by a combined 82 points - it's the second-highest amount of points to go 2-0 in Mike Brey era.
Mike Brey has legit squad at Notre Dame will contend for top 4 spot in ACC.
All purpose parts banner
The highlight of this road trip Mike Brey's reaction when I said Jason bishop and this pumpkin pie blizzard
Mike Brey said he expects Austin Burgett to be able to play Wednesday against Coppin State.
if I get on jumbo tron I will scream i love MIKE BREY!!!
The family and I are at the Joyce to watch Mike Brey and the POY Jerian Grant!
That being said, Mike Brey, you have my full attention.
Maybe Mike Brey will send Will Brown and Jimmy Patsos a thank-you text.
Brian Kelly clearly just let Mike Brey decide whether or not they were going for 2. Only explanation.
VIDEO: A smashing debut for Brianna Turner and the 400th career win for Mike Brey. Your hoops round-up.
ICYMI: Notre Dame hoops opened with a blowout Friday as Mike Brey won his 400th game.
Notre Dame Basketball Pounds Binghamton 82-39 in Season Opener: Mike Brey racks up his 301...
.coach Mike Brey earned his 400th career win with a 82-39 win over Binghamton. Check out the highlights!
What a great moment for you Mike. Your coaching skills may have formed much earlier. Betty Brey best swim coach ever.
The win is the 400th of HC Mike Brey’s career.
Eleven players have now seen action tonight. Mike Brey said Wednesday he didn’t plan on redshirting anyone this season.
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