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Mike Bloomberg

Michael Rubens Bloomberg (born February 14, 1942) is the current Mayor of New York City.

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via Four companies chosen for border wall prototypes
How much did Mike Bloomberg donate to Harvey victims?
President Trump's impatience is emerging as the biggest threat to a new Nafta agreement
How involved is Mike Bloomberg in the high number of conservatives and libertarians who now are published in Bloomberg View?
hey reald. Mike Bloomberg would. p.s. he's a real billionaire.
Absolutely! Read Mike Bloomberg's book. So many opportunities in an environmentally friendly world
Chile's entire economic team resigns in government crisis
Today's 14% spike in unleaded gas is a short squeeze per Bloomberg's Mike McGlone, will be up just 6% YTD after Sep…
Apple's shown its cards on net neutrality. Coincides with planned $1b investment in video streaming content.
both US & UK would have been better off if Mike Bloomberg wo…
U.S. orders closing of Russian consulate in San Francisco
This is what all great stock market bubbles and crashes have in common
Mike Pence lands in Texas to meet Harvey survivors and view damage
talks to Mike Bloomberg, the fmr. Mayor of NYC who founded a multi-billion dollar financial media empire: https:/…
Mike Nostra Bloomberg impatiently waiting on on his ranch with already negative tax…
"Carlson said, “If guns are so bad, I wonder, why does Mike Bloomberg have armed body guards?"
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Very good point Val. On the other hand, Mike Bloomberg did the opposite in all fairness. $1 in salary and gave back so much.
so does Jen go for Glenn Murray's seat or some global NGO funded by Mike Bloomberg? I can't see her run…
Because Mike Bloomberg is the biggest hypocrite on Earth.
Looks like the. American are. getting their 1%ers. conditioned2 Police State. ht…
Somewhere out there, Mike Bloomberg is laughing and laughing
Can you show a chart of how much Mike Bloomberg has stolen from the company and the nation in offshore accounts?
In a post-election talk with Trump, Mike Bloomberg told him: “Look Donald, you don’t know anything.”
newsbusters: Mike Bloomberg causes wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Left, saying on 60 Minutes he could have run for president.
Google YouTube Scandal with Ads hits Activists with no ads exposing mayor Mike Bloomberg, NYPD Rape cops *** Walk
Thank you Mike Bloomberg & Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo for your leadership in managing climate change in cities.
So did the reporters who Mike Bloomberg called Howard when they were named Henry. (in that case, Mr. Mayor).
5y ago this week Tom Friedman had bad cell service on the Acela and concluded Mike Bloomberg must be President.
People thought they were voting for Ross Perot or Pat Buchanan. Instead they’re getting Mike Bloomberg.
"'People thought they were voting for Ross Perot.. Instead they're getting Mike Bloomberg.' Good luck selling that…
So Shannon Watts, Mike Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstien, Chuck Schumer, & all the rest…
We all know Shannon is just an *** mouthpiece for Mike Bloomberg. She is disgusting.
From James Warren at Poynter: Billionaires and Mike Bloomberg. " 'How concentrated has wealth become in the...
Good guy with a gun-which never happens according to Shannon Watts & Mike Bloomberg.
Shannon has drank the yellow kool-aid from Mike Bloomberg's spout ,she in the cult now and controlled by Mikey
MattDS_FOC: Mark Fields talking with mayor Mike Bloomberg about Ford partnership with Bloomberg Ph…
Former NY mayor Mike Bloomberg telling press conference about the importance of mobility in cities.
says it will partner with former NY mayor Mike Bloomberg to find solutions for gridlock. He knows a lot about…
Mike Bloomberg, former Mayor of NYC. Working with Ford on future mobility solutions in cities. Says he came to work…
Mike Bloomberg on Cook County soda-tax win today. Sounds like he will keep putting money into these initiatives.
Mike Bloomberg had high-profile speaking slot at Democratic convention - but gave no money for presidential race
they won't. Bff Mike Bloomberg is governor right?
I'll be voting for Al Gore and Mike Bloomberg. They can decide who is serves as the Vp.
"Don't be afraid to assert yourself, have confidence in your abilities and don't let the *** get you down." Mike Bloomberg
As consumer habits continue to evolve, outlet stores are becoming a thing of the past
I liked a video Mike Bloomberg: The Harder You Work the Luckier You Get
In Japan, you can do just about anything. Like drink tea with an owl.
These are the 50 companies that should be on your radar in 2017
As Asia's populations grow and its weather changes, water is causing conflict
Warren Buffett loves this business … maybe a little too much
In Moscow, cryonics wonks will put your body on ice for $36,000
When it comes to conspiracy theories, Trump isn't all that great
Halo Top is delightful “ice cream” that helps you slim down or bulk up
Here's what happens when the most important pipeline in the U.S. explodes
Here’s proof you can sell sunglasses using social media
Don’t let your data sleep with the enemy
Fans can no longer be trusted to tune in for the NFL
Sam’s Clubs is selling pricier products to China's aspirational shoppers
We can't allow anti-gun ideologues like Michael Bloomberg to buy anti-gun legislation by fooling voters
Check out Esquire magazine Brooklyn Decker Roger Ailes Mike Bloomberg State of the union via
Ross Perot! Mike Bloomberg spent 3 times what Trump spent to just be mayor of NYC! About 50 senators!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
The best thing that could happen right now is if the council of elders canceled the election and appointed, say, Mike Bloomberg president.
A new class of startups is creating apps that let anyone build a (dumb) chatbot
This is the weirdest political mailer I've ever received in San Francisco. Signed by NAACP, paid by Mike Bloomberg.
THE distilled truth Mike Bloomberg spoke@ convention via first hand experience says it all: HE'S A CON MAN.
the mouth piece for this Meet Steve Bannon: the new vast right-wing conspirator Really
Mike Bloomberg defends Wall Street banks, says Trump supporters are not well-enough educated to understand the issue
Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Cuban, Mike Bloomberg - on and on. The billionaires have bought the Democrats!
Clinton supporter Mike Bloomberg NY pays $18 million into campaign to tax US 4 soda purchase. Raising taxes taxes right from the start.
Mike Bloomberg could phone Donny Deutsch up on the 7th and still win 2016. No one worth voting for a ?!?
This Wall Street guru wants you to take cold showers, eat less dessert and find joy
Where would Mike Bloomberg be in the polls right now if he had joined the race as an independent?
Such a hypocritical con family. Lie to your face all day long. Just like Mike Bloomberg said A hypocrite & a con
mike Bloomberg is greater than Giuliani
Battles over water are taking place across Asia as populations grow and weather changes
Hillary considering ambassadorship to BRIBE Mike Bloomberg. She is corrupt
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Hey Mike, Did you see this breaking news.
Fake Republican and Fascist Mike Bloomberg, unnecessarily burning excessive energy to stop climate change! .
Mike Gordon(on Radio yesterday with discussing the High Court decision: https:…
'Bill Clinton aide said to worry about conflicts at foundation'.
more Mike Bloomberg noise skip Bloomberg it's propaganda 🐍🐍!
Mike Pence and Paul Ryan will campaign together Saturday in Wisconsin, reports
Can Google make its mark on the cloud?.
I voted for Kasich in the primary. I'm not enthusiastic about our current candidates. I'll probably write-in Mike Bloomberg
NY Poverty Update: Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders are fighting about charter schools
Liberals are fawning over Henry Kissinger, John Negroponte, Mike Bloomberg, *** Cheney, Bush Sr. and Jr., Reagan & no…
Over 3,000 law suits? Mike Bloomberg agrees that he is a thug. Res says: https:…
George W Bush, Bill Bratton, Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg, I could go on but u get the point right?
On that front Alex, I am trusting Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban and Mike Bloomberg on Trump.
Trump: “I want to hit that very little guy” (Mike Bloomberg, net worth $38 billion & pays his taxes vs. Trump with net wort…
Mike Bloomberg could literally buy every Trump asset, burn them to the ground and barely notice.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"I'm a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one" - Mike Bloomberg
And real businessmen can do it without inheritance. Just ask Mike Bloomberg.
I suppose Mike Bloomberg ends each day staring at an oil portrait of Lee Kuan Yew and imagining what could have been
Word is that if Mike Bloomberg had run, he was writing $2b check. He's worth over $40b, $11b liquid. Now that's a rich…
With Trump becoming very serious candidate, it's time for next billionaire candidate, Mike Bloomberg to step into ring.…
It says a lot about the billionaire pecking order that Mike Bloomberg jumped the line
.published today. Mike Bloomberg and Mary Schapiro will join us in NYC on April 14
I can't tell if Boris Johnson is more Mike Bloomberg or Rob Ford
Guess I don't have to tell people about the sex clubs Mike Bloomberg used to visit in NYC when he was mayor now that he's not running.
Mike Bloomberg billionaire and former NYC Mayor rules out run for President. FYI he switched from gop to dem to become Mayor.
South carolina's up for grabs guys! Mike Bloomberg, anti-gun mayor of NYC, makes it competitive!
Fmr. NYC billionaire mayor Mike Bloomberg just announced he will NOT run for POTUS. That is too bad IMO, as he would have hurt TRUMP not HRC
Mike Bloomberg advisor Harold Wolfson explains why the billionaire former three-term mayor of New York City...
JUST IN: Mike Bloomberg will not run for president, blames Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
Mike Bloomberg, former NYC mayor; will not consider a 3rd party run for president.
Whatever happened to those Mike Bloomberg for Mayor of London rumors?
Former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg (bows out of 2016 race for the White House, says path to victory isn't there.
Make it happen ... VC says he'll shut down his firm to help Mike Bloomberg win US presidency
With more than 1/3 open to back him before he’s even started, Mike Bloomberg could win in fall election. .
Remember, against all evidence, Mike Bloomberg believes that "it was not the banks that created the mortgage crisis" htt…
I've lived long enough to know most people are over passionate about things they can't control. Much like Mike Bloomberg
Booker is a of Mike Bloomberg Billionaire& former NYC Mayor. Bloomberg is part of a group that funds Black POls
Patti Harris, Mike Bloomberg's right hand woman, named as one of the world's most powerful (women):
he should reach out to Mike Bloomberg, who once had an idea to put all the homeless on boats in the east river
Televangelist Mike Murdock to Endorse Trump: I like a man who is thoughtful and I like a man that tells me his heart http…
Of course, Mike Bloomberg is rooting for Trump v. Sanders so he can justify a quixotic 3rd-party run...
Meet Mike Bloomberg. Check out this website, compare it to any https:…
No surprise here, according to the latest Bloomberg Poll, if Mike Bloomberg ran for President, every person in America would vote for him.
Congrats! Bloomberg radio gave Don&Mike a shout out this morning at 7:41 am. Made me miss the show.
Without Reality TV, Trump (pbuh) would be as popular as Mike Bloomberg
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No place epitomizes the American experience and the American spirit more than New York City. — Mike Bloomberg
Huge miss by & We want Mike Bloomberg who will create REAL jobs not just another talker!
I know how you feel. I wish Mike Bloomberg or Jerry Brown were running.
there are 2 politicians I actually hate. Mike Bloomberg and obama
.asked some Mike Bloomberg experts if he should run for president, and they were like "lol no."
Mark Cuban thinks . shd sink to the decibel smashing level of crudeness signifying the GOP field. Hmm.
wouldn't be a really big show if Mike Big Gulp Bloomberg gets in you could not dream a better show
I really hope mike Bloomberg runs for president
A Mike Bloomberg independent candidacy: No longer 'impossible': It was less than three years ago...
Stu Rothenberg runs the Mike Bloomberg math, finds 270 theoretical EC votes but more likely a dead end
Why the Media is Desperate for Bloomberg to Run This is how Trump goes to the WH. Mike won't wi…
First Bill Ackman, now Mark Cuban. Billionaires for billionaires 2016 continued...
Mike Bloomberg and Steve Cohen can pay for my education or I can leverage 20 years of my life for it. Huh. Hurrah for Mike and Steve!
Somewhere, Mike Bloomberg is sitting a dark room full of TVs, petting a hairless cat, telling his butlers “You’re going t…
Time for Mike Bloomberg to take his campaign from Greenwich to Grosse Pointe, New York to Newport Beach
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Mike Bloomberg would be right to pursue Republican nomination,no existing Rep candidate can beat Clinton/Sanders!
Mike Bloomberg is polling at 28-29% nationally with zero campaigning. If he enters the race, he could win it all. https:/…
Maybe when 'Mayor' de Blasio gets back, he can ask Mike Bloomberg if it's OK to start running the City - you know, like an elected Mayor.
Hey, Mike Bloomberg was a great mayor LOL. And you guys support liberal fraud Trump too. ha ha ha
I would support Jim Webb or Mike Bloomberg in a heartbeat over Trump, even tho both are liberals. Trump shouldn't be near levers of power.
Jim Webb would make a bigger impact than Mike Bloomberg, Webb would take a larger slice from both parties.
Fmr NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg polled himself in a theoretical three-way race with Trump and Clinton, per
Mike Bloomberg as POTUS would be GREAT! A Mod/Ind run would be very tough though
I'm a big fan of Mike Bloomberg. Like Jeb, he makes solid decisions based on data. I value that tremendously. Still don't think Mike runs.
Secrets to success from Elon Musk, Steve Martin and Mike Bloomberg via
"Mike Bloomberg...commissioned a poll last month testing how he would fare against Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton".
Who can resist the image of Mike Bloomberg forcing himself to eat a corn dog at the Iowa state fair?
Nobody hoping for a Mike Bloomberg campaign more than the Ben Carson staff and consultants
Mike Bloomberg commissioned a poll to gauge how he would fare running against Trump and Clinton
This guy really likes Bernie Sanders, makes him sound like José Mujica - maybe Killer Mike is onto something:
How Baha Mar, the largest and priciest resort in the Caribbean, went bust
I will be on Bloomberg Surveillance Monday morning to discuss the markets with Mike and Sir Thomas.
Why a mild winter is a win for health insurers
Key pieces of advice for from former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg:
Mike Ashley needs some privacy via bfly
.has Mike Bloomberg found a way to take credit for this?
Why billionaire Mike Ashley should take Sports Direct private Ashley has $4 billion fortune
Goodbye comatose servers. A data center company wants to work more like Amazon’s cloud
Tell Michael Bloomberg and Mike Lupica you will defend yuorself
Mike Bloomberg has 6 harsh pieces of advice for people who want success
Trivia question in honor of the King's birthday: What do Elvis and Mike Bloomberg have in common?
Mike Ashley needs some privacy: by for
No matter what you think of Mike Bloomberg's fiscal policy the work he's doing on gun control is that mimics simple nervous system -->
Mike Bloomberg is a nut job and was a horrible mayor.
Mike Bloomberg (Former Mayor of New York) with Olafur Eliasson and Mink Rosing (Professor of…
keep in mind the Mayor referred to this picture as one of two "meetings" with Mike Bloomberg
Former Mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg, closes a trade in support of Cities of Service
The right guy for a critical job: Mike Bloomberg to chair Climate Disclosure TF of Financial Stability Board.
This is not the former Mayor of NY. You've got the wrong Mike Bloomberg. Sorry!
Larry Sabato on how to use 3rd party to derail Hillary in Nov.-- suggests Jim Webb, Mike Bloomberg or Jerry Brown
Today's First Read "Kicker" brought to you by Mike Bloomberg. An instant classic.
There is no substitute for hard work. Be the first one in and last one out
Hmmm ... the plot here seems somehow familiar .
The man who runs Jeb Bush's super-PAC explains why his candidate is still the person to beat
Is that Mike Bloomberg in the NYPD hat behind the plate?
Mike Bloomberg's best friend Christine Quinn has no credibility
Norway dips into its huge $860 billion piggy bank again, after refugee costs rise
I think we're honestly at the same place as you reported it in March.
Dear Barack Obama, Can you please pull a NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg & stay in Office & be our President for a 3rd term?
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio endorses Hillary Clinton for president and Mike Bloomberg for mayor.
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that's called business. U think Bloomberg didn't do it? And I liked Mike
"That said, I think every journalist, man or woman, writes and edits better wearing a little lipstick."
Mike Murphy: Rubio's Campaign is 'Cynical,' Kasich's Plays Close to the Line via
x. Mike Bloomberg, to avoide tragedy when driving, keep your eyes on the road.No texting. A. Perrone , LIC.
How does the Mike Bloomberg org get away with claiming to be a "gun safety" advocate? .
Larry Page now one of the 10 richest people on earth as Alphabet stock continues to soar https…
is that what Mike Bloomberg had in mind when he sold the public on that whole Willets Point revitalization project?
Your billionaire benefactor, Mike Bloomberg, needs to step up!
I think Rubio won the debate last night. I'm still hoping for Mike Bloomberg to run!
HEILEMANN: 'Even worse than it looked'...
“Prove the value of having these businesses all under one roof" -Mike Mayo
Mike Bloomberg gave $50mln for gun control. A year on, why his name hurts the cause .
I'd rather have Mike Bloomberg as president tbh
Another big threat..diBlasio. We need Mayor Bloomberg back to clean up NY(Graffiti,etc) &…
This is why conservatives heart Mike Huckabee
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Mike Bloomberg - please enter this race and save us all
"I'm wearing a Trump tie tonight. Get over that one!" - Mike Huckabee
Chuck Todd had John Kerry+Mike Bloomberg on talking about Climate Change! They are working to help! Chuck the genius wasn't happy! MORON!
Why Joe Biden is your next president; why Mike Bloomberg isn't; and why Hillary Clinton reminds me of Eva Peron:
Al Qeada should realize Mike Bloomberg is on /their/ side.
I miss our mayor Mike Bloomberg. Nice to see him at the The Hampton Classic Horse Show.
That's why rich whites like Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Mike Bloomberg, & Shannon Watts support they don't want nonwhites armed.
Shannon is trying to protect her large paycheck from Mike Bloomberg for running for him.
Donald Trump stakes out a liberal position on taxes
but you think Mike Bloomberg will make a good president? The Nanny Mayor?!!
Mike Bloomberg must be fuming . His reporters couldn't land even a weak punch on Trump and gave him free 30min presidential ad
No, it's just the money. Mike Bloomberg prolly dropped dime on them not that he's not NYC mayor anymore.
Did you know Clarence Thomas, Mike Bloomberg & Martha Stewart all smoked pot? Here are the 50 most influential users:
Climate Change is Both a Challenge and an Opportunity via leadership & intent will achieve results.
Why doesn't Hillary give out "Clinton Cash" during her campaign swing instead of tax payer money. If she feels...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Cities becoming policy labs & gaining political power as result, more able than ever to
Mike Norman Economics: In typical clueless reporting style, company says US has no options for downturn...
New rules of the road in Mexico City via
Not so. Mike Bloomberg did not cme frm money. His father was a bookkeeper. If you hate him, fine, but be honst abt it.
If anyone has more disdain for the Constitution than Obama does, it's Mike Bloomberg. He would be a disaster …
Moron de Blasio cronies blame rise in NYC homeless on Mike Bloomberg!.
This is a good read, and why I wish Mike Bloomberg would run for President.
Mike Mayo: jpmorgan is the Kingjames of banking
My colleague Mike Preston talked to about how we're shifting to a part-time work culture. Check it out:
He used to work for Mike Bloomberg - find out what he learned?
Mayor De Blasio, please don't make us pine for Mike Bloomberg …
They gave Condoleezza Rice and Mike Bloomberg a better shot than Lindsey Graham and they're not even running
.Daniel Webster at Johns Hopkins is funded by over a BILLION dollars by Mike Bloomberg. Not credible
And don't forget to support people like Mike Bloomberg and Gabby Giffords and their groups, too
Television producer Mike Bloomberg "asked one presenter... to gesticulate with a pen"
you know who own the Bloomberg network. Answer former mayor New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg.
Mike Bloomberg gave max donation to congressional campaign for DA of Grand Jury:
Mike Bloomberg supporting Jeb Bush. Every day, I have one reason less to vote for Bush--and I started at zero.
Mike Bloomberg at 2nd, Rosie Perez at SS, Lady Liberty in Right (just as mobile at Beltran) & welcome back Rick Cerrone at C!
I have wonder how the British Tories went nuts in recruiting Mike Bloomberg. Margaret Thatcher is rolling in her grave.
Highlight of Orlando CIty-D.C. United so far is Grant Wahl working the booth at halftime in Spanish on UniMas. Mike Bloomberg would be proud
Five Reasons I'm Going to India :Mike Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and 3-term mayor of NYCity.
Remember when the former Mayor of NYC said blacks shouldn't be allowed to have guns? No, not Rudy. It was Mike Bloomberg, Leftist hero.
Former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg literally called for Jim Crow-era gun laws on blacks, but the D.C. media want to talk about R…
Former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg is again sniffing around and asking whether the New York Times might be for sale
Dave Phelps looks at Mike Ciresi going solo. Other notable litigators are too via
BREAKING: Car explosion reported at synagogue near Paris: Metronews:
Ex-Virginia Governor McDonnell Sentenced to Two Years for Corruption - Bloomberg via
Shell to Pay $83 Million Settlement for Nigeria Oil Spills - Bloomberg via
Europe Set for a Mild January Following Warmest Year on Record - Bloomberg via
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Paris on Terrorism Alert After at Least 12 Killed in Magazine Attack - Bloomberg via
I wonder when New York will elect a competent Mayor, because obviously Bloomberg wasn't enough to teach them
They don't have to. If they fly on a private plane. Like when you fly on Mike Bloomberg's jet.
Interesting look at where evangelicals are in the run-up to '16
From my story, three new GOP congressmen who told voters they’d oppose Boehner, but didn’t.
Yikes. AB growth projected to be zero in 2016 at these prices--> Alberta Growth Melts, Ontario Gains Amid Oil Drop
What? Mike Bloomberg's billions aren't enough to fund all the biased, anti-gun "impact studies" you want?
Just how well did Mike Huckabee do in Iowa? via
"Mike and I follow the Dong carefully" - Bloomberg radio
Sands China Secret Probes of Macau Officials May End Up in Court - Bloomberg via
U.S. Solar Tariff Review Hints at Halved Rate for Chinese Cells - Bloomberg via
China Fast-Tracks $1 Trillion in Projects to Spur Growth - Bloomberg via
Pipeline IPOs Climb on Demand for Returns Immune to Oil - Bloomberg via
Conservatives pray that can prevent a third straight loss to the establishment.
"He needs a great campaign manager and he needs a really great super PAC manager" on
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"It would be a mistake for anybody to underestimate Mike Huckabee" to
Conservatives Pray that Mike Huckabee Can Prevent a Third Straight Loss to the ... - Bloomberg
Proud to see Rare's fisheries work as highlight of Mike Bloomberg's philanthropy in 2014.
Excited to see coffee work in Rwanda shared today by Mike Bloomberg's in Best of 2014!
Mike Bloomberg is big on natural gas and shale Tom. Surely you should hate him?
You mean Eliot Cutler who's taken "big money" for years from billionaire Mike Bloomberg?
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is exploring ways to revive the soda ban launched by Mike Bloomberg via
2010, in New York City alone where Mike Bloomberg was Mayor, 81.9 percent of the babies aborted were Black or Hispanic. racist!
If we followed the $ on CeasFirePA where would it lead? Mike Bloomberg, Joyce Foundation, etc.
Mike Bloomberg, and his colossal use of personal money, shouldn't be the standard for a Mayor.
"We the People" know Mike Bloomberg, Wolf Blitzer, & Adam Schefter (ESPN) are evil Israeli agents!
"We the People" want Mike Bloomberg, Wolf Blitzer, & Adam Schefter to go back to Israel!
NRA targets former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg with aggressive new ad The ad, slated to begin running Wednesday, takes aim at the efforts former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made at promoting gun control. WASHINGTON — He’s long gone from office, but the National Rifle Association has Mike Bloomberg on its mind. The NRA is targeting Bloomberg as a "billionaire, elitist, hypocrite" in a TV ad campaign driven by anger over his own well-financed anti-guns effort. "Keep your hands off our guns and our freedom" declares an ad that the NRA says will run as early as Wednesday on cable televisions nationally, broadcast TV in Colorado and digitally in several states with key U.S. Senate campaigns this fall. "Liberals call this fly-over country. It’s an insult," opens an ad with a panoramic view of an apparently Western, rural setting as a young woman drives a red pick-up truck. "But nobody insults your life like this guy, Michael Bloomberg; billionaire, elitist, hypocrite," it continues, with a photo-shopped fram ...
Is that Henry Kissinger next to Mike Bloomberg at the Stadium??
Mike Bloomberg to Fly to Tel Aviv - The Federal Aviation Administration banned U.S.
Electronic Device Insurance
Mike Bloomberg flying to Tel Aviv on El Al to demonstrate Ben Gurion airport is safe; urges FAA to reverse course:
Racism is racism overt or otherwise, are Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, Bill O'Reilly, Senator Ted Cruz, mayor Mike Bloomberg, vice-president *** Cheney, Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, and Rush Limbaugh. Mr. Donald Sterling is not the last and only racist in America.
My Kelsey in the Metro with Boris Johnson and Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York. …
Doing my best Martin Tyler "Boris Johnson and Mike Bloomberg build a computer
Boris Johnson and Mike Bloomberg in discussion on Bloomberg Television here:
Mike Bloomberg has been spending a lot of money in support of Thad Cochran, because apparently Bloomberg couldn't find a hole in the ground or a bonfire. Chelsea Clinton earned $600,000 a year at NBC News, meaning she’ll never know the pain her parents felt when they were dead broke. And our invasion of Iraq and its current state calls to mind the Pottery Barn Rule: If you break it, you buy it *leave Pottery Barn*. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Friday, June 13th, 2014: Ok, to recap my day. I accidentally hit the star thingy on a story about Tinder. Sorry. LABRADOR JUMPS IN MAJORITY LEADER RACE - "A two-term Republican congressman from Idaho with a track record of challenging the House Republican leadership said Friday he would run for the No. 2 job in the chamber. Raul Labrador, a 46-year-old Mormon father of five, tea party congressman and Puerto Rican-born only child of a single mother, will challenge House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for the position of House majority leader. It's a long sh . ...
people like shannon *** Mike Bloomberg who think they deserve armed guards while little peo…
Statement of Mike Bloomberg on Meeting with President Obama Today and Earned Income Tax Credit via
Members, please read the following and take a little time to act on it. Many people responding to this alert will make a difference. This alert has been copied and pasted at the request of other state gun rights groups: "PA Reciprocity Problems Our friends in Pennsylvania need our help. Their Attorney General has taken it upon herself to ignore the statutory limits on her power and modify - and even cancel - longstanding reciprocity agreements with other states. Recently she has made changes to the reciprocity agreements with Virginia, Florida, and Arizona, and she has canceled reciprocity agreements with Idaho and Utah. I suspect that Mike Bloomberg or the Legal Center Against Violence - or whatever those rights-hating San Francisco lawyers are calling themselves this week - have been whispering in the AG's ear and convinced her that she can get away with this BS. If that's the case, be on the lookout for similar actions in other states. Right now, we need to put pressure on Pennsylvania politicians ...
If you "like" any of the following, please unfriend me. Kanye West (and anything/one related) J-Z. (and anything/one related) Puff Daddy Alec Baldwin Michael Cole JBL Mike Bloomberg
After 12 years as mayor, Mike Bloomberg has retired and gone fishing. But not in the way you might think:
New York City's mayor, Mike Bloomberg, has a karaoke machine on each of his private jets.
Mike Bloomberg, ex Mayor of NYC, spends $50mil on "0" 2 the people he restricted & dictated for the last 12 yrs.
Freaky Friday reboot, where Mike Bloomberg becomes governor of Texas and Rick Perry becomes mayor of New York
Well I see Former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg is still at it. Donating a ton of money to more anti gun issues. I guess its easy to be so high and mighty and unconcerned about personal protection when you travel with your own armed security force of 12 agents. Hey Mike how about you leave all the agents and their hardware at home and take a walk on the streets where ordinary people live? I bet you would understand why so many people think the second amendment is important.
Judgment is mine, saith Mike Bloomberg. Do you believe that?
Mike Bloomberg while mayor of NY did his best to destroy the Fourth Amendment, now he is trying to make a mockery of the Second as well
Mike Bloomberg: “I have earned my place in heaven” with gun safety work: The former mayor of New York City is ...
The Fix: Why Mike Bloomberg shouldn’t be the face of his new gun control push: Former New York City Mayor Mike...
Ted Danson and Mike Bloomberg, along with David and Susan Rockefeller and Adrian Grenier ... -
The 1% support the Democrats, not Republicans. Bill Gates, Soros, Warren Buffet and 'gun grabber' Mike Bloomberg are just a few to prove my point.
Ex-mayor Mike Bloomberg tried hard not to criticize his successor during a 34-minute interview with Katie Couric — but he just couldn't help it. Without calling out Mayor Bill de Blasio…
I’m a few years late to this, but I think that ex-NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg figured out a great way to rebuild Detroit
Twenty one days into his administration New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, is already making Mike Bloomberg look good. And, let’s face it, when…
* The next gun rights assault * Jeff Knox discusses VCDL's approach to tackling the next wave of gun control. -- The Next Gun Rights Assault by Jeff Knox December 4, 2013 Rights advocates around the country need to be on the lookout for an insidious new tactic being launched by Mike Bloomberg and his mercenary minions. Their latest line of attack is mental health. This actually isn’t so much a new approach as a refocusing and turbo charging of an older plan. The strategy is to use the wide acceptance of the idea that the mentally ill should not have access to firearms, as a front for prohibiting a broad array of “normal” people from possessing guns or ammunition. As with most things, the devil is in the details. What is mental illness? Who is mentally ill? How mentally ill must one be to warrant revocation of a fundamental human right? Who makes that determination? Who is “normal,” and how “normal” do they have to be to own guns? Recently, one of Bloomberg’s pet politicians, Ralph N ...
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